As it happens

One day, once in the village, I saw a wonderful picture, Micah's grandfather tore mercilessly in the ass of his son-in-law apparently did not mind too much and also enjoyed. Ohuev by what he saw, I farted loudly than betrayed their presence ... they broke down came up to me and said - like spy? Fucking ... Choose your pussy or seized, or we'll fuck.
- Ebite, vorogov, only on one condition. - For what is the condition? - Then, grandfather, give me my 11 year old granddaughter poebat. -
They thought about it and agreed ... And here I stand cancer and my asshole Micah his grandfather kukan pushes and rubs reptile. At first it was painful, but after already nice ... Well, then I zyatek vpendyurit, we got dressed and Micah says - Come here in 40 minutes, I will give her granddaughter.
Said - done, he gave her a small, ladnenko figure, plump lips ... I'm not used to getting lost - Suck say, honey ... Well, she sucked my dick, I'm in 2 minutes in her gnawed finished, then posavil it crustaceans and zhopku fuck, lastly drochnula she told me once, that's how I left! Nefigovoe was an adventure!
P.S. One does not al fag!
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Too strong sense

We go early in the morning on a deserted street. Time is about four hours. We go slowly, slowly. Chatting about trifles and drink absinthe throat. More cool morning, but the sky is clear, then the day will be hot ...
Suddenly he says:
- let's sit down somewhere,
- Come on, let's right here. On the grass.
- dew.
- Take my jacket.
We sit together on the jacket. Shut up, both look up at the sky. It's too blue today. Too beautiful. He takes a sip of absinthe and puts the bottle on the ground ...
- Have you ever slept with a woman?
- no.
- why?
- Well I do not like it.
- and from where you know what you do not like, if you have not tried?
- I do not know.
- and the like? Be honest ...
- I do not know.
He takes a deep breath, and I'm doing a big gulp of green scalding liquid.
- what did you do last night? - I asked him in a few minutes - I called you, you did not pick up ...
- probably slept.
- with whom?
- I slept and fucked ...
I feel that he is nervous.
- I do not believe you. It is better to tell.
- okay. To me yesterday came Katie. She called and said that the need to meet. What it is bad, that it alone ... I do not like it. She start ... I did not like ..
- Why are you then called to her home? Could Meet in the cafe.
- I did not call. She came by herself. You're jealous of me?
- I love you, and you know that I hate. It's you on this started a conversation about women?
- sorry. I do not know how to tell you. But he decided that it was better to tell myself than then she will tell you it's not the way it was ...
He gets up with jackets and squats in front of me. I embrace his hips. I looked at him. I love him, and he looks off into the distance.
My head is spinning a phrase "I am terribly drunk, I am terribly in love"...
- Well, let's go to me?
He hands me his hand ...

Coming home, he goes into the shower, and I'm in the kitchen had finished the bottle of absinthe ... it comes out of the bath. In one towel and walks into the room.
Blood rushes to your head
"I need to get up ... get up ..."
I get up, grabbing at the table, a plate of flies on the floor and shatters. The ringing is given in the head. Grabs the ears. Absinthe in my ears ... absinthe in my head, in my mouth, in my stomach. Everywhere.
Obbivaya wall, touch my way into the tub ... I embrace the sink. Two fingers in his mouth ...

The noise of the water. I type bath. Rinse. "I am terribly drunk, I am terribly in love"...
It becomes a little bit better. I walk into the room, sometimes touching the wall and bumping into furniture.
He already is. He looks at me with his blue eyes. The blanket thrown over half. One pierced nipple ...
- come to me.
Pulls hands. I whisper my name.
Kissing. His lips were soft, his hair smell like baby shampoo. I want it. I want him to love me.
Suddenly, he pulls away and says:
- hit me. Hit for the fact that I slept with a woman.
- No, I do not have that right. I do not have the right to beat you ... I have no right to dictate to you your life.
- And I want. That you had a right to.
- I do not want .. I do not .. well, that is, I will not beat you.
He smiled. And for some reason I try not to look him in the eye. I'm nervous ...
- Relax, and then we did not get ...
I close my eyes.
His hands slide down my back. Move to the stomach. Fall below.
His hand slipped between my legs. I instinctively move it a little knees ...

- Relax.
I was lying completely naked. On it sits me. With one hand he caressed me, the other - themselves.
For some reason I feel ashamed. Too shy to show him how I feel good. Ashamed of their feelings.
A bit cold. But how well. Zazhmurivayu eyes feel his lips on my belly. All lower ... lower ... body beat. I groaned, unable to restrain himself any more. I finished his face ...
He dried himself on the blanket. Smiled ...
- Let's sleep. Already ten in the morning.
He goes to the wall and once again repeats softly: - Spa-ah-amb ...
I go to the kitchen to smoke. On his desk mobile phone. Received Calls: Katie he did not call ... maybe at home? Dialed Calls: Katie ... He called her. Many times. She told him never ... Why is he lying?
I go back to ...
- Tell me, why did you .... okay. Nothing. Sleep.
"I am terribly in love"....
I lay down beside him.
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In the meadow

-day, The last time I ask - are you coming with us to the fair?
Blonde woman running shoe impatiently tapping on the Mexican tile floor covered with a cozy kitchen. Her younger daughter rushed down the hall, excited by the upcoming trip.
-Mom, I told you a thousand times - I'll watch the birds, they are now breeding season, I can not miss it .. Then, this stupid fair we were last year, and pozaproshlom- in general, go without me .
-But, Dan, mind you, are you going to sit at home in the evening, I do not want you hanging out on the empty village - who knows what!
-Mom, let's all right, I'm going home to watch the birds, see the telly .. ate a sandwich - all, go, I went.
With these words, 15-year-old Danny took off on the second floor stairs, and quietly looking out for the curtains, made sure that his mother turquoise jeep drove away from the house. At last! He is one, until the evening, no one will interfere with, go to the attic with silly requests to look at the birds. Moreover, the telescope, which was presented to the father, Danny already a month is not used to monitor the birds - he found something in a hundred times more worthy of observation, and, moreover, thorough ..
He looked at his watch and quickly climbed up the steep spiral staircase to the attic. Three o'clock in the afternoon, a little more, and he will be watching these pictures that never dreamed of most of his classmates, does drochaschih on glossy images Hustler and Playboy.
Every summer, parents Denny shot a three-storey house in a cozy village, surrounded on all sides by forest. Nearby hiking trails, famous for all States, but the place was quiet and totally wild.
On that day, quite by accident, Danny, looking around the neighborhood, saw movement in the clearing between the trees. There, he knew, was quite nice meadow on which no one has ever been - a bit too long we had to get it, avoiding unpleasant stinking swamp and long jumping over bumps. However, somebody came up to her, thought Danny, and mechanically brought sharpness. From what it felt hot - on the soft moss strewn meadow, the boy with a gas station not weak tastefully planted his dick size of a roadside cafe waitress - Denny knew her, she was a thousand times he served ice cream with whipped cream, a sort of 17-year-old prude in the apron. Now it was not a thread, it was cancer, having rested his hands in the trunk of a tree and severely caved full tits violently shook in time with the movements huily methodically pecking her pussy. Denny then began, not looking up from the telescope, nadrachivat instantly jumped dick, so much so that finished right in my pants, but simultaneously with a couple on the meadow - where the guy with the gas station, Jim, was later found out Danny, when he had finished, splashed long sperm fountains all Angie back.
Since then Danny had not a weak research by finding out the frequency of the parishes of a couple on the very nature created for fucked meadow - all was easy, they were fucking twice a week, when they coincide change - Angie was very careful, its reputation prude should not It is stained, otherwise it would have killed his father, the owner of the cafe. But dropping shaped apron and dress, she forgot about their reputation and long time swallowing and lovingly sucked huische Jim, do not forget about his hairy eggs, and then prepend him his promiscuous pizden all known it poses. Together with them finished in the attic and Danny, the only issue which was to prevent a possible invasion of the mother or sister on his "territory of love" - His father worked, and visited the resting seven times a week.
Today, Danny decided to prepare for the session view live porn advance - took off shorts and underpants, left in a T-shirt, and began stroking sweet nyvshie in anticipation of eggs and a member of - comparing their size with dimensions of Jim Denny proudly convinced that it will be more huechek. But still he could not put him any heifer - classmates were only able silly giggling, in his view, and go to prostitutes for pocket money - should not have to even think about it. Therefore, the scene in the clearing, open to his view through the telescope, were truly a miracle sent down from heaven.
Soon the clearing appeared a couple of hugs. Jim, with a beer in hand, ran his other hand into his bosom Angie, feeling her milking the rich, she's on the go unbuttoned pal belt for jeans. He slapped her lush ass and something said, pointing to the dress. Angie readily took off her clothes, doing an impromptu striptease, wagging full hips and substituting palm under your soft curvy boobs. Jim, watching the action, slowly swelling poddrachival your dick. Angie approached him and fell on his knees, took the eggs carefully licking boyfriend. Danny chuckled - Jim, without changing facial expressions, continued to drink beer from cans that held in his hand. Angie began to swallow a member Jim clasped his ass with both hands - her enthusiasm by no means combined with a sleepy expression of her stud, who has already seen to pump beer in honor of the weekend at the most can not. But she was not going to give up - five minutes of frantic sucking members - Jim, throwing the empty can, lay down on her back, giving her a ride finally revived the end. From the point of view of Denny, pose, which took a couple was just perfect - Angie sat facing him, and he could see it in every detail - a pair of juicy sisechek with pink big nipples, shakes to the beat of her movements on dick Jim, widely spaced, shaking like pudding, full thighs, and between them overgrown with red curly hair never shaved pussy, then going down to the hairy groin boyfriend, then rising above it, pink, glistening with grease inverted sponge - Danny moaned softly and comfortably clinging to the telescope , began with a double diligence nadrachivat member. He was so carried away that did not notice the quiet creaking, and opened the door behind him, belatedly reacted only diffident "Dan?" behind the back.
In the doorway stood his old friend Richie, who lives with his mother and brood of younger brothers and sisters in a nearby cottage. Richie with avid interest absorbs opened his eyes a picture - a half-naked man with a thick swollen member in his hand. Unlike his peers, Ritchie for a year kept full of secret pleasures of sex life, though knowing the sex with, so to speak, passive side - his 18-year-old brother like that winter night, drunk ambushed his 16 inch dick in virgin ass Richie, so I addicted to this case, that it is a rare day huek not been first in the mouth brothers, and then in his razebannoy zhopenke, the benefit they lived in the same room. But for two weeks with his father's brother had been at a party in a different state, and Richie just yet craved fucked good. Denny, painfully blushing, waved at the telescope:
-Rick, I do .. then ... well, in general, happened to see ...
Richie, in a different situation would certainly play a joke on a friend, and perhaps he would have joined the viewing of live porn, now, with hunger, was not going down all the brakes. Strongly approaching someone taken aback, he knelt down and revealing a large head, gently licked her, paying particular attention to sensitive spot near the frenulum.
-Ricky! What are you .... ooooooooo ....
Huila Denny treacherously responded to affection, and began to stone. At the head of Danny rushed fragments of thoughts: "Rick, hell, he was that, Pedro ... no, like - oooo, bozhzhzhzhzhe"And he stopped to think, closed his eyes and plunged into the first time experienced a feeling of well to do blowjob. Rick tried - with one hand stroking and massaging eggs Denny Loni, the other he clutched a member at the bottom, a mouth trying to play all kinds of pirouettes on dick boyfriend. Three minutes a dance was enough to become a member of the Denny Stone, Rick and he felt that it was time - my friend could soon finish with the habit. Rick in one fell swoop pulled off his shorts, under which there was nothing, and by continuing to Iron-on transfer anus friend asked:
-Dan .. fuck me in the ass, just smazh member of what some cream, did you get it even more than my brother ...
Denny, zonked fallen from him so many sensations, dutifully rushed into the bath mother on the third floor. On the run, he barely restrained laughter, imagining a dialogue with her mother - ma, I watched the birds and I got dick, now we have to lubricate it ... will fly into the bath, he immediately found a large jar of cream, which her mother used to lubricate body after a shower, and all the heart nalyapal cream yourself to hell. Thinking only that now, yes, right now, he will fuck for the first time, and Rick that is poebyvaet his brother, but he now he is ambushed, yeah, he ran flew up into the attic and found Ricky lying on back on the old couch with legs bent at the knees, under the ass Rick was a sofa cushion, made his hairless little white buns were turned inside out, as it were, and a brown ring anus stared directly at Dena. Small huek Rick stood, and Denny timidly walked up to someone.
-Denny, you're yourself a ton of cream smeared on the dick, and I smazh sensitive ass, and then another tear - Rick asked, cautiously looking at an impressive weapon boyfriend. Dan obediently excess cream smeared on his finger and froze again, not knowing how to approach each other ass.
-Denny, well Sun finger in my ass, smazh everything, and come on now, fuck me, I can not stand straight, I saw your dick - pristanyvaya asked Rick.
Denny gently touched the slippery cream finger ring anus and pushed hesitantly at him. Sphincter instinctively cringed, not letting your finger Denny.
-Come on, Sui, fear not - Ricky whispered in ecstasy.
Dan made the effort, and his finger easily plunged into the depths of his asshole boyfriend. After a couple of rotational movements, Dan pulled out his finger and tried to attach firmly in his place his dick overexcited.
- I put my feet on his shoulders, and slowly stuck dick, giving him the finger, and it goes like clockwork - led Rick, already owning a bad anticipation thick cudgel in his ass. Denny, breathing heavily, put his thick cock to the coveted hole, pressed the head of the finger, and - oh gods centimeter squeezed into a cramped, as it seemed, a hole of his friend. Rick moaned painfully and began his tormented worn without a good dick zhopenkoy on a nice thick dick friend. Denny, a feeling of pressure ulcers Rica, tightly embraces his dick and almost going down on this crazy, started slowly at first, and then all the increasing pace of planting horseradish in his hungry ass Rica.

Meanwhile, in a clearing events unfolded as follows. Drunk beer, and hot day played a treacherous role - Jim did not last five minutes breakneck jumps on his dick. When he finished, he closed his eyes and dozed off, ceasing to respond to harassment unsatisfied Angie. But she decided not to give up easily, and still get the long-awaited orgasm. Standing on the knees and elbows sticking out his ass, Angie began carefully licking nipples boyfriend, caress his balls, swallowing dick - in short, doing everything to awaken it to life, more and more agitated herself. In this wonderful position and it caught two men appeared out of the bushes at the edge of the clearing.
Two friends from the southern state, decided over the weekend to walk along the famous hiking trail, cut off the road, when suddenly opened their eyes in amazement sight made them freeze. Standing sideways to him crustaceans girl with a gorgeous ass and dangling to the ground with heavy tits sucking dick with smacking obviously have strong sleeping boyfriend.
-Uh .. Miss .. your boyfriend seems to doze off ... maybe we can than help ?, - gently asked one of his friends.
Angie, was taken aback by surprise, instinctively tried to cover up, flopping backwards on the soft moss and pulling your knees to your chest. Naturally, she did even worse, because it opened up the views came her wet, unmet pizden in all its glory - twisted lips glistening with moisture, red shoots over them, but to top it all she had and farted loudly. The aliens stood in silence, with interest examining opened before them a seductive image. At Angie from those as fire zhegshih her pussy, something sweet ache in the lower abdomen, and she could not help, he began strongly rubbing the clitoris with one hand, the other with his finger in the pussy. Young people - Angie immediately called them to himself and blond macho - took it as an invitation for an immediate action. Quickly spread a sleeping bag, they took off T-shirts and shorts, and close to Angie masturbating.
- Baby, I think you would be better to stand the way you was when we accidentally came upon this glade - come on, let down to the knees and elbows, but otklyachila better his thick zhopku, we're going with you actively work - purred Macho .
Angie readily complied with the requirement. Immediately blond, standing just as she, crustaceans, ass to her face, told her:
-So, blyadyushka, well ka ka lick my ass, so good, to thrust her tongue on the conscience, and I vyderu your fat ass.
Angie, almost continuously ongoing since the advent of this couple in the clearing, began to carefully lick spicy smelling then blond ass, thrusting tongue in the hole and shurudit them there. Then she felt the thick fingers macho, caressing her clitoris, stroking wet sponge, and finally authoritatively included in its troubled waiting pussy. Fuck her so minute, macho, holding his fingers in the folds of her fat ass, planted in one fell swoop his OOOOOOOO which a thick dick to her on the eggs and began to steadily batter juicy pink pussy sucking. Blond suddenly he turned around and stuck his even more members in Angie's mouth, already flying off simultaneously from the resulting buzz. Grabbing her by the hair, he vigorously began to fuck her in the mouth, coordinating their movements with the other movements. Blond spared Angie, pounding cock in her mouth the way she choked, quickly nalizyvaya its trunk, but he was adamant.
-So, baby, you're a good teat, but very much I want to enjoy your ginger Mandu, let's change the posture ka, - suddenly said blond - but at the same time prepare you for my friend, he loves such passion as curvy behinds
Blond, tucked under the back of a backpack, a sleeping bag got a half-sitting, and ordered Angie - Come on, baby, jump ka to my dick. He never went out of her pizden and helped Angie climb lapaya passing her tits, twisting the nipples, and matsaya her ass. Legs wide apart, Angie sat down on a hot pussy sticking to the sky dick blond, sat facing him. He immediately began to suck her big nipples, occasionally quite sensitive biting them. Angie, in seventh heaven huge cock, tossing and turning in her pussy and gently pushing her cervix, eagerly took in the mouth member macho feeling it tastes its emissions. She jumped on the blond dick at the same time ... nasazhivayas mouth on the penis macho and do not restrain the deaf groans - as well she had never in my life was not.
Suddenly she felt a finger blond trying to break into her virgin ass. She moaned in protest and twitching ass, which he began with greater intensity to peck her pussy.
-Quiet, problyad, I'm better than you do, if my friend shove you in the ass without training - he will tear it apart, silently, now you get used to it, relax your ass, baby, - said the blond.
Yes, Angie knew that there was such anal sex, but she also heard that it is terribly painful, and even unnatural, so fuck homosexuals, but she, Angie, would never be able to take dick in her small narrow hole, it will just die - and she angrily jerked, trying to throw a hand blond, attacking her zhopku
-You're not listening, baby - Macho said softly - but you do worse than just yourself. We'll have a bit to warm up your ass, honey
With these words, he went out of his mouth Angie, deftly gagged her her own panties, Valya nearby, and quickly tied her hands behind her back, making a semblance of handcuffs from a twisted cord, which he took from his backpack lying near. Breast Angie, because of the hand cocked back, even more puffed out, Macho nudged her and she almost fell forward to the blond, her ass so much protruded. Blond, grinning, he kept plowing pussy Angie and bite her lush breast, from which she, against her will, scary flowed. Macho, meanwhile, cut from a nearby bush long rod, expertly cleaned it from the crust, and waved it in the air.
-Now baby I uplift your ass, and you will be happy you ask me to stick your dick in a hole - he promised
Angie's eyes widened in panic, but what could she do? Lying on her ebuschem blond, with his hands tied and gagged, getting a buzz, the likes of which has not been in her life? A second rod fell on her ass, leaving a pink scars. She groaned - but who would hear her? Jim went to bed asleep, snoring rhythmically, and the two seem belonged to rage. Macho began approximately flog her lush ass, though not particularly strong, but leaving sensitive scars. Soon zaalel ass, and he thought that's enough, you can try to plant this virgin ass. I never looked for what some grease in your backpack, and found a tube of a warming sport cream, generously paid it on his dick. Then he rubbed his finger and stuck it in a sharply pressed tight ass Angie. After waiting a little bit, macho began moving his finger in the stubborn ass horny girls. Angie muffled moaning from the sharp pain caused by intrusion into her ass fat fingers, but gradually the pain began to take place, and warming lubricant caused a rush of blood and burning was a pleasant cover her ass. But this was just the beginning - Macho on stihshim moans determined that the girl gets pleasure from what is happening, and decided that it would be time already and drive member in the narrow hole. He was attached to the back of a helpless otklyachennoy ass Angie, and slowly began to thrust huilo in its hole. Member entered slowly and with such a strain that Macho already thought was to abandon the idea and otebat girl in a conventional manner, when the blond decided to help someone, and abruptly moved Angie at his dick, from which Member Macho just yet flown with a sweep of her hole. Never stopped for a moment, from kayfuya gripped his dick firmly tight rectum girls, and began quietly moving .. The feeling of two cocks, ebuschih and rubbing her body through the thin partition, became final for Angie, and she somehow moan poluvoplem start wildly finish. Thugs continued intensively to fuck her lax sucking and current hole.
After a while, noting that in their hands slid completely different world girl friends decided to change position. Blond Angie decided to plant in the ass, to stir it, and only decided long ago Never drive dick between her lush boobs.
-Come on, baby, come in myself, now my friend ambush you in the ass, in the pussy yours to me after doing nothing, it is a tunnel under the English Channel, but here are a couple of your boobs and asks that their pomatsali, get up, move, - He whispered in her ear Macho.
Angie stood limply to give her so much pleasure blond member Macho untied her hands and pulled the gag out of his mouth, panties.
-Lay baby on the flank, give my friend comfortably settle down, - he asked gently.
Angie, after the experience the fun, remained locked in a certain condition, and could not resist the request so nice otymevshih her friends. She obediently lay on the flank, blond sat behind her, grabbed with both hands still red after whipping back and in one motion threw his huge huilo to its full length in the already rather razebannuyu zhopenku Angie. To shut her mouth, Never put it in his term, the order podzapachkanny her own feces.
-Well on, honey, you are soiled - and lick you, come baby, I know what you're wonderful nipple - he purred.
Angie does not mind, carefully licking their shit with his cock and ass succumbing member blond. He never pulled the dick in her mouth and told her to squeeze it between the boobs. Then he accepted with pleasure to drive it between her immense breasts, occasionally let her suck. But Angie, is gradually being raised, like once a powerful finish. She asked Never do anything to her, from which she will be able to finish in the same way as the first time.
-Oh, you came to talk, friend .. But what can I do to you, your pussy razebana, aah, it seems to know ....
He lay down so that his dick in his mouth Angie turned and his head - near her pizden. He stuck three fingers of his hands in squelching pussy Angie fuck her so little, he added two more fingers and hands folded boat. Carefully he began to push through their sizes not weak hand deeper and deeper into the girl's pussy. She moaned and furiously sucked his cock. Macho gently cupped her cervix and shook her, causing Angie almost fell into ecstasy. Then he folded his fingers into a fist and began to fuck her fist strongly massaging the same through the partition member of the other, who walked in the ass Angie. Five minutes so fucked enough that both felt the approach of orgasm and began to move vigorously. The first could not resist blond and moaning cum shot in the ass girls. Macho dead, splashing her entire chest, face and abdomen. Both rolled away from Angie, frozen and relaxing. Peace and silence, broken only does snoring dimensional Jim prevail on a cozy glade.
After 10 minutes I Never got up and looked a welcome eye picture. Angie in poluekstaze-half asleep, legs spread wide, lying in front of him. Shiny from sperm face, crimson lips, boobs, filled with sperm, on the suck, almost black nipples, swollen pizden with splayed lips and jets secretions oozing from it, unobstructed aperture anus centimeters four in diameter, with sperm brook flowing from it - class, held good time. Blond as savory admired the picture, gently slapped on the behind Angie, and whispered:
-Get up, hole, come with us in the campaign .. This will be the most memorable days in your life, I promise you.

In the attic of the cottage resting after a wild fucked friends decided to finally see what is happening on a cozy glade. Danny clung to the telescope, and a second later turned to Rick, he showed ... his dick to the rebellious life. Rick smiled, stood up without another word cancer, and spreading to the limit hands buttocks, turning the other a fiery ass. Danny spat on your dick and put him on the most can not helpfully otklyachennuyu ass friend. Both wondered: "Summer is a wonderful"...
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Sexual slavery

It all began so long ago that I still think that it was a big part of my life. How strange, I'm only 25 and I had time to see and experience so much that not every woman will be able to see in a lifetime.
My sexual experience began with 14 years, in this age, the woman began to emerge, and it is a new or better write another husband during this time my mother in me. There were many, but the only one he could leave in my memory as an indelible mark.
Unpleasant appearance, Armenian forty years. It's hard to say what he was able to charm my mother, but she went after him under hypnosis, she literally went crazy when he disappeared somewhere, and forgave him everything. She gave herself to him and I was not even thinking about what do. No, it was not love, it was something inexplicably terrible.
My first sexual intercourse, he was not weary classmate under the cover of night and under the body of the old, hard Caucasians. On that day, we went with a friend from the last two lessons in school, went as expected irresponsible schoolgirls in movies. On arrival home, it turned out that our offense already know. One stupid call from the school and the whole life awry.
The verdict was handed down immediately. "Whipped, that's the best way of punishment that was no longer povadno"- Caucasian said. Mom is not contradicted, it is entirely entrusted him with my upbringing. He took me into his office, removed the mother into the kitchen, turned on the loud music center, took a leather belt. He led me to a table and immediately threatened that if I resist, would beat so, because of its a man's fist, I really had a chance to try again, so I decided not to resist, it is better not exactly. He bent me, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties. It was terribly ashamed to stand before him in this position, I cringed in anticipation of punishment. Gevorg moved, it was clear that he sees me, I tried to straighten up, but immediately received a strong blow with a belt. I cried out in pain and wept at the insult. Gevorg hissed lie. After he stopped, he could be heard as he unbuttoned his jeans. I at that time did not even know the seriousness of the situation. He walked right up, for some reason, pressed me, I shivered, tried to get up, but he twisted my arm. I screamed, he replied painfully hit me on the buttocks. He has long tormented me to enter, after finally enraged by failures entered. He raped for a long time, and silently ignoring my tears and groans. When it was over ordered to get dressed and naturally silent about what happened. Then in their childish naivety, I did not tell anyone anything, thereby causing a continuation of the whole saga. So punish me regularly for three years. Eventually, I got used to and even came to talk business, even paroyu she wanted such penalties.
As soon as I turned 18, I found a new adventure, or rather adventure found me. I went to the United Arab Emirates, with a group such as I, absolutely no girls who do not need. As always in such cases, we were going to find a better life and to work in a bar. Yes, the bar was small, mossy, with dirty tablecloths and a pleasant kind of a bartender at the bar, with clumsily mixing cocktails and persistent smell of alcohol in the entire institution. The work appeared in the first day, we were given a wash, do not explain a couple of complex rules of this institution, who do not understand the first time, I explained physically, then came all. And in the middle of the evening, half-naked released into the room. No, we did not have to dance a striptease, he has danced before us, all that is required just to entice and entertain the Arabs with his body, to fulfill their requests, and of course to meet the full program in a specially designated place. Who's on top and tried to resist, so this is just a big factory of the loons. They were taken by force, they tied they perverted over the poor women's bodies as they had seen him before, and I, in turn, seemed it was my last day, everything ached and burned. But tomorrow was the day, half day, we slept, and then back to work. And these were taken from the life force to live on, but they were, and I lived.
This went on for about two months. And after sexual slavery has acquired new colors, I bought, some thick Bedouin, still tormented by the question how much I am worth. They brought me to some great house there are not been a harem, or maybe was just held me separately. I confess here was better, I was examined by a doctor, two weeks almost did not touch, only occasionally taken out for the show host. Stripping, he asked to turn it on one side, then the other, then bend down, but to raise their hands. After that, it was in the bar, it was not difficult and not so not nice. I've been thinking what I'm here, the answer is learned through the week. The owner met friends for some card game I was for the winners. Fucked right at the card table, fucked at all, whom did not hesitate. I put on all fours on a low coffee table, everyone who won, came and rudely doing his job. So I stood there for about an hour, hands and knees stiff, but was not allowed to sit down. After they started raping two by two, one was doing it in his mouth and the other in already izezzhennoy to the limit position. A new razvlekalovka who quickly tore me from all sides, I groaned, and have even cried. Those who watched from the side, just laughed and urged on the other, they even made bets, someone wins, someone loses. I was released only after three hours, all disheveled and torn to pieces, but I will not hide its satisfaction with the full program. And since almost a year kept me under lock and key. All care, to keep themselves in readiness for new orgies. They were different, tastefully and without perverse and not very good, but it was their nemerenoe number, and if you start to remember all, you have to spend on this story incredibly time consuming. And whether it's worth the time.
After quite an incredible way I was able to run away, I returned to Minsk, no money, no happiness, all torn and killed. Since then it's been a long time, but I think that it was only yesterday.
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Her life

By submitting a story to the site "Man and woman"I had no idea how many people care about it address the topic. Of course, there were those that contained not too friendly proposals among the responses. However, they are not interested in me, but primarily those which spoke of the loneliness - physical and mental.
It turns out that many wonder: as a young woman got into such a situation? In the meantime, this situation is typical for sure, just not everyone is willing to share with others the most cherished. One of the scenarios - in front of you.
...She was very puritan-minded mother, who is that below the belt, considered a taboo topic and shameful. Therefore, until all had to reach his mind, making his - often fatal - error. She gave herself for the first time only because it was looking for warmth and protection, which do not receive at home. All of her knowledge about the physical side of love was taken from books, secretly given by her friends, and of meaningless conversations with the same young people like herself. She did not go out on dates, did not know how to flirt, and all I could afford - only to secret meetings. From this her first feeling was of the stamp of guilt and shame.
Marrying at 18, she was no longer a girl, but did not become a woman. It was not yet the fear of self-manifestation, but only ignorance of itself. The marriage to her was a major break from the yoke of maternal care. But neither she nor her boy-husband did not manage to fully enjoy the intimacy. Although this happens quite often, but rather resembled a mating rabbits: hastily, almost caressing, and certainly - without pleasure. She did not love him (though she still did not love anyone, except the first), but was grateful for the opportunity to be away from his mother. She told him not changed - there was no need, but soon realized that this boy live with her interesting: they were too different. They parted smoothly, and after a few years she had almost forgotten.
However, with the return to the family home and return all previous issues. Once again, on her way there was a man to whom she also reached all - from despair. It was then, when she was just 20, and was the awakening of women. It did not happen all of a sudden, it just gradually realize their desires, I learned to feel your body, understand and accept the man. Probably arose in her passion would be made happy partner, but raised by his mother shame not allowed to talk openly about what she wants. Meanwhile, it was found that the husband's alcoholism (of any she had known before the wedding, and from whom she fondly dreamed it to deliver) began to progress, which affected not only the situation in the family, but also on its potency. Now their intimacy occurs no more often than once every two or three months, and was built under the scheme: "Come quickly to the bathroom, we have 10 minutes before the movie". She once somehow calculated and discovered with amazement and horror, that they do have sex 1.5 hours per year. In year...
I think it was then that she found salvation in the same bathtub where she periodically driven to the five-minute tupping. Exploring her body, she found that a strong stream of water directed at the clitoris, is very pleasant, but obviously something is missing. At the same time, trying to somehow appease the demands of his body, it is, perhaps, many began to experiment with objects, even remotely resembling a member. And finally combined the two steps: aiming the jet shower and spray out of deodorant. Now she has the opportunity to get an orgasm, but then she always feels devastated and often had a headache. The fact that it is - multiorgastichnaya woman, but can not "fly" in the bathroom more than once: it becomes no longer nice and nasty.
Some time later, traveling on the Internet, she discovered anal sex, and she was curious. However, the first impression is spoiled natural body fluids, after which she always was the pre-use enema. The second balloon gave her the opportunity to experience another orgasm, and, as it turned out, not at all similar to the vaginal.
Now, that is her life today. From her husband she was gone, but the inner aversion does not allow her to bring any non-binding and tricks "disposable" partners, but it is her and uninteresting. She has a daughter, she does not want a repetition of their own destiny, and therefore easily answer questions arising in the child. And from time to time, when once a week, when almost every day - she sits in front of the computer and opens the stories, and then goes into the bathroom, where she was waiting for "faithful companions". It includes water, sits down, spreads her legs, sends a strong jet on the clitoris, puts the balloon into the vagina or anus (and sometimes - in both places at the same time), closes his eyes - and imagine that there is no soul, no steadfast cans, but there are hands that embrace and caress her, there are lips that kissed her, there is a member who enters into it deeper and stronger. And then she cries, and the muscles are compressed, forcing the foreign object in her body spasm passes, and then she opens her eyes and crying because flipped another page of self-deception ...
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Sukhumi history

I was 16 years old when my parents took me to rest with him in Sukhumi. Even then I was interested in all sorts of sexual problems, I have jerked on black. And then one afternoon dropped on the edge of the toilet to masturbate for fast, went into a stall and locked the door, pulled out a member and began to familiar business. At this time the toilet someone came and I looked in the hole that was available at the door.
That door is just opposite urinal, and I saw a boy of 12 years have not yet got your outdoor segment and seems to be ready to celebrate small need, but the segment is already standing and the guy in front of me began to play it here. This activity provoke me, and I continued to watch while stroking his cock.
In addition to the two of us in the toilet and there was no one man safely indulged in masturbation. I remember thinking then, what are you fooled around in the booth is not hidden? But then I realized that he was waiting for someone who would have seen his standing member. By the time I was not engaged in sex more blue and could not imagine that such a sucker might be interested in same-sex love.
The toilet went Abkhaz 40 years and went to a neighboring urinal. The boy masturbation stopped, but did not hide his huek, flesh of his foreskin, roll up into a tube, proudly looking up. The man was stunned by such impudence, but took his eldu and began to piss. Elda was a decent size, the man finished the matter, shook her head and slowly dickhead. The boy, as if hypnotized staring at a member of a guy who has already started to straighten, is not up to its 20 centimeters.
The man continued to move slowly hands down, and up, until the end of opening, the fully closing his prick. The guy also continued poddrachivat his penis. Finally free hand man took the boy for dick and began to help him, the guy fascinated looking at a hefty eldu finally timidly touched her.
- Are you going to visit me, said the man with the Abkhazian accent?
- Come on, just let it out man.
They have filled the standing cock in his pants and went out of the closet. I was born the idea to follow them, and I, too, soon came out. They managed to move 30 steps and I walked after him. 100 meters through a couple turned into the yard of a private house, and I was passing by, saw that no one in the courtyard, and they went into a barn. Lucky me or not, I thought, and slipped through the gate.
The shed was so-so, all crooked and I was hoping to find a place to watch a sweet couple. Soon luck smiled at me, and in thickets of a bush, I found a decent-sized hole in the wall of the barn. Pulling a member, I looked into the hole and continued to masturbate, looking at developing action there.
A man kissing a guy in his lips, clasped his buttocks with one hand, the other hand was already a guy in his pants. The man stopped to kiss and slowly began to undress the boy. Pants with shorts fell to the floor and the guy stepped over them. The man did not stop and took off that jersey. The boy was standing completely naked in front of a man with a protruding peg. The man leaned forward and took a peg in his mouth, sucked it a little, tried to expose the head of the penis is hard, but managed to do. The man sucked the boy a little prick, but before the end of the case is not an argument, it is clear he had other plans. Finally, he stepped away from the boy somewhere in the corner and came back with some clothes in his hands.
- You want me to stay for a little slut, he asked? Dress in all, today you will be my little whore, you like it?
- Yes, and only able to mutter a kid.
- Let me help my little slut put on these stockings.
With these words, the man put the boy on the bed, standing in the corner and began to pull on that nylon stockings. Then he pulled on his girlish narrow translucent panties. The man with the paw all the time and the boy saying:
- What a beautiful I have today blyadeshka.
Then he pulled the boy waist with elastic bands and fastened them to the stockings. The last thing he put on a kid, was a short flared sundress. If I had not seen with my own eyes at the guy dick, I would think that in front of me is a girl. His hair was curly and elongated muzzle and looked like a girly.
The man kissed the boy again for a long time on the lips, while his hands paw thin body, crawled under her skirt and panties. Finally, both hands firmly settled under the cowards on the ass boy and then moved apart halves of priests, just her paw.
- Yes, again I murmured faintly kid.
Then a man walked around the boy's back, forcing him to stretch his hands to the couch, lifted his sarafanchik and pushing aside a narrow strip of panties, wrinkled cover up the hole with both hands pushed the halves priests.
- And you did not play the virgin, gave to someone here, he said, kneeling.
The boy in a weak voice, and some groan said:
- I really love it, and in my city I have a lover who fucks me every day. And now we have a rest here and I have a week with no one ebalsya and really want it.
- Well, come here every day, I will replace your lover at the time of your vacation.
The man began to lick the boy hole and he softly moaned with pleasure. The man began to slowly expand the language fairly developed a hole, wetting it with saliva. Then he stood up and took off his pants. Member of sticking his stake, dickhead was bare. Red weapon approached the hole and began to slowly sink in. The guy moaned louder and it was clear that it is not in pain and pleasure.
Finally, a member of the men entered the ass completely, he grabbed the boy's hips and began to fuck. For a long time it was not enough and soon his breathing intermittent and convulsive movements sweeping I realized that he starts to cum in the ass boy.
When elda left hole, dripping cum from her. Seeing this picture, I've got a smashing orgasm and does not stay on his feet, fell into the bushes, let us make a lot of noise. I do wish there was a retreat from that barn, but the man quickly put on his pants and stood beside me, looking at me menacingly.
- I pry means and jerked off, indicating the semen stains on the wall of the barn.
I blushed as cancer and muttered something like that I will not, however, the man smiled and said:
- And why it will not? Look what my slut, and it will be enough for both of us, do you mind?
I involuntarily began to rise once a member, ottopyrivaya training, even though I had just finished.
- I see that he agrees, the man said, come with me.
Going into the barn, he introduced me to his little girl, and asked her name.
- My lover calls me Tanya, unabashedly replied.
- Do you want this guy you again vyebet?
- Of course I want to, I said that it is very much, but I still want to suck your dick, just wash it.
The man heard these words began to be excited again. He quickly washed his dick ... already standing at the sink, hanging in the corner and went to the guy at the front. He bent down and began to expertly suck this huge cock. About me all seemed to have forgotten. A man hands Man sit down on his dick head and rolled his eyes with pleasure.
I walked over to the guy leaned back, pulled sarafanchik and spread the halves priests. From mangled holes on panties dripping man sperm. Lubricate nothing was no longer necessary, and when I put his pants off his dick to the hole, the guy with impatience jerked back and my cock flew it for the most eggs.
Since we are with a man already finished on time, then we pyalili long, and he just moaned, showing how he likes it when his pyalyat two bow. I kept pawing his thighs, nice feeling under the hands of its lingerie. I shoved his hand under the panties and stroked his standing huek sometimes podrachivaya it.
Suddenly it seemed to me that his broken-ass like narrowed. The guy moaned loudly and my hand in his shorts rushed portion of his sperm. The fact that he comes, and stimulated my guy and we both shot in the boy's two trunks. When we came out of it and I let go of his hips, he literally collapsed on the bed. Dress was bullied out of ass sperm flowed. Sperm and flowed down his cheeks Man.
After that we every day, while I was resting, the three of us met and repeated our games are becoming more sophisticated. The man somehow persuaded me, and I, too, sometimes gave him potaranit my ass, having greased it with vaseline before that, and this time I sucked at the boy.
That's the story of Sukhumi.

Suggestions should be sent to [email protected] ICQ 137390620
Moscow, January 27, 2003.
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Anal daughters education

Many women in their lives closely faced with a term such as anal sex. One - is madly in love, others feel this joy simply disgusting. They can be understood. After all, most partake of this kind of sex spontaneously, without any preparation. And if a partner penis larger, then discomfort is inevitable. As a result, the woman does not get any pleasure, and everything ends in the first time. However, you need to think about men. They WANT to love us in the ass. Not for nothing that they are trying to feel soft, plump buttocks of their wives, girls. And we refuse them in their desire to engage in anal sex. In vain! Everything is much more pleasant and romantic than it seems at first. I have a lot of experience in this matter and I want to share it with you.
For the first time I was faced with anal sex in 15 years. Happened is not a very pleasant story: I was raped by a man, which I, by the way, more so never seen. He robbed me of my virginity at the same time in both my private parts. Frankly, I was very sick at that moment felt in my ass considerable size penis. He raped me for about an hour, although it was ten minutes later, I did not resist and started to have fun. My anus a little accustomed to the foreign body in their possessions and began to make a supple new guest. To some extent I am grateful to this man for what he has given me to try it than in adulthood do not risk a lot of women. But that's not all. It so happened that I got pregnant after the incident and became a mother at the age of sixteen. I was born a wonderful daughter Xenia. Nature has generously endowed her physical beauty, however, like me. She is now 14 years old and I'm 30, and we had like two similar droplets. We are often mistaken for sisters. We do not have each other any secrets, secrets and try to find a common language with any questions, including intimate. At our house often men, because I'm a woman unmarried and of course they come so easy. I have sex with them, and very varied and lengthy. My daughter knows about it, and I take it in their stride. I never expel her from the house in such a watch, not lockable his bedroom. I know that she often watches the my sex scenes. I do not see anything wrong with that. Let her get to know it from me than it someone raped and hurt. Once we had talked about sex and my relationship to it. Xenia asked me at this key question. She asked why I very often during intercourse'm on my knees, and men love me back. Frankly, I have long been waiting for such a question, because they do not notice what I'm doing anal sex, it was impossible. I like this kind of incredible sex. I regularly practice it and want to share their impressions.
First of all I wanted to tell her about this girl. She's still a virgin. To lose it in his usual place, it could itself and without any particular problems and special training. It is quite another thing - her ass. She is charming - fluffy, elastic, just like me. I am simply obliged to prepare it for future trials, which will no doubt expect it as a butt for a long time unnoticed remains. Oh, I know for myself. At least two or three times a week I have anal sex and have orgasms at the same time. Men like to stick my ass on its members, and more impressive than the body, the more pleasure I get, the stronger the orgasm experience. My anus become hypersensitive for me a source of enjoyment. Often I even masturbate yourself in the ass. I brought the technique to perfection anal intercourse and proud of it. And now I want to share their secrets with his Ksyushenka. On a given question it, I just said, saying that men have me not only in the vagina, but also in the ass. My daughter was a little surprised at first, not knowing how to get something you can shove. Then I decided to move from theory to practice and to show real things, what and how. We went into the bedroom. There I told Xenia undress completely and lie sideways on the bed. My good girl and did. Then I asked her to bend your knees and pull your maximum to the stomach so that the buttocks bulged to the side and buttocks were divorced. Pose it turned out just delightful. Two elastic half opened the charming, virgin, little ass. How beautiful it is. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a wild desire to touch him, to introduce his finger into it, kiss it, to lick the tongue, as very often do it to me man. I sat down next to her daughter, took her hand and ran along the crotch, stopping at the coveted hole. Then I slipped a finger deep into her own. Ksenia shuddered for a moment, but then calmed down. Her anus was so narrow that it is difficult even took one finger. She did not know how to enter can be a big dick. Then I decided to prove it to her. I undressed myself, got on her knees and put her gorgeous ass right in front of her daughter. She was delighted and could now contemplate firsthand the fruit of my many years of sex scenes. My anus was many times greater than it. To assure her of this, I asked myself in the ass shove her finger. She made it. Her finger literally swallowed my gorge. There was no resistance. The difference was impressive. I sat down next to daughter and said that she will be the same, and that it will be able to receive unimaginable pleasure from anal sex. However, there is one "but"Our butts must always be very clean and fragrant. Otherwise, we men can and do fail. To do this before each anal intercourse to do flavored enema, and then lubricate the anus with a special cream. But that's what we do and close. I got a special solution, spread it in a few liters of water and made Ksenia two enemas, so her ass was crystal clear. The same thing I told to do and with my ass, because she wanted badly to get the day portion of the anal pleasure.
Well, that's our ass clean. You can start the fun. First, I decided to award a portion of the baby oral sex. By myself I know how it excites and relaxes the anus. With them, you need to start anal intercourse to his end to be on top of pleasure. So, I took a few pillows and put them in the middle of the bed. Ksenia lay on their tummy and unlucky sticking his ass sweetie, as if inviting her to take over. I did not hesitate. For the first time in my life I'll be licking the anus, although the feel like almost every day. This idea excited me and pushed for a new experiment. I climbed into bed with her daughter and settled on her ass. Oh, how she is charming. I could not resist and started to kiss her passionately literally. Then I gently parted the two halves Ksyushenoy elastic ass. My eyes appeared pristine, pink anus my baby. He was tense and tightly closed. I gently touched his tongue. The heat can be heard after the scent of lavender to do an enema. There is no longer any obstacles in front of me and a heavenly secret entrance to the inner sanctum of my young girl. It is worth it just to relax and cherished the gate in this unknown space slightly open. Finally the baby succumbed to the temptation. She made a reciprocal movement of his ass to meet my mouth and anus weakened. I felt it right away. My tongue was able to push a little deeper into the narrow hole. I started to make a circular motion around the anal holes, as if expanding it. Ksenia was like a similar idea. She replied to me more often with their counter-movements, as if suggesting to increase the pressure. I realized this and tried to cover the entire crotch caressing daughter. I heard she starts breathing quickened. So it is also good as ... and me in such moments. Quite instinctively her vagina beginning humidified Welcoming enjoy. Not noticing that my girl's hand snuck under the pillow to a small clitoris and began to twirl it. Perhaps it is approaching the first orgasm of my daughter's life. Sensing this, I stopped oral sex, licked his index finger and gently led him into Ksyushin anus. My girl had finished nervously zaterebiv her clitoris and uttering soft moans. During orgasm, I strongly moved his finger like a piston in her ass, in spite of the desire of the anus to push him off. Yes, I very nearly finished on the bed of the games. I pulled the finger out Ksyushenoy ass and threw herself on the bed. The daughter turned to me and rolled onto his back. Her face shone bright smile, her mind was filled with satisfaction. My baby was satisfied received caresses and softly uttered: "Thank You mom". I was very happy that she is positively perceived like bedding relations. Now we're going with it on a regular basis to deal with them. I had a real ally. But first you need to Xenia learned to bring pleasure to me. Then I will not meet with strange men in search of new anal sensations. We daughter will be able to do experiment with it much more diverse. But that was then, and at that moment I wanted only one thing - to fuck me in the ass. I told about this Xenia and ordered to perform my whim. First, I wanted her to lick my ass, as I made it to her a few minutes ago. I knelt on the edge of the bed, gracefully bent and put his ass. Xenia also knelt down, only this time on the floor. She wrapped her arms around my gorgeous ass and began licking his tongue. I groaned. My anus has relaxed as much as possible and let in a playful tongue daughter. It was this skilled worker and tried to get into my ass as deep as possible. I did not expect this from her nastyrstva. It is literally stuck to my anus, creating a vacuum in it and playing it tongue. What an incredible pleasure. I'm all flowed. As a daughter, I started to finger her clit and soon finished. But it was not enough. I called for the continuation of such caresses, and within twenty minutes just experienced three more voluptuous orgasm. And this is only the beginning. After a half-hour oral-anal attacks, I wanted to experience in her ass feeling of fullness. I told the daughter to take the cream, lubricate them my anus and my hand. Obedient girl sang all my requirements. Now I'm ready for penetration. Xenia beginning to enter into the anus of his fingers. First one, then two, three and so the whole arm entirely. She quickly found herself in the depths of my ass magic. It's unbelievable. I still had no hand in its entirety. And so it happened. My Ksenia penetrated deeper and deeper and I was in seventh heaven. Ass supple took a hand to my girls. I moaned, I was incredibly well. She massaged me inside like a real iskusstnitsa, making me moan loudly and wagging with pleasure his ass. I continued to run, as a street whore who raped simultaneously in virginity and in the ass. My hand found itself in the meantime in the vagina and met through a thin partition with a hand daughter generating unimaginable movement in my ass. I began to stop every five minutes and screaming with pleasure. I wanted more and more. It lasted about an hour. Our hands with dochurkinoy already numb from the strain, ass and vagina just burned from the strong friction. They have become so broad that they were willing to take a few huge penises simultaneously. I fell on the bed and closed her eyes. Was ecstasy that can only be obtained after anal intercourse. We sprawled on the bed with her daughter and looked at each other. In our eyes there were tears of joy from the proven satisfaction. We would love each other as experienced lesbians. And we will do it.
Not a minute of rest. A bit exhausted, I opened a secret closet, where he kept a variety of sexy stuff, mostly anal course. At first I got anal plugs. I had several of them, ranging from small gel, the size of a pen and ending with large insert with inflation using the blower. So, let's begin. I took the smallest instance, smeared it with cream and put it in the ass Xenia. For myself, I picked up a model more than four. I have been without the cream and gently submerge it in your ass. By inserting into their ass anal plug, we began to rage on the bed, thereby causing friction and involuntary contraction of the anus. We splashed each other, playing with her nipples, fingering clit, penetrated into the vagina and at the slightest opportunity to apply pressure on the anus. Within half an hour we decided to change the size. I took the cork and more difficult to put into ass daughter. It took five minutes. Ksyushin anus did not want to take a new toy. The little girl even cried out in pain, but then calmed down. Cork is located in the right place and now brings only pleasure its owner. For myself, I decided to use an inflatable plug. Xenia smeared it with cream and began to sink into my ass. Too easy. Six centimeters in diameter, it is not a joke. However, I'm used to. And it is there where it should be. Now Xenia start gently to fill it with air. I almost fainted. This content I have not experienced. I was moaning quite ashamed of it because I was insanely good, albeit heavily hurt. Similar experiments with Ksyushenoy ass we decided not to do. It is not yet in a position to accept such a toy. Another thing I do. I like this game. My butt itches, I want more in November. I ask her not to stop and to increase pressure. Xenia herself trying to please himself. It compresses and decompresses the buttocks, and then puts a few pillows crotch and begins to move, as the rider. I see that she wants to fuck her. Despite the fact that she was still a virgin, I'll do it. With bloated plug in the ass, I pull out a special panties with attached dildo and clitoral stimulator, I put them on, slightly sloping down his cap, the force pushing daughter on his back, Spreading her legs and thrust his dildo in her virginal womb. She screams, tries to escape from me. I do not react to it only increases the pace. The hymen broken, blood oozing from her vagina, it is narrow and tight, but I rape her as raping me in my 15 years. I like to do it. Fun and only fun over me. I turn moaning and crying Xenia on her stomach and thrust his dildo into her from behind. She screams again and tries to escape, but I did not shoot her. I enter a maximum intensity in her vagina and at the same time press on the anus. She screams, I enjoy it. With one hand I reach for to his locker and took out of there a long anal vibrator. I release from the anal plug and pushes this a playful toy, turn on full power and begin to scream from the pain itself. And I do not care enough. I take out another vibrator, the biggest dent and force it into your vagina. It is intolerable and unbearable pain well. Wild moans fill the room. A huge number of selections from our vaginas, traces of blood from the deprivation of virginity, and we'll go crazy. Indescribable ecstasy owns us and forces to maintain this momentum. Orgasm is replaced orgasm, causing the wall to shrink our vagina and anus in one clock cycle. This orgy lasted almost an eternity, and in spite of that it does not want to finish. Our torn hymen crave unimaginable torture. We change places. Xenia puts on magic panties, puts the power of a new big plug in her ass and lay down on his back. I turn to her ass and sit on dildo, he in me. Meanwhile, the daughter starts to tear my ass with a thick vibrator ... inserting it as an enormous piston in the engine is powerful and fast. We are at the limit. Another orgasm, and we fall with all of our devices on the bed next to each other. Then complete passing out:
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Granddaughter of these people

Girls faced foreheads, studying newspaper ads. Three editions were already behind us, but everywhere was solid "Herbalife" or "virgins. on the slave. with chorus. data". These both were OK, but the ads are not attracted.
- Come on, Come on! Look, - Irina looked around with blue felt-tip pen one of the ads. - "I wanted to work on the contract in the city boys and girls. pay high". Maybe we dare?
- Call - after a brief hesitation, decided to Eugene.
The next day, elegant and beautiful, they are standing in front of a man in his forties with a small. It is in the center of the city was quite well-known, they could not dream ever be there. Mechanically, the two began to reason chances. Handsome, yes to everything - a bachelor. It is possible to try. The man told them yet ...
- The work is not the most difficult, especially for nelenivogo person. But I have a very stringent requirements. Firstly, you must be absolutely free, and secondly, very obedient. I'm not going to convince you, you decide for yourself. But once you have agreed to work with me, retreat would be nowhere. This is my rule. You will write a statement - its agreement to my terms.
- What conditions?
- Everything - later. First of all, I want to make sure that you come to me. Can you take the risk?
- Well, despite what ... - Irina hesitated. Jack remained silent. For myself, it had long been decided ... it will get the job, whatever it at any cost!
- You will have to pass the test. It's a hard test. Severe ... and ... and painful.
- What? - Irina again interrupted.
- Well, what is the risk, if you will know in advance? - Man laughed.
- In short! - Jack broke his silence - what, where to write? I agree!
- Well done! - I praised her boss, bringing to the table that stood among the garden - that pen and paper. Write Write ... so ... "I, ..., badly in need of work, responded to a newspaper ad. Faced with an employer, I agreed with his condition to pass a severe test for employment. Date, signature"
While the friend wrote under dictation, Irina decided to take a chance with her.
- Okay, persuaded, let's paper.
- Wait a minute. Nobody will persuade. You is my own mistress.
- Well, that is, I wanted to say that agree to your conditions, - faltered girl seems to already regretting his decision. Meanwhile, a man took his wife's statement gave Irina sample, from which it must be written off, and led into the house of Eugene.
To this day she was preparing in advance. She carefully rehearsed gait, voice responses to various phrases and circumstances. She felt that someday all this it is useful. Once she got the idea. At first, it seemed to her absolutely unrealizable, but every day is becoming more clear outlines. Just a few days ago Zhenya visited the store of the intimate goods ...
The man led her down a long corridor of the first floor, then down a steep long staircase (Eugene counted thirty-eight steps). They went down into the basement. The owner turned on the light, and Jack found herself in a spacious room with lots of mirrors. In a couple of meters away from the left wall was a large table. Something like a workbench. a bracket with two parallel long grooves therein were attached on the table. Behind them on the back of the table there are two levers, and on the floor adorned with two wooden pedals, like fashionable shoes on huge heels. In the room, Jack noticed a small door. The door through which they entered, the owner immediately locked. Opposite the table hung on the wall clock timer, and there were two wooden tables on the right wall of the room. Gloomy, in general, it was obstanovochka ...
First, he ordered her to stand in front of him on his knees. When she obeyed, he unzipped his pants, told her to lick it all carefully. "Good start, I thought Jack, a ..." She silently fulfilled all his orders, according to the following, the owner took the body in his mouth. The man told her to drink all that will flow down her throat. Help in the mouth kneeling girl, he buttoned his pants, told her to undress. Jack managed to comply, still on his knees. The man was pleased.
- Let me see your hands - pointing out her middle finger of her left hand, he told her to shove it into the anus. Jack did it with great pleasure, because so far everything was going according to her plan. A few minutes later, he ordered her to lick your finger is all that remains on it after the tour of the bowels of the girl. His wife was not too pleasant, but needless to say that it has fulfilled the order immediately?
- Get up, I'll tell you a little about their environment - Jack stood in front of him, eyes downcast dale - I'm very picky. For every disobedience I seriously punish all of their employees. It may sometimes seem that I am too harsh, however, reasoning itself ... I'll show you now, what will happen to you when working with me. Are you ready?
- I'm ready for anything! - Inside her trembling.
- Come to the table. Get on your feet. Elbows into the recesses. Rotten. Hands squeeze levers - as she fulfilled this order, elbows and his legs were fastened. "Sly what mechanism".
A man walked up to one of the cabinets and took out a wide leather belt.
- I paid you a hundred strong blows here this belt. You'll have to count them - he began to beat her on the back and buttocks. From the unbearable it seemed to Jack moaned in pain and flex back. But do not forget nevertheless considered his punches. Before the final, one hundredth, blow the man told her to concentrate ... The impact was so strong that Jack yelled, forgetting to say "hundred".
Well, no, not so good. Let's once again.
- Mm-m-hundred-oh-oh! - Jack gasped, shuddering under a new belt punch.
- Well done! - He praised it - and now the latest udarchiki. You can not count it - he stood directly behind her crimson cheeks, and swung with all his might hit along the belt - on the back, buttocks and thighs. Exhausted, Jack fell back on the table head.
- All. Can you release the lever.
Dressing and listening to a man, Eugene regained previous determination.
- If you will be here after every disobedience, then now you need to know the terms of the contract.
- I agree to any conditions, you do understand ...
- Do not interrupt me, it is also an offense. Under the contract, within one year you can not get out of here. You can call, write, send telegrams, but you can not get out. Everything you need, I myself will bring you. Monthly to your account two thousand dollars will flow to the bank. At the end of the year - the prize. Twenty-one or sixteen thousand dollars depending on the complaints. The award may be reduced, but their twenty-four thousand you get the train.
- I agree, let's deal!
- Not so fast. First, we went for your things, and then ...
Finally, Jack plucked up the spirit ...
- ...I also want you to experience. Firstly, do not poke me, that would be between us no matter what happens - she would not let him get a word in - secondly, I love watching men in different situations ...
- And what do you got for me? - The first condition, he clearly ignored.
- I want you to let down the pants to his knees and stood in front of me on all fours, - to her surprise, he accepted the game. Retreat was really nowhere. She took the box from her purse a dildo and a bottle of lubricant. Minute, and the host gasped, having caved in, and the phallus protruding from its backside ... He stood up and pulled on his pants.
- And when you did vynesh?
- Not before we come back with things.
- But from what so burning? What have you smeared it?
- Petroleum jelly with garlic juice, - said the girl calmly.
He took her into the next room, where she could secretly watch the torment of his girlfriend. With barely passed the test ... Irina Sitting in the car, all three awkward startled by unusual pain.
Pick up things and said goodbye to his family, the girl returned to work. The contracts were signed in the same place in the garden. Then the owner showed them the room. The first was Irina. Leaving it to settle, they went to the other end of the long corridor - the room Jenny. Barely crossed the threshold, the owner locked the door, pulled the pants and got on his knees. Jack silently pulled out his penis, put it to his face.
Lick it - with undisguised disgust, the man did it. When he was finished, Jack was standing in front of him on all fours with battened down the skirt.
- We both want the same - she pointed at his rampant organ - so why the pull ..?
As he left, he said to her one more thing ...
- Discuss me strictly prohibited. In all areas of the house are installed microphones. Contact me should only "master". While, however, my name is Sasha.
The next day the girl became acquainted with their duties. They had to respond to calls, mail sorting, tidying the house and fulfill all the orders from the master even faster than he gives them.
On this day Marrying ministered to the owner and his friends in all their entertainment. By evening, she was so tired she could barely dobrela to his room. But she collapsed exhausted on the bed, her back was summoned to the owner.
- A minute, boss, I'm not dressed - she was really in shorts.
- Come, what is there now!
But Jack ventured to disobey. She took the same member, dipped it in the lubricant, I thought that she would have to suffer badly, drove it into his anus. Then she threw on a robe and went to the master bedroom.
- I have bad news for you. You're wrong on several occasions today. However, this is forgivable for the first day of work. But now you do not come right away. What do you think, should I punish you?
- You know better, boss.
- Into the basement!
Taking off coat, Jack asked if she could stay in the panties "a week". After receiving permission, she took her place at the table. This time he turned on the timer for about forty minutes. Pulling out of stone leather whip, the host began to lash Woman's back and buttocks. Minutes eight Eugene saw in the mirror of blood, speaking on her body from the blows.
- Can I pull the panties? I did not think it would be so much blood they can get dirty ... - she asked breathlessly.
The owner himself came and rolled her panties down to her knees. At this point, he noticed the plastic between her buttocks. Jack was pleased by his reaction, everything worked perfectly.
When whipping over, Jack was released, but he told her to get dressed not allowed.
- All your faults I bring in a conduit. But not only them and their observations I am motivated when summing up. At the end of the punishment I'm going to put a mark on your body. A year later, I had them all count. Be good, get a table from the green box - a subject that Jack got it plugged into the wall outlet. And until the indicator lamp lit up, he tore his wife's chest. But then he held her so strongly wounded ass, hands ordered to take up arms, and legs to put on support. The box turned out to be a miniature soldering iron.
- Today, I choose the place between her breasts - with these words he pressed the soldering iron to the specified point. The pain Eugene screamed, but all ended very quickly.
- And remember that each time it will be worse and worse - with the value of said boss member incurring in the vagina tormented girl.
Irina badly cope with work. She quickly realized that, in contrast to a friend, does not know how to take risks. And by the end of the second week for the eighth time I was in the basement of the table. Three times he set the timer for an hour, was now sixty-five minutes. Every time the owner changed and an instrument of punishment. This time, he lashed her with rods. "Maybe next time he their ambassador, thought Ira already familiar shuddering in pain". Her back and ass were stored for seven marks soldering, today will be the eighth ...
As soon as a girl, beaten and humiliated, he returned to his room and went to her Eugene.
- You really hurt Irisha? How he beat you today? Even longer? Show mark - Eugene greased a burn ointment - poor, poor ... you are my podruzhenka
- How do you manage to stay so? Did he hit you less?
- Er, he beat me only twice - on the test on the first day.
- But why?!
- I am trying very hard. I do everything to win it and save your skin.
- Conquer?! Yes it you? Sadist and a pervert!
- Hush! .. - Jack hissed, - microphones, I told you so - but it was too late. A minute later the phone rang, the owner called Eugene in the basement. To his great regret, she did not have time to go to her for a member. Noticing his absence in Zhenya's ass, the owner was particularly cruel to her. He lashed her with a whip so violently that from the very first shock she was unable to hold back a scream. And by the end of executions frustrated voice itself. After the timer signal he silently switched to soldering network, still not releasing her from the table. Jack silently sobbed, burying his face in his hands. Never before has it and could not imagine that he would stand there with a bare ass, excised in the blood of the host lash and wait for a new pain ... When soldering touched her clitoris, she had had no power to scream. She only sobbed harder. The owner allowed her to escape. Suddenly, she fell before him on his knees and kissed his hand, just as her tormented.
Back in her room, Jack began to howl in pain. But at the same time it is so hard to twist the nipples on the chest that soon finished in terrible agony. After showering, she went to bed, having given myself to the rest of the period held by a member of the pope. She immediately stuck his bed and fell asleep brutal sacrifices ...
Having lived in the house of the owner nearly four months, she had fourteen marks on the body. She always wore a plastic member, but only ten meetings in the cellar ended in an act of love .... In the last three times Jack returned to his battered but not Banged that really upset her. Looks like it when the owner asked her to be in a secret room in a test of new employees, she thought she could plan all began to falter ... and a half months ago. But then he had it only once. And yesterday she watched the suffering of black-eyed boy. Anton brilliantly passed the test. She saw how painful it was to fulfill all orders humiliating for him, but he passed all brilliant. Today, Eugene was able to lure him to his room. As soon as he saw him yesterday, she passionately wanted it. And now he decided to take a desperate step - said the five-week "starvation".
Anton has surpassed all her expectations. Until now she had not met the man, capable to tire her. But Anton ... In the first three hours she reveled, then enjoyed. Now it is high time to lay on the floor in silence and endured his restlessness. But just a few hours ago, she could not restrain myself extra second. As soon as the door locked, she lay down in front of him on his back and spread her legs apart. He understood without words. A minute later they were both already rolled through the room like a big lump of human skin. During these hours, Anton had her in the most unimaginable positions. Her knees and elbows ached from the endless race, back numb, moaning and screaming, Eugene hoarse. She had obkonchalas, and it all is not enough! Eugene was convinced that the owner listened to them. She prayed that he quickly entered her room. And though the last label, she received only three days ago, Jack was ready to go through a new torture and humiliation, but he again entered her in a businesslike way.
Irina shuddered from the shock of the dog whip, dreading the new label in the buttock. Before the call timer still had almost forty minutes. Today she broke the telephone than very angered owner. Even though his hands were tired forty-five minutes have passed since the beginning of flogging, Irina was sure that he would finish on time and not a second before.
And Jack was lying on his stomach under the blows suffered by Anton and his penis inside her uterus. Only an unhealthy excitement would not let her throw the boy to himself. She imagined the anger in the eyes of the master, when he finds it under this jerk who does not have yet even the first mark. Perhaps he would thrash her whip on the stomach and chest, and then carved to the hip and between her legs. And then the label. I wonder where is this time? .. The girl dreaming, she did not notice as finished. Soon, Anton finally slipped from her to the floor and lay still, resting. Suddenly they both heard the sound turns the key.
- This host - Jack whispered. The door opened, came in front of them
Sasha, tired and surprised.
- I want you, girl - was all he said, going out into the corridor. Jack jumped him just naked.
- Sasha, Sasha ... - she dropped to her knees and crawled to his feet. - I beg you, forgive us! Only you and I want only you ... Well, if you want, punish, izbey, Rape ... just simply ... Sasha! ..
He took her right in the corridor. And in that moment, when Eugene gratefully finished, standing on all fours, the corridor became Irina, marching out of the basement, where she was recovering from the flogging.
- God, Jack! .. - Only she could breathe.
After this incident, the girl did not speak. Irina in on itself, and Jack did not insist. She has started its new and interesting life. She was convinced that Sasha terribly jealous of her. For the first time, he forgave them. He just fucked her in the corridor, in front of Anton and Irina, like a dirty little dog. But next time, about a month later when he again found them together, the boss got angry in earnest. He first led to the basement of Anton and ordered the wife to watch them. After whipping marks and he raped rude guy. When it was the turn Eugene, Anton had to stay and watch the suffering of the girl he had just had ... The owner started the timer at the ninety-five minutes and picked up the whip. She cried out in pain, writhing and dropped his head on his hands, but at the same time ... cum, cum, cum. Having a label directly on the anus, she dug her lips in a passionate owner lips. And then Anton saw her trembling hands helped a man undress, stood forward on his knees. Having blowjob, planted a vagina on his penis ...
Throughout the night the guy tossed on the bed. He saw her lips, pending on the purple host body. Her tongue, gently enveloping the head and crawled under the foreskin, gently deflated and drawn. He imagined Zhenya's buttocks, her clitoris with burns trace. Her ass has always held the whip master patterns, and pussy was hot and excised as none of the girls out there in the wild. He wanted to spank her and love. I wanted to hear her cry and tear, not listening to him ... His own body on fire after the punishment, he tore out the anus oozing blood. But the guy and did not think about it, he longed for her.
One day, towards the end of Zhenya's contract, the owner went to another city for a few days. Anton decided for yourself ... now or never. At night he brought Eugene to the basement, but she ignored his orders, laughing heartily. It did not work. After a few nights, he decided to try again to fulfill his dream.
Anton waylaid Eugene in her room. As soon as she opened the door, he attacked her, gripped her mouth and tied his hands with tape. He threw the girl on the bed, forced to stand on all fours. Her hands were tied behind his back. Anton took brought with him the belt and began to whip the force and fury of her buttocks. Jack tried his hands to stop him, but then Anton lashed her hand, and she retreated. Finally, he fainted. Discarding the belt, the guy pulled out of her backside and took her phallus. Jack made no sound. All night Anton had her in all holes and in all positions. From time to time, he was taken back and smack her again. He beat her on the chest, stomach, even in the face and he beat her clitoris wide belt ... In the morning, exhausted and bloodied, with their hands tied and mouth sealed it found the owner returned home.
The whole week Sasha nursed her. And when she began to slowly come to life, he proposed to her.
As soon as her contract expired, they were married. They no longer there was no need to go down to the basement, they loved each other and were happy. And on their wedding night, as well as in all future husband whipped and fuck her right on their bed. Zhenya was happy. Now she has all what she wanted - a strict and overbearing landlord and gentle and loving husband.
When Jack went to the pregnant woman, her husband tortured her almost every day, because she begged him to. Without flogging, she could no longer sleep without punishment. Her body always holds many traces of punishment. Jack admired them, standing idle for long periods in front of a large mirror of his bedroom. Eugene gave birth at home. She was on all fours, and her husband violently whipped her on the back and buttocks with whips. It howled and screamed in pain, but gave birth to a perfect ...
After telling me this, my grandmother wiped my tears. Grandfather long dead, and the phallus, she often inserts ...
Summer 1998.
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My wife is a whore

I always liked it when my wife pay attention. This is the factory, exc-waiting, and to be honest, and I wanted it to when I raped. For the time being I could not admit to her in this.
Once our guest was Victor - our neighbor. He is about 35 years. She lives alone. We sat and drank. I was away to the bathroom and came back from there, he found them standing near the window and kiss the Xia. They quickly jumped apart and I pretended not to notice. 11 Hours in Vic then went home, and my wife after sex conversation.
Masha looked with dismay at me when I told her what I saw.
-Now what? - She asked me apologetically.
-Nothing, I even liked it!
-??? - Masha was surprised to look at me. - I did not get that
-No, seriously, even has brought ....
-You're not kidding?
-Not much! And you know, I do not mind if you ever again ...
-What?!!! Wow....
-No, seriously, I would have liked ...
-Wow!!! Well ... if I'm not just kissing? What then?
I almost choked on the flood of emotions ...
-Then I was terribly Head ...
At the same time I started to get up member. Usually I need about an hour to restore Xia, and then just ...
-Here you see! - I took his hand and put Mashkina to his penis.
-Wow !!! Are you really ...
-Yes! - I decided - I WANT THIS !!!
-Wow!!! Well, if I did this?
Here my cock jumped to the ceiling and ran to Masha.
Later, breath, Masha asked ...
-Are you telling the truth? Or joke?
-And you want to do this?
-Yes and very...
-And what do you want me to do?
-Honestly, do not be offended?
-C'mon, speak...
-Well, for example, that you went to see him ...
-Yes! - Here I again began to rise. Masha noticed it and looked at me ...
-It looks like you're not kidding ... Well, if I do this ... no problems then?
-Not the other way around ... I love you even more I will love!
-Wow! Well, if you like me? Did you want to have a wife - whore?
-...Yes!!! - I decided.
-Hmm ... Well, look, that then there were no problems, he wanted !!!
Masha stood up from the couch, sat naked before the mirror and began to paint.
-Did you really go to it?
-Yes! You yourself wanted it! What has changed his mind?
-No, I want it!
-So I'm going to ... And I painted at night looking first?

-Well, I'm ready - Masha rose from her chair - And what do I wear?
-A little way to go?
-What? Naked? Wow...
-Well, why not?
-Did you really want me to become a whore? - Masha aggressively posmot-RELA on me!
I was already terribly zavedet and I really wanted it, and I decided to ...
-To be honest, yes...
Masha thought a moment, and then said ...
-Well, to hell with you, then look no pity ...
For about the door she asked ...
-Do you really want?
-Hmm! Well, I went ... - Naked and went to the site. She called to Vitka. Oglya-nulas at me and waved. My wife is naked in front of the door and the guy waits on it, conceals. From this it was possible to get crazy. When I started to open the lock, she waved her hand to me - go away moles.
I closed the door.
-You can ... - I heard her voice. Then Vitka's door closed ...

All night I did not sleep. And when early in the morning at the front door was the inserted key, I jumped off the couch and ran to meet Masha. Naked burst into the apartment and was not quite sober.
-Well, hubby, wife earn - damn! - Slurred she said. - What ... like? She fell exhausted on the sofa. - I want to sleep!...

In the evening we had dinner in silence. Finally Masha did not survive the first ...
-And what are we going to get divorced?
-No way, I love you and what you do even more!
Masha's eyes widened.
-No, really - I said - I loved it! And I want to repeat it-moose ...
-And how often?
-To be honest the more the better ... it gets terribly!
Masha chuckled and thought.
Later, when we watched TV, she said ...
-Well, I will make you a merry life, but then do not complain if your fingers will show to you that you have a wife - whore! Agreed?
-Oh sure!!!
-And you really liked?
-It's very ... Especially you went Naked !!! And back ... And you liked it?
-Hmm! Of course! Every damn woman sitting ...
-And I would like to gangbang ... And I can see ...
-About it !!! Well, see, I will make you ...
-You do not mind?
-Well, if the husband permits ... why not! By the way he was waiting for me today, let go?
Instead of answering, I threw her on the sofa ...
This and the next night all week Masha held at Vitka. Just like yesterday, the second-lai called to him, and stayed there until the morning. Maschke I think more and more beginning to like her new goddamned life, at least she gladly ran to a neighbor. And that at a meeting with me hid his eyes. Relations between us have become, how to say it - more strained. Still he fucked my wife, and apparently it was a shame. This continued until such time as Masha did not forget to bring your house keys. She mechanically rang, I opened the door to let her in. At this time, Victor stood in the doorway of his apartment, watching Masha. Only then Mash Coy came to us what happened. She showed up naked home, I opened the door and he stood there and saw it all.
During the dinner, Masha asked ...
-And what do we do with a neighbor. Relationship to lose?
-Oh, yes! ... I think I need to explain!
-And what did you tell him - that he let go?
-Hey, why not ...
-??? Hmm, well, look ... he'll say ...

Vitka We sit in the kitchen, looking away, and did not start the conversation. He has already started to go home, I did not dare to start a conversation, and then the situation has saved Masha. My little wife threw this ... she said to the kitchen to us. Naked. We Vitka looked at her dumbfounded. She saw our shock and I think enjoyed the effect. Going to Vitka, she tried to sit on his lap. He shied away from it.
-Vitya, but my husband knows everything! Do not be afraid, it's okay, he knows ... and do not mind, right, yes? - Coquettishly She looked at me and wagged her ass.
There was a conversation during which Victor and then said - "Well you and give". But in the end everything finished well. He fucked my wife in our bed with her. I was sitting in the kitchen.
Now her hiking to it became official. We even greeted with Vitka, when he met and I followed her bare to him. Vitka more naglel if at first he complexation-shaft, but now he could even ask me at the meeting whether Masha will come to him today.
Masha now sometimes joked that she had two husbands, and difficult to solve with whom to sleep today.
Then one day when we have to Masha asleep, the phone rang ... stood there drunk as a lord Victor.
-Here the thing is ... - he began thickly.
-Where are you from so I asked him, letting the apartment.
-She then walk drugany ... I ... Well ... no ... I'll go ...
Here in the corridor out of the room naked Masha. She had heard that Vic came and did not find it necessary to get dressed.
-Oh, how good you are !!!
-Yeah - Vic carnivorous looked at Masha. - Walking ... here, my friends came to me, spend the night here ...
-And what came? - Masha bowed her head. And I seem to understand why was Victor, Masha in my opinion, too. Invite guests to Masha, but without me. But not dare ...
-A-Okay! - Vic hiccup - I went ...

After he left, we again lay down in bed.
-Do you understand why he came - I asked Masha.
-Of course! Behind you! Just do not dare ...
-Would you like to let me go?
-But before the go!
-Then another ... he is not alone there ...
-Maybe yes...
Masha thought.
-And I want to know! - After a while, she said.
I understood perfectly what was going on, but played the fool ...
-What, what ... Can I go to him ... to him? You yourself said that you have group sex for me would have liked ...

Masha stands in front of the door Vitya's apartment.
-Who's there?
-This is me, Vitya! Masha!
Victor opens the door and looks at the bare Masha, then at me. From his apartment dono-syatsya drunken shouts.
-You came for me? Here it is ... and I can.
Vic silly grins and passes Masha's apartment, while brazenly looked at me and slapped my wife bare ass.
Masha came in the morning when I was going to work. She was very drunk.
-How do Jam! And in the ass, too ...
Prior to that, we have it anal sex was not, and here it for the first time, the wrong guys ...
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The day began as usual for Igor, but ended.
In the morning he got up, as always brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, and went to school. Outside it was cold in November. Igor was, and all his thoughts were about the event that happened to him three days ago. On this day, he came to visit his friend Zhorik, and for the first time he saw gay porn movie. Most of it has excited the scene, where a young man introduced himself in the ass huge vibrator, and enthusiastically sucking huge dick black man. Then Igor really wanted to experience something like that. He wanted to ask his friend to posotat Zhorik, but hesitate, although he saw how much Igor excited.
Igor walked and walked along the street with autumn hill on the pants. The wind tore the last leaves of the trees, and he wanted to take in the mouth of a large black man.
Finally he came to the meditations of the Institute, and learned with joy that today canceled classes because it was closed for quarantine.
He slowly made his way back along the path going to the store, and bought gay porn. He went home and dreamed how all will wank looking at taking in guys mouth.
Igor came to his porch, got up on the 9th floor, put the key in the lock. Cold Steel is easily entered into the hole, and he was at home. Slowly he undressed and went into the room, closed the door. Igor looked at his watch, and his face shone with a smile, the parents come back yet after 7 hours, so he had plenty of time to have fun. He took the tape out of the bag and looked at the cover. The film was called "Dirty bastards in the skin". Looking Igor put the cassette in polnstyu undressed, located on the couch and started watching. The first scene it nothing more disheartening, except that there were all mysterious leather masks, but here is the second excited him so much that he ended almost immediately. There's one guy in the skin dugogo whipped in the ass whip, and then drove it straight in the ass whip the poor man, then he shit in his face, and forced to eat it all. Igor is turned off, and began to think that he would stick to his ass. He began to wander around the apartment in search of an oblong object, and casually looked into the refrigerator. There he caught sight sordelka with the original name "pyatochok". She was all alone, but Igor did not think twice and took it, grease it with butter, and headed back. He began to insert a sordelku, but she did not want to go, togoda Igor moved to the floor, and tried again. Again stubborn sordelka did not want to go, then he pushed her by force, she abruptly entered into the anus, and Igor crap. Pulling himself out of sordelku Igor wanted to go for a rag, when he remembered that he had just seen in the film. He again put sordelku his anus, this time she entered easily. He turned to his shit, and began to sniff it. With one hand he jerked off, but what other sordelkoy wiggled in his ass. Suddenly the door to the room opened and entered one of Igor - Giorgi.
He just froze'll see Igor in such a strange pastime. Igor had forgotten that two days ago gave the keys to the apartment to his friend, because that to him came to visit relatives, and he did not want to sit at home all day. Igor tried to say something in his defense, but could not find the right words. Suddenly George laughed wildly and could not ostonovitsya few minutes.
Prosmeyavshis he said:
It turns out my friend fucking pervert. Pidaras So, now you budish do what I say, or else everyone will know who you really are.
Igor said that it will fulfill all.
To begin with you bitch lick my asshole.
With these words, Gregory took off his pants and turned to face Igor ass.
Lick my ass pidaras.
Igor besprekaslovno obeyed and fell to the dirty language other anus. It is incredibly excited him. Igor imagined that this big ass black men. This went on for five minutes, until George farted loudly, not in the face of a friend.
Now suck my dick whore.
With this word George turned, and in the face of Igor brought huge cock. Igor never done it, but now he is crazy like this. He priblizislya, and with force sucked dick. He closed his eyes and began to enjoy. George moaned softly, and his friend sucking cock and wiggled in his ass pork sordelkoy with the original name "pyatochok". Igor really liked the taste of dickhead. George prigovalival.
Suck my whore, slut lick properly.
When he began to finish, Igor afraid that choke and spit dick. Gregory liberally doused his friend's face with his seed.
He did not like.
Fucking whore, now I'll show you how to spit out my precious seed.
Grigoy ass again turned to Igor and nakakat him straight in the face and open mouth.
At that moment came the father, Igor, who returned early from work. He is very dogo thought what happens here to see prices.
Why his son who is crap right on your face? Why his son stirs sordelkoy in the ass, which he bought yesterday in an expensive supermarket, and which is now going to dine?
After standing and assessing the situation, the father of Igor swiped offender son in the face, and he lost consciousness (Igor's father was a professional boxer). Son swallowed a piece of shit, and just wanted extended his gratitude to his father, how he got hit in the face.
Embittered by the fact that his father left without dinner. He took off his pants with the offender's son, and his hard-fucked. Then I did the same thing with his son. From the most powerful punches none of them even come to mind. Father terribly hungry, he went into the kitchen, looked in refrigeration, and have found that there is not his favorite sordelek. He roared with rage, ran back, and once again fucked brazen tranzhitelya products.
After that, he looked at the floor and saw his beloved sordelku ...
A few minutes later, Igor woke up. My head was buzzing, the anus torn by intolerable pain, range was shit, and lying next to each, still not come into consciousness. Igor scrambled, and heard a noise in the kitchen. He entered, and saw his father, who dined peacefully ....
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