The little imp

Hello to all fans of the genre porn stories! My name is Vlad (Budimir I can call to have your author's name, different from the other). Just I want to say that I am not a maniac obsessed teens. I'm quite interested in sex and can even say that a little obsessed with it, but it has its limits.
I've been meaning to write a short story, but somehow did not reach the hands. Now is the time, and I'll tell you a story that happened to me 5 years ago. Everything written here is almost true. If something and think of it some little thing or vesh, no effect on the story. Now I'm 21, but I was a 16-year-old has not yet fully matured man, as now Rotated sex. So I break to my story ...
To help you better represent the situation I describe myself first. I am 10 years of doing sports and for 5 years I have had broad shoulders, 188 cm. Growth, dark hair, and normal patsanskoe face, about which some say "pretty" (Myself do not want to evaluate)
So, I was 16 and I was in the 10th grade of one of Peter's school (let it be Peter because I do not want to call my home town, which is almost equal to the beauty and value of St. Petersburg). School went well and I managed to deal with many other things. I had a school group that played my girlfriend, and we were on every holiday or evening on the school stage. I played the guitar and was in addition "chief" More group as well, and its vocalist. It is not difficult to guess that after a few performances I had a bunch of fans, youngsters and youngsters among our students. The dream of almost any every idiot, but I unfortunately paid little attention to my fans because I was fascinated by my girlfriend. We were with her for a year together and it satisfies me completely. I could not think, to get away from it. For a year, she surprises me in pastels and showed such that I just baldel from it. It was not my first sexual experience, but it taught me a lot. Most interesting is that it was not older than me. When we met her, then we slept on the first day. Once we have decided to organize a group, my dear (her name by the way Veronica) called me to his home, where there was no one but us. She could say only that I liked her (she moved to us from another school just two weeks ago) and she wants me to. I do not even have time to take off his shoes and she had to unbutton my sherinku and got out of my handsome. I was blown away by what happened next. The girl, whom I had just met took my penis and began to suck him, swallowing so that her nose rested against my pubic hair. I've never made deep throat and so I was just shocked. Nick (I called her Nika) sucked me about 5 minutes, until I finally did not finish her throat. Once she's swallow and suck the last drop of semen out of me (that, too, was Malenkov shock to me, as my sperm before that spits out all the girls my age), she got up, smiled as if nothing had happened, tucking my member in the pants, said that I went to her room, where there will be a continuation of the banquet. I took off my jacket and shoes and went for it. Nick made me wait a little longer, as went into the shower, but when it came out, I do not regret the time spent alone. I was lying on her bed and looked at her room. The head came completely idiotic idea that everything happens in a dream, and still more like a cheap porn .... and suddenly the door opened into the bath and stepped out completely naked and Nick went to me. I am so much fell into a stupor that night that now, thinking about those times, I just laugh at yourself. But I was only 16 and all experience is not enough. So she came up to me and began to undress me. Undressed me as a child, and took off me last attribute my clothes - pants, she put my cock in a rack "attention" and began to admire them. My cock was standing in all of its 18 cm. And blistel on the head from the ledge and wither more neuspevshey semen and lubricant. Then my sun village on top of me and I went into it. She was burning inside and I felt that in her pussy and her lips for at least half a liter of lubricant. I immediately became all wet in the groin, and Nick start as moaning as if she has at least a year was not the guy. I will not tell what ended that night, because this story is not the main and only tells you, my reader, who I am and whom I talked in those days ... The last to a memorable evening with Nike: just remember that I came home late and exhausted ...
Since then, I and my Kotik fucked everywhere and always. As soon as I went or her relatives, then we retire and indulge our fantasies. I have learned to no longer be ashamed of their thoughts and the most zakrovennyh accustomed to oral sex. I baldel the opportunity to lick the bottom of Nick - I proved not only rotated by licking beautifully manicured and groomed pussies, but I'm still pretty cool and it's done! Nick was happy as she, like any girl, baldeet oral sex almost more than the standard.
In summer, we loved to go deep into the forest (we lived on the outskirts of the city), and there, alone in the woods, I took off her shorts and her vilizyval from the pubis to the anus and back. Sometimes, I licked her for about an hour and then her anus is so relaxed that I quietly climbed to the language and massaged it from within. Nick went mad when I plant it in such a way and fucked her little tongue into the vagina and a small bud behind it. But I told her never gave finish there in the forest, and then we went home and there was complete our fun. In the end we are so brazen that they had sex on podakonnike her house and watched the people pass below. In short, we have removed the brakes at all, but fools luck and we almost never got into trouble. Only very rarely it was uncomfortable, for example when the parents came too early and were caught us wearing clothes hastily and out of breath persons. The only thing I did not let my sweet, had anal sex. So I told the prehistory and now you - dear reader, will understand how I felt The, when there was the sexiest thing in my life ... As I said, I had a band and a lot of fans. My girlfriend is beginning to bore me what I could do with it anything you like. I'm sick of the fact that she was ready to go with all my friends, if I'd asked her to. One day I was just thinking aloud, and said that it would be nice if other than Nicky joined us to someone else. I never thought that my sun is in accordance, but the Sun, and even agreed to immediately nominate the name of my class. It turned out that it was her best friend, which I very much like me, but that is a virgin, and needs good etter (when these catches my sun looked at himself and me) to live a normal sex life. Then I refused because I did not want to deal with two girls at the same time and therefore lose a lot of strength ... I have all the same was still a school group and a lot of other responsibilities. I realized that all these ideas Nicky I finished like a lot and I want something ... something like that ... well I wanted to shy erotichnosti, not depraved porn.
And at that moment there was a girl named Elena. She was then 13 years old. Of all his contemporaries, it was perhaps the most advanced and had already fun shapes. Now it may become a little full, but in their 13 she was a little angel with a pretty face, gazed at Cotorro all 8- and 9-graders. She herself was in the 8th grade. Lord, now I would be on a never went, but then I was a minor ... and still have not thought about the article under which I might have to throw in a jiffy. So Elina: It was about 155 cm, dark hair, pretty rounded hips and breasts protruding too far, who wanted to cuddle with their hands, as they already had the form and have the two patty.. Elina raved just me. She Tuscany for me at school and tried to start a conversation. For me this behavior of youngsters was not unusual, as I like a lot of youngsters in our schools, but there was a special case. The dining Link (I called Elina) tried to show his attention to the fact that I was buying sweets. In short innocent child I fell in love me so that all my friends are already tired to laugh when they saw again, bageyuschey it for me. I was uncomfortable and I thought about how quickly to get rid of this miracle, kotoroya get me to the most guts. Sometime in May, before the summer holidays, Elinka, going into 9th grade, brought me love (those who studied in Soviet schools and were merry companies understand what PROFILE-each devchyonka had such a thing, and sometimes and every man) and there I had to fill in the column ADDRESS, PHONE. To get rid I filled everything Snack at school and gave her love back. Then I did not think that it would be me now to get home, but then I thought about it ...
Sometime in June, I returned from Niki to his home, drank a cold Sprite and thought that our sex has grown with it in some dreary daily post that no longer like me. Cum with her under normal sex I could not, and so she had to suck me every time, and only then, imagining other devchenok I could finish it in her mouth, in which all my sperm immediately disappeared.
Arriving home, I've been thinking what to do, and then I called Elinka. Thinking that I should not have given her my phone (now will certainly get), I finally agreed to meet with her, as do was nedego (there are times when all my friends as luck would have somewhere to go, and on the street is gorgeous weather, is located to the sea, girls, beer and tan). We agreed to meet near the boarding house, which stood behind our school. There are usually loved walking our girls from the junior classes, as there are close to a forest, and you can be alone or with friends, or smoke, so that no one saw. So, I went to a meeting, smoking a cigarette. When I got to the right place, then I saw three devchenok and upset just because I was not attracted by the prospect hang around with the three youngsters, staring you in the mouth. But here Elinka said something to her friends, and they smiled at me conspiratorially went somewhere past me. Then at me and appeared for the first time thought that this day will be fun. I asked Elinka that it all means, but she just said that they were somewhere he had to go and they are late. Well here and fool could guess that it was predumanno and agreed-upon beforehand, Elina to be able to stay with me alone and that's when I immediately became interested. Elinka offered to go into the forest, where we are with it and went. We talked about all sorts of foolishness. The conversation somehow did not go and I felt that the Link wants me to say something, but clinging and does not know how to start. I was silent and waited. All it dragged thus to half an hour, until she told me about how she argued with friends that will do something. But she did not know herself whether she had enough courage. She myalas 5 minutes, but then suddenly all the same abruptly kissed me. On the one hand I liked it, as there was a prospect unleash youngster on sex, but on the other hand I was a girl, and I'm not used to change. While on the other hand, I understand that if I was more upset by the fact that what the women argued, was a simple banal kiss. Although you can expect from 13-year-old devchenok? But I decided that the link should try to unwind and even if does not work, it is still going to be fun, so I also love the girls and myself promotion process, not only the result of the case. I decided to start a serious conversation and rasprosit how much she knows about the relations between men and women to see how far it can go, if I dare still to fuck her. Taking out a cigarette, I lit a cigarette. Lina looked at me with tremendous eyes, but as it turned out later, not because of fear. She suddenly grabbed my cigarette, threw it into the bushes, grabbed a pack and hid somewhere, turning on its axis. I do not understand honestly say that all this meant, and, therefore, was taken aback. I asked her why she did it, and Elinka said that she did not like it when I smoke and smoking in general - it's bad. You have to understand a little girl - a child she thought that smoking is bad and then her idol, idol and star of the school scene starts to smoke, standing in front of her. Horror! Smoking :-) I got sick from it is not and I started looking for somewhere missing pack. Nowhere near it was not there, so I knew she hid it somewhere myself. It was the only top and sweat pants. As I stood with a stunned face, she could sit on zemyu. Around us there were only bushes and I sat down beside her. She sat still and I began to poke into her pockets, where in addition to a pair of papers found nothing. And suddenly I felt her groin with something hard and realized that she hid my cigarettes myself in panties. Here it is a cause for more serious action! excitation wave hit my head and I'm pulling the elastic band of his pants pulled them down. On Elinka were put on something like a semi-strings of old white that turned me on even more. My pack of cigarettes had been hidden right pubic. I put his hand under her panties, and, as if pulling the Davidoff her, I felt her clit more Malenko and lips sex that I barely found, accustomed to ogomnym lips of my passions. Began to massage them, I was rebuffed, as Lina did not understand that I was doing it there. I started it explains what I want to make it nice and that if she says "Stop"I immediately stop. To be honest, I'm still there I would not be confident stopped if she had asked me to. I put his hand deeper and fingering clit, slowly began to crush him. Thinking I moistened finger with saliva and began to massage her clitoris warm, wet finger. I immediately felt that Elinochka-imp took a deep breath and arranged the legs a little bit. It was then that I realized that this girl has long masturbates and in general, is ready for sex. I really wanted to, but it's good thinking, I realized that if I start to tear her hymen here in the woods (and she was still a virgin, I was sure), it escapes our entire region. Thinking so, I have decided that it is necessary to try to bring out of town, where I was giving, where my relatives did not appear already the devil knows how long. There I was able to do everything that would want. And here woke up all my long-standing dream of hard porn with inexperienced youngster, I could not be with Nike. After my sokravennaya was so experienced, that of shyness and a word "young child" there was talk shamefully! Elina Asking whether it is away for a few days at home, I got this answer can I understand - this was my day! Elina is a very bad relationship with his mother (his father did not live with them) and she often spends the night with her friends, and it happened that disappeared in this way out of the house for a week. Her mother has dropped her hands and resigned. I jumped at the Solomenka and said to Elinka ran home, packed up, went into the shower (I have in the country there was no hot water) and came to me. I myself went home, went to the bath, jerk and took power, not to rape her directly in the train. His kinsman, I called and said I was going to the country, where we meet with friends, and that will be after 3-4 days. Taking the money, condoms, lubricant, special ointment for sex (bought 4 months ago in the hope that my dear Nick still agree to anal sex) and their things, I began to wait for his young chertnka.
She ran very soon ... and we hit the road. We went for two hours and a half and have been in the country only in the evening. The weather was warm, and and as it was the eve of Jan Kupala (in my country this holiday is called a little differently, some can now guess where I'm from), it was light outside. We went to the cottage, spread two pastels in the same room, they spread out and things started to prepare for the night. It was time to think what to do next. I have long thought how to start our plans and decided to just act. I went to Elina, hugged her and not pochuvstovat soprotevleniya, kissed her on the lips. It was such a great feeling, to feel the trembling youngster's body in his arms. My cock immediately stood up, but since I was dressed in jeans, the jeans in this place only bulged. My hands are bullied her topic, under which there was nothing but hot chest, to which no one touched. I must say that it was difficult to pick a topic above chest level, as was a large chest for 13 years. But finally I picked a topic and dug his hands into the two hot and firm breasts. Nipples my kids were solid and were like rubber. Elinka start to breathe deeply. I knelt down and began to pull her sweat pants, but she suddenly pushed me away and said she did not want to do this. She said that she is ready to lose her virginity to me, but is not ready to do it now. When I asked when I dignify this existing committers, it completely upset me, saying that we must wait for another 1.5 years, until she was 15. Everyone knows that at the age of 13 years, brilliant ideas come to mind every minute. Thank God, these ideas quite Snack go, but can not speak already about the momentary sex. I was shocked and did not know what to do. Rape her I did not want to, but I could not let go of it with this garden without sex. I realized that I do not have to settle on it and soon she wants and agrees. I offered to go with her to the river and we were embraced in sumerkah under the rustling of leaves to the river that flowed near my village. On the river bank, we kissed, and I still was able to get into her panties and poterebit her clitoris. When I started to make its way into her panties, she protested, but as soon as I began to massage the clitoris, it seemed to become a different person. The shame was gone and the girl, legs apart, beginning to enjoy. I gave her a finish that does not sopravozhdalos copious as my friend. Elina acted just a little bit of juice, which all turned out to be in my hand. I took my hand out of her pants and brought it to his mouth in a pointed her to see that I lick her juices. Lina was crazy. This is the first time she had seen her eyes shining in the night speak for themselves. I won her heart! But when you finish, the world is a little dim and then comes shame. And when shame came obratnok my treasure and Elina parezhivaya silent about the incident, I began to assure her that that just happened, there is nothing shameful, and that everyone does so. To hide her shyness, I stood in front of her so that my hips were right in front of her face, and, taking out a member and began to masturbate. Elinka watched as if spellbound my movements. I was afraid that she will run away, but her so my move vibil completely visible from the track. It was evident that the male member she sees for the first time. But as much as I wanted to finish it in the jet of sperm, I still restrained and Kochnov in the bushes next to us.
Returning home, I realized that my new girlfriend wants "continuation of the banquet"But I was tired after such "play" and I decided that this night you can wait. We went to different pastel we fell asleep quickly, as it was already 1 am. The people in the street began to walk (festival entered into its midst) and were heard shouts and laughter.
In the morning we had breakfast, and I started my plan. On the street was a dead silence, as all census night and is now resting after a stormy night. Only a very few sitting at nauchastkah and finishing their unfinished, but we were not disturbed, since it does not ring or beep. Closing all the doors and windows, lowered blinds and making a romantic polusumerki in our room at the cottage, I made the atmosphere suited to my plans. At first, I wanted to talk to her about that now will be with me and her, and as I see it. I said that I have a girl, but if she wants to, I'll meet with her when we both are free. Elina did not care for my girlfriend and she was ready for me at all, so she agreed to be with me when I want to. Until it has not yet been reached, what I like about her only her body and her innocence. I said I wanted to play with Elinka in an interesting game, in which the first I will fulfill her wishes, and then it will do what I say. I was confident in myself as a bishop and knew all the development of our game in advance. Remembering our yesterday's adventures, she agreed. The game started and Elina asked me to show her again how I masturbate. She was interested in my penis and she wanted to see everything in the daylight. I pulled already got stronger penis and asked her to remove the topic, it was more interesting to me to masturbate. At first she was against it, but when I heard that the guy needs to see naked girl that can masturbate, agreed and removed the topic. My imp did everything without hesitation, and I began to massage his penis. Already soon I shot sperm on his chest Elinka and she jerked with fright. She looked surprised eyes on sperm on his chest, and I realized that the sperm she still had not seen and little understood what it is. I immediately explained to her that the guys end up with sperm and that adult girls really like the nectar. I asked her not to wash my seed with himself, and asked to take my completely fallen member in his mouth. Elina did not move, and then I realized that hastened. Then I said that my desire is as follows. I ordered her to undress and spread her legs. Elinka thought that I would masturbate her again, as yesterday and easily agreed. I'm caught between her legs, face down on her vagina and began to lick her clit and pussy lips tongue. Elina froze and almost not breathing. For the first time it did so. I showed everything he had learned from his past girlfriends and fumbled the clitoris in fast speed, sucking lips sex in the mouth. I even stuck a finger into the vagina a bit, but he felt there hymen, I stuck it back. When my youngster finished, I licked all her juices. How was it delicious! My girl has never been so little and so delicious. Here I felt the aroma of a fresh body, which I initiated. I stood up and kissed her on the lips LINK to it pochuvstvovalya your taste in his mouth. Getting up, I asked to take my cock in her mouth. Now Elena was naked and I just made it a pleasure, so that she felt obliged me and did what I asked her. Sucking it clumsily, but the very feeling that my dick is in her mouth kids excited me very much. I said out loud, it sucks all the steeper and it just lovely. Cum, I could not, as Elina quickly tired and said that she had sore jaw and tongue and she can not.
I'm a little angry because I could not get what he wanted from Elinka. I decided it was time to finish with this youngster make a fuss. Since she was unable to do my normal blow, I decided it was time to make a real woman out of the girl. I was a little angry, and particularly excited. I asked Elina lie on the bed and asked her permission to tie her hands and feet. I said that a continuation of the game. Now I'm going to do it nice and it thus has no right to move. Link and so never moved when I licked her, but she believed me and agreed. After promising that nothing bad I can not do it, I persuaded her to lie down and give the tie itself. Ropes I got quickly. I'm at the cottage curtains tied with thick ropes and soft long as the curtains were drawn, I took ... lying next to the ropes. Hands are tied at the wrists and tied them to the bed and bound feet at the ankles, I turned her on her stomach and said that it was the cancer. She obeyed like something and I began to lick her from behind. I licked her vagina until my imp is not excited. Then I began to lick her anus and penetrate into his tongue. From this Elina just beginning to go crazy. At first she resisted, but then calmed down. On anusya she had already begun to grow hair, and she smelled a little farther Cullen, that I was now just on the drum. We see it very much as my reed came to her in the ass. She's beginning to stand out as much juice out of the vagina, which soon had a couple of drops on a blanket. I proceeded to the final act of the game. Now, I could not restrain myself, because the baby was defenseless. He escapes into the kitchen I brought a new tube of toothpaste zybnoy "Colgate" and pulled out of the bag brought back ointment lubricant for sex. Having greased tube and smeared anus Elinka I started to enter a tube of toothpaste in her ass. Elina immediately rolled over and writhed in my hand and said that she was uncomfortable, but when I promised that soon will be nice and comfortable, it has ceased to spin, only occasionally moaning. Thank God it was my favorite "Colgate"Which is usually sold in a round and rather small tubes. Stoney, Elina lasted until the end, until the entire tube has not appeared in it. The tube is not got it right away and had to push in the inside several times. I am moved by 2 centimeters forward and one back. When fully tucked it into a link, then I decided to take it out again, as if to fuck her that a tube. Pulling out of it "Colgate"I saw that the entire tube in her calle and decided not to touch it, tucking it back to her in the ass. Then I, brushing his penis ointment, knew it was time otimet Elina as it should. Bailiffs his penis to the vagina, I spread the fingers pussy lips apart and began to enter the vagina virgin 13-year-old Elina. It was only then she realized what I want to do, but it was too late. Hands Elina could not move because they were tied to the bed, and I was holding his legs with his feet. Link tried pobrykatsya, but she did not have any chance against me - I weighed two times more than it. Elina asked me not to do it, and when I pressed the sharp stubble, she shouted, but immediately shut up when I grabbed her right hand by the hair and twisted his head upward. Taking her hand over her hair, her face, I turned to him and saw tears in her eyes. Letting go of my head, I started slowly and then quickly fuck girl in the vagina, from which the blood has not appeared. Only my dick was a little pink. Within a minute I heard Elena began to breathe more and realized that the pain threshold and step over the girl, if not beginning to like what I'm doing with it, but at least was more pleasant than the first. I pochuvstovat that will soon be over, and then I pulled out of her anus Colgate and dramatically set over her wide open hole his cock. I tried to get into it, but drochka was too small and quickly pulls together. Elina yelled back that she was in pain, but I finished in her anus with his sperm. The head was half tucked in her ass and cum richm beat in her gut. I finished second 15. When I pulled out of her head, then the flow of sperm gushed ass and a little Calla. Feeling sorry for Elina I flipped her onto her back again, she wiped her blood and semen panties and began to meet her tongue. At this time I already ill mouth, until the beginning Elina little podmahivat my hips. Concha Elina silence. I realized that she had an orgasm just by the fact that her body suddenly scored a convulsion. Moans the same could not be heard at all. It was evident that the girl that something is not right. I knew that I was offended at Elinka. She said that I did hurt her without her consent and that the more she wants to be with me. I tried to persuade her, and said that for the first time had to be so, but she did not want to listen. In the city, we left the next day. Apart. I thought it was all over and have sex with youngsters I will never be, but after a week Elina reappeared. She called and said she was at me not offended. She admitted that she just was not ready for this, and said she did not want to lose me. I asked her to come to me, since I did not have relatives back home, and when she arrived, I told her that I have much more to show her. She said she would be glad if I will teach her some what. I have already prepared for her arrival and Vidic was porn. By incorporating a porn tape, I began to ask her about what she likes and that she wanted to try out what was shown on a video player. My girl sat beside me on the bed skirt and stared at the screen of my huge telly. I realized that the constraint between us has gone, sat down behind her and put her between my legs with his back to her. My hands are quickly raised the hem of her skirt and climbed into her panties. Link relaxed and quickly finished, excited my fingers and the actions on the screen. When he finished, she got off me and sat at my feet on the floor turn to the TV beginning to massage my penis through the sweatpants. On the screen was a scene just deep blowjob. Elina, not a word, pulled off my pants and started to try my zaglatit 18 centimeters as deeply as possible. She is getting a lot better than in the country and then I realized that soon I will teach Elinochku all that I require from a good girl. I took his dick smeared saliva from her mouth, and come down from the bed, turned her to his booty. Pulling down her panties, I slowly entered her still very narrow, but the woman's vagina. This time she did not resist and began to move slowly toward me. A few minutes later she came and I asked permission to finish it in her mouth. She hesitated, then agreed. I got up and put her his penis in her mouth. I sucked it is much better than a week ago, and I was almost at the peak. I finished a torrent just 20 seconds, which began to pour out of her little mouth. I asked her to swallow my seed, as it has always excited me. Most of my sperm swallow it and since then has never done differently if I finished it in her mouth.
This story is not invented and is based on real events. Believe it or not believe, but it happened to me in 1999.

If there are people who are interesting to talk with me, write to: [email protected]
I would be happy now!
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Letter to a friend

Hi Babe! Yes, you can be sure, with me you will experience the unique bliss! My God, I can not believe that I'm a woman to talk about it! I want you! My dream is slowly undress you, kiss you in a lovely breasts, lick your nipples, stroking the back of her hands and falling to the waiting alluring ass. I want to put you on your stomach on a soft silk bed and kissing your whole body from neck to toe, lingering for a long time not on the buttocks. When you become damp and you will start to moan softly, my tongue to stop your ass, licking the hollow between the buttocks. I ask you to lift the ass and put it under her pillow, and then you open me to a meeting. I begin to lick your hole slowly penetrating her tongue deeper and deeper. Finger I will caress your clitoris and lips. When you're already going to moan with pleasure, I will take anal cream-stamped it on her finger and grease the holes around your ass slowly pushing on it. When your ass starts to relax and open up to meet my fingers, I will slowly introduce it to you, everything inside lubricating and relaxing your sphincter. My hot cock already standing in anticipation of his large drops oozing grease and flows slowly down the trunk to the eggs. I take my grease on your fingers and slowly introduce you to the 2 already.
I am attentive to your response, if you're not nice, I'll stop. But you softly moan and breathe deeply. I caress your fingers up until your anus will not be open to meeting them. When your ass is already accustomed and will be well lubricated, Will you take anal gel and gently smear it on my dick, just caress not last very long, and then I can finish never tasted your charms. :) You yourself will choose the pose, but I would prefer to enter into you, when you lie on your back with a pillow under the ass held high with legs wide open, I want to see your eyes, your face, your eyes shining with excitement, your half-open deep breathing mouth. I put in charge of your head to the anus and slowly going to press it until the buttocks are not revealed and will not take a hot wet my hard cock.
My penis is just for your popochki -.. 15-16 cm and 3-4 cm When I was little I will come to you, I will stop, that's your ass got used to me. Then slowly I begin to penetrate deeper. Ass relaxed and well lubricated, you will not hurt, I promise you, you will be very, very good! When I come in with you completely, I'll stop. I'll kiss your neck, breasts, gently biting her nipples. You do ask me to move you. I'll start slow motion in your hot ass. I'll go out of her and slowly enter again if you do not ask to do it faster. My eggs will touch your buttocks, finger I caress your pussy, wet sponge and hump on top. I'm a little accelerating pace. You do not hurt, you just kayfuesh the feeling of my cock deep inside her ass, I fill you all! When I feel that you are already on the edge, I'm doing a few movements and finish deep in you! Can you feel my hot endless flow of sperm inside his ass! Your orgasm occurs almost simultaneously, anus begins to contract rhythmically, squeezing out the remnants of a member of my juices.
You breathe deeply and arches all over to meet me. This is an unforgettable experience! You're on top of the world!
I slowly, carefully get out of you, kiss your face and pat the chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, whisper thanks to you for the wonderful pleasure ..... ..... We just lie and smoke. We are right now, as good as it was never .....
I want you back, baby!

Exxxtreme 7 July 2004
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Waking up in the morning

AA-ahhh !!! - Afraid I gasped, staring at the huge puddle of muddy white smelly manure under his ass, afraid to guess what it is.
His head throbbed with a hangover. I vaguely remembered as the time comes up from a drunken stupor on the fact that I like fiddling, sometimes from the perineum something emerged, then sinking again.
Waking up and barely convinced of the viability of the whole body, regretting that so parabrala yesterday, I suddenly found that between his legs wet ... And now, feeling himself inside ... My poor cunt overflowing viscous sticky chacha. Finger simply drowned in the seminal fluid of these monsters!
I otebal! ..
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Oda ass

... Someone pussy who blow job ...
But I've ASS road
When she wears dick,
So fucking Tuga!

Tastes argue I will not,
For any kind and tolerant,
But I gain I nirvana
When ochke my pilgrim!

Let someone wrinkled in disgust,
Interpreting something about shit ...
But condom Case
For nepotreben fucked me!

Alas, much more difficult to find
Girlfriends willing to anal sex,
But the more expensive and nicer
The one who you're looking for a long time!

And dick will drive in the ass,
Suddenly I hear a moan of bliss
And the request of only one thing to
It was night in the ass dick and day!

So sweet sphincter squeezes dick,
Like magic pulsar
And I know at this moment,
What will never be old!

I praise the ass, and I hope
What I have here is not one such,
And that in our sinful world
All we have enough assholes with a vengeance!

Olga S. and her similarly dedicated

As important as a young man,
When you're in a fucking rookie,
To found a close one
And I would have given impetus to start!

I was lucky. I was short-lived
Ignorant of this craft,
I got in the way of Olga -
Damn, what a little in the world!

Was her husband is always on the move ...
And because its by a pussy
She could at the same time
Hold for ten eborey.

We are for each other and did not know
About group sex no speeches,
We just fucked it all,
Who day who are in the twilight of nights! ...

She selflessly eblas
And not afraid to fly ...
(That is according to the rules of the universe
Children, it seems, do not have)

no not knowing the limit,
She gave in all the holes,
And, damn, so I got up,
Werth, like a squirrel in a wheel !!!

I knew it all the filth of vices
And the pleasures of low taste,
She eblas, eblas cruel,
With the royal taste!

She was older than me
Years as six or seven,
And snotty odnoklashek
I did not want to climb at all!

I am thankful "aunt" Ole,
With so she eblas with me,
After all I went to the "school"
I have come in handy more than once!

It has long raced wonder years
And I sunk into oblivion our romance! ...
And I wish you all, that someone
And you discovered love Sesame!
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It happened

I do not know where I come to such fantasies. But I do want to give the guy. But be sure to put on stockings, lace bra, short silk robe; She can wear a wig, make up nails and lips, and ... be in his arms.
He accidentally caught me when I changed. Suddenly she came over and hugged me from behind. I cry out in surprise - what a horror: I found a man, I like this. He turns my face and starts kissing her neck and ears. I step back as I can, trying to escape, but he firmly compresses me. His hands stroked my ass, fall below grope lace elastic stockings, and then that between my legs. I breath away, but my guest did not confuse such a find. He tries to kiss me on the lips, his hands stroke my legs, covered with beautiful stockings and I like it a lot, although I continue to resist the inertia. He begins to whisper sweet words, calls me "gentle girl". "beauty" - Then I finally gave up. He began to slowly respond to kisses. And here I am in a beautiful woman's dress enjoy male kisses and caresses (and it is delightful to kiss me). I understand that one kiss is not limited, and he wanted me to become his "girl" completely. He takes my hand and leads to the bed. I sit down, bed legs and short robe can not hide the body of the strip elastic stockings. Said male body is very exciting contrast and chulochek. And I see that my boy glared at this place. Here I coyly lifted the edge of his robe, which produced the desired effect. It became quickly take off her clothes: T-shirt, jeans, and then, looking me in the eye, he took off and panties. Everything was clear and no explanations (ah, I happened to be in underwear, ah, I did not specifically respond to kissing and fondling) can not prevent his intimate relationship with me. But I'm not thinking about it. My eyes and thoughts were fixed on his cock. Finally, I will be able to take in her mouth excited male member, to kiss him, embrace his lips head. Feel how it touches my palate, as the testicles are pressed to his chin, and his pubic hair tickled my nose. He read all that in my view and went to bed. His penis just appeared in front of my face, I felt the smell coming from it. It seemed to me he was the most pleasant scent.
- Your mouth innocent man has not yet received?
I emotion could only publish inarticulate groan. He brought dignity to the most my mouth. I instinctively folded bow lips as for a kiss, and he in them, and rested. I began timidly kissed his head, going crazy with excitement. Then he threw back his head a little, closed his eyes, opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue invitingly. What picture! Who of the men refuse to enter? And in a moment I felt the one hand he grabbed my head and the other confidently sent his heated cock in my mouth. What a joy - He is in me !!! I instinctively closed his lips. One of his hand I grabbed his hips and the other touched the testicles. He groaned and began to slowly move her hips. What an incredible sweet feeling when fucked in the mouth: the excited flesh fills my mouth, rubbing against the palate. I'm a little bolder, and took matters into his own hands cupped hand member of (I could barely close my fingers), the other is still playing with the testicles, massaging his crotch. From time to time I let a member of the mouth, tongue ran along the entire length, played with the head. Apparently, it's very like my boyfriend, and was approaching orgasm. I wanted to make sure he finished in my mouth, I was looking forward to how he will fill my mouth with hot cum and he seems to have wanted the same. I've been preparing for this moment, but still it happened so suddenly. In an instant the sperm filled my whole mouth. What is it was a jet! I swallowed, but he poured it faster than I could swallow, and it flowed from the corners of my mouth. Lips, chin, neck - everything was in the semen. He pulled out a member of my mouth, but I continued to lick the tongue bunches delicious white mass. Then I sat on the bed and out of my cock hit the jet, filling my face, chest, abdomen. And when I opened my eyes, my first man was not. He disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. But something told me that he will re-appear, so to be continued ...
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Holidays in Tunisia

Vacation. At this time, our choice fell on Tunisia. The new country will give me a lot of new experiences, and I'm already looking forward to it.
We took two rooms separate, since children are already big and having sex in their presence is no longer possible. The first thing I saw was waking up in the morning sea and white sand. I had a burning desire to immediately swim. I kept a good shape and, therefore, do not hesitate to be on the beach only in narrow thong. Quickly dressed and throwing them on top of a transparent beach dress, I'm running on the hot sand of the sea, in the course of undressing. The beach is still empty, I'm smiling dive into the sea.
What is it tender! Warm waves caress my body. Still floating on shore, I felt the back view. When I returned I saw a tanned, handsome, who, smiling, just devoured me with his eyes. Having an indifferent look, I ran into the room to dress for breakfast. From that moment I felt his eyes on her all the time, while in the restaurant or on the beach. At first it bothered me, but then I got used to it, and even something I missed when he was absent. Days went by, my skin had a nice tan, but I continued to use suntan oil. Gentle movements, I put it on the breast, thighs, slender legs, looking at my admirer has straight, do not hesitate. His bulging trunks, gleaming flame of desire in his eyes and I wound up the procedure so that between the legs becomes wet, nipples hardened, my head was spinning. What would recover, I had to run to swim in the sea. And in the evening, or sometimes before lunch I dispensed husband so passionate caresses that he wondered why I was so insatiable. But in front of my eyes was not him!
My wife got tired of stupid stay on the beach, and he decided to go on a two-day trip to the Sahara. Referring to the bad state of health I was able to stay at the hotel. And here I am at the beach, my stranger at the same location is already waiting for me. His eyebrows fly up when he sees me alone, smile dazzles. We run towards each other. An unknown force pushing me into his arms. But we have not even talked never! As it does not like me! We sat at the bar. It turned out that it Tunisian long lives in Germany. Fortunately for me, I can very well be attributed to the German, but even without saying it would be understandable .We all could just look into his eyes and such sexual energy around us that everything began to kiss.
Wine, and it can not turn my head. We are holding hands as the children ran to swim. And not only the waves, but also men, so strong and such soft hands caress my body. I leaned against his chest, our hearts seemed to beat against each other, my hands eagerly studied his beautiful body, tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, the excitement was at its peak.
After melting the strained I could feel his cock, which began to gently palpate. He was so big, I pulled down her panties a little, and let him in myself. All this happened at a crowded beach, but we forgot about everything! As soon as the head of his cock entered my, this girl sick with desire, I immediately get a strong orgasm., .Ston Naslazhdeniya.sorvalsya my lips floating by a woman brought us to life. What would we fled from the beach to the hotel! Bursting into the room, he stopped a hurry, took me in his arms and put on freshly postelennuyu bed, carefully removed the still raw after melting sea, moved and stopped. Again, this view: he admired me, and I'm excited all the more strongly showed him their charms, spreading wide legs, turning to his ass, arching back, stroking my already wet girl. Unable to withstand this test, I knelt down and began releasing a member of it with pleasure suck, lick balls.
Nothing tastes better to me was not at that moment! Love liquid filled my mouth as it was tasty and nice! And now, his tongue penetrates me. Slowly, he explores every crease. My body shakes the wave of orgasm, I gasp with pleasure, but that's not all, he turns me on my stomach, and continues to explore the tongue my second hole.
Consciousness somewhere swims so well I was not even ever. Again a wave of orgasm washed over me. Hearing the sound of slamming doors, I opened my eyes, and to his dismay found that it is not. Scoundrel, how could he, without saying a word just disappear! I do not understand anything, everything - yet he was extraordinary. After resting for an hour, and so did not find the explanation the incident, I went to the beach. The sun was setting, the people almost was not. The warm sea gently took me in his arms .Proplyv about a kilometer, I slowly went to the shower. Standing water strong jets of water with eyes closed, I thought that now I would most like? It is not difficult to guess, I like good sex. And suddenly someone's hands skimmed over his chest and stopped on hips, lips captivated kiss. Yes, it was him. Without a word, one hand clutching his mouth, he dragged me to the beach locker room, I tried to escape, to finally understand what was happening, but he did not give me this opportunity. So do not let go of me, closed the locker room, he took off sharply melting, turned his back to her, and bent, he was not included, but just broke into me. It was like a rape. Deep penetrating into me, making it impossible even to say a word, he just breathed heavily, but very soon I resist no longer wanted .podmahivaya his ass beat, hand stroking his testicles, I was flying in the world of bliss. Another orgasm and another .: This does not happen, it was a dream ?! And a powerful jet of sperm hit me. I'm in paradise.
He pried my mouth and gave an opportunity to turn around. I saw that he was as good as I do. But the happiness did not last long. He had to run for the bus, which drove the tourists at the airport. It was such a beautiful farewell! Farewell forever. The Long Kiss, who will remain in my memory - all that we still have time.
The next day he returned with a tour of my husband, and everything fell into place. And I look forward to the next vacation!
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Woman Mermaid. extension

In the bathroom, he could hardly put it down to the bottom and turned on the water. Vic convulsively roused and offered his neck under a stream of water can be seen as the gills open and suck in the water. Her breast moved, - she breathed. I can not hold back any longer ripped trousers and rolled her my hard dick was exhausted, and I led him to the sexual pinkish vagina. Stone was the answer, I loaded it on the entire length of the bliss I have not experienced, to not come at once, I restrained myself. all shook Vick. The shrill cry of pleasure was my reply, I also finished and almost lost consciousness - it was so magical mermaid sheath.

Then it was back until I was exhausted, I left Vick sleep in the water - it could not be long in the air, -zhabry dried up.
In the morning she took off her stockings and scales as the casually put in a closet.
- Now it's a part of me, with a smile she stroked the bundle.

The call was shriller and longer than usual. I opened the door and saw a frightened face Vicki. All drenched and very excited. It was higher, when I looked at his feet, he saw her standing on your toes and sandals? The feet were stretched out, fingers rested upright on the floor, heels sticking out from behind a spur. She nervously twitched. I picked her up and sat in a chair
- What happened?
-I fell on the rain only. He acted strangely at me, -first I ran on tiptoe, but the feet are stretched so that the entrance door I was standing on your toes.
- But why?
- Apparently, I was not long in the water, and the rain was awakened in me a mermaid. Legs a little tingle. I take off my shoes.
I rushed to remove shoes - what a lovely zrelische- feet stretched fingers look like the tip and twitch.
I brought a towel and gently wiped her feet. She tried to straighten the foot in a normal position, but could not - sock stretched again. She put her feet on his fingers and smiled ...

- It will not work. Get pointe shoes from the closet. I was already excited, taking with pink satin ribbons ballet shoes, and when I saw her shoes legs in ballet shoes, stunned.

Leg joined the shoes like a glove. She stood on the toes in pointe it was her easy smile she fingered legs holding balance. I kissed her gently.
- Quiet favorite, let me undress. I do not remember, I did not have to prosit- I undressed her instantly and more sweet intercourse, except that only a mermaid.
Well, how are you Vic? Woman in fact be too bad?
- Of course the favorite. Come on, let's drink coffee.
She swung her legs out of bed, tied ribbons on pointe (stunned!) And stood on the toes and sexy shifting, went into the kitchen.

They drank coffee.
-My favorite, I think I should spend the night in the water
-I can not help myself, I am drawn to the water, I want a tail, I can not stand. Legs have as strangers, I could hardly keep them not together, pulling them grow together, - I want to feel the water scales. You like - she playfully lifted her leg and shook it. - I missed the fins on my feet, it's so soft ... and the air begins to seem harsh to me.
- Be patient and be held.
The answer was a smile and a groan. She began to breathe a little more often. I grabbed her and dropping to the floor, went into her wet cunt. Sex was fine, but not before I finish, I felt her knees squeezed my hips.
- Sasha, my legs hurt. Let them go, they need to connect, and then I can wear a tail.
- Can not stand
- No, this is not possible, I'm burnin. I can not stay long without a tail, mermaid I, um ... I need some water, tail,
In fact she almost trembled. I looked at the neck - strip her reddened, but did not open.
- Sasha I'm getting hard to breathe, soon I will not be able to breathe the air, you know ... The air is heavy, like sand, I feel like gills are seeking water, but can not open them.
-Maybe just lie down in the water?
- No, I have to put the scales and fins, then I can breathe through gills. Without the tail, they would not open - I just suffocate. Rather bring the scales, but for now let my feet, I should join them.
- Good. I got up and Vick immediately closed my legs. They began to shake and flushed, I stroked them, but Vic jerked, -Don't already burns, Take pointes. I untied the ribbon and pulled hard shoes with legs so tightly they were compressed.
I went into the bath and pulled out of the closet as a fine network of fish scales with formless fin at the end, when I entered the kitchen, Vicky lay, her legs trembling, she gasped and held out his hands to the scales.
- Ltd ... more!
She grabbed the scales, and they put her in the legs in stockings. Scales seemed stuck to his thighs. Legs well be seen under the greenish scales, she slipped them on foot and gently slid fin. It was evident, as the stuck his foot in the middle of the fin. Vic moaned, arched, and the fin at the end as if filled with strength and straightened.
Also, I straightened up, and my cock.

A little cry she threw back her head, - the slot in the neck open and bright pink gills began to move in time with her shallow breathing. The tail hit the bed. - Sasha, more in water. I'm choking, gill burn with fire, I can not be on the air.
Knowing how it is now necessary water, I carried her to the bathroom

Water has already been poured, and as soon as I brought it, it was all clogged and slid input. A little breath, she looked and whispered, seeing my excitement, - wait a bit, I have not finished.
She smiled like -So even slyly, and rolled over, her hips went zabugrilas skin along the spine, bumps began to grow and thinning, becoming fin. He got up and changed the color to blue and pink. She calmed down and turned and said. - Oh, I would at sea, maybe these things - she looked at the webbed fingers - great work in water
The skin between the fingers and toes began to move united pink webbed

- No we are now swim here.
and our next act was already in the water with a mermaid.
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Devchonochka - languid eyes

We all love to look behind the screen of human relations, and now I want you to lift the curtain of one of the ordinary days of the Moscow Man.
It was another day of one of my friend's birthday and on the birthday he invited a lot of boys and a few girls. One of them I just hit, and the fact that the girl something that met in the crowd, then you will not notice, in principle, but if you look at it you realize that you're the guy got - it was so sexy. No wonder that all the guys on it put his eyes.
Well, as in all the usual birthday toast to toast and the boys and girls gradually began nazhiratsya. Someone faster, some slower, but this process as everyone knows, is irreversible.
I was one of the first who surrendered, and not because the body no longer withstood - just me this evening very much wanted to get drunk, sometimes it happens to everyone, yet we humans, after all.
Wishing all a good night, I went to find a place more cozy and quieter. Found. It was his parents' bedroom. Not a bad way spalnechka - seksodrom simple.
Half an hour later my sleep disturbed crowd, everyone suddenly wanted to visit at the same time as I do you do it, damn it. When the crowd dispersed, I felt that someone was beside me and not with one hand, and with both of them. Wow! Look to the left - a pancake, Shura, it's you! Vzgyad right - a girl. Wow! What kind of girl - hell knows. And as luck would dream vanished in a moment. It was necessary to urgently learn what kind of girl.
I slowly and gently touched her shoulder. You!
Yes, it was the same girl. The same that I really liked. Now her look after some wine and vodka are not just stripped - both wanted nothing more in the world. Damn - I said to myself - and Shura got here somehow at the wrong time.
The three of us lay staring at the ceiling and talked for a drunken bazaar about this and that. Okay - I think - Shura see. I slowly stretched out his right hand to her, put her on his stomach (and she was in a shirt and a bra) and began to gently stroke. She was talking and continued to talk without interruption - well, yes? I began to stroke her belly is already in a large circle and have deliberately touching her bra. At this point, it interrupts the chatter and publicly declared - Oh, something I'm hot. It is necessary to remove her bra.
I'm cool. And then - the better. So, dig deeper with clasp and pulling the bodice of a T-shirt she lay not just back, and have already fallen into my arms.
I'm not wasting time and trying to one did not notice she started stroking her breasts. Yeah, guys, breasts in her touch was just extraordinary, do not want to otorveshsya. However, continuing to talk, I noticed a movement with her hand, and at the same time felt her hand slowly but surely moving towards my cock. She started with my chest and slowly dropped lower and lower, and I already froze pleasure. He felt the elastic of my underpants, she began to drive his finger along its length back and forth.
Well, when! - I wanted to shout. But she continued to Twitter, trying my patience. Well, my patience gum too. I do not know how I missed this time, but she was clutching his pen slowly my cock, took her up - down. Well, where did you used to be - it's such a thrill. Indescribably simple. But this Shura as luck would have all the spoils.
Then it does the unexpected - like a fairy tale. Guys, - said Shura, - you've got quite tortured. I look here for you and the most desirable. I certainly understand that you want to have sex, but what I am. Where can I go, eh? Well, - he says - there are guys in the kitchen singing the song, here of condoms with a mustache, and after 20 minutes I'll be back.
No, - with indignation we say - come in 40 minutes.
Look, cunning, - he says - but what I will keep them in the kitchen, the door is not locked. 25 minutes, - he says he goes - and the point.
Cotton door, and silence.
We looked at each other pleased with each other. You have time to take out - she asked me. No - I say give better of condoms, and I can not answer for themselves. Come on, I do not mind - she said, breaking upakovochku.
Here it was sex! You ever rode on a roller coaster when the session takes only about 20 minutes I - no, not to ride tonight. Well their ass these roller coaster, then its lack.
Finding the touch of her already wet hole, I slowly began to penetrate into the interior. After a couple of cautious movements, I looked at her face. Her head was a little throw back the sweet and mouth slightly open. From sigh escaped her lips, - A-ah! I certainly wound up for a long time, but her sigh - it's something! Sweeter than the sound for the male ear was and never will be, the girls - believe me. Y-yes. Well, and what happened after it was already above my mind.
And that's how it seems to me exactly twenty-five minutes and knocked out the door, shouting, - did not wait !!! - Shura breaks, but I give a damn about all already. The train left.
A Shura found naimileyshuyu picture. I lay on my back in a half-asleep, his hands behind his head, and on my shoulder, hugged me lay it out. Only a mysterious smile on her face could tell what had just happened in this our with her little world.
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Small is an adventure

I was lying on the beach looking at the rest of the people, and Feodosiya is just famous for its krasotkamai and handsome.
I come here every year and the first half of summer srl have no idea what to do. It happened in this time has been engaged nefiganedelanem 3tyu week. Classroom instruction, among other things, but there is a limit. . . And just at that moment when I wanted to completely fall into dipressii in our company sat down pretty devchyonka such, it somehow immediately attracted all the attention. She was cute, but I somehow completely wrong reacted to it (it is necessary to clarify that I was quite confident that I naturalka and then...)
At first, I just silently devouring her eyes, and then, when my boys are already nachili bother me, I began to watch her corner of his eye. We had nothing like I buxom brunette is slim blonde, but the guys immediately said that we are very similar. . . Strange?
At that time, I met a cute boy Greg, but then kisses we did not go with him.
I silently watched her (which vooobsche to me it seems) and suddenly realized that if she's get up and go away, I will lose more than a lot. . . And she, when she heard, she arose looked right at me (not the edge of the eye) all waved his hand and went to her on a towel, and I was left with my mouth open watching her. When my going to leave, I said that a little lie down and after much hesitation, dragged his towel closer to her and we started talking.
It turned out her name is Tanya and she goes home tomorrow. All I could say:"Tomorrow. . . already. . . "To which she smiled sweetly and schaslivym view informed me that she was a lesbian and that her creepy infuriates me Greg. And as I continued to remain silent, it dumbfounded prodoldzhila: "I'm sorry that we met just today, I would like to meet more, talk. . . and I finally found her voice, and forced a:"I'm here today in "pinnacle" going (Grisha, but somehow at the moment not think about it) can accompany me?" At that we decided to do.
All day I wildly painted and peredivalas examining herself in the mirror, in the end in the evening, quite stupor, washed off all my makeup, wore short dresses, beautiful panties (and what I think?), And went barefoot. We agreed to meet near the park, I walked slowly to him (out of 20 min. Before) and nedoydya stopped quite a bit, it was just beautiful. Tanya stared at me in shock as (in a bathing suit I look, probably worse), we sat silent for a while (I was shaking again, and all the words disappeared somewhere) And then all of a sudden she gets up right in front of me (I was sitting on the bench) and says:
"Like me?"I gasped: "Yes!"
And then it began a. . . what I did and did not know how to think! (Fortunately it was dark in the park) there was not even Phanar only glimpses of "turrets".
She raised me from the bench, took my hand and polzhila it on his chest (bra she was wearing) and when I felt the fabric through her lgenkogo stamp, her erect nipples, my good girl somewhere carried away, and who was I do not know. I sat on a bench pulled her to him and kissed him on the stomach (I later learned that it was her erogenous zone). She was not in debt, and sat down facing me on my knees, slowly, looking me in the eyes, unbuttoned the clasp on the dress and held on to my breasts, at the beginning timidly, and then confidently, squeezing them in her hands, she grabbed my knees and without taking your hands from the chest began to kiss me on the lips moved to podborotka, then lower the dress slipped and she was pulling on my pants, but I did stop and did remain in sandals and shorts got up and went to lvnku (tiny fountain ), it is misunderstanding that happened came to me and put her hand on the back, I turned around and bit pressed her to the wall, pulled off her top and took a couple of drops of water splashed between her breasts and then my tongue went after them, her clothes on it too long delayed and my lips touched her silky light hairs. We went back to the bench and legs spread she tilted my head back, I timidly at first, and then hard-nosed held on the tongue and lips y Tanya moaned, it boosted my confidence and I continued to lick leaving no one unknown corner. She came and I with it (without even touching himself with his hands). Then we went to the beach and just chatted, but then Tanya and I offered to take a dip without hesitation agreed it was all innocent, we bryzgalisi and swam a race, until not swum to shore. I sat down on a stone, and it suddenly came out right next to my knee and rubbed his hands on podtyanuvshis nipple on it. To this I could not watch indifferently and pulled her to him. She turned on me and her hands went to explore my still wet body, they glided gently and demanding, and then confidently went between his legs, pushed them them and start tease me, almost touching, I was excited to such an extent that it has become already very resist to meet her hand, and she turned so that my lips were in front of her hills and I started to work again the language. When we had finished almost simultaneously and in a few minutes we moved to the beach for our handbags and clothing. I lay down on the sand booty to the top and looked at the sea, I suddenly felt something cold on yagoditsahi, turned sharply and see what Tanya something leans toward me and drives slowly on my ass, I tried to see but Tanya spread her legs and the tale to me, so I took it in hand and helped her, I poslushalas- it was a toy from a sex shop (like s called I do not know, an artificial penis, probably)
I sat on the sand, put her legs on my shoulders and helped her. . . So we came off up to 5 in the morning and I went home schaslivo, 3 hours later, we met again on the beach, but the meeting was somehow crumpled and incomprehensible, I shy guys it was unpleasant, she left not say goodbye and do not even say his name not to mention the address. But this meeting is so brief has changed my whole attitude to life, Grishka and I could not look after Tanya, and indeed once more to pull TEENS was. That's a tiny adventure.
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Night beach

There is only you and I, my angel! Just you and me, and deserted beach at night, fenced off on three sides from the rest of the world. We're lying on the not yet cooled down from the heat of the day warm and soft sand of the sea. Exciting scent of your perfume blends with the smell of the sea night. I lift and fill our glasses Jamaican hot mulled wine from a thermos. I admire you! I drank your juice repeatedly, I touched on many of your secret strings, but not fed up, although the first quench hunger. Now, I do not want to rush! I'm thirsty again, but my new desire is to torment you and yourself deliberation, inflame passion more and more. And I want to stretch this sweet torture as possible.
Your perfect naked body gently caresses the warm night breeze, it relate to my hands. I lick the salt crystals from your lips, I feel your skin the most delicate velvet. In your eyes reflected only the light of distant stars and the occasional flash of the port lighthouse. And those eyes are telling me about the devil's desire - you are again looking at me with a passionate plea! In the glare of the full moon mysterious thy divine body seem even warmer, closer, and more desire, but I do not recognize you with that. Let the beauty of the world is concentrated in this moment, in you! I am your torturer and will be slow. I gently caress her lips trembling your lips, your delicate neck and strained my wonderful meeting breasts, your belly soft glowing. I slowly go down lower and lower ...
Slower and more tender than you would like. Only the quiet whisper of the waves and your moans pleading break the silence of the summer night. But I'm relentless. I carefully you turn over on your stomach. You wait, I know! Be patient a little longer, my angel!
A little bit of massage oil, warmed in the warm sand of the sea, and my hands very gently massage your back, hips, buttocks hemisphere. Finally I Spreading them. I study his hand mysterious caves, which are so hot, wet, and so attractive tremble in anticipation.
In the wave of the sea beat my fingers that penetrate deep into the, these depths of hell, then a moment longer break free, while continuing your torment. And so on without end, losing all sense of time and space, feeling a shiver of your ever-growing insatiable body. The soft rustle of the waves, it would seem, it has a sedative effect and relaxes. But not you, you neistovstvuesh! It seems that time has stopped. Easy laughter of two young mermaids, spying on us out of the water, spicing up our games.
So I thrust into you, now I nelaskov, and thy cry moan replaced - either pain, or lust - I do not know what is more. Your whole body tense - so long awaiting outcome, you seem to try to escape, rise, but it's too late! I penetrate into the very depths of your secret caves, explore every millimeter of it. Your fingers are compressed sand, your muscles tense. Shoulder, back - silyatsya off - if you wish to lose me! But this is impossible! Your slender neck thrown back - and pushing you into the warm surface of our improvised "bed"I dug into it bending. You tremble to the tips of the hair, you fight in the sweet languor, you scream, and finally fades, we are together is faded. I dissolve in you! And from your lips flies past, the sweetest moan. Just a moment ago you were in heaven - what all the treasures of the world, compared with the same enthusiasm !? And so I leave you, I lay down beside him. Your body is relaxed, eyes closed. And it seems like an eternity before ...
My hands again easily touch the delicate velvet of your skin. You shudder and suddenly come to life. I take you at your hands, you are obedient as a child. I walk on the sand and slowly lowers you into the sea at night. Your light cry says that the first touch of the water turned cool and a little bit scared of you. But now the sea is warm, you are eagerly looking for my mouth, and cling to his lips, you entwine my feet hips, my shoulders and hair - vines hand, and together we will come out of the water. I wrap you all in a large towel and let down to the warm, soft sand. Gently kiss your lips, thin bends your neck, gently stroking relaxed shoulders and arms.
"Do you want to sleep a while, dear?"- I'm asking you. "I want to die like this, at this very moment"- You answer. Because there is in life, and there will be no more!

Axel & Alisa, c 2002-2003
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