I was only fourteen. I studied in the seventh grade. Outside the window was fevral1977 year. We lived with my parents in hell on kulichkah in one of the Union ..... mills in the working village in the endless steppes.
Like any teenager my age. I was quite osvedovl¸n in sexual matters, in the sense in theory, and of course with pleasure, Chiharu, pridovalsya ananizmu. And I can not remember that I have someone to learn. In general, in life, I just reached up himself, so to speak abslyutno instinctively. I want to mention (for young readers) about Vidic, porn magazines, and other utensils so helps novice modern poznovat their sexuality "man", Then we could only dream. If that was so, and it is a pair of black white photos, maps naked beauties, or printing of a typewriter under kapirku "Samoizdatovskie" porn stories of unknown authors and all ...
And so ... In the Saturdays I woke up around nine in the morning, the parents was not at home, they even went to the eve of the mother's sister in a nearby town, until Sunday. This meant complete freedom. Quickly tucking the bed I went out of their komnotu and went down the hall toward the front door to the left of which has a bathroom. Passing (approximately in the middle of the corridor, I am sorry for the rhetoric, an important detail for Dolny events) room on the left and right stolvoy I again made sure that I was all alone and ran on into the bathroom crying "Sloboda as well !!!". Sloboda was also called by the people of our street, which were built (in contrast to other "multistory" streets), 60 single-family "Finnish" house and we lived here entirely osnovatili Mine. On it all and worked.
Taking a shower and thoroughly vyterevshis poltentsem I went to the big mirror on the wall, my mother's pride, and critically examined himself. In my 14 I was not quite poorly built, tall for his age, with lush mop of blond hair and a pretty attractive face. Between the legs hanging precocious large sausage, which I am proud. None of my class-mate of such nebylo spears. I picked it up from the bottom in the palm of your hand, as if trying to slow down the weight and length of the vote. Then just play the muscles in his arms and chest and was satisfied with them. Still, I am strengthened in boxing and running. Besides horoshistom it was hard to pervrgo class, and everything he played in the school band on keyboards. All these advantages have raised my rating among peers by hundreds of percent. But the subject of my dreams was neither one of my odnoklasnitsy. And then I dreamed about the Light of 9 "b". TEENS goal which seemed zhyzni was a provocation ... men. She was always dressed fashionably, wearing the shortest skirt in the school, painted hair, makeup polzovalas (despite prohibitions head teacher) and everything had snogsshibayuschey figure and a very nice, I would say the bar form, face. Many of the boys tried to hook up with her, but in vain. She was not pristupnaya, but that did not stop me. And I even tried something daring like to invite her to the movies. But she asks not agreed at the time was not accepted to go out with a guy younger than themselves. She korektno translated everything into a joke that would not offend me. But all the same, I zastradal. There was only one waiting for mana and celestial run for Svetka as a crowd of other rejected. The only consolation for us was a visit to the sports section where she played in the school voleytbolnoy Kamanda. And when Svetlana went out to the site in the CB shorts and a T-shirt (the normal form of that time), which suffered not a single wash, and prkticheski were already her second skin, Hall simply bursting with "fans". All this garment bestyzhie obresovyvyvalo her young breast with two protruding nipples, flat stomach, causing krgluyu ass, buttocks between which, in almost every movement of her slender legs that disappear treacherous one then the other half blue panties.
Labia she were so plump that hide their shape under laskutkom jersey, to everyone's delight kids of all, it was simply impossible. Despite this Sveta never wore a "with formed swimming trunks" of a laundry. Either not knowing that in this way it is a heavy weapon or naslozhdayas this fact. Anyway, I'm sure that she was the main character is not one hundred erotic fantasies throughout the male half of our school and more than one serving of sperm "virtually" Of course it was released in, or on it. Including me personally. This is so simple Soviet schoolgirl satisfy all at once.
Sveta first time in my life has become a real and permanent object of my fantasies during masturbation. My Father's in the closet a few years ago I found an entire folder Ever "samoizdatovskih" raskazov. And when I was home alone, as today, the udovlstviem indulged in reading and rukobludstvu without fear of being someone zastuknutym. And if before reading them, I introduce to what is not real beauties now firmly taken their place of Light.
Vydya of baths, neither of which I do not fear voshol completely naked in the room where Father treasured folder is hidden in the cupboard antrisolyah. Pulling her and settled down on the couch next to me opened a page at random and began to read. Cherz few minutes my dick is already standing as the number and the right hand habitually fell to him. I masturbate at first hesitates, then all retmichney quickening pace.
The heroine of the story, it is she asks, giving me today in different poses and with different parties, and I prsto floated and then whispered in the ear of the Light, the Light. It took all my mind, all my heart, and I even thought that I love her. Because of it I did not notice their peers. But many of them in the diaries in the column stood love my name. On the contrary, I avoided devchenok from my stream and mlachshe class, and some even disliked. Although outwardly they are no way inferior to Svetka, but did not behave so provocatively.
In addition, in recent years because of all this mess in my life, I became more irritable and raseyanym. So this morning I forgot two things.
First ... Seeing parents yesterday to the city, I forgot to lock the door (our door locked only at night, and at the moment I was sure that she zapertata) And second, to me was my priti odnoklasnitsy Julia Sokolova, we agreed on 9.30 finish joint essay on history.
With Julia I had known almost from birth, we were born on the same day and hour in a maternity hospital in a procedurally on the opposite table. After a walk in one kindergarten, I learned in one class, and for the second year sat at the same desk. Julia was a diligent and somewhat shy devchenkoy. She was a good student but was not an activist in the school. As for her appearance ... not Bolshaw growth with a cute figure and same pretty face.
Her body was not a drop or excessive fat folds, but despite this she seemed plump. Plump like a child were her cheeks, palchiki, dimples on the back of his hand at the base of the phalanges. And yet she was menie had very fragile and tiny little girl. Every part of her body was proportional to the other, slender but not thin legs, hips slightly evolved, elegant waist, shoots maiden breast, skinny shoulders and plump ruchki.Krugloe face with large brown eyes, a small nose and delicate lips. All this is framed by a huge mop of curly brown hair from nature to the blades, which made her head more, and the whole figure like a sweet little girl doll.
In essence, it was beautiful. The only drawback was her mother Julia. In his youth, being smzlivoy devchenkoy, Mother Julia has done a lot of mistakes. She is constantly visited and Khachik zaezhie, and with alkagolem ... she was in trouble. Julia was her illegitimate daughter, is not known by whom. After she married several times for the same alkagolik like myself, but this was not booze prikraschalis. Unexpectedly, two years ago she ostepinilas, prikratite spree and now lived alone without "husband"Probably embarrassed already maturing daughters, but continued in a quiet drink. Perhaps that is why with Julia who does not particularly friendly terms. And when the sixth grade teacher decided to seat us by a guy with TEENS, with Julia none of the boys did not want to sit. I'm not harboring any one of a class of sympathy TEENS volunteered to sit with her. On the one hand I was sorry for her, on the other hand it was a good friend and a man knows not a few evil and humiliation was able to appreciate friendship. Since that day I have not had in a class more concerned about anything, there is chalk, cloth, watering flowers while off duty, etc. Julia nazoylevo not helping me in everything.
Such was her gratitude. But it was actually more. The gratitude. Not when previously it did not take under the protection of a good-looking guy. But it is more, I unfortunately did not notice it.
So. I have already reached the highest point. My dick nalilsya and was ready for the final overture, ejaculate sperm flow all the obscene that circled in my head. Easy schemlenie groin signals the approach of orgasm ... " Sveta moaning beneath me"... As suddenly flashed in the window of the hall shadow. Behind her came a clattering on the plank zavalenke. More Available immediately and someone walked into the hall and immediately hear a knock at the door. Only then I remembered that it is not locked !!! Shit ..., flashed in my head. The situation was just tragic. I'm completely naked with standing by a dick, which in any lies or wanted, and all my clothes in my room. To get to it was necessary to run through the corridor ... And what if this came at this time voyd¸t.Net ostovatsya better still, I thought. Thoughts frantically changed my mind. Despite the fact that it took only three seconds, it seemed to me that flew forever. There was also the last hope that the one who knocked still no answer ud¸t ...
But at that moment the door opened and closed after a while again. The aperture door on the floor of the corridor went frosty vapor. And that someone removed the shoes zhikaya locks lightning. In the silence that seemed to hear my heart pounding, I looked at his gun, it still valiantly stuck at full length. Gadstvo I thought ... Who could it be? At this time, the voice is heard from the corridor "Andrei" (it's me) "are you at home". Damn Julia! How could I forget !!! Abstract whether he prklyat !!! Understanding that I was gone, there was on the face. The road to the clothing was cut off for ever. And I'm completely naked in the middle of the room and even with styakom. And odnoklasnitsy in the hallway and is about to go down. "Andrei" Julia repeated. We had something to answer. Type ... "Wait I dressed". And then I noticed on the back of the sofa spotivnye Father pants. I ran to him, and with emotion instead of cooking phrases fashioned "Yes I'm here" Hear me Julia had left his place at the door and walked in my direction. What should now pull over this piece of cloth, I remained only a moment. Molneenosno grasping Tights from the back, I frantically began to push through in his legs, but the treacherous leg twisted and in spite of all the efforts I have not been able to pull this latest rescue above the knee. At this point, Julia appeared in Recruiting door into the hall. By surprise, I sat on the floor, but in this situation I did as I could not pull the damn pants. Yes, and it was too late Julia huge eyes staring, with no where but in the rearing of my fellow. Goat she froze at the sight forever. I successfully without prdolzhal ten more seconds to deal with his pants down. And in the end okonchatelno angry removed them and threw back on the sofa, then he stood up and heroically-irritated and went past his komnotu Yulka narrowly missing her with his piston. She, still continued to look in amazement at one point which is now moving with me. Going to my room I took out of the closet clothes, socks and clothing, dressed quickly and bezsilii down on the bed. That got involved ...
Pondering the absurdity of the situation in which I found myself. It was worth Julia school raskazat what she saw today, my reputation would be the end. be teased to death. From where she stood koredora we have just shared door curtains. Julia continued to stand and wait patiently. What! Why I thought it does not go away. Impasse and could not prdstavit. Leaving same was terribly ashamed. But then he thought if she will leave the correct already that does not succeed. And I Yesil is necessary as that to save the situation and talk to her. Yes exactly.
Blushing, I pushed zanovesku, looked at his guest look harried rabbit and said come in. Julia downcast eyes came in and is not sure stopped in the middle of the room, between the table and the bed. Just now I saw it in a coat that is not buttoned to any button, beneath the blue with some sort of pattern flannelette dressing gown above her knees, legs well apart from woolen sock or what was not. They lived just two houses from us, probably because Julia has decided on a short way not much dressing. In her hands she held the sheets with the manuscript and the book "Vostaniya and revolution" through it we prepared essay on history lesson. His part I beat last week ostovatsya only connect Proceedings. Deciding to immediately settle all this with my beleberdu streptiz without delay, I turned to her, "Julia" she looked at me and I'm the first in my life saw me full of unfamiliar hitherto luch in her eyes. Her eyes sparkled and if I tried to say something. From what he saw I was troubled. And in a place that would popytatsya agree with it, do not squeeze me say ... "take off your coat, we warmly". Julia got out of the sleeve and handed me a coat. You're not on the street froze so I roam added pointing at her bare knees. In response, she shook her head childish. For hanging coats in prihozhke nakonts I heard her voice.
Andrew, I've written all you have to do only the title page.
Back in the room I got supplies and paper and began silently to cook the first page. Work Zanele ten minutes the whole time we were silent. For myself, I thought about how to start a conversation with her again about "pact of silence"But the options seem demeaning and ridiculous. Julia often brought by leafing through a book with, sat on the other side of the table, but suddenly stopped on one of the pages, and I noticed that she began to breathe like that quickened. Zglotnuv saliva she loudly asked ... "Andrew why he had such a small" looking up, I looked at the book in which sported a full-page photograph of the statue of David. Now I swallow saliva tried.
-How small? I asked.
You could see how she struggled with him and still managed to say.
-Well, neither as big as you. And the last letter "I" She lost in her confusion. Her cheeks flushed, and I even thought that she was trembling.
I was tagda still a boy, but still knew that from that moment that something had changed in my life, and do now what it should be according to the new. And I said, rude ...
-Large I have it only when necessary. Now I felt something drozh.I regretted that skhamil. All the same she devchyonka. But the answer was right there ...
-And from what he gets. Sprsil she narostaet tremor.
I looked at her, it was clear that she volnavalas. Her heart was beating uchesch¸nno, and kananada shook her whole body. I could not believe that she does not know the causes of erectile dysfunction in men. For this she was too smart. Therefore I asked directly ...
- ...You would like to once again look at him. The last two assignments me question were in fact so rude to that in other settings and with other devchenkoy I would, at best, be heard "fool" and it may be received in the face, but today everything was wrong and that surprised and delighted me.
She hesitated and thought about something, running along the edge of the table in her sweet finger. It was clear that the answer depends a lot in her later life, and desire fought it with sobriety. She again saw her eyes in embarrassment and said ...
From this answer in my groin immediately for zudilo. I did not like what she had expected, devchyonka, say it, yes, anything, there ... Do not know, or not yet, but yes it was a direct agreement. And then began the seducer in me. I decided to act. As it previously did not notice me Julia, suddenly it became to me like it was my sexual openness. It provoked trenchant Svetka. And I said ...
-Julia and because you've seen me naked before the second time I'd like to see you again ...
There was a short silence. Julia is clearly something to pretend in my head.
Even if we consider that she wished that the forbidden, in a place so she probably was afraid of this guy opened and even that is hardly noticed it.
-And when your parents come. she sprsil.
-Promised tomorrow.
-What if today?
This meant that she agreed PRINCIPLE.
-Well. I replied. I'll lock the door, okay?
She tilted her head and nodded. I ran ran to the front door and locked it on the latch. Back in the room, I decided not to lose the initiative saying.
-Julia sit down on the bed. There's more convenient. And then he stopped short. I leaned ... I thought. What is more convenient? Bed catfish own otribut sex. She sechas change his mind and leave. The more abstract is almost ready.
But Julia slowly moved to the bed and leaned his head back to the Senko. Her cheeks were burning in the eyes again shone this new light for me inexplicable. With trembling hands I rastegnul bottom two buttons of her holatika and gently threw the floor to the side. My eyes were opened two white legs. I'm from the bottom to the top patted their velvet skin. It was so nice. Julia looked at me and smiled. Feeling permissiveness I rostegnul robe before the end of the belt and razvezav razdviul its floors still shyre. What I saw was like me nakaund. His head suddenly swam and swam in his eyes, but I quickly pulled myself together. Before me lay prelstnaya fourteen-year-girl in some golubinkih cotton panties and a T-shirt. Bra she wore despite the fact that she had sisechki about pervrgo size.
Do not resist, I ran a hand through gentle warm fabric of her panties to the place where under them should have been her pussy, and looked back at her.
She, too, looked down as if appreciating himself and slightly podtyaula elastic of her panties More bollshe obtyagivaya of her pussy.
I started stroking tutzhe Paltz this place. Her lips parted and she moaned tnho as well as ... Before, I always thought that in such a situation TEENS always break through, and try to convince the boys that they say we only kid, it is necessary, and their devchenok it touches, but Julia I did not do it and I was surprised. Shine in her eyes became even brighter, and it seemed to me they have it on what that kashachi naughty. Only now I realized that from the moment she saw me naked. For the first time I born a new sense. Feeling females. And she dostovlyaet pleasure that did not want to turn off and naoborod develop. I understood and the fact that she was excited the first minute to the chapel, and, therefore, does not itself kontrolilovala. Obviously she trusted me so much that she was ready for anything. I am even more emboldened, and gently threw her legs. Julia leaned and stretched them so well that my mind otkrylms its new prelisti. From the fact that she quietly sezhala from the wall in my party pants on her crotch taut even stronger, clearly obtyagivaya her little virgin pussy. The rear part of them disappeared between the leaves of tender buttocks. This picture was so exciting that my dick in my pants already bursting with desire. Again eyes met Julia I asked.
-Can I kiss you there.
-Yes. Quietly she said, and shivered again.
I lowered my head between her thighs and felt hitherto not known to me the smell, which I immediately fell in love with the whole zhnzn. It is inexplicable combination maiden smell of urine and vaginal secretions mixed with sweat zapoh her pussy. I immediately thought that he told me was a sign for an eternity. Most likely this is also the instinct. Snchala I kissed her crotch through her panties, and then in turn the two halves of the buttocks bared, and only then to nose WTO uprsya place where it was under the panties pussy. A little piece of knitwear immediately on wet through. Julia full-flowing, but so abundant that the juice dripped from her buttocks on the bed and there obrozoval small puddle. I kept her panties and tselovot buttocks, kneeling before krovatyu.I while inhaling deeply intoxicating zaph me my first girl. What happened next I dobilo completely. Julia stopped me, rising fell on Cravath along and you next movement took off her panties and threw them to the table n. While I soprovzhdal their flight, and flew them robe. Then she beckoned me playfully palchikom.Ya also climbed on the bed got between her legs and began to look at it again prelisti. Now they did not hide nothing. Prior to that, I'm still no where in my life seen this girl's pussy. To describe all this beauty is not enough or no words. Her outer lips were so soft and gentle that their lips touched, I thought that the tenderer is not nichngo in the world. Julia was there still completely hairless. Therefore, to caress her plump bud was especially nice. From petting her pussy slightly opened and inside were visible labia lips, which were joined in the top nebolshoy clitoris sizes. Consider it all again, I bent over her groin, vspominv something of prochitanyh raskazov, as part of instenktivno, and began with gusto to kiss, lick and suck her prelisti. Julia gently while staring at me, raising his head and stroking with one hand on the nape of my neck, thus as if approving my actions. We obeem dostovlyaet this activity so much fun that we just choked with excitement. I kept coming off that would see her again schelochku. But Yulkiny hands on his head again poked my face in her bosom raspol¸nnoe.
-Well, give the same look. Malil me.
-Then nasmotrishsya. Responsible Julia. She was already at the highest level, and this did not mean that I'd interrupted. And suddenly, as if Julia shock pierced. She and srashno force squeezed my head with her hips and pressed down on top of her with his hands. Her whole body trembled, and she cried "Andryushenka favorite More More ..." it still mutter something, but nothing could be further disassembled.
Julia had finished ... and so much that I say, God forbid, because every girl to finish her first boy.
When he reached the chapel she threw back my head, and on the flank pvernulas tightly clenched thighs. It was evident that she was still very excited. After lying there for a minute she opened the other eye and psmotrev his eyes at me whispered cat "show it to me". I quickly took off his pants and underpants ebya widened her his farm. She did not wait for ... immediately began to touch my hands and stroking the eggs and prick, and then rising to the elbow became neumlo kiss and lick my dick. This morning I could only dream of such happiness, and now it proshodyat in reality. Light my erstwhile love both at once faded and pobl¸kla now for me there was only Julia and no one in the world more beautiful and better nebylo this small TEENS. I was already at the limit. Julia, meanwhile, has expertly sucked and licked my prick and she can be seen as an instinct prompted it correctly done. It was evident also that it does everything with great pleasure. After all, this sweet candy woke up in her today for the first time, a woman. Goat she adored ego.A almost finished. But what I saw in you next time was the last straw that could bring my young body. Julia doing me a blowjob free hand bestyzhie wanker himself between her legs. Movements it was so familiar, and the dimension that I realized she is doing is not the first. So I thought they TEENS also engaged in this, and probably very often. At that time, it was for me such a startling fact that restrain myself I could not. Semen burst from me as from vulkana.I though I did not want it. The first part of it fell into Julia's mouth and poured the remains of her from head to toe. I'm standing on it went down, and she turned back, looked me in the eye and without embarrassment continued mastrubirovat.Cherez neskoko seconds Julia kochila second time. My knees buckled and I fell across the bed, we prlezhali ne¸.Tak five minutes. From my position I could see Julia's good pska and this kind again began to excite me.
Still now she was in her flushed wet, but the same calling and desire. I crept closer and are risen again began to caress her and sch¸lku. Then he went on kissing her entire body without missing a centimeter. On the table flew last bastion her T-shirt. And I began to lick, kiss and nibble on her small breasts while licking a face, neck, arms and legs before razbryzganuyu me cum. It is not strange to me, it's not protivelo, and even plants. Julia liked it too. Every time I collected a "fields" new "harvest" I came back to Julia's mouth giving it all without a trace in potselue.Eto had our first kiss, and they really liked us. From my caresses Julia was at full throttle. It is widely spread her legs and I lay down on it between her beder.Ona smiled at me. We both wanted each other. And I'm for the first time in my life touched by a dick maiden pussy. Bravura attempt to enter it now and then I slid to the side, my inexperience and impatience prevented both of us. Continuing without successfully poke, and not getting hurt her, I was very nervous. But Yulechka tolerated and comforted me, and eventually began to help me a hand. Her delicate fingers wound my end and pointed in the right direction. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed him and said ...
-Let's favorite.
I voshol into it about a quarter of the length and began to make thrusts. Gently, avoiding rudeness. About a third jolt my dick prvalilsya completely, and that was how I got to be a paradise. I was 14 and I have to restrain myself could not. Forgetting everything, I became passionately Julia stick to his penis. Up¸rshis hands in krovt I went up to them and continued to jump. At the same time I could see a distorted face Julia, neither of pain, nor of naslozhdeniya. Her hands lay limp on the sides and small breasts swayed to the beat pushes the moss. She was so good at this point that I realized that I love her. As if hearing the birth of my feelings, Julia opened her eyes, and ordered "quickly" She grabbed her breasts and began to knead them. Then she slid her hands down her thighs and began to masturbate again, despite the fact that my penis was in her. These bestyzhie its action, which some men from their wives waiting for years dokanali me and I'm still having to think about Julia pulled his post and continued to masturbate it became abundantly down her stomach. Julia, too, continued to masturbate and only now I noticed that our genitals covered in blood. At this point, Julia had finished the third time.
She pressed her thighs and began to rub the semen on the body. Then she turned to face the wall and froze. I hugged her from the back, and so we lay on the floor with Cravath hours. Excitation spodalolo slowly. I first asked, breaking the silence ...
-You will not regret.
-Not at all. she replied. It felt so good to you. She turned away, and we kissed.
-Let's go to the bath. she suggested.
In the bath for a long time we washed each other. I asked, remembering her incontinence -You hurt.
-No, just a little bit in the beginning. But it was very good. They say when people love each other, it hurts almost never happens.
She answered and looked into my eyes. I smiled and nodded in response.
We came out of the bathroom. Julia looked at the clock zasobiralas home. It was felt that now when the excitement subsided, it became again zastenchevoy and perhaps shy of his behavior an hour ago. She took her blue panties and put them on.
They stretched out so much during our game, which practically no longer hide. On all sides of her small plump sch¸lochka.Yulka was seen in this kind of look like a little fairy. This picture again awakened my soldier. Standing in the middle of the room I have already demonstrated their bestyzhie kop¸.Ona at that time took the jersey from the table that stuck together and was all in the semen, and turned to say something like that ... But seeing my dick standing, laughed merrily. She clearly liked what it produces the impression that it is desirable to me. Her eyes lit up again, thus not understandable light. I walked over to her and gently kissed her belly and legs removed her golubinkie her panties.
We fell on the bed laughing and did not get up with her until the next morning already.
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Got Game 2

Tanya was wearing a strap and sat on the sofa with a glass of wine, drinking it in small sips. Perhaps today we start with your mouth, a whore should be able to suck well and I'll make you learn it. Come here and now begin. I knelt down and cock was right in front of my lips. Cheek burned resounding slap. Suck enough to stare at him. I opened my mouth, let the head and began to make reciprocating motion, each time absorbing it deeper, until he ran into his throat. Member fit in my mouth just before the half. - And it's all what you're capable of? -Beri Deeper into the throat to enter! Tanya put her hand on my head and when I came down on the top member pushes each time stronger and a member actually flew into the throat.
The next day, which was Monday, after work, I ran again in sehshop buy plug priests. Tanya was waiting for me at home, and my delay it clearly angered.
She went out into the hallway with a whip in his hand. I tried to explain the reason, showing the purchase, which she ordered to do, but she did not want to hear anything. Take your pants off and pose. I did not wait to re-specify, unbuttoned pants pulled to his knees and then got down on all fours. Tanya pour me a dozen scathing attacks on the ass. You're lucky that you have found a good reason, otherwise I would have you flogged and now quickly bring yourself in the proper form, the time has gone. I almost ran ran to the bedroom, on the move taking off his clothes, grabbed her in his arms female dress ran into the bathroom. Tatiana sat in a chair and with obvious pleasure watching my actions, enjoying their power and my resignation.
Time was running not umolimo I was confused in all these women's things with only one bra struggled as much as 5 minutes allotted to me for half an hour passed in a flash, and I, turning to Olga was still standing in front of a mirror with a painted eyes (make up turned out to be quite a challenge) . Come here, your time is up.
Inside I cringed. I went to her mistress, and immediately fell at her feet, begging me not to smack and give a further 5 minutes.
Get up, I want to see what you've currently drawn on his face. I stood up. The closest I can not see. Okay, go for the first time + (I was relieved) will receive 1 beat per minute, and the next 5, 10, is no better, and sometimes too relaxed, everything went out. I put in 6 minutes and appeared before Lady.
Tatiana critically spared me from all sides, and apparently was satisfied but not filed the form, going back, poked the handle whip my ass - I hope it is clean and oiled, or need to check? No Madam, it is completely ready. Now, quickly set the table, I want to eat. I laid the two and invited Tanya. Do we have to come visit? No Lady. So you have decided that you have the right to eat at the same table with his mistress, it is that you do not deserve it, and that's a good punishment earned exactly. I tried to challenge, since such indication would not, (which later regretted). Such things must itself to guess whether you are intelligent and obedient girl, and so have to be punished, and I look, the less the more punishment you disregard behaving, in this for every little will get to complete. But it will be after dinner, and now take away his plate away and so be it, Take the plug and the whole peremazhishsya. I got on all fours, leaning on his elbows sticking out his ass and began to eat. It turns out when you want to think you can, your hole should be available at any time, by the way, lift up the hem. This is what a business! (Night and day hole is almost fully recovered and again was small, I knew when to wash, although the polished feel good inside.) It turns out all my efforts were in vain yesterday? Promiscuous bitch, how much time you have to fuck you today, I have not slezesh with dick until night, and the night and the next day stop up your insatiable hole stopper. After dinner, I put away the dishes and went to the room to get new instructions. Pour me a glass of wine and bring the strap. Hurry!
Tanya was wearing a strap and sat on the sofa with a glass of wine, drinking it in small sips. Perhaps today we start with your mouth, a whore should be able to suck well and I'll make you learn it. Come here and now begin. I knelt down and cock was right in front of my lips. Cheek burned resounding slap. Suck enough to stare at him. I opened my mouth, let the head and began to make reciprocating motion, each time absorbing it deeper, until he ran into his throat. Member fit in my mouth just before the half. - And it's all what you're capable of? -Beri Deeper into the throat to enter! Tanya put her hand on my head and when I came down on the top member pushes each time stronger and a member actually flew into the throat. I choked on it, jumped and coughed. But instead of praise, that took so deeply, Tanya started to beat me on the face slaps. I like you even try to puke stuff! Well ka suck for good, I'll teach you to take it all. She grabbed me by the hair and planted his mouth on this hefty number. By the time of this 6-centimeter clubs jaw cramped finally, he swallow a 25 cm was not real. Despite that Tanya and force me to sit down, trying to drive them all. I choked, coughed, choked, tears streaming from his eyes. It lasted for about 20 minutes or an eternity it seemed to me. Tanya's hair lifted my head. Look at you, you look like a well-worn blyadischa. All cosmetics flowed black stains on his cheeks. - Who you want, if you will look like after every dick? Again, I received a resounding slap. Above your mouth still needs to work. - Bring me a cigarette. Lighting a cigarette, Ms. ordered to lie down on his back on the sofa and tilt the head back over the arm. Coming to me turned out to be a member of that right in front of my mouth.
- Open your fucking mouth, now, we will develop it. For starters, it does not put a member of a deep, slightly moving them. - Water at best, and the throat obderesh. The next moment, a member began to move into the heart of me. The first time she entered it so that only the head penetrated into the throat, the next was deeper, and so every time you went to Tatiana completely, letting me breathe, then inserted deeper. I have ceased to choke them, visible neck stretched and little accustomed, and finally my lips touched the leather pants Lady. - You see, it turns out that you can perform on your demand. While it is said, he was a member of the full depth in me. I squirmed. What happened? Choking? Get used to it, yet no one would stop you will not let go. It is a pity that I can not do it. Tatiana took a member, giving me catch my breath, and then began to fuck already introducing member each time to the ground. I felt like his throat swells as we move member.
Tatyana is terribly factory, she even put his hand on my throat to not only see, but also feel that happening. - Well, for the first time is not bad. She took out a member of my mouth. - And now vylezhu me, and there are too damp, and sat on my face. Madame was already excited to the limit of a pussy dripping, the clitoris has become a huge sensitive pea every touch of the language to which the calling Tatiana blissful moan. - All! Enough stuff! You were told to bring purity out there, not excite me. - Bring me another glass of wine and bring your fizianomiyu in order for you not look quickly and do not make me wait.
-That's better. Now I'll take care of your other hole, but first is to thank your mouth. - Lie down on the floor and open your mouth wide. Tatiana sat on top and in an instant my mouth was filled with her urine. - Drink ... God forbid spill, constipation! I began to swallow the liquid, and the pressure all increased. I still managed to swallow all without spilling.
- Clever girl, but now vylezhu all purely. -I Liked it, now I'll drink you every day razochku. +, And maybe more. - What are you sprawling? The pose and lift the hem! Tatiana took the cream and applied to the strap. - Your hole too quickly restored to you is worse. The head rested in the entrance. - Oh shit, do not let him in! After a moment, I howled in pain. Tanya firmly grasping my waist stabbed a member of the entire depth from the first half. - Stand bitch and shut your mouth, my fault. Now you are my slave and I decide when, how, who and how many will be to fuck you and yours can not, and indeed your opinion next month does not interest me. Or are you still not understand? Tatiana made a dozen more sharp and deep movements and came out of me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that she takes a whip. I cringed in anticipation of the whole stroke, but it did not come.
- Perhaps today we choose another place for spanking, ass from yesterday pretty. - Wear a thong, Take off the skirt, stand face to the wall and his legs wide apart. A sharp pain seared the inside of the thigh, and I do not arbitrarily clenched legs. - You who allowed? - Bring a rope and mop. My legs were tied to the ends of the mop schikolotki so widely that I could barely stand. Flogging continued. I darkened in the eyes when the whip again fell back. - Painfully? I can not help you. Figure should lay down exactly on all sides. You do not want to, I was in an awkward position, if someone sees you may find that I was too spineless and not engaged in your education. I counted about 40 strokes, the legs from the knees to the priests burned with fire. - Bend over! Member again, without any preparation burst into me, I could barely restrain himself from shouting, hole by flogging again tightly clenched. - Clever girl. Tanya was excited more and more, her movement became stronger and flourish.
To finish, we changed several times poses and about an hour later Tatiana moaned loudly, drove a member to the limit and finished. I finished it at the same time and literally hung on her club. After 5 minutes Tatiana woke up and told me to get out of its first, and then the tongue to collect all his sperm. - Go and bring the substitution plug. Cork went tight inside the entrance muscles tightly around her. Just squeeze it out of himself was not really eating only pull. Ms. checked on how reliable she is sitting there and was satisfied. Time was too much, so that my education was completed today. Tatiana with full zeal was engaged in my education until Friday. Ass is quite accustomed to the plug and to the members, and now I am really beginning to feel like a woman and get real pleasure from the fact that you fuck. I sometimes had finished 2-3 times a night without touching his penis. Tatiana tied me to a member of the stack to the semen collection, and in the end poured out my mouth. Flog me, it became less so as I tried very hard and did not give a reason. It was evident that Mrs. begins to be proud of the fruits of their labor.
On Thursday, while I led myself up Tatiana with someone talking on the phone, I tried not to eavesdrop on a conversation about anything, for the water noise, so do not make out.
In the evening, Tanya said that tomorrow would come home late, this gives me a day off, but I'll have to get out of the apartment and do a (re remove all the hair).
Mrs. returned at 10 pm, and almost solemnly announced from the doorway - Tomorrow we will visit them, and I will introduce my good girl. So get ready, you will have a fun weekend. I stood there not knowing what to say, this idea terribly excited, but also terribly scared that someone will know that I am a stranger humiliate and fuck like the last whore. I plucked up courage and asked - Mrs I know who it is. - These are our friends Dima Julia. (Married couple, we are with them have long meet, and it's called swingers, but still between me and Dima was nothing).
- Today I was with them, drove the magazines and talking, Julia is a long time dream of a good fuck male ass, and Dima is not given, at least he has not refused to plunge his cock in chocolate hole. So dear you tomorrow will be a happy day, and not just a day, they will have to spend the night and go home only on Sunday evening. To-morrow fulfill all orders at a glance and do not let your God zaortachitsya or say no, all the spanking you seem gentle strokes. Now you can go to sleep, you need me tomorrow bodrengoy and straight from the tin. The night lasted an eternity dreams, thoughts, experiences, in anticipation of tomorrow.
P / S is now Mrs. strictly controls what I write, and ordered that her request was repeated. That her request to the readers: For those who are with me fully agree to such training, please write men. I would be very grateful if there are tips and suggestions. Write [email protected] thanks in advance.
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My parents got divorced, and have sent me two months to summer camp in the Crimea! It was not even the camp, but rather guesthouse !!! In the sense that the special regime and cultural events were few, and, in principle, most of the day, we were given himself! It probably was the cause of the events that happened to me! In the group, we had eleven boys! By the age of fifteen - sixteen years. Only me, but Oleg was fourteen. This probably explains why the rest of us looked at a little bit down. On the first day, Oleg snitched educators that all ducked out of the sea to swim at night! What was slightly bit lads! And immediately complained to his hurt! Those who kicked him - punished :. Alongside the kitchen: Then revenge slightly changed form :. In the morning, Oleg woke up in toothpaste, put his feet in slippers, but there was still the same toothpaste: .. as well as in the pockets of his favorite shorts. Grey with Zheka - the oldest guys in the squad warned him that if nazhaluetsya - they unto him, I quote "The paste is tucked in the ass!". The threat he did not take, and the gray of Zheka deprived excursions.
In the evening, when we returned from the trip, which by the way was very interesting, and began to develop the basic events: After hanging up, I fell asleep, and woke up from the noise of the struggle: .. Grey, Jeka and another two guys leaning on Oleg tried it tie somewhere styrennye rope! Three minutes later, the desperate resistance, the victory was won!
- Well, you're our stukachok, it's time to bring out the sentence! Do you remember what I promised you ??? - With these words Gray took a tube of toothpaste.
Oleg could not answer the question, due to the fact that his mouth was plugged angle blankets! The boys pulled off his pants, put the cancer, flexing through the bed. Oleg desperately resisted, but he was kept three. I've seen it all ... wih side with Genka recorded Oleg ass and gray tip of a tube inserted into it, then pressed: .. Oleg bent so that was nearly thrown off the three boys who are older and physically stronger than him .. . Perhaps it there very burned! Hold it for three minutes, and after listening to his moans, the guys he was released. Oleg bullet, not even pulling her panties, jumped into the toilet. WC we had two: Day and night. During the day we went to the bathroom which was in a separate building. There were two dozen showers, with separate entrances, where the same number of booths, dressing rooms and two: in general, all as humans. And on the night of open toilets for one person in the case. Shower was there by the way, too!
In the morning the boys pulled a vial of alcohol infirmary, and quietly drank it. It immediately became known tutors: .. And under the distribution fell again OLEG. And again, after a rebound! He was caught, tied to the bed, and began to decide what to do with him :. Gray said that in a movie seen as the area comes from the informers! But to fuck Oleg something nobody wanted. Then Acne he offered to fuck his handle of a mop! Mop was right there! Oleg heard the whole conversation, and tried to hum something, but his mouth was stuck by his shirt. His carefully untied and tied in another way, flexing through the bed. Hands tied to the far legs, and feet to the neighbor. It was very interesting to :. I watched it all again from the side, and points Oleg did not see, but presented a picture, and a member of the I started to get up! The boys brought a broom and began to shove in the ass Oleg. He moaned desperately, but could not do anything. Mop did not climb: Igor .. then spat on the point, Oleg, and mop slipped, just twenty centimeters.
- not to tear it there is nothing!
- so I carefully :.
Jeka moved his mop back and forth. Oleg mumbled, shaking his head, tears rolling down his eyes: .. and I did not know what to do with mine, which became a member of the stone :. And without waiting for the end of the presentation, I turned away and went to sleep. In the morning I had the riser tile. I wandered to the bathroom to masturbate. Satisfied, I washed, and I felt relieved. In the evening, Oleg tried to get away, but he was caught. And flogging repeated as Grey said: the future, to nepovadno another time it was! This time I looked through everything until the end. When wih pulled out of your ass Oleg mop, mop the end was covered in shit.
- And let's make him lick it! - Proposed Genk.
Oleg pulled the gag out of his mouth, he wanted to scream, but his mouth was a mop. He had to clean it. Again, as soon as he untied, he darted into the bathroom.
And in the morning, when I went to the toilet, I heard some kind of commotion in the shower. He looked back, and was stunned. On lap was Oleg, gathered around him the whole of our squad, his face was all in tears, and what is white, and Genk, grabbing his buttocks rhythmically moved her hips, sweeping ebya his ass.
- Join - waved me wih.
Genk groaned and finished. Oleg trembled in silent sobs. When Gena pulled out a member, he was covered in liquid shit, and priests from the open Oleg flowed shit mixed with sperm. Genk came up front to it and Oleg began to lick his penis. My, what he saw from the pictures, immediately I took a fighting form, but I did not dare to approach.
- Brezguesh what? - Asked the Zheka.
I nodded. Jeka threw Oleg, finished brushing member Genki, a roll of toilet paper. - Wipe your ass! Oleg sobbed, wiped between the buttocks. When it became clear, I saw that point Oleg does not close completely. Probably everyone here has already made it on time, and maybe even more! I could not resist! He came up, and inserted. Hotya outside it and wiped the inside was wet and slippery. I quickly-quickly moved his pelvis. So fast, that Oleg already groaned. They all laughed!
- Oh yes you beast! Even from this whore moans knocked out! We thought she had forgotten how to moan!
- Now she will not have Oleg and Olga! - Said Gray, when I had finished
- Come on, let the lead themselves in order! In the evening more fun stuff!
I did not make Oleg cleaned my dick, I washed my dick in the shower, and went to wash. All day Oleg walked with difficulty, almost otklyachivaya ass. No one else but us had not noticed, but we had fun! And in the evening, when we fucked, someone that did something wrong, and he went out of the blood of the priests. We were afraid, but Gray said that it is impossible to fuck him so much! Since it fucked no more than two in the morning and two in the evening. schedule has been set :. And somewhere on the fifth day :: ..
In the morning it was my turn: we Genka brought Oleg to the shower, he himself pulled the shorts, and stood up, leaning on the sink: ..
Here in the shower I went from Grey Zheka.
- we quickly do right now, guys, then you are. - Said Gray
- now it's our turn - I was indignant.
- What you said????
- My turn now!
- So what?
- And I will to fuck him?
- so you do not want so we fucked?
- No!
- And you do not want to stand next to them?
Gray kicked me in the stomach. I fell, and tried to get up, but received a strong kick in the ass :. Offensive kick.
- Jeka and let it fuck!
- Go ahead
I heard, and was afraid. I was hit in the stomach again, and while I was trying to ... catch your breath, dragged and shoved his head into the toilet bowl (well at least clean) Someone pulled off my shorts with shorts, and lifted my ass. Whose hand is pushed buttocks: ..
- Scream - Otobaya eggs! - Zheka voice promised.
Someone spat on my point, and I felt like a millimeter someone's dick pushing my anus. From eyes rolled tears, I bit his lip in pain, shame and resentment. Then Gray jerked her hips and cock was completely in me. I groaned. It was very painful, unusual to feel the anus filled, and it was very embarrassing. Gray began to move in me. Every movement of his was given pain, throat and knocked out a groan. I do not know took ten minutes or an hour, it seemed to me that for a long time: .. he finally finished. In the books they write, he felt like a liquid fills his anus. I did not feel anything, just Grey first stopped, and then twitching, waited a bit, and went out of me. That's when I felt that the thighs that is flowing. When inserted Jeka, it was easier, but still unpleasant. And the most insulting that a member of my rose. And it is noticed!
- And he likes! you it will Genk?
- of course!
And after Zheka I fucked and Genk. I was facing the toilet with a broken-down asshole, and wept. When they left, Oleg moved away from the wall, came up to me and looked at my ass. He looked perhaps just as it :.
- Well, you did not postasnyalsya do here and I love you, too, - said Oleg.
I already had all the same. He quickly finished and left the room. I stood for a long time, feeling follows the sperm, mixed with shit.
Feeling pain and pulsation of the pope, and thinking: "And what will happen now?"
Then I washed, and came out ::
I wonder if the guys will talk about what to do with me ??? Or everything will remain secret ????
When I caught the first scrutiny, I realized that everyone knows everything. I was staring, as whore, who goes naked :: In the evening: the evening .. me after a short struggle, put next to Oleg, gagged by my own shorts and a couple of hours with me entertained all comers. Then forced to lick my shit from their members: At first I did not want to, he clenched his teeth and shook his head. But when he got several strong kicks in the ass, and when someone squeezed my balls - I had to open my mouth. When tired, we untied :. Oleg ran to wash immediately, but I lay for some time, coming to himself. I heard the guys discussing the incident, went to bed. I felt like the priests of the flowing :. Anus was not closed. Unusually it was to feel that he was wet and stretched. After lying somewhere in half an hour, just freed Oleg shower, I went to the bathroom. On the toilet released from itself everything, and then a substitution: .Chlen standing upright! I frantically began to masturbate, and finished second in 15!
A few days later, my ass was used, and was no longer so painful. All is good, but the guys quickly fed up with such entertainment, and Sergei: a great connoisseur of porn films, but still has boundless imagination, decided to diversify entertainment.
In the evening, we were already familiar fucked :. This is perceived as a kind of unpleasant duty :. Oleg was about to be washed away to escape, but he was stopped by Sergey
- Olya where are you !? We'll still neotpuskayuschego !!!! Wash you want ??? But even if you will wash Katya! (Katya they began to call me!)
Oleg told to take his usual posture, and told me to lick his ass!
Opened a hole from which slowly flowed already liquid sperm. almost no shit. We already knew that if pokakat evening before we will have to fuck, it will not be so pleasant: .but still smell was present. I further spread his buttocks, he squeezed his eyes shut and licked: right in the hole. He clenched his anus, and shuddered, perhaps with pleasure. Then I began to actively lick!
- You see! Liked!
- Well, as the taste of his chocolate eyes?
- Lick and me!
- Katya let you real shl¸ndra!
And so on in the same spirit. They enjoyed it so much, as I licked ass Oleg that someone hornier, threw me :. Then I was dragged from Oleg and gave someone's dick in her mouth. Oleg too fucked from two sides. In general, they are all excited for the new. And on this day we went to bed in the morning. Sleep did not succeed. The ass was raw and it was painful to sit. His mouth seemed to be still moving someone's cock. Well even in the morning, when we washed, we have no one fucked:
But before dinner I went to the toilet. As soon as I entered, I was someone grabbed and pushed into one of the booths. They were Gena and Igor. I was made to kneel and Gena pulled out his penis. I stuck it to my lips, and said suck. I had nowhere to go. Ten minutes later he was twitching, and finished. When sperm flowed over my lips, he said, swallowing. As I was not disgusting, but I swallowed it. Genk wiped his dick on my face. And they left. I thought Igor also cause suck, but they're just gone. I looked at his face in the mirror! Well exactly obkonchalsya whore! For lunch I did not want! sperm Sip pre-dinner clean interrupts appetite.
Day adventure was not :. Probably because I carefully hid from the guys from my squad. He became friends with TEENS, and spent all afternoon with them.
When, after dinner, Oleg stood up, and on the bench, and his shorts were back spot. I asked what it was. It turns out he was caught and otimeli our three in the bushes. I realized that I can wait for such a fate tomorrow. And he was right. Before I could after breakfast to the beach, I was grabbed and dragged into the bushes. There was forced to suck, while their members are squaring off, and then putting on his knees, fucked in the ass. In the dry it was very painful! I cried when the first term entered into me. But generally I tried not to groan, in order not to attract the attention of other guys and girls who now and then passed along the path.
When the last had finished, I was cancer, and fell on his stomach without power. And suddenly I felt like what it watered. I turned my head and saw that Shreds urinating on me. Then they were all pissing me from head to foot, and left. I wore swimming trunks, ran and ran to the sea to wash off this stuff. After dinner, I'm not going into the room, I ran to the TEENS. We went for a walk with Marinko. And back to the wards, long after lights out. When I entered, two were Oleg. I was immediately knocked to the floor, stripped and bound. Gray said that the violation of the regime itself will punish me! He rummaged in my things, find my toothbrush, came up behind me, licked his finger and stuck it. moving the little, he pulled out and shoved again for two. When it came to the three, he began rastopyrivat them in my ass. It was painful. When he decided that my ass sufficiently disclosed, he managed to brush a little paste, brush and put me in the ass. I shouted that there is urine through the panties, which was plugged into my mouth. From glyaz gushed tears. It burned as if there was poured and lit benznin: .. Plus More Sergey began to move the brush, turning it !!!!
I tossed and screamed as sliced. Then he calmed down feeling dulled. Only in the ass it was hot. Five minutes later, Sergei decided that enough is seen for the first time. I was untied and I raced to the bathroom. Several people rushed me to see what I'll do! I have not received anything better in your head than to grab a shower, ... lift his head, and fasten the hose to my priest. In my gurgling water flowed. Burn ceased. I pulled the hose, and the noise released from the water itself. It feels better. I repeated the procedure. The burning sensation disappeared. But the priest began to itch. I sat on the toilet, and fell silent, moving away from the incident.
In a sense led me gray voice:
- A great way to wash ass! Now we introduce a rule! In the evening, so that both, when you hear a retreat, stood near the bed cancer Oli, with the already washed asses! Clear!? For nepolslushanie going to clean this thing's ass! - Gray waved Yorshik for cleaning bottles :. Probably dragged him in the dining room!
In the evening on a date with Marinko I did not go. Immediately after dinner, I went to prepare for execution. We went together with Oleg in the shower. First he put me in the ass hose and turned on the water. At first, in the ass I went air, then poured warm water. When I decided that enough, I jumped off the hose, and rushed to the toilet. The procedure was repeated three times until I did not come out of the clear water. Then I made a here improvised enema Oleg. We wiped dry, and when sounded a retreat, we knelt, op¸rshis on the bed with his hands. The boys broke into a noisy crowd.
- About Class !!!
- We are waiting for !!!
- What are disciplined!
With a clean ass was even less discomfort. After fucked Oleg forced to lick my ass. It was very nice. Touch the tab to zdyaschey, razdrakonennoy ebley ass very exciting! Noticing my stone riser, I was forced to fuck Oleg (in other matters, I do not really resist) and sent us to wash.
The next day, Joker Gray invented a new trick. I was caught, dragged to the toilet, lowered his pants, pumped in water ass, pulled his pants again, and pushed out of the closet. I squeezed the buttocks. Around a lot of people wandering around. My stomach gurgled water. She was looking for a way out. Out she was the only one, but I did everything in order not to release it. I felt that the trickle water dripping on the buttocks, but the bulk, I was able to keep :. Slow:. Oo-oh-oh-very slowly I dobr¸l the bushes at the corner of the bathroom. There I quickly pulled off his pants, and when I leaned out a powerful jet hit me. Grey with Zheka, ran into the bushes behind me, laughing wildly. I wiped my ass panties, put them in his pocket, and went into the chamber of the net.
This joke they repeated a couple of times a day.
Then we come up with a new one. Genk planed some semblance eldy wood. In duplicate. To our horror of their length and thickness exceed all known to me the size of the members. a new rule was introduced. In the evening, we waited until we vyebut, with inserted in the ass these pieces. Then Gray entertained by inserting them into us before breakfast. And we went to lunch with dildos in the ass. Unpleasant, I tell you. But when we were forced to play soccer, run and jump with wooden dildos in us: that was all. I thought I would die. Ass itched, dildos interfered constantly doing something to hurt, then forcing tremble with pleasure when pressed prostate. When we finished playing, I locked myself in the bathroom and an hour otl¸zhivalsya there! In general, life became unbearable. We Oleg turned to sex toys a dozen kids, perverts.
It took two weeks. Sometimes I was able to avoid zhnevnyh entertainment gray, sometimes not. We have already looked askance. Frequent spot behind shorts, jogging periodical from the toilet to the bushes, dried spots on the face, all this did not help my authority:
Once Gray of Zheka found me on a date with Marinko. They said saying that an urgent matter, asked Marinka wait 15 minutes, dragged me into the bushes and ripped at once. I Came to Marinka chereh half an hour and with broken-down asshole. Have you ever walked out on a date when you sperm flows out of your ass? To put it mildly: uncomfortable feeling. And then there was a failure! Catastrophe! Armageddon! Grey with Zheka caught me in the bathroom just as I was very eager to get on small need. I pumped in the ass a couple of liters of water, and pushed out into the street. To my luck was evening, I ran Rushed to the toilet, clutching his hands buttocks. But it is not ran. Along the path was Wick: Girl Gray. Bitch rare! Bitch even that! And just when she saw me, I tripped. Fell. And unable to hold water in itself, I relaxed. At the same time the pants were wet from both sides. Wick laughed, laughed and Grey with Zheka, and I was sitting in a puddle, and blushed.
- So you it ???
- Aha!
- Well, you, you give Grey! And often you with it so serious?
- This does not he do it! Get to Know: Our slut, Katya!
- Wow? And she knows how?
- She knows everything what you want!
- Even so? We also have one zadrochka :.
- And we have two! Whores Olya and Katya!
- And that just about anything else do?
- of course! Come the evening to us, we prodemonstiruem! And you, Katya pomoysya go! And in the evening so that was out of place!
All three of them laughed, and left :.
In the evening, we made each other Oleg enema, dildos inserted myself and got cancer. When the all-clear sounded, I come to our party. Together with the boys went Wick. The children scattered all over the room, and Vika, dumbfounded staring at us.
- That they are waiting to be used the - said Gray.
- Not well, we also have a let down .... but that is !!! - Frantically uttered Vic ... I was embarrassed. Because it was an adult devchyonka looks at me standing here and so .....
- Enough of your vacation, it's time to work - It Jeka came to us ... - First, lift me! He came up to me, took me by the hair and brought his dick hanging on my lips. I was terribly ashamed, but I took it into his mouth. As soon as I caressed his tongue and lips, it swelled and grew.
- Excellent! Eugene turned me abruptly pulled out of ass dildos and drove! I screamed! Vick watched it .... And when Eugene had finished, and contented patted me on the ass by a dick, she was openly rubbing his crotch with his hand. Gray is tlzhe noticed it and carried away to the shower .... They were there a long time, and we're already fucked, four times, waited until freed bathroom ....
- And you probably do not wait! So you can clean each other's ass - told us Genk.
It was bad, usually in the course of this, the guys were excited, and quite Mogi make us more on time .... But we had no choice, besides nice when you lick raz¸bannuyu ass ... I pulled out of the priests Oleg dildos that Igor shoved back, and began to lick. Oleg moaned and clutched as he could, ring anus .... It is this picture and noticed Vick, when they came out of the shower in gray ..... having watched with interest the action to the end, it is a little more to observe how we fuck right in the mouth and ass, and they came out with gray.
In the morning again it was painful to sit .... And in the afternoon, when I was caught in the toilet, and forced to suck, wih told me that at night, we will change to Masha.
Good or bad, I do not know, but was horrified! After Vick from the same detachment as Marinka !!!! After hanging up, waiting for disaster, with inserted dildos, we slowly walked to devch¸nochey Chamber! Oleg wondered it better or worse than ... if we had stayed in her, and I was not up to it! Marinka see my shame! So with his head down, and I went to the House ....
- AAAA zadrochki come! - I heard the voice of Vicki. Of course all TEENS already knew about the upcoming holiday! I looked for Marinka, and saw everyone else .... TEENS were in the House, and looked staring at us. Masha-Marinka ..... oh !!! That's it we exchanged ..... And it is there now ..... the whole party !!! Oh no!!!! On the other hand, she did not see my shame ..... but she, too, will guess ...... I can not do anything .....
- Well undress them TEENS !!!! they rushed upon us, and in a moment deprived of clothing .... zaohala, giggled, seeing the dildos in the ass ..... look at our already standing upright members ...... Among them were several more stable girls who and dick is not seen .......
- Today they will fulfill all our wishes !!! - He said the Vic ... Someone came up to me from behind, and Me-e-Slow pulled out dildos .... Devchenki squealed and giggled .. I gasped when he drove into place.
- I want, that he licked me! - Said the Vic!
I pushed on the bed, I fell on my back. Vic styanulp shorts and sat on my face. For a brief moment I saw the most sacred.
- Lick! She buried her face in my face his crotch. I felt a strange smell .... closed his eyes and licked. The taste was unusual .....
- Diligently! I had to. Five minutes later, I felt divzhenie in the ass: someone from devchenok started fucking my dildos, I lifted the back, for better access ..... AND .... spun Varied TEENS, I just lay there, licking pussy for by a pussy, feeling tremors in the ass! An hour later, they became very boljuchih .... It is nothing when there is always a lubricant in the form of semen next tormentor ..... But when almost dry running, wooden eldoy. I heard moans Oleg obviously it just spread out on the floor. His moans, I did not notice .... Language terribly tired, and it seems all swollen up, his whole face was in their lubrication and my saliva ..... Finally last devchyonka got off me and dildos ass was removed .... . All huddled near my ass hole ..... there was probably such that it was possible to push through anything ....
- And there is clean!
- They have an enema!
- TEENS Oh, and let's go poke anything.
- Quiet!
- Oh, Olka!
I felt the touch of the finger .... Whose got inside. Finger after artificial eldy almost not felt .... that two fingers .... three ..... and here's palm, cupped stretches already stretched anus .... how sick !!!! I groaned RRRRAZ .... !!!! and palm slipped. Anus grabbed the wrist!
- Cool!
- TEENS oh, and I'm excited again !! Where his dildos? Give it to me!
- Let lick, and he was in the ass! I poked into his mouth wooden eldoy, and I quickly licked her ass ..... moved someone's jaw, forcing me to bend. I lost touch with reality. I could not understand why I have to bend: whether from the pain, or pleasure .....
Finally, again a sharp pain - handle left my ass. I ithout forces stretched out on the bed. I heard Oleg forced to lick the hand with him something else to do - I have not heard ... I came to myself ..... ass itched ... Then I felt the touch of bringing relief to someone ..... He licked me there .... I raised my head .... This .... oleg Tikhonov-Nagy, fun tore his wooden eldoy ass.
- Oh, he's so cool! - Vic saw my happy face! - Well ka and lick my ass !!! Her ass hanging over my face. From vozb¸zhd¸nnoy pussy dripping thin Stuikyte grease, and just below the anus was an asterisk, stretched between the buttocks. I began to lick. She did an enema, and smelled a little ass, and the taste was bitter. Vick almost cried when I got inside the tongue. Then, in front of my face I was her pussy again .... I started to lick, but she moved away. Vick took me by the ears, and brought it to his lips pussy.
- Now I'm going to piss, try to swallow all .... Although the way it is bed-zadrochki Masha, so if spilled - it does not matter!
Bitter caustic liquid flowed into my mouth! I tried to swallow everything, and as long as I could. It was disgusting, but nowhere to go .... But here TEENS interested in my term, which from the beginning was like a stone, and delivered me a lot of inconvenience .... Investigating it, someone touched, and I pressed his lips together in protyazhnos moan !! The urine ran down his face on the bed ... I closed my eyes!
- Oh, and let them vyebut each other!
I put the cancer, and Oleg came back. He knew how painful dry running, so wet my anus with saliva and gently inserted. He finished quickly - in five minutes. Devchenki at this time rubbed himself palms.
- Now you're it!
Oleg put everything back on the same bed and pulled up, his legs wide apart. He caught them at the knees, and my face was his ass.
Stretched almost two times higher than usual. I saw there his intestines. Nothing nasty, just like red tube ..... I bent down, and let saliva straight inside. It will be easier. Then I put in, and moved his pelvis. Oleg groaned. Although the lubricant irritated after midnight Ass declared his dissatisfaction.
- TEENS Oh, and it has semen flowing from the backside! How cool !!! Let's get them and then lick it from each other.
I also quickly finished! He twitched, and went out. Without power, I fell on my knees, almost upereyvshis person in the ass, which I just finished. Anus had long since been closed, and all that I have to get flooded now flowed back.
- Come eat! lick it !!!
I began to lick! By the taste of semen is no stranger to me. I have been still, I have virtually nothing and felt nothing was thinking. It seems to be licked clean, I fell to the floor. The rest of their entertainment, I do not remember. In itself I came in the morning, in his bed, with dildos inserted in the ass. It seems I never spent the whole night with him inside. The ward was only Oleg. He just lay on his bed on his stomach, and priests from sticking elda. Wash did not want to go. even I did not want to move. I did not even take out eldu of assholes. I lay for half an hour, until it entered Gray.
- ABOUT! Belle woke up! Nehu¸vo arrival you TEENS !!!! And we're also perfectly come off!
I vzgyanul indifferent to it!
- Do not be scared! To fuck I will not! I na¸bsya today! ABOUT! and you are used to these toys! Let us introduce a new rule! From now on you will remove them just to take a shit, but substitute dopa a living member! So decide!
Ahead was a month and a half ... More
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The old house

It was a long time, 10 years ago ... At the time I entered the first year of one of the universities pristizhneyshih city. I was familiar 17.Novye new girl ... But here perhaps should make a stop here just yet matching the girls for some reason was not on the course. In principle, I very much and did not get upset. I lived in a city with a birth, had a lot of friends, so problems with sex, I did not suffer.
What can I say about myself ??? At that time I was pretty hudovat true figure was with some elements of sportiness, many people like J Well the truth the way it should be, so the spacecraft sport I started with 5 years J and continues to this day. Yes, but the story is not about me, or rather not at all about me ... So
The street was Autumn. Trees only began to change its color. A breath first colds, began to fall the first rains ... disappeared from the streets a short girl's skirt, I joined the student life. Often he spent his evenings in the student dormitory. But you do not believe it, but anything other than playing chess, watching and could not be there.
Now, perhaps, is to go back for another year and a half ago ...
I was in one of the city schools, who had just started his career in private educational institutions.
So, if we were two 10th grade, I was in "B"He was a spoiled, actually - my element. Classes were fun. The time from September to May raced by. In parallel with me class.
I studied a wonderful girl - Il. Ira was a little plump, blonde with incredibly beautiful hair. With almost a second breast size, and a very nice ass. This girl was incredibly attractive, and I long efforts could still attract her attention. It was in my country, we went to our company friendly to the country, and there I ventured to approach the Ira ... Everything happened spontaneously and unexpectedly. I approached her from behind, hugged, kissed her neck, turned to him reached for hers and she said .... ... I'll never forget that first kiss ... After that we walked with her down the road under the night sky, looked up at the stars ... Yes, the romance of a word ... Then it was night ... We slept together, but beyond the usual petinga it did not go ... It was a happy beginning of our relationship !!!!! This was followed by a series of separations, new initiatives, etc.
Then there was the first night, the first time, the first woman, and I'm her first boyfriend.
That evening we were going to have one of my friends in the apartment, the night people are either lying drunk or crawled home. We were locked in a room. Long durachalis, hugging, kissing, I was afraid to start, afraid that I would do something wrong ... I kissed her on the lips, neck, shoulders ... He undid her blouse and began kissing every centimeter of her body ... My hands gently stroked her back, I found a hand clasp of her bra, and timidly and clumsily tried to undo it, after several unsuccessful attempts, the IRA itself did it ... My eyes okrylis two most charming hill ... two neat chest. It was the chest is not very big, but not very small, but the breast is just so, what, and to be a girl, well, this is my personal opinion. I continued my caresses, down below, began to gently kiss her nipples, sucking them with one hand, I gently squeezed her breast ... the other is already beginning to descend over her beautiful body to the skirt ... She raised herself a little, and I was able to lightly hands to remove it ... in front of me lay almost naked girl, you know what I did at that moment the state, I quickly undressed himself ... he took off her panties with Ira, after we have merged in a long kiss ... I continued to caress her breasts , then with one hand down to her pussy ... He began gently led by the hand, play with the clitoris, but the movements were not so skillful that Ira said yourself the best ... then I began to go very carefully in her finger, she was very hurt and I was sincerely sorry for my little girl, because now she had to sustain the penetration of a member of my not small ... a bit emboldened, and put on a condom (I fussed with it for about 5 minutes, until pinned), I spread her legs, framed her member of the hole to her and tried to enter, but .. Virgin cunt did not allow me to do it with the ease with which the girls come in with the experience ... once or fifth I was able to get a couple of centimeters at this wonderful cave. And then I made blunders, not even blunders ... Actually I pushed with such force his hips, my cock immediately found himself inside. It delivered just unimaginable pain my partner, but I hope she forgave me this ... Then I began to gently move the pelvis. I finished pretty quickly, about orgasm Irina hand and could not speak ... Then we still had sex twice, but they were very quick ...
After that, I do not know why we broke up ... took six months, but I was drawn to it ... Yes, I certainly have a girl, quite a lot, but I was drawn to it ... Just before the new year, is already learning in the 11th grade, we started dating again ... After the new year, we went along with the Lyceum in Kislovodsk. It is a wonderful city, a quiet, calm ... In Kislovodsk, we slept every night, and I'm more and more convinced that it suits me in every way ... Sex with her excited me to the limit, but with a girl .. . by the time I became more experienced, but could not bring Ira to orgasm ... not strange, but after Kislovodsk, we again parted.
It took another couple of months, I was with her at a party, stopped to help her with the computer ... That night we had sex again, this time she finally allowed me to play with her clit tongue ... and lo! !!!!!! She reached orgasm ... then we often spent the night together, but have not met ... Fools ......
And here we are about to September, the first rate ... By this time she found a boyfriend ... We almost did not communicate ... but in September, walking in the company of a little drunk, I wrote her a sms ... we started writing ... we understood that we want each other, and we can not do without each other ... A few days later I saw her in front of her institution, she offered to accompany her to the library, I agreed, we walked down the street, eating ice cream, almost came to the library when it began to rain, the only shelter was the arch, not in and we ran ... I pobuhtel it for what all was soaked. Ira began to feed me ice cream, for propriety's sake I refused, then with its displeasure to eat ... I decided to go for exploration, where does this arch, and saw that the other side is an old, two-storey house. I called to Ira. We went into the entrance, I put our bags and bags on the floor and hugged Irishku ... and then ... just like then in the country, our lips have merged in a long kiss ... we continued to kiss, and me and her cringe from it I frantically began to remove her jacket ... then lowered her straps t-shirts, and have access to her breasts began to caress her ... kiss ... then play with her nipples ...
She took off my soaked shirt, I closed an access door ... Since Ira prettier, a little thin, brought the figure up to almost perfect ... her jacket lying on my t-shirt and bags. I offered her up to the second floor to the window sill ... We took the things and went half-naked on top ... then I pulled off her T-shirt, which hung on the belt, and pulled her jeans down to the ground, shoot them did not have time, so how there were still sneakers ... our window was located very convenient, it was closed under construction house, so the street no one could see ... Ira took off my jeans, pants, took my already stirred up the other in his hand, and start to drive it on the trunk, in the meantime I ... pulled her off her panties and hand went immediately to her pussy ... my fingers gently entered into it ... Ira started moaning ...... I continued my hand movements, at the same time kissing her, his other hand played with her breasts ...... her moans grew ... I stood in front of her on his haunches in front of those seated on the window sill, and began to kiss her feet, then slowly touched tip of her tongue to her little tubercle, then penetrated into the tongue, I felt her arms wrapped around my head, she moaned ... I quickened the pace, tongue worked as a bud that he waited 100 years ... I have introduced more paolets one, and began to introduce it into her ... she started just scream it even scared me, I was at the time of stop any impact on her and kissed her, she asked me to continue ... I carefully framed his penis to her wet hole, and entered it, a pleasant warmth enveloped my 20cm dick, I slowly began to increase the pace, my hands slid down her body, I squeezed her breasts, kissing her neck, she cried, and finished, but it was only the beginning .... ... she dug my nails back, kissed me, moaning ... I picked her up and began to raise and lower, so she throws her head back and closed her eyes, her body arches ... a couple of minutes I had finished. couple of weeks of abstinence I have accumulated quite a lot of sperm ... it flowed from the head, and bathed everything inside Ira, tight stream beat inside her ... she groaned, breathed heavily and finished again ...... at that moment we heard the creak of the door opening at the bottom ...... dressed quickly, and went to the library ...
This is the end of the first part ...
Continued think necessarily follow ...
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My adventure

I went once to work in a very early hour, at 6:30. I went to the lodge to take the key from the cabinet, and there ... on the couch asleep boy of sixteen, whom I told the boss (and I did not attach importance) that took the guard of one boy to his pocket money to earn. We have something to protect and nothing! So. Look, is handsome, wearing shorts, open (hot), and he "tent" ahead ... Do not rendered soul of a poet. I slowly pulled off his shorts. A pant a bye-bye! Oh, well, good, good! In short, I took in the mouth. A few minutes later, he arched his back (he sleeps!) How to shove me deeply, and then as streln¸t! Yes, so much !!! Vkuuuuuuuusnyyyyy !!! Neatly I covered it, and I think we ought to take a closer look. Especially come when not spit.On changed on the third day. I come as early, but not much, and even on Sunday (in the first place, no one would suspect, because I often work and sometimes on weekends, and secondly, no one really can not hurt). Getting in. Similarly, not sleeping, watching some stupid kino.- Hi Yurok! How's it going? Not szharilsya here And I must say, the heat in the morning was somewhere under 28. He was in shorts and futbolke.- Hi, - said - and what are you doing up so early on I was all? "you" called something like that happened, and I was quite happy with it. I silently walked over, bent down, the Ponte to consider what it is he's watching on TV, but do not answer. The very quietly behind the earlobe with his lips I grabbed ... Wow, not even flinched! - What is it looking? - Sprashivayu.Molchit. I gently stroked her back. And he suddenly began to breathe so often and deeply. Wow! Yes he has got! However, as I have. Why then waste time ?! I walked around him, stood in front of him and squatted down, stroking his knees and looking straight into the eyes. He looks at me. A blush on the cheeks already vozbuzhdeniya.- Privstan-ka.On jumped up as fast as if just waiting for that, I will ask about it. I slowly pulled the shorts down. They caught on pretty mad ass. So he helped, he teased them from behind and pulled, but still not just pulled off, and more, and the legs pulled out of leg. That's nifiga yourself! And standing by him even more his thing! I just had to take the head with his lips as he arched his back, he screamed and shot out! Again, not missing a drop. I had to pick him up, because his knees buckled, and carry on the bed. There I kissed him on the lips. He replied. One can see that can not. I slowly began to learn it. Op-pa! His arms wrapped around my neck. Ah yes Yurok, these are on! About five minutes later kisses feel his hand on my crotch rummage in search of not lightning (not!), And a belt! I found, I told him not to hurt and not help. Unbuttoning and crooked grins. Achieved, unbuttoned. I have no panties under jeans (I'm not crazy in this heat wearing shorts and more!). He pushes me, he kneels down and tries clumsily to do me a blowjob. Of course, let the entrance teeth. I suggested to him, just like that. He quickly learned. From the realization that my cock in the mouth of such a handsome man, (just a dream!) I almost immediately had finished, taking care that it does not choke on such an abundance of sperm and pulled out a member and fired another portion of his face. He groaned as much as if he had finished. Then we kissed again. And then, later, lounging half-naked on the couch, in his arms, he gave me a declaration of love that I had the first and only (yeah, right now, the only one so you have more of a single bag is). That he no longer needed, and he wants me to him in the ass ... Wow, gallop! But for me, surprisingly different. In general, I, apparently quite handsome, even a little stout, why and enrolled in bodybuilding, I have a beard, age again ... But, here you are ... you guys around beautiful - I just can not stand walk. And it's my love prizna¸tsya.Konechno, I did not force the issue. We agreed to meet in two days on the third evening, about 22 to fine anyone not bylo.Na second day went and bought lyuprikant (ass-gel "For two"), Prepared in general. I came as agreed. And he was there. And already naked. No, of its kind simply can not resist! I almost did not finish immediately. Just gone, he let me undress. From his pocket fell gel.- Aha, - said - now we will try Here's a pig! Lubricate me (I could barely restrain himself, that under his fingers not to splash it all over the face), then her ass and lay down on the bed on his back with his feet up. I wonder where is this "pervoraznik" this picked up ?! Not only as seen enough porn, and now decided to test all of this in practice. Slowly, so I go into it ...- Oh, - screams - it hurts! Why is it so painful? I then dropped the case and started to just kiss and fondle, stroke of everything. He first member of opal, and then began to climb. In short, I drove him to such a state that he "drip" and moaned from any touch. That's when I began to slowly enter. Gradually came the whole. And he just lip biting and my hips gladit.- hurt? - Sprashivayu.- No, - he says - all very cool and I began to move, he wheezed and began to cum!. If at that time he was shot as from a fire hose, but now the sperm just flowed. But he still tossed and rattled with pleasure. Seeing such a sight, I also began to shoot at him all that had accumulated in two days. Nifiga himself took a total of eight minutes of my entry to the lodge! That's the speed I'm so afraid to make havoc of his young ass, but everything was just great. We were with him and rested 25 minutes - 30. chatted about any nonsense. And he suddenly says: - Well, - he says - now I'm not a virgin - and lybitsya.- No - I say - you're still only half a man. Now you have to do the same thing as I. And who -? Are you there someone else you see He propped himself up on one elbow, looking at me seriously, ser¸zno.- And you will not hurt? - Do not be afraid - I say - I poterplyu.Vot, he already stood up. And I followed. At this point I decided to completely surrender to him. Let him do what he wants. uchitsya.Oh itself, how it is pleasant - to feel a young and solid stick in itself! It hurt, but I did not let on. And then after his pant and change a few key feel, twitched, I moaned. I was on the edge, but not finished. And he discharged me. I do not know how many there were, but he jerked a long time. Then he said, panting: - Right now, I rest and more time ... You can Yurok Ah yes, here is the energy - of course, have a rest?! Of course you can! You just superklassny lover, my dear little man! Smiling climbed kissing. Just wonderful man! Then there was one more time, during which I could not hold back and shot out, although the sperm was quite small. Orgasm was even one! And so just as much Yurchik yelled from udovolstviya.- What are you doing? - I ask, and he says - I'm such has never felt ... already about 24:00, we were lying, resting in some half-asleep!. He became something to tell, do not understand that. Suddenly I was like shock shibanulo! He said: - I uezzhayu.- What ?! How? It turns out, it's my boss took the job so that he can earn not just pocket money, namely on travel expenses! He moved with his parents somewhere near Volgograd. A week later, he leaves. Forever. Like this. Jura himself says, look, tears in his eyes ... I myself have also tears welled. What a bad luck !!! Only meet in order that you, too, like you, like you some kind of piggish meanness waiting !!! - Oh, - said Yura, - I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying with you! - And here it is - say - a pure folly. Think by yourself. You need to study further. To do this they need money. I can not provide you. And parents, you think about them! In addition, you know that I am yet married. Divorce may be delayed for six months. Where are you going to all this time? Well this village! You yourself will not last long. And there, in a new place, you will meet your true love. I have some old ....- No! Besides you I do not need anyone! And hung around my neck. I feel like crying .... In general, I did everything to be got rid gently. But it turned out the opposite. Not without reason in Arabic "enamored" and "fool" sound the same: "Majnun", it seems so. A train of thought in this is not to predict. In general, he (and I to a lesser extent) in terror waiting for the departure ... I fell in love it. According to the ears ... But as well that we do not see each other. I do not want to worry about then this gap later. When our soul prikipyat each other. Yes, sir, well, that he had left. He has a whole life ahead. Moreover, he learned what love is. He sat on the bus and wept. 16-year-old boy wept bitterly! Cry and spit on that, looking at him ... Honey ... I'm my own pay.
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My favorite position

&nbspMoy slave kneels and kisses my shoes. He knows that he is guilty, and nothing could save him from punishment. However, hope still glimmers in his soul.
- Well enough. Get ready.
He slowly gets up and starts to undress. For take off his shirt and pants. Slowly descend pants. slave shyly covered his hands.
- hands behind head.
He raises his arms and looks down shyly. I slowly walk around around him. It is seen as Pab cowers under my gaze.
- What will you do? I think a hundred pozg be enough.
- It's not fair, Mrs.! My transgression is not so great!
- Life is full of injustice. And you'll have it teppet. Because you are a slave. And I'm your lady. So - Carry rod.
He leaves, and soon returned with a bucket pozg. They have not been used and well soaked in a salt solution. The phone rings. I have to go to a business meeting.
I tie his hands and Slave tied to a heating pipe. So he was forced to stand for about two hours until I get back.
- Here I am. I missed?
- Ms. I almost nothing wrong. excuse me.
- Almost does not count. Give me the rod.
He reluctantly kisses and hands me an instrument of punishment. Then gets on all fours and with trepidation waiting for the first strike.
I have several times waved his hand. I heard the whistle. Pab whole shrinks. But there is no impact. I play with him like a cat with a mouse. But finally the front page appears on his defenseless pope. Honestly, I do not try, because I do not deliver much pleasure stranger pain.
Pab trying to dodge. But my strong legs tightly squeeze his neck.
- Count the beats. And after each say thank you.
- One, thank you. Two, thank you. three, thank you ... Ten, thank you ... Twenty, thank you ...
From this monotonous work I get bored. I'm sorry that I appointed as many. However, blatant trick Rab is changing the course of events. He took advantage of his ambiguous position, climb under my skirt!
- Oh, you squirt! And I still feel sorry for you.
My rage is no limit. rod in my hand comes to life and causes terrible blows to this unconscionable ass. The slave can no longer be considered. He groans in pain. Squirm like a snake. His ass is covered with bright red raised welts.
- Sorry! Madam! How painful! A! A! A!
- You have me for a long time to remember that. Take that!
- Aaaaaa!
I'm out of control. I begin to understand that it is time to stop, but I can not! My zheptva already sopvala voice.
- Well, how? He got what he deserved?
- Ppostiteeee!
Pab twitches his last legs and escapes. I fall exhausted into a chair.
- Kiss my hands and get out.
Chepez second he disappears.
Late in the evening there is a knock at the door.
- Madam, I have come to apologize and say goodnight.
I'm not angry. And in a sign of reconciliation, begin to caress it. Sex after spanking is especially sweet. I insist on your favorite pose, and perches on top of him ...
Waking up early in the morning and seeing him accidentally reveal the ass, I understand what he was worth, my favorite pose.
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On the morning after the wedding

Morning came. Yesterday, I got married. Looked at the newly-wife, Luda sweetly asleep. I'm careful not to disturb the sleeping favorite, I sat down on the bed. Looked around the room look right before bed on the floor lay a wedding dress, I immediately remembered my hands yesterday, dragged him Lyudochka, freeing her lithe body to my caresses. My cock immediately got up from such memories. Once again, I looked at his wife already is now. I wanted to wake her up now and quench their sexual thirst, but I suppressed this desire, let her sleep, because she had a very rough night. Instead I silently admired wake sleeping Lyudochka. On the one hand quilt ridden by opening my eyes one half appetizing ass and shapely legs, covered in white stockings, yesterday I did not shoot her with no stockings, no belt, in which she looked simply divine sexy.
We met with Lyudmila three years ago. And the last two it was considered my girlfriend. We walked together, went to relax on vacation, went to parties and trips. Luda is very active girl friends and she was much more than I have, but very quickly on all parties and festivities, I met with many of them and very organically joined in their big campaign. We've got to come together with Ludmila as a very smooth and easy, we had a lot of common interests, it was easy and fun together. Somewhere about a year ago, I met with her parents presented her Luda in turn. In general, the issue of our wedding has long been brewing for almost all of our relatives and friends. And so, it happened yesterday. Redemption, the registry office, riding in cars to the sights of the city, then a restaurant with a luxurious feast, lots of competitions, dances, after the restaurant all went to our cottage, where all the fun continued in the end everything went from room to room. We also retired, where indulge in amorous pleasures. Tumbles almost all night. And now I habitually wake up early in the morning enjoying the sight of his sweet sleeping wife.
A little more admiring I slowly got out of the pastels, dressed, and headed toward the kitchen. I wanted to eat and drink. Besides me still asleep and the house was quiet. When they reached the kitchen, and I was a little cooler quench hunger mixed with lust and went into the hall where all settled last night, coming from the restaurant. Our wedding filmed, or rather even two. With one camera was invited Sergei me, and on the other - Alex, from among the invited my Luda. And I would like now while everyone is asleep, to see without the interference that was shot yesterday. A little searching I found in the corner of the bag with the camera Alexei. One cassette was inserted into the camera, I quickly looked up there, but it was empty, probably at her yesterday did not have time to write. In a central pocket of the bag were two tapes, one - redemption and registry office, on the second - giving. And where is the restaurant, because most of the fun contests was just there: So, in the side pocket there was one more tape. Making sure that this is the tape that I need, I put the camera back into the bag, and the cassette went into the kitchen, where there was a TV and VCR.
Outside, the sun had already risen, but it was still very, very early. All were still asleep, and I'll be the first to look that was filmed yesterday. And I'm no one will interfere. Insert the cassette, I poured himself a tea and pressed a button "play".
At first everything was fine, everything was as usual at all weddings. True, I noticed that my Luda quickly drunk, in the general, then there was nothing strange in the morning nothing to eat, and then on an empty stomach to drink, albeit slowly, but quite often: in front of the registrar, in registry office, plus is riding around the city. And so it happened that the restaurant Luda was already not weak on the fun. Yesterday, I did not notice, yesterday I possessed so excited that concentrate on the details there was no way, but now I have this fact a little guarded.
The fact that Lyudochka was one feature that I found quite by accident, and not so long ago, and I still hope that I am mistaken. Mistaken in his conjecture that Luda when vypet can not refuse anyone, gives everything. It is something like the heat.
The first time I saw it at a party a year and a half ago. We were at a party at someone's birthday party, the people were many, chetyr¸hkomntatnaya apartment. Many drank then danced. Luda good plucked up, began to behave unleashed, beginning to let go of the sebaceous jokes, and even openly flirting with some guys. At first I did not pay attention, I think - flirting in good company it is sometimes nice to flirt. Then one guy Lyudmila, Kirill invited to dance. For a while they were dancing, I noticed that they were about something whispered, and after the dance Luda went to the toilet. Pyatnadtsat minutes passed, I'm not worried, just in my estimation the toilet could go several times. I decided to go look for Luda, suggesting that it zatusit in the next room. However, in the other rooms it was not, the toilet was busy, maybe she's still out there, I thought. Maybe in the long grab. I went into the kitchen and rummaged in the fridge, took out a new bottle of wine. At this point, the toilet went Cyril on the go zast¸givaya fly. The door to the toilet was visible from the kitchen. But what was my surprise when a minute later from the same toilet got my Lyudochka. I'm just speechless, until the end of the party Luda even two or three times disappeared from my field of vision with different guys, I do not want to think why. But when we got home, I noticed that there are no shorts and blouse and skirt in a couple of places stained with semen on it, I realized pretty strong odor.
And about a year ago, we were on the march. Most of the company, a large fire, the car, a lot of tents. Food, drink. It was dark. In the course went songs. The amount of alcohol consumed tend to start me in a dream. Lyudka also plucked. I suggest taking it to the side, she agreed. We went to our tent. I lay down to sleep, but sleep as an evil disappeared, had only to lie down. Get up back did not want to and I just lay there and listened to the next song played by the campfire. At the time of our departure from the fire had five people, all the rest as well as we have already spread to the tents. After the third or fourth song, the dream still took pity on me. However, in the moment when I almost fell asleep, I was pushed significantly, in the tent turned over, it was chosen out Liudmila. She did not notice that I do not sleep. I do not know what is and what it was thinking. But that night, I saw how she gave herself three or even four:
So I started to make sure that we at parties with Luda, and especially she did not drink a lot. And it seems to work, at least I am more never noticed such incidents.
Watching the tape further. Feast in the restaurant. Send competitions drinking at speed, jumping over the rope, search blindfolded pegs on clothes girlfriends. Yes, there is good we came off.
Yeah, that bride kidnapping. I was distracted by a phone call, but in the meantime I went to the phone and vice versa, the bride hid. This time it was especially fun to watch. I have thirty minutes could not find her, obbegat all around, and in the end, agreed to pay the ransom, after which the bride was returned to me. Sergey times during all this running around with my camera for me, taking my throwing. But Alex has disappeared along with the bride, to film what is happening on the other side.
The kidnapping took part: Luda girlfriend Lena, and she's a witness, our mutual friend Vladimir, well, Alex with a video camera. It turned out that my Ludmilla hidden in advance to stay ... hotel, which is on the floor above the restaurant. Find her I did not have a chance.
The kidnappers went into the room. Alex with a camera in their hands sat in a chair in the corner of the room so that the whole room is in the frame. Lena Vitali sent down with the instructions, watch my actions, and when it comes time to return the bride to call them. Luda was in the middle of the room:
- The boys, - she said, smiling, - I want to use the toilet.
- Go, please, - Vitaly waved - just look at the balcony do not accidentally come out.
A minute later, Luda went back into the room and said that she needed help. It turned out that Lyudmila simply can not go to the toilet. The hotel toilet room was just tiny, and Luda had luxurious domed dress, supported by hoops that just would not fit inside.
- Invent something, - said Luda, laughing - and not what I have described - being drunk, Luda did not shy about their situation and their expressions.
- Pot - suddenly Vitali said.
- It's like this? - Luda surprised by surprises.
- As in kindergarten! Alex, look in the kitchen pan some.
Alex with a camera in hand ran into the kitchen, I saw it as in any three-de-shooter. On a small stove stood a small saucepan.
- There is! - Said Alexey
Vitali put the pan on the middle of the kitchen, and asked Luda to go into it in a pot for children, while they wait for her with Alex in the room. Luda agreed. The boys went into the room. Alex sat back in his chair, he does not turn off the camera for a second. However, three minutes later I came into the room, my Lyudochka, in one hand she held the pan. This time Luda complained that her dress prevents the dome, and she asked the children to hold the hoops dresses shed. I am at this moment just dumbfounded, though my penis too dumbfounded, in the truest sense of the word, so unexpected and exciting was the suggestion of my betrothed. Alex initially did not believe in the reality of such a proposal by Lyudmila, dressed in a wedding dress with a veil, but Vitali apparently realized immediately what it's going. He took Alexei camera and put it on the window sill so that the entire room is well in the frame. Then I put the pan in the center of the room. "All is ready", - He said Luda, and added Alexey: "Come on, help!".
Luda got over a saucepan of guys stood her pobokam, they got down to the hem of her dress and began to pick it up. My eyes slowly opened my bride slender legs, covered in white stockings. When the skirt was raised completely, I saw a translucent white panties which hid most intimate, as well as belt, to which were attached stockings.
- Do not pry - cheerfully said Luda and pulled down her panties to the floor, then sat down over a saucepan. Vitaly with Alexei too fell to the hoops do not interfere with Lyudmila. Zazhurchal trickle. I saw guys looking towards a dress, or rather Vitali just stared, and Alex is clearly embarrassed, but also glances. The first time I saw how to write my Lyudochka, yellow elastic ring jet beat in a pan. I pulled out of his pants his cock and began languishing his podrachiavat, while experiencing an unprecedented pleasure.
When the urine stream dried up, Luda got guys lowered the hem of her dress, and she went away to a chair and turning to him, said: "Have you seen my pussy, now I want to see your cocks!". My jaw dropped, I did not even realize that the finished, cum shot across the kitchen. Men, too, were confused, but the bride waved his hands, as if encouraging them. Vitaly started rast¸givat belt for trousers. Alex did not move, he was as fascinated as I watched the scene.
- Wow! - Said Lyudmila, when a member Vitaly jumped out, a member of his, really, was that it is necessary, much longer and thicker than mine, a real club.
- What a lovely, - playfully said my bride. She went quickly to Vitali, one palm gripped his unit and began to stroke-podrachivat. Then he dropped to his knees, with her dress picturesquely blurred all over the floor. He lifted the veil that covers the face, and looking straight into the eyes Vitaly slowly walked his sharp tongue on the lower side of its members from the scrotum to the head. Vitaly issued a moan of pleasure, my cock nalilsya new force. Luda did mouth letter "about" and a sharp movement of his head planted on a member Vitaly immediately swallowed almost half. Luda has earned the tongue, she sucked and licked. I watched as my bride in her wedding dress on her knees in front of another man and made him a blow job, I could not tear myself away from this spectacle seemed unreal, my hand automatically moved purely on my cock.
Luda suddenly broke away from the body of Vitaly and turned to Alex, still sitting motionless in a chair.
- Well, what about you? - She asked, rising to his feet, - Where is your cock?
Alex stood up, he was still in a stupor. Luda went to him, deftly rastegnula buttons and zipper on the trousers, he has launched to the hand. Alex shuddered when the bride groped his cock and yanked it out. Body Alexei stood upright; he was not very large, the trunk was thin, but long enough. Kneeling now before Alexei, Luda bared head of his cock and licked it. At this point, Alex suddenly twitching, and his phallus began intense bursts of semen splashes whitish clots in the face of my bride. Some of them fell into a half-open mouth, and the rest was flooded her cheeks, chin and neck. Large drops of thick sperm began to fall on the shoulders open with my fiancee zalyapanogo face.
- Perevozbudilsya boy - Luda said, swallowing sperm got into her mouth, she turned, looked up from the floor, her panties and began to wipe them, and Alex had stopped with protruding wet with sperm member. Here Vitali recovered, he stood in front of Ludmila and poked his phallus in her mouth. Double ask Lyudochku did not have to, she covered her mouth penis, Vitaly rocked her hips forward, his trunk moved inland. When he rested against her throat, my bride began to make reciprocating movements of the head. Her mouth stretched thick phallus Vitali, without stopping sliding on his trunk back and forth, like a polishing surface. From time to time Luda squeezed sponge, more tightly clasping their member, and sometimes moonlighted palm. Vitaly moaned, I have almost the same. After five minutes of intense blow job, Vitaly grabbed hands behind my head, and the bride, holding her still, made a few powerful thrusts her hips, with full force will drive a stake into her mouth. I thought it was so he could penetrate the skull Luda, but Vitaly just propihnul its almost dvadtsatisantimetrovuyu edifice her the throat and uttering a savage growl, he began to finish. Lyudmila tried to pull away for air, but Vitali gripped her, keeping her right in the throat. Finally shoot, he pulled out his penis, Luda sighed, coughed, otharknula sperm several times.
At that moment I had finished, once again splashing kitchen floor with his sperm. I picked up a chair tea towel and threw it on the floor, on the TV screen, meanwhile, was seen as Lyudmila, breath, beckoned to Alexei finger and began to suck him. Now she is sucking dick like it was candy, Luda then swallowing it, then released, caressing tongue slightly podrachivala his hand, he took the head ... on his lips, swallowing again hid it in one cheek, translated for another juicy sucking. Alex threw his head from the received fabulous fun.
Vitaly watched the couple from the side, he jerked, trying to quickly bring your unit in combat-ready status. When he did, he came back to Luda and holding the edge of the dress, threw it together with hoops on her back, thus opening a beautiful view of her elastic ass, juicy thighs. Vitaly knelt pristraivayas behind my fiancee, he ran his hand over her crotch. "M-uh!"- Luda said it, just swallow a member of Alexis. Vitaly licked his hand, only that last for a long time already wet my bosom Lyudochka, then put both hands on her buttocks and began to slowly and gently enter his penis into her vagina.
While Vitali trunk immersed in it, Lyudmila released from the mouth member Alexei and continuing podrachivat his hand, emit a continuous moan, she almost screamed. But pubis Vitali met ass Luda, and Vitaly began with measured movements quietly fuck my bride. Continuous crushing rhythmic groan pokrikivaniyami that Luda was making when Vitali slapped her ass her pubis, stringing on a long pole. Luda finally remembered the Aleksey member in his hand and swallowed it one fell swoop, continued to suck. Of course it is now replaced by groans inarticulate grunt.
Just magic picture: the bride in her wedding dress sucks one and the other fuck her from behind. However, it is better not to think that this is your bride is a sort nanizanoy carcass on a spit of two phalluses. Otherwise, you may lose the tower. I would not change anything, I could not, it was a video recording of yesterday's events, so I jerked off, imagining that watch porn, porn with my fiancee in the title role.
Vitali pushes her almost made Luda sit down on the penis head Alexei, however, it seems was not against, the truth Alexei soon broke down and poured out into the mouth Lyudmila, very careful to keep his dick in his mouth and swallowed all the sperm to the last drop. Alex slumped into a chair. Vitaly, he saw that the bride's head is free, hand movement threw on her veil and now fucked my bride, whose face was hidden by a veil. Luda now no longer mumbling and moaning, she howled and whined from the resulting buzz, and Vitaly all pumped up and pumped her with his piston, I saw that he was very sweaty, it was not unexpected, given the pace with which it hovered my Lyudochku. It is a long time to come, but finally threw back his head back, and a member of the contrary is impossible to sticking to the bride, clutching her hips, Vitaly started discharge. Luda paused, biting her lip, she has been a hot semen flows, shoots powerful jets of Vitaly gun. When he finished, Vitaly fell off from my fiancee, his phallus glistened with sperm mixed with secretions of women, he picked up the panties Luda and began to wipe them his unit. Lyudmila has continued to stand on all fours with a veil on his face and zadranym dress, it seems that she is now nothing to think, and she needed time to recover from such a fucked.
Wiping and tucking into the penis pants, Vitaly approached the camera, took her in his arms and began to shoot close-ups of my ottrahanoy bride: her face behind a veil, eyes closed, mouth open, the camera slowly makes a circle around Luda now Rear view: wide-set legs in white stockings, bare ass limits zone, clearly visible reddened lips sex, smeared in sperm abundantly flowing out has not closed down the entrance of the vagina, the sperm is a lot of glass on the floor has a small puddle. Vitali, hold the camera with one hand, aimed at the ass Luda, the second starts to push her vagina her crumpled panties.
It looks like it has returned Luda into reality. She wagged her hips and turned to Vitali, but he still managed to push in the hole raz¸bannoe panties.
- Instead of a tampon, - said Vitaly.
Ludmila wanted to say something, but at that moment the phone rang, it's Lena reported that it is time to return the bride. Luda got up, too, Alex stood up, tucking his farm in his pants.
By putting the camera back on the windowsill, Vitaly jumped to the bride:
- Give me at least kiss you, - he grinned.
Luda raised her veil and they have merged in a kiss. Then Vitaly asked her when it will be possible popolzovavshis her back door, and then, as he said, it still has not been used and he would not mind being the first Lyudochka said that tomorrow be sure to make time for it, especially if the company they will be Alexey.
Next record ended abruptly, apparently Alex turned off the camera more on the tape was not recorded anything. So, I take the tape itself, let them think that they have lost. And now it is necessary to go fuck my dissolute little wife in the back door until it is done by someone else. With this in mind and with a phallus at the ready, I hurried back to the bedroom to his sleeping wife.
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Summer day

Cyrus woke up early in the morning. Bright sun shining and the day promised to be hot. She had breakfast as usual, and began to get ready for work. Today, she decided to wear an orange shirt and white pleated skirt brief. Kira had brown curly hair that reached down to his shoulders, slender legs peeking out from under the skirt, white pumps completed her garderob.Ona slammed the door and pushed the elevator button. When the doors opened, she saw a man in an elevator, and a smile came to him in the cockpit. She lived on the 11th floor, had to go long. The doors closed and the elevator began to descend. Suddenly, a man came up to Kira, pinned her to the wall and began kissing. His hands stroked her legs, hips and gradually moved up. The man pulled the girls panties, his hands reached her elastic ass, moving and caressing her pussy and clit. Cyrus was hot. The unexpectedness and from such a situation, she was excited. In general it was very sexy and it was easy to bring. Stranger in this time pressed the button "Stop" and the elevator stopped between floors. He pulled up her skirt and, kneeling, began to caress the tongue clitoris. Lips bowed his tongue went around all the most sensitive places. He then sucked the clitoris in themselves that led the girl in ecstasy, then released him and gently stroked the language. Then he unbuttoned his trousers and planted it on his penis. The man took the girl in his arms, her legs encircled his waist. He continued to kiss her, and became equally quick jerks to introduce his penis into her vagina. It was so sweet that Cyrus started moaning. The man has brought it even more, his movements became faster. Cyrus felt the tremors within the powerful body that penetrated her and delight. They moved at a rapid pace, so that could be heard slapping their bodies. Finally stranger took out his penis and ended on the floor in the elevator. Cyrus held his hands and body wanker. After intercourse, they again led the elevator in motion. Cyrus straightened her blouse, skirt. It was only when he went out suddenly woke up and realized that was left without panties. They stayed at that Neznakomtsa.Kira descended into the subway. In the morning there is always a lot of people, but that day was something special. The crowd crushed the girl to the people who sat and she could not move. Beside her sat a man reading the newspaper. At first, Kira was riding and thinking only about how not to fall into the crush. But suddenly, she began to notice as if her knee touched someone's hand. At first she thought it seemed, but the hand moved higher. She persistently climbed to where most recently was a member of the stranger out of the lift. And the finger, feeling the humidity her pussy into her, and another finger began to rub her clit. Looking closer Kira realized that it was the hand of a man who was sitting in front of it, he covered it with newspaper, and people standing nearby did not notice anything. And the fingers of a man was persistent and skillful. The index and middle fingers and then easily entered into the vagina, and the large - ter clit. Cyrus was ready to scream, but bit her lip so as not to do it. Inside its hard part - the clitoris and vagina all the flames of fire, his fingers moved faster men, and Cyrus came, trying not to betray yourself and to keep a pleasant, sweet teplo.Na next stop she got to transfer to another line. There was also a lot of people. Cyrus pushed into a corner at the opposite door of the car. She stood and stared at the glass door. The people were many, but the girl did not notice it, she remembered the fingers of a man who made her cum just. Reflections girl again interrupted insistent hands. She felt her skirt behind someone lifts up again. She was clamped to the wall and could not even turn my head and see who it is. Cyrus felt, as her ass rubs naked male member. Hands of a man touched her clitoris and vagina. And there were so wet that they slipped and did not meet resistance. Member not long rested in the ass. Sensing that the girl is ready, a man walked into her vagina. They stood in the crowd, the train swayed rhythmically they copulated, a member of the inputs and outputs, and all around was full of people, and no one knew that beside there is something unusual. Cyrus and frightened and fascinated that this unknown man had done to her in the middle of the crowd. She could not move, she just arched her back. A member of the suddenly slipped out of the pussy, he was immediately replaced by a finger. The man moistened his in pussy, and drove in the ass. He squeezed her buttocks with one hand, and the other is pushed into the ass finger. When the hole is widened, the finger was replaced by a member. The man began to move dick in her ass. He drives the his powerful phallus in anus girls and hand ter her clitoris. The train was traveling and suddenly the lights went out. Kira felt a powerful blow in the ass and a member at that moment a hand grabbed her breasts. She broke down and finished. The light flashed, the man beside her was not, and she thought that it was a dream. But a pleasant languor in the abdomen prevented her etogo.Kira came out of the subway and went to work.
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Girl for a monk

Frankly, I have many friends, acquaintances and friends. In all spheres of activity there "their" people. Therefore, no one is surprised by the fact that I made friends with a monk from a monastery located in the K field. More precisely, I had long been familiar with this guy, but he was a monk, I did not know. Frankly, I was surprised by his desire to escape from the busy world. Handsome guy, soul of the company (though he avoided the girls and did not drink). However, I was too young then to pay attention to it, he is older than me by 7 years, and he did not zamechal.V 17 years we went on a tour of the monasteries, then that I learned that he is now a monk. We got to talking, and half a year later became good friends. We lived in different places, but close to each other, copied, sometimes he came to his parents and would drop me. We were not even friends and girlfriends, as with him it was possible to talk about everything, so I did not hesitate to tell about their sexual modest successes. I knew that the monks can not sleep with women, but willingly talked about this, it's not prohibited. Soon, he surprised me with a confession, is it possible to have sex, but ... with a virgin. After that talk about sex more than ever we went. Over time, I noticed some aggression in the behavior of his friend, he began to stare at the girls and sigh that they went loose: 14-15 years old, and no longer a girl. I was calm against himself, he knows that I'm not "clean".Odnazhdy I was returning from the guests (all census, and had to go to one) and suddenly saw a familiar figure. Monk came to her parents for two days. We have not seen and therefore decided to make conversation but in the morning. We sat in the hay. He said he needed my help with regard to girls. We have long discussed this topic, I offered him a variety of options for their friends, for a long time laughing, as he calls friends. Then he began to explain to me what kind of girl he wants, because except virginity she should be a bunch of positive qualities. He spoke long and tedious, but still walked hop, so I fell asleep on me. I woke up on the wind cold on the skin on the chest, and the skirt was missing. I looked at him questioningly. He just put his finger to his lips. I'm not afraid of violence, because I'm not a girl, and he wanted to be monahom.On stroked my breasts, gently squeezing it (I really liked the guy, so I'm allowed to fondle himself, and then he did not go down). In the meantime, he had touched the lips of papillae, which I was not able to sustain longer and moaned with pleasure. He was inspired and began to caress me more confident. He stroked, kissed, nibbled my body. My excitement grew. He rubbed his hands chest, stomach, sinking, all below. And lips touched a treasured place, I almost screamed udovolstviya.On easily picked me up and put themselves in position 69, I realized that he wants. And I decided to thank him for his kindness lips. While I caressed his cock, he kissed my crotch, rubbing buttocks hands, lightly pressing the asterisk anus. I began to fondle his cock harder, I wanted him to finish. But he wanted more. He abruptly pushed me quickly put on his back and raised his legs bent to her chest and hugged me with his strong body. I was in the fetal position. I did not understand what he wants from "nedevochki". A second later, I received a reply to their questions. Monk picked up his penis and sent it to the anus. Only now I realized that talking to him about sex, I did not say anything about this side, and he made the correct conclusion that anal sex I have not dealt with. There - I am a virgin. From fear I just paralizovalo.V this time it is slightly (confidently) member pressed to the anus, I shuddered when the penis head is beginning to penetrate into the interior. It was terribly painful, and I tried to pull away, but he held me. And his penis penetrated farther, tearing at me, and just now I felt the size (on the lips, he did not feel well). Good thing I had smeared his saliva. It was very painful and I screamed, but he just slapped my palm on the buttock. This is a moment distract me from the pain in the anus. He slowly began to come out, I was delighted and silent, but he was not going to leave, he pulled out a member of almost the entire length only to dramatically re-enter. I screamed again, for which he received a slap again. Then he sat up a little, it became easier to breathe. He put his hand on my crotch and his thumb began massaging her clit. The combination of pain and pleasure - it is very spicy, the pleasure is felt more acutely in the background pain. I relaxed a little, he felt it, and began to move faster and sharper. A minute later I had finished. He smiled and went out of me. I'm glad that everything is over, the anus just burned. But it turned out, he decided to give me a break. He caressed his chest, then put me on all fours and one sharp movement again came into my ass until it stops. I was hurt again, I asked him to leave, but he did not hear me. He moved quickly sharply, leaving almost the entire length. I started struggling and screaming. He held me tightly and began to heavily slap on the buttocks. A second later, my ass was red, but he continued to beat me. After a few minutes, I felt a warmth that spread over the whole body. More in a moment we both finished. He stroked me and lay down beside him. But I must show him "offended" a woman, so I got dressed and ushla.Proshlo for many years. Now I feel even thanks to the monk of the case, since He revealed to me a new world of anal sex and a combination of pain and pleasure.
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Only for you

We were alone. Just you and me ... You slowly lie down on the bed, spread out his hands behind his head. I see in the dim light shine your eyes. I myself you undress, gently, gently, gradually freeing you from unnecessary wear. How are you impatient. Trying to undress me, but I do not dayus. First, you, my good. At first I unbutton buttons on your shirt. Running a hand over his chest, below, on the tummy, even lower. Then the belt of his trousers. My hand gently moves along the zipper unbuttoning her, slowly slowly. You want faster? No, it's my night. And I'm going to do with you whatever I want. Your head is slightly curled, you look at me, you wait. Slowly slipping his arms, I caress your whole body, from the feet spend behind the knees, you almost do not feel on the inside of the thighs, very gently, my hands, but I hear your labored breathing, it's very exciting. My caress all palpable. I caress your nipples, causing them to harden, like me. Then move your hands down.
Lower and lower. And stumbles upon a barrier vvide panties. I specifically did not remove them. I wanted to prolong the pleasure, stripping you. My hand goes down even lower, feeling velvety soft tissue, but not only that. Under the cloth, I feel something very interesting, and not at all soft. I'm starting to stroke you lightly through the fabric. You want more and you try to pull off the last barrier separating us. But no, I catch your hand. It is too early. I stand up and start to undress. Slowly and erotic. I unbutton buttons on my blouse, one by one, but do not remove it completely. After all, under it there is nothing more than clothes. Then trousers. I get up, and they slide with my feet, opening your eyes a little sexy panties. Slightly I turn, so you can take a closer look to me. The back of the shorts a thin lace rim, as you like. I pull together from their shoulders blouse and she falls to the floor. Want to help me take off her panties?
I want so much to do that you have. Your hands fall on my hips from their stroke. So glad. You have such soft hands. You exciting gum panties and tightens them down. Now I'm completely naked. You swipe your finger on the inside of the thigh. Your fingers touch my shaved pussy. Only pubic left a little close-cropped hairs. You feel soft sweaty skin. I'm all mokrenkaya. You see what you did to me? I want to see your fingers began to caress me, I'm trying to push closer to you, but you're smiling pushes his hand. You, too, decided to tease me? Again begin to stroke the inside of the thighs. Well, do not torture me well!
Your fingers are carried on a damp sponge, revealing them. According to the clitoris. Ahhh! How amazing! Then her finger into me and I groaned bends toward you. I want you. But you decided to check how much I endure such a sweet torture. But I want more. I lean to you, whole. My tongue slips to you in the mouth and found yours. You're so cool kisser. Then the neck. Do you like it when I kiss you on the neck? I. I go down below and the entire chest, biting nipples.
My hands were meanwhile pulling off your panties. Here you naked. I like to look at you. On your erection. I can see how he wants to me. My tongue slides over your tummy down and down, his hands stroke the inner thighs. You already anticipating as I touch his warm, wet mouth, lick all captured my lips. As the tongue is gentle touches to play with the head, stroking the bridle. Do you want it? How much do you want me? But no, not now. Now I want you. Total. I want to feel him inside her, to feel the way he pushes the folds of my pussy and penetrate inside. I don rezinochku you. Thin-thin, almost invisible. I sit down on top. The head of your member rubbing against my lips. I'm very excited. I can not restrain myself anymore. I'm going down down and feel like you penetrate me. For the first time. You moan, quietly, almost inaudibly, but I hear and it turns me on even more. I'm starting to move. Pleasure is so overwhelmed me that I'm starting to moan.
It seems that I can finish just a few movements. You take me by the hips and start helping me, setting the pace, which you like most. You're already on the brink. I hear your wheezing. Have you yourself not in control. But you're a little stop, and groan, almost a cry breaks from your lips. I feel it throbbing inside me and I can no longer hold itself. Orgasm covers me billions of bright flashes.
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