Restlessness coupe. Part 3

- Like? - I asked the guy who turned his head sharply to the sound and instantly disappeared from sight, however, he realized that talking to him calmly, dared to look out again and silently nod your head. The girl, who has decided that my words refer to it, murmured something unintelligible, reaching languidly, like sour cream cat glut oneself. acceleration process was under way. I patted her on the head and another, turned his head to the guy and said:
- Well, then get down, - the lad did not have to beg. Sveta, hear my words and feel the movement of the compartment, spun from the belly to the back and tried to hide a sheet, but as I lay on it, as a result of the maneuver appeared before a neighbor descended into an even more appetizing as though she met his gaze hunted animal.
- What are you troubled? - I stroked Svetochka on the tummy and grabbed her arm, trying to cover everything at once - shy? So there is nothing to be ashamed of. You saw him, he saw you. It can be said already familiar. By the way, did you like him handsome?
- We? - It seems that my words the boy was confused more girls. It cheered her, though until complete relaxation was still far off. Now it was necessary to rid the boy of stupor:
- And you, tomboy, come closer. Of course, for the rape and corruption of minors insane you should be severely punished, but ... Well, if you carry yourself around and listen to their elders, can and deserve forgiveness from Svetochka, right, I'm talking about? - A girl, hardly understands what I ask, but realized that turning to her, shook her head, still staring at the young man.
The guy looked from my face to the overt charms Svetochka, then appetizing hips sleeping beauty, and could not enter the event. However, it is slightly moved to the window. Then I realized that the scent of Oleg hardly create an aura of intimacy in the compartment:
- Stop. For one thing. If you want to caress women and, more importantly, that they caress you, do not forget about hygiene. Towel in hand and the toilet. Wash off the sweat, and there do not forget to rinse. Properly. And run. We are waiting for you - from my last words the girl shivered, and the guy picked up a towel, Hurricane flew into the corridor. Light turned to face me and uttered only one word:
- What for?
- And you want him to go to wag your name in every corner? He told me that he saw your mother? - Baby's face darkened: - Do not worry, it looks like it - great guy, kind and gentle, appreciate female beauty. And it will wash, so also will be pleasant.
Sveta looked at me warily. I smiled:
- Do not worry, I'm not gay. But not jealous. If he is able to please you, I will also be good. I understand that you are shy. But if undertaken to overcome shyness, do not stop. Forget that you are a girl Light. Imagine that this night you - a priestess of love, free from prejudice and stupid sanctimonious moralizing old impotent. If you happen to know what life is, what love is, what is the passion, so plunge into the ocean with his head. It is not known when the next time you're lucky to relax and revel in full. That make so that the memories of that night did not leave you for many years.
To the accompaniment of the hymn of free love, I continued to caress and kiss the girl, with each new sound feeling the melt raising fears inspired by the chaste, and passion comes alive iridescent body. At the same time pulled out from under their little crumbs sprinkled with blood t-shirt, gently wiped her pussy and threw the victim clue to their shelf. Now you can proceed to the next stage of the game. I took her face in his hands, raised it to his lips, sweet, gentle kiss and said:
- Do you agree, my angel?
- Yes.
- Then do what I say and not what do not ask.
- Good.
- Say: "I am free".
- I am free.
- Say: "I want you."
- I want you.
- Say: "I want to fuck like a whore."
- I want to fuck like a whore.
- Say: "I - a whore."
- I - whore.
- Lie down on your side. Face the wall. Fold the legs. Move ass. Even further. Like this.
Girl almost happy to execute the command. I got off the bed and knelt down. Dawn had almost completely come into its own, and my eyes appeared a delightful picture - with two shelves in the pass two charming popochki were exhibited. In the hallway, he heard hurried footsteps, I stood up, slipped between the thighs, and turned toward the door, slightly bent, he puts his hands on damsels buttocks so that his fingers rested in the wet pussy folds. The door swung open, and stood on the threshold of Oleg.
- Welcome, handsome prince. Do not just stand there, come in, until the queue is formed, - kid on straight legs entered the compartment and closed the door behind him: - Are you ready to take the oath of the knight of white roses?
- Ready - with a slight hitch boy gasped.
- Excellent. Put your hands on the elegant charm of beautiful ladies - the boy blankly handed palm - Not as below. Get down on one knee. Good. Now repeat after me. By always love and respect women. Do not deny them affection. Never brag about your adventures. No one to talk about their women. I swear to be a man and a gentleman, always and everywhere.
Oleg repeated my speech word for word. At the same time we are four hands caressed our neighbors, sometimes touching fingers. I leaned over Sveta:
- Now it's your turn. Do you swear to never show off their adventures and not to tell anyone about their men?
- I swear - the girl was so good that she could swear to anything, because once the two men gently fingered fingers wet lips of her little cave while Oleg gestures I showed how to caress the bump and intimate holes crumbs.
- Well, Prince, you dedicate to the Knights of white roses. Rise. Can you remove his pants and drew his sword. Sveta, check the combat readiness of weapons of the new knight fine ladies.
I helped the girl to sit down. An innocent baby has unabashedly and signs of indecision with bleary eyes and slightly open mouth sluggish grabbed the boy's pants and pulled them down. Oleg swallowed and winced when his protruding blade caught on the gum, loudly and sharply released snapped Man in the stomach.
- Be careful, my darling, do not tear off his personal best caressed - Sveta one hand stroked beads hilt and the other embraced the sword itself. According to the thickness and curvature of the latter was more like a katana. It became clear why it is so easy to penetrate into the lair of a neighbor, without waking her. However, thinness and light curvature of the katana is no spoiled kid appeal, and only gave some originality and an extra erotic image of the ancient Greek athlete. I sat next to the crumb and leaned into her ear:
- Caress his blade claws, - the girl with pleasure executed command - drag them up and down. Good. Come and play his balls. No, softer. Poslyunyavil fingers. Touch the tip. Yes. Like this. Lightly touching. Smell fingers. Like? Kiss him. Do not look at me, and for him. Do not you want to kiss him? What do you mean, how? Sponge. Tenderer. Here. Tongue. Excellent. Mouth open wider. Hand clasp it. Does not pull so hard. Softer. And a little twists. Clever.
By controlling the process, at the same time I caressed her breasts, occasionally touching the rapidly hardening nipples, stroking his tummy, hips, legs. Parting them, I found that girls pussy downright juice flowed. Young knight also already held with difficulty, and then only with the recent orgasm. It is possible that my presence is slightly paralyzed him, although, judging by shortness of breath, too:
- Quiet, Olezhka, do not hurry. Let him go, princess, let breathe. So, take a breath. Relax. Lie down. Little, Give this man his shelf. Let lie down. We are in no hurry. What is the main task of the knight of white roses? Deliver fun lady, and then himself.
Muddy kid eyes slowly brightened, though too slowly. As I crept into question:
- Oleg, and you were a woman? Well: up to tonight?
Prince with regret shook his head, I believed him:
- No problem. Remember the main thing - if you feel that you could not stand to hold back, and the partner is not ready yet, distracted, think about something extraneous and not very pleasant, about any small problems. Take less comfortable position. Bend the knees, for example. Yes, like that. Ochuhalsya?
- Uh-huh.
- That umnichka. Svetik, kiss him, just until lie. Yes, right on his heels. No, I do not kiss on the cheek. On the lips. Do you know how. Show him the class.
I moved closer to the door and dropped the baby boys handle on the blade, then leaned forward, lifted her legs and put on his shoulders. Our group began to resemble acrobatic composition.
Hip girls were significantly higher than the shoulders. Kissing passionately with a beautiful boy, the second hand she caressed his heavily swollen mound. Oleg hugged Svetochka both hands and passionately stroking her back, occasionally touching popochki. I caressed language hospitably thrown open slit along the entire length from the connection labia minora places where sometimes touched girls' playful fingers until the second hole, still innocent. The fingers of my right hand got into still welcoming pussy whistle neighbor, and the left hand caressed the girl's chest, then your own plunger.
Kiss procedure captivated children so that slight tremor began in turn to shake their bodies. I straightened up, leaned back slightly and pulled sugar lips of the young beauty from the greedy mouth of Prince:
- Kiss his nipples, caressed them, - the girl clung to his chest razomlevshie tomboy. I fingers parted her lips and tongue slipped inside her cave. At first I felt a slight taste of blood, and I gently licked the remnants of the hymen, and the baby did not even flinched. It seems that all the unpleasant consequences of the entry into adult life left far behind.
I swung her legs from his shoulders, put his knees on the shelf, took the hand of the priest and moved to the window, it is not separated lips again merged in a passionate kiss. Continuing with his right hand to keep the girl's ass so that her wet silk was right under my fingers, I started a leg for Oleg crumbs so that his katana was exactly a hidden purpose:
- Well, doves, ready?
Druzhnoye reply bellowing could be taken as a sign of consent.
- Then do not twitch. To enter it is necessary to carefully - with these words, I took his left hand and Prince blade, extending his right, gently put him expiring lubricated pussy. Then his right hand on the ass babe replaced the left and slightly shook his girlish hips. Children correctly interpret the signal and began to move actively. My hand is left lying on the intimate folds of the crumbs, while the boy's tool penetrating into the coveted cave, slipped between my fingers, which increased the already not a weak excitation Oleg.
I'm also pretty wound up and have even started to attach your device to the appetizing cunt neighbor, when the prince made a few convulsive jerks and stopped. The girl froze, too, but it was clear at the hips slight vibration that the gentleman did not wait for her. I had to escape from a mature beauty, to lend a hand to the young charmer:
- Nothing, for the second time not bad. The first time I even fell asleep at once, but you at least kiss her keep - katana young men lost their harmony and slipped out of the womb is not completely satisfied:
- You know, Oleg, what is most valuable in group sex? - Even for a moment Dove broke apart: - If there is, you can always sachkanut.
Sveta snorted, and the boy was confused. I had to pull up slightly young hussy:
- You kiss him tighter, do not you see how much you like guys.
Persuade anyone not necessary - their lips have merged again. I lifted the girl's graceful figure, threw his leg, resting his elbow into the wall of the compartment, and spread rushing into battle blade gentle girlish lips. The scabbard was not only wet, but close - the size of my tool is still significantly superior to the diameter of the katana. But this is not to pose serious problems for Svetochka, on the contrary, it literally curl up with excitement as my leisurely forward.
Finally, my pubis, I ran into appetizing buttocks. the girl's right hand slipped between her legs and gently, but at the same time demanding and passionate stroked my balls. I immediately tore the roof and brakes. Game over. The next two or three minutes I looked like out-of-control jackhammer. The most amazing thing that almost became a woman the girl managed to answer me, without breaking the passionate kiss passionately a handsome prince.
All this ended with the rapid triple orgasm. I misspoke - it is triple, because katana Oleg had time for this time to rise up and discharged again, this time on his stomach. The cacophony of groans and roars during ejaculation sounded deafeningly even against the background clatter of wheels. A neighbor stopped whistling and rolled over. I collapsed on the children and buried his face in the pillow. We froze. Another minute passed, and whistling restored. Appetizing sirloin - the culprit of all the night's adventures - finally disappeared under the sheet.
I got off the baby and kid crushed a double burden, helped her up and smiled at the boy Svetochka:
- All that's enough for today, and now all rinse and sleep. Otherwise, tomorrow will be like boiled chicken.
At the last moment I was able to intercept Svetochka holding the door handle:
- Maybe nakinesh on anything? - Children burst out and quickly got dressed. I also pulled his pants and looked out into the corridor, dohnuvshy me predawn emptiness:
- So, the girl left, boys to the right. And quick.
Five minutes later we were lying on their shelves, and I finally fell asleep.
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Live something once

Mihai's wife Catherine, slim beautiful woman is 38 years old. Michael and Kate have been married for 18 years, have two children, a daughter and a son. Elder Aurelike, at the time of writing this story was 15 years old and the son of Kostadin -12.
Mihai, having worked in Russia for several years, has accumulated some money and moved to the suburbs for his family. Children went to school, and Kate began to lead a simple enough household. But money was never enough, had nothing to put the kids to buy their fruit, sweets, ice cream: Alas, the bulk of earnings Mihai went to pay for a rented apartment.
One day, one of his countrymen, whether in jest, whether seriously Mihai offered to send his wife to work on the highway.
"Shoulder" prostitute:
He thought and thought (money, according to the stories, prostitutes earned very good!) And even offered his wife to go to work. Prostitute.
And I got the forehead. Stout women's fist.
She did not want to hear about prostitution!
Do you think it? Think Mihai retreated? Ha.
You do not know Moldovan men! They are very persistent! They are very stubborn!
And yet - they are very cunning:
In general, a week later she agreed. For the children! Just for the sake of children, remember that bastard !!!
Dressed up in the best dress, she pulled pantyhose beautiful, clean linen. And gone.
I went to a prostitute. Permanently.
I came back a week later. Tired, exhausted: With five hundred dollars in his pocket:
Such money Mihai earned the hard work in the past month! And here:
In general, the working profession for Katya was approved by the council in a quiet family marital little bed: It turns out stories Katie about how and who in these days have (or "fucking") for Mihai was a great aphrodisiac!
And in general - I loved it! And the husband and wife.
Became Katya working as a prostitute.
And I work for three years. Earning in the other months, up to three to five thousand dollars. Not bad, right? And then!
He worked himself and worked, toured the vast country in the cabs of trucks.
In general, this work she even liked:
Not yet turned up a good case to get to the sauna:
For the same working field. Only now - I am waiting for her quiet, uneventful driver cabins and roadside motels job.
Sauna was in Moscow. Katya went every day, or rather every night, for work. "The Office" - she said, leaving the children.
Visitors to the sauna chose it quite often, almost every day.
Katya's revenues have gone up!
Family well-being of immigrants from a small border town of Ungheni growing!
They filmed (buy, alas, is not able to!) A decent apartment, furnished with good furniture. They had a farm and in a TV and fridge, and a video recorder and a video camera was even! And parents, in Moldova the money sent regularly! Life is getting better!
Four years later, it is again profitable to change jobs, and began to serve have visitors VIP - sauna, greedy, not only on the young, stupid and slim girls but also in mature, experienced women "in the body" (Katya fatty She: slightly! plump "pleasant fullness" as they say)
The total length of service of work whore Katya approached to ten years:
She formed a circle of regular customers, some of them were very, very wealthy.
One of them, an ethnic Azerbaijani, came in two cars, with security:
He always chose only Kate! But all that had her, it must be said, not wishing, as they can not spare the men only women sales and affordable!
I drove it in the sauna quite often two or three times a month:
And Katya bought during the whole night, paying for it a thousand dollars, of which exactly half of getting any of this sultry married Moldavian:
He fucked Katya passionately and relentlessly, which, incidentally, contrary to expectations, the reader likely, very much like Kate:
After they lay together in bed and told the man habitually purchased whore himself, his business, complain about life, to chill, to homesickness:
Katya, too familiar, sucking his limp dick, again causing it virility:
And once the eastern man said in this situation:
- I want a man! You and a man! That you were standing next to cancer! And I'll have to fuck!
In the queue! You and a man! Do you have a man here?
-How much do you pay for a man? - I asked, looking up from vospryanuvshego member Katja.
-Twice than you. - Was the answer
Two thousand dollars!
The fate of the asses, Mihai was solved at the same moment! (The fact that her husband is bi-rounder, Kate knew, or rather was unpleasantly surprised in a very even neprikrasny evening, in the first year of marriage, but now it's not about the past but about the present)
Night family council was ever fleeting.
Arguments and facts were few.
"I have a family to earn money for the client, you can, why can not you?"
"He'll pay two thousand a night, a thousand of them - yours, or rather, our"
In general, soon in the sauna has a new sex worker.
And began the difficult working life.
They really catered to that Azerbaijani bisexual together.
Mihai, so many years in the former sex versatile than secretly terribly proud of, and could not think about the active role of men. His fate was - in endless Oral client and prolonged standing in knee -loktevoy pose ( "cancer"), feeling like Azerbaijan drill hammer it into the rectum: It turns out that Azerbaijani was a great expert in the humiliation of men:
And he did it so skillfully that after some time, Mihai has missed his strong hands, a ringing slap on the ass and cheeks and even he liked sex with this man: He wanted it! He missed it! He was humiliated and trampled:
But family income has increased significantly!
But my story is not about increasing the welfare of a single Moldovan family.
Sometimes this is the client, become generous in the morning picked up the rich Moldovan Pinocchio to the house in which they rented an apartment.
So it was that day.
Michael and Kate out of the "Mercedes" Azerbaijanis, and then ran out of the door, hurrying to school Aurelika and Kostadin. Seeing their parents, they ran up to him and began to happily welcome, simultaneously begging for pocket money ...
Out of the car for girls and boys burning eyes, silently watched the Azerbaijani ...
On the same day in the evening he called Mihai and Kate to a meeting in a nice restaurant.
And after drinking fine French wine and fine snacks, outlined the essence of its request to the close-knit family.
He wanted Aureliku.
Parents angrily, almost in unison shouted "No!" (Protection of sitting at the next table and absorb mineral water, on guard!)
Azerbaijani, he nodded reassuringly bodyguards, smiled, patted Mihai's hand and said:
-I knew that we agree!
He paused and added:
- 50 thousand. Euro. For your little girl.
Mihai looked at his wife:
Catherine speechless: then hoarsely he forced a:
-Money up front!
Azerbaijanian thought for a moment and nodded.
The transaction took place.
its terms were simple and clear.
Parents write a receipt for the money. The entire amount it transfers to them in advance.
The action takes place in the same sauna in a separate room.
Parents are present in adjacent break room. You never know what may come to mind this macho:
Persuade Aureliku took Catherine.
And in general, she succeeded.
About vested interest in the case of deprivation of another's uncle her innocence, Aurelike, of course, are not reported.
Events accelerate.
It takes a few days and then, one evening:
"Mercedes" drove up to the house, where they live, Mihai, Katya and Aurelika.
They go out of the door and sit in the car:
Sauna. Elegant table. Wine, cheese and fruits. Cognac. Champagne. Cola - for girls:
Security somewhere nearby, but it is not seen or heard.
Aurelika decked little princess with a huge bow in a specially made hair ($ 250, by the way!), In white pantyhose - simply is charming!
Uncle Azerbaijani lot of joking with her, behaves politely restrained. Hands do not dissolve, with kisses to the girl climbs. Parents nothing to complain about:
There comes a crucial moment.
The plump envelope from a host of hands takes Catherine.
Vulgar recalculates bills.
All accurately. Fifty thousand euros.
Mother nods her daughter.
Azerbaijanian rises, reaches out Aurelike, that rises:
And it is followed by a man:
In the eyes of Catherine - tears.
Mihai, biting his lips:
The door closes.
Mihai pours himself a full glass of the unique 20-year-old cognac. Chugging.
Kate was crying.
Behind the door - quietly.
It takes about half an hour.
The door suddenly opened.
So Azeri, with a naked torso, thigh wrapped in a bath towel.
He sits down at the table.
He pours himself a glass of brandy, drank it.
He draws the parents a hard look and said:
-Money back.
-What??? Why??? In what sense? But we agreed!
-Your daughter is not a girl.
-How: How did it ???
-It's not my business. Sort it out themselves. For youngster -tselochku fifty pieces, taking into account the risk to sit down for a dozen years, the price is good. And for the ordinary girl and fifty thousand euro - utter price. Money back.
And throwing in the mouth round juicy grape:
Katherine rushes to the next room.
To his daughter.
A few minutes later there is going Mihai.
And everything is clear.
Yes, not a girl.
About a year ago, at the disco, in the ladies' room, in her cramped cubicle deflowered somebody. On behalf of Hoche. Or Misha. It seems. The room was noisy, the name of the child did not hear.
Who is he Gosh, Mike, where he lives and the girl, in fact, then the disco thought - the answer should not be.
But fact is fact.
Not the girl.
Father slapped in the hearts of not very intelligent child of a resounding slap.
Defending inexperienced, but sexually mature child, Catherine yells:
-Do not dare!
Mihai waving at them and leaves.
Mother and daughter embracing, roaring in two voices.
Approximately hour pause.
Parents and Azerbaijani again sit at the table.
Dura-teen, calmed down, splashing in the pool.
An Azerbaijani businessman, offers a way out of the situation:
-Or take two pieces - I still had time to stick your daughter, though not finished.
Of course, the two pieces of euro pussy your daughter is not necessary, but let: You never know.
So, in two pieces EUR you write a new signature. Forty-eight - return. Or:
All three of them - in a little bed. ASIC you all. In the queue! Mom, dad and daughter-whore! And all the money will stay with you. Solve.
For all Kate decided, mentally long ago I bought a house on the money in the Kaluga region. With a large veranda and garden.
She hurriedly shouted:
-We agree!
After a minute had sex.
First, the customer entered the member standing "cancer" Mama Katya:
Then - in standing next to her in the same pose dad Mihai. .
At the sight of this picture Aureliki eyes nearly jumped out of his head:
But explain to her about the peculiarities of marital sex her parents do not have time, the girl leaned on Azerbaijani!
And the move stuck drin between girls' legs:
Aurelika trembled:
-I am here, docha - it crawled naked mother:
-Get on it! - Ordered the man to Catherine.
Kate hastily rose, spread her legs, and sat down, covered the face of his daughter's crotch:
-Lick pussy mom! - Gruff voice was told the girl.
"Princess" timidly licked the outer labia of her that:
Katia, put his hand, spread them apart and offered a daughter language of the clitoris:
Girl, intuitively found the tubercle of pleasure on my mother's genitals and began to lick his concentration.
Kate groaned voluptuously
-Yes, dear, yes! Lick mommy! Lick! Good! Ah-ah-ah-ah!
-Class! - I admired east pervert, not stopping for a moment, continuing to drive into the erection of teenage girl's body!
Then, he grunted, subsided, rose slightly, lifted the girl back, spat on his finger:
The saliva left on the maiden anus:
And - sharply, strongly came into her anus!
Aurelika screamed! Right mother in the vagina:
-Yes! Ori Ori, my dear! M-th-th-th-th! What is your sweet ass! - He muttered, clasping girl's legs and pulling her back to him.
Fifty thousand euros moldavane- settlers practiced all night. It was everything.
Aurelika cum many times. With Father. With Mother. With the client.
In the mouth, the throat, in a youthful vagina, the anus:
Upon entering into the taste, the client called two guards and the child is not without curiosity watched the strange men fucked her mom in two trunks:
Then the same people in the same two trunk vyebli her father:
Half an hour later the same fate, and she fell to her:
In general, the money they have earned in full.
But that's not the whole story.
This is only the first part.
There is a second.
But much shorter.
One evening I went to Mihai.
With a bottle of vodka "Five Lakes" - my favorite.
Excellent vodka.
He told me the first part of its history.
But he came to me not for this.
He asked the council.
The fact that the very next day Azerbaijanis phoned him and invited him to a meeting. Without his wife.
Mihai went.
The conversation was short. Without restaurants. Right in the "Mercedes".
One hundred thousand euros.
For a son. For Kostadin.
Parents - the receipt they give her son voluntarily and that the responsibility - to them. Without mentioning the name and surname of the buyer.
Get money - the full amount at once and give her son.
Here Mihai subsided.
I waited in silence.
-You see, all this is terrible. Breaking the child lives: But, understand me. First, we just thought about and Aurica, but it turned out: And then. One hundred thousand. Three and a half million rubles. Yes, even those fifty - the house hidden lie. A lot of money. On them, we'll buy a house and a car, and Katya pulled out of this sauna: Let's go from here, from this garbage pit. To the village. Nice house buy. Farming loans. Rabbits were here for a long time want to breed. Very profitable. Aurica will help us, and Kostya did not remain idle. This is where a better than here: And most importantly, I Katya is about the proposal - about one hundred thousand is not said. Because she once heard the amount itself, bitch, son drag this scum! But I have not yet decided to accept or not. What do you advise me to do?
I shrugged my shoulders:
-I do not know:
Mihai poured himself a full glass of "Five Lakes", drank. Zanyuhanny crust of black cumin:
He paused and said:
-Live something once:
I got up and left.
I wonder what he meant?

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All this is slowly scrolled in my aching head, as soon as I woke up from the barely audible, and it is unclear what caused rustle. I was in the same position as, apparently, crashed yesterday on the bed face down in the right trousers. Without raising his head, he opened his eyes puffy from booze - next supine sleeping Lucy. A rustle came from somewhere on the floor. And now, over the body of my friend began to rise slowly shaggy head Lev - offending our room quiet.
I knew Lev Now wants to freshen the nip, but I had no desire to get up so early to indulge his whims. So I closed my eyes and snorted lightly. My friend stood up carefully, went to the kitchen. They could hear the refrigerator door is opened, a bottle tinkled the glass - we probably wisely left yesterday something on Sunday morning, so as not to run immediately to the nearest kiosk.
There was a smack opened beer cork, then a long gurgling, and finally a deep breath quench human thirst. Then steps padded to the bathroom, where after a while came the murmur tight jet noise and then drained from the tank water.
Lev returned to the room and lay down on his bed and yawned several times. Apparently, hops has not yet managed to overcome it again envelop the consciousness and the veil of sleep. A few minutes from the kitchen came the sound of a kiss, barely audible giggling, some whisper, then a barely audible laugh again - kissing sounds, and soon after that typical inimitable sounds of lovemaking with heavy breathing, and from time to time to break out of the clamped kiss mouth muffles sighs of pleasure.
I knew irrepressible passion and willingness Borka Ninki at any time to respond to him in return. Awakened Levkoy, they decided not to waste time and make love "in a strange loft." I imagined how they caress each other, and always with a hangover heightened arousal immediately poured the blood of my boyfriend, ready to rush into battle. If not for Lev, I would immediately shook his girlfriend that in the morning it was very difficult to wake up, and immediately took to it the same as what our friends on an inflatable mattress in the kitchen. But Lev was literally feet from our couch and me, sleeping against the wall to be seen, he is turning away from us or a person in our party. So I did not even venture to reach out to pat his chest Lyusin even if only through the fabric of my shirt, which she usually wore over his naked body when I stayed overnight.
And then again on the floor could be heard stirring. Again I opened my eyes and saw through smezhennye eyelids shaggy head Lev. He was kneeling in front of the sofa and looked at us. I pretended to snore again, thinking he was going to begin to pester me with an offer to join him for a drink a drink. At this time began to be heard from the kitchen absolutely frank sighs amorous couple, has forgotten about everything, except for my own pleasure. And then I saw through smezhennye eyelids as Lev reached out and stroked her breasts Lucy. My cock immediately responded to this by nalilsya stronger and rested in bed.
Lev gently stroked one breast to my girl, then another. Lucy slept like the dead. I knew that its main feature, because sometimes could not Obtain and begin to have sex with her sleeping. She woke up just fifteen minutes later, when I was about to finish normally. In this case, it began to stretch, without opening his eyes, hugged me, and continued to listen to my actions. And just when I was ready is about to explode sperm charge, she grabs my legs and starts to move the bottom of the abdomen, quickly reaching orgasm.
While I was reminded of all this, Lev has buttons unbuttoned shirt, exposing his chest and the girl bent down kissed him near the nipple. Lucy slept, without giving signs of life. Obviously, Lev took her immobility is not a dream, and for agreeing to the continuation of caresses. He unbuttoned the remaining buttons, took the floor to the side, exposing the naked body of my girlfriend, exposing a thick triangle, taut breasts second size. Levko while considering these charms in front of him Okay girls, and again fell a light kiss to her right breast. Right hand as he stroked a second, then made some movements in the stomach and put his hand down, putting it between the legs slightly apart Lucy.
It is in all that time did not even move. But the kitchen again heard the sighs of pleasure stimulants. It seemed to me that those sounds, and from what is happening in front of me my dick is so hardened that stony resting on the couch, now will raise my butt. But I courageously continued to lie, watching through half-open eyelids for Levkoy and trying to guess how far he can go in their molesting to my girlfriend.
Lev, meanwhile, continued to gently kiss Lucy chest, his right hand stroking her between her legs, and left me in its movements it was easy to guess the cause of plucking at his invasion of foreign territory.
I thought that Lucy began to wake up. At least, she took a deep breath, opened her legs a little wider and turned her head toward the abuser. This resulted in her movements, and again it sounded amazing even breathing.
I glanced down and palm movements Lev realized that at least one if not two of his fingers are already in the cave of my girlfriend. Palm then stayed on for some time, making careful circular motions, then began to translational motion vozvraschatelnye. I have seen at times strained stomach Lucy as excitedly heaving her breasts and did not believe that she continues to sleep dead sleep.
I would have had to do now kind that woke up and stop this outrage. But I have done so, I would have had to be permanently quarrel with Levkoy, with whom we are friends literally from kindergarten, where there were in the same group, then ten years of sitting at the same desk and now went to the same university group. I would have to part with Lucy because she allowed my friend to fondle himself, pretending to be asleep, but I had become attached to the way that probably would not be able to survive an unexpected break. I decided to pretend to be asleep, even if my friend is now really will fuck my girlfriend. And then I began to remember that she recently explicitly provided Levke attentions. So, it is definitely not asleep, I decided, and pretend to be in front of me a neat and accurate. Like, do not blame me that he fucked me sleeping.
Although Lev already being wielded his fingers in the crotch of Lucy, she lay motionless, and only from time to straining abdominal muscles time said that the flesh stir and even against the will of the mistress responds to petting. On waking spoke and brought down breath girl, but maybe she was just thrilled with pleasure, as so often during my morning harassment, wanting to prolong if you do not sleep, then at least the sweet languor relaxing state of the body and the unwillingness of the brain to come back from the world of dreams to reality.
But Lev climbed without removing his right hand from the crotch Lucy left pulled his baggy pants, took up the protruding member, and began to drive them on the breasts of my girl, without any delay, approaching her lips. I could not see whether Lucy opened her lips to meet the impatient member seems Lev just drove head on his lips. But it did not last long, soon before I heard the sound, which are only active at oral sex. Only Lev did not last long - that I saw him, and without removing his right hand from the crotch girls left struggling Fingering his dart, spraying cum on face and chest Lucy. Forcing the last drop, with obvious relief Lev drew his hand from the warm cavern overgrown with thick hair and my friend took a step toward his bed. About two minutes later came from the floor of his unfeigned snoring.
A minute later Lucy turned her head in my direction, I barely had time to close his eyes, pretending to be asleep again. It seems that for some time she looked narrowly to me and listened to my breathing has calmed down, before believed that I serenely dryhnu. After a while I felt rather than heard as she rubs the body cools sperm, then hands dropped down and across the trembling of the sofa I realized that I did not get satisfaction Lucy start to please ourselves fingers. Then he heard the faint sound and then remove the fingers from the vagina, and now in full sofa began to transmit vibration, shaking with finely furiously masturbating girl. Another moment, and a deep, long sigh detainee notified of the occurrence of orgasm.
Usually Luce enough once, so I decided that now she will turn to me, hug, utknetsya my nose in the shoulder, and we will continue Levkoy interrupted sleep. But this time, she was excited more than usual and wanted to get behind the first second orgasm. I timidly opened his eyes and saw the dance in the abdomen fingers of her left hand, fingering the clitoris, and the fingers of the right submerged deep within alien vagina fevered hand. And almost immediately the girl gushed second even more powerful orgasm.
I decided to pretend to be asleep longer be unfair to himself and his affection for the baby was weary. I turned to one side, as if in a dream friend put his hand on his chest and immediately run into sticky residues Levkina sperm has not dried between the elastic protuberance. Lucy paused for a moment, without removing the fingers from the crotch.
I am for the time of our acquaintance was not able to persuade her once to caress themselves with me, to give me pleasure to observe the process of self-satisfaction. But now, whether she was too excited, or thought I was still dreaming, listening to my even breathing, she went gently stroking the clitoris. Again, I moved as if in a dream, moved closer and stared at the girl's side their petrified appendage. She lay there quietly a little, and then with his left hand reached for my love of the instrument and began to drive over it with his hand, his right hand continued to caress between your legs. I pretended to wake up, patted her friend thrown over her arm. Lucy turned to face me and leaned to kiss my lips. More I did not want to hold back. I pulled off his pants with shorts, threw his left leg girl on hand and helped insert eagerly quivering cock in her bosom inflamed.
And when I felt that the girl will soon reach a climax, he began to drive his hand over her breasts and stomach, and kept bumping into the sticky remains of Lev eruptions.
-What have you got it? - I innocently asked in a whisper.
Yes, something sticky like sperm.
-And this is me Levchik watered while you sleep peacefully - honestly answered my friend.
-Like this? - I asked.
-And while I slept, too, he masturbated me.
-How do you know that?
-And I woke up in time.
-Well, at least he has not raped you?
-Are you jealous? - My mischievous giggle. - What would you say if he slept with me?
-I have made you repeat it, when I woke up - I said, and immediately felt a strong stream of my semen burst out. Feel it inside, for the first time in my Lucy became very quickly rubbing the clitoris and in a moment of pleasure, too, reached the top. Now, we could go to the kitchen to put the kettle on.
-And went naked - suddenly all of a sudden I said.
-What do you mean, there is Boris and Nina.
-Perhaps they, too, will be interesting.
I rolled over Lucy, jumped to his feet and pulled her by the arm.
-Hush you, - she whispered. - Levchik wake. - Not letting go of the palm of my hand, but not resisting, and went after me in the kitchen. Our friends were on an inflatable mattress naked and something whispered. Seeing us, Nina jerked was something covered, but seeing that we go to him naked, calmed down and looked at us.
-You see, people do not lose time in vain - she pushed Borka elbow. - Vaughn Lyuska all from head to toe with sperm smeared, but I at least have a modicum. Well done, Stasik!
-It's not me - I began to make excuses. - This is her Levchik smeared.
-You are engaged in group sex there? - With undisguised admiration in his voice he asked Nina. - Why are we not invited? Brazen? I may also want to:
-Why-oh-oh? - I raised with Boris pillows.
-Well, at least to see: - immediately corrected Nina. - It is interesting because, like other sex involved.
-I wonder - agreed Borja.
-Okay, - I interrupted them. - Get up to drink coffee.
-And I can even lie down, soak up? - I asked Nina and stretched seductively.
Lucy walked forward and sat down on a stool, and I poured a kettle of water, pressed the switch button.

-Or maybe you want a hangover? - I pulled on the door of the refrigerator and began to examine his guts. There, in addition Levchik unfinished bottle of beer was almost full liter bottle of vodka, on the plates were diced pickles and sausage. I put it all on the table and turned to Luce:
-Honey, get, please, glasses and cups.
Lucy rose from the stool and reached for the top shelf, which yesterday they cleared the table, put the washed dishes. Pulling piles, she arched her sexy that I could not resist and stroked her elastic ass.
-You have moved a little to the side, and then close the whole picture - muttered Boris, in all of its swollen from drinking eyes looking at a naked girl standing.
-Oh, Lyusya, you see, he woke up on you - laughed Nina, and without hesitation took up the force pours Bori member.
-And I have a hangover always want sex, - confessed Boris.
-So what are used is not wanted? - Asked Nina.
-I slept because. And now he began to wake up.
-Well, stand up for the medication, - I said, pouring cold vodka in the stack.
-I am happy, - said Boris, rose from the bed and sat down across from me.
-And me and there is no place - capriciously handed Nina. - Can I have a glass of bed lodge?
I took her pile, slice of cucumber and filed in outstretched hands.
-Well, let's healthy! - I said, swoop overturned the contents into his mouth and listened to his liking. In just a few seconds in my sick mind a sense of incredible lightness, and swam before his eyes mist. I leaned back blissfully into the refrigerator door is opened.
-Honey, you should at least bit - Lucy advised.
-Darling, only if your kiss - I responded.
-I do not mind - willingly responded Lyuska and reached out to me, getting up from the stool. We kissed.
-No, I want to really. - Lucy stood nearby, leaning towards me, sucked his mouth open and his tongue began to look for mine. We kissed a couple of minutes, until Nina is not applauded:
-Very beautiful! But whether it is possible for even a glass of health.
Lucy sat on the seat, I took Nina its stack, filled, and gave the girl poured standing on the table. We clinked glasses and drank in silence. I immediately felt very zapyanel. It seems hop hit in the head and the rest of the feast. Boris sat for a while with a stack in his hand, then put it on the table:
-It's my turn to kiss: You do not mind? - He turned in my direction.
I reply only silence gesture. Borja pulled his stool close to Lyuska, embraced the girl's shoulder and pressed a long kiss. During his left hand he put on his chest, then began to stroke it gently, then strongly to compress, then barely touch her fingers rapidly swelling nipple.
-No, you see what a smart aleck! - I heard a voice from the floor Nina. - Although, I tell you, the picture is quite exciting.
From these words, I discovered it was covered with heavy-lidded eyes, staring eyes on the kissing couple, but dizzy, and I was not to fall off the stool, he moved to postelennuyu mattress on the floor and lay down on his back next to Nina. I have for some time lay with her eyes closed until the dizziness passed, then looked up at the ceiling. Kitchen Furnishings no longer went to the side, the ceiling did not fall off somewhere to the side. Now I can focus the mind on sitting opposite Lyuska and Boria. They were still kissing, but now my friend's hand stroked his chest did not, and the interior of the spaced legs of my friend, confidently moving along the thighs to her swollen lips excited recording. And now the lead fingers along the wet vagina, with each movement penetrating deeper inside. Another moment, and two fingers sink into the warm depth, which is less than an hour ago Levchik climbed, and then I bored my soldier. From this picture of my baby I woke up and started to raise his head. And when Lyuska sweet moaned, he arched his body to meet exciting fingers twitched and in a fit of orgasm, my soldier stood rooted to the spot.
I squinted his eyes to the side and saw that Nina slowly stroking his crotch with his left hand exactly in exactly the same way as it did this morning Lyuska. Fingers girl slid up and down along the genital lips, and then suddenly became very quickly rubbing the clitoris, and when Lyuska suddenly almost immediately after the first received a second orgasm, Nina too tensed, then exhaled and relaxed drawl.
-Kiss me, please, - she said in a barely audible voice, and turned to me. - I think I'm going crazy, but I like sex. I'm so excited! There are no words.
Do not give me anything to say in response, she clung to my lips a passionate kiss, and I felt after a while, she got a second orgasm.
-Kiss me, please, in the pussy - Nina whispered, and began to move my head down.
I looked at the seated opposite Lyuska and Boria. They indulge in caresses all in the same position, but my girlfriend is now a member of the insurgent stroked my friend. I quickly went down and pressed his lips to the open bud. As soon as I kissed her swollen labia and began to touch the tip of the tongue clitoris, Nina squeezed legs were parted, pressing in my head so that I was unable to even move. When she stopped shaking all over and again stretched their slender legs, I have one motion threw his body lay on top, pressed his lips to kiss the girl, and she his fingers helped my child to find the right road. I got into Nina to its foundation and became violently batter into the hot bosom of a foreign friend. From this my wild gallop girl quickly got a new strong orgasm, stretched out her legs:
-I can not do it anymore. I need to relax: At least a little bit:
What the hell rest when I'm just burning with desire! I was forced to lie down and was about to start to masturbate, but Nina herself took my hard cock in her palm and began to drive the entire length of its trunk. I'm under the table looked up for our almost forgotten a couple. Now Boris stood before Lyuska full height, body arched forward, one hand she held on to his cock, which rhythmically sucking up to the base and a second hand caressed her pussy, sticking two fingers inwards.
-Come to us - as I said in a voice choked excitement that even he did not recognize him. But the couple dismantled. Boris reluctantly took out a member from the mouth of my girlfriend, she took a few steps in our direction, I knelt down, grabbed my erect a source of pleasure and began covering him with kisses. For this morning it was the third member of the Lyuska taken.
I moaned with pleasure softly and closed his eyes. The roar made me open them. It turns out that Borya, pushing aside a table, dropped his stool. Rearranging the table to the closet, my friend got up on his knees, immediately put back under Lyuska protruding ass his instrument of love. It was felt that it was for my girlfriend's much nicer experienced fingers of the two lovers, and even today's skilled own. Lyuska immediately pushes his back and began to howl loudly engaged sweet pacifier mouth.
Not immediately noticed I was standing in the doorway Levchik. He looked sleepy eyes opened in front of him a picture of the exciting, colorful threw his baggy pants and lay down on the prone body of Nina. After another moment, she was too sweet moaned enjoy.
Opohmelku was a success! I think it would be superfluous to say that this is not over, our orgy. We enjoyed ourselves and pleasure to our girls all weekend, taking breaks to gather new strength so go to the grocery store.
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Breakfast for three

As my cock penetrates her plump mouth, my fingers stroked her nipples :. More I could not stand, I was ready to do anything to get access to the body. And then one evening she calls on a mobile phone and invites to him. I came, not what is not hoping, she says parents left for three days and her type boring one. Has the parent's room, sat down on the bed skirt if accidentally ridden up, revealing her thigh! I lay down on her bed, she started kissing me! From the lips slowly I dropped to my neck, chest, abdomen. She reached the belt on my jeans and stood. Her fingers slowly undid the belt, buttons, she got up, pulled off my jeans, pants and knelt beside the bed! My cock was right in front of her face. She hesitantly held tabs on my trunk and began to lick the head, slowly sucking it with her lips. Oduro of such happiness, I grabbed her head and fully introduced his penis into her throat. She jerked, but I held her by the hair, and she had to obey. A few minutes later she released my cock and stood up. And I got up, pulled her to him, and in one motion tore her blouse, unzipped her skirt, and she slid to the floor! Unfastened her bra, I fell down to her chest and glared at the nipple, she cried out in pain, but I did not let go of her, licking her breasts, I pulled off her thong transparent, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. Suddenly she pushed me on the bed,
Turned and fell on me, legs wide apart, was flowing virgin pussy my devushki.Ot before my eyes that my penis just strained to the limit, she put her hands on my feet, and began to kiss the head of my cock, then licked by the bridle up testicles and began to suck the right, then left, sometimes they found themselves completely in her mouth - it was something !! I at this time licking it, leading language of the clitoris to the anus, sometimes thrusting tongue in the vagina, sometimes sucking her soft pink lips, she starts to moan and squirm backward, the English I Buravlev her clit, and his left hand caress her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples. She moved to the head of the penis, which is then sucked, chewed it, then quickly began to stick your mouth on my dick, swallowing it completely, I was on the limit, but did not stop caressing her, and then she came. Licking her juice, I went! A minute later she came again, then again. More I could not stand, her lips still slid along the entire length of my penis, head of the penis was still in her mouth and hand it **** sludge barrel, oh dark, his hands dug into her hips in my eyes. I could not help but moan, I thought I would lose consciousness, my cock began to throb and the jet of sperm shot into her mouth. She licked all the drops and turned to me. I never got so much pleasure from the usual blow job. She lay down on my shoulder.
-Water - I croaked. Vic smiled and went to the kitchen. She brought a jug of water. I drank more than half, and handed her a pitcher, she also started to gulp water. She did not mind standing in front of me, a trickle of clear water glass on the chest to the abdomen. She bent down, put the pitcher on the nightstand and looked expectantly at me, I threw her on the bed and began to passionately kiss her breasts, caressing her swollen fingers klitorok. Well, I could not tolerate more !!! I bent down, picked up his jeans, pulled out of Corman condom tore the package and pulled the elastic on my ***. Opened it, she obediently got cancer and opened me the way. I put a his penis to her pussy. Gently gently began to insert it inside. My cock rested against the partition, I stopped, she clutched his nails into sheets. Dramatically, in one motion, I stabbed her, she screamed and arched his back. Then gradually speeding up the pace, I began to fuck her. The narrow hole is gradually becoming more accepting of my cock :. Soon she began to help me, she sit down on my cock. Her body began to tremble, our moans grew louder, and we were both flooded with pleasure. Vika collapsed on the bed and curled into a ball. I took off the condom, covered her with a blanket and put his arm around her body.
-Are you hurt? - I asked.
-Not a drop - she whispered and fell asleep. It was 6 am.

When we woke up it was already evening. We went together to the shower, ate and went back to bed.
-You did well yesterday - asked Vic.
-Of course, yesterday was what I dream for a month, and that night I dreamed.
-Then, maybe, you fulfill my dream?
-All what you want!
Vick looked down and outlined the essence of the request. Her dream was to sex with two men!
-A bit strange request for the girl, which yesterday lost her virginity - I was surprised.
-Well, you can not otkazat- me, she said, and clung to my lips. And I could not. I called Sergei, outlined the essence of the problem and in minutes dvadat he arrived. While we were drinking whiskey with him, Wick went into the shower when she returned, she was beautiful: Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, skin glistening, almost smelled silk robe, stuck to the damp skin. She passed us, turned off the bright light and lay down on the bed. The long wait did not have us. We undressed and went to her. Serge sat down between her legs and throwing her legs over his shoulders, he began to greedily lick her vagina. Be excited by this picture, I put his penis in her mouth, she began smacking suck. We finished at the same time we had. As the Seregina place. She knelt down, putting the ass in front of me, and buttocks pulled her earrings to her, his cock plunged into her mouth, she sucked him, stroking his hands and sometimes eggs **** ivaya arm member. Meanwhile, I put his *** in her vagina and lubricate it, rather rudely entered the virginity nny anus. She jerked, but Serge pulled her back to his penis and forced to suck. I fucked her in the ass, and earrings in your mouth. So, moving way, one by one we finished. Freeing Vick from our members, we have turned it. And gently began to kiss her breasts, slowly down to the tummy, entered Therefore one finger into her pussy. She was burning and oozing. Vick is widely spread her legs.
-I think she wants more - Serge smiled. I lay back, Vick went down on my cock and bent. My friend plunged his penis into the narrow hole of my girls. We again began to move three. Serge held her breasts, and she sometimes masturbated her clitoris. I felt through the thin partition, the second term, it is even more intensified feelings. Serge accelerated motion, and thrust his *** for the most eggs in her ass, cumshot. After a second start to finish Wick, she was not moaning, and screaming with pleasure, she puts her mouth with his hand and I began to finish, roughly spitted it on your machine. Vick fell exhausted on the bed. Cum arising from her two holes, mix on the sheet. We looked at her. She was so good. Ottrahanaya two guys with a satisfied smile on her face, she went to sleep, we lay down next to her, hugging her, each for his part.
When we woke up with Sergey it was not. We lay there a little, remembering a fun night. From whiskey headache. We got up and pulled the whiskey.
-Boys, breakfast is ready - there was Vika's voice from the kitchen. We went, one by one kiss Vick. She beamed.
-Here, breakfast for three, in gratitude for the unforgettable oschuscheniya- she said, and smiled.
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Beyond: Chapter 6

Sid was right when in the preparation of the route offering complete our journey is in Goa. This place has its own flavor, its regulars who live there all year round, your character, and it charges the nonchalance and power.
None of us, except the conductor, previously not been there. After check in the hotel we had opened their mouths with delight, lay on the beach, watching the setting sun. And after sunset, life just raged, beach parties opened everywhere. Yoga coexisted with capoeira, and they took turns phlegmatic Buddhists. The atmosphere was free and carefree.
We all breathed this air and relaxed ...
At night we all went to the disco. As time was the festival, one of many, and well-known DJs among the crowds made history. Maya relaxed, and allowed herself to dance with Sid, sometimes out of habit looking in my direction. I took her hand Dima, and when I came very close, shouted in his ear to hear:
- I thought you were right about the Maya. It wisely. Do not take on too much ...
- Of course - I hugged him on the shoulder, - I will try.
He smiled and we began to move to the beat. Near Alex circled Jeanne, zasmatrivayas ass dancing on his back on the girl in short shorts stylish little drew a perfect ass. Roma tried to hook up the owner of this ass. Lena spoke with bohemian guy with a shock of blond hair lush, and judging by the facial expressions, it was very fun. In general, all the "seize the moment" and enjoy.

I've been so much fun, happy (maybe some of them were "a substance", but still) faces swirled around me in a whirl.
That grabbed the picture, Sid still took the situation and the person of Maya in his hands and kissed her. She timidly said so in adolescence, and pulled away, embarrassed.
This is Jeanne, in what does not refusing, lips sucked Alex together with his chin, embracing him with one foot (according to the Kama Sutra, performing graceful "climbing a tree"), is already confusing others.
That handsome blonde took Lena's chin and kissed her on the cheek intelligently. Then, in the corner of the mouth. And then gently touched the lips ...

Love, albeit fleeting, was in the air. We drank and ate it. Not surprisingly, I suddenly noticed that Dima is not only a serious and nice, but there is in him something ... dark, hot, that I want to explore alone by candlelight.
Apparently, I looked at it too closely, he smiled and asked:
-What, Masha?
- Oh, look, everything like parrots, lovebirds, - I looked around your finger around, pointing at the embracing couple. - Probably, the locals sprayed pheromones over the beach, and then remove the bushes porn hidden camera.
He laughed, put his head on my shoulder:
-You're in his repertoire. Come on, go through, we will not disturb them disperse to their beds.
Barefoot roam the beach at night, sinking ankle-deep in the water a little cool tired legs ... Fantastic day buzz. We carry shoes in one hand, the other holding on to each other.
-How long have we known each other? -vdrug asked Dima.
- With ten years - I replied. - Do you remember when we're all together in the gymnasium doing martial arts, and Sasha (Dima's older brother - ed.). Tried at every opportunity to touch the Dasha of ass?
- And I on your birthday got into a fight with the boyfriend - he picked up. - And would have broken his hand, if you had not started screaming "Let me go, I did not just give lyublyu- write off!"
We laughed. And then on I felt a wave of nostalgia, for the simple times, and I sighed quietly:
- Yes, you will always protect me. Even when I could do it myself ...
He stopped. He looked at me calmly and expectantly.

As in the case with Maya and Sid, we see that under the nose.
I, for instance, only now, after a great time that has passed since we met, after a month and a half traveling in the same group, it became clear that, despite the large number of Dima's novels, he was always fascinated me passively. And I, thinking it beautiful, smart and reliable, I think his attitude to himself something self-evident. How wrong I was ...

I take a step forward and is very close to Dime. She put a hand on his shoulder:
- Look ... I did not drink today, I do not smoke or sniff. So my suggestion would be sober and balanced, as you like.
- Go on - he's a little, most fingertips, put his arm around her waist. Kind of like embrace, and like or not.
- Come and we in the room, - I whispered, and pulled him by the arm in the direction of the hotel.
In honor of the end of our journey, during which, due to the predominance of overnight stays in the open air, we have significantly saved in comparison with the initial budget, we decided that all deserve a separate room, except that the "sweet couple" Alex and Joan.
Shortage of free space was not, the question was whether I was doing the right thing, wanting to sleep with his most long-standing and loyal friend. But when we went up to me and closed the door, I realized that everything is in order. And in front of waiting for something very cool ...

Not only a man knows how to look for the girl, which is going to bed.
Discard immediately vulgar lust - "those on the street a lot."
Let's give a chance eagerness in his eyes - it is warmer.
However, the most luchshee- mixture of tenderness, calm and confident expectation of respect. So I saw Dima, and I liked it.

The door clicked. He took off his sandals and walked barefoot in the room. She was small and without much furniture. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me. Did not ask stupid questions, in order to defuse the situation, such as "may, telly look?" Just smiled and pointed to the seat next to soboy- go, they say, here.
I surpassed his expectations. Villages are not close, but immediately on his knees, and on horseback. She took over the close-cropped brown hair, a little tilt to his head, and kissed him. It was tasty, tender, and very hot. He was able to, and the experience he had many - how many remember the woman "fought" for him. That bites my lower lip, then penetrated tongue in her mouth, but just a little bit like playing. Hands put culture at the waist, and gave me a free hand.
At this point, I was lost in time, it seemed so to kiss for hours. He also did not force. Finally, I wanted him to undress and look closely at his gorgeous tanned body, which I have often seen on halts. The body really was excellent, no dice, but strong, and such delicate skin, like a girl. Taking advantage of this moment, he took off my shirt, and then deftly with one hand, and a bra, then giving her to him, that did not seem that he immediately began to stare at my chest. Then, so gently, his fingertips touched the nipple, and subtly squeezed. By passing this motion for some reason I was excited more than the explicit tiskanya. And they rose up for a few seconds, began to take off shorts with panties. Dima undid his belt, then I helped him pull the jeans to the knees slightly pushed in the chest, that he lay down, and climbed on top.
Do not hurry to sit down on his decent size, poured force body. Kissing slowly, he took his trunk and began to drive on the outside of the lips, rubbing the clitoris, is introducing a centimeter, then again taking and stroking. Dima put his hand on the waist, and kissed as neatly as if he had not wanted to turn over, spread her legs and inserted deeply, the way, for all the time I called it "just a friend." When you, my dear, patience is over, and you show me that the beast who fought in the gymnasium, sparing neither himself nor others, for the most slightest insult ...

Finally, when I was once again introduced into the head, he gently but firmly took her ass and forced down completely. And then said the first sentence for the time that we were in the room:
- For a long time I wanted to get here ...
I laughed:
- You know as this anecdote? We had at least buy a lottery ticket. Well, or at least to say. I would consider your application within fourteen working days ...

Yes, normal kartina- first two people have sex, at the first penetration, instead of fierce translational movements merge into a fit of laughter, which only then becomes the most progressive movements.

Dima liked everything. And mutual affection in position "69", and standing, and lying down, sitting and ... In addition to this first phrase, he only commented on what my amazing body and how he likes a particular angle of observation of my intimate places.

After a couple of hour gym for the second time he had been poured into my mouth, he kissed it, and instantly fell asleep. And I'm tossing, but under the influence of sudden Nakata new, unfamiliar feelings could not settle down to Dima. Deciding that still can not sleep, quickly went into the shower and thought go through the hotel, see, maybe see how others spend their time ...
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Aty-Baty were soldiers

The first two, meanwhile, pulled down the straps sundress. My wife dutifully lowered their hands "at the seams" and the clothes were strapped to her waist. One soldier immediately pressed his lips to the nipple sticking out pink my beloved wife, began to gently tickle his tongue tip. Another soldier also followed suit. They greedily sucking and biting the breast of Aida, and she only gently plucking the hair on their dirty minds.
The other two began to interfere with the half-mast sundress and they pulled down the unnecessary fabric. Wife silently lifted one leg, then the other, and now, the most beautiful sarafan, which I gave her, flew off into the end of a dusty and dirty room. Its transparent thong were disrupted and followed sundresses. One soldier immediately hug my bare ass drozhayshy wife, the other ran his fingers between her legs and began to brazenly perform reciprocating motion. Probably, his fingers penetrated her because Hades trembled, became ragged breathing, moans became louder and it all went limp in their arms. Allocation of her vagina abundantly flowing down her thighs.
So they "tormented" my wife for another five minutes. They take turns sucking and kneaded her tits, fingering her vagina fucked, weighed resounding slaps on the elastic ass. In short, eight hands caressed her inside and out. I understand in a blissful expression on his face Aida that she was now more than ever good. And suddenly, clenching his hips and his head thrown back with a groan, my favorite was the finish. The soldiers laughed merrily and steel poshlepyvat her cheeks and buttocks, stroking her hair, rub all sorts of compliments and kind words.
Let her catch her breath a few minutes, the men began to press hard on her shoulders. Wife obediently knelt. Clicked soldiers belts and behold the face of my favorite four rearing any member of a fairly large size. Crimson heads, stems with swollen veins and small veins, hairy scrotum and eggs. The eyes of his wife and burned.
Lips into a tube, and behold, my missus is already sucking the first term. Soldier growled with pleasure and stroked the hair of Aida. Smacking his lips, she sucked one, hands wanker the other two. The fourth soldier poked by a dick in her cheek. Wife released the first dick and began to suck him. He held her zytylok and moved her hips to meet her. My wife began to sit down on a member of his mouth with even more pleasure. All this time, while she was doing blowjob, someone from the soldiers continually worked her fingers in her pussy, because it is a loud mooing and squealed. Her nipples, as well, all the time fiddling playful soldiers' fingers.
One of those, she wanker, took her head and began to pull on his unit. Wife obediently swallowed its trunk. The soldier began to furiously peck her mouth, holding her hair and planting by the throat. Then another, as in a businesslike way, began to fuck her in the mouth by weighing her light slaps why my Aida was got even more. Then she began to cum again and releasing a member of his mouth, enjoying the sensations swept her orgasm.
Catching his breath a little, the wife again began to polish the mouth dickhead soldiers. Suddenly, one of them held her head to his groin, and with a loud roar began to move the torso. I realized that it ends. His wife had to swallow, but the sperm was so much that she ran down his chin, filling the chest and hips. The soldiers laughed merrily and began to praise what she is cool nipple. The second member of the soldiers brought to the face of my beloved and began to masturbate. Aida opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Orgasm washed over a soldier and he was watering thick hot cum face and chest of my wife. From such a spectacle, and the third could not resist a powerful jet of his cudgel struck the eyes of my wife why she immediately closed her eyes, and the soldiers laughed again. The rest of the shots flew into seed zhenushkin unbuttoned her mouth. A member of the fourth soldier Aida began to masturbate herself. Servicemen do not have to wait long and groaned. The wife immediately took into his mouth. The soldier began to finish, pouring down her throat. At this time, my favorite did not say
and a drop.
Now my Aida began to smear sperm on a body of men, looking them in the eye and smiling. Those, in turn, slapped her in the face and showered "complements", type "cool nipple," "a real slut," called the very best whore and the best of poblyadushek that supposedly never-before they fucked in the mouth such a wonderful slut and slut. Then they told her a quick wash and come back, because they're going to fuck her properly. His wife ran into the bathroom and came back ten minutes later.
She laid on our marital bed. Aida opened her legs invitingly. One of the soldiers, their rampant podrachivaya bolt immediately arranged spaced between the thighs of my wife and abruptly entered her for the most eggs. With a loud Ach wife took his healthy fuck himself. Fell on her whole body, he began to peck her vagina at a rate of a pneumatic hammer. Wife cum twice before he pulled the wild roar into it.
He was replaced by the next. Throwing Aida legs on his shoulders and taking the hips, he pulled her with force on his dick. The poor woman had to bite my lip not to scream. The soldier tore it like crazy and my little wife boobs shaking to the beat of his powerful thrusts. With a loud wail, she again finished. Followed, it finished and its trahun.
Aida third serviceman turned on its side and settled back, brought in her own unit. Unlike his colleagues, he fucked my favorite gently and tenderly, kissing her ear and pulling nipples. My wife even actively podmahivala him. In the face of it there was a fourth member. Wife obediently took it into his mouth and began to suck, but, then, the soldier grabbed her by the hair and he began razebyvat welcoming mouth. Now my Aida fucked two bow.
From this fucked wife cum again. Who had it, too, the soldiers came, sending a good portion of sperm in the depths of her vagina. When he pulled out his cock, I just ohuel. Cum flowing stream of exhaust slits my wife. Ebavshy her mouth soldiers brutally flunked her on her back, and with all his might drove her his eldu. Member slid into pussy wife, like clockwork, even occasionally could be heard resounding squelch. On his wife again flooded orgasm, she put her arms around his shoulders and ebuna begged to tear it apart. From this soldier was seriously wound and began literally to ram her with his club until finally he roared, spewing hot jet in its bosom gouging.
Marriage bed, turned into a real trahodrom, thoroughly soaked with sweat, semen and vaginal secretions. The air smelled of sweat and semen. The soldiers were told to wash Aida and instantly fly back, as they with it have not played enough. My wife obediently went away and came in fifteen minutes.
Brave soldiers decided to change ebalny machine. They took her to the table. One of them bent my wife and told her cancer wider legs apart. Then he sent his stake standing cock in her virgin ass. Zasoprotivlyalas wife and asked not to do so, she does not want, but receiving calls whipping on the ass, and was pressed against the table, held her by the neck soldier. The men told Aida to behave and be a good girl, and they do it all neatly and no gouging her ass dry. My wife chose the first option.
Soldier moistened with saliva and his cock sent a virgin anus my favorite. The first push - wife yells - the head of his dick disappears into the ringlet of her ass, the second - a bloodcurdling scream, screams - and now the barrel has entered half, the third - his wife keeps yelling - dick soldier walks into her ass completely. He gave her a few seconds to catch your breath and slowly began to move. Aida screaming and scratching fingernails surface of the table, but it is only whet ebuschego her man. He came second soldier and muffled her moans his "cucumber", having pushed his wife deep in her mouth. So they began to fuck her on both ends.
After a while, his wife Polly was finally developed and its painful bellowing replaced by moans of pleasure and active podmahivaniem his stud. The men noticed this and began to work with renewed ampletudoy. The wife was got more and more, and when the soldiers began fucking her finger to rub her clitoris, she finally lost control of himself. Men, by making a few powerful shocks, sharply pushed into it by the most nowhere and began to finish. By filling his mouth and ass with his sperm Aida, they moved aside. Their places were taken by the other two. One fell in behind my wife and began a pleasure to handle just rastrahannuyu his fellow ass, and the second to take her mouth. My wife's grilled again on both sides. From a power and its trahunov from the wild excitement that engulfed her, my favorite finished (for the umpteenth time!). But, this time, the soldiers did not give her a break, but on the contrary, further accelerated the work of its pistons.
So they had her as long as their "banana" is not pulsing and began spewing tight and sticky stream in her mouth and ass. Then they gave her a break, after which the first ebavshy her ass soldier lay on the floor and invited to jump on it, "an army horse." All slap in the semen, the wife threw her leg over his thigh and bent at the knees. With a loud squelch dick soldiers burst into her pussy. She began to move smoothly up and down, closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. The man grabbed her by the waist and throwing up his hips up, he began to actively play in her cunt. The one second fucked her in the ass, potoshel and poked his cock in her mouth. Wife obediently opened her mouth and began to suck with relish his end. Behind her was attached another soldier and sharply planted Aida ass. By surprise, my wife is a little bit not a member, which is sucked, for which he received a resounding slap. The soldier grabbed her buttocks in his hands and zataranil in her ass. Now
my beloved spouse digging in all holes. She podmahivala two, ebavshim her while the third member of the polished lips.
Five minutes later, to fuck her in the ass soldier had finished and was replaced by another. Guys working again in full force, and soon my wife spanned by three members once again huddled in the stormy orgasm. The soldiers continued to fuck her at the same pace for another twenty minutes. The first finished lower, followed by the one that had it in his mouth and the last - had fought her goddamned ass. Obkonchalsya its hole, they collapsed on the bare floor, and Aida, the entire exhaust, on padded feet, trudged into the bathroom. Because both of her holes flowed soldier sperm.
After a while, the soldiers joined it. There they once more let her in a circle, each ambush on a stick, showered with it, got dressed and left. And the next day they returned to a military vehicle and taken my wife to himself, to the frontier outpost.
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That's the way it was

In the second case, I conspired with a man 58 years old - he arrived at work in our organization on a business trip for two weeks from the Urals. I thought he was the best, and I invited him to visit with some hint that it will be possible to relax. We met on Saturday, about three hours. My wife liked it too. High graying man with a normal figure, smiling, discreet. Very intelligent and uninhibited. There was a day, but it is proposed to include electricity. We sat at the table, drank good. He said he could speculate on the arm and exerts on the veins of the body. Somehow quite naturally in connection with the above, he briefly considered the palm of his wife, she took off her blouse. Found twigs veins extending to the chest and naturally also undid her bra. He ran his fingers over the skin around the nipple several times. Wife kept with shy, turned away his head, closed his eyes, his whole appearance indicating that everything is against her wishes. But nature is taking its toll: she rose nipples, breast filled with little lips were red, and all of it somehow tensed. In this connection, I said approvingly aloud that all is going well. He perked up, kissed one of the veins on her neck and say something about destiny, moved to the nipple and simultaneously unzipped her skirt. I looked at it with interest. He must have noticed it and asked for help. I pulled off her skirt, stockings and belt. My wife showed complete submission. While I was doing this, he undressed. And I saw a large hanging member. Then he did almost everything himself. He put her on her back. She divorced her little feet, held the head of the bottom member of the pudendal lips up helping hand (the wife in this case for the first time convulsively jerk), lay down beside him and began to drive his fingers near the ears, neck, breasts, kissed her on the shoulder, sucked the nipple on her left breast and put in your wife's hand has "stirred" member. She squeezed his left hand, then grabbed the other and slowly crawled down. And the first time I saw and literally felt like my wife trembling lips wrapped around the head of another member. She made a motion of his head forward, and a third floor tensed his cock was in her mouth. Holding the left hand by the balls, and the right of the trunk, she began to suck. His cock grew in diameter and now her mouth was placed only his head. Then he put her on the edge of the bed, bent her torso to her, lifted her chin higher, he said, to breathe through the nose and began to shove dick in her mouth. For a moment she appeared gagging, but after a moment she began to breathe more smoothly and I am very surprised to see that all his cock is in her (she put her nose into his crotch and realized that he was in her throat). He slowly began to fuck her in the mouth, introducing the penis each time to its very foundations. My wife grabbed his buttocks, as it were, then releasing, then pushing his hips to his face. And then I, too, the first time I saw my wife with a kind of fury began to massage her clit and almost immediately finished strongly. So much so that his cock popped out of her mouth. She quickly caught his hands. But he laid her on her back across the bed, kissed her on the neck, in the ears down to the navel, lifted her legs, pushed the sponge fingers and inserted into the vagina head member. His wife cried out involuntarily.
I watched as his scrotum tightened, it became clear as the head pushes the shameful lips, like, leaving the vagina, she dragged her for a trickle of fluid, and they ran down her buttocks to the anus. And again, for the first time, I saw the entrance to her ass is wrinkled narrows, it opens up to the formation of holes to one - one and a half centimeters in diameter. Her ass like breathing in time with his thrusts slow. I also began to get up and I undressed, nenogo masturbating. At this time, he turned to me and asked whether it is possible to fall a little lower. At first I did not quite understand, but did not mind. Then the same thing he said to my wife. It is, in my opinion, was already very excited, very fidgeted under him and not thinking, what's going on, but realized what was happening and nodded. I was a little surprised, because to me she always denied this. This is further boosted my sexual feelings. He even raised above her feet, dragged the head to the entrance of her anus, at this time opened a little hole and he brought an end to the inside. My wife gasped and her face twisted into a grimace of some. He stood for a while, and felt that the woman beneath him calmed down, he continued to fuck. Her ring tightly covered his penis. I noticed that his wife was trying to podmahivat, though, it was not convenient to her (foot something battened down on his shoulders).
I really stood up. And he fuck her in the ass again went into the vagina. Eggs plopped his butt on my wife. Finally, she was able to pull his legs onto the bed and began to intensively podmahivat. (Actually, it was terribly interesting to see how she really forgotten with another man and is fully immersed in the process). Soon she was unusually loud scream something like "faster, oh, well" and finished strongly. He paused for a moment and then continued. Again she came, again and again. Flushed face was covered with tiny beads of sweat. Her head involuntarily twitched sharply from side to side. I walked around and looked at all the details. At first he did not pay attention to me, and then, not stopping their actions and asked to get around the bed on the other side - from the side of her head, I took my cock in hand and began to suck. Therefore my wife and I finished at the same time. From the corners of his mouth flowed a trickle of my sperm. He looked up from my penis, lips, stared into the mouth of my wife, accelerated the movement of the pelvis, then quickly jumped almost to her head and finished her mouth. His sperm was so much that she poured his wife out of her mouth on his chest and neck, and on the bed. Something spilled from his cock. She licked his cock and sucked the remains. She lifted her head, she did the same with mine. Previously, she had never done before.
Then, in this day and until late at night with breaks all repeated many times in different variations. I was basically a passive participant. And when we were all in God knows what condition, he asked permission to shove me in the ass. I did not want to. Then his wife protested, "you're not in my mind, and the good man refuses." He put my wife on some pillows on the back, placed my relatively flaccid cock between the folds of the vagina. I was standing in front of his wife on their feet while lying on it, and in this position he put me in the ass his club, and the thumb of his right hand - in the ass of my wife. Of course, he smeared my ass sperm and wife's juices, but still depriving me of innocence was very painful. (The woman underwent a procedure safely, even a couple of times podmahnula and I felt her body jerks his stomach). However, after a few minutes the pain subsided and I had a few minutes later he came to me. I came down with his wife and he brought the remaining power for the last time in the evening my wife, who once finished.
We met a few more times. I stood by his actions all the time, like the young. We fucked her at once: he behind me in the mouth and vice versa. Once he put me on his back, I sat my wife anus on my cock back to me, he pulled up her legs and fuck her. However, I clearly felt his head through the wall rubbing her ass on my cock, which led me into ecstasy. I tried and finish it out. When he came to us, everything was repeated, with the only difference being that he was, as it were was the second husband of my wife (or the first, and now you will not understand) and we are venturing in the kitchen and in the hallway in front of our large mirror, and then moved into bed. But this does not tell one story. He changed circumstances and it is not coming to Moscow.
Other partners I could not find, but the desire was. Yes, and his wife has now become considerably less attractive sexually. Although her big breasts and big ass is still interesting to me. I love her to put cancer sideways to the mirror and see how off my chest thrusts swing. And all the time in front of my eyes are images described above, keeping my erection at the right time. My wife never shared his memories of those hours and days: say not remember anything. Maybe he is telling the truth, but can - not. And I do not insist on anything. And so it was for two weeks and it is a pity that so little!
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