Wife Revenge

Perhaps the man is much harder than women to admit that he was excited when he put on his knees, bare ass and beat on her palm, massage brush or a birch cane. But I guarantee that there are many. I myself as a child never flogged, it is only heard or read. And the first time it happened to me two years after the wedding, and it happened in the following way: we were in the company where I was, as usual, a little flirt with other people's women. On the way home, his wife was silent, and I thought that her tongue untied as soon find ourselves in the apartment. But this time he untied stronger than usual.
- All I'm tired of your flirting. I told you a hundred times about it, but words to you, apparently, do not apply. Now you should be punished for real. You're acting like a cheesy boy, and therefore you have to do and. Maybe as a child you have not flogged, but now you get a substantial portion of the cane on the bare ass. Maybe then you'll stop to flirt with all indiscriminately! - She said, when we came home.
- Haha - I grinned. - How do you intend to do?
Although my wife and athletic and in good shape, but it is still weaker than me.
- If you refuse to be punished, I deprive you of access to the body for a month. Choose yourself.
Her face was clear that she was serious, and I decided to give up.
- Well, I agree - I say, embarrassed and blushing.
- Fine, then march into the bathroom and wait for me there.
I went to the bathroom, thinking over what I am, in fact, agreed. As it is I, twenty-seven adult man will be flogged with rods, like a boy? As she was going to do it? Would it really hurt? My knees were shaking, and in the lower abdomen was strange sinking feeling of excitement and suspense. Ten minutes later his wife came into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub.
- Come here! - Strictly commanded it, and then undid the belt on me and the fly, so that the pants slid to the floor. She firmly took my hand and made to lie on his stomach on his knees.
- Now you will receive, so that will remember for a long time! - Having said that, it is with all his strength began to slap on my bare ass and completely defenseless. It was quite painful, but still tolerable.
- You should have seen you now your girls to whom you show off ... No matter what you think, say if they found you lying on my lap, and get on the bare bottom, as the naughty boy? Back I began to burn, and I tried to cover it with his hand.
- Take your hand and I'll take a massage brush! - Followed by instant reaction.
After a few more strokes, I still could not resist and tried to protect his hand.
- Bring the brush! Immediately! - I commanded wife. I had to be dragged to the bedroom with a deflated pants to the floor and look for massage brush. Then again lay across her lap. But this time, his wife clutched me tightly, put your right foot so that it came to me just at the knee bends and his left hand firmly grasped my neck, so I could not pick it up. Clap ... Clap ... solid rear side of the brush, whistling in the air with the force of falls on my butt. Now blows were such that their sound echoed from the bathroom walls. It is difficult to say that it was more difficult to endure - the pain or humiliation.
- Now you will remember for a long time. Promise that you will no longer deal with these nonsenses. Or do you want a couple of hot to? - He asked his wife after another series of blows.
- I promise ... - I groaned and received permission to stand. His wife giggled when she saw a strong erection, which made me the whole procedure.
- Well, enough of the whip, and it's time to try the carrot - she laughed and we went into the bedroom.
It turned out that his wife was also pretty excited, and it ended up multiple orgasm, during which she dug her nails into my hot ass.
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Setting Biology

Biology teacher gave the task to the class at home. Very strange job. Draw some sperm and bring it into the jar. Naturally, the male half of the class. Sasha, very puzzled by this, went home.
He sits at home and thinks, what does it mean - "draw some sperm". How to tell a teacher, you need to stroke the pussy and then spill out a little white liquid. Sasha took off his T-shirt, tights and panties and sat down on the sofa. I take stroking his cock, but nothing came of it. At that moment there was the sound of the front door open locks. This mom came home from work, Julia Alexandrovna.
Sasha does not frightened of her arrival and was left to sit naked. Because the systems have not yet formed at this young age ... My mother saw a naked son immediately jumped to it:
- Oh! What are you doing??
- But Mom ... - guiltily handed Sasha - we task the teacher of biology has given. And I do not know how to do it.
Julia Alexandrovna sat down beside him.
- Well, interesting ... And what is the job?
- She said "draw some sperm in a jar". Mom, what is the sperm?
Mom smiled and said:
- Come on, I'll show you ... Sit down, relax.
And began to stroke the genitals of his son.
- So ... Vooot ... - she said at the same time.
Member of son gradually began to swell.
- Mom ... - Sasha whispered.
- Now ... ... vooot - continued Yulia Alexandrovna.
Her hand on the carrier has a solid trunk up and down. Suddenly she said:
- Oh. A jar of something we have forgotten.
And I went for a jar. Then her warm hand went back to the member's son and continued to stroke.
- Privstan, it was convenient to get into the jar.
Sasha stood up.
- No, it's a little uncomfortable ... - I said mother - come on my knees, and I'll hold the front jar.
Sasha stood up she said.
- Come on ... And now you will be very pleased.
With these words, my mother abruptly pushes his hand. Sasha already hard moaned:
- Aaaaaaaa! .... . aaaaaa! ...
And sperm hit. I went straight to the bank.
- Mommy! ... - Cried the child.
- More more! - Julia Alexandrovna cried, vytsezhivaya from it the entire stream of white liquid.
Grabber continued to move, even when ejaculation is over. Mom's hand soiled in semen. We draw some from about half a centimeter at the bottom of a jar ...
- Well ... - I smiled mom - your task is completed. Get dressed.
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About nasty Lelka

Lelka was nasty ... Just about no one guessed. Not a living soul. Neither at home nor at school or in muzykalke where it four times a week went "brynchat piano"As said Timothy P. neighbor. Here with her then, from this very muzykalki Lelka and deteriorated.
These rehearsals ensemble muzykalke Skein adored. It probably also studied so diligently only to not kicked out of the band. Oh! As he played his guitar! The guitar was an old, out of school fund, all darkened and inside on it was painted a long time ago when indecent pictures, which probably tried to jam, to withdraw, because such things can not paint the caulk in the musical instruments, and otshkryabat all - the sound may deteriorate. But it was probably impossible to erase, and behold, there was visible in the image of bare female breast. And he played this guitar so that Lelka forget your synth Party and fixedly staring at his hands. And his hands were beautiful. As for women - with thin wrists and long fingers. And even nails have never been pogryzany, as was her rovestnikov - boys 13 years. Well, he was older - by as much as two years, not chewed, and can be seen, we cut smoothly and rasp. Elena Veniaminovna - teacher ear training and music. Literature and director of the ensemble (Vitaminka - was the name of her children, and all eyes "pedagogichesky composition") Waves his hands and then said "Olechka! You are again the subject of brakes! Concert on the nose! At the rehearsal must be very collected". And Skein lowered her eyes on their keys and blushed. But he only smiled. I saw how she suffers, and smiling!
Sometimes Lelka thought that he - the most beautiful in the world rasprekrasny. And at such moments she hated him, and she wanted to give him podzhopnik. It would certainly reached out, they are also very close, but the fear to depart from the ensemble put out similar impulses.
After the rehearsal he went fastest. And it was special in him - and the guitar and case, and even the bag with smenkoy. Yes! He was Lelkinym idol. She was even a couple of times dragged him to his house. And he did not even notice. He would not have noticed, even if it was close, I guess. And Lelka was insulting to tears this neglect on his part.
And here she is now sitting near the mirror in my mother's room exactly golyshmya and saw itself it is called "In his best". She found a lot nicer many peers. Of course the chest is very small, but a thin waist. Popa also nothing. And beautiful legs for his age. The eyes are large, long eyelashes, furry. And his eyebrows straight - and pull out will not have -ulybalas mother. Pink lips, and if a little bite - it seemed dyed red. In short - Th he needed it? Lelka scowled and walked away from the mirror.
On the day she was late. She ran almost ran from the house to the muzykalki. We could not be in a hurry - the remains of an Indian summer rustled underfoot and already beginning to get dark, but - ear training was common. That is, the group consisted of students playing different instruments. And he, too, should come today. She did not notice how after her boy walked briskly. Just turning into the driveway of the school, she felt that she was someone coming. Rather, she heard heavy breathing and looked around, thinking that someone from the group as it is late. But no. It was a complete stranger teen age 16. He grabbed her hands to his chest and pressed against the wall.
Lelka froze. She stared fearfully at him and could not squeeze out a sound. He kneaded her breasts and nozzles above the ear. Leaning toward her face, he opened his mouth and pressed it to his lips Lelkinym. She was numb or something? It is necessary to call someone, yelling is necessary, but it is silent and trembling all. He put his hand down and there it is imported. "Look here" - Aspirated he said. Lelka looked down and saw that out of his pants, right there where the fly, stick protruding stub. He took her hand in his and put it on the stick and squeezed his fingers. "Now vozi on it up and down quickly" - He moved his hand Lelkinoy and she saw a stick protruding from the round knob of pink. And the stick was so smooth and warm. It was hard and even a little slippery. Lelka completely stunned mechanically moved by hand, and the guy croaked over her and squeezed her breasts with one hand. His second hand left stick and climbed on Lelkinoy leg up under her skirt, she found the pants and got into them, and shoved a finger in Lelkinu pisyun (how funny mom called). Lelka squeezed his legs, but his hand was moving inside, a finger touched the folds and suddenly Lelka wanted to relax the legs. The finger touched something there and abdomen at Lelka tickling, throbbing and even wanted to finger touch only one place and Lelka spread her legs and took a little ass back to stir a finger exactly where nice. The guy grinned "Che nravitsa?". Lelka blushed. "Let a member of three, do not be distracted. And I was you, too Potro how to". "This means a member is" - She thought (that's what high school student whispering in school toilets) and began to move his arm as before. The guy is now moving his finger precisely where needed and Lelka sniffed, almost like it. It felt like it fell upon the severity, legs became cotton: And suddenly the guy grunted, pulled away, turned sideways and Lelka ass saw the knob opened in the hole and out spilled some sort of colored liquid milk jelly. The boy ducked and dropped her hand. He put the knob in the skin and leaned against the wall. He loomed over Lelka and had been seen as a stick shrinks and deflates Man looked at her and grinned again. He straightened up and put his wrinkled cock back in his pants. "Well all - stamp your twang in his school" - He said, then turned and slipped out of the gate. Lelka stood and pulls her skirt. In her mind floated ideas, and none of them lingered for a long time and Lelka could not even stop them melteshenie. We can say that she did not think about anything, but she thought in those few seconds a lot: The fact that it turns out nice when you rub your finger, that she had seen a living member of what he is smooth and warm, about how abdominal ticking of milk porridge, on his pants classmates about what this guy noticed it was her, that it was interesting and so wonderful, that it really at all the boys at first as members of a stick and then a cooked sausage. In general, she thought about everything except ear training, but his own delay, and besides Him.
Rousing himself from thinking tetanus Lelka suddenly realized that the lesson has probably ended, and now the whole team will be thrown out of school. She pulled away from the wall, out of the gate and padded feet wandered toward the house.
- Are you sooner? - Mom asked.
Lelka looked at his watch and realized that it took only half an hour, she got out of the house. She sat down in the hallway on the ottoman, and said smooth, without the slightest emotion voice:
- Vitaminka unwell, ear training was not.
She went to her room, threw the bag into the corner with a note-notebooks, sat on the bed and hugged his knees with his hands.
- Will eat - she heard her mother's voice.
- Nope, do not want to yet.
She went into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the water. Stripped naked and climbed into the tub, Lelka looked in the mirror. Blush has not gone from her cheeks, her eyes shone: She sat on the edge and putting a little wider feet, looked at her pisyun. She had looked at myself like that, but had never thought about the fact that this small bump here is so sensitive to friction fingers. She touched it, and was surprised to feel that at the very top of it so ... as smooth and pink as a knob on a member of the Man: She Move your finger across the slot and felt again as the blood rushed to his lower abdomen. She sat in the bath, threw her legs on the edge and began to touch herself, rubbing, imitating his movements. Unearthly pleasure from touching their fingers felt Lelka today. She sniffed, and suddenly become a hot body, I wanted to hold your breath and "AAAAAA"Something rolled forward to it, overwhelmed. The body seemed dissolved, arms limp, legs just fell off ledges back into the bath, and Lelka floated somewhere - then closed her eyes and forgot about everything.
Since that day she has deteriorated. She rubbed herself whenever issued only opportune moment. She did it in bed at night, in the afternoon, when parents were not home, lounging in front of the TV in the evening in the bathroom, and even one in the toilet she wanted herself "poetkat" (As she called this process). And no one, not a soul - neither in school nor at home, nor in muzykalke where it four times a week went "brynchat piano"As a neighbor said Timothy P., I did not realize that Lelka has grown.
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The script for "Little Red Riding Hood"

Elise, Little Red Riding Hood - a girl 12 years old, slim blonde. A little naive, always scares, but wishing to appear bold. Equip it in the red hat, tight white T-shirt, white pants, brown vest, black skirt to mid-thigh, white stockings to the knee, shoes; Matilda Mother Red Cap - a woman, about 30 years old, brown-haired woman with long curly hair, good figure. I worry for her daughter, but too easily given to momentary pleasures. Equip it in a blue dressing gown, a white cap; Hans, Hunter, father of Little Red Riding Hood - a man of about 40 with a small, tall, well-built, somewhat dark. For a long time he looks at his daughter, as a woman, but, for various reasons, does not dare to approach it. He is dressed in a green hat with a feather, boots, a white shirt, wide dark green pants, a hunting belt, brown leather jacket with you has a gun; Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother - a woman, about 50 years old, still slender, and not devoid of a certain charm. Still trying to flirt, something like the Little Red Riding Hood mother. He likes compliments and flattery. Equip it into a large nightgown, a white cap, a lot of makeup and jewelry; Wolf - the actor about 25-30 years old, tall, good physique. Wolf is. Paddock to female prefers younger. Wearing a wolf mask (covers the entire face and even the entire head), wide "tough" belt is attached to the tail behind him.
Scene one:
Morning. Rustic room. On the bench sits Hunter in his shirt in front of him on his knees, facing the audience, is Matilda and makes her husband a blowjob. After a while, the door opened behind Matilda, there is Little Red Riding Hood. She smorit to what is happening with big eyes and open mouth in surprise. Matilda does not notice that the daughter came, but Hunter says, but pretends that nothing has happened.
Elisa: (surprised) Mom? Dad? What are you doing?
Matilda (turns around, her face surprised and embarrassed): My daughter? (Referring to her husband, a little annoyed) Hans? (Hans shrugs. Mathilde gets up, her robe swings open, there is nothing underneath it.
Matilda (embarrassed and confused): A-ah. Do not worry, my daughter, come, bring yourself in the morning in order. Go-Go.
Red Riding Hood is fascinated and looks at his father's term, which he all the time Eto'o little podrachivaet. Matilda suitable deploys daughter and pushes back.
Matilda: Go-Go, my daughter, I'll explain everything later.
Close the door. He turns to her husband. Matilda angry.
Matilda (angrily): Well! And how do you explain that?
Hans (pretending to be a fool, with a small share of mockery): What is it, honey?
Matilda: That's it!
Hans: What am I?
Matilda (fits closely to her husband): You think I did not see what eyes she looked at you?
Hans (hugging his wife's waist and stroked her pubis): What do you want? The girl first saw it.
Matilda (trying to remove themselves from the hands of her husband, but not very hard): Wow, that now it will be explained.
Hans (stroking the belly of his wife, gets up, kisses her on the lips): Why? She was big. Soon all will understand itself.
(Letters with requests to continue napryavlyayte [email protected] author)
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So be it

Even before the wedding, my future wife said she was bisexual, but I did not attach due importance. Who knows what was in a person's past. But that has not stopped.
I had to return home late often, and surprise the house of her various friends, at first I did not betray this value, but soon noticed that my wife after each visit, some of her friends were like excited. Several times I came to the lady, and my wife and friend were in robes and towels on their heads, saying that washed. I became assailed by doubts, and I decided to check. First I made a list of the most frequently washable our friends. They were two. And then I suggested to my wife to arrange, but whether small and sabontuychik call, someone may be, but at least Ira and Lena. She gladly accepted. On the appointed day, we all gathered good drink, and I pretended that I drink, and her friends and his wife poured considerably. But in the end they were so drunk they were already nekokuschii. Lena herself is gone, and Ira had to put to sleep on our marital bed. My wife is also pretty drunk, and some - like stand on her feet. I asked her to undress and lay us Il, not in the clothes she is sleeping with us, and he said that he'll do the dishes. I have not yet had time to leave the room as my wife began to unpack her friend, and roofing not handle that I'm still in the room, and felts quite a drunk, she lifted her skirt, pulled off Irki panties and gave her a strong and long kiss in the clitoris then she smoothed the hair on the genital lips and began to lick her like a cat. I went into the corridor and went to wash the dishes, I was shaking, Toli Toli indignation excitement. When I washed the dishes thought different and decided that now come back and fuck her and Irku, come what may. Everything having washed, I went back to the bedroom. The girlfriend was lying under a blanket, asleep. And my little wife has changed into a robe and folded items. I figured that, too drunk.
I undressed and lay down on the edge. My wife smiled her sly smile, drunk, and having sat down on the edge of his hand slipped into my pants. I was standing. It pleased her. She immediately threw a blanket prispustila my pants and began to do a blowjob, then turned his back to me in the position 69 asked that I also became her there licking. I looked at her crotch and was very surprised. Not when I have not seen that my wife would have been such a strong excitement, her swollen labia, vagina revealed, and everything was covered with wet secretions, it flowed. Obviously Irku caress, she was excited, but a friend, and lay like a log, but then, realizing that they are not alone, my wife did her section and had put her to sleep. And I am now trying to use my tongue to satisfy his lust. I ran his fingers inside her labia, my wife moaned loudly, and moss fingers were abundant traces of its moisture. -Prodolzhay- She said, and began to rub his pisey on my face smearing it all their juices, loud moaning and arching. I did not like. I pushed her and citing that I can not have sex with her now for Skolkov next is a stranger, even a family friend, and besides, I drank too much, so simply do not wish to. His wife objected, citing the fact that Ira drunk on so much that it is now than not wake up, and began again to try to rub on my face. Now I was all in her secretions, and even my eyes began to droop drenched her juice. But I was not begging. Spihnuv with his wife, I wished her good night and turned on its side was covered with a blanket and closed his eyes. Wife grumbled angrily, got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Left alone with Ira, I wanted to look at her body. Lifting the blanket, I looked under it. She was completely naked. I could not resist and ran a hand through her Goody. She did not move, I touched the hair on her pubic hair, they were hard and stuck together, it is obvious from recent licks my wife. Then, putting his hand between her legs began to grope the finger hole. Her sink was slightly damp, and my fingers easily entered her womb. Having twisted a little there, I took them, smelled, tasted on the tongue and then having covered Irku, lay on its side pretending to be asleep. Soon came his wife and began to pack sleeping against the wall. Several times she called me, trying to figure out whether or not I sleep, but I kept silent and only the nozzles pretending to have a deep sleep. It should be noted that the bedroom we have a little, it could only fit three large double bed, a large tall cabinet with mirrored doors and a desk. Wardrobe was so that the mirror could see everything that happens on the bed, and my wife and I love to have sex often looking at himself in the mirror. I did not sleep, sleep did not go.
Suddenly, after a long time his wife called to me again, I was silent. In a reflection of the mirror, I saw her hand reached for my shoulder, and she lightly patted me. I was silent. It is strongly pushed me, I did not utter no sound. It took another, for a while, and in the mirror cabinet began erotic. My wife took off the blanket and slipped under the covers Ira, pressed it to her all over and began to kiss her lips, nose eyes ears, neck, apparently with her hands under the blanket caressed her breasts and cunt. It is not strange, but the IRA began to wake up. Although it was still pretty drunk.
- I want you. He whispered to her wife.
- And husband?
- He fully sedated and not prosnetsya.- And for emphasis again pushed me in the shoulder.
Seeing that I was sleeping, they began to kiss, it should be noted that my wife was short shoots very miniatyurnenkaya and more like a girl especially without makeup, Ira was also on against a very large, high, very large shapes and volumes. They even sometimes make fun of each other, the wife called Il mom, and she her daughter. Ira gently took off the blanket and asked that the legs apart, my wife would start first, but she refused saying that while she was sedated already licking her and caressed and that now her turn. Ira was othodnyak, but it all - still rolled over and lay on my wife all over pressing it into the bed. I was not breathing. And as if spellbound looking in the mirror. Kissing the body of my wife, she pinched her nipples and rubbing her breasts on her tummy pubis. Then it fell below smoothed her hair between his legs and began to lick and suck, smacking loudly. My wife was clutching his chest and moaned. Then Ira threw her legs on his shoulders lifting his wife's waist, sat on her knees spread wide legs apart, and his wife was in a position birches but that Ira easily penetrated his tongue deep into her slits and caressed her Goody, and his wife could both hands caressing her cunt. They both groaned, then Ira asked that his wife began to caress her and introduced her to all the palm. Ira trembled, orgasm washed over her, and behind her, and my wife had finished. They howled moaning that I, too, almost did not finish. They then lay down again. At this time my wife was lying on top of a girlfriend. They kissed and whispered nezhilis. It's like me and did not, have agreed on the next meeting. Then we all went to sleep.
It is not strange, I woke up with the latest. Ira had already left, and his wife was busy in the kitchen. She was in a good mood, it was impossible to say about me. Yesterday night I was knocked out of the rut. Wife long prestavala me with inquiries, that to me is, and then I told her that all could see what they were doing. At first she was scared but then, to collect his thoughts, struck at me with accusations. What is it my fault that started it yesterday and did not want to meet, but at night it is a drunk and confused me with Ira. I did not object to it, thinking that it's better to let things go, because it is, after all, not with the men, she changes me, and consider it necessary to have sex more than me, then it should just turn a blind eye. The next day, called Ira ... and for a long time apologizing, otmazyvayas that is in her first and that she was just drunk, no matter what I did not think that such. I said that who does not happen. And my wife and I talked, comforted her, and said that he did not believe lesbianism betrayal. That is simply self-indulgence, well, in extreme cases the opportunity to let off steam. And then my wife became very many friends. And there was also a favorable side. The apartment was cleaner, his wife was always in a good mood upbeat, and at me she had the strength.
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Continued sexual experience

He said nothing, waiting to see what action will undertake more ... I leaned back on the pillow and clasped his hands behind his head, he continued to look at me.I defiantly stood his back, pulling nervously crumpling and melting and could not decide: to dress me or throw him in hugs .... I tried to find the answer in his eyes, peering over his shoulder watching nim.Ego dick resting on knee reclined wearily pulsating to the rhythm of heaving hairy grudi.Yaytsa hung on the buttocks, down to the edge crumpled prostyni.Pauza was unbearable, I abruptly threw Plaka, tights, grabbed his shirt and pulled the latch locked door ... jumping in the stifling cool impending nightfall I ran into my sleeping korpus.Ni shout followed suit, nor the long-awaited word "billeting"I did not like so uslyshal.A !!! That night I did not just run out spal.Kak usual evening patsanskie conversations about girls and fucking.
As soon as I realized that the last of our onanist dumped accumulated stress of the day and, sweetly yawning, rolled over and snorted, I immediately jumped out and quickly and quietly made his way to kinobudke.Vnutri svet.V burned dim window through simple curtain I immediately saw ego.Serdtse suddenly pounding, the blood rushed to viski.ON, lying half-naked in the same bed, and there is just as I ostavil.On not sleep, read a book or magazine ... I do not know how much time I had not pomnyu.Moy-glance caressed his beautiful, who are already covered with a light tan telo.Ya seen a mop of golden curls carelessly thrown on the pillow, thick black eyebrows sweeping arcs vzmetayuschiesya on a steep lbu.Eti eyebrows curiously lived some of his, special life, every move expressively emphasizing suddenly appearing emotional state.
He was reading and, apparently, very vividly experienced what happened in knige.Ego burilsya torso muscles, not those that are now so in vogue at the bullies, but the natural, truly masculine .... Short black hair breast gently crawled on his stomach and went back, still below where hiding in chains tightly buttoned jeans. The latter gave rise plenty to dream up my imagination of a teenager ... I did not notice that my hand-she fell in a shorts and stroked a long time standing chlen.Ya enjoyed these endlessly long moment, when he abruptly glancing at his watch, stood up, stepped to the sink, grabbed a towel and went out, almost closing the door behind him, even light is not put out! I shied away, into the darkness, and barely had time to do it as he walked past me, straight down the avenue. Carefully, I hurried after the object of his adoration.
He quickly went something softly whistling. Sometimes I lose its silhouette in the darkness, but the sounds of whistles quickly found again, enjoying his udache.Pohozhe, the whole camp was asleep, exhausted by daily worries. Afraid of being seen by someone does not make sense. Only the night cicadas ringing, but sometimes squeak overflying bats broke vseobshy peace .... He turned on the light shower room and quickly dropping jeans, stood under the jets of water zashumevshey. All this I watched through half-closed the gap again dveri.Ya all drozhzhal excitement ... my dick stiffened so that he made an absolutely vertical sostoyanie.On would simply vzorvzorvalsya if e is not squeezed his rukoy.Paren already soaping head and tufts of thick foam He rolled down his body on the floor. He stroked his chest, thighs, buttocks, his hands wrapped around the egg, a member of ...
I wanted it, I was in some of its hypnotic power and, forgetting all caution, entered the shower room. The tears rolled down my cheeks, I was ashamed, but I could not do anything with them podelat.Shlepaya barefoot on the wet floor, I approached him, ready at any moment to rush to hug him .... He heard startled quickly washed away the remains soap on his head and saw me raising his eyebrows in surprise blurted out: -"YOU?"I have bellowed sobbing like a little girl."I can not live without you "I roared -zahlbyvayas - .."I've always wanted to be with you, I'll do whatever you say, just do not drive ...."a slowly sliding along the wall of the shower I whispered weakly. He is all still in the soap, suddenly stiffened and surovoi said calmly: "you do realize that for all that we're doing now I can simply put! Do you understand? -one shook me like a doll, trying to return to realnosti.-"I see"I softly mumbled, "-But, Because I never tell anyone anything! He looked around, whether door, window Is there anyone -no ryadom..potom came quickly checking closed to me and passionately and gently began to kiss, hugging, stroking me ....
"Durachek! Yes, I want more tebya.chem you ..."'he said intermittent polushepotom.My both stood under the raging streams of warm shower, greedily kissing and hugging each other. Tights and a shirt on me for a long time wet and funny excited snug body podrostka..Chuvstvuya my stiffness, he helped me to quickly throw off the clothes got wet and we, again, as a few hours ago, were to each other face to face ... Our members crossed in recruiting vozbuzhdenii..Oboim wanted only single- rather merge ..."Tell me, have you tried to fuck in the ass softly, in his ear, he whispered to me? -"No, but I want you to ...."-I did not have time to answer, he pressed on his shoulders, abruptly put me in front of him on his knees and put his mouth in a hot cock .... The way to proceed was familiar to me and I began to greedily suck familiar and almost native pulsating and alive my man's body! I began to relive the familiar feeling of pleasant penetration into itself. ... I felt that it gives him no less pleasure than mne.On became harder and harder to fuck me, but suddenly stopped and said: "All I hvatit.Teper by-present you to fuck ... He spun me, putting rakom- "If it hurts, be patient: you yourself wanted it!"-vnezapno evil and he said harshly.
But something happened that I did not ozhidal.Ya prepared for pain and received kayf.On washed several times my anus with warm water jets, then dug his tongue passionately into the hole, which is to all, it would seem, is not intended. I lick it for a long time and so I blissed out! I felt his tongue further and further advances in me ... I am totally relaxed. He introduced me into one finger, then gently massaged another, then another ...."Yes, but still, I want more!"I -stonal. Noisy flowing I heard his muffled breath, he jerked off-I saw it between their knees! A huge hot dick with purple prick buried in my point! It is as though asking me to enter, sliding across the surface for a moment anusa.Ya more relaxed and felt what was promised, wild, searing bol.Mne huge cost effort not to scream at the top of golos.On hands clenched my buttocks, his fingers deeply dug into telo.On struggling pressed his huilo my popku.Nichego not poluchalos.Skolzky floor made it impossible to firmly operetsya.Moe body slipped, falling forward, under the onslaught of overexcited male. "Well, okay, so do not go better-Rise"-rezko he commanded. We went up, he turned me over backwards, bent, put a dick in the ass, hugged his hands from below, took her shoulders, lifted and pulled me on his prick like a glove ...
My anus is fully opened under the weight of his own body and a giant dick began to penetrate me ... I screamed ... Clutching my mouth slowly keeping the weight on my body put me on a dick to the limit. I do not like soobrazhal.Menya planted on kol.Navernoe I asked, begged to get him out menya.No was too late !!!"Shut-hear"-proshipel it my ear-"You are a fagot, I want you to fuck!"With that, he put me on the floor. Point burned in solder lampe.Nogi not obey, but he supported me for taliyu.Eblya rushed! Slowly at first, then more and more picking up speed to push his dick became flesh ... space in me. Come and tremors (strange!) The pain began to subside, giving way to a hitherto unknown enjoyable oschuscheniyam.Slovno sliding member touches a raw nerve somewhere deep menya.S his every impulse I increasingly began to feel some strange kayf.I! I fucked a man, but I liked it catastrophically! Tremors became more sweeping and silnee.Ego eggs beat against my crotch hands were clenched buttocks and every blow like me to sit down huy.Nashi movement turned into a frenzied skachki.Ya no longer felt any Bolivia only buzz blazhenstvo.Moy dick stuck a pin, I could not reach it to masturbate a little, because both hands tried to cling to the wall of the shower stall.
Spermak growing nearer to the exit shaft and sweeping jerks dick like my guy pushed him forward ... Suddenly I felt that my friend moaned and began to fuck slowly, but so deeply and with such frenzied force, as if he wanted to pierce right through me ... I'm realized-he ends ... in me! A guy pulls me !!! His dick went deep into me and tremble, pouring the semen in the ass. Wave over the body went for me, going down like a tsunami shaking everything and everyone ... I closed my eyes in bliss and my dick became volleys down white jet of sperm directly on my thighs, running down to the floor, splashing on the wall ... We Oba I collapsed on the floor tiles and a long pleasant sudorgi short waves rocked our bodies ... "You pidarchenok ..."-shepnul he ear -"... -So You like to call" - "Shreds", -zadyhayas, I replied, "And I Sergei ...- now you're mine I'll be every day to fuck you!" "I did not mind, and if you want ....." - I do not know, but in my opinion, I have all my joy, happiness, first boyish love finally invested in these plain words ... Then he repeated the sunset, but it was not so delicious, we're just beginning, both ustali.No was necessary to continue our relationship began to develop more rapidly on the rise .... Besides, they wormed another character ..... company officer counselor Val ...
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Burn. Part 1: Innocence.

Rain stopped. He walked for approximately shiny asphalt and sucked inevitably damp cigarette. Some peeling arch at the House of Books, where books and does not, it hailed.
- Give me please.
Words were tasteless and stupid - so it seemed to him then, and he did not turn around, automatically thought that such a voice alms do not ask in the first moment, but curiosity won. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the girl in the raincoat worn. She stood under the arch, barely touching the shoulder angle. She was a little stooped, her hair hidden under the hood. He lost his head, and repeated mechanically:
- What?
He heard it perfectly, but something prevented him to admit it, as if it was something shameful.
- Apply, please - she whispered.
He regarded her with surprise. The girl blushed and turned away. He continued to look at her, startled. Then he saw her leave. Carefully stepping over puddles feet in shoes without heels, she slowly removed from it.
He stood as if transfixed, and then walked slowly behind her. The cigarette went out, and he threw it to the side, trying not to lose sight of the beggar. Beggar? It was extremely difficult to imagine a young girl, even her ugly, as a beggar - a gypsy does not count, in his understanding they were sexless, like the Negro. Dirty-green raincoat flashed around the corner flats, and he quickened his pace. Turning the corner, he saw no one, and stopped moving spirit.
The envelope of the house was empty track. He quickly realized that she did not run away by force, and rushed to a nearby first entrance. It was empty - he sniffed like a hound dog, rapid roll raced several floors, and found nothing, pulled down. In the next entrance of his attention was attracted by fresh wet tracks, and he pulled up. His heart was pounding - a strange chase it opened. He was hot. He found her on the third or fourth floor, zabivshuyusya into the gap between the wall and the tube chute. Here, surrounded by dirty gray walls, he first realized that her great beauty eyes - dark brown, shiny, scared to death and this seeming even more beautiful.
She silently shook her head, her hood fell off, revealing bright matted hair. The hands she held on the chest diagonally by grabbing them by the collar of the jacket, as if expecting a blow to the chest. He stood in front of her and was breathing heavily.
- I'll scream - Finally, she said.
He said the first thing that came into his head:
- What's your name? - She was silent, hiding her chin.
- Are you wild? - He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of change.
- Hold. You're begging, right?
- So what? - She said dully, without looking at him. - Why are you chasing me?
- I'm not chasing. Just I wanted to talk.
- So what? - She repeated. "It is backward - he suddenly realized. - Of these".
- Come on, take it - he shoved her hand a few coins, and felt for a moment the softness of her palm. She dutifully squeezed his fingers, immediately slipped into a pocket cam. Then again, she folded her arms. "As a nun, - he thought".
A man and a woman stood silently, he looked at it - worn shoes without heels, thick stockings, wrinkled scars darning, from under the raincoat could see a black skirt, as if on a school uniform. She had a neat chin, nose and clear line. Little hands were stained with ink, but quite elegant, with delicate fingers and a close-cropped nails. Later, he realized that it was a reminder of the school and decided to deal with. He reached out and touched her shoulder.
- Quit sulking. I'm sorry if I scared you.
With a quick movement she threw the hood, and only then, as if making sure that back in the shelter, looked up at him.
- Thank you.
- No problem, - he smiled unnaturally, and in response she nearly twisted his lips - which, apparently, was supposed to mean smile.
- And yet - what's your name?
- Bella - she said slowly.
He chuckled. - Tell someone else. You or Tanya, or Lariska, in extreme cases, Ira. Well?
She shrugged and pursed her lips. - Irina.
- So, I'm guessing. Bella And in this case - who is she? Just up?
- Girlfriend - dropped it, hiding his eyes. - I go to America.
- Long?
She nodded.
- Since then, you and ... - he stumbled. "My God, she's still a child".
- How old are you?
- To me? - She asked slowly. - How many do you need. - You are not affected.
She sniffed. - I will go.
- Where? - He asked. - To work? - Now he felt confident.
- I still do not work, - how little, she told him.
Sarcastic meaning of the question is to it never arrived.
- If you want, I'll make you a job? - A smile, he said.
- It's good money, and many do not have to work.
She looked at him in surprise.
- What?
His mind worked with extraordinary speed. Strange that she ... well, in life anything may happen.
- Age? - He asked sternly.
- Fifteen, - she said mechanically. - Sixteenth.
His pounding heart. Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. Now he almost wondered if all this was not with him. "So Tiny".
Tuk. Tuk. Tuk.
- Then make an offer - let's go have lunch together and talk about the work.
- You're not afraid?
She shook her head, so that the hood fell back.
- Nope. - Her eyes sparkled more than usual.
- There want - she said, when they were going down the stairs. He took her hand.
- As you go to school?
She nodded: - Sometimes.
- What grade?
- Tenth.
- I have an adult - he agreed. His heart was pounding. He led her to a new burgernuyu, a block from the House of Books. For him, it was inexpensive, and the money did not matter right now. He held her hand, glancing sideways at her, as if afraid that the girl escape. Inside the restaurant, he sat Irina a corner table for two, went to the bar and brought the pizza, burgers, fries and tea.
Girl with a serious face peered at the surface of the pizza purple. From the stress she bit her lower lip.
- Take off your jacket ... - he advised. She awkwardly pulled off the still wet raincoat with shoulders. It really was a brown school dress - or so he imagined. Last time he went to school for about ten years ago and had no idea how they have there is now supposed to dress. Her breasts were low, according to age, but their true form was apparently hidden a larger bra. Passing her tiny plastic fork it, as if accidentally touched her knee with his free hand - it was warm and smooth, despite the rough texture of the stocking. "I have cattle, - he said to himself. - But even if everything goes to hell".
Irina bite into pizza flesh, holding it with both hands. He was fascinated watching her. Pale slowly went out of her face, her cheeks flushed and her eyes shone like tears.
- I'll go call the machine, - he said. She nodded, not looking up from his food. He went out into the street, walked into the depths of the alley and sat down on the bench. He took from my cell phone and dialed the number. He was told, and he quickly explained his request, trying to sound carefree.
- Listen, - he said - we have long been recruited all the staff.
- I'm not talking about that ... She even cleaner, anyway.
- Is that important?
- Well ... yes, - he said, and thought: "Important?"
- If so, I think of something. Sellers on the book tray is suitable?
But there is great money does not pay.
He wanted to say that he is willing to pay for it, but refrained.
- And yet - I need an apartment for a couple of hours.
- It's no problem. Do you know the address? Petrovsky. The key take on the first floor, you will, I warn. All are disabled. Bai! He closed the lid and put the cell phone. In burgernoy people coming.
He barely pushed into place, which Irina prudently closed his jacket, so that no one peeking. She had eaten everything and pointed questioningly fork on his lonely hamburger. He nodded.
- Well? - He asked, when she cope.
- Class, - she said. - Thank you - look at him - somewhat provocatively - as if he had no doubt that deserved so much attention to it, and if knowing that the holiday is not over yet.
He threw the remains in the mouth of Coca-Cola, and helped her to dress.
- You know, where are we going now?
- Where? - With seeming indifference she asked.
- Shopping. But first, you answer me a few questions.
- Why did it happen? - She lifted her nose.
- Just like that - he snapped. - For my beautiful eyes. - He pointed it at the very bench where he sat recently. They sat down, she - with her legs crossed, as the well-bred, opening their beautifully drawn ankle in mending stockings, he - next, leaning back in his chair.
Then he lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply.
- You're like, you do not smoke?
She shook her head and added a threat:
- But soon begin!
- Really?
- All smoke.
Exactly - he agreed. - And yet - beg, floss, sniffing glue and shit on the sidewalk. It all fits.
She was silent, picking at a fingernail stubborn dirt floors jacket. It remains unknown whether or not it ironic to find a striker.
- You that have forced his hand to stretch?
She shook her head.
- I do not know - he muttered.
- A neighbor advised - finally she managed. - We are now with the money very badly. The mother in the hospital, the father of a migrant worker in Siberia or somewhere else ... I do not know. My neighbor was feeding at one time, and then said - go and ask ... you will.
He paused. The story was common in those days, and it is unclear why he was pulling it out of the girls. You could have guessed himself.
- How many years of your neighbor?
- I do not know. Maybe fifty ... or more.
- She was also a beggar?
She shrugged her shoulders, hearing "also":
- What is a beggar ... retired. And I'm not a beggar ... just asked once.
He looked at her, she pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose, as if it is about something else, but familiar. It rose up the excitement and the desire to act.
- So, so, - he said, - you know how to sell books?
She looked up at him, and quickly said: - I can ... I ...
- So the work you already have. And now we will visit one place.
The parade will be you. On one condition - all done quickly.
- What for? - She asked suspiciously.
He explained:
- Time is short. Clear?
She thought no more than a second, then looked up at him, eyes narrowed - apparently imitating a certain cine actress - and said briefly:
- Clear.
He was not sure as to what exactly it was understandable. But the women and children at the same time unbearably his gaze strangely reassured.
A thoroughfare, they took to the prospectus. He led her by the hand, like a little brother little sister. At one of the shops, he slowed down and pushed girl to the entrance.
- Come on. Its dimensions remember?
She said nothing and looked at him strangely. Silently I entered the marble steps, and hesitantly took the hand of a thick, yellow amazing front door handle. He followed her. Inside the boutique on them immediately attacked shoplifting lady burnished brunette with a hawk nose.
- Can I help you?
Mowing purple eye on him, as the most credible, she quickly embraced look small figure in a raincoat.
- Cloak - he muttered - blouse, skirt, underwear. Shoes. - As always, he felt uncomfortable among an abundance of mirrors. - Only good. And fast.
The lady calmly arched an eyebrow, for a split second looking at him closely. The spark of recognition flickered in her eyes, and then went out. Throwing sparkling varnish brush somewhere right, she sang:
- Please here.
He mentally spat on shaggy carpet under them, being sure that damn doll, apparently learned from him as one of the suppliers. He sincerely hoped that this thread does not lead to his wife. Hot breath burned earlobe:
- How do I buy it? - His new friend stood on tiptoe, applying to the shoulders something pigeon with sequins.
- Yes, yes, - he said quickly - just do not forget the stockings. Take all the colors, they are. I'll pay for everything.
- And you can re ......
- No, - he said firmly. - I'm not Richard Gere and Julia Roberts did not you. There is nothing here to change.
Half an hour later they came out of the boutique. Taxi. Driver with gold teeth. In the back seat, he turned to her and asked:
- You know, where are we going?
She shook her head. Her hands were busy - she held a dozen bags and bags - and she did not even move as he stroked her cheek. With one finger, he touched her lips, and looked her straight in the eye. She sat huddled. Her eyes shone with anxiety. "She knows that she will - he understood.
- But it will stand. She would go to the end".
They came almost to the outskirts, in a number of five-storey buildings. He paid the driver, he helped her out of the car with all its treasures. Finding the right road, they climbed to the third floor.
While he called a neighbor and took away her keys, Irina stood silently, leaned back against the railing. Then they went up to the floor above, and here, at the faded dermantinovoy unmarked door, she finally spoke.
- I will not go. I...
He interrupted her:
- You scared something specific?
- I - she said uncertainly, - you know: because I have no one.
- My name is Vladimir, - he said. - And you call me, please. - He took her right wrist, opened his fist, which held a stranglehold on one of the packages, and brought her hand to his lips. He licked her in the middle of the palm, feeling the salty taste. Her hand trembled as she tried to remove it. He held her tightly clenched hand. She made no sound, only breathing heavily.
- Do not fight it, - he said quietly. - It will be worse and you and me. Do you understand?
Her cheeks flushed. Brilliant eyes down somewhere, shoulders were twitching. Very quietly, almost inaudibly, she asked:
- What will become of me?
He shook his head. With his free hand he grabbed her neck and pulled her to him. She obeyed. He gently stroked her neck, getting under the collar of her dress and touching acute bone on his right shoulder.
- It's just a burn. You know, when accidentally pritroneshsya to the iron - when glowing, and suddenly you feel a sharp pain: You can cry. You can cry. You know, a man frequently tells her that he wants to break, it's painless. I do not want to lie to you - it can be really painful, and probably scared. But you can be calm - the pain will go away.
She lifted her face to him, and he carefully tasted her lower lip. She did not resist, and he kissed her eyelids. Her lips were tense, and he just slid them language. Apparently, she did not experience even kisses level - or it was really too scared. He pulled away from her. Insert the key into the lock, turned - it clicks. The door opened, and they smelled a heavy spirit of non-residential, full of meaningless things flat. He took her hand and pulled, pushed almost to the hall. The door closed. He stood with his back to the door, and said:
- Throw the rags on the floor.
She began to gently fold the bags. Then he straightened up and brushed a strand from her forehead. Her face was pale. She did not raise her eyes.
- Undress.
- Right? - She asked hesitantly, and covered her shoulders with his hands. She seemed to radiate despair, from both sentenced to death. He nodded.
She began pulling off a raincoat - he took it from her hands and hung on a hanger. Then it was monashenskoe dress. He lifted it over his head, and it was here that he did not help. He watched silently as she unbuttoned buttons at the collar, hem captures hands, and pulls up. For a moment she remained completely defenseless - with closed brown cloth face - but he did not budge.
The dress lay on the floor. Then she took off her combination, and remained in a pink bra and thick tights.
- Take off your tights - he said, and he thought in his voice slipped notes asking.
She slowly rolled up their knee bent down awkwardly and shifted from foot to foot, took them all. She straightened. Her mouth was slightly open. The eye is still not raised, looking down at his feet. He followed her gaze - small, regular shape of the foot, with little lag thumbs. On the traces of the nails were sloppy amateur manicure with pink spots of varnish. Higher up the ankle adorned brushed a mosquito bite.
He looked up. She looked away, hands on hips. Ears her, the tip of the nose, cheeks and quickly covered with a blush. Her legs were very slim, with a slightly darkened oval knees and hips bend barely noticeable. Wide cotton panties sitting on it is not too tight. Certainly not its size. Bra straps hanging out on the thin shoulders.
- Do you want to clean up?
She looked at him anxiously.
- What?
He repeated. She thought for a moment.
- Then: I need soap, and: and towel.
He led her into the bathroom, holding her hand. As long as it includes water and regulate it, by this time completely flushed, he stood, shifting from foot to foot. He helped her up to the bathroom, holding her waist. She tried to palm the water, strange sigh, and looked at him pleadingly.
He shook his head and smiled through force:
- Of course, I'm gone. I'll make some tea.
He placed at the edge of a bath with linen bags, and went into the kitchen.
There he fell helplessly on the rickety stool. From the crane measured with anger dripping. He covered his face, but now clearly realized how much he got involved. Fifteen. Debauchery. Zone. there was no fear. It was only a painful sense of self-pity and petty demon in the depth of consciousness humbly whispered to him that all right.
After a moment he shook himself, and began to look for tea leaves.
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The romantic tale

Sorry, but the concept "Soviet mafia" It seems to me a misunderstanding. Your Mafia - a newspaper sensation, tickling the nerves for the layman. Or the myth, which can be attributed to any trouble, something like "the evil spirit" our patriarchal Indians. For mafia in my country I listed a lot of sins, real and imaginary, but I'm sure that no one ever would have thought it blamed on the lack of meat in the shops. For such purposes, we use "the evil spirit".
I would argue that those who have not been here in Colombia, has no idea about what the mafia. If the city government still somehow maintain a semblance of legality, the deaf villages mafia has, at least, a strong draw. In such areas for boys and teenagers do not participate in the mafia - all the same for your children do not go to primary school. Maybe your mafia ever and will grow up to the Colombian, but has not let me take it seriously.
I started this conversation not to upset you. In general there is a sad Russian property for a long time to get stuck on the unpleasant sides of life. Someday, it will destroy you. To hell with it, with the Mafia, because there is the sun and love. But as the Russian sit on his mythical mafia and not slezut with her as long as will not bring themselves to severe depression. Maybe because you have so little sun ... But I'm going to tell the Colombian about the sun, love and blood.
I was born in the mountainous Colombian countryside and, like everyone else, in his youth he participated in a gang. There were about ten people, and the people, frankly, slumped rotten. Of course, the Christian saints in the gang, as a rule, are not recorded, but a kind of manly dignity is not so uncommon among the bandits. Our leader was also disgusting finely calculating how Russian prostitute, and cruel, like an Indian. People, he picked up a match. Only inexperience and ignorance kept me from being able to get away or slit his throat at night. Fortunately, I had enough courage to not be made "six"Because the whipping boys in such gangs accounted worse than anywhere else. This role we played boy named Pedro. As usual, the worst oppressor appeared who stood only polstupenki higher in the hierarchy. That bastard's name was Pablo.
I'm certainly not going to give you a report on our activities. To be honest, the statute of limitations for certain sins has not expired yet. Let me just say that our work was not anything romantic. We walked up to the point of exhaustion with heavy loads, and to relax for a day or two were detained in a small village.
Here we had what is called Russian "raspberry". The village is I still take it as an insult to the noble spirit of the sun in Latin America. What could be closer to the heart of the Latino than the Catholic faith with its lush rituals, fervent devotion and gifts of the Holy Virgin? But in this village, I do not know since when, and why, fog nestled Anglo-German Protestant slide-ways. The villagers were so istymi Puritans, which is now not to be found among the gringos. And speaking simply and bluntly, local women we were not given.
If you think that the bandits might and do not care about the religious beliefs of defenseless peasants, deeply mistaken. Bandits are too dependent on the goodwill of the local population to take the risk of offending him in the deepest feelings. This is not generosity, and self-preservation instinct. Another thing, of course, if you are away from "his" territory. Therefore, by the way, "their" Bandits often protect the population against "others".
In our "raspberry" there was only one woman for ten. However, for such a woman deserves to be told otherwise. I'll start with the exterior.
Wide hips, Spanish Succession, of course, not uncommon in our area. But magnificent breasts special round shape, which I have seen only in German women and Slav, we come across no more than Protestant communities. Add to this the smooth dark skin without any flaws, blond hair and Indian slit eyes, and you will realize that this woman could earn thousands in the best brothels in the country. Why is it stuck in the middle of nowhere with such scum as we? The dark history. It was said that she was the girlfriend of one of the barons, the mafia, and it was suspected of collaboration with the authorities. As if she ran, trying to postpone the execution of the inevitable verdict. We tried not to listen to the conversation, because it appear they were true, we would be obliged to execute the sentence. We did not want to lose Magda and were not afraid that she spy authorities, because espionage in the absence of any means of communication - a meaningless exercise. Kid, bribed by the authorities, would bring us more harm.
The style of her love, too, was unusual for our parts. We people loving and hot but very conservative with regard to the style and techniques. Of course, experienced putana obliged to deal in all sorts of clever features, but one thing - to know, and the other - to feed them a painful addiction. Such was Magda. She would be alone with only the leader, as a sign of special respect, and with the rest of collective orgy indulged, like some European drug addict to meet several men at the same time.
I personally disapproved treat this kind of flourishes. They - a symptom of impotence white culture. A strong and healthy spirit of man is not in need of this circus to assert itself, but our village boobies were crazy about Magda. The line that separates them from the animals during orgies erased completely. I only looked at it from a certain degree of detachment, although, of course, not posed as a Puritan. So I first noticed that Pedro that something is wrong.
The boy fell in love with Magda and steeper entered into a love tailspin. The situation was desperate for him. In his position, he could come to Magda only the latest in our hierarchy. While she was on all fours, and worked on several fronts at once, he had to creep under her breasts, fingering, caressing and nibbling it, howling with a cub. I do not know exactly to whom he has fallen in love: in Magda separately or in her chest. It was fun to watch as he tried to shove in my mouth both breasts simultaneously. At the same time he was overcome by such a storm of feelings that by the time his turn came up, he found himself completely insane and anything not capable. His fever, so do not get relief, and he chah eyes. Of course, it was necessary to leave Magda together for a week or two, and I offered to do it, but we were not allowed to scum. They said they do not intend to drag instead of Pedro and its cargo were formally correct. However, I think they have given up on their meanness. Other people's suffering brought them pleasure.
Particularly zealous Pablo. He made every effort to ensure that Magda could not do Pedro. She is an experienced woman, of course, I understood that representatives of her profession fever love to anything, and tried to relieve her. But Pablo always get involved at this moment between her and Pedro, Magda forced prodelyvat and that, and another, and the third, what lead up to the unfortunate Pedro convulsions. However, the efforts and Magda were not too active. Pedro was indifferent to her, besides, he was the safest of all of us. He was still a chance to take Magda at night when everyone is asleep, but some innate instinct of generosity he understood that true love should not be a hasty and cowardly. And he fell in love for real. Once I gave him turn to Magda, but he refused, although I have seen what he is worth it .... After all, love - this is not a bone, which can be cast as a dog for his mercy. Then I realized that this lad is something for which he can be respected, and we came together closer.
I told the woman we had only one. I was wrong, so to speak, in terms of anatomy. There was another woman named Anna, just not dare to call a woman is being stunted seventeen-year. Frankly, I have not seen uglier girls for a lifetime. The explicit and strong facial skin defect did it completely unattractive to men, even very drunk. Pablo boasted that made her a woman covering her face with a cloth, but do not repeat attacks. Anna washed, cooked and cleaned the house. It especially does not hurt, but simply did not notice as a person. I was kinder to her than the others, and one day she asked me a few questions, but usually no one spoke. Her questions were Pedro, and making allowances for rural ingenious diplomacy, it could be concluded that she was in love with him.
Pedro this, of course, did not see. "To die of unrequited love" - For the European worn cliches, but that's what happened before my eyes. Man swayed by the wind, and I sometimes had to carry part of his luggage. I was almost certain that he or die during transport or zateet senseless revolt that ended his murder. But it turned out differently, because it interfered with Anna.
One day, while during another orgy Pedro, as usual, led his convulsive game with breast Magda, Anna, without saying a word, quietly crept up to him, undid the belt of trousers and began to caress. It was obvious that object lessons are not lost Magda for her in vain. Pedro in his gloomy ecstasy did not notice it, and then the resist was ridiculous. For the first time in a long time, he finally dozed off, and discharge voltage. In the morning he rose at a slower-than-normal state of mind, and, contrary to custom, a little eaten.
This was repeated several times. Our boobies, of course, do not hesitate cackle. Anna blushed and bit her lips, but did not retreat. I saw that the whole thing does not make it fun, but it was to sacrifice for Pedro. One time I saw tears in her eyes. Flesh Pedro was with her, but the soul remains with Magda.
State Pedro bit improved, but output I still have not seen. Not sure how to deal gone further, if the course of events is not suddenly accelerated. During one of the trips of Pedro I found a police ambush and managed to warn the others. The leader rewarded him, losing his right to Magda.
So Pedro Magda went into the next room. I watched for a while. Anna was sitting in a corner, covering her eyes with her hands, and it seemed to pray. The rest were drinking whiskey, winked and waited for Magda freed. One of Pablo was restless, not knowing on whom to vent anger. All respect to him that bastard kept on the fact that someone was standing in the hierarchy is even lower than it is. And now he suddenly found the lowest and felt an urgent need to humiliate someone else. Finally, his eyes fell upon Anna. He ordered her to bring another glass, and then close up slap in the face for the sluggishness.
Meanwhile, Pablo was making love with Magda. What he felt at that moment? He expected something supernatural, much greater than what he had already experienced. But he experienced a tremendous hopeless longing of the spirit. He felt affection rendered loving, sensitive soul. We could be compared with this waste, but cool and almost indifferent movement of professional prostitutes? Pedro realized that this activity does not deserve the name "love"And love is waiting for him in the next room. Another in his position would not have figured it out so quickly, but Peter really had an extraordinary spirit. He was supposed to be a poet, not a gangster. Accursed poverty! You may ask how I know so well that Pedro feeling? He told me later when we became friends.
Meanwhile, Pablo finally lost his temper. He grabbed Anna by the hair, threw, tore her dress and slightly strangled. Nobody, of course, does not stand up for the girl. I felt sorry for her, but to intervene at this moment meant to put Pablo deadly insult. We would have to fight to the death. Most likely, I would have killed this slug, but by that time my position in the band has become dangerous. My dislike for independence. Kill me, Pablo, and long after that he would have lived. I would prefer not to intervene, waiting for Pablo to leave Anna alone when satisfied. But he was furious, and finally choked so badly that the poor girl's eyes began to get out of their sockets. At that moment I entered the room confused Pedro.
We like hot engulfed in a wave of rage when he saw that Pablo does Anna. He killed the villain so quickly that we did not have time to blink. No one suspected him of such a skill in handling the knife. For those who once hurt Pedro heart turned cold when they realized that there were then two steps from death. But I think that before Pedro could not fight well, because the knife Latino - a continuation of his spirit. Previously, Peter was coerced by the spirit and weak, but has now become a strong and fission. He healed, and became a man at the moment when he realized his love and took on the burden of it.
He closed Anna plaid, embraced and something whispered, wiping her tears. So they spent the whole night and in the morning announced that they would be married. They are in such a hurry that even agreed to the Protestant rite. However, for two loving hearts are not so important mediator to reach heaven.
Yes, they were married, and Pedro became a different person. A real man, not allowing to humiliate himself and knows how to love others. We became friends, and no one dared to touch the two of us.
I would like to say that they lived happily ever after, but it is not. However, I recently came to the conclusion that happiness, like the Buddhist Nirvana is not the time dimension. They were happy, and that's enough.
As for the time, then less than a year we were attacked by army troops. All were killed in a shootout; and Pedro, and Magda, and a pregnant Anna. I escaped one by accident. I took the opportunity to escape from the mafia and abruptly changed life. Now I am writing a thesis on the cycle "South" Borges. Have you heard about this? That's why I'm sitting here in front of you, under this low dull sky, and tells about the sun, love and blood.
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High school graduation

Prom, like all school-boys, passed with a great desire to drink, for that would have the courage to realize their erotic desires to bid farewell to one of its odnoklassnits.Moi desires were the same, but my teacher touched istorii.Ona She came to us when he came the last half of our school life. High slender brunette with a very posh breastfeed, the beauty of which she had always tried to emphasize his clothes. Which she wore, so that would have been seen as far as it is attractive. Due to the slightly translucent blouses could see her nipples rest on the bra, so that they can be clearly seen. In its severity, she reminded not only that the student graduated and teacher with 15 years of experience. So all barbs at her once all ischezli.Na prom, when he was already in a good mood desires to take possession of one of his classmates was completely absent, since almost all of them have been in my arms, and those that were not attracted to me or, nor anyone else. And Irina invited me to dance. Explaining this to the fact that he wanted to say goodbye to me. So we spent the whole evening together, something to tell each other. Already in the morning, when everyone began to disperse to their homes. She asked me to pick up some things from a class and help her carry them domoy.My climbed the dark stairs, barely illuminated by the sun in her office, he was at the end of a dark corridor on the third floor of the school. We went into the classroom, she opened her wardrobe took out some packages. I give them to me and asked me to look away as she needed to change clothes blouse. In the mirror, which was in our class, I saw how she took off her clothes and left in shorts-chaichkah and bras, oh how she was beautiful, in the lower abdomen at me all on fire at once, and my penis has become a feel closely in the pants. Wearing a skirt, she asked me to tie her blouse strap on the back. I did not know what to do in the mouth all dry, I was afraid to look at her, because I thought that if I see it with your own eyes, then immediately finished. But nothing happened. I walked over to her and began to tie straps just ate gently touching, held his fingers on her back, because I touch her back, my dick was getting bigger and bigger. So I realized that she feels it, but did not want to stop there, my hands are not free to have all the palm stroked her back, I realized that I do what I can not do that, but could not stop already. Not understanding what was happening, I felt it my ass pressed against my cock and leads it as if wants to sit at him, her head was lying on my shoulders, pressing her hot cheek against mine. I caressed her large breasts, feeling as the center of my palms gently massaging them, feeling her nipples are getting bigger and firmer. Gentle movement, I opened it to him. Her long flowing hair under the first rays of the sun, seemed to reflect the morning light. She is the goddess, I want it. I see her hands, neck, soft tanned skin. I press his whole body against her chest. What it is big and beautiful, I embrace it all completely, passionately. So you could feel how her heart pounding in her chest, her breasts feel me, my breath. Light tremors on her body is an allusion to the fact that she already want me to become her, in her. I want this, and she feels her tummy, and how it rests in him. Kisses in the neck with a pleasant and gentle caresses biting his tongue involuntarily gently upset us a bunch of some rags shkafa.Okazavshis fell out of her, I can not stop, a huge wave of emotions and excitement gentle scent wakes me irresistible animal instinct . I want her. Yes, yes, I want her. And I kissed her breasts, gently biting her nipples and grabbing them with their lips slightly wet with long kisses. Stroking gently, almost touching my strong fingers her hips hands, I feel like she already there all wet. How is it you want, how I want ya.I it feels like a stuffed animal force my penis without going as teasing, caressing her clitoris, gentle already wet with desire labia, from the great desire he became very big and hot. My fingers gently pressed her head to my lips, clinging to her body, I feel her tender nipples become hard and gently rest on my strong chest. My wet with desire cock rises higher and higher over her pubis, belly, and now he was between her breasts hot with desire. What it is big and desirable begins to move in it, as it it well. The tips of her nipples elastic from the desire she touches a wet head, as it is exciting. I'm going down down, and now it is already wrapped around my legs, but at the same time gently stroking. She has already begun to move in rhythm with me, feeling like he's big and already wet with uncontrollable desire, caressing her clitoris poured hot blood. Okruzhayuscheya silence us from these caresses and desires becomes besmyslenno, only her gentle, quiet postanyvanie of indescribable love our hot, clinging to each other bodies violates ee.- A-aah, m .. Vitalya.Nashi movements to the beat of her gentle postanyvaniya become faster. And, yes, I have it. Like everything goryach, wet. She feels me in itself with every cell of his body, as he wants to move there as if gently stroking her vagina wet stenochki. What is hot, that heat with great force already enveloped her entire body, abdomen, breasts, thighs, all over the face, fingers. Passionate caressing my lips, her breasts further reinforce the excitement and groans becoming broaching and charming, the walls of her vagina already grasping it in her, as if afraid to let go. He starts from a huge desire to move faster and faster, and all already out again before the end comes, her fingers on my back are compressed more and more, can not be stopped moaning and make them tishe.- .. And, ahhh, m- yes ... yes, yes, yes, that's it horosho.Mne think she understands me, she was moaning louder, the more I'm getting there. Strong hands held her perfectly shaped buttocks forcing them to move quickly and passionately as I do. He enters deeper and deeper ... How's it all mokrenkaya, hot there as well. My fingers gently touch her clitoris desired caressing him, he feels it and reacts by becoming more and hotter. From the pleasure which she begins to suffer from it, it has transformed into a bright audible stony.- Ahhh ... ah ... .m-da.O, Vitalichka.Akkuratno perevirshuvshis she turns on me. I abruptly felt a strong pleasure. I feel it there in it so deeply on her movements popochkoy think she kiss him there, he fully admits a (gently bobbing on me), it produces a slightly rising. At the same time she bent over my face breast. I gently kiss her nipples pressing her face against her grudi.Dvizheniya getting stronger and deeper each time my insight into the most distant stenochki her wet vagina, she squeezes it with great force, and the whole breast in a strong moan exhaled air. I feel like I can not help it. Her hands squeezed my shoulders. From the fact that my penis has become very great, I already felt like it there closely, but that I knew that what she is experiencing on knows me pleasure. And she is my vagina strongly clung to me, completely drowned my cock in her and moaned loudly. I felt like my penis is buried in a huge lava hot liquid. From this, I felt such a desire is not surmountable ... finish. With his own hands caused her pelvis to move. She began to shiver from it, then compress everything inside it to relax. My hands forced her to move it faster. And so, yes. What I expect from the very first seconds of my touch to it. And she felt it too. And powerless lay on mne.Proshlo for 12 years thereafter. As is usually the case, we are no longer met. In terms of bed. So sometimes I saw just how it is, where it goes. Then university in another city, work in another city, and time flew. And in one of his regular vacation home. I saw her, she was all the same not a bit changed. Same hair, breasts, legs, gently -chut slightly raised nose. We met vzglyadom.- Hi Acne. How did you become a man.
If you want to hear more of this story please contact us at [email protected]
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New sensations

With Natasha and Igor I met through a well-known dating server. Their ads" young couple looking for a man or woman to have fun" rather I was interested. I'm thirty years old, and for some time I began to catch myself thinking that the sex together I have not quite satisfied and not only a wife, girlfriend became offended by the lack of attention, and I wanted new experiences.
The announcement was the number "ICQ" and a couple of hours, we met on-line. What good is the communication, that the fact that the mind controlled situation completely removes inhibitions, and easy to speak, but rather about Knoop, as usually only think.
It turned out that it was the initiator of Igor filing ads and they already had the experience of a threesome. Igor loved his young wife cheated on him with him and without him. Special thrill he felt when she had told him the evening as this afternoon they fucked her friend, describing in detail postures, games and sensations. Igor is scared factory, and move into new sexual exploits. I was amazed, I imagined that my wife fuck in front of me and a strange man she passionately podmahivaet him, yes, the feeling of jealousy in half, strangely enough with excitement.
A couple of days of such communication, we agreed to meet, and the next night I was sitting in the car not far from the appointed place and waited. Stood last warm days of the summer. I smoked and imagined how it would be, I'll undress someone else's woman with her husband to caress her breasts, stroking parted legs, insert it in her mouth his dick, to fuck her in the ass, and I painfully stiffened each in tight jeans, trying to stand up and climb out.
To the monument came a couple, blond man below my height and redhead pretty girl is not brightly but tastefully dressed. I walked over to him.
- Hello, you Natasha and Igor?
- Oleg? Smiled girl.
- Yes it's me. I ask the coach.
I opened the front door Natalia, Igor sat behind.
I openly considered his neighbor. Girlish face, the small neat features, almost defiantly snub nose, full lips with a clear dim lipstick, laughing green eyes, red slightly curly hair falling loosely over her shoulders.
- Like me? She took out a cigarette and leaned to press the cigarette lighter, full breasts swayed elastic at the neckline blouse, bra she wore.
- Like, and very much so. I said, and caught in the rearview mirror of an approving glance Igor
We had agreed that we will go to them and find out the address I moved poured into the transport stream.
The automatic transmission is still a very useful invention, the right hand is almost free. I had the audacity and reached out his hand but had a smooth rounded thigh Natasha shifting the hem of the skirt of light exposing a couple of delicious legs and striped white lace panties.
- Do not get distracted, and then not finishing. Said Natalia skirt but did not correct.
- Here, to the right. Said Igor. He succumbed forward and embracing his wife from behind a pair of unbuttoned blouse buttons and began to fondle her breasts completely releasing it from under the clothes outside, pulling medium-sized cherry buds covered "goose" skin.
- Come on, Igor! She slapped his hands, but he did not bother to stop, winked at me.
- She likes when looking at her, it is wildly exciting.
- Nasty. Natalya sighed, her cheeks flushed she sat on the seat completely surrendering to the hands of Igor and lowered his right hand on a strip of panties quietly become scratched namanekyurennym fingernail underneath show through wet mound.
- Enough of the guys I'm too alive. I pleaded're almost there.
- This view is for you. He Said Igor removing his hands from her breasts, excited?
- We are taking the time I growled.
- Do not get mad. Natasha stroked my thigh slid to the fly ...
- Wow!
- It already hurts th, all arrived. I killed the engine and we went out of the car to the entrance.
Natasha went ahead and obviously feeling the lustful looks of the two male mannequins gait was wagging round appetizing protruding ass.
I knew that she is 22 and 26, Igor, and that children do not have, it was evident that the girl did not give birth.
High legs with a nice long, thin ankles protsokali on high heels on the stairs, she unlocked the door and we were in a small hallway a standard one-bedroom apartment.
- Come on. Igor friendly pushed me into the room.
Standard situation sofa a couple of chairs low coffee table computer on a desk by the window, on the wall a couple of erotic prints.
I sat down in a chair, Igor second Natasha flew off to the kitchen on the table there was a bottle of brandy, lemon.
- You're like, you drink. Igor poured brandy into the glasses. I had a drink, I poured brandy into his mouth, jammed ...
- Come for a second. Repeated, tension eased.
Natasha came in, pushing a serving table laden with saucers and plates of hors d'oeuvres.
- Can I sit with you. She asked and sat on my lap - I stroked her thighs climbing higher, up to a wet fork, second hand tugging at her nipples strained. She moaned softly, spread her legs wider and began to unbutton her blouse.
Her slender shoulders and narrow waist nice contrast to the rather large elastic breast good shape, I just like that sort of cup-shaped chest with small sharp little papillae. I got up from the chair and sank to her knees began to take off her skirt, she lifted her pelvis and left in the lace panties, very narrow and translucent.
I put her cancer, narrow back, the smooth curve of the hips, round ass, clean skin is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Grasp the two halves of the priests I parted them and saw a lovely spot of the anus and clean-shaven gladenkie puffy lips. I bent down and licked her crotch she started, wider spread her legs and lay chest on a pillow and then she took up her ass with both hands and thin fingers began to caress the anus and rubbing her tiny hole just a little bit pushing it inside.
- Lick my ass, and fuck, fuck me there, she moaned. -Trahni A bitch ass, break it, well, come on come on!
She even wider spread her hands buttocks, anal ring slightly darkened and slightly pulsating.
I'm not in a hurry, his tongue touched the wrinkled hole slightly pressed around the around, and began to rhythmically press on the hole, trying to extend it. Natasha's fingers wandered pussy lips moved apart and stroked, fingered clitoris - Oh-oo can no more ebite me ebite have both ebite in all holes!
Igor crawled under her, his dick was already standing, Natasha lay on his chest and glared with a kiss on the lips. She was standing over him with cancer, trying to sit on his dick risen. I grabbed her by the stomach and taking the other hand, Igor became a dick ... led his swollen head in her wet cunt preventing penetrate deeply. They both moaned and tried to connect more deeply, and I blissed out, gradually submerging their hands in someone else's fat cock smooth hot expiring juice vagina. I have long stood as the Iron Felix painfully swollen. As soon as I let go of them, they merged with the cry to the base member Igor Natasha disappeared and she began to jump on it will drive him into her over and over again to its full length.
- In the ass, and I want more in the ass, well Olezhek Ambush me oooo fuck me in the ass I want to, yes.
I was excited abusive words uttered by such lovely lips.
- Bitch, bitch promiscuous, stop do not twitch, now, now. I picked up his penis and put it in the hole under her shaved lips moved apart took Igorev dick pleasant sight thick dick sliding into tight wet shaved pussy.
- I pushed, the head pressed the ring into the anus - ahhh hurt.
- Relax, I slapped her on the buttocks
- Uh, she hissed through gritted teeth inhaling now ooohh. Sphincter slightly unclenched and head squeezed in hot, tight hole. Kaif, I have long wanted to have someone in the ass in a tight nerazebanuyu hole.
- Fuck that bitch, fuck her in the ass. Igor groaned, -one long wanted to give up the ass, fuck it.
- Now. I pushed harder and became a member of the half, the head I felt moving of thin-walled member Igor
- Aahh, I grabbed her buttocks and pulled drove a member until it stops.
- AAAA - ah-hh, she screamed Natasha wheezed-aah.
Dick sweet whining, caught at the bottom of a tight ring of the sphincter, deep inside of him rubbing his dick Igor.
Time! I abruptly pulled out a member of the priests, and dramatically drove back, ass kissed, opening and convulsively clasping the barrel member.
Two! I repeated the blow, then another and another, a hole is not time to bury my dick like a piston to squeeze into tight hot and narrow opening.
- Aaaaaaa, yes, yes it hurts so much about how good I ebite aaahhrr.
Natalia convulsed, ending over and over again. I then approached the climax, and stepped up the pace. She could not speak, but groaned and wheezed, back glistened with sweat
Below it tossed on top dick Igor he presses her to Igor I ..
- All now ooohh NAAA! Igor arched, until it stops pounding cock in pussy and jerking began to finish, even I felt like a member of the tremors ejected sperm inside the womb, Natasha.
I was left alone, they lay in each other's arms wet and relaxed.
- How are you? I asked Igor
- Now. I'm almost finished
- Oooh, oohh Natasha moaned as well. She turned, smiling lasciviously, plump lips moist calling. Her baby face expressed complete euphoria.
- Come Stop, stop me in the ass, aah!
- No, I finish you in the mouth bitch in your mouth lascivious sweetie!
- Yes! Come paste in my mouth fuck me in the mouth. she Promurlykakala.
I took the dick out of her ass, stroked the silken buttocks squeezed them, throbbing hole anus gradually decreasing. I got up and walked to the head of the bed, looming over lying on Igor Natasha sticking, crimson from the strain member. She lifted her head from the breast of her husband
- Well, come to me I want to suck.
Igor's head was between my legs, put his dick in his wife's face, she took me with one hand on the testicles, the other clasped behind back, and began to lick my trembling with excitement member just ebavshy her in the ass. He intermeddles dick slowly into her mouth stretching the lips and puffing throat. Her hand stroked my buttocks, and the other suddenly began to grope my anus, and a moment later I felt the language of Igor penetrating my ass. That was the last straw, I could not even surprised, orgasm shook me, twisting inside out. Member twitched, releasing sperm deep throat Natasha. She swallowed hard. Her hand gently squeezed my balls and tongue licking the crotch of Igor. I never finished so long, finally ran out of sweet convulsions.
- All I gasped - Well you give.
I took the dick out of Natasha's mouth, and lay down on the bed.
- Here is a thrill, unusual, but very nice.
I tried not to look at Igor, my ass guys never licked and now I felt a strange feeling, a mixture of shame and feelings of novelty expectations.
Picking up the cigarette on the floor, I lit a cigarette.
- A light to me. I asked Natasha.
I offered her a cigarette prikurennuyu, she took it away from me a little sticky from the semen lips and inhaled deeply. Drew smiled at me.
- And you my ass?
- Class! You're all cool and ass and mouth.
- And pussy in her class, Igor said, and reached for the cigarette smoke. - Narrow and sweet.
- Here's me. - Said Natasha smiling.
It really was now very good, good beauty contented cat, quiet and happy vyebanaya two males.
- Do you want to fuck Igor, squinting slyly she asked.
I surprise even smoke choked and coughed, dropping ashes on her stomach.
- Well, do not be frightened so she ran her hand over my stomach, flicking ashes -Just once, Igor told me that she wanted to be fucked, her hand stayed in the lower abdomen, she found the limp dick and began to pull it gently.
- He wants to feel like a woman that fuck man, wants to understand what is given to a woman feels.
- Is it confusing to you? - Said Igor, looking questioningly at me - I do not insist, but you can if you want to fuck me and I am ready.
- You fuck all our family and me and my husband. - Tomio cooed Natasha, leaning over me and my whole chest. Her breasts pressed against my stomach and the hand continued to stroke dick already is showing signs of life.
Igor Natasha stroked her back, I massaged her buttocks, surprisingly pleasant to the touch and soft elastic at the same time. The silence lengthened.
I introduced myself as I put Igor standing cancer in the ass his dick, and to his surprise and shame did not feel disgust, can cause is caressing his wife's lips slowly moving to the lower abdomen or suddenly arose a desire to fuck "the whole family". Yes, I clearly wanted it, I wanted to fuck Igor wanted to fuck him in the presence of his wife, he wanted to dominate male in the eyes of his girlfriend.
- Yes, I'll do it, I looked into the eyes of Igor. - I'll fuck you, I fuck you in your virgin ass.
- Yes, I'll give myself as a simple knot, and you zasunesh your dick in my ass.
Igor was breathing excitedly and watched as his wife sucks my the strained thick and long penis. I was proud of my dick, 24 centimeters long, slightly curved thick ... oh hardly got into Natasha's throat and she realized I sosalka not the last.
Natasha looked up from his work and looked at us with lust clouded eyes.
- Well, boys, let's, I'll help you, I have not seen how guys fuck a la naturel.
She stood up and gently knocking her husband across the bed began to kiss his chest and stomach, then turned him over on his back and spread her elastic covered with sparse hairs hemisphere of his buttocks revealing wrinkled dark hole surrounded by compressed dark hair springs.
Igor pulled his knees and stood up before that was his wife - cancer, with her legs spread wide. Natasha lay under him and took his dick in his mouth, then grabbed him by the hips and leaned to the anus. Igor groaned.
- Yes, yes, lick it, lick my ass, my pussy. Apparently he went into the role. Wife Lisa and tried to stick his tongue into the anus. I knelt behind Igor and took him by the hips, stroking the buttocks
- Do not worry it does not hurt.
Natasha looked up from his crotch and took my dick in his hand held it to her wet from saliva almost invisible back opening Igor.
- Come on, ambushes him, fuck it, fuck this bitch.
I squeezed the buttocks and Igor moved by a dick in front of Igor groaned as I pushed harder and head with Ruud entered his ass.
- You're a girl, you already than her, I said pushing member in the trembling of pain and excitement of Igor. Nataha watched in fascination as the pope in his husband disappeared a long and thick cock.
Hot and narrow, he shoved to the end and stopped, Natasha is sucked from the bottom of her husband then licked my balls then began to lick my crotch and gently introduce my finger back.
That I'm not worried about my dick stuck in the ass moaning and shivering man and his wife licking my ass and tried to fuck my finger and it's nice to beat.
I began to carefully remove and again to push dick in the ass of Igor, gradually increasing amplitude. Member hardly entered the way, Igor groaned and resisted pelvis back nasazhivayas deeper.
- Oh, yes, fuck me deeper, yeah I'm coming !!
I have the same feeling that quickly ran out and stopped moving, planted to the end and stopped.
Natasha sucked his dick and in a few moments he was screaming and writhing cumshot on her face and chest.
She got up and went out, and when she returned she was carrying a fair-sized artificial dick.
- Now I fuck you, she said to me smiling.
- And if I do not want to.
- You want, I feel you like my finger.
Her finger in my ass was indeed pleasant, but from a thick vibrator?
- Just gently.
- Oh yes I will be gentle with you, lie down on Igor, so it will be more convenient.
Igor lay down, and I fell on him, so my cock was tucked to the ground in his ass.
Natasha leaned over my ass and I felt her fingers pushing my buttocks and felt the touch of her tongue, and then into the anus boils down to something solid.
- I greased it, Natasha said, and lightly pressed. I relaxed sphincter and into my ass penetrated two centimeters slightly vibrating member. It was a strange feeling, a feeling of fullness and light nuisance.
I moved her hips back and up at the same time pulling out his penis from the backside and Igor nasazhivayas on the rear member.
Oh! Natasha hit and I became great and small vibrating.
- So, as you! I'll let you fuck she whispered excitedly - my good.
About frequently pushes the vibrator, and I began to furiously pumped quietly ohayuschego Igor.
Excitation grew, spreading from a pleasant itching filled rectum.
- Uuuf !! I drove a member until the end and he jerked ending. The sensation of orgasm with a vibrator in the ass were completely new, something convulsively reduced in the ass at the same time pushes ejected ass sperm Igor.
- All! I rolled over on his side, felt sticking out of my ass dick and slowly pulled it out.
Natasha was sitting on the edge of the bed legs spread almost all brush her right hand was thrust into pussy, the other she crumpling his chest.
- The boy is so excited, I want to again!
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