I, of course, a little upset that there will be Olga, but she said that maybe, after all, drop by us for long. She promised that I will get a gift: it will allow me to share with her whatever I want! I only had to beg fate to Olga came.
Sonia too upset when she learned that Olga could not come, but for a long time on this occasion she did not worry as it is more occupied with the question, what kind of gift she will receive from Dennis. When finished for dinner, I offered to take a shower, and then to spend a quiet evening by the fireplace with a good glass of wine and a cigarette, and then, suddenly, everything will be fine. To evening passed cheerfully advised Sonia after a shower to get dressed in the sexiest clothes. As soon as I said that, my wife immediately began to speculate about what might happen, because she knew about Denis visit. But I said that he will stay with us less than a minute and it can even remain seated by the fireplace, and I meet him, and receive a gift for her.
Stepping out of the shower, I put on my shorts and built a fire hotter. While Sonia took a shower and dressed in a more "comfortable clothes", I poured wine into glasses, spread out in front of a large fireplace rug and threw him several ottoman. So I tuned in to a good night, and was confident that Sonia should like all that awaited her.
Here, in a room with a beaming Sonia he came and said that scary excited while taking a shower, so masturbate herself with a hand shower. She looked simply divine. She was thrown over short little red blouse with small zavyazochki front. Upper straps dangling freely, so that the chest was visible almost entirely. UNDERCOVER were only strained nipples that protruded through the thin material blouses.
Sonia also wearing red panties with a cut to the pubic, and I realized why she stayed in the shower was clean shaved slit. In addition, she was wearing red and black garter belt and black stockings. Sonia did not even ask if I liked it all: the best thing about this said the hill on my pants, immediately caused the appearance of his wife.
Sonia said she feels loose, lustful girl and all burns with desire, so ready to do everything, anything I want. At these words his wife pulled out from behind a dildo with a vibrator and asked, Do you want to see how it will gratify himself to them.
When Sonia lay on the rug, she asked me to bring and install a video camera: do not miss the occasion to fill up your collection of "cherished" movie is still one good picture. No filming, we did have a couple of months, but not just liked watching the tape, which is removed with Olga and Denis. Sonia bit sorry because that Olga and Denis could not come, because for a long time waiting for this meeting, but then decided that we can have a good time and together. Sonia so wanted to treat myself a vibrator that just could not hold back any longer, and told me to start shooting. Previously, she never showed me how to masturbate, and so I was looking forward to the show. Sonia is located so that the slit was right in front of the camera, and spread her legs. I got up on all fours between them and began licking naked pussy. Then he began to suck clit from time to time gently pinching her lips to his head. This fueled Sonja harder and harder, she moaned and tells you how to better handle the vagina tongue lick where, and where to stick his tongue. Soon Sonia shook orgasm, then another, and I knew that he - not the last one in the evening. I resettled to the side so as not to obstruct the camera, and Sonia began to rub on the labia dildo under twenty centimeters long, occasionally dipping it into the gap by half.
Then the doorbell rang, Sonya jumped up and began to look for than to hide behind, to go out into the hallway and say hello to Denis. But I told her to sit on the floor and did not go anywhere, and I'll open the door and tell Dennis that are very busy, and just take him a gift that sent Olga. I put on a robe, and his wife went to open the door, and she was lying on the floor.
I opened the door and saw Dennis. Gifts for Sony stood nearby. Denis introduced me to his three brothers, and it was a gift for sony. I let them all, warning everyone to try to be quiet as I wanted it to be a surprise for my wife.
And here they are in front of me. Paul, the eldest of them, the same height as Denis, Sergei, he just below the shoulders and narrower than the older brothers, and the youngest of them - Shreds. He was only seventeen, and he was a virgin. All of them - nice guys, and it is evident that regularly rock to be in good shape.
I led them into the kitchen to Sonia did not see the guests ahead of time, and they were able to undress. All except Tolley, instantly stripped, because we knew what came here. Only Shreds little nervous and therefore continued to tinker with clothing. He began to cheer, saying that the evening will not pass from him in vain.
Sonia yelled from the living room, so I was not lost, and soon it. I shouted back that I will come as soon pour wine into glasses.
When all five of us were on the threshold of the living room, Sonya, as before, lying on the rug. Legs spread out and a buzzing vibrator was halfway stuck in the slot. She lay with her eyes closed and humming something under his breath. It was clear that Sonia likes to masturbate in front of camera, which continued to shoot what is happening. Seeing all this, Denis brothers froze with a look of complete astonishment. Denis, of course, tell them about Sonia, but they did not expect to see such a beautiful woman, and their members have jumped openly showed that they liked it. Virgin Shreds almost immediately is not finished, and his big already a member already has started drooling. He was in a fever pitch. I was proud that my wife, which is already under forty, is still able to produce such an impression. Guests watched, his eyes until she violently thrust a dildo into the slot. Opening her eyes, she saw Sonia five naked men. It plunged her into utter confusion. Then he tried to cover up anything, but close was not anything suitable.
"Happy New Year from Olga" - I announced. Then Sonia finally realized that Dennis and all the other guests were naked as I am. And when I saw the huge member, she instinctively began with a vengeance to drive a vibrator. By staring eyes Shred wife realized that he had never seen a vagina, and even more so in such a gorgeous woman. "Well, what are you, and will stand in the doorway?" - Sonia asked. She obviously had not yet passed the embarrassment, but she tried her best not to show it.
Denis stood next to her on his knees, congratulated the New Year and kissed. After that, he puts his hand under her blouse and squeezed her right breast. From this sensory Sonya moaned. I told the other brothers to help Dennis. They did not have to beg twice.
Paul and Sergey were arranged on either side of Sony, and their hands went for a walk around the body of my wife, slipping on a white silky skin. Shreds also sat between Sony and legs became close watch for moving the dildo into the vagina. And Sonia free hand grabbed his arm and forced her hand to bring oozing slit. Then he took out a dildo and pressed a hand Shred to a bare mound, towering above the cave.
More he did not need help, and Tolia began stroking his hand on the slot Sony, throwing sponges, touching a finger to the clitoris. Hips Sony came shaking with pleasure. And he enthusiastically petted and stroked all the juices emanating hole wife, then stuck her finger in his hands and started fucking him vagina.
Paul, meanwhile, leaned over to Sonya in a passionate kiss shoved deep into his mouth his tongue. She began to suck on his tongue, and then, clasping the hands of Paul and pulling her closer to her, she dug her tongue into his mouth. Sergei pulled her left breast out of her bra and Sony began to suck the nipple. Denis was doing the same with the right breast. Sonia was moaning and writhing with pleasure. She obviously liked it all.
As, however, and me. I took a video camera with tripod and began to walk around them. Since all were in business, I found it possible to try his hand at directing career. Tolia said that he licked and sucked the gap wife. He lay down on the floor between the outstretched legs and Sony began to shower kisses silky thighs, gradually moving to the cave. But Sonia did not wait. She wrapped her arms around her head Tolley and pressed his face to the perineum. "Let's not push, pozhuy my hole, make me cum, and then fuck her young Khrenkov!" - She screamed.
These words stirred the Shred so that from it squirted semen fountain Bay All right foot Sony. He was embarrassed by the fact that so quickly ended, especially since another up to what and not touched, but Sonia grabbed a foot in the palm of his semen, as much time to seize, and sent it all in his mouth, said Tolia, he very tasty sperm. Here Denis told Sonia that Shreds still a virgin, and her eyes lit up. She did not have to sleep with a virgin, and she said Tolia, he wanted to teach him how to fuck, lick, suck and please the woman. After these words Shreds little cheered and began to drive his tongue over glowing slits and Sonia tells you how it is better to suck and nibble lips clit, and soon he began quite zapravski to please my wife. His cock now stood stake, and Tolia, seems to have been proud of it.
Denis also moved up closer to Sonia and put his member in the face. It is, to everyone's surprise, immediately swallowed ten centimeters, then began to suck smacking the barrel as if to milk his mouth. Sonya was on top of bliss: one guest licking the slot, the other she sucked dick, and two other guns in her hands, clenching and unclenching his fingers and enjoying the sizes of these toys. Seeing that it was impossible not to be excited. I began to masturbate himself as he realized that the longer I can not hold out for longer.
Still holding member of the hand, I have approached the Sony head and asked Dennis for a moment to free her mouth. He gladly yielded to my place, moving away to the side, and I thrust the barrel in his mouth Sonia, propihnuv him right in the throat and resting his eggs in the mouth. She began to suck me like a vacuum cleaner, and I felt that because I poured the semen flows. Sonia swallowed everything without uttering a single drop. Then I got up again and began to shoot the film, and my place was Paul. Sonia furiously sucked his.
Sonia did not just tell us how to want to be ripped several men, especially in the presence of her husband. Now, thanks to the gift of Olga's dream came true.
Once Paul had finished, she pulled his penis out of his mouth, and said that it started to fuck, because she could no longer wait when in a tight crevice break into someone's huge tool. She asked the first was Dennis with its king-pin and that he showed to his younger brother Tole, how and what to do.
All rose from their seats, and Sonia turned and got on all fours. Denis fell in behind, and she held out her hand under his stomach, grabbed the trunk of Denis and held it to the entrance of the slit of the afflicted. Dennis leaned forward, and I saw through the viewfinder of the camera, his huge number, flinging shaven hole wife, slowly began to sink into it.
Sonya sighed as if her body was released from the air, and croaked, "Oh-oh-oh! I've got places left! How nice! Look, Igor, your wife pulls the other man, and it's scary like! Hey, somebody give me suck dick, I need one more member! I want to be overwhelmed with sperm, and that it flowed out of my holes! I want to try and swallow all your cum! Fuck me, pull me, derite! I want to come! "
Since Tolley never-before taking in her mouth, I told him to shove her cheek cock and cum in his throat. The boy did not linger, he knelt and Sonia scored in the mouth member. Hands grabbed his chest and began to crumple, saying what it great and what hard nipples. Sergei and Paul stroked Sonia where we could, and Sonya rocked backwards and sit down on a member Denis, trying to drive it into itself as deeply as possible and do not leave a centimeter outside. And Denis persevered batter slit its kingpin. Pussy juices and proceeded prichavkivala every time with the force squeezing the barrel.
Soon, Dennis began to finish, and I watched as his wife tried to milk it dry, but the sperm was so much that she began to break streams out between the member and the flaps of the vagina. Shreds blew sperm Sonia throat. She tried to swallow every last drop, but the sperm was so much that hot white drops dripping from the corners of the mouth to the chin. I just could not believe how he had come from so many sperm, if he has already once come. But I still continued to shoot my wife licked and sucked Shred number, not to lose a single drop of his sperm virgin.
Here Denis pulled out his penis, and Sonia fell to the side and rolled over onto his back. She lifted her legs up so that her head was between his knees, and begged that at least someone haste tore her that there are forces. She reached out her hands to the slot, spread the sash to the side and asked Paul, so he drove his huge dick in wet tight hole. And soon, I again saw my now wife took nekompleksuyuschaya and drove to his already capitalized hole number one more guy. Paul swung and drove it for the most eggs. He began to rock it back and forth, saying how great it is to fuck such a magnificent woman, with such a tight vagina. He realized that he could not hold out for long, but Sonia wanted him to be finished faster, and she became podmahivat backwards, all speeding and speeding up the pace.
Barely a couple of minutes, as Paul is dead sperm into my wife. As soon as he pulled out a member, as she climbed Sergey and then completely shoved into her own trunk. Sonia did not even try to reduce their feet. She continued to fuck and scream how great it is - to be immediately tore the five men. Sergey lasted ten minutes. But as soon as he pulled out, Sonya screamed that she was still a little, and began to call the Shred, that he put his virgin penis into the vagina, the sperm of his brothers crowded. It was incredible, but a member of Shred still stood stake. Sonia grabbed him and sent as expected, and stuck it Shreds. We stood around and watched as Shreds fucked for the first time in my life. It looks like he enjoyed it. And my wife did all she could so that he liked. With the strength of clenched muscles of his member virgin slit, so I somehow knew it. She podmahivala whenever he began to fall upon it, and dig into it a number. Shreds fucked my wife as fast as fuck bunnies. His back and flashed before our eyes, then rising, then falling. It lasted half an hour. And when it fell and froze, Sony became the gap to milk from his sperm remnants member. Shreds groaned in exhaustion. Then it began an orgasm Sonia and her juices began to be mixed into the vagina with his sperm, and she yelled from her feelings overflowed. I stood up again, and I decided to fuck Sonya. I wanted to know what I will experience sensations after she took a four men who filled the cave with his sperm. Sonia stood up "cancer", leaned forward and began to poke his back on my hardened member. I immediately effortlessly drove it into the gap and saw from her stringy streams flowed alien sperm. Hole was piping hot! Yet it was very slippery with all that sperm that was poured into it, but you want to - believe it or - no, she was still tight. After I had finished and refilled it more sperm, we have decided to take a break, and Sonia went to another room to freshen up.
While his wife was not, we began to discuss its merits, and the brothers began to marvel at how great fuck with it and what Sonia beautiful and seductive. The boys were delighted with what has happened, and I also got to enjoy it. Tolia asked Dennis if they stay a little longer, so that he could fuck Sonya second time. We Denis calmed him, and said that before the end of the evening everyone will have time to get everything he wants. And I have said that Sonia is not so easy to wear out. Then Shreds already quite emboldened and Dennis asked, if he would allow him to ever fuck Olga. Denis said that Olga wanted to try his brothers since that time they met. This evening it was invented, and it is terribly distressed that she could not come. According to Denis, Olga was not less, and perhaps even more insatiable than Sonia. She loves when her fuck two guys, and always wanted to try udelat three men at once. A dream still teach Shred fuck girls in the ass. From these revelations member of Shred again stirred. Shreds even could not imagine that any woman wants to get his anus huge cock, but Dennis assured him that many want it, but not everyone is able to take a decent number.
Denis advised Shred not rush when it comes to that, to try to drive the member in the ass, but rather let every woman to impose themselves on the trunk, and only after it will adapt to it and the man will feel that everything is fine, only then he can start stoke member in her ass. Tolia said he would be looking forward to when he will be able to fuck Olga in the ass, especially because of its small size it is constantly excite. Denis advised not to be deceived about the size and said that she, like any other of his acquaintances women, could easily take a back member. He could not fuck her in the ass because the size of his penis generally too large for almost any woman's ass.
Then the room went to Sonya with bottles in their hands. We drank her health, for the introduction, for the coming New Year and slowly razomleli after so many labors. Everyone was having fun, and some even began to laugh loudly.
I turned around and suddenly saw Olga. She stood in the doorway and looked at us. Because, apart from me, no one noticed her, she loudly asked Sonia how she liked the gift. Finally, they all looked at Olga and Sonia jumped up, ran up to her, kissed her a passionate kiss, and began to give thanks for the pleasure that she had never been able to get in life. Then Olga said that she sit back. Olga instantly took off her clothes and began eagerly to inspect the "goods", wondering where best to start.
Brothers Denis were excited about Olga, and their members once stood, welcoming her. Olga and Sonia began to move from member to member, feeling each hand and an example to them by mouth. Olga knelt before Tolik and pelted him with questions. "Tolia, you want to suck your cudgel? What do you like best: to see how your number comes up to me in the mouth, and feel like you ends up in my throat, and see how he comes into my pussy and fuck her until the end? Or maybe you want to fuck me in the ass? You might like it. Do not you want to feel like your club will squeeze into my tight ass? "In response to a member of Shred twitched in her hand. However, Sonia said that first they have to arrange representation for boys and ignite them. Olga had no objection to that effect, and she lay down on the blanket, legs outstretched.
Sonia squatted over the face of Olga and began to lick her vagina. Then Sonia leaned forward, his face buried in the cave of Olga, tucked in her tongue, trying to drive it as far as possible. Since we already had with Denis to see like, we decided to make room in the front row of his brothers, and have themselves become with no less interest in watching them. Brothers Dennis stared as Sonia and Olga kissing and licking each other cave. Guys were simply fascinated by the spectacle. And, of course, this idea has excited them so that they, as if there was no one around, do not hesitate to stroking their members.
Both of these talented actress finished simultaneously. Olga was not able to hold back, when my wife brought her to orgasm, and yelled with all his might. And Sonia simply slipped away and exhausted sprawled next to plaid. Once this happened, all the spectators immediately fell upon them. I saddled Olga and again drove his cock into her. From such pressure she just gasped. It is with great pleasure began to play Olga. She was so tiny, that you involuntarily evokes memories of the girl who used to be fucked in the school. I grabbed a small chest and lips almost entirely sucked it into his mouth and felt incredibly hard nipples stared me in the sky. It is her stuck exactly as Sony nipples protrude when it is excited. And Tolia was not slow to put in your trunk in the mouth of Olga. And I could point blank to watch his club that disappeared between her lips, then appeared outside. I was so excited that I discharged semen sister-in queue, and Olga immediately had finished with me. It looks like it could stop at will at any time. I got up and saw his wife standing "cancer." Behind her play, Sergei, and in front in front of her stood Denis and Paul, and then she sucked dick in turn one and then the other. It was clear that all her overwhelmingly liked. And again I grabbed a video camera in hand!
Olga said Tolia, he wanted to feel his cock in my ass. She put him on his back and went to the bathroom for the cream, and when she returned, it abundantly smeared them my ass and trunk Shred. Then he sat on his haunches on his instrument and began to slowly sink to the long, elastic and shiny cudgel. Through the peephole I saw a video camera as it slowly disappeared in a tiny ass Olga. First, the expression on her face, I even thought that it could not accept a member of a whole. Olga stopped, trying to adapt to the size of the stake, but after a while once again slid down the shaft until it is completely inside her. She paused again, waiting ass gets used to the feeling stirring in her clubs, and then began to jump and again to fall on it. Tolia, meanwhile, entertained with tiny breasts. To squeeze their nipples hard, and this Olga was moaning and writhing with pleasure. I stood close to Olga and put his own newly revived cock in her mouth. It is at the moment swallowed it! It was a stroke of luck! I was able to shoot a close-up, as my tool disappears sister-mouth. Such a film is not just price!
All we finished almost simultaneously. I saw Sergei began to fill with sperm pussy of my wife, and Denis and Paul sperm fountains pour over her face. His wife shook her head from side to side, trying to catch a jet mouth of the life-giving water. That did not fall into her mouth, she wiped her face with her fingers and then licked them dry. Shreds filled with sperm ass Olga, and she immediately burst into orgasm. I even do not know where I come from that, but I finished Olga directly into the throat. She did not miss a drop.
When breath, Olga began to ask Sonia as she liked the choir boys, come true if, finally, her dream and pleasant whether to deprive innocent virgin? And then she could not help herself and began to tell the pleasure gained from the fact that she was able to teach Toll fucked in the ass. From these conversations, our girls really inflamed and started licking each other again, draining caves no longer understand whose sperm. I must say that all huddled together in the evening from the account, and no one could say for sure who is who, where and how many times fucked. His wife and sister-were extremely proud of it.
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We spent unforgettable days in the city on the Neva. In memory we were a pack of photos, where we tried to more fully capture our adventures. And now, the long winter evenings, staying together, my wife and I enjoyed viewing images depicting naked bodies intertwined passion. Light has become very relaxed. She honestly tried to be like before, but it is less and less go. She began to wear more outrageous fashions. Underwear worn only in the "critical" days, and at other times under her short skirts were the only black tights. I liked to lift her skirt and see through the transparent black material of her sweet pussy lips, pubis with a small triangle of light coarse hair. We began to have sex almost every night. I found that I could not fully satisfy the sexual needs of my wife. After a night of group sex in St. Petersburg, when Light was able to "serve" for one night a dozen boys from 13 to 17 years to their complete exhaustion, I was no longer under force alone satisfy her appetite.
It was in December, approaching New Year holidays. We are preparing for a family holiday, buying gifts to each other, daughter, relatives and friends. I have long puzzled over what to give to his beloved wife. Finally, I chose her expensive perfume, and to make it a real celebration of the soul needed a little more. I set to work.
I have a friend working in the economic Lyceum. They learned only high school students from 14-15 years old. As elsewhere, they also were preparing for the New Year. I chose the evening, met with his friend. Tatiana, my former classmate, a teacher of Russian language and literature. It is two years divorced and now one brought up a son of fourteen. She retained the enthusiasm, fun and young at heart, but its age is easy to read on her face. She was a little plump, low dyed blonde, big breasts conceal strict bra that occasionally peeking out from under his robe a little spoiled her figure and tummy. Figure it over the years became like a woman loose, but her wide hips and thick ass looked very good. It has never been sex bomb, but this type of "home" women attracted men who like curvy shapes.
We were sitting with her in her kitchen at home, drinking brandy, brought me on the occasion of rare meetings. For an hour we drank half a bottle, discussed the latest news, who is where and how of our settled in this life. Tanya flushed from drinking cognac and chattered incessantly. I asked her how and where they celebrate the New Year.
- But only at work, - she said - just a little house and sit with a neighbor, but sleep blockages.
- And at work how?
- We are taking children on a holiday village with an overnight stay. There will be a holiday with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. The whole performance is expected. Parents of some of our students are not poor, that fork out for their children. Only there is some problem with the artists. Let's go, we 30 th day, and back to 31 th in the evening already. And all the asked a lot of money for performances in the New Year itself, or asked to postpone holidays for a day or two early. And we have to pay off the base, the products ordered. Guys do some plotting a carnival. Now I have a headache - where to find actors for the leading roles.
- And why is your headache? Angry parents can not overpower fee amateur artists?
- Yes, the fact that they are so laid out a tidy sum, and now do not give a penny. And I'm responsible for the conduct of the festival, and I have a script and I will lead all by herself. Just do not have themselves Frost and Snow Maiden.
- And what you do not have enough teachers? You choose from a number of old and not the most terrible and all the cases.
- That's the problem that Frost else can be found - along our physical trainer, but with the Snow Maiden is not obtained. I'm the only one who fits the parameters for the role of "granddaughter", the other a suitable age for a wife to Santa Claus, or figure of any one dress is not vlezut. I told you, we have two young teacher sitting in the decree. Just I do not know what to do. Maybe you have someone in mind?
- And she asks my suit? - I suddenly asked.
- Your wife? And she will agree? There will not earn much, give 500 rubles and all.
- Yes, we have enough money, and she just need to unwind. I want to give her a little holiday.
- Well, if she agreed, I too "pro". It you have fun, and a little work there is. Once released, will stand next to the tree, a couple of competitions hold it. Then they will go to any discos, kisses in the hallways. So they will not be up to us - the old aunts. Only have time to look, not to built any baby girl.
- And parents will be something?
- Not only teachers and students.
- Yes, I'll let his wife only on one condition.
- What?
- I'll go too. Prevents you will not, sit down somewhere in the corner, and the order will see.
- No problem - Tanya agreed quickly.
We agreed with it will call at the end of the week, and finally discuss the trip conditions.
I'm on the next night, after putting her daughter to bed, told about our conversation, his wife Tatiana.
- You agree? - I asked her, stroking her thigh under the thin robe.
- Of course! - Happily she blurted out and kissed me. - Thank you.
- For what? - Making amazed me.
- For a chance to repeat the Petersburg night - she said, stroking my dick through his pants.
Further, our conversation continued after the rapid copulation.
- And you let me fool around? - She asked playfully when we were tired in our beds.
- And you want it? - I asked, already knowing the answer to it.
- Awful. I sometimes think I was born to be a whore. I sometimes difficult to restrain myself not to snap up some handsome and on the street not to rape him. But I love you very much, and therefore without your permission, and never with anyone not lie.
- I'm glad to hear it. I love you too, - I replied.
We met with Tatiana weekend. All discussed the Light even tried on outfit Snow Maiden - a blue cap, gown of the same color with sparkles and white fur, barely covering the knees.
- Real Maiden - Tanya said with satisfaction.
A couple of nights my wife spent in rehearsal. Take time off from work on 30 and 31 December, we had no trouble. And then came the day of departure to the recreation center "Zarya".
Two buses, we went out of town. Among the noisy group of students, I counted 23 girls and 19 boys. Teachers were six people, plus my wife and I - that's the whole company. For half an hour the crowd gomonyaschaya students settled in a two-storey base housing. My wife and I have allocated double "room" at the end of the corridor of the first floor. All began to prepare for the evening.
Light struck a light make-up, put on his naked body a long white T-shirt, which covered only her butt, covered with white stockings. Panties had not underneath. Over T-shirts she threw a blue robe, wearing a hat, white boots - she was ready. Maiden from it turned out wonderful, with every step floors high robe opened slightly her slender legs and tight elastic hip. Come to me this Maiden in the days of my youth, I would have finished right in my pants.
- I think the boys will be happy - I said - that's just for your comfort stockings would be more convenient.
- Do not tell me - with a sly smile said his wife and sat on the bed, legs spread wide.
I saw the stockings between her legs in the place that housed her vagina was smooth hole. It was a miracle overseas craftsmen for just such depraved ladies who at any moment could stretch the legs and to give any to get into her womb, without having to undress. I sat down in front of his wife on her knees and began to caress the tongue through the opening of her delicate lips sex. Light sat on the bed and groaned. Her clitoris swollen and began to throb. I felt like her vagina is compressed, I put two fingers in her anus and began to rotate them there. For some time now the Light is so addicted to anal sex, which is often preferred his usual. Here and now, less than two minutes, her body began to beat in the throes of orgasm, and vaginal lubrication tight richly flowed. I carefully licked her crack and only got up. Juices her holes shone on my face. Light rose tongue licked my face, and then sat down on the bed, undid my pants and pulled out a member and glared at him painted lips. On my trunk, already shining from her saliva, it remains exciting ring her lipstick. I pounded her mouth his cock to the root, speeding up the pace. And when I was ready to explode in hot mouth of my wife, I heard the sound of a door opening and turned sharply. On the threshold froze with his mouth open Tatiana, dressed in a short black evening dress. She could not take my eyes off my penis, the incoming and outgoing breath Amy. My wife stopped for a moment, but seeing Tatiana continued with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. A few seconds later I violently poured out a portion of sperm in her mouth. Light cloth wiping from his chin all the things that could not drink. I turned to Tanya, who continued to stand as a pillar in the doorway. She fascinated staring at my cock, the tip of which hung a large white blob. I approached her, looked into her eyes, closed the door behind her and pressed her hand on his shoulder, dropping her to her knees.
- After half an hour of waiting in the hall, it will be the beginning of the holiday, - she faltered, sinking slowly.
- It's okay, enough time - I said continuing to push on her shoulder.
- I have to go, - she said to the head of my penis in a microphone.
- You'll have time - I said, and held by a member of her lips, causing a drop of semen fell on top of lipstick.
Tanya opened her mouth and I pushed the head between her moist lips. She began clumsily to suck and lick my dick. He again stood in the mouth of my former classmates. I took hold of the back of her head and began to stick her head on his penis with a maximum amplitude. He heard the sound of smacking, Tanya has selflessly sucked, his eyes closed. Light came up behind me and watched with interest what is happening. Then she sat down and began to Tatiana stroking her back, breasts, ass. Tanya sold outright, probably affected no man in the house. I pulled her with him, she reluctantly released my cock from his mouth and stood up. I led her to the couch, I sat down himself, put her cancer on the floor so that her lips were again next to my member. Tanya is no longer needed invitations - she again grabbed my trunk mouth and continued his occupation. Light came up behind her, rolled up the hem of her dress festive narrow waist, swung her knee-length stockings, together wet with passion and white panties clung to her cunt. Tanya jumped in surprise, but did not stop, and soon all quivered between us in a fit of acute orgasm. I was scared as if in a fit of passion she bit into me my good. After a couple of minutes, I successfully finished a hot mouth of his classmates, my wife looked up from her womb, her glistening juices. We all lay down on the bed, recovering his breath. Tatiana came to himself, hurriedly pulling on stockings and panties all crimson with shame.
- Do not be shy, Tanya - I said patting her on the back - we just made each other nice. True?
- I ... I do not know - to stay quietly murmured she - with me is the first time.
- Always something happens for the first time. Tell me - do you like it?
- Yes, - she said even more quietly and odernuv dress jumped out of our rooms. In the course of straightening hair.
- How do you like it? - I asked my wife.
- She would stop being so clamped. She just inside the volcano of passion, - said Light.
- The cunt? - I asked with a smile.
- And there, too, - she said seriously - you wonder laughing. She would be a good guy to fuck her on all cylinders, but it does fade.
- It can help the poor woman? Suddenly one man she replaced a few boys?
- I do not know - shook her head Light - it is because the teacher. How it then teach those with whom she fucks?
- And what in the world there is no other?
- What do you mean? - I surprised Light adjusting makeup and preparing to go out.
- Let's invite on a winter vacation to us Misha, Dima, and someone else. They will be able to give pleasure to a single woman.
- And that - that's the idea - happy wife - and I remember the hot summer nights.
We have agreed to call our boys in Peter and call them to us for a week as soon as we get to the city.
After half an hour people began to gather in a hall where beautiful tree-covered tables stood and stood. Students noisily took their seats, I took a seat in the corner of the room at a separate table. He took the precaution taken with a video camera and prepared to shoot his Snow Maiden.
Finally, the holiday started. Released strict woman with congratulations on behalf of the college management. Then the stage was Tanya, still agitated, and opened an entertainment program. After the traditional New Year's quizzes and jokes came Santa Claus - tall, strong man-fizruk. The actor he really was not very much and Tanya had to save the situation. True disciples was so much fun, in the hall was a joyous hubbub, laughter everywhere and the sound of cymbals. Young people looking forward to the end of a mandatory program to start a "relax" for real. Then it is time to call the Snow Maiden.
When my wife came in the form of Snow Maiden in the hall was the hum boyish voice, someone whistled in surprise. Light, not embarrassed, adolescents showed their slender legs, behaved with ease and fun. I started to shoot what is happening. When Maiden scenario sat on a low "snow" made of painted stool, pasted over with a white paper, the room swept sigh. Blue robe fell open and her eyes burning spectators appeared pretty legs of my wife almost completely. I shot the boys face with their mouths open, shooting with maximum magnification Amy legs, trying to see into the lens of her crack. His wife sat like Sharon Stone, his legs crossed, and setting the stage for the male half of the audience to the point where his pants are already bursting with violence of young flesh. The evening came to an end, the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus together performed behind the scenes. The guys made a real ovation, artists had to go twice on the bow, while the boys did not stop shouting "Bravo!". Then announced a disco.
I went to look for his wife behind the scenes. Light stood in the hallway and chatted with Santa Claus. I walked over, introduced us to the Light. Igor, so called "Frost" in the world, we strongly invite him to drink a drink for acquaintance in the room. We agreed.
Igor's room was at the opposite end of the corridor from ours. He was alone in a double room. My wife and I sat on one bed, Igor sat on the opposite, putting the chair on the middle of the room, which served as a table for uncomplicated meals. We poured vodka cool plastic glasses and toast after the standard "for us" drunk. I knew that the light did not wait to get away on a youth disco, but here we only brought to light "refueling" to feel more relaxed. After the third toast Igor we thanked for the invitation and said goodbye. He obviously did not expect a pleasant companion and drinking companions go so fast. He boldly groped drunken eyes on the legs of my wife, and perhaps already built some plans for her. But we had our intentions and we ruthlessly Igor left alone with a bottle.
- Too bad guy - I said when we left - it's almost a section you eyes and you ...
- You want me to go back and let herself fuck? - Light asked, pausing.
- Not now, later, if you want power and will, - I said, and pulled her to the dancing teenagers.
Behind the doors of one of the rooms I heard a boy's laughter, loud conversations. I opened the door without knocking.
We were warned that we carefully monitored, so that the children are not drunk. The fact is that for anybody not a secret that teenagers drink necessarily be dragged to the base. He had only to wait for the moment when they begin to drink and urgently "surrender" their head teacher. Drunkenness was punished severely in this college. And the head teacher promised that person will deal with each, up to expulsion from the college. It was an extreme measure, but looking at this strictly gray aunt, I immediately believed that it would keep his word. So when I burst into the room, where there were about seven teens with two bottles of vodka on the table, they froze cleaner than a dumb scene of Gogol's "The Inspector General".
- We drink? - I asked sternly. Light loomed behind me.
- Yes we are ... it's ... - boys hesitated, looking away.
- Come quickly all here! All dancing! - I ordered - will turn off after the vodka.
Boys flew out of the room, there was only one - the owner.
- Well then froze? - I asked.
- And you do not tell our teacher? - he asked.
- No, calm down - I said more gently, - better invite a lady to dance - I nodded toward the light - and then she hesitates, and nobody calls.
The boy was embarrassed, but went up to my wife, offered her his arm. Light with a smile, he took his arm and they walked into the hall, where music blared. I closed the door and went after them.
The room was noisy and crowded. Young people having fun jumping under stirring melodies. I sat in a corner and watched the development of events. "Snow White" immediately surrounded the boys and began to be manufactured in front of her, demonstrating his ability to dance. Some of them came out briefly, then returned. I left after a couple of teenagers, and saw that they had come in the dark of the hallway stairs to wipe portion of vodka from a plastic cup. A bottle hidden behind a fire shield. I walked past, pretending to be heading upward, and stood on the stairs so that all hear undetected. Soon, these two guys were joined by three more.
- Did you see what a heifer? - Excitedly I asked one.
- Maiden? - I asked another.
- Yeah, those legs - class. And boobs under the robe and jump. I almost did not finish in front of her.
- So do I. Listen, it is very kind without a skirt.
- That would be a fuck.
- Oh, she's quite old - said someone.
- Fool you, - said a teenager - but what a figure - ass, legs, tits and knows how to fuck. Here only she and her husband. And none of us, it will not.
- Why? - We asked several voices at once.
- Yes, because we have for her apprentices. Now, if only drink it and then drag to someone in the room.
- And what? Let's try.
In the hall, meanwhile, it is time to slow dance. I waited until the teens leave and then went into the hall. My wife already danced with high student, which is strongly held her, gently groping hands on her back. Light saw me and winked at me, smiled cheerfully. I saw a young girl in a short dress, which came up to me and boldly invited me to dance. And after a couple of seconds I pressed to his chest a gentle girlish body, pushing his member into her stomach. Katya was the name of my partner, smiled stiffly and silently rubbed her hips on my trunk. I noticed that her hands were cold as ice, and it beat all light chill, despite the stuffiness in the room. I lowered my hands on her small round buttocks and looked into her eyes, checking her reaction. She stiffened, froze, then he continued to dance. I force it shrank into itself, crushing her ass festive dress.
- Let's go somewhere - she whispered in my ear. Her voice trembled.
- Where? - I asked stupidly.
- Where no one will disturb us, - she said, hugging me. Chills her intensified.
I do not understand stared at her. The girl did not look like a school slut: bright right face, dark wavy hair down to his shoulders, a pair of small hard breasts, hidden bra, flexible waist, slender legs. I quietly asked her:
- Are you serious?
- Yes - she replied defiantly.
Then I noticed the guys looking at us and whispered something to each other. They came out, arguing passionately about something.
- Wait here - I'll find us where to go, - I said, and followed the boys.
As I thought, they stood at the fire board again to "refuel." I'm facing a stranger passed by and once again took the position of "listener".
- Did you see? - One of them asked.
- What?
- Yes Katka Skvortsova frames husband at Svetka. (Husband in Svetka - about myself, I was surprised she had she asks for them).
- Skvortsova? This demure ?!
- Yeah, she owed Helen hundred bucks and now she has a choice: either she lieth all the guys from our class or fuck this guy.
- And who invented it?
- Ya I agreed with Lena, she owe me a hundred bucks, so she fulfills. We also need to divert Svetkin husband?
- It is necessary.
- That's it. Then somehow own "spin" Katka at all, and now we proceed to our granddaughter. Moreover, it is ready. I am not a member of her little pierced, while dancing, and she could not care less.
- And me too
- And I - the others agreed.
It turns out that the kids have agreed among themselves and to distract me, ready to put under my demure Katya. Well, I will not disturb them. They do not know that it is not they, but my wife is their own wear out before losing momentum with their insatiable holes. I waited until the boys are gone, down the hall, he found his wife, dragged her to a secluded area and told her about the plans of adolescents.
- You want to have fun? - I asked her.
- Of course - she said - and you yourself will also something not to miss.
- Not in this case, I would not want to lose sight of you. Who knows what the mind of these guys. It is already not a virgin, I had to deal with women. Suddenly, in their evil heads climb thought experiment? You do not know their tendencies.
- And I think that you just want to see how they would fuck me - with a sly smile I replied Light.
- And this, too, of course. You know, I have a plan ...
We quickly agreed on everything, and went on as if nothing had happened. I had no doubt in his wife - when she wanted it to be an excellent actress.
I went to Katenka, who sat quietly at the table and absently looking at the dancers.
- Bored? - My question made her wince.
- No, - a barely audible voice she said, and began to rise, his eyes downcast.
- Come on? - I asked, taking her hand.
- Come on, - without any enthusiasm she replied, taking my cold hand palm.
I led her to her room. Kate silently dutifully walked alongside, looking away when I tried to look at her. I opened the door, let the guest. The girl hesitated stopped at the threshold.
- Come on, do not be shy, - a cheerful voice, I said, lightly pushing her to the bed - sit down.
Kate came to a screeching halt. She stood like a pillar and did not move, I barely managed to sit her on one of the beds. I myself sat down at her feet.
- Do not be afraid, silly - I said softly, stroking her knee - I'll not do anything wrong. I know why you're here.
- How? - Frightened girl.
- I overheard - I waved a hand - you will not be afraid. If you do not want anything, I'll let you go just ten minutes to approach you had no complaints. But let me try. Good?
Kate nodded and smiled with relief. I began gently stroking her thigh, then stood in front of her and gently kissed her soft lips. She clumsily responded to me with his eyes closed. I grew bolder and began insistently to kiss a girl, arms closer to her most forbidden places. Kate pulled away from my arms and asked to turn off the lights. I got up and went to the switch. Behind heard a quiet rustling. I turned with a finger on the switch button, and saw that Kate takes her elegant dress over her head. Flexible body, covered with a white bra and tights, which shone through her panties, appeared before me. I hurried back. In the darkness I helped Kate to get out of her dress, put her on the bed and began to shower kisses on her tender young body. The girl was beginning to like it and did not think to stop me. After a while I undid her bra. Two little milky-white breasts strong sticking up erect nipples. I immediately dug into one of them. Because breast girl escaped moan, she arched her back, breathed heavily and grabbed me with their pens. I continued to study hiding places of her body. Together we quickly coped with her pantyhose, but then she flatly refused to take off her panties. The last bastion still kept impregnable defense of virginity. I started kissing her tummy, hips, picking up the innermost. "Secret", meanwhile, was already wet. I clearly felt the pungent and exciting scent of her virgin vagina. I had no doubt that she is a virgin, and that I would be her first man. My tongue penetrated a damp fabric of her white panties, caressing her covered with soft curly hairs pubis. Katya is increasingly losing control of himself. She strongly grabbed me by the hair and pressed himself against my face his crotch. Her body was shaken by convulsions. I realized that the girl was experiencing the first real orgasm of my life. It is time to act, I decided, put his fingers under the elastic of her "bastion" and aggressively pulled her wet panties down. Kate raised her ass to help me. The last bastion has fallen! I stared at her salty pussy lips, tongue thrusting deep into her cunt. Kate went to a new fit of orgasm. She incoherently whispering something about how she loves me, that I had the best and other romantic stuff. Once again, I walked around her clitoris, cunt, tasted a girl's ass and stood up. I was already hot, I still wore. Kate was lovely, she scattered on the bed, legs spread wide, and stared shamelessly as I tear off her clothes. I took off all and appeared before her in the glory Sway, my cock eager to fight, but I decided not to rush things. Do not scare the young girl hasty pushing in the mighty cock in her small slit. It is necessary for them to acquaint beginning. I put Kate on the bed while he stood next so that my cock rested in her face.
- Look what I've got - I said.
- You can touch it? - Emboldened, she said.
- We need - I said confidently - and not just to look at.
She took care of my cock, watching him carefully. I pushed maroon head closer to hers. She understood perfectly without words and timidly kissed him. Then she took the head in her mouth, feeling her taste. I began to gently teach her contact with the male tool. More experienced student, I have yet to meet. Katya grasped everything on the fly, apparently wanting to thank me for giving her pleasure. A few minutes later she was quite deftly sucked my cock, swallowing it down to its very foundations. I pulled out my gun, glistening with her saliva, and then knelt in front of the young beauty. We began to kiss., Caressing each other's hands. Finally, I put her on her back across the bed, her legs raised high, put them on his shoulders and prepared for battle. Kate already knew what would happen next, but did not resist, she liked what I was doing with it. I gently put his head to the petals of her vagina and into her shallow. Kate moaned and shrank a little, I waited half a minute, letting her get used to my friend. Then he moved on. It felt great! The walls of her vagina hot and young so tightly covered my trunk that I had to distract from what is happening to not terminate immediately. One powerful impulse I broke her hymen and fully penetrated her. The girl cried out, but apparently she was not really hurt, because she became herself to sit down on my cock. Further five minutes flew by in an instant. It was a moment of animal passion. I quickly and severely pecked her slit without thinking what her feelings. Katya writhing beneath me, screaming swept her passion, desperately podmahivaya me. We finished almost simultaneously, rapidly and without forces collapsed on the bed. I snatched my baby blanket, and we embraced, frozen, listening to the sound of our hearts.
Then I heard voices in the hallway, and footsteps. One of the voices belonged to the Light.
- My wife is coming! - I cried, and Kate jumped up as if stung.
- Put on a dress quickly! - I ordered - I'll give you the rest later.
She showed a rare skill and pulled the dress over five seconds. At that time I had time to pull on his jeans and hoodie. We somehow tidied, but the smell ... with nothing to confuse the smell of sex. We barely had time to sit down primly on the bed and gave different parties decent expression as the door someone started trying to open it. Katya sat half-dead with terror, but her face was read without difficulty that the girl had known the wisdom svezheottrahannaya sex no more than a couple of minutes ago. Behind the door, I heard the drunken giggles my wife. She playfully fought back from someone's playful hand. Then the door swung open and the room burst into the company of three teens and Amy. His wife was already on edge, her robe was almost wide open. Apparently the boys on the road already feels evaluate my wife's charms.
- What are you doing here? - Drunk she asked, staring at me.
- We sit here and talk, - I replied.
- Sit ?! - Scenario "boiled" Sveta - but are you just fucked. Your sperm carries a mile away.
She began to make trouble so plausible that adolescents in earnest scared. Katya general can be sent to the "fast" - she sat white-faced, hardly breathing.
- You fucked this bitch? !! - My wife was raging.
- What are you - I retorted sluggish - there was nothing.
- Oh, is not it? - Sveta screamed and jumped to Catez mummy.
She gently pushed her, causing Kate sat on his back, and immediately lifted her skirt girl, she did not even have time to scream. On public display beautiful young lye, which implies a large white drop of my sperm was exposed. Then Katya woke up and quickly stood up, closing her charms, she burst into tears and rushed to the exit. I caught it, pressed it to his chest, comforting the sobbing girl.
- Shame on you, light, - I said - a disgrace to honest girl. It's all my fault. I dragged her here. Oh, and why are you here dragged these youngsters? Poetry reading in unison? Maiden fucking! - I went on the attack.
Teenagers watching everything going on standing in the doorway and covered his hands bugryaschiesya members in the pants.
- Okay, - "calming down" said his wife, - you cheated on me. What do we do. Should I take revenge on you. I'm right?
- How to get revenge? - I played up to her.
- I fuck your eyes with these guys.
Now it is the turn of guys fall into a stupor. They stupidly smiling, they stared at us, waiting for the end of the debate.
- And then I go on fun with Katya - "vdaril" I said.
- I fucked it all for men and boys, on this basis, - "in the heat of the dispute," said Light.
- Yes, you will be weak - I urged on her.
- You check, - she said defiantly.
I am at the moment took off his clothes, left in the middle of the room with a standing member, and looked at his wife. She untied the robe of the Snow Maiden, slowly took off his. Then, under the excited looks completely stunned teens pulled a T-shirt over his head, left just in pantyhose. Men groan gasped, staring at her breasts with protruding nipples, elastic ass, draped in transparent tights. Light, looking me in the eye movements of experienced strippers start to pull off a miracle kapron, revealing completely. And now we're both naked standing next to each other surrounded by excited youngsters. I took a step toward his wife, took her in his arms and began to kiss passionately. Then, abruptly she turned her back to him, lowered her so that she put her hands on the bed. I have laid her legs and habitual movement has entered her vagina a protruding member. Light gasped and began to stick his ass in my trunk, out loud, in a loud voice, shouting from the accumulated desires. fascinated guys looked at us, then, as if on cue, began to unbutton his pants, get red erection and masturbate. Katya also eyes wide open staring at us with his wife, one handle it soon became squeeze himself under the hem of her dress. A few minutes later a crazy sex in full view of school, I pulled out dripping vagina wife flushed the penis and turned to drochaschim boys, she said:
- Following!
They did not have to ask twice. The bravest of them getting tangled in his pants, jumps reached his goal, clutched his thigh with one light and impetus brought impressive cock into her cunt.
- Banged it as follows - I said, moving away from a couple fuck - let it be a hundred will avenge me.
And he went to Katenka, who was still sitting on the bed. I am without words took her head and brought his cock in her pretty little mouth. The girl without hesitation began to enthusiastically suck. Behind the noise intensified. I turned around. The boy with frightening speed and force fucked my wife's cunt. Breast Amy dangled from side to side, her head thrashing, flew from his lips unintelligible words, mixed with a roar and moans. These marvelous cries added loud slapping the boy eggs on her ass, sucking sounds of her vagina and smacking of lips starved Katie, enthusiastically sucking my cock. I took the gun from rotika gentle girl, put her cancer on the bed to face his wife with her "partner". Kate watched with amazement painting live sex on the side while I tagged onto its hole. She moaned when I felt my friend, filling her vagina is no longer a virgin.
The guys did their best. Each of them kept for a long time, than my wife brought untold pleasure. Ten minutes later, teenagers have already made one sunset in a crack of light, and I re-finished in Katina hole and made one of the boys to lick her crack. It was nice to look at, like my women lie on the bed, across her outstretched legs and give a young 16-year-old boys to clean their tongues hot slits. Katya no longer resisted when one of the boys threw her rebellious member of the very root. Orgy began.
Half an hour later the trio walked through the Katyusha that with joy and enthusiasm took their young members into their fold. At that time I was engaged in the anus of my wife, preparing her to the joys of the coming night. Cum young people flowed from her overworked vagina and slowly trickled down her thighs.
When guys are tired of rough sex with two lovely ladies, lay down on the bed, I had just finished a small stretch ring wife, releasing a portion of sperm in her ass. We Sveta kissed and began to gather on the "hunt". I picked up Kate and asked if she would go with us.
- After all, even as many members of the left - I tried to persuade her.
She readily agreed. It seems that this evening was born a new passionate slut adores group sex. I hastily wiped them flushed slits wet towel smeared their anus with petroleum jelly - just in case. The three of us got out of the room smelling of semen and headed down the corridor. Light put on the robe of the Snow Maiden, under which there was nothing. Kate was in her dress, too, without any underwear. I wore jeans, a sweatshirt and took a video camera. We have reached the fire board - the same one where the guys were drinking and agreed to fuck my wife. There was a couple of other guys. Obviously, there was a warehouse of vodka in the entire college. Light came to him and asked:
- A Snow Maiden is poured?
The guys were embarrassed, but got a glass and poured my wife a little bit. I, meanwhile, their eyes began to kiss Kate, who grabbed me by the neck. I lifted the hem of her dress, showing the children a wonderful, young naked ass of their schoolmates. Those stunned staring at us. Light caught their attention:
- And I also have something that is no worse - and opened her robe.
Boys stunned staring at my wife. Alcohol in their young organisms removed all moral barriers, and they both jumped on Svetku randomly lapaya her breasts and ass. Adult woman recently played for them Snow White, now standing turned to the wall, bending and substitute its wide elastic back for their members. One of the boys hurriedly undid his pants and put his little hands quivering cock in the crack of my wife. Second squeezed her breasts, closing shamelessly fucks a couple. I sent to the aid of Katya Svetka. She went to the second teenager, silently knelt and soon relish sucking his cock. I stood in the corridor, in order to prevent unauthorized, and hence it easier to remove. We get interesting shots of amateur porn. A few minutes later it was all over - loud groans and sighs interrupted. The girls came back to me: she asks with a load of sperm into the vagina, Katja - with white drops on the chin. Light tongue licked the face of the girl sperm and kissed her on the lips. Guys, stunned by such a service, and standing with his pants down.
- While boys - sent them a kiss Sveta - I'll see you.
I do not doubt that they will find us.
We came into the hall, which already ended in a disco. People moved listlessly, or just sitting at the tables. I invited Kate to slow dance, Light also found a gentleman. I gently kissed her on the lips, they smelled the male sperm. Kate clung to me, his hand rubbing my cock through his jeans. Light about something whispered in the ear of her cavalier, and then he was out. Katya and I danced a little, then handed us a sign of the Light, and we went for it. He conducted us the guy who danced with my wife. We approached the door of his room, I turned around - we marched for five others.
- You summoned them? - I whispered to my wife.
- No, Pasha - she nodded at the guy who was busy with the lock - but I warned that we have a surprise, and that he had invited someone else.
- And what a surprise you do not say?
- What are you! No, of course - with a smile, he said his wife, - or they would rape me right in the hall.
We entered. Teens clearly embarrassed in the presence of an adult mature woman in a revealing outfits - light is not too worried about that how to smell the robe of the Snow Maiden and now it was clear that, at least, a bra is not exactly on it. The valley between her breasts easily viewed almost to the waist. And while walking could see her no covered legs high enough. Teens stared at the Snow Maiden. I walked to the far corner of the room, so as not to interfere with the sporting youth.
- I suggest you play an interesting game, - said, "The Snow Maiden".
- In which? - Almost in unison they asked guys.
- "Fuck Snow White", - he said Sveta and again slipped off her robe. I said over and over again it is obtained faster.
- Not only Snow White - I said, lifting the hem of her dress Katie - it is possible and her friend.
What started here - so quickly undress only in the army team "End". Teenagers in a moment were naked and stood hesitating, shaking protruding members. Light took the initiative in their hands. She knocked over one of the boys on the bed on his back, famously straddled him, tucking his farm himself into the vagina, the second pulled to his ass and put his gun his anus. Guys started frantically to peck her both holes. Another crowd of naked boys put his tool into her mouth. Now the picture was complete and began racing. The groans filled the room, the bed squeaked mournfully under the weight of the bodies. I looked at a beautiful body of his wife, who satisfy their lust in the company of young boys with hot members, who rejoiced that the adult aunt fuck in all the cracks. Katya also immediately undressed, laid on the bed and just two boys pushed her his penis: and one - in the vagina, the other - in the mouth. Changing partners took place unbeknownst to the girls: they were unable to see who and what is their hole. Kate already actively took members of his classmates in the ass. I tried to catch all - I kept a video report about the adventures of Christmas Snow Maiden and her horny girlfriends. For half an hour of continuous sex boys poured semen of both girls. They go all holes flowing white rivers, officials from spermovye turned into masks. Formed a brief pause, when all decided to rest. Light and Katya towel your face and body.
There was a knock at the door. Everyone froze.
- What are you doing there? - I asked the strict female voice behind the door.
- Atas! - Loudly whispered one of the teenagers - Tatyana.
- Do not worry - I reassured them - Tanya, I accept.
We put out the light, hiding all who - where. Girls hid under the blankets, the guys have spread like cockroaches under the bed, behind the door, with the tables. I opened the door. Tatiana froze in the doorway.
- You? - She asked in surprise - you're doing here?
- What are you doing here? - I asked her.
- I - is responsible for the procedure, - she said - all the rooms had gone to sleep.
- So what's the deal - we sleep too. Only together.
- What do you mean? - Tanya asked, although it was the smell of semen coming from the room, perfectly I understood what I mean.
- Yes you come in - I invited her, skipping into the room - on the threshold of what once stood.
Tanya hesitantly stopped at the entrance. I pushed her back to the bed.
- Do not, - she whispered softly.
- Why do not you want? - I said - when you last time was a man?
- Three months ago, - even quieter she said.
- Well, now you can compensate for lost time, - I said, and turned on the light.
Tanya gasped aloud when she saw how her bare crawl everywhere students with protruding members.
- What is it .. what about ..? - She murmured, while I undid the zipper on her evening dress.
- No, it is not necessary, - tried to resist the inevitable Tanya.
But then I climbed out from under the blankets and muzzles girls Tanya stopped resistance. I undressed her, placed next to Svetka. She immediately began to kiss his chest, neck, lips teacher. Tanya closed her eyes and gave her a luxurious body to us. I heard that someone took the camera, while I was undressing himself. I first drove his cock in starved Tanya womb. Her large breasts swayed in time with my thrusts.
Orgy continued with renewed vigor. Teens again took place in all the holes of my women, and when I came in hot pussy Tatiana, then it was immediately planted a pair of young restless members. Soon they began to catch up with the boys from the other rooms. They were just as greedy as the first. I began to count - served twenty young men who each came up at least five times in four and three women plus hours of continuous sex. Most persistent were able to finish on seven - ten times.
By morning I was led to my room hardly move his wife. She beamed with joy.
The next day, we could barely get out of bed. When we all gathered for breakfast, I saw the rest of the girls. Katya with circles under his eyes was sitting surrounded by boys. She was queen of the ball. Tanya was sitting with teachers. On the face of it, too, was read a sleepless night, but she glowed with joy.
Half a day that we stayed in, we had a walk in the fresh air. After dinner, we sat on the bus and went home.
I decided to conduct home Tanya, Sveta did not mind. We knew that after such a stormy night she will not be able to live as before. And students who fucked all night his teacher, will not give her quiet life. I went to Tanya, who sat quietly by the window, staring absently at the winter landscape, flashed outside the window of the bus.
- Tanya, you will allow you to carry out? My wife informed and did not object.
- Of course, I have only seen off, - she said, turning to me.
- The boys? - I asked, sitting down on the seat beside her.
- Yeah, three stuffed in the cavalry, - she said with a grin.
- You're sorry about what happened tonight? - Looking into her eyes, I asked.
- No, you - she replied hastily, - I thank you for what you did not let a woman die in me. I have in my life has never been anything like it. I am five times just fainted from surging orgasms.
- Then what is the problem?
- You know perfectly well that I can no longer teach in this college, and probably in the whole city. The rumor will spread to schools immediately. How: the teacher - a whore, and free and everyone agrees. And I live on that? On the panel, I do not want to.
- Do not bother - live one day. From college do not go, guys will not pester you - they have nothing to you, just words. I videotape. And if you want, or rather, when you want to frolic - invite guests to the most persistent and the favor of young bodies. I propose to remove these goals apartment. Handy.
- Do you think that it is not necessary to be upset?
- Of course not. You do like it - as much sex will not you, if you go somewhere else or stop "meet" with their students. So?
- So, - I have agreed to Tanya, have fun.
- Well, that's fine - I got - I'll talk to the guys. And to accompany you, I'll be the one.
Tanya smiled at me gratefully, she brightened considerably. I spoke with young people, they quickly agreed to my version, proposing to establish a sex patronage over his now beloved teacher. We have agreed that they will not get it in college. I threatened that in case of what can be found on their council, it was a little cool their youthful impatience.
During the week, I took a small apartment with a modest furnishings, near the center for a small fee. In the evening I called home and told Tatiana that she can start tomorrow night "remedial classes at home." We decided that my wife will help her in this, and the guys will pay the rent.
We have appointed "first lesson" on the nearest Friday. Tanya immediately invited eight people: four each. I brought the camera to capture what is happening. At seven in the evening came to a friendly crowd teenagers. They are a little embarrassed. Ladies met them at the door in their sexiest outfits. It seems that they like to play the role of whores. Light wore micro-mini short black dress with a plunging neckline and without any underwear. Her nipples firm breasts were clearly visible, the dress barely concealed buttocks, covering it tightly. When she sat down, her pubic hair opened for public viewing. Tanya put on a translucent blouse, fishnet, which is nothing at all to hide her heavy big breasts looked great. Its broad and short skirt opened the large white thighs, when walking it swung open and a triangle of black curly hair shamelessly peering out from under the hem. We had previously spread out on the floor of a huge mattress, so that all have enough space. When everyone was seated directly on the mattress, the teenagers immediately rested eyes in the perineum women opened their eyes. We drank some beer, the atmosphere became more relaxed. Particularly bold have already launched their fingers in the slits women. Light already passionately kissing pimply high blond shuruyuschego two fingers in her cunt, Tanya threw her on her back and over her hovering just two teenagers, pulling the chest and slit his teacher of Russian language. I took the camera. Soon orgy began, clothes were scattered throughout the room, the woman took the young members of the teen in all holes and in the apartment were heard groans mixed with sucking and squelching sounds, which published cunt, ass and mouths of adult women. Guys furiously digging members of their hot and wet holes. Ladies warmed up very quickly, and now both fought in the attack of acute orgasm. Teens vengeance tried to satisfy their lust, their restless members of sperm spewed streams and then again in the liberated holes pierced insatiable women. After three hours of continuous sex crazed teenagers released from the passions of women. Tanya and Sveta exhausted lying on the floor on a mattress, their bodies were covered with young sperm. The hair of both women were disheveled and also smeared with semen teen. Vagina and anus spewed streams of white fluid that ran down their hips on the floor. The room smelled of sweat and sperm - a real scent of sex. Teens dressed and left, but I stayed and took the two "working women" in the bathroom - wash. Women climbed together in the bathroom filled with warm water and razomleli. I did not hurry them, so that they can have a good rest. I gently laundered them stuck to the body of the youthful sperm. I picked up Tanya, put her on her feet, spread her legs and began to wash her crotch. The woman moaned with pleasure. Here I was surprised by the Light. My wife sat up and glared at sex lips girlfriend gentle kiss, pulling the tongue out of her cunt remnants of sperm, then she moved to the anus and Tanya continued. Tanya trembled, her legs gave way so that I barely managed to keep her from falling. Once again, her body shook another strong orgasm and she groaned and sank into the water. It is the turn lights, she got up, she puts Tanya's head to her cunt and she began to clean out the holes from the sperm of my wife. So they both got one more orgasm without the crowds of teenagers.
A week later, we repeated the experiment. The boys began to come every Friday. Sometimes Tanya led someone from a particularly impatient of their students after school in our sex-apartment and quickly fucked once or twice, to meet and teenager and his lust. Sveta mine too often become a time off from work or during lunch resorted to the "mating" with anyone from the younger generation. Soon a circle of teenagers began to expand, and the boys came from other schools and bring their friends and they will gladly plunged into a cheerful and carefree world of sex with adult women. Sveta evenings was gentle and faithful wife and a caring mother to our little girl, and the day became horny bitch that easily arranging legs for the first comer brat who could not wait to merge his sperm. It protects, but sometimes I'm poking a finger into her vagina, it felt hot load of teenage sperm. Our life together has become a not so fresh, we are even more in love with each other. Such understanding and agreement between us was not even in the years of our youth, when we started to live together. Tanya also became carefree cheerful woman. But even here, her teacher's nature prevailed: she did not admit to his body backward and loafers. "My body is only good for students" - she said teenagers. And oddly enough, but progress on its subject has grown considerably.
That's the way we all found happiness after the usual meeting of the New Year: Sveta quench his passion for young boys, Tanya raised achievement at their students and at the same time feel desirable woman, I had got a huge collection of cool amateur porn. This continued throughout the winter and spring.

What happened next?
I'll write.
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- Sorry...
- What else?
- How would you say ... Now we have a few cramped position ... If possible, I would like something else or more times. Of course, if it is permitted by you.
- Hmm ... In fact, we have more jobs and a cleaner boiler operator. In principle, the boiler is automated, but some need look closely. Staged?
- Probably, yes.
- Just keep in mind that if you have to pass the inspection. Such requirements have.
- Good. And you can start today?
- Then let's go, let's not waste time.
...Pass the stairs down to the basement, open the iron door. The first part of it, and holding the door from the inside, inviting them to enter. The remaining passage too narrow and when it comes, it lightly touches his chest in a shirt. The door is closed on the latch. They are a bit surprised, but silent.
- This warehouse, run the engine room through it. And out of the rack - mops, brooms, buckets, rags and other household janitor. In the closet - dressing gowns and overalls. Desk - storekeeper, can be used as a contract with him. Well, dear, try dressing gown, look at you.
She turns to the cabinet.
- Oh, sorry, you're a little behind smeared when included.
- Where? - Looking over his shoulder, down his one leg and almost turning the skirt, with a cut in her legs visible.
- Excuse me, I'll clean. - Suitable and not clean, not stroking her ass. She blushes.
- Do not...
- What is not necessary? You can not be dirty. Cleanliness - is our principle! By the way, I still have to check your purity.
- ??
- Yes, and on the back is also a spot ... No, it does not scrape. If you remove a blouse and a skirt, I will try to solvent.
- What do you!
- No, no, no, shoot. We all employees should always be clean. Otherwise, I will not take you to work!
She blushes and looks at her husband, who does not know what to do. Apparently, the work they need.
- But I can not be!
- Clothe the blue bathrobe. The more that you want today and begin.
- So turn away though!
- So you need a job?
- Yes ... - standing with his head down.
- Then follow. Or should I help you? - He says, walking and bending down to her face and eyes peering edge for neckline blouses, where the origins of her breasts visible.
She breaks out and takes a step back, having rested in the closet. From push cabinet with mirror door creaked open. She turns to fear. In profile, the stretched blouse visible. Then, looking at him and met a firm opinion, sighs and begins to unbutton clothes.
- Stand so that you see yourself in the mirror that the cabinet door. - She turns and unzips the second button, and then a third. From under the shirt can be seen a white bra. Unbuttoned another button, she pulls floors skirts and plowed them.
- So, but the solvent ... Turn your back and bend down, I'll try. - Under the skirt clearly outlines the buttocks.
It takes a bit of the liquid on the cotton wool, and putting his hand under her skirt, cleans it - and holds one hand on her feet. Half a minute later:
- No, I have to shoot. But first tights.
She is silent and only looks pleadingly.
- No, no, let's.
Lowering his eyes and lifting her skirt - with unbuttoned blouse swings - she gets her fingers over tights and pulls them down, then the one and the other leg. Hold on, not knowing what to do with them.
- Hang back in his chair. Now remove the blouse. - She slips off her shoulders. She covered his hands.
- Perfectly. Just perfect. And the skirt, you have not forgotten?
But it is silent. Then he turns his back to her self and unzips her skirt, and then, pressing her to him, the skirt fell, spreads her hands, the crossed over his chest, and drops them into a skirt.
- Keep it, and then fall. Well, the lower the same.
Skirt slide down, exposing the buttocks in white panties. When she bends down almost to the floor, he commands:
- Stay well. I'll hold you, and you pass husband skirt. - And takes it from the sides, running a couple of fingers of the upper gum panties.
It transcends and removes her skirt, holding out her aside. Husband takes and puts it on her blouse.
- Well, wait a little bit more so. - He holds his hands on her hips, buttocks.
- Dissolve hands in the parties. - She does this.
He becomes the side and, after his hands on the back, suddenly unzips lock bra.
- Ai-th! - She shouts and more bent, closing his hands.
- Hands to the side! - He orders. - Well! - It does not fulfill it.
He turns and significantly beats her hand on the buttocks. It bounces aside.
- Hands to the side! - Repeats. She spreads them, sobbing. Bra free droops down, visible bright white against the backdrop of a tanned body with medium sized breasts oval nipples. He holds his hand under the breast, she was trembling, though the room warm. Palm gently hugs the chest, pinning her to the chest. Suddenly he pulls off the breast and her nipple. She screams, and twitches.
- Rise. - She straightened, her hands covering her bare chest and bra.
- And hands down. - Looking at the floor, she gives up, the bra is slightly covering her breasts. He lifts her hand under the chin and says:
- Take it off. - Raising his hands, she takes off the straps from her shoulders and puts it on the pile of clothes, and then stands, hugging himself.
All this time, my husband is, without saying a word, with his mouth open. He sprashivavet it:
- You something clueless? - He mumbles:
- Low ...
- Then come in myself and help me.
After that, he goes around it, admiring the figure. Then he puts her hands along the body and standing behind, stroking his chest and abdomen, descending lower and lower. Then he goes to the hips, stroking them from the sides and rear, where they go in the buttocks and between them. Then it passes and says:
- And now I would like to look back - shows the view of the lower abdomen.
- No! - She says.
- Yes - in response. And for persuasiveness hand squeezes her breasts. - Take gum forward.
- I will not, - she whispers.
He takes both hands to her nipples and spreads them apart and up, until she cries out in pain.
- As? - She tearfully taken thumbs for elastic pants and puts it forward. He looks back, his head touching her breasts. Visible only vegetation is a light-colored pubic.
He turns to her husband:
- Well, time for your help. Remove her panties.
He comes, pale and shaky all seen stretching his arms. She covers her face with his hands, and he pulls down the gum. Cowards are turned out and slide down to the feet.
- Lift the cowards - that in turn raises her legs and pulls the white cloth.
- Put on your bathrobe - takes it to her. - Do not fastened - warns. - Sit in the chair.
She is wrapped in a robe, sobbing. The silence lasts 15 seconds, and then he says, referring to her husband:
- Well, it's your turn.
He starts to take off his shirt. Then pants.
- Well, go ahead. - He does not move. - Come and help you.
He picks up the line and makes a blow to the buttocks. Briefs slide down. Hands cover the private parts.
Without a word he comes and puts his hands "at the seams." Wieden tense penis and its surrounding hair.
- Oh, you like it! - The red. - Then continue. Go to his wife. - The order is executed, it looks eyed on the penis and the two men.
- Lift and drag it onto the table. So, and place. Now open bathrobe. No, my dear, keep your hands on the table. Excellent, and her legs move apart. - Between white thighs visible red vaginal lips, covered with pubic hairs.
He takes out of the closet is another robe, folds it and coming from the side, lifts her, patting his thigh and puts bedroll under the buttocks. Stepping back, admiring the view of the back holes and inhale the smell of parted lips.
- Like this. Now look around you. But first a little put things order and podstrizh¸m. - From the table are extracted small scissors. The woman moves her feet and all contracts.
- Spread your legs back. And do not strain. Well! - Not much, but it is sensitive beats the same wooden ruler on the buttocks. It takes the former position.
He takes the scissors and pulling the hairs on the pubic shear them, leaving the "hedgehog" in a couple of millimeters. Then he turned to her husband, standing beside - he breathes heavily and almost on the verge of orgasm. With members drain liquid droplets predorgazmennogo. He takes on her finger, the finger gets beyond the outer lips and cuts the side of the one and the other.
- Now a very different kind - konstantiruyut contentedly, blowing on the floor with a woman lying belly hairs.
- You should also reduce the vegetation, - he says to her husband. He protested weakly:
- Maybe we should not?
- Sit down and spread his legs.
- Then, too, I'll ...
- All the better.
He takes the scissors and start cutting hair with his pubis and scrotum. On the floor mixed two small handful of hair.
- Perfectly. We return to inspection. Let's start with you or your wife? - He is silent. - Then with her.
She was still lying on the table. At these words again spreads her legs.
- You fellow, - he smiles and pats her on the thighs and abdomen, ascends to the breasts and held them, then runs his fingers along the edges on the side - it twitches and groans a little.
- Ticklish?
- Yes...
Hands again suited to the lower abdomen, this time to go for nice piercing pubis, gently pushing her lips and penetrate there. She covers her face. Fingers carried out in a circle on top of the bumps are already quite tight, and below the hole it. One finger penetrates into it, the other strokes bumps. Later, while continuing to drive on swelling bumps, finger is removed from there and goes into a big hole that between bottom lip. She almost groaned. Then join the first second and third fingers, hips and women begin to twitch, sighs louder ... Then the other hand takes a little bit of liquid from his lips and rushes between the halves of the breech, caressing the third hole. From this she moans and relaxes his fingers, soaked in the liquid extracted from the vagina, spending on it again.
Half a minute later, he calls him and takes care of the wet mucus hand cock without further ado. That tense to failure. Pushing the skin from the head, holds his hand over it, and the other tickles sweaty testicles, from which a man moans and d¸rnuvshis strikes a jet of white in his hand. He quickly inserts both hands under it, trying to collect everything. A few more shocks, and the limp, and his boss is breathing heavily.
Turning to the lying woman with closed eyes, he opens his hands over her breasts and pours sperm on it. She cries out, opening his eyes. Pouring, he spreads his hands over her breasts sperm. Stepping back, I admire her. He puts a hand to her lips and said:
- Lick it!
She licks the drops with fear and swallows, grimacing slightly. With the stomach and chest on the table slide drops. He turns and looks at her husband with hanging down and reduce the member:
- Slizhov with nipples. - He fits awkwardly bends down and holds his tongue over red pacifier. It is a little twitches and moves breasts against him.
A few minutes later he takes a clean cloth and wipe her chest, wipes his hands and sends her husband. Then help her up from the table and fasten the coat, and he points to the overalls.
- Now what?
- Now almost everything now, we Let's go to the toilet and you bring yourself in order, you can then start to work ... or go home, it's almost evening.
Seizing the bucket and mop, they come from a warehouse and left on a chair at the table all the clothes. Passing through the corridor, rolled up to the door in the corner.
- Come in.
- But it's the ladies' room!
- On this floor there is nobody.
Once inside, he says to the woman:
- Undo gown and wash your chest and abdomen. - She blushes again, but it performs. As she washes away with the remnants of a white liquid, it points to the second husband washbasin nearby. And he pulls the blue pants (they're elastic) and washes dick ...
Two minutes later wash over, he takes a towel off the wall and flinging bathrobe wipes her chest - each separately - and stomach. At the end of the end of the holding towel between his legs. She looks a little sideways and his head down. He hands her a towel:
- Wipe it. - She has to come and wipe the member why he gets up again.
Then, looking at them, he gets both the booth.
- Sit down and COPE small need - smiling woman.
- I can not! .. - She wags her head.
- You can - he raises his dressing gown and seats her on the toilet seat, her legs apart. - Let's.
It takes about half a minute, until there is a thin yellowish trickle and rushing for the toilet. He looks at a trickle, beating between her legs. When finished, it rises and even defiantly staring at him. He submits to her toilet paper, which she blotted.
- You fellow, - he says, stroking his bare chest between the coat sides. - Now you, please.
He looks with fear. Then she turns his hand and directs his dick. Soon after the second jet hit with a head on a piece of paper lying there.
She had got into the taste:
- And you?
He narrowed his eyes:
- If you can help me.
Without saying a word, she unzips his pants and underpants draws from a member. Then, pulling the skin and exposing the head, sends down. He patted her on the rump and squeezing half, strains and also pours out the accumulated liquid.
After washing your hands, all go back, gaining water in a bucket. There he said to her: - Now wash the floor in the corner where your hair.
She blushes, but smiling and leaning, holding a mop in this place. He comes back, lifts his robe on his back, and she feels the buttocks. She oykaet. He beckons to her husband, and, stretching out his cock, bob them on her buttocks. Then he puts his hands on, under the belly and pressed against her buttocks, caressing droops down heavy breasts, similar to the sensations on the marble.
Then they bring myself up and finish washing the floor. When it is time to dress up, she asks:
- Perhaps, you turn away?
- In no case. Remove gown and dress.
She takes off robe, left completely bare, and takes her panties. He stops her:
- First skirt. - She obeys, pulling it over her head and breasts jumped out showing when the skirt goes down.
- Now throw with a bra on the shoulders, but do not fasten. No, do not put the chest, leave it on top. Shirt ...
- How do I fasten? ..
- Put it, tuck and fasten the bottom button. Sumptuously. Now cowards ... Wait, - he stops her, when they are raised slightly above the knee. - Sit in a chair and wear tights.
He pulled them down to my underpants, she stops and looks at him. He gestured orders her to stand up, walks over to her. Pulling out of the cup one breast, she crouches to her, pinching teeth, and his hands under her skirt raises shorts and tights, and running a hand through barbed "kitty" between her legs. Then he puts a breast in the bra and put his hands under his armpits, is behind the clasp. Clung to her body, she fastened her bra and corrects fastened in front with buttons.
- Well, you were great. - It is a little wrinkled. - Something bothering you?
- You do not quite comfortable wearing the bottom ... - blushes and stares at the floor.
- So correct. - She lifts her skirt and, crouching, pulls the tights and shorts. Meanwhile dressed and husband.
- So, we begin to work tomorrow? - Says one.
- Oh sure. And you, - he says to the woman - for failure from the first time my instructions I will appoint a small punishment.
- What?
- When I tell you to clean up, removing all the clothes in one coat. And not only here, but throughout the entire building.
- Well ... - she says in a quiet voice.
- Well, you passed the tests, I'm waiting for you tomorrow at work.
- Goodbye, thank you
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Three days without parents

First, in the shower, then I itch like in underwear around the apartment. Bra and panties, but it looks pretty sexy, in that I admit. I do not often, but because their parents are not present, then you can afford a little prank. I'm pretty mature look, have formed a breast, and still too thin legs, as well as wide hips, that many people enjoy. And that's what happened to me during those 3 days.
Music played so loud I did not hear the doorbell. The door opened and the guest entered the hall, I still have not looked into the corridor, I heard nothing. This uninvited guest turned out to be my friend, Alex I did not so well know, because basically he came to my sister, who is 3 years older than me. Here he was 18 years old. And to me he never paid attention, no matter how much I tried not to. Then he threw the idea on account of the fact that we were together, and he thought I was too small or m I just did not like him, it is difficult to understand. But recently he podv¸z me out of town, when my friend went shopping, and podv¸z me in his car, he was with a friend who was much nicer it. His friend and that paid more attention to me than himself. You could say he did not pay attention to me.
Like this.
He was watching me somewhere about 10 minutes, I do not know why he did not tell me that went, but I do not how it is worn knowing the room half-naked in the mind and still managed to try other bras. I was just looking for clothes that would take to the streets because of contracts with other go to the disco, when suddenly I noticed that he's here, but I did not let him know that I see it. I continued my business, but I knew that - that someone is looking after me, and that for some reason I liked it awfully. And I must say that sexual experience I have not had even a normal guy who would love me. Although I am a very nice, especially now, when my large breasts covers transparent lace bra and panties on the thighs, so even that can not be named, cover only the most intimate. I continued to fuss and gather at the disco, but now I am somehow more gracefully bent over and tried in every way to straighten your chest, but that as it was not noticeable. And then I went into the corridor, but I went to the back, as if turned off the TV and with the distance, something happened, which is why it turned out that I backed away as cancer ago. Not a bad way, huh? And then I felt my chest from behind cover his hands and on his neck, I feel his hot tongue. I immediately turn around and accept his chest, surprise I absolutely did not. But I tried to fight a little bit, because I knew his intention, fuck me, but I was afraid, all the same the first time, and I did so and did not know, who knows that his head vzbredet. Then he saw my hand resistance and gently lifted my head to my eyes, he smiled sweetly and said, "Get dressed," and prishl¸pnul me on the ass.
I went to dress, still without saying a word. I do not know if I owned at that time what was at hand, I quickly threw on his, Leo was so much clothing was required. I ran out into the hallway, and I was already dressed, wearing makeup and in general was ready for any situation.
He quickly brought me out and led somewhere, he was not very talkative, I literally dragged them because they do not have time for him. And then he suddenly grabbed his arms and vn¸ in a completely unfamiliar to me entrance. The door closed. Sharp movement pressed me against the wall and began furiously licking and tongue to caress my chest. As he licked my ear, then I said quietly, "I want you, and right here!" His voice could be heard the notes of the order. I did not resist, because I knew that today I have to surrender to him. He ran his hands under my skirt and caressed my cunt already ideal he kept it so skillfully that it seemed in this case, he was a great honey agaric. I finished in that time 2 times and it is only by caresses of his hands. I was strongly pressed against the wall and tucked one leg he was holding Alex. Occasionally pulling his leg even higher in my chest ... I was a little not nice, but it seems it gave joy. He pulled out his instrument and nearly tore off my skirt with passion and desire to fuck me. He drove smoothly head member of my lips (sexually) than I brought disparate joy. Why is it not in a hurry to thrust him .But then after another orgasm, I pushed it a little and showed that you need not hurry.
It is strange that I come round so late. He smiled with all sovey passionately kissed me on the lips, then pressed his lips to my cunt. I writhed with pleasure and joy. He drove there tongue, sucking and occasionally drove my vagina his swollen member. He gently grabbed my clitoris lips and it drove me crazy, I came ...... and flooded his face with her juice.
He was also good, but I !!!!! Then he asked me to get dressed, and he buttoned his pants and brought himself in the proper form. We again took to the streets, he constantly looked at my open chest and occasionally stroking my ass. This time he was porazgovorchivee than the first time. I asked where we were going, and he said that to his good friend, he introduced us.
After a while we were in the apartment, quite clean and spacious. He sat me down at the table and offered tea was quite hospitable. Soon came his friend. He was prettier Alexei. Tall blond with a beautiful body, torso because he was bald. He threw a friendly glance at me and looked all up and down. I saw my juice stains on her skirt and smiled, looking at Alyosha. He introduced himself, his name was Arthur. We talked for 2 hours at the table, it was all good - the conversation, but for some reason all this time they looked at each other strangely, that I was alarmed. I was afraid that they would want to fuck me together, but when you consider that I was a virgin, and the two of them on one ... I do not have this can not be allowed. It was 11.21 when we went into a large room to watch TV. The room was dim. Arturchik (so I began to call it already) put the videotape, as it turned out after a few seconds, it was porn. He calmly put, as if nothing had happened. I am embarrassed to see how three men raped a woman can say. We all sat down on the sofa, and it turned out that I was among them. Talk oddly enough we had to complete other crown, ie distracted from sex. Then Arturchik offered to play cards. Several parties I won, it was a lot of fun, we laughed joked. And as if that was not trite, but Alexey offer to play cards on the strip. I immediately agreed because I was playing well and I was lucky.
Just as I thought, and turned to the 1.00 the night they sat in front of me almost naked, and I was dressed pretty well. But talking about sex probably was inevitable. Then Alex looked back at his friend, asked me, I have ever had sex. I said no. It is their very happy together, they sat down close to me and Arthur said, and would like you do now? I hesitated a little, embarrassed and did not know what to say, while I thought Alyosha kissed me on the lips and have your proven way to * like * while in the stairwell reached under my skirt. Arutr enjoyed watching us and I wondered why his hands it out of his pants, or at least, why he does not remove them. Alex me section to their underwear and gently by the waist down to the floor. I was shivering from the cold and a bit of fear, but could do nothing, me again as though something hindered. He buried his face in my hair with both hands and tried to undo her bra, then I would not let him, just cleaned his hands with fasteners. Then for the hard work has already started Arthur standing over my head .... almost obnazh¸nnym.On leaned over my face and tongue became to drive on my lips, cheeks .... then began to kiss passionately on the lips, so I thought he was going to eat my lips. He kissed just great. Alesha meanwhile, has pulled out his penis and stroked the head again on my lips * sex * I loved it madly. And then just after orgasm he abruptly grabbed me by the waist and put it on my knees ..... he seemed waiting, when I finish, that would be at this very moment to turn me. I stood on my knees, turned to him booty. He began to push through a finger in my ass, and then joined Arthur.
He was so excited that he seemed to be over soon. It turned out that I had underestimated their ability. They meant that I was a virgin, and therefore, most likely afraid to hurt me. Alex continued to crawl finger in my ass, and at that moment I felt a pain in the vagina, but so sharp that did not have time to recover, I just was so nice in the ass, I almost did not pay attention to the fact that Arthur put his penis into me almost the most eggs. And he began to make smooth movements, lye I was small, and so he was in no hurry. But every time he did aftershocks stronger and more deeply inserted his penis .I still stood at Klenk, and Alex has made it to my chest, I began to lick her, gently biting nipples ... and they have become solid. He grabbed my breasts with both hands began to caress just melted. and I never imagined that my first time to be so beautiful, but 2 more men in society. I had orgasm after orgasm, I just had no strength, and the last straw was that Arthur finished right at me. Cum big jet gushed into me, I clearly felt it was terribly nice, but it is completely exhausted me that I literally fell on the floor, and a member of the Arthur got out of my hot and awfully wet cunt. Alex got out from under me and tried to settle back. I began to moan and brush off, because I thought today that I've had enough. But Arthur aggressively grabbed my buttocks and spread them as widely as possible, I was hurt, but before Alex opened a beautiful picture, my little lye in the clear and beautiful ... mokrenkaya elastic ass, looking up.
And he began to bring it to a member of my vagina. First he stroked between my legs head member before the lodge, and then stuck it in me with his tongue and now took his stick with 2 hands, he began to introduce it in me, and Alexei member was larger in size and it seems genuine, so I immediately became sick. I started to resist, but it looks like it did not matter. His cock was already all in me, when I started screaming ... and the pain, but at the same time there was some share of enjoyment. Arturo me holding hands and legs stretched my slot that Alex would have been more convenient, but it seemed to me that I have now tear, which in fact would have happened if the door would not have called. They quickly dressed, and I was locked in the room and went into the hall. I lay on the sofa covered with a towel could not do anything and everything hurt and it was all wet between the legs. I heard the door of cotton and heard a pleasant female voice. It looks like it was my sister. She entered the room and saw me in such a smile, looking at the boys and added? "What do you want me missing? I'm not already satisfying that you have decided to fuck this girl?" She gathered my belongings threw them to me and told me to leave, I went home. When I was already at home, the thought of all that happened to me today and I remembered that I had not yet been in the shower and I was worried because of pregnancy. After he had finished with me, now I do not know what to do. So I passed my first day without parents.
In the morning I woke up looked out the window - was a beautiful day. I did not want to go anywhere, and today I would like to stay at home. The telephone rang, I picked it up, there was a pleasant man's voice, it seems it was Arthur. He apologized for yesterday. and for the fact that they might hurt me, I believed him and apologized, then he said that I was very beautiful, I really liked him. We chatted with him cute he was a decent guy. After 2 hours, after I hung up, he came to me with flowers that changed was very surprising, he had long stood in the doorway and looked back at me, when gone, then gently kissed her on the neck. I also really liked, and why this time the desire awakened in me. I wanted him to terror. He was alone and that I liked. We walked into the room and he saw that one I sat on the sofa and began to settle down, just like at home. I said I'll be back ... and she went to the bathroom to take a shower. Here I am standing naked in the shower and pour the water out of the shower, he knocked on the door and said that he needed to use the toilet, I slipped on the wet body brief little towel and opened the door. As soon as he came, then immediately he ripped off my towel, I was left completely naked in front of him. I was cold in my body m crawl, he moved closer ran his hand over my neck, chest and abdomen. My nipples have become solid and he affectionately kissed them, then as far as possible, he took my breast into his mouth. He himself was still dressed, but was beginning to get rid of the clothes and here we are kissing in the bathroom completely naked. He took my hand and placed it on his penis. The first time I saw so close to the male organ, and about what to do to keep the speech was not.
I was afraid that would not hurt him. He did not let go of my hand and slid it on his penis, then let go and I continued to fondle his penis itself. He, meanwhile, reached for my hairs m abdomen. I have all already aching, I feel his cock inside. Then he slowly began to bring his cock to my cunt, I made a move her hips against his cock, I almost stabbed myself in it yourself and surprise was a little hurt. It is not surprising, he immediately had finished, I came out of me and climbed to his hands, thrusting his thumb at me, sometimes sucking the tongue. It was very good. Here is the long awaited orgasm and he got into the shower, took me in his arms carried her with him. We caressed each other in the shower under the water, he taught me a great kiss with tongue so. When you have finished everything and dressed we went out of the bathroom. An hour later, he left and I never saw him. 3rd day was quite boring I just rested, and still decided to pay a visit to the gynecologist, she scolded me and said that I broke, but I did not care. The main thing that it happened and I was fine. And both were too well with them.
Then came my parents, who of course have noticed I did not know that their daughter has become a woman.
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Postgraduate Katia

In the evening I was quite depressed. It was late, eleven o'clock, when I decided to take a stroll. I wore high-heeled shoes, black stockings, short light pleated skirt, tight blouse. Very bright nakrasili (yes, even if it looks defiantly). She put on a short light coat. I looked at myself in the mirror and was satisfied - looked at me with a spectacular brunette haircut "square" in a short skirt (which chut-chut peeking iz-pod cloak), with long, slender legs, with brightly painted puffy lips and sultry brown eyes.
I wanted a drink. I opened the bar, only vodka was there. I decided to make a cocktail. From the refrigerator brought Coca-Cola. Volley first drank one glass, then another. It did not help - my heart was sad. I took off her coat, turned on the TV, settled back in a comfortable chair and began to drink, sip a cocktail through a straw. I felt gradually drunk, and I loved it. After some time my mind quite blurred, and his thoughts began to flounder.
I looked at my watch, it was almost morning. Reeling, I went to the window and looked out. there were no passers-by. Night city beckoned me and scared at the same time. It was scary to go, and yet I dared. I took off the hands of a wedding ring and put it in a drawer (why would anyone know that I'm married). He threw his cloak and went outside.
I came out of the house. From drunk I swayed from side to side. I went along the street. A cool breeze blew over my feet and unceremoniously climbed under her skirt. I was excited. The street was deserted.
I reached the bus stop and stopped, not knowing where to go. Half a minute later appeared in the distance bus. Why not sit down in it - in fact I do not care where to go.
The bus had several passengers. I sat on the spare seat, leaned against the window and quickly hung up. I absolutely razvezlo.
I woke up on what someone tugged me. It was a bus driver. The cabin was empty, the light extinguished. I was drunk in drebadan.
He sat down beside him. His hand began to stroke my knees, and then crawled under her skirt. I asked, "Do not." My tongue completely slurred. I tried to pull away. But his hand was already between my legs. I wanted to move his legs, but it was useless. Second hand he just pulled my already short skirt. I tried to remove his hand. What immediately I got a good slap.
-Hands brushed, fast! - He hissed.
I again tried to remove his hand. And I got another slap in the face, much stronger. And then a few more - a warning - he has several times good iskhlestal my cheeks. In order to be docile and obedient girl. I covered her face with her hands. Now his hands are free to sway under my skirt. I no longer resisted. He walked slowly, with taste, without haste paw between my legs. At every touch of his hand, I shuddered slightly, it is clearly liked and he was staring me in the face. Suddenly it with both hands firmly took my head and kissed me on the lips passionately. I felt his tongue gets me deep in my mouth. I tried to pull away, but he held my head with both hands, and his tongue hosted in my mouth.
Once again, I tried to move his legs, but could not - his leg was between my knees, and did not allow me to move the legs. He continued to kiss me passionately on the lips, and again began to touch me between my legs. At the same time I felt his stranglehold, his tongue in my mouth and his hand, which he slowly, slowly, tasteful paw between my legs. This continued indefinitely. I'm all limp and let him do whatever he wants.
He dragged me out of the seat and dragged to the top of the bus. I could not resist - so I was drunk. He ordered me to kneel down, I dutifully did so. He sat down on the seat in front of me and unbuttoned pants and pulled out his penis. I did not have to explain anything - I took in my mouth. I tried with might and main: sucking, licking, swallowing his cock as deeply as possible, to do everything that he had finished faster. I was afraid that if I do something wrong, he would beat me again. I burned with shame. I'm a decent girl, kneeling on the dirt floor of the bus in front of a stranger guy and suck his dick like last whore !!! At the same time also I try to vengeance!
He quickly finished, and I felt the semen in the mouth. I do not like to swallow. But that does not look like a fool, I did not spit. In the end, all that remained in my mouth and on the lips. It was disgusting and nasty. I stood up. He helped me get off the bus, even gave his hand, when I came out. At the same time he looked at me with obscene smile. Then he got into the cab and drove away.
I remained standing on the sidewalk in the middle of a deserted street. Completely drunk, beaten and humiliated, just to make a blow to the bus driver. I'm not thinking where I am, and how I would get home. I knew that I would become an easy prey for anyone in this state who wants it. My skirt ridden. I straightened it and walked along the sidewalk, hoping that at least someone will pass a car and agree to take me home.
I kept walking, not knowing where. Machines, unfortunately, was not. Suddenly behind, I heard the rustle of tires. I turned - after me slowly riding a police UAZ. I was scared. If I get drunk to the police, it's really there with me will do absolutely anything they want. I stopped. Out of the car came and a policeman came up to me.
.-Girl, what you get back so late, and all alone? - he asked.
I start something to lie, I was at a birthday party with a friend that stayed on that sat on the wrong bus. My tongue completely slurred.
-What is your name? - he asked.
-Catherine, - I replied.
-If you want, Kate, we'll take you home, - he said.
I was afraid to sit him in the car. But there was no choice. I knew that if they want to, it is still zataschat me by force.
I just asked:
-You want me to sit for you in the car?
He said simply:
I silently walked toward the car. There were three. In front of me kindly opened the door to the back seat. I tried to climb up, but could not - UAZ high, and I was drunk in an arc. One of them decided to help me and hoisted me, while not standing on ceremony, just crawled under my skirt. I felt his hand on my ass. I'm not paying attention to it, I did not care. I perfectly understand why the three men invited me to sit down to him in the car. They asked me where I go. I answered. All the way, rode in silence. My coat and skirt was so short that when I was sitting, were perfectly visible to my long legs. I tried at least to move his legs and sit well, but the car was shaking, and I was trying to keep his balance, sometimes accidentally slightly moved apart knees. To my left sat one of them and stared at me from head to toe. I felt uncomfortable under his disgusting ways. On the back ran a chill, I do not know where I carry that with me, and do, but she knew that just will not let me.
When I sat down, my pleated skirt was stretched on the seat apart. I was sitting almost naked butt on the seat and through pantyhose felt cool leather seat, fidgeting slightly with each turn. As I ran a little shudder - it was a mixture of shame (my legs unceremoniously looking at, and the skirt is so short that even nothing to hide behind) and fear (me being taken is not known where the three men). I felt my panties get wet. I tried as best she could give the impression of a decent girl.
I brought in some forest park. The car stopped. Whoever drove the car, I sat on the back seat to my right.
-Take me home - I whined piteously - Please.
-Of course, we take, Katya. A little later, - said the one who hooked me - But you have to be gentle girl.
At these words, he began to stroke my knees. Another, who was sitting on the left, too, grew bolder, and his arm around my waist. The third turned to me, and his hand crawled under my skirt.
- Let go, well, please, let go - I stammered in a trembling voice.
I was trembling with fear. I did not answer. One firm took my left hand and the other holding the right. Hands-free, they began to stroke my knees first, and then climb under her skirt. Resistance was pointless. I sat silently, his eyes downcast. My skirt was Zadran already. A few hands while stroking and paw between my legs. I was ready to die of shame and humiliation.
-Katya, what are your slender legs! Well, be a good girl!
One of them was to crush my chest.
-What, like the Katyusha?
I gritted my teeth and swallowed. I continued to paw. I was close to hysteria.
Then I suggested itself:
-I can not now, I have a month - I lied - I can be different.
I tried not to look at them, burning with shame.
-How different, Katya?
-I ... I ... I will take in her mouth ... - shame I was ready to sink into the ground.
And what could I ?! I decided that it is better to make a blow to all three than I fuck. I was released, one was with me in the back seat, the other left. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a member. I leaned over, patted his first member of his hands, then lick the language of the head. Dick stiffened, I took it into his mouth and began to suck. I tried my best wishes that he finished as quickly as possible. I had to suck for about five minutes, then he came. Again, the second time that night, the sperm in my mouth and on the lips.
Then came the second. Also he unbuttoned his pants. I myself pounced on his dick like a hungry lion - it was the third man for tonight. I felt that in his underpants at me already all wet. A member of this guy turned out to be great, and when I'm swallowing, he penetrated me deep into the throat. One time I even choked. This guy did not finish in my mouth and took a cock and cumshot on my face and then smeared semen on my lips and cheeks.
Then there was a third. This, at first demanded that I sucked, then tucked me on the cheek. With both hands he held my head and methodically skewer it on his penis. "Lord, - I thought, continuing to suck - as they are not contrary to fuck the girl himself, whose lips still wet from the previous sperm of men." Suddenly, he firmly took my head in both hands and stuck his dick deep into my throat.
-Swallow, damn! - He shouted.
Then he came, forcing me to swallow all to the last drop. I hate to swallow. It was so disgusting that I almost vomited.
I was hoping that after this I was released. But then he came back, which was the first. He sat down, put his arm around my waist and whispered, leaning close to me:
- Katyushenka, I want to fuck you even Razik, but in a different way
- Well, I told you, I can not now - I stammered.
- I want to fuck you in the ass, Katusha. Come on, do not break.
Before that I never tell anyone of the men, even her husband is not allowed to do with them is. But I had to agree. And where was I to go? Besides, I was already losing nothing, I still gave myself have all in turn.
I obediently stood up in the back seat and knees, he pulled my coat and skirt. Slowly I pulled off my pantyhose, then - panties. I stood before him with cancer, half-dressed. I was afraid it would hurt. He introduced me to the back of your dick. I did not feel any pain. He began slowly, slowly, to fuck me in the ass. I'm all heaving under his powerful punches. Continuing, I thought, "God, what do I do I become a whore, that fuck in all holes as they want !!!" I started to move toward him in rhythm and realized that it take my mind. He groaned with pleasure. Then I became more and povilivat backwards, bringing it to a frenzy. I wanted it to be over soon and let me go.
-Do you like? - I asked, still moving
-Yes, - he said.
He came in a few minutes. I wore shorts and tights, somehow pulled down her skirt. He buttoned up his pants and left the car.
I was left alone for a while. I was tired, also was heavily drunk. I fell asleep. I woke up because someone abruptly pulled off my tights. I was lying in the back seat on the belly, skirt was Zadran, and someone pulling off my panties. I do not even understand exactly who it was. "What's the difference," - I thought. I just obediently lifted her ass and spread her legs wider. I threw her right leg on the front seat, so it was easier to fuck me. He swung and brought his cock in my ass. I groaned in pain. Apparently, it was a guy with a huge cock. His hands squeezed my breasts and I moved back and forth. Silently, he furiously fucked me in the ass, and I'm all heaving under his sharp blows. Then he grabbed my pussy and stuck two fingers inside.
-Oh, blyadina! No you have no monthly!
He took out a member of my ass and pushed it into the vagina. I'm all soared. It was the moment, the brutal rape. But I liked his rudeness, I liked that he treats me like a whore. I liked that he calls me a decent girl, whore (who I am, in fact, was). He fucked me roughly, frantically, furiously, like a street hooker. After a few minutes he had finished, he descends into me. Well, that month I have just finished, and there was no risk to fly.
He stood up, and I remained lying in front of him with battened down the skirt, tights pants, panties and pants with a bare ass. He did not go away and looked at me with pleasure. I felt ashamed. I'm getting tangled in his own clothes, somehow, pulled her panties and pantyhose and straightened her skirt.
Then came the third, he wanted to, as he put it, "just to fuck me." I flatly refused and demanded that they took me home.
- Enough! I've already done all that you want!
At first, he tried to persuade me: "Well Katyushenka, well, please Well, even Razik.." I am not inferior. Then he called out the rest. I was pushed into the seat in the stomach. One held my hand. Another helped pull off my pantyhose and panties. I suddenly everything became indifferent. I pushed his legs. After a few moments I felt a penis into the vagina. I was just raped and the rest kept me not to resist.
-Not like a fool, in a good - croaked one who fucked me.
He leaned on me the whole mass. I lay under him and only begged:
-Come on! Well, stop quickly! Enough already! Well, let me go, please!
But he was in no hurry. He tore me a long time, with pleasure. I am completely exhausted. I closed my eyes and wanted only one thing - that all this will be over soon. Finally, he finished. He took the cock and pulled on my thighs. Then he stood up with me. I get dressed. Under the skirt it was all wet.
Let me in the morning. I drove to where I asked. Finally, asked to leave the phone. "I wonder why?" - I thought - "to fuck me all along, and even invite friends?" i phone, of course, not given.
I came to the apartment of his parents. He threw off his clothes. Pantyhose and panties were torn. In pantyhose and blouse traces of semen. The first desire - to get into the bathroom to wash off all the dirt. I lay in the bath, eyes closed, and just fell into a stupor. I am reminded of the song "Alice" group, which is called the "prostitute Katya." There are these words:
"Prostitute Katya take away the cops,
Prostitute Katya zavedut the bushes "
Just about me. God, I was disgusted by everything that happened that night. I hated those bastards who brought me to the park. And then, using the fact that I was helpless and could not resist, let me hand. Yes, plenty to amuse me. Then there will brag to your friends, they say, the girl made a group action, which was so drunk that allows you to do with them whatever. And otimeli its full program in all holes. Still, it is a pleasure to put in a circle a young beautiful whore!
I'm also good, fool! I went to seek adventure on your ass. Got Game, blyadina! I behaved like a prostitute. I fucked four men per night, and I allowed myself to pull out all the holes as the simplest street sleaze! How will I look after it in the eyes of her husband? From all this, I just wanted to kill herself.
Then - to sleep. When I woke up and remembered the night before, it did not believe that I've done it all. I wanted to forget this incident as a bad dream, but to get rid of the consequences of the night turned out to be not so easy as I thought. But that is another story, which I perhaps tell you another time.
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Mother and daughter on vacation

Our guys tired of lying on the beach, and they decided to go on to the city to see what and how there. We with my daughter decided not to go and stay and to sunbathe and drink beer. In general, lie and daughter (Kate) offered for sunbathing topless while our men there. I do not know of can beer can still from what I agreed, still we are not who did not know. Well, in general I dumped her white breasts of the swimsuit, they were white, compared with the skin, and this seemed even more. And my daughter, too, took off we went to the back and enjoyed the sun. Turning to the right, I have seen the man, tanned, wearing sunglasses, collapsed on a chair. And through his shorts his huge dick was visible as if he showed all his. He was also very big yes. I held my gaze on his dignity in the course of this he noticed and smiled, embarrassed, I quickly turned away. The man got up and went away somewhere. After 30 minutes we were approached by two handsome, tanned guy and began to quench the melons we agreed back wearing swimsuits struck up a conversation. They bought more beer and settled next to us. Beer in the heat yielded to know about ourselves, we were with a daughter unleashed, not by constraint, flirting with them, telling all sorts of stories of life and all that. I saw the guy just stripped the eyes of my daughter, did not take his gaze from her chest, and another and strive to accidentally touch me. We are with her daughter all that amused, and we treat it as a game flirting with them. They offered us to go to the cafe, I was not inspired by the idea, but on May's daughter wanted to continue. And she began to persuade me:
- Well, well, moms landau you, well, go, sit here.
Here in the conversation one of the guys to knit.
- You let her mother do not believe, we thought you were her sister older.
I bought this blush with embarrassment, I agreed.
And bathing suits we went one of the cafes. The guys ordered kebabs and wine and stuff.
I immediately warned the daughter to just one glass of wine and everything. In general merriment lasted 2 hours to us hooked even 2 of those older guy like Georgians. Not noticing myself, I drank enough to lose vigilance and the Kate while I have not seen too plucked up and carried away by sitting on a red-hot that told one of the guys, and he looked it Cullens. And to me sat a guy and began to embrace. Squeeze my tits, thrust his tongue in my ear. The situation gets out of control, they offered to move us to the room inside the cafe. I immediately refused. I start saying that it's time to go home and so on at the guys were persistent, gradually began to lose his temper.
- Then let's pay for the expense of a fool.
- Come on. - I said boldly, and put it in her bag for a purse.
But he was not her husband apparently took. And then as the race was brought there through 5000. Pay the cops come and call one of them shouted but the pay is not what it was. A moment of silence, and we dragged him into the room with her daughter, the daughter did not really understand what was happening and did not resist hurt. We entered the room there sat 2 more healthy guy like Georgians.
- Well Th knots how to pay - will be one of them said.
- Sit down. - Said another.
And then we poured it into glasses.
- Drink, drink - he said.
We had everything down to the bottom and in the head even stronger given.
- Well, as we pay.
- I do not know. - I said.
- Probably nature. - Said the other guy.
- No you that. - I protested.
Then another pulled from her purse our passports. And he said that we will not return until we paid them. And to be sure one of the passports thrown into the fire.
- So right now, you will undress to fuck.
I still refused to believe in this situation.
- I have a husband I can not. - Naive I said.
The boys laughed in response. And hit me in the stomach, I fell attacked well, who will be the first to fuck one of them said. Or are you the cops pass without passports are you there quickly sorted out. Maternal instinct took their toll.
- I sadly said. They pushed me into the center of the room and said to myself caressed at all locations. I took off her panties, swimwear, and began to look their tits, pinching big brown nipples rubbing between her legs.
- It is better to work. - Someone shouted - and then to fuck your daughter will.
- Realized whore.
I started to do it more erotic, poking his fingers pussy and moan. 15 minutes later I ran down. Georgian unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a almost became a member. He started to drive me on the lips, cheeks. I opened my mouth and let it in yourself, start to suck, zoglatyvat head, kissing him, licking the entire length, I play his large eggs. The taste of his big cock became more like me, I was excited more and more. I masturbate his palm sucking head it was just a class. Someone came up from behind grabbed my ass and put it on all fours. He rubbed his hand pussy.
- Flowed bitch. He said with a laugh.
And he began to insert his penis into me. I released a member of his mouth and moaned. He is more than my husband. The man became tough to penetrate into me and then his movements became rhythmic. He clenched his hands my ass and started to fuck me. My boobs were wound in opposite directions this time I again put her dick in his mouth started to suck, After 5 minutes I shook the first orgasm I did not what did not realize I was moaning and podmahivala him. Furiously Drach member of the first man. ebavshy my mouth broke down and finished. My mouth filled with warm, salty liquid piece I swallowed part flowed on the chin and dripped onto the floor.
- Come lick bitch. he ordered me.
I dutifully complied, lapped up all that was on the floor.
Fucks me from behind cumshot on my back. He was replaced by another. He began to knead my bread. Then he turned me around, he lay on his back and ordered me to sit down on his cock. I was under some sort of narcotic immediately planted on his cock and started to gallop wildly.
- Ooooh yeah, trahayti me. Ltd. horoshooo !!!!! Like this.
He squeezed my hands on tits, I got even more fun. Who came up behind me spit directly on ring anus began to insert his finger there. I stopped, I stopped, and then in the ass penetrated even then finger in my ass was already 3 fingers. Then he took them out and put it to his lips.
- On lick whore.
I am happy to do that. And the Georgians began to thrust his huge dick in my ass. I began to cry tears flowed from his eyes.
- Lord, please do not .. do not. - I begged them.
- Let me lick it, I beg you.
He put his penis in my mouth and I began to lick it carefully slobber. He yanked it.
- Enough whore. I began to stick it in my ass pain was not so strong and in a few minutes, my hole was used.
And they are simultaneously fucked me, I thought that they will tear me to pieces.
And moan like a whore and the last was I am now. And then I uslyshalv by voluptuous moans, I turned around and saw a picture. Sitting man on a chair and below kneeling nude my daughter Katya and sucks his dick and not simply sucks and shoves it so late nuzzling into his hair.
And behind is the other paw, and her gentle tanned body, and sit down on your Kukan. And this she does not resist but instead she likes it podmahivaet and moans with smacking.
- Kate is not what you do. - I shouted.
- Well shut up whore, she told me the guy fucked me from behind and grabbed his hair.
- You see she likes, the same as you are a whore.
After a few moments, the boys began to take turns to finish in me. The warm liquid spreading inside me. And I experienced a strong orgasm and also finished. They came out of me and left lying fuck, pretty, all disheveled on the floor. And from my hole slowly oozing their sperm.
- Hey, Come on come on the very young bitch here vylezhat let's not disappear as good. Someone shouted, and they all laughed.
I was in a trance and did not understand much about what they say. And then they threw me my daughter:
- Well let's start a whore.
- No, I will not. She cried and got it in the belly naked.
Then she began to lick my pussy to me, playing with my tongue clitoris, penetrating inside.
- Katya, stop what you're doing. - I tried to stop.
But after some few seconds I faced a wave of excitement. I clamped her head between Cullen and moaning. I understand that this is not correct but I could not stop, I asked her again.
- Yes, do not stop keep Katya. Fuck your mom. Ooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!
My daughter did it professionally, maybe she was an experience I thought. And then I experienced an orgasm, I screamed and fell silent. Kate tore her face from my pussy and looked at me. All person she had smeared my secretions and semen of men arising out of me.
- Mom liked you.
- Yes, Kate, very.
By Katie I went lifted her ass and drove her to his penis.
- Ammmmmmmmmm. - Katya moaned.
He started fucking strong tremors in her pussy, then pulled it put next to me and continued to fuck my girl. I only was able to turn his head to see that. As my daughter put cancer and fucked. I was approached by a man parted my legs and said.
- See what those in her hole. My hole was red, razebanaya from her dripping juice. He drove to his end, and began to peck.
We with my daughter moaned the whole room then took our mouths members of other men. The guy fucked me in the pussy cum inside me and fucked Dochkin also began to lower. One finished at the back of the other in the mouth of the sperm got to face. On her face flowed thick jet of sperm. The guy who I sucked all the cum he could not, then my daughter crawled to us.
- Let me help moms?
I nodded and she began to lick his balls. Then we were licking his entire length, our tongues intertwined, we were rubbing faces of his cock swallowed by one. I smeared in sperm that was on the face of a daughter and not a lot of sperm from her face licked. We continued to work on his instrument. He began to finish, we have opened their mouths and began to wait for his magic nectar. He filled our faces of the hit on the chest and my daughter's. My daughter began to lick sperm with breast licking nipples kissing suck them into his mouth and clench your hands, I stroked her ass. We were given a rest for a couple minutes and then began to fuck in all our holes by twos and threes were in us. Fucked then individually then vmete. I licked at my daughter she and I have all this time we have someone fotkal and filmed. I was already at all do not care that she was my daughter, I have a husband, I'm just having fun and my daughter too. After the laps of several dozen orgasms and my daughter crawled to me, I spread my ass and started licking my sphincter. Migrating to his tongue.
- She guys can fuck her in the ass at once together, and there she is not very developed.
- No, what are you Kate.
- Well shut up bitch. Interrupted me.
- She says things Come let Spreads to fuck your ass right now, will, someone said, and laughed.
He gave my daughter a cucumber to make it herself, she began to lubricate it with their saliva and secretions from my and my pussy.
- Well Mom you're ready, she said.
I do not recognize his daughter. Although what I am surprised because we are a couple of the long-aspirated a peasant.
- Yes, I'm ready to Katya.
And she started slowly in my ass ssovyvat cucumber no small dimensions, and the guys at this time laughing, cheering gave advice and everything. Cucumber entered half, my daughter stopped to get my ass it was not used to such a size. And then he began to fuck me. Oh God how did it hurt, I groaned in pain with clenched teeth. My daughter became divorced fuck me harder and harder. I asked her to stop but she did not hear me or did not want to hear me. She fucked me and kept saying:
- Get a whore, well, as you like when you ebannaya bitch fuck in the ass, you'll know I was not let go to clubs, I am now so you'll always be stupid slut tear you understand.
- You ponila? !!!! Answer a whore I do not hear !!!!
- Yes, Kate, I realized.
- What did you understand.
- What am I a whore, and now you're going to fuck me whenever you want.
- Here the girls parted, - someone said from behind.
- Yes ... these whores.
These words shook me all I had finished. Two guys pushed my daughter from me, pulled me out of cucumber.
- Well, it now seems possible.
He picked me up, I'm lodging at him and stuck a member himself in the ass, and the second came from behind, pressed on his back and began to thrust his dick in the ass did not spent a lot of time. Now 2 members in my ass, feeling it is difficult to pass as they began to move in time with each other.
Ltd. It was just cool to have had the feeling that I have right now will tear. They hollowed me as a last whore, squeezed my breasts and kissed.
And my daughter at this time jumping on the penis of another Azera with a happy face looking at me. During this fucked in my ass, I finished five races accompanied by loud groans. The other guys jerk off looking at us. And here I was removed from membership. I got cancer, they admired my raz¸banuyu hole. It was red and big and not closed. Suddenly one guy started peeing standing up straight into my open hole. Oh my god it was just a super feeling when I ran his warm piss, he peed in my hole in a thread of a urinal. My hole is gradually beginning to close and urine splashes flew in different directions and then he sent a stream of my ass and back from his warm and pleasant urine I experienced another orgasm. After he finished writing to me. They launched me on my back. To me threw my daughter exhaustion, all came up to us and began to masturbate, and then the six men began to pour cum ottrahanye our body. We fished sperm mouths, hands smeared semen on the body. After the men finished the end they ordered us to lick the cum from each other at the same time removing the camera. Lick each other, we hugged each other, and just lay there.
- Lano enough with them - someone said.
- Yes, they worked out the money, it is necessary to bring them into itself.
Someone brought a hose and we began to pour cold water so that we came to their senses. Then we threw the bag and bathing suits we somehow little wondering clothed them. And we pushed out into the street, it was already evening, we walked a few meters to some of prostration, and sat on the bench in silence.
- Mom liked you as I licked you, - for no apparent reason asked Katya.
- Yes daughter, - I said, confused.
- Only do not tell my dad, and how that happened.
- And you Kolka, okay ??
- Good.
And we have gone hand-in-hand woman.

P. S. The basis of the story is taken a real gang rape of a mother and daughter at a resort in Sochi.
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A case from one's life

It was a warm day in May. I walked around the city, going to a shopping center, where there was a newspaper Free classified ads. When I made all things, I came up the stairs. I decided to see where it goes to the top. I climbed to the top floor. There was a small area, it was a small window on the front and a door at the wall. I looked through the keyhole and saw that there is an elevator mechanism.
I was alone, in no hurry to go down and then to roll on me was excited. At first I stroked her all the growing and getting stronger member through his pants, and then I unzipped his pants and my fighter leapt to freedom! He firmly stood trembling slightly. I grabbed the trunk of a palm, and made the first quickdraw, and instantly the body floated sweet waves of pleasure. I realized that I have to stay I can not and continued his smooth movements. The head was almost completely naked. I jerked harder, throwing his head back and eyes closed enjoying the crazy buzz spreads throughout the body center that comes to my love organ.
Pants began to disturb me, and I reluctantly broke away from the trunk immediately pulled the pants with shorts. I stood in a T-shirt with a standing member of the stone. If someone had seen me at that moment from the outside, you probably would have seen a picture. Slim handsome young man about 20 years old, brown hair, standing in a white T-shirt with his pants and stroking his cock, the head of which flashes in the palm, clutching the trunk itself. He closed his eyes and moaning softly. His breathing becomes intermittent. He was tense and sometimes rises on tiptoes and it seems that his hand is living separate lives. It moves faster and faster. penis swelled and turned purple stronger. The speed of all the increases and now can not be seen separately hand, its movement is so accelerated that merge into one invisible movement. 30 Seconds of such madness, and suddenly the young man's body is curved, he leans back slightly, thereby exposing its forward drochaschiysya member several times languid vzvyvaet and stops abruptly, clutching a member of the sow and the second from the start to beat his sperm flow. They must fly a meter and a half, falling to the dusty floor concrete condominium site. Three powerful jets fired a volley from his bloated head member. But the head dries out, and a few splashes of weak fall at a young man's feet. He stands in prostration few seconds, then slowly raises pants, T-shirt and runs slowly down the stairs. Soon he will again be in the bustling city ...
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Allen in New York City

To be honest, she was already fed up with New York, and she was glad to return to Moscow three days earlier. Tomorrow it is at this time already be home ...
On 52nd Street, she turned to her left and left to pass nothing. I almost collided with two podvipivshimi teenage girls, she noticed a small sign of a few attractive places. And although it was relatively close to my hotel and could suffer from the toilet, Alain boldly stepped inside. Approaching the unshaven type behind the bar, she asked about the toilet.
-Only for customers - he said, and was about to turn away from it when Alain vitaschila ten and asked to pour something in its sole discretion. He broke into ulyke bartender pointed to the door next to the kitchen.
Aside from the strong odor of marijuana, its journey into samogigeeny room ended without incident. Coming out of the toilet, she was already headed out, but met eyes with the bartender, has decided not to offend him and sit five or ten minutes with a cocktail in hand.
Sitting at the bar, Allen looked around the room and drew attention to those who were in the bar. The bar was obviously designed for simple hard workers who do not care about how their service. More Alain did not notice no one white, with the exception of the bartender and one ugly woman, sitting between the two blacks who do not stesnyayas, squeezed it in all places. She laughed merrily and pretended to not pay attention to their hands. Allen grinned at the thought that her journalist reputable publications and his wife are very respected businessman who would see in a place like this.
Otglotnuv koktelya, Alain opredilit pleased that this Long Island Aysti- her favorite. When koktelya of less than a half, she heard a "Hi, how are you today?". Someone's quiet voice spoke to Alain from behind. She did not even realize that it is turning to her. Turning, she saw a man in front of him with a huge beer belly, which reeked of liquor. "May I buy you another drink?" - The man said. For his 27 years of well-Alain she learned to sew. So after a few minutes of this beautiful bellied drunkard fifty Puerto Rican returned to his seat. He was clearly not happy and do not hesitate to express their discontent mingled with threats of Alena. "It's time to throw away" - she thought.
Picking up her purse, Alain start gently down from the high stool. Only now she realized how her legs looked at such a high seat. Suddenly she felt that she was someone firmly grabbed her arm. Before her there was another drunken face is clearly African-American descent. As soon as it (this mug) appeared, she immediately disappeared, and instead of it there was another. A black man, who pushed for some reason moved peacefully, so nothing to say.
-My name is Mike. Let's go have a smoke in the open air, - said the owner of this rozhy and walked toward the kitchen.
Alain stood rooted to the spot, until he disappeared behind the door. She looked around the bar once again, saw several interested her views and rightly decided to follow his new friend. Opening the door to the kitchen, she went to the next door, trying not to touch anything, so as not to get dirty and left in a small courtyard surrounded by walls of other houses. Around lay different trash and garbage, and she had a couple of times very carefully step over a puddle of some waste. Only now she realized that the cocktail was strong enough, and it's a bit opyanela.
Mike reached out and helped Alena step over the last pripyatstvy. Then he silently from somewhere pulled two cigarettes, lit them and handed one Alena. Allen took a cigarette, inhaled deeply immediately released smoke and again delayed.
-Strange taste in your cigarettes. What is it? - Allen could barely see his savior. He was dressed in jeans and sinii zanoschennuyu shirt, and although it can be frightened, Alain felt confidence in him, he was even a little bit like her.
-This marijuana. - He said briefly.
-So I podumala- She did not want to offend his new acquaintance, and so she continued to do a little tightening.
Mike did a couple of puffs, threw his cigarette away and quickly walked over to Alain. He hugged her for a thin waist, his other hand grabbed the hair on the back of his head and kissed her roughly.
-I thought that this is over. Well then, let this beautiful better than those rozhi- thought Allen and kissed. His right hand was quickly on her ass, it hurts her and squeezed again continued its way down. When the hand crawled under the dress and tormented her ass in Alena already awakened desire. Drunk cocktail and marijuana made themselves felt.
Mike looked up from Alenina lips, spun it 180 degrees, grabbed her breasts and began kneading them roughly.
-What's your name, little girl? - Quiet but authoritative voice he asked.
-Where are you from?
-I'm from Russia- she said, and the whole body oblakotilas Mike.
-The best whores from Russia- Mike grinned and shoved Alain forward towards the door to the kitchen. In the kitchen he stopped Allen and ordered her to bend over. Alain readily complied with the requirement, surprised myself how quickly and easily she obeyed the will of a stranger to her man. Due to its beauty and mind she always enjoyed her power over men. And here as if it replaced. Allen put her hands in the sink for balance and little has placed their feet. The picture became exciting: dlinonogaya beauty in an expensive dress and sandals with heels, all well-groomed and sleek is in the midst of dirty dishes depicting the letter "G". And at the same time trying very hard to look sexy.
Mike lifted the hem of her dress and saw a thin strip of panties between the two halves of her ass ottopyrinnoy, I could not resist and hit her with his hand. Allen, who had not expected such mischief, cried out in surprise and pain at the same time. She tried to straighten up, to say that she thinks about it, and, slamming the door, to get away from her abuser. But the heavy hand of Mike returned to its original position, and then Alain obzhog another blow on the ass. Her ass looked like a ripe tomato.
- I do not like it when I do not obey, - Mike said, pulling her panties with subdued Alena.
Alain Mike suddenly felt his fingers between her legs. These fingers unceremoniously entered into it.
-I knew that you are a whore! - Mike said, and pulled the wet fingers of Alenina pussy. He raised his hand to Alenina face and shoved her fingers in her mouth. Alena was both ashamed and hurt by this treatment. Suddenly she felt the head of the penis between her legs.
- I want you to have planted itself on it - calmly said Mike.
Alain gently began to move back and when the head was completely inside, Mike Allen grabbed by the hair and forcefully entered her until the end. For Alena is a surprise, but even more surprising was the fact that she was loud and long finish. She shook her head from side to side as far as allowed hand Mike, her legs gave way, and if it were not deeper strokes Mike who lifted the socks on her, she would have appeared on the floor.
Mike clearly enjoyed and storalsya delay the final as possible. He did not care for Alain, for him it was just another whore in his bar. It's just him such ponravilas- he had not yet seen.
After 10 minutes, a horse racing Mike finally pulled his penis out of Alena, which is nothing to be pondered and held it to her ass. He helped his hand to insert the penis into and immediately began to pump Alain. Just a few strokes Alain realized that her ass was the victim too. Alain was not a newcomer to anal sex, but without the permission to no one came. And here it is not even made aware ...
For some time, Alain lost the ability to think of so many orgasms, and when I came to myself, Mike has fastened his fly of his pants. Thighs flowed seed stranger, and Alain upright immediately straightened her dress. She was afraid to even look at Mike's face, she was ashamed of what gave the first comer, and still got so many orgasms. This is because even the compulsion will not name.
Mike quietly raised Alena panties, put them in his pocket and showed her a nod to the output from the kitchen back to the bar. Alain unsteadily toward the door, and when I took the handle of the door I heard Mike.
- You liked me, girl. Well done. Tell the bartender, he's all for free for you. You've already paid for everything, - he chuckled.
Alain shuddered from the words of Mike and she hurried to get out of the kitchen, where it just so brazenly raped and now laughed at her. Going into the bar, she immediately rushed to the bathroom to freshen up and recover from drinking alcohol and marijuana pokurennoy.
Finding himself in the toilet she immediately took off her dress and left only in sandals and went to the sink and began to wash. After what some 5 minutes Alain again looking in the mirror, I saw in front of a beautiful, slender woman of 27 years. She carefully looked around the dress and wore it with satisfaction for themselves. Once again, meticulously and critical glance at his reflection, Alain smiled to herself. She was pleased with him, only nonsense in your head, after alcohol and marijuana still gave itself felt. Allen opened the door and turned back to the last time looked around the toilet, so as not to forget anything. Suddenly she felt someone's hand on her waist. At the same time it was pushed into the interior of the toilet. When she turned around, she stood in front of her thick black man and the man with a beer belly, which she dumped.
-Well, bitch. Maybe now we indulged, or you will be sew me again? - Said a man with a belly.
- What's wrong with this white whore talk. it is itself now crawling here and ask her otebal - joked black and began to paw hurt Alain through dress.
Allen was so dumbfounded that woke up only when a Negro hand was in her dress and painfully pinched her nipple. She tried to escape, but the black man did not even notice her resistance. She felt someone's hands in his ass and later INSTANT immediately entered two fingers in her cunt.
-In this whore is not even cowards, and pubis podbrity, just like I love - puertorikanets said.
- Yes, I know, Mike showed me her panties, I even sniffed them ...
Alain realized that here in this dirty toilet in the cheap bar no one would help her. Meanwhile, a steady hand pressed on her shoulders, and she plopped down on the dirty floor. Before it immediately seemed black uncut cock, which is not yet fully grown, but their size commanded respect. Alain somehow did not feel disgust and even somehow it aroused such treatment. She suddenly remembered her husband, but she pushed aside all thoughts about it. In addition, a member of the Negro is similar to the hose, hit her on the cheeks and forehead. Allen opened his mouth, and a member immediately entered it. Alain immediately began to work the tongue and even teeth, and immediately received a blow with his hand just above the cheeks, in the temple area.
- If you do not want to remain without teeth, do not use them - mumbled Negro, two hands Alain spitted on my dick. - I can not believe that Russian chicks do not know how to suck dicks, - he shook with laughter, striking folds of fat on his belly Alenin forehead.
When a member of the Negro finally fully grown, her mouth moved at the disposal of the Puerto Rican, who apparently decided to punish Allen for obstinacy. And the instrument of his punishment, he chose his penis, which in size is not inferior to a member of his companion. He forcefully drives the Alain his club, causing it to suffocate and cause vomiting. This went on for quite a while. Two companion alternately forced Alena suck and Alain did everything possible that would not receive blows. The truth is it did not help, and she got it from time to time from one, then from another.
Finally Alain lifted to his feet and ordered to undress. Alain suddenly wanted to show this redneck with whom they are dealing, such as that it is, they have not seen and do not see ...
- You two smelly gorily like me you do not even sniffed. Now I'll show you in the capable Russian INTO heifers - suddenly find themselves in a drunken stupor Alain shouted. She straightened to his full height, pushed the straps dress aside, and it slowly slid down onto INSTANT lingering on her hips. Negro and Puerto Rico for a moment just petrified by the beauty before them predstala- kind of naked white woman with a noble bearing and haughty look on the background of dirty toilet suddenly called noble feelings even in them. But UTB passed quickly and they jumped on Alain, grabbing and lapaya her everywhere, kissing her breasts, twisting the nipples, slapping her ass ... Alain was sandwiched between two bodies and from such pressure even more excited. She felt like a female, she wanted to she went to a member, it is what.
Very soon, Allen leaned forward, and in front of her eyes turned black cock, which immediately turned in her mouth. At the rear, almost at the same time it has entered into a Puerto Rican. From the outside it looked impressive trio: two thick and not very mytyh man dryuchat pretty, well-groomed white girl, tried to stand on his heels. One hand holds her hair, spitted her mouth on the penis itself, and the second hand is played rough with her breasts. A second rear fucks in one direction and then in another hole and pats her on the ass, that is reminiscent of ripe tomato. In this case both the guy rude and demeaning to say about this woman, calling her a variety of words. A girl passes from one orgasm to another and does what it is ordered with a zeal worthy of respect. It is in a constant state of euphoria, and she does not care that she did not even know them and they insulted and beat her. She UTB even like.
After some time, the Negro expressed a desire to change places, and the Puerto Rican gladly accepted. When he went to Alain, he did not immediately insert cock in her mouth and lifted her head by the hair and looked into her eyes.
-Well, what a bitch, posos¸sh me? He's just out of your ass. Smell how it smells.
Alain silently, staring with his mouth open is Puerto Rican, is on his penis.
-Answer me when you talk, damn cheap! Come ask me otebat you in the mouth, Russian slut! - He grinned and began to spank her a member of Alena face. This was the last stage of humiliation, after which Alain knew that these two black sheep will treat her worse than the cheapest prostitute. But Allen has been in a stage of excitation, when was ready to do anything that will require from it. She was uzhastno shame and pity that it so are those whom she gives her body.
- Come on, Come out of her, and then this fool shows his character, - said the Puerto Rican his partner, and he pulled out his club Alenina ass and hands became masirovat her vagina. Alain could not stand it a minute later, a muffled zastanala trying to spread on the Negro fingers.
- Well, bitch? Asks us to you otebal, - the fat man spoke again.
-Fuck me, your white whore! - Alena begged and try to find a member of his ass nigger. Both fat in response only neighing.
-Well, I beg you, put your member into me. I will do whatever you order me - begged Alena.
These two profligate was nice to look at the white beauty with a strong-willed person, so asking them to insert their members back. They both put in their members in Allen and began to peck her as if for the last time in his life. This went on for quite a long time, men changed places, changed positions, each of them had finished all al¸niny holes, and in the end they still obosali it. Eventually they left, and Alain remained lying in a puddle of stinking urine.
When Alain came to, there were about four in the morning. The bartender kicked and cry woke her, and half-naked kicked out of the bar. Alain on autopilot and get to the hotel, barely having time to pack my bags, I went to the airport. Only padded seat first class she took a breath and get comfortable, slept undisturbed sleep. There, far away, I am waiting for her beloved husband ...

I look forward to your criticisms and suggestions. If you have any ideas about the further adventures of my character, send, try to write. My e-mail [email protected]
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Perverse adventures of Diana

Katya never miss an opportunity to make love.
When he came to them, we were pleasantly surprised to see another guy. His name was Alex, he was a tall blond man (handsome in general). He told me once preglenulsya. After we sat chatted quite cheerfully and immediately offered to move Diman. I naturally agreed. We are talking about something, and then it is all the same dared to kiss me. And at this very moment, Alex went to the toilet at the sight of him, we continued to suck. Alex looked at us a few seconds, and then came up behind me and lifted my already short skirt began to squeeze my ass. Diman all saw it in his eyes and was amazed, and I did not move (we still kissing). Lesch same time lost in vain, he set my feet on a little wider and pulled my panties like a rubber band on his finger began to fuck me. Fire from the panties and squirms his finger inside drove me crazy. Then I broke down and moaned ... "I want you!". I stood on koryachki. Dima came up to me in the front with unfastened fly, sticking his cock was not too long, but for something so thick that eating fit in my mouth. Alex fell in behind sprinted my panties to her knees. Slowly he introduced his penis into me. His unit was the complete opposite of Dima, a thin, but its length was amazing (so I have not fucked). We have merged in ecstasy and finished almost all the time.
I swallow cum. A Lesch finished my ass and I felt like something tinuchie flowing down my thighs (enjoyed).
Naturally, our moans were heard Kate and Sasha. And we decided to see 3 what they do. When we returned to the room, I was not surprised. Kate jumped on a member Sasha sitting back to him, his hands caressing her breasts, and her wide-set hip allows you to see the whole picture as a member of a breakneck pace to sink into the vagina of my girlfriend. Kate smiled when he saw me, and slowly began to stop, she got up with Sasha member and said ...
- What kids? I want a wild orgy! Who's with me?
Of course there was, and refused to Diman as the owner of the house called us all into the bedroom. Going there, I saw a huge 2 bedroom bed and I knew immediately that here we will be where to turn! We all quickly took their veshi remained in costumes of Adam and Eve! Sasha first reached out to Kate with his hands what Kate said ...
- No, I want you to all 3 first brought pleasure to my friend (tobish me) and then in 3, you fuck me! Do you agree?
The boys were a little surprised by such a proposal but did not give up. Lesha I laid on my back, then she does not have climbed it and slowly began to introduce his penis in itself, after I pressed it down his chest to his ass higher and said ...
- Dima fuck my ass, I want it! And your cock Sasha, I want to taste ...
As soon as our pyramid was built in the village of Kate standing next to a chair on the wider spread her legs slightly and began to stroke her pussy. It was a signal that can be started as a crazy guys began to move its members in me. All this was like a 3 piston engine. Such ecstasy I have not experienced ever before. Inside me I burned all crazy with such speeds, I wanted to shout ...
- Yes, yes, fuck me! I'm your bitch! Ebite ebite me.
But my mouth was occupied by a member who gave me no less udovolstviya.Chi's hands all the time squeezed my breasts and ass. At this rate, the guys fucked me minutes 8. Then Sasha took his dick out of my mouth and began to cum right on my face, and I began to publish rabid moaning and screaming. When I felt like in my ass that is broken (it was a member of Dima, he came straight to me in the ass).
Men moved away from me and only one Alex still continued to move his pelvis will drive his cock deeper and deeper into me. Now I could straighten up and focus on one member, I was not going to stop. His sexual sponges, I hugged him tighter for a member and began to jump on it like a psychopath, and he caressed my breasts (ie, tightly clutching them, spreading out to the sides) .Esch¸ a couple of minutes at a pace and we had finished, while I screamed that probably raised the whole house on ushi.No I was totally do not care at this moment I would like everyone to know that I've got fuck not a child and I like it.
I got off his cock and lay down with the edge of the bed. 5 minutes later, I saw that the members of the guys again swell and they all together looked at Kate who was sitting in the chair and masturbating slowly. It was so easy and it is good that I started to fall asleep (from mild fatigue). I saw how my friend was seated exactly in the same position and have also started to fuck in all the cracks. Then I passed out.
When I woke up outside the window it was already evening. There was silence, and looked around, I saw that all too sleep. Katya sitting on someone's dick and his head resting on piles of someone's quiet sapele, and the guys slept like a log. Slightly starting to come around, I felt the sticky that after spending his hands over my body, I realized that I was all covered with cum. Then I immediately realized that my dream everything is not over for a long time and then still fucked and my dream one does not even embarrass me too probably fucked this time. I was not a bit embarrassed or upset, or even more so embittered, so I was good. I have decided that it is necessary to assemble, and to quietly got up went to the bathroom.
I climbed into the shower and stroking himself with his hands washed off with the male seed itself. Then I heard the door open to the bathroom and saw the face of Leschi. He smiled sweetly and asked ...
- It can be with you?
- Certainly come in! - I said.
He climbed into the bathroom and came together in a passionate kiss. After he gave me turned his back and bent me, so that his eyes opened my sweet ass. I did not resist the contrary, I even did not mind continuing. He parted my buttocks and began to introduce his cock in my ass. I moaned a little. This time he fucked me gently and carefully slowly as if prolonging the pleasure. And the truth is he was not going to stop me in the ass. And when it seemed now all he had finished he took out his penis and asked him to suck it I did not prikoslovno when he had finished my mouth turbulent jets filled with sperm I tried not to miss not one drop of the nectar. Then we took turns gently washed (so to speak) to each other and came out in the hope that is still asleep. But not here that was coming from the bathroom, we saw the light burning in the kitchen. After going there, I saw how my friend Sasha fuck directly on the table. And do not even stopping and without embarrassment Katya asked me ...
-Well ... It is time that the girlfriend must be collected?
-Yes, it's too late to go domoy.- said.
We quickly gathered kissed guys. They said that we went yet left their phones at the same time we rasprashalis and went home.
We were with a friend is all so pleased to have promised themselves necessarily to repeat it. And though after 2 weeks I called Alex who has called us to her house saying that there will be Sasha and Dima. And we certainly agree ... Well, that really was more write to me on soap [email protected] if there will be many applications may write a sequel.
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It also happens

At first, this caused a lot of questions and reactions, but quietly wife was involved in this business, has acquired the necessary skills, have fun became a par with me. This lesson she never objected to doing everything to clear for yourself pleasure, but today said: "Are you Irishka awake, do not forget today we are not alone and apart from anything else, it is necessary to run to the market to buy something. tasty. " With that, she slipped out of the bath, and after a few minutes in the hallway a door slammed, letting resignation. Irishka came yesterday, something she did not cope with her husband. I'm in this business never penetrate, but they sat in the kitchen, whispering, very long time. Judging by the pace and pressure, the conversation was very serious. The relationship I have with my adopted daughter were always normal, the work did not allow me the debt, and to frequent the house, so she grew up, I did not even notice. In its 20 years it looked fine. Straight flat feet, high, medium sized breasts, firm and round ass. Honestly, before I somehow did not attach any importance to this, but at the moment it is sharp and every detail has emerged in my mind. From these thoughts my dick became even more and add elasticity. Transhumance secret fantasies, I dried off with a towel, mechanically put on a naked body sweat pants, which always wear instead of pajamas, and left the room. TV is in the room, and Irishka sat in a chair next morning series looked at a large sports shirt. She looked at me and looked away in embarrassment on the TV screen. Only now I realized his miscalculation. My dear protruded mound, pulling the fabric of his pants. And there was nowhere to hide it. The first frightened and went through my mind slipped a stray lightning idea.
"You want to touch it?" - I asked.
She looked me in the eye and, taking them aside, glanced over my pants. Silently she shook her head again and stared at the TV. The truth is she did it somehow not convincing. And I decided - come what may. Quickly went to the chair, he stopped in front of her, took her hand firmly and laid his palm on her reared member. She hesitantly pulled her hand back. I did not let go. She lifted her eyes and looked at me. What's in this moment - read in my eyes, I do not know, but the resistance of her hands weakened. I held her hand tighter.
"What do you want?" - Hesitantly and she asked dully.
"Just podrachit!" - Deliberately rough, dry lips squeezed me and held her palm a few times up and down. Then he removed his hand, offering to make it to her own.
"You're crazy, Mom will come soon and above all you are my father. I can not."
- she said, beginning to massage my penis.
It was evident that she got, but it was not bad. Hand began to work. Grabbing it with cloth pants and trying to pull the skin off the head of my cock, she began massaging it vigorously. I pulled down his pants and elastic. Quickly catching his arm and clenched in a fist, he became nervous and pull the flesh erratically up and down at the same time she closed her eyes and turned her face to the side. I was excited more and more: and the situation, nervous and strange, and from a sense of desire and impatience to pursue and consolidate its success, the smell of grease coated abundant member. How many times have I dreamed that I - a mature and experienced man, fuck young, inexperienced girl. Just my attempts did not bring success. The tempo increased, and movements became smooth and rhythmic, relaxed. She began to see not her stepfather, but the man in me. It seemed to me that even chutchut and my penis would get to her lips, I wanted so much that she took his lips.
"Look at him!" - I hissed.
"Why?" - She chuckled. - "What I have not seen a member of, or what?". "It is enough, not to admire yours."
"Did you do someone a blowjob?"
"I'm just that and do it!" - The answer sounded frankly and with mockery in his voice.
"And how long?"
"Yes, thirteen years already. I was always fascinated, and I can say that I do not like to suck dick, I love when I'm in the fucking mouth, just as if you did it in a **** y."
For the first few minutes she turned her head and looked at me, smiling slightly, through the parted lips, showing the whiteness of their teeth. This short and brusque conversation inflamed me even more. I moved up closer to her, trying to insert his penis into her mouth.
. "Just do not make me suck it and try not to finish quickly Wait until I finish If you have absolutely unbearable -. She continued, gently podrachivaya my dick - better take rest." I nodded, unable to utter a word. The situation began to improve.
"You suffer, if I enter a deep breath."
"Do as you like, I will adjust itself. Not to think about it. I think we have a little time."
With that, she swallowed my dick for the most eggs, jerking like a snake swallows a mouse. Startled, I even startled. So I have not made one! I froze on the happiness engulfed me (as it is otherwise called?), But felt her throat convulsively squeezes my cock and saw that she took her hands and gestures, so I got busy. How can more accurately I brought my cock from her throat and also carefully began to enter his back, trying to do it slowly. So I did a few times when I felt that skoronepremenno finish. Irishka, apparently, it is understood, because both hands tightly and painfully squeezed the base of my penis, and began frantically strung on it. I knew what she wanted, and began to help her. Somehow, in a special way she held her head, which allowed me to fuck her in the mouth in the same way as if I did it in the vagina. My mad delight knew no bounds! As minimumraz five could finish only from the sound falls into Mr. astronomical clock and even a member of the ten times the tempo in which all this happened. But strong fingers holding my dick did not allow sperm to pour out. It was terribly painful and pleasant. Ha moment she took my cock from his mouth and said: "Be patient a little longer, I will soon."
His head was spinning, but something was missing. It is, as if reading my thoughts, and lifted her shirt, pushing her panties, she showed me her shaved bezobraznitsu, small and elegant, like a girly. I was incredibly surprised by this spectacle and size **** s. It was very small and neat as unopened seashell. At that moment I wanted to kiss treasure. He caught my eye and I realized that I like it terribly, she sat comfortably for me, and her eyes began to be tightened languishing. Convulsions began to shake her body, her throat seemed to become even more widely, not my penis length is clearly enough to orgasm came quickly, his hands unclenched overboiled sperm fountain gushed out. Somehow subtle movement, she pushed my cock from her throat to her mouth and began to swallow my sperm is not delaying its mouth. Hogi my buckled, I put his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them painfully, spasmodically and painfully. She would not let my cock out of his mouth, waiting, when I come into itself. A little fresher smiling, I felt that she sucks my dick, and he, to some unknown reason to me, continues to stand. "Let me lick you" - I said a dry, stiff tongue first thing that occurred to me, to somehow repay for what happened and remembering the recent obsession.
"It is unlikely that you are now going to do it well, it seems to me that you will never end did not. You do need a little girl, a youngster. It seems that you have never had kids."
Her frank conversation and understanding of shalel I just do not know how to behave.
That though - something to defuse the situation and not look stupid, I began to turn her on her stomach and get a job through her panties to the ass. She did not resist, but instead missed his hand under her panties, and apparently his finger, began to vigorously develop his anus. Through some very short time she said: "Come through the panties!"
Only very straining your imagination, I realized that she offered me to fuck her in the ass using the wonderful briefs condom. This I could not even imagine. Inspired by a visionary, I tried to do this maneuver. Having estimated, where it can be about her wonderful hole, I poked my dick in the pants, trying to push it along with the panties. The fabric taut, and a member of barely passed in waiting for an opening.
I tensed, but the attempt failed. Torment for a moment, I realized that the most likely of this scheme does not work. Moving away, I pulled her panties and try again. A member was completely dry and no it does not want to enter into the anus. Irishka turned sharply, and took in his mouth, let the saliva.
Again I turned her on her stomach and pulling her panties to her knees, began to introduce his penis in the ass. Ass was elastic but supple. After a few seconds, I felt that the goal is achieved and accurately and sizes began to massage the anus with his cock. Irishka relaxed, he rested his elbows on his chair and rested her head on his hands. A few seconds later she began to help me, moving her ass toward my cock. I obviously liked it, and I tried not to rush, trying to prolong the pleasure. "So what about the kids - she interrupted the silence, - or refuse to try it?"
"What do something wrong with her?" - And trying to sound cool, I managed - "that with a log that youngster with a lot of fuss and little joy.."
"Do not tell me - she said, gritting his teeth and vigorously moving her ass - across different instances I know of one goat, so this little bitch, so many women will handicap Want contract..?"
"I want - to his own surprise, I said, - only I will have two conditions first -. You come with me, and if you do not get the pleasure to deliver it - it according shook his head - and the second, to our parish on it must be a short skirt, and under it there should be no panties. " "For what?" - She asked in surprise, turning his head toward me and deeper nasazhivayas on my cock.
"So I could pry It excites me." - I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. From these stupid conversations my penis has become twice as large and to the lower abdomen stretched pleasant pain.
"Where?" - For some reason I asked. She backed away from me, and my cock popped out, I instinctively clutched his hand.
"In the sink" - sarcastically said my tormentor. Stumbling at half-mast trousers and cursing everything, ran ran to the bathroom. I opened his hand long and pleasant finish. wife soon returned with a bunch of market news. All lunched separately.
Two days Ha Irishka disappeared, occasionally somewhere calling on the phone to talk with his mother. I began to slowly come to life. But there it was! In the morning on the phone rang. Customarily I pick up the phone and hear:
"Hi! How are you, the mood, gout does not suffer? You sit Corp.?" - I hear the familiar voice of a harlot.
"Hey! Where are you lost? Not you come, do not entertain?" - I say, trying to be natural.
"Girlfriend you was looking for."
"Well, and how, I have found?" - Starts to dry throat, tongue clings to the sky. The history of the past two days, comes to mind. I'm ready, I already want, but scary.
"Certainly - contrary to a long, spreads in the tube - what you would like! A thin, young, sexy, and the strangest thing - adorable. Clean and filthy. I assure you that is all. The more she wanted to try it with a mature man. Persuasion remember . Agreed you have half an hour to reach Not zhmis, take a good brandy and something tasty on the tooth Write address Time is short -.... five come her grandmother. " I, not realizing what I was doing, I write the address, time off from the boss, borrow money and run to a stop. Forty minutes later I was at the appointed place, at the door and I press the call button. The door opens very young creature, moderately pretty girl with straight blond hair and absolutely childish dark eyes. Ha her light blouse, under which outlines the chest, short, well, very short dark skirt, flip-flops. I stand like a fool, I do not know what to do next. Ha help comes Irishka, which appears from the kitchen and invites me into the apartment. The usual Russian I apartment, nothing superfluous: the wall, two chairs, a small coffee table, prudently advanced on the center of the room, three glasses, candy box and a few oranges in a vase. Smuschennoeznakomstvo. Mutual-seed. Irishka looking, smiling - she obviously like my embarrassment, Christina - so call the owner, he looks at me rather unceremoniously and appreciatively. The package is unloaded, deftly and quickly poured brandy from a bottle uncorked - becomes clearly, that this time the waiting begins the conversation and performance. The fact that I'm sitting on the overturned stool, and the girls in front of me, collapsed in his chair. Stand Body Christina, miniature and pleasant, shifted.
I'm trying to get a look under the skirt, but I have not seen that! Catching my opinion, Irishka nod makes it clear to Christina, it was time to act. Slightly embarrassed, but trying not to show it, she, as if taking a more comfortable position, slightly spreads his legs. Halivaetsya second glass.
"Well, what?" - The question is heard in silence.
"It is not seen nothing." - Suddenly become impudent, I declare.
"Spread wider!" - Irishka peremptorily declares. Hogi apart a little bit more and it becomes visible to a small, neat pussy.
"And now?" - Slowly, sipping cognac and holding back a smile, he asks the director.
"Better, but still hard to see" - I say, trying to see what else is hidden from my sight.
"That's something, - Cristina explodes dramatically and legs wide apart, exposing her tiny naked and shameless - Not can understand why there are interesting!
"It's nice - Irishka asked, turning to me Not able to say anything, I'm grateful nod my head -. So sit down, you fool, it is not your matter of mind". Christina freezes with her legs spread, a glass in his hand and pursed lips of resentment. Halivaetsya another glass. Hapryazhenie slowly passes. Christina, the better to sit, pulls his yubchonku stomach. Now I can enjoy this spectacle never seen before at any moment, and how much I want. My penis swollen and torn out. In this state, not very comfortable to sit on a stool placed on the floor. I'm starting to look for a more suitable position to reduce tensions and begin to fidget.
Irishka, quickly getting up and holding out his hand across the table, for my trousers and reared by a member of them, affectionately says: "Release him, and something else breaks." Christina looks with envy at her actions. I unbutton his pants and adjust a bit to give freedom to his prisoner. He straightened and proudly sticking out. Girls, do not hide interest looking at him. Halivaetsya ocherednayaryumka. Judging by the behavior and girls already before I got a little drunk. From drunk and all that is happening their faces red and lustful.
"Come to me!" - I say to Christine, and for the credibility slapped his hand on the knee. She turns her head and looks at Irishku. It reaches out to her and patted her palm on the perineum, says: "Go, you clever today." She gets up, walks around the table and sits on my lap. Ya taking her hand on the pussy to move closer so that my dick, lifted her to her stomach, fell between her buttocks a little child ass. I do not feel its weight, it is light as a feather. Heponyatnye and inexplicable feeling coming over me, when I feel his penis between her apples. We pour on the latter. With one hand I hold a glass, and another resilient until completely dry pussy, my penis in a safe and pleasant place. Kiss the baby behind her ear, she answers me with a kiss on the lips, turning to face me and gently rubs her ass on my cock. I translate ochumevshy and happy look on Irishku. Seeing that at the end of something, and it drew attention, she spreads her legs and% $ # 96;
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