Saturday morning

Marina was lying on a wide bed, legs spread slightly and the index finger stroking along the already very wet from vaginal stimulation. Maybe it was the fault of her hypersexuality current hot summer, not giving no quarter and short nights, for which the air in the apartment did not have time to cool down, even with the windows open? They say that this sometimes happens with young girls and women over forty. True, the recent winter sexual attraction Marina was no less because of what she her young husband almost tortured by insisting on a daily close. Sometimes, if there was a time they made love in the morning and evening. Engaged slowly, with feeling and pleasure.
Young lived for three years, and according to all forecasts, it would have had to moderate his ardor, streamlining and reducing the number of its bedding games, but Marina every year, on the contrary, increased desire for sex only. Before marriage, sexual experience she almost was not: so, some random drunken men in the companies, one of which it anything from drunk and did not realize because dashing ready for exploits, and captured two guys at once. Marina then was not disgusting and delicious, so she, as before, did not seek to bed Affairs, but also in certain situations not resist desired her lustful males. Enjoying it delivered himself alone, fingering clit and getting each time more orgasms.
After becoming acquainted with Stasik it suddenly awakened a woman with such force that Marina often fall asleep without the usual masturbation and not engaged in self-satisfaction on the weekend until the weekend. After about a year of marriage the young wife zeal began to gradually subside, and Marina, on the contrary, I wanted more, and she was again at every opportunity to practice began to masturbation. First, when Stasik was at work on the night shift, and then at night, when he tired of love games, instantly asleep. Disturbed intimacy with her husband and unsatisfied passion lewd vagina is required to continue, and Marina for the first time carefully, afraid of waking her husband and fear of his conviction, began to masturbate. Orgasm came almost immediately, although usually before receiving it had ironed himself fifteen minutes. After the third orgasm Marina too quickly fell asleep.
Then she became bolder, and one day, her fingers continued to enjoy his "hairy baby" so violently that he nearly fallen asleep husband opened his eyes and watched raptly long occupied by a spouse. Stasik continued to pretend. As if fast asleep, even the sweet persuasiveness smacked his lips, but it seems that none of this captured the passion she had not noticed. Inflamed satisfied with her husband, she both hands stroked her vagina, is inserted into the fingers of one hand, the other fingers massaging the clitoris. After several orgasms she calmly reached over and took a deep breath, no longer afraid of waking her husband, because his hands like an exemplary child were stretched out along the trunk. But this view masturbating wife initiated Stasik, and if he woke up, stretched his lips to the nipple of his wife, and his hand held out to her from the wet crotch selections. His cock nalilsya, hardened and braced in the side half.
By inserting two fingers into the vagina of his wife, Stasik quickly brought his wife to another orgasm and lay down on top of immediately inserting a hard cock in a wet pussy and drove it all the way. Marina shook in a new fit of orgasm. Excited just visible, Stasik too quickly poured out the seed.
-You why it suddenly in the middle of the night? - Playfully asked Marina.
Stasik some time doubted whether or not to tell the truth, and whispered:
-You are so awesome masturbated, I could not stand it any longer.
-What do you invent? - Marina was dismissed.
-Come on! You are so passionately engaged in self-satisfaction, I immediately woke up and watched for a long time, how cool are you caress.
-Did you like it? - After a pause asked Marina.
-Still would! - Enthusiastically said she struck the opening of the husband.
After that, often the young couple made love new to fashion. Marina lay on his back, legs spread, Stasik fit on the head side in the opposite direction, so that the wife could throw at him with one leg, thus opening a full review of the vagina. Sometimes Stas began the first stroke labia wife, bringing her to orgasm, she often did not trust him, and from the outset took the initiative entirely in their own hands. Stas eagerly watched as gently teasing fingers wife's clitoris, the fingers of the other hand buried in pink wet with excitement depth of the pop-bud, and at this time he slowly masturbated, holding member so close to the face of his wife, that she at any time could take the crown in mouth. Marina did it almost every time, and as soon as the head is rendered in her mouth, the body starts to shake convulsions caused by the influx of orgasm.
Then birthday Stas gave his wife an impressive size masturbator, saying at the same time, that now it can play a toy at any time, so as not to depend on the physical condition of the husband or the lack of a number.
-Yes, I previously could receive pleasure without you - playfully reminded Marina intimate games, but when my husband became a night to request to update the purchase, long time did not dare to do it with her husband, promising that she will try first mechanism alone.
Stas immediately, despite the protests of his wife, he left the room to the kitchen, where tiptoed gingerly made his way back to sneak to see how his wife will develop new product. With bated breath, Stas few minutes due obodveriny looked at the lower part of her lying in bed naked wife, seeing her head and upper body. Judging by the fact that it is not seen no hands, no gift, wife twirling it in his hands before his eyes and considered, not daring to apply for other purposes.
Member Stas stood as the count, and he was about to enter the room to start to make love, he saw that the hand of his wife with a massive toy in his hands dropped down, legs parted wide apart, and directed by the skillful hands of a silicone cock began to rub the head along the vagina. Minutes after two or three, when the vagina completely moisten with excitement, dildo slowly began to go inside, and soon almost completely drowned in the depth of the dimensionless. At the same time, there was a muffled groan pleasure caused by his wife.
A few minutes Stas watched his wife masturbates massive toy, replacing short fingers, then quietly walked into the room and lay down beside him. Not allowing to remove the dummy, Stas perched on top and squeezed into the vagina overheated his hard dick. Surprisingly, his arm did not interfere, but the wife immediately began to shake all over and moaned loudly. After the second rapid orgasm Marina took masturbator:
-Everything can not go !:
A minute later Stas admitted into the vagina wife a substantial portion of sperm. Since then, Marina often satisfy their passion in the presence of her husband's amusing toy. Sometimes in her vagina again, as in the day of the update, at the same time turned out to be a member of her husband and masturbator. Sometimes my husband just looked like Marina brings himself into a frenzy dildo. During observations, he frequently masturbated and often just looked into my eyes for a while, getting pleasure from the mere spectacle.

Busy with their memories, Marina opened her eyes to see how much time is left before the arrival of her husband, and to decide whether to be content already obtained orgasms, or get out of the closet masturbator and indulge in another two-three orgasms. Time was still little, but get out of bed, but rather to remove the fingers from the vagina, is not wanted. Marina left hand whipped the pillow to the head was higher and it was possible to observe their actions, and began stroking the clitoris. And then she noticed that the flickering on the wall of sunshine, which it first for some reason did not even pay attention, suddenly slid down slowly and made his way to the very bottom of her stomach. For a while she was looking at a bright sunny spot, is the consciousness realized that it was someone from the house across the street was watching her and signaled that he had seen all that the girl just with him in a fit of passion got up.
Marina was fearfully withdrew her hand from the vagina, but immediately came to her bold idea that as the observer and the already seen everything, to continue to play and extend his sight. Marina got out of bed, sweetly stretched, having caved in back all over, patted her large while sticking out his chest and left the room. In the kitchen, where the window curtains were never disclosed, it surreptitiously through the gap between the curtain and the frame followed, where it ran bunny. Opposite their house very close, apparently in violation of some sort of town-planning regulations, was a nine, in one of the windows is on the seventh floor, she saw sunlit guy twenty years with a mirror in hand, looking at her. The distance was so worthless that it is well made out of pretty bare-neighbor belt. More precisely, this Marina it was visible only to the waist, because she lived two floors below, and the angle of view is not allowed to see what is concealed sill neighbor's apartment.
That guy watched as she masturbated more than an hour, Marina inflamed even more. She came back into the room, sat down in front of the cabinet, took out a box masturbator and without turning to the window and went to bed. Never before had she stroked masturbator stomach and chest, never took it into his mouth, to be excited, but in porn films such scenes not seen one, and therefore decided to arrange for watching her guy a show.
Marina a few minutes dildo stroking his chest, drove silicone vibrator between her breasts, sucked the head into his mouth, then slowly began to drive between the widely spaced feet. After a while, excited by their manipulations, she had completely forgotten about the guy and did everything just to get maximum pleasure.
She enjoyed until complete exhaustion ten minutes before the call protrenkal returned from her husband's work. Without lifting bed masturbator, he came out to meet naked and opened the door. On the ground next to Stas was unfamiliar Marina tall, handsome man, dumbfounded staring at the naked wife of his colleague. Stas laughed and slapped on the ass Marina:
-Go to the kitchen and put the coffee. At the same time you can wear at least an apron, although without it you are simply stunning.
Marina slipped into the corridor, where the closet was their clothes, took a light calico robe and went to the kitchen to put on the coffee brewed. Stas invited guests enter the room and he walked behind his wife in the kitchen.
-Well, you betrayed! - He said, excitedly, hugging vozivshuyusya wife with a coffee maker. - Lev already dumbfounded. You can not so frightening guy.
-And you could warn you that one does not come? - Pouting, but readily responding to a Kiss, responded Marina.
-Yes, he had asked for the road to take a couple of drives on the weekend.
Loew at this time went into the room to pick shelf cabinet vending drives him, saw unfolded bed lying around in the middle and still wet from the great masturbator vaginal discharge and so excited that his cock stiffened up woodiness. The guy went to the shelf with disks, looking at them, but the sight of a naked woman standing colleague that before the advent of vengeance masturbating dildo. Both the first and especially the second circumstance would not let him come down, and it was good that neither Stas nor even his wife did not go into the room.
Loew looked around, but nothing sexual masturbator except lie on the bed in a situation not observed. Holding one of the disks in hand, he stepped toward the bookshelf and began to read the names of several dozen standing on her tape. Judging from the pictures, most of them were clearly pornographic content. This is even more excited for. He tried to attach erection so that not very much was very excited, stroked a few times along the trunk, and that was enough to make him treacherously shot sperm. In the thin fabric once it flowed a great spot. Taking a random three disc Loew wanted to as quickly as possible to go out, but embarrassing stain on the pants and it was necessary to look into the kitchen to say goodbye.
Stas stood with his head thrown back and eyes closed, and on the floor on his knees was his wife doing blowjob and appetizing, all his attention focused on the fun. Loew watched the couple love games two minutes before Stas suddenly stiffened body and judging by swallowing wife, began to pour the contents into her mouth testicles.
Loew took a step back, for fear of being caught spying for unworthy men, then special sharknuv foot on the linoleum took a step toward the kitchen and coughed. But even these measures will not prevent the owners given time to freshen up. Marina and squatted, holding have not yet had time to fall off a member of her husband, her robe was wide open and showed a treacherous beauty taut breasts. Stas stood straight, hands resting on the shoulders of half-naked wife, breathing heavily.
They are in response to the cough turned simultaneously. Stas began to fill another hard dick in the pants, and Marina got up from the floor and zapahnuv robe, began buttoning buttons.
-Sorry, we could not help here - laughed Stas. - Who is going to drink coffee.
Tea at this time already sated snorted and spread throughout the kitchen pungent aroma of coffee mixed with the smell of sex.
-No, I'll go, you really have fun here. I will not interfere: - Loew hesitated, but Stas suddenly burst out laughing:
-Come shade! We are after all, if we can, and when you - and gently slapped his wife's delicious ass. In the brain Leva split second passed like frames of the film, that he was sitting in a chair, but on the contrary in bed, putting aside pre-silicon simulator Stas deals with his wife love. This picture is so eclipsed his mind that he did not even hear what he said Stas.
-Maybe with ustatku on sotochku? - Stasik repeated his question.
-Not early?
-Uh, so that there will still sleep until evening. By the way, can descend to a nightclub? And then I Marina has long been asked to reduce, but still can not get together. There, they say, the show cool with audience participation. Here Marinochka and want to the public to demonstrate their charms.
-And if they want to? - Playfully butted into the conversation Marina.
-So I say that I want to bring the audience crazy. So that? Come on, at the same time on Marinochka bare look.
-If because of me, so I have it and can make a house.
-Catching up on that, - I noticed Stas. - Yes, you sit down, Levchik.
Loew sat down on the sofa, and Stas began to get piles and vodka, which is a couple of minutes otpotela and covered with small drops of cold sweat. Loew thought that he, too, must have the same small droplets of sweat from sexual intimacy ladies and playful conversations spouses in which they are drawn into it as well.
After the third piles when the bottle is almost nothing left, the man went to the balcony to smoke. Go through the room should have been, and Stas noticed immediately left on the bed masturbator.
-That's naughty! - He said excitedly and shoved dildo under the pillow.
On the balcony after a few greedy puffs Stas suddenly pushed Levu elbow:
-I see you downright crush on Marinka. The eye can not look away from her.
-Oh come on you: - fearfully said Loew.
-Okay, do not be modest. I'm not jealous. If you want, you can even fuck. She's a girl to sex greedy, I'm so tired, even in three years, and she will be glad to. So all is well.
Was taken aback by this turn of things Lev could not even find the right words, but Stas regarded this as a sign of consent.
-Anyway, I'll go to the store, and you in this time it properly otymeesh. You do not want to fuck, suck is great. She does it on the highest level. And most importantly-from the buzz of the start up more than you. Well, let's go, will finish, and I - to the output.
-Oh come on you, stupidity grind.
-What nonsense! You've heard it said that we can arrange a striptease. Mind you, she never anybody so not flirting, so you tell her at first glance like. Come on!
-And you, Leva, where do you live? - Marina asked when the guys went into the kitchen and sat down at the table.
-Guys, why are you on you? - I asked Stas.- All pour the remains, and you drink brotherhood. - And he insisted that the guest how to kiss his wife.
Type wife kissing another reason Stas filed more than his own strokes during foreplay to sex. He saw that as excited and Marina with the Left, which made the proposal when he was drunk to have sex with mistress generally unsettled. Stas decided to continue the game.
-Marinochka, what are you talking about the show? Is not time to start? - Stas said softly.
-Oh, well, you - waved porozovevshaya from drinking, playful conversation and excitement Marina.
--No, I told you that I catch the word. So let's arrange a striptease. No, let's play cards on the strip. On whom will dress more to the store, and for the addition of escape.
Stas took down slightly battered maps and with the agility of distributed six to each player.
-Yes, and when I will have nothing to shoot, you have to perform an erotic reference. Write on two tasks at each individual leaves. We then pull.
Marina had to remove the gown after the second game, when Loew was sitting shirtless. After the third, apparently due to the fact that the poor guy could not concentrate on the game, he again was "a fool" and took off his pants. Stas make every effort, cheat and enjoying good walking map, he left a friend "in the cold" and the third time in a row. Now Marina and Loew sat at the table completely naked, while Loew glad that from under the table can not be seen sticking out of his cock. The fourth time was left Marina, stretching sheet with text, she tossed it aside Stasik:
-It only could you come up with.
-Come on, Come on, - reached Stas. - What have we written? So: "To play with a member of the neighbor to the left." Well, what are you retired to the background, play, I turn away.
Stas turned and polished by cabinet door in the mirror watched what was going to happen. About a minute Marina did not make any movements.
-Well, all played enough - Stas turned his head. - Girl, what are you, a card Khakee. We'll have to perform. Once again I turn?
-Why! - The challenge of suddenly said Marina. - You can watch. - And stretching out his hand, he began to stroke sticking guest member. From every touch of cool and wet with nervous excitement palm dick jerked and stiffened with renewed vigor.
-No, guys, I can see these games we can steal away. I'll go for the second bottle. You do not get bored here, I will soon. - And it is a knowing wink leve.
As soon as the door closed behind the master, Lev reached out to the marina and got up from the sofa. Without a word, the girl got up and closed the gala clung to her longed male body. A few minutes sinners passionate kissing, then Loew picked up the girl's ass, raised hostess kiss and stared into her quivering breasts. Marina threw guest feet, felt himself near his vagina protruding member and became impatient at him to sit down. Penetration was easy, but overexcited atmosphere of sexual guy did not last long. As soon as he felt the approach of orgasm in women, as immediately discharged a strong jet of sperm. Marina felt this jet struck her on the wall, as a member of pulsed, issuing new portions, and with a loud groan reached rapid orgasm.
She wanted to continue a long and passionate, but that was just so hard cock quickly began to fade, and slipped out of the wet vagina. Marina stood on the floor, stretched out her hand, rubbed her withered source of pleasure, knelt down, took it into his mouth, began to lick the entire length, again took in his mouth, began to suck, but was unable to bring to a solid state.
-Sorry, it's my nerves - began to make excuses Loew. - It seems to me that Stas already reaches for the call button.
The call does not have to wait long.
Marina does not want to let go climb a guest member and went to open the door.
-Well, now we continue to feast - smiling sweating on a quick walk on the street heat Stas. - I - in the shower, and the most disgusting, as the whole body sticky with sweat.
Stas dropped a short-sleeved shirt, jeans, skirts, and stepped into the bathroom, where a moment later came the sound of water and blessed pofyrkivaniya. A few minutes later Stas came and went naked on wiping the kitchen.
-This is me not to spoil the picture of a naked, - he said apologetically in response to the sight of his wife. Poured into stacks, Stas went to the refrigerator for the ice to drink, set it down and embracing his wife from behind grabbed the breasts, after hiding in the palms of ice cubes. Marina screamed in surprise and jumped.
-Well, why are you so? - Reproachfully she shook her head. -Ved So stutterer can stay with fright.
-Okay, do not get angry, because I'm loving. - Stas leaned over and kissed her on the neck. But one kiss was not enough for him, and he began to cover her neck and shoulders gentle touching of lips. Then he took the earlobe and began to gently nibble on her.
-Well, come on, enough already - start suspended Marina, but Stasik, seems to have wound up. He picked up sticking his chest with both hands and clung to his wife from the back:
-Oh, how I love you! How I miss you! As I want you! my strength is not restrained.
The truth of his words confirmed vospryanuvshy in all member glory. Stas sat up, took him in his arms and they waved the neck of his wife. She pulled back a little:
-Enough already spoiled. You're so good and what sex you want to do:
-Why not? Only now let's take on his chest for the tone.
Once Loew has put on the table and emptied a pile bit drunk piece of sausage, he started to get up:
-Well, okay, I have to go. Yet I get home. You are well, you are in bed, and I was still an hour to go.
-You stay. - Stas started up. - If we go in the evening at the club, what you sense a round-trip ride? Let's pile on - and in bed!
They drank more, and Leo went to the shower, and Stas started to help his wife to clear the table. Marina soap, and her husband handed her the dirty plates and glasses out of drinks and glasses. Wiped sponge table, wiped his hands with a towel and put his arm around his wife.
-Oh, how I want you! save right there.
His rebellious member had already poked just above the buttocks. Stas slightly bent at the knees, and a member squeezed between the legs of the couple, ending dishwashing.
-Well, what are you up? Now Loew will come out of the shower. We're with you today like crazy. I was exposed naked in front of someone else's man, bailiff's when he can enter at any moment.
But her voice confused and betrayed ill-concealed excitement and desire for sex. Stas holding in one hand his wife's chest, the other slightly bent it forward and helping hand, put a member into the vagina wife easily. Marina did not even have time to warm up, like a jet of water in the bathroom stalled.
-Well, all we played enough.
-And I want. I'll tell him to lie down, and we're here still love exercise. And then come on, let's go to bed together, and we'll fuck with him. And if you want, we can try a threesome. You, by the way, while I went to the store, had to fuck?
-What is it with you today is it?
-So we have time?
-Even if he had? You're very me all day today to provoke treason. What is wrong with you today?
-It's okay, I'm just very excited. It's time to you to be satisfied with me. Even masturbator in bed left.
-Oh, blii-in! He that is so?
-Yes, I put it under my pillow, but Lev immediately went there and saw everything.
-Styduha-it is!
-But why styduha? The guy just saw that I had sexually liberated wife that you love sex. That's all. And the fact that you are here in front of him for an hour krasueshsya her charms, only confirms this.
-All the same, I am ashamed. I will not go there.
-Come on, do not go, - mimicked wife Stasik. Well, come on, I'll take you in her arms. -And He, while his wife did not have time to figure out anything, picked her up and carried her into the room and laid on the bed.
-Well, that, and get some sleep because sleep is already interrupted, look at porn? Lev, you're there with a video player. Put some. They are on the shelf.
-What? - No turning back because of the protruding member asked in a choked voice Loew.
-Yes, any. On the left side a few pieces, we ourselves have not yet seen.
Loew put the cassette in the TV, and immediately went to a cool porn. Man he is struggling hammering his girlfriend a member into the vagina, lying on her top, then they switched places, and then she took the dick in your mouth. Behind this story I went exactly the same with the difference that the man and woman were already others. The third story began with constantly masturbating girl who caressed the fingers themselves, then - large for some reason blue masturbator, the fingers again, then an empty bottle with a long neck of beer.
Stasik has long been lying, his left hand under the woman's head and covered her right not fit in the palm of his chest.
-What are you, and will stand? - Asked after a while his friend Stas, frozen in the pose of a telephone pole in front of the TV. - Go lie down, then place another three will suffice. Lie down on the side pointing to the space from the Marina.
Backing not to turn protruding member, Loew after a while hesitantly walked over to the bed, he sat on the edge.
-Yes you lie down, because you will not sleep sitting.
Loew stretched out on the bed, immediately bending your knees, that though so little attempt to hide the protruding body.
Stas took Marina's hand and placed it himself on the same hard cock and wrapped her hand as usual enjoyment gun. Lying slightly sideways good Stas saw how excitement blazed crimson blush of his wife's face. He knew her with her temperament is very difficult to be between two strong men excited and still hold on to a member of one of them. From simple mischief Stas wanted to bring a wife even more. He had not thought to arrange an orgy, but it is very exciting idea that Lev has raped his wife while he went shopping. After all he had left them intoxicated and even to institute and with the absolutely bare. Well, just logically, if too Marina and Lev dressed without it, they could not copulate!
Stroking the chest of his wife, who was watching the film with half-closed eyes, with excitement, Stasik after a while began to gently kiss her neck, and then suddenly stood up on one elbow and pressed a passionate kiss to his lips. Kissing his wife, he felt that she was in a fever pitch, it may be about to finish just one kiss, and that she wants even more excitement, not knowing when and where to stop.
After a long kiss on the lips, Stas dropped a little lower and pressed his lips to the nipple, rolling the swollen pink berry lips. Through half-closed eyelashes Stas saw Lev struggling to focus only on TV, but can not see what is happening in bed and did not notice a fever pitch messy woman nearby. He just did not know what role awaits him in this performance today, at which the play was not introduced.
Stas is not stopping to kiss his wife in the chest. She took up her free hand and put it on the protruding member of the other. Marina was jerked in surprise, not thinking that her husband put her hand on the seat, to which she did not dare to touch, but to grasp that so many wanted to time. Loew immediately stretched out his legs, because there is no need to hide their stress treasure. Some time Marina just held in the palm of throbbing cock, then began slowly moving his hand along its entire length. Loew continued to lie passively on the bed and enjoy these manipulations.
Stas pulled himself up a little higher and then fell to his lips kiss his wife. She leaned forward eagerly. Loew pulled his hand down, patted his wife on the lower abdomen, put his hand between the hot thighs. Marina obediently spread her legs, throwing one leg on her husband. Palm Stasik pushed another, and Marina threw it at the feet of Lev. Now she lay outstretched legs and holding just two protruding member. About this situation, she dreamed of many times when a few months ago, she and her husband while watching porn even jokingly discussed this possibility, and then, finally, the fantasy became a reality. But that's if even these two men guessed stroke her vagina, because his hands were busy at it, and let go of the hands are coveted toy she would not like.
As if reading her mind, Stas started stroking his wife between her legs, where it was very humid. Vagina willingly admitted his two fingers into the hot depths. Stas took a few circular movements within the couple, and it shook the whole body on the coming of a strong orgasm. As soon as the wife of a little recovered, Stas took out from under the pillow slip back masturbator and slowly introduced into the vagina Marina. First, if teasing, held inside one only silicone head, then brought up to half, he made several circular motions and pushed to failure. And then Marina again got an orgasm. Masturbator Stas brought it to the top of pleasure twice.
During this time, Loew also emboldened and turned to each other began to stroke his wife and kissing her breasts. Now the picture is in bed was pretty darn delicious, and if the guy across the street was still watching her, from what he saw, he had to stay happy. Stas kissed her passionately on the lips meets his wife and struggling working in her vagina masturbator, Loew squeezed and kissed her breasts, she held on to the Marina, two members on both sides of her lying men one by one to get an orgasm.
But men like to meet and themselves, so Stas suddenly pulled out of the vagina dildo, wife turned on her stomach and fell in behind, entered the pop-wet from the discharge opening its stake protruding member. After several strong motion, he grabbed his wife by the hips and began to pull her body down to Marina's head was on the other member level. To persuade his wife to blowjob is not required, it is understood without words what she wants from her husband excited and then not letting a member of the Leva palm, swallowed his half. This action is to fuck a girl both sides was the limit forces barely held Stas. He thrust his cock up to the stop and began to pour into my wife the entire stock of accumulated semen morning. There and then was poured into his mouth and Leva. Marina hardly had time to swallow his semen thick, jet stream of bubbling over on her tongue.
A few minutes later the trio peacefully asleep, exhausted prolonged lovemaking that evening to go to an erotic show that in no way is not able to be even remotely resemble what they were doing themselves.
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Welcome to our orgy

At times I think and how I was born when my parents that attitude to sex? They may have dreamed about how I marry very innocent girl, but their hopes could not justify me. Now I tell what happened to me.
Then I was sixteen years old, I was in the senior class. Many of the girls in our class have had men and slept with them, abortion, too, were not uncommon, but I went as a dispensable one such gray mouse library, which is the word "condom" blushes to the tips of the ears. Classmates know about my parents' harsh and openly giggled at me, confidently stating that such views on life I have all chances to remain a spinster.
I do myself to stupor was afraid and tried to find at least some opportunity to make himself the guy to be like normal girls. That chance fell to me in the form of a school disco, which hosts every three months. Tearfully pleading parents, I convinced them that I am an adult and I have the right to go to the disco, which also take place under the supervision of teachers. My father rarely allowed me to go to discos, but this time even he relented and gave the green light, but with the condition that I'll be home at six hours (though the disco ended, of course, not before nine).
Neither the father nor the mother did not know that at discos, which are held in our school, usually a lot of the "Left" of visitors: students from other schools, students and others who are not lazy. How happy I was when twitched under acid music in the midst of familiar and unfamiliar faces!
My classmate Allen brought with her three tall and beautiful students. He was twenty years old. I did not expect that it will suit them just to me and starts talking:
- But the most desperate and crazy girl in our whole school. Do not see what she looks so modest. In fact, it is a blast! Meet, this is Julia. And this is Sergey, Max and Denis.
I'm terribly blushed and tried to explain to them that the most primitive way Allen makes fun of me, but the excitement could not utter a word. Then, suddenly he began a slow dance and Maxim asked me to dance. I had never danced ballads! It was so delicious - feel strong male hands on his waist: Maxim I felt so good, so gentle.

The next day I Alain languidly announced:
- Serge invites us on a visit to mark a driver's license. There will be other guys, including Max: Will you go?
- Yes I am going! - I cried, then she remembered that night I will not let go, and hung his head annoyed.
Alain realized my sadness and mysteriously screwing up his eyes, he said:
- It will be a day until Seregina Rodak not.
From joy, I was ready to jump over your head! If only my own parents did not learn anything.

On the appointed day we went to Sergey Alena apartment. My heart was beating a little anxious when we got out of the elevator on the stairwell. Alain rang the bell and the door was opened by Sergey himself. From the apartment came the sound of music and laughter. We went into a wide living room, furnished with a couple of sofas and a few chairs. In addition to the above three guys in the room was a girl with short hair, sitting at ease in the lap of Dennis, which was presented to us as Wick.
Men drank vodka, cognac precaution was purchased for us. At first I wanted to give up, because you never drink alcohol, but to see that Alain drinks, too, decided to try. A couple of drops of brandy I almost passed out, but I still retained consciousness, so I remember everything that happened that day, albeit vaguely.
At first they just chatted aimlessly, then Denis told Vick that she showed a striptease. Vic was a little older than us, apparently had experienced a special, but I did not expect that it is said seriously, and startled watched as Vic slowly to the music start to pull off the topic, then jeans, then Bra .: In this case, it so vulgarly and gone twisted her hips, I even thought that maybe she was a pro. But the figure Vicki was not too pretty. She was very thin, so that the ribs stood out feelers through the skin, breasts barely stood, with her short hair she looked like a teenager. When she pulled off her panties, I first ashamed covered her face, but then curiosity got the better, and I saw a completely flat ass dissolutely spinning Vicki and clean-shaven pubis. This I had never seen and was terribly amazed. A shameless striptease performer even spread her legs, stretched his hand labia, showing all of his dark hole wet vagina.
I was shocked, but it has brought the guys, especially Denis, who dragged a naked maiden in the next room, where soon he heard lecherous groans.
We stayed four. I felt a hand on my knee Maxim, but nothing he did not object. Meanwhile, Alain caressed to Sergei, muttering something like: "I can do that too: Even better."
Of course, I knew before Alain, but for me it was a complete surprise when Alain climbed on the nightstand, and also began to dance erotically, slowly undoing the buttons on her blouse. Under the blouse was a beacon on thin spaghetti straps that Alain too soon did not fail to take off. And I must say that Alena had long, dyed blonde hair under. And she's very sexy they waved, getting a storm of applause and ulyulyukivany from the boys. Under a short skirt Alena were red panties and stockings. Until then, I had no idea that Alain no tights and stockings, the present purpose of which I understood only: panties can be removed without having to remove the stocking. Figure Alena was excellent in every respect: I could not even imagine that Alena is such a big, lush, round breasts, narrow waist and clearly expressed is the same as breast, lush, luxury, body ass.
From the contemplation of nude Alena I am very excited and ready to undress herself and too sexy to twist her hips.
But what Alain began to do more, just led me in horror and disgust. Alena, twisting, crawled to Sergei, unzipped his pants, pulled out his huge, red from the tension member (I guessed that it was a member, but did not think that they are great) and: stick it in his mouth. I would place Alena would immediately throw up, but Alena it seem even liked, she smacked his sweet, sucking cock. From disgust I closed my eyes and fell on the sofa. Maxim leaned toward me and whispered passionately:
- And you do not want to bare, baby?
I tried to pull away from him, but it was not there. Maxim grabbed me and began to tear my clothes. I tried to crawl away and then saw rises and falls rhythmically lush ass Alena, who was sitting on top of Sergei and publish obscene moans. I saw a big thick stick - a member of Sergei - who was a member between his legs straight Alena inside her. Allen sat on the cock, completely absorbing it with his body round to wrinkled bags at the beginning of a member (later I learned that this is called the scrotum), then raises again completely sat down and rose. Then she began to increase the tempo faster and faster rising and falling. Her big white buttocks flashed in the air, until finally Alena moaned like crazy and stopped all movement.
Feeling a surge of enormous drive (not the ultimate cause was the brandy) and would like to be in place very sexy Alena, I said to Maxim:
- No need to undress me. I undress myself:

Still, I was very ashamed when I started to undress in front of the three pairs of eyes watching. No, I could not twist the hips went as Allen and Vic. I just took off her clothes, but when it came to underwear, I broke down and said, covering her face with her hands
- No I can not.
- Come on, bitch, come on, - Maxim started maliciously encourage me.
- I will help her - came up to me Alain, which, incidentally, was still in stockings and probably not even going to take them for himself full nudity. She undid my bra and removed my panties, that inside were completely wet with excitement.
- We bitch stiff - said Maxim and began to touch my breasts, my ass, my whole body. I was burning from desire and shame, as he ran his fingers in my most intimate place. It was so exciting nice, but then he tried to put his finger in my vagina:
- You, I think, virgin? - He asked with a certain disdain.
- Nothing, broken her play the virgin like a nice, - assured him Sergey and I was already completely at ease.
- Do not! Please, let me go! - I pleaded.
- But where do you get away? This mare is healthy - and suddenly virgin! Yes this is a shame, - said Maxim, in the noble intentions which I greatly disappointed.
He took off his pants and pulled out his penis, which was even more than Sergei. Allen grabbed me from behind, his hands, his feet, Sergei, and they put me, violently resisting and screaming, on the couch, tied my hands with a towel to the back of the sofa, and my legs parted in different directions. I could not stop screaming hysterically when she felt between her legs something solid that plunges into my flesh. I became very sick, and I squealed my best.
- So it will not go, - said Maxim, removing his cock and wiping the sweat from his forehead. - From her yelling at me is not necessary. Alenka, slut, suck me a little.
Allen got on all fours and began to lick Maxim member, then took it in his mouth and, obviously, it continued to lick, and holding in his mouth. But Sergei meanwhile took Alain buttocks and began to introduce his penis into her from behind. Thus, while Allen had sex with two guys. Finally Maxim pulled out his penis, which was already very large and hard, mouth Alena, and Sergei all continued to move his cock inside Alena, holding her big ass. And Alain actively podmahivala him languidly moaning and groaning.
And Maxim short work with me. It was terrible, just terribly hurt when he fell on me, stuck his penis in my vagina and entered deeper and deeper. I screamed from the terrible pain, tearing me up inside, and he did not spare me and with rigor moved his blasphemous instrument in me. Then he began to move faster, and finally pulled it out of my exhausted body, spilling on my belly white sticky liquid.

I was allowed to go to the bathroom to wash the abdomen and leg blood and semen. But my anguish on this has not yet ended. Denis and Vic returned from the next room and joined the general orgy. Sergei took up Vika, fell on her thin body and started it with relish have steadily forcing his cock deeper and deeper. Alain sat on Denise, her back to him, he hugged and clutching her huge breasts. I could see in all its glory petals of her labia, between which promptly slid member Denis. Alain smiled, moaning, she liked making love and enjoy it. But I do not understand it, why she loves sex, because I was just too fucked, but nothing but hellish pain, I have not experienced. Although the desire for something still present in me, I was thrilled by species of wild love around.
Meanwhile, Sergei lost to Vic Maxim, and he came up to me and said:
- And I want to deprive you of oral virginity.
With that, he grabbed me by the hair and brought my head to the bottom of his stomach, and began poking his cock in my mouth. I resisted, not unclenched her lips and otherwise dodge. Perhaps his love oral project would suffer a complete fiasco, if he had not thought of to plug my nose. Just a little, I opened my mouth to breathe, he quickly put his dick to me in the throat. Incidentally, it was not so disgusting as I had previously imagined. I like sucking the finger, which was only 10 times wider and more thumb. The skin on it was very tender, probably sensible. I tried to move his tongue, as did Allen. Sergei groaned, apparently, he was pleased, I began to move his tongue more active, releasing a little back and thrusting manhood Sergei as during sex. Member began to twitch, and after a few seconds the first time I tasted the sperm, which the taste was a little salty, but still quite edible.
- Cool, - Sergei gasped in delight. - You still cum swallow:
- But I do? - Denis shouted.
There was nothing. I easily made a blowjob Denis, fully zaglotnuv eruption of its volcano.
Then I sucked a member of Maxim. When I did it, Sergei grabbed my ass and put in such a way as to make his horse into my cave has not yet healed. I wanted to escape, but Max grabbed my head and I continued to suck his cock, feeling back in my part of Sergei member. This time it was not so painful, but still unpleasant, but I suffered and cried. Screaming, I would not have been able to, because Max was a member in the mouth. Suddenly, I thought that I look exactly the same as Alain shortly before.
Then they gave me a break. I was lying on the couch and watching others. I noticed that Dennis tries to stick his dick Alena is not the usual hole, but in the fact that it is located between the lush buttocks, which is normally used to go to the toilet by and large. A member so easy to not creeping, Denis tried abundantly lubricated with saliva, but even when it is there it finally stuck, it was obvious that Alain is unpleasant. Apparently, the passage she was still not as wide as the main.

Unexpectedly, Sergey jumped up and said that is about to come to his parents, and we all need to urgently naff.
- A literacy campaign is not over for you, - I said goodbye to Max. - Just a few lessons and you will become an experienced slut. Next time we'll fuck carefully. See you!
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I lost my wife

If she was indifferent to me, then, of course, do not worry - there are no children, the police say ... Well, she's there to say? Yes, and would not give her anything to do. Do not those people be it ... Lord, what do you do? Because, otherwise, they have just banged together. For them it's fun. And before that, it is still used.
About what I told the people that will be soon, as I suggested, to take pleasure in my wife's body.
At first it seemed to me that they simply would kill me. But then, they said, that's okay, I have to do just that to my wife without underwear I had to take the bus number ..., that would have drove her to the house. Our home ... She should have keys to the apartment.
"In addition to them, dresses and shoes she be nothing should be understood?" - Said the threat of the one who beat me. I nodded.
-Do you like it? - Sarcastically asked the second. I nodded again.
-Well done, - he guffawed - your second task is always to be so to see it and, as I understand it is in your interest that she did not see you. And what would you have not seen - no nonsense.
I will not tell you how long I've tried to persuade Svetka that she "almost naked," as she would say get to the fucking bus. I felt that the fault was angry more and more. And in the end she psihanula and cursed me, "Weird pervert", agreed.
When she went to the bus, I jumped to the opposite door and sat on the bench - were not many people, disappeared behind the man.
She stood at the back of the bus window and looked out the window. And I looked at her chiseled figure and remembered her blond pubic hairs that are so freely breeze blew. Honestly, I was not "Weird pervert," but if it was not what I was expecting with fear, to me it's probably scared excited ...
Suddenly, three guys sitting on the seats at the end of the cabin neighing and one of them came up to my wife and something began to speak.
She also said something, but his face was obvious that she was very constrained. And then he began to talk incessantly to raise the hem of her dress, so slowly. At first she did not notice anything - it was too easy to dress, but suddenly flashed a flash, which forced almost the entire bus to turn around and see all the bare ass of my wife and the guy constantly snapping Polaroid. The second came at this time, or rather, in one leap jumped to Svetka on the other hand, and with all his might slap her on the ass.
Prostitute - hissed sitting next to me was an old lady ... And, of course, for his part right. For virtually no one I saw barely twitched girl (she is only 19) in the hands of these boars. They are - each one hand - held her almost motionless. Everyone saw a beautiful woman, who, having come into the bus without panties, allowed two men stroking herself on the ass. However, one is already tired, and he climbed up to her with his fingers between her legs, which made my wife's ass lifted all seen (it seemed to me - looks the whole world!) How these fingers come into the vagina.
I sat not alive, not dead - excitement, even that which dreamed of at the beginning - like had happened - they have brazenly, in front of all my wife used. And I did not know who they are! Of course, I realized that the very "people" fail to appear for her, but ... And then our stop. Two, also holding hands under Svetka, left the area, not forgetting to pull up the dress (skirt was tucked in his belt). When they go, I saw why his wife did not scream, although the question I did not arise during the whole of this action - at Svetka in his mouth was a little gag-pear. Third, a few minutes to stop, sat down next to me on the seat, muttered something at some thieves language, but the meaning was clear ... I have to be in the apartment ... Now it was clear that they were in his own right , but it's easier if I was from this?
I went out with this thug (maybe they all are) and we trudged for going ahead of the trio.
When I came to the house he is taken aback - it stood about twenty cars, which next to our Khrushchev, by definition, should not be (only four jeeps). I still remember, mechanically surprised - they all fit here. From one of them got a big guy and toying with the keys went to the door, pulled him and us. At the entrance he threw not turning - "remove the gag." All was done instantly. He came close to her and says ...
- That's what a girl, you got ... You know all those who come to you today to visit - it's because you invited them, is not it - he grinned, looking at me (I was all the time behind the two, buyout keep the lights on) - today you have every right to. Probably, it would be necessary to bring it under some kind of basis - he mocked - but to be honest, I was something too lazy. Cater for all - not a girl, like, or with her husband out of luck? - Then again he looked at me - and you will live, you will bristle - she know. Just understand one simple thing, that when we you naebemsya, we leave you to live, even if you go through the courts, the police, the UN, the courts of Human Rights - is a contingent that you just will not believe, it probably would have been even funnier, but ... it is not the case - you die as no one has ever died - you know, I always wanted to run in the pussy poisonous snake, but it's lastly, she know ...
He said something, but I've seen (or felt) that what he says will bring him no less, and probably much more fun ..
...But do not worry - I am man of his word - poebeshsya normal, satisfied all - will zhit.Ponyala? I think she knew ... Anyway, do not say a word. He came close to her and put his hand under her skirt. Apparently, he came to it, because it noticeably flinched.
-Well done! - He guffawed - What is realized. Poor that dry yet. How do you fucker was something, huh?
-One -edva heard said Svetlana.
The man was taken aback at first ... "Really? Well, you give! This chick! I guess in the ass, in general, did not try? Well, gotovsya, today you will have everything. Take off your clothes."
"That right there? All of a sudden someone comes ..." She almost cried
"What's bothering you? Well, fuck you and fuck! And where? Home whores I do not drive ..."
She looked at him and said, "I live in this house, I know everyone here ..."
"Aw, Snap - said another man entered, - you have not in bed?"
Through the glass front door I saw all of the cars began to get out people ... And not just the men ... They arrived at the usual razvlekalovku can even do it will not participate. Just look, together with their wives, as the girl will start up in a circle. It's just a way to spend time ...
"Hare, to fuck her brains out, - said entered - you know here - hut so slowly recruiting smile off your dress and bare, constantly looking back and smiling at the march to open the door to the stairs."
I thought that the light can not, but, apparently, it is imbued with the situation, because once took off her dress, and stepped on the ladder. And we walked these shamelessly showing white thighs, her ass, which was right bandyuki this, she did not yet never gave ... look back, it is true, did not look back, but I was just glad it.
Entering the apartment, I saw a dramatic change - when they just had? We, almost no furniture (only table in the corner) and one wall was ... rather, it simply was not. In the kitchen, I stood, as I later saw genekologicheskoe kreslo.Poluchilos fairly large room, however, from the outside now and then I heard the phrase about the "doghouse" and "bomzhatnik". Finally everything was settled. People (?) Was not so much otkudato took a chair, all seated.
"Lord - a man started - all you have expressed a desire to popolzovavshis - then he smiled - a housewife, and here it is in front of you Her name is ... (he called Svetkin name otchesvo, last name, and a lot of other information, up to the group number. in which she is studying at the institute) All you drew lots for the contributions you have been the same, so that you know who the sequence in which it belongs. you are also familiar with nedopustimotyu so-called "dressing" of sex, and it concerns males inadmissibility vnuri finish this ... other than the oral method, do not forget you after this girl may want someone else, be polite. from each of you has received a certificate that he is not sick any sexually transmitted diseases, so condom use It is desirable, but it is not necessary Yes, you realize that you can retire and, excuse my French, fuck -. There was laughter - in splendid odinochesve, but believe me, you do a lot of this poteryaete.Ona yours, gentlemen "
All this tirade Sveta was with shifty eyes, deathly pale. She then tried to cover his crotch and breasts with his hands, then, realizing the futility of their actions, they lowered along a trunk. She looked very sorry ... and very exciting. Yes, apparently I did, the same pervert because my cock was as wooden.
Despite, the fact that the "entertainers" addressed gopodam, first got enough young woman (not more than 30 years), kissed passionately sitting next to her and a young man came to light.
And then she asks failed. What she screamed? Whether the "no", or "do not want", or "do not", or all at the same time .. She knelt down and bowed her head to her knees. "The Entertainer" was jerked to her, but she stopped him with a nod (I felt rock) and took the young man something like pointers, but very flexible, judging from her quiver. And slowly, with delays, with all the dope he slapped her tightly compressed between the end of the lower legs of my wife. What I heard was not scream, do not scream, it was a deafening groan. Sveta fell on her back, pressing both hands to his crotch.
-Madam, - he said one of those who led here Svetku the bus - we do not prinyato.Vy may damage something ribud this bitch, and this will make it impossible to obtain pleasure for all ostalnyh.Hotya, admit it had to be immediately put in place - he added anxiously, watching the tip of the pointer.
-Do not worry, - said the young man sitting in a relaxed pose, -we practically all know each other and Madame has proved many times (thankfully, not mine) that falls on three steps, I'm sorry, this dickhead man, sorry , damn. Surely you are now aiming for their clits?
The room burst approving laughter
He handed entertainer some jar and its contents, hardly disengage Svetka hand, smeared her crotch. Surprisingly (I wonder now - then it was not up to it), but after a few seconds Sveta was sitting with quite meaningful glance.
- Well, that is a whore, you all right? - The voice of a woman was smallish - you can shout, scream, but open resistance should not be, right?
Light, doomed, he threw.
-Well done - once again praised the Light and the woman began to shoot ... pants, lace panties ... I saw with strong tanned buttocks and could not help thinking that she tans, obviously, obnazhennoy.Ee ass less than half was covered by a blouse, between slender legs clearly we could see the dark hairs, but it seems it does not bother. But ... it did not bother I think in general one - many of the men took out their members Iron-on transfer them gently, some women viewed men closer ...
Yes, apparently, of the company, no one will not be alone - I heard the voice of "entertainers". The woman, meanwhile, went to Svetka - she got up and patted her chest, then abruptly pinched nipple, and heard a cry, laugh. Holding her nipple she led my wife to a table in the corner and legs on him, legs apart. It has been seen completely wet vagina, which jaws are completely open - excited young woman is not a joke. Then slowly he tilted Svetkin head to her crotch and immediately cried - she obviously liked it very much excited to be naked in front of the men and force someone to bring her pleasure. And I heard the sound of smack one's lips - and something in my head exploded - Sveta my licks and kisses the woman there, and she finishes, her touch. Suddenly, a young man who was with her went over to Svetka behind and dumped his cock out, swung it won it. Sveta did not even flinched. It flowed - I realized, it's probably in that filth that smeared it, anyway, a few frictions she was actively beginning podmahivat him ...
Then the Light had in all positions. It was clear that, despite on to possess aphrodisiac quality, permanent Sitia within probably two hours, start to bring her pain. And then "entertainer," declared ...
Gentlemen, you must have been surprised when I asked for when I ask each of you to engage with this whore (you do not mind, when you are so called?) - He leaned over to Svetka - anal sex? Do not be surprised! She's a virgin and now, when we have already received satisfaction, and analgesic action comes to an end, there is a proposal to deprive her virginity so that she wished that she had lost her before!
Carried the roar of approval ...
"Please fasten it to the table ..."
Swept Svetin cry mechanically turned, I saw in her poor ass in one fell swoop rushed member of a bull.
Then I did not hear, because the next toward the kitchen went to the bitch, who never wore panties. I do not know what happened to me - in the room were raped my wife, Sveta cried incessantly, and I could not take my eyes off of the priests.
Blouse was wet, stuck to the back, so, practically, the whole ass was naked ... I have no doubt walked her into the kitchen and closed the door. She was turned, but I pressed on her neck, which probably would have folded it in half, if not a wall. But still, she bent and I drove her to his penis, grabbed my breasts, and tien them apart started fucking. Yes, it's called. It is unlikely that someone there was something steeper. She scratched, fought, cried, and I fucked, fucked, fucked.
Then, putting her face on the chair, I took her to where the whole gang in the room took my Svetka. Nothing was nicer her cry of pain. And then when there came out of her anus, my sperm, I could not calm down - she drove bottles, cucumbers. And, finally, I saw her fear and ... I stood up again. Then I tore her one remaining clothes, took her hands on her buttocks and lifting, put on yourself. Perhaps it seemed to me, but I think we came together ...
After I was buttoning his pants, he went into the room and the first thing I saw - it is some kind of tangle of naked bodies. Looking closely, I saw that the light is on to fuck her man, on top of it another beating her in the ass, and kakaya-to vhlam drunken aunt, with flabby Teleses trying to squeeze harder nipple at Svetka, in which the pain tears flow.
Then it all drunk and I thought soon all raspolzutsya ka suddenly enters this bitch (fully dressed), I tore up the kitchen and says something "entertainer". He looks at me and I immediately grabbed his two assistants. And he says ... "We were granted our dear husband of Svetlana that would share all the difficulties of family life and somehow diversify our main course. However, wishing will have to fork out an additional ..." to me in that moment came this bitch and asks hissing tone, "I do not understand, you bastard fuck you now will be thy happiness, I can not find a whip, but then you would prick her would not be able to stick in your pants?! - would not fit."
Probably, I was shocked. No matter that I fucked in the ass does not matter what we were doing then Svetka all blowjob and then jerked off as they had no strength to get up, just all at once in one day, somehow I recall on nerealno.I vaguely. I know only that they left leaving card ICB, as they put it, "to repair." The card turned out to be 500 thousand. Rubles. Then there was the dismantling of Svetka (this much later, you know), and Sveta had to defend, because we sent the tape, which was great (that is, that is) all mounted, from undressing Svetka at the entrance and to the service of her three men at the same time, as if it was all done on her initiative. By the way, the cassette mass moments which I have the life of me, I can not remember. In general, this cassette came, and she asks without knowing, which is why it all happened, and for a long time with the sobs convinced me that I already knew. But I still did not believe it.
I do not know how my wife and I still keep a sense of some sort of unreality, and only when we have sex (and I, frankly, to Svetke draws less and less, even though I know that I love her no less than before) I feel that before there was much narrower, and not passing a bruise in the crotch, really close to the clitoris dostatochto still does not give all to write off a bad dream.
I do not know just what was needed this circus on the bus ?!
And most depresses me is that for it to go with the bitch in the kitchen one more time I would have given half his life.
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Last train (dedicated to Alice)

One of them said loudly to others that this bitch no panties. Then they all turned and almost completely openly began to stare under your skirt. Then, the three come to you, the two sat on either side of you and the third went to the front, and you said that you have great legs, and tits bitching and do not want to do you that they fuck you. You're scared and they did not answer anything. Man is sitting on the side that you put a hand on her hip and reached under her skirt. You tried to remove it, and in the meantime the second just crawled under your skirt, you tried to fight them, and a third that was started brazenly to touch your breasts in front of you, and because your hands were busy that tried to prevent the climb to you in a skirt, he just put his hand in the topic and the cutout paw your bare chest, squeezed your nipples. You were trying to squeeze the legs together but it's not very good, the guys have both hands moved apart your legs, two hands were already under your skirt, they were caressing your podbrity lobochek and tried to get his hands lower, between her thighs, and your pussy Fingered. A man was standing in front of you paw your chest with both hands and has already talked to all your friends that you fucking bitch tits bitching. Four sitting also come to you. For the past five hands paw your chest. That's somebody's hand still snuck into your pussy despite all your efforts to squeeze more legs together. Whose finger is slid into your pussy and began potrahivat you. You have become a topic bully trying to steal it from you. You tried to resist, but it is only more inflamed guys, they said that you still Fingered slut everywhere and then another and otymeyut you into all the cracks as the last whore. And you nipple nedotrahannoy no help. You tried to get up, but you easily seated on the seat and slapped in the face when you went to fight the fact that you dragged topic you got still a strong slap in the face .. You said that you still blyadinu poimeyut in all holes and neher you bitch trying to escape. And between the legs you've already was operating three hands. This is a topic you dragged and immediately began pulling off your yubchonku. In a minute you were sitting in front of them completely naked, from the clothes on you were only shoes with high heels. You paw roughly 7 pairs of rough hands as the last whore Yard, as the boys were themselves what that overgrown Gopnik and they only seem so, and are used to treat girls. You suddenly notice that you like it, please be their whore with which they can do whatever they want, whatever he wants. You start to get wet and have noticed those who paw you for pussy. One of them said that this creature still wet. Everything neighing. You have lifted up. The guy that was sitting on the bench next to you, took your dick and pulled him to his face and you start jumping on his cock. Several hand paw rough your breasts, ass.
Suddenly one of the boys climbed on the bench legs, moved up to you and pulled out a dick that was in 20 inches from your face. He just grabbed you by the hair and planted your mouth on his penis. He began to have you in the mouth calling the fucking pacifier and a whore. And the guys standing on the sides of the paw and you discussed who poimeet first you in the ass. And somebody's head rests in your anus. You are planting a large feels dick in the ass, you have all the gaps at once, your breasts paw a few hands, you are constantly slap on the ass. Here flowed the sperm into your mouth, immediately shoved into his mouth a new member has not yet had time to you all swallow. Members of all changing and changing, so you missed the circle twice.
You swallowed the sperm, your ass itched slightly from hard fucked, buttocks burned and had bright pink color from constant slaps. They are all the time talking to you only as a slut nipple blyadina, slut, bitch, slut promiscuous, you called your spermopriemnikom ending in your mouth and forcing all to swallow.
ASIC you twice, they decided to take a break and thought that it would be more to do with you. You was sitting naked on the bench, on your feet flowed sperm flowing out of your ass and pussy raztrahannoy. One of the guys grabbed you by the hair and put it on the back pulled up his pants and sat on your face, ass, you understand that you want, and by obediently began to lick anus guy. Someone came up and slapped you in the chest, and then began to twist a few times, squeeze your nipples, then between her breasts squeezed cock and started to fuck your breasts, strong and tough squeezing them. Man whom you lick anus pulled off to you with words that others too would like, so you have them all licked ass in turn. Your tits fucked on obkonchalsya. You're lying on a bench in the back. You grabbed by the hair and put on all fours on the bench. Someone took a belt and began to smack you like a bitch. You whipped in the ass but sometimes got the belt on the legs and back which was much more painful, but you try not to moan and whine because it's just more exciting guys. When finished you smack them all fucked you in the ass on the line, and you have ended only on the face and mouth. So all of your face was covered with a layer of sperm. At the same time you guys have climbed in the bag, they took away your cell phone, wallet and specially your handkerchief. So even wipe you were nothing. But the biggest surprise was waiting for you to come.
The train stopped, the guys came out: You get out at the next stop. You're lucky that no one came into the car. You grabbed your topic, he was all wet and sticky, semen, they apparently wiped a towel. But the worst thing that someone has worked on it with a razor or a knife. It was shortened so that the bit did not reach the bottom of the chest, the lower part was slightly visible. With the skirt was the same as it was already very short, and now when it has shortened the length of it is not fully covered your ass. All this is compounded by the panties that you did not have, and when walking skirt is lifted up so that the front and back will be seen your naked pussy and almost the entire ass. The skirt was also in semen. You had no choice, and you put the trim on. Out on his stop you walked quickly toward the bus station. You still have time for the last bus. It was late and dark even though people rarely go. You are terribly afraid to meet in such a fucking frankly exhaust with dried semen on her face as someone from the familiar and so I decided to walk to the bus stop is not at the normal lighted streets deserted and dark alleys. The going was minutes 3. You are already happy that maybe no one will see in this way, you get to the bus, and then to get there the house in an empty bus in the back seat: You're going to get around the last house behind which was a bus stop. Beating him that you saw at the bus stop is a couple of men. And you're too shy to walk up to her and decided to wait for the bus in the bushes at the corner of the house in when the bus will arrive quickly run into him. You happy about that card on the bus, Gopnik those that raped you, not taken away. You're standing in the bushes when she heard rapid footsteps and a voice "that bitch somewhere here turned." Suddenly, you almost hit the boy 18-20 years. "Here it is," he said. You immediately have enclosed four guys. They asked where are you going to bitch like this. Immediately, without waiting for an answer, they began all at once to touch you. You tale that scream, but they did not care. And you did not want that to somebody saw you in such a way so silent. Their fingers were in her pussy and ass, your chest paw 4 hands. You said you do not declare them in menturu if they let you go, and you otsosesh them. They agreed. You immediately got dick in one of them, bent down and began to suck, while standing behind three paw between your legs and ass, your paw chest. Suddenly a sharp push you planted in the ass a member, you wanted to rebel, because you agreed only on the suction, but then thought that you could be late for the last bus and so serve them twice as fast start podmahivat ass. After five minutes of intense work you started mouth to swallow sperm. The boy finished and went immediately into his mouth stuffed the new dick.
You started it furiously sucking, afraid of being late for the bus, and honestly entered into the taste, you like that you have all those who want it. Man ebavshy your ass began to finish, it took you dick and pulled on his feet, sexy sperm dripping down your legs: Immediately fourth planted you like a doll on his dick just zhopku. Suddenly you have deployed, one to whom you have started to suck you in the mouth and the one that tore up your ass stuffed in your mouth, you that has brought you to fuck member who had just been in your ass. You began to actively suck, man is ebavshy your ass began to slap you on the buttocks, and the wound in the mouth ebavshy your hair on your arm and popped in the mouth you dick for the most eggs. He did not last long, and began to descend, but he took out of his mouth and pulled the huge portion of semen on your face, it dripped all over his face. Here you could see out of the bushes approaching bus, you jumped from a member ebuschego you in the ass and a bullet ran to the bus. Those two guys are not coming off the bus calling at looking at how you're running to the bus, your skirt ridden up and you could see your pussy, and breasts just jumped out of the topic. In this form, and you ran a bus, your rapists do not have time to react and the bus has pulled away when they ran to the bus stop.
You just devoured the eyes of the men who sat in the bus, the two men who were standing at the bus stop. To you approached the guard, lascivious old man asked whether you have a travel, and you all look Fingered. Bus bit shaken, and this old man allegedly did not stay on his feet fell heavily on you grabbing your chest. You pushed him away and indignant. You opened her purse but: But there was no travel, apparently it fell when you're rushing to the bus. You started to explain to him that you lost it when running for the bus, you do not have any money, that you robbed. He decided to take advantage of the situation and grabbed you by the arm said that you'd whore out on the first turn and that Nehru here for free ride. Do you understand what exactly you reach the house in such a way through the city, you have no money, cell phone, too. It was necessary then to negotiate. You asked whether it is possible that agreement. He said that you had sucked his young slut. You said that it is like on the other: and taking him by the arm took in the rear double seat in the back of the bus. And this whole picture closely watched those two guys on the bus. You sat next to the old man and he immediately began to paw between your legs, your chest, and asked how are you going to damn him pleasure that he had not dropped you off the bus. You climbed into his pants and began podrachivat his semi-soft dick you wanker him and he'll paw roughly wherever wanted. This went on for five minutes, but he could not finish. Suddenly you come those two men. One of them grabbed the collar of the conductor and forced to his feet just tossed it aside. There is no word, he took out his dick and grabbed you by the hair put her mouth on him. Then you raise the seat, sat down on it and took out a second man dick, you immediately sat down on it, and the second continued to suck. You did not even think to resist after that was with you today. You just relax and start having fun right away. You finished in a minute on a limb a complete stranger guy. And five minutes into your pussy later. The man was in no hurry to take out your dick. After another 3 minutes you swallowed the semen. They buttoned his pants, and thank you for being a whore like you has served them well gave you money like this whore. Thee is a start, you feel like a real prostitute. They went out and you had to go one more stop. The guard sat on the seat in front of you and taking out dick began to masturbate while enjoying your legs and half-open chest. And only when you went out and passed him he abruptly grabbed you by the bare ass with full force, you already cried out in pain as he began to descend. A few drops of sperm hit you on the leg. You ran out of the bus and quickly ran to the house without incident.

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Enough of one tablet

My husband, Gordon, "lover", as I call it, younger than me for eight years. He is very proud of me, always saying how great I look, and constantly urges me to dress seductively as possible. It is thanks to him, I began to go to the people with no underwear, so many times admired my charms. He never jealous of me, saying that understands that every roof will break at the sight of me. We really love each other, and our relationship is based solely on trust.
Gordon works a lot, sometimes too much. Quite often, he leaves town, leaving me with books and TV. And I really like going to the casino and play the "one-armed bandits." As a rule, I am lucky, and usually I leave the sum of more than came.
This evening, at first, did not differ from those like him. Gordon had a few meetings, so he returned home would be late, and I decided to go to the casino. I put platishko with long slits on the sides and, of course, no underwear. Dress fitting shape like a glove, and emphasized the breasts. And thanks to the cuts I was almost naked from the waist down. When I sat at the slot machine, then both of my legs were perfectly visible, and sometimes slightly opens shaved pisechka. Well, the truth, only when I was not very careful.
I arrived quite early - about five o'clock in the afternoon, and around my "bandits" almost no one there. Village of favorite assault rifle and joined the game.
Somewhere in an hour nice guy who looked to be no more than 21 years for the neighboring villages "bandit". A little later, another boy - friend first - a little younger than he landed on the other side of me. And then I felt like they were looking at me. Even there, not looking at - stare, without embarrassment to anyone. I felt somewhat awkward, turned left and asked the guy.
- Lovely, except the flowers grew on me?
He even jumped a little in surprise and answered.
- No, of course you do not. I'm terribly sorry, so I look at you. But that's because struck by your beauty! Say you're an actress or fashion model?
Then he took my hand and kissed it.
His words took me by surprise, I immediately regretted that since the beginning of your conversation with him.
Apologizing, the guy continued:
- My name is George, and my friend on your right - Jim. With us, even a girlfriend - Barb - she is now playing blackjack. We're from New York, came here for a week. They took a great hotel room and, as they say, "pulls".
Then George just jokingly said:
- And what is your name lovely lady?
- Wendy - I replied, blushing.
Time went on and on, we bulling about that, about this, do not forget about the game. It seems that our interests coincide in many respects. George and Jim, like me, books, games of chance and show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"
So we played, talked, and it seems every five minutes, ordered a drink. I, in fact, almost never drink, and after the fifth portion of the realized why. The children said that a little bit and went through going to go home.
He tried to get up, I could not resist and fell to George. He caught me with one of his hand on my left breast. Holding the me a few seconds, so gently stroking his chest, George asked, whether all with me in order. Learning that everything is in order, he smiled and offered to go to the bar and have a drink "for the road". I could barely move and, clinging to him, reluctantly agreed. Barb George called and we left the game room. He and Jim, almost carried me in his arms.
Then we went to Barb - a very beautiful girl: a little shorter than me, wasp waist, an innocent-looking face, framed by long bright red hair; of black low-cut satin dress peeking large breasts.
By the way, Gordon always wanted to see how I make love with another woman. He was even going to order a prostitute for me, but I said that I do not want to. Gordon continued to beg until then, until I told him that he completely forgot about it.
Although, I confess, and I have such thoughts from time to time visit. Sometimes my husband and I watch porn when we make love, and most of all I like the scene when two or three of the girls vigorously engaged in each other. Sometimes, I finish four or five times, presenting itself as one of them. For some strange reason, seeing Barb, I'm a little start.
In the hall, where there was a bar, it was very dark and quiet. The room was divided into big round booths with high walls so that the sitting was almost not visible. The boys chose the farthest from the entrance booth against the wall, that provides us with absolute privacy. George, Jim and Barb helped me to sit in the center, and then settled themselves next to me.
Jim asked me what I ordered from beverages. "Just water," - I said, but George and I ordered a rum-cola, and Barb and Jim decided to have a beer. Determine who that will be, Jim was gone.
Unbeknownst to me, he returned with a tray on which were our orders, and put it on the table. Then he reached into his pocket, pulled out a blue capsule, broke it and poured the powder out in my glass, and then mixed the powder and gave me water.
By the time I was quite razvezlo, but I felt surprisingly at ease. Although, of course, when I started to speak, then he could hardly utter a word, in which there was more than one syllable, and behaved accordingly as.
Jim and Barb George gave them drinks, then he took his glass of beer and said that everything is done in the best possible way. I looked at him questioningly, but he said he was referring to drinks.
George offered a toast:
- For our lovely guests.
I just sip a cocktail, but I did not want to drink, but the rest are constantly betrayed toast to toast, while my glass was empty. By the time I was completely drunk, and most of all wanted to be home.
After some time, I felt very strange, as if someone had stabbed me constantly bulavochkoy small. Especially these "injections" were felt in the chest and between the legs. My whole body screamed the desire, it was something unbelievable - never more so I can not feel. I squirmed a little in his chair, making my dress ridden, revealing thigh almost to the top.
Barely moving language, I said:
- George's happening to me something strange, and I do not know what it is.
- What do you feel? - He gently placed his left hand on my shoulder
- I do not know, I was all like a little tingling or tickling something. I guess I'll go.
George moved his hand on my right breast and began to massage her.
- A breast tenderness you? - He asked casually.
At this point, Barb put her hand over my left breast and began to gently stroke, too.
Their touch instantly sent me into another world - a world of passion and desire. I believe it is not what happens to me. I completely lost control and turned into a woman who only needs one thing - satisfaction, sexual satisfaction.
Then George asked:
- And what do we have with papillae?
Then they Barb began to fondle my nipples only.
I knew that not behave correctly, it should not be permitted to caress me and protested weakly:
- No, please, do not do it. I need to go home.
- It is unlikely, unless your body itself does not tell you what you really want. Flesh says you're excited, and before his death, needs a man or a woman, it does not matter. Look, I'll show you - George whispered, and his right hand on my naked thigh, began to caress him. - You like it, right? But even more do you want I moved his hand a little higher, right?
It was like a chain slipped and Babr at this time whispered in my other ear:
- Honey, you're all so hot. But I saw you once knew - this baby today I Poimena. I want to show you what a woman can give another.
She kissed him on the cheek, and then began to lick the earlobe.
Her hand on my chest and kisses even more kindled the flames raging inside me.
George slowly brought his hand up and stopped a few inches from my pussy. I wanted to grab his arm and push in myself, but felt that I should not do so. And before you finally give in, I prayed for the last time.
- Please - I did not recognize your voice - do not. I do not know why I conduct myself. But I do not want that. Let me go home.
George with one sharp movement pressed his hand to my gladkovybritomu pubis and began stroking the crack, and with one finger while he pressed on her clit.
- Oh yes, I love it when women shave themselves there. They then pussy becomes so clean and Gorny. Barb, you must also touch it.
Barb took her hand off my chest and stuck two fingers into the gap, still kissing my neck.
- Sweet My, you have such a wonderful pisya, - she whispered. - You want me to lick you? Would you? Then she, too, must lick me. But you're only on this now, and dream, right?
At this point, I finally gave up. Now I want only one thing - to finish. And to satisfy this desire, I was ready for anything.
Again there was a whisper of George.
- You're all on edge, and the only means that you now can help - it's a big dick, he took my hand and put it between his legs, well and healthy as he appeared, even in my pants felt that it is not less than 9 inches length. - Really, you do not want to I put it to you, and fuck like nobody ever fucked you. Imagine how it stretches your tight hole, and you end, you finish a few hours. Presented?
Now I only thought, as George gets on me, inch by inch, puts his gun at me and starts to fuck with the energy of a wild stallion. I should, should surrender to him.
He whispered again:
Now we go up to our room, and you will become our slave - will do all that we say, otherwise never end.
Fear gripped me, but not because of the prospects will become a slave. I just could no longer remain in the state to which they have brought me.
George and Jim supported me as we walked to the elevator. Even getting to my floor, George, Jim and Barb squeezed me, saying at the same time as the three of them otdryuchat me.
The elevator doors opened and they took me to my room - huge with two beds sized "Kingsize" and the bathroom, where it was possible to arrange a party.
George held me and Jim and Barb began to undress. When they pulled up my skirt and saw the shaved pussy, then groaned with pleasure.
- Oh-oh, what's your luxury pussy - Jim rubbed the swollen lips.
- Similarly, - agreed with him Barb, joined him.
Lifted her dress up, exposing my chest, Jim and Barb leaned over and began licking my swollen cherries.
More I could not tolerate someone had to stop the torture, now!
When I was left naked, George ordered me to lie down on the bed and spread her legs wider. Then he told Barb that she lick me while Jim undresses. I am willing to lay back and closed her eyes. Long hair tickled my feet, her gentle hands slid my thighs, until they reached the vagina. Barb stuck a finger inside and began to move them back and forth. Then fingers working in my Picea increased - first two, where the two, there are three. And, finally, her matchless tongue touched the swollen "buttons fun."
She sucked the clitoris like a lollipop, and then fell slightly below the tongue and slid into the pussy. Ah-ah, it was delicious! Never before was not so good to me. I got to be straight to heaven, but a fairy tale, which I told Barb goes on and on. I already did not realize anything, and could not stop her, even if he very much wanted.
Being on the verge of fainting, I own screams:
- Oh-oh, yes, lick my pussy, fuck me with your tongue. Deeper shove him into a hole, bite me! Yes-ah, like this, to-and-a-ak great. Help me finish, please, I must, must finish!
Then George said:
- So, that's enough. We do not want the two of you have removed all the foam. For starters, you cater for us, and if you try, you'll get your prize.
I panicked, I was stopped mid-way to the greatest orgasm in my life. In desperation, I reached for my pussy, hoping to help herself, but George grabbed my arms and sat on the edge of the bed.
While we Milovan Barb, the boys had to undress, and I stared at them udovolsvteiem muscular tanned bodies and solid members: George all nine inches, and Jim smaller - eight inches.
Jim slowly Barb section. And in front of me opened the most luxurious female body that I have ever seen. Her breasts, as I thought, were full, and elastic, and shaved pussy glistening moisture abundance.
George, still holding my hand, said:
- Mom will get all, if there is a good girl.
He let me go and podrachivaya his club, he continued:
- Yes, but first I want to get a feel for the friend mamomchkin his mouth. I bet Mom would suck me dry. As bitch, you want to try my dick?
As I stared at in admiration for their dignity, he took me by the hair and slowly bent down to his crotch.
- Yes, Mom, look how big, come on, open your mouth wide.
I imagine I could, I could take a huge cock mouth, so involuntarily drew back.
Jim gently pushed his friend and said:
- Come on, we have the whole night ahead, and we can not rush into this whore. First, let it work out to smaller tricks, and then it will Superman.
Jim stood in front of me, one hand holding a member, and the other pulled me to him.
The smell of his crotch harder provoke me. I wanted to take him into her mouth, sucking his cock, caressing his tongue, wanted him to be pulled down my throat. So I opened my mouth as wide as she could, letting member.
Although dick and Jim was great, it does not fill the entire mouth. I closed my lips, enjoying the skin tenderness, his body tight.
The boy moaned, so I started to suck. My lips crawl up and down the swollen trunk, and tongue licking every centimeter dick. Jim leaned forward and shoved me deeper into his throat.
Firmly holding my head, he began to fuck me in the mouth, full driving member so that I almost choked, then leaving in the mouth one prick. His movements became faster and faster, bent, Jim yelled:
- Yes, whore, suck deeper. Oh-oh, I'll be right down in your mouth!
In one motion, he drove a member completely in her mouth and my nose is buried in the growth of hair on his pubes.
Dick began to swell, and I realized that now is. But before I could even think of it as a mouth filled with sperm, and it flowed and flowed without stopping. I quickly began to swallow it, and Jim moved his hips again, though this time more slowly.
- My girl, and you know how to give a man pleasure. Before I sucked droplets. Yes, yes, you are a fantastic nipple.
Jim sat on me, pressed to the bed, it was still hard cock remained in my mouth. He slowly pulled it out, and leaned back.
- Cool, best blowjob in my life. I look forward to wait until next time to take advantage of your mouth.
Barb and George watched us caressing each other: he worked his fingers in her pussy, and she wanker his powerful dick.
Then George told her to lie down on the bed next to me and he told me a hug Barb. She hugged me and kissed me on the lips.
Always I thought that I could not really kiss another woman, but it turned out I could. My mouth opened toward yurkomu tongue Barb, and I enjoyed every moment of our kiss. She took my right hand and put it on the pubis. Looking up from my lips, Barb asked to caress her as well as she did, and went back to kiss.
I've never done this before, and at first acted rather clumsily, but quickly realized what was happening. Finding her crack, I slipped two fingers into her. She moaned, clutching her hips my hand:
- Yes, my sweet, fuck my fingers, show me how much you love me. Oh-oh-oh, baby, let my three button.
Feeling her clit, I'm a little surprised that he stretched nearly half an inch, squeezed it between two fingers and began to gently rub it. Barb at the time did the same to me.
Without ceasing to moan, she asked me to suck her breast. I pressed my face against her breasts, licked them, and then began to turn to lick the nipple bumps that become harder and harder under my tongue.
Then Barb lay on her back, and I stood over her legs wide apart. She grabbed my hips and hands clung to the perineum. Language touched the clitoris. Oh-oh, how it was great. I twitched his hips, still clinging tightly to her greedy mouth, and then she lowered her face between the girl's feet.
I drew the subtle aroma of her pussy, delicious, and no longer able to tolerate the spread shameless tongue swollen lips, he walked through the crack. It tastes just fascinated me. And then I started to fuck Barb language, first slowly, then faster and faster until she squeezed my head hips.
Then I drew attention to her clitoris. Taking it in his mouth, I began to suck and lick it like a small penis. Barb even stronger moan.
At this point, her lips found my clit, and she began to please me in the same manner. I was rushing to orgasm at full speed. Never before had I experienced such pleasure, such complete satisfaction from sex.
George climbed onto the bed, stood behind me and lifted my ass, and with one blow drove his monster in my pussy.
I thought at first that he stopped again, Barb, and was about to ask him not to do so. But George let me go, and magic tongue Barb returned to my clit.
He slowly pumped me his huge dick, seemed about to pierce right through me.
The combination of the tongue Barb and massive sticks stretching my pussy itching was unbearable.
- Watch me fuck your slut while you lick her - she turned to Barb George. - Look.
And he began to peck me harder and faster, and suddenly stopped.
He pulled me out of my dignity, bent down and began to lick my anus. I twitched. Never before has anything like me did. To this day, nothing but the thermometer in my ass did not happen.
- I am confident that on this side of you - virgin. I love tselok. Do not worry so, something always have to do the first time.
His tongue completely disappeared into my hole. Then George took a little gel, rubbed his finger and put it to me in the ass. I looked up from the slits and Barb started to protest, but the strong arm of George brought me back to the previous lesson.
He moved his finger back and forth, at first it was a little painful, but soon I got pleasure from his actions. George told me to relax, and introduced into the second finger. Again pain, however, passed as quickly as the first time.
- I have a pretty big buddy so that one finger does not hurt - he said, and now three fingers wiggle my ass. - And you do not be lazy and relax the ass as it should.
George worked a little with your fingers, then pulled them out, smeared cock and put his head in my stretched hole. He slowly pressed forward until the head is not fully seated inside. Incredible, but I imagine it will be much harder.
George said he would not be in a hurry, and if you want, then it will stop at any time. But I do not even think. And he came into me inch by inch, until his balls are not slapped me on the ass. Here George paused for a moment.
- Uhh, damn, well, as you narrow ass.
He began to fuck me, all the time saying how he likes to fuck me in the ass, and how he wants to pull it.
I soon got used to his cock stretched my once virgin hole, and already enjoyed by this kind of sex. It was very different from what I experienced when George pulled my pussy, but it was pretty cool too.
His breathing quickened, and we Barb furiously licking and sucking each other. I was two steps away from orgasm, Barb huddled beneath me, and I felt that it ends. George swearing, more and more hollowed my ass, he, too, was ready to drop at any moment.
And then I came the moment of truth. I writhed in convulsions, moaned, screamed, yelled, bursting lungs. I had finished and ends. Controlling himself was impossible. Waves of pleasure, one stronger than the other rolled over me. I fell into the abyss of absolute pleasure. And, reaching its bottom, he fainted.
When he came to, I found that I was lying in his own bed. I looked around. That's right - this is my home. Even the fact that I'm lying naked, there was nothing strange about it. I always sleep. And as the final proof that I'm at home, on my left, my faithful snoring.
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Harry Potter and Hermione's birthday

Hogwarts was the winter holidays, and all the students went home, even the teachers went to their relatives. There were only Ron, Hermione and Harry. Hogwarts guarded Dumbledore and Hagrid the gamekeeper, somewhere else wandered cat Mrs. Norris. Harry did not want to go back to the Dursleys on Privet Drive. He generally disliked Muggles because of their severity. Ron's parents went on a business trip, but his mother did not forget to send a new sweater. Hermione remained the same, because she did not want to leave friends.
They had known each other for a long six years. Boys matured quickly, all the while showing their genitals (Harry matured faster, his cock was already 16 centimeters, but Ron only 14). Great magician loved to masturbate with a friend, their old dream was Hermione. They wanted to see, and perhaps even to touch her breasts, which only began to break. Suddenly, Ron thought that Harry's suitcase lay his cloak of invisibility. He shared the idea with a friend that you can sneak into the girls' dormitory, and perhaps something will be able to peek. Harry at the thought went into raptures. They threw robe and went to the stairs the girls, they like the idea that their Hermione there all alone. Past them was Professor Snape, apparently he arrived before the others to annoy Harry. When they began to climb the stairs, Harry as always stabbed in the stomach, he was worried. His throat was dry, this did not exist, can only before the final battle with the Dark Lord. Then his thoughts were interrupted, because he and Ron lying on the floor. Harry remembered that boys can not be in the bedroom the girls, it is a long-standing spell from such vulgar boys like them.
Stairs just lowered them down. On the downside, I fell on top of a piece of paper, to their surprise there was written schedule Affairs Hermione Granger. They have matured a new plan, however, they did not know about it Now More. There they read the list on Friday: 1) Hooray !!! The 14th of February!!! BIRTHDAY!!! 2) Pass the book on Herbology 3) be washed before going to bed. Harry remembered that she always ran away from them on Friday, do not forget to wish them good night. Ron said that we should get into the shower girls. Harry smiled and said that he has matured a grand plan. They went into the bedroom. He took his favorite card Marauders, said the magic words. Before them was the plan, with all the secret passages at Hogwarts. They could hardly have found a shower girls. The plan was ready, and they were looking forward to Friday. In the morning they met joyful Hermione and congratulated her on his birthday.
She was very surprised congratulations, thinking that the boys do not know about her day. Then as luck would have passed their most vicious enemies Kreb, Goyle and, of course, Malfoy himself. Until the end of the vacation was four days, and they have returned to Hogwarts. What our Mudbloods day cooking, said Draco Malfoy. None of your business, Ron said, and punched him in the face, Malfoy roared and went into his living room. Hermione said that the impact was great. Appeared on their way Snape said that he takes ten points from Gryffindor. Well, is this bitch Malfoy Harry said when they arrived at the portrait with a full woman. Password!!! Hermione said. Portrait opened, and they went to their bedrooms. Ron decided to take a nap before the evening, and Harry sat on the windowsill and watched as his friend Hagrid collects eels for the next lesson. But his head was busy one, tonight. For an hour, he and Ron began to gather in the street. They went out, taking with him a ka mouth, taking the mantle they did not, since the time it was still child, and shastane not cause any particular suspicion. After consulting with the map, they headed to the kitchen, where they saw a strange wall with a picture of the second director of Hogwarts. They made sure that no one apart from them in the lobby, no, Harry pulled out his wand and said the door opened, and they are easily slipped into a dark and rather narrow corridor. They meandered about half an hour in the dark and dirty corridor. Ron all the time saying how he is afraid of spiders.
Finally they came to the glass, which shone only on their part. They began to observe what is happening. I turn on the light, and there was a long-awaited their victim. Ron even got up, however, he did not tell Harry. Hermione walked over to the shower and adjusted the water, the murmur of water even more relaxed boys. Hermione went to undress. She took off her sweater and jeans. And now they are facing a teenage girl in shorts and t-shirt. They distinguish her rather large nipples, which stood out from the T-shirts. Nakonenets she was in shorts. Her breasts liked wizards. And the climax she was completely naked. Her crotch was already very formed, and in some places penetrated hairs. She went to the soul, and about five minutes simply basking under his jets. Then what the boys saw surprised them both, their members excited and begged out. She massaged my tits and moaning deeply. Harry and Ron did not even guess what their friend also thinks about sex. She went to her things and took out his wand, saying at the same time. Her hands appeared vibrator 10 centimeters. She went back into the shower and began stroking them in the folds of their sexual sponges. She quickly brought themselves to orgasm. Boys, too, time is not lost in vain, and jerked off my pussy. The first, of course, finished Harry and Ron with Hermione, who brought himself to a second orgasm. When the boys walked along the corridor, they discussed what they saw. Ron even called her slut. At full portrait lady they met Hermione sweaty and satisfied. It just came out of the shower. They called password. Harry and Ron asked her to stay in the Gryffindor common room to talk heart to heart. They sat on a comfortable sofa. She asked what they need. Harry started first. Hermione we saw what you were doing in the shower. Hermione was shocked and a little flushed. Ron said that we should not worry. The boys said that they really liked the naked Hermione. They were asked to undress in front of them in their bedroom. Hermione agreed, the boys were surprised that it does not even need to mollify. She explained this by saying that, too eager to Ron and Harry every night. She licked her lips and kissed Harry and Ron's mouth. They kissed passionately for a long time, it was their first real kiss. When they finished, she noticed that the boys sticking out between his legs. Yes, and she herself all soaked panties from her life-giving water. They went into the bedroom of boys and kissed for a long time. Suddenly, Hermione's hand to the boys climbed into his pants, and began to drive out there awkwardly with his hands.
The boys groaned. She unzipped his fly them and their members appeared outside, as the boys were not cowards. Hermione said that he saw naked boys in the first time. She is very excited. They undressed. And she decided to suck their members. The boys were in seventh heaven. They finished at once. She was very scared of their sperm, but it was so delicious that she swallowed it. She said that it is now their turn to repay debts. Ron told her to lick her pussy, and Harry had to fuck her in the mouth. So they did. Then reversed. They were powerless and tired. Harry offered to fuck. This thought everybody liked, but Hermione tale that he was afraid to lose their virginity. But the passion took over and she agreed. This important work was entrusted to the great Harry Potter. Harry put it in a pose of cancer and began to enter slowly into her little pussy. First he put his prick into her hole and pushed. Hermione screamed, but Ron said, shut up bitch, and hit her in the face. She began to move her hips to meet Harry and Ron said to scold her, as it is a strong plant. Harry told Ron that this little whore is capable of much. Then they started to fuck her together. She began to shout at the room. Ron even thought would not come here if Dumbledore. Hermione finished, probably a dozen times, saying that it will never have had so many orgasms. Then they fucked locomotive. Harry pr Hermione virgin ass, and Ron (yes you read that right) had Harry's anal opening. It was a real orgy. They slept together. And in the morning when they came down, we saw the boys arrived. Neville Longbottom broke his leg at the resort, and it was carried to the hospital wing. We were friends for a day before classes, and they took the Marauder's Map, and went to engage in their favorite thing (sex).
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It turns out that's what I am!

Off early in the morning. Beauty around was extraordinary. in Yakutia where there was business, even nature is very beautiful, and then there is a sense of celebration, in general, I was happy. Victor, my boyfriend hang out with me the first couple of hours, and then became more and more to communicate with colleagues and by the afternoon it happened that I was hanging out with the girls. The ship was full to overflowing. except local journalists were even guests from Moscow, someone with emtivi which of MK and three people with some Siberian station. These three hairy here (as one), and men began to pay attention to us. In general, we tried to stay with the girls closer to celebrities. I wonder the same. I drank a few cocktails and behaved cheerfully. We are sitting down with friends is one that at another table, asked for autographs, and tried to talk here, I caught myself thinking that strive to please everyone. For a such a strange desire to appear, it may vexation that Victor is on me not paying attention, for some reason I suddenly became important to someone like that.
By the way I can well enjoy it. I Yakut nationality. Azeatochki generally very thin, and I'm just so skinny. I have a long neck, narrow shoulders, the chest is almost there, but the nipples stick out sharp and strong when I'm excited. Waist literally wasp, the pelvis is not too wide. But (this is my main advantage!) I round a very resilient and strongly bulging ass. So awesome legs with elastic thighs, calves and large thin-thin ankle. My skin palely true, but I think this is something there.
So that night I was dressed so that all the best to be seen. On the hips barely kept very tight jeans rolled up from the bottom to the knee. And the top was short not reaching to the navel shirt fulfill the role of a bra and short jacket whose ends were tied on the breast itself. so as to emphasize the flat stomach and form a small rise in the chest. In general, I was going to seduce Vitya.
But it seems to go well everyone. The time has come some moment when everything suddenly rushed to take pictures and I also climbed into the crowd to get to someone in the frame. As soon as I get up close to some man as he immediately put his hand on my waist, and even strove to carry out on the side from top to bottom and of course hugged her closer. I'm not to disqualify I liked it, but damn it I liked it, the photo with the one to the other several times I got to the pope, by different men and just laughed in response. And then when the shot crammed a lot of people behind me it turned out to be one of those hairy Siberian radioshnikov. He put his hands on my hips and held her close. ass to the groin. And you know what happened? I otklyachila ass! And bent back. I do not know who is behind me and rubbed his groin on his precious ass.
The photographer decided to make another picture and here standing behind hugged me insolently, one of his huge hands put me almost on the crotch and pressed it to his groin, why again I bent and rubbed his crotch and the other clasped across his chest, barely grasping for boob . When the frame was made, but a couple of seconds, held me, then I pulled away. It was quite nice. introduced. Igor. He pulled to her table. I looked back at her friends, but they have returned to where we were before.
The first thing I felt for their table. it looks, lustful, almost mocking looks and even smell, they sweat. They began to ask me who, where I study where I work, I willingly answered the strange, I poured the wine, I drank. He asked them. Most readily told Igor, he did not take his eyes off me, and when we decided to sit down to a few other people that wrapped around the waist and pulled her close. Oh my hand side and left. Of course, I thought about sex, I did not lose their heads, but I am concerned protruding nipples. And I said to myself that I will not give to him, now I understand. What was most disturbing signal.
He drove his fingers on my stomach, and then tried to squeeze me tight and has already started talking in my ear:
- Vic, it's just amazing, I do not think that in Yakutia there are beautiful girls.
I blushed and he liked it.
But then came my friends and ode of them whispered in the other ear, that Victor had just entered the room. I said that a while excommunicated, all sharply protested, Igor even hugged me and said that will not let go.
I had to look him in the eye and say that will definitely be back. Victor was very drunk, but still dragged me dancing on the top deck. It was already dark and the Stars. Dance did not want to, for I could kiss enough enough with her boyfriend. And very much like to kiss. It lasted about an hour and Victor said that now go down again to his colleagues and then go to sleep, and that I, too, approached the cabin it. She had not been a separate, so that it could only end a passionate farewell before going to bed. It makes me a little frustrated.
When he left, I decided to go to his cabin and the corridor was faced with Igor.
- Well Vic, you did not come?
- A little delayed.
- So are you looking for me?
- No .. I went to him.
- Vika I liked you so, I'm so upset that soon depart.
- Do not worry, you can write to me, because I almost left.
Then he took me by the shoulders pushed him to his cabin. I clicked the door, grabbed me and started kissing on the lips. I tried not to answer.
- Vic, I'm leaving soon I want to I remained about you Vic memory.
His hands roamed over my body, especially paying attention to the ass. I loved it. He smelled of exciting, movements were strong and confident. But I would not like this to change her boyfriend, but it was impossible and escape. And here he has done. He stepped back and pulled out his wallet.
- I know Vetch, you will feel abandoned, when I leave, I will try to compensate for this.
And I pulled out two green papers.
- Two hundred. Take it.
And I reached out and took mechanically. Often an afterthought because you take, that stretch.
And here he turned on me. Picked up seated on the table, I said through the vagina pants most felt his penis. He lifted my shirt and began kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples. And then he pulled back and kissed me on the lips, and I answered. He pulled me off the table turned back to him, climbed into cowards. his finger slipped on the wet has moaned lips. I masturbate a little finger he put the cancer my elbows on the table. He came down from the ass jeans and entered me. because of the jeans I could not wider legs apart and his cock was in very cramped conditions. I felt every swollen wreath on it.
That was something! He began to gather momentum and force pecked me, sometimes resting in the very womb. In front of me was a window where I could see my reflection. And I was clutching in his hand the money. Seeing them, I suddenly realized that I fuck for money. I am a prostitute.
This struck me in the head of this strange wave of pleasure that I immediately felt the approach of orgasm. I became podmahivat, more vigorously, Igor shouted:
- Yes, come on, come on, baby!
And I came. It was deafening. Igor took the cock and pulled me back. Hot cum dripping on me, and could not straighten up. There was no table, and could not get up. And then in my pussy dick came back I otklyachila ass and realized that it was not Igor. She looked out the window and saw that I fuck his friend seems Ruslan. As I understood it, I continued podmahivat and my new stud unopposed. I tried to escape. But Igor put his hand on my back and said I was done.
- It's okay Vick, as you like. You're doing fine, very hospitable. - I laughed.
- How much did you give her? - Ruslan asked.
- Two hundred.
- Wow, two hundred she have the whole night to be pleasing. That's my girl, (he slapped me on the ass), even for the capital good money whores.
I involuntarily groaned, I was still clutching the money. I was called a whore, and it was true, and I liked it. He increased the tempo.
I felt that is about to cum again. He knew it and did just what I needed. He asked:
- What baby like?
I did not answer and he stopped me deeply buried:
- Answer me, bitch I like the way you fuck?
- Yes. - I whispered.
- Oh damn. He grinned.
- Yes. - I moaned. What a thrill it was!
- You're a damn ?!
- Yes!
- What "yes?!
- I am a whore! - I said not to his voice, and away we go. So he continued to fuck me, I'm at his request was his plead and grovel.
- I did not expect from you Vic. Igor laughed.
I moaned that I was a whore, that whore, that ebus with everyone, and I'll do anything as long as I was allowed to come. Old imagination began to emerge in the memory. I saw my classmate in turn fucked in entrance two men. she lost at cards and fuck cancer rose itself. Remembered as a birthday Vitina other guys all night let in a circle one drunken girl, I heard from the next room she moaned and they mother and humiliated her. Again, I had finished.
Orgasm is still hot when Ruslan came out of me pulled to the floor and put his member into my mouth. He did not fit me while I opened his mouth as she could. Slightly After some inquiries Ruslan pulled me into the open mouth and face. I began to collect and swallow his thick semen. This salty!
Igor was ready, he stood and jerked off.
- Lie down on the bed, girl.
I obediently lay down and spread her legs. Igor lay on top of me, so big, hairy, sweaty. He easily entered the razebannuyu hole and began slowly and deeply to have me. I tucked her feet and put her hands on his huge hard buttocks. It was so kayfovo. I felt completely free, from me nothing depended. I was at the mercy of two men who can make me anything, and I would agree on everything. Herself. With pleasure. The floor was littered with sperm stained dollars that I gave for sex. For that I push the legs and did not hesitate and gave podmahivala and moaning.
I finished when I felt the sperm hit the inside of me. He finished in my pussy. Without condom. Do not worry about me.
Then there was again Ruslan, he threw my legs over his shoulders and started quickly and strongly to peck me. I was a little sick and very nice. Taking my hand on chin Ruslan made me look at him, he laughed. The cabin came third, the lowest of the three, and thick. Yura. He was very drunk.
- Oh shit! Nihuya yourself!
He said he saw what was happening. I liked the joy on his face, he will also be to fuck me and I have nothing to say against it.
- What a bitch, another served basis? - Wheezing asked Ruslan.
- Yes.
- What "yes?
- Let me, too, he vyebet.
- Here are welcoming girls in Yakutia. Igor said.
Ruslan slapped me across the face.
- Whore! Pussy fucking!
I began to finish, and he followed me. It was probably the most intense orgasm of my life. I saw how the sperm comes out of my vagina, pussy out.
Jura was very hard and with a small penis, I hugged him to his feet, he entered more deeply. I also first kiss, in the shoulder, neck. And then we had a long kiss passionately. When he looked up, then he twisted his face and asked:
- Fu shit who it's finished?
Everyone laughed, and I do too. By this I also came. I was allowed to leave and I went to the sink to be washed away, but the guys said that the sperm derived from my pussy I have to eat. I did. I am going on the palm and licked in front of them.? Till tomorrow? - Igor told me when I left.
The next day, I fucked five times. One blowjob I did Vite. still he's my guy. Once Igor, Ruslan twice. I received from the Jura In the evening another stick in the mouth.
The next morning the ship came to the city. With the guys I last saw in the hallway Ruslan slapped me on the ass and said: keep it up!?
The next day, in an exchanger, I found that the fake dollars.
With this cruise I myself became clear that perepehnutsya with someone for the sake of gain, to me is not a problem. Prostitute I did not, but when your boss was a question of who stazherok take on the staff, I told him that "the question" licked, and then he had me in his laid desktop. And after laying out. And with friends in a sauna called. I say, "This is beyond the time limit," and he is "How much?" and I imagine the price itself appointed?
And with Victor we parted a year later, there was one wonderful booze. But some other time, maybe.
In general, if you are interested please write to [email protected]
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How like a man

    What is sex like men? Many people ask this question, but not many people want to give an answer. For often men simply avoided a direct answer by saying that they just want to make a nice woman. In fact, the men they want of something dirty and depraved.

    Let's start with the fact that absolutely all men like anal sex, but not all women are willing to give their point of dragons. Simply, there are women who love anal sex and enjoy even get orgasms from such sex. Others on the other hand refer to this disgust, even disgust, well, or are simply afraid that they will hurt. What they're right of course, if the priest did not prepare or train, and hygiene is important. Make intestine washing is also not bad, and then there are those that pleasure from the fact that the hammer two holes on the order of, or simply pulling the ass dick immediately gives it to the woman in the mouth. I'm sure many have understood what I mean, and not just with them is happening to themselves.

    Another truth is that men, too, like when they caress the point. That is, a woman sucking eggs begins to lick the anus, not to mention the fact that in this case a finger stuck in the ass and massaging the prostate leads them into raptures. The members of their tense and secrete mucus, and the finish is much brighter from this massage. Those who did not hesitate to admit that they baldeyut from such permit even fuck their vibrator or strap. The effect is increased if the vibrator fuck on otmash while they suck with relish. It does not sound plausible, but they moan, wheeze, and be turned out like the last whore.

    Now, with regards to that blowjob. It has always been a desirable prelude to any man, even many women love to suck. I must admit that it excites not only men but also women themselves, when they are sucked off and see how a man is dragged. Another situation that peasants like when all member intermeddle in the mouth on the same basis. The problem is that not every woman can take it so deeply. The lack of air and encompassing glands causes a gag reflex and tears roll forming. But the guy saw it all even more excited hands and trying to press and hold as long as possible. This makes them exciting, sort of like on oboyudke, but at the same time a little violence. Take a woman has always been a force for men in a rush.

    Cum in mouth, and at the same time that the woman would have swallowed it all, or just playing in the mouth with sperm, too, is a kind of fetish. But most of the women are simply squeamish about this. Some are willing to pull out, others just a quick spit and rinse your mouth. They certainly can understand, those who tasted semen knows that she and astringent and bitter. There are of course exceptions, non-smoking men and certain marine diet gives a specific taste.

    A bit of pissing. Guys love to see how we write, and if it is not yet on the toilet and in the bathroom standing, or nature, is simply mesmerizing. I will not say that all but many would like that to a woman pee on them. I'm not saying drop in the stream of his mouth, but just at the foot or on the body. Another part of the men would like to piss on a woman, and not just on the body, namely in the mouth on the face.

    Yes urine has a specific taste for vigorous and often very nasty. Take this in your mouth is a very bold move. But all this can be solved in another way. Make it even pleasant and tasty. The first thing that contributes to this is the amount of liquid drunk man in a short time. This is best done during the course of the season watermelons. Eat plenty of watermelon and be registered several times already in the third time, the urine emitted by man becomes transparent and even sweetish taste. Believe that such a urine pleased to take on even if it gets in your mouth it will not be nasty. But the excitement of what was written on you, or you are someone that will just rolls that will add to your relationship a little more charm.

    If I wrote something wrong, or maybe someone does not agree with me, do not hesitate to write in the comments. Maybe someone wants to know something else is specifically concerned with the non-standard stand will write the theme for the story.
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But I was wrong - not Irishka asleep and before I lost at work, made me a surprise. Our bedroom, to be exact - a wide bed, took up almost all the available space, lit a dozen candles on the bedside table, in a vase stood a huge bouquet of white in the color of the furniture and walls, chrysanthemums. There, on the bedside table stood a bottle of "Madame Clicquot" and two tall glasses. And mingled with the smell of candle light, heady aroma of oriental herbs. Irishka itself is a picturesque image, lying on top of a snow-white covers with a book in his hand, looking at me languidly and, at the same time, slyly. She knew what I please, when worn over an exquisite lingerie, which I still have not seen, but he was able to appreciate as soon as my precious rose to meet me in all my seventy meter. The long, almost to the floor, a black skirt, leaves open only a foot long and thin legs, but it was so transparent that let clearly see tiny black panties covering decently shaved pubis. Topic, the same transparent and thin, with very short sleeves, intended to obscure, and teasing, only emphasized the roundness of her disproportionately large breasts and nipples are clearly drawn. At 29 years old she looked perfectly well, and remained so slender, as well as seven years ago, when we first met. And yet, for me there was no woman better and more desirable.
- You paused cute - Irishka came up to me, and her long dark hair smoothly drained by the shoulders and chest.
- Sorry, dear, I am ashamed - I hurriedly took off his jacket - he forgot a birthday. Can you imagine?
- But I have not forgotten! - It helped me get rid of the tie - and we still mention our holiday.
- Thank Irishev! - It was so close and so wonderful to smell some expensive perfume, which thanks grunt stuck in my throat. But, at the time of forgotten works, pants each, he raised his head. This has not gone unnoticed.
- Do not thank me, and so everything is clear - she looked just there - this kind of your gratitude, much louder than words!
- I: eh? - Something I tried to mumble, but Ira covered my mouth with kisses and I stopped making excuses, gave himself up to the power of the senses.
We intertwined tongues, slightly biting each other lips, I was fingering her hair and rested her belly sprang his flesh. And Irishka time gift is not lost, however, when we broke off the kiss, to me there were only unbuttoned shirt and socks.
- Lie down, I'll make you a present - she pulled me to the bed of the protruding member of the stake, like a dog on the leash. I obediently followed her, hoping for a sequel. However, the road had to pull off his socks to not be like the Americans.
Obeying her push, I fell on the blanket. Ira sat on my stomach, pulling her skirt up than a few upset my plans immediate copulation. I grabbed her by the hips, with the intention to correct the error.
- Do not rush my dear, - she took my hands - and relax. My gifts yet ended.
She took a glass from the bedside table and filling it to the brim and spilled part of my chest and forced me to drink champagne. I did it with pleasure, - the wine was moderately cold and not very sweet, Irina took into account my tastes. But her ass was so warm, I tried to grab her again, this time in the chest.
- Wait, I want to drink - she poured herself. And he drank in one gulp. - You have to wait long, so should be slightly penalized. Only your 37 years gives you the right to claim a lesser punishment than you deserve.
- Oh, no, do not torture me, my lady, - I decided to play along with it, though RPGs we never indulged in, - you want to drip wax on me, or what?
You will know everything in due time. And yet - she bent down to retrieve from under the bed box in the gift box, - I wonder what's inside? I will show you now.
She cleverly got rid of tape and paper. He opens the box and pulled out something with leather straps.
- Do not break your head, it's bracelets for your hands - she was wearing on my wrist one of them - see how easy it is? Now fasten the strap to the back of the bed ... Now you can not move this hand.
- Honey, you did not tell me that you love these games!
- What here the game? And you do not like? - Ira already fastened in the second bracelet, -if not like it - it will not continue and no surprises anymore.
- No no! You what? It is intriguing!
- Then shut up a bit. Do you want more champagne? - It has fixed the second hand.
- No I do not want to.
- And I drink, - she quickly poured herself and quickly drank. - Move your hands.
- It does not go - I honestly tried to move them.
- It's good! - She slowly ran her hands over my chest - like?
- Of course! Can we now move to action?
- More little, cute, and move on. - Out of the box there are two more bracelets replicas of the previous ones. - And it is on their feet.
- So you need? - I'm tormented, I burst scrotum.
- True? - Irina turned around and crawled to the feet, for a split second placed her palm between my legs - and indeed, as the sticks! And all swollen! Be patient.
She deftly, as if rehearsed repeatedly, spread my legs apart and trailer them to the legs of the bed. As a result, I was crucified, both in low-budget German films for a specific audience.
- Well? - Ira was at my feet, - you can escape?
- I can not. Now you happy?
- Not really. Look - she's from the same box got something else - is that you do not yammer!
- Then I not only can not talk, but I can not kiss!
- Exactly. But I can! Now opened his mouth - well done! - She fastened the gag on me, depriving me of the opportunity to comment on the situation.
- Now - everything! - She said with satisfaction, - to drink.
She drank, returned the glass on the bedside table and thoughtfully looked into my eyes. I was silent. Not because I had nothing to say. All this was interesting. I already knew that the evening will not be short, Ira decided that I was a little torture. But how helpless I felt at that moment. - It is not always pleasant to realize that you are completely in someone's possession, even if it's your wife. Well it is more my eyes are not fastened. Although...
- Honey, do you want me eyes you tie? - As if reading my thoughts, she said. - Or you prefer to see everything? - I nodded.
- And yet, you probably would like me to take your boyfriend, - I nodded again, even too hard nodded. Ira crawled on the bed and got between my legs.
- So? - She ran her fingers over the penis - or so? - Her fingers tightened around my suffering body. Again, I nodded in response.
- Do you want me to dance for you a little bit? - She got down on the floor, without waiting for my consent, though I did not mind, and, fumbling for a bedside table, turned on the tape recorder. The room sounded slow music, it is always so loved.
She returned to the bed, lifted my head, adjusting the pillow. Then climbed down, lit a few candles and sat on her knees at my feet. A moment just sat like collecting his thoughts, and then began to move smoothly. Hands slid from her hip to her stomach, and then on the chest, neck. They froze. He straightened up, slightly tilted her head, ran her hands through her hair, lifted them up and let go. Hair shut down her face. Hands behind your head left. He continued to swing slowly. I'm fascinated watching the movements of her thin body. I wanted to grab her in his arms, bury, Fingered chest and drove her hot body in its end. And then batter them inside until his discharge.
Feed my rambling thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. Came a man. Loud music was played, Ira continued to dance, and behind her ... My eyes widened in surprise. I twitching in his bonds. And he did not immediately drew attention to the sly smile of his wife. "She knew!" - A storm of emotions, seems to reflect on my face, so Ira decided to clarify.
- Honey, this is my classmate, whose name you do not say anything. We with him for a long time was a small affair, without sex, of course. And now I have decided to give him a chance to rehabilitate. Moreover, that you and I have long wanted. And if not for your birthday, you would have wanted more. I've decided to force the issue.
While she was still saying this, the stranger did not waste time: standing behind, he embraced Irku and started farming on Iron-on transfer her body. He continued to dance as if nothing had happened. I raged. I could not even see him properly. A man slowly rescued my wife from the upper part of her costume, and focused his attention on her breasts. He hands delineated semicircles breasts and Ira sag back, as if trying to hold the hands on the nipple, do not give them the slip. At the same time, it is, feet slightly apart, moved his hips in a dance. He rubbed her ass on his pants! And it did not take her eyes away from me.
Does it excite me? - I was ready to explode, like a barrel of gunpowder. Anything I was ready to assume, but this ... Yes, we thought that the threesome would be fun. But? Yes to an initiative from it? Why not? - She always liked sex often and in large quantities. From this we danced, fantasizing. But in fantasy everything is always easy! As she had the courage? Who is he?
Meanwhile, the stranger found her nipples and slowly twirled their fingers. Even from my seat it was seen as a hardened Irkin small cherries under these caresses. Usually, at this point, Ira already abundantly flowing - it is very popular with breast caresses. She was just advised him beforehand? And she hugs his neck and allowed him to kiss her. I see the heaving breathing her breasts. He kisses her neck. We can see that my favorite is excited. And I? - Not that word! Irina turns away from me. They kiss as recently we were kissing. Is it so you can ?! He's my wife! A man already, pulling off her skirt almost to his knees, squeezes Irkin little ass. He seems to not care my presence. I can see how his fingers penetrate into the hollow between the buttocks, under the thin elastic pants. Then, with both hands, he pulls off her panties. For nothing prevents him from enjoying elasticity Irishkinoy flesh. The man pushes her buttocks, and I clearly see how his finger in a circular motion massaging tmno speck anus. I hear how loud sighs my wife, no doubt - a stranger gives her great pleasure to her caresses.
- Honey, you all see it? - With a smile she turns to me, - look closely!
Man slips on her body down while pulling on the floor residues Irishkinogo attire. She lifts one leg to help him do it. The leg and remains raised, - the stranger supports her weight on. What is he doing there? He was still on his knees. Ira puts his foot down on the bed. It is too wide, and now this guy has to see everything! - Yes, he sees. And not only see, judging by the fact that Ira hands presses his head to himself. He's licking her! All Irkin sweet delights! I again twitching.
- Sorry, honey, we got carried away, and you can not see anything - with these words, it makes the stranger stand.
Now I can see it. Nothing special: low, just above Irki, dark-haired, with an unremarkable face. No athlete, of course, but the figure is normal, dressed simply, as if dressed myself - in a sweater and jeans. These jeans, just took my missus, while he was shooting a sweater. We decided, apparently, to restore the balance in the clothes, although the contrast of naked female body on the background dressed men, was very sharp. Ira has time to turn lamp. - Right now I do not miss this show.
She sits on the bed next to me. I already know what will happen next, but I do not find the strength to close his eyes. And when a stranger, drawn by a wave of her hand, slowly approaches her, shaking his rather big, standing member, I continue to look at. Ira is very centrally located, it can watch me, and I followed her. The man stopped in front of her, Ira looks at his body, which has only a few inches from her face. I feel that she can not wait to try this tool on taste, but it is in no hurry. I look at the guy, but I was not interested in - he completely fascinated Irkin manipulation. And she spent the palms on the male hips, belly, and slowly began to caress his groin, not touching the genitals. This is a very painful tenderness, even for me, perfectly familiar with Irishkinymi habits. And the man begins to arch his back, trying to reduce the distance between the head of his penis and women's lips. - As I understand it, as I would like to immerse yourself in the mouth. I see a glimpse as to the head of my penis falls on his stomach drop of muddy. - I perevozbuzhdn.
And Irishka not want to torment a classmate, she is only interested in my flour. She had both hands holding his balls, turning them, but looks me in the eye.
- Honey, you know I'd love him to suck, - she smiles, seeing my excitement - oh, I see that you want it! Well, nod! - I nod submissively.
- Then look! - And she just leaned forward and sticks out his tongue and holding them for a shiny head of a member of her friend. The man moans. So do I.
- Wonderful taste - Ira cunningly smiling - but it's so big, I'm not sure if it will fit in my mouth?
It compresses in the palm of the trunk of his penis, slug podrachivaya. Second hand squeezes and pulls my nipple. Then slowly is pushed mouth organ man releases it, leaving traces of lipstick on his dark skin. That's all in the mouth of my wife visited a foreign member, who is now shining with saliva. I wish she had not stopped to suck until he will fill it up and down. I catch sight Irkin. She opens her mouth again, and looking me in the eye does blowjob that his sidekick, helping himself with his hand. And nary a shame I can not see. Hair falling over her face. The man motioned zapravskogo porn actor, takes them to the side so I did not miss a single moment of his entertainment. Ira squeezes my cock and fingering too. Oh, how wonderful! I'm coming!
- Well, look what you've done! - I obediently lifted his head. The entire abdomen and chest, all I have plenty, did their best.
- I thought you until the end of the inspection! We'll have to leave in the next room - she is not letting go of the hands of a member, looked at me - that it is not necessary?
I desperately shaking his head. I wanted to continue. More then udumala - "in the other room," it will go! And so it is not known how much this one was sitting there. And what they were doing before I came, by the way? - These thoughts made again stirred my exhaust, seemingly process. Apparently, the spirit of immorality that reigns in our bedroom, breathed into me new strength.
- Well, I convinced - Ira, too, looked at my rising end - only the music is turned off, so that you could hear everything?
Yes, no music was heard everything: heavy breathing Irkin partner and her smacking of lips, as she again took him to suck, and the creak of the door. I looked up. On the threshold of the bedroom was the second man! NAKED! - So here's the thing! - She calls their music. How many are there more? I grunted something.
- I know, I know - she got up from the bed toward the newcomer, - they are friends. It seemed to us that it would be much more interesting!
The second was much larger and nicer first. And the economy had been more impressive. Even more impressive than mine. Though earlier, I would have never occurred, compared ends with someone else. By the way, his farm was in full combat readiness. During this same economy Ira grabbed it and immediately. He answered her with a kiss on the lips, clasped her waist. The first came back, and now they Irinka squeezed from two sides. I saw only the back of the first, but judging by the movements of their hands, and a strangled breath wife, I understood that there is very hot. For a while they stood there, then Irku pushed onto the bed, she sat down with his back to me, and the two began their huyami poke her face. She laughed huskily and catching their hands. Apparently he caught, because they just pouspokoilis and Irkin elbows began to move synchronously. Both intently watched its manipulation. Breathing entire trio quickened. I stood up. - It was what. But to analyze my feelings, I did not even try. I just hoped that I Ira otstegnt still.
- Wait - choking, Ira said - you will break my mouth. I need to lie down.
He crawled from them in bed. Where she sat, he left a wet spot in the form of her crotch. Far to crawl to her, however, was not given. She was caught when she crept on all fours in the region of my stomach. First I grabbed her ass, and the second, beating the bed and stood me in front of her face. Now, watch what is happening, I could only sounds because of my position I could see only a man's hairy asshole. But the sounds of talking about what Irke safely planted. First, it is very deep breath, and then the active sucking sounds proclaimed that sexual intercourse began. Given how much of it natekla, the process should not be delayed. However, her mouth gagged quickly something more. I even know what. But even that did not stop moaning rhythmically. The three of them swung cool bed. On the other hand, I occasionally felt the touch of her breasts swaying, to its members. I even lifted her hips, hoping for reciprocity on its part. But Ira perevozbudilas too, to pay attention to it. She pulled on the two ends of the absolutely alien to us humans, while her husband suffered intolerable torment, looking at all this.
Unexpectedly, however, surprisingly for me - Ira moaned loudly and began to squirm in the tearing of its members, - orgasms even dumped it on my stomach, right in the puddles dried up seed. It was not until the blowjob, she moaned loudly, his hands and tore the veil continued finish a continuing member of the blows. Through her sweaty body I felt these ruthless shocks deep in her belly.
Gradually, she calmed down, but the men were not satisfied. Did not really have come a Irinka, four hands raised to me, I have not even had time to enjoy the warmth of her breasts. The one minute ago pecked her vagina fell below and began to lick, judging by the sound of her slit. II again took up her lips.
- Wait - she said hoarsely, - I want you to have changed.
Both were enthusiastic about its proposal. He remained on his knees humbly wait for a male. - Like a bitch in anticipation of a dog. Bleary-eyed after orgasm she looked at me. No, it was a shame not to her. In her eyes I saw only the desire to stop again and again, no matter at whose hands, mouths and members. But something went towards me, - Irku feet. One of the strangers stood over my head leaning against the wall; second, I saw it well, beating my wife back, picking his fingers between her legs. His fingers sparkled in the light of an oil lamp. Now I could witness the act in all its glory. I watched Ira busily took in his mouth shining from her body lubricant, the man picked her under the chest began to knead them shamelessly. I could not see how the second, with a large end, stuffed it in my wife, but Ira moaned, letting the hose into its bosom, I distinctly heard. She even saliva dripped on my face, so sharply that each planted it. I saw his hairy balls, swinging rhythmically to the beat of their movements and clapping on Irishku shaven pubis. Everything I've seen so far in various porn movies, did not go to any comparison with what was unfolding now, on my birthday, my eyes. And all this, with the active participation of my beloved. Could I ever even imagine such fantasies? Could I think that two men unknown to me, so calmly and cynically, will take my Irishku in my presence.
This time, he could not stand that stood over me. First, he groaned loudly, then pulled him Irkin head and twitching. I perfectly imagine all that he is now experiencing, in the art of extraction with my girl, few could match. What does she usually got up language like sucked everything to the last drop.
I saw going down shaking her throat as she honestly tries to swallow everything, but apparently even she can not do it - now my face fell heavy, hot drops of semen. I do not even have time to turn away. Just shut your eyes. And Ira still continued to moan, - the one with a huge end, all fucked up and fucked supple bosom of my wife.
I felt Irishka knelt and opened his one eye. She slipped her hand under my head and fumbled with the zipper of my gag, never for a moment ceasing podmahivat pecking her from behind. The gag was thrown against the wall, and Irishka, clung to me all over and trembling from the gossip, she kissed me on the lips. All that she has not swallowed, it has brought to me, and that I shared her delight on the taste of someone else's semen. But I returned the kiss. I ran down into his mouth sticky, astringent slurry slightly salty taste and slightly diluted Irkin saliva. Language and the palate I immediately slapped it adhesive. Well, cocktail, slipped my favorite! It is to my mind when I was at the meeting, some two hours ago, that night I'll kiss on the lips own wife in obkonchennye outsiders guy lips? And every time I finish in her mouth, she puts it all? I remembered how she slobbery sucking his end as he twitched and moaned, draining her mouth that I am now forced to swallow under pressure Irkin language. And that did not get her mouth and left on the nose, cheeks and lips, she's furiously smeared on my face.
Ira flattened against my chest, prognuv back to the male behind her could freely possess it. Even our kiss succumbed to the rhythm of his blows. I heard him moaning monotonously on a low note, as the wet squelching his club into the vagina of my girl how hard slap on her body and eggs of fertilizer as a noise hot air escapes through her nose. Its members, arched arc, I tried to rub on the belly Irishkin if I did, I would have finished in a moment. Excitation was wild. Not just me. Ira, as if in a trance bit my lip. She did not kiss, she bit me. A little bit more...
They ended their long and strong. First Irishka howled, spitting out my tongue, twitched at her piercing elde. Apparently, cramps in her vagina accelerated the process, because a tiger roar, behind her friend began to discharge directly into it. He lifted her light body from me and hugged. Ira dangling in his hands, like a rag doll, not stopping to moan. Later, pouring everything he let her go limp, and she fell down trembling and gasping again to me on the chest.
My eyes were plastered with sperm, so I did not see what was happening in the room, let me be honest, it did not bother. I was worried about Irku. And not even because it just otimeli together for an hour. I thought - if she could not do anything to damage the inside, with eldoy? I would hug her if my arms were not securely fastened in place. Breathing it is gradually restored. She raised her head and looked at me tenderly.
- Would you? - Voice was hoarse.
- You ask! - As I said hoarsely.
Again she corrected me a pillow and turned to face my feet. For a time was arranged, while I, fascinated looked at her red, razdrochennuyu huge by a dick and cum drenched slit. She wanted to caress, which could give it just me. And when she pressed her folds to my face, I was choking and wiping her cheeks juices, mixed with abundant seed stranger, I began to lick and suck everything that comes under the tongue, swallowing tart moisture. For the second time this evening I drank the semen of unfamiliar men. And it has been granted an incredible pleasure. I licked the remnants of someone else's taste and imagine how just thick and long alien member ripped the charm of its slippery blunt head and splashed into my little girl without thinking of the consequences. Could it something to worry about? He wanted to fuck my Irishku - and he raped her, the way it should be. And it was most pleasant.
Although not the most pleasant thing it was doing to me now. My long-suffering body immersed in hot Irkin mouth, where before me paved the way, and even left their traces, two males. But they went away and now these beautiful soft lips again fully belong to me. She sucks me no worse than the previous ones. And I suck her labia and clitoris, I want it to be finished today from me the way today is not ending. More bit. Yes, it sucks! Yet! YET!!!
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After the holiday

In the classroom there were three of my classmates and class teacher. She was sitting on the table and suck with Miha. Her legs were wide apart, and between them was attached another classmate Nick. He is pushing a thin strip of black panties, caressing her clitoris language classroom than judging her face delivered her indescribable pleasure. The third man in the whole kneaded uchilkinu breast popped out of her bra. Soon Micah bothered to kiss and he pulled away from the teacher for farming put her cancer, leaning on the table, and drove his 17 inch dick into her cunt. Chuvchtovalos what he is doing is not the first time. strong moan flew from his chest the teacher. Micah began to rhythmically fuck her cool, she's all over him podmahivala perestovaya not moan. Then Nick pulling panties beztseremonno put his cock in her mouth and pryanalsya stick her head on his already risen a member. Micah accelerated pace and a few minutes later pulled his penis out of the classroom pussy, cumshot on her back. Vova, third guy, flipped her onto her back and laid on the table. He threw her beautiful, slender legs on his shoulders and began to stick his teacher for 19 inch cock. This she could not endure already releasing Kolkin member of his mouth she began to scream naslozhdeniya. Vova made a couple of moves and discharged eyy on his stomach, and began stabbing his sperm watered her face. But it seems that the classroom is still not finished. Three boys wiped their members about her dress out for a smoke. Then we entered the class.
- And guys, why are you here? - Surprised cool trying to cover up the traces of a recent fucked.
- We've all seen! - So now we meet predetsya! - Sasha said.
- guys do not have: - the teacher whispered, but not very confident, it seems she still wanted to come.
Sanya no extra table prisroilsya its pesherke and vsavil to his penis. And I, pulling pants, gave her the opportunity to make me a blowjob. It seems in this case it was a pro. She began oblizovat head first and then the trunk and then took the eggs in her mouth. She even managed to swallow it whole, bringing me nezobyvaemye oschuschueniya that I almost did not finish. But I pulled dick out of her mouth something -that whispered Sanka ear, he zakval.
Removing the teacher with dick svoeygo he lay down on the table, and she sat at the top and priyanyalas jump on his dick. I leaned over and lick her okuratno point, cool arched trying to understand what is happening, but Sanya even more planted it on his penis, speaking with - "does not pull". And I continued to develop her ass. Soon the 2 fingers freely walked in it. I lubricated with saliva and secretions uchilkinymi his cock his head to put a hole. And push slowly. Member advanced in her ass for a couple of centimeters, I began to press more strongly, and soon the whole okzalsya dick in her ass. I picked up the pace of the sledge and began to move it. Classroom moaned with pleasure, and then it burst it began shaking orgasms one after the other. We have accelerated the pace of the sled dvaya dick as mechanical pistons razdirale poor body the teacher. Sanya finished first having to pull out your dick at classroom. And I continued to fuck her in the ass then in her pussy and delivering itself an extraordinary thrill. When she once again finished. I pulled out his penis and moved her face began to masturbate vigorously through his 20 seconds, the jet of sperm priyanyalis fill her face, as the last whore she was trying to catch and swallow it.
Leaving vengeance otrahannuyu the teacher on the table, bathed in sperm, we left the class, but our adventure was just beginning.

Part 2.

Going down to the second floor, we and Sanya saw a girl in our class, that somewhere in a hurry. We went for it and were surprised to see that she svrenula in the history of the office. What for? - We thought - because it is always in the history of two or even think because of that deduct. We carefully crept to the door of the cabinet and looked.
Our history teacher collapsed in a huge leather armchair and rastyagnuv trousers pulled out his member, said:
- Well, Nadia, you have the correct twos.
She bent down to his penis and began to do a blowjob, it seems that she is doing this operation is not the first time, because her fingers and mouth brought historians incredible buzz. It took about five minutes and he was discharged a stream of sperm on her face.
- Well Well until tomorrow. - Said the historian and wiping fallen dick on her dress, buttoned pants.
She walked out of the classroom and headed for the nearest restroom to wash up, but we are ahead.
Going to the toilet first thing Nadia went to the sink and began to wash the sperm from her face.
- Here's how to earn good grades! - Sanya said.
- Who is there? And it's you guys, please do not tell anyone about this, I have to you do anything, just do not tell anyone.
- Done is done, where do you get away! - I said, going up to Nadia.
I rpazvernul her to his back and put his hand into her panties, everything was wet from the lubricant.
- Yes, you want to fuck herself, and the build of a play the virgin.
I bent her and rudely thrust into her pussy juices expiring his dick, it was fine - a hole it was much less developed than in the classroom and dick it was impacted by the vaginal walls. Sanya did not long konitelitsya and stuck his dick caught minetchitsa directly into the mouth.
- Zaymiska commonplace.
I continued to fuck her uniform input and output member of her pussy. I then accelerated intentionally slowed down the tempo. A few minutes later a happy fucked plan was born in my head.
I began to fuck Nadia with great speed and soon discharged her skirt - Nick took my place. And I came out of the toilet. Passing through the corridor, I met a group of 10 grade students and told them:
- The toilet excellent davalka sits now, you can go and where you want to pull out.
They certainly do not believe, but went to see. I went to the bathroom with them when Sanya leaning his Nagy on the windowsill usilnno fucking her in the ass, and she moaned incessantly.
Nadia has not noticed our appearance, in contrast to Sani, who stepped into his place to me. I followed everyone else. After half an hour neperestovaemoy fucked in the ass in the pussy's all over at once, and she was sure that her fuck two. In the end, it was put on the floor the toilet, only then she noticed that people are more than two, but it was too late. She fucked in all positions and combinations, three members were constantly there, and several others she wanker.
He began to be tightened people heard that the toilet free prostitute. Nadia fucked a few hours, by the end of uzhu 2 dick in pussy free to go, GBS shaking her orgasms she repeatedly lost consciousness. The scent of semen in the toilet did not have take out and again when he had finished, we retired to Sanya and rightly so because the toilet was Zouch.
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