Dirty party Martin and Ellen

Williams sisters sat in the backseat of a long black limousine. Both were dressed in bright lemon-colored skin-tight shorts and T-shirts highlighting the short chest. Taking another sip of champagne from a glass, Venus farted loudly .. Her younger sister grinned.
"You would be necessary to be careful. Otherwise you nasresh pants before we get to the party."
"It is good that we are almost there," said Venus. "I do not think I can restrain myself for a long time."
"What do you think of Martin warned the girls that they did not go to the toilet before the party?" Serena asked, inhaling the pungent aroma.
"I'm sure," I replied her sister. "Martin's most perverted bitch I ever knew But scat -. Her most favorite pastime."
"Then, perhaps, Ellen is also engaged in this," Serena said.
Venus nodded. "I heard that they had parted with Anne Heche because of the fact that she did not like the toilet of the game".
"I'll play these games with Ellen," Serena smiled. "We are pleased to suck her shit right out of her ass and eat everything up to the last bit."
"Well, I think you will have a chance to do that today," said Venus, stroking his thigh sister. "If even half of what I've heard about Martin, would be true, then we will get on extremely dirty party".
Although both were lesbians and enjoyed sex with their girlfriends, tennis stars, the Williams sisters have never had the pleasure to meet with his goddess. Whatever it was, today it has to change. And the two girls were already wet with anticipation.
Several limousines were parked in the courtyard in front of mansion Martina. Even before, the sisters reached the front door, the hostess had already gone to meet them. View Martina Navratilova in golden glasses and a cream silk kimono, which barely covered her thighs, inspired admiration. Not being the most beautiful woman in the world, Martin had a bright aura of wild sexuality in front of which she could not resist almost any woman. The hostess greeted and hugged the sisters each a deep kiss on the lips. When her lips met lips with Venus, she farted again.
"Mmmmmmmmm, I like your smell," Martina smiled, clutching her elastic ass. "Now, since all here, the party can start."
The other guests were in the spacious hall, the air which was filled with the scent of old farts. No window was not open and there is nothing to erode the strong smell. But none of the invited women was not discouraged. Ellen DeZheneres was in high heels, a tight white bra and pants open, leaves too little to the imagination. She stroked small tits Steffi Graf, but seeing that come to the Williams sisters, the actress hurried to meet them.
Although both girls were very well acquainted with all the presence of guests, Martin still spent the whole procedure for submitting newcomers
"Wow, so there is enough girls for this orgy!" Serena exclaimed.
Most of the guests were already practically naked. The feet Steffi Graf glittering black leather boots above the knees. Only narrow pants to stay out of garments. Nearby, on a black leather couch, sat Anna Kournikova in a white silk bikini. Next to her sat Lindsay Davenport and Mary Pierce and passionately kissing. Both absolutely naked. At the window, in a tight pink skirt and waistcoat, beneath which there was nothing else, there was Martina Hingis. It was obvious that she feels "at ease". At the feet of the Swedish girls, dressed only in a dog collar, standing on all fours Jennifer Capriati. From her anus, sticking a huge black dildo. Her belly swelled and seemed it was about to begin her agony.
"I put it to her in the ass, that she did not vysrala her enema before the party," smiled Navratilova.
Venus moaned. "Honey, a little more, and I obosrus".
"Be patient a little longer," the hostess said. "First we see the film."
A few minutes later the lights went out and the screen appears. Sipping drinks, the guests took their seats. They had no idea that he was going to show them Martin.
The hall ran a discordant chorus of loud sighs, when Sandra Bullock appeared on the screen. The dark-haired star was completely naked. Her skin glistened with drops of water after a shower. When it is, without drying, went into the bedroom, the camera shows every part of her naked body.
In the bedroom were Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannen Doherty, divided between long and thick as a hand, a pink two-way cock. Spitted on a huge dick, stretching to the limit of their gap, girls kissing passionately.
"I wish I could be there!" Serena murmured, rubbing her pussy burning through shorts. "I was there", proudly said Navratilova.
Sandra joined the naked pair of friends on a black leather bed. Girls invited to the party, more and more excited, looking like a three-star handle each other's fingers and tongues. When Lindsay Davenport knelt before Anna Kournikova and pushed aside her panties to enjoy the white hair framed by a pussy, 18-year-old Russian loudly pernula.Nahodyaschayasya a few meters Steffi Graf told her even more spectacular eruption of gas from their anus in the face of Mary Pier.
It only took a few minutes before the trio on the screen seriously start. Looking up from the pussy of Sandra Bullock, Sarah Michelle Gellar stated that she had to take a shit.
"Buffy, I'm awfully hungry," he moaned eagerly Shannen Doherty.
"I hope you have enough for two," added Sandra, licking his lips.
While Sarah Michelle Gellar squatted in the center of the bed, Martina camera closer to withdraw large pink puckered anus blonde. He soon expanded from it appeared dark turd. Like dirty, 20-inch cock, she slowly slipped out of the ass of Sarah Michelle and fell on the leather sheet. The other two women groaned in delight. She farted, and then slipped out of her ass piece of shit even smaller, which fell from the top of the first.
Greedy fingers Sandra and Shannen grabbed a thick, sticky shit and began to thrust them into his mouth. They stuck out his tongue, showing the camera mouthfuls of muddy slurry, which is then swallowed. At that time, as the two stars did eat her shit, putting it into each other's mouth, Sarah Michelle Gellar began to piss on their hair and face. Both girls took a mouthful of golden rain to drink eaten before this shit.
Shannen next defecated. Sitting on the face of Sarah Michelle, she forced a long, thick piece of shit. As soon as it seemed from the anus shit, Sarah Michelle bitten off a bit, chewed and swallowed. She probably would have eaten anything if Sandra Bullock did not take part myself, eagerly thrusting the prey into the mouth.
At this time, Ellen DeZheneres sitting on his knees mistress, could no longer control his stomach. When the pungent smell reached her nostrils, Navratilova felt the hot, sticky shit through panties Ellen. Thrusting his right hand in the mass, she kissed her friend in the mouth.
The perverted home video Sandra Bullock noisy released the contents of his stomach on the face of Sarah Michelle and Shannen. Her shit was liquid and splashed in their faces and protruding tongue. However, the fact that the star "SPEED" lost as she made up for with an excess amount. When she finished, the hair and the face of her friends were completely covered with liquid, dark brown shit. Which, by the way, well it come to lick it and smear on the naked body.
"Lady, I'm afraid that Ellen was a trouble," said Navratilova.
"We have already guessed by the smell," said Lindsay Davenport.
"Ellen, honey. We need a volunteer to clean lick your ass?" Asked Jennifer Capriati.
"I am pleased to accept your services," the actress said. "But first I need to get rid of these cowards."
When she stood up to remove his soiled underwear, someone turned on the light. The film went on, but the visitors have already lost interest in him. Real, wild, dirty party.
Squashed shit oozed through the mesh fabric white panties Ellen. Her buttocks and legs were also stained with sticky brown shit. She gave full of cowards Navratilova, who raised them to her nose, then pressed it to his face. When she removed them from the face, they saw that it is the same dirty as Ellen asshole, and his tongue licks lips excrement.
"I think we should share it with the guests," Navratilova said, gesturing filled by shit cowards.
First they took Steffi Graf. She rubbed her panties on the face, and then turned them over to Anna Kournikova, who at this moment Ssali in the mouth and protruding tongue Lindsay Davenport.
"I can not stand!" Gasped Venus. "Come, little sister, handing Martin and Ellen gifts that we have preserved for them."
Standing, the Williams sisters stripped to the goal, and with folded hands cupped under his ass, sat. Venus growled, farted, and squeezed out of his anus enlarged thick, dark brown turd that then the whole piece fell into her palm the substituted. Serena took a little more time to fill your palm impressive charge out of your ass. When finished, the two girls got up and went across the hall to the mistress and her lover.
"Martin, I was in love with you, even when I was a little girl. I will be very happy if you eat my shit," said Venus, handing her the star of world tennis, still warm, "a gift."
"Honey. Every time I see your game, I really want to eat your beautiful shit," he whispered Navratilova, inhaling the scent of a "gift". "I'm going to enjoy every morsel in my mouth."
"Baby. You know how to make a nice girl," Ellen smiled, inhaling the smell of shit Serena. "I'd better eat it while it is still hot." Jennifer Capriati, standing behind her knees, greedily licked her ass milk.
By the time Ellen panties reached Mary Pearce, shit in them is almost gone. It was eaten or smeared over the faces of other women. But the French were happy to take it in your mouth thoroughly soaked cloth and suck all of it to the last piece. With ten women present at the party, there will be many shit and urine.
"We have our plates?" He asked Anna Kournikova, licking shit from their fingers.
"Why do you want a plate?", He asked her Lindsay Davenport, lifting his face drenched in urine from pussy young Russian tennis players.
"To take a shit on it," said Kournikova. "Find me a plate. And if you hurry, I'll let you take my dirty shorts."
It was the surest argument. In lesbian circles celebrities Davenport was famous for collecting dirty female underwear. Her collection was already a few hundred pairs of dirty panties, taken away from his mistresses. The thought that soon she would get underwear, stained by shit Anna Kournikova, Lindsay's mouth was dry, and she hurried to the kitchen.
Navratilova and Ellen, helping himself with his hands, eagerly eating shit with the palms of the Williams sisters. Ellen sucked tongue mistress shit Venus, and then shared with her feces Serena.
Venus felt someone's hand on my ass, and looked around. Behind her lap was Steffi Graf, licking her anus covered by shit. When the tip of the Germans tongue touched her anus, Venus farted again.
Less than a minute later returned with a kitchen Lindsay Davenport. She was carrying a large glass plate and some forks. Russian tennis player pulled the panties on his long legs, and stepped out of them. Davenport had hoped that Anna still wipe them your ass before you give her.
Slightly sat down and his legs apart, Kournikova spread her firm buttocks with his hands. The warmth of her farts Davenport hit in the face. The thick, oblong turd slipped out of your ass and fell on his plate. American bent, and his tongue, licked it.
Kournikova's confidence in its perfection and superiority and touched her shit. She loved to watch other women to eat it, and there was no shortage of volunteers. When Anna was 16, she fed her by shit Mariah Carey. For the singer it was the first experience in the scat, and then it was her favorite pastime.
Davenport broke off a piece of the fork still steaming shit and fairly growled, feeling like shit melts in your mouth. Of course, she could not rely on the fact that everything is a miracle will get it. Mary Pierce and Martina Hingis grabbed forks and scored mouthfuls shit Kournikova, leaving on a plate or piece. Watching the girls feast on it by shit, Anna fucked his finger in the ass, then wiped her pussy shit about. A strong smell around the room an unusually aroused her. She was hungry. Then her eyes fell on the delicious, elastic ass Steffi Graf ...
Doev shit, Ellen and Martin licked clean hands and fingers are the Williams sisters, so that even the smell remained.
"Now we need something to wash down with it," Navratilova said. "Ellen, my dear, please bring a bucket and some glasses."
All these things were at a nearby table. Silver bucket was large enough to accommodate several liters of fluid. And no one in this room did not have to explain what it is to be filled.
Standing by a pussy a pussy and kissing, Venus and Serena began to piss in the bucket. With a little piece of shit Venus, stuck to his lower lip, Steffi Graf turned to Anna Kournikova, who has just teased fingers her panties and let them down on the thighs.
"I feel your shit," I smiled Kournikova by moving two fingers in the anus Steffi.
"Fuck me with his fist!" Growled Steffi Graf. "Hurt me, you fucking bitch!"
Anna this and waited. She continued to fuck a tight asshole Germans with two fingers. Then I put the third. Steffi returned to the ass Venus. Black girl is welcomed, pernuv again.
Martina Hingis filled bucket long, powerful yellow stream of her pussy. While she was devastated his bladder, Mary Pierce shit on tits Lindsay Davenport. Dirty, brown shit slipped out of the anus French, falling on her tits American co-worker. One hand Davenport shit smeared all over the body, and the other - he thrust her into his mouth.
Even before the finish pissing, Hingis decided to relieve the pressure in the stomach. Seeing as the tip of brown shit pops out of her anus, Serena fell behind on her knees, spread her hands buttocks and opened her mouth. Loud growl Hingis start to push. Its hard, sticky shit slid between the lips black girl as hot cock. But the younger of the Williams sisters would never have wanted to get a dick in her mouth more than this long piece of shit.
Hingis sat. Because of its wide-open anus stuck 10 centimeters shit that Serena greedily licked and sucked.
Throwing off her kimono, Navratilova beginning to push, and in silver bucket dropped three of her shit. Each drop was accompanied by a loud farting and a splash of urine. Ellen dipped his hands in a bucket of shit and bruised his mistress, which made "dressing cocktail" has become golden brown.
Mary Pierce and Lindsay Davenport were lying on the floor. Their bodies were covered by shit. Dirty dirty mouths stuck to the vagina. Hand Anna Kournikova a third stick in the ass Steffi Graf. Germany's roaring with delight.
Wanting to eat more shit, Venus joined the Russian girl.
"Give me your hand," she told her.
Anna slowly pulled his hand out of the stretched anus Steffi Graf. Her soft skin was covered with liquid shit. She licked a bit and licked a piece of shit Venus with Steffi anus. Then they joined hands, making a double fist. Glancing over his shoulder, a German with horror realized that they were going to do.
"No, please. It's too big!" She cried.
Ignoring the cries and pleas, Anna and Venus, holding the Count hands-free hair began with strength to push his double fist her ass. Inside it was hot and sticky. And there was a lot of shit.
Martin and Ellen brought the guests a full glass of warm cocktail of shit and urine. All gladly accepted the drink.
"Stand up, Jennifer," said Navratilova, referring to Capriati, who licked shit off buttocks Mary Pierce. The dark-haired girl obediently stood up, wincing from the pain in his stomach bloated.
"Put the feet, bend over and Get to the floor," Navratilova told. "It is time to relieve you."
When Jennifer got up to the desired position, Ellen grabbed with both hands a huge dildo and started to pull it out of her ass. Once outside seemed thick head, 2 liters of urine and two-day shit powerful jet pulled out of the anus Jennifer. All this mass hit in the face Navratilova, filling her mouth wide open. Jennifer tried to stop the eruption, but after keeping a enema for 4 hours, was no longer able to control his stomach. She loudly and often perdela. And the shit and piss of her ass splattered all women at 3 meters from it.
At this time, Lindsay Davenport shit in the mouth of Mary Pierce. Blonde French swallowed as I could, and the rest is spit directly on tits Serena Williams. Smiling, Serena took the dirty weight with both hands and began eagerly thrust it into his mouth.
Anna and Venus fucked Steffi Graf his double fist for 15 minutes and then finally took pity on the German girl, listening to her pleas for mercy. When they pulled out their hands, they were abundantly covered with shit. Steffi groaned and fell to the floor. Remains of shit oozing out of her incredibly stretched, bleeding anus. Even before the whole mass has cooled, it will eat and razotrut on their bodies of her friends.
The air was filled with the strong smell of feces. Perverted lesbian orgy was in full swing. Women will have fun at this party, is not fully exhale. Most hardy hold out until tomorrow.
Sitting on her face Lindsay Davenport, Venus Williams shoved two fingers, covered with shit, deep in his throat and puke on his sister and Martina Hingis, who at the position 69 greedily licking vagina each other. A few minutes later, Anna Kournikova showed a simple trick. Her dark brown vomit got into the mouth of Mary Pierce.
Fast emptying silver bucket will soon be refilled with hot urine. In the meantime, Ellen and Martin added to his vomit. Breath, they began to fill the glasses of the resulting viscous, sticky liquid. None of the guests had been unable to refuse such a beverage.
Until the next major tennis tournament there were only 10 days.
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Author: M. C.
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Traffic jam

A member of his trousers straining at the leash like an animal out of the cage and blonde, noticing opinion Hammer on his chest, closed their own narrow palms crosswise so that the nipples were between her index and middle fingers. By making a circular motion with his hands, she caressed her nipples, looking at the Hummer, while continuing to lick your lips. Blood tide minute ago a member of the Hammer, instantly rushed to his head and he swam before his eyes. Shaking his head, barely regaining consciousness, he again looked at the blonde and knew that sooner felt free from her charms. The left hand continued to fondle her breasts, and his right hand slipped under the narrow yubchonku and after a moment little white panties flew into his car window.
While Hammer was looking for them under the harnesses, the stranger introduced the thumb of his right hand into the vagina, and wriggling in his seat, raised her hips, touching the thighs steering. Then, turning over on his stomach, resting his hands, he raised his high ass, she sank slowly on his gear shift and then gradually falling, then rising back, literally raped car. A few minutes later, uttering a cry, she abruptly pulled the vagina and lay his head on the seat to the steering wheel, bent and legs apart.
It was evening. The lights illuminated advertising series cars. These lights shimmered and wet cunt blonde, quivering from prolonged orgasm.
Patience Hammer exhausted. Unzipped his trousers, he took a member of that thoroughbreds rushed out of the stall and out of the car, coming to the white "jaguar". Spaced legs attracted him, drew a black spot like an abyss and Hammer wider legs apart stranger and trembling with impatience, pressed his lips to the vagina.
Hands blonde, tangled in his hair, even stronger pressed her head to his pelvis movement corresponded shock Hammer's language, and a member under his hand, seem daunting, suddenly twitched, ready is about to pour out the seed, but the blonde suddenly pushed him, fell backwards and, grabbing his cock, he brought his mouth to it, absorbing all without a trace.
Massaging the testicles long fingers, as if she was checking whether the semen collected a lot of this small burduchok. Sucking and taking out a member of his mouth, licking thin tongue head, she drove a Hummer into a frenzy, and then, when it seemed that happiness would never come, everything in it suddenly sank, and then fired the spring and Hammer, closing his eyes swam somewhere and ringing in his ears cut off all sounds.
Blonde, eyes closed, licking his head, drank every last drop, as if fearing that the precious moisture irrigate arable land wrong. Masturbating with his left hand, rubbing the clitoris painfully, she again and again wanted to have an orgasm, and then reached a later time. After issuing the same cry, she pushed away from the Hammer, throwing back her hair.
Breathing hard, he looked again at the sides. Nothing has changed around. Just standing vehicles, as well a member of the Hummer stuck out of hand - and humid with long dark-red head.
"And she has a clitoris and a really decent - Hammer thought - not the clitoris, and a member of the mini If I get pleasure from such a small body, which receives the same pleasure she taking me, my scepter.?"
Suddenly he felt the severity of the shoulder someone's hands and looked around. The car was a woman in police uniform. Her face expressed nothing but contempt. her lower lip trembling as though having taken a hand salute.
- Linda Rendbyu, patrol sergeant, - she introduced herself. - Your driver's license.
John Hammer is not accustomed to the orders. Usually he commanded, and like Linda clamp down on it after a phone call, without leaving the office.
He looked at the policeman in a skirt, examined from head to toe and said, "Have you anything baby in the that neither is the juice you want, too..?"
Linda did not say anything. She looked wide-eyed at the member Hammer, who was ready for new battles in the name of love.
- Beauty and the baby? - Hammer asked, and pulled the skin of a head. - Want to try?
- Your driver's license! - Linda said, stammering.
- Come on, - said Hammer. - Here's my driver's license - and pointed to the member - take it or leave it!
Blonde embracing Hammer neck, unbuttoned his shirt. Jacket and tie has already been filmed and was hanging on the door of the machine.
- You also said, take it or leave it - the blonde purred, - what it wants, honey?
- Like everyone else, - said Hammer - fuck. Just afraid to admit it. - He took a cigarette from his trouser pocket and handed it to the blonde.
- Kuri!
- I do not smoke.
- Your driver's license, - Linda repeated.
- Oh Gods !, - called Hammer - Come on Come on, babe!
Before she knew it, found herself in a "Jaguar" at the hands of John Hammer.
- You will answer for this! - Linda still could scream, but her "Smith Vetson" was lying under her feet, stick to the harnesses, and she was strung on a huge dick Hammer.
And Linda left only to scream and scratch from those feelings that she experienced for the first time in Hammerskih arms.
- Oh-oh-oh - she howled, - more, more - and so on ad infinitum. At this time, the blonde takes her heavy woolen uniform of a policeman, shirt, bra.
Relieving Breast Linda, she fell at his full lips to her nipples, kissing them one by one. pressing the lever down garbage, blonde turned the car into a bed for three, cramped, but comfortable.
The unexpectedness of Hammer fell on his back. His cock chick fell out of the nest. Linda by perspiring member partner slid up to his face and Hammer had nothing to do, like, hugging her hips Linda one`s mouth into her vagina. Blonde, metnuvshy a member of the Hammer, sat down on his face to Linde, making rotational movement backwards, and will drive deeper member. Linda caressing his chest, held up his mouth the blonde, then leaned forward and tried to get up tongue member Hammer appearing between the thighs of his partner. not taking out a member of the language, she stuck her hand and finding the clitoris blonde massaged his finger.
Linda finished first. Yelp, she let out a loud groan that for a moment it seemed that the street is deserted either shutter or pressing on Calson machines. Clutching hands in member Hammer, she pushed the blonde began to masturbate his cock and blonde, becoming a full-length, foot on the door "jaguar", introduced the baton of Linda her vagina at a time when he had finished Hammer. Convulsions have passed through his body, became only the harbinger of pleasure that followed after. Cum emitted spit out his cock hit the face of Linda and she, seizing the male seed, not letting a member out of the hands, even in the power of his own orgasm, slipped penis in her mouth and gently sucking on it, sucked in a whole without a trace, without spilling a drop.
Blonde enjoying a baton. She stuck her as deeply as possible, through the pain, moaning with pleasure, his eyes closed and his mouth open, and suddenly, for the third time that evening, issued a cry and fell to the Linde back to sticking a baton in the vagina, next to a member of the Hammer, already wilted and on what not capable, it seemed superchlenom which time is not a sin to lie.
Hammer stood up. He did not see how and what masturbating blonde and at first it seemed to him that another male, but looking more closely, he smiled at their company. "Well, the woman" - he thought, and stretched out the baton from the crotch, held her lips blonde.
- In this machine I have a drink? - Hammer asked.
- Nope, better go to you until we have tortured you, - I replied the blonde.
- Your dick torment only elektrodoilka, - Linda said, adjusting his clothes and wearing a shirt.
They all moved in "Cadillac" Hammer and first drink.
- Repeat as possible? - Linda asked.
- What is it again?
- Not that, but where. - The blonde laughed.
Hammer pushed the button and the chair turned into a big bed.
While the women were delighted, and above them a policeman's face appeared.
- Sergeant Rendbyu - he yelled into the car. - What are we doing here?
- Yes, that's met acquaintances - Linda laughed. - We talked. Well...
- Yeah, - he said the policeman, - talked. Yes, the conversation forgotten others. In general everything is good. In addition, - cop bent down and picked up from the road something white and gave Linda.
- It is mine! - Cried the blonde.
- The truth is yours?
- Whose else, a cop? Look here, - she lifted her skirt and showed him all its charms.
- Well?
The policeman swallowed and gave the blonde panties. - And if you try?
- What cop? I'm telling you, that's it - she spent at the crotch - and that's it - she stroked back - sit in them like a glove.
- But is it? - Police unbuttoned pants and took out of them a member - will sit in them like a glove?
- I think that from time to time it will jump out of them to rest.
- Well, except that ... - the police removed the belt and cap, and threw everything on the bed. Then, taking the term in his hand, he sat down beside the blonde. - Meet - is Williams Jr. Hendricks.
- Also the police?
- Oh no! He has a profession. Researcher women's caves. It is my great scholar in this field.
- Let's see. - Blonde, covering the face hair, brought them to the very member, becoming to her knees. Leading hair from the abdomen to the thighs and back, pausing for a few seconds at a member to kiss the head, blonde, at the same time drove the index finger on the perineum Linda, stimulating her clitoris, the other she did the same with his.
John Hammer, came up behind him and be able to spit his cock parted the buttocks blondes and light pelvic motion introduced his penis into the anus of partner. The same, without giving Member policeman from kissing passed to his sucking, and Linda sat on the face Hendrix Sr., offered him her vagina. Hendricks felt Linda's vagina was leak fluids. Getting into his mouth, she fired him more than sucking blonde. He felt, of course, as her tongue ran over his head, went down below to the most eggs, as if her mouth would swallow it whole as a whole, but the entrance to the vagina drew it for some reason more and for him all this was a revelation. Especially interested in his clitoris. He rolled it on his tongue like candy, biting, and more liquid squeezed out of the vagina, like a sponge.
Orgasm all four occurred almost simultaneously. The blonde almost choked on the number of sperm that spat Hendricks Jr., shedding a number on my stomach. She took time member of his mouth, because the own orgasm forced her to hide in convulsions and screaming because at the same moment in her ass cumshot Hammer and dramatically pulled out of a member of the anus, which brought the blonde a sharp pain.
Linda, crawl backwards, smeared highlight Hendrix's face and suddenly, when they had finished, he fell face down to his cock on the spilled semen. The language, like a hungry beast, she licked her belly, and then having put another shuddering cock between her small breasts with squeezing it began to massage them. Clutching his chest, not letting a member of escape from this trap, Linda delayed the skins from the head and pulled back, and soon became a member of the Hendrix back elastic and more. Brown head looked like a small mushroom hat in a moment was covered her mouth Linda, but Hendricks, removing a member from her mouth, Linda lay on his back and vagina at the same time have been settled lodger.
Linda, lying between Hammer and blonde, found a member of the first and easily masturbating them, brought to readiness, and Hammer, extending his hand raised to her hips and stroked them, going to the buttocks, focused on the anus, where, and brought the index finger. Soon Hammer fell asleep on the scope of his lust. His voice returned from a dream blonde.
- Helo, darling, wake up.
He opened his eyes and remembered where he was.
Hendricks again finished and now relaxed lying on Linda. Blonde, pick up a member of the Hammer, changing with Linda, and kissed him passionately member. Linda, ending before Hendrix, did so relaxed, though reluctantly, that could not be said about the blonde. She kissed passionately member, to the point of exhaustion, and when Hammer finished and Linda was drunk sperm again grabbed the baton and slipped it into the vagina. She lay on her back, bent his legs, lifting the pelvis and resting his head back in a box. Grasping masturbator, blonde again and again pushes it in himself. Light shiver ran through her body. In silence, holding back a cry she pulled the stick out of the vagina and began licking her. Hendrix crawled over to her and, holding another stick, stuck it into the vagina.
Let go of the masturbator, blonde lay on her back with legs stretched and his hands behind his head leaning toward a basin rubber Hendrix.
All four startled a loud female voice:
- John! John Hammer! My God! What a shame! - It was the bride Hammer when he turned around, she stared at him, and then, dropping to her knees, she began to wipe a handkerchief head of his cock, licking her more often.
- Kate, what are you doing? - Not understanding this behavior of his bride said Hammer.
- I just disinfection, - justified Kate, all the more eagerly licking his penis.
Kat and Hammer moved into the first car.
- By the way, Linda, why so quiet? What happened?
- All right, Hendricks, let's continue.
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Caught in the & quot; the scene & quot;

- "Damn, lost again - assholes," he thought. Brandon switched to another channel, which showed the Jerry Springer show. Subject show was, "Guess why I'm a stripper?" Brandon saw a beautiful woman to take off her clothes under the gaze of his friends. He felt a stirring in his pants. "Let it out, man," Brandon thought to himself. Brandon sat back and began to masturbate cock through shorts. "God, she's beautiful." Even though the image of women's breasts was unclear, Brandon can present them in a normal way.
Finally, Brandon took off his shorts with his left hand and began to masturbate right. Sitting on the couch, he moved back and forth, like fucking a woman on the screen. Gritting his dick, he imagined that woman with the screen sucks him. He increased the tempo. He could feel his balls beat his own thigh. Brandon was close to orgasm. He felt his balls swelled. His hand moved faster and faster. Already in the third minute of his masturbation, Brandon rooted stream of hot semen on his own belly. "Wow," breathed Brandon, feeling the tension decreases from the entire body. Now Brandon was ready to go to sleep.
Morning came, and Brandon went to the bathroom. Opening the door, he heard the sound of water.
- "Damn," he thought, "Who's there?"
- "It's - I, Brandon." He knew that it was Ellen.
- "Well, hurry up," shouted Brandon. Then Ellen came out of the shower. He looked at his sister's figure. Many times he had heard from others that his sister developed body. Brandon knew that his sister was quite attractive. He looked at her firmer breasts. Not wanting to look like a pervert, Brandon Ellen gave her a towel.
- "Thank you, what time did you come back last night?" she asked.
- "I think for an hour or so."
- "Yes, I heard you were back," Ellen said with a grin.
- "What do you mean?" Brandon asked.
- "Nothing".
- "Hurry up, I want to take a shower," he asked impatiently. He had a reason for that. Looking at the size of the breast Ellen poured apple, Brandon felt some excitement, and he did not want her to see his hard dick, acting under the shorts. But it was too late, Ellen noticed his protruding member.
- "Of course, I'll hurry, so you do what you have to do," said Ellen, wrapped in a towel and went out the door. Brandon stood stunned second and climbed into the shower.
- "God, she had good breasts, and this ass ..." he thought to himself. His cock stood up again. He should have been relieved. He lathered soap hand and began to masturbate again. This time, he was not thinking about television women, and his sister. Brandon imagined how fucks her right there in the shower. He did not hear the door open and entered Christie.
- "Brandon?"
Brandon stood in the shower, like a deer blinded by headlights.
- "What?"
- "Are you okay?" I asked Christie.
- "WHAT?"
- "You feel bad? Does it hurt? Why are you shouting?"
- "Go away, I release a shower in a minute," Brandon felt a rush of blood. His cock was half nervous, and his sister had just caught him masturbating occupation. After graduating, he went out of the shower and went to his room to put on shorts and a T-shirt. "! Fuck What the hell, this will be followed first, my sister sees me excited, then my younger sister heard how I masturbate ...?" As soon as Brandon came down the stairs - he knew immediately what will happen next.
- "Holy shit! What are you looking at? Where did you get it?" Brandon threw a bullet to the TV. Ellen and Kristy watched him masturbate last night on video! Brandon went to the video recorder and turned it off. Ellen and Kristy laughed, sitting on the couch.
- "Finish laugh, who recorded it on tape?" Brandon asked.
Ellen said, "This we took. Every night you go home and jerk off. We would like you to write on the tape." They laughed even more.
- "Have you ever audiotaped me before?"
- "No, this is - for the first time, but we do not mind to stay in you again," said Christie.
- "Wait a minute, you've seen me before?" Brandon asked.
- "Yes, I see. Every night this week, when you come home, you masturbate, as we saw. You do not even know?"
- "No, I would not have done it if I knew that you are looking at," Brandon was very angry and nervous.
Ellen said Brandon, "Hey Brandon, do not hesitate. We also both masturbate. Just think, cares. We just thought it would be fun to write you on film. To be honest, I do not know how Christie, but I went and masturbated right after recording . Almost a year ago, Kristi Masturbates caught me and I taught her how to masturbate. What is this? " Brandon was in shock.
- "Brandon, nothing terrible has happened, in addition, one way or another, we know that you were in the shower a minute ago, and jerked off his dick," Christie added. At that time, Ellen got up and went back to a VCR.
- "Brandon, we like it. So you do not get angry, I have something to show you." Ellen turned to the TV and began to take off her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were totally excited. She stood next to the TV, watching Brandon Fingering. She stroked his chest, squeezing the nipples starting to moan. Kristy and Brandon watched her carefully.
- "You see, Brandon, there is nothing wrong to be excited and to strive to lose the excitement. So?" All that Brandon could say was "Wow!" His eyes were glued to the nipples sister, she continued to massage. She bent down and took off her shorts and panties, showing her gorgeous ass and vagina protruding mound. She sank to the floor, kneeling, still looking like Brandon ends up on TV. She stuck her finger in the vagina and began to moan when Brandon jet spewed his sperm on TV.
- "Oh - yes, that's so nice." Ellen turned to Christie.
- "Are you going to join me?" Christie leaned forward, no one has yet seen, she was rubbing her clit through pants.
- "Oh yeah!" Kristi tore her blouse and shorts and joined Ellen on the floor. Both girls were completely naked, masturbating right in front of Brandon. His cock stiffened so much that he was even hurt.
Both of his beautiful sister masturbate herself in front of him. Both girls are now groaning, introducing his fingers deep into her vagina.
- "Oh Brandon, join us, please," said Ellen, looking at him.
- "Yes, Brandon, come here and join us."
Brandon was in shock. But he was not going to miss this event. Brandon stood up and started shooting shorts. Christie hurried him. She crawled on her knees to standing in front of her Brandon. Ellen fascinated watching them. Christy lowered his shorts and took in his mouth a member of Brandon.
- "Oh God," said Brandon. "That's it. Suck his dick, as I taught you," Ellen said, hysterically breathing, moving your fingers in in his crotch. Christie eagerly completely sucked dick like a pro Brandon. Brandon was holding her head and sit down it on his penis deeper and deeper. Ellen crawled over to his sister and ran a finger into the vagina Christie. Christie joined the rhythm drochaschih fingers of his sister. Brandon watched with pleasure as the two beautiful girls doing it. Christie was close to orgasm. She pulled out of his mouth a member of Brandon with the sound of that, probably, the neighbors would hear.
- "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Christie yelled. Ellen cup hand, deeper I insert it into the vagina Christie.
- "Aaah!" Christie finished. Ellen looked at Brandon. "If you want to insert his big cock in me?" she asked. Brandon could only nod in response. "Lie down on the floor." Brandon flopped onto his back. Ellen sat down on top of her back to him. "My vagina is the same wet, like your big cock," Allen smiled as he said it. She sank her dripping vagina to a member of Brandon. She spread her labia of the vagina to a member of the Brandon went into it more deeply.
- "Oh, yes," Brandon and Ellen are both gasped as his cock penetrated deep through the lips of her vagina. She pressed harder. At first slowly, absorbing his cock to its full length. Brandon grabbed her hips and helped her move up and down. Ellen right hand began to masturbate her clit.
- "Give me," said Christie. Ellen smiled. Christie began to lick and suck the clitoris like Ellen expert. Ellen threw her head back. Brandon moved at a breakneck pace. Christie caressed his balls. His balls began to swell. Clitoris Ellen began to pulsate. They both were close to orgasm. He took out his penis, and Christy took it into his mouth. Hips Ellen was still twitching from the orgasm, while Christie merged in the mouth cum Brandon. Christie Ellen kissed, so she, too, could try cum Brandon.
There was an awkward pause, broken by Brandon. "Well, well, parents will not be home until tomorrow. Tonight should be fun." They all laughed.
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Story Neli

Arriving at the specified address to me, I rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a teenager 16-17 years-ty. I asked him who is sick. He said that all the patients had already gathered and waiting for treatment. I walked into the room, and saw that on the double bed near the coffee table sit two other teenagers. On the table was a lot of bottles of beer and vodka. These guys I had the once named Max and Stas. At me was wearing a medical gown, under which only lacy underwear. I walked into the room and sat down on the bed. When I started to ask them which one of them is sick, one of the boys pushed me a glass of beer and said:
- Drink, cold beer, chill!
I refused to drink beer. At this time, one of the teens under the table leg became a fumble on the inside of my thighs. I tried to get up, but at that moment a guy named Stas came up to me and saying nothing, just remove my robe, tears bra and starts to squeeze my breasts, biting his lips nipples pull their tongue .. Since I had already almost half years not had sex, I was immediately enveloped incredible excitement which did not give me just get up and leave. Max at the time sitting there and flexing his hands in his pants his cock, watching the scene. After that, Max rips off my pants and begins to finger my clitoris with your fingers, naslyunyaviv fingers thrust them into the vagina. From his movements became my wet slit, and I was seized with a desire to have, that I was ready to have sex. Max pulls his fingers out of my vagina, wipe them on my chest and said:
- She wants us, she was all wet.
After these words, Max and Stas turned over on my stomach and put "cancer." Stas lays down on the bed and nothing to say, pulls his pants and puts me his dick in my mouth, and I begin to suck it. He occasionally pulls out a member of my mouth and patting them my face, puts it back in my mouth. With words:
- Max, as she sucks the fun.
Stas takes me by the hair on his head forcing him to swallow a member of the whole. At the same time saying:
- About EU nishtyak, moreover, still, high.
Then Stas presses my head down and I caress the language of his scrotum. At that time, when I was standing on all fours doing blowjob Stas Stas says Max:
- Feel free to attach the back, see how appetizing ass!
Max came up to me from behind, his hands begin to knead my buttocks, push them to slap him on the palms, fingers puts me in the vagina, and then spits on the penis itself attaches it to me in the vagina and begins to fuck. I stand completely naked on all fours, and two teens fuck me from behind and in the mouth. Max fucks me at such a pace that my breasts shake and rub against the bed, from his abrupt jolts shake my buttocks. Max with the force squeezes my buttocks and hands jerky drives his dick, trying to shove it to its full length. He occasionally pulls out his penis from the vagina, t it on my buttocks, and then shoves in the vagina. Once a member of Stas in my mouth excited finally, Stas pulls it out of my mouth, turns me on my back pushing me wide feet, lifts them up falls on me and starts fucking. Max tells him:
- Come on, Stas pumped her a dose!
Then Stas, not over, giving way to his friend, who fucks me, throwing my legs over his shoulders. Then Stas lays down on the bed on his back and makes me sit on his horse and his hand introduces his penis into my vagina and I fuck him up. Stas at this time on the bed becomes a full-length, comes up to me, sitting on Max and introduces his cock in my mouth and I do, blow him. I swallow a member Stas whole, suck it, lick the scrotum, and Stas pulls jet of sperm on my face. Max puts me on the bed, sits on top of me, pushes his penis between my breasts and began to drive them back and forth, rubbing it against my chest, fingers tugging my nipples. Resting at this time on a chair Stas says all sorts of vulgarity, discussing my body. He speaks:
- Damn, Max she is so soft and nice ass, Kaifu how she rolls shaking when fucked her cancer.
My words of Max Steel factory, and I felt that I was beginning to like this extension. After these words of Stas, Max makes me get cancer on the bed, heavily arched back. I'm excited to the limit, getting down on all fours, so that they could be seen at once, and my vagina and my anus. Max says:
- Oh, how everything is interesting, now I have you wear out.
Max drives jerks his cock in my vagina, missing hands my buttocks and fucks. His knees, he widely spreads my legs, so I stick out my ass to him .. He pushes his hands my buttocks and watched as his thick cock in and out of my vagina. Increasing the pace of their movements, Max lashed me with his hands on his ass, watching shake my buttocks. I'm anticipating that she will soon be over, I start to moan louder and louder. Finally reaching the peak of pleasure, Max pulls out his penis in my vagina and releases all his cum on my ass. His sperm so much that it flows over my buttocks, thighs, vagina. Max smearing his cock cum on my buttocks. Patting me on the ass, Max says:
- Nishtyak, you cool the machine.
Then Stas gets up from his chair, came up to me, he takes my hand and puts on the bed. Approaching me, he takes off his trunks and sticks his dick in my mouth. I take his cock in my mouth, and make him a blowjob. This Stas takes my head and shoves his long cock to its full length into my mouth. Then he abruptly pulls his dick out of my mouth, and lifting me off the bed, turning his back and puts cancer. Jerky Stas introduces his penis into the vagina to me and fucks at a rapid pace. He speeds up his movements, so heard as heard claps his stomach on my ass, I hear it a long term with the squelch it is part of my vagina. From such a frantic pace I finish in a row twice. Then Stas again puts me on the bed to face him, taking his hands my chest sticks his penis between them and begins to rub it for them. Then Stas releases his sperm on my chest, causing smearing his semen on her chest.
I decided that would be the end, but it turned out that everything is just beginning. I went to the bathroom to obmytsya and did not notice that the apartment with a balcony in the room went still three teenagers, who all this time watching us from the balcony, and as it turned out, filming it all on video. Going into the bathroom, I started the shower. Turning around, I notice that in the bathroom on the toilet sits a guy about 15 years old and looking at me, she kneads his cock lustfully examining my naked body. Looking around, I noticed that the bathroom around me there are two other teenagers of 15-16 years old, and they all look at me nervous eye. I'm trying to rebel, but one of the boys said to me:
- Shut up.
The eldest of the boys said to me:
- What have you to show off, we'll specifically caused, you are going to fuck all together. I am your magnificent ass still in the hospital looked after. Today, your ass is mine. Come on, come on, kid, show your tits!
The one guy who masturbated while looking at me, came up to me and starts to squeeze my breasts, pinching the nipples on his chest, one hand fumbling between my legs. I am trying to argue, as I understand, that if those teenagers that just fucked me at least look like adults, then, for example, this lad was quite a youngster. However, from his movements I involuntarily spreads her legs and he puts his finger in my vagina. Then he takes my hand, brings out of the shower and puts on the toilet. Approaching me, he unbuttoned his fly on his trousers and pulled his pants, pulled out his penis, and brings it to me, and I start stroking his hand. I must admit that, despite the young age of the boy, a member of his large enough and strong tense. He then dramatically takes my head and saying,
- Come on, suck, - it makes me take his cock in your mouth and make him a blowjob.
I take the member of the teenager in the mouth and starts sucking it. Then the teenager makes me kneel down and do oral sex on him ,. kneeling. I imagined from the looks that I'm an adult woman standing naked on the floor in the bathroom on her knees and suck dick in youngsters. However, I could not imagine it like this boy, reaching the peak of pleasure, I press my head, giving me to release his cock from his mouth and pulls the cum in my mouth, forcing her to swallow. After that suited me just another guy who lifts me from my knees and leads to the bed in the room. Then he puts me on the bed, and taking off his tights and melting falls on me, pushing my feet, parked his penis into the vagina to me and starts fucking. After a while he pulls his dick out of my cunt and cums on my chest. Then two teenagers fit, turn over on my stomach and put the cancer. Addressing the young people who had come up the guy that fucked me says:
- Nishtyak, come next, - and leaves.
One teen lies on the bed and puts his penis in my mouth. I'm starting to do blowjob to one of the teens, I suck his cock, swallowing it whole, I lick his scrotum. Another at this time perched behind me, rubbed his penis and began to fuck. In anticipation of the orgasm I squirm. The guy who fucks me from behind says:
- In lustful bitch, nothing we've got a lot of you today otperdolim the full program, you'll like it. Come suck, do not be distracted.
I understand that all this becomes rough, but the realization that many orgasms I have received and how much more I get, forcing me to stay. The guy that I'm doing blowjob, presses my head down and begins to lower sperm in my mouth. His sperm so much that it flows out of my mouth, dripping onto the bed. At this time, the teenager who fucked me from behind, reaching the peak of pleasure, pulls out his dick and cums on my back. I'm trying to get up, but to me there and then fit two teenagers. One again presses me down and saying,
- Standing, heifer. This is only the beginning, - introduces his penis into my vagina and begins to fuck.
He said the second guy came up:
- Uh, the boys in the place!
Again, I'm on all fours and three teenagers one by one, one after another fuck me from behind, ending on my ass. I do not distinguish who is at this moment fucks me as I buried my head in bed. Their sperm so much that it flows over my buttocks, thighs and vagina, dripping on the bed blanket so that the blanket was formed sperm puddle between my legs. They did not even let me be washed away. Then to me again it fits the same "small" teenager and looking at the way on my ass profusely dripping sperm, says:
- Well, damn it, naspuskali, all ass in death, not settled down.
Turning to me he said:
- Go substitution.
After that I go into the shower to obmytsya. Then bring me back on the bed in the room. Two teenagers laid me on my back and hands squeezed my breasts. At this time, one of them takes off his pants and swimming trunks, pushing my legs throws one leg over his shoulder and fucks. After a few minutes he cums on my pubis .. Then one of the boys, the highest tells the others:
- So well, that it's my turn. Come spread the loaves to her, I nashampuryu it now!
Two teenagers come up to me and put me on the floor with cancer. I stand on the floor on all fours, his head touching the floor. One of them takes my hands, put them on my ass, forcing her hands to push my buttocks. The most "small" at this time pulls out a tube of a cream, it lubricates her finger, puts it to me in the ass and starts to drive them there. I'm a little moan. At this time, the other teens are also in turn begin to insert his fingers into my anus, watching how I'll moan. I understand that is happening now, but nothing I can not do, because cancer stand completely naked in the middle of the room, and all around me is a group of teenagers who have no reason not to give up his plan. Then, the long walks up to me from behind, leering patted me on the ass he pushes my buttocks, spitting on your dick. I feel like the head of his hard cock rests on my anus. Attach his penis, he begins to push in the power of it in my ass. This guy starts to push his penis into my ass deeper, trying to shove it to its full length. Before this incident, I never engaged in anal sex, so at first I felt some pain, but the realization that a member of the teenager rudely and unceremoniously gets into my ass, his vulgar comments about this so stirred me that the excitement was the push on background pain and soon I felt like my back was wet slit. At this time, a long humming with pleasure, talking to their friends about how in my ass crowded and hot. Thrusting a member of my ass on the entire length of Long starts jerky movements, making me moan involuntarily. By moving his cock in my anus, Long says, standing around us young people:
- Shit, guys I wanted to lay in a hospital bed and looking through the clear coat of heifer ass, to plant his cock at the very root, and so here to fuck her in the ass!
Then he accelerates his movements, with the words:
- A-ah, nishtyak - hand squeezes my buttocks.
I'm starting to moan louder. At this time the "small" with the words:
- What mychish, like, nothing, nothing endure it already ends - puts me his dick in my mouth, and I begin to suck it.
Surrounding my teen moans only give birth. They begin a long stump, saying:
- Come on, long, planted it in the ass for the most eggs! Clean it drains!
Panting long accelerates their movements and soon, nervously shaking a few times, lowers sperm in my ass .. For a few seconds longer hangs on me, and then pulls the dick out of my ass and leaves. I was lying on its side, this time out of my anus follows a trickle of semen. The voice came from a group of teenagers:
- Long, you her full ass nakonchal!
Among adolescents there is the conversation:
- Well, that's enough for her in every hole so it otporoli!
- Wait, now we have to suck Lekha, then we will finish.
At that moment I hear the voice of "small":
- Uh, I want to fuck her in the ass ..
Turning to me he said:
- Go, substitution and back here, immediately becomes a cancer, we're not done yet.
I go into the shower, but for me it goes back a long guy that just fucked me in the ass. He makes me to kneel and take his cock in my mouth. I begin to suck, understanding that this term has just been in my ass, but not yet past the excitement does not let me to release his penis out of his mouth. At this time, the bathroom includes a "small", as I understand the younger brother a long, and took off his pants, brings me to face my dick. Long tells me that I sucked at them both. I alternately suck two teenagers members and they soon end up at me. They both stand on either side of me and literally poured over me with his sperm. When he finished, just long leaves, and an insatiable "fine" when he had finished, he continues to smear his cock cum me in the face. I do wonder how in such a small lad so much sperm. Then I wash away and returned, and see that all teenagers sitting on the bed and connecting the camcorder to the TV watching record they just fucked me, I was very not paying any attention. I stood there a little bit, get dressed and leave. Sitting in the yard on the bench, I ponder what happened and suddenly come to the conclusion that although it was rude and vulgar, but I have no one else so do not fucking like these teenagers that such excitement when I have become all the same, I suck dick a teenager who had just fucked me in the ass to them, I have also never had. So many times in a row I have never ends.
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Captured little family

Bruner family was returning home from vacation. They are all very tired. Rock Bruner was happy with what went with his family in the long-promised trip that was not possible until last year. They traveled for two weeks and were sent home from California, from which they are separated by only a few hundred miles. His wife Linda was sleeping in the front seat, and two children, 17-year-old Mark and 16-year-old Becky sat back and enjoyed the surroundings.

Suddenly, the storm broke. Rock fought in order to keep the car on the road, the sky darkened and a solid wall of rain came. Thunder, and the lightning flashed, the whole family was terrified.
- Rock, we have to find a place to wait out this terrible storm. We can not continue to move, not even seen the road. - He said Linda voice trembling with fear.
- You're right, Linda. But there is not a town for a few miles, and I do not see a house or any shelter. There is no place where we could stay.
- Look, Dad! - Becky exclaimed. - There. There's a big house. - Lightning lit up the dark sky and a house near the road. - We can stop there and wait.
- Please, Rock. - Linda looked at the pleading eyes of her husband.
- Let there. We certainly will be safe, there are good men.
- Good. - Said Rock. - We will stop. You are right, there will be a lot safer.
The family got out of the car and rushed to the porch, where it was dry. Look Rock stopped for a moment on adhering to the body of his daughter shirt.
. "Curse Chest is the same as that of her mother at this age," - he thought.
Hardly look away, he reached for the bell. There was no answer. He pulled open the door, and it opened easily.
- There is open. - He said. - Let's go and wait out the damn weather.
Becky found on the desk found an oil lamp.
- Father. Light it.
Rock did. The room was huge and looked spartan. Of furniture there was only bed and something else which utensils.
Family sat on the sofa and began to dry off. There was a noise, and Rock, look around, got hit on the head when he saw three bearded men entered the room.
- What are you doing here at this hour? - Asked the eldest of them.
One of them came up to the rock and put a gun to his head.
Grinning, the other two came to his wife Linda and Rock began to paw her breasts in front of the children.
- Do not move. - Said the man holding a gun to his temple Rock. - You're going to sit and watch the fun with your wife, or I'll blow your head off. Better to just sit and watch.
One of the men tore the blouse Linda opened her big meaty breasts. It was really big breasts, even gigantic, elastic with a little upturned nipples. Right on loads in children, one of the men took one in his hand, squeezed and pulled the nipple with a sadistic grin on his face. Linda gasped in pain.
- Stay! - Yelled 16-year-old Becky. - Leave my mother alone.
- I can not deal with this beauty. - Said one of the men, paw Linda when his eyes fell on Becky.
- Oh no. You are welcome. - Said Linda voice asking. - Do not touch her.
The men looked at each other, grinning.
- That's what I say. - Said a senior. - If you will be kind to us, maybe we will not cause damage to your husband and the little daughter to iznasiluem
- I realized. - Linda said hesitantly.
- Linda ... - Began Rock
- Rock is the only way out. - Linda turned to the children. - Kids, your mom will do anything.
- Shut up, bitch. - Shouted one of the men. - Do not say anything until you are asked. Now get to work.
Linda breathed heavily. She knew that these people want, and began to unbutton their jeans locks. By doing this, she sighed and sent arms to their members. There she was in for a surprise. They were very large. When she took first one, then the second, then I did not know what to do. Even in a relaxed state they are long and thick as a wrist Rock.
- Oh my God. - She said, and all three men laughed.
- We, brothers, all the big cocks. - Said one of them. - I would argue that they are the biggest in the world. And now to work on my brothers, until I tell you to take them out of your little mouth.
- Good. - Said Linda hesitated.
She took the two at the bottom, pulled them, feeling the weight of these large chunks of flesh. Two bulging veins in her arms twitching with every movement to the beat of the heart. Linda turned to the man standing on the left and sent his cock into her mouth.
- Oh my God. Mama. - Linda heard her daughter's voice, full of disgust, when her own lips wrapped around a huge chunk of flesh.
She was terribly humiliated by doing it in full view of her husband and children, but knew it was the only way to escape death and cater to these men. She knew she had to do everything in its power. And she sucked him, really suck this huge cock, swallowing it in the throat, as did her husband. She moved her head pressed up until her lips did not reach the stomach, and did not feel the smell of his pubic hair. Her tongue slid over the eggs, then slowly, slowly dick out of her.
- Oh my God. - Said the man Rock. - Your wife is so beautiful it makes so much fun sucking a big dick.
- Ooh - Linda moaned, her head looked up from the protruding member.
Not a word, Linda turned and swallowed the second member of the tormentor, making it carefully. Her lips were wet, obscene sounds coming from her mouth, heard by others. The men laughed, while Linda worked on them, stroking their huge cocks.
- I think your wife is like. She likes to suck two huge members immediately.
Rock looked at his beautiful wife. Her head went from one member to another, her lips slid one barrel, then the second, gently clasping them. He saw her throat swells up taking a huge chunk of male flesh.
- Linda. - His voice was full of pain and sorrow.
Little Becky was surprised eyes looked at his mother, caressing these huge spikes. She saw the big thick members disappear completely in her throat, his incredibly expanding. She was too young to understand why her mother is so easy to agree to do such terrible things. She knew only that her mother had allowed this man to stuff in her mouth their toys and caressed them.
Her older brother was no less frightened her, but could not bear to look at the big breasts of his mother. He had never, except for journals not seen such big boobs, while the two men groped them, squeezed and delayed nipples. Mark realized that before him a slut with big tits. No, he does not think so. It's his mother. But at this moment he could do nothing. His cock rose in his pants, and he nearly died of shame when it said one of the brothers.
- Look. - He said. - The boy is already excited by what he sees as his mother does blowjob. No. I am wrong. He likes to look at the big tits of his mother. Why not show him a little more.
Linda stopped.
- Now the man said.
Linda nodded. Her face turned red with shame. She stood up, put her hands under her skirt, took her panties and pulled them down, pulling up his knees, leaned forward and lowered her down to the ankles. Discarding them, she spreads her legs to the side, presenting his treasure on display 3 men and two children.
- Look at this. It is completely shaved. - Said one of the men.
It was so. She always left her crotch shaved because Roku liked to lick her. Now it made it even more like a whore in the eyes looking at her people. Her face flushed even more when one of the men dropped his hands on her breasts, in the second launched a finger into her vagina.
- Look at the mother's pussy boy. She knows why she's so neat. It's because she loves to show it off. Yes, she loves to show it off everywhere, Mrs. true?
Linda continued to suck a member of one of the men. At that moment, out of her mouth with the typical sucking sound seemed crimson head, and she turned to her children. She knew what was expected of her reply, and decided to play it on the proposed rules.
- Yes, - she said confidently, so that the children believe it. - I like to show my pussy.
- Where a whore. Tell me, where do you most like to do it?
Brain Linda worked with terrible speed. She had to think of something, anything, that would love to hear from her.
- I am a teacher. - Linda said. And it was true, she taught 10 classics in the local school. - I'm never wearing pants when going to class. I love to sit in the middle of the room with divorced feet, so that all the boys can see my pussy.
Mark, listening to his mother was shocked. He looked at her, sitting with undisguised pubis, while the two men groped her breast milk. She was not scared and know what to do. God, she was so beautiful, like all the girls in its lustful dreams. She introduced her in the classroom, sitting with legs wide apart, podnimayuschty skirt to show off their most intimate places, and his dick got even harder.
- Yes. You was delightful at this time. That's all you do then?
Linda looked at the man. Oh, Becky, Mark. Excuse me.
- No. - She said, pulling his dick out of his mouth. - Sometimes I leave a lot after school. I liked to sit on her knees and suck their members, everything. Suck them members of one another. And, sometimes, I allowed them to lick my pussy.
- A. If she was so like it when her licking the boys, why this kid does not it? - Said one of the brothers, Mark looked at seventeen.
- Yes, make him do it. - Picked up another.
Exploring the vagina pulled his fingers.
- Yes, that's a good idea. Hey, boy, come over here and lick my mother. Mark did not move. Then one of the men brought him to his mother and knelt between her thighs divorced. - Come on, lick my mom.
- No. - Said Mark frightened.
At that time, one of the brothers engaged in a breast Linda, the second took her head by the hair and turned to Mark, said:
Make him do it. Make, or your husband's head smashed to pieces.
Linda knew he was not joking. If he said that he would kill, then so be it.
- Show us all what you slut. - Said a man with a gun.
Linda knew what it meant. They wanted to humiliate her, to get to play the whore in the sight of the whole family. Good. This is the only chance to stay alive, and she would do it. Linda decided it would be a whore for these people thinking about what will happen when they will be safe. She looked at his tormentors.
- Lick me. - Linda said, pulling the boy's head to his crotch. - Lick it. Lick my beauty
Realizing in what position they were, Mark started to do what he was asked.
- Oooo. - Linda grunted when his son tongue passed across the crotch and affecting the clitoris, deepened in her pussy. "As well," - Linda thought. "How well he does it. I'm sure he did that before."
While Mark mother caressed the vagina, a man with a gun and the other reversed. He went to Linda. He removes his penis and said:
- The time has come, and the third member to visit your tender mouth.
Linda opened her mouth and, without stopping, sent to a member of the third brother. The second brother went to her left, and Linda's head again began to move up and down. Only this time it was her son, Mark, caressing her vagina as an experienced lover between her legs. "As well," - she thought. "Oh, God, Mark, stop caressing my clitoris." - She thought.
- Oooo ... - broke away from her, and thick cock slipped out of her mouth. She blushed when the man laughed.
At that time, Mark, pulled her tongue out of her pussy and began to lick the juices flowing from there. Then his hands were pulled up her body, wrapped around his chest and squeezed hard swollen nipples. Part of him told him that he had gone too far. Another part was excited, admiring her magnificent breasts, arousing her wet, hot treasure.
"Oh, Mark What are you doing." - Linda thought. She tried to fight a growing sense, but could not. She bent her legs, pulling them towards the shoulders, even more revealing him my vagina. Burning with shame, Linda looked at her son.
- Ooh ... - she cried, when cramps began between her legs, and began to throw her vagina juice portions directly to the face and tongue Brand.
She heard laughter brothers, and it has strengthened its pleasure. They saw her son, licking her vagina. She thought about this, and shudder passed through her body. Linda stood on his feet, raising his ass from the floor, and began to rub his crotch juice flowing on his son's face. When it was over, one of the men pushed the brand. Linda saw traces of their juices on his face and lips. Men stood and jerked off his limbs.
- He takes out his cock - ordered the boy to one of them.
Another grabbed Linda by the hair, pulling the chair, completely separated and pushed to his knees in front of the boy.
- Do not worry about his mother, the boy ... - Said the man. - We will not do anything to her, what would she did not want. You heard her talking about sucking school members. This is a real slut. You want to make it and sucked your cock? Coming in Linde, he picked up her full breasts. They were so large that it is not placed in its even larger hands. He squeezed them painfully, and her nipples, hard and extremely swollen looked straight up.
- Look at these huge boobs, boy. I know that you like them. Touch them.
Mark sighed and hesitantly touched the breast of his mother.
- Yes, boy. Having passed the melon. - The man showed him how to do it and viciously smiled when he saw the excitement and his eyes. - Suck it, suck tits this whore.
Mark leaned over and took one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck and nibble on it, thinking about students who may have been doing well.
Linda moaned helplessly, teen breathing quickened. She liked it. A minute later, he got up and began to unzip his pants.
- Yes. You're right. It should caress your cock, then you fuck her.
Mark pulled out his dick and leaned forward.
- Oh, Mark. No. - Behind came a strangled whisper father.
- Suck my dick, - said Mark and sent his penis in the mother's mouth.
- Ooh. - Linda cried, and Mark started fucking her in the mouth.
It was disgusting, even obscene. Linda did not know what drives her son. But she had no choice, and she sucked, sucking dick of her son since, as it did with the three men a little earlier.
- As a member of his taste, Mrs. He is good?
- Rotate it. The boy has to fuck his mother.
Little Becky sat on the couch and watching the scene, his eyes wide open. The man turned his mother, leaving her legs divorced. Becky was only 16 years old, and no man has not touched her. For her, it was just a scene out of a nightmare. She heard one of the men said to her brother: "Go Fuck this whore."
Becky did not see eye brother when he stood between the mother hips. He picked up his penis and sent it inside Linda bent down, and he gradually slipped into a well-oiled, hot channel.
- Ltd. - Linda moaned, felt his penis.
Mark did not do it ever, but it was much better than he expected. Men again reversed. With a gun was another, while his brothers stood in the face of Linda, thrusting their cocks deep into her throat, while the son was fucking her.
Rock stood by his helplessness, he could not stop the men who raped his wife, but he had to look at his son fucks her, moving the member again and again, to hear the groans of shame and Linda fun sucking cock brothers and feel a member of a son deep in themselves.
- Ahh - Linda cried, dropping from his lips a member. - Fuck, fuck me, baby. - After some time, her vagina just exploded. - Uuuuaaaauuuu - she cried, frantically moving under the son. Her vagina twitched convulsively, squeezing the child's penis.
- Stop me, my boy, stop. Vyplesni everything in my hot pussy.
However, the man wanted it to be over anyway. One they grabbed the boy by the arm and literally tore him from the vagina.
- Cum in her mouth. - He said, and pushed forward. - You know how she likes it. Her mouth is full of your sperm. Come on, come on.
The boy looked at the man and nodded. He went to his mother and put his penis in her mouth. Vagina Linda still convulsed in a fit of orgasm, when the boy tipped it and put a member. She wanted to suck it, wanted him to cum. Rock and Becky is now meant nothing to her, she had to keep safe their. This went on for an eternity, she wanted to. her son filled her with warm, sticky liquid over her mouth and throat. She knew it was bad, it was incest, but his son was forced, forced to do so. She knew that Mark along with it enjoy it. She looked up into the eyes of the boy, while her coarse dense ring slipped on his penis.
Rock and Becky watched as Linda grabbed the boy's ass, pulling him into her, plunging his cock fully in her throat as her lips buried in his stomach, while his sperm erupted somewhere deep.
- Ooooh - Mark cried, and sticky when warm liquid flowed in the mother's mouth. He gave a portion of a portion of sperm, which was only capable of the young organism. Long, thick stream flowed.
- Ooh - Linda heard a gurgling sound. She swallowed the sperm, some of which flowed through the corners of her mouth.
Roku was painful to see his son fucks mother in the mouth. And he saw Linda happy to swallow it liquid again and again.
Mark took out his dick start to fall off and walked away.
- The three of you, fuck me. - Said Linda, lying on the floor with your feet wide apart, while her hand masturbator vagina, while the other is strongly squeezed his chest.
- You fuck me? - Sperm of her son running down her chin.
- No, I do not think - said the man who held the gun. - There are some people and younger.
After his words, the two turned to Becky.
- Wait. - Becky said, unsuccessfully struggling with approaching to the people there.
Linda tried to get up, but the man with the gun stopped her, telling lie on the floor with her son.
- Lie down in 69th position, dear. - Pick it up member may be he will still have sex.
Linda sat on his haunches in the face of his son, took his penis in her mouth, arousing him and watching men fighting with her daughter.
- God, she was so small. - Said one of them.
- I am 16 years old. - Becky said, but they just laughed.
- Her boobs are the same as that of the mother. - Said the man, lifting up her shirt, from under which showed excellent elastic, even small children's breasts.
Becky started to cry when she turned and made to kneel on the couch. Her body went too, and her beautiful little ass steamed in the air. One held her arms while the other buttons in its unbuckled pants. Then, with both hands, he grabbed her pants and panties pulled along with them to the knees, buttocks beautiful maiden appeared from the views. Not a word, he lowered his fat 17-inch cock between the halves of her backside to the hole and gently pressed.
- Hold it stronger. I'll try to get her point.
- Oh, my God hissed Rock. They were going to sodomize her. This great man was going to sodomize her little daughter. - Please do not touch it.
Linda began to cry, go suck dick son. Becky looked back, and a cry burst from her lips.
- Father. - She cried. At this point, the head of a large member beginning to penetrate her virgin narrow anus.
- AAAA. - Screamed the little girl, her face twisted in incredible pain.
The man hesitated for some time before this little nice ass schoolgirl. His cock looked like a giant baseball bat in front of this child, narrow, wrinkled ringlet, barely noticeable. It is even harder pressed club, tearing small sphincter, barely half penetrated inside the girl. He turned his head to the Rock, and he laughed, pulling her hips and looking straight into his eyes, while his penis came out of the hole. Becky's eyes were wide open, his lips enough air, it was very painful. The man did not hesitate to immediately drove his cock into her quivering ass for the most eggs.
- Aaaaaa. - Becky screamed when half, and maybe more members began ramming her insides. - I hurt so much, everything burns in me. I feel bad.
- Repeat, Buck. - I told to keep it.
Buck pulled his penis out of the narrow hole, picked up her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Hot holes and winces continually clenched and unclenched.
- Look at it. We will fuck is a small, narrow point.
Again he plunged his cock until the very end in the ass girls and began to shake her ass, pulling and planting his cock almost to the end. Meanwhile, his brother picked up his penis and held it to his face, Becky, trying to push into her mouth.
- Suck it, little bitch. Suck it, as did your mother.
Becky screaming in pain, tearing her insides, asked to stop. She began to lick and suck cock dangling in front of her face, because it was the only way to escape from this suffering.
- Lord, I can not push it into his mouth. - Said the man. - But I want to see those cheeks swollen from the member has penetrated for them.
- I have an idea. Let it do its father, he certainly smaller economy. - I suggested another.
Everyone agreed, and the Rock was forced to submit. He took off his pants, pulled out his penis. At this time, the two brothers continued to rape his daughter.
- Next to his little slut said fucking ass girls.
- Suck him, baby.
The man with the gun took Roca behind her ear and bent. He did not move. He could not do anything, he looked like a man raped a huge cock in the ass of his young daughter as much as he could. He also was ordered to paste it into the mouth member.
- Father. - Becky said as her fingers wrapped around his penis and sent it into a wide-open mouth.
- How nice. - Said one of violence. - Suck a member of his father, while I fuck your little point.
Linda felt that Mark turned his head between her legs to see how his sister raped. She felt his penis increases in size while the man introduces his penis again and again in the anus girls. . "Oh, my God He likes it," - Linda thought. A moment later, she felt a finger son, caressing her own anus confused penetrate.
- No, Mark. No. - She said, and immediately regretted it.
The man raped Becky turned her strontium and laughed.
- The youth want to fuck mom in the ass. Not bad idea.
Another came up and grabbed Linda by the hair.
- Turn around, bitch.
She had no choice but to obey. She lay down on his stomach on the floor. Mark did not need another invitation. He stood behind his mother and sent his cock into her anus. He did not do it gently and carefully, and dramatically, as did the man raped his sister.
- Aaa - Linda screamed when Mark began to fuck her in the anus. At this time, Becky continued to fondle a member of his father, and the man stretched otvestvie her anus.
- It's time to change, - said the man, who helped Mark.
- Oh, my God, - Becky screamed when she felt that her anus with great difficulty and pain of another member went to her. - Father, help me. - She said, breathless with pain.
Slowly stretched minutes. A man standing with a gun is also set to Becky. The girl was humiliated, moaning in pain in the anus, crying and sucking dick of his father. Linda calmed down a bit. Rock was disgusted when after a few minutes looking at the way it meanders like a snake throws her ass in the air in time with the movements of her son so that he could enter more deeply into it.
- Well, as a boy? - I asked one of the men.
- It is narrow, - said Mark through his teeth.
Rock heard the moans of his wife, when she knelt down, grabbed the hands of Marcus and dropped them on his huge chest.
- Remember them a little while fucking me. - Rock was surprised by her words. - Hurt me, boy. Harder, harder. - Mark started fucking mother with a wild fury. Then Linda said words that Rock could never forget.
- We can fuck me here whenever you this zahochetsyas this point. You need only say the word and I immediately stoop down. I'll do it with your friends too. Do you like it, my boy? Would you like me to do it with your friends?
Three brothers choked with laughter. It took 10 minutes and 20 to take me again and again, each has already made 5 or 6 visits to a narrow anus girls. Rock said that the girl gradually began podmahivat back to their abusers and moan. But it was not a groan of pain and moans of pleasure. At the same time her lips moved frantically over his cock, it was impossible not to notice. Rock felt his cock getting harder and harder in the small mouth girl.
- How I feel good now - Becky said. - I want you, too, was good.
She began greedily sucking dick of his father, while the men around her laughed loudly. Mark all the while watching her sister. Word sisters made their case, and she began to finish right in the ass mother. Linda gasped with delight and squeezed halves of his backside as hard as she could.
- Oh my God. Yes, I squeeze them. - Mark said, like a jackhammer borer her anus.
The man raped Becky, took out his penis and sat down with Mark on the floor.
- Rest a bit. - He said to Mark. - Let her mouth lick your cock.
When Mark took out his penis from the anus mother, Becky turned toward his brother, her mouth was open in anticipation.
- I've always dreamed about this. - Mark said, when his dirty dick slipped into the mouth sister. He took both breasts sister's hand and squeezed it, giving it free rein. Becky moaned with pleasure and discomfort, licking dick brother covered with sperm and mother's contents back passage. To my great surprise and delight of the brothers, Mark's idea. He pulled Becky's hair to the rump, which had just fucked, expiring sperm.
- Lick it. - He said, shoving Becky between large backside cheeks mother. - Brushed her anus his tongue.
Little Becky obeyed, with a characteristic sound licking dirty ass mother, using language to get deep inside.
Chuckling, Mark was standing nearby, she kneaded her breasts and looked at her very much enhanced hole
- Oh, Becky. I want to fuck you in your little ass. - He said, and his protruding member began to make its expensive sister inside.
- Ltd. - Becky said, tearing the face covered with feces from the backside mother. She had no choice, she was so excited. - Fuck me, Mark. Fuck my ass to the end. Ahh ..
Men standing around, cheering him and laughed when his egg plopped on her ass. Very quickly nearing the first in the life of Becky orgasm.
- Oh, Mark. Do not stop, please.
Little sister Mark is no longer control himself in the flow of orgasm, while he literally skewer her ass on his cock.
But she was not allowed to stop. One man walked up, he pushed Mark and forcefully drove his huge dick in her anus.
- Ahh - Becky screamed even louder when her anus was again packed full of meat.
- Ooooh, - said the man, releasing a flow of sperm directly into the anus girls. He turned his head to the Rock.
- My turn said the second brother. - He stood behind Becky and put his penis in her anus. Almost immediately, Becky began to help him, and began to shake her next orgasm.
- Your little girl like a sex - he said Rock.
At that time, his brother offered her his dirty dick and she started with great zeal to suck and lick it. Barely a minute later, the man threw in the gut Becky large portion of sperm.
- Oh, this hole became so moist and full, - he said, taking out a member of the anus Becky.
There was a third place. He also, like the previous hard and fast fucked a few minutes, and then filled it inside your cream for the third time. When he finished, they dropped back Becky in the face of her mother, ordering her to lick all the juices dripping from the anus daughter. The little girl sat on mother's face, leaning on his hands. Every time her tongue touched the burning ring, she shuddered. She felt a large amount of sperm is still flowing from her sperm three men. Relax muscles, she sank into the language, spreading apart her ass cheeks. Sperm flowed from her, slowly at first, and then a small brook right in front of her open mouth.
- Ooh aa - Becky cried, shaking with searing orgasm.
The men were not satisfied with the contemplation of the two women, mother and daughter, are in position 69, of the vagina caressing each other. Moreover, his mother was from the bottom, in the top there was a girl teenager with wide open anus. The man with the gun turned in Rock.
- Fuck her in the ass. - He said. - Look at this hole, so that is waiting for you.
Rock knelt in front of Becky, a member was in his hand. He had no way out. She put the head of the penis opposite the entrance and pushed. Member easily entered in a well-designed hole. Becky looked up. Her face was covered with juice mother and looked at her father.
- Do not worry, Father. Now I like it.
Rock closed his eyes and began to move slowly at first a member, then at faster and faster, as demanded by the brothers. Soon, I fucked her as hard as he could. Becky moaned and tosses his head, enjoying the scene.
- Oh, father! I feel so good. I will make sure that all the boys at school, and then all the teachers will be so fun to me. Everyone will do it.
Listening to her babble girls Rock felt like even more swelled his penis in the anus daughter as enjoyment rises. He bent her head to crotch mother grabbed her child has chest and squeezed them, fucking her ass like an angry wolf.
- You'll do it, Becky. I will ask all the boys at school to put their members in your little ass.
- Yes, father. I swear.
- You little whore, Becky. Slut, in the narrow, wet, dirty ass. - Said a member of the Rock and it threw out the first jet of sperm in the anus Becky. He quickly pulled his dick out of her anus and sent her eagerly directly open into the mouth.
- I have some of my sperm, baby. You drink all the sperm in boys in school.
Becky moaned and swallowed the sperm of the father. When it was over, the three men got dressed and went out, slamming the door. Members of the family for a while looking at each other, then dressed and went to the car.
They walked a mile or more, getting to her, the trees surrounded by a dense ring road. Rock and Linda walked behind the children. Eye Rock looked at the spot formed on the shorts Becky sperm flowed out of her anus. He looked to his right, Linda, too, looked at it with a kind of lust in his eyes.
- Do you think the same thing as me? - She asked.
- Maybe. - Said Rock took Becky's hand and pulled him into the woods.
- Fun. - Said Linda submitting your hand son. - Your mommy wants to be fucked in the ass
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Bad guys

She does not remember what happened to her after to the very end of the day went to the office of his boss, to put it on the table daily report. Boss sitting at the table and looking through the papers in silence. When he saw Tati, then he smiled and said that she looked tired and offered a cup of coffee, "not to sleep in the subway." Tati agreed. And then, darkness. He slipped something in coffee, but she realized it only later, when the exhausted woke up in this awful room.
There was only one door and no windows that looks like the room was a huge back room cluttered with different types of furniture. In the corner huddled pair of leather sofas, in another, the same chair. Under the ceiling hung a chandelier, the walls were a couple of mediocre paintings, reminiscent of abstract art, in this situation, Tati is thought by some theater freaks. The walls were papered with striped wallpaper. The door was unusual. It is something reminiscent of a prison, with a huge gate, and a window for observation.
Tati has not been fully recovered, and have not yet realized what is really going on. She tried to turn around, but every movement was given to her with difficulty. Behind the door he heard some movement. Tati tried to understand that it could be, but there is a round valve turned on the door and it creaked broth. The girl did not understand who is in front of her.
- Igor Pe Petro-vich ... - she moaned, unable to believe his eyes.
- Yes, Tatochka, honey, I - almost joyfully said the boss, revealing with a touch of yellow teeth.
He was about forty-five, on his balding head has slipped gray. A small beer belly was stretched white shirt, he was dressed in a business suit in black and beige tie. His eyes ran over greasy Tati feet up and stopped at the level of her bust.
- What happened to, you could not tell me ...- then she hesitated, the boss began to slowly approach it.
- Nothing, baby, it's okay, you're not going to upset your daddy? - Igor Petrovich's voice was so disgusting that of its sound Tati wanted to wash his hands.
- What are you talking about? - I could not stand it, tearing away a light cry.
- Do not be nervous, my doll, do not you like your apartment? - He sat on his haunches in front of Tati and pulled her hands to her breasts.
She tried to pull away, but her strength was not enough. Igor Petrovich, feeling it rush, grabbed her by the hair with one hand, and the other began to unbutton her blouse.
- What kind of nonsense? - Moaned Tati, but Igor did not even hear it persisted unbutton.
Finally, he ended his lesson and disgusting looked at her small neat chest, hidden in her bra cups.
- How nice - he said in a low voice, as if thinking about something, and then reached inside his jacket and pulled out a small manicure scissors.
Tati learned his in them.
"God, these bastards are digging even in my bag!" - Flashed through her mind.
Igor Petrovich began to gently cut the jumper bra. As soon as he finished, and breast Tati finally freed from the shackles of lace, in his eyes there was something ugly, bestial. Tati was frightened.
- What you'll have a nice little - Igor smiled - just a doll, just for games. This gentle, unspoiled. And the smell of some flowers is very nice. Feast for the eyes.
- What games? - Tati frowned vaguely starting to realize why it was brought here.
- You see this little room? - Igor waved his hand in the interior. - This is all for you. If you want to get out, it does not get you, you will be protected, try to scream, nobody will hear, this room is located in an abandoned factory, and around for many kilometers of deserted. If you're a good girl, you also will be easier, but if not, then we have our own methods. Beheaded?
- What other methods? - Tati Igor tried to throw a hand to his hair, but he only tightened his grip on her.
- That's for later, but for now ... - His hand slid under her skirt and headed directly to the vagina.
Tati tried to cringe, but as Igor pulled her by the hair, that her eyes welled with tears. She slumped slightly. boss hand continued its movement. Finally, Igor reached its goal and, pushing her panties Tati, began diligently to rub her clit. First, Tati was hurt, but then head started zadurmanivatsya slowly. For a split second she lost vigilance, and when woke up and stared at his boss, he was already unbuttoning his trousers fly.
- Do not! - Moaned Tati, and received a resounding slap.
- Need, Need! - Igor Petrovich's voice trembled.
He freed his swollen member of greyish pants with wide elastic band and with the force began to masturbate looking at Tati. She closed her eyes. Igor also moved up closer to her and slowly began to pull up her skirt. That was quite narrow, and when he finally released her round hips, gathered huge folds in the stomach. He did not even pull off her panties, and just pushing them aside, breathing hot girl in the face with the force introduced his penis into her insides. Tati started, swept over her body trembling. Igor Petrovich began first uniformly moving back and forth, but soon increased his pace, and it became harder and harder to enter and exit from Tati. She did not feel anything, she just lay in silence with eyes closed, trying to suppress disgust. From closed eyes streaming tears. Igor Petrovich began to fondle her breasts. He eagerly bite into her nipples so that she even cried out in pain. With every minute he was very close to finish, and only Tati martyr restrain himself not to cry out in a loud voice from the engulfed her despair. Hands boss with the power kept her hip and her inquisitively to sit down on his cock. How long will this torment, she did not understand, but finally the Boss's face contorted, then he made a subtle laugh, sigh and Tati felt a hot stream of sperm hit her inside. Igor Petrovich pulled. Tati all flowed, her own release sperm mixed with the boss, and, clenching his legs, she felt uncomfortable wet between her legs.
- Well, girl, - said Igor and rose to his knees, pulled his penis to Tati person - and now lick, my sweet, do not walk the same daddy dirty.
Tati tried to unscrew the head, but Igor again grabbed her by the hair and shoved his penis into her mouth. Reins ass back here, he threw the girl's head to the side and buttoned his pants.
- Tired, treasure? - He asked with a kind smile.
- What? - Not stand Tati, spitting saliva on the floor, which felt the taste of semen and her own secretions.
- Do not hurry, the sun, this is not the end - with these words turned to Igor Tati back and turned round the valve on the door and left the room.
Two minutes later the gate creaked again, and in the doorway there were two men, a third came from behind and helped close the door. One was tall and dark, in appearance he was about forty-second average growth puhlovaty with sweaty face, and a third type of gruff, stooped with a menacing look sadist.
- ABOUT! How lovely - plump mumbled.
- Do not fuck tongue wag, muddle - threatened stooping, - let's have a matter of loans, and the boredom death.
- What should I start with? - High smiled.
- And why not start here, mumbled stooped and walked quickly to the Tati.
Sitting down, he reached for her handcuffs, but somehow suddenly jerked, as if remembering something, and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small syringe and squeezing the air out of him residues introduced needle into a vein resisting Tati. The drug began to act quickly and in a couple of minutes Tati all clearly aware of, but I could not move a single part of his body.
Slouching undid the handcuffs and took the girl's body paralyzed, carelessly threw her on the sofa. Tati felt a pain in his back, but could not move. Plump approached her and began to pull off her skirt and panties, dark jacket and blouse. Tati was in an uncomfortable position, completely naked, face down on the leather couch. He was quite wide.
Slouching began to unbutton his pants, and later they went to his knees next to Tati. He turned her back to him, and she felt as an elastic head of his erection buried in her anus. Jerk and a member of stooping girl was inside, but a man in no hurry to move, he put his hands on her breasts and began to pull at her nipples. Plump also I pulled off my pants and lay down next to Tati right in front of her face, breathing in her face fumes. His small penis was standing, and he brought his girlfriend into the vagina. Putting his hands on her hips, he began to stroke them evenly. Tati all aware of and feel every touch, but could not move his hand not a leg. The dark trousers removed completely and attach side put his huge dick in her mouth Tati. At first began to move rotund, he could not wait more than anyone else, then stooped stick ass Tati began on his cock, dark introduced to force her mouth on his penis so that Tati even feel pain. Men began to work as a harmonious mechanism. Tati felt inside her swollen, twitch and stir just three members.
At first she was hurt, but then accelerate the movement of her talo nice. The clitoris is swollen and began to throb, Tati had the first orgasm, the juice trickled between her legs river, then she had a second orgasm. She could not even scream. The first dark-skinned finished, he stuck his dick out of his open mouth Tati and his semen running down her cheeks. Then a powerful jet hit Tati in the colon, and then finished and plump, uttering a strangled cry before orgasm. Tati thought that now men finally leave her alone to bleed to sperm, but not slouching and Pukhlyak not move, both tired and decided not to move. Soon Tati realized that they had fallen asleep. While they were asleep, they slowly, as if being played is introduced, then pulled its members out of the holes Tati.
It took a long time and all the time Tati felt two limp dick in his inside. Slouching first woke up he woke chubby. Tati found that she could move again, and tried to pull away, but the dark, jumping up from his chair with the force pressed her face to the couch. Then he grabbed her abruptly and put them in a pose of cancer so that Tati ass towered over his head.
- Do not rock the boat - he growled.
Huge member of swarthy men penetrated her vagina with force and then began to penetrate into the freed .... The dark is a rage. He did hurt her, tugging back and forth with the force spitted on the penis. Then he sat down on the sofa, and set Tati on his cock like a rag doll, he began to play with her, spitted like to pin on his penis her warm, the current hole. Slouching broke down and fell to his chest Tati, plump fell to the second. Now they both licked her breasts with incredible fury. The girl was hurt again.
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My history. Part one. Loss Camp

The best moments were trips to the beach. On the beach walk twice a day, the beach camp was fenced with a symbolic fence, breaking that and passed about two hundred meters through the winding paths you can get to the "wild" beach, so-called nude beach in camp. But I went there during the quiet hours, when the two counselors, Lena and Lola, were closed in his room, and a detachment of playing cards, that's when I grabbed the camera down climbs through a hole in the fence and went to the "wild" beach. They climbed on the rock I photographed girls expose their charms searing July sun. I selected only the best body for that would capture them in photos.
Most of all I liked to take pictures of a brunette who usually sunbathed Metakhim fifteen from my point of observation. She came to the beach in a white transparent shirt and bikini panties immediately bared, lay on the hot sand, and caused sunblock first on the chest, at the same time vigorously massaging the nipples, then to trim the tummy, descending lower and finally reaching shaved hollows it has launched two fingers pre-moistened with saliva into the heart of the cherished target, so it went on for five minutes, after which she stretched hands closed her eyes and lay motionless for at least half an hour. She was a girl, a dream for me. I'm almost every day, to close in the toilet or already lying in his bed, when everyone was asleep, imagining how to have sex with a girl's dream, while rubbing his hand sticking out member. When I finished, then rested for another five minutes, moving the breath asleep strong healthy sleep.
One warm evening, I'm instead of going with a group to the disco, washed away in the town taking with him a little money, a towel and swimming trunks.
The first stall I bought a pack of Chesterfield and a can of beer, and breathing the sea air and nicotine deeply went into the city. This evening in the city was Cocoa holiday, all the shops and cafes were occupied by noisy drunken companies and kissing couples. When he reached the beach, I was about to go into the booth and change, but all cabins were occupied, it was evident that they at least two persons, and from the stalls occasionally muffled moans and sobs. Coming closer to the sea, I sat down on the sand, and took out a cigarette lit. Not far from me, the company is located girls who looked about seventeen, they were playing cards, laughing loudly and constantly about something whispered. Swim in shorts is not an option, -Think I; I will change clothes right here. I generally like to shock people, the adrenaline rush, the feeling one experiences when prelyudno undress, or you go through the city center in torn jeans and bandana with raspivaya on the go with throat dorogushchee wine - the most "Russian" extreme, sometimes me, it is quite ons. I got up from the sand, took off his T-shirt, shorts, briefs and then standing in the buff, I once again looked at the beach, I like to wear swimming trunks, but then behind his back I heard a woman's voice:
- The young man let light.
I turned around in front of me stood a girl of sixteen, long black hair, big blue eyes, full red lips, a little girl's breasts, tender smooth, flawless skin was dark-blue bikini on the girl. I held the lighter to the cigarette, she podkurila looked me in the eye, she said: "What's your name," I must say I was shocked, "Alexei :, Alex" - I muttered. She looked me in the eyes, then slowly looked at my groin. At this time, my dick began the treacherous climb under her gaze. Not knowing what to do, I instinctively pulled her hand and closed his fighter.
"You know, I just lost the card will. Will not you help me to carry it out?" - She said, and made a plaintive face, in front of which could not resist probably not one man.
"Watching how the desire" - I said, knowing that now I'll do anything.
"Well, actually, I owe you a massage while you cum in my palm" - she said, with an embarrassed face clearly.
"I mean jerk? Right here?"
"Well, here '
"Well" - I knew that this could end badly, but he could not refuse this.
I lay down on the warm sand, spread his legs, I was overwhelmed with feelings, a sense of impending pleasure, in the end I felt that I finish before it starts me "massage". My cock was sticking defiantly, and on the head already stood out brilliant drop of grease. Stranger for some reason went to the water and when she came back, sat down next to me, she grabbed my erect penis, wrapped it in her palm, she looked at me. At first, perhaps because of the strong field, I did not understand what was happening, and then I felt cold chills me, from a member of the whole body ...
"It will cool you, you do not want to end too quickly?" - She whispered.
From my mouth I escaped a muffled scream, and then I heard laughter. I completely forgot about her friends, who all the while keeping his eyes were watching.
"Do not pay any attention to them. It's just you, me, and your steadfast member!" - She said, stroking my dick rising again.
"Well, I'll start, if you do not mind," - he said the stranger, and not waiting for an answer began to slowly drive his smooth "velvet" hand over the entire length of my fighter.
It was noticeable that she wanker at first he was not very diligent. But then, apparently, went into a rage, she started the stronger squeeze my cock, on the contrary barely touched him, with the accelerating pace of caresses, then slowing down. His little eyes darted sparks of lust, everything in it and cried: I WANT !!!. She eagerly looked at how my dick peeking out of her fist, while she constantly licked his dry lips. When I began to feel that the ending is near, she released my dick from her hands, looked at me, saw my face on the request for continuation, smile touched her lips.
"Now, I am patient," - she whispered, and take up his palm to face a number of movements of the tongue lapped up all the grease from his hands. Then again she licked her lips, and then in one motion pulled off her bikini top revealing a maiden, but a fully formed breasts. Then he took my hand and put it under him, and said:
"Massage and you me, I also want to caress !?"
My fingers began to wander between her slender legs and finally found the entrance to the crotch, pulled inward.
"Not so fast! You do not want to hurt me"
I eased the pace and easily entered one finger deep inside.
"That's good! Go on!" - She moaned.
She began to rise and fall on my finger, then remembering my cock again started stroking it.
"I'll lick it if you want"
"Yes-aa, I want this-oo"
She bent over my protruding member, and releasing the tongue licked the head. Then she took my penis at the base and plunged it into her mouth half, pulled, licked her entire head, held a tongue from the base to the tip, and swallowed it entirely. As long as my dick was in her mouth my insatiable stranger, she spent her tongue around him, as if trying to shove it deeper in the throat. I continued to wander finger into her vagina, from which she was constantly moaning.
Three minutes later of this action, I felt that I can no longer contain sperm-confidence, and now I'm finished. It is, judging by how writhing on my hand, too, I was close to orgasm. With his free hand, I tried to pull out his penis that would not finish in her mouth, she released his mouth, looked at me and said:
"Cum in my mouth, please, I want to try to cum"
She closed her eyes and took my head in his mouth, making a few movements of the tongue, she received ample portion of sperm, then a second, then she released a member of his mouth, and a third jet of sperm hit on her lips and cheek. Rang out the cries and opladismenty her girlfriends she looked at them, smiled, and flashed a drop of sperm on the lips of my stranger.
She reluctantly got out of my hand, grabbed the top of her bikini and ran to the water. I lit a cigarette. This is the first blow in my life, finally at least some of my dreams come true.
At this time, the girl-stranger came up to me:
"Let's go meet?"
I reluctantly got up, and walked her to the company of her girlfriends.
"I Vika name. It Anya (blond short stature, but with a curvy shape), this is Julia (the highest of the girls with brown eyes and small breasts), it is Sasha (girl with childlike eyes and a short haircut), which Cyrus my younger sister (she really looked like the youngest, but Kira had long slender legs and curvy ass)! ".
"Well, you give a virtuoso, a show staged, sorry your mom did not see it" - exclaimed with a grin Anya.
"Well, even that was not enough, and you see little sister, blab, kill!" - Said Wick.
"Vic, and you're really in the cards lost or so?"
"The truth is lost, but I do not regret it. I hope you like it?"
"You bet I did not like!" - I said with a smile.
"And you did from the camp?" - Asked Cyrus.
"Well, while they were at the disco, I decided to take a swim"
"Come with us for a walk, and then in the company of female boring" - suggested Cyrus.
"I do not girls to the camp, I was already there looking for!"
"Well, then, tomorrow, we are always here in the evening, stay away"
And I'm inspired new dreams and desires, quick step, smoking cigarettes one by one, went to the camp. But my adventures were not over for today.
Approaching the camp, I saw that the house where he lived our unit, the light was only counselors room. I climbed over the fence, slowly walked to the porch, the door was not locked. Entering the house, I walked down the hall, counselors room was between the rooms of boys and girls. The door was ajar vozhatskuyu in, I tried to keep quiet, that would not have heard passing by the open door, involuntarily I saw what was happening. First harsh light blinded me, but after a couple of seconds, I saw the picture, which recalled before going to bed for a long time.
Lola sat on the bed with his back against the wall, out of the clothes she was wearing only stockings. Her small breasts with pink nipples sticking out constantly rose and fell, it seemed that her heart was about to jump, slender, graceful her legs were wide apart. Next to the bed, knelt Lena on her differences from Lely were even and white lace panties, she, having put two fingers in Lelin bosom and occasionally massaging her lips swollen clit drove Lelia to orgasm, periodically publishing smacking sounds. With the other hand, Lena massaged her pussy right through her panties. From Lelina chest and then escaped muffled moans of pleasure.
My cock instantly rose, and, resting his pants, delivered painful. I could no longer endure, pulled his fighter out of captivity, I began to masturbate hard. Excitation was very strong, so do not see every day. Judging by the way shook Lelina body, it was obvious that she was close to orgasm, with one hand, she pressed harder Lena to her crotch and the other clutching his right chest. After a few seconds, Lel finished, her lips broke moan of pleasure, with a portion of its discharge was right on Lena's mouth, and some remained on her lips and cheek. Lola closed her eyes and held on dry lips tongue, and let go of Lena, had fallen to the side. Lena also continued vigorously massaged her pussy, while occasionally kissing the delicate skin girlfriend.
At this time, I was also close to bliss continuously masturbate his end, for the past seven minutes, I lost all caution. Cum in my palm, I groaned, which was enough, that would notice me.
Lola lying is not movable, he jumped on the bed and instinctively covered her glistening, saliva friends and their own excretions, perineum. Her face was frightened, but when she saw me standing on his haunches, with a member in one hand and his own sperm in the other, his face broke into a smile. Lena got up from the floor, licked his lips and commanded: "Come here, you lousy masturbator!" - At the same time her face was angry. As under hypnosis, I got up from his knees and went into the room, closed the door behind him.
"First, where have you been? And secondly, Alex, you did not let me finish, okay? And if I do not finish when turned on, then later, I am very angry!"
"Can you at Lely ask!"
I glanced at Lelia, she shook her head in response, and the smile never left her face.
I looked at Lena's eyes. If looks could kill, I'd be dead. He seemed ready to break me.
", I went to the beach, and then walked past the door and saw:" - I mumbled in his defense.
"Well, what do we do with him? And Lel?" - Lena said for more than a soft voice.
"Well, let them finish what you started I think it will be true:".
"That's all? But he saw us?"
"So what? After all, you do not tell anyone about what he saw?"
"No! Of course not, I know how to keep secrets." - I said I did not understand myself, what I say (as you can see I have kept secret for five years).
"Well, okay let alone bring me to orgasm." - Lena said, replacing anger with mercy.
"Wait a minute. You have cum in her hand? And I just did not notice?" - Lola said, and reached out to me.
"I can not assume that such a treasure be spilled!"
With these words, Lola got out of bed and stood in front of me on my knees, pulled my hand from the sperm to his greedy mouth. At first, she merged the thick, sticky, fragrant liquid into the mouth and then began to lick each finger. I stood there not knowing what was going on, trying to figure out a dream or not a dream, but even if it's a dream, I did not want to wake up. But my cock, knew what was happening and stood at attention.
From oblivion I brought the voice of Lena, she was angry and excited to the limit.
"It is enough, first let me finish, and then what you want to do!"
She sat on the bed, placing his delicious, impressive size ass on the cover, slowly spread her legs, presenting my eyes shaved crotch, only lobochke was a small mound of blond hair. I pulled my fingers out of Lelin mouth, she let go of them with obvious displeasure, knelt beside the bed and wondered what to do next? I was confused, I did not know how to do it, I certainly saw as they do in porn, but never tried it. Meanwhile, Lena closed her eyes in anticipation of pleasure. I still stood motionless. After a few seconds of waiting Lena could not stand it.
"Come on, lick me. I want to come!"
"I do not know, I've never done this" - tried to justify myself.
"Oh, hell, he also does not know how to lick!" - Shouted Lena, a woman's voice, which only need one to finish.
"Hush, Lena, children wake up now, I'll teach it quickly." - Lely words to me were salutary.
Lola sat next to me, hugged and pressed his lips to my mouth. Her tongue reached into my mouth and started slowly there, faster and faster, circling around my tongue.
"Now you understand?" - I asked Lola and looked at me with a look, "I do not mind repeating," began to massage the bosom girlfriend.
Lena She stroked his right hand and the left took my hand and pulled the crotch girlfriend. I began to immerse their fingers in hot moist crack, between the slender legs, the experience I already had.
"And now, lick it like an ice cream" - whispered Lola removes his hand from the womb of friends, and traveling on their own.
I leaned to the flowing sap of young vagina and licked. The feeling was vague, not nasty, not to turn a pleasant, taste the vagina Lena was salty. Touch of my tongue made on the quivering flesh effect, as if I licked a fiery furnace in the bath. Lena arched, her nipples seemed about to burst.
"Now, do the same tongue that I have you in my mouth," - whispered Lola, which is clearly overwhelmed by the excitement of what he saw.
I tried to restore the order of actions, but did not have time, because Lena grabbed my head with both hands and pulled her to the point of exhaustion pussy. I decided to do as it will. Parted lips, I put his tongue into the fold as deeply as possible. Lena moaned and removing his hands from the back of my neck began to stroke his chest and rubbing nipples. I began to randomly rotate the tongue inside her vagina, making her even more arched and moaned continuously.
"Still, to give even-aay! Stronger!"
I looked at her and finally got a taste of the game, then I slowed down action, forcing her to ask for more, then abruptly accelerated, from which she writhed all over, and her legs shiver.
"Now, find the hillock and squeeze his lips" - said Lola intermittent breathing.
Find the clitoris was not difficult, because I thoroughly studied every crease between the legs of the Lena. I found the clitoris Lena, and pulled his free hand to Lelina chest. Lola took my hand in down to her pussy, I straightened the finger and easily entered the insatiable wet vagina, her counselor, so she moaned. And the two women groaned, barely holding back, no matter what to scream with delight.
After a few seconds of my oral sex Lena shivered all over and squeezed her nipples of her breasts escaped a muffled groan, she had finished. Lola tore me from the vagina girlfriend and lay down on the floor legs outstretched. I knew what to do and not losing a second fell to its feverish flesh. As soon as I felt her clit, she convulsed and pushing me harder to vagina finished. I stood up, took out his penis and began to masturbate looking at the two naked and exhausted body. Lel finally opened her eyes and saw me said:
"Can I help you?" - While she licked her lips.
I was too excited, that would say something, I just stood silently and jerked his sticking member for twenty minutes. When I felt that I finish, I Framed hand, but the first stream will still hit the leg of Lely. She raised a finger and collecting the precious liquid with legs, sent it into his mouth. I was completely exhausted, and looked at how Lola licked his finger, I thought that now my dick rise again, but the strength in the fourth orgasm of the day I did not have.
Lena opened her eyes, too, but lay motionless and silent. Lel, meanwhile, dipped his finger in the palm of my hand, and enjoying as a kid jam, sent him there too much, and for the first time. I took a glass from the table and poured the remnants of his semen, then wiped his hand on a towel Lely. I gave her a glass and took out a cigarette, lit it.
"You do not have to tell anyone about what happened today, otherwise we and you are thrown out of the camp. Okay?" - Lena said in a low voice gentle.
"I told you I will not say So do not tell." - I replied firmly.
"Well, that's good Come was finishing, and go to sleep, and then it's too late." - Lena said gently.
Lola smiling, looking at the girlfriend, and absorbed the remnants of my sperm.
"Lelka I leave, I want" - outraged Elena.
Lel, not wanting to share, in one gulp drank the contents of the beaker.
"Well, there's always, Lelka all the sperm!"
"Well, I'll go to sleep" - I said, and got out of bed. Coming out of the room, I looked again at his counselors, Lely lips glistened with sperm, and Lena was still lying on the bed and stroking her breasts.
I quietly that no one would wake up, walked over to his bed, took off his shoes and lay down in his clothes. Just think, my usually so strict and cold counselors, were lustful bisexual. I wonder whether continued follow? By the end of the flow of another week, you can catch a lot of things: Thoughts about girls from my troop, disappeared by itself, is now the subject of my desires were my horny counselors.
So I spent about half an hour, and then I fell asleep.
I woke up as usual from the gentle voice Lely:
"Boys, rise! Come on, we have yet to charge should be"
The last thing I wanted to wake up, headache, ache in the groin, but nothing to do, have to get up.
The whole day I was worried about the pain in his groin. When it was time quiet hours, and all went to the room, I went to the toilet and thoroughly surveying his penis, found a small scratch on the trunk. I decided to pay a visit to the clinic in order to process your fighter, but the corridor was faced with Cherish.
"Where are you going? Quiet time is"
"Yes, in a clinic:. Well, there is, in general, have a headache"
"Come on, I can help you? My mother is a doctor, I know something about this"
"Well, I do not really have a headache, a little below:"
"Let me see, let's go to my room"
Unable to find more words, I trudged for Cherish the room leaders. Lena not in the room.
"Lenka just gone to the beach with Kate rehearse today act"
"Well, where have you got hurt? Show '
"I have to scratch"
"Come on, show me, it is necessary to treat, but it is still inflamed" - with these words Lola shut the door of the castle.
Why should I agreed, and now no way back, will have to show her the scratch. I took off my shorts and stood in his shorts. Well now exactly nothing to do, and in one fell swoop pulled the panties. Lola in the meantime pulled out of iodine tables and wool and sat on the edge of the bed next to the window.
"Come here to the light"
I slowly approached, and when she saw me naked to the waist, her eyes flashed sparks of lust.
"Show where you scratch here?" - While Lola licked her lips.
I took the term in his hand, lifted him up and showed her his injury. Lola took my penis and began to carefully examine the scratch. Her hand was warm and soft, her touch, I became excited, while she stared as my fighter is growing rapidly.
"Yeah, then iodine does not help, then it is necessary to other means" - with these words, Lola put her tongue, and held them for a scratch.
"That's better?"
"Yes, a lot!"
"Then you need intensive care!" - I exclaimed Lola and half plunged my cock in his throat.
Then she took my penis at the base, and began his podrachivat while the immersing him completely in his voracious mouth, then, pulling out his tongue and playing. Therapy session lasted seven minutes, and then I groaned and literally plants a head counselor at his protruding count, finished her throat. She pulled me out of all that was possible. Then, I am releasing my fighter of the sweet captivity, and licked his lips and said:
"The wound is not serious, but I would recommend a few sessions of therapy, no matter what complications arose"
"Good Doctor" - I played along, "How say!"
By the end of the stream every day I received intensive therapy session, and sometimes several a day, but all good things must come to an end.
The night before leaving Lena Cherish gave me a good-bye. "In conclusion," I finished eight times, and my lustful five counselors. However, this summer's surprises are not over yet.
Arriving home, I learned that still enrolled in college.

To be continued!
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In the arms of Utah

So, in the lunchroom, I met with Steve - tall, very handsome young man of thirty years. He came from Utah, where his father was a large and prosperous farm. And he was in Florida on vacation. He was alone, and certainly missed. So, it is quite easy and just began a relationship. We met every day. It lasted two weeks, and I feel that our relationship is strengthened with each passing day. I thought about it with bated breath, afraid to jinx it.
We soon became close, but you do realize that this is does not mean anything in this country, let alone at a resort in Florida - even more so. And yet, it seemed to me that in front of us Steve has a future. Being alone, I examined thoughtfully in the mirror and thought: "And why not? What have I done American girls I'm beautiful, I'm twenty years old, I have a slim figure, gorgeous long hair And I do not have a penny to his name?. - is not it, Steve is not the Soviet Peasant, zamopdovany poverty that too much attention to such trifles to the detriment of their own desires and facilities Ppotsvetayuschy young amepikanets could well afford varia cute eccentricities, vpode marriage to underprivileged English this poskosh -.. not depend absolutely the money in the Problems of personal happiness - it is available for him. "
And, surprisingly, I was p.pavoy. Steve p.pedlozhit me to go with him on fepmu to Utah. Of course, I'm very very postapalas ponpavitsya him, has done a lot for this, but in fact and inferences, then what! Not every little girl English vdpug ppivalivaet such luck.
Steve ppishlos not wait very long for my consent, he helped me to pack my one suitcase and beskpaynie ppostopy Amepiki rushed past us along the endless, sunny dopog. Svepkayuschy white "kpayslep" Steve ppomchal us chepez southern states with cotton fields, chepez sepedinnye with their frozen blocks away highway mpachnymi obvetpennyh rocks ... I do not vepila his luck. And, as it turned out, I did The correct ...
Even in Florida, Steve once told me that he and his family - mopmony. I did not ppidala any importance. In America, many postseismic peligy that quite confusing, especially if you ppiehala of Russia, and no ppivykla think about it. Well, mopmony okay. So I thought then. It was all one.
Traveled by okpuzhnoy dopogo svepkayuschie sun neboskpeby Salt Lake City, we arrived at a large vechepu fepme those of Steve's family lived. Large two-storey house nadvopnymi postpoykami, several vehicles under weightless, tractor,, rising above in the field nearby - all this to my delight the indoor testified ppeuspevanii and prosperity. Amepikantsy - always padushnye gosteppiimnye owners. So it was with me. At first I was a little pobela peped poditelyami Steve, I really wanted them ponpavitsya. But very soon I realized that they are very cute dobpodushnye stapiki, and I can safely ppetendovat on pol their daughter.
I was introduced to tpemya bpatyami Steve, with their wives, children, even with all nine salaried pabochih. Workers were here and his men, and even sat down at the table with the hosts. After dinner, when the table sobpalos more than twenty people, we otppavilis sleep. Of course, that night, Steve spazu ppishel same to me, in me is assigned to a small room.
He turned on the music - very gpomko, some pok and said: "Dopogaya, let poigpaem I is offered to you in sygpat igpu in koto.puyu igpaet our, I mean all our mopmonov kpayah?.."
"What is this igpaet?" - Spposil I dovepchivo looking radiant dobpye his eyes, the eyes of my future husband.
"Do not worry dopogaya. This is something vpode dedication to our family members. This is our wedding Ritual, so to speak. I'll tie you close your eyes and love will begin. You will first been making love in this house blindfolded."
Seeing flashed on my face doubts and momentary fright, he added: "It's just you even do anything itself does not need And the fact that you get a lot of fun, I have no doubt But to become polnoppavnym member of our family you have... . p.poyti sure this initiation well, do not be afraid Because I pposhu you. "- and leaned toward me and tickling his long wheat-colored mustache my ear pposheptal -" We will be happy. " It peshilo business. I offered him my head, and Steve dense chepny handkerchief wrapped my face, so that no ray of light not ppobivalsya through it. Then he helped me pazdetsya and lie on kpovat. Gpohotala music, I did not hear anything, just ppedavayas bliss in the warm pukami, thrilled, lying naked on fresh ppostynyah.
I felt strong puki stroked my nipples and my gpud tpepetno zatvepdeli, ppipodnyalis and tepep topchali tvepdymi tips vveph. I felt naked body on her, obediently pazvela legs out sideways. Hand caressed my ppomezhnost easily pposhlogo on poposshemu bugopku pubis hair and fingers deep into my vagina. I leaned navstpechu all these fingers, and exhausted from desire, pposheptala ". Skopee please me, take me." As if in response to these words of mine, thick head of the penis pointed at me and slowly he began to enter Inside a itself pazdvigaya my labia. I'm all nappyaglas, feeling the length and thickness of the tool, with each vzdpagivaya santimetpom it creeping into me. He seemed no end ... upeplas head in my womb, began to push her, crushing my INNER. Member touched klitop I dpozhala all over with sweet languor.
Yet something neppivychnoe confused me. Intuitively, I felt something unfamiliar ... God, it's not Steve! I knew what his penis. And there, in Florida, and in the way we vpemeni dapom not tepyali. Hoposho I knew I was capable of Steve. And his penis - it is considerably less. Hikogda Steve member has not reached such a powerful fpiktsiyami my uterus. Now comes it is all a strong pasplyuschilas pitmichnymi udapa. Mechanically I depgalas navstpechu him stapyh get into the rhythm. I succeeded, but I already knew that I owned some porphyry intrusions. Where is Steve? What ppoizoshlo?
I tried sopvat off the bandage, prevent us from seeing, but my puki were under zavepnuty back svephu weighed on the male body, and I did not. And then there's the situation padikalno variable. Ppikosnovenie I felt something on my lips. Sticking his tongue, I ppovela them on soft flesh, and realized that it was another member of hanging over my ptom. He pposhelsya my lips, then I began to enter into my potik. I had no d.puguyu how to let him go and start sucking movements. Tepe.p so no doubt it could not be. No Steve same two members ...
I tried zakpichat, but I did not work - my Prep was packed to the goplo like a gag, ogpomnym member eccentricity to the same nappyagsya, preparing izvepgnutsya. This ppoizoshlo. A HOT dense stpuya spepmy splashed me in p.pyamo goplo. I choked her. Kata, it is very much stpuya was strong. My goplo flooded. I sudopozhno swallowed, stapyh not choke completely ... However, after this term does not sobipalsya too quickly to get out of my pta. He luxuriated in my cheek, I pepekatyvalsya poke deeper again. Ppodolzhaya suck it, I pasppobovala spepmy taste - it was a bit salty, even, I would say, teppkaya. True, pasppobovat properly I could not, because it's all Quaternary was a steep bends of first member pushes me povnymi movements. He made me constantly sodpogatsya from shocks in the uterus. I think it was so long that I went into the uterus. Therefore, of probabilities, it seemed to me that I planted a giant paskalenny count. Hezabyvaemoe impression.
I myself otkpylos vto.poy breath. I was ppiyatno. It was strangely feeling. Women certainly have to understand me, if you think about what I felt at that moment. Feel filled to the marginal-spepmoy lying down with tucked both stopony otvepstiyami - so neppivychno that can not but worry. A pitm specified members of my body, as though lulling me, making someone else feel the force pouring into me.
At last, and my vagina was oposheno spepmoy. It bubbled as if boiling, pouring out of my body in the depths. Suggested sense, and forgetting everything, I am at this moment, and she had finished.
Ending without knowing for whom - it was awful and yet so pomantichno ...
Bandage from my eyes tepep removed and I saw modeled from a kaptiny! Two bpata Steve sat naked on kpovati pyadom with me. Ha was written in their faces of satisfaction, they were breathing heavily. Steve himself was sitting quietly in a chair not far away, and watched all ppoiskhodyaschee with a smile.
Both bpata vskope got up and left. I potpyasennaya, obpushilas Steve with uppekami. I accused him, I tpebovala answer, I cried. I was all the more passepzhena that complaints and uppeki my nebyli really so clean. After all, he had seen Steve as bupno I came under his bpatyami. My outrage and indignation was aggravated by Steve himself. I was not expecting anything from Steve, but at heart was potpyasena fact that by itself did not expect such a lascivious formation reactions.
And Steve and obezopuzhivayuschey smile govopil me that ppoisshedshee in-order of things, and nothing much ppoizoshlo. They - mopmonov stapyh hardening is ppinyato. Sam ppopok mopmonskoy tsepkvi Joseph Smith had odnovpemenno my wives and concubines. It told him who appeared to him an angel Moponi ... Just behaved and his successor Bpayem Young, print and other apostles mopmonov. All this is consistent with their vepe. At the end of the century pposhlogo Ppavitelstvo it forced them to formally renounce polygamy, but in reality it ppivelo to greater sexual paspuschennosti. A Vppochem, Steve said, smiling because you think all ponpavilos if I'm not mistaken. You do like our ppishlis stapinnye customs? What could I say?
That night, Steve caressed me especially stpastno. He went to my rumpled bed, and I was once again over - underneath this paz. And after that, Steve smiled enigmatically, and throwing my legs vveph, entered me chepez rear ppohod. I kpichala and cried with neppivychki, but then this laskaponpavilas me. Feel your back become progressively flexible ppohod member of the men were hurt and sweet odnovpemenno. But ppiyatno was me and Steve are not very ponpavilos. I was too narrow for him. He said that ppivyk to porphyry intrusions, and rear ppohod a woman must be Wide-convenient for INFERRED men. Steve got up and went out for a moment from the room, vepnulsya with fairly long and thick leather tightly packed bag. He made me stand on chetvepenki, Wide-passtaviv knees and pushed with force into my anal otvepstie a thick bag. DURING this, he patted me on the back, wriggling and ugovapival poteppet. "This bag is specially mower is intended to is expanded rear ppohod our women. All the wives of my bpatev in its Quaternary wore a the bag. Now comes their anuses were both kopyta, there may enter the horse with his ogpomnym the tool. Poteppi you. After all, you know tepep as ppiyatno. " So, with a bag in the pope, I fell asleep on the shoulder of Steve.
Hautpo descended to zavtpaku I quite d.puguyu smotpela eyes to all this family. I was ostopozhno, stapyh do drastically pelvis movements, because the bag was still packed to overflowing in me. Take me to ppishlos kpaeshek chair. Everyone saw it and realized that I carry in myself that I is expanded ... Shame I kpasnela, lowered his head, a newly found out that all this calmly. When all the women, and I take off out into the kitchen, his wife stapshego bpata - one of my vchepashnih tormentors, her name was Peggy, leaned toward me and whispered: "You do not really hurt When Steve will thrust it into you again, smazh yourself first ass? kpemom. It helps. " And seeing my embarrassment, she added: "Do not worry about all this chepez ppohod But then it'll be the most desirable of all..."
It voskpesene, pabochih Potali cattle on pasture, one of bpatev went with them. I went into dvop, osmotpela postpoyki. DURING this I, of course, no matter what could not sospedotochitsya, just so unexpected turning maneuver events. Vepnuvshis into the house, I have never found Steve. Bpedya by numerous rooms, I heard vdpug for dvep moans and sobs. Slightly ppiotvopiv dvep to my surprise I saw Peggy from her lush white body sopokaletney fepmepshi, which was then stood on chetvepenkah and her ppistpoivshegosya Steve eccentricity dropped his pants, enepgichno tpahal it. Peggy struggled in his pukah, sladostpastno rolled her eyes. By Peggy podbopodku flowed stpuyka thin saliva. Peggy could not by stpasti sdepzhat saliva lust for Steve. I stood there, killing by what he saw as behind me someone took the puku. It was his father Steve, the owner of the house, sixty Enoch. Mistep Enoch smotpel smile on his otkpyvshuyusya vzopu kaptiny - Steve Peggy and me. Then gently led me through kopidopu. At the end of it I was of the broad sunlit vepanda. There, on vepande, mistep Enoch on paternal patted my head, through my long hair, called the baby. "Do not cry, baby, and not pevnuy. Steve man and a free man. Today he Peggy zavtpa with mapta, poslezavtpa again with you. He ppinadlezhit all in this house. And you, too. Ppivykay to love, my child."
Speak out these words, mistep Enoch pulled up to the knees bpyuki his pants and sitting on a chair, put his kvephu dark, small size is, the phallus. When I obediently as pokopnaya daughter of his new father, knelt down and took the pyadom member lips stapyh Enoch all ppodolzhaet stroking my head and ppigovapivat something soothing about my new family life. It's True, it did not prevent him vskope of the excited and finish my otkpyty vopota shirt is. A member of his jumped out of my stapatelno potika and sucking on my potepi gpud. Almost spazu same spepma men ran down my nipples, draining into the hollow between gpudyami.
After that, you can assume that I am honored to pposhlogo basic tests, and can be considered polnoppavnym family member. Vechepom Steve took from me my bag. I felt that there p.pyamo Inside a colon, as if filled with air. It felt sovepshenno clearly. As if I tepep instead of the rear ppohod wore Inside a hollow themselves of the broad to prevent tube! Steve pposhelsya his cock in her, and this paz I do not hurt. Once again, I had finished at Steve, and the eccentricity, it seemed was not tired pyshnogpudoy Peggy. He was tireless in love, my Steve. And I, too, from ppiuchil to this, he is already under utpo otppavil me into the room to his younger bpatu Elijah.
I zavepnulas in ppostynyu and went. Elijah and his young wife slept Sapa. Skpipnuv dvep I pazbudila them. They raised their young tousled head from the pillow, and I explained to them that I ppislal Steve. Elijah laughed:
"Well, of course. I still today utpom told Steve that I wanted my new poppobovat podstvennitsu. Only it's too late, and we fell asleep. Well, no. Come on."
I went to kpovati, namepevayas zabpatsya into it, but he is troubled young Sapa: "What am I, smotpet you here uppazhnyaetes will be closely and yes you dpuzhok, two women is not enough We just went to sleep?"..
With these words, risen and Sapa nap.pavo to dvepi: "And who is now free of the men?" - I spposil it. ". To pabochim go far chepez dvop I am too lazy to go, I was very tired today, dear." - Ob ser it to me - "Your Steve is now one, yes Poydu- think I to it?". With these words, Sapa has disappeared. Elijah was still a young boy. He was seventeen years old. DURING this youth did not prevent him to be already quite experienced man. He was a child smotpel his bpatya tpahayut their wives ocheped as pabochih-mopmony tpahayut his sestep ... Ilaydzhd all knew, and so an hour brought me to a state of frenzy, neppepyvnogo opgazma. It seemed to me that that's my tepep opgazm will last forever, until I smepti sodpagatsya in ppistupah sweet languor. What he just did not ppodelyval with me ... And I just did not do it. Lick, suck, I dpochila himself and his ...
Pposhlogo few days. I, like a sleepwalker, bpodila at home, unable to think about anything. With utpa I, along with porphyry intrusions women engaged in Jobs, and then advancing vechep. And love. My ass After a while strongly passhipilsya and tepep me all enjoyed with pleasure. I must say that in me ppoizoshlo change itself.
Now comes when I head pogpuzilas in ppopast pazvpata, I myself became very pliable, easily excitable, insatiable in the pleasures and nepazbopchivoy. Tepe.p I quietly smotpela Steve ppakticheski my eyes tpahaet bpatev wives, and looking at it very quickly to I was excited, I was jealous, and I started to itself zaigpyvat men, seeking their caresses. According to several paz day pepehod of puk in puki, I do not tire, but only gopela stronger flame unquenchable desire.
Kpizis chepez came two weeks. There was some mopmonsky ppazdnik, on this occasion it was a lot navapeno homemade wheat whiskey - stapyh mistep Enoch was mastep for this part. All strongly pepepilis. Looking at the very drunk men and his Steve in particular, I understand that today is certainly not potpebuyus as a woman. At the same Quaternary ppedatelsky fire ppivychnogo desire he has already been raised in me, burning and sparking iznutpi me. Looking around, I saw that and Peggy restlessly around the room. She also strongly hotelos.- Vdpug she nodded my head and said: "Come on there way out.".
Peggy ppivela me great sapay hpaneniya for hay, and then ppivela ogpomnuyu stopozhevuyu ovchapku. There were several dogs ogpomnyh on fepme. And this, by the nickname King was apparently specially trained to fondle women. Of course, she and Peggy its vydpessipovala. Henasytnost this woman really did not know BOUNDARY. Vppochem, I can not blame her. Who better than me to know how to tighten it all ...
Peggy, I do not hesitate to lay down on the hay and zadpav skirt pazdvinula their full legs. King ppivychno ran to her and sniffed the vagina. Peggy, lying so peped dog, ppizyvno ppisvistnula and zagovopila with King soft gentle voice. I saw that all female expires. Her lupus labia were mokpymi from Peggy already leaking ... Dog zapychal out a short and long shepshavy sticking tongue licked. Upon entering into the taste, he began quickly to movements in the substituted language pponikat vagina, Peggy. That zaveptelas, groaned, emitting cries of pleasure. Dog worried zabipayas his mopdoy deeper.
Dog Language gopazdo longer than the human tongue and licking dog gopazdo sensitive for women. I just know it, because after Peggy hay peped King beds I myself ...
God, how I kpichala. Havepnoe, was heard on all okpugu! Mad with pleasure and desire, kotopoe not wanted utihomipivatsya Peggy want to give the dog the present. To do this, she was lying in readiness paskinuv legs, and I ppipala to the bottom of the dog, and took in his Prep dpozhaschy poposshy shepstyu member became stapatelno suck. However, spazu help Peggy, I could not, because the King vdpug not vydepzhal and finished p.pyamo me Prep. I drank it sticky gopkuyu spepmu, but I still paz ppishlos then suck the dog to excite it again, and after that his pukami shove it rebelled again hairy penis into the vagina Pest poor tired of waiting. Dog tired, he pychal, trampling feet on the ground, and we are with Peggy, forgetting himself, crawled pyadom, ospapivaya d.puguyu d.puguyu in favor of our single "men".
Already we utpom, exhausted, out of sapaya. Above the pavninami Utah passvetnoe rising sun. In kpayah it kpugly day pponzitelno svepkaet yapkom on blue sky. Even the clouds are not floating over Utah.
I realized then that my addictive maelstrom, and I'll go crazy from the endless desires. I did not want this. At the utpo I ppinyat Solutions, and after hours chetype lupus bus already raced me to the east. Steve and Enoch mistepom me the wires on its "kpayslepe" to the nearest bus station, and long waved retreating bus. I could not tear udepzhat DURING pposchanii and passtavanii forever in the people, who gave so much to me, so my pazve sensuality otkpyvshimi vopota me pleasure.
Memories still pop bother me, do not give sleep at night. I remember pavniny, field, sun and pponzitelnye, zhapkie, endless hugs Utah.
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Holidays Grandma

Finally came the holidays! I graduated from 11 classes. For the first time I felt that matured. From this I was a little sad. It seemed so long ago I was a little girl went to school for the first time, and now I am a grown woman who graduated from the school. More recently, I happily went to school, and now I already need to think about the future.
Soon I'll go to the village to the grandmother. I'll stay at it for about a month, and then come back, as the start entrance exams to college.

Today, I was the second day of a visit to grandmother. Last night, just after our arrival, the grandmother to heat our bath. I like to bathe. There is nothing better on a hot canopy lie in thick hot steam and indulge in their dreams.
I am ashamed to write about it, but today I experienced that. ... As usual, I was lying on the canopy, thoughts slowly drifted in the head, the body has spread a pleasant languor. With one hand I pawing at the hairs on the pubes. I did not notice that entered the hand between her legs and began to stroke the lips sex. In my excitement began to grow, the hand was moving faster and faster. From surging pleasure I moaned, my body twisting .... Then bliss. I've been lying almost unconscious after that. With shame, I realized that experienced her first orgasm.

It's just like a disease. Once experienced pleasure, I want to again and again. After that incident in the bath, I began to masturbate 2-3 times a day and still do not fully satisfy himself. Every time I tried to stop, but the hand itself stretched to the bottom. And I ended up again. I snatch a minute, hiding from their parents and breathless every sound, rubbing his crotch. Sometimes I went into the woods and hid in the bushes and took off her panties, cum several times. I was afraid that I will hear, and so I try not to make noise, but, experiencing an orgasm, I could not help but groan loud, it breaks down against my will.
At first I was confined to rubbing wet sponges with excitement, now I rub the clitoris and sometimes thrust a finger into the vagina. I imagine that this is not a finger, and the male member and violently finish.
Today I am in a fit of passion has thrust himself into the vagina bottle of deodorant, 2 cm in diameter. A sharp pain instantly sobered me. It seemed blood. I'm scared to death. I think I had deprived itself of innocence. What a nightmare

Now, I do not fear, I masturbate thereby vial. I terribly want to replace this crude thing living male member. The desire to constantly boiling within me. I'm sorry I had known this pleasure. Now it haunts me constantly, masturbation is only slightly weakens the desire, not eliminating it completely. I constantly have to retire. I've been doing this 4-6 times a day. I'm afraid to rub the corn on your clitoris.

Today I experienced the first time a man !!!
As usual, I was lying in the bushes and enthusiastically patted himself. When I was almost finished, there was a man in front of me the shepherd of years 45. He stopped in front of me and with interest watched my actions. I blushed, but the excitement only grew, and unable to resist my body shook from the spasms of orgasm. The man watched with interest as me, moaning loudly, writhing on the grass.
Waking up, I quickly covered herself. The man, without saying a word, unbuttoned and pulled the pants and underwear, exposing his erection 3 cm in diameter and 10 cm long. I could not tear his eyes from the sight.
- Suck it - asked the man.
As in a dream, I sat down in front of him on his knees and gently took his tense quivering member. At first cautiously, then more confidently, I began to suck him, pulling the tongue head. From thinking about what I'm doing, dizzy. I felt the excitement growing again between his legs. The man, seeing this, said:
- Now get on your knees.
I obeyed. Arching her back, and lifted back, I waited. Soon I felt his cock slowly enters my vagina, my body shook from the new sensations. Live Flesh did not go to any comparison with a hard cylinder. The man began to move rhythmically. As my body began to run rapidly growing wave of pleasure. I moaned loudly. The rate of movement began to increase, and then washed over me such a pleasure! The world seemed to stagger, eyes swam fog. With a loud cry, I rushed about on the grass. The man took out a member from me, and from my back spurted hot liquid. And then I suddenly felt terribly ashamed. I grabbed my pants and ran away from this place.

Unable to stand, today I again went to the glade. Even from a distance I saw a herd of cows and a man, whom she met yesterday. At first I was very afraid to go, but after gathering will resolutely toward him.
When he saw me, the man smiled. I silently walked up to him. Without saying a word, he treated me. With one hand he lifted the hem of my dress, the other pulled the panties. Carefully he began to explore my crotch. I was very excited to provide his hand access to the most secret places, I spread her legs wider.
After finishing his studies, he began to slowly unbutton his pants. I immediately went down on all fours in front of him, offered him his ass. The man abruptly entered into me, and I even cried out in surprise. Soon I was rushing under his blows, wailing loudly. Again I came before. The man took out a cock and grabbed me by the hair, pulled her head to him, I grabbed his cock mouth and began to suck vigorously. Almost immediately splashed out of it, beside myself, I held up under the hot jet face of the sperm hit me in the mouth. I swallowed with gusto.
When he awoke, I felt that it is not fully satisfied. Seeing the man lying next to him and shrunk member I crawled over to him and again took his cock in her mouth, tangling his institute. The man wanted to push me away, but I firmly clung to him. Soon, my efforts were crowned with success. I looked at the man with a prayer, offered him his ass. I expected that, as before it enters me through the vagina. But he felt his cock rested against my anus. I tried to pull away, but the man fell on me and forcefully pushed me his dick ass. Not paying attention to my cries, he began to move his cock in my anus. I could do nothing, as tolerated. But soon a dull ache in the pope became transformed. I was to give pleasure to all. Soon I was moaning loudly with pleasure. This time the man came inside me. It just flooded my ass with his sperm. After gathering his things, I'm not saying a word escaped.
I am in complete disarray. I'm not even supposed Prior to this case, it can be done there. I am very ashamed, yet I fear that I really liked it. Is it correct?

Today I did not go into the clearing. All day I suffered combusted desire.
Walking past the master bedroom in the evening, I heard a denunciation from there to vote. I quietly crept up to the door and looked through the crack. My heart pounding because I saw there. My mother was on the floor, leaning forward, leaning on the table, and her father took her from behind. I had not seen in a hole, he took it. I wondered if they were doing it in the ass or not. Then I saw how my father took out his penis. He was truly overwhelming. Several times I have seen a glimpse of it. But then he was a little shrunken. Now, excited, it was about 5 cm in diameter and 15 cm long. It turned out that they did it in the vagina. Now the father wanted in the ass. I watched as he slowly began to immerse his mother's building in the ass. She just moaned. I was extremely surprised when a member is completely fit inside the trembling priests. My hand has long been between his legs and frantically rubbing the clitoris. I finished with their parents, and with the force of her teeth to keep from screaming. The first time I saw my parents making love.

This morning, when I was dressing in my room suddenly became a father. I was wearing only panties, and I covered her breasts with his hands.
- I'm sorry, I did not know that you are not dressed, - said the father.
He looked at me.
- How could you still grown. It seems so long ago you ran so small. And now you look like a full-fledged woman.
I felt uncomfortable under his gaze. Suddenly I wanted to show off, and I dropped her hands open eyes father his chest. He looked at her and suddenly shaking his head left.
During the day my father and I together, as my mother went to the city, went to the lake to swim far. When he came, I threw off his clothes, threw herself into the water. Father, undressed, lay down on the sand and with a smile, watching me. Plenty naplavatsya, I went to the bank and fell on the sand next to his father. I lay down on his stomach and began to sunbathe, closing his eyes. Soon I felt the eyes on her. Carefully opening his eyes, I saw a father looking at my back, and then his gaze falls below. For me wearing small panties, behind them only a thin strip between the buttocks disappear completely opening the eyes ass. Having decided to act crazy, I said:
- Dad, sodium me back sunblock.
The father took the cream, choked on my back and began to rub it. To my shame, the strongest of his hand began to excite me. Rubbed his back, he began rubbing my ass. I almost jumped up, making an effort to restrain himself. Then the father went to his feet. And once again he returned to the pope. It seemed he could not tear myself away from my smooth elastic popochki, I was very uncomfortable. I rolled over onto his back. Then the father began to rub my shoulders and stomach. I remembered yesterday and blushed, but could not resist and took off her bathing suit top.
- Girl, what we do! - He exclaimed the father, and his hands covered my breasts.
I lay back and just moaning from his caresses. Tearing one hand, on my chest, her father entered me in panties and touched my mound, my body arched. Father began to caress my clitoris, from this my moaning increased. I saw him as a father building sticks out and grabbed his hand. Father, waking suddenly, as if from a dream exclaimed.
- We do not need to do this - and tried to pull away.
But I firmly holding his penis. And stooping down, he took it into his mouth.
- What are you doing! Do not! - Exclaimed the father.
But I'm not listening with rapture, sucking his huge building, one hand rubbing her clit. Then the father moaned and flooded my mouth with sperm. Feeling hot cum in his lips, I came crying out loud.
- What have we done! - Lamented father.
- Do not worry Dad, nobody will know about it. I really liked it.
- But I'm your father.
- It does not matter.
I hugged him.
- I love you mom and me and you. What's wrong with that.
Father hugged me.
- Honestly I'm beautiful?
- You're all in the mother, such as beauty.
- Dad, you know, and I still want to.
- Do not. This is not good.
- But I really want it. Will you take me now?
- Never. You're still a virgin?
- Aldeady no.
- When! Nevermind. I'm too big. And then you'll get pregnant.
- And if you in the ass.
- In the ass! You, and you know it! The priest will be even harder. I say I have too much.
- I beg you. Well, try to Jota. You do not refuse his daughter.
I got on all fours, exposing his ass to his father.
- Oh my God. You have a fantastic ass. I'm afraid of hurting you.
- You are my father, you can not hurt me.
Good brushing member sunblock, my father held it to my anus. Carefully he began to try to shove. The hole was beyond all.
- You're not hurt?
- No, do not worry. Pushed harder. Do not be afraid.
Father pushed harder, but the member could not get inside. Then I swung back. Member strongly pressed, and the hole was to succumb, head of the penis penetrated my anus. It was painful, but I was suffering. Father, continually wondering whether I gently sank his cock in my ass hurt. Thrusting half, my father began to gently move. I felt like a huge rod moves in my ass, to alleviate the pain, I began to caress the clitoris. Gradually, the pain in the ass was mingled with delight. I began to moan loudly. I finished loud howling and even lost consciousness when a member of my ass hit the jet of sperm, finding a place is oozing out of my priests, flowing down to the perineum. The father with a cry fell nearby.
Waking up, I saw the excited face of his father.
- How do you?
- Great.
- I'm so ashamed that I could not resist. We should not have to do it.
- Do not worry. All is well. You did just fine. I've never had it so good. I envy my mother. She was very lucky.
- Do not talk about my mother. What do we tell her?
- Nothing. Let not know.
I gently took his father's hand.
- Dad, I'm terribly ashamed, but I want more ... ...
- Yet?!
- Yes. Are you still you?
- Well, now rest.
- I Want me to caress your dick tongue?
I leaned and grabbed his mouth drooping father's penis.
- My girl ... what are you doing ... oh ...
From my caresses member began to increase rapidly. When he was cured, I quickly got on all fours, holding back.
- Take me back to the bottom.
When his father came to the power in me, I cried. He started to move.
- Deeper ... deeper ... I moaned Tearing my anus, my father moved his dick deeper. I could not believe it when I felt that all of his huge dick disappeared in my ass, testicles and beating on my pussy. When a member of the sprayed jet, it seemed to me that I will break from the inside. Not holding back, I moaned and screamed loudly.
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Why do I need it? The answer was simple - he was the only guy who gave me the money. It just so happened that I eblas many, but he alone. Except for my boss, who gave a small premium for the provision of sexual services. Service is, however, it was difficult to call.
Having once he saw my pussy, he with his tiny member is nothing to do there. And he fucked me in the ass, though I have during these relations had a feeling that little turd stuck in me.
Big Dicks is my passion. Although I've seen various members of different sizes. Of little will not tell. When I saw a man's small dick, I immediately offered him a blowjob. There were members of the short, but very thick, such as my lecturer at the Institute. Fuck it if I did not empty, but my pussy He handled the full program. Very long, but thin dick was my second cousin. I thought that he pierce me. I wanted to fuck him lying on his back, but he made me a cancer, and I got almost to the uterus. And to hell he put me almost to the stomach.
I loved to fuck hachami. One Khachik dick was thick and long, and at the same time. He then otebal me pussy managed to shove me in the ass and still, I was terribly hurt, it tore up my ass for 20 minutes then my boss gave me a reprimand for such razebannoe point. And while it is not narrowed, I had to suck it. In Vadik dick was that it is necessary - a long, thick, dark burgundy with a beautiful head. But it never fucked me, but only gave suck. He liked to push my dick deep into her throat, and when I have a gag reflex in the throat was beginning to decline, he merged his molofi me straight into the esophagus.
From all these thoughts I finally grasped fairly strong orgasm. Immediately Vadik sat down at me, dropped his pants, and without giving me time to recover, planted in his mouth. He leaned on me all over and began to fuck in the throat. When I became coughs, he merged. A moment later he had already turned to the wall, snoring.
I swallowed his semen and pushed him in the side. But the reaction was not. My pussy itched as much as the extent to which I wanted to me otebal. I tried to shove a few fingers, but it was not fun.
I went into the kitchen, taking with him an opened bottle of vodka and a glass. I lit it and poured a quarter cup. At that moment I crawled into the kitchen, my neighbor, drunk Uncle Kolya.
- Vodka you eat baby? - He asked hoarsely. - I do not pour her?
Then it dawned on me right. He certainly shabby and not very clean, but all the same guy. And with potency he probably still all right, despite the fact that all the time he thumps, but it leads women to themselves. And one even on the corridor screaming that he was her whole pussy rubbed her by a dick.
- leering grin, I thought.
- Nalu Uncle Kolya, why not pour. Just go to you.
We went into his shabby room table chairs, wardrobe, telly antediluvian, and with long unchanging bed linen. We had a drink, I'm a quarter cup, he half.
I sat on a chair, legs spread slightly, my big tits slightly protruded from under his robe.
- It happened to you that? - Asked Dr. Kohl..
- Yes, as you say, I want to fuck.
He almost choked.
- Yes, sometimes, so you train a man in the room right now, what's the problem?
- Let not him that everything - I held the leg and gently laid her on the bulging mound - fuck me, and I'll bring another bottle.
- And this is your how?
- But he did not know he was fast asleep now, and will for a long sleep.
I spread her legs wider.
- And by a pussy on your whole room smell, see, and the truth, you lousy man, come on. And he pulled off his shirt, and then by sweat pants with shorts.
My God, how he hung Kolbasina and scrotum was just huge.
- Come on baby help me.
I grabbed his hand and started dick nadrachivat but dick was too dry with a very thick skin.
- Not because it will not work, then you want to caress, give a suck it.
I was a bit nasty, but there was nothing, so I wanted to fuck.
I stood in front of him on his knees and took his dick in his cheek. From carried pissing dick, it was a mixture of dried semen and babskih discharge, but I thoroughly licked it all, and continued to suck. Finally he began to harden and grow with frightening speed. When he got full strength, I was horrified when he realized that he was more than that of the very Hacha, who almost broke my pussy and raztarabanil to the incredible size of my ass. I'm a little scared, and in my head flashed the thought of retreat, but the desire to fuck was stronger, and I tried to reassure myself that when I was only 17 years and is now 23, and men from that time I went through a lot.
- Well, let's go to bed, legs wide apart.
I lay down, spread her legs. And lustfully looked at his huge dick, which of course was not at such a sharp angle, like the men on the younger. But there was a very long, probably 30 centimeters, or a little less in volume almost as my fist. It was the news in the veins, with dark burgundy, almost brown head dripping with grease.
- Masturbate, I want to see.
I started to drive a finger on the clitoris, and thrust his fingers into the hole.
- You're often I see my pussy wank - said Uncle Kolya, Namin my tits and twisting nipples.
He got on his knees, but I it was no longer necessary between my legs and started to lick me.
- Insert my already fuck me properly, if you certainly can.
- I can, why can not.
He set the head to the entrance and became a paste. I felt like expanding my tight pussy is not under his foreskin. Another second later I felt his head reached the neck, but it was still not all. He podnaleg and drove it to me on the eggs. I howled in pain. He began to push it in me, but after a few seconds, despite the pain, I got a wild orgasm. I bit his hand so as not to cry and not to wake Vadik. He fucked me for about ten minutes, and began to run out of steam by a furious gallop. I had finished and ends. He gave me cancer, but in this position entered his dick so deep that it was unbearable. He pulled it out of me. And as he lay on the bed.
- Let ka suck, you pretty well.
I began to suck.
- Lick my balls.
Eggs were sweaty and smelly, but I was in such ecstasy that dutifully began to lick the scrotum.
Uncle Kolya had not come.
I sat on him and then shoved his body into his hole, we started to fuck.
At this moment the door opened and in walked Vadim.
- Dick What are you doing here, ah damn you, cheap.
- Do not shout you better put her in the ass - said Uncle Kolya, and with all his strength pulled me to him, not giving me a break.
Two dick at the same time I have not tried, especially when you consider the size. In Vadik, of course, it was not such a giant as Uncle Kolya, but also not a pipette.
- Vadik, do not, I beg - I cried.
- It is necessary, it is necessary bitch. Vadik spat on his hand and began to masturbate dick that pretty quickly got up.
- A dick that you need - Uncle Kolya grinned, holding me tighter - and what she says, you fuck it normally can not you?
- Oh, I can not, okay nipple you now know.
He came closer to us - Let's suck it and then dry Therefore inserted.
- Take at least some cream - I suggested, knowing that does not otmazhus.
- Nothing slaver and fairly, not virgin tea.
I began to carefully slobber his dick.
- Enough to you - he pulled a dick out of my mouth.
I tried to squeeze the ass, but when you sit on the dick can not do this.
- Ass relax the better, and it will be worse - advised Uncle Kolya - say thank you that I am not planting.
A sharp pain shot through my anus. I felt the sphincter tightly clasped prick Vadim.
- Asshole to relax - angrily shouted Vadim.
I tried to relax, and Vadim shoved me his dick almost half.
Uncle Nick moved his member in my pussy. I felt a buzz coming and let dick Vadim through.
What started fucking. I think I have something broken. Dick Uncle Kolya buries me in the womb, and dick Vadim burst intestine.
- I want to pull her mouth - said Uncle Kolya. Vadik stopped and lifted me without pulling member, he pulled me to himself, his dick went even further by changing the angle, I was in pain and very nice at the same time.
Uncle Nick got out of me. And he began to fuck me in the mouth. Taste your own dedicated I was always disgusted, but not this time.
- Uncle Nick, you tell her on the tonsils arose, and she, when the urge to vomit, cool drained.
My mind flashed the thought that of Uncle Kolya member I do problems, so it was great. Uncle Nick rubbed his head on my tongue, Vadim continued to fuck me in the ass (and when he finishes something!), I have the pain mixed with pleasure, and I began to vigorously sucking dick Uncle Colin. He really stuck it to me deep in the throat and, as advised Vadim, when I started retching, I felt a hot, viscous liquid ran down to my stomach. A few minutes later finally began to finish Vadim. It is a very long time I merged into his spremu asshole. When a characteristic sound he pulled his dick out of my ass, it was very not happy.
- That's right I'll save in the mouth nowhere to fuck did not want to.
I silently face down lying on the bed.
- Now the whole dick in your shit - not rest Vadim.
- And you let it sucked - laughing hoarsely, suggested Uncle Kolya.
I shook my head and buried her face in a smelly bed sheet.
Vadim brought his cock to my face, he really was a bit stained shit.
- Come lick it, or I'll fuck you in the ass - threatened Uncle Kolya - and then hand in your asshole stuffed.
- Yes cram into - I said boldly - but I will not lick the shit, let will wash it goes.
I thought that after such a fucked two bow, I already will be hard to scare anything. Uncle Nick was the one-handed fast nadrachivat his dick, and other useful to me in the ass, an ass was all wet and sticky from the semen. He pulled me to him, put the cancer. From the corner of the sheet wiped my point.
- To not wet it was - he grunted, and began to insert. Sphincter easily opened under pressure and missed his head, I'm already prepared for further entry, but it was not there, his dick as - as if stuck. The ass was unbearable feeling, I would either push or what he passed on, and it was not taken by a feeling of rasperaniya. Anus monstrously stretched, I felt every inch of his hot flesh, abdominal everything was to reduce from the gushed with excitement.
- Come on, paste it to the same end - I said.
And you take from Vadik mouth, then I fully inserted.
- Ugly guys - I thought - without knowing each other, immediately sang.
Vadim was already here, and approach their already fallen member to my lips. Uncle Kolya nudged a little cock in me, and then he took out a little bit, it was not bearable in the ass, and I gave up. I opened my mouth, and Vadim immediately put my dick in it. He was very bitter and salty, but I began to lick it carefully. Uncle Nick pushed his dick until the end of my ass, I moaned in pain and pleasure. I never had my asshole did not try such a big dick.
- And you've got shit there really is not enough, you have to clean and I prick - but I did not care.
Vadim lay back and spread her legs.
- Come lick my balls.
But I did not have to ask, I began to lick his scrotum, roll the eggs lips.
- Take it in your mouth.
I opened my mouth wide, and the whole scrotum was in my mouth.
- And now lick my ass.
Vadim stood before me cancer. Uncle Kolya enthusiastically fucked my ass, which had already started to lose sensitivity. Vadik parted his buttocks and I saw his brown, puckered anus. I gently licked it, but Uncle Nick pressed his head deep between my buns Vadik. I slipped language into the anus Vadik. The taste was slightly bitter.
- He probably shit today - flashed through my head. At this moment Vadim began to push, he perdnul straight into my mouth and I felt like shit sparse trickle flowed straight into my mouth. I began to dodge, but Uncle Kolya, my head pressed his crotch Vadik. Most of all I was afraid to puke, but oddly enough it's just me excited. The smell and taste of shit worked on me very exciting, I began to swallow. When Vadim had finished, I carefully licked his ass. He rolled over and began to fuck me in the mouth, more specifically in the throat. My throat, accustomed for today's day to fucking stop resisting, and only under the impact of expanded Vadik member. Vadim pulled out his penis and began to masturbate over my mouth open. Uncle Kolya at this time almost stopped to fuck me, but simply held his penis in my rectum, and squeezed my buttocks. Then he began to shove his fingers and masturbate myself without removing a member from my ass. Vadik furiously masturbate and my mouth became filled with sperm. I'm swallowed and licked his dick clean and scrotum.
Uncle Kolya and squish pulled his dick out of my ass. And then he slipped into my mouth, it was further smeared with shit and sperm, he was full of shit, shit just was scrotum. I began to lick and suck dick. I never would have thought that shit, not only will not cause disgust in me, but I was so excited. When I licked, Uncle Kolya stuck my dick in the throat and began to fuck me. He finished without removing a member from a throat, I breathe through the nose. As he poured, it continued to keep the member in my mouth. I do not understand why he does not take out, but when I felt like my throat flowed something warm, I realized - it pisses down my throat ...
When I came on Monday to work, my boss immediately crawled into my panties. I was trying to get out, knowing that after a fucked weekend, his dick just fail me, I asked him to suck. He looked at me ...
- You know, I'm sick, I'll have to punish you, when everything will go, waiting for you in his office.

To be continued...
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