Beyond: Epilogue

Deciding that still can not sleep, quickly went into the shower and thought go through the hotel, see, maybe see how others spend their time ...

Judging by the inscription «Do not disturb» on all doors are interested in me, not one I now commit inexplicable from the point of view of logic actions .... Later, in the lobby and decided to have a drink in the bar around the clock for the first (today? Yesterday?) Cocktail. Passing by the reception desk, she heard from behind the door characteristic sounds, and on the floor behind the counter, there was a gown maid. And what have maids? True, the universal key. With my irrepressible curiosity, could not against the past. Here he is, a plastic card unmarked. Exactly, I saw her friend, who at one time worked in a "Hilton". This card should I serve as a pass to the world of all other pleasures, it is also its owner surrenders pleasures. What an irony ...

Thus, the operation called "Little Ghost" began.
Logically, given my intervention, the first in the queue was a room of Sid.
The doors here were well lubricated, I walked so softly that she could not hear herself. The light was turned off, a night light beside the bed. But even I start banging and stomping, they would not have noticed me.
Her slim figure was on top, and slow motion, as in a trance. In complete silence, even a bed to make no sound. Long shadows from the nightlight makes it even more fragile, spread out on the back dark hair, barely hesitating in tact. What Sid was with her, I learned only in his gentle whisper in Hindi. Not understanding a word, I enjoyed the tone, smiled and walked away unseen, as silently as it had appeared.
Behind the doors at the "sweet couple" and so it was heard without a universal key. Hungry for solitude, and certainly before the quarreling on the ground next to her blouse Kitties "takeaway". Now reconciled, loudly, for the whole floor. There I would not come at an additional cost ...
It remained to visit Lena. With it, we were friends for several years, including last year occasionally slept together. However, it was she managed to teach me a surprise.
In her room was quiet, dim overhead light was burning. Naked Lena and her gorgeous blonde slept where fell. The stale air smelled strongly of grass and sex. My friend up the booty, which until now was red, with clear signs of "beating". The rear hole is disclosed, not hiding his of involvement of today's celebration of life. On the neck of the characteristic spots, with the wrist dangled from the belt bathrobe. I pressed her hand to her mouth to keep from laughing out loud, slipped to the window, opened the window, drew the curtains and turned off the light. Sleep, played enough kids ...

On the way back, when there was a return key, I met Timur leaving from a strange lady high. She hurried out, turning his head and covering it with his hand, as if afraid of something or ashamed.
The heels she wore so little, and on the stairs she nearly fell, trying to move fast. I supported her by the elbow, scenting luxury perfumes, and suggested to hold down. When she thanked him and put her hand on my arm, I realized that it was strange to her. Despite manicure, men's hands. Chic long legs, but men, narrow pelvis. The open smile, big eyes, but too much foundation ...
When he reached the lobby, I asked:
- He hurt you, darling?
He she turned to me a second, previously hidden half face. She still Alel trace of impact.
- It's OK - chanted my new friend. - It happens…
- Just Timur goat. Who will call you a taxi. Sit down, I'll go to the manager - I made it on the ottoman, and went to the counter. Bathrobes, as well as the most maid was gone. Rubbing card T-shirt, I leaned over the counter and threw it to the floor, where once lay bathrobe (fell, all honest), and then rang the old-fashioned bell. Young man fluttered out the door:
-How can I help?
When the "virgin" sat in the car, I whispered to her as going to teach tolerance of Timur. Almost certainly, after this it is no longer lift his limbs on zhenschinu- matter, it is a woman's body or soul only. She smiled at me earnestly, and asked him to send photos ...
Dima in my bed sweet nozzles. I stripped down to her panties, clung to him, and almost immediately fell asleep. I have dreamed a black-and-white picture of love Maya with Sid, but in the dream I was alone, and was in the thick of things.
Interesting things happen our subconscious ...
In the morning I woke up very late. The room I was alone, the clock on the wall showing almost noon. This is relaxation!
Judging by the silent phone, no one was looking for me. Fairy Godmother gave everything, and now nobody cares.
On the bedside table near the entrance stood a tray of food and juice. Pencil on a piece of paper the hotel was written: "to be late for breakfast. Eat! "
Okay, I take back my words about the fairy ...

In fact, I have no one was looking for, because all slept. By sunset slipped on the beach, pretty battered, but happy. Sid kept Maya for the foot, gently, like a hard-won and not domesticated until the end of production. Dima sat down beside me on the mat, stretched out a bottle of water.
- Thank you for breakfast, - said I. 'It is now going to behave? Portray the awkwardness, think about how you can be friends? Or…
- Or I try the second option - he smiled. - Are you at least do not get bored!
I slapped him lightly on the back, and then dedicated to the history of a particular encountered that Timur took for the woman in the dark successfully and quickly fucked, where found, then I realized his mistake, he was afraid, and behaved like a beast.

Dima cried with laughter. When I went to the "cunning plan", he came into hysterics. Otsmeyavshis, he gave me his hand:
- I'm with you. And I've got extra ...
Timur was possible to do anything. He drank a lot, as yesterday (otherwise hardly made a mistake as globally), and the disco is clearly allowed himself too much. Around two in the morning, we took him, or rather, brought in the room, I got a make-up set, went for free most of his clothes, his Dima section and undressed himself, and we started.

Yes, it was a sensational shots. Just photo Timur with perfect makeup. Here Timur, in a skirt battened down, standing on his knees, his back to the tanned strong guys, who wishes to remain anonymous. He lies on his back, the guy standing between his legs spaced. Of course, Dima will not "entered", I shot from the side, but realistic, and so wild.

A couple of pictures I sent yesterday, "the lady." She told me a bunch of emoticons and asked if I wanted her to have a drink, as an expression of gratitude for unanimity.
And what to do with the remaining "wealth"? My subconscious vypivshee proposed to create an account on a dating site, or on behalf of Timurelly Timurandy, but Dima I petitioned:
- Do not go too far. Just show him tomorrow, and I assure you, it will become very still.

A Dima- it is generally true name? Maybe he should call it "conscience" or "Sanity" ...

Final credits

Maya stayed with Sid. Together, they are engaged in international tourism. They have two children, one eye blue, the second brown.

Jeanne divorced Alex shortly after arriving home. Another kitty in blouse "take-away" to blame.

Timur succeed in a professional field, reaching unprecedented heights for thirty years, having married the daughter of his boss.

Roma I soon after saw, but I hope he is doing well.

As for me and Dima ... We tried the "otnoshatsya". For a long time (by my standards). Then he returned to the friendship, and often communicate on the Internet. I constantly think that I do step- and he will take me to him, to the Alps, marries, and all will be well .... But I did not do. Till.
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Strange it was, the gentleman in black. I closed the window, looked at himself in the mirror, sprinkled on a pair of jets magnificent deodorant and went out into the street. The money I had in bulk, so near my home was a long limousine, shining under the rays of the hot Texas sun. He quickly domchal me to the airport, and I went directly to the ramp of the plane. I conquered myself a pretty place in a large number of chairs and plopped down on it, finally, after waiting for a long-awaited moment.
Two hours later I was in a bar, and sucked through a straw some cocktail of exotic fruit. Soon the bar includes four beautiful girls and sat at the opposite table. They were all about the same age. I've realized that I do not have to miss today. One girl picked up four glasses of red wine and put them on the table. I have noticed for yourself languishing looks and could not restrain himself. I was looking beautiful brunette with blue as the sky, eyes. Her lips were painted dark red lipstick and huge black lashes covered her bottomless pit of happiness. Mike skintight her large breasts and nipples sticking stubbornly forward. Her slender waist hugged a red belt and a very short white skirt was stretched on her hips. Then came the lovely long legs that ended in stunning black shoes. If she sat facing me, I could see all of her crotch - so it was a short skirt.
She noticed my look and I began to wink. I understood what he wanted this pussy. And she understood what I wanted. She caught my thoughts about sex and headed toward me. My cock was already ready to enter her fiery bosom, and seem to fit in my pants, like a bayonet. She said softly: Julie, I'm from Russia. I'm a little embarrassed, but still managed to mumble his name. Julia took me by the hand and led him to the second floor. She has managed to wink at his girlfriend and they knew that in five minutes they will jump on me like horse riding. Julia closed the door and forcefully pushed me on the couch. I flopped down on him like a teddy bear. She quickly took off her skirt and jumped into my chest. Her legs squeezed my head, and before me elucidated huge pink vagina disclosed and expiring juice. Her hairs touched my lips, they tickled my chin and climbed into my nose. I hugged her buttocks and began to push. I drove slowly down her anus with your fingertip, and meanwhile approaching her burning bosom.
My tongue stroked her lips, more climbing in the unexplored depths. She moved closer to me, and we closed in an eternal kiss. Her pussy is completely covered my mouth and my tongue tugged her clit. Soon there was a voluptuous scream, and my mouth filled with mucus. She ran down my chin and dripping onto my jacket. I greedily swallowed her release, and she had finished and ends.
Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and entered the room girlfriend Julia. I could not see anything because my face is covered crotch Julia, but I felt like somebody's hand was stroking my phallus. I was already ready to regurgitate their liquid, as one of my girlfriends perevezala and became a member of its lubricate some oil; It smelled very nice and reminded me of the smell of cocktail. Apparently, it's been the oil of exotic fruit. When I smeared a member, I felt that I continued to smear my body around my crotch. Soon my rider finished with butter and set about my phallus. I felt like my cock was part of someone's vagina, and then I realized what they wanted !. I had to fuck all four girlfriends several times to satisfy their thirst for Cesc. My rider worked quickly, so soon I felt my cock could hardly enters into thin hot hole and reached such a stage of excitation, that I began to doubt whether I endure all this?
Not that I was afraid, I just came as a shock to all of these events. Meanwhile, I was thinking about his near future date, my rider has jumped on my cock. Soon the room there was a wild cry, and I felt like my penis began to drain goo. My first rider was replaced by Julia and began to drive their oozing lips on my nose. Her labia enveloped part of my face; they rubbed on my nose, my cheeks, my poborodok. My whole face was covered with slime, it flowed down my cheeks and dripping onto the pillow. I began to fondle her pussy with his tongue. I introduced her tongue in her womb, and they strongly pressed to the walls of her vagina, so she published the voluptuous sighs. Meanwhile, another fair-haired rider took my phallus in her mouth. Its rough reed brought me into ecstasy; he licked my dick from the head to the base. She swallowing it completely, greedily savoring its prey. So they changed positions: the one jumping on me and lick the other, on the contrary.
Soon I came to a climax, I had to finish in Julia. She came to me and got cancer. Her body lay on the bed, and the ass was Zadran up. Her legs were spread apart greatly. I rushed to his victim and quickly drove her to his penis. He came all at once, my balls rested on her thighs. I force introduced his penis into her flushed bosom. When I felt that I can not go, I asked to untie the rope on his penis. Belenky rider pulled the little thread, and Julia vbryznulas my sperm. The whole room was filled with a passionate cry, and I finished. All five wearily trudged into the bathroom. Julia turned on the shower, and we lay on the bathroom floor. All very tired.
I woke up pretty late. For all they were on their feet: passers-by hurried to work, the wipers to clean the streets, children with thick backpacks ran to school. Only I was lying on my couch like a king. All seemed to have disappeared. There are no glasses or spilled on the table a bottle of wine, there is nothing that would remind me yesterday's orgy. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was not alone. Julia was sleeping next to me. And sitting at the table the other two girls. Belenky naezditsa Vick tried on a dress. It was 10 am. Through the translucent curtains where some ray of light broke through. One of the girls pulled back the curtains, and the whole room was filled with a golden light.
- Time to get up, sleepyhead! Coffee on the table.
- Good morning, girls. I mumbled.
- We're going for a walk, you're with us?
- Of course. I am now.
I jumped up quickly, pulled on his pants, straightened his tie (it turns out I was sleeping in clothes), drank coffee and was ready for a new adventure.
On the beach
The street was gorgeous weather: light the hot southern sun, palm trees waving in the wind, busily its huge leaves, was heard the noise of the surf, the sky flew some large birds, the whole street was filled with people: all somewhere in a hurry. We headed to the morozhenschitse. Julia bought a popsicle, a bottle of Pepsi and five cups. She put it all in her purse, and with a happy smile, whispered something to her friend. I guess that can happen on the beach, and so I decided to check out their friends. Then Vicki dropped bag, and she did not paying attention to the passers-by, strongly bent and reached for her. And I noticed that she was without panties. Her short skirt ridden up, exposing her bare bottom. And I knew right away, and then we go to the beach at this hour. We walked along the sandy road, along which the huge palm trees grew. It seemed that their trunks go somewhere in the sky, and only where they are deployed in a magnificent bunch of leaves. So we walked about half an hour.
The hot sun has warmed our bodies, so it is exactly the right moment to jump into the cool sea. Soon we saw the sea: it glistened under the dazzling rays, where the distance to be seen whether the single sail and fishing vessels along the coast have been planted coconut trees, under a grove of coconut strolling couples, there is a little hotel with a restaurant. We decided to go to drink a mug of juice. Julia offered to undress. She took off her blouse and bra was in the black. Her white skirt perfect harmony with her jet-black, hair and blue eyes. Vick let down their hair and brown rasstyagnula all bugovki. Her breasts protruded like two halves of a melon. The other girls Helen and Betty chose to remain in clothes. We sat at a table under a large palm tree. There was a fresh breeze. We were served a glass of orange juice. Quench their thirst, we went deep into the woods. We walked along a shady avenue of trees leading to a small beach, which apparently only knew Julia.
On the way we were eating ice cream and drinking soda. Shout was nothing, since all knew perfectly well why we go to the beach.
It was fairly deserted beach, covered with palm trees and trosnyakom. On the other side was an old corral for horses, overgrown with young coconut plants. We are located near the water. All were determined to have sex, but no one wanted to offer first. Vick began to correct her skirt, and I saw her bare breasts. She noticed my look and, without thinking twice took off her skirt. It is an eye out to be in some stockings and a short T-shirt. All saw her pubis: it was perfect! He was covered in black at the bottom and white at the end of the hair. Probably went to a fashion, dye her pubic hair. This kind of Vicki stirred me and my penis has already bulged with pride on my pants. I barely had time to assess the situation as Vic pulled off my pants and I stayed at obozrevaniya all the girls. She put her arms around my neck and planted on my lips a great kiss. My hand stroked her thigh and began delving into her pussy. She was so wet that my whole hand was in the slime: little drops of juice fell on the hot sand.
Get down! Vic yelled. I quietly lay down on the sand and took his penis in his hands; He stood upright, ready to fire at any moment. Vic squatted over my cock and began to touch him with her hairs. It is very exciting to me and my cock flushed so that was the color of a plum. Wick sank slowly and sat down on my cock. I could feel the throbbing of her pussy, and this feeling passed through my whole body. She straightened up and began to gently bounce on me. I hugged her waist and led her over; she succumbed and fell to my chest. Her big boobs rubbed on my chest, her lips caressed my forehead. I gently grabbed her buttocks and began to push the buttocks. She was at the limit; her juices running down my cock and spreads over the abdomen. Vic pushes hard buttocks and cried. When he finished, she got off me, and I saw a picture of zamechatelsnuyu: all the girls were almost naked and masturbated smug; their thighs flowed a trickle of mucus. I was approached by one of the girls and sat on my chest, her vagina was near my mouth.
Another woman greased my cock with oil and jumped on him, so that he was in it all. My body shook orgasm extraordinary strength. I caressed her pussy Betty and Eleanor jumped on my cock. It was extremely nice. Soon we rapidly finished. On my chest and neck dripping streams of mucus; I tried to lick the rest of the liquid to the end, but that does not particularly work. Eleanor lying on the hot sand, legs apart; from its sheath cocktail dripping drops of my semen and her juice, her pink nipples stuck out like two small pyramids. Everyone was hot. Julia took off her latest clothes and jumped into the sea. It was followed by all the others. It was very nice to plunge into the sea after such contacts and in this heat. Clear, warm water washed over our genitals. I turned back and saw all the plane so the girls: their breasts with protruding pink nipples, their slender legs, their hips, their round white ass. . . They became cancer and squirting water at each other. (Like little children. But they were no longer young, and understand that it can not continue.
Every woman should have a husband, have children. They, these lovely nymphet, could not and can neither get married nor have children, not because they are doomed, but because they are not permanent, today they are with you, tomorrow with another. This sex machine, they do not know the rest, do not know fatigue. But they have a soul - she does not want to harm anyone. They, in contrast to the prostitutes, do not sell your body, and give, give, they bring joy. They are not made for our lives, not our problem. These girls dream of, from a country where there is no evil. They need a flight. And I'm the same. And I also need a flight, flight to gnez and unfulfilled desires. . . ). . . This went on until the evening. We have used up all their strength; shambles we got to his room and fell on the bed. All lay formation. One of the girls fainted. We were awakened voices coming from the hallway. Julia opened her eyes, and found that in addition to them in the room and there are still some people in the form. They walked around the room looking for something. One of them always pay attention to the floor naked girls and apparently wanted to have fun with them.
Soon they called their boss and they left the room. I quickly stood up and examined the room, convinced that anyone they are not taken away. I became desperate to wake all the girls, but no one except Julia woke up! It was impossible to keep them all here! We Julia somehow lifted all the girls and dragged them to the window. Good thing we were on the 1 floor of the hotel, but it would have had to jump from the 2nd floor. Gradually everyone came to life and began to get out of the room. Outside, on the courtyard side, stood a huge number of police cars. We quietly jumped out of the window, and took to his heels across the whole area, then rounded the pool and finally got into the crowd of people. We have no one could find here in the flow of many thousands of people and machines.
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The photo

Taking the next book, she looked up the name of a disciple - Ivan Zotov. Ivan was an excellent student, study was given to him badly, but he was a very good artist and photographer. And she had, then, to see this.
So, opening a notebook on the front page, she looked inside. In all of its notebooks on crust was something written, here and now: "And we have a pretty biologichku !!!" - The inscription. Exclamation marks were beautifully painted calligraphic handwriting. Looking down, the teacher choked with indignation - under the inscription was written image of a naked woman in profile. The woman in the picture was a little bent forward, making her ass sticking out seductively. she Hand holding pointer rather ambiguous gesture.
Angrily, but at the same uncertainly, snort, Irina, fear of further illustration, once turned the notebook on homework. Ivan was a very beautiful handwriting, but the cloud was error. "Features of some bird species" - the name of this work. How can I make this work in at least one mistake ?! Well, Ivan, to, receive dvoechku: no longer going to draw me on the cover of notebooks! After Ivan needed a break. His notebook always beat out Irina poor from the track.
And the point is not that she was angry at Ivan - they had a very good relationship they greeted, smiling at each other, and even to pull any was not among them - and it was even in the fact that she liked the grader. Nice guy, intelligent (of course in certain areas) and to some extent talented. She just thought he was a friend, and she was once ashamed to think that between them that something might happen. In general, it did not take him seriously. But the fact is that his writings on crusts of notebooks it's very exciting. And wanted to undress and is now, sticking out the ass, gently stroking pointer. After overcoming this desire, she went to the mirror near a window. Not every school classroom was a mirror, but Irina loved the mirror, and specifically one dragged out of the house.
From the mirror looked at her beautiful face, framed by dark hair. Her hair was her pride, and Irina care much about them. They are well-combed, just did not reach the shoulders. Eyes are the mirror looked lustfully.
Slightly posomnevavshis, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties to the floor. Quickly bent down and, lifting them off the floor, put in a drawer. Sitting on a chair, she shyly parted legs, and began to drive his finger in the groin.
But after a couple of minutes, excited, Irina thought that skirt she made it. And, glancing at the door, she took off her off.
Now the fear of being caught off guard even more excited her. Sassy turned to the door, and beautiful legs apart, she was moaning, bring themselves to orgasm old as the hills, way.
And at this moment ...
Ivan took the camera home and went to school.
Sport has long been over. I ended the day and extended day at junior school. So first he did not want to miss school, but he persuaded the janitor, saying that he was asked to make a couple of shots of native school. Each and every one, not excluding the lower classes knew that Ivan makes great pictures, and very often seen Ivan the camera. Therefore vahtersha missed it.
Climbing the stairs, Ivan thought: "Why do you need to make this whore to fuck husband she had no good-It lacks the simple ways of courtship Well ladnenko?.?."
At seventeen years old Ivan was well versed with respect to the sexes. However, he remained in the second year, he had time to learn.
He came to the office of biology with the hope that everything will be resolved today.
The castle was a great keyhole, and Ivan put a curious eye to the hole. Irina (slut !!!) with an angry face painted in the notebook. Sixth sense, Ivan realized that the teacher in front of his notebook. He grinned.
The camera he kept at the ready.
... the door opened. And before Irina knew it, her camera flash blinded.
Shyly hiding behind his hand, she saw in front of Ivan Zotov, whose notebook it so carelessly threw on the corner of the table.
Ivan smiled and shaken the teacher, as if nothing had happened, sat on the edge at the desk.
- And, Ivan? - Stammering, the teacher asked, feeling the paint is beginning to fill in the face. - Wh-what are you doing here?
- Oh - go, I take pictures! - Ivan grinned.
Irina terribly embarrassed. And then I remembered that she was sitting naked in front of a pupil. With trembling hands, she picked up her skirt to the floor. But Ivan's voice stopped her.
- Wait, Irina! - Exclaimed Ivan voice of Adolf Hitler. - I would like to make a couple of shots! By the way, congratulations, you have passed the selection of models and go into the second round.
The teacher looked with horror at Ivan. Dumb question froze in her eyes, and his hand fell limply by opening thirsty affection, inflammation of the vagina. Ivan did not fail to take advantage of it and then clicked the camera. Following the outbreak of Irina he jumped up and with trembling hands began to pull her skirt. But the relentless voice said.
- Well! Irina! I thought you were more than obliging. Undress!
- And why is that? - The all harried teacher.
- Stupid question. - Again he grinned pupil. - I already have two incriminating picture. So you're caught in the act. And stubborn very foolish in your position. - After a pause, he added. - Besides, you like it, right?
The skirt fell to the floor again. Overwhelmed by Irina looked at Ivan. And he's not kidding. But what he can do with a pair of innocent pictures? He seemed podglyadel her thoughts.
- It will be enough to hang them on the ground floor on the bulletin board. And everyone will know what you are doing in the classroom after school!
She blushed, and slowly began to take off her clothes. After some time, to the skirt and joined the rest of the things. Irina, completely naked, standing in front of Ivan greedy eyes. The teacher beat shiver.
- Ivan! - Imploringly she said.
But the student is completely intoxicated with power over the woman began to speak.
- That would be so, and at once! And yet stubborn girl! Did you like my picture?
The teacher was surprised to feel that she is excited, Ivan nodded.
- That is great! This I drew you. Now put one foot on a chair and dismissed bit ago. And look at the camera. Come on, smile! You do not kill! That's good.
Irina stood as Ivan said, and forced a smile.
- Good. Now come here.
She dutifully went to Ivan. During this time he closed his classroom door of the castle. Ivan went to Irina and stroked her buttocks. Irina was a shame. Then the hand climbed Intermedia her feet. And she could not help but moan. Stubby, but groan. He then slapped her aloud and pointed to the desk.
- Sit on it and put it on the desk legs. Yes kindle wider!
Submissive teacher climbed on the table and spread her legs. Now the front of the lens Irene was in all its glory: the vaginal lips bulged, and were temptingly ajar; they gathered in small droplets of juice. She tried to close, but Ivan said, "no, no," and she took his hand. I clicked the camera.
- Now spread your fingers her pussy!
Irina blushed even more and looked down, but follow the instructions. Click!
Ivan began unbuckling the belt. Irina horror, mystery and joy, looked at his manipulation. But still I tried to argue: "No: it is necessary to: Yves ..". The student looked at her calmly and said:
- Come on, help me!
She could only obey. Teacher gracefully climbed down from his desk and settled down on his knees at the feet of Ivan. With trembling hands, she began to unbutton his pants on the pants. She felt under the fingers throbbing young cock. She found herself thinking more exciting feelings never experienced. She pulled hard dick Ivan out of his pants and touched his hand.
- Suck, Irina, suck. - Commanded Ivan. - I have long wanted to see it: you will be standing in front of me on my knees, and work mouth.
And she earned. She did it so that he liked. Lisa head and swallowing as she could, deeply. At this time the camera is clicked. But Irina did not pay attention to him.
Ivan pulled the cock from her mouth and her going forward a little, put the camera on a desk, the lens Irina Petrovna. Then I put on the self-timer, and went back to the woman.
- Now, take it in her mouth and looking at the camera. Hand touch himself for the chest. - After the flash, he said again. - Now Arise cancer and suck on. - She performed. His hands pulled her head to his penis, and after the camera flash, finished it in her mouth. Sperm could not help her in the mouth, and a thin trickle ran down his chin. - Look at the camera! - The camera clicked again.
After that Ivan took my camera and took a few shots as the teacher semen finger to hook and sticking out tongue licked. She liked the taste.
- Like sperm? - Irina dropped her eyes. - It's good. I'll give you a lot of sperm.
In his words there was some cunning and Irina looked blankly at Ivan. The look was obedience. But he only smiled. He buttoned his pants and started to leave.
- Till tomorrow. - And he left.
She was horrified waited for the next day, thinking about what he will do with it. Did he let her go. She hoped so: but only surface - inside she had hoped that he will make it in the revolution, which she had dreamed of sleepless nights, craving male affection.
The next day, Ivan did not go alone. Irina Misha saw with horror from the eleventh grade, complete Losers. Not letting her speak, Ivan said:
- Undress.
She performed, praying, and at the same time, lustful

eyes looking at the tormentors.
Before she knew it, Ivan ordered her to kneel. After Irina execute the order, Ivan ordered:
- Now go on all fours to the party - Ivan pointed to the front row - and lay down on her chest.
Humiliated, Irina crawled on the dirty floor to the desk. There, she leaned on the desk, in the words of her disciple, making her ass had the look of the two friends. She tried to stand up so that friends could be seen as little as possible of what they had hoped to see. She knew how it was useless, but the shame was still sitting there. She knew she turns to debauched women, and understanding it still jarred her conscience. But somewhere inside she wanted to put it this way on all fours, and forced to show their charms, leaning on his desk.
Therefore, it is a little Podmokly, thinking that the students have prepared her.
Misha did not wait and went back to the woman. She tried not to pay attention to him. He stroked her buttocks and spread them apart. Index finger, he began to play with her shameful lips, sometimes inserting a finger inside. Despite all of his conclusions about how it should be impregnable, Irina leaned toward him and moaned softly.
- Well, would you like me, huh? - Misha said, leaning. - But first, I'll give you a little spanking.
Irina was frightened. Once upon a time, as a child, her father smacked of bad grades. It was in the fifth grade so, and the only thing she remembered - is that spanking is very painful.
- No! Do not, I beg you! - Misha, she pleaded, but he and his ear is not conducted.
He undid the belt and started to pull it out of his pants. The sound of creaking leather almost threw Irina in a panic, but this agile Mishin finger was back in it, fanning the flames of passion.
- You'll like it. - Sweetly he drawled.
- But for what? - She pleaded.
- Because I like you. - Misha grinned. - I have long imagined a first repulse you, and then use. On the whole hog.
Finger Irina walked inside, and so she said nothing.
Suddenly a finger sharply and came out of it in the air came whistling belt. Blow lies flat across the buttocks. Irina screamed and tried to jump, but Mike held her desk.
- If you're going to resist, you'll get twenty blows from above.
She shivered, but fell into place. In the air there and then he began to whistle strap, heaping on her ass blow after blow. At first she tried to get used to, but it was the screaming and moaning after the tenth strike.
Ivan at the time rented.
Irina thought about how humiliating it is when you smack a pupil, who are you trying anything to drum. And it happened that they were beating her. Then the thoughts began to get lost in the flares of pain.
When Misha slept she was twenty-five strokes, Irina has no strength left. Misha again had a finger between her legs - she was all wet. Sexual lips swelled and began to exude a mouthwatering aroma. If we move a little further away, you would have thought that between her legs juicy apricot. Popa glows red like a traffic light. But in contrast to the traffic light, red light is meant "you can go."
Which he did.
It is inserted into a member of her with all his strength. I beat her in, pulling the teacher's weak moans. It was not very wide, and the vagina nice, tight, tight barrel Misha's arms. When her lips touched his groin, it was an indescribable feeling. As her body went trembling and Irina came. Then her back Misha finished. Streams flowed sperm on her buttocks, and sometimes will reach even to the neck.
Ivan took a few pictures and changed the film in the camera.
Mike wasted no time, the teacher smeared anus own sperm and her juices, and drove back embarked weapon in a defenseless overcrowding. His hands held her hips. She was hurt and is good at the same time. After a while he pulled it out and allowed Ivan to photograph the scene anal defloration. The picture went on a film, and then Mike started again enjoy the benefits have not yet stretched ass.
They moaned and growled in unison with it, bringing himself up to ecstasy. At this time the jet of sperm flew to her luxurious hair, lying flat along the fiber.
Ivan then jumped up on the desk of an exhausted, Irina, and quickly fastened on her neck a leather collar with bright metal buttons. He specifically took it by hook or by crook to Irene. This fetishistic symbol slave immediately cemented her reputation, and produced in the soul of Irina complete revolution. "Well, I'm the one who wanted to be alone in my thoughts," she thought, "slut, whore most natural - not even a whore, and litter, because the whores are doing it for the money, and I was just for fun."
Then he and Misha had her so long until we dropped from exhaustion.
Yurik was a good friend of Ivan, and was in the tenth grade. Now he was standing in the hallway with a video camera in his hands. The film was received very well! Ivan at the time explained Yurik how to shoot, what to shoot and how to find the best angles.
Finally, the doorbell rang. Ivan opened the two locks and ran into the hallway that whore. Closing the door, he turned to her. At this time, Irina looked at with embarrassment camcorder viewfinder. Enjoying her embarrassment, he looked at Ira from head to toe. She was dressed perfectly. Ira had beautiful legs, short skirt and now emphasized this beauty. A small chest heaving under the blouse seductively.
- Do not worry. - Ivan said, patting her on the ass, noticing that under the skirt she did not - as he had ordered. - I decided to shoot on film, how are we going to fuck you. This is a great tape! In addition, you do not lose anything by.
Operator muttered: "chic chick", and continued to shoot. Ira depressed silent.
- You're wearing my gift. - Ivan pointed to a leather collar on her neck Irene. - Perfectly. And under the skirt did not put on you? And I do not put on a bra?
Irina shook her head.
- Well and good. Now begins the fun, and then you will like sugar. You did do everything that you ask for?
- Yes. - Replied Irina, like a slave.
Ivan put his index finger on Irinin tab. She began to gently suck it, remembering how he likes it.
Skirt she wore tennis, and very well raised, showing all the charm of a teacher. It is a small proof of the power of her pupils, lowered her to the rank of a true slave. They had authority over it.
The operator followed closely by the slightest movement of the two: how Ira gently suck the index finger of Ivan, and he meanwhile stroking her breasts with the other hand. He pulled his finger out of her mouth, and put his hand under her skirt. There, he became convinced that it was all wet, and again put his finger in his mouth beauty. Ira licked its own juice, even more aroused.
- Sit down on his haunches, spread your legs

front of the camera and say, "Now I will have to fuck in all holes - watch and enjoy!". - Ivan whispered in her ear.
Accustomed Ira squatted down so that her pussy become clearly visible, and said: "Now I will have to fuck in all holes - watch and enjoy!".
Ivan took her hand and led her into the main room. From there came the uproar excited teenagers. Ira's hand trembled slightly. She was afraid she did not know what she sees in the room.
There were six people. Who on a wide couch, who is the chair, and some simply on the floor. In view of all of them it was from sixteen to eighteen. All of them were from different classes of her school. With a shudder she thought that now her twenty-seven teacher will fuck eight teenagers. They, meanwhile, something bickered, but as soon as Ira entered the room in such a seductive, the noise stopped immediately. Everything seemed a bit confused. But then one of them said:
- And here is the queen of the evening! Come to me, heifer!
Ivan let go of her hand and she took it as a signal to act. Ira went to the guy (he was sitting on the couch), and legs spread, sat on his lap. All looked at her fascinated. A couple of people have already started to unbutton his pants. the young man's hand did not fail to take advantage of women, and then was between her legs, stroking the intimate places. Ira moaned weakly.
- Yes, it just flows, guys! - Happy guy - you want to look?
With these words, he lifted her skirt and bent il yourself. At her ear, he whispered: "Spread my ass." She obeyed, and the eyes of all the children presented itself show that they can never forget in my life. The swollen labia lined the vagina, and above them was dark ring anus. The picture fascinated. In addition, Ira completely shaved before coming, so touch and look at it, it was a pleasure. The operator meanwhile excitedly puffed filming. Sitting next to a guy loudly slapped her on the buttocks, after she took her hands.
- Undress. - Said a voice behind Irina. Long did not tormented thoughts, Ira decided to rush headlong into the maelstrom. She stood up and quickly took off her clothes interferes. The procedure took a bit of time in the absence of details in the toilets of many things.
Whoever told her about it, he was already naked, plastered and now the head of his big cock with Vaseline. With some fear she looked at his manipulation. Probably it is going to hurt.
- Come here, filly, now you're on me poskachesh.
She walked over to him and knelt, helped rub Vaseline member, gently rubbing his hands. At this time it came from behind one of the guys (probably the same), and several times with relish slapped her on the ass, why she blushed. Ira gritted my teeth and did not utter a single sound. The pain increased arousal.
Those who have not yet undressed, got down to this procedure.
Finished rub Vaseline, Irina, led by a guy stood up on the sofa so that the back stand to the guy, and his legs were between her legs. She sat down. The guy waited a long start, quickly comprehended the penis into the anus of Irina. Vaseline rubbed, it is easily penetrated into it. It was so nice to feel the elastic ring sphincter her teacher, and realize that now you his power natyanesh it over to its very foundations. He started it stick. At first she was a little hurt, but the buttocks tightly pressed against the boy's groin, and the pain gradually subsided. Again raising her out on a limb, man, this time, drastically lowered her to the very end. Ira screamed.
After some time, Ira began to receive from the racing fun. The operator continued to shoot with one hand holding the camera and the other trying to free the will potverdevshy body.
Long penis pierced woman in the ass, and the man groaned with pleasure, helping Irina to sit down until the end. Sometimes he screamed something like, "Well, bitch!", Or "Deeper, whore!".
To finish, he stopped her and began to stroke the woman's body. Ira was breathing heavily. It was obvious that she wants more. He got his hands to the vagina and opened his hands as much as possible. Camcorder greedily sucked in a scene.
One of the young lovers came up and began to stroke her clitoris, why Irina moaned and began to squirm, trying to get on a finger.
Fingers were buried inside the female essence. He then again, even wider spread labia in hand, with the words: "Well damn!".
She did not mind. Ira got off the guy penis and turned around and helped him finish. All of it spilled semen is collected in a glass, carefully handed her one of the guys. After that, the glass was taken away and put on a table in the corner of the room. A satisfied man began to excite yourself again. He is able to quickly, but the teacher was already in the hands of others.
Her meanwhile pyalil cancer little boy, happily vdvigaya term in the excited vagina. He has never been a woman, and he went quickly to orgasm, making her part of a glass.
Immediately she was approached by two others and began to beat her members. This back slapped her on the ass. Irina is very excited, and she tried to lean back, to better "catch" a slap. Popa she already had tomato color. The guy seizes the opportunity, with a groan: "uuu, slut," stuck a member of her ass. Irina moaned with surprise (because her mouth was also a member), but quickly got used. Camera intently followed the movements of the participants in the scene.
Ivan all the time watching the scene, and waited filled glass. He still has time to play with her. He it is still good to play. But he wanted to keep the promise. And he promised Ira lot of sperm.
When the glass was a little more than half of the content, and all the rest of unbridled sex (Irina at this time licking the eggs one of the guys helping him relax), Ivan came to the operator, who has himself had finished, never touching a woman, and took his camera. Taking the cup, he gave it to Ira, and sat her in a chair. And he fell in front of filming.
The woman chatted contents of the glass, and bravely held it to his mouth.
- Not a drop by! - Shouted one of the boys, as soon as he saw that the droplet dripping down his chin teacher.
Irina small sips finished her all to the end and put the glass on the floor, breathing heavily, but smiling contentedly.
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Naked teacher

-What's the matter? - She asked in surprise - naked women are not seen? So, we start the lesson!
She began to write something on the board, turning to us. The sight of her bare back and the priests could not remain indifferent to the guys and we all probably have risen member. Lena, a diligent student, broke down and got:
-Lyudmila Ivanovna! Shame on you?..
But she quickly slapped her:
-So, to quickly get out of class!
Lena ran into the hallway ... Boys reddened, started to bend down to their desks, trying, apparently, to hide their members had risen. Lyudmila told some theorem. Occasionally she was leaning on the table, hands, then her ass was exposed behind, and we were very well seen her breasts. Occasionally he turned to the board and then we tried to see what was between her buttocks.
-What pyalites, I do not understand ?! - Teacher whirled. She noticed me.
-Come on, you! Come out to the board.
I got up and stood shielding member through his pants with his hands. The boys laughed, some girls too. Some closed with shame face.
-Come on come on! - Lyudmila pulled my hand - the hand Get out of there!
I took his hands away. On the trousers was fairly high hillock.
-And what are we doing in the classroom mathematics ?? - she exclaimed.
I stood trembling in front of her.
-Come let me ... - she undid my Sherenkov, pulled the pants with shorts down and then turned me to the class:
-You see what he's doing!
My cock stood like a stake. I was in an awkward position, right in front of his class, with a deflated shta-us ...
-This is what I ask ?! - Cried a teacher.
-Well ... .... looking at you naked ....
-What?? Do you like me? Come lyazh! - She pushed me and I sat down on the floor.
Lyudmila Ivanovna sat down at me, right this naked ... Hand caught my dick and shoved it into her pussy. The whole class sighed.
-That you had to? It? - Lyudmila Ivanovna screamed and jumped on my cock, slapping his bare thigh-mi for my and bringing me into ecstasy.
-Ahh !! ... - I could only moan I have. This continuous movement of her hot bosom on my penis and I do not cry-methyl replaced when I poured. Everything was in confusion ... Ludmila got to her feet when she felt my sperm in their inside. She turned to face the class, standing like this, with the resulting sperm from the vagina, he said:
-Well? Someone else wants?
I sat on the teacher's chair, trying to put himself in order. And I see how Pasha held out a trembling hand.
-Oh, do you want ?? - Cried the woman. She was clearly not in the mood now ... Or, conversely, in the mood-nii? The "special" mood ...
Jump to Paschke, he pulled off his pants and began to drive his hand dramatically over the penis.
-Take that! Get .. - she kept saying. At the same time she sat naked booty on the desk.
Several girls ran out of the class. Member Pasha poured white cum in her hand the teacher. Lyudmila Willow mainly jumped to the door and closed it on the inside of the castle.
-To no one came, until I finish the tutorial!
I watched the movements of her naked body in the class. The teacher went to the board and a commanding voice said:
-So, all the students - undress!
No one moved.
-Did not you hear what I said ?? - Lyudmila Ivanovna snapped.
The boys began timidly to unbutton shirts, pants ... Girls - will be charged.
-Tables shift to the edge of the wall - go near the children undress math teacher.
-Well so insecure? Take off and panties too! - She turned to Sergei.
I also stripped. The sight of girls undress my cock stood up again, despite the recent "konchanie". Now the class was completely naked. Guys timidly stood huddled next to each other, trying to cover his hands intimate places.
-And now's do this exercise. All get up in the "train", alternating boy with the girl, their upstream to the back standing in front of.
We all began to rise gently, as she asked. I "inherited" Marina front and rear of the Light. Tight member had to host Marina a booty, between his legs. My bare belly touched the girl's bare back. Behind, I felt no more small breasts Svetka. Thus the whole class lined up in a "train". Naked, all standing close to each other.
Satisfied, Lyudmila walked us around. Then came a guy standing in front (it was Vadim). And she said:
-Play Shootout. I'll caress him who come, as he did not fall from the fun side, freeing up space next.
She sat down on his knees and took in his mouth a member Vadik, hugging his naked body just two - and it stood behind devoch-ku. Brought to orgasm Vadik. The boy fell to his knees and rolled away. The teacher started to the girl.
There were about thirty people. Many could not withstand such a state already in the "train" - the priests close to each other. All the guys were members - it's natural. But some finishing ... The friction of the priests of his one-klassnitsa could not remain indifferent to the very impressionable and sensitive. Girls, of course, outraged, were shed on their backs and legs sperm, but what to do ...
Lyudmila Ivanovna, meanwhile, brought to ecstasy almost half of our class. Now it is hard obrabaty-shaft fingers young vagina Marinka. She barely stood on shaky legs and back between her buttocks was my cock. Just not in the hole, and between the legs.
-Now we will bring the girl ... - I kept saying naked teacher.
-ABOUT! We have a boy "stood up"! - She saw my cock, which climbs between Marinka feet - Come on let's ...
With these words, the woman squeezed his legs Marina and began to drive them back and forth, creating friction of my cock. Yazi-whom she touched the protruding head of the penis. Head stuck between the legs and the face-touching Lyudmila Ivanovna moose to the bare legs of the student. She gently worked his tongue over my head. A hand gripped his legs girls not to let a member.
-Oooh ... Oh, mom ... - I groaned.
-Aaaaaaa !! - Aloud, do not hesitate to scream Marinka.
In the class for a long time the door knocking, as the lesson ended, and then did not come out.
-What is happening there? Open!
-Wait, I'll be finished! - Lyudmila Ivanovna cried.
Then, in a low voice he asked me:
-The truth, I'll be finished?
And he continued to lick my head. The way she said it, I almost did not finish.
Marinka legs trembling, she wanted to move them from the field, but could not - their hands tightly teacher contractive-Mali on both sides. A member of my not stand in such a pleasant grip. Splashed on the face the teacher, the second portion flowed on Marinka's feet. Lyudmila Ivanovna knelt by releasing the foot Marinka and she fell to the floor in the op-Gazma. I fell down on all fours and Lyudmila completed the deal by pulling several times on my dick hand. The last remnants of semen spilled on the floor.
-That's, well ... - she said - and the lesson is over for today. I will go home through the window - not to notice the director. She really did it - got out of the window (first floor) in the nude and calmly walked down the street.
Others, to whom not turn came fondling an adult woman raztsepilis from each other, but completed the job. Men masturbate, looking at his bare odnoglassnits. A girl, squatting, trying thus to hide their charms and reach arms up clothes. The floor stained in semen. Some dressed like ... Only then opened the door.
He broke the school director.
-What's happened? Where Ludmila?
-And she ... Through the window ... - Pasha said and everybody laughed. But somehow they laughed shyly. The red-excited-degenerate individuals in disheveled clothes. Luckily, the director noticed semen on the floor under their desks and left. And then we do the cleaning in the classroom, all carefully after washing.
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They came out of an expensive cafe, he gently hugged her shoulders this dyeing skinny mymra twenty years. I walked past a pile of papers in the office where I work as an economist. The meeting was all so unexpected for us that I almost dropped the bag with the documents, and my faithful stood rooted to the spot with his mouth open. For a moment he was thinking how would polovchee lie and did not find anything original, introducing his companion as a business partner in the business. I pulled him aside and say what I think about his "sexual" partner in his fucking business. "If you allow yourself to fuck anybody, then I will not restrain myself" - I threw him in the face. Husband of surprises happened only unintelligible excuses. Of course, I got excited. I did not have secret passions and desires - I was quite happy with our intimate life with fast sex once every two weeks. But after that I just had to take revenge on her husband by making him a couple of strong branchy horns.
Now I'm sitting in the kitchen of his old friend and poured out her soul. From the open window blew cool beginning of summer evening, on the table was a bottle of vodka, half devastated us.
- Come on experience - Masha told me - they are all scum. I turnuli her three years ago and live in peace.
- I do not want to divorce him - I said - because the children do not want. Let the dog, but because my own father. Pacanam can not be without a father. But if I can find a decent replacement, then I will insist on a divorce.
- Then find yourself a man and lie to him.
- Where did you find it, the guy then?
- And that there is no decent work or what?
- We have an Indian kingdom, you know. There are a couple of bosses, but I do not want to wind up on the tricks.
- Well, - Masha shook her head - I have one in mind. Agreement for the weekend - to go on the nature, barbecue, wine and so on. Not CHIN, friend, I'll do you a romantic weekend with good sex.
- Ok - without much enthusiasm I agreed.
With him, the parasite, it is necessary? - I thought, going home and looking at himself in the mirror in the hallway girlfriend. I was looking tipsy middle-aged brunette with appetizing forms, guessable under a light summer dress. I looked closely at his reflection. Pleasant face almost wrinkle-free, high-hard chest, hidden bra, a small tummy, which does not spoil the figure, waist, which can also be envied, elastic hips, round ass has not lost its former elasticity.
- You admire? - With a smile he asked Masha came up behind him.
- Look, nothing came to my husband - I frowned.
- You're just nuts, - Masha laughed and hugged me from behind.
Her arms wrapped around my waist, then one fell on my chest, the other down below the waist.
- Masha - strictly I said, trying to free herself from her arms, - what are you doing?
- I consoled his girlfriend - and she said, turning my face to his and kissed me on the lips.
It was the first real kiss with a woman in my life. Alcohol has had an effect on the body spread languor, I turned to Masha and squeezed her in his arms. We have become so passionately kissing passionately, that I suddenly thought: "I do not whether I become a lesbian?" our hands wandered over the bodies of each other. Masha began to moan softly, I too great start. Finally, after five minutes of such passion, we unclenched our arms and stood looking at each other, breathing hard.
- I'd better go - I said in a hollow voice, aligning breath - and that we are so we can go far.
- Call - briefly answered Masha, - be careful.
I stepped out of the door and went home.
The weather was wonderful, the sun was setting, and not so much as a day of scorching heat. At the same time, not yet dusk, and it was too cool, as usually happens in August. I had to go through a small park - home Masha was on the edge of the park in the green zone. I walked down the deserted alley away from the main roads. On both sides of a dirt track growing green wall some shrub half a meter. Close heard music - in the open air disco was. Suddenly I heard voices coming from the side, out of the bushes. I hurried pass, you never know who it reeling. Suddenly there came a sharp girlish scream: "Neet!" I stopped, wandered vodka in my veins, and I'm not quite correctly assess the situation. I cautiously approached the bushes and looked back. In the shadow of three teenagers 15-16 years old trees were trying to strip the little girl of 15 years. One of the boys managed to run his hand up her skirt, while others tried to keep hands and feet to pull out the girls. I do not doubt that they are going to rape the girl. The guys were obviously drunk and much stronger than his young victim. I do not hesitate broke into bushes, pushing the branches with a bang.
- Well release it! - I screamed with all his might, clobber teens her purse, - call the police!
The guys did not expect this turn of events, they released the girl, she immediately hid behind me.
- Are you want to jail ?! - I continued to yell, holding the bag at the ready, - I'm going to ask you little brat.
- You Th, aunt? - Recovered from the surprise is the highest of the guys - go away until the whole.
- I'll go along with it, - I nodded at the frightened and tearful girl - and you, if you do not want to sit down for rape - run home.
- She will not go anywhere, - frowned tall - it we must - let work out.
- I am not guilty, - filed a girl's voice from behind me, - you set me up. I do not owe you anything.
- Silence all! - I broke the beginning controversy - I will speak first with you - I turned to the girl - and then contact you.
I took her hand and dragged her firmly on the alley.
- Tell us! - I ordered.
Girl, Lena, still sobbing, told me a story. She and her friends met with these boys. Those offered a beer. The girls agreed. They are equipped with a tent, invisible to the mall. There they sat, then one of the guys offered to play cards. All agreed. Play steel strip. Lena "owes" them a full strip, like the rest of the girls. Two of her girlfriends were more bright: broke and fled. Lena remained. That's it and offered to "cover" their card debt and her friends with her body. I listened carefully to Lena and said:
- Do not be afraid - go home. Just remember - you will hang with these guys - just raped. Understood?
- Yes - Lena nodded.
I hugged her shoulders and led him through the park. We went out into the street, I landed the girl on the bus, she gratefully murmured "thank you" and went home.
I thought there was at the bus stop. In principle, of course teenage girls came with dishonest. Most likely they specifically cheated to strip glupyshek. But at their age hormones play so rapidly that it is not always possible to restrain themselves, the more they win. I knew what I was doing irreparable folly, but mind clouded with vodka and resentment at her husband could not stop me - I went back. Behind the bushes in the place was empty. I went ahead and saw the original structure of the bushes, benches, boards. This was their "headquarters". Teenagers sat at the old wooden table drinking beer.
- Sorry guys - I said, coming into their possession - I understand that you broke the buzz today.
- Okay, what can we now - said High.
- I do not want you to rape someone - I said soothingly, - this is not correct.
- They themselves asked for, and then in the bushes - an injured boy spoke low, with red hair - we dragged them here. And how have lost cards - all gone. We did not want to force her. Just be felt and released.
- And she had to feel something? - I asked.
Guys surprise turned their heads in my direction. The heart was ready to jump out of my chest, I decided:
- Since I prevented you cuddle girl, can I correct the situation?
- How?! - Burst out all at once.
- And this is - a challenge I replied and put her hands under her dress.
Rear lifting the hem of her dress light, I slipped her fingers under the gum panties and bent, pulled the little lace panties to her knees. Then he stood up and looking at young people with bulging eyes and mouths open, stepped out of her panties.
- Who wants to look at an adult woman? - I asked, right up to the table, behind which sat fluttered teenagers.
High immediately turned to me and, fearing that I change my mind, instantly put his hand under my dress. I felt his hot, trembling with excitement hands on his hips. To others, too, can enjoy the female body, both hands, I lifted her dress to her waist, exposing the boys to his pubis, covered with short stiff hairs. High boy became greedy fumble on my buttocks, my finger, he found a crack. I moaned from surging excitement.
- Boys - I said in a weak voice, - and you have a condom.
- Of course - he said the high and began feverishly to pull out of his jeans pocket sealed bag.
Auburn and another teenager, too, snatched bags, showing me.
High stood up and pulled me by the arm. I saw the second "room" of the hut. The fenced off a corner under a wooden canopy was an old bed with a dirty mattress. I realized what built this hut. I sat on the bed, which creaked under me drawl. The tall boy stood there and looked at me with burning eyes clutched in the hands of condoms. I'm looking into his eyes, slowly unbuttoned dress, pulled it over his head, leaving only a bra. The rest of the teens were crowded at the entrance, rubbing his bumps on the pants. I unbuttoned her bra and breasts fell out, sticking out nipples excited. High hurriedly took off his jeans and sneakers and fell on me, frantically kissing my body. I pushed him, put on his powerful for such a boy, a member of the condom and lay down, stretched leg. Teenager second looked at the ripe body of an adult woman, who gave his lust. Then he leaned and began clumsily tychas rubberized member in my hips, look for the entrance to my sweet cunt. I fumbled his hot hand tool and put it into my vagina juices expiring. Teen jerked his cock fully immersed in me. I felt the heat of the vaginal walls of his gun. The boy began quickly moving the pelvis, with the breakneck speed will drive me in his penis. I tried to hold it, so that it is not so quickly finished, but still high thirty seconds fucked my crack at a pace, then jerked and fell on my whole body convulsed in orgasm. I did not have time to finish, but he warmed me great. Next was a redhead. He pushed his friend out of bed and took his place between my legs. He skillfully, probably already had sexual experience, introduced the term in me and began rhythmically to drive a tool in my bosom. The bed groaned beneath us, heard squishing sounds, that was making my current slot, and spanking the boys eggs on my ass. Auburn got up on his hands and watched my big breasts jump in time with his thrusts. I felt the approach of orgasm, moaned and squirmed on the dirty mattress. The teenager went on relentlessly peck my vagina. I screamed, huddled under the boy, clasping his legs hips, will drive it as deep as possible in itself. Auburn finished only a few minutes, panting fell on me and kissing my nipples. A third teenager perevozbudilsya so that finished right at me when I tried to put it on a small member of the condom. I did not hesitate took his hot segment in his mouth and began to gently suck. From such a weasel his young instrument arose immediately, and I was wearing on his gum, put the third in night instrument in its bosom. Tall guy standing next to already unraveled on his standing member of the second condom. Then it all it started without a break. Their unquenchable passion did not allow their members to weaken even for a minute. I sobbed with passion underneath, the bed is no longer reposed creaked, the number of filled rubber bands around "trahodroma" grew. Somewhere in half an hour my rapists are tired and have given me up. Legs did not obey me, sweet vagina ached from the work done.
I got dressed, I sat at the table with them. We silently drank a bottle of beer. It was already dark when I said goodbye to the boys and went home. They asked me to come again. I do not make plans for the long term. I just took revenge on the wrong husband. I was traveling on the bus when I felt that from my overworked vagina follows sperm boys. Yes, condoms have been a total of eight in all, and each one of them "went" to me at least five times.
I went home, I met my husband, smiling apologetically to me. He cooked dinner, set the table, put the kids to bed and waited for me. He began to speak as he was to blame, that the devil has beguiled him that this would never happen again.
- Come on - I said wearily, - can not continue. Score of 1: 1.
- What? - I did not understand her husband.
I silently took his hand and looked down at her dress on her soaking wet panties. The husband withdrew his hand and killed the voice asked:
- I know him?
- No, I - I said, looking into his eyes - and not "his" and "them."
- Yes, but what are you surprised? - I said calmly.
- How many were there?
- Three.
- Did you like it?
- What? - Now it is my turn to be surprised.
I noticed that the pants the husband began to puff up and his fingers, he pushes a wet cloth panties aside. I closed my eyes and groaned. It was a sweet pain tormented vaginal sex. My husband put me on the couch, took off her panties and sat down between my legs wide apart and started licking tongue boyish semen from my vagina. I lit up again, grabbed his head and pulled him to her cunt and while he did not drink all the sperm of my teens, I did not let go. Then she kissed him gently smeared her lips and said:
- Peace?
- The world - he said with a smile, - only tell how it was.
As I told all the details of my unforgettable evening, a man was sitting at my feet, jerked off his dick and lick my crack. I finished again. We agreed that we would go together to the boys. My husband promised to take with the camera.
But this is the next story.
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Memories of kindergarten

I tell him, "Where did you find these crocodiles, dried dick?" - And his arguments are impenetrable: "The first - a woman should not be the board, the second - a woman should not be a plague, and the third - when you fuck her (which is the highest meaning of life), the main feelings for you go through the penis, rather than . through the eyes of first and second I'm provided, but under her skirt to her you've personally he climbed - nehuy was eyes fill with vodka. "
Navel marafet I complete for the most demanding ladies early in the morning. After lunch, I think, once again I shave - all will be on the level.
Yes, there it was: the eagle fills up to me at three o'clock and went supposedly he says. This rascal, it turns out, all officially, and we calmly and without any samovolok we stamp through the checkpoint to provide "sponsorship" help kindergarten. Vitek while dragging a bag which-a tool, and I - the floor boards of the cube, because shorter. At the same time the questions of who, where and how he traditionally does not answer, all kind of showing that if he goes, everything will be on the higher class. We went to the territory. Furnishings exclusively peaceful. The kids are running around everywhere, squeaking is terrible, we are greeted with "Hello, uncle, you come to us to repair a swing.?". "Yes - I think - we are your aunt caulk pritopali".
Vitek straight to the closet and some polite granny reports:
-. "Good afternoon, Nikanorovna Vera came as promised - what and where in order to bring?"
Well, I think it is already too old woman - procuress. And the old lady replied:
-"And go, sons, in the warehouse - the way caretaker there - let them dispose of."
Fucked up, I think, is good procuress, man-office manager will give us is now a job for that week then dick hanging rope will Terr ... And look at me - choking with laughter, looking at my neterpezh.
Match to the warehouse, which is in the depths of the territory from the fence, we entered the predbannichek only took up vnutrennyuyudver, and there ...
You know what you want, but in the field of musical ear, I to his claims have never been.
-"Stop - I say Vitka - your caretaker is busy with a woman -. Only dust pillar Come here." Vitek swore in a whisper from his short monologue, I realized a lot: the fact that the caretaker - wench in the juice, and how to keep his word to the soldier, and in great detail about what he juice squeeze, when before that prostitutes still it gets. Most of all he resented violation of the agreed schedule of activities - we are not free to stallions. To leave it was not good to interfere with the peasant - dishonestly. So we decided to be content to begin the process of contemplation and quietly opened the second door: Otryvshayasya picture impressive scale and seriousness of approach to the process. In the darkness of the white hemispheres shine in our direction woman's ass, the owner of which is lost in the shadows. Bottom under Baba is a man (only legs visible), a member of his worth as a mortar barrel, and this cock slowly and tightly stretched pussy ... And at first fucking no longer visible. The man in the hands zavhozihe thighs clutched, but only feels that he is not here my dick host: very wench hips and twirls and shakes and cola rides. Does all that most want
- for the guy hurt easily. But the woman is working at the highest level, and its goods, even in the dark can be seen that nezalezhaly. In short, the fitting is carried out by a pussy juicy prick and with gusto. Vitek my ear, sniffs, and I sense that the buttons on the pants went thread ... A woman came up with a new dance: ebalny unit with his dick shot, on the tip of the tease, and then tension occurs so on the eggs - and gone to work across length of the stick - in mizhika eggs almost beep when an ass on them comes over. In as much as the man fell off his hands from the thighs. He seized on the tits and began to push from below. Suddenly the woman decided to dick whirl. Lifted, he turns it on to the man backwards dickhead ... and naturally observes the door two more stupid ass sticking out his pants ... By the way, it is not at all a crocodile, and a very attractive face anything, twenty years - twenty-five. Think, brothers, our view it prevented? - Huyushki - on the contrary. From the presence of the audience she recognized herself an actress on the stage.
Watching us, smiling and continues to form in the bride on a stick by a pussy. With his left hand raised his chest, his right leg between the bushes stirs - flaunts. Then Victor beckoned to him. We went to the roof of precisely because stepped forward as a rabbit to the boa with a very strange expression on his face. He had not really come as the girl grabbed his cock and balls fell out. Girth her spine and head tip ohazhivat language. Here I have all the itching so that immediately reminded me of who is the owner of me - a member. Sam moved to it. But beauty Vityanyu released, quickly stuck on the dickhead again rotated backwards. I bent it and began milking his man crush. Crumples and odgoy hand spreads his buttocks - therefore invites.
Witek in such situations operates strictly unequivocally: lowered his pants on, dick thrown forward and fell in behind the second number. She is waiting - and pokes him backwards ... And Victor member climbs - Hoto ass and good, but it is very small hole. But he lent grease the guy and zaebenil her in all her youth:
A guy just fun, but here and felt that more than one hosted in the crotch, but do nothing below can not. And she whispered to him:
-"Do not bother to fuck, push, as it should be." He realized that he did not rob and pussy zashuroval further. And this mad me turn, all shaking already, and only opens his mouth: they say that you are late. Hand over my cock and took down to her pull. I dropped to my knees - here it to my farm just above the muzzle and the guy sucked. Baba, I will say, top class, all have time. I prick language processing so that the sparks from his eyes, Victor ass grabbed and twists, and even to the peasant riding. And with all this it gives you pause, so that no one squirted ahead of time.
That's just the man could not resist: trembled and poured her whole portion, but this is understandable - it is up to us still worked, and suddenly a Gang bang went.
And here is something for us all just started ...
It all started with a break, which she arranged for himself - got off muzhikka, took my penis stronger hand, Victor, for his back, too, pulled closer to him and began to praise them. They say what they are strong, big and warm, they are well worth what they are friendly. Then I began to lick them on the queue, then simultaneously.
Vitek same time does not lose, and between her legs with his knee crawl. There is his penis and pulled: on his back collapsed, his legs slung over his shoulders, a member of the pussy carries - teases. But at the same time and because my prick out of his mouth does not produce, language processing - baldezh full. That cheek and there will jerk, then under the tongue miss, then straight into the throat itself votknet, it will take out of his mouth, and all the skin on your tongue will pull ...
But we know these things, too - not a beauty crotch polished heads. Witek for her the sideways pass, then the eggs in a hole ambush, then pull out and slap bush. I, of course, smaller expanse, but also try and appease her and catch the buzz: milking it up and took them to develop. A breast, it should be noted, notable, large can not be called, but it is elastic and upright. I let go, Vitek votknet - hills as much bounce.
Then the beauty and such a posture tired - it was the shrimp. We Vityok also changed, because zemy - the girls are brought up some yards.
Here's my turn came to assess its rear appreciated: a round ass, elastic, wide hips. Werth me this way and that, and shifted his feet - try saying that if you want. But we still can, I tightened it outside grabbed his legs and began to stick a stick in the thickets, and she plays ... But I'll get to hot places - forward fed damn playful. But back and ass shakes stronger: the pussy itches. Only she opened a little hole, as I zaebenil at the very root.
She felt that pulled it all the same - legs apart and back arched. Fuck pier. No, I think I'll have not got so much too simple to be. His dick pulled, bent and DAC for pussy teeth. Not to hurt, but for pleasure. I feel, as much as a shiver went babtsa, a hand grabbed my head and even more presses. Her pussy is already developed - the heat and radiates. Dissolve, as the bud - red edge twitch around the fluff and the navel black curls ... Well, I think if a couple more times so prizhmesh my face, then his rosette natresh long, even a morning shave will not help. And though it would be dick - know wedges. Got, in short, I was in her pussy almost to his ears, handled everything that took and tongue and teeth - it's time to get out, I think. Broke away - look - Vitek her head with both hands and mouth keeps shuruet like a locomotive, it only supports the eggs (not to come off, probably). The man also oklemalsya: crawled under her breasts and sex itself stuck in his mouth, but the beauty here and not miss: in the member grabbed him and Fingering with terrible force.
I did not lose time, piled it on the side, one leg lifted up, and he sat down on the other: love watching the battle in which the edges of the lead. She stuck to her own unit on the tonsils, and then there was another roll so much so that it has already zahlyupalo. Pussy, it should be noted, is held as the language - a virtuoso. That obozhmet, then let go, then podsoset - I be amazed by the buzz and the total spectacle.
But this BLAIR, it turns out, this was not enough - it all changed again. At this time Witek was under her bottom and started to fry again prick greedily to hot places, while he also raked tits in his arms. A man in ecstasy herachil her mouth. And she grabbed me and pulled the dick in the ass.
Oh, babe, I think you and strong. Poked her gently to check - already stretched. I can not say (mouth busy), but all kind of shows: knees forward, bent fingers and spreads the buttocks - another hole opens - it seems that this is her favorite drochevo. However, without too heavy vaseline will, I think, Vic recalled. Lent in her pussy a little slippery, smeared around his hand he gripped member so as not to break and prick poked her in the ass. And it turned out that she is not only well designed pussy - ass ate my dick at the time - and began the last thrill.
Below her Vitek his log rolling in, right chest nibbles. A guy member in the mouth works as machine. And I'm his stick to her anal counterbore. At the same time we Vityok huyami feel each other and are working exclusively. We fucking her so it seemed - it hangs in the air only three dickhead.
And then our beauty bent and swung but with a groan and trembling all over the body. Well, we immediately responded and poured her three trunks but in all holes.
She piled Vitkovoy drachilki and we pulled her too - lying on his back, legs apart and chest only goes shaking. And then he held out his hand to the pussy and strokes - departs. But this man, and could not bear (it is visible in the mouth, he gave not all) - but both jumped votknet her his unit into the bushes - just squeaked. Gang bang and went over again.
Where did it come from force - I do not know, but he has not given host - she finally sat down on a member of the top and raced at a gallop so that boobs came off. Rides, and our Vitka ends in the hands of holding. Then and even took in his mouth and began to suck. I never thought that a row has lowered, but when a man gave her a fountain below, and we will let down even for once. To summarize, I will say one thing while we fucked her three she otebal us so that I personally barely dick in his pants tucked back, he was so ragged and red-hot - in the hands not take it. And with all this and did not understand how the place she worked best.
Looking at our drooping ends, girlfriend dressed quickly, nodded his head and out the door. We evaluated the effect with Vityok stick man (Peter call, as it turned out), shook himself and crawled too breathless for twenty minutes in the sun a smoke and take stock of socialist competition.
I ask at the Vic, when the second series will come to watch, and he says to me, they say dick knows, because the light babtsa was not the one to which walked. And we had to be zavhoziha girlfriend from the first shift. Right now finished his and ... if the power will be restored: Then I just realized that the expression, and why he had when his maid for an egg to him pulled. And here I have begun a real final. Because the solution at this very moment to Vitka shapely this girl with short hair and spoke about the following:
- What are you, a male, he has promised to come to us, while he and his boyfriend in the warehouse reached? Sveta-cook longer liked?
But how vmazhet him in the face ...
Then our mentoring girls in the treatment of hot fresh hormonal medication was interrupted for three weeks. Company commander all figured out on what grounds we, nerazleynyh roots occurred hazing bitiem with one of those and then just pripahali.
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Big Adventure

Eye Color me - brown, although Lenkin - Ash - I like it more. We both go to the shaping and the pool and thanks to these studies, our figures slim and slender. And our ass look with envy all our girlfriends.
And we both love crazy sex .... and adventure.
On that day we will, as always, together, went to the pool. Who lives in Novosibirsk - surely knows - "Neptune". There's something I have met his former classmate Irku which had not seen for a bunch of years. Lenka in the pool works either great-aunt, or my mother's friend, generally pull. Lenka ran quickly to his friend, and the three of us settled down in one of the rooms. On the desk there was champagne and brandy, sweets, oranges and much more. I must say that Ira was always a lover of drink and sex. About her almost around the Institute there were rumors about her indomitable thirst for sex. We talked about the current life reminisce Institute. They told each other where everyone is working and who is married and who had gone abroad. Shed a few tears of love all the girls rate Serege A. died in Chechnya. In general, the usual chatter to succumb to the women who had not seen for many years. In the end - somewhere in the 11 hours of the night came and became familiar Lenkina we pack off. It was on the street in the cold day. All that melted the day - and we froze again, and so no different balance, staggering and slipping constantly wandered to a halt. Lenka, as I was already well drunk. Ira oddly enough, though, and drank more than we, but stayed and felt much better. Having found out that we live with Lenka Eltsovka in a rented apartment, and looking at the clock Ira suggested not to suffer and go to sleep to it - somewhere on the Red prospectus. Husbands and families have no Lenka - houses no one is waiting - we agreed that the hearing before Ira also lives alone and so we would not want. That day was Friday. The next day, it was not necessary to work. Catching a wheelbarrow we - the three women went to the screwy Irke home. Determined during the trip to continue the banquet, we stayed a couple of times and restocking of alcohol and food. In short, we stumbled into the apartment with lots of packages - half of which are clearly rattled.
To build a table in a large room, we have included background music and perched decided by the first drink "rowan on cognac". Then the doorbell rang ...
Ira went to open wondering who it could be in the morning. We drank for a drink Lenka decided to go, he loves to talk our chief, "the adjacent sanitary facilities." Lenka to the bathroom and I was in the bathroom. As soon as I got into the bathroom to wash Lenka came and said that by Irke came some three male acquaintances. I remember - "One t-ah-ah-ah-Coy beautiful" - said Lenka. 10 minutes, we chatted with Lena in the bathroom - and then I got out, and my place was taken by Lenka. Throwing One Irki robe hanging on a hook in the bathroom, I went out. Wiping towel last drops of water running down on the collar of my hair and singing a new song Zemfira ".. and she's drunk ..." I walked into a large room ... and was stunned! The light from the hallway falling into a dark room, lit a large !!!! Ira, Ira Completely naked ass moaning softly to me lying on one of the men and his cock with squelching entered her just expiring juice "cave". Second, with his back to me, he thrusts his "tool", gradually picking up speed in Irkin ass. In utter confusion, I was stunned by what he saw and just gawk at what is happening. A couple of minutes that I watched enough of it to me and my "cave" flowed. Simply, I long ago broke up with her boyfriend and has since never climb on the "tool" of men. Yes, and what he saw shocked me. I have never seen a living as a man has intercourse with a woman. Not to mention the fact that it is done at the same time, two and one of them is terrorizing a narrow hole popochki. Hearing slam the bathroom door - Lenka finished taking a shower - I turned to go and warn her about what was happening - and startled. Just standing on me (and was able to go so quiet?) And stared without blinking nicely built man 25-27 years. The third! Lenka told that there were three! Light incident from the hallway lit it okay built body, brown hair on the head, broad shoulders. Only a short distance allowed me to see his beautifully arranged eyebrows, big eyes, a pleasant face, the muscles of his biceps and ... oh cock! The guy was absolutely a goal! My eyes involuntarily focused on the subject of man's pride ... Everything in me broke ... Wave pleasant languor swept over my body ... Lenka! Thinking about it, I made a move toward the guy. He understood my intentions one-hand shut my mouth. Picking up a second hand under my knees, he pulled me to him and literally one step reached in standing 2-3 meters behind me couch and left me there. I just have not had time to come round as a robe is already lying on the floor and men's palm pleasantly teasing skin roughness , ran through my body, which was served treacherously towards them ... "No .. x Me!" - She exclaimed Lena entered the room and saw what was happening. Man fucking Irku at a rapid pace in the ass turned her cry, and pulling out a member of Irkin ass toward her. My head limply hung down from the sofa and putting the body under the kissing beautiful stranger ( "one T-ah-ah-ah-Coy beautiful" - it seems that he was a) I periodically in a regular fit of pleasure, opening and closing his eyes as the camera recorded the events evening ... I opened my eyes. Ira felt the absence of a member in the ass turned dissatisfied ... Lenka was already lying on the floor, ass to me by a man - his feet up on his back hard podmahivala him and moaned. Ira jumped off the man and ran to the phone ... I closed my eyes. Through the eyelids I can see the contours of a man getting up from the floor. Irkin hear the voice calling in guests at "cool evening" some Adre, Misha and Kostya ... I opened my eyes. Above I see the face of my face bent second man apparently the one who got up from the floor. My gentleman falls off the wall and pulls me to him. Turning my face to the wall and putting his back on his knees in the center of the room, he stands behind me. I stared at the pattern of the carpet hanging on the wall ... I closed my eyes and put her head down ass sticking out ... I feel a finger in the ass smeared with something bold, or Vaseline, or any ointment. another man's hand with his hand covering my "pussy" ... A wave of pleasure rolls at me and I shudder unable to contain the orgasm ... This is probably waiting. As soon as I relaxed after orgasm while standing in the same position in my ass one or two jerks got someone's cock ... My throat was dry with excitement and my cry of pain barely audible ... But I heard the doorbell ring and scream of pleasure Lenkin ... I almost lose my mind from another push in the ass ... and tight jet of sperm downright cut one wall in the ass ... and a second wave of orgasm covers my head ... I can not stand this time and dumped on side - squeezing dick out of your ass. Not letting me come round to my "pussy" cut one with a new disposable consumer, a stake worth, "tool": Judging by the pace of this amateur Irkin ass ... I opened my eyes I see standing in the doorway of the three guys who do not have time to see of how the corridor is extinguished light and darkness in the room door slips Ira stepping over lying unconscious Lenka and her "lover". Ira lights the night light in the room and poured a nice pink light.
In its light I see bristle pants novoprishedshih obviously these are the most Andrey, Misha and Kostya caused Irkoy. The very owner of the apartment and did not finish until now turning to who came and says - "Well?". The guys break up and throw it. In muses. center cut one CD with Enigm-oh, and I'm under the funky music starting to feel dick in her "pussy" departed from an orgasm. I turned face in the center of the room, and I'm excited to see how increasing Irku just yet torn apart ... All three members of the "holes" in Irki in business ... My excitement is enhanced ... In the air hovers just for some excitement, the smell of mating and pleasure ... My second "the conqueror" shudders and roar pours me a portion of sperm ... My body explodes third orgasm of the evening and I'm falling into unconsciousness time to think about what is good that I will soon, "monthly". ..
I wake up from the vote. Nearby is Ira. We both covered with blankets and lying on pillows on the couch where I was "fucked" in all places ... The same nice pink light fills the room. Mus. center is silent, but it works on TV giving rise to the walls of the room strange shadows. Rising look at the TV and I see there is porn ... God! It's me at the time of the conquest of my ass! Ass in response to the memory of her speaks pain and itching of light ... Under it felt wet spot. Most likely it is the sperm which resulted from it while I was asleep ... twisting and turning his head trying to imagine where the shooting was carried out and notice the top of the furniture standing in front of a wall light video camera ... Oddly enough, I do not feel shame and remorse of conscience ... to be honest, I even like ... I'm trying to climb over Irku lying on the edge and it seems its wake. Ira stretches and sly looks at me with narrowed eyes ... I nod to her on television -
"What is it?"
"Ah-ah-ah-ah it. Yes, we always take off. In the morning wash. To no one was afraid. All the family and relatives there. So that no one has got the record. Do not worry friend. How do you like the way?"
"You always want to?"
"Yeah. Friday night, Well I got drunk and forgot about it. And you even brought. Are you mad?"
"No. It was great. Only ass hurts ..."
"Ah-ah-ah-ah is Tolia. He likes to have anal sex. As well, and the rest. But he's stronger."
A new surge of loud voices came to us Irkoy from the kitchen ...
Reeling and shielding her eyes from the bright light we went into the kitchen ... Oh my God what it was .... Lenka. I completely forgot about it ... Lenka, which is at the mouth of the peasants, always spoke of them only as "pigs" and firmly that she had no "..iz these pigs" will not allow anything extra is got up! She was a cancer on his knees on the floor. From ass sticking vibrator pen. The whole ass was in the bands of the belt which held one of them ... but nine of already! ... Men. Her whole face and hair were in semen that dripped on the floor ... And Lena moaned and whispered from parched lips excitation "... more, more boys ... oh please ... Well I ask someone vyeb..te men-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I. " Her last words were like a wolf whine ... It seems all wound up while we slept ... Taking pity on her three boys came to her. Pulling out a vibrator in her ass hole already widely vognla his dick alone. The second crawled under her and swung and drove his penis into her vagina ... Lenka started noticing looming in front of the nose of the third member on the machine caught his lips ... Another 6-ro podrachivaya members turned to us with Irkoy ... Ira grabbed two for members led them to the room. The remaining inclosed me wordlessly picked me up dragged to the same ... I have had time to notice and moaning like Ira she sucks dick and one turns on the ass of another Member State. From me immediately she separated one and rushed to her. I was turning down a person placed on the floor. Putting me a pillow from the couch under the back and taking my foot for foot one went behind my head and pulled my legs over. I was rolled in Kalachik. Lying on the shoulders of the head with the feet on the pillow, I probably imagined super-exciting picture of me ... We must immediately hung one of the guys. "Like enough - say - we stop ..." - he said, and burst into my ass dick. It was not so painful ... In the kitchen, there was a cry Lenka ... In my ass flew the new portion of the sperm and then orgasm covered me and ... carried past me in his arms limply curled into a ball, pull over to the man's chest and has clearly sleeping Lenka. She gently laid on the couch podsunuv under the head rest and pillow covered with a blanket ... One of the guys waiting to turn my ass moved to the couch and crawled to Helen. He pushed the one that brought Lenka and something told him ... I heard only ": do not touch it, it's enough already." He silently walked ... out-of-place I took the one that was standing behind me, turning me on their knees. I still swim in bliss, sticking out the ass and she just did it covered another member ... It was something ... More about 15 minutes after I passed almost all who were in the room. After a while Irku put next to Lena and they were already asleep ... I still did not say "enough ..." ... almost till the morning with respites they had me in all the cracks. By morning, I just was in a constant state of orgasm. all that we can already hurt ... I drove several times to the bathroom to wash and cold water ... in the ass and "pussy" overheated hour intercourse - is another thrill I never knew ... After a cold water shower and I again was ready to exploits ... This is almost bordering on violence, sex and relationships in the gentle and affectionate relationship after him - I have not seen or experienced. I for these ninth men was neither a whore nor bl..yu, I have for all of them was the woman he loved. Favorite because it gives them pleasure, he received his own and showed it, do not hesitate to fulfill their dreams. For that and was worn on the hands. Gently laid on the bed. During that night I never once called them rude words, I did not hurt - if I do not like ... I was happy! I respected and loved as the most beloved! ... In the morning I was in some kind of unconscious ... I was put in another room on the big bed, covered up with a blanket, all my nine lovers kissed me and told his every gentle word ... With a happy smile on his face and I fell asleep ... and my nine tender and passionate men settled around me on the floor ... We are with Lenka and Irka slept until Sunday. Getting up to the toilet and only a little to eat ... and every time we went to the kitchen waiting for us cooked breakfast? dinner? dinner?. Ira said that they are all her lovers periodic and know about each other, but respect her as a woman and never share ... Lenka no longer says that men "pigs", her favorite word for them now 'Aces. " God knows what she has in mind. :) Tomorrow Ira went to America for a month, for an internship. It's a pity. And Lenka says that we have not met ... Irkoy and adds with a sly squint eye "... is not it all the overgrown and can" :)
Sveta. Friday, 14 April 2000 17:00
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All characters are fictitious, any coincidence with real persons is considered to be random.

"Love and smepti, dobpo and evil ...
What is holy that gpeshno, we know syzhdenie.
Love and smepti, dobpo and evil,
A SELECT we have been given - one ... "
The words of the song performed by V. Yu Tsiganova.

I sat on a wooden chair with wide legs in the middle of the room with a low ceiling, and tried to look around. Look could cover only part of the premises. Miserable situation. Dirty, spattered with something dark and bold glass, window sill stripped, forced out of empty beer cans and bottles out of spirits. Beneath it lay a pile of some dirty rags. Dilapidated parquet floor, covered with spots and stains, such as peeled back wall with wallpaper and sofa with protruding from the torn upholstery springs. I was firmly tied to a chair with duct tape sticky. My hands were behind his back wound, twisted and strapped to the back of the chair. And at the level of the ankle foot as tightly wound was almost up to the knees and pressed to the front legs. The mouth was sealed with adhesive tape and pulled all the skin on the face. Behind the wall in an adjacent room heard muffled voices, and one of them was female. The door was half open and I could hear the entire conversation.
- Kolyan, I am the first with this doll pokuvyrkatsya.
- And Che is you first.
- Let's throw lots or cards to play it. Who won the first.
- So let's just Napara we stretch it, and no one will hurt not, and then one by one, and no offense.
- No, guys - have a woman's voice - I am the first, I was a woman, and women have to concede.
- You? Baba Baba liked! Do not make me laugh, what you fuck her, then I gathered, you fool! What a zhenilka thou shalt bring her pleasure?
- And this, Vadik, none of your damn business. Know your place. Once again I hear insults addressed to me, I'm on a strip less often, you may not know me. I have my own secrets and its own methods. I was scared starts when these whores peep under my pins.
- And the truth Kolyan, already wondering how she will fuck her. Let's see, I was right, too, it gets.
- Okay, hands, and then pull on it.
- Catching up on that, boys, hands on his hands so I have fun, and then take away and do with it what you want. I'll show you a sex with that slut that you and so obkonchalsya. You have my word, you will not regret.
- And what a sex?
- Vadik, extreme. Are you sure this is not seen even in the Kama Sutra. I Squeeze it to drop.
He slammed the cork from the bottle and heard the sound of a pourable liquid.
- For you, Alia, and your fuck, show master class, but do not squeeze it all, we leave to have fun.
They're about me everything is planned out - I thought bitterly. God, how disgusting. And scary. Now they have finished to drink, and to me, judging by the conversation behind the wall, come hell. From involuntarily overheard the conversation, I realized that I would not rape the girl, a freshman and experienced slag. And then I will take up the other two. How all hopelessly bad. Apparently, this will slowly Allochka mock my body, until in the end, do not torment to death, and those two have exactly will finish. D¸rnuvshis, I realized that is tied firmly and competently, independently and free does not work. And now, with this chair, I was a single entity. Doomed his head down on his chest, I waited for violence. How so I easily got placed in the network? Yes, everything on credulity, but kindness.
- Girl, girl, I'm sorry for God's sake, help me please - I was stopped on the street a young man of pleasant appearance - it will not take much time.
I turned and looked at him puzzled. He looked confused and he clearly needed help.
- All in a hurry, all in a hurry, no one cares, well, I want to pay you?
- Actually, I'm in a hurry, too. And what is it, then?
- Yes trifle out my car - he pointed to a crossover with tinted windows and open the hood - you just press the pedal, and this time I podkruchu detalku one and all, I am not able to break in half, well, not anymore!
In the car, I did not understand, and is easily led on this bait.
- Well, so be it, if it did not last long.
- Yes, two minutes, you just push the pedal, and everything, if you want, I can take you and then lift.
The offer was tempting, I really did not want to shake in a stuffy bus and I went with him to his car, parked around the corner on the sidelines.
- Here, sit down behind the wheel and when I say here on this press the pedal.
He came to the open hood and put his hands inside.
- So now push.
I looked down and there was a foot pedal. And at this very moment back over my shoulder poked somebody's hand and tipped generously something sharply scented handkerchief pressed tightly to my face, covering the nose and mouth. In the next instant, a hand pulled my head back and going into the headrest. The driver returned to the door, closing with a review of the streets and pressed my hands to my hips. He leaned over the body, blocking any resistance on my part. I realized that I got into the network placed too late. Trying to hold your breath, I desperately jerked, but fixing my body was robust, there was nothing to breathe reflexively and I breathed a pair of smelly liquid. Before the eyes of all swam and I slumped on the seat. . "Ether for narcosis likely What a fool I am trusting '' - it was the last thought, and then I passed out.
So I sat on a chair in the middle of the room, bound hand and foot, and was totally helpless. The room includes two guys, and among them was a young fiery red-haired girl. In one of the guys I found the driver's crossover, in which so unwisely village. Men sat on the sofa and smoked, flicking ashes on the floor. The girl slowly approached me. Then tsokaya thin heels walked around the chair, carefully examining me from all sides.
- Boys, as you well done, great copy! - She turned toward them and they smiled and giggled together.
She stood in front of me and studied my eyes. I looked at her. Slender, tall, with a pretty face. Red hair pulled back in a tight knot. The white T-shirt and short denim skirt with fringe. Beautiful legs, expensive high heels. On the neck twisted gold chain almost thick as a finger. In her hand she held a short whip a few tails with tied at the ends of the nodes and patted the handle on the palm. Yes, not cheap dressed. Probably most of these, the golden youth, whom everything is permitted. A dragged into some hole. Finally she reached forward and slowly, very slowly, began to tear the plaster off my face, thus causing unbearable pain. I broke down and moaned. Continuing to tear off the plaster, she leaned closer and said:
- Stoney, come on, I know how it starts?
Tearing the patch completely, she threw it on the floor and said:
- My name is Mrs. pain, and how to call you? What is your name?
- And you would not go ...
The girl laughed:
- Yes me on the drum, what's your name, you do not want, do not say, I'll just call you his whore - she good-naturedly patted me on the cheek - well, it's time for your love and you give me it all completely.
She kicked off her shoes with his feet and put my bare foot right between the thighs.
- And I'll tell you. My name is Alla you to know - again she patted me on the cheek.
By prudently lifted up on my skirt, she pushed me sideways thin pants, exposing parading my charms.
- Boys, look like?
Both male staring hungrily at my private parts and leering smiled. I began to move his chair, straining his body, trying to throw her skirt down, and at this point, this Allah slapped me whip swinging, stretching across the chest. Burning pain flashed fire, and I cry, limp. Stallions on the couch neighing and applauded, cheering sadist, and she continued. Her bare foot with painted nails moved closer and his thumb penetrated deep inside, and came priter to my clit.
- Look at me - ordered Alia lifted my face and chin - Now would be nice.
I felt like the fingers of her legs began to move and started gently stroking my lips and clitoris. Words depraved and brutal lesbian Alla were sheer truth. All my senses were on and touch the toes involuntarily inside me ran the flash drive. I immediately began to flow abundantly lubricating toes sadistic. Then a wave of delight scattered throughout the body, yielding place to new, more powerful waves. I breathed heavily and leaned forward, not daring to omit a head. I looked at her and she looked at me. And now, for me, except it does not exist. I was in life, no one has not raped, but still so hard and violent scenes, I could not stand, it sickened me, and that's when these things slipped somewhere in the Internet, I immediately jump to another page. And now, this is the scene took place in reality, and in the role of a guinea pig, I acted. But I could not imagine that it will take me a real bliss. Really the way it should be? And the victim, too, enjoys even against their will? At this point I did not care what they do to me then. All thoughts of the consequences retreated into the background. I realized that I wanted to continue.
I was breathing heavily and looked her straight in the eyes, and the girl looked at me. And I saw how excited she was. Alla ran her fingers over my face, then pulled off her bra and gently caressed my chest. Then again his fingers went to my lips, and I'm not holding back, held them tongue. She slowly and gently lowered her hand on my neck and my head tilted down.
- Thank me, kiss my foot - demanded Alla and I did not dare to contradict.
I clung to his leg and started kissing soft and velvety skin of her thighs slanting. Toes brazen and depraved Alla stroked my crotch, and fingers of the hand stroking his neck, and I passionately kissed her foot wherever she could reach, and saw how it was wet panties under her skirt. The smell of her crotch excited and attracted. Mixed in with the passionate kisses, I whispered words of gratitude and it turns me into a frenzy. Suddenly, my neck wrapped delicate lace and become progressively tightened, still clenching my throat. It's free hand she deftly slipped the noose and spins slowly. I felt over an oscillatory motion and thin strap deeper hit me in the neck. On a clear and spent movements it was clear that she does so not for the first time and found it increasingly difficult to breathe. Caress it nevertheless did not stop and I went to answer, despite the lack of air. Experienced sadist took me seriously, and she enjoyed it. Finally noose I squeezed my throat so that I stopped breathing. After a few turns and tighten the control loop tightly, Alia moved his hand on my face and his fingertips gently began to drive on my lips. New impetus bliss blew me inside, but I could not moan. '' Well, that's all, it was my death, then that's unholy and unfavorable light '' - I thought, and die for some reason, it was not scary. From the skillful actions of my sadistic sexual excitement reached its climax, and choked the fear of death. As the body began to run cramps. The brain of oxygen required, all of which were not, and the eyes start to dim purple veil. I felt that I was about to pass out. I clung tighter to his leg and arm, and the last time caressed them. In my mind I flashed a bright light and I strongly as ever in his life, had finished, he immediately lost consciousness.
I woke up. I was still tied and did not feel his body. My head was down limply on his chest, and I heard voices. I knew that he had been at the very features of the abyss, and walked around the edge of the blade, but the fear is still not there. Perhaps I have gone through the same ecstasy that experienced kamikaze pilots before crashing into the enemy object.
- Alka, you cho? You cho done, you strangled her - it was the voice Kohl.
- Definitely, you're the girl hung up! Yes fuck I got in touch with you! All I was wound rod, and you what you want - it was already Vadik.
- Shut up, both of you. she ochuhaetsya Now, I slapped her as much as it should be. If I write a prescription - there are no mistakes - watch out, you see, is already moving.
- Yes? Live? Exactly. So now we have sex. Only more so do not joke.
- I have not natrahalsya. Do you remember your promise? You agreed, both of you have agreed to, and agreement worth more than money. Consider Vadik, I'll get in the way and get in the way, I'll get rid of you. You, Kol¸k, is also a concern! So shut up.
- What did you do to us - again filed his nasal voice that Vadik.
- Once again vyaknesh me across, to know yourself, what harakiri. And you Kol¸k, lasso and nailed on the cross. All my slut and my word - the law!
Clushaya their conversations, I realized that so quickly and easily all of this for me is over, and only sadistic Alla Beginning to talk. And it seems their gang planned and bossed it. And the two of them were mere executors. Dreadful woman.
Again heels clattered again and she came up to me. Again, taking me by the chin, she said:
- Well, I liked my slut? I can see that you liked. It's time to make love again. You love me? You can not answer, I see that you love. Now again, it will be pleasant.
I was silent and burning with shame. After all, what she said, in fact it was. I just did not want myself to admit it. Initiation of came over me again just by her words. And what will happen when the actions begin?
Beating me from behind, she took hold of the back and knocked him to the floor. I fell with him on his back, painfully hitting his head on the wooden parquet. A woman there also sat on top of me and her crotch was close to my face. She was without panties and wet slit was right in front of me. Then I felt several fingers penetrated her hands in my vagina and my clitoris again disturbed. And again betrayed me light up the fire of desire and passion. Second hand she pressed my head to his crotch. Her scent aroused stronger and I realized that I want it back. I went deep into the language of caves and began to describe circles around the clitoris. Alla caressed me and set the pace. And I replied. I caressed and moaning. And to my moan moan I joined my tormentor. She enjoyed, and it was clear by its behavior. She stopped. It was clear that she pauses, and thus teases and gets me all the more.
- Please keep the well - on the verge of madness I whispered.
And she continued. We caressed each other - she fingers, and I tongue, and gradually accelerated. In me the fire burned an evil passion, and I wanted more and more. Two bandits on the couch gaped and stared at us. They clearly enjoyed the view. Finally Alla moaned loudly and shrilly, and her body ran cramp. She came to me right in the mouth and its abundant and hot selection, I took with pleasure. And again, in my mind flash of lightning and a powerful orgasm shook my body again. I liberally splattered on her arm has its viscous mass. Continuing to sit on me, she took his fingers out of my vagina and walked them over my face, smearing her lips to me. Then she put her hand to her and stroked her tongue. Pulling from his belt whip, she is a deft movement of the tails twisted into one harness and in a moment wrapped it around my neck. Gradually tightening ends Alla again began to choke me. And again with renewed vigor boiled passion in me. The more short of breath, the stronger grew the excitement, surrendering to the whole body with powerful thrusts. Blocking my airway completely, it caught one arm assembly and one gently hugged my neck and kissed. I clung to her lips and met with her tongue. I greedily caressed her lips and tongue, and loved as if these last moments of his life wanted to take with him to the grave. I have mastered some animal delight and I knew that before going to the light still have time to catch the newest and most powerful orgasm. His head pounded harder and before his eyes swam circles. Alla holding knot on my neck tightly and securely. Fingers hand rested my chin, threw back my head back and forefinger further caressed my neck and cheek. I was dying in her arms and was dying of happiness. It was the kiss of death, and I was laying the darkness creeps. Then the whole body pierced lightning, I shook in convulsions, and came, then night fell.
I saw in front of him glowing corridor. He walked up and began to twist in shining funnel. I felt within himself the absolute peace and some kind of incomprehensible joy. Around me flowed shimmering halo of soft light. I felt the arms of eternity itself. I was good, warm and calm. I left the mortal world and my body left somewhere far away. But someone broke the balance and pulled back into the dirt and hatred. And the corridor disappeared.
I again regained consciousness and consciousness gradually returned. Alla stood in front of me on my knees and made me artificial respiration mouth-to-mouth. Periodically, she divorced from my lips, and I did chest compressions, the whole body leaning on my chest. Kohl and Vadik aimlessly circling nearby and again criticized it for what it is all the same to kill me and have sex they will not succeed. But she did not pay attention to them. She looked at me in silence and see how I sighed and opened her eyes. I'm back. So, it's not my time yet and she had me pump out. Her face changes read. Perhaps she did not expect such a response to my response to her sexual aggression. Most likely, she was expecting a very different. Cries for help, pleading for mercy, I do not know what else. But such behavior on my part and full readiness to accept everything any torture and any pain and even death willingly and with pleasure - she obviously did not expect. Her face is now an expression of shock and admiration. That's just strange, poor and defenseless girl, who is only a nineteen years old, willing, and even the desire to accept her humiliation, and without a trace gives the most precious - their lives, and breaks up with her easy, for the sake of someone's momentary sexual whim. Of course, the young girl's mangled body can be buried anywhere, and when they find there, but their memories and the soul is not so easy to kill. She leaned over and kissed my lips, forehead, eyes, and it felt hot tears on my lips salty taste.
- Forgive me, forgive me - she whispered, and stroked my hair.
- Legs out of here! - Kolya said his pal - still wet hang on us - and pulled toward the exit. Vadik followed. They did not understand that I did not die and felt that Allah forgiven me already dead.
- So you, huh? And someone to fuck me now? You? So you still put a pen with his tricks, it soaked me and fill up - mumbled at the exit this vile Vadik - not far from here, you can get vodyaru this case it is necessary to grind until the cops do not come in large numbers.
The door slammed and I heard the tramp of fading already somewhere on the street.
Suddenly, Alla hauled chair legs and I start to unravel. Scotch And she filmed already neatly like a speck of dust is blown off with me.
- Y-you m-me unbinding? - I asked in a weak voice.
- Well - somehow Alla simple answer - and what are you, die in agony want? Such fixing bandage can not be a long time to impose. In general, to lecture about any vascular complications of crush syndrome and I'm not going to.
The woman is completely untied me and helped to his feet that were numb and listened hard. Leaning against the wall, I barely reached the door. Alla opened the door and we were on the porch of a suburban building. I sat on the wooden step porch and bowed her head. Alla sat next to me. From Vadik and Nick gone.
- Smoking is like - I said.
- Once there puff, these morons are now gain the vodka and return you to remember, but I take the sin on the soul will have to - let's go, I'll help.
- You? Where do you want me to withdraw? You kill me poved¸sh, huh? I already do not care, why not just kill him? Why do you torture me? Kill, just do not push - I was talking quite detached and already knew that the living out of her hands is unlikely to get out.
Around were thickets and tall trees. I noticed a small path leading from the porch to a wooden fence-picket. The woman looked at me and I noticed, as her eyes welled up with tears again.
- Kill already, just quickly, I'm so tired, come on, I'm not afraid, I'm so sick and now do not care what happens to me. You turned me into a rag, you broke me everything I do not want to live anymore.
I spoke quietly and doom, and she was surprised at his own words. Alla sighed and sobbed. Was she crying? I regret? Or is it the crocodile tears? Or something I do not understand.
- Shut up! Enough. Do not say that again, I'll kill you, I'm sorry. You will not forgive, I know. Just get up and go.
I stood up, and already more confident gait moved her. We went through the gate and approached the crossover, in which I inadvertently sat still in the morning. Alla took the keys from her skirt pocket and removed the lock. She sat behind the wheel and started the car.
- Let's sit down - she said.
I sat next to her in the front seat and the SUV drove off. Having moved down to the country road, we went on the road and Alla added speed.
- Where are we going? - I asked.
- Away from here. Do not worry, my car, and I did not drink with them.
- Why are you helping me?
But there was no answer. All the way, we drove in silence, and before entering the town she stopped the car.
- All go out - she said - on dober¸shsya herself - she rummaged in the glove compartment and slipped into my hand a few thousandths bills - call up a taxi. Here's your bag and phone.
I sat as if in a stupor, staring at her.
- Why are you helping me - again I asked in disbelief.
- Do you really care? - She suddenly patted me on the cheek hand - maybe then you will understand everything myself.
Taking off from his neck a massive gold chain, she put it on me - this is for you to remember, you can do with it what you want. Do you want to - wear, if you want - to sell or throw it in the trash - and kissed me on the lips - now good-bye!
I continued to sit, staring at her. Allah has turned away from me and brushed his hand with tears.
- All get out. Go away!
I slowly got out of the car and approached the roadside. Hands and legs are already accustomed to obey. Crossover pulled up and a moment later disappeared around the bend. I stood there and thought about his unexpected salvation. Is it so happens that the maniac releases his victim to freedom, but still regret the end. Yes, still life - a complicated thing, but what is nice, after you have just narrowly escaped death. I stood and looked at the road, in the direction in which her car had gone. Her kiss is still felt on my lips. I thought about the Alia. Why are all the same, it saved me? And then it hit me. I realized that she loved me. And I brought it to her lips parting gift - a heavy chain of the precious metal. No, I would never selling, even if I need and fast. What have I done? Why just let go? Understanding what am I going to want her to distraction and miss her, it came to me too late, and now I know that it will never forget.
My dress - your hands arms of relatives.

My feelings have long lived on the crucifix.
In a hurry, on the lips warmed passion.
My happiness - embrace your hands alive.
Words from a song by T. Povaliy.

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A trip with mom

It was at the beginning of August, there was a terrible heat. My mom and aunt Katya were going to go to our dacha for two weeks and downloaded aunt's "Neva" to failure all sorts of things, mostly clothing and products. Dad died a year ago, so we first went to the country without him.
Previously we used for such trips Daddy's jeep and all the junk bezproblematichno placed in the body, but the aunt's "Neva" was certainly smaller, so that the seat next to the driver had to load a sack of potatoes, and the rear seats have two-thirds of cluttered things. So for the three of us only two seats left.
-Let I'll take - I suggested, hoping to avoid an uncomfortable trip in cramped in the back seat.
-Dreaming - grinned aunt, proudly stroking the body of his brand new "Neva".
-Well, I have to sit on your lap - Mom sighed.
-Come see how you'll take - I said, playfully grabbing her around the waist and slightly raised. - 50 kilograms?
-52, enough so, omit - mom muttered. With its 38 years, it still looked like a schoolgirl, even with such a mouth-watering figures can boast only a few of my classmates.

So I had to squeeze together on one seat. I sat down first, resting his head on the ceiling of the machine, and who makes them only, and my mother, slipping through me, got on my knees, so that my legs immediately pour warm.
She was wearing a short summer dress, but underneath was visible bra and lace panties. Up to the ceiling, it still did not reach his head with his one and a half meters.
Aunt Kate sat on the driver's seat, winked at us in the rearview mirror and turned the ignition key. Motor fairly purred, and the car pulled away, gradually picking up speed. After passing 10 kilometers through the city, we went deep on unpaved country road. Uhabina One after the other, mother and aunt about something talking, I'm to keep my head off by frequent collisions with the ceiling, wider spread her knees and tried to slide as low as possible. So Mom was right on my crotch. On the way I had only thin boxer shorts, even without panties under them - not surprising in this heat.

Under pressure from her mother's backside and regular shakes my boyfriend became gradually harden. It was terribly ashamed, because my mother certainly felt as he rests against her ass. And suddenly I felt my mother cautiously opened his knees so that my cock was right between her ripe melons and buried in something soft.
Obviously, it was her pussy. At this time, my mother quietly about something spoke to my aunt, so she did not notice anything. The car was shaking in full and my cock was getting harder. For particularly large uhabine vstyasnulo us so that he is almost a centimeter entered the mother's pussy!
Certainly among them was the fabric of my shorts, her thin dress and even more thin pants, but with the same success it could be a condom, it is almost a moment I walked into my mother!
Mom froze, and then, as if nothing had happened continued talking with my aunt, but I felt like it flowed. This went on for some time, my cock hard poked into her pussy, and that all new juices emitted. From the stillness of my numb legs, so to spice things up, we had to go back, and my mother moved me and buried her pussy in my head. I tried to go forward again and she repeated once my movement.
That is, we almost fucked dry through shorts, dress and panties. This went on for a while, and then I decided to stroke her thigh. She lowered her head and stared as my hands wandered down her legs, and then gently lifted her ass, pulled the hem of her dress back.
Emboldened, I touched her wet panties. Aunt Katya just excitedly chattering about something, while I put his right hand under her panties, and felt under palzami her hot lips. My finger slipped through a crack in them, and dick became hard as stone. Heck, it was time to move on to the serious action! With his left hand, I dismissed the laces of my shorts and lowered them pulled my dick out finally. My mother frantically stared at him, it seems it was already much too it.
Dick head glistened greedily. Finally pulling his finger from her slit, I abruptly pulled the panties to her knees.
My mother turned and looked me in the eye. Her face reflected the struggle between passion and guilt. Of course, I did not give her time to recover, and quickly put his head under her shameless sponges. Another uhabina, push, and the head disappeared into her vagina. Retreat was too late, my mother completely fell on me, and has absorbed 20 centimeters of my hot flesh in her entrails.
Until that day I never saw my mother with the sexual side and now wonder why. Figure she was a sweetie and pussy like a 18-year-old, such a narrow and very wet. We were both breathing heavily. Fortunately the noise of cars drowned out our breath, so my aunt did not notice anything, watching the road.
So we fucked in the back seat like crazy. Just a some moment I did not vydezhal and poured out a stream of his seed in the mother, and then began to bring it up to standard, toying her clitoris. "Mommy," - she cried, ending. "Has something happened?" - Asked anxiously voditelnitsa, looking in the rearview mirror. "It's all right," - quickly came to my mother - "just remembered that we arrived at another and to carry all the junk and have laid."
Aunt Kate only laughed: "Luckily my son you have turned out to be done at least where all you want to do for his beloved mother." That's for sure. Again, I started to fuck my mother, because my dick again stood up and demanded to continue the feast. A few minutes later I was again swept the sweet languor and I drove over a substantial portion of the seed in my mother's pussy.
During the whole trip I had done in my mother four times, I really do not know how many times she had finished. Some time later she told her aunt, too tired and wanted to sleep with eyes closed sitting on my dick, allowing me to gently rock her fingers caress the clitoris and ...
Arriving at the cottage, we first unloaded the things mom and aunt began to prepare dinner, but this time .... But that's another story ...
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The first sexual contact

We spoke rarely, because hobnob with the girls was indecent to laugh. When we accidentally touching knees or hands, then immediately they kept away from each other, and my body shiver. And long after that, I felt the touch of the soft, gentle, warm body. Counselors have been 20-year-old students. Then they seemed to us a very large and older. Light counselors differ rare beauty. The clothes she wore tight, emphasizing its shape. The boys with their mouths open looking at her as she undressed at the shore for swimming. Our eyes are brought smooth shoulders, slender legs, breasts and buttocks. I stared with all together, and often noticed dirty looks Oli. In my heart was confusion: who I like: Olya or Light.
Change came to an end. At the farewell party, we arranged a disco (while dancing). Funny spectacle: the boys at one end of the dance floor, girls on the other. Girls sometimes are dancing with each other, but to dance with the girl the boy was not well. But in the end (after all, last night), the first constraint passed, there were couples of opposite sexes, and I dared to invite Olga to slow dance. Modestly downcast lashes, she went with me to the center of the site. Her small delicate hands rested on my shoulders, I embraced her waist. Under the cloth cotton dress, I felt the warmth of her body. At that time (as, probably, and all the boys, who had, who later) I'm often at night dreaming erotic dreams. In the courtyard of the senior I have learned enough about sex and onaniruya, my penis has already begun to emit sperm. So, we dance with Olga, her breasts pressed against my chest, under your fingers soft rounded hips, in general, my cock began to rise. From the inconvenience and embarrassment I did not know where to go. But Olga, feeling that something hard rubbing against her crotch, closing his eyes, not at all embarrassed, I began to make the pelvis slightly noticeable rotational movement. She took visible pleasure how I react to it. But the dance was over. All flushed, I went to my circle the guys (well, at least I had a shirt untucked), before he finally whispered to her that I'll see you after the rebound in the gazebo.
And dark. I'm sitting in the gazebo and I do not know whether Olya come, and if they come, then what we would do. There was a slight rustling, and sat next to me Olga. Moonlight streamed through her hair, skin was milky white and light. We first got into an awkward embarrassment of the total conversation. But gradually we got to talking about school, about the camp, and about life in general. I always thought that to take (even then I knew that stupid as to sit and waste time chattering all night long). In her eyes I saw that she was waiting for me some action. In general, I, probably, so no matter what would not dare, if she had not said, broke off, so I kissed her. I bent down to her face: the eyes are covered by the eyelids, lips slightly parted and moist. I leaned my lips to her (this is my first kiss, and I did not know how to do it). Suddenly her tongue penetrated and started to move in my mouth (so I was surprised). I also began to move his tongue, in short, adapt himself: I licked her lips, biting, just gently kissed. My hands caressed her shoulders, her neck, began to go down to his chest. Suddenly at the alley he heard some footsteps and voices. In an instant, we jumped up and hid in the bushes. The gazebo village some company (probably counselors). We had to look for another place. We went to the shore of the river. There stood a building (showers, changing rooms, and a barn with a hayloft and a small inventory). It was dark at the touch opened the door to the shed, slipped and sat down on the fragrant hay and began to continue interrupted caresses. Suddenly we startled by some sound that we were not alone in the barn. Came on the dim light from a small bulb, and opened our eyes such a picture: on the stripped counselor Michael sat astride the Light (this she reached out and turned on the light, and before that they were hiding in fear). She was disheveled and also completely bare. Cheeks flushed, her nipples stick out and badly swollen. Around lay scattered clothes. We were also an interesting sight: I'm all disheveled and confused, stunned Olya, from top buttons unbuttoned dress.
Misha shouted to us to go out. In fright we wanted was to get away, but Light said with a sly smile:
- Why is it, let them stay, let's see. I was greatly vozbuzhdaet.- and she made a few swaying movements. Mahan issued an uncertain sound.
- We learn from them - not appeased Light -ved is your first time?
I nodded involuntarily, and Olga, too, though adding that kissing a boy from 10th grade.
- Well, you've already experienced it means, - summed up the Light - and you to me like you two.
- A pipiska you have asked Michael menya.- I'm embarrassed not know what to say.
- And I know she is now, and you Turn to the girl.
Light stood up to Michael. From her cunt fell huge dick Michael, who all this time had been inside her. I looked at Olga: her amazement widened eyes.
- Like? - With undisguised complacency Misha asked,
- Well, come here.
Olya, hypnotized, on all fours, crawling toward him. His hands turned her onto her back and began to take off the dress and shoes. Under the dress was not her bra. In one motion, pulled up her legs, Michael took off her pants and fell face to the hollow.
Amy's hands is completely stripped me and now my body is caressed, her lips were kissing me, touching the neck, chest, abdomen. I was in some kind of coma, not thinking. A member of my already long been in the excited state. Suddenly, it all fell into something warm and moist: it took the light in your mouth. She began to suck it, licking, stroking his hands on my balls. I still do not understand why I had not finished once in her plump mouth tightly clasps shaped as letters "O" my head on her plump lips, apparently, I was shocked by the abundance of sweeping over me new experiences. I heard a groan. It Olya enjoyed Misha language.
- Put her cancer, let him look, how to wield language - Light Misha said, releasing my cock from his mouth, but without ceasing to caress his hand. Misha easily lifted Olu, turned and put on all fours facing us, and he began to lick her from behind. In the eyes of Oli was little point, her eyes clouded ball ran along her body bliss. But she watched as my dick then disappeared, then appeared in the mouth of Sveta.
- You're nice - she asked me, knowing the answer for sure. I could not answer anything.
- Now you know what a pleasure you can get from a woman, but you have to work on.
She lay on her back and parted her shapely legs, took her hands and pulled my head to his cave. Directly in front of your nose, I saw a neat triangle of curly hair and felt the intoxicating scent of her luscious body. Her thin, neatly namanekyurennymi nails, fingers pushed the halves of juicy lips. I saw pink wet hole remaining after the penetration of a large member, and over her swollen pea. She began to caress her, poking fingers in and moan with pleasure. Her scent intoxicating me. I licked her wet fingers, then ran his tongue across the open oozing flesh. He touched tongue to peas: Light body arched, her hands still tightly grabbed me by the hair and pressed to the heart of love. I began to lick, suck, bite this divine mound, which, as I understood delivered my partner pleasure. I bit his lips, thrust his tongue deep into the hole. Then she started pushing me to climb higher and lay down on it. I obeyed, kissed her on the lips, biting nipples. Light hand groped my risen member repeatedly opened and closed the head, and sent it into his crack, grabbed my ass, grabbed his feet and pulled my hips to zebe. I felt like my penis is immersed in something warm. Amy caves and oozing with delight, she was in her small and firm. I knelt down and pulled out his penis and then with the force pushed him as far as possible. I was surprised looked like part of my body merged and rolled in a woman's body. My penis penetrated her, her tight hole covers him with each thrust body stiffened underneath me and relaxed again.
- I first you take me, - he whispered frantically Light. my excitation wave reached its climax. Barely having time to pull the head as the jet of sperm flew from both the hose and hit the light on the cheek, got into a passionate open mouth, glass on the corners of the lips. Light shuddered and groaned reaching licked his lips and then my cock.
- I was a virgin finished, it turns me on - she said, well, get some rest, and we still teach your girl to fuck.
Olga continued to be cancer and moan, her eyes were closed and her body trembled slightly. Michael got up and went to Ole front, lifted her chin her head, put his huge cock on her face, she began to drive them on the forehead, cheeks, opened her mouth and stuck to his penis. Olga raised her eyes and looked with amazement in the face of Misha. Anyone with a smile, told her to take a cock in hand and stroking it. She clumsily began to caress the head, but it gradually more and more excited by his class, became loud moaning, swallowing as deep as possible red shiny things. Light fell by Olga and began to lick her expiring treasure, ran her finger along the slits, plunging his little oozing flesh. The finger easily penetrated inside.
- You're not a girl?
- I pierced her hymen during masturbation - languid breathless voice said Olga, freeing his mouth for a moment from the member.
- Well, the problem is less - said Sveta, and quickly began to deposit and withdraw your finger, while continuing to pull the clitoris Olenka language. Olga began to moan even louder, and could barely utter that already can not. Light rose, Michael took her place and swung planted his penis to its full length. Olga screamed loudly. Compared to us, Michael was just immense. From the side it seemed that he pierce fragile girl through and through, it seemed that if Mike gets up, then it will remain hanging on his unit. Olya looked like a kebab on a skewer. She tried to pull away, but Michael held her hips and continued thrust to its full length. My cock is already stood up again. Light took me for him and led him to Ola, she stood behind me and began to rub against me and fondle my penis, led them by Oli face, shoved it into her mouth. Olga was not surprised, she did not notice anything around, but continued to moan started to suck my cock. Behind the beautiful girl was rubbing on me with her breasts and pubic hair, kissed on the neck and shoulders, he caressed my penis, which was immersed in a delicious mouth my friend, I recently could not decide to kiss, but now fucked her from behind and she could understand nothing of bliss. Michael pulled out his penis and began to rub on the ass Oli, then he paused for a moment, and abundant sperm jet filled the back of a girl with a fall every drop of her body convulsed. Then she lay down in exhaustion. I had already been wound up, and turning his back on Olya started kissing her body, the body of which I watched the whole shift, and that awakened in me seemed unrealizable dreams. And now she was lying in front of me, all my power. I kissed her eyes, her lips, which had just caressed my dick soft thin neck, breasts and swollen nipples pink, taut tummy, almost hairless pubis. Finally I reached a gentle hillock between her slender legs, like a peach. I kissed him, tongue parted the halves of the tongue and rubbed on top of a pea. Prior to that, lying listlessly as if asleep, Olga started, arched, grabbed by the hair and, holding my head hips and his legs on my back whispered, "More, more." In a frenzy, I began to tongue and finger to bring it to the screams. After drinking it with moisture and will always remember the taste of love, I've carefully introduced his penis inside her. My cock easily slid into the cave, even though it was much closer Sveta, and began her research. We were all wet with sweat, moaning and could not get enough of each other. Next to us was fucking Michael Light. Voluptuous moaning merged into one. Finally, unable to stand, I came out of it and finished on his tummy. Again under the falling drops she shuddered, then stroking her wet crack, gradually subsided. Soon, we went on the road silent and unseen reached their beds. The next day was the departure in the morning, the place was crowded and bustle, so I could not talk to Olga. We just looked at each other furtively and winked at one another. In Moscow, the parents were already waiting and we went home. Olga lives in another city, and its address, I was not able to learn.
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