That chest was really full, which, combined with a slender waist and broad hips gave Dasha a special charm. In general, in her manners and appearance attended by some children's cheerfulness and charm.
I have often noticed that her stare adult men. And I must say that it was not deprived of male attention. It is often called on parties, birthdays and other student party, where she was actively involved. She hung out and my company ... on holidays, in nature. I've never heard of that she had a boyfriend. "He lives his own pleasure without any problems," - so said her friend. Yes, it is nice, but somehow not to my taste, so I never even thought about how to stir it. I had a little bit different preferences in appearance and behavior, but that's another story. So, I did not think of her as a sexual object, and I must tell you, nothing ...
Sometimes I took her videotapes of movies. It happened at this time. Arriving home, I immediately put it into a video recorder, a good thing that the house was empty. But instead of the film there appeared amateur videography. Some unknown apartment. The operator went through a dark corridor and found himself in the kitchen. That is now something familiar. The kitchen was the same with a few boys Dasha. I knew them, they learn from our faculty and always hung out together ... Vova - blond, tough guy of average height, he was not a Don Juan, but the girls liked him; Denis - the same constitution, only the hair was dark; Gene - a short and skinny ... Well guys were right on every taste. I knew them by the faculty ... not thugs, but just normal guys, but I did not hang out with them, they had their own office. They drank, ate, laughed, pinned in front of the camera ... as usual. - That damn - I thought, - mixed tape. I was getting boring to watch, when Dasha together with Vova went into another room. The camera followed them.
- Well on, Dasha, come on - I laughed - and then I thought you were shy. The spectacle has been of interest to me. They started kissing. And I was surprised by the activity and the ability to Dashi. The room was light, so it was clearly visible. He began to caress, knead it - she liked it. The room went Gena and Dasha hugged from behind began to kiss her neck. Vova kissed her on the lips and caressed the thighs and Gene squeezed her breasts. Then his hands slid under her sweater and continued their business is already there. Now Dasha thrilled already in the hands of two boys. In focus camera, they almost did not pay. Only izredko Dasha looked at her and giggled.
- Well you give, Dasha !!! - I thought. The spectacle captures and turns me on more and more. Meanwhile, a sweater on it was not, she was left in a bra and jeans, while helping to take off his shirt Vova, and then Gena. Vova took off her bra and pressed his lips to the nipples. Hands Genes walked on her stomach, neck, caressing his chest. A chest she had hoo !!! Vova put his hands on her shoulders and pulled him down. She sat down and pulled off his jeans. Before her face shot up member of Vova.
I must tell you that by this time my penis has also rushed outside. This video has brought me better than any porn. they treated all this time with Dasha very carefully, and she was obedient.
Dasha was going to get down to business, but Vova lifted her and laid her on the bed, which by the way was quite large. Then Vova lifted her legs and pulled off her jeans and then her panties. The camera took the close-up of her pussy, she was wet. Vova climbed onto the bed and sat down at Dasha's face, at her feet turned out to Gene. He took off his pants (it was a longer term than Vova) and raising high the legs Dasha entered her. She gasped. Gene began to rhythmically move her hips. He entered into it the entire length of his gun, which is why Dasha softly cried. She resisted his movements, her breasts spoke to each push. When she stopped moaning, probably getting used to this rhythm, Vova, turning her head to him, he plunged his penis into her mouth. She began actively sucking smacking loudly. Lying, her head movements are constrained, therefore all movements made himself Vova. It turned out that he just has it in his mouth. By squishing between his legs to add sound smacking her lips. During all this fucking camera close-up took the buttocks Genes its members to work as a piston in the Dasha, Dasha's lips sucking gun Vova. One thing I can say - it was cool. Vova started to make jerky movements ready to cum, he finally deeply thrust his cock in her mouth and swallowing movements Dashi throat became clear that he had been poured into it. Later Gene also made the last four sweeping impulse and by holding his cock inside little Dasha released her.
The boys sat down on the bed happy. But Dasha has not yet finished. She gently held out their hands to Picea and began to fondle herself. And where is the third. So now it appeared Denis. On it there was nothing was hanging nehily sized dick between his legs.
- Dashechka, what more do you want? - he asked.
- Lick me, please - she almost groaned.
Sitting between her legs and put them on his shoulders, Dennis set to work. Camera approached quite close and you could see his tongue running around the clitoris, then taken by mouth, licking ass hole. Dasha moaned in bliss.
- E Nooo, girl. Wait. Sooner you finish - with these words Denis pulled away from her, pulled her hands to her, took her hands behind her head and just planted it on his penis. Dasha almost choked, but grabbed his lips his gun. Denis made a few movements, and said ...
- Make it better wet.
- Well Denis !!! - As if indignantly exclaimed Dasha. She guessed that now will be in a pose cancer. And so it happened. Her voice was more playfulness than reluctance.
Having disgruntled attractive face (well, and actress) stuck her ass up. Denis lick her hole, actively moisten with her saliva, and was attached to the ass. Dasha smiled, but then he sighed and closed her eyes when Denis planted it on themselves. He waited a bit and moved back dick. Dasha moaned, but not removed ass. He gradually picked up speed and began to rhythmically fuck Dasha in the ass. Probably the anus widened because Dasha moaned occasionally. While Dennis had her back, she sat down on the bed and offered Gena a member of the Dasha under the face. She took in her mouth and began to move his head up and down. I wondered what her full lips and he just did not finish. And I wound up in earnest. She sucked with such diligence that I myself wanted to fuck her.
Denis pretty fast in it finished and pulled out his penis. Here in this orgy broke Vova ...
- Guys, what about me?
- There is an idea - Gena said.
He stopped sucking Dasha, who too was fascinated blowjob and turned to his back. He asked her to sit down and planted a booty on his penis. His weapon was thinner than that of Denis, so a member of the most eggs immersed in anal without problems. In addition to this he had been in his mouth, and Dasha was wet. Then he lay down himself and put Dasha back to his chest. Content Vova settled between widely divorced feet Dashi and entered her pussy quite sharply and the entire depth. Dasha screamed and closed her eyes. Still, two members were in it. Gene and Vova began to slowly move her hips. Dasha still turned a blind eye, but did not scream, only occasionally moaning. Now Dasha as it sat between the two boys. She, too, had relied on his legs to get up and perch on the members. Simultaneously with that she kissed Vova. Gene squeezed her breasts, and Vova supported by the hips. Vova leaned back a little, and above all the trio stood Denis. Dasha took her hands over his buttocks, she has another support. Dennis winked kid and they are pretty sharp at the same time planted Dasha, so she closed her eyes, opened his mouth wide and exhaling once got into the mouth piece of Denis. He held her by the hair, so it was not easy to suck, to the same at the bottom of it tossed two more members. She is constantly releasing member Denis mouth. When he had finished, all the sperm spattered Dakshin person's chest fell slightly. She was not paying attention to it, because it was coming and her orgasm. The next Genk finished and pulled out his penis, Dasha left alone with Vova. Now she had more freedom and she is just beginning to ride a Vova. He probably did not like its activity, and he knocked her on the bed, lifting her legs up. It took a few more pushes her to shudder in orgasm. Vova did not torment her again and pulled out his penis and began to masturbate him. After some time Dakshin stomach was filled with sperm.
The camera took the close-up Dasha. The picture was drop dead. The large bed is ... Dasha on her face frozen sweet smile, eyes closed, legs apart (probably she had no strength to bring them), all in the semen that dripped down his cheeks and glistened on his stomach and chest.
I thought my cock would burst. I rewind ... closeup of her lips sucking cock, she loudly smacking, chin, and a member of the saliva flowing. I stopped by Vidic. I wanted to finish. No, I did not just want to finish, I wanted to fuck Dasha. Fuck this "innocent" creature who once raped three moreover several times. I called her, we chatted for a while and I invited her for tea (I used to do it). For a long time it did not have to persuade.
To be continued...
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Then my gaze stops at a light T-shirt, and fills the face blush - so it sexy. Throwing it on the bed, I choose to continue. "Adidas" In the end stop on the flesh-colored tights, and white sneakers. Washing, as well as yesterday, decided not to wear. Gently pull on leggings, smoothes their hands on the thighs and buttocks. Now, all T-shirts .... Yes ... well, kind of straight sex bomb - chest bulges, impatience nipples stick out and butt and asks for strong men's hands and ... Here I interrupt my dreams as came for the most important for myself at the moment problem. The fact that the ass I have a very attractive, rounded and slightly Protruding and sensitive to touch, from that I just "looking for some", but still can not decide to let a man into her ass. The town we have a small, with someone I hesitate to consult. Several times saw on sale in other cities pornokassety, but they are too expensive. And my students in the past two months strongly incline me to try this sex. Worse, they are all the time trying to seize me once or three of them together.
All these thoughts did not let me rest until I was walking from his home to the school. The path goes through a small grove, where the trees, hidden by thick branches, hidden benches. Lost in thought, I did not notice that I was waiting for a group of high school students. I came to his senses only when suddenly felt his hand on another's strong hand.
- Hello, Lily A., - says Andrew, and I slowly begins to tighten in the bush, where there are five other of my closest disciples.
- Today you are so sexy dressed ... to you it is impossible to take your eyes ... I want you, - he whispers in my ear, from the confusion and excitement, I limp, and he was feeling it, already pulling me stronger.
Caught in the bushes, among the men who, as I have noticed in their protruding pants, much I want to, I, frankly, I come to the terrible confusion.
- Andrei, guys, are you? The school is near! Yes, let me also! It is better to meet after school, okay? No, Nick, keep your hands! Leave me alone, please ... no, do not ... so what does this ...
But, apparently, so it was intended, and, exhausted by the caresses of the guys, feeling someone's hands kneaded my chest, the other hand crawled under tights and pulls my vagina immediately povlazhnevshuyu, someone else took a fancy to my buttocks, I decide as quickly as possible to cool them and quickly kneel.
They correctly understood my desire and swayed in front of me six different-sized but equally impatient and beautiful members. Hurry up, just two members pointed to my lips. Moisten them speaking juice, one of them burst in my mouth and ran into the depths. I squeezed his lips with relish this wonderful fruit, tongue slowly licked her flaming head, and began to rhythmically move his head, sliding on the surface of the member. I took the other two hands and began to move his hands back and forth.
From the excitement, I had forgotten that just a hundred meters from our school that we can see (imagine what would have thought my colleagues or students to see how I play my students the same!). I forgot about that before coming to school, I could not even think that I will take in your mouth someone dick. All my thoughts were connected in order to get the most and give them as much pleasure.
Caressing rammed my mouth a member, I did not take her eyes off the other, waiting for their turn. Not having to enter how to talk, I felt the head in my mouth twitched and after that began to flow down my throat hot jet of sperm. It was too much, and some spilled through pursed lips and began to run down his chin to his neck and chest, which led to the delight of observers. Pushing lucky, he was replaced by a second, put his rather impressive cock into my open mouth in advance. The taste was different, but I like it too ...
..."What am I doing How little I need to leak like a bitch ... We must stop it ...?" - Such thoughts wandered through my head until his mouth and tongue worked hard over the next member. But ... apparently, my instincts are still stronger than reason, and I continued to meet with my passion "tormentors."
Working on a second, Sasha, I suddenly felt like someone eager hands descend with me tights and after that something hot and hard poked between my buttocks. "Oh, no! Do me now ?! fucked from behind." I choked moaned and shook her head from side to side, but standing in front of me, Sasha took me by the hair and began to set the pace, not allowing escape. But, fortunately, it seems impatient, they decided to limit the beaten track for a long time, and grabbed me by the hips, someone slipped easily into my wet "pussy." All fluttered inside of me and it was very, very warm and incredibly good. I began to serve as she could back to, although I was very uncomfortable to do it while still working language faster. Finally, I felt a powerful jolt inside, almost at the heart, and realized that I had finished. Almost immediately my mouth fills another piece of hot salty sperm ... So I'm in line to serve all six.
When finally the last one pulled out his limp dick out of my mouth overworked, I felt completely satisfied and filled. Standing in front of them on their knees, all in the semen, which was flooded my face, neck, chest and abdomen, I made a last sip of a viscous liquid filling my mouth at the same time testing and a shame, and a desire to repeat it again and again. Andrew helped me up as his legs almost did not feel anything, and wiped me. I straightened his clothes,
- You are an amazing woman, Karina! We adore you! After these words, I went to school happy, happy feeling between the legs of an easy humidity and sperm taste ... But all the same, give or not to give?
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Practice. Episode two

I am, of course, was tempted to tell you about my adventures, but I still restrained himself, knowing that all this could end badly, both for me and for Lucien. At night we hardly slept because dozing ... with different intervals someone from classmates jumped out of bed, her mouth pinched and bent, half asleep, ran to the bathroom, good that it was located nearby. Through the open door came the characteristic sounds and soon pale even in the dark korefan, wobbly gait, cursing everyone and everything fell on their rookery, and swore that drops into the mouth no longer take. The night was fun.
After a night of no shock labor and speech could not be. Homeroom teacher tried to encourage us to fiery speeches on labor feat, appealed to our conscience, but it was useless ... class lying side by side on the canvas spread out and wasted supplies of water, trying to put out the raging fire in a hangover. Seeing the futility of his appeals, cool retired to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which regularly pulled out of the ground radish and gradually went beyond the horizon.
Outdoor activities brought us back to life. I, in principle, was cheerful and happy in the morning, but the blaze labor fervor when others "can not" was obviously for scum.
In the evening, on the line, we certainly got. We have long scolded and any sum deducted from your paycheck. But these were trifles. In the evening, I was called in "the Gestapo", as we called the room where the teacher lived. There I was told that tomorrow I'm on the "plantation" I will not go, and doing together with another pupil at the disposal of Lyudmila Petrovna. That I was a bit puzzled ... with great pleasure, I would have "enrolled at the disposal of" Aunt Lucy, a third, in my opinion, was clearly superfluous. But as the events, I was wrong.
The problem was the following ... a few kilometers away is the warehouse roofing felts, roofing felts still what varenhauz where we had peretaskat mattresses and clothes in one of the school buildings in two days. Recently, it was expected the arrival of another batch of slaves from the capital, and their arrival we had to prepare the room. Classmates first envy me, but to learn that money does not pay for it, and on the plantations could earn at least some peanuts, they calmed down.
In the morning my friends attrition cleaning dill. I went into the dining room, where he earned yesterday compote. Ten minutes later and I pulled my partner, who turned out in fact Kiruha from a parallel class. Friends we were not, so "hello, hello", the conflicts we have, too, was not. he growth was just below me (I'm on the nat-re was the second, he - third). I was a blonde, and Kirya was pitch black. The only thing that I was somewhat amused - it is not the desire to shave their Kiruha recently erupted mustache. For this his eyes even became known as the "Georgian". But basically Kirya was a good kid, sane.
Aunt Lucy and brought him a glass of compote and retired to the kitchen, saying he will finish some things, and then we'll go for mattresses.
We talked with sluggish Kirei. I saw Aunt Lucy in a white coat and presenting them under the white breasts with pink nipples, curly brown pubic hair, her sweaty body covered by a shudder, felt the want of it. I want to get back to her uterus member, I want to devour her vulva, I want to exhaust her until he lost consciousness. Youth peculiar perfectionism (well, masturbation, too), and I was young, full of energy and desire. But in front of me I sat Kirya, who sipped compote. Nothing against the guy I had not, but I wanted to make it not now. Then I would go to the kitchen, crept up to Aunt Luce, clasped her hands, she threw on the table, took off her panties and one jerk would enter her from behind, tearing her as a member. From my dreams I was distracted appearance of Aunt Lucy ... - So. Well, let's go, boys.
The road ran through a field, then ducked into the woods, and again burst into the open. Aunt Lucy went ahead. She changed her gown on a bright dress. It was just below the knee and obviously a bit smaller in size ... dress tightly clung to her figure. Beneath the contours of the bra differed clearly from the gum cowards also clearly indicates bad arousing fantasies. To my surprise, I noticed that too Kirya rummage view these denote charms. Finally we got to the warehouse, we were an ordinary five-story building. We climbed to the second floor, Aunt Lucy opened the door, and we entered the apartment.
-Come into the kitchen, boys, - said Aunt Lucy, and she disappeared into the bathroom.
-And where the kitchen is? - I asked, as if in a void, but to his surprise received Cyril answer ...
-Come with me.
A little discouraged I went after Kirei, and he, as the owner proceeded to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, took out a plate of sausage and bread from a cupboard took. - Beer will be? - He asked me. - I will be - I said, continuing to look around. The walls are painted in dark red, old refrigerator occupies the third space, a gas cooker, a bolted door with a rope, long-unwashed glass - all the impression it made dreary. And in the bath, in the meantime included the shower and glass, that went out to the kitchen, quickly misted. Kirya put the kettle and poured the cold beer into glasses. Me, as in the movie, "tormented by vague doubts" ... compote, Kiri behavior in the apartment, so behave can only person who has been here many times. I did not raise politeness and asked Kiryu right in the forehead ...
-Have you already had or something here before?
-Yeah, a couple of times. Pipe cleaning, as she calls it.
-What pipe?
-The one. And you did not understand until now what? In your pants piston in it - pipe. Here you have this piston and clean it - this is me so explained.
To digest heard, I was sipping a beer, and apparently my face at that moment was the most stupid. Kirya grinned and also took up a beer. Meanwhile, the water turned off in the bathroom, slammed the door and into the kitchen, dragging his slippers, came Lyudmila Petrovna, wiping his head with a towel. - How are you settled down, she said, and poured himself a beer - you told him about us? - She asked Kiryu. He nodded. - I hope you is not shocking, as a pioneer? - She turned to me and stroked her hair. - My name is Lesha, - I said, inhaling the smell of soap that came from her body. - Oh, oh, look at it ... "My name is Lesha!" - She mocked me and pressed my head to her soft breast, - so you do not mind Kiryusha? - No, - I said and rubbed his head against her breast, which was placed in a difficult green quilted robe. - For you, as a reward titechku - royal gesture she removed one breast and held it to my mouth.
I eagerly sucked the nipple into his mouth and began to suck. Chest was snow-white, it seems that it is full of milk, and I began to suck the milk in vain. - And me? - There was a feigned hurt voice Kiruha. - Oh, you forgot to have forgotten about you, sweetie. Come here, and here at you will be enough - and the second breast was removed to the light, but then disappeared in his mouth nipple Kiri, who then took out of his mouth and fumbled the language, and then tried to shove in your mouth the whole boob.
The nipple in my mouth and simultaneously harden them to harden my cock. I began to drive his hand over his big ass Aunt Lucy, first through the fabric of her dressing gown, and then pulled tight quilted fabric up and began to "roam the Caravan", finding that panties under no robe. And not for the fact Lyudmila Petrovna dragged us here to wear shorts after a shower. Kirya, seeing my feeble efforts, began to process our Odalisque front, first hand penetrated under the robe, and then lifted up his stomach. Aunt Lucy spread her legs and Kirya, stopping to rub her pubic hair, plunged his hand between fat, hairy folds patty. Aunt Lucy closed her eyes and threw his head back. I decided to keep up with colleagues and began to attack from the rear. Our fingers with Kirei met at Aunt Lucy's crotch and locked in the castle. She hung on to us, vigorously rubbing her clit on Kiri's hand and whispering ... "Oh, boy, what are you doing, what are you doing ...". One after another flew two buttons robe - I entered the other hand under the cloth and began to stroke and knead chubby tummy.
Apparently Lucy "has reached the desired condition" and ordered us to go wash. We are reluctant to disengage our castle. Palm Kiri glistened with abundant lubrication, and Aunt Lucy, removing the suffering robe, suddenly pulled the skin in the groin in different directions and at us from the chestnut hair looked shiny pink bump that looks like a small zalupku. - From him all my troubles - affectionately said Aunt Lucy and blew on her clit - He loves sweet. Well, the guys go, consider more in detail. We bulging pants reluctantly went to the bathroom, and Aunt Lucy went into the room - just do not stay long there - she admonished us.
Yes, we were not going to "stay long." There is still life in happiness, I thought ... just yesterday the first time I fucked you and now, please, in a few minutes I expect no less exciting action ... threesome. I went into the bath first, Kirya me. I immediately pulled in one fell swoop through the shoes sweat pants with shorts, and began to lather his strained pisyuna. Kirya with feigned indifference, too, began to take off her clothes. Of course, my tears curiosity, which I also tried to hide. I wanted to look at an erect penis Kiri, compared with his. Apparently owned by the same desires and Kiruha who threw sidelong glances at my dick. I was satisfied with a cursory examination ... the dimensions are approximately the same length, too. Only my cock was slightly hunchbacked, bent to the left, while Kiri was straight as a party line, but stick head was slightly less than mine.
I finished water treatments, and taking clothes, walked into the room. Apparently it was a coca-the utility room of the school, there was the obstanovochka More ... furniture was not, from the ceiling on a wire hanging dirty orange lampshade, there were no curtains on the windows. In one corner were stacked on top of each other mattresses, the other stood towering somewhere forty centimeters on the bed, laid by the two mattresses on it, pulling a finger clitoris, Aunt Lucy was lying.
-Finally, - she purred, and beckoned me to her. I'm not taking his eyes off her, her hand wandering on the bosom, put clothes on the floor and began to unlace his shoes. Despite the excitement, I managed quickly and sat on the edge of the bed. Aunt Lucy did not waste time, she leaned toward me and his hand, which had just walked over her pussy, gently squeezed my protruding bone. Suddenly the other hand it to me took my collections, and leaned close to me. I heard her wheezing, its deceitful, sparkling eyes were on me a few centimeters. I put my hand on her chest, but Bust Aunt Lucy had an outstanding work in my palm not fit. She smiled ... - You're with someone kissing? And I found myself thinking, what does not. All these smack of the school with members at the time of puberty classmates were, of course, does not count. - No, - I answered. - So you're the little that precocious so still and not to kiss? - With a grin whispered in my ear it, and began almost touching the tips of the lips to kiss me first, just below the ear, then down the cheek, stroked his thumb under my lower lip, her hand slipped me by the neck and pulled my head. Our lips met. She pulled away for a moment, whispered ... "Relax, silly" - and taking advantage of the fact that I was "relaxed", her tongue penetrated my mouth. Her tongue began to walk in my mouth, then, taken aback by my meeting with the organ of taste, is trying to penetrate my throat. Finally, I came to myself, trying to, then press it to the language of his cheek, then to the palate, and then firmly prisasyvayas to her lips. Grasp it weakened, and she let go of my neck. I did not hold her tongue. She kissed me first to the top, then lower lip. Then she gently kissed me on the chin, fell just below and fingered his tongue, first one and then the other nipple on my chest, but did not stop and continued downward movement.
Softly and tenderly, kiss for kiss, she passed the stomach and stopped looking at my cock wedged in her palm. I look forward to continuing, in conversations I've heard it a tempting word "blowjob" and now realize that I am now the most mysterious "blowjob" and do. Aunt Lucy hesitated, as if enjoying the view of the chubby head, she podrachivala member, by squeezing it, by relaxing his grip. - Lie on your back, - she said to me and gently pushed into the stomach. I obeyed and went. Aunt Lucy settled side, one hand in her wanker member, and the other stroking testicles. Unable to restrain himself longer she bent down and opened her mouth. I watched this procedure, all eyes, afraid of something missed, could not distract me even the appearance of Kiri, who at first looked on the one hand, as my cock sinks into her mouth Aunt Lucy shrugged "gate" a few times, and then moved for aunt Lucy's back. My eyes just ran. I thought he was going to begin to fuck her, but he suddenly sat down and disappeared from sight. Only Aunt Lucy suddenly stopped stroking my balls, and freed his hand even more spread apart rolls her lush priests. Kirya began there something to do, what I did not see, and Aunt Lucy became even more furiously sucking my cock. She sucked the head, then let out a second member of the mouth, podrachivala him, then he disappeared again in her mouth. Her lips were tightly covered barrel member, followed a few moves up and down, and once again a member of the light was removed. The highly experienced language went on a journey by a member, trying to caress sulkily veins. Then the mistress down to the eggs, generously licked and sucked them into his mouth, first one then the other.
Kirya shaman stopped at Aunt Lucy's ass and stood up. Closing his eyes, he leaned a little forward, plunging member in sweaty cave Aunt Lucy, and groaned. Her lush body was swaying, fat folds to form a wave that came from the ass to the chest, breasts swaying in time with the beats. Aunt Lucy did not say a word, and just quietly continued to work my cock. She moved a little forward, and my cock was swaying between her magnificent breasts. Podrachivaya, she began to rub the head of the pink nipple. Kirya increased pace, his every "set" was accompanied by a groan. I felt the approach of orgasm and tried to free a member, to avoid contamination of Aunt Lucy's sperm, but she did not release a member of the palms, and only increased the pace. I held back as he could, but the seed of shocks was poured out upon the white chest Aunt Lucy. She smeared semen member, compressing it and trying to milk all traces of semen. Gaps between moans Kiri became shorter, and after a few seconds he poured his semen on the back of Aunt Lucy. He tugged at his root, that could tear it. Aunt Lucy, licking the remnants of a member of my penis, deftly, despite the size, rolled over and began to lick Kiryuhin member. Finally, all could be sucked, Aunt Lucy sighed ... - Well done, guys! Well, here you sit, I'll rinse and we will continue - she looked at me slyly and Kiryu - our experiments.
To be continued ...
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At the door

The clock eight-thirty, I'm going to work. Take a shower, go out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, breakfast, put on a clean shirt and trousers, fastened the buttons on her in the mirror, collecting his papers and a laptop in the briefcase.

Sometimes I walk past the bedroom, and there I see you, sweet spread out on a bed among pillows and blankets. Your hair scattered on the pillow, the left chest with a bright papilla carelessly open, your slender legs stretched out to the side and just charming fingers of feet sticking out from under the blanket. On the floor at the base of the bed lay crumpled panties, and looking at them and uncovered a jar of grease on the table, I am pleased to recall the previous night.

I've straighten the collar of his shirt at the exit, when in the doorway suddenly there you are. At night you translucent combination is clearly just pull off the shelf, and it barely covers your hips, leaving your slender legs seductively open. You rely on the back of the door jamb and looked at me. From the outside it looks funny: neatly dressed man and woman, almost naked and barefoot kombinashke.

- Already leaving? - You're separated from the doorway, and come to me.
- Good morning, my adorable. Yes, almost nine, I have to go.

I hug your waist and cuddle so close that your breasts under the thin cloth rest on my shirt. I like how your camp is bent in my hands, and your face as close now to my face. I gently kiss you on the lips and stroked his free hand on the hair.

In response, you hold me by the shoulders and presses itself to me. We kiss again, and kiss a lot longer and hotter than the previous one. I enjoy the sweet taste of your lips and supple responsiveness of your tongue - kiss plunges me into the events of last night, and I feel excited.

- Wait, do not hurry anywhere - you're talking about.

Your hand stroking my chest goes down, groping for the belt on my trousers. You again pressed tightly against me and entwine my feet bare foot. I momentarily again kiss you on the lips, and you whisper something to me in response and slid down on me as a dancer on the pole, falling in front of me on his heels. Your legs to the sides, and only the nightgown edge hides from me that I should be there to see.

Your fingers deftly unfasten the belt and zipper on my pants, lowered the panty elastic and caught my hard dick. You look up at me, and then you take it in your hand, and gently lifted his tongue along the entire length from the testicles to the head itself. From this touch I almost give way feet. Your tongue begins to plot patterns on my trunk, and after a few moments, I lose track of time while enjoying your caresses.

I run his fingers through your hair, and fight the urge to move your head - I like how gently you do it all by herself. Light sucking, touching elastic tongue, lip ring, nice bows member ... strange pleasure brings a contrast of feelings: a little stiff fabric formal wear on their feet and the gentle caress intimate holes in the unzipped pants.

But I can not go. I raise you, kiss on the lips and turn to his back. I give you a sign to lean hands in a chair in front of you and place the legs. Your legs become slender in a charming letter A, and I can only lift up your gown, pull his pants to his knees and get into the red-hot and wet you from your caresses member.

I've got you for hips and enjoy your young body, until the voltage reaches a peak - I feel like a hot jet splashed into you, right on the front stenochku, and froze in ecstasy ...
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Slave of passion (part II)

It was so exciting spectacle, that I almost did not finish, but, instead, to take part in this spontaneous orgies, I grabbed the camera and started filming happening from different angles.
During the next hour, my wife was subjected to sophisticated sexual torture, - Oleg and Igor alternately fucked her in the mouth, vagina and ass. Her hot body glistened with sweat and sperm, she already did not realize anything and only incoherently whispered: "Yes, yes, so: more, more, more: I want to: yeah!"
After finishing times three or four guys exhausted leaned back on the couch, and their "victim" left lying on the floor. I poured cold champagne to them, and his wife, in spite of the weak resistance, forced to drink a glass of whiskey. Grabbing her by the chin, I looked into her dazed eyes and loudly, emphatically said, "You - You're a slut and whore - a slave and will do whatever order you understand!?" Irina dutifully nodded.
I brought her hands behind her back and tightly bound wrists leather strap, ankles shackled in steel shackles attached to the swollen nipples hard clamps put on the neck of a dog collar and handed the leash carefully watching us visitors: "Take it, it is - yours!"
Here it is guys gave full rein to his most violent sexual fantasies. My wife openly raped and tortured with all the materials at hand: vibrators, candles, leather lashes, artificial phalluses. In her tortured vagina pounded empty bottles of champagne, and the anus - Japanese balls and twisted candles. By labia attached steel clamps and clothespins. Only at the very beginning she tried to protest, but received a resounding slap from me, resigned to his fate and completely surrendered to the power of their tormentors.
The apotheosis of the night was a joint orgies intercourse - Irina sucking my cock, and at the same time Igor and Oleg fucked her in the vagina and the anus.
Already in the morning, Oleg asked me to give him my wife in the days of slavery for two or three. I do not hesitate to say "yes", but on the condition that their "adventures" will be filmed on a video camera. To my great surprise, Irina gladly agreed to "serve the new owner."
The wife wanted to get dressed, but I have been in this respect his ideas. I allowed her to wear only black stockings and patent leather shoes on a high "heels". Chained her wrists in a shiny new handcuffs, I gave the keys to Oleg. Finally, I put my wife on the neck is the same dog collar and to hide her nakedness, threw it on the shoulders of a long black cloak.
After seeing them to the door, I kissed goodbye to Irina's lips and said, "Be a good girl and obey his master!"
The first video tape I received by the evening. Comfortably sitting in a chair, I turned on the TV. It appeared on the screen, my wife, coming out of a black limousine. It took two strong hands Man (apparently the guards) and led to a luxurious country house. Ahead was Oleg, tightly clutching the leash from the collar. A few minutes later they entered the huge fireplace, in the far corner which in the old carved chair sat quite elderly, but very impressive man, who is a big black dog legs.
"Good evening, Master" - politely greeted the man, Oleg. "I brought you a new fun." With that, he took off his cloak and Irina, sharply pulling on the leash, forced her to kneel.
The man smiled: "Good: Crawl here!"
While his wife slowly crept to it (because her hands were still cuffed behind his back with handcuffs) her new owner unbuttoned his trousers and freed his impressive member of the strained: "Suck!"
My wife eagerly kissed the wet head and enthusiastically began to caress her tongue and lips. The man gasped and motioned to him Oleg. He immediately realized what was expected of him, and, kneeling, I began to fuck Irina ass.
He quickly finished, and his place immediately took one of the guards.
Its fucked in the ass already five times, but the owner still could not finish:
"You're not working your goddamned mouth and you will be punished!"
The guards grabbed my begging not to hurt her husband and dragged him to a huge oak table. It literally crucified on the table, tightly tying the wrists and ankles to the massive table legs. First, it whipped with whips, then began to pour the chest, abdomen, thighs and labia molten wax candles. To the victim did not shout it inserted a rubber gag, tightening the ribbon at the back.
Plenty of mocking the defenseless victim, the owner, Oleg and guards untied her, and fuck directly on the floor. The last was: dog! Zadornov wagging his tail, he had my poor wife in the ass with his long red cock. But he was not allowed to finish her ass and forced Irina suck it "tool"! Apparently, the wife learned the proper lesson from the previous sentence, and worked so skillfully tongue and lips that in a minute hot dog sperm flowed down her chin, neck and chest.
Finally my wife laid on the floor and surrounded on all sides together on it to help. At first she tried to shield at least the face of the golden rain, but when it threatened a new punishment, Irina began eagerly to catch the hottest male mouth spray. High raised his hind leg, urinated on it and the dog!
At the end of the movie I was surprised to see his wife naked, comfortably curled up by the fireplace in an embrace with a dog asleep.
But what struck me most of all, because it is a genuine expression of bliss on her face!
The owner encouragingly patted her on the head: "Good for you, wonder what kind of girl!" My wife and grateful at the same time ingratiating looked him in the eye, careful not to wake the dog rose and kissed the hand of his master sleek.
Despite the previous sleepless night, I could not fall asleep again and again looking at this amazing tape:

To be continued.
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Nipple from Ineta

Elastic, nipples like grapes. Glyadko Pussy shaved, and asks the Cook. And in addition pretty face, brown hair and incredibly blue-whorish eyes ... I finished right on the screen ... And then I thought, would be a bitch to fuck in the real world. But she was adamant.
It took about 2 months .. a similar situation. Only now, I climbed up on meeting website. By putting in the "looking for" sex without commitment, I saw a whole bunch of heifers. Thick and thin, young and old ... But the most important among them, I saw this bitch. As it turned out her name is Kate, and as the voice profile, she moved to Krasnodar. Add new pictures. I was no longer interested in anything ... I began to masturbate furiously, and finished in a few minutes. I wrote to her. In response came a letter stating that I had turned the monitor 200 web on her purse, and then we can meet. divorce is for suckers. Of course, I did not translate. I vzdrochnul again, and I thought, I'll get to you, bitch.
More recently, we got drunk with friends in the trash. And we decided to create a Zhigalo. We placed our photos (we had three, 3 photos, and mine was quite frank). And what do you think? Kate wrote itself, how we relate to sex without commitment ... I quickly gave her the phone number and address.
The next day she came to visit. (And we live in a part of the two-storey house in Troy - three friends, and the other half of the owners live - 50 years, husband and wife)
As soon as I opened it, then my cock stood at attention. She was wearing glasses, which took off and I saw her whorish eyes .. I have stripped it mentally. Its elastic balls and wanted to get out of the topic. She came in, my friends, too, appreciate the beauty of floor. They put her on the couch ... We started to converse. Then I saw that Sani has zalaziet hand under her skirt, and Colin in her bra. Damn, it really was treated again !!! Flashed in my head ...
Katya has already moaning in full, clothes were thrown off at the time, Alexander wore a condom and started her pussy, and Nick had no condom in her mouth. Yes, it had to fuck her like a madman. She coughed, but she liked it. Sanya at this time fingers have kneaded her ass and getting ready to blow. Her Shaved hole has all flowed ... Sanya shoved her in the ass, she whimpered, but then zhee her mouth was like a piston plugged by a dick Nicholas. This went on for about 10 minutes, then they had finished first in Sanya condom, and then Nick in her mouth, so much so that the sperm Polel lips.
But this bitch and never thought to stop, she looked at me and said, tired of waiting for the baby, come to me. My cock was long ago stripped and ready to explode. I approached, she began to suck dick with one hand while holding the second she had nadrachivat Nicholas and Sanya already so excited that wearing a condom again went to her ass .. It is evident she lured him greatly. When he stabbed her, she already biting my cock, for which he received a slap in the face.
I finished before (because it has long been waiting for their turn). This time she swallowed all ... I left the room and told the lads that are done - leave the room. Half an hour later they left, throwing another 2 sticks this time Sanya gave her mouth, and Kohl Gandon raped her pussy.
I told the lads that have not visited - it's personal ... I went, the bitch was exhausted, lying on the couch, all sweaty and wet. But at the sight of her half-closed eyes of my cock immediately narpyagsya. I already knew what to do. I approached, she reluctantly started sucking. But the farther the more inflamed. But not all so simple, bitch, I thought ... to make up for all ... For all the drops on my monitor ...
I pulled my dick out of her mouth and said that it put an end NOS. She tried to resist, but my dick was inside her wet pussy ... She moaned and said it did not take anything protiyozachatochnogo, but I ordered shut this blyadine. I pecked her, but no one pecked the girl before. In me as if possessed by a demon (generally a quiet person, I mean). She screamed at the top of. I think even the owners have heard this howl ... When I wanted to come would stop nachut and caressed her fingers, and then went on again ... It was cancer, but she had no strength, she fell on her stomach. I'm drilling her, but now also accelerated and finished .. fill it all ... She could not move, and then just fell asleep. The idea that this bitch can fly me excited me more and more ... After consulting with all the guys we have decided not to release it from us at least a few more days, and at the same time to invite guests. But this is another story. Who liked to write [email protected]
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In the Black Sea

Svetik, my wife agreed. The whole day was spent on training. And here Monday. Load all that has been collected in my Ford-Tauras, a new modification of belongings and including rock and roll, we rushed to the coveted us both the Black Sea.
We chose a place for a long time and still found him. Beautiful view of the sea, sandy beach, a small cove. True descent was difficult for the machine and if the rain will then have to wait until the road is dry, to climb to the top again. Holding the brake, we carefully descended Yes, the place of our stop was excellent. The only minus is the fact that just 30 meters from us there are several motorcyclists. Their tents were not visible from above, and then we would have to find a new place, but times come, you have to put up with it. Svetik got out and stretched toward the sea air and sunlight. Soon we pitched a tent laid out all things. I was afraid that while we bathe youth sopret anything, so I hid the gun in the car and put it on the alarm. I just need to remove the pants and jump into the water. Svetlana got into the tent and jumped out into the open as a bathing suit, I just froze. And when she had managed to buy. If you call her swimsuit bikini, then I'll be a dancer. Generally two strips, one covered the chest, and unless covered on its second clean-shaven pubis. From a distance the impression that it is just naked. We began to descend to the sea, and we went to meet young people that arrived on motorcycles. Four young boys from 18 to 20 years and 2 lovely girls. Seeing my wife and kids stopped their jaws just dropped to the feet. The girls also look at my rivals princess look. Of course, and I was nothing. Still, the constant exercise. One of the girls looked at me, and in her eyes I read curiosity. We passed them and now splashing sea, warm water enveloped us like a blanket.
It was almost evening. We made a fire, and his wife began to prepare dinner. I got a can of fine wine, SONY included in the machine and modern songs of Britney Spears reverberated throughout the county. We sat at the table eating, looking at the sunset and savor wine, stretched out in a rocking chair. I heard at the last moment, as a twig snapped and whirled. We had one of the girls. Butch a boy, beautiful, slim figure, small breasts, long legs.
- I'm sorry to interrupt you- Her voice was childishly naive. My Svetlana looked at her in surprise, her eyes flashed light zainteresovannosti.- We've been here a few days, but forgot to bring a tape recorder. You let me dance near you.
- Music besplatnaya- I said and looked at his wife. She has a great interest began to examine the girl.
- Please- said my Svetik- sipping wine with pleasure and light a cigarette.
She waved her hand, and soon the company was close to us, having fun and dancing. Alcohol became a little act upon me and my wife and we are now increasingly looking at the dancing in the glow of the flames the fire. I noticed something that almost all the guys kept looking in our direction, or rather my wife, who was still in a bathing suit. It was a warm evening, with the sea breeze blowing, but it does not cool our overheated bodies daytime sun. I began to play a slow song, and one of the guys came up to us, inviting my wife. I just shrugged my immediately agreed. Three couples dancing a ballad. I did not hear what they were saying, but sometimes my wife laughing. She was pleased when accidentally Cavalier fingered hand on her back. I was even a little excited. Music ended and his wife sat beside him. I invited her to swim and we jumped into the water again. Luminary bright moon, the water was clean, and that's embracing his wife, I clung to it with a kiss. She also said to me, her tongue entered my mouth. We were not long, the music from the shore swept in its furious pace, and we were standing in water up to his chest, and I hugged and caressed the body of his beloved. Her hands dropped down. Grope rebellious flesh, and her fingers began to knead my cock. Soon it became close to the trunks and she released my boyfriend out. I moved a strip of her panties and a finger into her warm insides. Light thrown legs and hugged them my hips, and I'm all burning penetrated her from all over the maha. She moaned and pressed harder on my lips. We moved in some furious pace and the waves parted from us in a circle. I just heard close to us in the water and flew youth became splatter. And we were all of them in some ten meters and were engaged in what is always interesting to see. The spectacle must have been magnificent. Clear water surrounded us, the moon lit up our wet bodies, near the dolphins splashing people, and we fucked with gusto, enjoying each other. I felt that soon explode and pulled tighter to his wife. She screamed, and my sperm hit her in the womb. Light by inertia continued to sit down on my cock moaned his head back. And I continued to pour into her womb his semen mixed with seawater. A minute later we stopped. My wife gave me a kiss. Young people bustled around us, as if not paying attention, but still looked at everything that happens in my eyes. I only heard one of the guys said, "That gives such a girlfriend and I do not fuck off, so even typing." My wife laughed and pushed me as a mermaid dived, leaving the water glowing bubbles. By turning off the tape recorder, my wife and I went to a tent, young people still swim in the sea. I felt his wife began to stroke my dick and he again stood up. Svetik fell below the head, and that's my brother was in her hot mouth. She caressed his tongue, pulling the skin, ingested until the very end, then sucked it into itself again and licked like ice cream. Through the open floor of the tent were visible stars and bright moon lit up everything that has been done inside. Svetlana just growled at my cock, bringing me to mind darkening. I heard the youth walks past us and saw with what they curiously glancing inside, where my beautiful knelt, sticking out her ass and her head rose and fell, bringing me no earthly pleasure. Then she experienced rider sat on me and pushes his hips, at the same time squeezing the vaginal muscles. Her hands went to my chest. She began repeating, "Now, now," and that's with a groan, she fell on me, and her juices running down my cock. Light loved sex and could finish ten times. For her, sex was at the forefront of her life. Therefore, in a moment she again jumped on me, but have not moaned and growled, from the exciting climax. I myself was ready and only asked not to stop. And when it was shaken in a row the sixth or seventh explosion of feelings, I joined in and became his wife right stick on his penis clutching her breasts with his hands and squeezing them stronger. Sveta sighed and leaned back, and I could see how from the vagina on my cock sperm follows, shining in the moonlight background. We went down to the sea again, his wife was naked, just as I am. Once again, the warm water of the sea surrounded us again. I only had time to see how the two shadows slipped past the car.
We slept 10 hours before, and when it got up, the sun was already high. Seaside cries of bathers. Svetlana did not wear a bra, and we went down to the water. Guys just dumbfounded by such a juicy spectacle. Light as Aphrodite went into the water and dived. Girls, too, were shocked and looked at my wife, as a rival, and trendsetter. After another 5 minutes, they were also without bras, seeing as my mermaid, do not hesitate a lustful glances of their friends. Nakupavshis enough we went to the shore, where already in advance I spread a large towel. Taking cream against sunburn I got a circular motion back Amy Iron-on transfer., Then she rolled over on her back and I did the same thing with her breasts and belly, sometimes penetrating fingers under the thin strip of her bikini. She closed her eyes, putting the owl's body caressing rays of the sun. I went up to the car that would take for himself a rocking chair. Poured into a flask of wine, but when came down, I saw a spectacle worthy of the pen of the master of the erotic genre. On a large towel on the back were two girls and my wife plastered their beautiful cream body. She took her hands gently on their skin for a long time dwelling on their nipples, neck, and where began mound of Venus. The boys were in five meters and take a look at this miracle. Girls sometimes bowing toward the fingers Svetlana when she penetrated under their melting. Well, she stopped and became about something animatedly talking with them. I put a chair not far from the guys and disintegrated as a gentleman sipping cold wine. And so the way we struck up a conversation with them. They drank beer, I wine. His wife had sent one of the girls somewhere and soon they also drank wine on something laughing. The guys were extremely intelligent and sociable. Sometimes frank questions they hesitated childishly. I found out that the girls or anyone of them do not belong, just decided to go to rest at sea offered them and they agreed. The guys obviously like my wife, what they told me this. They are simply delighted with it. Of course, I too. So went the day. In the evening, I began to prepare barbecue and delightful smell of roasted meat echoed throughout the county. Of course I have all helped. Girls from my Sveta prepared salads and set the table, guys tray wood and strung the meat on skewers. Well, I was standing near the fire and the next thing would be the meat was juicy and not burnt. Once again, music, wine, and dancing. Girls as well as his wife left without bras and probably all talked about a possible continuation of the evening, but only in a different form. Tu that with short hair like a boy, named Sasha, another Marina. Alexander invited me to dance, to which I agreed. My wife changed the Cavaliers as gloves and all of them liked to press Svetulku to his feeling on his body its elastic chest. When I embraced Sasha and her girlish breasts touched my chest, I felt a small discharge current.
- You have a beautiful zhena- said Aleksandra- uninhibited, sexy. That would be me so.
- If you want, you stanesh- I smiled at her and looked in the eye Main or when not hesitate order what you want, whether by itself. Obey all his desire that requires your mind, heart and body. And then you will be the same.
Then, I was invited Marina. It was a fire. Her body just breathed sex and demanded it, but she was embarrassed and did not know how it all started.
We continued our holiday. Music was changing, wine was drunk, jokes and laughter changed again was a laugh. Svetlana was sitting next to me and rested her hand between my legs. With the other hand she hugged Alexander, who was sitting next to her. Everyone saw where is the hand of my wife. And by that, I slowly became exciting. After one of the funny stories Sasha. My wife laughed, pulled her to him and kissed him on the lips. Even under the glow of the fire could be seen as the one blushing. I suggested further evening to hold the water. All agreed with me. We took a wine and went down to the sea. The night the sea was warm. The boys jumped in the water near my Amy, showing their prowess, I also did not depart from them, paying attention to the longer course my young friends. Sometimes Alexandra accidentally touched the hand of my penis, and Marina underwater strove to come up so close to me, her face just come across my risen member. As described later, and the Light, the guys were doing exactly the same with her. On the shore we sat around the fire and cans of wine.
- Let's tak ja told everyone before drinking, to tell an erotic story that happened to him, and then just drink a toast for her.
All agreed.
History Vadim
When I was 17 years old, resting once in the winter with his brother in the country. He was away on business in the city and I was left alone with his wife. In the evening, I decided to watch TV, but since all the programs were boring, put a tape in the VCR and turned it on. At the beginning of the gunman started with Stallone in the title role, and then, what I saw shocked me. My brother fucked his wife. She first made him a blowjob and then got up on all fours just sit down on his count. Then I felt the back of his hands on my shoulders formed. I twitched, but his brother's wife held me back. She walked around the chair and sat down in front of me on my knees. My cock stood like fence fence. It is not something to say undid my pants and my cock plunged into her mouth. She caressed his tongue, running his hands along the trunk, then swallowing, I would like a deeper, but it is time to clean up the head.
-Dura- interrupted story Vadim my wife
- I do not vyderzhal- Vadik continued his story - and threw the sperm directly into her mouth. his brother's wife took her head again and the whole sperm jerks doused her face. She looked at me and said she could not drink semen, and went to wash
- What a stupid wife at your brother- again put my light- They taste of semen is probably no what this svete- and laughed
- Toast - Vadim said, raising stakan- So let all the women in the world like to drink cum as I like to drink this fine wine.
History Igor
My sister is older than me by one year. One day I came home from university earlier and saw the sister looks Vidic and caresses herself between the legs. She did not see me. Her beautiful body arched and she finished with a groan. Then he leaned back and continued to lie. I quietly went to her and put his hand on her breast. She jumped up and yelled at me. I replied that I saw it all, and this will show the tape mother. His eyes filled with tears sister. But I say, fulfill my desire, and I'm not going to talk. Undress and caress yourself again. Sister had nothing to do, she embarrassed stripped down to goals and began to fondle himself fingers, tucking them it sequentially in the vagina. My dick in your pants up, and here, here will break the zipper. I freed him and began to masturbate at his sister, who was looking at my actions, more and more agitated. She then closed her eyes, then looked at my cock through the half-open lids. I saw her back sagged from surging to her senses, breathing became ragged. I broke down and came closer. Its open bud was so close, his fingers were in her secretions, from which the smell was intoxicating. Then I grabbed her sister's legs lifted her and drove his cock into her. She wanted zasoprotivlyatsya, but then calmed down and became podmahivat me your hips. I then for a long time there were no women and I finished it. Sister writhed beneath me in orgasm, and I began to kiss her breasts and face. Then she stood up and said that it will not happen again, and went into the bath. But I saw that she was pleased. So let us drink to the fact that all women have in this world was always nice on the male member.
All clapped their hands. Amy's hand stroking my dick under the melting and it is from stories and her caresses, became swelled, wanting to get out. Alexandra Head resting on the shoulder of my wife, and she saw that the light does. Sashka's hand was on his hip and Svetlana became slightly to stroke her. I've seen guys too excited and their members have grown in size, their hands were between his legs and slowly moving.
Marina's history.
I was 15 years old when I saw how adults fuck. I used to read about sex, but that would be like this, to see personally I did not have. My sister married a year. My parents were on a business trip and I was left in the care of the sisters. And one night I was awakened by the noise in the bedroom of a small sister. I opened the door and saw my sister lying on her back, her legs curled over her husband's shoulder, and a member of his wife disappears in the hole. I saw it as a lubricant leaking and a member of her husband had entered, then I came out of its hole. Sister moaned with pleasure, and her hands were holding her husband's buttocks. She asked what he would have quickened the pace, but he went on smoothly in and out of her. I looked as if spellbound. My own hands dropped down and I began to stroke himself. Sometimes my finger penetrated into the interior, and I felt a barrier, which did not pass my finger on. I felt a wave of bliss, which was poured into my body. I probably screamed as he opened his eyes, I saw staring at me with his sister and her husband. His cock was in her. I quickly ran to my room and covered herself with a blanket. A minute later came a sister. "Did you like what you see," I said yes. "How long have you caress yourself with your fingers?" Not today, for the first time. "Did you like it?" Yes. She spoke quietly, gently. "You want to try for another?" Yes, I said, and then my sister took my hand and led her to his bedroom. There on the bed her husband was lying under the sheet. Just below the belly up a hillock. My sister threw the sheet and I saw standing in the male member. "Do not be afraid to touch it," I'm embarrassed touched his fingers to the member and I was seized by a sweet languor. I wanted the same that would be a man, too fucked me as my sister and that I received the same pleasure from it. "Go ahead," said his sister and now my hand is raised and lowered by a member of her husband. "Now watch, and repeat after me," said his sister. She leaned over and began to kiss the penis, caressing his tongue, swallow. Her tongue fluttered like a butterfly. I was sitting there and my head lower and lower inclined to male member. Only the sisters head came up and her eyes looked at me, as my tongue licked the head, lips parted, and themselves became a member of my mouth. I choked in the beginning, but then began to control himself. I began to do as well as my sister. Then I felt her fingers slid my panties and her tongue touched my virgin hole. I arched her appointment. Language has penetrated deeply and stared at the barrier. "You have another girl?" Yeah, with a member in his mouth, and said, I continued to suck him. I sucked it as ice cream, licked and sucked again. A sister became his lips sucking my clit. I'm all thrilled. There sister knocked me on my back and quickly pulled off her panties. Her husband began to fondle my breasts, and my sister went to play with my hole. I was all wet and received no earthly pleasure. Her tongue penetrated deeper and deeper into me stretching my virginity. Then they changed. Now sister caressed my lips, neck, chest, and her husband clung to my hot bud. I responded to her kisses and she could suck my tongue, which penetrated her mouth. "Do you want?" quietly I asked my sister. Yes, I replied, deprive me of virginity. I want the same here because you fuck men. Her husband lifted my hips and wider spread them. I felt his head leaned to my vagina and slowly began to push the lips. When he ran into a barrier I was a little hurt, but the desire and arousal have taken their toll. I myself jerked him to a meeting and here in my stomach, I felt someone else's flesh that filled me all. But a member of the continued movement in front and stared at the wall. I moaned with pleasure surging at me, lips sister merged in a kiss with me, and I began instinctively podmahivat .Ego member walked me like a piston, filling me all. And the moment when lit like millions of suns, and I lost consciousness in me. When woke up, my sister and her husband continued to caress me. the abdomen became easy. I looked down and saw a little blood. With one hand, I stroked her sister, another male member. "Now you have to drink from this source," said my sister's ear. Member emerged before my eyes and pressed his lips. I opened it and my mouth filled. He began to move faster and faster, tensed, stopped me in the mouth and sprayed jet of sperm in me. I swallowed, choking and crying from surging to my senses. Some sperm flowed down his chin and lips and my sister clung to him and began to lick everything that does not fit in my mouth. I was happy.
So let's drink to that sex would give us all an unforgettable experience.
All took a toast. Hand Svetlana all nastoichevee fingered my dick. Alexandra's hand up the thigh of his wife up and was lying on her pubis. Light is gently stroking the girl's chest with the other hand.
- Break said I- and we all rushed into the sea. My wife and girls, splashing and diving. Guys raspalennye stories acted boldly. I went to the bank and pulled melting.
- A naked little kupatsya- I called and a running dive. My wife jumped ashore and took off the rest of the strip and as well as I ran into the water. All followed suit. How wonderful to bathe naked. Water completely wraps around your body, caressing it and exciting. Bathing naked raised the already high spirits. Guys, now and then under the water trying to touch the body of my wife, her breasts, ass, pubis. I do the same from them behind. Girls more emboldened. They are also under water trying to touch a member of the mine, then one of the guys. Under the water, I swam to his wife and popped up beside her. She grabbed my cock and we merged in a kiss. I felt someone's hand, he slipped on the arm of his wife and touched my penis. Near Marina emerged and laughed. I sailed, and my place was taken by Vadim. He was so close to his wife that he had, purely mechanically hug her. He stopped for a moment, then dived, and in the light of the moon light I saw a glint of Svetlana's eyes. The fact that he was with her, there was no doubt, as the hands of his wife were under water. Vadim likely pressed his lips to her cunt. Then I felt the water someone's lips closed around my penis. A few seconds later emerged near Alexander. She smiled at me and swam to shore. All were back on the beach. But no one has put their bathing suits. Our women were Eves, slim beautiful body drops of sea water, fascinated by our views. We sat down again.
Sergei history.
My parents are quite wealthy, and sometimes I can afford what others can not. Rags different trips abroad. But a year ago, when I had a birthday, and gathered all my friends, and we decided to do a bachelor party. The parents went to the cottage. My mother is very similar to you, Svetlana, is as beautiful and slim. Father, before doing the same in sports and was a prominent man. Sometimes they were leaving on vacation and where the rest I do not know. And when we were already a little drunk, suddenly opened the door, and standing on the threshold of a father, mother and three girls age 18. Parents smiling and suddenly cried out together, "Surprise." The girls took off her coat. neither of which was not under them. We were dumbfounded. And they quickly ducked under the table and I felt the gentle fingers unzip my pants and hot lips closed around my cock. I looked around and saw that two of the boys, too, sit in confusion and blushed. Parents stood at the entrance and smiled. Someone skillful lips tightly wrapped around my shaft and began to lick it. I felt like a member of the head, and then all lost a member in the hot not nasytnom mouth. I'm so much excited that in just a few minutes finished. It was a great feeling when someone just sucks all your sperm out of you. Agile hands zipped up and went over to a neighbor. My mother and father sat down to the table and I poured them champagne on the Rights of the birthday. The father said the toast and we drank. Girls continued to serve us under the table. Almost all the guys are dead sperm in their mouths. Then I saw a mother shivered and realized that one of the girls began to fondle her pussy and the other to do blowjob to my father. Soon my mother moaned, closed her eyes and rested her head on the shoulder of his father. Dad put his hand under the table and probably closer against women's head to his penis. All we have heard how the girl began to cough. They all went out from under the table, their faces were red from the voltage at the corners of their lips dripping sperm droplets. Then there were toasts, music, dancing. The girls showed us a beautiful striptease and lesbian love. Mother excited by this spectacle, and we were members, bulging pants. Here, the father went to one of her blonde bent forward to face the mother and drove his weapon into her bosom. Mom began to kiss the girl, and she knead her breasts. We dimmed the lights and soon everyone began to work on the remaining two women. Only lantern light came through the window in our living room, illuminating endemic orgy my birthday. In the dark, a little to be seen who and how someone is fucking. Mother lying on the couch with his father and force drove his cock into her. She just shook her head from side to side. I lay down on the carpet and on my cock sank one of the girls. From her open cave dripped on me someone's sperm, which had been poured earlier. She began jumping on me, squeezing her beautiful breasts. One of the guests came up to us and stuck his dick in her mouth. I felt that the girl gets up and its place someone takes. Hot cunt closed around my cock, someone touched my lips in a kiss, and I heard the whisper of the mother "Happy birthday, son." I could not resist and finished right in it. She moaned and her juices blended with mine.
So drink to the beautiful women who give us life and enjoyment.
All clapped and drank wine before bed. Svetlana hugged Alexander, and the last hand was gone between my wife's legs. Those were all red, but red is probably the most were the head of our members, who stood as a table leg. Our women treated them with interest, thinking about something else.
- Well now it's your ochered- Oleg I said
- Yes, I actually have nothing govorit- Oleg.- embarrassed to say I have not kissed.
- Devstvennik- laughed rebyata.- Okay all fixable. Then let's drink to those who are still a virgin, and as soon as possible to give up their innocence.
We all laughed and drank to the bottom.
History wife.
Every year I go to Moscow, to visit relatives. And I sat in the car and took the SV coupe. Usually in the NE, few rides. Tickets are expensive there and I thought, that's how I'll go to Moscow alone. Dressed short silk robe and lay down comfortably, reading a book. About three hours later at one stop knock at the door. It was already evening. I opened the door. On the threshold stood a young man of 17. In the hands of the so-diplomat. He stared at me, then became, muttering excuse. He looked at his ticket, then at the sign on the door.
- Probably the neighbors - I smiled at him and went to his place.
The guy sat down awkwardly on against and looked out the window, occasionally glancing in my direction. It was getting dark. I pulled out of the bag a few sandwiches and Fanta. I offer him. He fussed and of diplomat also put all of the products that might put his mother.
- So we will have laughed PIR I- Then this should be something pokrepche.- And I took out a small bottle of cognac.
- Peter representable my companion
- And I am the Light. Then for znakomstvo- and we drank a little. His eyes lit up and a young man, he began to tell me where he lives and what goes to Moscow. We quietly ate and drank just a little brandy. Several times I caught his eyes when he looked at my chest under the robe. Moreover, they were it visible. I was strongly was exciting. About eleven at night, we did away with the food and drank cognac. I went into the corridor to smoke, and Peter, meanwhile undressed and went to bed. Finished his cigarette, I went into the compartment. Peter turned to the wall and said nothing. I lay down in his place and hid the sheet. Knocking wheels rocked, but I was in an excited state. And then I saw a stir neighbor sheets. It was necessary to have seven rocket scientist that would not guess what he was doing there. "Probably jerking me" I smiled and my fingers got into my hole. She was wet and of course I did not get enough of them, especially when there is a young man with a strong start. I quietly got up and walked over to him. Abruptly pulled the sheets. The guy looked at me anxiously. His hand remained on the penis, which inspired respect. Without giving him time to recover, I got up on his knees and his head was in my mouth. Peter jerked, but I completely swallowed his cock and my nose ran into his stomach. I began to suck his tongue licking, kissing his head and nails lightly scratching his scrotum. Then my finger began to stroke his anus. He broke down and tight jet of his sperm hit my throat. I swallowed before the end of his penis and began to drink all his juices. Then she lifted her head and kissed the boy on the lips. And now you are satisfied with me, I said, and went to his place. I opened my robe and Peter clung to my bud to reveal. His lips kissed mine. His tongue penetrated deep into me and began to lick my juices. He kissed and sucked my clit, tongue licking my entire surface of the recording. I was exhausted and moaning under his caresses. My body arched to meet him self. And soon I received the strongest orgasm and her juices flooded the guy's face. And he continued to caress me another five minutes and then I'm finished, then again and lay back exhausted. He stood over me and looked at me.
- Thank you, that's all I needed today- looking into his eyes I said emu- Now sleep.
So let us drink for men to take the initiative themselves instead of waiting for them when a woman asks herself.
We drank. Yes, my wife did not tell the story, probably wanted to keep it as our little secret. Guys after this toast has more boldly looked at my wife and girls. Marina has already stroked a member Sergei, Svetlana and her eyes burned with the fire of lust.
The story is mine.
Not so long ago, in the spring, I was returning from work. Before that, the boys drank, and that's a slight degree, I was driving. At the stop I saw two girls of 14-15 years so. They waved their hands, asked what would stop. They sat in the back seat and began something to whisper a few more minutes. I lit a cigarette and one of them bolder, asked a cigarette. Her voice was like the murmur of a brook. In the rearview mirror I saw her eyes, they were so naive and at the same time brave beyond his years. I handed him a pack of "Marlboro" and said that they would then throw away cigarette butts out the window. They became more and whispering through the noise of the music I heard, "Think about it, when there is such a moment." Then the one who requested the cigarette suddenly said that the money they do not have to pay, I said, that he and I earn enough money they do not need. And what if not a secret, said the second. I laughed and said that much in a month as their parents get together annually. And then the one that requested the cigarette offered to fuck, but certainly not for free. I even sobered up. And how much do they want? Then she said that her friend is still a virgin, and if I give them 50 bucks, I can try the girl. I was so excited that a member of my already torn out. Well. I agreed, and drove off the road in the forest plantations, away from the road. Stop the car, I turned to him. Well, let's. "Show the money." I showed up and handed them to the one that was bolder. She immediately hid them in his pants pocket. I laid out the seat and said that they would first have caressed my mouth. The second was embarrassed and then the first unbuttoned my pants and said she would be watched and then she will do that, and began to lick my head, then her lips closed on my cock. It is evident that it has long been engaged in it, as I felt it minetchitsa professional. The second looked into my eyes as my cock disappeared in her mouth her friends. First he pulled away and now that which I had to deflower, began to imitate the example of a friend. Her mouth was small and only part of the head of my boyfriend disappeared in its jaws fully open, but it was a completely different feeling. Something fresh and gentle caressed my cock, enveloping me in some ghostly mist. I was excited to the limit. The girl pulled away and began to take off her clothes. Showing off her small children quite chest, then skinny legs. Yes, her feet were beautiful. They seem to grow from the most necks. Two years later it would be beautiful, but now has been an ugly duckling, but I was drawn to her. Her pubis only just began to cover the soft light fuzz, which was visible through the little virgin hole. She seduced me so that I clung to her and began to greedily suck it baby vaginal sponge. The girl squirmed and moaned from surging to her senses. The taste of its juice was delicious. It pissed me off, and more and more excited. When she was completely wet, I rose above it and put his penis in her gentle, pristine cave. She lay there, eyes closed, all surrendering to new sensations. The head of my hard dick, her parted lips sex and half-sunk into it, leaning into the barrier. Tomboy moaned. Be patient, said friend and took her hand. I began to quietly drive member back and forth, that she was accustomed to new sensations. Her lips tightly hugged my head that gave more incentive to drive. I just lost my head. I am a little harder pressed the barrier. She groaned, sagged and I abruptly entered her. She screamed and writhed beneath me. I felt that the barrier is passed. And he began smoothly in and out of her. The walls of the vagina squeezed my penis that I had to work hard on it. "Relax," I said, the pain has gone. "She relaxed and I felt better. My piston filled all its existence. Even through her flat tummy could see my penis to be inside her. She was breathing heavily, and I saw that she it is now a pleasure. I quickened my pace and barely had time to pull the penis out of her as my sperm splashed her face, neck and abdomen. from her vagina dripped blood. I was in seventh heaven. The little girl put her arms around my head and gave me a long, hot kiss.
So let us drink for what would be the world women were grateful to us for those moments of pleasure that we men give them sometimes.
They all drank, and my little wife leaned toward me and whispered, "That's how you cheating on me?" I hugged her, kissed her and said: "And the train, too, was an invention?" She laughed and touched my hand a long time member of the tensed.
- Well now it's your turn, Aleksandra- I said.
Sasha got up and light the fire it was an amazing sight. Beautiful, chiselled figure of a mermaid, on the body which played a reflection of the flames and fire bright moon rays. She began swaying and stroking her body with his hands. She danced, the eternal dance of love. We began to clap their hands, beating the rhythm. Alexander stroked his neck and chest, flat tummy sag and her hands rushed to the coveted place. Then she got to the bridge and holding his position with one hand, put us all on display beautiful shaved pussy of love. Second hand she stroked pubis. Her fingers have penetrated inside and it ran down her juices. Then, as abruptly she stood up and in front of everyone licked his fingers. It was her story. We silently stared at her in fascination. She was beautiful. My wife, who was sitting next to her. Light hypnotized crawled to her. Her ass is delightful move. Little woman pressed her lips to her flower and Alexander moaned. It was a challenge to all of us. I jumped up and force drove his eager penis into the vagina of his wife. Svetlana, only moan. Her hole was abundantly lubricated juices and I did not pay any attention to anybody, he continued to fuck my wife, and the look in the eyes of Alexandra, who is also looking at me. Behind me was a rustle. I looked around. Marina was lying on his back. Sergei member violently beat her. At the same time Marina was holding two more terms in his hands and tried to kiss one or the other. Only Oleg stood and looked at everything. His body was still dovolno- impressive instrument. I called him. He went to him and I gave way. His wife did not understand that now she fucks another. I went in front and pushed his hands on the shoulders of Sasha. She knew immediately that I want and lay on her back. His wife was on her knees and continued to tongue caress her clitoris. At the same time Alexander caressed Svetlana clitoris and licking my wife belongs to a member of Oleg. Svetik received, what long dreamed. I lifted my legs and Sasha introduced his penis into her. His wife lifted her head and in her eyes I read have fun. I bent down and kissed her lips, continuing to fuck Alexander. The walls of her vagina pulsing under my blows, and she squeezed them a bit, which led me into a rage. I'm getting stronger and stronger pecked her hole, kissing his wife. Light began to move more, I realized she was going to finish. I was the same to explode. He pulled out a member of the girl and put it into the open mouth of his wife. She began to suck him, swallowing deeper and deeper. From my throat I broke the beast's roar, and I finished. Svetlana all saw, when Oleg to squelch pulled out his gun and stuck it in her mouth and Sasha also began to finish. She has not yet experienced, and most of the seed spilled on her face. Her orgasm shook with such force that she was shaking. My wife turned and clung to the girl's lips, mixing my sperm, sperm Oleg and together they lick each other. Marinka person has been completely flooded guys seed. Because it seemed holes and sperm Sergei. Marina collecting fingers the life-giving moisture from the face and sent in her mouth. My wife got up and clung to reveal the flower and Marina began to drink flowing from her sperm. Our women were exhausted. We again poured wine and drank. A few minutes later we picked up our beauties, and carried them into the water. Sea and cool them again soon laughter and splashing water echoed over the place of our adventure. When got to the shore, the horizon has become lighter, the sun rose. We are tired went to their tents. My wife gave me a hug and kissed.
- How do you rest?
- Rest just lovely. And you was irresistible. That's what I love tebya.- I replied.
- I see that you liked Aleksandra- continued our conversation.
- Yes, she's a beautiful girl, there is something in it. Her hole is so delightful. Juices her honey
- No grass soul, and then I'll tear and bring her here, that would be the same try.
- And that is the idea - raised me Svetlana. Her eyes were playing imps.
Here flooring tent parted and we came Sasha. As if she had heard our conversation.
Without a word, she lay down next to his wife, and clung to her lips. Svetlana hugged the girl and passion in them boil with new vigor. They caressed each other with gusto, not paying any attention to what I have. And when Alexander was under the light, I spread her legs and pressed her to the flower. My wife was right. The taste of this nectar was truly beautiful. I drank and enjoyed it. Women are not saying a word turned me on my back and two greedy rotika began to fondle my penis throughout its length. Their lips merge in a kiss, and between them was in full battle glory, my brother, who had already gained momentum. Light sat on my face and I began to lick her hole. Alexander straddled my cock and slowly began to swing her hips. It is again merged in a long kiss with my wife. Then they switched places, and again delicious taste of nectar Alexandra I felt on his lips. The wife and the girl shook the new strong orgasm, and it fell next to me. They began to caress me again, and beautiful mouth Sasha hit my hot jet. Now she knew what to do. She bent down to Svetlana and their lips again merged in a kiss, and each went to my sap. I woke up late. The sun was high. On the right and to the left of me were two beautiful women whom I loved.
All week we spent on this beach, and as soon as it gets dark, we organized various games, which ended in a mad orgy. Svetlana was happy. The guys worked on it probably more than on their friends, but what I love to satisfy the lust of Alexandra and Marina. On the last day of our vacation, we exchanged phone numbers. Home rode in silence. It was boring. Each of us remember those wonderful days. After a few days of light with her daughter to go abroad, and I stayed on for six months alone. But yesterday, the doorbell rang. My wife went to open. I heard she opened the lock and silence.
- Light, who there- I shouted from the audience. But in response to silence. I straightened the robe and went out into the hall. There in the doorway stood my Svetlanka and firmly kissed Alexander. Then they both turned to me, and their smiling faces, I read crazy love. Love to me and to one another. Now I think everything will be okay. I was also happy as they are.
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Conveyor in an adult

We sat in the farthest corner of the half-empty disco. We can not say to my husband so clearly disapproved of my adventures, rather he simply knew that without a "detente" with our life it would be nervousness and scandalous, and was forced to accept it, give me the opportunity to lower the sexual energy. Anyway, my stories always he listened with patience and understanding, depriving me of the right to a girlfriend, gossip ... And listen to was that this time! I "removed" as many as five youngsters.
Cheerful company of local teenagers, endowed with, in spite of their youth well-folded bodies, stained tan to dark-olive tones, and ... excellent erections, as I found out a little later. In general, I was not bored with these boobies - their behavior was no rule or order, and it is turning into sex in the most unlikely places - a roadside eatery in the toilet, in the water in the middle of crowded beach in the city park ... Everything Else while they were merry, constantly joking and pin up each other so much that I did not even know that the aches I have more - my pussy from sex, or the stomach from laughing.
It happened just at the moment when I was almost finished telling her husband about his "exploits". The door suddenly burst into my disco "merry company". Mirthless was only one thing - I did not tell them that no one had come to rest ... Fortunately, in the darkness of my "kids" simply did not notice me, and the hubbub of loud, went to the bar. Such a meeting could end up not in favor of Sergei. Who knows the mores of provincial youngsters, understand that I was afraid of that! We had to act first. "I am coming soon" - with these words, I slipped from the table before discouraged change my mood, Sergei, I had to react somehow.
- Hi guys! - I got a little worried, whether due to experiences, whether due to the exciting Sergei look that I felt at his round ass all the time on the way to the bar.
The guys were very happy about this surprise, it definitely liked me. This clearly meant that they desire in my address has not yet been extinguished. A moment later I was sitting among them at the bar and sip "Martini" with an olive. I had the opportunity to explain to them the presence of a man (Sergei), and I did not hesitate to use it - said she met a classmate at the institute. "Fuck it, forget it" - polupyano smiling, I responded to this news Dzhonik. What was I right! No one else showed interest in the Sergei person!
- By the way, we have already three o'clock do not fuck! Commercials, honey, you've got it all overgrown can! - I heard the voice of the young and frisky.
- Yeah, and the climax will be covered, hell-on-VAL-on - a mock-threateningly added another.
The matter is inexorably going to have sex, and they loved - in another unexpected place, that is ... right here and now. Pretty little business! - In front of Sergei. But it was too late to make excuses, in the eyes of the youngsters have lit the flame, and before I knew it, somebody's hand gently but firmly pulled me behind the bar. "Do not break as a virgin, the bartender - a kid" - with these words, I was pushed over the bar and sat with his back to her in a box so that I was not visible from the hall. After another moment, swaying in front of my face first appeared swollen member, and began demanding poke me in the mouth. All I had to - give up, and try to perform a "required" faster, until now, Sergei not committed follies.
The first finished really quickly, throwing a number of sperm that I almost choked. The growing excitement alternated in my mind with the thought of how these youngsters manage to produce seed so much and so quickly !?
In general, I did not have time to look round, I fucked in the mouth not only the whole "five fun" but also a bartender for the company.
Six young irrepressible members (the bartender was also very yong), unceremoniously molested my rotika; inject into me, as it seemed, a good dense tart liter of fluid; absurdity of the situation itself; the proximity of her husband, and violence committed almost before his eyes ... I was so aroused that I myself had time to experience a sharp double orgasm.
Vytershis some cloth bartender and burknuv my "partners" something like "I'll see you later," I went back to the table to Sergei. My face flushed slightly podpuhshie lips and stains on a blouse said more than any words about what happened. But, as my expression most talked about recently to experience the fun, Sergei sighed and waved his hand.
As soon as we overturn a glass, like a table rose a figure of one of my new friends, politely addressed to Sergey: "Excuse me, may I invite your lady to dance?". Tonight I will not rest - and only I had time to think.
- Here is the deal, you know, the boys approached the familiar. They are normal men, serious grandmother twist, hold everything, well short roof ... like ... Here, Dzhonik told them about you, and now they want to meet you. Well you will not fail us, right? - Voice and his looks were no longer so carefree as usual. He seems even a little worried. - You do not worry, they are normal sidekick, decent. And two of them all ...
I just shrugged her shoulders - but what could I do ?! No, of course I love sex, but not in doses and not with just anyone! However, it was obvious that the choice I did not have on the behavior of my friend. I went back for a moment at the table, to warn
Sergey, I have to absent himself again and asked him not to go, you never know what ...
The guy led me into the street, where it was quite dark and the sea began to roll the cool night breeze. To which I, incidentally, is now did not care, as well as before a romantic rustling foliage, piercingly pure starry sky .... Just in
one side stood a great big black jeep mersedess with black glasses. I'm not strong in the models, but it definitely was the last word in fashion gangster! As we walked, he opened the door and got out of it casually, and something huge ape, besides more and "person of Caucasian nationality". Leisurely reaching, and as if by chance noticed us, man picturesquely spread his arms, and drawing a smile skableznuyu, promurchal "wah, kakye Luda! And you already zazhdalys E, Daraga." "Otari, pryyatno pazanakomytsa!" - I could see him better, he was not so bad ... Tarry black hair trimmed at poluboks, crowned with a mighty short neck that grew from the shoulders of incredible magnitude, if the two anvils in general be called a shrug. Elderly and manly face, wrinkles speaking of the frequent gloom, powerful and tough look. "Wah, that vie with sdelali The girls, right?" - He was awarded a light slap my young friend, - "she is already mouth swollen from savsem atbylys hands bespredel tvoryte here!", And already turning to me said "izvyny Dagar, we tebe on lekarstva dadym, ne Valnet". The joke has turned out a failure, and only further frightened me.
Then he cursed long at some unknown language and sent the guy home. "Mylosty ask" - again, picturesquely, with smirk, he twisted, inviting me into the jeep. Losing had nothing - I climbed. No sooner had the door slammed shut as his hand was on my thigh and began to aggressively climb higher under her skirt, and the second began confidently to fumble under a blouse, trying to free from the shackles of chest bra. That's the "romance", without much ado ...
- Be A lovely, yes - he nashoptyval - tebe panravytsya ...
After another minute of his hefty and solid as a rock sticking out of the pipe already unbuttoned his pants, and my hand is controlled and adheres to its claws, already drove over the penis back and forth.
- and then, esli ne MNE ponravytsa itself znaesh that byvaet - kept saying he was quite excited voice.
The next moment, he, like a toy, I turned his back to him and began his trumpet vstramlyat me ... in the anus! From the unexpected and sharp pain, I screamed and immediately regretted it. My reaction is even more excited and podzadorilo him and he "planted" in my member to its full length. Up to this point, I believe that the phrase "eyes on the forehead" has a figurative meaning ...
He fucked somehow in a special way, in brutal, to the full extent without mercy to my poor little hole. And the pace! At times it seemed to me that I have inserted a jackhammer! Nevertheless, the pain almost immediately mixed with other enjoyable
and thrills. I do not like and wanted this hefty pipe at the same time ... And soon a powerful tsunami orgasm overwhelmed me and carried somewhere up, I think I even lost consciousness.
I do not remember how it ended. When I regained consciousness, I saw his grinning face: "Maladets, devachka". He buttoned up his pants and tucked shirt. Something else caught my attention, something which is outside of the jeep. Exactly! A terrible thought flashed in my mind, was confirmed - I could hear someone else's voice and cheerful laughter behind the glass of the machine, and these votes were many. As if reading my gloomy thoughts, he laughed: "five, I think I adyn such dzhygyt yes Nah, I adyn ne ezhzhu, apasna?" - And throwing open the door of the jeep, he added, "Prussia, Madame is ready!". Only now I noticed that I was lying completely naked ...
There were five or six of them, all Caucasians, and all healthy. They climbed on the stage for me, while the others stood around the jeep, smoking and having fun excitedly discussing the details and letting go, of course, in my address, vulgar jokes in their incomprehensible language. From time to time we heard bursts of laughter. Sometimes, someone who has fucked me in the ass, sit down again on the other side and force thrust his cock in my mouth. It was not a blow job, and did not even fuck - my head just drove as they wanted until my poor mouth is not filled with thick cum - "glatay, glatay come, pa-ro-ha-Shem".
I do not remember how it went "conveyor belt". Snatches I saw a jeep approached Sergei, trying to find out whether not seen such a girl. He politely replied that of course did not see, but if all of a sudden - it will give at once, they say do not let
worried, then the city calm. In the meantime, they say, it is better to wait inside - but then can a girl already and came back, and it is not present. Value for Sergei to come in the door of the club, how about another jeep came a burst of laughter.
In the end, they let me go. It is difficult to imagine that it was a sight. Blouse and skirt hung wet somehow, panties and bra was not, on the legs trickled muddy liquid. It seemed to me that my gait is more like a cavalryman rode tirelessly for three days ...
To my luck, Sergei really waiting for me at the table, even though he was a little drunk. Explain something to him in such a state was meaningless - most importantly, he was very glad that I "found". And, as it turned out, it was not me only forty minutes. Crouch was worth some effort - not only because of the "sloshing" rear skirt, but also because of the ass, which now gave pain at every touch. How much would not like to take a shower, I just do not have the strength to do the movements, somewhere to go - the body is not heard me, and unceasing waves of orgasms that unwittingly I have experienced in the Jeep. We had to get over it, and I have not found anything better than to pour yourself a big glass of vodka and drink it in one gulp. From the bitterness and strength of the drink is really head a little clearer. I even thought that I was a woman, and tried to take its proper position and look.
Sergei looked a little confused and frustrated. Though also were carried out various "sins" for him, play games, but so brazenly flirting and disappear in the middle of our evening with him was on my side brute force - it spoke his mind. Oh, he knew! We sat in a little more and were about to leave when I noticed several men on their way to our table.
Medium was fit Hoosier gray-haired, athletic body outline preserved in spite of the elderly age. He was clearly the main, the other looks like his bodyguards. Without asking and without seeming to, he sat us at a table.
The two left standing a little way off.
- What does that mean ?, - he said, referring to nowhere. - She then walks in my territory, handing over the right and left, and I mean to go himself to masturbate? A poor Rizo and need to something - a trifle, a small sign of respect ...
His voice was playfully.
- In short, a goat - intonation has changed dramatically, the phrase was already specifically addressed to Sergey. - Or I'll draw you a big problem, and give your kid a woman on a break, or she to me now quietly sucks and we like old friends, parted peacefully. Note, you get out of here safe and sound, both. And your babe, I see still do not get used ...
Sergei was taken aback, and opened his mouth by this turn of events. And before he could say something, I leaned over the pants "boss" - navryadli someone genuinely loving wives, would have done differently to save her husband! Unzipped his expensive suit trousers (thank God that our table was in the far corner and on what is happening, no one paid attention), I ran a hand inside. What was waiting for me there - except the shock name was not! This was not a member, and not even chlenische - it was a giant, able to beat the Guinness record! And this monster, hitting me in the arm, began threatening to grow in size. My mouth, and so nyvshemu and swollen, he had to swallow the head that at first glance could just break it! Nevertheless, I am very tried and pushed her inside. Then went baggy, but not such a huge stalk, and his lips became a little easier.
- What a bitch, a healthy canoe? - Mocked "the boss", seeing my problems - rejoice that I can not point you pushed her. And thou shalt suck the bad - and get a point - he said already softened the tone, because it was at this point I became furiously trying to suck and lick the language of this monster. I was scared to think about what will happen when this branzboyta begin to spew sperm!
While I selflessly sucked and licked the giant "canoe", her boss encouraged me sometimes, and sometimes even threw my husband some laudatory phrases - cool, they say, you have a nipple! This was a mockery! I was ready to bite off this thing, for the insults and humiliation, which worried my Sergei. And yet, some devil made me still softly and passionately play with these giant member of the tongue and lips. And my exhausted body, more and more of the rolls vstrepenalos excitation. Just a little bit, and I seem to have loved this great and naughty toy, but the body was difficult to restrain the jerking pleasure every time you touch the sky or the larynx. No matter how ashamed myself to admit it, but I even began to talk to her: "Come on, darling, let my big boy Well, let me taste you!". What is happiness, that "the boss" did not care about my pleasure and not dissolved their hands - perhaps it was beneath his dignity. After all, he had only accidentally touch my clitoris ... and I would have never been able to explain Sergei everything would ensued. I was at the limit of strength and outside the field ...
Before I rejoice at the thought as "the boss" suddenly stiffened chlenische became more and seemed to occupy all the space of my mouth. He gave a loud throaty moan and at the same moment, my mouth began to fill with warm thick liquid.
Chlenische reduced and inflate, inflating my mouth like a balloon. As if I was not ashamed to remember this later, but at that moment I was one with this monster spitting, reaching a peak of bliss at the same time with him! I greedily swallowing all that shoots out of it with incredible force! And even when the flow is weakened, I persevered tongue to lick the last drops that definitely liked my great and loved the officer ...
"Boss" was satisfied with my work, and we really have no one else to linger.
All the rest of the evening, on the way to the hotel we spent in silence, trying not to meet with her husband eyes.
And when I finally got out of the shower, he was already asleep. I quietly lay down side by side, trying not to wake him up, gently hugged and kissed in the back. "I love you very much, and that feeling I will not take one and no one else will get even a small part of it" - was the last thought before I fell asleep.
Ahead were two more weeks of rest, sun and sea, fabulous new and exciting adventure. Ahead was a stormy month and obsessive sex with Sergei, who happened influenced very peculiar - he seems to "broke loose" in bed and now he had no equal!
Thus ended that night, the best night of my life, no more ... the best night of the year. And it can only be a month ...
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Resort swing

Carol shot a fleeting eyes on the guys, and they, in turn devoured her body with greedy glances. Sixth Sense clearly told her that this meeting is not over.
On the roof of the sanatorium was a solarium where Carol with enviable regularity sunbathing. She lay in a chaise lounge at precisely two. Doze off for about an hour, then rose and went into the shower. Shower located in the same place, in the solarium, the one and only intended for washing of both women and men. Maw soul extremely messy polyethylene draped curtains.
Carol long lapped under the cool streams of water until she felt the presence of someone else, very close to each other. She wiped the foam from his eyes and really see in a close stall shower the very young people. From clothes to them was only one towel instead of swimming trunks. They groped Carol eyes from head to toe: a slender, thin, with a small but very nice and elastic breast, but downright lips bulging abdomen, surrounded by thick overgrown hair resin.
- Hello! - I said as calmly as possible high. - We've got the shower shut ... can you and I swill?
She almost choked with indignation:
- Are you stunned? Go to hell out of here!
The boys threw off their towels and gaze girl brought two rapidly growing member. At the sight of the stocky farm girl instantly fell silent, staring at the growing in front of a member.
- God ... - she licked her lips. - What is it healthy for you!
Stocky trunk swayed slightly, a healing rearing purple head straight in the face Carol. She is fascinated, I stared at this term.
A high hypnotic whispered:
- You want to have fun, we know ...
She started slowly recovering.
- How?
- Are you bored! And you are beautiful:
These two simple-minded argument laugh Woman:
- Yes, this is an argument!
High introduced:
- I'm David. And my friend's name is Warren.
She laughed again:
- How to call me, I believe you already know:
- Yes, Carol!
She looked appreciatively at the rearing of boys trunks and slowly pulled tight panties. Her excitement, disclosed sponge clearly stand out from the smoothly shaved pubis.
- Okay, have fun ... I have much to learn ... ... priyatnenko
Male members flinched.
- But you I will have something to promise ...
- What? - Warren squeaked, his arm swelled up quite incredible size.
- Then you will have to perform what I ask you. The request will apply to sex. You promise?
- We promise!
- That is great! - Summed up Carol. - Now go, both to me ...
Young people on wooden legs made three steps forward, and Carol sat down in front of them on their knees. He clutched both at once tense stem, eagerly examined their prey quickly licked suddenly rounded mouth ...
Carol did not disappoint - just a couple of weeks, she has trained around the guys, what was capable. It was a wonderful group sex practice, means, no doubt, it was a master.
She loved to do blowjob. And the two of them at once. Always start with him. And only then followed by all sorts of variations: they then fucked her by turns, making five or ten frictions, then one of the guys tagged onto the back, in the second all the way dipped his penis in her mouth. Yet Carol was very fond of, when in the end, the guys got up on the day and finishing, helping himself with his hands directly on her face. It is a long coated with a drying his face with sperm, short of that feeling when the skin begins to shrink film dries ...
The only thing which did not allow her to have Carol - is her ass. And David had long wanted to master this unexplored region, and therefore sought time to ask Carol tantalizing his question:
- Have you tried in the ass?
Carol voluptuously stretched, answering cunning question:
- And you yourself, then do not you think?
- I think - tried!
- And here and there! - She said. - But ...
- I would like to ... - Warren finished for her.
- I'm not that ... - Carol squinted slyly. - Just time to fulfill the promise!
- Speak!
Carol hugged their shoulders and whispered intimately:
- I've never seen a fucking guys ...
The boys looked at each other. Such a statement of their case shocked.
- It's very nice, really! - I urged them to Carol. - And then I'll let fuck me wherever they want ... Can you imagine what you can do "buterbrodik" - you'll have me on both sides at once!
Boys presented, licked his lips and immediately agreed.
- And who is who? - David asked, warily glancing at the body of his friend.
- Throw lots! - Carol advised.
Indeed, they threw a coin. David fell to be fucked, so that it is slightly happy. But Warren contrary - hesitant, to say the least - was afraid.
Carol immediately noticed this fear:
- Come on, Warren! Do not be afraid! It is much nicer than the real loss of virginity! - Comforted her tone connoisseur. - What's really the most important thing?
- What?
- Petrolatum!
- What for?
Carol only smiled indulgently, located on the sofa, legs wide apart, and beckoned to her, Warren. He dropped to his knees, his face buried in her crotch.
David fell in behind Warren, looking at it, which he had to penetrate. Warren, meanwhile, licked Iancu.
- It is very narrow! - David complained.
- Brush the all-Ba ... Vaseline ... - Carol advised already baldevshaya Warren language.
David generously smeared with Vaseline and put his cock head to the buttons of the anus. It is aimed precisely at the head and pushed a button. On the third attempt sphincter slightly parted reluctantly skipping past him hard dick. Warren briefly cried out in pain.
Wow helped Vaseline - went further penetration much easier. David slipped inside, mastered and then quietly began to move.
Warren was very painful, despite the utmost caution in the movements of David. But very soon the itching in the anus began to take on a shade of sensuality, accumulating and growing around the sphincter. Poduvyadshy was a member of the Warren began to grow again, to grow together with pleasure moaning owner. David saw it and immediately stepped up the pace. With one hand he was holding the ass friend, another member of the Warren poddrachival.
Carol was beside herself with joy, she jumped off the couch, got accustomed to moving back to David, saying:
- That's, well ... Fuck it, fuck!
And David sought. Hole Warren was very tight, narrow and hot, so David has reduced by almost half its pace. Carol, meanwhile, climbed under Warren, David took his hand away and shoved a member of Warren in his mouth. Thus, we got kind of train: David Warren fucked and fucked Warren.
But there was a very long train: David has remained constrained by the forces of what he honestly warned:
- I have no more strength to hold on! Now finish it!
- No! - Categorically replied Carol. - Not yet!
She quickly climbed out of Warren, to run away, returned and stood behind David. After a moment the boy felt his anus boils down to something hard and wet.
- Damn, what is it? - He cried.
- Surprise - giggled from behind Carol.
David turned his head and stunned by what he saw: a clever crotch straps Carol was attached a real rubber member - "vibrator". It was thickly smeared it with Vaseline and now, leering, giggling, was aiming at his ass.
David was flicked, but strictly Carol shouted at him:
- Do not twitch! Persuasion has a bargain!
And David gave in, allowing yourself to get into it a rubber monster. First, a little bit, just a couple of centimeters penetrated inside, but soon plunged into an artificial member of David on the good half.
Carol completely controlled intercourse, David spitted on his penis and forcing Warren to sit down to a member of David. The end of her rubber member of any artful way fastened to the crotch girls, apparently delivering with every movement not weak pleasure of the possessor of the device.
She gently moaning in pleasure, moving with the guys at the same pace.
- My dear, good .... - she kept saying. - I have you ... ... Both Now ...
It was pure and simple truth:
Summer was in full swing, and its signs are taken away poplar fluff to all corners of the spa facilities. Sexual life of our heroes is also in full swing. In practice, the situation was such that all three lived in Carol's room. She loved to sleep on your stomach, and because David prilovchilis very original way to wake her - gently tagged onto the top and began to introduce a member. Normally the vagina Carol was still wet after a night of orgy, so that the term passed into easily.
Carol woke up already at that time, when David finished. But at this point David is replaced by the heavy artillery - Warren. With him Carol had finished already own, and most of all - twice. Thus began the day.
Everything was going just fine until Carol did not notice that Warren somehow cool sour. She asked Warren, but he just kept silent gloomily. Then David took hold of the Carol:
- What about Warren?
David hesitated, but she was insistent and he gave:
- You know, tomorrow, here comes his wife:
But Carol did not see any problem:
- Well? It's great! Let's fuck foursome!
- Hardly: It's not so:
- And what? Well, describe it to me!
David described. But Carol did only one, but amazingly correct conclusion:
- About David: You're dying to fuck her:
David blushed:
- Not true!
- True! - Carol replied. - Do not worry, you fuck her. But when we turn it into their faith.
- A Warren?
- I'll talk to him myself. When she arrives?
- After an hour.
- Clear. Come meet.
Helen came by taxi. While she was paying the driver, Carol had time to consider it and even make some conclusions.
Spouse Warren was twenty-two to twenty-three, not more. Beautiful. Long dark hair, big breasts, a slim figure. Noli likely. Despite the heat, she was dressed in a long skirt and blouse strict of the dense fabric. In general, it is necessary to tinker, to himself entered into Carol.
Helen finally sorted out with the taxi driver and went over to say hello. David she knew a long time ago, but because Warren had no choice as to introduce his wife Carol. The girls eyed each other's views inveterate opponents.
All four went to Warren's room. While Helen was arranged in a room, Warren came to friends. And then he got into Carol's feet:
- Warren, old man, you're not going to hide his wife from us?
He immediately understood everything:
- No, do not go. It will not.
- How do you know that it will not? Are you asking?
- No, I did not ask.
- That's right! You somehow did not even mind?
Warren closed his eyes like a cat:
- Me: Fuck foursome: What could be more wonderful?
- That's good - concluded Carol. - I want her, too, and since my desire is multiplied by your members ... ... Then ...
- What???
- It will be ours! - Carol concluded. - I have a plan...
It took Warren aside and for a long time he was explaining something, and he was surprised, and nodded his head, like istukanchiku. Finally, she let go of Warren, and she went back to David.
- What did you tell him? - David asked curious.
- Learn: - slyly said Carol. - With time:
For obvious technical reasons, this night spent in the arms of David Carol A Warren respectively - Helen. What Warren spoke with his wife - he is unknown. But in the morning she left the room tired, with dark circles under the eyes.
David and Carol met friends at the table of the spa cafe. Warren looked tired, Helen - alarmed. But David and Carol fun at glory, Carol seemed even shone with happiness and David peacefully thrilled to timid morning sun.
- How did you sleep? - Briskly asked Carol.
Those muttered something in response. Carol really did not catch, but perfectly realized intonation muttering: "Thank you., We fucked all night trying to talk about the virtues of a multi-faceted sex, but could not find a common language Wherefore pretty exhausted each other nerves.".
- Then we have breakfast, - concluded David.
Warren nodded wearily and David for all ordered something elaborate of Chinese cuisine. While the cook was busy with the order, David tried to stir Helen:
- How do you find the local landscape?
But she just kept silent, somehow frowns and displeasure askance at Carol cheeky figure. At a table a deathly silence reigned.
The order is ready for too long and Carol got tired of waiting:
- I Go, she'll see that there is:
- I'm with you! - I had come after Warren.
They both disappeared in the back of the cafe, and David immediately resumed the attack on the wife of Warren:
- Why are you so sad, Helen? No time to lose, the Lord intended us to have fun. Here is a look - your spouse can enjoy the moment!
Helen looked more closely at the half-open door of the back room: there was clearly seen how Carol and Warren paw like that, dissolute bending, kissing Warren. Helen kept glancing out the door, half an ear listening to the chatter of David. Her enraged this simulated situation - her husband squeezed some girl, while her husband was a legitimate glues buddy bastard husband!
Helene did not sink to the scandal, David snapped:
- Mark, David! I have to go.
And indeed, she turned and walked quickly away. David watched her go, she goes, her hips swaying seductively. And suddenly I realized - he had to get it. Should, and that's it!
Oscillations lasted less than a second - David rushed to catch up with her.
- Wait, wait!
She turned around:
- What's the matter?
David smiled amiably:
- You know, we're going to have a picnic ... Nature ... In general, I would like to invite you!
Before the eyes of Helen still stood face her husband, Carol squeezed inspiration. Anger, jealousy, pain, burning heart Ellen. Oh, how it will avenge Warren as revenge:
- She, too, will be there? - Helen's voice was solid poison.
- Yes - as calmly as possible said David. - My girlfriend will be there, too.
- It really is your girlfriend? - Helen surprised.
- Of course - confirmed David.
Helen smiled wryly, about something and thinking something weighing.
- We will have fun, though! - Strongly urged her to David.
After a short silence, and for some reason, he added:
- And ... And no one will know about it ...
Perhaps the last argument was the most decisive, at least that's when Helen replied, answered briefly and simply:
- Good.
David jumped for joy. And Helen smiled, biting her lower lip funny.
- Back in the cafe? - David suggested.
- No - Ellen refused. - Something does not feel like it. I understand that until the evening?
David did not insist.
- Okay, until the evening.
Ellen left, and David went back to the table. Warren and Carol already being enjoyed the Chinese delicacies.
- Where's Helen? - Warren chewed question.
- She suddenly lost her appetite, - said David.
- And what about the party? - Carol asked. - What she said?
- Agree.
Carol enthusiastically clapped her hands:
- Well, you see! Everything worked out!
Warren sighed. In fact, everything turned out.
Now it was necessary to act. Immediately after breakfast Warren went to a nearby town. There he rented an open jeep and together with David explored the neighborhood. Picnic chose the right place - the top of one of the high mountains. This top can be reached by car and there was a very convenient platform - moderately spacious and surprisingly well closed in the wind Mother Nature like a natural fence of stone boulders, located around the perimeter.
Later in the afternoon we stopped for girls. After seeing the object of his lust, David even more desired her - it was only a short skirt and transparent blouse, in no way conceals the charms of its owner.
Behind the wheel of the jeep sat Warren. Next to him - Carol. David and Helen settled behind. It was a bit crowded and the young people had to sit almost in an embrace. David was in the seventh heaven, closely hugging the Helen and eyes devouring her legs. Helen thawed a little, and even smiled.
Soon they reached the top. Girls started serving a makeshift table, the guys were busy with the tape - he did not want to be included. But at last, everything was ready: a tape recorder defeated snacks laid out, the wine is poured on a plastic cup.
The first toast raised for familiarity. Cups were very bulky, and the mountain air was so fresh ... Helen clearly felt in her head pounding ...
The second toast was held under the motto of a successful evening. Immediately after his impatient Carol was on her feet:
- Let's Dance!
The idea received overwhelming support and endorsement. And without the slightest hesitation, Carol kicked off her dress, staying in shorts, commenting on the actions short and simple:
- Hot!
The third toast Helen waited more they surprise - since getting dark, the boys lit torches, placed them on the edges of the site. This idea has caused a wild delight of the girls - in fact, the situation at the flickering light of torches became terribly romantic, even gaining some shade of unreality.
David put the tape with slow songs and looked at his companions: Warren and Carol merged into dance, though a bit unusual - Warren Carol hugged from behind and they are slow, the music, moved together, indecent clinging to each other.
Helen stood at the edge of the platform, gazing thoughtfully down at the darkening valley. David came up behind her, put his arms around - she pulled away. But the young man did not give up - stroking her hand, pressed, persuaded ... Helen closed her eyes and smiled happily, listening to all that nonsense that carried David. But when she opened her eyes and threw a casual glance at the dancers - her pulse immediately jumped three times, for the most part due to the disturbance, and surprise, of course - jealousy.
This couple is not dancing - Warren Carol stripped naked and now fucked standing in the same position, with which and began their dance. Helen watched stunned as insolent and unambiguous exercise. At this point, David still managed to perform his maneuver - he crept up behind her and is now enthusiastically embraced Helen. More precisely - not just, he has openly squeezed her full breasts. Helen embraced surprisingly sweet languor, somewhere in the back of her mind she knew very well what drives it - just jealousy and desire for revenge lustful husband, but ... She was so tired of being law-abiding and his wife!
While she was versed in itself, David already got under her blouse, hot kissing her neck, Helen felt his hard cock pressing against so ardently to her ass ... Her breathing increased three times and she pressed herself against his will to that young body, surprisingly nice scalding her from behind ...
Meanwhile, the couple fucks approached closely. Rival Helen threw hot hands on the neck and tightly dug wet lips to her full lips. And Helen, quite unexpectedly for itself responded to the kiss. And so he said that dizzy. Or that was the insidious effect of a young wine? Anyway, it simultaneously kissed three lips, but six hands hugged and stroked her body, simultaneously managing to shoot some simple clothes: That skirt very quietly slipped her feet and she felt like a strip of panties moved aside: Someone member Lord , a member of David! Surely entered her from behind, he came in and immediately began to move with ever increasing rate.
- Oh, God ... - almost inaudibly she whispered to the beat of shock. - As good as sweet ...
She knelt down, putting thus in a pose "cancer." Carol climbed directly under Helen, continuing to kiss and squeeze her breasts. Behind a measured and deep thrusts her fucking David. What is going on? She did not know. Ecstasy crested at her like waves of the sea - relentlessly and with increasing force.
Suddenly something struck her on the forehead. Helen raised her head and saw in front of him so familiar and dear member of the Warren, obviously eager to kiss her lips. She never caressed her husband's mouth, although his tongue caress took great pleasure. Now Helen wanted to say something, to protest, to oppose, but too late - it is a huge living log with swollen veins brazenly slipped between his teeth, filled to overflowing her mouth. At first, Helen almost threw up when a member went too far into her throat, but she adapted very soon even began to move herself back and forth, back nasazhivayas to a member of David, in front of the giant swallowing Warren.
All four irresistibly caressed each other pleasure fire, which gave her David, intricately combined with caresses the girl relentlessly terebyaschey clitoris and nipples Helen and Warren harmoniously complete the picture, energetically and brutally fucking his huge member Helene straight mouth.
Why hide? She loved it! The great mystery - but Helen began to masturbate as a teenager, carefully concealing passion for deliberately ostentatious chastity. But just in a dormant volcano must inevitably wake up, and personally its secret desires woke up and found a real power in real-floss. Right now it is more than making up for lost time.
David suddenly jerked and Helen clearly felt the hot jet of sperm, wriggling somewhere deep inside her. A flurry of pleasure exploded inside her, a hundredfold efforts after she felt an unusual pulse member Warren in his mouth. Total moment - and her throat poured the hot jet of a viscous fluid, filling it with the same pressure in the front, with some filling her from behind David. Feeling a hundred times superior to what she could only fantasize, entertain herself. Guys again twitched, releasing the last charge and helplessly fell silent, folded like a penknife.
Four lovers for a long time lying on the motion without being completely without any power. Torches were burning. The night air was getting cool, so all four of them huddled close to one another under a blanket. But Helen was still shivered, clung to the hot side of David:
- I read somewhere ... This type of relationship is called the "Swedish family". Here!
- What ... - David tickling the nipples of her breasts. - I like to be a Swede!
- What do you think? - I asked Helen Carol and Warren.
But they did not answer. Just at this time Carol has released his mouth standing member of Warren and is now trying on her ass to sit on it ...
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Birthday gifts

Here again, my wife started a World unpleasant conversation.
- You, (this is me) ever accept measures to our idiot again locked himself in the bathroom and masturbating. Once dismissed where silk underwear on a hanger, so it is always in spots. When will it end?
My wife frowned, pouted and huddled in a corner of the sofa.
- Honey, first of all questions to his son, not me, I did not finish the laundry usually, you know, and secondly it is not swearing decide.
Frankly, I was set lightly. Well, engaged and involved, you need the guy to finish, and the laundry wash. The problem is, what it is. But apparently it getting through.
- I already (she continued) frustrating to go to the bathroom all the time his shadow behind the glass, if only peeping when I wash, as always.
While I listened to his faithful ear to the floor, something in her words I was hooked. This is what it turns out, she is not opposed to the son of spying when she washes? Interesnenko.
- My joy, and let him join the real sex. The boy soon 15 years. I think the time has come. Come, take off his prostitute for his birthday and even become a real man. As a suggestion?
The answer came immediately.
- You're crazy, to start having sex with dirt. What is he so wish and the son do? Only over my dead body.
Wife aggressively popped up from the sofa corner. Although the following sentence I was ready, she would react to this, I do not know.
- Honey, I really do not know what to offer. Maybe ask your sister to help in this regard?
- Excellent and all relatives know about it, just fine.
The answer has been programmed, and making a serious face, I responded.
- Then I do not see any other options, how do you make the most of his men.
The pause lasted more than a minute.
- Mother with son is engaged in love, are you crazy?
Although the phrase was terrible, but the tone sounded something else.
- What is love? (In turn asked me) Love you're doing with me. I propose simply to help the guy and clearly explain what a real woman is much more interesting masturbation. Are you a real and pleasant woman. That's all.
Svetlana's eyes with interest looked at me. And when sounded her voice, there was no electrical storm.
- And how do you see it? I say let him fuck so. And then what? How will we live on. And if he does not want me. You're crazy.
There were many questions, and I decided to dig one.
- My joy, everything to the banal simple. Soon his birthday and we gave him a gift - sex with you. I'll talk to him about it okuratnenko and candlelight after a pleasant evening and the wine, let us higher, sexual education of his son. About the will, believe me, if he cums several times a day in your underwear, then at least for the present, just give. And what would our future life nor complicated, I'll be with you. So that the three will be involved in the conspiracy.
About crazy, I did not go.
- You came up with this for a long time right now, or think about it.
Question wife put me in a deadlock. I guess I thought about it before when he found his son or seen any significant prior he has. But seriously I formulated just now, and pushed me to do it the same words. It is better to avoid this slippery subject.
- You know, to be honest, I was very excited this situation, when you are moaning and enjoy the two of us. Love threesome is something, but if it is someone else's man, I get burned with jealousy, and if this is our son, it will be only a pleasure.
Light looked at me oddly. In her eyes I could not see any consent or refusal must have an interest, but resentment was not exact. And drawl, she said.
- For his son, I am ready to do anything, but what do you suggest is not real. It's one thing to finish the laundry another thing to go to bed with him. Certainly a must stop masturbating, but it does not seem to me the method. You probably know the father and the psychology of boys better than me so I rely on your common sense and enough of that.
The next two days passed like a moment. It creates a situation I have not only amused, but also very exciting. My wife and I are no longer discussed this issue, but I noticed in the closet new purchases. Sveta bought a charming, white silk dressing gown and there I noticed the tone set in peignoir consisting of panties and bra tender. On the side, on the same shelf I found unopened bag with funky stockings. Wow. Of course, I pretended to have noticed nothing and continued to prepare for the birthday of his son. Behind me was a preparatory conversation, but I left for later.
And then came the memorable day. Son is 15 years old.
In the afternoon we decided to take a walk in the park and eat something in the coffee and in the evening to sit at home alone. Son, I asked to spend the day with us and without friends, explaining that the gift we have prepared an unusual, and I would like to present it to the family.
In the morning I started the game, and she asks, without saying a word, began to play along with me. The luxurious, silk dress with a slit at the bottom and a few buttons on top of it looked very tempting. Panties openly drawn in through the dress and bra straps from stressed her slender figure. The edges of the fishnet stockings rings were visible in a cut dresses, while walking.
My hand is not removed from the ass of his wife, and I did it in full view of his son explicitly erotic bias. Slightly squeezing and stroking. Sveta was in the game with me. After a walk in the park, we started talking about what girls are taught together with his son, and the conversation gradually acquired an erotic color. At this time my hand was a wife clutched his chest, right before the eyes of his son. Several buttons on her dress unbuttoned, and laid bare lace bra with hidden underneath the breasts. My hand fell into her bra and pink nipple halo shamelessly turned out between your fingers over the lace. Sasha My eyes devoured all of this action. A woman so accustomed to the situation, it seemed, did not even notice, and my movements and his eyes.
Our next stop was a cafe, where we decided to have a snack. I planted all the way to his wife's feet were turned in the direction of his son, he sat down next, and Sasha sat in front of us, the rest of the visitors could not see what was going on under the table.
Dry wine and aroma park cafe has hit in the head and gave courage to me so obviously and Sasha. My hand has been actively stroking charming legs in stockings. Arbitrarily, I winked at his son, and his eyes showed what my hands are busy. To my surprise, Sasha began to openly look at the mother's feet and on the way I stroked them, and moved in our direction. His arm, back side, casually slid his leg. Well, a contact is reached, the rest was technics. I said Svetlana stress-free and completely at ease, though I do not remember what, but clearly all became a well or from the wine, or omitted from an acute situation. My hand was still stroking his wife's leg, but much higher, about where stockings come to an end, and so inquisitive gaze Sasha could admire the silk panties and skin smoothness. I To consolidate the results, continuing to talk with his wife, he found her son's hand under the table and gently placed it on his knee Amy. Nothing happened, but the veins on her neck tightened, and breathing quickened. Without lifting his hands with his son's hand, I went above the knee to the point where you could feel the velvet skin of her feet. The conversation somehow by itself was interrupted, and only heard deep breathing all three. Cautious movement of his fingers, which made their way slowly under the silk said that will continue to be more. In order not to attract the attention of visitors the rare cafes I made it clear to the eyes that the session is over and you need to relax. And it was necessary to relax everyone. Svetlana clearly wanted and flowed, and our penises were such that the rise from a chair without attracting the attention of all women around we could not. The first act was played.
we came home, when the windows began to appear light and twilight evening dating only added to what was happening.
- Sash, open a bottle of wine.
We settled around the coffee table, and it was evident that all is well. She played soft music, and in the dim light of the lamp, everything seemed a little unreal and tempting.
Sasha sat next to his mother and tried, albeit covertly, to touch her dress. And his wife, apparently deciding for all the moral issues, not even trying to pull away or resist explicitly sexually oriented activities. Sofa that hosts Sasha and Svetlana was soft and made to turn gray in the tilted state, and the hem of the dress only slightly covered, rather open, and fishnet stockings and white panties, but as well as desirable woman makes no attempt to correct dress. She trusts us.
The wine was poured into glasses.
- I propose a toast in honor of the birthday, and I want that to date, he is remembered especially.
I picked up a glass of dark red wine.
- And what would we have always been good as it is today
He added his wife.
They drank with pleasure.
- And I want to drink to you (son poured glasses again).
- What would you Mom was always so slim and beautiful.
- And you dad has always been strong and cool.
- What I am slim and beautiful?
Retorted his wife.
- Very (Sasha continued his toast) I've seen today, as you watch people remember Mom of two boys in the park, they looked at your back, I think they will turn the neck. A waiter in a cafe, when you considered the cakes in the window, he was ready to climb into your eyes .... well .....
- The bra (I prompted her son)
- Well into her bra.
- In general, you have parents that it is necessary to me, I want to drink to you.
Glasses have become on the table.
- Son, I think those guys are not looking at the back of the mother, and her ass was too beautifully looked through her panties under her dress, do not you think?
I began to direct the conversation back on track.
- Dad, I totally agree with you, I somehow was not comfortable to say directly, but they saw it there.
I looked at my son and made barely noticeable nod, encouraging him.
- I understand them, (my eyes fell on his wife) myself all day attract the delights of our Nurse, and the cafe was all delicious.
Svetlana did astonished eyes.
- And that was in the cafe (it honestly surprised).
I smiled to say.
- And the fact that in the cafe when I stroked your foot, with me there was still the hand of your son.
- Sasha actively helped me.
Sveta continued to make a surprised look.
- Well, you give, and if people saw. But I honestly was good, and besides Sasha today everything is possible. Sasha, do you like my feet?
She looked alternately at us.
- Mom, your feet are great, and if you add the feeling of nylon, it's something. I would repeat with pleasure
- Mom, that means everything is possible?
The son took the initiative in their hands.
- So, the conversation can go a long way, and I will go get changed, and that to me something was hot in a dress.
Svetlana looked at him, as women look at men, and not as a son. And as his wife look frankly told me that she decided to update and bought a peignoir set, I poured another glass of wine.
Already playing really, Svetlana, swinging her hips, went to change clothes.
As soon as his wife went into the bedroom, I turned to his son and invited to drink wine, prolonging the pleasure, I continued the conversation.
- Today we decided to make you a special gift. Sasha, how do you look at something that would play with her mother.
The son did not look me in the eye and clearly embarrassed.
- Dad it means to me to be possible to caress her, and even ......
- That's it. Today is your birthday, and she was told that everything is possible. Especially it care what you're doing masturbation and real sex save you from this.
- But I can not. I would be uncomfortable. How do you imagine it? Mom let me fuck you. I can not Dad so.
- Everything is much easier (I said) it is now come in disguise, you will see that it was useful for tonight, she specially bought new underwear that would look attractive to you, I begin to caress her, and you just join us. Understand my son, if it is prepared in advance, that she wants to play these games. Everything is very simple. Follow me, and I will guide you.
- Still somehow uncomfortable (the son said).
But at the same time our conversation ended because of a bedroom out Svetlana.
Yes, it was something. Silk robe flowed over her knees and a little closed. Bow at the neck pulling off his top and to the bottom floors were visible and diverged legs in stockings with bodily luster, white fishnet panties and through the top is translucent miniature bra that covered only her nipples and then in half. She walked to us, swinging her hips, and when his feet touched, each other could be heard rustling clothes. The view was unreal and we had stopped breathing by lust. The son watched the scene with wide eyes and open mouth even.
I stood up and took off his shirt. It was very nice to touch the body to the charm. I caught the lip of his wife and kissed her. At a time when our tongues stroked each other my hands brazenly groped her ass and her breasts and stomach. Without letting go of her embrace, I began to move into position behind slowly. His lips slid back of the head on the neck and shoulders, and his hand slowly slipped into shorts. Gently stroking the crotch, I looked at Sasha. His eyes were burning, and bulging pants so that I doubted the reliability of lightning. Svetlana relaxed in my hands and began to press against his back lasciviously at my penis risen considerably. Special Move aside the hem peignoir, so that silk could not hide a body, I look Sasha invited to join us. Hardly breathing, he stood up and slowly, overcoming shyness, approached. I cheerfully, pulling him to Svetka. Trembling, the son put his arm around his wife's waist. Bow at the neck was unleashed and robe fell open completely. Each movement was the son of uncertainty and timidity, but still he forced his hands to move slightly lower. I have nothing to do but only to help him in a woman's knowledge. Taking Sashka's hands in hers, I put them on the ass and made Svetkin stroke her. It went easier. Stroking moved to the ticking, he became strongly squeeze her ass in his hands. Svetlana started moaning and this added courage. Touching her neck, I tilted her head, and his wife understood me. Lips slightly parted lips and merged with the children. They kissed long and passionately, I saw a woman teaching a boy passionate kiss, penetrating into his mouth with his tongue.
Everything went as it should.
Helping son hand, we began to caress his wife for four hands. Spending by pubis, I ran across a standing member of my son, which is tightly pressed against her hips. But there has never, he could not touch her cunt. It had to be corrected, as before I took his hand in hers and put his hand on the pubis. At first hesitant, but with a growing desire son began to caress the vagina. According to the pubis, then hand down below, and rushed her finger between her legs. Svetlana helped us. Legs relaxed, and I saw the son of finger went into the vagina. Sasha exhaled loudly, and I thought that now it would end. But my fears were unfounded. The finger moved between the lips, causing tremors in the legs of his wife, and she bent her knees a lot and let his hand deeper between her legs. Slowly, so as not to frighten off, I took off my pants with thigh Svetka. They have become redundant. Strongly compressing the chest and giving disengage arms, I drew them to the couch. I was good. Member swollen, and very much like to come, but at the same time would like to extend the game and caress. Son kissing his mother passionately and wildly, and when I threw them on the sofa, probably not even notice it. We are with him stroking her thighs and vagina, trying not to interfere with each other.
Featuring an example, I went down to her pussy and began to lick. I always enjoyed to lick her, but now it was many times nicer. The room could hear our fussing and moaning wife. Not looking up from this lesson, I took off, in one motion, pants with shorts and Sasha followed my example. Not knowing how it relates to the weasel language, I still vacated the seat and invited him to do the same. The proposal was accepted with enthusiasm, and now burying his nose in the vagina and at the same time, panting and gasping son furiously licking her lips and clitoris mother. Kind of funky. Wife bent and trying to miss the boy's tongue as deep as possible inside, moaning without restraint, legs raised and spread apart, on each movement language is much applied hips forward. Not a lot of light and finish. I strongly squeezed her breasts in his hands, at the same time, lick and bite her nipples. A bit more. I just suck her tongue out of his mouth, and at this moment it is hard and long ends. I do not give the son to move away and make him a little lick her clit. Her body shudders long time, it is strongly compresses the foot and pulls over Sasha.
Long passionate kiss says that the mother was pleased with his son. Slowly, whatever disrupt the idyll, I shoot with light dressing gown, just as slowly take off her bra and give the opportunity to enjoy the son of the mother's body. His hands glide over the chest, abdomen, thighs, I see the two fingers he pushes her lips and touches the clitoris, making her flinch again. Holding his hand, I get those fingers get inside. Tremors in the body suggests that we need a son to think about orgasm. Now, driving his wife, I get to take her son's dick in his hand and guide him, it (hard to explain) between the legs. Sasha jerk enters mother and begins to frantically move. The pace is too fast, but I understand it. He endured long. The bodies merged, and it is difficult to dismantle Toli he enters it, toli herself is placed on it. Sveta podmahivaet to the beat of each movement and is about to finish. But Sasha for a long time can not. Just a few movements and dear ones screaming finish. Son several times with the power drives his dick between the mother's legs, causing these seizures, and the screams and falls down on the sofa. He breathes and does not open eyes, his dick wet and shiny slowly falls down on his thigh.
- I go to the bath.
Light opened her eyes and smiled looking at me.
- Honey has a minute and I'll let you go.
I can not really wait for another when she podmoetsya.
Pussy all wet and slippery, so much sperm that formed a wet spot on the couch. It remains to add a bit on top and the picture will be complete. But the son decides that he has not kiss enough and mouth busy with his wife again. Again his arms and once again tries to lie down on the mother. Well, I do not. Little by throwing it aside, even kisses on the cheek if you want, I send my dick in her mouth and she Svetka pleasure starts sucking. My son is not nearly as confusing and when I literally fuck his mother in his mouth he was happy to kiss her neck. I'm going crazy, my cock all the way part of the throat, though I give an opportunity to breathe, but the movement is not slowed down. Already close, now, to take a deep breath to drive up the eggs and all.
The three of us lay on the couch, completely naked, though she asks stockings left to themselves, they are very much like Sasha, and the rest of the done. And that is not bad to have sex with your family. I really liked it. It seems like it all. Son mother pats on the pubes and kissed her nipple, I stroked thigh and kiss the other nipple. It keeps us on the heads and guides to where it nicer. Picture.
The truth is it can not last for a long time and now our beloved mother moans, and we have a state of standing.
How nice to put on a charming feel of his body weight and softness and see how the son kisses back. Well the last one on the bar tonight. Let mummy lying on his stomach, and we have a case and the back, is not it son. Sasha understands me with half a word, or rather, a nod, and begins to lick her ass. Yes, so cleverly that surprised where experience. He licks with the desire and feeling. Language is traversed by one half on the other, and then he pushes them and regards the language most holes, the anus. To tell the truth, my wife and I are not engaged in anal sex, the few times when I tried to take her from behind, ended unsuccessfully. Only shalt bring of course, with petroleum jelly, penis, she screams that hurt. We had to retreat. And here she is trying to pick up the ass so that he would have been more convenient to lick. His tongue enters the anus and Svetlana, and strength starts podmahivat backwards. Gee. This is necessary to use. I show my son that would continue, and the take from the table some cream and smear his head sticking out. Come on son, you start and you end. Understanding the first time, and now the head of his penis in front of the priest's wife. I do not give him a jerk enter into it and forced to relax the anus slow careful movements. Member is gradually becoming a priest. Ironically, Svetke good or very good. It allows you to enter a fully up eggs and Sasha no longer restrain himself. He fucks her like the front. Class.
And now let my dear, and I settle down.
I squeeze a wife, son holds her hips, I put on myself and felt the vagina, insert his penis into her. He is tough and reluctantly. I feel through the elastic septum, as a member of the son begins to move, and I to adjust to the pace. We fuck our favorite long and passionately. She did not moan, she cries out loud and this is not the pain, it is good. I try to get as deep as possible into the vagina, and the son does not lag behind my back. Just not to break, not to harm in a fit of passion, and then after you can put an end to such a nice case. But you can not break away. Sveta scratching my arms, screaming and biting his lips, the rate reaches a critical point, we tear it in half. And now the cry of the wife suppresses me, nails digging into his chest, and we all ended. I guess I cried the same as I saw on a frightened eyes of his son. Two times we force drives its members to sweaty crevice and relax. Reluctantly disengaged, we lie down on the sofa.
All birthday is over, handed out gifts.
Already in bed, asleep, Sveta turned to me.
- Hear libertine, tell me honestly, do you like it.
Speak not want to, but nonetheless.
- You know, honey, lustful little woman I liked very much, especially when we took you along. Let's sleep.
She was not appeased.
- And if tomorrow Sasha asked me to give him to me what to do.
I turned to face her.
- And you something very like it?
She leaned back on the pillow
- I am ashamed to admit it, but really.
- True, I want you two, and he will take, and asks that I give something that does not give a ...?
- Do not worry, act as if you have two favorite people, as well, and it really is, if you want it then go ahead, but if not, then not. I'm not jealous. Remember, we have come up with that would be to wean her son from masturbation. If he will be able to be with you the rest you can forget. But when I do I'll call in bed, ask me not to refuse. Okay?
- How do you say dear, okay.
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