Tanya toy. Part 2

Only with someone to try? With the guys from the class? No, better than those of the pioneer camp. They will be easier. In the meantime, we must ask Marinka about her feelings.
Marinka proudly told me that she had it at as many as six times, with the same man five years older than her. The first time was painful, but not much, they did it in the attic of a village house, in it he did not finish, and pulled out a member, that she did not become pregnant. Orgasm from fucking she was not, and to caress themselves with him she was shy. In general, I expected to hear from her something more impressive.
Dragged monotonous days passed in September, near the middle of October. Istoml¸nnaya secret desires, I masturbate almost every day and dreamed of continuing sexual experimentation. Where is my recent summer lovers? We had even phones to share ... I was ready to go looking for them or give it to someone else, but it so happened that they found me themselves.
One day, when I returned from school, I was called:
- Tanya! - And after a pause a second voice:
- A toy!
Of course, it was Sasha and Dima. I immediately somewhere failed heart and gasp with excitement. Blushing, on padded feet, I approached them. Somehow I thought that everyone on the street staring at us and know what the three of us will do.
- Hi, can walk? - Sasha asked.
- Let's go to. And where to?
- The park's go. Or to visit Dima ... He is now at home no one - and both looked at me slyly.
- Let's go to the park ... And then to Dima can.
In the park, as soon as we hid from prying eyes, Sasha asked:
- Do you want to spend more of our toy in the summer? - I nodded.
- And thou shalt do what we tell you?
- Well, maybe not everything, but in the summer I loved it ...
- What like? - Dima picked up.
- To be your toy ... - I squeezed out of myself.
- And yet?
- Undress in front of you, giving yourself to touch, to suck you all the ...
- And yet? What do you particularly excited?
- When one me in the ass and another in her mouth! At the same time! And yet, when you licked me.
- Then to start suck us right here.
The place was deserted, Sasha leaned against a tree, unzipped his jacket and dropped his pants to his knees. I, trembling with excitement, sat down in front of him and cautiously approached her lips to his long-standing member with a brilliant drop of at the end. I quickly licked the droplet, and then abruptly and eagerly grabbed mouth head and pushes the tongue and lips. Sasha moaned with pleasure.
- Well, how is she? Do not forgot how? - Dima asked.
- No-r ... Wow! - And it is as if, on the shore, grabbed my head and moved his cock in her mouth. Dima also pulled out his penis and masturbated looking at us. Soon my mouth spurted friend and long-awaited sperm. Needless to say, I absolutely swallowed everything, even licked her head finally, and immediately reached for Dima member who hovered nearby.
- I would not see anyone ... - I thought, but the hot fountain once again filled my mouth. And again, I drank all without dropping a single drop.
- Look like swallows! With pleasure!
- Probably bored? - Then I nodded, without taking the dick out of his mouth. I really missed him and besides terribly wanted to finish. My hand began to wade in panties itself, which have long been wet.
- Take off your pants and masturbate himself. - I released the cock and pulled her panties with stockings below the knee.
- No, really take off! Leave only shoes.
- And we want boobs look too!
In general, they left me only shoes and unbuttoned his shirt, nothing more. My nipples were hard and solid-excitement, and from the cool air. It's good day was not warm in autumn. When they had seen and natrogalis relish, and I came in their hands, they wanted my ass. Still on the street fuck it was cold and we zasobiralis to Dima. My jacket was quite long, almost cloak that prompted the two entertainers on a new idea. It was decided that I will go only in this jacket and shoes, and more to me nothing will happen. I tried to deny it, but I reminded myself that I agreed to be their toy, and perform their desires.
So we went. My things were packed in my bag is that Dima kindly offered to convey. Outside, nothing unusual was not much, I'm just afraid that passers-by will pay attention to my bare feet. But it was not far to go, besides the nice breeze chilled my raspal¸nnuyu pussy, which continued to be wetted by the thought that I was almost naked roam the streets. My companions also worried about our trip, and in a deserted alley Dima offered me a while to unbutton and again to show them myself, that I had done, breathless with fear.
That reached. At the entrance I had unbuttoned again and I entered in this form into the apartment.
- Take off your clothes! - Dima hospitality offered, and we all laughed.
- I want a hot shower, once you have me naked through the streets led.
- Come on. And ... can I do with you?
- And I. The three estates.
I already had all the same, and the three of us went to the bathroom. It was really cool to stand between my boys under the warm jets and feel two pairs of hands, walking all over the body. And yet I liked namylitsya and rub against each other. Suddenly the guys about something whispered, then Dima nodded and turned off the water.
- What's wrong? - I asked, realizing that they are up to something again.
- We want you to atone for ... well, as it was then, on the beach.
Then I understood everything they again wanted to help me. Frankly, I also liked when this procedure is its uniqueness and by the fact that she would confirm my complete subordination and my status as a sex toy. And the role of a toy in the years turns me on tremendously.
So, I sat down on his haunches and leaned back against the wall, and the guys froze me. From the excitement and shame I closed my eyes. Who will pour on me. What they do not start?
- What do you mean? You fall out of love? - Tan, when it is, it is difficult to start - explains Dima - so wait a little bit.
- And tell us about it - Sasha said.
- About what? - I was surprised.
- Well, we have to pee on you. Tell me what you really want this.
- Here's another! You do not want - do not write. - And I was going to get up.
- Do not forget that you are our toy! So go ahead, persuade!
To give it! Ask that you pissing! However, this is something there ... And I began hesitantly:
- Urinate on me. I want to feel your urine. Wrote to me on the shoulders, arms and chest ...!
- Well done! Yet!
- Well obossyte as me! I'm yours! I want this! You have such a hot piss! Obossyte me all over, from head to toe. I can get cancer and you obossyte my ass ... - I became the very start it and I began to masturbate.
- Ask to you piss in your mouth.
- Yes Yes! Wrote to me in the mouth, on the cheeks, on the head, where you want! - And I began to turn my head with an open mouth. Then Sasha made it to the first yellow trickle. He approached, and a trickle of burned my right hand, I desperately wanker himself. Here he it went better and he began to pour me all. Now in his urine swim both breasts, abdomen, legs, urine dripping on my hand masturbating. In my nose hit the sharp smell. Then he began to pour my cheeks, but his mouth was closed, I remembered how I almost puked then, in the summer.
- Open your mouth. - I shook my head, and it pissed my hair, and then dried.
- Suck it! - I put her lips smelling urine with a member of the drops at the end. Then he stiffened, and the last trickle appeared in my mouth. Oddly enough, it was not repugnant to me. At this time Dima also matured, and now I have washed the jet on the left side. He thoroughly pissed my neck, so that the water came back, wet hair and then began to write to me on the cheek, and spray flew to Sasha's leg.
- Now I suck! - And he pulled her to him my head, finally poured over his lips and chin.
Then again, we turned on the shower, washed away all urine wiped and moved into the room. Dima turned on the music and the boys made me dance naked in front of them, and they sat side by side on the sofa, watched and jerked off. First they masturbate each themselves, and then began to touch and masturbate each other. After that Dima got cancer on the floor, and Sasha fell in behind him and began to portray that fucks him.
- What about me? - Confused I asked.
- Yeah, she asked for! We thought so.
Dima rushed into the next room and brought some cream. They put me back on the bed spread out, pushed and pulled up his legs up. Now my charms are open and accessible. Sasha kissed and sucked my small breasts, then we kissed on the mouth with the tongue, and Dima meanwhile licking my pussy washed. I squirmed with delight and even wider spread his legs. Suddenly I felt his tongue lower right on his ass! He circled around the holes, bringing me a new unprecedented pleasure. And then there's Sasha began to twist his fingers in both my nipple. I howled with delight, and when Dima tongue penetrated my asshole, I just yelled from the buzz.
- Quietly, quietly. - Dima finger smeared with cream and began to insert into my waiting ass. Then he rubbed his penis and began to slowly poke them. Remembering the years of experience, I tried to relax the anus and let Dima himself. Soon he fucked me on the whole length of the penis, and I ran my lips to Sashka body. Well, finally, they are both in me, one in my mouth, the other in the ass, and I shamelessly stretched on his back, I caress your clitoris. How did it all nice, until I ponaslazhdatsya and finish it later, when they have changed.
Here Dimka grabbed me with both hands and moaned and was poured straight into my ass, and then froze, eyes closed.
- Well? Cool? - Asked Sasha.
- Still would! Even better than Oksanka!
Then I felt something like jealousy and looked at the children, not taking a member of his mouth.
- Then we tell, and now me.
Dima came out of me, obt¸r cloth member, his place was taken by Alexander, easily penetrating into greased and sperm cream hole. And Dima sat astride me, so that his cock was right in front of my mouth.
- Now suck and lick it - and I began to suck his dick limp, which had now the light scent of my ass. A right hand I continued to masturbate himself, and soon came, almost simultaneously with Sasha. Then we cleaned up and all three of us lay down to rest on the same couch.
- So for such Oksana? - I asked impatiently.
It soon became clear that these two blockhead met in August with a depraved special called Oksana and now constantly had it in all holes, forgetting about me, about my favorite summer toy. Therefore, they are so long and have not been declared. Oksana, this was divorced and in his 29 years has found itself in a mad craving for 14-16-year-old boys of school age. Meeting with Dima and Sasha was for her first experience of sex with teens, and she was willing to take them at least every day, the benefit she lived alone. And now they have decided to attach me to his fun.
They even did not ask my permission, and just told me to come next Friday at three o'clock in the afternoon on the same place where we met today. On this we parted.
In the evening I very long could not sleep, and all imagined how my boys copulate with an adult woman. After all, they are it is almost like me ... And in the mouth and in the ass ... And the main thing - and even there, where I do not dare to let them in. Do not worry, next time also give myself to them completely, let fuck, I'm no worse than her. Oksana probably experienced this, will have to learn how to fly I do not ... I fell asleep with these thoughts.
On Friday we met and the three of us went straight to Oksana. We opened the slim pretty girl with brown hair below her shoulders. She looked visibly younger than his years, I expect to see an adult aunt painted unattractive, but here ... In general, it is understandable why they sunk it. The boys immediately kissed her on the lips, perhaps because they had long since passed.
- Here, get acquainted! It Oksana is Tanya.
- Come, undress
- Completely? - Dima quipped.
- Can all - Oksana smiled.
- Then we are very Tanya undress. To start. Remember when we told you that it fulfills all our desires.
- Does all-all?
- All-everything! Here, look - here he turned to me, and I froze in shame and excitement.
- Take off everything!
I blushed, but obediently began to undress under three lustful glances. It was especially ashamed of Oksana, still see her for the first time, and immediately find myself in front of her completely naked. When opened my breast, the audience roared with approval. Panties guys pulled themselves from me.
- How lovely! - Oksana whispered. She looked at me with obvious desire. - Come into the room. The room they sat on the sofa, Oksana was in the center, between the boys, and began to admire me, and I served their teams.
- Now bend over ... Show me the ass ... Get on all fours ...
- Straighten, raise your hands and circled ...
- Get up to the bridge ...
- Lie down on your back and spread your legs ... Now masturbate himself.
While I masturbated in front of them, the boys took off all my clothes. Clad Oksana was alone.
- Now, get up and undress Oksana. And then she left alone.
I hesitantly approached her, and she rose to greet me. She was wearing a beautiful gown, which I had to withdraw from it.
- Well, bolder, do not be shy! - She said, and smiled.
I reached out and slowly untied the belt, and then one by one the buttons unbuttoned. When the robe fell open, they saw that there is nothing underneath it. When I pulls together his shoulders arms, our breasts touched. It gave me a new sense of the unusual.
Now we were all completely naked. Oksana laid out sofa, a bed on top of a sheet, and he will make a great playground for sex. Oksana then dragged a bottle of wine.
- Who wants to drink to an acquaintance?
Drink all want. It was very cool to sit naked and drinking wine. Then Oksana said:
- I'll have a snack with your pipiskami - and after each sip in your mouth took both the boys in turn.
- And you have had it with the girls? - She asked me.
- No - I'm embarrassed.
- And I would like?
- I do not know ... You can try ...
Then she hugged me and began to fondle my breasts. At first hand, and then began kissing and sucking nipples. It was very nice, but at the same time and a little bit awkward because it's all happening in front of our boys. And they looked at us with wide eyes, and then pushed me on my back, spread her legs and then came the most pleasant moment: Oksana and Sasha clung to his lips in my nipples, and Dima began to lick me between the legs. It was indescribable! Three of the mouth at the same time gave me the sweetest pleasure. I am delighted with his mouth wide open, Sasha noticed it moved, bent, and not letting the nipple out of his mouth, pulled the cock to my face. I immediately grabbed it with his lips and began to suck greedily. In addition to this, Dima smeared his finger with my juices and put me in the ass. Then the excitement reached its limit, I froze and sweetly finished with Sasha's cock in his mouth.
After that Oksana lay on her back, Dima fell in between her legs and began to lick her as just licked me. Then he got up, he told me:
- Look! - And I put his penis in her labia. Another moment - and he plunged into Oksana completely, so much so that their pubic hair touched. Then he began to move in it, and the first time I looked at a real sexual act that takes place in front of me. Sasha, too, crawled to her, his cock popped out of my mouth, and plunged into the mouth of Oksana. Five minutes later they swapped: Oksana was on all fours and sucked Dima and Sasha fucked her, pristoivshis behind.
- Boys, take me together! - She moaned, releasing Dima member.
Together they have it, probably more than once fucked: very cleverly so they settled. Dima lay on his back, Oksana sat on his cock and Sasha moistened with saliva her anus, then its already wet cock and slowly began to enter her in the ass. Soon the trio was on the move and puffed with pleasure. Oksana, flattened between the two guys was like a frog, or even a chicken in a skillet. She shook her head and muttered something incoherent:
- Ebite me! Deeper, stronger! .. More! .. Yes! Yes! Relieve me both today possible. Conchita me in the ass! And-and-and ... And pussy! In pussy and ass! .. I love you, my sweet! I want a third dick in her mouth! - And she lowered her head and began kissing passionately with Dima.
Then I realized that there is nothing to be ashamed and began to masturbate, to limit excited by this picture.
- Oh, we have thrown our Tanya. Rise of Dima, he'll polizhet - Oksana saw me. I did so, looming over Dimkinym face ass to the composition. Immediately he ran his tongue over my lips and clitoris. Soon Oksana twitched, moaned and roughly finished, again, muttering something about pussy and ass. After it finished, Sasha, as she had requested, into her ass. The group began to break up, there was one unsatisfied Dima.
- Tanya, act! Suck me, yet worth it - his voice Sasha.
I still did not take into the mouth member, taken from someone else's ass, and tried to protest. But I was reminded again that I myself agreed to be their toy, and had to obey. I took a deep breath, closed her eyes and took in his mouth. But nothing nasty happens, I sucked a little bit and I was removed.
- Now Oksana lick ass! - I turned and obediently leaned over to her just fucked hole. Oksana still sitting on Dima's penis and her anus over his testicles clenched and unclenched. I gently licked - felt the taste of semen. There was a groan Oksanin.
- You see, she was pleased. Come quicker and smarter! Insert to language. So-so...
- And lick my balls - supported Dima.
When I licked his balls, Oksana jumped from a member, saying that she needs to rest. Then Dima took me by the ears and put his mouth on my dick unsatisfied. He was covered in Oksaninyh juice, and I ordered him to clear language.
- Damn, I have not finished - Dima complained.
- Well finished in her mouth.
- Or maybe in the ass? As Oksanka. Tan, you're much more you want? Generally you it's time for a normal-fuck. I, too, play the virgin! Fuck fuck her in the mouth takes and does not give to see ... Look, how can Oksanka: the front and rear! You will like the most.
Compare with Oksana was the last straw and I softly whispered:
- I agree.
Dima already jumped, and all crowded around me. I guided my defloration Oksana.
First of all, she drove all washed away. Then they put me on his back and spread his legs.
- Lick it to begin with: it will excite her and moisturize - Dima began carefully licking between the legs. Soon I was excited and flowed.
- Now interpose quite a bit, only the head - and his head began to move between wet sponges. It was both pleasant and terrible. Soon I got used to and just shuddered when he poked too deeply.
- Move just like fuck me - she commanded.
Suddenly it that there are forces pushed his ass down. Wet member flew into me, tearing schelochku virgin, and I shrieked.
- Well, everything, everything. Do not yell. Congratulations to you! Dim, slightly moves and come out. Do not think to stop.
Dima half a minute was moving reluctantly left in me. Blood was member. Sasha member of the seen again stood up on end, and he is also a little bit to fuck me in the hole already unsealed.
- Enough with her today. Now fuck me! - Oksana intervened.
And they are again intertwined in sensual tangle. Oksana fucked so, and commercials: I have tried to show their skills. And in the end he made me lick her pussy oozing sperm.
After all this, I questioned Oksana what to do to not fly, and learned a lot of new and useful things for themselves. It turns out that just a week, if all goes well, in the end I can safely, and to me it does not threaten. At that we decided to do: it is the three of us are waiting for next Friday.
After a week I barely waited for the appointed hour and claimed to Oksanka even earlier time already wet with anticipation cowards. Half an hour, we chatted about that, about this, then I said that this week, trying to fuck myself a candle to re-test the penetration of the printed hole.
- I have something better for that candle - slyly said she went to the closet. The next minute she pulled out a dildo pink, which was more than our boys. And then one more, slightly smaller, folded.
- Here! Want to try? - She handed me two.
I pulled off her panties and sat down on the sofa and hesitantly bailiffs little dick to his lips.
- No, first undress! - I quickly slipped off her clothing remnants, lay down, and under her lustful eyes start to insert a member. It was very nice and a little ashamed, and grin in no hurry to undress. Under her leadership, I fucked myself to her eyes. I became more pleasant, when she grabbed both of my fingers nipple. At this moment, the doorbell rang. I abruptly pulled the penis and tried to jump to his feet. It certainly came to guys, not enough yet, that they might see how I fuck myself!
But Oksanka poured me back again and she introduced me to this term.
- Go on! I want them to see it, too. And do not mind! - And I went to open.
Now, right now, they will ... And I like this ... Oh, what if it is not they? The thought I already froze. But they were, now they come into the room, smiling ... I desperately blush with shame.
- Look to what you have brought your toy! Hanging around somewhere, and then it is weak with desire. For herself ready. Come on, go on, do not be shy! - They sat around me and looked over my actions.
- Now take a large - Oksana continued to command. I put a member of the larger, and it is fairly easy to the increased crawled into my hole.
- And now, at the same time! Immediately the two, the second in the ass. Brush the it, you're all wet.
Not immediately, but I was able to drive himself to these two terms. I closed my eyes and fucked yourself already enjoying this. When I opened them, I immediately saw standing over me Dima, who was holding the camera. He photographed me! I fucked myself shamelessly in front of them in her pussy and ass. It's not in my plans, and I again tried to jump. Again, I have kept.
- You what? Again, you forget that you are our toys? Especially still have all withdrawn.
I'm doomed lay back. Oksana and Sasha widely parted my legs, and Dima took another shot.
- So, now sit down with cancer ... now ... Get up ... Sit down on his haunches ...
They filmed me in all positions, which only came to their heads. Finally, and we have started to undress. I wanted only one thing: that in me came alive warm member and not this rubber toy. Closer was Sasha, I just poured it on himself, and he quickly entered and began to move in me. This was spectacular! Dima and photographed it. Then he took me to a member of Sasha's mouth, and finally captured Oksana, I lick two boys head sticking out in front of my face.
Then the guys took me in both pussy and ass, and Oksana pinched my nipples. From this I had a orgasm of unprecedented force, Dima immediately finished in my pussy and Sasha pulled out of my ass dick, I turned and shoved it into his mouth. Soon I had swallowed his sperm.
We rested a bit, and then Oksanka lay down on the couch, lifted her legs up and said:
- Now, all three of you will fulfill my desires. It makes me glad I'm not one came. Boys, lick my feet and toes on his feet, and you, Tanya, lick between my legs.
We are stunned glances stare at her.
- Well, alive! - And she stretched out both her legs to the guys. They hesitantly took their hands, the first Dima decided to kiss her heel, then ran his tongue across the sole, down to the fingers.
- Suck me! Tanya, faster! You need a separate invitation?
The three of us took our places, and Oksana moaned soon vote with pleasure.
- Ltd! How I feel good! Nasty naughty boy! Suck my fingers! Suck on between them! And you, little whore, lick my ass! So ... yes ... Now I paste in both rubber dick!
We are all very excited and tried to fulfill any of its whim. Guys sucking and licking her feet, I fucked her two terms. Naturally, she very soon finished and stopped by pressing in both hands, the two terms in their holes.
- Now ebite me! - And abruptly pulled both terms.
Dima immediately put her his erect dick, and she told me to get up on her knees facing the Dima and began to lick me and suck out the remnants of his semen. It was the bottom, I'm on top, and Oksanka came up with a new idea. Looking up from my pussy, she shouted:
- Sasha, paste it! And you, Dimulya not think cum in me. Cum in her mouth.
Now Sasha fucked me right over Oksaninym face, and I in front of your nose the most watched Dima drives the dick in her insatiable pussy. Oksana moaned and squeezed my breasts, ten minutes later Dimka pulled his dick, grabbed my head, and I opened my mouth wide. A moment - and I am the second time that evening swallow semen. Now Dimkinu. At this point, and Sasha began to move harder, squeezed my buttocks with his hands and finished with me. When he came out, he immediately heard a sucking sound - it Oksanka sucked his dick wet. Then she moved on to me, greedily sucking the cum out of my pussy a second boy. From her nimble tongue, I also finished and exhausted collapsed on her top ...
After that orgasm I was completely satisfied and I wanted to just lie quietly and do nothing. The others were no better, and soon the guys zasobiralis home. When they left, Oksana lay next to me, both of us covered with a blanket, hugged me, and we fell asleep.
...I woke up from what Oksanka, still naked, talking to someone on the phone. And I am speaking in a strange way, looking at me slyly.
- You can try it, she will not mind. You always wanted to quite a young girl, and she's only just turned fourteen! Only with me, I will look at it. Yes, the girl - lovely! And yet ... she likes, when she was humiliated, she likes to obey. In general, more likely, until I have it. Waiting.
And she again slipped under my blanket.
- You who promised me? - Frightened I whispered.
- One good friend. We often sleep together. You're still not tired?
- Not tired. But still scary.
- You will like the most, do not be afraid. By the way, Tan, and why do you like to obey, to be humiliated?
- I do not know, like and everything. Maybe I'm crazy. My turn-ons all forbidden and shameful. I have as much of it in all the stops.
Suddenly Oksanka lit some idea. She darted to the closet and pulled out a bunch of rags. Soon I was dressed up in red stockings, red Oksaniny shoes with high heels and in a transparent robe, through which it was perfectly clear. It turned out that this dress is not covered my body, but rather even exhibited his show. After that, she gathered my hair in two pigtails on the sides, saying that because I'm still looks more like an innocent and seductive at the same time the girl.
During these preparations took about half an hour later the doorbell rang. I shuddered, cringed and hunted looked at Oksana.
- No! - I whispered - Do not open, I'm afraid!
- Here's another! Now you vyebut in every hole, and I'll look at it - and went to open.
I covered his head with a blanket and with trembling waited for me to fuck a grown man, not my age. Both steps ... enter the room. Male voice:
- Well, where's your sweet girl?
- It is no longer mine, but yours ... On this evening. Now we have it izvlech¸m. And you undress now.
clothes rustling, scuffling, and then they went somewhere, probably in the shower. Here again are. They came up to me and then abruptly tore off my blanket. Near Oksana was completely naked man with a rearing member. A member was much more than that of boys.
- Here it is, look! The best juvenile slut named Tanya toy. It performs any whim, but lost her virginity just a week ago, on this very spot. Before that summer she always gave herself in the ass on the line four boys, they sucked, swallowed semen, and even allowed them to urinate on himself. And she loves to obey.
From this introduction, I became all crimson with shame and familiar searing pleasure. I think I even blushed chest. A Oksanka commanded me in the same way as it has recently done guys. I moved apart and lifted up her legs in front of them, twisted their nipples masturbating ... Finally Gregory (that was his name) broke down and kissed me on the lips. His hands roamed over my breasts, abdomen, pubis. Oksana put my hand on his dick, and I began gently stroking it. Then he leaned back and forcefully pulled my head to his protruding member, so that the head slapped me on the lips.
- Take it in your mouth, girl!
First I licked his cock and gently sniffed it. The scent was subtle, almost like boys, only more clearly smelled ... male ... now I understand it. I took it into his mouth and showed all that they have learned with the boys. Gregory looked at me and enjoyed. Then he grabbed me with both hands, both tail and began rhythmically stick my head on the penis. It excited him even more, and he continued the same, dragging me back and forth behind the ears. He had already learned that with me you can do anything.
- Now saddle me! - And he pulled my head through a transparent cloak.
I sat astride it and gently lifted her wet pussy with excitement to his huge protruding stick. Another moment - and here I go down, feeling as widely apart the walls of my vagina young. Yes, this is not something that the boys, is the amount of ... Is it in the ass and I will have today? .. A little bit painful, but it's nice! Little effort - and now it's all in me. I stopped getting used to new sensations. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled up ... and down again ... I moaned loudly and Oksana smiled:
- Well, do you like that, little whore? I told you.
Grisha, meanwhile, moved in me the entire length of the member, I moaned incessantly, my head hanging limply beginning, I felt the approach of orgasm. But the whole buzz broke nasty Oksana:
-Wait, do not let her finish! Come out of it. Now let's ass. You should try all of her holes.
I, despite my protests, turned on his back, with his legs up, and now a thick dick crawls into my narrow ass. Yeah, well, that his smeared ... So, in my head ... Then he jerked forward, and I screamed in pain:
- Whoa, slow down! Let me get used to.
Gregory stopped, Oksana began to rub my clit, it was so nice that I soon pulled herself to her Grisha. For his balls and belly touched me. A pause, and then he fuck me in the ass, a fourteen-year schoolgirl, and I squeals from the buzz. Yes, now I am a real whore and I love it! I damn, I love it when I fuck and love it when look at it! I screamed it out loud, and Oksanka masturbate my clitoris.
When I was ready to come, Oksana grabbed my nipple with his lips, Grisha grabbed second, and then I already arc arched all, then grabbed their legs and arms, and almost fainted from surging orgasm. Immediately right in my ass cumshot Grisha struggling squeezing my hands.
...Home Grisha took me in his car and finally forced again to suck him.
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Also we had the boys want to mention horny could only of their kind! My friend's room was next to the room of the boys and I decided to move in with her! Counselor my friend Vitalik, brought us beer room and champagne, vodka and fruit, in order to celebrate the arrival! we started to play strip poker! Here it all started, I began to drive, I took off a jacket! I've got the courage, I started! and started to undress for the losses of his girlfriend! Left in underwear, we started dirty and otvyaznyh tantsevat.V this point, my friend offered to fuck and it took some ugly and trouble-free in the bedroom, as she was in love with him, I refused for a long time, but then the boys put me on the sofa, in a state of extreme intoxication! we removed the underwear and knelt began to beg, I could not refuse! and Vadim, Sergei and Roma began to have fun! I was approached by Sergei, spread her legs to me, took off his pants and abruptly entered into me, I groaned in shock, and then he took it, and repeated the same thing, at the I felt dizzy! and he began to increase the tempo with each tap on my frail body, I screamed! The boys are not left standing around, Roma stuck dick in my mouth, took her neck and began to stick my head in a 26 cm. member, in ecstasy I swallowed it completely! After a few minutes, and I Sergei and Roma finished at the same time! Came Vadik and said leave it to me, his strength, I was a little afraid because it is easy to wear my school in one hand! I have no strength left, he lifted me and put in the position of cancer in the corner of the sofa, smeared anus and began to enter his penis was 25 centimeters, I was not even hurt! Although its diameter is not even placed in my hand, and the boys sitting on the floor looking at us and continued drochit.Vadik said that he had to fuck me 50 minutes and will be zderzhivatsya to the last! I was frightened, but the fright was the first orgasm, it tore me as a last whore, the cries stop he only stepped up the pace, I had finished every 5-6 minutes! and he finally finished! The guys sitting on the floor without losing the time, came up to me, one leg on the floor and stuck me in the ass and the other sat on top and shoved in the pussy, Roma was on top and licking my breasts, saying that no laundry is more and beautiful! I had finished and ends Sergei finished me in the ass and Roma on the chest, I rested sedated 20 minutes gone in the shower! There came to me Vadik, I looked at him like a slave, and said, do not have to please, he only grinned, washed with my foam, wrapped in a towel and carried her into the bedroom and said that I had, and I will do the hours that he wants to! that night, we tried all of the Kama Sutra, and then began dating, and later he said that the boys wanted to repeat, but simply I beat them!

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Vote, and then ...

Peter slept a little before duty, and to nine in the evening came to school, where he was site. Chairman of the commission gave him instructions, in twenty-two nol- zero all gone home, at school, and there were only guards on duty. Attendants were four according to the number of polling stations that were in the school. Peter sat down to solve crossword puzzles, to him, someone knocked on the door, it opened. In the doorway stood a young woman, bolshegrudaya and broad-hipped, in a tracksuit.
-Hello! My name is Sonya. I was on duty at a nearby site.
-Good morning! My name is Peter. How can I help?
-Help me, please, hang the poster.
They went to a nearby station, Sonia took a poster in his hands and stood up on a chair, and Peter supported her, as she had to stretch on tiptoe. Hands of a man in the performance of support were below the waist line, to lush hips. Hanging poster Sonya turned to the man and jumped to the floor, she staggered, and Peter cupped her hands behind your buttocks. She clung to him so that the man could feel the heat of her large but tightly knit body. Sonia put her hand between his legs, his friend tensed and began to climb. Peter kissed her and put his hand to the triangle drawn up belly and hips ladies. The woman squirmed in his hand and said:
-Evening ceases to be weary. The night promises us love joy.
-I do not know about the joys, but I already want to please you. Myself, however, too.
At that time, the hall includes two more: a man and a woman. The newcomer turned to his companion:
-Well, here for the love of the game begin! And you give me access to the body do not give.
-Not so fast, my dear.
It turned out that this duty the rest in other areas: Cooking and Pasha, and Varya and Sonia were friends for a long time, almost friends. Pete wanted to reach the delights of Sony, he was already anticipating how tasty it will have its strong body, so he took the initiative and decided to hasten the event.
-Let's acquaintance for a little bit. I have champagne, vodka, snack, candy and fruit to eat, to fill the reserves tomorrow.
They drank champagne, ate, the men began to lovingly oglazhivaet breast and thigh of his friends, kissing them on the lips. Women pretended to resist such a rapid succession of events. Pasha ran to his land and brought two mattresses, all undressed. Varya asked Pasha to lie on his back and straddled him. Her breasts were shaking when she went round a man. Pasha caressed her nipples and squeezed the thigh. Sonia lay on his back, bent her knees and spread her full thighs, Peter nestled between them. He caressed her big, hot breast, her swollen flower dripped with moisture. They changed their position and went sideways, the man grabbed the woman from behind and re-entered it. The second pair also settled in another way: Varia lay on her back and threw his legs over his shoulders Pasha, who attacked her with his spear, trying to get to the very depths. Peter and Sonya "sailed" and went to the table to eat. Peter looked at the continuing fighting in the ecstasy of new friends and urged them:
-Uh, sensualist! No more sex, ask to the table.
"Sensualist" too soon finished, they sat at a table and talked. The conversation gradually turned to politics, it became clear that the Pasha like the election left, Peter - right, and the two women - centrists (Party "Edrena Grandma, Great Russia", abbreviated EbVro, abbreviation pumped up!). Pasha and Peter began to argue who is better and who will win them the discussion threatened to turn into a scuffle.
-# # Uy you in GTC! For the left - all the young people! For us - the future!
-E # any in your mouth! But for us - the past! Without the past there is no present!
Women were much more peaceful.
-The boys! Stop arguing. Both of you are not quite right. Firstly, without this there is no future. Secondly, it is necessary to remember the past, but think about the future. And one must live by this. Third, we will give you, wherever you want, just do not have to fight. The main thing - voice of the heart!
-Aha! Vote liver! Vote x ..! Vote Well ..!
Rivals laid on mattresses, Varya and Sonia took their instruments into their graceful mouths and began to lick and suck. Sonia was more skilful in the affairs of oral, her tongue scurried from the base to the tip of the wand Petit, she sucked his "lollipop" with selflessness. Petin unit strengthened again and was ready for use. However, Varya, helping himself with his hands, stimulating tool Pasha with his fingers and sucking the tip, briefly let Sonya forward. Soon Pashin friend sticking.
-Anal want, boys?
-And you washed # ops?
-Not only cleaned, but well developed. We Varya often indulge in toys from a sex shop.
-Pervert! Arise crustaceans, tsentristki!
Sharing having sex again rallied men.
-Look, Pasha! And this is our EbVRo!
-Yes, we have them in the tail and mane.
-Rather, in the mouth and PP #, it would be necessary to call them EbVRoiVZho!
Women stood in a posture of submission, their heads buried in the mattress, ass began to point upwards, sprockets anus open.
-Singing, see what developed our tsentristok ass!
-Of course, when you give, and the left and right, will rastrahana # opa!
Excited units easily entered the invitingly open holes. As a back proved to be much narrower than the limbers, genital friction was great, all excited faster than traditional intercourse, and finished faster. Excited sex struggle, all the long rest, and then drank tea with sweets. When the "lollipops" Pasha and Petit were again ready for battle, they invented a new game: the women took in the mouth and ass on both sides. The first was Sonia, the second - Varia. All this is still accompanied by jokes that the left and right - in themselves, and centrists, trying to appease the community, give everyone, everywhere and at all places.
Everything comes to an end, it was morning, the attendants went home to sleep off, to come back in the evening to count the vote. By the way, in all four areas, and across the country overwhelmingly won EbVRo. What would it mean, what do you think? I think so: the voice-do not vote, you still get x ..!
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Fun aristocrats

Pretty tall for her slender figure-skinned, slim, as Chinese ivory statuette. Platinum curls neatly stacked, thin-lipped mouth circled beautiful bright red lipstick. Facial skin is whitened in the fashion to morbid pallor. Deep shadows under the eyes, as black as the night Persian. Add to this exquisite evening dress and black velvet languid grace with which she held herself, and you will understand why I continued the whole evening could not take his eyes off her.
Earl W-s noticed my condition and whispered in my ear:
- Good thing, is not it?
- Oh, Goddess! - I said admiringly.
- Well, the way will have a surprise, which I have prepared.
He winked at me conspiratorially, leaving dwell in a loss to the very same time when the guests began to disperse.
Say goodbye to the wife of the owner of Brick; ordered to submit coach Earl Chamberlain; Kurakin bowed with his wife. In the living room, where there was evening, we were only a W-tion, three brothers-tion P - constant participants of all w-ing adventures, and the charming Miss Stacy.
- Let's move into the small living room, there will be more convenient to continue the conversation, - he has offered the count, smiling the oil, and we all followed him.
I gave his hand to Miss Muller, and with difficulty kept trembling when he felt the touch of her delicate fingers, and from her grateful glance, I almost melted. I think I was ready to give all the millions of his uncle, and in addition all the co-cal millions, if they were my own, for an evening spent alone with the woman.
Meanwhile, W-s planned some mischief, judging by the decoration of the room in which we were, is more reminiscent of a boudoir. I began dimly guess what was going to happen, but when Miss Stacy sat on the sofa and surveyed the breathtaking view of the men present, I still could not imagine it possible that to happen a minute later.
A minute later Earl undid his trousers, and the rest followed suit. I only hesitated, fascinated watching as Stacey removes clothes. It remained only patent-leather shoes and black fishnet stockings, stretched to mid-thigh. And many rings and bracelets that she had not bothered to remove.
Her body was perfect. That's because the thing - nature created humans as similar to each other, and every woman has and thighs, and breasts, and ripe, like berries, breasts, and cushion the pubis, and, nevertheless, I could not even compare the body of Stacy from the body of any other woman. It was perfect and incredibly seductive.
In particular I was struck by the same platinum, her curls, the triangle under the belly, white on the eye-catching, almost no plaster skin color, but their silvery sheen. Also shining silver chains connecting ring vdet nipples and a tiny bell on the navel. Admiring Miss Muller, and I did not notice that my penis has acquired the hardness of the famous jasper roots, sung in Chinese amorous treatises.
Earl put on a beautiful black leather neck collar and first offered her his penis. It was followed by the others. When my turn came, pretty face was heavily splattered with sperm - three brothers P-tion turns cum on face Stacy. Her thin lips wrapped around my penis as a rubber ring and slid up and down, making me dissolve in pleasure. Truly, she was playing on my body as the organ!
When he finished, I could barely stay on his feet - the feeling was comparable to a knockout in boxing, and below the belt, I just ceased to exist. I saw that Stacy's mouth filled with sperm; she carefully poured it into his palm and then, languidly staring at me, rubbed white liquid on the chiseled chest and elastic stomach. I sat down in the nearest chair, coming to himself after the most crazy blowjob in my life. But that was only the beginning.
The boudoir was a small, but fairly high table. On his W-placed face down in Stacy, and before the eyes of those present opened a magnificent picture: the long slim legs in black stockings, white as nut kernel, buttocks and slim pink slit in the middle. I saw that she, too, is framed by rings; one was vdet in the clitoris, and another - in the anus.
Count parted juicy upper lip and squeezed into a pink depth of its powerful member, while one of the brothers went around the table with the other hand and asked Stacy to take into the mouth of his instrument. But enough of the table soon ceased to satisfy the count, and he made Stacy kneel, tied her hands behind her back, so that the brushes were pressed against the blades, and pulled them to the collar, and when Stacy dropped, priniknuv chest to the floor - the pelvis it remained elevated . Our gaze presents two equally tempting holes, inviting, like a siren song.
Count tempted by the top hole and densely brushing member vazilinom, loomed over Stacey. Do not kneeling, and standing on bent legs, he put his hands on her buttocks and parted them greatly and brought penis in her anus, pierced beauty from top to bottom.
I could not understand how such a thick member can enter in the ass, without causing severe pain, but Stacy did not show any signs of discontent, on the contrary, in her half-closed eyes and voluptuous breath could assume that she likes it. W-s wielding member of an ever-increasing energy and finished incredibly rapidly, drove his horn on full depth - it seemed to me that the stomach Stacy swollen from this attack - and shocking convulsions spout into the bloody sperm abyss - finished it ten seconds, not less.
Pulling cock and catching his breath, he offered to try the others. Brothers P-us energetically and spore got down to business, filling the stomach with Miss Muller zeal to break the fast after a long fasting monks. Their tumultuous offerings sperm flowed over the edge of fragrant vessel - when I started tempting ass, a trickle of semen ran along the slits, dripping on the floor.
Count offered me to change position. Now we put two stools, which are placed Stacy knees, spreading her thighs as possible to stretch the ligaments - Miss Mueller was a former gymnast. Taz turned her suspended in the air, the stomach with a bell in the navel is horizontal to the ground, and to ensure that it does not fall forward, it ought to hold back her hair.
One hand I ran into her hair, the other holding her under the chest. Member introduced into the vagina, leaving the anus for "Negro" - a hefty artificial penis made of black rubber, inserted for the sake of fun W-tion. Prankish W-s put on my penis at the base of some strap with a hook, which he then fastened to a ring in vdet clit Stacey. Now, when I fed back, it significantly delayed the ring of flesh girl.
After all these tricks, I finally started the movement, at first smooth, then more and more rapid. Perhaps in my life have I felt more ecstatic than the excitement of being inside this woman. Feeling that I finish, I gained pelvis quite passionately, is no longer commensurate strength and depth of their attacks, and flexed the hand, which was holding Stacy by the hair, pulling her neck almost to her face - she thus strongly bent back - and second hand grabbed the chain connecting her nipples and pulled down. Through squelch member, who was walking in the vagina like a piston in a cylinder automobile engine, I heard the moans of a girl posing and pain and passion that she felt.
In the mirror that hung on the wall, I saw us with Stacy - her slack belly with jingle bells, billowing from frequent ribs breath, pale face, on which ran alternately grimace of pleasure and pain - all of it covered with beads of sweat white and subtle body crucified on my background muscular and hairy figure. When I reached the final, my hoarse roar merged with its lingering ringing cry.
Stacey was moved to the sofa and untied his hands. After a short rest, we again began to love games, and all six have participated in the final position. One of the brothers went back to the couch, it fell back as Stacy, taking his penis into the anus. She lay on top of the W-s, the second brother has put its roots into her mouth, and we got up to the third brother on either side of the girl, her thin Palchikov entrusting our scrotum.
But this arrangement did not satisfy me - barely W-s finished, I pulled to the side of the graph, to take his place. I did not just want to fuck this loving bitch, I wanted to feel her whole body, to feel a member of her vagina, stomach to her belly, breasts her breasts with sharp nipples, lips, her salty semen lips and find the language of her tongue while our bodies gradually merge into one, in a single living creature that lives only passion!
When it was over, and we started to dress up - slowly, slowly, as the razomlevshie after a good bath - Stacy farted loudly and then it laughed. Her melodious laughter drowned in the rumbling laughter of others men.
- Well, what was I saying? - He told me W-s, when we said goodbye by my coach. - Piece - the first grade. Come eighteenth number - I'll have another berry of the same field.
I promised to be indispensable.
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A computer

We started to try everything they had seen. Each time we tried increasingly depraved things. One of the first is that we tried anal sex. At first I was not happy, or rather I did not like, but we had read that the pleasure you start to not once, but twice, after 10-15, the husband convinced me to pursue it. I do not know after how many times but once I caught myself thinking that I want to fuck me in the ass. Andrew was the name of my husband, I knew that I was very excited pictures with group sex. And if you want me to knock out something, then we saw them. He constantly urged me to try that be new, I basically did not mind because for a long time did not have to persuade me. Andrew liked one picture, the girl had pierced nipples and lips Clete. He said I would not want too and I pierced he gave me a small chain that hung on my Clete. To be honest I even loved it, it brought me a lot of pleasure. Especially when walking. Andrew liked when I was paying attention to the other men, he was engaged in my wardrobe by buying short skirts, beacons and sexy evening dresses with high slits. He often asked me not to wear underwear. And sometimes I had not put on her panties and leave them in a prominent place so that he knows that I am without them.
One evening, I do not remember because of what Andrew but to something find fault and said jokingly that I should be flogged. And I take it and say, risers. He pulled the belt from his pants and told me to lie on the bed. I do not know why but I'm excited and I went. I noticed that Andrew is also very excited. He said that will cause me 15 hits and me until he finishes did not get up. You will not believe but I had finished when he smacked me, although it was painful. Of course, he did not hit her very much, I think so. When he finished, he asked me to caress his mouth, and when I took it in his mouth he had finished. He said I would agree that he smacked me, I'm a hundred objections but he offered on that I could not refuse. He said that if I would agree that he would not mind if I want him to change, but with the condition that I would tell him everything as it was. From his words, I almost did not finish. Before my husband nor I who did not have so I certainly fantasized as it can be with another man. And I agreed. He began to flog me a belt almost every day, gradually increasing the number of strokes. Not to say that I loved it but to be honest I sometimes also lead to impotence, because it is not just me flogged and punished for that be. The only thing that I asked him to tie me because I suffer so voluntarily and not to stand was beyond my strength. And I still did not work try another man.
One day my husband and I went to a restaurant on the occasion of the holiday. I specially dressed very sexy in hopes of attracting attention to himself. And I caught it. Ate honest I was even frightened, as attracted the attention of not one but five, they noted stag. I was invited to dance alone, he introduced Nicholas. I do not know who they are working but they were high and inflated. When we danced Nikolai asked not mind if my husband that I dance with him, which I lied that it was not her husband and colleague invited for dinner. When the others heard it began to order the slow dances and inviting. They began to hint at the fact that I do not want to continue the evening with them, and the dance just groped me, seeing that I did not resist the almost undressed. Between the dances, I asked my husband if he do not mind. He said that if I like it not. Emboldened Vadim culprit hen asked that I gave him my panties. Explaining that this is his last bat. I broke down first, and then I thought, why not. And he went away to the edge of the area and asked me to take them off cover. Vadim was delighted and said that he would pay me three hundred leopards if I agreed to spend the night with them. And he wrote the address on a napkin before leaving. I do not what is not said, but decided that I would go and come to the table told my husband that I want him to change. He is certainly not very pleasant but there is an arrangement agreement.
I handed him a napkin and told him to take me there. I noticed that her husband was very excited by the fact that I would soon be fucking five men. Arriving on the written address, I said that he was waiting for me and drove home. Although I knew that it is not where you do not go away and wait for me. To be honest I was so ashamed that I am here as the prostitute go to five hungry peasants, but I was even more plants. I'm So let juices between the legs that before they call I had to wipe this cloth so as not to run down the legs. It was only then that I remembered the chain and rings in my private parts. But I decided that come what may. And I called. When the door opened, Vadim, who was the owner of the apartment, already cheered with joy. And inviting, immediately put his hand under her dress, knowing that there is nothing there. At that moment I felt like a whore, and I was very excited. Vladimir asked me to undress here to make a surprise to the guys. Or specifically that I change my mind. I tried to refuse but he said it will add another hundred if I do. I said that I was not here, he will not give out money. In the end, I agreed. He was so pleased with my rings and especially the chain. But the room was waiting for me a surprise, the guys were not there five and eleven. I was so scared and I was very ashamed.
What I like so naked men standing in front of a crowd. Vladimir introduced me not forget to say Please love and favor. My mind flashed that is very appropriate insert. But the guys are not strange cultural offered to sit down and have a drink, they literally ate my eyes. By making me compliments about my chest and my jewelry in my organs. Once I drank a couple of glasses, and even said a toast to the hero for the day Vadim took me by the hand led him into another room, but the guys objected saying that leads away such a beautiful girl and moved all the plates and glasses on the other side of the table, making it clear that he took me here. And they brought me to the table, sat on the edge of the table and pulled out his unit, otherwise it can not be called as a stick of sausage. I asked him to put on a condom. At that he said that I could not pull it. And pododvinuv my ass on the edge, and put a single movement pushed it into me. Such occupancy I have not felt it was a feeling that I have it somewhere deep inside. And when he began to fuck me, then I wrenched my pussy literally inside out. Others smiled and gave various tips on how to fuck me. I leaned on his elbows did not neglect to take advantage of others. I squeezed his chest and pulled the rings. And Nikolai supported by the first acquaintance with me put me back on the table and put his penis in my mouth.
And gently straightened my hair took me by the head threw her over the edge. It turned out that I could take on both sides. He introduced his penis in my mouth and move it there moved it further into the throat. I became ill, I was suffocating gag reflex but Nicholas was all smooth and then shoved his cock down my throat. Truth after some time, though it was hard because I could have adapted the throat and mouth were on the same line. I was not paying attention to the other I was just not up to it. For the chain is constantly someone pulled. From the realization that I fuck like the last whore on the table shook me such a strong orgasm that I have for a while disabled. The first finished Vadim and pressed finished with me. Coming from me, he wiped the sperm tissue arising from me and loudly said, who's next. And his place immediately took the other. The boys changed places constantly fucked me two I got lost in the accounts and who do not care about how to take out his penis out of me. I do not know how much I swallowed semen. Cum dripping from my ass and dripping on the floor. In my self for a while it led what mene put a pillow under her ass and began to fuck in the ass and it all started again all wanted to fuck me and there I was saved only that in me constantly and finishing with a lubricant had no problems. Who of the guys came up so as not to hold my feet to tie each to a ring on the nipple. It did not last long though because I could no longer keep itself legs and rings can simply tear the nipple. The clitoris has suffered because of him constantly pulled. I do not know how long it lasted but I begged for mercy. Mene helped to stand up and Vadim took me into the bathroom and take a shower helped. I asked him to bring me a dress. Because I was still on his feet flowed sperm. And I have it from time to time wiped.
When I came out of the bath almost all already left Troy remained apart from Vadim. I said that I would go but I was persuaded to turn gray with them and drink. They thanked me for the cool sex and Vadim gave me 500 bucks.
Overseeding closer to Me Vadim asked to make his last gift, and let him take me in the ass. I imagine that this monster would fuck me in the ass and so overworked refused to lend him to transfer it to another time. And he left his phone. When I got Andrew and I thought was waiting for me at the bottom. Once in the car, I kissed him and asked that be that would wipe their feet put under themselves. Andrei course immediately began to ask me that as a yes but I asked for mercy and tell all later, the only thing that I said that there were 11 people.
After that night I started to call the participants and they are not alone and offering good money call to spend the night with them. Some suggestions I rejected and some agreed.
Now not a day goes by that I do not who may be called. That's how I became an expensive whore.
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Once it had to happen

My favorite was lying next to snoring and sweet, clinging to me. I had to make a little effort to break free from his grasp and do what do many of us, a good night's sleep in a caressing morning - a sweet stretch, so that the bones crunched. Then, I, of course, the boy kissed her sweet, hinting that it was time to wake up already. The arrows on the clock did show 12 days, and once again convinced of his insight and accuracy of the biological clock. My head has matured a little plan, but its implementation had to shake his CIMS, because it is so heavy to lift. And all that I wanted to - to visit water park, swim in the pool, relax in the whirlpool and enjoy the heat of the sauna - in my opinion a good plan for the weekend. But at that moment, I even could not imagine that will result in the usual trip to the swimming pool.
- Kisulya, wake up. It's already noon! I'll make breakfast, and you're okay for now ... although, you can even take a nap while I take a shower. In response came the muffled mutter, but I did not get used to ... he's so sleepy ...!
I never could afford to refuse the pleasure to take a shower, and indeed in any pleasures. In a split second my panties and T-shirt were thrown off and one leg, I entered the bath. Small streams have enveloped my body cool and pleasant chill ran from the top to the tips of the toes. I love my body, its velvety skin, long black silky hair, whose tips touch my elastic ass, half of which look like big juicy peach, I love your round tummy and of course his chest (as well as kitty mad about her, he even fetish for women's breasts), a circular shape, as 2 bullseye with papillae, which is sensitive to react to the slightest change in temperature. My hand started to move from the neck, moving to his chest and stopping on the nipple resembling a bead under the fingers, crowning a round body, which wants to squeeze the touch. Follow streams of water flowing down my body, and I repeat all smooth curves, my hand was over her waist and hips turned on, round and tight, and the fingers are already stretched to the coveted little town between the NOC, to my crack, clean-shaven, without a single hair. Slightly parted lips, I found the clitoris with your finger and gently massaged it. Something inside immediately responded and pleasant warmth in the head immediately flew crazy thoughts and fantasies, but I decided to leave it for later. Quickly having washed, I was wrapped in a soft towel and went to wake up loved by all the rules of the day in the morning. During the 2.5 years I have learned well what kind of awakening, and he prefers not to delay this matter indefinitely disappeared under a blanket, but ... I'm not very surprised when I buried him in the chin piece. A member of my boy was already morning, was resilient and hot, languishing with desire and longing in my warm mouth, on the lips and tongue, his eggs were like iron, full of sperm. From the feeling of it all, I more wanted to make it nice. But first, it would not hurt a little tease him ... his tongue, I started to drive across the length of the trunk up and down, pausing on the bridle, and giving her more attention. I sucked it with his plump cups and tickle the tongue, and my eyes at that time watching the expression on the face of my victim ... yes, it is the victim, because all of his feelings and desires were in my hands, or rather the lips ... . innocent blissful smile already enters standby expression even more fun, I saw how he can not wait and wait for decisive action from him, I wanted him to like that expressed his desire, and he certainly did not wait. Opened his eyes, he took me by the hair and pushed slightly closer to the head, I just wanted a little to resist, but he was imperious expression on his face, and with the power to move just strung my mouth on his penis, so that he buried in my throat. But that gave me so much pleasure. I felt like a wet between my legs and his cock was purple in front of me ... I wanted to suck and suck, I wanted so much to my favorite finished, by this desire and the heat inside, I began to moan in time with a loved one, swallowing dick deeper, so my lips touched his pubes ... faster and faster my lips slid along the entire length of his penis sucking it as a candy. Then he took it out of my mouth almost completely, leaving only the head of my order, I tickled the tongue in anticipation of a tasty treat. My boy was looking down at me and jerked his piece that touches my lips, I myself was ready to finish at the time of this species. The jet of sperm shot in my face, even jet I reflexively closed her eyes, greedily grabbing these drops of spicy taste, licking of the tongue, so that no droplets remain. My sweet boy collapsed exhausted, I lay down next to it pressed. He loves it. Followed by a grateful kiss, it was one of the moments of happiness, for which probably worth living.
We have a little soak in bed stoned happened and start collecting in a pool. Appetizing breakfast we went to the car and here we are on the road and suburban highway is led us to the wonderful sound output .. "Our radio", the wind playing with my hair. The whole day at our disposal and in front of so many interesting things. Our pleasant thoughts were interrupted by a cell call, it was what that good old friend of my boy, with whom they had worked together then. After exchanging greetings phrases, cute told where we were going and asked to join if it has no plans. Apparently they have not seen for a long time and they have something to chew the fat.
-It called Ruslan, my very good friend. Just as it was not the time to introduce you to him. Darling, you do not mind if he would go with us? We have not seen him God knows how much longer.
-As you wish, dear, for you to decide. Do women have the freedom of speech? (Playfully smiling)
-Of course there is ... You're clever and very well know all
-I know
-And shy pododeyalnaya
-That's right .. I ...
Thus, the output was a plan to change and we became a little more, but it did not spoil the holiday, because all friends my favorite pretty interesting and tactful people. Half an hour later I was already being relaxed in the jacuzzi and lively and stubborn bubbles tickled my skin, and I smiled to himself with his eyes closed, in that moment when I heard the sound of approaching voices.
-Meet this Karina is Ruslan, we had worked together.
-Very nice, Karina, had heard about you, how about that girl, who finally managed to captivate my friend prohindeev long and seriously ...

His eyes flashed as if the interest, but I immediately dismissed the idea absurd, unable to stop her.
-Mutually, is pleased that the composition of the company to us. ...

No. I still did not appear. His gaze lingered on my face, and then quietly and quickly slid down, lingering on the chest and at the place where the hips are closed. I was embarrassed, and he seemed to be apologizing for their instinctive movements looked into my eyes and smiled a little guiltily.
-In general you here to hang out and go to the sauna to warm up.

I quickly got out of the Jacuzzi, whose design was such that it was necessary to make some obscene poses in the sight of men. Wearing a robe, I went to the sauna on the road making a stop at the bar for a couple of sips of alcohol cocktails with lots of flavors which is a tropical fruit. I still felt uncomfortable from the look of Ruslan. What he allows himself in the end? It was impossible not to notice his interest. While at the same time I had to admit to myself that I found it quite attractive, with an elastic ass, and the kind of attention I was flattered. The sauna was not very hot, and you can safely bask in the pleasure. And while the guys talked about something and drinking beer, laughing merrily. I was curious and did not have enough of, so I directed his steps towards them.
-And we just talked about you, dear.
-Yes, I just said Timur, he was lucky with a girl.

And this view again. "Timur Do not see it?" I asked myself. Yes of course he sees, and the idea is it was not like he was not even the eyebrow does not lead to such behavior Ruslan. On the contrary, his face was blooming smile, and his eyes stood a good mood and flashed a strange light ... I answered the compliment properly and tried to participate in the conversation. But the guys were talking about what else, remembering violent youth, calling me names unknown. Occasionally Ruslan threw me frankly undressing views, but seeing that I see it, immediately averted his eyes quite beautiful. Supporting their company with their presence, and a jar of beer, I decided that it was time to plunge into the cool of the pool.
Going up to him and passing the hot tub, I noticed that the last visitors leave the water park and in addition we have no one left. Finishing second round swimming I found myself on the fact that I think about these views Ruslan and that something echoed these views in me.
A few minutes later I got out of the pool. Water flowed over my skin, my mouth watering repeating pattern of bumps and hollows inviting. The air was pretty cool, and I was shivering a little, I could only save the sauna, where I went. I only had time to sit back and lie down on his stomach as the door opened and entered Ruslan. He seemed to know that I will see me there.
-Greesh? I'm not disturbing you?
-No problem, add. Here everyone plenty of space.
-Wow, I'm glad that I can be with you next.
The phrase sounded rather ambiguous, his previous outspoken views still had an ulterior motive. On one side of me is a little shocking, but on the other - like ... how it sounded fascinating. There was a feeling that all this is not really. It was clear that Ruslan little tipsy, a conversation with my dear, they had a decent amount of empty beer bottles, and my tropical cocktail made itself felt.
-And why do you want to stay next to me?
-I find you very sexy.
-Yes .. at first sight.
-It's crazy, just like in the movies ...
-I am not kidding.
He moved toward me and his hand slid up my leg, rising above my ass.
-Look, you're letting yourself?
I just said it like that .. but .. without malice but simply asking the question .. and she could not believe that this little protivlyus. I was suddenly gripped such languor, his wet lips drew my eye and I could feel his warm breath on my body.
"I want you" - Ruslan whispered. And I felt a hot kiss on his lips. And I said to him, because my body at that time refused to listen to the mind of reason, say not that cute can catch us. At that moment I heard the creak of the door and immediately returned to reality, tried to pull away. "The door someone there, someone who does not want to be seen," flashed through my head, "Is it my favorite?" Thoughts like that rapidly began to interfere with each other and contradict. "He's standing there?"
-Do not worry, he knows he wants it .. ...
I looked at the door, then at the man who kisses my neck and caressing my thighs .. I sat back, my hair flowed over her shoulders. Presented as a boy is now standing behind the door and sees another man caresses me and this cute I wanted more. My body was covered at the same time gentle touches and glances of desire from behind the door. I was so wound up, our breathing becomes more and more deeply, and all the desire grew. I noticed how the melting Ruslan almost burst his cock was a decent size.
And at that moment the door opened and entered my favorite, he looked at me, and the desire to stand in his eyes. I could see it clearly. Without stopping, he approached me and began eagerly to kiss my lips, at the same time untying the strings of my bathing suit, and at this time Ruslan kissed my shoulders and neck from behind. Swimsuit slipped and bared my breasts, nipples were swollen and hard with excitement, but the boy did not touch him, and turned me around to face Ruslan, so I came across a sight Ruslana, he looked at my chest with lust, and then began a pleasure compress it and tickle the nipple tip of the tongue. I burned all about desire and feel how wet between my legs. I sat leaning against the wall, and the two men wanting me caressing my beautiful body 4 hands and 2 tab ... My favorite did not make me wait any longer and went down kissing my lower abdomen, and then started to drive the tip of the tongue on the inside of the thighs, I so it teased. Here is my second seducer of his voice ... "Can I try it first?". Favorite hugged me from behind and began to paw my chest, Ruslan began to lick my pussy, but so softly that I began to moan with pleasure as he played a language with my clitoris and licking swollen with excitement sponge, I moaned louder and my face flushed fun, but my favorite was kissing my face and neck, not for a moment forget about the chest. Then he lifted my ass and fell in behind, while Ruslan switched on my chest, a member smoothly slid into the hot crack. Behind me was part of a member of my beloved, and my breasts squeezed and squeezed with passion and I saw second term who also wanted to be in me. I reached for his hand and lightly poddrachivala. My sweet squeezed my ass and planted his piece is deeper then stretched savoring the pleasure, then he interrupted the process ...

-How do you like my girl, Rus? Like? You want to take my place?
-Yes, I have just this and wait
And I have no one asked. My boy just imperiously disposed me. Lend me your hot cock wet from my juices and I gladly began to suck him, remembering this morning, when I did not even suspect that waiting ahead. My hole is beginning to cool down, but then I felt a hand the couple began oglazhivaet my ass and back, and then I felt like a second term, more than the first one is going to enter into me. My kitty pulled his dick out of my mouths and began to look at what is happening, his fingers fiddling with my nipples. Ruslan eagerly threw his leather flute so deeply, that I cried. He just started to fuck me holding the hips., And my favorite shut my mouth with kisses, caressing his chest and watched as a member of Ruslana in and out of my pussy. I moaned louder, moving to cry. Here is my "owner" put his penis in my mouth and both seducer started to beat me, to have what is called "two bow", and I really felt like a violin sound responds to every movement of bows. I have already got off to run their orgasms, but this is already not important. We are 3 voices moaned and screamed and 2 members were part of me deeper and faster. My favorite came to the finish line first. He took out his penis and began to go down on my face, and now arrived, and the second character. Ruslan with squeezed my ass and stopped emitting a strong jet of sperm, which have become I still have one orgasm. Tired, we collapsed on the shelves ... I thanked the guys for the pleasure they brought me. The children, in turn, admitted that he had never experienced anything like it.

Could I guess in the sunny morning what a surprise can give us life in this day and what else fintel throw our sometimes impetuous and so fleeting passion and desire of our bodies, when the mind loses control over everything and lustful desires rise to the fore in minutes sometimes last hours, but no more. This caprice, which sometimes need to satisfy, as a curiosity, that quickly passes, leaving a barely noticeable mark, but only in memory, making our love only stronger.
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Burenka (part 1)

The next day I was a bit late to class and place next to Oksana took one aunt from our group. I'm not too upset, because they understand that the lectures themselves had not done much, and sat back .. And at the break, and after Oksanka fulfills all with interest. Oksanka as yesterday was wearing the same skirt and sweater. On his feet were the same short-cut boots. I sat back and impatiently fidgeting like a wound. And at the same time presenting fantasized that under her skirt and sweater.

And suddenly came from Oksanka sms:

"You're my skirt behind her eyes prozhgesh!"

"Oh, so I decided to pin Infection Right now I get?!?!" - I thought gleefully.

Oksanka very impressionable and make it not that difficult, even with the use of SMS. So I decided to give her a session of virtual sex chat at the lecture.

"What we have today under the skirt?" - Asked an innocent question I have.

"Belenky panties and stockings" -posledoval answer.

"How's your ass after yesterday? Do not hurt?"

"There are few, but bearable, you do it yesterday paid a lot of attention. Especially after class. And my ass is not accustomed to your size."

"What you have is a sissy! Man you often takes in the ass?"

"No. Never! I told him at the very beginning refused and he was no longer wanted. He did not realize that my booty to enjoy."

"It's your department head whirled on anal?"

"He did not unwound, but simply raped in the sauna with my friends. I thought that they would only pussy and mouth to use, and they are drunken and started to the pope to get a job. I began to protest, and they gave me weighed slap in the face, and then the two held, and one in the ass fucked. and so long as one has not visited in it. I then three days could not normally go to the toilet. then I told them in no longer denied. "

"You are wrong to think that today, your ass will rest. But first, in the room you do me a blowjob. The throat. I tried?"

"Not yet, but I've heard. I'll try."

"Good! Then I popolzuyutsya your by a pussy. But in the last couple of you will come not podmytuyu."

"From me also will smell! And everything will be wet thighs. Although I like it."

"I want it!"

"It shall be done, my lord! I'm wet from this correspondence."

Until rooms we ran in the same breath. On the stairs, I checked whether Oksanka wet. The bottom of the pants she was wet and it felt quite clearly. The room I told her to lie on the bed on his back so that his head hung down. And he undressed and went to her. Oksanka lying legs wide apart and skirt ridden up so that it became visible white panties with a wet spot on the bottom. From it came a unique flavor of the excited woman. Socks made it a little stout legs are very attractive. In her eyes was fear, but her mouth was open.

My hard cock was ready to enter into it. I held her head on the swollen lips and shallow entered the mouth. She gently licked the head and stretched out invitingly sponge. I knew Oksanka now would be bad enough, but the desire to fuck her in all holes, was taller than me. So I took her head in his hands for the chubby cheeks, down as low as possible and recorded so. And slowly I began to enter it. In her throat. She first tried to fondle my penis, but as you move it to the throat realized that it would be better just to open her mouth and wait, I will come when I'll go where I wanted. I felt like she snapped, when the head of my dick touched her throat, but my hands held her head. I leaned back slightly and again touched her throat, but only with light pressure. Oksana moaned, but I stepped back again and again went ahead, but with high pressure. I felt the roughness of her throat. From her eyes flowed tears and there was gagging. Realizing that it may soon be sick, I drove a sharp push member of the full length of it. Her eyes were like saucers, body arched and his mouth went saliva, but hands it does not bother me. Again, coming out of her throat, I gave her the opportunity to prodyshatsya and ryknuv:

-Shire open mouth, bitch! - Again drove his dick into her.

She arched her back, resting his feet in bed. I methodically drove her dick in his throat and he felt that will soon be over. Tears, snot and saliva flowed from it continuously. I knew that at the moment rape her as well as her head of department with buddies raped her in the ass, and like him, she was afraid to refuse me. I get turned on the idea that it is possible to force someone else married woman to do with it anything you like and it will still be silent and suffer. I get turned on its submission to the cow.

When I felt the sperm is about to break out of me, I again drove dick in her throat and it has already started to pour your love juice. Oksana began to cough, and I realized that I need to let her go to the toilet, otherwise it will pull out right in the room on the bed. She ran to the bathroom and I heard through the door as it is turned inside out over the toilet. She returned minutes later with 7 red from crying eyes and a washed out makeup. Wearily sat down on the bed and lay down on his face.

-I do not think that will be it with such consequences - she said.

I decided to cheer her up and said:

-You're doing fine! Few people can withstand this to end! For this, I'll make you an instant coffee!

We drank coffee and she told me about himself, about his work and how it is contrary to meet his old boss.

-Now, if you were my boss! I have learned to accept even the throat and would have done it on your desktop after work. And my ass would quickly got used to your size, and would be ready for your visit at any time. I would definitely do an enema every morning to clean it for you.

-Ksanka, I too would love to have such a subordinate like you! In all senses and in all the cracks. Every morning you would have handed over to me for safekeeping their panties, and in the evening they came to work, to come home in the perfect wardrobe. Well, sometimes you have helped me and my buddies in the sauna. The table is set, cut sausage, push the legs, mouth open. You would not mind?

-With you - with pleasure! You are not only the finish, but also giving me finish. And that old goat potyrkaetsya two minutes naspuskaet his stinking sperm and this all ends. And to him my ass in, I have half an hour to lift his penis and hands and lips. I would even have a husband might sometimes ask for leave and be with you on Friday to hang on your country. And there I would be completely yours, what you want - and then do with me! Well the truth, come to us ... Translation

And like a cat she leaned over to me and began to fondle. A hand stroked my cock through the towel wrapped around his waist. Of course, my boy, "endorsed" the affection and with understandable interest raised his head. Oksanka asked:

-Should I undress? In what position I want to see, my lord?

-Do not worry! I myself will do everything as I want. You do not need to undress.

With these words I threw her on her back and spread her legs. The bottom of the pants was already very wet, though squeezes.

-My bitch is already flowing?

-Even as the flow! Take me! Fuck me like you want! In these two weeks I'm your personal whore!

When I lifted her legs and spread so that her knees pressed against the boobs, I opened a great openness in its unearthly picture of her swollen with excitement, crotch covered with thin white panties wet. Between the edge of the pants and elastic stockings were a dozen centimeters of her hot pink body. She liked to show themselves in the most shameless ways.

I just pushed aside her panties and freed pussy penetration. From her wet swollen hole glow came dissatisfaction and undisguised lust. Roughly dragged her hips to him and put it on his dick. He immediately fell into the hot wet space. When the head dick rested on something soft and elastic, Oksanka cried:

-Oh mommy, how deeply .... still ..... still ....

I realized that it was the head of my dick stomps her uterus. Her cries and moans only spurred me to be making sharper and more ruthless. I enjoyed watching my dick wet emerges from its current pussy pressed against the edge of her panties, and then dives into it, causing Oksanka shivers and groans. Her boobs bra even shamelessly jumped. I am pleased crushed them, feeling their softness, after class, before you put her cancer, be sure to instruct her passionately on the breast. It's okay for a student they will go. And at the time of her studies, she will be mine, and it will be my mark on her body. The thought slipped past me in the head by lightning, while I made a reciprocating motion.

After a few minutes Oksanka suddenly arched and not to cry (it's still a student hotel, but not a shelter-whore!), Sank his teeth into his hand. Her body trembled shiver and sweat appeared on her crimson face. It was evident that she was holding back a orgasm as she could, so as not to betray us. From pussy she flowed abundantly on the bed. It took no less than three minutes until Oksanka calmed down. Now she is lying completely relaxed. But I have not finished yet! So I pulled back and spread her legs limp and planted. She was bleary-eyed and staring at the ceiling. When my dick crushes her uterus she silently opened her mouth, and she winced slightly. Each immersion in her pussy in her sucking juices from the abundance. There was a feeling that I rape a woman immobility. After five or six minutes, I felt that the approaching peak and a strong blow dick head crumpled her womb and began to descend into it. It is at this moment opened her eyes and whispered:

-God is good! Drown it in his semen ....

A few minutes we lay in silence, enjoying the silence and being in euphoria. Then I wiped a towel her pussy and thighs. Even he mopped the contents of the pussy with his towel to get as far as possible. Then he adjusted the panties pussy and said:

-Now get ready and go to the last pair. Will wash away after the lecture.

Oksanka with crimson cheeks stood up and staggered a few steps.

- In this form, go to a lecture - it's sadism! You are - a sadist! But you - sweet sadist! I will go. This I was not yet!

(to be continued)
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May morning

Dressing panties and bra, I myself decided not to bother. I wanted to be sexy and I clung to every detail giving a reason men want me at once from one species only. Fashionable shoes, bag, defiant red nails and lips - I'm ready to go.
Ten minutes leisurely walk under the pleasant morning sun, and I'm on my job - secretary of a small firm. My job was to do what the boss orders - handsome man of thirty-five years. Including something about what you think. His name was Sergei, I met him when she danced at a strip bar. A couple of times slept and he invited me to work for him. Sergei was married. His wife, Lena was a real sex bomb, women who want to not only men but also many women.
- Angela, do me a coffee - asked Sergei, shouting through the open door of his office.
I made coffee, put on a silver tray and carried. Sergei spoke on the phone. I put the tray on the table, took off her coffee. When removing the tray from the table as if I accidentally dropped the pen on the floor. She turned back to the speaker on the phone the boss and slowly bent thereby exposing his ass are not covered by anything. Sergei is not releasing the tube ran his other hand between my buttocks, passing his hand over my shaven labia and anus. I did not go up as soon as brazenly spread her legs wider, his eyes appeared to my charms in all its glory. Sergei got off and ran my index finger into the vagina. Mmmm: it was nice, trembling growing excitement ran through my body. He turned it over a couple of times a finger inside.
- Anzhelochka, make me a good blowjob.
I do not need to repeat twice. I turned around and after a few seconds relish sucking fat dick Sergei. Oral sex has been my forte, probably for that Sergei and took me to work. I was able to work the tongue licking the most secret places of his flesh. I swallow it on the eggs while thrusting into his mouth for the scrotum. I know he loves Sergei initially slow relaxing pace with deep ingestion. Then the fast pace with sucking head. I myself caught the buzz from blowjob to finish and has launched a free hand between her legs. Clitoris politely fed my caresses. We finished at the same time, the sperm flooded my mouth, I swallowed it without letting the canoe of my lips. When Sergei stopped shooting, I swallowed it deeply and paused for a few seconds. His head is swollen completely closed my throat, I made some swallowing movements thus by doing a little massage. Then he pulled out a member of his mouth, licked the remnants of sperm lustfully licked her lips, got up from under the table and without a word left the room taking with him a tray. This was my first breakfast. Warm protein mass once in my stomach satisfied not only my desire but also the feeling of hunger.
After an hour of idleness, I was struck by an interesting idea, but why would I now do not go on a diet and certainly besides milk. The stomach has not received anything yet other than Sergei and coffee sperm made itself felt. At twelve o'clock went to the bank, on the way back going into kafeyushku at a nightclub, where I had the moonlighted.
She took the coffee and sat down at a table with his legs crossed, revealing a naked thigh stocking. Today I would like to be like a whore around. Expectations were not long, two men of about twenty-five, who were sitting at the bar, immediately drew attention to me. Their luscious looks bored into my almost no covered legs. I wanted to fuck them right here. I turned around and for a few seconds parted thighs, exposing them to mind their shameless labia with a gaping slit. Then she got up and walked slowly to the women's restroom. Guys caught my sign and follow me. When they came, I stood with a skirt battened down to the navel at the mirror and furiously masturbated clit. The guys jumped me, spun around, and I was pressed against the mirror. One of them put his head between my thighs and began to greedily lick my wet, slimy vagina. The second ran his hands under my shirt and began to compress my elastic chest.
- Shit, Lech, look at what this bitch dyreni. In the ass I bet dump visited.
With these words, the one who had started from the bottom tongue peck my anus. Lech, unbuttoned his pants and forcefully pulled me by the hair plants a mouth on his bayonet. I started to suck smacking pleasure derived from two sides. Anal kuniling quickly brought me to orgasm, my ass ring was rhythmically contract and disclosed under the tongue quite skillful guy. He felt that I had finished slapped me on the buttocks, stood up, unbuttoned his pants and handed me the second is sticking up unit. I began to suck deep swallowing in turn, one then the other member. At the same time my hand was in my anus, I fingers massaged the entrance to the intestine. Second guy named Vadim, he dropped his pants completely and turned his back to me.
- Lick my shit, he said, and parted the buttocks.
I pulled out a member of Lehi out of his mouth, and began to caress the tongue bitter taste anus of Vadim. At this time, Lech came up behind me and stuck his bayonet into my vagina. He slowly began to move in me. As the pace of my current vagina began publishing squishing sounds. I started podmahivat him backwards, trying to get more pleasure. My tongue has easily penetrated into the anus to Lyokha, which in turn is stronger than all moved apart my buttocks. Lech blissed out, he jerked off his penis and then saying: "Come on, bitch shove it deep." Vadim tried to penetrate as deeply as possible into my slit. He is easily managed, since the depth of my body exceeded his penis length. Eggs and then with the power of being hit on my clit, which gave additional pleasure.
Let me vsazhu her ass - said Lech pulling away from me. Model Behavior, Vadim began to feed me in the mouth, and with the power of Lech plunged his razdrochenny unit in my anus. My rastrenirovan hole easily took him inside. After a few thrusts, I came, which gave rise to an additional moisturizing my ass. Lech planted member of the most eggs, even though it was long enough for me it was not the limit. My ass was making a sucking sound of pleasure. I used to anal orgasm, it's a little different from the vaginal and was no worse, and often longer. Less than a couple of minutes I felt that Lehi member and tensed with the force of his push shot me. Cum gradually began to fill every nook and cranny of my rectum. From Lehi mouth don¸ssya sigh of relief. I also experienced an extraordinary orgasm swept over the body in the form of tremor.
Vadim meanwhile clasping his hands my head, and that is urine skewer it on his bayonet gradually increasing speed. Saliva wets it. Although I got used to deep-throating, still barely restrained retching. Vadim worked her hips, his hands were squeezed my ears. Lech, meanwhile, pulled his dick out of my anus. I was still shaking from the orgasm dying flame. Sphincter decreased and from the following member L¸hinym poured semen.
Vadim fucked me in the mouth for about five minutes until his term is not strained. It swelled, the head strongly swelled in my throat. At the moment of ejaculation he planted me deeply on my cock so that the jet struck me deep into the throat. I eagerly swallowed all that erupted from its swollen trunk voltage. Finished Vadim let go of my head. Lick a member to the last drop, I released the limp dignity mouth.
Now I have expanded the collection of absorbed food today a new portion of sperm. From my anus still oozed juice Lehi. I wiped it leaked out that hand. The guys took the time to leave me, they quickly dressed and the bullet popped out of the closet. I brought myself up, washed, straightened her clothes and walked out of the toilet, and then out of the cafe to see off visitors views.
Arriving at work, staring blankly at the monitor, but actually my thoughts were in that wonderful place, where I have just visited. The body ached pleasantly wanted more, wanted more
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Roman Party

He came to the disco for a half - hour before to arrive in good condition (he had, or Nakuru, or drink). At the entrance he met his old friends Maxim and Toll. Maxim has always been like grass. This time, they lit three center box, torknulo them so that at Anatol began glitches. They decided to eat oranges, Tolia overdone and then he began to feel that he was being chased by a huge oranges, and he started to run away from them. Roman Maxim barely caught up with him and reassured. Then they went to dance. They played their familiar DJs and Roman asked to put more often ballads. This evening he would be sure to find yourself someone with whom he had spent the night. Gender - hours they sausages under the Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and other such music has not yet appeared Lisa with her friends, Julia and Katya. The novel immediately drew attention to the Lisa. She was superseksualnuyu. Lisa was a long-haired blonde with blue eyes.
Her lips were like poppies, that it's tempting to kiss. She was dressed in a white silk blouse, through which illuminated her bra barely covered her beautiful breasts, and a mini skirt that was so short that when Lisa was sitting, everyone could see her white bikini. With Julia Roman knew, he came to her during one of the ballad and invited to dance. She of course agreed. Dancing Roman, sorted out the necessary information (name, age, campaign passions).
All these ballads Romance danced only with Lisa, her hanging noodles on the ears. He told her what he is romantic, he rested in the Maldives and Cyprus. Roman knew that women love with their ears, and therefore, it is every time a new girl honed their skills of seduction. And when the noodles were so many that he had only to blink, Lisa was ready to surrender to him immediately, Roman invited the girls to drink wine to the nearest cafe. There she met with Maxim and Tolia. Campaign sat at a large table in a dark corner of the cafe, Roman friends ordered three bottles of red wine and some salads. Then the girls asked for cocktails. In Roman was a discount card in the cafe, and he could afford anything. Roman knew all cocktails and ordered the girls double "Sex on the Beach" and "Orgasm". The girls listened to the guys and laugh out loud. Maxim "friends" with Julia, and Toll like to find common ground with Kate. Then Katya gathered home and said that she lives alone in a three - room apartment. She came to the city to go to university, but because it is almost ready, she failed the exams.
Her parents were soon to come to an acquaintance to shove it in another university, as long as she lived alone. All the girls that night agreed to spend the night with her, Roman with boys as true gentlemen decided to hold the girls up to the bed so to speak. On the way to the Roman boys discussed their plan for further action, while the girls tried to catch one motor up to 6 people at 3am. Arriving to Katya, home of Roman decided that either now or never, and began to act. When the campaign reached the door, they began to say goodbye, and Roma said that maybe the girl will not mind if he and his friends popyut tea in these wonderful girls. The girls were already in a state that did not understand what tea awaits them and of course agreed. Then it was easier to campaign dispersed through the rooms and each boy began to implement its own plan, devised on the street. Novel Lisa went into the hall. Roman decided that the light is not necessary to include, he lit a candle on the table and closed the door.
Lisa stood at the window and looked at the stars. Roman went to Lisa back and slowly began to unbutton her blouse Lisa. Lisa turned, and they have merged in a passionate kiss. Lisa pulled off his Roman Tishka and laid bare before her body pumped Roman, his chest was strong and hairy. The novel two years go to the gym to keep in shape, and the girls liked to look at his naked torso. Roman quickly as a pro, Lisa unbuttoned bra and tossed it aside. He began gently kissing Lisa firmer breasts, first one, then the other half of it. Her nipples became hard with excitement, Roman gently nibbled them. Lisa slowly began to unbutton his jeans on the novel. Roman at this time with one hand stroking her breasts and the other crawled under her panties and massaging her pretty ass. Lisa unbuttoned his pants and felt there is a member who was becoming harder and longer. Then Roman took off her skirt with Lisa, and they lay down on the sofa. Roman kissed Lisa's neck, chest, stomach and fell lower and lower. He picked his teeth with Lisa's panties and saw a neatly shaved hair path, covering the entrance to her vagina.
He gently parted her labia with your fingers and tongue began to caress her clitoris. Lisa moaned softly as her novel lead up to orgasm. Roman knew his job, and Lisa was on the seventh heaven from pleasure. It was his personal feature, after which no girl was unable to refuse, and especially Roman forget, because as often happened it would have it the first time. And Lisa with a light, pleasant shiver throughout the body, for the first time in their lives, orgasm. She covered her head pillow, so that no one heard her scream. Lisa has not been able to recover from this, since she first learned what a clitoral orgasm. Then Lisa and Roman reversed. Roman took a condom and quickly pulled it, lay down on his back. Lisa, slowly shaking his hips, climbed on Roman and forwarded it to the elastic, purple dick between her legs.
She moved up and down, bringing Roman to exhaustion, then speeding up, then reducing the pace. She wanted to bring the same pleasure Roman, which has just experienced a very Roman. He grabbed her hips Lisa, realizing that he could no longer withstand her passion and started to reduce the pace. Lisa looked into the eyes of Roman and saw in them a time when the Roman finished inside her. Lisa got down from the Roman and went into the shower, came out into the corridor, she was faced with Maxim. Maxim, which is also headed to the shower, quickly looking round slender naked body of Lisa, he gave her his towel and together they went into the shower. Standing under the hot jets shower, they kissed. Maxim grabbed Lisa's waist and began to caress her ass, on which flowed hot water jet.
Their bodies are soft, under the influence of hot water, Maxim lifted Lisa into his arms and slowly entered her. Lisa's back rested against the wall, her legs hung from the hips Maxim, water flowed over her body, and move the body forward Maxim ago everything quickening pace. While Lisa was in the shower, Roman decided to see what other. He went into a room and saw Julia, she was lying on the bed and stroked his hand furry mound between his legs. Julia was so absorbed that at first did not notice as he entered. Roman watched Julia closed her eyes caressing her clitoris and his crumpling elastic chest. One of her nipples had been punctured and Roman opened the door to get a better look at, and then the door creaked. Seeing Roman, Julia a little startled, and then moved over and beckoned to her Roman. Roman came to the bed and pushed the robe. Julia took a member of the Roman right hand and began to caress his tongue, and his left hand continued to play with her clitoris. Julia grabbed a member of the lips and began to swallow it.
Roman, excited eyes, looked at the body of Julia and imagine a threesome with Julia and Lisa. He always wanted to fulfill his dream of having sex with two girls at that moment he thought that it can be realized today. He had only to get rid of the Maxima. At this time, Tolia with Kate watched porn and caressed each other. Toll crushed chest Katie, and she hugged the left hand member Tolley, she moved up and down. On Vydac showed how German girl satisfies two older men. Katya said Tole, he wants to do the same sex. Toll said it is not against the call and went to Maxim, who had just stepped out of the shower, together with Lisa. Lisa went into the room where they were Roman Julia. Kate settled back on the bed, so she was a TV in sight. Toll slowly entered her, and Max looked at them and masturbate, he waited for his turn.
Maxim looked like high altitude breast Kate swings to the side, and her breathing becomes faster. Katya Maxim beckoned and, taking his arm member sent his anus. Tolia and Maxim were slow to Katya, and she moaned like a girl from porn. We kids were happy faces, which was dripping with sweat. Katia is not felt reality and withdrew into herself. It seemed to her that she was flying in the clouds, but then she felt a sharp pain, Maxim entered her too harshly. She grabbed his hand and became a member herself to enter them yourself. Roman told Julia his venture, and asked if she do not mind if Lisa to join them. Julia agreed and then Lisa came. Roman approached her and whispered something in her ear. Lisa hugged Roman and they started kissing.
Roman lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Roman lay on his back, his purple dick disappeared into the wings vzbuhshih Julia. She caressed his chest and softly moaned something about yourself. Lisa knelt down so that his face was just under it. He began to lick her wet labia. Lisa was shaking like it at the North Pole completely naked. Lisa is now moaning louder than the first time, Julia also started to moan so that girls moan began to fill in the entire apartment. Tolia was still a novice and he quickly finished. He came out of Katie and went to wash. Maxim took his dick out of Kathy and at this point all at once finished. Throughout the apartment walked spirit meet, all lying on his back unable to move even
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I must say that they are quite beautiful couple. Pasha - a tall, muscular body, black hair. Lena - the head less Pasha, slim, shapely, with strong breast size 3. Almost all the men rolled up their heads as she walked down the street in a light summer dress. If it was on the beach, the male part immediately began to drool, and women - to look after her maliciously. I also did not remain indifferent to her presence. Characters both complement each other, in general - the perfect couple.
So, they go on a picnic in the woods. The basket, as expected, set of light food and a bottle of red wine. Pasha advance scouted secluded glade. So, edible eaten, drank wine and Pasha starts to stick to his wife with immodest proposals. Lena tells him reciprocity and their process of excitation and starts fondling. Soon the couple vengeance caresses and kisses, and his clothes slowly, but surely leaving their bodies.
By instituting his girlfriend to the desired condition, the Pasha lays it on the cover and in the classic pose of love begins. It should be noted that Lena is a sexy feature. She - multiorgazmichnaya woman, that is, it may experience multiple orgasms. As Pasha said, they had a record - ten orgasms per sexual act. So, they are engaged in full-love. Lena had already gone through a second orgasm and she was very good, but not much Pasha. It was all sweating, wine presses on whiskey.
Raising himself on his hands, he begins to slowly reduce the frictions and the pace notes here on the other side of the clearing guy. Mushroom pickers brought difficult. The man looked a little toward them, bent down for something and then disappeared into the woods. Pasha continued his actions, although the presence of a stranger does not add to it with joy. Finally orgasm bore down on him and izlivshis, he falls off his wife. Lena is not enough and it begins itself to initiate themselves.
Pasha sipping a little water out of the bottle again sees the man. Now he stands on the edge of the forest about ten meters away from them and watching with interest. Pasha has already been decided garknut him to fail, but he looked at his wife. Lena went into a rage. She moaned loudly, with one hand crumpling his chest and nipples, and the fingers of the other hand moved in his vagina. Here Pasha thought exploded in my head. He had long wanted to try group sex, and here podvorachivaetsja opportunity. First guy does not know them, and secondly Lenka is now in such a state that did not notice who fucks her.
Pasha turned to the man and he waves his hand. The man hesitantly leans towards them. Pasha presses finger to lips and shows his head at his wife. She has put her in three fingers and was ready to shove the whole hand. The man nods in understanding and starts to take off her clothes. I must say that he was quite strong muzhik, thirty years of age. Undressed, man again looked at Pasha and received an affirmative nod, Lenin resolutely removes his hand away and enters into it.
Lena as whether it is just that and waited. She bends forward and begins podmahivat backwards. Orgasm covers it, but the voltage does not fall down. A guy hard and intensively continues to fuck a woman. His cock warp, like a piston. All event begins to excite Paul and his cock takes a fighting stance. He was perfectly visible, as a member of the guy slips between the labia, they tightly embrace him and what he is shining with grease. Lena does not fail to moan, her body glistening with sweat.
Now the time has come to a peasant. He throws female legs on his shoulders, folds in half Lenkina body makes several deep tremors and ends up with a groan inside. Pours it for a long time, his body shook in spasms of orgasm. Finally, he fell off from Lena and stretched out on the grass. Pasha was already on full alert and immediately pounced on his wife.
He turned her over on her stomach, put on his knees and in one fell swoop into her. The vagina was filled to the brim with sperm and she spurted out. Member since champ and squelch went inside. Soon even Flank eggs were wet with semen. Lena willingness to attack perceived wife and became excited again, moaning quietly. At this time, a man, drank some water, looked at the couple, moved his hand over his penis and came up to them. He stood in front of Lena, lifted her head by the hair and thrust head on the lips. Lena immediately opened her mouth and swallowed a member.
Pasha was stunned by such an action. Now they fucked his wife together at the same time. Lena did not notice anything. It is with such relish sucking and licking the barrel man that Pasha even a vague desire to try yourself. So they continued to fuck girl for quite some time. Once Lena rolled orgasm, the man took out a member of her mouth, gave her to scream and thrust it back again. Finally Pasha discharged inside the couple and fell exhausted beside. Closing his eyes, he could hear the birds chirping in the trees, and smacking his wife.
We see it shut down for a time, because when he came to himself, his wife moaning. Pasha opened his eyes and stood up. Lena was standing on all fours with his head on his folded arms, and a man standing behind. Taking a bottle of water, Pasha eagerly pressed to the neck and walked a couple of fuck. Then he almost choked. It turns out the man was operating member is not in the vagina Lenka and her anus. He had long wanted to try this method of intercourse, but was afraid to offer his wife. And now the first man stripped her virginity in the anus.
Member glistened with grease and went smoothly in the narrow hole. The man gripped Lenka hips, and she moaned and played up his back towards his movements. We see it very much. From this type of a member of Pasha began to rise again. The man also seems to be coming to an end. He became sharper move groaned. Finally, he pulled out a member of Lenka backside and sticking it deep into her vagina stopped. A satisfied sigh of a man carefully removed the cock and fell close to the ground.
Gaze Pasha appeared a great picture. Lena is cancer, raising his ass, between white buttocks blush two holes. Sexual lips swollen and parted to the side, revealing a red hole vagina, brilliant sun. Just above the red wide opening of the anus, from which a white stream, follows the sperm.
Pasha rushed forward and swung thrust member into the vagina of his wife. Shaking his member into the vagina, it is understood that it developed so much that it can no longer squeeze member. After removing it, Pasha examples and put in the ass wife. Anus was well stretched and blurred, and a member easily entered inside. There were already more closely. Lena gasped and became podmahivat. As the couple continued to create love for a while and finished at the same time. Orgasm knocked them to the ground, and Pashin member stuck in the full length in the ass of his wife, that he spilled the semen jerks. Both fell into a deep but short sleep.
Pasha woke up first. He lay on his side, clinging to the back of his wife. Carefully lifting his head, he looked around. It was nowhere man. Here Pasha felt that he had not disunite with Lena, and his cock still deep in her gut. Slowly he took a member of the anus and stood up. His actions awakened Lena. She turned back and smiled broadly.
Next on Pasha's head flowed a stream of words of gratitude and happiness. Lenka chirped like a sparrow. She wondered why earlier Pasha had never had sex with her in the ass and really wanted to try it again. In her speech, Paul decided that she does not know anything about a man and that this experience was great for him and for her. After recovering and collecting things, they returned to the cottage.
I could not understand what the problem is. Pasha said that they have completely turned over opinions about sex. Now, not only he is the initiator, and Lena. It has become more relaxed in bed. Anal sex has become a regular in their sexual repertoire.
It turned out that the current situation is very piquant. It turns Lena became pregnant after the incident. It so happened that the day was dangerous in her women's calendar, and no three days before or three days after, they did not have any sexual contact. Lena is very happy that she is pregnant and that they conceived their first child in such a romantic setting - in nature. She does not know that the day it has ended once two people.
Pasha did not know how to act. On the one hand he was glad pregnancy Lena. On the other hand, it is not certain that Lena is pregnant by him. As Pasha said the man twice finished it, and he only once. To tell her what had happened, he could not. God knows what might happen to her. He loves her.
Honestly, I did not know what to advise him. Resting on biology, I told him to prove that the chances of fertilizing Lena they were equal. Especially Pasha finished in Lena first. In general, I was in complete embarrassment. The only thing I said is that he must come to terms with what happened and throw everything out of your head. This baby is his and Lena do not have to know about it. My opinion, Pasha had wanted what happened. Uncertainty, only the result of ill-considered action.
And what do you think?
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