After a corporate party

    Annual corporate at the firm have taken for granted. All came just pobuhat fun and relaxing from the routine of everyday life. He takes us to the beginning of autumn, in our professional holiday. The company pays a restaurant with food and drink, sometimes even invite toastmaster or some comedians.

    Pretty drunk, poveselivsya who knows how the evening gradually came to its logical conclusion. By this time I had Weedon bit shabby. I was dressed in a black pleated skirt to the floor hip, white translucent blouse on pugovichkami, delicate white bodice with a push apom, flirty white lace panties and black stockings with lace elastic well, and black patent leather shoes. I shake a leg as it is necessary, the benefit of drinking I suffered a bit on the fun. I paid attention as the men stared at me when poddiralas skirt. For the record, I'm generally a supporter of stockings, tights, and I do not like wearing them only under pants in winter. I even egged theirs looks, I even sometimes very specifically poddirala skirt, so look at theirs drooling.

    And now everyone was going home and I'm including. I called a taxi and waited until it began to smoke. I was joined by our colleague Leonid, it was a beautiful well-built man, older than me by 8 years old, married and have children. He was always polite and helpful to me. I always call my love, it is a sign of respect and sympathy. In the conversation I said that already waiting for a taxi ride home. Leonid said that one eat on the way, he will drop me, and he would go further. A taxi drove up, we sat together in the back seat, I said, and we went to the address.

    On the way, we have about something animatedly talking and for no apparent reason, he said, or I in stockings? You know, I do not like tights, I told him. He said the class and his hand slipped on the stockings to lace up the gum. His fingers touched the bare feet above the gum, and I realized that I do not mind that I would caress. The hand lay gently on my wet panties. Watersports are not from excitement but from the fun and dancing. I took his hand and pushed.
- It is not necessary for me there is not very fresh after all joy.
- you know that of course, is even more interesting and more exciting.
- Well, I somehow feel ashamed in front of you.
- silly, I found someone to hesitate we are familiar with more than one year.
- Yes, but with it you are not familiar.
- so I want to meet with his beloved closer.

    The driver began to mow in the rearview mirror. Lena's fingers have wandered in my crotch, pushing aside Patchwerk wet panties. We drove up to my house and I removed his hand from her pussy. He pointedly sniffed them, smiled and licked. I paid the taxi driver and did not go further, and came with me. Taxi had left, I took out a cigarette and lit it.

    You know, it you have a very interesting smells, she told me Lenya. I silently bent over and pulled off her panties. Lena reached out and gave him a hand and said, well, that's how you want to sniff. I do not want the blotter, I want the original. I spread her legs, lifted her skirt, then let's sniff here and I still have a smoke. He sat down and buried his nose in the crotch, made a couple of deep puffs and I felt his tongue slid about on the lips. Wait a minute I have to somehow comfortably settled. We have the house under a tree was a shop, and I pulled him back.
Throwing yourself under the ass of his jacket, I sat down and spread her legs. He bent down and started to lick my aktivnenko not washed pussy. I did not care that she smelled bad, and from what I was sweating, and that not once wrote, the main thing I was now well. I grabbed his hair and pressed himself stronger myself between the legs of his head. I drove his head so that he would have his nose stimulated my clitoris. Then he lowered it below and to stick his nose into the vagina. When he found himself nose in my pussy, his tongue gently lay on the hole anus. He realized it and licked at the same time tried to push deeper into the language of the priest. I relax the ass, so as not to interfere with his actions. When his tongue again found myself on my pussy, I felt his finger penetrate my ass. He was, he gently and smoothly, so as the priest was well lubricated with saliva. I love anal sex and not even opposed, but rather podmahivala his fingers.

    I everything was moist and mashed, and now it was the turn moisturize and caress his hero. His cock was not large, 18 cm, but diameter was impressive centimeters 6. He barely intermeddle in my mouth and in a position very much hurt cheekbones tension. For a long time I could not suck it and stepped back I became Lenya crustaceans. He slid into my pussy, extending it to your device. A pleasant shiver ran through his body, and I gave the whole body towards the penis.

    Cautioning that Lenya would not try to finish me, we had a ball. Keeping my hands on hips, he must be mounted and adjusted the pace of movement. Then he spat on my ass and broke his thumb in my point. I'm just more bent on pleasure. I covered a cramp, from which nearly knees buckled. Lenya stopped, pulled out a member of the pussy and put to the ass. First he drove them as if to screw it back. Then I press down firmly and shoved it in the ass for the most eggs. I gasped from a thick and he stopped. Pop used to and he started the movement, slowly at first but accelerated pace. Then he scored such speed that it seemed to me that the point will light up from friction. Member Leni began to throb, I felt that the ring anus in these moments will tear to shreds. He finished and moaning with pleasure. Pulled member wiped his napkin and sat on the bench.

    Then sat on the railing of a little cancer, I also slipped into the bottom. I very much wanted to write. Tolley from the fact that when fucked on mochevik presses, or omitted from the fact that it was not a little drunk. I have no where to retreat was not going and the strength is not enough, and I sat down to write. Lenya stopped me and asked if I could pee on his hands. I though of course I can, I can just mess, it would wish. He set his hands and jet struck in them. He rubbed his hands as though washing them.

    We have smoke breaks a couple of minutes, he called a taxi, and I went home. Panties I left him at the memory ...
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Night massage

On the way home we bought a bottle of vodka (I except for vodka, not what I do not drink) and a bottle of wine for the girls. Arriving home, the girls began to prepare dinner, and sat on the couch and watched TV, there is shown teleshopping and touting some pads on the chest and the girl was in a sexy lingerie that I remembered our gift decided to see him one more time, the more what's in store, I could not have chosen a good look at that girl. After opening the box, I got this soft pink set, and began not free to imagine how it would look in May Katyusha. My friend from this pattern began to wake up, then I'm like that with Katie went to her sister Lena, the more the body Lena was a little better than Katie, on the part of the breast is she say so luxuriant, and Lena did not say that skinny, but not complete, one word is just right ...
Then the doorbell rang, it came to Lena ...
After dinner, it was decided to take a bottle of wine which brought Lena and to play cards, but I said I'm going to take a bath and then join. After 15 minutes, I left. And having come into the room noticed that the girls appeared gleam in his eyes, they had almost finished our bottle of wine. And as for the dinner they had already drank a bottle and even a little liqueur glasses of vodka, it is needless to give effect. I offered to play on the strip or desires. Girls used ... A few donations were girls in shorts and Oksana just kept still and bra. I could not take my eyes off Lena's chest, she was gorgeous clear round shape is not large pink nipples that have become swollen because she saw where I was looking, but did not cover them. I said I'm going to smoke, and they have to deal the cards. On the balcony, making puffs time I began to think of sex pictures of sex with each of the nickname (the more so that they were all well-built) as I had noticed. Upon entering the room, the girl said that now we are going to play on the desire to elaborate on what the girl without hesitation almost with one voice told that on the matter, and not a fool, and in the 101 I thought, but he agreed. Since I was more sober, I began to enjoy the status of girls and cheat the first game won, of course I do. And my desire was to make me a massage because I was the ache back, from what is not convenient to sit (where outraged Oksana vulgarity) and I added that this should be completely bare. When I was lying on our bed with Kate, I heard that girl undressing something whispered, but did not betray this value. And here I am in shorts, under which only panties thong presented them to me Katia for pleasant evenings (dressed as the water looked), go three beautiful girls in full negligee, and I feel that I have my farm begins to swell. Sit down around me and start to massage my back just like frost, and with some oil or cream with coconut aroma. I have not seen anyone but someone moved from the back to the legs. I do not know how long it lasted, I went to some but not byt¸ came to himself when he felt that someone was massaging my thighs and buttocks. Then Katya told me to turn over, which I did, but not paying attention to the fact that my penis is already well worth it. Kate asked ...
-what it is ... maybe he, too, need a massage, and the three of them could saddle it. They looked at each other and then pulled off my shorts with shorts, then Katya village began to massage my penis between my legs spaced. Lena Oksana and massaging my feet closer to the groin hurting though my eggs. Then Kate clung to my cock with his lips and greedily suck it, in the meantime I kissed Oksana and Lena. And hands groped over the bodies, running his fingers through their crotch, Oksana is very beautiful ass with a tattoo of a butterfly, I just could not resist not to go with his finger, which she responded enjoyable moan and care deeply to plant his ass on my finger. Kate said that she was tired of making me menet and she wants what I would have done it too. I asked her to climb on my face, she agreed and even then striking quickly crept on my face, and I started my movement, meanwhile, what would my penis is not slacking Lena sat on him his already expiring vagina and began to carefully crawl on it. I did not spawn enjoy the sour taste of my Katyusha and caressing hands the body of Oksana lying beside us, meanwhile, Katya started to make sounds signifying approaching orgasm Lena has jumped on my cock so that the whole bed heaving, then began to violently finish, I even felt both my balls drain its juice. Immediately after Lena start to finish Katya and probably wine and erotic environment, and from the fact that they have so long endured she came quite profusely that my mouth was full, and I offered to try Katya juices taste and they quickly crawled up to me and I I began to give them portions of Katya's juices.
Katya and Lena lay sprawled on the bed and we continued to kiss with Oksana and she said in my ear, You did not forget about me. And he turned around and knelt on his elbows wagged ass like calling me to enter it. I walked in and sending it inside his stake standing member, and when the head was the place I took it and said again (as soon as the head sank into her wet spot I had pulled out), so repeated several times. And then abruptly drove it at the very foundation and began to make the appropriate motion at a rapid pace Oksana began to moan, and then asked me to stop, and said that he wanted to another place, I knelt down and began to lick her anus. Kate stood in zade and I also began to lick me my hole, I was even more excited and member tensed unbearably much that has become a little painful. Lena offered me some of his cool and quickly crawled over and started to suck.
Kate, meanwhile, picked up the oil with which they made me a massage and began to lubricate the hole in Oksaninoy ass plunging finger there, Oksana started moaning and started to fondle her crotch fingers., A well-oiled Oksanenono hole Katya went to my tool dripped on my butter dick and gently began to rub. I tripped a member to the opening of Oksana and began to gently press it inwards, a member came in, not just a few times, he slipped past Oksaninoy holes, but after several attempts he finally got to the right place. Inside Oksaninoy ass it was a little snug and dry in spite of the cream, but after some time a member has freely walked inside her ass. Lena and Katya went to Oksana before so that Oksana licked the crotch Katya and Katya crotch Lena sitting on her face as Kate with me.
The room filled with the smell of female juices, coconut oil, sweat and debauchery. Oksana posture changed to pose "cancer", sitting on top of me, and I continued to drive his cock in her ass. There were audible smack Lena and Katya who were otlizyvaya each other, moaning and slapping Oksana my pubes on Oksaninu ass. Lena and Katya asked me to come to them in the mouth, I did not mind, I like to finish in the girls mouth.
And after Oksana moaning and bay my balls with their juices fell from the edge of me, I got to Lena and Katya was convenient to catch my sperm, they knelt in front of me, and I began to masturbate his penis by guiding him in the face girls first jet struck in the mouth and then Lena and Katya turned her so much that soon face the girls were covered in cum ... Girls lay next to Oksana and began to lick each other's faces. With a satisfied look on his face. I went to smoke and drink juice.
When I returned, I saw a hundred little girls sleeping with dried semen on their faces. The time was about two o'clock in the morning. I also went to bed.
Nice to get a massage, I thought before going to sleep ...
Wait for new stories because we still studying for two years.
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Closer to the time of departure the car started to fill with new passengers among them, much to my surprise, there were many young girls, moreover it was obvious that they go together. Three of them, as it turned out, and have become my neighbors in the coupe. They are noisy and fun dropped their things and ran out into the corridor back to communicate with the rest of her friends.
The train started, the girls are back and I was able to get a better view of them. Cute, 17-20 years old with strong folded shapes. Athletes - I thought. We learned pretty quickly. Their name was Olga, Sveta and Natasha, and they really came back to competitions in Taek-won-do, a little tired, but happy and cheerful mood. They said that their team performed well in the train of 17 people and 2 coaches, but as the tickets in one car was not taken, so their friends and trainers located in other cars.
Evening came. About an hour later, after the conductor checked the tickets and looked into the coach, I suggested to celebrate their victory, they liked the idea.
- Unfortunately, me with nothing more festive than beer - I said in frustration.
- Do not worry, we've thought about it in advance, we have a couple of bottles of wine and a martini. The main thing is that the coach did not know, - said Natasha.
We locked compartment in order to avoid unexpected inspection of the coach, and began to feast. The second bottle was offered to play cards.
- What will play?
- Let the fool, - Olga offered.
- It may be better to fool?
I decided to make a joke, but then he realized that this statement, I hurried. The girls were silent for some time, the cards are dealt.
So we went, finishing his wine, martini switching to playing the fool. On an empty stomach I'm a little drunk, and girls like too.
- And maybe play on the strip? did not expect this from him, I suggested.
Oddly enough, the girls readily agreed. After a few games, I realized that we do not play every man for himself, and everyone plays against me. Gradually I had to strip to their underwear, and only losers from Olga took off her watch, and socks, and escaped with only light hairpin.
- No - I say. - That's not fair turns.
- Play, play, volunteered!
- Let's be dress up?
- Can you offer that option if you lose three times in a row, our desire to perform.
- There is.
Here I am a bit lucky and I could podrazdet girls before it was my turn to fulfill their desire. By the time we finished the martini and switched on my beer.
- What will happen is your desire?
The girls are thinking.
- We want you licked our pussies. Olga offered.
- And not only the pussy - he adds light.
- Well, no, because we did not agree!
- Then we will force you to do it!
With these words, Olga grabbed my hand and wrung it back sharply. From acute pain and surprise, I had to bend almost to his knees. Immediately after this for the second hand I took Natasha, too wrung her back and sat down on top of my head, crushing his weight to my knees. The seam of her jeans stared me in benevolent.
It all happened so fast that I did not even have time to understand anything.
- Do not you dare cry - came a from above. - And you're not sorry about it much.
- Do you want in an amicable way, will be in a bad way - Olga added.
I could not only move, but even a look around! I could hear the light unzip the bag, looking for something out there gets. Then she sat down on the other side of me, in front of Olga. The three of them tied my wrists behind my back (as it turned out it was a belt of a kimono).
- Let us bind him tighter, - suggested someone.
Then we got another belt and tied my hands and even elbows. Someone tied my legs to third belt. After that I was put back on the shelf. Natasha took off her jeans and sat on my chest, legs apart slightly. She was wearing red pants, her crotch rested my chin. In the nose hit odor resistant.
- How do you like the smell? like catching my thoughts, she said. We have after speaking time was running out, do not have time to be washed away, and then there's a train ... Now we'll fix that. While you can enjoy.
She moved a little higher, and sat on my face. My nose rested at the base of the pubis, and his mouth felt through her panties her pussy lips. Panties were already a little wet from her arousal. She hugged me tightly. Breathe through your mouth, I could not, since he was completely blocked panties, remained a small clicking nose partially closed pubis. I tried to break free, but of course, nothing happened, and that I do not rustle on my feet got some of the other girls.
A minute passed, by its strong smell, I was excited to the limit. Natasha's breath quickened, too, a little bit at first, then all of greater amplitude, she began to move her hips, leaving his juice on my lips and nose.
- I can not go on, Come on, suck me!
She pushed aside her panties and pressed my lips to the clitoris. Contact, pressed 'to the shelf weight of two bodies, I had no choice. With one hand, she grabbed me by the hair and more tightly pressed my head to his crotch. Her swollen clit was in my mouth, and I began to caress his tongue. Movement Natasha accelerated. Less than two minutes later, she came. With me, she got off immediately, froze to lick her pussy until it was satisfied with the result.
- Natasha, do not be selfish, and leave us a little bit!
I think it was the light.
- Okay, girls, now it is yours!
Natasha got off me, her place was taken by Svetlana. She already took off all my clothes, and I saw her on a astounding figure.
- Let's now do me good, just try to better!
she ordered. Light was already at the limit, the smell of her excited so that the shorts have long standing member struggled with pleasure. This has not gone unnoticed.
- Since it is in our hands, let's use it throughout the program!
Someone suggested. I felt with my panties removed, then as a member of tightly tied at the base of some lace. Seeing what was happening, I could not, because my face was completely hidden under the excited flesh Amy. Then I felt someone gently lowered on my dick, he is immersed in warm moist vagina. Olga I guessed. I fuck two girls at the same time! It has long dreamed about it, but never would have thought it would happen against my will. After a while the light changed posture. Now my review covered her ass, my nose was deep into the vagina and the clitoris at my lips.
- What stopped, go!
I had to work the language some more time. I could breathe only by mouth, and then, when I was distracted, to breathe, Light kept saying:
- Suck, bitch, do not stop! and even more pressed me to her body.
Olga slowly increased the speed and range of motion, and soon, looking at her, too, has become a bit of light to jump on me, as if forcing my nose. Then after a little while she came, but also in no hurry to get off me. She made me lick it, as Natasha, then sat me on his heels, up¸rshis anus my nose. Now I feel completely different smell.
- Come on, lick my ass is now, quick! she ordered.
This sustain I could not and tried to turn away. Then she sat on my face and said something to Natasha. Hear the words I could not, because one of my ear was pressed against the shelf, sat at the other World. I felt someone's hand grabbed me by the scrotum and squeezes tight. From severe pain I groaned. Light rose.
- Shut up! We warned you: you will hear, or you would be the worse! Now you are our servant and we are going to do with you whatever we want! Do you understand?
Through his teeth, I replied curtly:
- Yes.
My balls tightened even more.
- Not so, and so, lady! Repeat!
- Yes Milady.
- So that. Light sat down again on my face. Lick my ass, slave!
I began to gently lick her anus.
- Now kiss him. I obeyed. Yes, is not it, and passionately! - While she spread her hands half the priests, the anus of her slightly parted.
I began to introduce his tongue inside, but he did not want to push in.
- Do not you know how to kiss passionately? Light asked, and even lower down on me. So my ass is now teach you that!
I tried as best I could, and soon my tongue was already deep inside her. In light vibration of her body, I realized that she masturbates. Slowly it harder and harder pressed me to the shelf, until finally sat down definitively. A member of my swollen from excess blood, which could not go back because of the lace. After three minutes, Olga had finished, I felt the compressed wall of her vagina on my penis. Her place was taken by Natasha.
So they changed several times. I, in my opinion, already licked all the holes in all three of the girls, some seem to be several times. My penis has lost sensitivity and language already ached. For some time, I was left alone, and ordered to be quiet. Natasha was going to go to the toilet, and the girls discussed how quietly out into the corridor, so that no one noticed me.
- Why do you go there? Light asked.
- As what we already drank so much, and then there is the beer. I'm just bursting!
- But why go somewhere where you can do everything here? We also now have a personal slave, remember?
- A! Exactly! How did not I know? - Natasha sat back down on my chest. Listen carefully. Now I will write to you in the mouth. If you prol¸sh least one drop, consider that you are left without eggs, okay?
To prove someone again squeezed my balls.
- I got it. loud slap.
- I can not hear!
- I understand, Madam.
- That's better. Natasha sat higher. Her labia covered mine. Get ready !.
And then the powerful salty stream flowed into my mouth. Her urine was warm, almost hot. At first, I almost choked, but he remembered the threat quickly began to swallow. Passed, probably a full minute, during which Natasha moaned sweetly and gently shook her hips, getting rid of alcohol consumed. Gradually the pressure weakened, and then completely ended. His mouth was tart salty taste.
- So, now lick! Natasha ordered. The girls, so cool! This buzz toilet, will not have to walk, and even licks!
- We, too, have long been tolerated! Come Fall in turn!
- Busy! .. Just kidding, come in, come in.
Her place was taken by Olga. She sat me down and spread her pussy lips with your fingers.
- Opens his mouth wide. I will learn to fall. Did you catch. And so you have time to swallow everything, I'll be writing bursts. She grinned.
They did not let me through the night. At some stations of the Light I went out and bought another beer. They came two more of their friends, and I was forced to serve them. In the morning I unleashed, self-assured, I will not tell anyone about the experienced humiliation.
- If there is a desire to repeat call. They said goodbye and left their phones.
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They occasionally throwing envious glances at my dangling member. Do not be afraid rebyatnya - I chuckled once caught sight - and you have such a rise. The boys blushed a little and looked hopefully at her and in my opinion not very small shoots already beginning to be covered by hair shrubs.
In the locker room came the wife, the boys shyly covered groin palms, I stood as if nothing had happened, I had nothing to be ashamed of. Come rebetnya - I pushed the boys in the shower. They reluctantly, glancing back at the already begins to undress my wife went to the shower.
Do not worry - I smiled - she's come here and completely naked, yet behold. Boys were red, I correctly guessed their thoughts. Slightly moisten the steel we lather. At this point, the shower went my wife. I have not heard her right, just for beginners to climb members nephew, I realized that there were changes in our lineup. I turned around.
Irina myalas hesitantly in the doorway, carefully covering her breasts with one hand and holding the second near the pubis. In such a shame it was just gorgeous! Steep full hips, plump alluring ass, breasts bulging out of their hands covering the light folds in the stomach, we admired her in Troy. You're just going to wash - I said, going up to her and pushing her to the center - come on, we move over, get up here - I failed my wife under the shower nozzle. The boys continued to stare at her, I turned on the water and Irina will not will have to pull his hands from his body as it is possible to wet the head faster. While she was drenched hair boys neotryvayas and using the fact that Irina does not see them, looking at her breasts, big little droop under its own weight, with large dark circles around the large nipples, Now they have been fully opened before the eyes of the boys.
Irina squeezing the palm began to lather shampoo hair. Boys continue to use my blindness and my wife neprepyatstvovaniem from all sides looked at my wife. Their members were standing parallel to the floor, I noticed as Andrew tries to sneak a little jerk yourself. Thoroughly lathered head Irina asked me to turn on the shower to wash. I motioned to the boys, they hid their possible excited penis and continued to wash, and then turned on the water to his wife.
Flushing head Irina took up the washcloth. Her first shyness has passed and it is as if nothing had happened began to lather. I went on to capture the views of children addressed to my wife. Here she is soaping his legs slightly bent forward, Dima immediately appeared behind her and eyed with interest now revealed to him - plump round buttocks and hairy Irishki chink between her thighs. Here are bent over a piece of soap, sagged down her full breasts, nipples staring right into the floor, that's soaping side, Irina turned to the boys side, giving the perfect chance to enjoy the smooth curves of her lush body.
Come back Potro - I said to my wife. On - she handed me a washcloth and turned back to me and the boys. Nephews immediately stopped to wash and stared at Irina. I gently moved aside allowing the boys to enjoy my favorite ass. Andrew has openly nadrachival your dick, apparently representing as it does my wife, Dima watching the actions of his brother, also began to stroke his cock. By giving them a little admire, I playfully slapped his wife on the ass, making her buttocks slightly tremble. Without giving too much drag on hiatus, I began to lather his wife back.
Leading washcloth on the back, I quietly made my wife more and more to bend forward at last she leaned even more put her hands on the wall. If only she knew what was going on behind her back. The boys stared at us, continuing to masturbate furiously. Holding his wife under the flank, I continued to drive a washcloth over her back. My second hand gradually moved slowly from her hips to her breasts, and then I was hanging boob grabbed his wife's hand. Irina looked at me head, I playfully winked at her supple breasts while continuing to squeeze the flesh and pull the nipple with his finger. Irina shook her head slightly and shot a eyes toward the boys, but I relentlessly continued to torment her nipples, becoming every second all the harder.
For Irisha biting his lip slightly shifted from foot to foot, my second hand with a sponge just moved and now either shampooed either stroking the ass wife. Second hand I in turn squeezed the breast of his wife. My cock began to gain momentum and at some point my flesh excitedly slid thigh wife. Irina again looked up at me. The eyes of passion and lust. I told her no less ardent gaze. My hand throwing washcloth penetrated between the tightly serried feet Irene and found herself on her hot little moisten bosom. Ira began to flow, climbing fingers between her sexual sponges, I felt like ripples begin its allocation.
We are now - abruptly straightened his wife said, and taking me by the hand dragged to the locker room. Covering us the door to the shower Irina clung to me - Michael, is it possible when children - she whispered passionately kissing me, her hands roamed over my body. All you can, and they are no longer children - I answered her - squeezing her buttocks, fingering vagina lips and swollen clit.
The next ten minutes we were totally devoted to each other. Resting after the first quench our desires, we decided to have a smoke. I sat on the bench, his wife continued to sit on me, hugging one arm round my neck, and holding a cigarette in the other. Sitting with his back to the door of the shower, she could not help noticing that what I now saw - the door was not completely covered her left we could see a gap of ten centimeters, and I knew exactly how and why this gap appeared.
A bit rested, I clearly gave to understand that the wife would like to use the services of her lovely mouth. Irina did not mind, and sat down on his haunches in front of me I began to fondle my penis her soft velvety lips and nimble tongue. I saw how the cracks appeared two curious muzzles of our nephews, I winked at them, they are emboldened endowed me with a smile. After collecting the hair of his wife at the back in a bun, and holding it, I have a few boys improved overview and hoped that now they can see how well my cock that appears and disappears in her mouth wife as her cheeks swell when the head of the penis rests against one of them. The wife could not stand long standing squat and knelt down, he turned to watch your delicious ass.
Seeing that I am helping them with gestures Andrew asked me to push the legs of his wife. Reaching out, I almost threw up his thighs of his wife in hand and began to rub the lips of her vagina. As my wife's movements actions became more passionate and impetuous, she let out a long time my cock from her mouth and closed eyes enjoying my caresses, I continued to finger her hlyupayuschee from an overabundance of selections vagina. After some time his wife began to finish, sodragayas in convulsions and clutching my hand between her thighs. When the reduction of the vaginal muscles stopped it just stretched out on the floor, lying on his stomach under his head his hands.
After giving it some time, I sat down next to his wife and holding her side, helped her to her knees. I fell in behind his wife began to fuck cancer, though not forgetting about the observers and trying to expand it so that she did not notice, and at the same time that the boys could see as much as possible. Discharges into it, I fell at his wife and pulled her on top of her body to the floor.
Misha, I was very good - wife shared her impressions. I, too, kitten - I kissed her gently on the cheek and licked behind the ear. Ira languidly stretched - is it still going to bathe - plaintively she handed. And you would have wanted it - I clearly tugged her hips. But you can not even now - she said - we already with you how many times finished. But there are still guys - I said, a little behind the wall someone has fallen by surprise. His wife, too, stared at me. We have created two more young members - I continued my thought. Irina continued to look at me in surprise. You want more - I did not let up - starting to stroke her thigh and move to the buttock. The wife quietly began to re-start. But Misha - she said - they are still small. You see - I smiled - the fact you have sex is not rejected, you just do not really like partners. The wife blushed, it turned out that it is easy to agree with me to change me, and the whole thing with just anyone.
In my opinion they are nice guys - I took advantage of her confusion and turning her back began to drive finger over the swollen vaginal lips, occasionally touching the protruding clitoris and forcing his wife languid stretch each time as my finger touched her lobe. Irina closed his eyes continued to lie and enjoy my actions. Well, because - I asked once by introducing two fingers into her bosom. Well, maybe you can - uttered by his wife, it was difficult to name just words, it was a pleasure and moan mixed with sensuality and breath broken internal confrontation. Continuing to fuck pussy wife's fingers, I made a sign to his nephews out. Those not safely emerged from the shower.
You will fuck aunt Ira - I asked them, knowing the answer. We - said Andrew, as a senior, but looking at the floor. A Th so modestly - fun I said - Come answer as befits a peasant. We will fuck aunt Ira - said Andrei for bolder. Well, that's another matter, convey to you my wife, I hope in good hands and strong members - getting up, I patted the children's shoulders.
Those dropped before lying Irina. Irina sat up on his elbows and stared at the boys' fun. Well, my young than rejoice - she took them in her hands sticking a stake members. Boys gently put his hands on her body. Bold, bold - I encouraged them - Fingered his aunt, squeezed her breasts, thighs, do not forget about pussy - I prompted him. Guys getting used to the unusual situation and emboldened briskly got down to business. The grip of the charms of my wife, they attach themselves to her lips, but clumsily wielded carefully tongue, their hands seemed to have visited all zakoulochkam my wife. And suddenly I saw the thing, my wife like she is about to finish. Lick pussy - I called Dima, he quickly moved and buried his youthful face between plump thighs widely divorced my wife. After a few seconds, Irina jerked in the next orgasm.
Dima, without giving Irina long break, brought his dick to her face - she now let me - he asked me. What are you to me something about it - I smiled - it Aunt Ira - I gestured toward his wife, who already began to open her mouth. Dima turned to my wife. Come here - Irina invitingly held her mouth open. Dima moved closer and my wife began to suck the boy. Andrew watched with a touch of envy as my wife sucks his younger brother. Yonder free - I joked, pointing to his wide-open pussy Irene. Andrew is located between the legs of my wife and grasped her hips began to fuck her.
Seeing that things went smoothly and my direct involvement is not necessary, I'm wearing shorts over his naked body ran out of the bath and went to the house. He ran into our room, I grabbed the camera and ran way back, I did not want to miss anything of what is happening.
When I returned, my wife already fucked Dima. Irina was a cancer on the floor and licked the limp member Andrew sitting here. Apparently the boy was discharged in her portion of young sperm. Dima huffing and puffing methodically continued to drive his cock into my wife. I began to take pictures. His wife turned around and asked me not to do it, but I continued to shoot. Irina tried to cover the face with his hands or his head turned away from the lens, the front of the boys tried to get into the frame.
Dima soon finished, but here is the order I rested and aroused by what is going to take his place. The camera went to Andrew, and he continued to shoot.
During one of the break we were a little pose for the camera, I was with my wife, the wife with the kids. Then, in the camera, and the film was over, we left not the right machine for half an hour indulged in pleasures.
Then we quietly did domylis and returned to the house. The morning of his nephews arrived parents, and they eagerly and with great reluctance goodbye to us left.
And now we sit with a nephew in our kitchen, after almost ten years, and seeing photos of the day reminiscing. My wife is already forty years a little plump, but has not lost its appeal of the magnificent forms, the lady in the room puts to bed our daughter. In front of me sitting matured, zamaterevshie Andrei and Dima, has created his own young family and drove us to visit his aunt with uncle. After the event we have repeatedly engaged in sex together, we then began to Irina so swingers, children in families adhered to the standard relationship, only occasionally walking to the left. But the first case is the most deeply sunk us all into the soul, as the turning as decisive.
In the kitchen came Irina - all Helen sleeps - she said plowing and throwing off the robe. On his wife remained thin transparent panties and bra transparent. Excellent - in chorus talked nephew pulling his clothes. Irina sat between their stools on the floor. Well, aunt, come on, suck a little - Andrew stuck out his huge cock. Irina began to lick his bandura. Rights you were Uncle Misha - he said to me - then - he nodded to the photos on the table - up member of something. Dima also grew stronger, he was completely different at that dvennadtsatiletnego boy imprinted on the photo, lean, athletic, he was already in the last year at college, I got married last year. And now these matured, strengthened and gain experience guys, man, fuck my wife again, delivering her maximum pleasure.
Over the years, my wife and I had accumulated a pile of photos and videos, and later, but it is the best and I believe these photos. We have a life had many lovers, but my wife has always favored his nephews, for Dima she was the first woman to Andrew, a platform for testing.

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Spring evening

Generally it was a half-breed, his father - the elf, his mother - a human woman. It is from her ... Laurent inherited by wide elastic hips and chest high full, plump lips and raven hair color. Any man who saw her could not take his eyes. She was the object of desire of many people, but not the elves, so important was the inner beauty. But her father got the opportunity to talk to trees and animals, natural harmony, agility and flexibility.
So running from tree to tree, she soon jumped on the small clearing and involuntarily cried ...
- Hold it! It does not reach the "City"! - I cried the leader of the orcs on his broken language that would be their victim does not understand. -
Damn, catch!
Production surged through the forest as I could catch up with it was not possible heavyweight orcs ...
- Hold it to the camp! - Decided the leader, and his five faithful start to come from the east and reap elf further west, where their camp was.
"Wow, what it is, a perfect body, more suitable woman human than elf, but it was the elf, weird, but elves, half-bloods no one has yet seen. In the fun stuff ..." And the leader began to draw in his mind what he would do with this poor child ...
"God, How can this be, since our forest -!.! This is the safest place on this planet, how could they get here unnoticed What to do ... Ha They shake me to the west, never occurred to them that is just there, and is my family tree ... "but here Laurent felt the magic field, owned or anyone else, as the Dark elves, but as the gods, they were able to come together, it's the same old enemies ... ... it's a spell Mirrors, that's why we do not "see." A moment later she found herself in a clearing full orkovskih tents, in general, in their camp, it was a strong shock. Here Laurent realized that running away does not leave and have already gathered to use spell portal to move to the city ... But then came over behind something heavy and smelly ...
She was taken to the centurion, and there was just one hundred ...
- In my tent, - only he growled one bruiser under two and a half meters tall and two meters at the shoulder, from it stank of arrow flight ...
In the tent they waited another ten orcs, apparently one for ten.
- On knees!!! - Centurion growled at the general dialect. I remained standing. Behind came Vdarili and knees, I fell, his hands were bound at the wrists and elbows, with tightened so that the skin was burning, and the hand numb ... breasts because they were linked elbows, strongly stood out through the thin blouse, which tore shortly. On tormentors looked two brown nipple was swarthy elf ... ... Tears ran down her cheeks Laurent, she had known what would happen to her, but it was the last straw ... soon cut off her gentle hiking her skirt, under which, too, there was nothing.
All orcs, and there were eleven, they took what they replaced the pants, their members were simply huge, each as thick as a calf an adult and about the same length, while the leader was more thicker and longer. Surprised, I opened my mouth, but I realized that I did it for nothing, orc snapped at me with such fury that his member immediately went to its full length ... I almost threw up, but the convulsive movement of the pharynx just delivered this freak pleasure. His cock was unwashed probably a year, when it last crossed the river ford, he smelled incredible, and I could not even bite a monster, jaws would not close, so big was his penis. He skewer me on his stick for a long time, until his cock swelled in me not just one and a half, and the orc do not pulled me right in the throat ... After hours later, my mouth went all the others, the bay's head, chest and shoulders sperm and who and urine that smelled worse than any gutter ... my knees ached and burned, numb jaw, tongue oplyl hands ached mercilessly and brush to the end of numb ... After that, I decided that from me will be restrained, and will quietly die.
But that was not the end, I was pushed in the back without feeling the support, I fell forward, and not flat, and, remaining on his knees. I buried my face in a puddle of semen, breast rested with pebbles and fragments of bottles generously scattered on the floor, my ass shamelessly sticking by opening green-virgin cave monsters Venus and unspoilt "anus", as it called people ... the centurion sent his club in my love arch and dramatically introduced its right to its full length. At first I felt - something came into me and nothing else. But then ... a sharp pain shot through my whole nature. Mama said that only hurts at first, and then come to enjoy incomparable to anything else. But now everything was different, cutting pain accompanied all acts of violence, bloody shroud carpeted eyes ... His head was terrifying noise and hum ... ... And the orc all sit down and skewer me for this club, penetrating deeper and deeper, but he stopped his dick swelled to epic proportions, and he pulled me into all that remained after they almost broke my mouth. Then I turned back, they all wanted to see my face and chest (lie was not very comfortable, stronger rope cut into the skin ...), and I saw that the tent was added rapists, some Orcs and Dark Elves. He looked at me, turned away to a fairly said to the centurion and to the general ...
- When you are finished, tell them to clean up and return to my tent ...
Dark turned and left ...
I leaned on the new tyrant, I felt that the rope broke through the skin on the elbows, bloody shroud became thicker, the hum in his head grew louder, the tears gushed from my eyes ...
Soon the Orcs become replaced one after the other, all in my head it started, I flew up - dropped, and so on without end ... Then everything stopped, I turned over from back to stomach, from stomach to his knees, but the forces have not been to even keep your back straight, and I flopped back into the pool, but not sperm, and a mixture of semen, blood and urine ... it was a small respite and eyes cleared, but soon it started again ... to see me again approached the centurion he sent his club at me, but went not into the vagina, and the "anus", remnants of the mind of me swept strokes pain, sudden severe pain that filled my whole body, and I broke out again in such a screaming-howling at what is not might be able to ... and meanwhile, the orc has not yet entered, and half the length of his gun, he briefly led a member of a young half-elf, and then entered it with the force of the full length ... Creek moved to wheeze and disappeared, heard was only a tight breath eggs sacrifices and claps on her body ... the centurion had finished and he was replaced by a new orc ...
This went on for a few hours before sunset, and then another couple of hours and after its completion ... on his feet, cut the rope, without worrying about the integrity of the hands, and led him to wash. Veli-bore her plain guards and they still did not get a juicy body of a young girl, so the road Fingered her from head to toe. At the river, where she was going to wash, standing aspen, through its branch transferred rope, one end of the wound on the branch, and the second ... Laurence wrung his hands back, and tightly wrapped the other end of the rope around them. Thus, it was suspended by the arms, as well as the tendon is not allowed to rise above the hands, than along the ground, she was in a bent position, and realized that the continuation will now ...
First wash her, but soon got rough hands to his chest and crotch, with broken nails fingers slipped inside his chest namyali so that they began to get sick constantly. Fingers changed cleansers, I began to wash the inside, and then with a washcloth into the hand came, I screamed, but the hand was gone ... replaced by a member of the first guard and the second at this time removed his hands from my chest and put his penis in her mouth ... less than five minutes later, he heard voices, and came to the shore of orcs fifteen, and what happened in the tent, have repeated here, but only faster. I am washed, and taken to the Dark ... In his tent smelled of magic, everywhere there were some powders and vials. In the hands of an elf was the staff ... I was tied to the four pillars that stood at the corners of the tent, so that I was left in the air. When my body released the ropes creaked, and my veins stretched under my weight is ... The guards left. The elf took a stick and one end touched me, and began to recite spells ligature, immediately the pain was gone, the bruises are gone, but it is replaced by unbearable itching. The elf stood between my legs and sent a divorced staff pommel my vagina, pommel was in the form of head of the penis, and brought him in, and I felt that once again become a virgin. But the staff went deeper, and I lost this divine gift, the staff came out and I felt again that in me something fused, and I again virgin, but that the staff re-entered, and again something torn inside, and the body responded wildly pain, and so it went perhaps forever. I'm tired of yelling at my lips stood out foam. Soon the elf stopped the torture, only to continue it again, but in a different way. He dropped his pants, walked closer to me, and introduced the term in the anus. His gun was far less orkovskih, but his body responded to his actions a new pain and cramps ...
- Creech! - Cried the elf. And in a moment the tent went huge wolf. - Creech, nikhtu !!!
Wolf led his nose, sniffing something, then came up to me in the front, I lowered my head and saw the stretch became a member of his bag. The sight riveted my opinion ... at first it seemed a red head, and then he began to stretch further and further out of his prison, that he has already exceeded a member of the elf, but he is no longer a member of the centurion, he stopped at this ... but what I saw was enough to be terrified. At that moment I realized that I made a mistake, not raising his head as high as possible ... Wolf threw his front paws on my chest, and made a sharp move his hips and his cock penetrated into my mouth, then deeper, then deeper, I felt that a member could hardly interfere in the throat and almost creaking goes back and forth, the jaw cramped, and it became impossible to breathe ...
Wolf soon accelerated so much that in the mouth was hot, he was long a member of pumped into me, elf had finished and left, and the beast still continued ... But there he stopped, and I hoped that it was all over, but not here it was ... a member of the wolf entered the full length inside, and stopped and his cock began to grow in size, knot tying began to tear his mouth himself a member - throat, jaw, I did not feel when something cracked, but the member and did not think to stop, he grew ... Wolf at this time trembling, twitching, causing me unbearable pain, but finally it was poured rapidly into my stomach, and he swelled to such an extent that the sperm start to climb out. After some time the animal came out of me, and then out of the tent, and I was sick, and as I was tied up face of the whole mixture of semen, bile and blood that oozed out of my throat, flooded, face, hair, chin neck, and I almost drowned ...
When it was all over, elf washed away with me all this stuff about me raschertil icon again and cured ... Then scattered around powders and began reading the spell when he had finished the air in the tent darkened, thickened and merged into a shapeless figure. The figure seemed to be liquid and fluid, flowed from one form to another or one without stopping.
- You faithfully served me, Vurnaad. - Dark said solemnly in Elvish. - Here's your card, do with it what you want. - Elf pointed at me.
A Vurnaad, meanwhile, focused on one form ... is still a liquid ball, but he grinned a variety of members of different sizes, some were increased and others decreased ...
Lump peret¸k to me, and began to suck me in itself, so soon I was inside it completely, only tied the hands and feet remained outside, and began to act ... Vurnaad members climbed into all the cracks and holes in my body. First, in the vagina, feels he was more than what belonged to the wolf, then the same entered in the anus and in the mouth. My body arched in pain, and bending, each time members were, and they were at the same time ... In the nostrils also included members of the smaller, but they still increased and penetrated deeper. After a while, I felt that my nipples something began to penetrate, at first timidly, then more deeply, and then began to swell, and the decided size of a small member, and also began to move in my body ... Even in the ears and eyes infiltrated small members. And they were followed and stomach affected by the last break. As I was dead, and did not lose consciousness, I did not know.
Dozens of members of the paved road inside me, and soon they began to grow ... Nipples broken long ago, in the mouth again something snapped and never ceased to crack and burst, eyes emerged, but I felt like members rub against the edges of the eye sockets, nostrils, too burst, and in the ears is constant noise from working there members ... members of the vagina and the anus did not cease to grow, the partition between them is torn, and they turned into one hole, which took, dick thick as a child's head, and he continued to increase . After a moment, the walls of the anus and vagina began to burst like a canvas, and the member that has worked in the mouth met that paved the way to the bottom ...
Vurnaad left, elf cured Laurent, her cast, the simple soldiers in the fun ...
First they came two by two - one in front and one behind ... But then they started and three of them - one in his mouth, the other in the vagina, and the third in the anus ... then they do opoloumeli and began to poke me in the mouth three or four member of the vagina as well, and of the anus ... it tore me apart, filling my chamber sperm ... When the morning all the orcs were filled, somehow I treated her, and bound so that I was standing on all fours (back along the ground, at the level of head butts), and thrown into the kennel. The leader of the pack was the black wolf, he jumped on the first Laurent, rear, as he is not yet back to enjoy. A member of his superior size of the centurion, and Laurent cried out in pain, which she has suffered so much today, that never dreamed of the executioners of human prisons, but not as she could not die ... Wolf walked the entire length, and Laurent felt that the member gets it to the throat. Again, the red carpeted blurred eyes, the foam has gone out of his mouth, elf howled ... And the wolf in the meantime continued to hammer away at it harder and harder, forcing a member of the most eggs, and when matings unit penetrated inside, Laurent squealed, bringing pleasure to those orcs squeal . Breast slapped her on her stomach, head hair was tied to a belt, so that it was hard standing vertically. With each thrust head twitched painfully. That wolf began to finish ... a member increased by half, tying knot accepted dimensions of children's head, and Laurent felt that it pumped liters of semen, almost splashing out of his mouth. Concha, wolf jerked bringing even more pain Laurent.
Soon he was replaced by other dogs, as my vagina was stretched incredibly, they could not enjoy it. And they began to enter into the anus, causing Laurent howled incessantly. So she went through five wolves that came sixth, one of them realized that his mouth open in a scream, too, is suitable for him ... And he did not hesitate to put his paws on Laurent sipnu and abruptly entered her mouth, once penetrated into the throat .. . it was not until the evening, and then she was forced to meet the horses, threatening to cause re-Vurnaada. And forced to lick everything, from the tip member to the eggs. Then the groom made her lick his cock and ass.
When it was all over, she treated her and dumped in the woods ...
- Five minutes later Streksa, he did not see the year of the female body, and the elf simply will break into pieces. - She heard behind the disposal of the centurion.
Laurent ran, raced through the forest. But home is not only the wrong direction, with such shame. No way. Here in the forest was the hiding place of her brother, where he hid his weapons ... She will go there and kill himself in order not to fall at least to the beast, which allowed her.
Here it is a treasured tree is still some ten meters, so it is a native cache. This hour I will fetch a dagger presented to the father of his brother, and all the shame go away, and the soul avenge monsters, it is finished with me. But suddenly crackled behind him, and contented growl big game. I was hit by something huge and heavy, and then into the vagina, tearing the flesh became a member, is larger than the thickness of my ankle. Member of the inputs and outputs, penetrating deeper and deeper. But the beast had finished and I decided that it was all over ... but it was not there, the beast turned me to face him, holding my head down vertically, and planted my mouth on his penis, his jaw jumped out of their mounts, pharynx tightened up immense size ... when the beast finished member has almost doubled and sip could not stand it - burst like a ... I do not know that ... and a few hours of an animal tortured me to meet your need. Why did not he tore me? But it does not matter, so he saving dagger, so he comes to my sweet flesh, causing the sweet pain, not the horror that I experienced in the tent of the Dark ... Here it pierced the heart and soul flew at great speed from the body of a young half-elf, releasing a huge force, concealing reserve immortal life elf and fury man ...
- What is it? - Zamnury asked, pointing to the glow rises over the forest to the east. - It is not the sunrise, it's too late for sunrise.
- I do not know my son. - Posted Livendall-Sornovsky patron Sornova forest. He strained his eyes. - Oh, gods, I feel a unprecedented strength emanating therefrom, such power can only arise from death elf, and then the force is weaker.
But suddenly, the glow increased, and there was a flash, eclipsed by the brightness of the sun, and if you look at the range of forces and the brighter, dazzling ...
A day later, at the outbreak site have found strength orkovsky camp burned to the ground, with all the orcs were killed on the spot, and the bones of the Dark Elf and candle his staff have been found ...
And not far from the camp found the elf's body, committed suicide, she was brutally raped ... It was Laurent, daughter Livendalla ...
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She got up, put on her panties, washed, and began to dress. The bra she wore specially to clothes loomed through the nipple. Classmates today invited her to dnyuhu. Despite the fact that she thought the boys in her class assholes, she still agreed to come. She wore a tight-fitting trousers, and green-striped shirt. Blouse was it is a bit small, so it was fun. The fact that she was in her that is necessary to their fourteen and a half she was not tall, but chest. I do not say too much!
big, but resilient, and because of that it was very low, she stands out, especially in this tight-fitting blouse. Pauline was still a virgin, despite the fact that she was a lot of hanging out with the boys. She wanted to wait a little longer before it becomes a woman, but she liked the way the boy looked at her breasts.
She went outside, came to a stop and sat on the bus and drove to the house Dimka. Pauline went upstairs, rang the doorbell. The door opened to her the hero of the triumph with his friend Max. "Come on, all the way already gathered, Ritka called it zobolela and will not come." - Dimon said. "Well, and dick with it" - Pauline thought. Hmm, Well, it turns out, at this party, it will be a girl among the four boys. She came into the room, sat on the sofa.
- Hey, Paul, how are you? You always like fucking! - With a smile said Lech.
- Hello, hello ... Hey, pour me some wine-ka.
- Without market - said Lech and handed her a glass of white wine.
Dnyuha went its way. Guys fun bazaars, pinned, recalled the history of the school. Over time, the two boys (Lech and Anton) sat down to play on the computer, and Polycom, Dimon and Max sat on the couch and talking emotionally. They had already a decent number of wine and it has hit them in the head. Pauline relaxed, chatting on severshenno fucking theme. Max of Dimon sat and looked at Pauline, and both of them were spinning in my head the same thoughts. They have long wanted to fuck her, and realized that this is now came the most good point.
The boys moved closer to it from different sides closer, in fact, "holding" it. She did not notice, continuing to talk about that and about this. Dimon hugged her and Max put his hand on her knee. Pauline was already moderately thumping, so she was already all pohren. "Let him undress" - she thought. Max, move the Rook on her knee, reached the stomach, put his hand under her blouse and began to fondle her breasts, which had been without a bra. Then he grew bolder, became harder to compress the small but resilient beautiful peaches, began gently touching her nipples with your fingers.
Pauline liked it, she did not think about anything. She hugged Max and kissed him. Dimon decided to act more directly and simply took off her blouse. Pauline was in front of the guys completely naked from the waist up. "Ohuet" - along both said the boy. They got off the couch, put in there and Pauline started four hands caress her body. Pauline beginning to start, she liked it, she even caressed herself. Guys caressed her belly, belly button, ribs. Then they began to fondle her breasts, fingering her nipples. Pauline has moaned, rubbing his hands over the boys shirts. Max relish kissed her passionately. Dimon led his hand over her stomach and crawled into his pants. "Yes, tochnyak, it went completely undress" - excitedly said Max. He undid the button on his pants Pauline, pulled them with it. She stayed in shorts. "Wait, do not shoot, let us until we deytsvovat differently." Gently put his hand on the pubis, covered shorts, put his hand a little lower, and began to rub the panties crotch Pauline and clitoris. It was wet. Paula moaned in full, as the last whore. "Yes, yes, let's, more, more!" - Heard a word from her lips. Dimon could not stand, and ripped off her panties. Pacanam presented her beautiful virgin pussy. Guys spellbound looking at it zrelitse, then spread his legs Pauline Dimon and the boys ran her hands back. The two of them caressing her clitoris, shallow thrust fingers inward. Pauline was flowing in full. Suddenly she groaned and gasped and her body trembled. The boys realized that he finished well, and it excited them even stronger. Dimon moved to face Polinkina vagina, and clumsily started to drive there on the clitoris language. However, Paula began to get even more pleasure from the class of what is happening, and began to groan so that it seemed to have heard the whole house. Max went to the other end of the sofa, took off his pants and pulled out his big dovolgo standing dick. He moved up to Polininomu mouth and shoved it into her mouth. The pose was a little uncomfortable, so Paula was not the suck it and vyunula tongue and began to lick his staratelno first only touching the tip of the head, and then completely. Max mumbled satisfied and Pauline went on his penis tongue up and down, oblizivala head, plucking language foreskin. Then pose little changed, and Pauline began to swallow his cock completely. Especially cool Max blissed out when the girl swallowing penis for the throat. Pauline had never sucked, but it is the first time it has turned out perfectly. Dimon also did not lose time. When you have finished playing with the language of her clitoris, he took out a mobile phone, switched it on vibration mode, and began gently dostalyat Pauline fun in another way. And Pauline herself so zashibennaya sucked Max, that he began to finish, not pulling dick out of her mouth. She began to swallow his cum, but he pulled out his dick, and finished on her face, on her neck, on her stomach, in her hair. Seeing as Dimon fun mobile phone, he said to him: "Yes, Che you soared, ok fuck it!". Dimon praised the idea, but the boys remembered that Pauline said she does not want to lose her virginity yet. Dimon leaned toward her face, relish kissed her passionately, and asked: "Do you want ??". Pauline, already experienced two orgasms, it was absolutely shit on her virginity, and she just moaned in response, which was considered as the boys agreed. Dimon hands caressed pussy Pauline, put the head of his penis to the entrance pussy Pauline, and with all the dope moved forward. Pauline cried, deprived of virginity, her eyes boil tears. However, Dimon immediately began to pump Pauline, and she again moaned sweetly. "Shit, bitch, come on, come on, fuck me, fuck!". Dimon moved it back and forth, bringing it to himself extraterrestrial pleasure. Then he began to finish it right. He pohren that she can fly, he did not it was now important. He pulled out his cock Paulina, and she and Max are reversed. Pauline began to suck at Dimona, and Max is completely shot jeans, the better to fuck Pauline. Then Max Pauline raised legs on his shoulders, and in this position began to lead his cock between her legs. He it is fucked, he seemed to be teasing her. However, Pauline could not stand it and shouted "Come on !!!", he went into it, and began to fuck her tightly, thrusting his big already a member as deeply as possible. Simultaneously with his hands, he and Pauline Dimon caressed his chest. Pauline moaned like a hundred girls, and Max all speeds up the rhythm and depth. He seemed fucked her for ages, but finally Pauline came, and with it, and Max. He managed to get out of it his cock. Because her legs were on his shoulders, he came to her on the ass. His hands smeared semen to her asshole, then he stuck to the thumb. He moved it up and down, then shoved her to have two fingers smeared with semen. They went a little tighter. He wanted to fuck her in the ass, but her ass is too much tightened and his cock is not got to, then he abandoned the thought. Dimon was finishing Pauline in her mouth, she swallowed his semen, but it was so much that she started zahlebyvatsya. Max at this time Pauline dropped onto the couch, and his lips close to her pussy. As he did not kiss her only and licked! Pauline all bent from the buzz, groan, beat his hands on the back, but he did not stop to bring her pleasure. In the end, she cried out with a loud voice, came. On her scream from the next room came two boys, who were sitting at the computer. First they ohreneli, thinking that they had glitches, but quickly recovered, unbuttoned his pants, began to masturbate, looking at Pauline, stretched between the two boys, and then konchile Pauline on his stomach, and, of course, wanted to repeat the exploits of Max and Dimona. What was it! They have tried hundreds of different items, Pauline even simultaneously sucked Max and Anton, at the time of Lech raped her pussy his huge by a dick, her pussy stroked its four arms, her finishing four members.
Pauline woke up on the couch completely naked, and could not understand where it is. Then she realized that she was at home in Dimona, lying on the sofa, covered in dried semen. She remembered the events of that night, and she warmed up in the abdomen. She reached out her hands to her pussy and began stroking the clitoris with your fingers. Faster and stronger, she even thrust her fingers inward, then found on the floor of an empty bottle of champagne, and began to fuck her the end itself. Her loud moans woke the boys, and entered the room, but that's another story ...

P.S. This is my first erotic story. If you like, write, and see another story of Pauline and her cronies! [email protected]
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Delicate reminiscence of the vagina Oksana

Grisha, the guy on the whole good, sociable and cheerful. He loves noisy companies, plentiful drinks, and, of course, to have sex with new girls. The only thing that deprived his god, perhaps, was his appearance. Huge, 115 kilograms of weight, a large, ugly features, he never evoked sympathy with the opposite sex. All his hideous figure, like screaming ... "here I am, there I a big one!". Portrait of Gregory (in the sense of a person), also do not represent anything good. Double chin in the 33, it's too much! A lower lip sticking out below the top, and in general made him "fiziyu" repulsive, if not to say disgusting. In addition, Grisha was disgusting habit of loudly slurp at the table, scattering scraps of food around, splashing saliva while talking, and drinking vodka, not knowing measures. Here, amid all these "advantages" of my friend, I am, of course, looked almost Alain Delon! Grisha soberly assess the situation, knowing deep down that no self-respecting woman should not go voluntarily under this boar, just walking, and "shot" of prostitutes. While I prefer to get acquainted with the girl personally. Caring, drive to the restaurant, sing songs to the ear, and only then, take off the panties with a new friend. In general, I like to "captivate" the woman, rather than a "buy", as it does my friend.
One day, calling Grisha, and invites to go with him to visit his apartment and get money for 4 months rent. In general, Zatar soda and cigarettes, we went to the 8-hour way to his car. On the road, I immediately drank beer, not to sit after a whole night driving. We arrived in the morning. Hardly having washed and had breakfast, I immediately began to call his friends there the girls. As luck would have it, there was no one home. The day it was a weekday.
- Okay, you, Alex, do not worry, the evening will pass to Karl Marx, girls take off.
It Grishka tries to calm me down. He is that! He was free as a bird, single. And I'm married ... of course, gone away for a few days of family, do not want to spend time so poorly!
- I know everything "fishing spots" - continues to Grisha - and cheap girls there, and beautiful.
Damn, well! That stuck fucking! He knows very well that I do not digest the spirit of "selling love." No, I do not mind the money, you understand me correctly. Sometimes, the girl is groomed to "fucking" during courtship ugrohat much money on it, oo-oo-oo !!! It would be enough for 20 prostitutes. Simply, I was probably a romantic at heart. I like the process itself, if you like, from "A" to "Z". As during dating a woman begins to unfold in front of me, as it gets closer to the soul first, then the body ...
In general, we sat with Grishka, drank a bottle of vodka (in the morning!), And I went for a walk around the city. Grisha also lay down to sleep, the night turned the wheel of one, the poor fellow.
Truant, then I look around and all have very pleasant to the soul. Everything - the same as the big cities are different from the province as well! Here and dress up very differently. Girls walking in short transparent Topeka, without bras. Nipples translucent, shit! And the ass white trousers, through which, again, shine tonyusenkie stripes thong panties. I hueyu fucking! I can not!!! From such a sight in my pants started to strain member. (I specifically do not wear underwear under the pants to be always in a pleasant, this, excited ...)
What - I do not understand in any way. Theirs guys that, impotent, or what? They are not even looking in the direction of these beasts, pass by. I turn my full head, trying not to miss a single skirt. By the way, if that skirt, then barely cover their shorts. So what if you suddenly have to bend down to her, then all will turn Manda on display. Shit, I was concerned, it turns out, when you live in a "swamp", it's like - you do not notice it.
In general, after an hour - other bespontovye such celebrations, I looked into one Bartschik miss even a glass, and, if lucky, get acquainted with some sort Shmarov. Look, little visitors, but two girls (?) Sit at the same table.
- Girls, you can sit at your table? - I I remove a chair and sit down without waiting for an answer.
- Look how many free tables, - it is said that older, 30 years to look at - we have our own, female conversation.
Second only a cursory glance, and reached for the ashtray, shake off the ashes. This is the second, I was interested and immediately.
In appearance she was not more than 20, slender, thin, and high. Just my type! Dressed in a short suede skirt, lifted her right now to the very belly, legs long heels, despite the fact that these very pretty legs ... long white T-shirt, apparently dressed directly to the skin, because, through her nipples stood out clearly . Long, dark hair to the shoulder blades, with highlights, great big eyes and plump lips completed this fabulous portrait. Naturally, I sat down, pulled up a chair for her, and immediately called the waitress. At the hearing, I said, something like this ...
"I'm sorry, girl, I will not interfere with your female conversation, moreover, if you like, I will be silent as a fish. Just let the provincial poor sit next to such beauties will remember Che on arrival home." Young even smiled and looked me over carefully from head to toe. Of course, the word "beauty" can be attributed to the second girl, only with a very big stretch. No, she was still Nitsche, so Speckled Hen. Basically, I "scrubbed" and sometimes much worse than this. But it was at the time a bad youth, when "work" on the quantity rather than the quality of ...
In my mind I wondered how much I will need to drink to fuck this shvorku. Apparently, her life is particularly shabby, specifically. His face and hands were procuration, bags under the eyes, whether from lack of sleep, whether from the irrepressible alcohol consumption. A short skirt, dressed in the same fashion, only opened tsellyuit at its full, sleek thighs. This lady lips were vulgar dyed burgundy lipstick, and opened a mouth full of gold teeth. Shit-I-I !!! What vulgarity!
- What the province live such pretty boys?
It is already interested in the older (zolotozubaya).
- Do not even ask. Not rash me Saher on dick.
Stupid joke amused both at once. A minute later, our table had already been made to drink, barbecue, salads, and other crap. I generously allowed to speak, and we began to chat casually, previously acquainted. It was found that the younger the girl, Oksana, come elder daughter, Mila. I'm clearly explained? In general, Oksana, was the wife of his brother Milin. She married in 17 years, and now, having lived with him for 2 years, already wants to divorce. Mila is also, incidentally, did not like his brother, just decided pribodrit Oksanka and raise her spirits. That's the garbage on the agenda. I, of course, listened with utmost attention, at the same time, not forgetting to add both vodka into glasses. Girls little drunk, and provincial jokes, then, I mean, me, became obscene and obscene. That, however, even more amused the whole company. And behold, I, seizing the moment, missing a hand under her skirt Oksana. She just looked at me briefly, pretending that nothing is happening. It inspires me even more, and this is already my fingers, pushing Area panties, penetrate deeper. Groping hairs on the pussy, then I start to look for a hole. Ba-ah, yes we mokrenkie! Here is a thrill. Darling, Nitsche not knowing continues to eat barbecue, and Oksanka lights a cigarette, only a little clenching its legs. I did run two fingers, index and middle hole in it, a large, at the same time, continuing to caress the hairs. Oksana even threw her head back, letting the smoke out of his mouth. It can be seen, it is a pleasure. At some point -So, I take out my already wet from her secretions fingers out of her pussy, and in her eyes, defiantly thrusting into his mouth, lick. Oksankin vision becomes blurred and it no longer eat anything at the table. She wants to continue. And Mila. What makes Mila? Mila fuck, climb under the desk to me between the legs and stroking my dick! So far, only through his pants. Wow! At first I thought it was, it Oksanka, but, no. Vaughn, both of her hands busy. One holds a cigarette and the other pushes to his ashtray.
I offer to go to another apartment, where we can continue the acquaintance in the "more" sensitive "environment". All - taki is a bar, music, people. Oksanka questioningly looked at the relative.
- Che, why not? Alik guy like a good, well-mannered. Only, "just sit" without it, ok?
- Of course, cute girl, what could there be ?!
I start with hundreds of full-Grishka to call home. Fuck, fucking in the mouth does not take, bitch! I called on one hundred square meters.
- Where are you?
- I'll be home in two hours - is responsible Grishanov, you yourself, where now?
- Where? In Karaganda! I've got these girls next door, ohueesh!
In short, I need to hold out for another couple of hours until the pig, Grisha, come home. Slowly, sullenly, I looked at Oksanka. She had spread her legs, and so waiting for my hand. In his mind, she realizes that we have sex is almost impossible when Mielke. I try to add a little more vodka Mile, in the hope of her drink the shit. But no, this slut scorched vodka does not take. She had unbuttoned my pants, and paw the head of my penis, which was already ready to burst with excitement already.
I think not so much on Milkin caresses, but on a wet pussy Oksanka. So we continue to sit, I'm running three fingers in the pussy soaked through Oksanka and Mila, caressing the head of my dick standing stake. Fortunately, the tablecloths on the tables of this place long, and can only guess that there is shuruet underneath. We rip up their activities, developed to pour liquor in glasses, but still raise a toast meaningless. However, after another fifteen minutes of our "seats" Oksanka only more tightly squeezed my hand in the crotch, threw her head back, shaking her hair, and barely holding back, let out some - the muffled sound vaguely reminiscent of a groan. Then she arched her back, sticking out his ass back so that my arm popped out of her pussy, and, straightening her skirt (that rascal, eh!), Lit a cigarette.
"It's over, bitch!" - I thought, barely a smile in her direction. Oksanka, not even looking at me, she began to pour the vodka into glasses. Darling like niche did not notice, but her smile, addressed to me, became even more lustful.
"Where is this scumbag?" - I thought about my friend Grisha, the desire is already boiling in me at all. The only thing that I could not imagine how I fuck off this bitch Oksanka if Mila will not fall asleep. We'll have to probably fuck first Milka, so the full program!
- Are you married, Alex? - Then asks Mila, is not the way.
- Cossack married, when my wife there!
This is me. In his left hand in my glass almost filled to the brim with vodka, right, I'm trying to skip under the table again in the crotch of my (?) Oksanka.
- If only your pinned not to look for you! - I do not know that they no longer like Mielke, the prospect to meet with his brother (and husband of his daughter), or the most interesting place to terminate this adventure with me.
- I'm toast! Let us drink to real men! Let brotherhood? - Milka seem quite drunk. His eyes clouded with the mouth does not peel off lustful smile. She did not hide his desire to daughter, and drinking this goddamn "brotherhood", brazenly bites his lips to my lips. Language it gets me deep in my mouth, the hand begins to caress my chest, and the second again climbs to unbutton my pants, I buttoned a couple of minutes ago. Behind her Oksanka sends me a kiss, and making feigned - pained face, inflate your lips.
- I want you, Zaya - whispers in my lovely, and my ear takes entirely into his mouth - you're such a sweetie ...
- I want you too, darling Darling ...
Stupid pun. It annoys me in it all. Her saliva left on my lips and ear after a "passionate" kiss her gold teeth, her hand again vlezshaya into my pants. Shameless slut! Hurry to announce Grisha, that's who'd fucked her with great pleasure! Moreover, this is free, so that is unusual for my friend. Milka, I think is now in such a state that he would give at least a counter - cross.
Suddenly, a whole Oksanka - then I stiffened quickly extinguished cigarette (ten, twenty?), And with his eyes only showed Mile input. She looked in her direction, he immediately removed his hand from my fly, and began to correct hairstyle. I also looked back. Through the tables, which pushed his way - the bull, growth under two meters, with short hair under a box, covered in a T-shirt and jeans. Well, you know, yes, this type?
The first thought that came to my mind at that moment, was the following ...
"And as soon as she was sleeping with this bull? ..."
Bull, meanwhile, breaking finally, natural obstacles, appeared at our table. He slowly and fiercely looked all seated, and stopped think why - then at me.
- Who are you?
I never cease to wonder at these naive simpletons. Their little wife themselves, on their own, so to speak, the initiative, reveal his crotch to another man, and they do not blame the wife, and the very man!
- Slavik, come on, do not make people laugh! This is my former classmate from the road - their bearings quickly Milka.
Moreover, she even hinted, "where we had previously learned." And the women! That crafty, huh?
- Do not bullshit me, my sister, you are again pulled by a Oksanka this whore and fuck with the guys! Did I goof?
I was tempted to say ... "yes you goof, goof, who else?" But instead, I lit a cigarette and called the waiter to bring another vodka. Gee. Look, it turns out, what are the passions. These bitches, Slavik and his sister shlyuhovataya little wife, a couple of guys go to shoot, and I still make a fuss with them. We had to immediately drag them somewhere - somewhere around the corner, and pull out all the holes. And here I am, fucking sing praises. Who is a real sucker, so it is here I am!
Here are some thoughts ran a disappointing one after another in my head. A Slavik meanwhile stood and bazaars with their relatives who, in particular Oksanka, not really want to leave my company. Oksanka is motivated simply and austere ...
- I'm with you not going anywhere. You do izobesh.
Familiar otkoryachka. Baba, if drunk, the bones will fall, just to achieve vzbredshey currently in their empty heads ideas. However, the bull is in any case not embarrassed, and he almost for shkirnyak dragged them to the exit. Finally, just turned around ...
- And you sit here, wait for me! Let us examine now what Th.
No, you heard it? SchA-ah! Shall I wait for him, ragged goat. He went on with his dick fucking household! The mood was spoiled in the end. I just poured the vodka decanter with a glass to the brim, and silly smile waitress, drunk to the dregs. The only thing that consoles me is the knowledge that I have, even if it "virtually", but raped two female relatives of the bull. Also upset that I did not even bother to write down a phone number.
So, the phone rings.
- Hello, Alex, where are you, bro?
It Grisha, pidaraz, announced after the fire.
- I'm at the bar, in the same way - I say sadly.
- Come soon, with me these chicks fucking ohuet not get up! Come on, do not pull Volyn, swamps here! I have praised your dick to them.
That fucking dolbaeb! He always stands only for us to meet other women, immediately begins to do advertising my dick. Like, he had a large and beautiful, and women love him suck. Here's a Neformal, my friend Grishanov.
In short, paying, I have twenty minutes rushed by taxi to Grishkin home. Hardly entered the apartment, I was waiting for a pleasant surprise. Grisha was sitting on a chair with his feet on the armrests (in gynecology, shit). One girl in panties and bra, sucking his dick, and another, completely naked, licking his point.
- How do you like the slut? I took them to the park.
What strikes me in Grishka, he can speak openly to women like merzopakosti. No fucking gentleman. Maybe he's right. But, let it be even the last whore, I always, first and foremost, to treat them as women. Maybe from me and they love it.
I briefly looked around the room. On the floor are opened bottles of champagne and vodka. At the banquet table Snacks (bonnet option). Girls full Ivanovo and spend their hard money. In Grishanov huge belly hanging in heavy folds. Such that his tiny smorchek almost lost in the folds of these. But the girls are real pros! One still managed to swallow it whole into his mouth and sucks with smacking. Point of my other all wet with saliva. It grinds the second language. This is completely naked, boobs hanging and swaying in time with the movements of her tongue.
- Come on Alex, join. I had already quit on each stick.
- Come unto me, Seal - says naked.
Her name is Marina. In the view of 30 years - 33 were only 27. Marina up from Grishka asshole, creep up to my knees.
And starts (for the umpteenth time that day!) To unbutton my pants.
- I have nothing against it, honey.
She unbuttoned my pants, immediately takes my dick in his mouth, his hands continuing arms shoot my pants. Yeah ... All the same, she began to cool. Professionally. I was sitting in a chair, pulls off his shirt over his head (do not want buttons unbuttoned). Marinka sucks. And how! My dick all wet from her saliva, she masturbates him and sucks at the same time.
On the contrary, in the chair, yelling Grishanov, taking in his mouth a second girl.
So, it sucks, then Marinka, and the other her friend, already swallowed Grishkina sperm, joins us. While my dick in Marinka completely in the mouth, GGI, (the name of a second), begins to lick my anus. She then starts to get his tongue, then licks all the crotch, while, from time to time with Marinko kissing passionately. In what - that moment, I can not stand this "torture", and abundantly finish, showering both girls cum. They both swallowed it, then start kissing, as if changing the sperm, visited every mouth.
GGI has removed her bra and panties, showing an amazing figure. She's a little younger than Marina, chest and stomach smaller sizes. Her nipples are large with the same large halos around. Hairy pussy, not tonsured, and with dense bush, lost somewhere - in the crotch.
- Come on, girls lick each - a friend of the vagina! - Grisha commands here.
He likes all kinds of "erotic shows". How many times have we had arranged with him such events in the sauna. And if I take back "his girl", Grisha dragged some - a prostitute.
The proposal turned out to Marinki with Neleus not unusual, and they began to kiss and caress each other's body. Of course, looking at it, I felt a new burst of energy. Grisha, too, sitting in a chair already podrachival your dick. After a couple of minutes of this spectacle, Grisha suddenly jumped up and down from the chair to the floor, just above the mouth to attach Marinka by a pussy, licking at the same time crotch GGI. In short it turned like a snake of three people, licking each - other. And if Nelka lay on her back, legs spread, the other two were standing on all fours, wielding full with their tongues and hands.
I walked over to the table, poured a full glass of vodka, and drained it. My dick stood stake. No lie. He should never have me at a right angle, apparently on the severity, I would like to think. Really, I will not say that I have it, and such a great (19 cm.), But with a very large and hanging testicles. Their I shave every other day, and pubic leave beautiful "Playboy" fluff in the form of a triangle.
So I slowly walk over to the trio, playing with these same eggs, and it occurs to me absolutely "think outside the box"!
- Grisha - I turn suddenly to his friend, - and it is possible, I've come to stick a priest?
I do not know what came over me, or a huge amount of alcohol drunk per day, or even four, but I really wanted to fuck suddenly Grishanov! I went to him (for his huge ass, standing cancer), and slapped her on her by a dick.
- You Th so, Alec, generally ebanulsya?
Grisha already rebounded from Marinka, like a scalded cat.
- Well, Che are you panicking, well, let me fuck you, - continued to "moan" i.
- Here you fucking dolbaeb! Fuck them! Vaughn, lay down ready pezdy.
- She ... Grishanov, I want your ass ... Well, at least suck or something ...- I think, I went to the roof already.
Here, too, girls in one voice began to persuade Grishku anal sex! Like, this is only at first painful, they say, his ass then gets used, and so on.
- You Th, whore, fuck were given something, really? !!! - Grisha started already angry. Even his dick hanging "on the floor - sixth," turned back into a tiny pod.
- Okay, okay, one, do not take offense, you do not want, as you want! And you, my dear, come over here, - I command Nelka.
She crawls into my lap, and a questioning look in his eyes. I put her on all fours, and thrust his dick to the entire depth of her hairy pussy. Nelka just started, and start counter friction to meet me.
- What are you looking at? Come and lick me szadi.- I already Marinka.
Tu did not need long to forgive. A second later, I fuck Nelka and Marinka settled down, begins full lick my anus. I then fuck wet, squelching pussy Nelly, then pulling, I stuck it in his mouth Marina. At the same time not forgetting to push your thumb (pre-moistened with saliva or vaginal secretions) in her anus. Kaif incredible!
After another five minutes, I pull out a member of NELKIN pussy and thrust in her own ass.
I did not even wait until she gets used to my dick and start to fuck once in its entire length. Nelka moans. Marinka licks my balls. From time to time, I pull out completely dick and spit saliva in not closing hole. Dick all wet from saliva with fecal traces. After waiting until the saliva trickle Nelkin merge in a hole, I'm back, "hands-free" to thrust dick.
And Grisha, has recovered from an unexpected proposal sits with nonexcitability views in his chair and fingering.
A new wave of orgasm drove me quickly, and I pulled out a dick ass GGI, immediately shove it into his mouth Marinka. Cum shoots even greater flow than the first time, Marinka almost choked by swallowing it. Nelka crawls out from under me with a view of the beaten bitch, and falls on his back. We see her sore point is not a joke. Marinka, drank all the sperm to the end, climbs to kiss girlfriend.
- You it would be better to lick ass - inserts Grisha. - Look, how it hurts. Marina, nodding in the affirmative, bends down to the hole girlfriend, and begins to lick her. From what Nelka a little wince. A few minutes later, however, it begins to like her, and she even podmahivaet tongue Marinka. Grisha is no longer "getting in position" just fit, and descends on both girls.
All good!
Currently Grishanov completely guts moved to the same town, and is now cohabiting with what - the young provincial student.
One day, walking through the department store, I accidentally collided suddenly face to face with Oksanka. It is, of course, pretended not to recognize me. Behind her, with full bags in their hands, and a beatific smile on his face, he dragged the bull, her husband. Apparently, they are fine, and they live a happy family.
Prostitutes from the "Karl Marx", I have not seen more. This is not surprising. I do not aspire to get acquainted with this kind of women.
And I myself continue to live - happily ever after in a provincial town, enjoying each new occasion to get acquainted with the beautiful girl.
Write, my dear, that's my soap ... [email protected]
We chat!
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The honeymoon, or group fuck my wife

My name is Anton, and my wife Kate. Us 35 and 27 years. I want to tell you a story that happened five years ago on our honeymoon. We just got married and went to Turkey for a honeymoon. Since we both finished faculty of foreign languages, the wife of this year, and I'm in my 22, problems with communication we have not encountered, we fluent in English. We lived on the sixth floor, in a room for newlyweds with a beautiful view of the sea. No sooner had we properly arranged, they knocked on the door. It was room service, the guy brought the champagne and snacks. He was a tall, strong brown with cunning eyes. I immediately noticed his gaze, obscene assessor.

He brazenly staring at my wife stripping and fucking her eyes. And she was not paying attention to my warning look, I flirted and spun in front of him in his new blue silk sundress, which due to its transparency over open than concealed. Through it can easily be seen standing erect small breasts with pink nipples, and her favorite little white, lace, tiny panties. While he was waiting for a tip, she clung to him with questions, yes, how and where to sunbathe. He slyly smiling, said, despite what she wants if you just swim and sunbathe, it is at the general big beach, and if you want to be alone on a deserted corner of the local coast it can show and even take us there. It was, he said looking at me with such a perverted smile that I even shiver ran. I looked at Kate and I gave birth to a brutal plan. We were familiar with Kate for three years, and before we met she was a virgin. During the time we met, we have tried almost all the poses with vaginal sex. I have a passion for her porn magazines and videos. And I notice that it takes more than just a swing and group sex. But as I have not tried to persuade her in the mouth and ass, she always refused. And so I decided, especially looking at her antics in front of this guy, revenge, or if you want to punish her, and give what it entails so. I decided to give her a group action. And this thought I was so hooked that I two days could not have anything else to think about. I got up at the thought of it. Especially seeing the lustful looks of men, eagerly devouring it on the beach.

Oh, and about us. I while thirty bank employee, with an increase of 180 is not very well developed musculature, (or when not like gyms, preferring larger volleyball, basketball), but quite strong. And she '22 have just graduated from university, a pretty blonde, height 170 classic waist 60, hips 86 narrowish little small, but firm breasts 82. In general, we looked good together.

And now I see how palyatsya on it guys, I remember her flirting with the guy, and thought how her fuck, brought a strange indescribable joy and excitement. When we returned to the hotel, I noticed the guy, he is showing towards us laughing, telling something to another guy. And I decided. After seeing Katya to number and saying that, right back, I left the hall. Immediately I find the look of the guy and went to him. Approaching, he decided to start his offer to take us on a deserted beach. He greeted me with a malicious smile, and my question is blatantly said he did not have one of my little wife. At first I was taken aback, even, and then decided to take the bull by the horns, and to realize our plans. And he asked, do you want her? On what he has pleased me - I'm not alone. I asked him when he is released, which would discuss the issue in detail. On it again, I was pleased, genuine surprise showed on his face. He said he was released after half an hour, and we agreed to meet at the bar. I went back to the room and found Katya's classroom, she was looking to hire a cassette with porn, where four men fucked in all cracks a pretty brunette, and with full masturbated. When he saw me, he began to beckon me to her, with frank desire to have sex. But as much as I wanted, I decided to get it. Therefore, ignoring her call, she went into the bedroom. Bathed, changed clothes and went to the meeting. Met at the door unsatisfied Katya, she gave me a disgruntled look and said she goes to the bath. And although I'm unsatisfied, but happy she went to carry out his plan.

When I went to the bar, it was not. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. He was late, and I began to worry about his plan. But then he went in the company of a guy (with a rather imposing figure and muscles), which laughed at us. They came, and finally introduced, the familiar name Achilles, he was a Greek, and a second Pierre he was an Englishman. Pierre was just as insolent, he immediately asked. That's what you want, what would fucked your wife? I'm a little embarrassed, I said yes. Then Achilles took the initiative. He asked me how I wanted to fuck her. I wondered, and said he did not know what they want. They looked at each other with smiles and agreed. Pierre already impatiently began to find out how this can crank out. We agreed that in the evening I'll order dinner in your room, and it takes Achilles and remind uninhabited corners of the local beach and offer their services for the delivery, but we'll see. So we agreed. Back in the room, I started the alarm clock and went to sleep. Waking up, I washed, and came into a large room, Katya ran in his underwear (little white transparent beacons and the very tiny panties, which first appeared in front of Achilles) I even stood up. A T-shirt clearly viewed chest and panties were so transparent that through them could see the clean-shaven pubic and genital lips. She was obviously angry and therefore ignored me. I decided to make a surprise for both of them, and so quietly opened the door, so you do not make a noise. Katya went into the bedroom, and I made an order, so that she did not hear, and waited. After 10 minutes, came Achilles, correctly understood, seeing the open door. At first I looked to see me alone, quietly entered. He asked - where the wife, I showed the view of the bedroom and said that he will have to wait. Kate could not sit long in one place and do not make them wait long.

Since we were in a cavern near the front door Katya came out, we did not notice and went quite far from the bedroom. At Achilles's eyes widened, but he restrained himself, that all would spoil either. Noticing us, Kate, crying out, plopped down on the sofa, his legs drawn up to her chest, spreading them slightly at the bottom, revealing that even greater overview of her shaved pussy. I began, Achilles Online Time to discuss with my order, he at the same time brazenly stared at my wife. Katya, seeing my calm response to her half-naked appearance in the presence of a stranger, bolder, and maybe decided to annoy me. She got up and walked right up to us and began to examine the ordered me dinner. Achilles, as we agreed, to submit to it, began to ask her as rest, as the sea. Then he began to tell what is a beautiful place, and if they do not see the rest was gone for nothing. Kate immediately excited about the idea, cautiously looking at me and began to ask, when and who to contact. Achilles with a satisfied smile, still in focus looking at her, he said, do not be no one to look for, that he will arrange everything, will drive for the most uninhabited beach, especially since he day off tomorrow, and he was going to get anywhere. I'm making a sorry face, I said that tomorrow I can not wait for an important call at work. Kate pouted once and wanted to leave. But I quickly corrected the situation, saying that she could go alone and do not turn gray as her in the room. View neighborhood swim. She immediately vosprjala, however, twittered, you can! I was raised with a member of the answer, of course, have fun. We agreed to meet tomorrow morning at the marina. In the evening, Katia pestered me with questions, I will not be angry if she goes, I as I could, tried to convince her that I will only be happy if she will hold a good time. I even offered to buy her anything new for the rest. We went down to the shop on the ground floor of the hotel. She immediately forgot their worries and began to choose their own things: skirts, blouses ... I offered to buy her a new swimsuit, she complained that the old out of fashion, but we bought it before leaving. I chose a few frank bathing suits, which almost none of which did not hide the body and snug in the most explicit field. I thought it would be against such frank swimwear. But she gladly chose the most transparent of them. It was white with small triangles top and tiny, narrow front and rear hardly visible. At night, Kate tried to thank me for a swimsuit, but I am referring to the fatigue, turned away and pretended to be asleep. She, too, turned and fell asleep, muttered that the pace will soon begin to change me. And I did not sleep all night, thinking about tomorrow. In the morning we got up and went to the marina, where we were met by Achilles. He took us to the big boat, saying that she belongs to one of his friends, and sometimes he uses to relax. We got on board, there was even three guys in the words of Achilles team members. I immediately thought of what the team members, handsome well-dressed guys is not a bit like sailors. Kate or anything, not knowing greeted cheerfully and asked her to spend a tour of the boat. I'm saying that in a hurry, and departed. On a nearby quay in a small boat he was waiting for me, Pierre. We had to get to your first Gulf. Driven away the boat, for a near the rock and hiding so as not to be seen from the sea, in shallow water moved to a small beach.

At first glance, it was impossible to get out of here except the sea. On either side stood in the water leaving the rock, and behind a few trees were growing and dense bush. The beach was sandy, and we bathed in anticipation hid behind a bush. Soon the boat appeared on the horizon. I'm all impatiently pressed to the ground. Because of the shallow water yacht anchored in thirty meters from the shore.

It has been seen as a boat jumped into the water two men. First ashore Achilles got a big air mattress and a basket of some things. He lay down on the sand and watched the slowly floating Katya. She swam quite close to the shore and stood up. While she went to the shore, my jaw dropped lower and lower, and Pierre dropped his pants and grabbed already standing member. Achilles even up on his elbows and sat down. Katin already swimsuit transparent water just disappeared. It seemed that Kate goes completely naked. Coming close to the Achilles, Kate noticed his eyes and looked down. She looked at him dumbfounded and tried to hide behind. Achilles in a moment found himself beside her said something, took his hands and put them away. I did not hear what she said Achilles, but Kate stood meekly, allowing him to touch himself. Achilles first gently stroked her shoulders, stomach and, unopposed, has prudently took to his chest. He took the nipples clearly through vidnevshiesya swimsuit and pulled them. Then he took it off and become a force to crush his chest, delay and twisting nipples. Kate winced in pain but tolerated. And Achilles, which entered into the taste, still with one hand to pull at his chest, the other slipped between her legs. Kate automatically parted legs. And I could clearly see the hand of Achilles, pushes sponges, burns them, pulls to the side, his fingers penetrated her insides. Achilles pulled off her panties and continued to explore the rough Catino body. I shrank back into the sand, when Pierre, unable to stand, stood up, stepped out of the bushes and went to have fun Achilles. Katya, seeing Pierre, jerked back, but Achilles grabbed her with one hand on his chest, and the other for the crotch and said something. Kate meekly bowed her head and no longer twitching. Pierre like a hungry beast pounced on Kate. Crushed chest, pulling nipples, so I thought it would come off them, stretched labia, so Kate cried out, trying to get into it all pyatern¸y. Achilles smiled and popped it into his mouth with two fingers, who had wielded in her bosom. He tried to penetrate as deeply as possible into her throat. She felt uncomfortable, she choked, but tolerated. I did that, not realizing looked at his wife, who did not allow me anything apart from the usual caresses and missionary position. And now she submissively endured rough caresses and distortions of his own body. Then Achilles, looking at the bushes where I was sitting. Katka He turned back to me, and spread his buttocks apart, showing flushed vagina and the sphincter ring. Pierre took her by the hair and pulled him down. Achilles took her by the hips, bend down and made for those struck smack on the ass. Pierre at that time so I was evidently held Katya's head by the hair and poked a member in the face, falling on the forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin and lips. Achilles settled down, drove his club for the rest of no small length Katina crack. Pierre, not to be outdone, said that she opened her mouth. When she did, she drove not too small dick in the throat. They fucked her with gusto and at the same pace. At the same time almost completely pulling out the members, immersing them in a full-length. I saw the small twitch Katya's breasts as her Throat swells from penetrating into her monster. Achilles, fucking her in the vagina, thumb developed her anus.

With yacht sailors jumped imaginary and swam to shore. Noticing this, Achilles went out of her pussy, and something said to Pierre. He also stopped moving and his hair straightened Katya. She saw the water coming out of the three already naked men and did not move. Achille and Pier paw her, showing her charms all newly arrived participants. Trinity came close, something one asked Achilles, he replied, all five of them laughed. And five pairs of hands began to tear the body of my beloved little wife newly founded. I'm looking at all this, he jerked his standing member of the stake. Sailed trio quickly mastered, and a few minutes later, Kate was on her knees, and they in turn inserted into her mouth. Then she put on all fours and began to fuck again in two bow. They have changed around, trahnuv it into the slot, he shoved a member of her mouth. And it is already moaning, she, licked and sucked their wet limbs.

Achilles is it allowed in a circle, her ass bored already with two fingers. Soon tired of this pose, she turned on her back, legs bent to the stomach and continued to fuck around. By the shore, not openly, moored boat, jumped off his four healthy guy. They quickly undressed and come to rest. My jaw dropped when I saw a member of one of them. It was a giant, his whole body swell of muscle and protruding monster about twenty centimeters long and six in thickness between the legs. I could not even imagine how it will fit in Katina small hole. Now the circle was one of nine members. And when his turn came, the giant, I stiffened. He slowly put his head to the entrance and one powerful thrust entered her at full length. Kate cried out and clenched her teeth, waiting for this one, did not hold her mouth. I could not believe what he was fit. Perhaps it was part of the uterus. Several times he went slowly out of it, leaving only the head, and abruptly entered the most eggs. Then he began to hammer away like a jackhammer. Kate is not clenched teeth, and she again began to shove in your mouth one or the other, then just two members. Gradually they approached (I do not know accidentally or specifically) to my shelter, and I have already deciphered some of their phrases. Achilles said something, and they have changed position. Pierre lay on his back, Kate put him face to legs and do her mouth. Engaged in the truest sense seriously. Taking his head, fucked deep in the throat, not paying attention to her gag reflex. One is too long to pull out a member rotating on it's head Katina, and it vomited. All neighing, and the culprit is laughing bowed. His place was taken by the giant, and with the words "let's see how Will you take it" slowly began to shove a member of Kate in her mouth. She again began to vomit, but he is not paying attention to it, he continued, changing somehow angle to penetrate deeper and deeper. The others stood and laughed. And entering completely, he gave her head and began to fuck slowly taking dick and quickly plunging back. Those standing demon business men began to be indignant, why are only two of its holes.

Achilles, without hesitation, changed posture. Place Pierre took a different man, and Kate has put a face to him and leaned forward. Denying her anal virginity took himself Achilles. I could not see, because Kate was sitting facing me, and his face covered one of the guys who fucked her in the mouth. I saw how moved forward Achilles, and how Kate twitched. Achilles oblivion on his face subsided then began to move slowly at first, then faster and faster. It was clear, he is constrained to not finish, but it is clear there were too tight. He stiffened, and pulled out a member, pushed aside all quickly ran to the face. His place was taken by another immediately. I saw a gaunt, but I seem pretty Catino face and poking her in the mouth dirty just visited her ass dick. She would not let him in and pressed her lips together. Achilles was at the limit and pulling his hair, forced open his mouth. He put his cock deep into his throat, causing Katya vomited again. Do not pay attention to it, Achilles took several deep penetrations and leaving only the head, he began to finish. Conchal it long, and had a lot of sperm, she did not have time to flow, and Kate had to swallow, so as not to drown.

When he finished, a few more times Achilles put his dick in her mouth and walked away satisfied. The vacant mouth immediately have buried several members. Katja obediently let them into itself, and the language worked as usual. Proceedings of Katina ass boyfriend lasted a little longer Achilles. And also ran across, began to cum in her mouth, falling on her face and hair. Then he said that she licked his cock. Kate has a big demon aversion to obey his orders. Thus, fuck her for a long time, only changed the bottom and ended some deep throat in the other open mouth and forced to lick her anal discharge.

The last came a giant and a sharp thrust drove did not expect such an attack Kate his dick in the ass to its full length. Kate screamed, but she immediately gagged to stop member entered. Giant, worked a little bit, so decided to change his position. He's not coming out of Katie, lay on his back and put it on top. The rest, without hesitation, lined up in her pussy and mouth. So it twirled a few hours, fucked in various poses, inventing their posture. Shoves in pussy just two members. Ends only in the mouth.

Kate was completely exhausted its head is just plain fun. But they did not stop, they took his head in his hands and "fucked", finishing in the mouth. And finally it put on all fours and took turns fucking broken-down in the ass and cums on her ass, back. The last giant as always approached and began to go rapidly to the ground, completely remove the penis and back to the ground immersed in the anus. Having finished the giant, he took Kate in his arms and carried her to the sea. I put the water and returned to the others. From the cool water a little Katya woke up bathed wash off the sperm and came ashore. Guys still little discussed orgy occurred, and began to disperse. Four sailed on his boat. Pierre went to the rocks, where our boat was. A three-Achilles "sailors" took Kate and swam to the boat. I quickly caught up with Pierre and we sailed at full speed to the hotel. He dropped me off at the hotel on the beach and swam away. I went into the room and waited. We had to wait for two hours, as it turned out, the men on the yacht decided a little fun. Achilles led Katia to your room. She is not looking at my face, I ran into the bedroom. Achilles all thanked me for having a great day and gave a bottle of excellent brandy. And, departing, he said, if possible, he does not mind one more time and fuck my wife. I said that I think about it, and closed the door. Going into the bedroom, I saw Kate, she was lying on the bed, buried in the pillow. I said that to her. She turned, with tears rushed up to me and began to tell in detail what happened to her. While the story of her face changed, it is displayed on the pain, the joy, the languor of the feelings experienced. She then smiled, then began to weep, burying me in the shoulder. I silently listened to the story and then asked - "and you liked it?". She looked at me puzzled and perturbed at the same time. And then, embarrassed, he asked me why I thought so. I explained that the story was not a word about her resistance, and the face was visible, what pleasure delivered to her memories of this. Even more embarrassed, she asked, "You're not angry?". I hugged her with a smile and said that if she liked it, some do not. Then we do the best sex during our acquaintance. I did all the things what so long dreamed of fucking her in the ass, mouth again and again in the ass in the mouth. It pleased me podmahivala and licking my cock. Then we were discussing and what happened to her event. I asked what she liked the most? She thought, kissed me and said "everything" to be their toy to fulfill their whims. Then, confused and wary looking at me, she said she was not opposed to its more races so fucked. I smiled and said that if my presence is possible. And that I even ask myself about this Achilles. Thus began our ves¸lenky honeymoon. There were many more such adventures. But that's another story.
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My adventure with his brother (23 February - evening). The final!!!

My adventure with his brother (23 February - evening).
The final!!!

    After the incident in the toilet, I took a shower. Throwing the towel, I went to my room fell on the bed and fell asleep quickly. I was exhausted both physically and mentally. I slept soundly. When I woke up, I realized that I have begun monthly. I quickly ran into the bath with me just flowed. Earlier in the day 5 for sure. Pancake on 23 February. Again, taking a shower, I went out in the room wearing his robe and bringing yourself into a more or less normal, I kind of went into the kitchen. I felt myself disgusting.

    I walked him there Vitalik not see past the room, it was quiet, I myself at home. On the kitchen table was a note written by hand Vitalik.

    "The arrival of Jack, I did not let you in. You slept soundly. I congratulated him on your behalf. We went for a walk. I will be late.
P.S. You're the best sister in the world! "

    And draw a heart in the corner of the sheet.


    I drank coffee. I called Misha agreed to meet at 6 pm. I told him did not speak of my days. Suppose that before the time is not upset.

    I went to get ready. From coffee at least a little rastarmashilas. Sexy does not get dressed. I was upset by these days, so that they are not on time. Deciding to wear jeans and a white blouse. Simply but tastefully. Especially on my ass jeans are great.

    I was glad to see Misha, I really missed him. I congratulated him, in response to heard as always nice compliments.

    We were ordering table in the restaurant. There was champagne, fruit and ice cream. We sat and chatted. Misha's so cute.

    - "Misha, what a surprise?" - I asked. I wanted to know what kind of surprise he had prepared me.

    - "It is too early, be patient, honey" - taking my hand said Misha. He looked at me with eyes full of love.

    I smiled at him. The poor, he does not know that I have red days today.

    - "Do you remember our trip to the cinema and what are you doing?" - Suddenly said Mike, still holding my hand out of his Misha said.

    - "Of course I remember" - I smiled and seemed even blushed.

    - "I want you" - he held on the palm of my fingers.

    I looked at him on the arm.

    - "Misha, do not work, I have red calendar days" - I tried to smile.

    - "Sorry, I was waiting for this day," - he became sad.

    I feel sad looking at him, I was very sorry for him. Misha was thinking about something his.

    Now I put my hand on his palm.

    - "Do not be sad so" - I tried to calm him down.

    - "No, it's okay, I'm sorry" - he tried to smile.

    - "Well, you want to go" - I got up from the table and pulled his hand, so he stood up.

    Misha puzzled stood up from the table and silently followed me, looking back on the road. We were heading towards the toilet, or rather I kept to Misha.

    Going to the toilet door, we stopped. I did not dare to enter, as well, and Misha.

    - "What?" - I asked, giving him make the first move.

    Misha shrugged.

    - "Come to us it will be easier to me" - he said, pointing to the men.

    - "I probably will, too, so easy" - I thought, but did not say.

    - "Come on and call me if there's no one" - I said it out loud now.

    Misha went to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I was standing near the door to the men's and women's toilet. It saved me, that was next to the female, and I did not stand there like a fool. A minute later came Misha.

    - "Come on, there's no one" - he took my hand and we walked together.

    There turned out to 4 cabins, urinals opposite. I giggled. We quickly went to the far stall toilet and locked the door.

    It was a bit crowded. I could not calm down and giggled.

    - "What are you doing?" - Misha asked. He was serious, but very much worried.

    - "No, everything is fine" - I tried to reassure myself and put her hands on his chest and began to stroke her.

    I pull down with one hand and immediately began to unbutton his fly on his trousers Misha. Misha looked at me, then I leaned over and we began to kiss, at this time I have professionally coped with the pants and slid her fingers in the pants, feeling he was not yet a member of the strained in his underpants. To break away from his mouth and looked at him. All the same, I wanted it all to end quickly. I was standing with his back to the door and sat down to his crotch. Mike looked down at me. I looked at him in his eyes was love, he wanted to and probably did not want me to do him a blowjob in the toilet.

    I slowly unzipped his pants and ran fingers there. His cock was hard, I held her fingers on it through his pants. Gently he pulled his shorts and pulled out of his pants. When it as I wanted at once. I licked my lips, moisten them and kissed his head. Michael put his hand on my head and I clasped his lips took her head in her mouth and immediately released. I heard a groan Misha. I picked up a member vertically and began to lick his length looking up at Michoud. He smiled at me, pleased with what is happening.

    Several times even walking up to the member from the bottom up, I took his tongue in her mouth and began to suck slowly, squeezing his lips and tongue playing with him. I heard Misha groaned louder, he began to move her hips to meet me, pushing his penis in my mouth. I continued to suck, taking him deeper into her mouth. Mishin was a member of the firm and gave me the most pleasure. I felt that he was in a hurry, his movement toward me made themselves felt. I did not release his cock from her mouth and kept sucking it. I accumulated a lot of saliva, but I coped with it with his cock.

    Finally Misha put two hands on my head and began pushing his head forward on his penis. I just froze, and he began to enter into me a member, moving the hips. His cock throbbed and became hot. Cumshot stream hit me in the mouth. She was hot. I began to swallow it. Mike froze, his penis was in her mouth at me and his sperm dripping on my tongue. I swallowed it.

    Releasing a member of the mouth, I wiped the sponge fingers. He hides his dick in shorts and buttoned his pants. Rose, Michael put his arm around my waist and held her close. We looked into each other's eyes. I thought a kiss or not. He reached out to me, as if it were read my thoughts gently kissed me on the lips.

    We quietly went out of the booth, then I first Misha. I Tolley made so quickly that no one did not show up in the toilet, or omitted, no one wanted here. We quietly went to his table, after sitting still is not a lot.

    - "And now, surprise, went" - Misha said.

    I did not even ask where I wanted to find out what the surprise and I was very tired from the day.

    We came to one of the 9-storey houses in our neighborhood. They went out, Michael opened the locked key, opened the apartment on the first floor. We entered. I already knew that he rented an apartment for us. Yes it was.

    One bedroom apartment, quite decent. With good furniture. Most importantly sliding wardrobe in the room on the wall, very high and mirror, fun, but with heavy doors. I immediately thought that it is possible to hide.

    I went into the shower and went to bed immediately. Mischa hugged me and we slept well until the morning. I slept very strong and I liked the apartment.

    P.S. Perhaps this should put an end to my stories. And there certainly see how turn my sex life. From the adventures I'm tired. But if something interesting is just to share with you.

    Thank you all who read my stories, comments and put the positive feedback.
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Irina started to wear a swimsuit, but I explained to her that you can not steam clothes, she will sit down, and that it is better to wear an ordinary chef's apron to cover their own nakedness. Irina little thought nevertheless agreed and threw off all my clothes wore an apron. Her large breasts that and look were ready to jump out from under the apron, its length was just enough to lightly cover the steep thigh of my wife, and I think everyone understands that behind it remains completely bare, its plump ass was opened, and a thin zavyazochki apron hanging between its mouth-watering yagodichek.
Ira already started to argue that in this form it does not agree, as in the dressing room already entered our workers. Oh, the hostess is ready - with one voice uttered them, eyeing my wife interested glances. You do not tushuysya hostess - said one of them In undertaking pulling off his clothes - all are equal in the bath and kings and beggars, both men and women. His words were not strongly encouraged my wife, but she still took brooms hung immediately went to the washroom. Men performed very closely to my wife, which took slightly shaking his plump buttocks between them.
Undressed and turned towel around his waist men went to the washroom. Well, Captain, do not be sad - turned to me one - and will feast on your street.
The men went to the steam room, and his wife became otmachivatt veneki, then to them as follows pohlestat. I went into the house brought two balllona with a cold beer, and climbed into the room, we took to the camera.
When I returned, muzhchiiny were lying on the benches and Irina alternately processed their broom. From the heat of his wife's face flushed, sweat streamed down her body as he ran down the back and soaking a cloth apron. Large nipples my wife were already clearly soaked through the material at the bottom of the apron stuck to the legs, covering almost exclusively pubis. Wife totally absorbed in his occupation does not seem to notice any of this, it is turning from one to another substitute the ass under the gaze of men, and when she bent over a little, I think they could see her crack.
Plenty napar men asked Irina turn and wound towels out all three in the waiting room drinking beer and a little cool.
While they were not there, I opened the door a little and shot through a crack in the entire process of the camera.
Hidden cameras, I like nothing had happened poured them three cold beers. They sat on benches around me, trying to catch my breath a little bit. Having rested and drank another mug for the men stood up - go hostess, yet succumb to the park. Irina got up and went forward. Oh, and good - one of the men loudly slapped her bare ass. To my surprise, Irina took it quite calmly, barely smiled and playfully slapped him upside the head. They have already disappeared behind the door when the second came back to me - listen to the commander - he began, and stopped in mid-sentence. Without waiting for his return I took the camera and was ready to shoot again. He looked at me in surprise, standing in front of the door with a camera in hand, I am no less stunned his return looked at him.
Ponyatnenko - finally reached it. What are you like - I could not think to tell the other. I do it - he hesitated a little, continuing to keep an eye on the camera - I wanted to ask - he again looked at me - can I fuck your wife - finally gathered courage he finished. You can, if she would not mind - I told him - and do not forget, I shoot - I showed him the camera - to see she had not noticed. The man winked at me joyfully and disappeared behind the door, careful not closing it completely. I continued the observation and recording of course too.
The men went back to the steam room, and Irina is hosted in pomyvochnaya rinsing water benches and poured into the tub water. That steam room opened and out of it to show our work, absolutely bare, without a towel on his hips. Irina in some amazement they looked at the men as if nothing had happened and went lay down on the benches. Irina again start treating their brooms, the men groaned, groaned in time with her movements. While Irina changed brooms they turned over on his back. Little standing in indecision, and seeing that the men did not complexes of its kind, Irina had no choice how to start ohazhivat them from this side.
As long as it is processed the same, the second man to whom she had her back, put his hand on her buttock. Ira slightly turned to him to express their protest. At this point, the first launched his hand under the hem of a short apron and hoisted her hand on her pubis. Caught thus squeezed on both sides, Irina to utter clueless still stood holding both hands on the broom. Men, meanwhile, not only cleaned his hands, and began to stroke her a little bit, one in front and one behind. front hand crawled between not widely spaced legs Irina and began rubbing her genital slit, and the second continued to squeeze her buttocks. Ira continued to stand idle, the manipulation of men she was pleasant, and it was seen by a little quivering lips and the eyes of my wife.
Put venechkom - I heard the voice of one of them. Irina as if in a dream deferred is no longer necessary in the side brooms. Take the best that's - the man pointed to his trembling gaining strength member. Irina slightly leaned forward and cupped palm member. The man removed his hand between her legs and began to stroke her hair. The second is to get a better access to the body of his wife, he sat on the bench and a hand parted the buttocks tilted my wife became the second drive on a little nabuhschim vaginal lips. Irina, meanwhile, took in his mouth a member of the first, the second giving complete freedom with regard to its kitty.
I continued to take my wife is in an inclined position and enthusiastically sucking dick one man, while the second was fumbling in her pussy juices flowing. Plenty of digging in it, the second man down in front of her bulging booty to his knees and buried his face between her widely spaced rolls. What started here. Ira began to moan loudly, pull your hips and bend, throwing back her head and releasing a second member of the first breath. We see the man was a great craftsman, as a minute later his wife had finished and finally releasing the first member of his mouth sat on the bench.
After giving it a little to take a breath and enjoy the sensations received, men stood on either side of her, sending its members to rearing her face. Irina hugging their inflated veined vein ends, it became alternately suck them, continuing all the time slightly podrachivat their hands. Climbing on both sides under her apron, men, meanwhile, crushed and squeezed her milking, one of them having got his hand behind her pulled the ribbon apron, spreading knot. Moving the apron on her back, the man continued to knead the tits of his wife, pulling her big nipples vzbuhshie or squeezing palms yielding flesh.
After a while, Irina slightly pulled away from their members and sitting comfortably invitingly spread her thighs. One of the men settled down between her legs, and businesslike hugging my wife, began to pump his cock in her.
After some time he had finished and was replaced by the second. Nawal all his bulky body to my husband he powerfully moved the pelvis, with the power of pounding your dick for the most eggs, slaps resounded from touching bodies and characteristic squelch oozing vagina.
When the second man, and threw his sperm to his wife, three of them sat down to catch his breath, still it was very hot and stuffy. Wife moistened towel in the stands next to the tub rubbed between your legs, the men asked her to lick their drooping ends, and that was done to my wife. After that, the men turned towels headed in my direction. I turned off the camera and innocently waited.
Outside, a man happy for a friendly pat me on the shoulder. After some time, it seemed to my wife. It has already resulted in an apron in order, and went out at once went to the beer. Sipping more than half the clubs, she sat relaxed on the bench. How beautiful she was! Steaming, freshly fucked, tired and satisfied!
After sitting so for a while the men went to bathe again. But his wife was left to sit with me on the bench. Without saying a word, she rose, she slipped off her apron and sat down in front of me on my knees. I just silently stood up and dropped his pants. Wife began to suck me passionately, loudly smacking and pushing my buttocks. After a while I felt that I could finish, and said this to Ira. She pulled away, I helped her to stand up and lie down on the bench. Located between divorced her thighs, I began to lick her pussy nabuhschuyu. Bringing tongue wife to orgasm, I located her and plunged his cock into her womb. She grabbed me with both hands and hugged. I began to fuck her, simultaneously kissing her neck and chest.
At this point, we left one of the workers - ie mine, and we were there waiting, waiting - he continued to look at us. Be patient a little longer - I said, turning her head towards him, and without ceasing to peck his wife. No, we're not complaining - smiling man - this thing right, useful, so take your time. He sat down on a nearby bench and poured himself another beer - I hope you do not mind - he said to us. Yes sit too - through the groans of pleasure stammered wife.
I first prelyudno fucked his wife, it served as an additional incentive, and I furiously pushed his penis into her. When I pulled into it, we lay for some time embracing. Then I stood up, my wife sat down on the bench and reached for a cigarette. Beer pour - helpfully offered us a man. His wife shook her head, but I refused. So we sat there, I drank beer, completely naked and Nestesnyaytes wife smoked.
Soon the steam room seemed to work and the second - and why are you all here - he said. Why, we sit drinking beer - I replied. He glanced at my naked wife. That, as if nothing had happened was sitting with her legs crossed and continued to smoke. She got finished his - well, that we go boys - she said toward the steam room. Irishev you apron forgotten - said one of the workers. Come on, why is it now I am - she smiled:
What happened next is probably obvious. The peasants again raped her Razik, then from two sides simultaneously. Then she came to me, and I have already been able to enjoy his wife. Persuaded her to have sex with the men here in the locker room in front of me, I did not succeed, but I am quite satisfied with what he saw and filming through the doorway.

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