- "Pass, undress!" - Said Denis thickly. He could not drink champagne, and Lena's not like another drink. And it was not only the desire that it now fulfilled.
- "Already undress?" - After Lena's apartment a tall strong guy.
- "Andrew, well, start with outerwear" - Lena, too, was not the most sober, but a little worried.
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- "Guys, you're going through, and I am now something to pour us." Denis went to the kitchen. Examining the contents of the refrigerator look meager, he stopped at the martini bottle.
Somewhere near the olives have to be, yeah that's it. And clean glasses. Now the most important thing is not shed, well, Lena likes olives, and Andrew, a member of ... .Denis stopped at the entrance to the room and watched Lena, being in the arms of Andrei timidly podrachivala his cock. They kissed hungrily. Andrew confidently stroked her body, penetrating under the clothing, Lena apparently liked - she sometimes breaks the kiss, throws his head back and moaned softly. At these moments, you could see the view of Andrew - hungry and ravenous. Denis continued to stand in the doorway and with an inexplicable curiosity, watching the scene. His girl fondled by another man. He certainly could imagine it, but to see here so live proved a difficult challenge for him. Meanwhile, Andrew saw Denis:
"It is already done? And we have been waiting for. " "Yeah, I am ready" - Denis tried to look natural and, putting the glasses on the coffee table, smiling. All three are surrounded by cold alcohol. Lena, trying to fix the clothes on her, finally took the glass and took a greedy gulp. A minute of silence was interrupted Andrew: "Well, we are here as if already started, and have a specific plan?". «And ... no, do you know anything concrete, we did not plan to" - Denis lied, realizing that the question is addressed to him. Thoughts suddenly deserted him, and he could not imagine that so restless react to what is happening. Suggest my colleague from the Department of Economic engage in group sex was much easier. Lena wanted this for a long time, but if she likes what is happening on the reddened face was difficult to determine. "We will continue until" - Andrew put his glass down on the misted glass coffee table, sent Lena's hand holding a glass of the same path, and then had time to lose the former member of its hardness. Lena did not resist. Second hand Andrew grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to him, they began to kiss again.
Dennis, meanwhile, stopped shyly look away so as not to feel not clever, and virgin eyes watched the scene. He recalled that previously told Andrew, "where and how" like Lena, and he knew that all he remembered well. Andrew continued to caress the breasts of his girlfriend through a topic, and then squeezing it tightly. Nipples becoming big and solid, manifested through clothing. Lena moaning in time with the movement of the new lover of skilled hands and is actively caressed his flesh. Andrew's eyes again filled greed. Denis was sitting on a chair in front of them, and every groan Lena swallowed biting martini glass. Glass was devastated, but Dennis still wanted to drink, he got up and, without taking his eyes off the pair, Andrew took the glass. He, meanwhile, withdrew Lena has enjoyed an unnecessary topic with breast girl: small, tall young breasts with large nipples. His large athletic arm completely covered chest.
Dennis immediately thought that to do so could not, he was less than his colleagues and physique as glimpsed a member. Getting used to the role of observer, he found himself thinking that looking at a member of Andrew, who hugged his hand girl. Yes, more and more beautiful form, but when he removes his shirt. Thoughts Dennis drowned in a drunken consciousness, he rose, staggering steps approached Andrew behind and tried to take his shirt off. Andrew startled, turned and looked at Dennis and smiled. Alcohol made itself felt - fingers lost their agility, but Dennis still managed to get rid of Andrew's shirt. Smoking! A sudden desire to cut short the desire to continue to expose a colleague. Cigarettes in the pocket, and where the lighter? It must be on the table. It seems to be seen, but there must be a match.
And whether it is necessary to think about hearing the moans of his girlfriend? Without answering his own question, he returned to his chair, lit a cigarette, took a deep breath and blew smoke toward the already lying Lena. Andrew was quite impatient - probably impacted the tenderness of his girlfriend. He laid her on the bed and took off with the remnants of clothes, began to unbutton her jeans. "Yes, that's it, there are now whirling white panties, I saw how she wore them today» - Dennis thought, watching the spectacle through the tobacco haze. "And underneath smoothly shaved pussy ... That's so rude ... and took it like to like me ... she never said she wanted so severely fingers .... ... Yes, yes, she likes to caress her small lips, and now must be careful to get inside, first one ... let him get accustomed to the new environment and start the second and then the third ... But no no, not three at once! ". Lena screamed. Her body shook pulses orgasm, appeared on the neck veins dark track, throws back his head, turning with a cry of pleasure moan. The ash from a smoldering cigarette pants fell to Dennis: "Oh ... damn ..". Gently knocking coals cooled, he realized that even excited.
Lena came, but she had never before so did not finish, because even early, can not be. Taking off his pants and shirt, he walked over to the bed and sat down, resting his head on her lap Lena. Once again, he examined what is happening with the new angle: Andrew smiled lasciviously, not paying any attention to him, fascinated looked at his fingers, which are actively penetrated into the bosom of the Lena. The process was accompanied by hlyupoyusche-sucking sound "ready" girl. Ah, how sweet - Lena learned to freedom of member Denis and began to suck rhythmically. Well, more than familiar. By changing the position, he started to get into her mouth. That's sweet, good, you like it so: and remove the knock member on the lips well, and back again, you're my greedy. The familiar process made him relax. Tender lips, affectionate girl, and that's so deep ... .ey not bite. Andrei, unable to hold back any longer, walked into Lena, she shuddered and rolled her eyes. Languid her moan of pleasure interrupted by sharp deep movements Andrew. He was so exhausted from desire, just pulled her tightly clasped his big hands her hips.
Chest twitching to the beat of his movements. "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, more, more!" - Has cried Lena. Andrew did not react already on your partner and trying to just satisfy yourself. Acting without much ingenuity he brought it before one orgasm, responded to the contraction of the vagina in a hoarse groan. Dennis, meanwhile, held her by the hair and tried to get his cock deeper. "Do you like?! Like ?! "- furiously I asked Dennis and freed her mouth to answer. "Yes! Yes! I want more! "- Lena said, choking with saliva. Denis was ready to finish and fill so familiar mouth of hot sperm. But no, it is too early. I am trying to reduce the excitement he turned his gaze on Andrei. Beautiful athletic body, glistening with sweat, his chest muscles tense up in time with the movements, mouth open, breathing loud hot.
That's a drop of sweat fell on the stomach of the girl. Now Andrew is not just a colleague from the Department of Economic and lustful male, which is rigidly fuck his girlfriend. This sight aroused Denis even more, so I had to just take out a member of rotika Lena. "What are you bitch, my affectionate" - suddenly said quietly and he again switched to the role of observer. Lena toyed with her nipples once throes of orgasm, which continued to whisper and shout. "How interesting. What was beautiful "- Denis looked to a member of Andrew, a high speed penetrating into the vagina. It also shines. Thoughts Denis ceased to exist in a drunken head, completely changed their desires, he approached the object of interest to him .... Andrew slowed the pace seems to impact fatigue, and maybe he just began to play along with his partner group sex. He took out a member. God, what he's great. Grated purple head slightly pulsing, dark red veins attached to aggression, big and red and probably solid. He said: "Come here." "M?" - Denis had put in his question: "Who said that? to whom? where to go? "and the answer by reading the predatory gaze Andrew and his smile, he was afraid.
"Nah" - in a drunken head is still not back thoughts, but fear abruptly took command. "Come on." Severe male confidence subdued Denis and he timidly approached. Panting Lena vaguely knew what was happening, because reclining posture she could not see how her lips guy a little bit touched the head of the flesh, which is a minute ago tore it from the inside, but she clearly saw the hand Andrew gently took Dennis's head and began to apply pressure . Closing his eyes, being in a state of intoxication, it is dangerous - the vestibular apparatus begins to not work reliably and orientation in space is lost, so Dennis realized what had happened only when Andrew started to drag his head back. "No, no, no" - the fear again took the upper hand, but he was again weaker this time Andrew hands. Sitting comfortably Lena began to pull at her clitoris. Skillfully working fingers on his body she watched with interest as her guy fucked in the mouth ... their new acquaintance. Interest - the first thing that occurs after the fear, she'd never seen or tried eagerly to catch every movement, switching his gaze on the Andrew then Denis. After interest may appear any emotion. It was visited by doubt.
Watching her gentle man, his eyes closed, trying to swallow a full member of another man, she realized that she liked him. Like. Even there may be more than like it. Or not? Her thoughts were interrupted by moans Andrew. At this point, he pressed both hands to his head Denis, plant them as deep as possible and began to pour out.
Morning came as usual with the sunrise. Waking up the first, Lena went to the shower and made coffee for a long time to stir the sugar, watching the movement of brown liquid in the cup, until she heard someone awakening. Let it be Andrew. Third, her desire for the last day to pass. He went into the kitchen and said hello:
- "Good morning" - he said quietly. His voice hoarse notes were no hangover.
- Would you like some coffee?
- Of course!
"Vote. So someone is awake "- the first thought is the beginning of the morning, Denis. Quiet "hello", a shower, "I also want coffee." Lovely morning conversation, anecdote, shared a frank laugh. Denis saw cause uncomfortable sensations on the chin - bite ... Lena bit him yesterday greedily licking cum streamed out of his mouth .... Echoed her words in my head: "Ah-ah-ah-ah even more!" And other details, which smacked of a hangover analysis. The memories were interrupted by the words: "I smoke", he suddenly caught sight of Lena - calm and cheerful. She winked and said, "Honey, you just eat something, you can not on an empty stomach."
"Good" - Denis said he loved to carry out her wishes. "And I have time" - said Andrei with a well-cognized landlords confidence. He did not object to anybody.
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As I had together. The story of the sisters. Part 2

I realized that I have no choice. I had nowhere to go. "Well. Try anything to fuck with those bastards. I got exactly "- I thought, took her hands from the pubis, straightened and took the glass.
- Well - I said - Where do we start?
I took a big sip martinis. Then he walked over to the coffee table to take a cigarette.
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- This is business talk - Paunch said, coming up to me.
I bent down to pull out a cigarette from the pack and felt belly hands took my buttocks and began to shake. I was disgusted, but I'm resigned to the inevitable.
- Give me a smoke, Boris L. - I said, straightening up and bringing a lighter to the cigarette.
- Of course, lapulya - Paunch plopped down in a chair, standing side by side. - Jura, where my brandy? - He said to the boss.
- Bear, Boris Leonidovich - chief gave a glass, and he sat on the arm of the chair.
- I want to look at the entrance to the cave - chuckled Paunch
- Of course. Nadia, come to us.
- I have not yet finished his - I said irritably
- So go with a cigarette.
I walked over and stood in front of the collapsed belly. For some time he silently stared at my hairy crotch.
- Turn around - he commanded. Another pause.
- Now bend over and spread your buttocks.
- I have a cigarette - I said, bending down.
- Jura help, push the her ass.
- No problem - the boss said, rose from the arm of the chair, came to me from the side and both hands spread my buns.
- Hmm. Pretty hole. Good work Jura.
- I try, Boris L.
- Well, let's see what's inside. Pass the soap? - Appealed to me Paunch
- Soaps, soap. So after Nadia? - Asked the chief.
-Yes - I said, and thought how cool it would fart in the face Puzanov, and suddenly felt his finger entered me in the ass, and began to move there.
- Not bad - said Paunch and pulled his finger out of my ass - Nadia, go, rinse your mouth after tobacco. I do not like to give in your mouth when it smells of nicotine.
I went to the bathroom, cursing. When I came back, the boss talking on the phone (apparently with his wife), and Paunch, a shirt collapsed in a chair. A small, but very fat cock (about 4 cm in diameter) hanging on his hairy balls. The legs were also completely in the hair, like a monkey. "I suppose ass too hairy, gorilla" - I thought.
- Come lapulya - told me gorilla - You see my friend is sleeping. It would be necessary to raise it. You work mouth girl - Paunch widely spread her legs, as if pointing out where I should sit.
I walked over, knelt down and leaned his head over his groin. From its eggs smelled disgusting then, I became ill. "God, how disgusting. He also cut off. Hebrew course "- I thought.
- Start with testicular darling.
Typing in a deep breath, I licked him in the balls.
- Well - muttered bastard - continue.
Overcoming disgust, I began to lick his balls.
- Take the scrotum in the mouth.
Opening the mouth as possible, I swallowed his balls. Hold them there for some time, and experiencing a burning desire to squeeze the jaw, I gently released them and began to lick the dick.
- In the mouth, Take - commanded Paunch.
I swallowed all of his dick as a whole. Thank God, it was not long. By moving his head back and forth, and helping himself hand, I felt like it hardens, increasing in length and breadth. "O God, and it is he wants to shove me in the ass!" - I thought, however, continuing to carefully suck his dick.
- Jura, stop talking. Turn to a minute her ass. I feel I have matured quickly - in a commanding tone Paunch addressed to the chief - to work, girl. You have a wonderful work.
- Graduated, Boris Leonidovich.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the chef took off his pants with shorts, then took me so well familiar with the bank anal lubricant and walked toward us.
- Come Arise Nadia - Just do not interrupt the process - he told me.
Not releasing a member of the mouth, I got up and stuck her ass. The chief took a chair and sat in front of my ass. I felt his two fingers pushing my buns and begins to lubricate my sfinker. Then his finger entered me in the ass and began to move it, smearing ointment on the walls. He pulled his finger again, said ointment, and now has slipped two fingers into my ass. "Beast, because he was preparing my ass for this monkey" - I thought.
- Ass is ready, Boris - the chief said, pulling his fingers out of the anal canal.
- I'm not ready, Jura - Paunch said - until he planted it. I then it will be easier to shove. You know what it is I have a monster.
- With pleasure - said the chief, pushing back his chair. He took my hips, I put an end between the rolls, resting it in the ass. Then, abruptly she moved her hips. My hole, accustomed to his size, opened, letting a member of the priests inside.
- Let's go - said the boss and energetically earned the pelvis.
"Horrible. I have the two of us "- I thought, continuing to suck dick belly. Since my ass well known member of the chef, who is now in her very soon I began to be excited. I earned more energetic language, and pushes towards a member of the booty, gripping point. The chief paused, giving me the opportunity to move on his cock.
- Enough. It's my turn to plant it in the ass - Paunch, I pulled dick out of my mouth.
I felt a sharp chef finally planted my cock to its full length, deep going into my ass. I straightened up, straightened his stiff legs. She looked at the fact that now I will go in the ass, and was horrified. In a standing position, it was a monster. Not long (about 15 cm, was chief 20 centimeters, when "standing"), but very thick. Moreover, a very large and thick head, it seemed to me, was ready to tear my poor hole.
- I have tired legs to stand - I said.
- Now rest. Climbs on a chair and stand with cancer - have I Paunch.
I knelt down in the chair, then bent in prayer, sticking out his ass, dreading that it is now to be tested.
- What type. I can not wait to plant your young man. Come Jura, push the these delicious rolls wide.
Chef came from the side, widely parted my buttocks, thereby not giving my point each decline. Then I felt something very thick and solid Bound me in the hole, push it, trying to break me in. But even for just ottrahanoy and well-oiled holes, cock was thick. He squeezed and squeezed it. I felt hurt. My ass did not want to let this monster inside.
- With Boris, not included, or does not admit? - I asked the chief, holding moved apart my buttocks.
- Go down, not going anywhere. Come You work backwards - Paunch slapped me on the buttocks.
- Nadia, help. Remember what I taught you - whispered to me, boss.
Remembering his instructions, I took a deep breath, then exhaled sharply, trying to relax the muscles sfinkera. And then he felt like a member of the penetrated hole, though quite a bit. Then I sing pushes in different directions, as if nasazhivayas him. And suddenly he found himself in me. Point ached from such expansion. It seems that it is now simply broken. It seemed to me that my eyes are now jump out of their sockets. Tears came from my eyes, and I groaned.
- Opachki - said damn Paunch - So we went inside. I told you I is not going anywhere. And you groan child, moans. It excites me.
- Splash Single Jura me brandy, and the throat was dry. Yes, and I have a drink while I work with her booty.
- One moment - said the chief.
Paunch took me by the hips and began, slowly moving member. For one, I was grateful to him in that moment, he did not make any sudden movements, giving my the hole to get used to the size of his penis. Came the chief with a glass of cognac. Paunch removed one hand from the hip.
- Nadia, you can splash something? - Sympathetically I asked the chief.
Keeping his head on hand, I shook her to her, making it clear that I do not need anything that I now just not up to it.
The phone rang and the chef picked up the phone ....
- Yes, I'm at work. With whom? With Boris L.. Yes. I will? About two hours later. Bye. Wife - as if apologizing, he said.
Paunch continued to fuck my poor ass, without increasing the tempo. He slowly, slid member, especially without straining. Gradually, I began to feel that hole is getting used to the size of his penis, and I was no longer as painful as it was in the beginning.
- Yura! - He said to the chief - Do it to us together time! Your still standing.
- There is little Boris.
- Well, let her suck. She is doing well.
- Now.
The chief came up to me.
- Nadya. Raised - he said.
I looked up and leaned on his elbows. At this time, he Paunches me going into his monster to the entire length, so that I could feel his balls rested my buns. It was very painful. I gasped from the voltage in the ass. Then he leaned on his hands and turned her head. Chef standing next to me, holding a cock in his hand.
I opened my mouth, and he put back his appendix.
- Pick it up baby - he said poddrachivaya arm member.
I earned a language.
- Clever - said the boss.
Member swollen Quickly enough, grew up and became hard in my mouth, thanks to my diligence and the fact that his boss Drach to the beat of my movements of the head.
- I'm ready, Boris - he said - How are you?
- Jura, you know me. I still can fuck in the ass for half an hour. Especially in such a wonderful perdyulnichek. I am no longer young, Jura. I'm in no hurry.
"Damn sex maniac. I'd rather you'd already finished. How can I tolerate your abuse "- I thought.
- Are you ready, Yura? - I asked the gorilla
- Ready, Boris.
Paunch reintroduced member of my full length. Then, slowly pulled it out. I felt an extraordinary relief in the pelvic area. Paunch two fingers spread my buttocks.
- Now that's a cave as cave - he said, admiring the work of its members.
I knew what he meant, as felt, as disclosed my miserable hole.
- Get up, go to the Jura - Paunch slapped me on the ass.
I stood up and unwittingly tried to compress the walls of the anus. To my surprise, he did not shrink. Thick dick belly is so expanded and loosened it, I could not do it. I turned and saw the chief reclining in another large chair. He was in the same unbuttoned white shirt, legs extended and wide apart. In one hand he held a glass of brandy, the other masturbate his penis. And this is our coolest boss, whom all fear! Despite the pain and all through what I have gone, and that I was waiting to come, I laughed. Chef with surprise looked at me.
- Right Girl - Paunch said - we must look at all with humor. Now sit down a minute, dear, Yuri on dick.
Laughter gives me strength. Still giggling, I went to the boss.
- Climbs on a chair and sit on it - the chief ordered.
I climbed up and stood on his knees, clutching legs bent thigh chief.
- Ass to sit down? - I asked with malice.
- Pussy. Ass for another member - said the chief.
- Well, by a pussy so by a pussy.
I suddenly remembered that he had a pussy me only once, at the first, but not to orgasm as instantly switched to the priest. I dropped her vagina exposed penis, giving him completely immersed in me. Chef suddenly took me by the shoulders and pulled her close. I understood what he wants, and tried to stick out the ass before. The chief held out his arms, took me by the buttocks and spread them widely.
- Boris, come in - he said Puzanov, sliding member in my vagina.
- I went Jura.
Member of the belly rested against me in the hole and, almost without opposition, came to me in the ass. Then he began to move in it. "God, I have a two-hole" - I thought, feeling almost a fixed term in the pussy, and rhythmically moving member of the pope. I was hurt, but at the same time, it was somehow unusual. Nothing like I have not tried. I suddenly began to wind up, feeling the approach of orgasm. I sing pushes toward a member in my anus, while feeling the movement of the member into the vagina. The pain has gone somewhere when approaching orgasm.
- A girl like - Paunch said, just standing, giving me the most moving on his cock.
I groaned and came. Exhausted, I almost fell on the chief's chest, still feel both terms in their holes.
-She finished - said the boss.
- But we still do not have. And so not over. Give now separately.
- Are you where you want it to end? - Once again I asked the chief.
- I Yura, their preferences do not change. Once I started in the ass, and to finish - Paunch said, taking out a member of my anusa.- And you do not want after I finished it in the ass?
- Well, after you, I have nothing to do there. And it's not worth it in the ass to do a cocktail of sperm. Cum in mouth - said the chief.
- Get up Nadia. To be continued - he said to me.
With some difficulty, feeling very relaxed, in the hips and legs, I stood up. Legs slightly trembling.
- Do not relax lapulya 'said Paunch - We need to bring it to the finish.
- My legs do not hold - I told him.
- Nothing, baby. They do not need you now. Lie down on your back in a chair.
Realizing that talking about something useless, I went to bed.
- Jura, help support her legs, and then the girl overzealous, getting two members at a time.
- Raised his legs - the chief said, coming from the side.
He took my legs, lifted them not pushing and holding the ankles, knees almost pressed against my chest. Paunch went to my priest, a member of my sighting point.
- Lapulya, push the buttocks.
Reaching hands, I took myself for buns and spread them as widely as possible, recognizing that this will facilitate member input to my point.
- Normally, Boris? - Asked the chief.
- At most times of Jura. Hold her legs - said the gorilla.
At this time, a member easily entered me in the ass, began to move in me, all speeding and speeding. It took no more than three minutes when Paunch difficult breathing, slowed down, and now, I planted a leisurely, but very deep, so to speak "on the eggs." Finally, I felt his monster began twitching in convulsions. Then he froze, fully entered into me.
- Oh, well - Paunch muttered, pulling out a member of my priests.
- Jura, empty it, and you lapulya kneel - he commanded.
I knelt down. Realizing what they want from me, I opened my mouth and stuck to a member of the belly. Carefully he earned the tongue and lips, moving his head. I felt like sperm slowly began to flow out of my anus.
- All. Enough - half a minute later put an end Paunch - ka I drink brandy. Jura, it's all yours.
Chef reclined in his chair, sipping brandy.
- Come here - demanded, turning to me.
When I came, I commanded
- Bend over and show me your hole.
I turned to him booty, bent over and spread her buns. Chef a few seconds saw my rastrahannoe, all in the semen, point.
- This is a hole! Get on your knees and help me finish. Mouth of course.
Kneeling down, I began to do blowjob boss. I paunch with a glass of cognac down in the chair next to worthwhile.
- Good girl sucks - said, sipping brandy.
- Like my surprise, Boris? - Chief put his hand in my hair
- Highly. Wonderful rolls and stunning perdyulnichek. It was nice to shove. Thanks to Jura. Your question I decide positively.
"That bastard" - I thought about the boss, continuing to suck hard. I suddenly had a desire to bite off his penis.
- You leave me the keys to the office. I think that while you're there, in Germany, hleschesh beer with schnapps, I popolzuyutsya Nadyushinoy ass services.
- No problem, Boris - chief replied straining.
His cock twitched and sperm gushed into my mouth. Chef blissfully threw back his head.
-Clever - he said, stroking my hair.
Pulled out a member of my mouth, I got up.
- Go, pomoysya, I'll pour you a martini.
In the toilet I carefully washed her ass, trying to completely release it from the belly ... sperm. Then thoroughly rinse your mouth. When I came out, they were dressed, and now sat together on the couch, looking at me.
- Come-ka Nadia, and show us the point - said the boss.
Already knowing what is required of me, I went, she turned to him backwards, bent over and spread her buttocks.
- Well, Yura? - I asked Paunch.
- Now her hole no dick is not terrible - said the chief.
- Drink martinis and dressed. My driver will take you home - the chief said, turning to me.
- Lapulya, we'll see each other again. For such an ass once communication with my cock is not too much - I smiled Paunch.
When I went to the door dressed in a reception, chef came out of the office after me.
- Do not be mad, honey. Try to avoid this monster, otherwise, I do not envy your ass. Life is a complicated thing. So it was necessary.
- That you needed - the evil I said, and headed for the exit, feeling on his back reproachful glance guard.
The story comes to an end. That was then, this is from the category of group sex. Frankly, Paunch had me in the priest four times. And not only him. But that is another story.
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Hungry soldiers

I lay in a military hospital, an acquaintance arranged for examination. The ward was 9 more soldiers komissovanyh for various reasons. To me almost every day came, my young wife Galya. It was her then 25 years old, of medium height with a plump figure, lush ass and a small elastic breast. When it came to the whole house and devoured her eyes, she blushed with embarrassment, but tolerated.
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February 23 we celebrated directly in the ward bosses have parted and we bought vodka and soon already quite tipsy lay on the beds and smoking.
- Wife fucking you - I said Oleg - Butt and there are no words.
The whole house laughed and I nodded ... and suddenly came to the House of Galia.
- ! Congratulations to all of you boys That you brought tasty - she said, and put food on the table and a couple of bottles of vodka. All happily cheered and jumped on it all, throwing greedy eyes on my wife. I went out with her in the corridor, we hug, and I sent her home. But I went to the House as a whole needed to use the toilet, and I especially did not hesitate over tim sat at the window watching Galya will go out. After 5 minutes, she came out and I decided to go down. At the entrance it too, was not, and Doorman said that nobody came. I went back and saw in the hall of one of the "own" soldiers setting the laundry. I quietly walked behind him. It was dark, and from the back room, I heard a noise. There was an old large pantry and I carefully looked back around the corner ...
... Galya was sitting completely naked in a chair with tied to the railing and legs wide apart, his hands were tied behind his back with a belt. Soldiers stood around her. To it came close Oleg:
- So our friend fighting. Now you are truly a gift we do - he said, pulling off his pants.
- ! Rodnenky Guys, let me go, I will not tell anyone - begged my wife.
- Of course you will not tell. . . how do you say with by a dick in your mouth? - Oleg laughed and took her by the head and pulled him poked a member of the lips.
Galya tightly squeezed them and shook her head, Oleg slapped her a slap:
- Damn! Open your mouth and suck! Quickly! - He ordered it - and not your husband in nature will need a doctor.
Threat podystvovala and wife opened her mouth. Oleg shoved to the penis and taking her firmly by the ears became rude to fuck. Stuffed almost to the throat, just stupid with some furiously fucked my little wife, not paying attention to her mooing.
- All you whore! You should be punished every day so! - He wheezed pulling Ghali mouth for the most eggs. This went on for about 5 minutes until it jerked, pushed a member in full length and with a groan swung abundant portion of sperm in her mouth:
- Pei bitch ... that not a single drop left! - Wife swallowed everything thoroughly licked his penis.
Immediately a second soldier impatiently literally drove his dick into the mouth of Gal ... soon he began to finish. He wanted to fill with sperm her face and pulling dick out of her mouth, he quickly began to masturbate him, and soon a powerful jet of sperm splattered on his wife's face. She did not open his eyes opened her mouth, letting go a new dick and immediately began treating his tongue. ... I watched in fascination at what is happening in front of me rape my wife, being in a stupor and I became a sensation that it's all starting to like. Thus we passed through her mouth, and all the rest.
- You'll be obedient, then untie. . . will? - Oleg asked. She dutifully nodded and untied her, gave a glass of vodka and a cigarette. After 5 minutes, they put her cancer and began to fuck with two sides, one in the mouth, one in her wet shaved pussy.
Oleg fell in behind and firmly taking her hips began to introduce his dick in her anus. Stronger pushing it safely passed into the ass, and continued to sink slowly into her hot insides. It was evident that the narrow virginal hole Ghali gives him great pleasure. He closed his eyes and began to quickly make your hips movement, moving by a dick in the ass wife. . . soon he began to finish, and twitched, threw the sperm directly into the rectum Galina. Suddenly there was a noise, and I hid in one of the empty rooms. They went our caretaker, a huge man of 50:
- Oh, I knew that found a slut ... and Come uvazhte old man - he said, undressing.
No one was against and he stripped naked and lay on the floor. His wife sat on him and he took her by the curvy hips began to descend on his giant dick sizes. Galya realized that to resist is useless, and stretched his hand to the labia, began to sit down on the hot slippery dick head. She was hurt, she bit her lip till the blood and groaned, but relax the muscles of the vagina and shaking his hips, his wife began to slowly descend, and here's this huge dick entered her body through. By helping her man with his hands held her from underneath her ass and helped to sink and rise, and soon they entered into a single rhythm. Then she felt that someone is attached from behind. This soldier tried to shove her in the ass his dick. . . . dick head put her anus, her ass spontaneously clenched, refusing to pass the member inside. She tried to relax the buttocks and anus began to slowly but surely stretch, missing a member inside. Galya her teeth, feeling the thick dick crawls into her, tearing at her insides. It was unbearably painful to feel a member of the two immediately and she began to cry. However, no one was going to stop.
- Shut up bitch - indifferently said Oleg inserting his penis into her mouth and then she could only mumble.
Each movement lowed piteously wife, her face in rivulets rolled great tears, but that only further aroused men around her, and they began to increase the pace of movement in all three of her holes. Head Equipment Manager froze for a second and Galya felt something hot splashed and flowed inside. His cock slipped out of her pussy and finished right behind him, and the soldiers with Oleg. The soldier put her on her knees and took her by the chin, put his smeared with sperm and her secretions dick into her mouth gutless. Galya habitual movement opened her mouth, taking the limp and dirty dick and began to suck him. After he left, I took "fast" and continued observation, she was given to drink more. She sat on the floor and looked at the soldiers' cocks sticking out from some unknown desire.
- Cancer slut got enough rest - ordered Oleg. Wife obediently got cancer. She immediately pulled, powerful thrusts began to fuck her pussy and ass, and her mouth was operating another dick. Little woman only mumbling and moving the pelvis itself already nasazhivayas to younger members. Then he put it on his knees and took the head of the queue for all otrahali in her mouth and eagerly unbuttoned nakonchal face. Next lay on his back, and his wife sat his ass on his dick, the other threw her legs over his shoulders and began to have her pussy, two more steel around her face and her hair winding arms took turns fucking her in the mouth ... one finished almost immediately and the second taking Galya his ears tilted her head and began to peck her throat ... she did not have enough air, but he paid no attention to her mooing roughly thrusting dick down her throat ... and he soon had finished filling her with sperm fucking mouth ... the other two put her on his knees, his hands tied behind his back with a belt and began to shove it into his mouth at the same time his wife two members only eyes widened in horror.
Zapihnuv half they began to move to the beat and after a couple of minutes later, her mouth next portion of sperm. She could not swallow it all and cum dripping down his chin to his neck and chest. In general, the soldiers gave her a wild carousel. They came ... took his head and stupidly fucked in the mouth ... let down on your face and make room to another ... pipeline has been launched as a watch ... when he was served the last of her line lifted and placed on his stomach on a table. . . so that his head hung down, his legs bent at the knees and pulled back to the belt ... already approached from two sides. . . ... one raised his head by the hair and pushes her mouth, and the other was arranged between the legs, hands parted the buttocks and fucked someone in pussy, one in the anus, pushing member on the eggs ... all of his wife's hole dripping semen and hair color generally turned into a wet wad.
Calmed down only in the morning, they untied her, silently got dressed and left. My wife rested a little something like a washed up and ran into the street.
I left the hospital after 2 days, not a word about what he has seen me, the more I do somehow gave pleasure as well, and his wife ...
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Black and white

Black and white.
I really wanted to have sex with a black guy. Meet and fulfill his dream helped me quite a sad case.
Thugs harassed African, and he hid in my block. As it turned out, the door was not closed, although we have intercom. Misha, as in Russian call it because of its unpronounceable name, was standing in the corner between the lift and refuse chutes. He looked depressed, and he was ready for the worst. When I appeared he took a threatening posture. I was taken aback, not cocoa aggression on my part against him were not.
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-What is it - I asked quietly.
He was silent. A couple of seconds we glared at each other, then he looked away, relieved.
-Skins -? He asked.
-There at home spinning, - I realized what it was.
He looked at me expectantly. The one I wanted, who saw in his dreams standing in front of me. I nodded toward the door. Misha happily followed me. After the door close behind us, Mike brightened even more. We went into the kitchen, I invited him to have dinner with me. He agreed.
-I'll leave you for five minutes, - I said, developing the event in the right direction to me.
Changing clothes at home, I put on something that does not just operate on the other guys like a red rag to a bull, shorts and a short-stretch T-shirt. Ass is covered, furrow between the buttocks invitingly and relief. As such, I appeared before Misha. Setting the table, I tried to touch his body, bent down, pulling out of the refrigerator food, so that my ass was always before his eyes. Lure as I could, and it worked, I was pleased to notice that he is looking for opportunities to touch me. So in this game we had dinner, I held his talk, glancing at his watch. It was late, and the transport is not gone, but how to get the main thing I did not know. But there is reason to look for a long time was not necessary. Sweetly reaching, so much so that I have something snapped, I nervously shrugged his shoulders, Misha immediately offered me a massage. My big sofa invitingly stood in the corner of the kitchen, I lay down on his stomach in anticipation of closer acquaintance.
Misha's hands were rough and tender. When he stroked and massaged my back, I moaned from the double pleasure, because he did it gently and yet, because of his black giant touched my outstretched hands along the body. Mash my back, he switched on his feet, it was then that his hands got to my ass. Michael squeezed her this way and that, pretending that massages the ass. I was on "cloud nine" with pleasure. We had continued, he could squeeze me so indefinitely. Tell him that it is enough to crush me, it's time to sleep. He got up from the sofa and began to make the bed.
I have a big kitchen, so as has already happened that the guests are sleeping in the room, I was on the sofa in the kitchen. Misha suggested to take a shower or a bath, gave him a towel and guest bathrobe. Bath I have a secret, there is a hole through which you can peep what is being done there. Maybe this is not good, but once it helped me, the girl with whom I wanted to sleep, saw tablets did not cough. Then it I become the norm, the last test before deciding to sleep or not sleep.
Misha looked at, I decided unequivocally: Yes! His huge black cock, almost made me immediately burst into the bath. Standing under the water jets, Michael tenderly soaped his treasure scented shower gel. By moving the hand on the little opavshemu member, he masturbated. Unable to withstand such a picture, I gathered courage, knocked on the door.
-Mike, I'm sorry I have to use the toilet - I said a broken voice.
-Yes, of course, - he said.
Heart pounding in my chest. Misha did not turn away to the wall, while in the bath curtains were almost transparent, leaving me to admire his extraordinary "farm." Sitting on the toilet, I thought, as I get him into the shower. I do not think of any that came out of the room. Soon came my guest, gown below the waist strongly bristled. Wish me good night, he retired to his bed. I trudged dejectedly obmytsya. In the shower, I was almost finished, when washing your ass, not only from outside but also from within. A stream of cool water touched excited mouth, which itself opened and admitted a resilient trickle of water. Swarms of thoughts from the most alarmist to the most rainbow floated through my mind. One of them made me complete water treatment quickly. - What if he had been waiting for me?! - I thought, hastily wiping towel. Ra sofa in his kitchen was not. From the excitement could not sleep, I was tormented by sad thoughts.
Sandman covered me with fluffy wings, when I heard the creaking of the sofa in the room, Michael stood up. He heard quiet steps approaching to me. I quietly rolled onto his back, spread and slightly bent legs, stuck out his ass and waited for developments. Misha long hesitated to go into the kitchen, she stood in the doorway and looked at me. Beyond that, he took a few steps towards me, stopped and waited with bated breath. He came closer and stopped again. It is separated from me only half a meter. we both were afraid to move. Realizing that he did not dare to myself, I began to act. Smacking, as can be sexier lips, hand began to scratch at first one and then the other buttock. Tomio reached out and smacked his lips again. Bear stood still, afraid to move, watching my performance seduction. Pull one leg to his chest, revealing a mouth excited, fingers began to caress his sash. Moor finally made a move in my direction. He quietly sat down on the edge of the sofa, not daring to touch me. I squirmed, trying to touch his body. Bear stood up from the sofa, but at the place where he sat, lay my leg. Bear was forced to change seats closer to me. Now I have moved up closer to him and put his hand on his knees. Guest froze and did not move. Without hesitation, I felt a huge hump on his robe.
My hand was on his cock. Gradually, I began to open and close his hand, massaging the head of a large Misha pepper. After a while, throwing interfering floor robe, clutching his trembling, hot weeding.
The head of the giant was sticky all the current lubrication. Foreskin absent. I understand why fat, Bear has not doused me stream my seed. The sensitivity of the head of the circumcision, men more blunt. The skin of the head rubs against the fabric of panties, coarsens, so they need more effort, that would be an orgasm occurred. Check it out my assumption. Release the head of his penis by hiding its protection. Wear pants, preferably not from a very dense and soft tissue. Wear them slowly, gently touching cowards head of the penis. Wear Panties to the end, and then repeat it all, but in reverse order. Pick up the intensity of the movements in it, depending of your temperament.
I was very pleased, a member of gradually filling with blood and increases in size, the heat wave warmed my flesh. Then it became not enough to get a fun, I stopped all actions, and waited for my penis is reduced to its original size. Start all over again, and so as long as my actions never aroused any emotion. After an hour or two after that, my penis is only slightly showed signs of excitement from my repetitive actions. About a month after the beginning of these exercises, I was able to go with an open head calmly, without fear of accidental ejaculation. My labors were not in vain, when I came across a loving partner and temperamental, which, among other things, has been vigorous "working" ass. Peach, that was the name of my partner. To meet my lover, had a lot of sweat, because his inner erogenous zone (a zone I call feminine, clitoris), the same place in the ass from touching that occurs sperm ejection was quite natruzheno.
Not if I had such a workout, I could not meet him, get to pour the seed, grunt, full of passion and bliss, trembling all over, look for that moment of touching, moving ... towards my cock. And finally, publish uterine moan, lie on the bed and did not move to enjoy every moment. How natruzhena was his ass, so I do not natruzhen was his penis. I had only to touch him, a shiver went all over my body counterparts. So when he in turn took his caressing erogenous zone pepper in my ass, he made rapid movement like a rabbit, semen erupted, and his cock almost immediately fall down. For the first time, almost went into me, my boy once finished, richly filled me with his seed. Only with the fourth time, enough of my ass rubbed the head of his penis, he was able to excite me, call me probably the same feeling that I called him. My friend is a little tired, and his movement have acquired a certain fluency, and my feelings burning ductility. I was trembling all over, and when the violent orgasm com rises in dense, slipped to a member in my ass did cool air, cooling the ardor of mine, but at the same time bringing with it a different feeling. The coolness of the air, and the heat of the elastic flesh included in me, this contrast is born in me flashes of other sensations wave passing through my body.
My lover, perhaps this is the artificial delaying orgasm also liked. After a few times of my slipping from his penis, he himself was able to understand, when I start the next peak of pleasure. Now he pulled out of my ass your dick, led by the head of the mouth popochki. He teases me that shied away from thirsty to get it off the pepper my ass. It turns me on even more and more. Until finally, we had not enough have a good laugh. Then, suddenly realizing that we can lose that -What furiously rushed behind this pursuit. I said that my friend is doing it as a rabbit, now it was a mad rabbit! His phallus began to move in me with such speed that I howled with this rhythm and came at me sensation. He was part of me, and all also served quickly and violently. Then zaohala and my lover, heralding an orgasm. This spurred me, I twitched, ecstasy and covered us with their mighty wave. We both moaned and trembled like a leaf trembling in the wind, merging into a single rhythm of ecstasy. As a result, he developed my ass, that I will not soon be able to properly finish. I apologize for such a long digression, but I was worried at the time if my ass bear another such test, though very welcome.
Misha groaned. I have shamelessly squeezed the hand of his phallus. In me was growing passion. Moor tumbled down on the bed, I sat on it. Stallion finally came out of his stupor and began to caress me. My patience ran out, my parrot wanted his huge black cock. Put his head into the mouth of the ass of the phallus, I started to sit down on it. I'm not scared of his size, I want it! The mouth with difficulty, but let a giant. Rotate the hips, extended entry in the ass. Movement my lost fluency, become jerky and fast. It began a mad jump on black with shiny skin, tamed stallion.
In the heat of passion, I never thought that would happen to me, only the furious rhythm captures me. He began to grab and Misha. His strong hands gripped my ass. Not knocking the rhythm became deeper thrust big cock in me. I moaned, writhed, and he stubbornly lowered me down, getting closer and closer to his scrotum. I stopped moving, trying to delay the orgasm, then my stallion under me he ran into a gallop. But even this did not satisfy the racing rhythm of my stallion. Not removing his black giant out of my ass, Mike turned me around and put the cancer.
Now it has become a rider and now desperate Moor riding a white horse, urging her sonorous slaps. As an experienced rider he ruled my body, as I wanted, however, is not causing severe pain. His cock deeper into me until my cry not announced that all black splendor came into me completely. Hair touched his groin had not lost sensitivity of the mouths of my popochki. Frantically breath, I gasped loudly and drawling. Taking out his giant ass out, he touched his head on my inner clitoris spent on it a few times, feeling the growing tremors in my body and getting pleasure from it. Stops moving, I pressed my clit with his cock, I felt within me like a hurricane stopped. Hand gently held my Peppers, I lunged forward, and he abruptly member pressed on my clit. I shuddered as the shock, spilling out of my testicles, apparently all that is possible, I felt physically their emptiness. But not only the eggs spilled seed, but also from the ass, wanted to splash out all that was in it. Only a mighty barrier prevented it from time to time. Michael jerked his body and drove his black giant "for the most do not want to."
Just a few quick movements and my ass was filled with a huge amount of semen. Misha let me go and lay down next to me exhausted our love jump. I have not even had to move forces, and I was cancer, trembling all over, gasping for air, from what my body ran light spasm, causing stomach cramps. From not to close the mouth of the ass, in spite of the position, it poured Mishkino seed. I just stood there until, Misha did not put me next to him again entered my ass my little reduced in size member. Slowly and smoothly moving member, plunged it into me completely. In this position, relaxing with a black member in the ass, I fell asleep.
In the morning I was awakened by the desire to go to the toilet, discomfort because in the ass Mishkin was a member, I felt, on the contrary, he has become an integral part of my body. He was comfortable in my ass and my ass nice because he was in it. Careful not to wake Misha, freed from his arms, slowly slid off his penis.
Again lying down on the sofa, Mishka under the flank, he tried to shove his fallen member of his ass. I did not succeed. Then I began to fondle his penis tongue and lips, after several minutes of intense but gentle caresses, Mishkin hardened member. So much so that I, resting his head member himself in the mouth of the ass, let him in myself. A few smooth movements buttocks and I reached his hairy base. During all this time Bear did not move, only when I leaned close to him, put his arm around me. Happy and satisfied, I fell asleep again.
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Tanya Toy. Part 1

Here is the number! Of course, I thought about this before, sometimes even want to try, but not yet on the same day, and even the three of us! Houses I insert myself in the ass candle, bottle and so masturbated. A Member? I think it hurts?
Sasha member ran into my anus and moved forward, but somewhere beyond and above. At this point, Kolya began to cum in my mouth.
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- Swallow! All swallow! You do like it. You are the best sosalka! - He murmured in ecstasy, and I really swallow and I loved it. Finally, my mouth is free, and all gathered at my ass, which tried unsuccessfully to enter Sasha. Showered with tips:
- Tanya, relax!
- Put her first finger.
- Wet dick, dry it will not fit.
It was a true observation. I was told to slaver Sasha member, then he licked his finger and tried to insert it Mnev anus. Finger quite easily got inside. For example, a member of the now ...
Wet dick went easier. Here in me head, that's even deeper ...
- Hush hush! It hurts, pull! - He stopped me and went back. Then slowly forward again. And so gradually entered into me completely, his crotch pressed against me. I reached up from below and touch: Yes, exactly, it's all in me, that his testicles between my legs. Sasha began to move, it really fucked me, not even fucked, fucked in the ass very young naked slut in front of two friends.
Lesch again shoved in my mouth now had two members in me in the mouth and in the ass! I again rubbed her clitoris with your finger, bringing yourself to the next orgasm. Sasha strongly grabbed my half ass and began to cum right into me. I finished almost simultaneously with him and collapsed in exhaustion on the ground. More from me now it was impossible to achieve, I was completely satisfied, I got what she wanted. Nick and Alex, of course, also like my ass, but I was so hurt that they spared me.
It was time to gather back, before leaving I gave only her shoes and was forced to go naked, dressed only allowed at the camp.
- Did you like it?
- Highly!
- You want to have a toy? - I nodded.
- Then we'll call you Tanka-Toy. No, better to Tanya-Toy.
- Toy, the evening came to our room, more play.
Chamber have quadruple, so apart from them to me would be more fun, and Dima, and their neighbor. Well, fine, but in the ass today, I will not give them more let heal.
After hanging up, I cautiously crept to the boys in the ward. I have been waiting and immediately began to undress and grope. Especially I am trying to Dima, who was not with us during the day.
- Tan, posossh me? - He asked bluntly. The boys, of course, everything he had been told about me. Interestingly, only to him or half the camp knows?
- Suck. - And clung to him.
They put me on the bed and Dima stood above me so that his cock was in front of the mouth. I grabbed his lips one more new member for the fourth today. Nick and Alex jerked off, staring at us, Sasha, meanwhile, touched my pussy and suddenly I was extremely pleased: he licked my lips and clitoris language. I twitched and moaned with pleasure, Dimka from it all there and then finished in my mouth, and I'm already accustomed to swallow his cum.
I begged to lick me still, Dima said he polizhet me if I'm in this to tell what happened today on the shore with me.
- I shared with the guys, and we swam ... I was completely naked ... I was their plaything. Then I sucked everyone in turn - I was ashamed to tell it, but at the same time and very pleasant. And Dima really licking my pussy. So he pulled away from me and asked:
- So what is next?
- Then I put the cancer ... Oh, lick, do not stop! Oo-oo-oo ... And Sasha fucked me in the ass. Ltd!!!
Here I am, all arched and finished. Guys really piqued my confused story. They were on the verge of orgasm.
I was told to kneel down and open your mouth, and the children stood in a circle and each in turn fed me my sperm. They jerked off and I prepend open mouth for the one who kills.
Now I have started a new life, almost every night I came to see my children. During the day we too often retreated to a secluded place. My Ass soon completely stopped hurting after the first time, and I agreed to try again. Especially the boys got hold of Vaseline.
In the evening I, as usual, came to him and undressed.
- Tan, now we fuck.
- In the ass?
- Well, if you want, you can and pussy. Only in the pussy you're not you give.
I obediently got cancer on the bed, and the boys crowded behind. Immediately I felt someone lubricated finger at between the buttocks, and then inside. Finger walk easily, it was even pleasant. Here Nick fell in behind me and began to gently push his penis into me. The rest kept me, so I do not twitching. Past, again by ... Oh, do not be hit in the pussy ... Well, now exactly in the ass!
- Painfully?
- Nah, but you are there still careful! Do not rush ... - I gradually got used to his cock.
- Wow! I put it!
He really put in and started to fuck me. The remaining enthusiastically looked at us and continued to keep me. Grease has done its job: I was a little hurt, I even started to have fun.
- Come quickly, we also want.
So, it looks like I have today vyebut all turns ... Maybe suck the rest? I opened my mouth and reached for the nearest term. Dimka gladly gave it to me in the mouth. At this time, right in my ass cumshot Nicholas. Taking out his slippery dick, he's pretty muttered:
- She's there so narrow! Full kicks!
He was replaced by Lesch and suspiciously easily stepped inside. I realized that my anus has been developed by its predecessor, and it will be easier. To get even more fun, I began to play with his hand clitoris. I sucked Dima, I fucked in the ass, to Nicholas twisted my nipples - I was happy!
Lesch very soon finished: prevozbuzhdenie affected and unusual situation.
To open my ass Sasha was selected, but it was ahead of Dima:
- Wait, let me, and I in her mouth and did not finish Now fuck. You did it have on the banks fucked.
- Come on, just a quick and easy! - Dimka and I plunged into my anus. He is the third today. It did not work to get rid blow job ... My poor ass ... While there is nothing wrong, they fucked me long ... not bad if so many sperm in the ass? After all, more and Sasha then surely finish me ... I again want dick in my mouth ... I now also finish it, right now! Yes...
These thoughts flashed randomly in my head, that's someone else's dick rested on the lips. It's Kolya! It is certainly in my poop! No, this is too much! Although, for some reason too?
- Open your mouth - I shook my head.
- Open! Suck it, clean, because you feel like it! - Prosekli guys already that I like when I was humiliated. I opened my mouth and let him fully to himself, moving language. Nothing, not so disgusting ... and how delightful a shame!
- And me too! - It is Lesch. I lick his penis, no longer resisting. From all this I immediately came, at the same time I finished in the ass and Dima.
I rested, I felt good, but still remained Sasha. He turned me on my back and lifted my feet to the head itself. On the back I have not fucked, is something new. Gouging for the evening ass easily let him in, but the fourth act for the 18-year old girls - it's still a lot, I was already painful and unpleasant. To numb the pain, I again began to rub her clit, and others asked to suck my nipples. Fortunately Sasha also ended rather quickly.
When I crept back to his room, sperm flowed out of my hole and trickled over the bare leg. I was not wearing panties, she was in a skirt and shirt. ... To get rid of the sperm, I went to the bathroom on the toilet, and there issued from himself all that I could. Then he dobrela to his bed and slept like a log.
Generally we do not sleep enough, all five of these our nightly games. Yes, once I was asleep in bed at Dimka. We fell asleep we are all, I accidentally woke up just before the ascent and rushed to him. Can you imagine what would happen if I was caught naked in the morning sleeping in a bed in the ward boys? Girls from my chamber also began to notice that I was always somewhere to go away and guessed that to the boys.
But change has rolled to an end, soon had to return to the city. I was happy and scared that Sasha and Dima lived near me and went to a nearby school. I wanted something to stop after the camp at the time of their fun.
That's the last days, the last outing on the river. Bathed as always naked, then fucked. Today the guys take turns long kiss me on the lips. Then knocked to the ground and began to tickle. Two held, and two tickled my heels, soles, toes on the feet ... I squeal and squirm. From laughter and screaming, I could not stand it and describe in front of them.
- See, she pissed!
- Tanya, pee in front of us, we want to see.
Here it is, a new humiliation. I sat down and spread her knees. Urine zazhurchal between my legs. Sasha caught his finger and brought his last drop of my lips. I understood everything and licked. All laughed.
- And let obossym our toy? Together? A? She will like it!
I knew that soon we will all leave here at home, we can not hesitate and finally to experience more and it is. I obediently lay on her back and spread her arms. And this is the first fragrant hot jet hit me in the chest and passed through the nipples, neck, hand ... The second came in the stomach for a long time to beat the navel, then sprinkled pubis, legs ... More - more. Here I have already written on the cheeks, lips ... I closed my eyes, curled, pulled his legs to his stomach and spread them. Here am I pissing pussy and ass. It was delicious! I am delighted opened her mouth ... The last jet filled my hair and mouth. Swallow me, of course it could not. Moreover, I almost threw up.
I is a pitiful sight: wet, naked, pissing up and down the little girl lies on the beach and laughing over her four boys. But I was happy, I got something to strive for, I am fully satisfied.
The guys picked me by the arms and legs, swung and thrown into the river. And then he jumped me themselves into the water and began to rub and wash me. Still, they are good, good! And I seem to them like me ... I guess I'm even a favorite toy.
The next day, the buses take us home.
- You are the best. Neither girl is not capable of this - the guys told me good-bye.
It was sad, but our adventures were not over. In the city, we continued our game, someday I'll write about it. Or maybe not.
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Swedish sauna

Once we strip as Alia grabbed my cock and not getting up from the bench, I began to greedily suck it. I was about to pull away, but she clung tightly claws into my buttocks, continuing to caress me. Victor and Lena, with whom we have come to the sauna at first shyly looked away, but then started to watch us with increasing interest. They also have been exposed, and I noticed that as a member of Viti started to rise slowly. Lena also noticed it, but her experience in group sex is just beginning, and it obviously did not dare to repeat the actions of Alla. My girlfriend is lasciviously licking the head, occasionally swallowing a member almost entirely. This torture I could not stand, and soon ended violently, causing Alka satisfied groan. She rose from the bench, and still stroking himself between her legs, reached for a towel. Ha lips and chin she still glistening droplets of sperm, but it seemed to not pay attention to it. But Victor admiration admired the sight, his cock already was similar to the Leaning Tower. Lena gently stroked the stick, but then also grabbed a towel and wrapped on the go head, went to the steam room, followed by Alia. Victor and stood in the locker room, stunned staring at each other.
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- You looked good - Victor said with obvious disappointment clutching his penis in his hand.
- From it also can not expect this - I said - Let's have a smoke, my legs give way.
We took out a cigarette and smoked in silence. Vitka member gradually calmed down, and put out cigarette butts, we went to the girls.
Girls sitting in the steam room, whispering about something and giggling. The reason for their fun was the theme of love blue, but now we were with them, and talk quietly went in another direction. Alla has already wiped (or licked) traces of their bullying, and we, together sweating, discussed options for group sex. Actually, all of us, except for Lena, at some point participated in team games, student life in the hostel abounds with such capabilities, but for Lena it was a novelty. She flushed even more than that is laid, but the tone of her voice could be understood that it excites everything. And when I asked her if she tried with a woman, Lenka embarrassed at all. Alla also cast a glance at me, and in her eyes I realized that today her friend try not only two members, but also something else. They whispered something, laugh loudly after. And then they were very shy and mysterious.
Fairly napar, we jumped out of the sauna and swim in the pool with ice water, noisy crowd burst into a shower. Substituting body jets of warm water, we once again saw each other. I admired the sharp little nipples Lenka, and she, in turn, stole glances at me then, then Alla, who brazenly considered again risen member Victor. The same did not hide their merits, he turned in different directions, giving consider themselves better both girls. And then, to our surprise, Lena went over to him, and kneeling down, repeated recent Alcuin feat. Water flooded her face, but that does not stop her from sucking dick Victor as if he depended on her life. Vic also moaned, pushing her head to him every time Lena let out a member of his mouth. He turned off the water, and soon finished Lenke mouth, emitting a loud cry. Lena got up from her knees and licking his lips like a kitten clung to Vitka in a long, hot kiss. I did not even notice that Alka came out of the shower, but it was already here. In her hands was a razor and shaving gel.
- Well, that boys may pobreemsya? - She sat on the edge of the bench and squeezing the balloon a good portion of the gel, caused it to a small island of vegetation, an oasis of pubic - Sanya, will you help me? - She handed me the razor.
It was my turn to kneel, but my efforts were short-lived, because shaving at Alki was not very much, and soon she was already standing in front of us, washing away the remnants of the foam with the naked pubis. Meanwhile, Lena is also arranged the legs in front of Victor, who had to work a little more than me. But his zealous effort was also appreciated, and now the girls were exposed more than usual. Type their pussies, shamelessly thrown off the tail, led us to Vitka delight, our penises were even more enthusiastic.
- And now we let them pobreem! - Said Helen, already slowly entering into the taste of what is happening - Only mind, I'll shave Sasha! - But Alia had been a long time do not mind sharing partners.
Hashi arguments against were too weak, and after 15 minutes our Vitka pubic hair was like a 10-year-old boys. I even liked it, especially the process, during which the widely spaced legs squatting Helena allowed me to enjoy her perfect body. Alka also managed not only to shave, but also suck dick Victor, however, did not prevent him to finish. It would not be very appropriate right now. It was still in front of us the whole evening ...
Now our fun quartet was located in the room to relax. Pre-set table is not allowed to be distracted too much from each other, and coasting along the pile, we have begun to please each other in all possible ways. I was kneeling in front of lying on the couch and Lenka licking her clit. She was very excited, and now and then served his hips forward, tightly clutching to my lips. Like a drill, I screwed tongue in her richly current hole, but only Lenka moaning with pleasure. Radom, on the same couch, Victor noisy fucked Alla, putting her cancer and will drive it into its slot is not a small detail for the most eggs. Alka also cried every time dick Victor found himself completely in it. Hahodyas very close to Lenka breast, Alia glared at her lips, still as loud moan. From this double exposure Lenka shuddered and pressed my head to the perineum, not quite poorly finished, nearly drowning me in their lubrication. Freed from her hands, I sent his blade into her pussy, he has long demanded it, and now had to break away from the Alle nipples girlfriend, because now shaking on the bed increased markedly. Lena under my blows softly sobbed, and when she tensed inside, I knew she was going to finish.
It has brought me to the point that I myself trembled in a paroxysm of orgasm, pouring his semen on her pink flowered. Alka and Victor, following our example, too, had finished filling the room screaming.
The four of us lay on the couch, moving away from immobilize us orgasms. First I got up, very thirsty, and sipping a cold kvas, I sat down at the table. I wanted also there, and a lot of sandwiches was very handy. Alka was lying on his stomach, still with her legs spread and her holes from stream poured Vitka sperm. Vic himself also began to stir, and soon we had added another on the pile. As the body overflowed pleasant weakness, and we were in no hurry to our ladies. Those slowly started to caress each other. Not very detached from two consecutive orgasms Lena is not particularly resisted Alcaeus, which first began to caress his chest, then his stomach and then the opened beautifully sponge Helena. They began to kiss, and Lena put her own hands Alla, caressing her. Their lips after a long, sweet kiss slowly parted, and now language Allochka began the journey to Venus tubercle Lenka. The journey was short-lived and after licking my juices start to masturbate Alla tongue clitoris at the same time caressing the hands ... Lenka feet. Her skillful caresses forced Lenka then tremble, then dig your fingers into the sheets, moaning while on her overwhelming passion. Protruding ass Alla, wheeled right before our eyes, has provided us with a great view Vitka her shaved slits, glistening from the juices and Vitya's semen. Lenka suddenly moaned loudly and arched, finished. It was a gorgeous orgasm, because she did not move, even when Alla came out of the shower. Alia sat on the sofa, stroking her friend's hair while caressing herself finger. I have long wanted, and at Vitka stood, but we waited for the continuation of lesbian games, and Lena did not disappoint our expectations. Rising, she sat next to Alia, kissing her on the lips and hands caressing every centimeter of her body. Soon her fingers found a hole Ally, and she began to gently caress wet pussy. Properly caressed his chest, Lena fell to the delicate petals Allochkinogo womb and began to caress their lips and tongue, obviously enjoying the new sensation for themselves. Alla lay back and fiddled with his chest, moaning softly. Helen also caressed her not only the language but also the finger, which is like a small penis fucking Alkin hole. At the same time Lena and fondled himself, providing us with an inviting view of her pussy. For a long time I could not stand it, and patting her appetizing buttocks round, slowly he entered her. I tried not to come or bring to orgasm Lenka (it is already today nakonchal relish) was just awesome nice feel to it. So fuck it a couple of minutes, I gave way to Vitka, who followed my example. At this time, Alka finished, and her moans could be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, if there was such a section. Lenka kissed a little more hip friends, and slipped to Vitka's member, went to wash. Alia was lying in front of us on the couch, her legs wide apart gave us the opportunity to consider it an intimate place in every detail.
But soon she, too, has risen by joining our junket.
- Well and how you alternate sex? - Said Victor Lena, slowly stroking his rampant cock.
- And you did not seem to understand - she smiled.
- Still, it's not so often you can finish - Alia kissed her plump lips Lena's shoulder and hugged her - I think we will continue to do, is not it, Lence?
The girls kissed again with relish, passionately, and we drank to the beautiful ladies. And they were really beautiful. To fool around a bit for a table, we were again ready for love joys and now together with Vitka courted Helen. Alla watching us, sipping vodka diluted juice, and Lena expose themselves to our hands and lips. Playing with two men at once she relished, and when in front of her face were two trembled with excitement member, she began to lick them, moaning from her overwhelming excitement. Hasytivshis stunning blow job, I lay down on the sofa, and Vitka stood nearby, providing an opportunity Lenke not release his penis out of his mouth while I fucked her. Then we changed, Lenka began on all fours, caressing my cock and balls, sometimes falling below the tongue, and Victor was fucking her from behind. Lenka humming and moaning with pleasure, podmahivaya ass to the beat movement Vitka, while swallowing my cock so deep that even a couple of times in my stick his nose shaved pubis. Blowjob in Lenkina performance was too unbearable and I threw another portion of sperm in her sweet mouth. Following this she also finished, still not letting a member out of his mouth. Vitka with acceleration bumped into her, but could not finish, or by overexcitement, or distracted by Alla, who did fondle himself, sitting at the table. Taking a member of the slits, he carefully licked Lenkin anus, then opened the gates of a finger, allowing the relaxation, the gently bring in his mace. Alka got up from the table and walked to the back of Vitka, he sat down and began to fondle his balls hand, watching as his cock moves in the ass Lena. A few minutes later Victor finished in Lenka, which seems too was on the verge of orgasm.
- Boys, I want you both at once - said Alla when Victor caught his breath a bit - just two holes - she stood beside the bed, caressing her breasts.
- A little rest, and then prodolzhim- I also was not quite ready after Lenka except that the brains I have not sucked through the penis.
Vitek Lenka caught up and carried her into the shower, and I kissed Alia, who did not let my drooping end of his little fist. Dick stubbornly refused to obey her, and we went to the billiard table. I lazily chasing balls, and Alia sat on the edge of a table, showing me their charms and sipping previously unfinished "screwdriver". When friends came back from the shower, we played a little bit on the desire and the loser Victor caressed both girls tongue. Hashi him tools were again ready to use, and now Alia was between us. After a short prelude, we were ready for more decisive action and Alla turns out between us in the literal sense. She sat on Vitka and I approached her from behind. Her second hole was more than ready for the upcoming than might have been expected, and I am without much effort went into it. Froze for a moment, that she was accustomed to the two members, I felt through the thin pregorodku as it moves Vitka member, and it was so great that most do not even want to move. But the excitement was growing, and I also began to move, my every move followed by a groan of Alla. At that time, he came up to us and Lenka settled so that its chink has appeared directly in front of the lips of Alla. Now red hooligan received at the same time everything that she loved so much! Meandering between us, she buries his face in the crotch Lena, Vitka's dick powerful piston moved apart her vagina and slid into my tight, hot ass. We moaned and growled like animals, all four of us and orgasm each and every one of us was a common orgasm. We finished almost simultaneously and I felt a shudder Vitka's members and Alkynes vibration that covered me like an orgasm, that the world for some time ceased to be material ...
The sauna we got well after midnight. Tired broken, but satisfied, we got a taxi to my house and almost immediately fell asleep to wake up in the morning, to continue celebrating graduation in the same company with the same fuse as yesterday.
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Adventure Mariska

She unceremoniously grabbed by the arm and pushed him into a police bus were taken to the police station.
Passing on the gloomy corridors both her silent guard. Then they stopped and opened the big iron door pushed her into a dark room.
Marina did not see anything, but when her eyes slowly adjusted to the light, to understand the situation, two bunk beds on the sides of the walls and the toilet on the opposite wall, in a corner on the left there was also a washbasin.
Suddenly she heard the creak of the bed on the left, but could not make out in the darkness.
- What do you stand, go Come on, we met! - Said a rough female voice.
Marina fearfully retreated, but the back was just cold steel door.
- Here, run !!! - I shouted woman, evidently from the bottom shelf.
Marisha, with trembling body went to the bed.
- Ohhh, the newcomer, will entertain us! - He said grinning woman.
Marina felt a touch on her dress, between her legs, and after the time of panties strongly pressed chito fingers. She screamed and jumped.
- You're not a slut at all - declared the vote - then it will be, here only such and thrown!
Marina leaned into scalding-cold wall, and covered herself with her hands involuntarily.
- Oh, you'll still be manufactured bitch! - She said the woman and Marina heard the creak of the bed.
Suddenly he heard the iron door, the sound inserts the key and the door swung open.
In the eye hit a bright light and a rough female voice said, "Come."
A few minutes later Marina was sitting in a large room on the couch and in front of her, sitting at the table in the form of a woman, quite good-looking, but with a cruel and severe expression.
- So, Marina, - she said, looking at the paper on the table - you say that neither not guilty of anything, even though you were detained in the act. You have in her purse was found 20 grams of heroin, you are likely to sell! So!
- Marina wanted to protest, but suddenly felt a slight prick in the right shoulder. She turned her head and saw the other woman stabbed in the form of a syringe in her hand and poured its contents.
Eyes fell some sort of a veil and all the sounds around began echoing in his head, thoughts seemed slow and drawling, has spread all over the body a pleasant warmth. Marina even forgot that he was in prison, and questioned her, instead of a clear answer she leaned back in his chair and nodded vaguely. Suddenly, in front of her face appeared the face of this woman, and Marina from both the ground heard her words: "If you want to be all over, sign it and become my slave."
Under the influence of the drug marina wanted only one thing that all of it behind and put a signature on papers that were popped, and then she heard the loud laughter gradually fading and fell into oblivion. When she woke up opened his eyes and saw himself lying on his stomach on which the wheelchair. His arms and legs were tightly tied it to the lower beam. She still had her panties and dress, but pose "cancer" overlook her ass. Marina frozen. There was nobody in the room. Her truck was standing in the middle, but looking around she saw a video camera on the camera angles.
Suddenly, a loud voice all the same matron filled the room.
- Now you are my slave and I totally know you! - Could be heard from unseen speakers.
- My orders to you the law, and you will do all in accuracy! Marisha heard creaking and turning his head entered the room she saw women dressed in tight latex. They came and began to cut her clothes. The dress fell to the floor rags. Marina watched in horror because of their silent actions and could not do anything about it, the rope held her body.
A woman with a knife cut the strap panties, and the other going back began to press his fingers on the hole Marina trying to penetrate it. Marina screamed, but at the same time her face wearing a mask with a large ball at the mouth. She could not close his mouth and simply calling the kettle black. Sadist more confidently pressed on the hole, pushing his fingers deeper and deeper inside. Matter slowly crept into pussy Marina.
Marisha mumbling that it was urine, but no one had listened. Meanwhile, another woman went away, but returned a minute later with a small drawer and put it back to Marina. From it she took a small hose and fasten one end of the crane sticking out of the wall, and the other big shiny pin.
Women holding panties Marina, managed to shove them all in the pussy of the girl and walked away. The other took a metal rod in his right hand with the force put him in the ass Marina. Marisha howled penetration sensations in virgin ass so much the object but could not do anything, it does not bother trying to push him, nothing happened!
Strong pressure of warm water broke ass Marisha, filling it and raspiraya. She tossed and turned trying to get free, mumbling, but to no avail, on the contrary, the more she was moving, the deeper her tormentor is inserted into the rod. Marina felt bursting with moisture and it was still trying to extract themselves from it.
Seeing that the water trickle flowed from the ass, she turned off the water and sank to the boxes. Other, beginning to pull the metal bar, but stopped in the end, not letting the water pour out. From the box was removed thick tube with straps at the end. This plug stabbed in the ass Marina, so that the water does not leak out of it. The straps fastened at the waist and pulled, so that the plug does not fall out. Then she untied from the cart and tied his hands behind his back. On lap fastened a black stick, so that now she could not bring the feet together. As she was led, through the dark corridors supporting to Marina fell. She felt bursting its moisture, but the thick cork would not let her spill. Belly swollen from fluid fullness and slightly bulged. It was terribly uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could not do with his position. Because of the mask on the face and a ball in his mouth, he was filled with saliva and Marina had to periodically swallow, so as not to drown.
Finally it entered the great hall, the middle of which stood a woman in a cap and police uniform. From the ceiling hung a chain, and sticking out of the floor, metal staples, even in the midst of the hall lay the old striped mattress.
- In the toilet it! - Commanding voice, she said, and led her to a side door. Finally she could be freed from the bursting of its waters. When the contents of the bowel completely out, it again entered the room and laid on his back on a striped mattress. Arms and legs parted to the side and handcuffed to the brackets sticking out of the floor, and left the hall. Marina was left alone with his main tormentor, lying on the floor "asterisk".
Marina was awful scared, what will happen next. Tormentor went around in a circle, looking at the body of his victim and said:
- You signed a confession to the murder of two men. Now you shine at least 25 years of strict regime, you know what it is? This means that all day you will plow like a horse in the territory, and at night to lick hard and meet their cellmates. Marina started and cringed inwardly by words such horror wave freewheeling at her and she just lay there quietly whined, crucified on a mattress.
- But you can avoid this, if you will agree to be my sex slave! To carry out my orders exactly and without question! - Gleefully told Woman walking from side to side in front of a naked Marisha. - So what do you say?
Marina lay barely breathing frantically digesting uttered speech, all she wanted right now is to quickly get out of here. She nodded vigorously.
- Very well, I thought so, - said a satisfied tormentress - Now you have to go through several tests to prove their loyalty!
Again, there were two women, and taking the handcuffs off his feet, raised their widely spreading in sides snap bracelets on chains hanging from the ceiling. Then they put on the belly wide strip of dense matter with the same handcuffs at the ends and set them on the floor, on the brackets.
- Your first test is called the "Water World"! - The woman said, - All you need to - it's just relax. She laughed and ordered the assistants to prepare a marina.
One of the girls approached the Marina holding a quart jar with a cloudy white liquid and a big enema. She sat down between the girl's legs raised and lowered sting enema in the bank, he began to fill it. Other exactly the same jar and brush sat to the side and began dipping his brush in a jar to put the sticky turbid white liquid first on the nipples, then on the navel, in the armpits, between the fingers, on gladkovybrity pubis, lightly pushing the sponge and tickling gentle bud Marina villi brush on hole ass. Marisha puzzled looked at all this and quietly moaning in fear. Girl Marina Maza finished and left. The one that filled the enema is almost finished and the bank put aside with the force of a thorn stuck enema pussy Marina. Marina howled from the sharp penetration, though small, but the long and cold nose. She became a force to compress the rubber bulb and Marisha felt it pours cool liquid filling her nature. Joining in the same way a few enemas, she redirected his attack on unprotected ass and began to fill it, too. Stretched anus easily let the sting of an enema, still causing Marina shrink from new sensations to these events, some of the patient, as well anus stretched, most of the unpleasant. Tormentor mocked ass Marina, inserting the enema it and pressing on the bottom with your fingers, as if pushing her into it, thereby infusing liquid and deeper implanting an enema. Finally, the bank was empty and the girl left satisfied that the holes of both this Marisha oozing thick liquid.
- You see, - said to watch it all the main tormentress in police uniform, going to Marisha - I really like the different marine animals especially snakes - she mischievously smiling said, - but unfortunately to me to get it still can not, but there are sea eels - leeches with a fondness for sperm whale sperm or just on our own. So, a few pieces I was able to purchase and want to show you. By the way, - she said leaving, - for you and you just sperm whale! Do not be sad, I will be back soon.
Marina was in horror at what had happened. A policewoman was gone a few minutes, nothing happened. Marina felt that the sperm has dried on the body and gently tightens the skin.
Suddenly, from all sides something hissed and from different corners of the hall flowed streams of water. Before marina reappeared woman in latex suit and put it on the floor a low aquarium teeming with creatures in it, reminiscent of snake, but with a suction cup on the end and a long mustache. It is an evil grin and walked loudly slammed the big iron door.
Water filled the room and now it was all filled with the floor. The mattress was wet, Marina felt that the water is warm. She slowly filled the space of the hall. The creatures in the aquarium twisted and curled in a spiral incredible. And here's one too active snake jumped out of the tank and fell to the floor. Water was still too little creature just helplessly writhing gasping for air sucker and greatly inflating the gills. But as the water level is all the more vigorously and energetically tried to swim.
But here the marina noticed something else! One of the walls is not kept on a big hook and float. It was easy to guess that this is followed by the water and just have half hiding the body Marisha, propped the float. The creature jumped out serpentine wriggling started from the first tank, float through the hall.
The water level rose even more by hiding almost all the girl's body and Marina had to raise his head to breathe. Peripheral vision, she saw with horror for yourself that float up and quite literally keeps the latch on the edge.
Then she saw it all in slow motion. That comes off the latch, slowly lowered the lid falling into the water and all the contents of the aquarium teeming results in a room filled with water. Beasts of writhing, become blurred in all directions. Suddenly, the water ceased to hiss and to fill the hall.
There was oppressive silence broken only by bursts of light here and there.
Marina like a fish sniffs the air, raising the breast above the water is rising high, then completely submerging.
The more time passes the creature more vigorously and energetically swam near lightly touching the girl's body, as if studying, whether it is dangerous. Marina tried to push them to spin, but the chains held her body.
Suddenly she felt the pinch arm. She would have cried if not a mask on his face. Pinch repeated even more. But all that she could - it's a little yelp. Apparently convinced that their sacrifice is not dangerous creature began intense pinching her. Marina spun as she could and muffled screaming, but when she felt the pinch of the buttocks, abdominal muscles involuntarily squeezed from pussy and ass vsprysnulis two small trickles of water.
Then it all started! The creatures apparently deciding that the female "whale" is this and wants it actively began pinching and one thing sucked even between the fingers of his right hand. Marina tried to throw her moving her fingers, for which he was punished. Distracted at hand it has ceased to pay attention to their slits and took advantage of others! Feeling light tingling hands immediately disappeared after the lower jaw in a gentle dug one thing, then another. They wriggled, trying to pull them off, but due to the small size could only delay the sides. four more joined them, stretching them in one direction or the other side. From this marina it was urine screamed as possible to the mask, but had to swallow abundantly salivate.
Underarm leeched has 5 creatures under each arm, sucking favorite treat. Involuntarily Marisha released himself from a little fluid, which immediately pulled floating near-leech snake. Finally, one of the creatures to determine the source of goodies at a rate buried in the vagina. Marisha was hammered losing control of himself, she felt like a creature pinched it in all places and intimate touch to the entrance of the innermost of her insides. The creature squirmed hard, trying to squeeze deeper, but Marina clenched muscles with all his strength, not allowing a foreign body in itself. However, the leech did not give up and that's when one of the creatures stuck to tender bud nipple for a moment muscles relaxed and slippery body, a thick neck of a bottle of vodka, slipped into the vagina Marina. From the eyes streamed sparks from penetrating sensation and intense movement inside. Cramp brought the body when one thing stuck to the clitoris. Marina strained trying to push the thing out of himself, but allowed another mistake. Muscles are relaxed and at this point it began to penetrate one another creature.
They wriggled penetrating into the narrow passage stretching it with their bodies. In the ass I slid one thing, then another, then just three trying to climb, but this time the vagina was completely filled.
Belly greatly inflated, pussy protruded from just five constantly wriggling tails of seven asses and all they managed to creep and crawl. Marina shook the strongest orgasm, withdraw severe cramp in the body than she sucked in a constricted passages about another dozen creatures! Marina briefly deaf and blind, the whole body was burning flame, thoughts flying in the clouds, and she felt light chips inside in the most erogenous areas. Another orgasm covered her head. Creatures like her juices, and they began to milk it even harder! Marisha had finished besperestanno! A woman police officer saw the whole picture on several monitors, recording what is happening. Saw Marina, where the body of Kish, sported dozens of leeches! She saw the girl, whose fingers were covered with dark bodies of creatures, on the teats of three leeches, armpits body writhing foam dozen creatures and crotch of which are constantly moving, sticking out about a dozen creatures tormenting beauty intimate space. Tormentor laughed, looking at this picture, she put her hand under her skirt and caressed herself looking at the screen from different angles animal Marina rape scene.
Marisha was exhausted her completely devastated, and now she just winced when her erogenous zones who either touched or sucked. Finally the creature completely cleansed her body both outside and inside, and lost interest in one of the other corners of the room swam sated cocktail of sperm whale and the juice of a young girl.
They swam and on Marisha's body remained red spots-aspirated tens lovers otymevshih it all at once. She let's head in the water, so that the surface leaving only the nose and mouth bead. Marina felt that all creatures came out of it, but she could not squeeze the muscles stretched pussy and ass, if she's looking at yourself through the eyes of her tormentor, she would have seen on the screen, two gaping holes instead of his liquor.
Ten minutes later the water began to subside, and entered the hall the same three women. One was in the hands of a bucket of water in which they began to collect on the floor writhing creatures. Home walked to the Marina, and said:
- And I see you're a real bitch! So we're to you and will treat slut!
She came and stood in front of the crotch of the marina. Nose leather shoes put to pussy and sharply filed foot forward! Marina stifled scream, but stretched vagina took the shoe. She came in half, plunging into the bosom of Marisha.
- Will you call me now, Mrs.! - She said angrily, and took off her shoe without removing it from Marisha, bare foot pressed on the heel of the shoe, implanting it even deeper!
Marina jerked can prevent their nasilnitse, feeling shoe deeper into it, roughly pushing the vaginal wall.
- Prepare her for the second test, - he told Mrs., leaving the room. Marina was lying almost unconscious, do not come to himself after such a violent orgasm.
Tormentor, gathering creatures from the floor and placing them in a bucket, unfastened the handcuffs and pulled her to her feet diehard, led out of the room again through the dark corridors. Shoes because of her and she was taken out, and its slippery surface, sinking deeper and deeper.
The corridor seemed eternal, Marina lost track of cameras, sailed past them, only helplessly with his head down and barely moving his feet, she walked, where she led.
She pulled into the narrow opening of about 10 meters long, and cast to the floor, slammed the door.
After half an hour, she froze, marina, rose from the floor and looked around. She lay on the floor a long corridor, about ten meters and a width not exceeding 80 cm. Within the walls there was a great number of holes 20 cm in diameter and is all, nothing else. Marina slowly pulled out of himself was incorporated almost complete shoe and threw it back. She tried to take off the mask, but behind the snap-hung two small padlock. Throwing unsuccessful attempts to remove the mask, she walked down the corridor, holding the walls shaking hands. The openings were impenetrable darkness and she gently moved on.
Having three meters, nothing happened, but suddenly her someone grabbed his hair and pulled him down. Marina threw her head back and almost fell backwards, but turned around in time. There was no one behind. She looked around. Silence. Marina looked at one of the windows.
Suddenly, her head wrapped around someone's hands and leaned against the doorway. Hands firmly took the wrists and divorced in hand. Hands took a few hands and pulled her to the wall, so that the breast accurately hit the round openings. A few more hands grabbed her legs and hips and pulled to the opposite wall.
- You can fuck her as you like girls! - Heard the marina, the voice of his mistress from above.
Suddenly, his chest tightened painfully Marisha and her nipples twisted and drew off much. She felt pussy penetration of something big, then in the ass entered something. She felt that this hand. She paddled with all his strength on the ass and pussy and ass entered three fingers. Then, three and began to disperse in different directions, pushing the two entrances to the girl. Nipples severe pain, chest crushed dough, and somebody's hand, feeling the clitoris, it is strongly squeezed and pulled! Marina moaned loudly in pain everywhere. Strong fingers extended both her holes, and just wanted to tear his chest. Ass on fire, and drew off her hair so that it seemed to break the neck. She tried to squirm, but it held fast.
Then Marina felt penetration. Once in two places! Between pushing the entrance fingers began to penetrate with crushing force on the one hand. The pressure on the pussy and increased palm invisible tormentor, went on the wrist in the pussy Marisha! Immediately and ass penetrated hand, delving into the intestine. Fingers slipped from liquor, and his hands began to rapidly rotate and move in the Marina. She moaned, not knowing what, or omitted from pleasure, or omitted from the pain. Suddenly his hands were holding her legs and back disappeared, and she hung on the two who were in it. Marina screamed and pulled away, but not here, it was. Hands in her clenched fists and could not get out because of the size. Marina again backed away from a light prick of pain, such large objects in themselves, trying to get out. Hands pulled her against the wall and put her ass girl at the wall, and his hands were all trying to get out of it with clenched fists. They were discharged and were discharged, stronger vzhimaya ass Marina into the wall. She screamed through the plastic ball and screamed, but nothing helped.
Finally, they strongly pressed and simultaneously slipped out of her. All hands holding Marin disappeared and she fell helplessly on the cold floor. The dark veil enveloped her and Marina fainted. She awoke in his hotel room. Marina looked, as usual, but only tried to sit up, felt pain in the perineum. She lifted her skirt and saw two red, broken-down hole instead of pussy and ass. "So it's not a dream!" It came into her head.
Suddenly, the phone rang. Marina started. Phone all called, but she did not dare to pick up the phone.
Finally, she slowly raised her and held it to his ear.
- You will carry out what I say and you will be free and alive! - I said a familiar voice - I'm watching you! Go to the bathroom and in the locker read what you have to do.
The conversation broke off and heard short hooters. Again a wave of fear came at Marisha. She went into the bathroom. Opening the door, she saw that one here. She went to the cupboard, opened the lid. It laid the yellow folder. Marisha hesitantly took it and opened it.
"On the chair lay clothes, you wear it and you follow the specified route, the map attached. All of this, you do walk, nor any transport, I give you the time to 2:00 am, start! Earpiece is in the package, insert it in the ear ".
Bending the package in the palm had the little tablet. Marina put her in the right ear.
- The good slut - she heard in the ear, and now change into my outfit. Marina went to the chair. It lay terribly short skirt, red latex blouse of fine mesh, totally transparent, red latex jacket, the length just below the chest and a huge shoes soles.
- Put on it and go, a little less than an hour you have to go through half the city!
Marina wanted to leave immediately but the voice reminded that it is waiting for disobedience and obediently began to undress.
- Underwear, too! - Said a woman's voice in his ear. Marina obeyed, putting on the outfit did not cover, rather emphasizing her figure and large breasts. As she pulls her skirt, is like taking a step, she lifted, showing off her round ass.
Marina looked at the map on it red line shows her route and, as if on purpose, passing through the most dangerous areas.
- Time is running out slut! - Said a voice in his ear.
Marina, falling in spirit, out of the room, trying to go unnoticed, left the hotel.
She quickly ran through the streets looking at the paper, then turning to the dark streets, then leaving the roadway than earned the friendly whistles and laughter drivers. She turned in the indicated place and found herself in a moonlit lane. Next was impenetrable darkness, it was very scary to go, but even worse was there, back there in the prison cells to that pervert.
- Wow! - Heard a voice from the darkness, - who came to us. Marina started.
- What is written there? "Please fuck me in all holes that I screamed!" Nifiga yourself guys like that bitch to us complained. - Joyful voice said.
Marina lowered her head and saw the light on the mesh blouse inscription. The moonlight made her glow, though the room was not anything. Marina realized that she got, for the full program. It is surrounded by about thirty brawny men, laughing and whistling openly considering all of its charms.
- Girl, do you want this time, the boys can help your trouble, no question! - Maliciously said the smallest of the gang, smiling and out of the gloom, - serve you the full program!
- Say, you want to be fucked all at once, all the holes, - said the voice in his ear, - if you do not want to sit down for life! Marina was terrified of the upcoming action. What is wanted from her bitch, why is it so it goes.
- I hochult; - smile:! ->lt; - / smile ->:! "Come on slut, you say, but I'm losing patience": .. I want you to me everywhere and all at once! - She said Marina frightened and horrified uttered her own words.
Then everything happened all like a dream. On bringing in cardboard boxes went from a healthy bull. Marina clothes slipped from her in an instant, under the influence of several pairs of hands. She was seated on a large member of this big man and bent down. In the ass immediately he entered another man and began a frantic leap. Her mouth filled another member, not a pretty small size, and put into the hands of another one. Madness began.
Marina sucking dick one, the other two as she could masturbate, feeling frantic movement in the crotch. He entered the ass at a furious pace play there hammering the anus Marina. She moaned in fear, but her body betrayed rapists meet the rapid release of moisture. Her breasts someone had squeezed and pinched her nipples hurt.
Then change the partner, and then again. This went on for about half an hour, and then something happened!
- Minor! I run to the store for champagne! Let's celebrate our meeting! - Shorty laughed.
At this time perebyvali all holes in the marina! They brought a wooden box and putting it on the Marina cancer, raised high the ass. One of the rapists inserted in her anus four fingers, it is widely spread, exposing everyone to the show, pink insides. All in turn approached from behind and began to masturbate cocks cum in the extended run. One by one, they poured in the ass Marisha sperm, filling it!
- Wanted men, here we will give you and them, you be filled with our strength and reason! - He guffawed.
Already probably he finished twentieth in an extended ass and went giving place to the next.
- What brought? Okay, guys, finish!
The last few rapists finished in Marina and moved away, lit.
The leader opened the bottle and slamming stopper said:
- For a pleasant acquaintance! - I took a foaming liquid and abruptly plunged into the neck of the ass Marina.
She howled from this. The leader plunged by narrowing bottle and shook it.
Marisha felt rushed into her sparkling waterfall with a force that filled her, mixed with sperm leaving deeper and deeper. It instantly drunk. Thoughts tangled and confused. She roughly finished by this new sensation. Belly swollen badly.
- Well, as you, our cocktail? - Said the leader did not conceal his mockery in his voice and see that the whole bottle in the devastated girl.
- Plug it in order to not shed! - He ordered!
From Marina took out an empty bottle of champagne and was assigned to the ass beer, bottom forward.
- Do not! - Marina screamed - she will break me!
No it is not listened to, and two strong hands, press down on the bottle, will drive her in the ass girls, holding it by the neck. The bottle came in full, only a narrow neck stuck outside. Marina strongly slapped on the buttocks, from which she did not arbitrarily clenched muscle pussy and ass, cupping stretched anus narrowing bottle.
Marina to his feet, roughly dressed, and the leader said:
- Do not try to remove it until you get home, we are watching you!
Vynesh - get the knife at heart! Get out!
Marina pushed forward down the alley and she went to his legs wide apart, holding on to the wall.
- Well, did you like night life? - Said a voice in his ear, laughing loudly. - Run on!
Marisha, drunk, do not think, he trailed as fast as she could, her all bursting with sperm and champagne foaming with every step.
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Pussy in the pool or tugging on the tiles

But once I do play in a silence bothered. I swam over to one of them (as in the pool was just us, the guard was sitting at the entrance of the building) and, without a word, put his arm around her right in the water, ran his hand over her thighs, kissed her neck, pressed a hand to her chest. .. very, incidentally, strongly pressed ... I expect any reaction, but not for what followed. She kissed me on the lips. I quickly figured out what to do next. A sudden movement, I took it out of the water and leaned against the wet tile wall. She was a great figure. I freed from her bra one of her breasts and twisted the nipple, at the same time reached into her panties, found that she shaved. She moaned and hugged me, beginning to slide down ... I pulled off his swimming trunks ... I felt the warmth of her thighs vagina, felt as it flows ... It is, meanwhile, was standing in front of me on my knees, completely naked, her buttocks rested on the heels, nipples darkened. Kate (and her so-called) threw her hair back, and closed his eyes, took in her mouth my dick. And at that moment I felt that behind me someone pressed. It was the second girl, Julia. She undressed and has already managed to fondle himself. She rubbed her palms currently vagina, one hand held me, at the same time she put her arms around my legs crossed, it was HOT. Meanwhile, Kate tongue circled around my head, I took out a member of her mouth, turned to Yule, squeezed her buttocks and bit her boob. She arched back, I saw her legs parted, how to expand the vagina, as a mouth twisted, her stomach became narrow slits I kissed her vagina, it is to issue a pungent smell. Julia stiffened and moaned loudly-loudly. Then I opened it very sharply, put a face to the floor, slightly parted her legs, bit into his neck, she cried out in pain and pleasure, lay on top of me and Kate started to lick my ass. I spread her legs and Julia abruptly entered her skinny ass. It seems, did not expect, but immediately began to move in rhythm, but I took the cock from her anus, turned her on her stomach and sat on her chest, she lifted her head and began to lick my dick. I turned around and saw that Kate is lying on the floor on her back with her legs spread, I grabbed her by the hair and put on her knees, but she was already eagerly began to suck, I started to cum, I held her head so that she could not withdraw from my penis, she drank and drank my sperm, but in the middle of an orgasm, I took out a member of her her mouth and poured the rest on the elastic tummy Julia. Immediately after that, I began to caress the clitoris Katie language, she stood, lean against the back wall, extending bare feet on her breasts drooling, I sucked her pussy, licking vagina, she moaned, writhed, but I deliberately caressed her so that she I could not come, she suffered, her nipples turn black, it fell on me and bit into my thigh. Then I put her cancer and entered her vagina, slowly, deliberately, slowly, but she arched like a cat, I have hands began to knead her breasts lay on her, but she was standing on all fours, moving synchronously with me, we came together, she moaned, twitching, she sprawled on the floor and fell silent. I hugged Julia, tightly, she started to touch my dick, I finger went into her crotch, she cried, we kissed, I squeezed her clit into a fist, she jerked, dropped to his knees, cupped her ass, tongue began to fuck her she leaned back and fell into the water. I jump for her, she grabbed my legs, her silk revealed, her breasts, wet, with swollen nipples, was at my lips, I kissed and licked her breasts, sliding, pinching tits and then I turned it to his back, put her head on the basin rim (we were in the water) and entered her ass, it was warm and crowded, I bit her neck, just tearing the clitoris, she wheezed with happiness, I would not let her move. she jerked, I tried to escape, but I pulled her ass on his cock, tortured her, biting, crushed, tormented her vagina nails, she moaned, and suddenly another girl forced her to take in her mouth their clitoris, face pressed to the side, chest standing in the water, brutally fucked ass girl drip juice of her friend.
"Please stop!" - Julia groaned, and immediately began to beat in orgasm, it is strongly trembled in my arms, then I felt in my ass cum, and cried, stopped twitching. I let her go. Julia, lay down on the tile and spread her legs. Tears of pain - is gone. Again she wanted. But I still wanted to make fun of her, and I stuck it in her mouth his cock out of her own priests. But she was willing to suck, so deftly caressing me with his tongue. When she saw my sperm, I licked her nipples Katie ...
Finally we were tired. Let's go home. Then they walked no pool. I would like to say at the end that's what. Guys! So, as I was with these girls - is not correct. Girls - it's not sex toys, it's personality, sensitive, vulnerable. In our power to respect them, understand their feelings in life and in bed. They - the guardian of life, the future mother ... Guys respect women, not do as I do! Then you and they will be fine. After all, true love and sex - different things ...
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Nina and Oleg

The character of the mother was heavy, and Nina still trying to arrange his personal life to live separately. Twice married, but was unsuccessful: the first husband drank heavily, and the second ended up with some mental oddities. It is unlikely that she loved them for real, and his mother, of course, has done everything in its power to prove, "he do not pair".
Nina never with anyone not protected: like any normal woman, she wanted to have a child. But alas, pregnancy does not advancing. Nina began to go to the doctors, but they did not find any pathology. After another survey of elderly doctor he said: "Everything you normally christening invite.!" Although sometimes it appointed any procedures - into the details, it did not penetrate, I did what was ordered. And every time after a course of treatment she wanted to "test": a sudden helped, suddenly, this time will be able to get pregnant? With her first husband she divorced by that time and remembering the mother boards, use any appropriate case. It is easy to agree on the fleeting novels in the resort, just after the party and met a longtime good friend. After the second marriage and divorce, in principle, nothing has changed, Nina accustomed to such a free life, gained experience and got into the taste. So when the man showed a marked interest in her - she tried to refuse. But all in vain, from the point of view of the possibility of getting pregnant. And it is already 35! ..
At the camp, Nina met with Oleg. Actually, they have already started talking before the departure, at the train station. None of them did not imagine that it will have some continuation. A large group arrived to Moscow: Oleg - Muscovite, but for Nina - transplant, her train in the evening.
In the evening, Nina saw off the other guy from the same company, to leave from the same station in half an hour. And suddenly there was Oleg platform. right person was not on it. Nina quickly said a couple of standard-polite phrases, he called the guy to the side, and they almost immediately disappeared. Nina knew only that Oleg happened something terrible.
Oleg returned home after three or four days of absence, saw the empty apartment. Neither his wife nor his daughter eight years in which he doted, nor most of the things. On the table unintelligible letter. His wife have long had serious mental problems, although she thought she was completely healthy and contended that it should be treated. He suffered with clenched teeth, for the sake of her daughter. When he's left, his wife said good-bye to him tenderly, like everything was normal, and that's ... And it was clearly not a sudden gust, and long-calculated plan - no way she could not do without a truck brigade movers and apartments, which were taken All items. And this despite the fact that her parents lived in a thousand kilometers from Moscow ...
And the guy went to the city where she lived a long unrequited love of Oleg, Oleg here and caught him at the station, to pass a hastily written letter. In a letter she later said, but refused to come, so that the more they have not seen.
Nina wrote to Oleg, he said, telling everything. Six weeks later she arrived in Moscow - in their club was known to speak in his circle bard. And how on earth was going to happen to this - there were no normal guitar around the club, but some poor quality. Bard little honored his poems, porasskazyval and everything pretty soon parted. Nina, of course, was disappointed. Then Oleg invited her to his home - tape recordings of the Bard, he had enough. The rest is obvious: embrace the sounds of bard songs, at first as if by chance ...
Nina thought that after such a blow of fate Oleg hate all women in general. Therefore, it is very surprised when he embraced her all the tighter, kissed, and almost immediately after that climbed into the pants. However, if it is necessary - though, it did not lose anything ... Nina quietly undressed. Warned her almost ended month, no matter how dirty bed. He replied: "Well, nothing, but safe day." She admitted: "I've got all the days of secure, my children will not ever ..."
Oleg really needed was just sex. To feel: it may be well with a woman, and yet all is not lost. From a member of the excitement I do not get up. Nina did not hurry and do not reproach him, gently stroking, and consoled himself with the thought that the next time (if, of course, is) everything will be much better.
She came to him again the following weekend, then again. Then he went to her. Indeed, now everything is fine turned out to mutual satisfaction ...
...Nina took a member Oleg in his mouth and began to suck vigorously. He felt that the approaching orgasm. I stirred the thought may be, to warn Nina, stop it ... but it was so good! Another thought immediately replaced the first: but she was already married, so it needs to know what is happening with the man, if it excites ... More thoughts were not, and a few seconds later Oleh safely discharged to Nina in her mouth. She calmly swallowed: it was felt that not for the first time. Subsequently, this was repeated several times, and one day she said casually: "You have a healthy sperm." Well, probably, for some flavors can be assessed. The voice felt praise ...
Oleg was amazed and delighted her labia view: inner lips (language does not turn to call them "small") were just huge, peeping out from under the outer four centimeters. It's good to caress their language! Before you put on pants, Nina each time as something special folded his lips - not to rub, to avoid irritation. And before intercourse - straightened ...
Nina was very pleased with the size of Oleg member: so much she had ever come across. Oleg was glad that Nina does not have to be protected. Still, in a condom feeling dull, and pull out at the last minute - and did no good ...
Oleg prefer stable relationships - what to look for new women, if a friend already? It is always difficult given new acquaintances, and he did not like wasting time and wasting time. It is therefore proposed to Nina soon live together, although a special love for her never experienced. Marriage was impossible, Oleg officially married, but his wife disappeared no one knows where. Well, maybe it's for the better ... He found Nina work on a specialty - the music school, with close to home, and somehow persuaded the director to take it without a residence permit. Sam then wondered how he managed to ...
Oleg was a confirmed nudist, and Nina got involved too willingly, immediately took it quite naturally. Oleg never once seen her in a swimsuit. They are usually easy to find a quiet place wherever rest - together or a small group of good friends. Nina said: "I'm so used to it, that I can not swim wearing." Once or twice it was that while Oleg Nina swam, some fishermen came ashore. So what? Oleg just took Nina by the arm, leaving the water: let everyone be clear that we are together, and if someone is shocked - it's his problem ... On the beach Nina too neatly folded his lips - not sticking to look modest. She liked to cut short pubic hair, not to interfere. Now Nina was doing it regularly from autumn to spring, in late spring, usually after the May holidays - ceased to fly to the hair growing back, and you can walk to the beach ...
They lived together for about two years. Love was not easy to live with it easier and "more fun" in many respects. Gradually it became clear that people are still different and happiness will fail, sooner or later have to leave. But until they both aspired to it, because nothing is better still was not.
Nina still dreaming about the baby. Oleg was indifferent, rather, he did not want the hassle - and he said that he still does not work, because Nina had already tried various treatments, why spend energy, time and money on obviously unsuccessful business? Nina took offense. He promised that the child will be engaged in only itself - it was already clear that the separation is inevitable. Oleg thinking: no medicine Nina could not help, but it feels good - it means you need something that has not happened. In the human body there is a huge unexplored reserves, which can manifest itself in extreme situations. Oleg remembered that he had read and heard, and one day he had a strange thought ...
He spoke with Nina only after all pondered. After more than once discussed - that makes no sense to try it again, it was not from that sense and probably will not - said: "I understand very well how important it is for you I've got an idea, I'm even on it ready. ... well, you yourself probably will not agree. " Nina was interested: "What's the idea Come on, tell me." -. "Well just listen quietly to the end and is not perturbed at once." - "Good." - "Group sex". - "What??!!!" -.. "Yes, you and the two men explained to you need an emotional jolt, then you will be excited much more strongly, the uterus will be revealed, and all with a person in an extreme situation sometimes occurs almost impossible And every man will then be instinctively perceive the other as a rival -.. And hence, it will go all out to try to do everything I was capable of and also the hidden reserves of the organism show So you get the sperm is not even twice, but ten times larger than normal may, and will:... I've read about such cases. "
Oleg knew the character of Nina, and not mistaken. She was silent for a long time, and then simply said, "Well, who do you suggest? .." They quickly sifted through mutual friends, and almost simultaneously said Ivan. Experienced philanderer with a velvet voice and piercing eyes, a woman is able to talk for a few minutes ... Once Oleg himself observed that. At the next rally of one could live "a human being" - on the bed, or less - on the floor in a sleeping bag. Of those on the floor - part of living in one big room, and the rest gradually dispersed through the rooms with beds. Ivan had paid for the night on a bed, and in the evening, "a gentleman", he decided to give up his place to women in the same room on the floor (all know that she has a husband and two children, but her husband was never seen again). Oleg heard the beginning of their conversation, then went to wash and brush your teeth. When he returned, he saw that they were lying in bed, arms around each other ... On the last day in a tram going to the station, she was sitting on the lap of Ivan, and they did not notice anything around ... and an hour left for different cities.
Ivan admitted: "About me someone dismisses any rumors - though I have all over the country scattered many children Now, I do not want me to slander slander, so I prefer the truth (dramatic pause) I have five children.. from four women. "
In general, the ideal candidate. But Nina, of course, she could not offer him that. Oleg readily agreed to talk with Ivan. Jealousy, he felt: he was not at all jealous by nature, unlike Nina. It is, oddly enough, are very sensitive about any communication from Oleg women. Not long ago, he had a new friend, the relationship was a friendly - a pleasure to talk with an intelligent interesting man. They and did not occur to hide something, because there was nothing to hide. But Nina suddenly hated this girl, a scene of jealousy. Soon Oleg and his girlfriend realized, "proving that not a camel," it is impossible - so that was not insulting, it is better to bring reality in line with the rumors. After that came the world: in fact a clever lie much closer to the truth than the truth itself - and encrypted Oleg was able to ...
Oleg asked Ivan to listen to him without interrupting, and keep all heard in secret, whether he agrees or not. Ivan promised. He listened, thought a few seconds and said he agrees. It remains to discuss the details, and that next Saturday, Ivan came to him with a bouquet of flowers for Nina.
All trust each other and understood that today the main goal we share - that Nina was able to get pregnant. Saying it out loud is not required, Oleg Nina, and then Oleg Ivan all pre-discussed face to face. If not for that, the men could please his girlfriend simultaneous infusions from different sides, and many more. But now it was necessary to try to ensure that no drop of semen is not spilled in vain. By the way, someone once advised: Immediately after ejaculation must stand on his head to sperm stiff deeper. Nina remembered this advice.
Of course, there was no alcohol. All well and we were quite excited by the unusual situation.
All three of them were nudists, several times bathed together - so it did not shy of nudity, and it helped overcome the first psychological barrier.
Nina did not think of something with erotic clothes: why? Bathrobe on her naked body, she almost always went home well. However, the very first strip did not let take care of it, today it home. She sat on the sofa. Oleg is located to the right of it on the floor, and began to stroke gently kissing her knee, then the thigh, gradually lifting the edge of his robe. Ivan arranged symmetrically on the other side and started to do the same. Nina quickly excited - closed her eyes, leaned back. Now she was lying across the couch, just feet were still on the floor. Men are constantly kissing her gently untied the belt robe opened, and for four hands and two pairs of lips wander all over her body ... Oleg, briefly interrupting the caress, he stepped aside and quickly undressed. When he returned, as did Ivan. It seems that Nina did not even notice it, because until one undressed - the other continued to caress her.
They gently freed one of her hands, then the other. Nina lifted, turned and laid at the same time removing from under her robe. Just gently removed the blanket from the couch, under which, as usual, was the laid bed. And all this - for a second without stopping kissing. Gradually kissing concentrated Oleg kissed his face and was soon sucked in his lips, and Ivan was busy inner thighs and other lips. (I guess it impressed them the same way as at the time of Oleg - and not only him ...) Nina shivered as if her body ran current - from one mouth to the other and back again. The first orgasm was not long in coming ...
On the couch was wide enough space for three. Oleg and Nina were in position 69, on its side. She stroked and kissed his cock, not too active, not to perevozbudilsya ahead of time. He vigorously and passionately licked her clitoris, lips, vagina. Ivan lay behind Nina hugged, squeezed her breasts, kissing in the shoulder, neck, whispering in his ear some sweet words. His cock was already standing. Oleg strangely mingled feelings of surprise and anticipation of something forbidden, even with bated breath, looked at the purple-pink head and thought: now, very soon, that's out of this hole falls upon a trickle, or just a few thick white droplets, they get into Nina and she might get pregnant. There was not much in themselves, but if they choose to do so - to retreat late ... Nina arched and fairly purred. And then, Oleg, still hesitated a moment, and gathered with the spirit, briefly kissed her clit, as if in blessing. And then he took a member of the Ivan and sent him into the vagina Nina, one hand gently spreading her lips so as not turned up. Member safely dive deeper. Ivan hugged Nina to her and began a rhythmic motion. It moved him to the beat. Oleg slightly pulled back and stared at what is happening in front of his face. Of course, he had never seen anything like this live, but still so close ... Nina member Oleg released from his mouth, that he did not prevent her to breathe and move. And, of course, so as not to accidentally bite into ecstasy and sperm resulted not now in the mouth, and then where to go ...
What is happening seemed unreal. It is said that the merger of man and woman - is a great mystery, and no outsider is not given to comprehend ... but here everything was so natural, as otherwise it could not be. Like a pump pumped the ball or wheel. And yet, everything should be easy and simple, nature has taken care. And when it comes to human life - unborn child - any convention and sentimentality are nonsense.
Oleg felt curiosity, excitement, even a strange delight and something, which does not pick up the title. There was only one thing - jealousy. At that moment he forgot all that it is. And he could not take his eyes off the lips of intimate Nina, between which so confidently slid back and forth member of his friend ... Ninulya, dear, I can see that you feel good, and I'm so happy for you! Be happy!
Movement Ivan do everything sharper, and finally, he twitched and froze. His penis was almost completely submerged in the body of Nina, remained just outside the very root, but Oleg was clearly evident as he flinches. There, deep inside, that he spilled the semen.
Nina took a deep breath with a low moan for a few seconds ... she lay relaxed, then remembered the advice. It is necessary to use the most of the chances.
Nina raised her pelvis, making a stand on the blades, "Birch". Of course, in such a state, it would not be able to stay in this position for a moment, I would have fallen. But she rested ass into the wall, and the men carefully and firmly supported it. Both are not looking, fascinated looked at her labia - dark pink, swollen, shiny moisture, parted. Somewhere in the depths of her body invisible thick droplets trickled down to get into the uterus to reveal the excitement ...
( "Well, that's happened ... and nothing, the world turned upside down ... while Nina and now stands upside down ..." - Oleg thought.)
After a minute or two, Nina said: "All I can no longer, lower." They carefully laid her, Oleg at the last moment she placed a pillow under the ass.
Ivan gratefully kissed her face - flushed and perspiring, but infinitely beautiful from just experienced pleasure. She gently stroked his limp dick wet. Now it is the turn of Oleg. Nina was lying in front of him on the pillow, her charms were raised and open look and caresses. He again began to tickle the tongue her clitoris, gently spread the internal sponge, I licked every crease, trying to ignore the stranger appeared taste. Nina stretched languidly and groaned, and then lay down on it Oleg, once easily by logging onto the full depth. He was very excited, but finished not as fast as he could - because the vagina Nina was quite wet and uncovered a much wider than usual, so that the friction is almost not felt. Probably, and the uterus is also opened, so that a member of Oleg Now with every movement to push deeper into the sperm of Ivan ... but (what nonsense creeps into your head!) - What's the difference, if only true Ninochkina old dream. Maybe today still happen a miracle? ..
Once poured out Oleg, Nina had no strength to make a rack. She just planted a second pillow, and she was lying with her hips raised, relaxed and happy. Men lay on either side of her, fondled four hands, hugging, stroking his chest and stomach, kissing cheeks. Nina scattered hands, hugged her two gentlemen. Pillows from under it removed one shifted under his head. All three of us took refuge blanket, huddled together.
To lie down, rest, and Nina began to flirt with both at once, stroking and tickling - in each hand member. The first said Ivan: after his orgasm took more time, moreover, he was younger than Oleg. Nina felt the hand pleasant firmness. Ivan carefully fingering delicate petals of her labia, and soon Nina turned to him, put his arm around and quietly said: "Come to me ..." He did not experiment with the poses, just lay down on her, but she immediately pulled to the leg breast and put her on his shoulders. Now Ivan was moving slowly, as if screwing in Nina. She moaned with pleasure at his every move. And here again for a moment he squeezed her in his arms and at the same time dramatically leaned forward. She cried out in sharp sensations, and then only moaned: "Oh, Vanya ..."
Oleg, who was watching it all, has long been excited, so that the respite was short-lived Nina. He kissed her, Oleg whispered that she got on all fours.
Nina leaned on his elbows, his head rested against the pillow. Only in this way can be kept at a powerful impetus of Oleg. His cock every time touched the uterus, bringing Nina extraordinary bliss. Finally, he, holding her by the waist, struggling pressed and stopped, and again she felt at home in a warm splash. All. Forces no longer had anything.
Nina lay on his side and curled up comfortably, close to the wall - not to touch the wet spots left in the center of the sheet. Muttered: "Boys, how can I feel good ..!" She carefully hid, and a minute later she was fast asleep.
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My life

- Olya come into play anything - I asked
- Come on, what?
- to catch up
- well you drive - she said, and ran to the door. I tore through the moments after her. Running out of class Olga went to the ladies' room and I'm not thinking trudged behind her. On reaching there, I saw Olga, staring into the slot booths.
- What is it? - I asked
- On the look - not even come off it
I pressed my eye to the crack and saw Elena Sergeyevna (our matematichka). She was sitting on the toilet with your pants and jeans Prus. Teacher sat and drove his hand, or rather more than one finger between your legs.
- what it does - I asked
- I do not know, but we better leave while we have not noticed.
Sitting at home, I thought about it for a long time remembered how I felt good between my legs. I went to the toilet (since. I had all the home) and took off pants. In between my legs, everything was completely different, and I did not know what to do, when I called my mother ...
- Vanya you to phone
- moms go
I pulled the pants I ran and picked up the phone ...
- Alo - I said
- Alo, I Olya
- I recognized you
- Listen, today remember what we have seen in the school
- of course
- So here I tried the same thing (she spoke so boldly because she parents worked until 21:00, and now it was only 19:00 and my sister was studying in another city)
- but I can not
- why?
- Well-at, I can not speak
- come to me
- okay
We Olga lived in neighboring doorways so that I did not have long to go.
- Well, tell me what you - spending in your room, it immediately began questioning
- I ... there's not - I'm embarrassed
- where exactly?
- well there - I repeated pointing down
- show
- I do not know
- please, we're best friends
- okay
I slowly took off all the clothes from the waist down
- Wow - she said
- you see, is not it
- and tomorrow let's ask matematichki about your ... - she hesitated to show my penis
- She thinks not be angry?
- I hope not
- and show me how you did it - I said, pulling on his pants
- OK
Olya unlike me quickly threw pants and panties. My eyes opened a small crack between her legs. Olya sat on the bed next to me and put a finger on the crack. She slowly began to drive them back and forth over time, gained some kind of speed.
I could not get enough of it, especially between my legs was heated again, and all was cool (as it was then in the toilet when we spying).
- Olga and I can try?
- Come on
She did not even stop, and I put a her finger. Like her, I started with the beginning of a very slow speed gradually stuffed. After 2 minutes Olya sat on the sofa and moaned. Fearfully, I took his hand and moved slightly chu. Olga felt that I stopped and continued catfish. Having a couple of movements she removed her hand from the brook flowed cracks Kokaya the liquid.
- of you that is flowing - I hastened to inform a friend
- I know that time was the same
- think how it should be
- I do not know, ask tomorrow
The next day, after school, we went to matematichka for answers.
- Elena - tapped into the class we went
- Yes, what you wanted? - She said slowly looking from notebooks to us
By the way, I almost forgot ... the teacher describe her 20 years old, medium-sized breasts, long legs.
- Vanya and I wanted to ask you something - a slightly trembling voice continued Olya
- Well, I'm listening to
- yesterday we randomly assembled for you in the toilet ...
Elena nearly exploded with shame and anger
- go on
Olya nudged me in the ribs that I began to talk - well, you know ... we ... well ... when I came home and wanted to do the same thing, I suddenly realized that I had it all on another
Those time math teacher walked to the door and could hear it as it closed on the key
- and what do you want from me
- Well, the idea that if you can do the girls out there that you can do something and the boys - Olya rejoin the conversation
- correctly
- you do not show how to do it
- Of course, if you do not wake longer spy
- promise - we both shouted in unison
- that's fine, Ivan take off his pants and underpants and sad at the teacher's desk
I have no issues and did.
- what is your soldier does not twitch - said Elena
She unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. Her chest pokozalos me then huge. The teacher slowly walked over, took my hand and placed it on his chest. I stress lifted a hand and my "soldier" began to rapidly grow
- Okay, now come and kiss Olya Vanenogo boyfriend.
Olya how bewitched came up to me at point blank range and began to kiss my penis
- like this, and now around his lips and move the skin up and down
When Olga began to perform it, and more of herself she added one gesture ... movement language on the head, I could not resist and after a minute felt like from my "soldier" did not hit the big fountain
- swallow 'said matematichka saw it
After that, we asked a few more interest to us and went home

Chapter 2

13 years

I did Olya menety each other for about two years. I understand how you turned 13 years old, and Ole sootvetstveno 14. My girlfriend is very prettier ... krasivenkoe face, long, golden hair, huge breasts (obviously not her age), and a cute ass. Yes, and I did not stay away, my penis is quite grown up and gained weight.
I have come in tighter 5 day of summer. We were at Oli home position 69 and understand what they were doing themselves. As suddenly the door without knocking, entered a 19 year old sister Olga. We are so scared they did not know what to do. We looked at just broke into her sister with great shame and fear. And my cock remained in her mouth Oli.
- So what are you doing
I am with my girlfriend did not know what to say. And in a short period of silence, sat down on the bed and covered his crotch with his hands.
- It means while mom and dad on the robot are you sholite by little
- Tanya please do not tell their parents - pleadingly asked Olya
- and that it for me?
- anything
- Come on, I came to a couple of days and then leave for another three to two, and so you persuade the parents to come with me, okay
We were prepared for everything that our parents have not guessed what (the bolie hotosho that they are very aware of each other). Something I persuaded their ancestors and we hit the road.
Arriving the same town Tanya led us in a one-room apartment is quite cozy. - Is now quite hot so undress'll go naked
As soon as I undressed and Olga, my eyes fell on her crotch and cock began to slowly acquire embattled. Eyes of girls with greedy eyes began to examine it.
- so now listen pravelo you should perform - ate Tanya continued looking up - the first ... you are my overalls and'll do all that I say ... the second you call me "Mrs." and not otherwise ... everything is clear
- Yes, Ms. - replied in one voice, we
- that's fine, now gone to bed lick my pussy and ass
We went into the room of prehozhey. There was a huge bed. Tanya lay on her kicked off her mini skirt and panties and spread her legs wider, bending at the knees. We Olya crawled to her, I began to do a blow job, and Olya lick ass.
Our Mrs. roughly finished in my mouth a couple of minutes.
- Come here kids play their games and I have to absent himself, I will come in the evening.
Tanya went out and the substitution of kvortiry.
- Well, what do we do - I started a conversation
- I do not know ... let's see smears telly
- let's
We lay down on the bed and turned on the TV. There's not what was not.
- vidak can see - Olga went to the bedside table on which stood a TV set, and opened it.
- Look what I found - she handed me a cassette kakueto on upokovke were pictures of naked women. I did not have time to admire them as Olga took my cassette and put into the VCR.
We watched the tape for about twenty minutes and my cock again become fit for work. On koseete showed how what that guy vsovyvol his penis in pussy zhenschiny. Frankly I do for some reason, your mind will not come.
- Vanya, too, so I want to - moaned Olga
- let's try
Olga lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her crotch began to emit a pungent smell that I really liked. I am a meadow at her friend and put her legs on his shoulders. And slowly I began to enter the cock in her pussy. Her stacks strongly embraced my boyfriend why I was just voskhetitelno. But then I came across the kaku prigradu but ostonavlevayat broke it. Olya issued strong squeal from which I shorahnulsya. But after I pribavel not much speed Olya began to publish only the sounds of pleasure. We did this two more minutes and then I finished it.
We never went to sleep in that position, and we woke up in the evening came Mrs.
- I see you here for nothing time is not lost - she said - Olya miet do me and you, Ivan fuck his girlfriend fingers in the ass.
Tanya went to the bed, took off her skirt and panties and lay on her back. Olga slowly crawled over to her sister and buried her face in the pussy mistress. I rubbed my eyes and just started vrubotsya that was required from me (remember that we just woke up).
- slaver and then pomosiruy her ass - poyatnila me Tanya
I do not even spit Ole directly to the hole and began to slowly massage. Then he slowly began to introduce his instrument into the anus girlfriend. She began to moan and then squeak of pain, I did not stop and in a moment Olya asked again and again. Her ass clasped my cock so that I could not keep it long, and finished it right into the hole. I lay exhausted and quietly fell asleep. The last thing I heard is the voice of Tanya ...
- okay so rest tomorrow you will be a difficult day.
I woke up, as you know as well as to sleep with a member of the anus Oli.
- Woke Sony - suddenly entered the apartment Tanja, followed by four more girls age 18 - Meet Sasha is (very busty girl with short white hair and a beautiful face), Leroy (too busty, although not such as Sasha, a black hair) Katya and Nastya (twins with no big bust, but excellent ass)
- hello - quietly we met
- Sit girls 13:00 everything in the apartment is your (Now it was 11:00) - said Tanya and Katya and Nastya went sat on the bed, a chair, Sasha and Lera turned and wanted somewhere to go
- where are you Lera - asked Sasha
- I'm going to the toilet - she replied
- why did you go somewhere that's he's your toilet - Sasha hand pointed at me and Olya
- great idea
Lera went to Ole sat on her face. I heard that, that's the beginning of the faces of my girlfriend in the mouth. Olga desperately to swallow urine rider. Just a couple of seconds and she would have suffocated, but fortunately in time Lera got off it. When I looked up from obmochennogo mouth Oli and led him across the room, I saw a picture ... Twins were in position 69 and do you know what they were doing, Sasha legs apart on the sides of the chair introduced two fingers into the vagina yourself, and I slowly jerked off .
- hey baby - called me Lera - go fuck Sasha did not see it wants to Sachs.
I slowly approached her, and when it came did not know what to do. Sasha pulled her hips closer to the edge of the chair that I just could shove her his penis. That's exactly what I did. Her pussy was much wider Olya but I do exactly it was nice, a couple of crumple I said that now I finish and Sasha Dastan my cock with her vagina and stuck it in his mouth, where I finished. Meanwhile, the sisters finished and Olga shoved their hands in their pussy. And Lera standing behind Oli and probe her breasts.
- a good idea - said Katya and stuck my hand in his slot. A couple of movements and Sasha huddled in kanvulsiyah. Lera after seeing it behind the Oli and pulled me to Seeb. My cock was still not ready so she had to take it into his mouth, but yet I have not had time, I would like to warn that the small and thin jet struck in the mouth Leray. She did not resist but instead start to suck the piss out of me. Then happened something more, Kate crawled under her and Leroux and po hit the same trickle.
- oh girl for 12 ... 50 - ochuhavshis said Sasha
Girlfriend dressed quickly and left, and soon Tanya came with two guys.
- It Olya - Tanya pointed to her sister - Vova put on this is - she threw me a woman pants, mini skirts and tops.
I have been through a lot of embarrassment and put all this went hand in hand with Tanya leaving Olga alone.
We were not long, only five homes passed and went into a 2 storey katedzh. At the entrance we met 40 years zhenschina
- and here you are - she greeted - enter
On the doorstep stood devchyonka 15 years.
- this is how you asked - asked the girl to woman - your sister, but only 3 chasv, so all I ran - and said goodbye vybizhela the street.
- to listen to it - in a whisper said Tanya - Now your name is Nadia, I went all - she said loudly and too rushed.
- Well, as you zavut - he asked not Busty girl
- Nadia H - I ate uttered
- I'm Kate, and now went to the house - she said a little gruff voice
We entered the house and she put me on a chair
- Well bitch, what I do to you, wait here, I'll be back
She came back a minute later and brought a video camera
- take off your clothes and start to masturbate - she said quickly and turned on the camera
I slowly took off his clothes completely
- wait, wait do not shoot panties stay in them, and cast feet on the arms of the chair
I did not touch the touch and began drocht. Katya put the camera on the bedside table and it is not sent me. Katya came up to me and began to lick my anal. I was so good that I leaned back and began to be given full enjoyment ...
I woke up in the train, we were driving home
- finally woke up - said Tanya - well, you're done obostsali whole house with his Katka - giggled Passenger Olga heard about it
- I do not remember anything - I confessed
- sperm there was not much less than I want to admit, okay, I went to the toilet
She left and I translated his view of Olu
- what's up with you, then it? - I asked
- but nothing special flogged me all the times the hole
- Olya I want you
- I also want to do it with you
Suddenly, Tanya came and climbed on top shelf
- I do not bother, I'm sleeping
When we saw that she was asleep, quietly left and went to the toilet. Going into the booth Olya like mad attacked me with kisses. After the speed of light mnya took off his pants and squatted. Clasping my cock lips Olga took a couple of movements up, down and then took off her panties and began to cancer leaning against the wall.
I also quickly entered her his instrument into the vagina. I could not hold out for long because I was very excited and reported it to Ole. She quickly turned and I came in her mouth. Before he could finish she sat on the toilet and spread her legs. I nachel quickly to lick her hole after not bolshy amount of time she had finished. But along with its secretions and urine flowed. I started to absorb it with great zeal. When Olga finished I told her ...
- I also want to use the toilet
She took my limp dick in your mouth and I began to lower the liquid. Drain all my honey agaric member stood up and Ola again had to please me.

Chapter 3

16 years

As I said at the beginning of each chapter ... us with Olya 16 and 17 years, we learn in the 10th and 10th grades. Olya year ago killed his father and sister in the accident. It was only with his mother.
Since Olin mother began to work much the 17ti year-old daughter to 23:00 always remained one. We have almost every day trahlis with each other and all life was beautiful.
One day I was walking home at 21:00 from each other and decided to pass the way from house to house. I went through the dark alleys and ran into this picture ... Girl fucked then a boy about 15 years and the other took it in my mouth, I want to see that girl with the relentlessly roared. I decided to approach closer pas that would all razesnit. I almost fell on the ground when I heard this girl - Olga. I ran on the snout gave Thomas who was my girlfriend at a predetermined and shoved another.
- What the ... - and only had time to tell the second I vmazat his foot in the balls. Quickly donning Olya I took her home
- what did you do there? - I started questioning
- I-I went to her friend, I went to her to spend the night - chu little calmer justified Olya.
- Well, well, do not cry, I believe you and love
Until I went home and comforted her. Coming into podest she was quite relaxed. We quietly entered the apartment and I knocked down her into the room. I opened the door I waited another shocking moment. Oli Mother, Aunt Nadia lay on the bed and masturbated to our Olya and video recording (we have our year of filming sex on camera, Olea kept them at home)
- Olya You went to the girlfriend - she was horrified Nadia
- and you should be at work - with no less horror said Olga
- I was released today
- and the debt you look our Vanya record - asked Olga
- yes no just found a couple of weeks ago - Nadia continued after a pause - I know for a year without a man, and not difficult.
- maybe we can help you with Vanya - just after a silence offered Olya
- and you could - a little afraid of this said Nadia
- of course - and Nadia dragged me to his mother.
I took off my pants, sat on the bed, he threw Nadine legs on his shoulders and brought her in his penis. She moaned softly but once Olya mother sat down and she began to gently rub the clitoris tongue, moaning went to her daughter. When Olga realized that I was going to cum she got off the mother and gave her this adorable mouth. I crept closer to Nadine's face and shoved a pepper in her mouth. She began to tickle the tongue prick and I could not stand this torment finished.
A few minutes later came to himself, we all went to drink tea. In the kitchen we have a heart, Olga told all our previous life, and laugh together. Nadia asked us to at least a couple times a month to fuck her. We just could not refuse.
One day at recess and sidev talking Olga asked me a question ...
- Vanya, listen, I would like to do grupavuhoy, you would not mind?
- But no, I could bring two friends - I responded rovnodushna
- cool - she was delighted - and I bring a girlfriend
- fine, how many meet?
- come at five o'clock
- no problem
At 17:00 I was with two friends stood before the doors of Olga's House. Hostess without asking who came to open the door and ran naked into the room (by the way, I forgot about something to say Olya became just mortality figure of 125 ... 63 ... 70, I, too, even more grown up, and my friends call Sasha and Artem). Mu quickly took off his shoes and entered the hall. On the couch lay spread out in poze69 Olga and her friend Lena. We quickly undressed and disunite the couple. I Artyom remained on the couch with Olga and Sasha lay down on the floor and put the Lena.
Olga was very prompt and putting me next to Sasha began to lick our dickhead. After a while we went to explore their members Olina rear holes. I began to have her in the vagina (tk. No Kama not allowed to fuck my girlfriend in her secret place), and Sasha posted in anal. We started to peck two holes later, and dumb stuffed TEMPO. Suddenly I saw that in your mouth Olya took one more member. Inspection I saw Lena writhed in convulsions. Yes, apparently could not stand it Artemkina head. We finished at the same time and I first pulled the sperm in the vagina oliu ...

To be continued...
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