Friend's birthday

April 26, 2006
- I have prepared a surprise for you! - Effectively pause, mysteriously said Vadka.
- Well! Well! I wonder what you have prepared for us a surprise? - With interest I asked Roman.
- He took off for all of you girls!
He glanced at his wristwatch.
- They will be here any minute.
At this time, the doorbell rang.
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- And here is the girl!
Andrew frankly bored. Sitting in a chair, he leisurely sipped from a goblet cognac and yawned. He did not want to spoil the mood Vadka, however as it is his birthday, but he was terribly tired of drunken chatter friends "for a life"So keeping silent, alone in a corner, he sat in silence, sipping brandy.
He was not happy, even the forthcoming dialogue with moths. Frankly, he was afraid to contact them, so as not to pick up a syphilis infection or even worse, such as AIDS.
Hearing clear voices and laughter of girls, he did not even look in their direction.
- Are you bored? Can I amuse you a little? Andrei!!
- Ale? You have come with them? So you ...
- My God, Andrew! - She said in confusion and shame flared.
Most recently, he was trying to take care of the bright, beautiful and extremely independent Eley, the sister of his former classmate, but she haughtily rejected him, mockingly saying he does not like the smell of manure. Originally he was from the village of deaf and arrogant citizen Ale, I could not forget it. Now, he is a very successful businessman, and it is common prostitute, call girl, unexpectedly met here and both lost.
Ale was well heard about fabulous wealth of the new king of the local apparel market area, Mr. Prokhorov wanted to meet him, to fascinate him, but no it does not associate this name with his former admirer Andrei Prokhorov. My God, what a terrible puncture, she made pushing him away from me!
Yes a lot of money created a miracle with him. He appeared gloss, emanated from him wealth and confidence, and most importantly, he was a handsome man.
The very same Ale has not changed. Despite his profession, it has remained the same beautiful girl, which was once very fond of him. But, despite this, looking at her now, imagine how many hands Lapa is the perfect body, how many members bathed in it, how much sperm was merged into her vagina, he could not suppress disgust. Probably so, and many more overwhelmed by his feelings, was reflected in his eyes. She was confused.
But his rebellious physiology played a trick on him. After losing his head, he grabbed her arm and pulled him into the room that was assigned to him Vadim. As Elia did not resist, he ruthlessly tore off her clothes and tossing it like a feather, planted on his rampant cock. Only then she realized what he was a strong man, and how passionately longed for her. Panting from exertion, she relentlessly pushed onto the most gigantic member, she thought, in the world. Astonished by the fact that it includes something fantastic, she glanced at her sex slit and was horrified. The pink ring stretched her to the limit stretched labia, climbed huge cock with her hands wrist thick.
Knowing that can tear it, he carefully lowered it into his giant shaft and when the gentle ring of her lips, touched a tender kiss base of the penis, her vagina like a tight glove clung to him.
As soon as he began to shake her, she began to publish her ass wildly abrupt, loud sounds. Although she was terribly ashamed, but she could not do anything with it. In spite of everything, it just adds his passion and not paying attention to my emits-its unpleasant smell, he continued with the same passion to have her.
Elya, moaning. Moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure fiction, which had never experienced before with any of the previous customers. He tortured her until the morning, and then forced to get dressed, just kicked out of the room.
- You buy it? More you have not work - sorry explained her extremely dejected pimp.
Elvira, or Sonia, she was listed in the list of prostitutes, was their most profitable whore, but even its all-powerful boss, feared to resist the urge to buy it Prokhorov. And he bought, paid for her a fabulous sum that the former secretary of the district committee of the Komsomol astonishment climbed eye on his forehead. Contribute half green for some, though very beautiful whore? That he could not understand in any way. But questions also did not ask. Who knows how they will react to the irascible "Proshka"?
Wondering who is so generous and for what she needed him, Elia left the office. When near it braked smart foreign car, she had wanted to send it to the owner of a distant mother, but when he saw Andrei Prokhorov, like a saw. Only he could redeem it from this dirty bondage in which she drove herself, in a drunken state by signing a contract to work a singer, but instead became commonplace whore. Only he could have committed such an act. As he is not looking at her opened the door, she without hesitation sat next to him and without asking where he was taking her, was silent all the way.
She was not mistaken about what he will do with it. Once he bought her, she means it for something necessary. And for that, it is clear and without question. To fuck, until you get bored. But she was grateful at least for the fact that she did not have to sleep with lots of men, it will be her only man, though perhaps it will enclose her by their friends or partners. Although she is also not very believed.
- Today I received the opinion of physicians about their health condition.
Hearing this, she smiled sadly.
- By the way, AIDS is very high adaptation period. You know about it?
- I really hope that you do not already have. Otherwise, we will die together.
- Do you still love me? Despite everything?
- Do not be silly! How can you love a prostitute. My girlfriend died, you just became a slut Sonya.
He grimaced.
- What do you hate, sit next to me? - Caustically I handled it. - So throw me out of the car.
- And the nickname you choose vulgar. Sonka.
- This resentment to his folly. They were inebriated me some poison that destroys the human mind and made me sign a bonded contract, which made me a whore - no offense, she said.
His face darkened with anger. So terrible is he never saw and involuntarily recoiled from him in horror.
- With this, we will understand.
On this day, nothing has happened to her. Pointing to her room, he said, that all things in them belong to her, he immediately left.
Enabling TV from boredom, she went on summary criminal events. Her ex-office on fire. The announcer said that the recent fire removed from the fire men and women mutilated bodies, on the testimony of company employees stationed at home "Ariadne's thread"It is the owner of the company Mr. Feofanov and his deputy Maria Barkov. According to the conclusions of firefighters, the cause of the fire, became faulty electrical equipment, which caused a fire in the office premises. Mrs. Barkov and her boss were still alive, though badly burned.
- We asked the investigation team, not whether this is caused by the burning of a fire? For example, did Mr Feofanova competitors, whose business was very successful. They strongly rejected this version. It is safe to predict that neither the owner of the company or his deputy and companion Mrs. Barkov, will not be able to conduct their business. He's badly burned hands, and Mrs. Barkov, hopelessly blind.
"Oh my God! Andrew! How do you brutally avenged them!" - With an involuntary horror thought Ale. She had no doubt that this work of his hands, or rather the work of his hands performers.
She woke up in the arms of strong men. Clutching her to him, Andrew was sleeping peacefully. In the dream, his manly face, it became easier and nicer. Heart Eli flooded wave of gratitude to him. How did she ... was blind, it did not consider it a strong, purposeful nature. He was blind, and paid dearly for it.
- Your hair smell my shampoo - quietly murmured he did not open his eyes.
- You forgot to buy my shampoo.
- It is not i forgot, and my housekeeper. I will punish her for it.
- No one you will not be punished anymore. Quite Edik and blind Barkova.
- You say this is what? Who are these people?
- Do not pretend Dunno. These are the people who you bought me. I wonder how much it cost me to you?
- This is why?
- To know how much I return to you. I'm selling and give you back the money. I hope that the body of a whore selling is not expensive.
- This sum you can not return or when, even if you sell everything to the last pebble.
- I have a three-room apartment in Yekaterinburg, - she said proudly.
- Let it will be you. If with me something dangling s ...
- No!!! No!!! I do not want to be with you that something happened !!! You must live!!! - Instantly losing his temper, she screamed hysterically. She was frightened to be alone in this terrible world.
- Calm down. I say this to the fact that we are all mortal, we walk under God.
- Immediately tell you how much they paid, or I'm not going to talk to you!
He sighed, as if a little girl, patting her on the head, said without emotion: - "Five hundred".
- Five hundred? What? Cents? Rub? Dollars.
- Thousands of dollars, - he said quietly.
- And ... Oh, my God!
Opening her mouth, she stared at him, and for the first time during their joint visit, he laughed merrily.
- Did I stand so expensive ?! - She asked in disbelief.
- You are a hundred times more expensive than this amount, it is good that they did not know about it and asked for just five hundred thousand. I would give them more.
- On the drive you crazy !!! It's such a huge denzhischi !!!
She laughed, sobbed, and it seemed to open the floodgates.
- Prokhorov! Oh my God! What have I done! What I brainless bitch!
She cried not ashamed of it. Revell evil, a child blowing her nose and sobbing, sobbing loudly. Puzzled frown, he suddenly grabbed her and she choked roar under his lips sealed her mouth.
- All. More crying you I will not. This was your last tears, my girl.
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City Trans-sin. ¹2

2 episode. Shooting.
I was lying in the room. My hole just worked and everything was burning. His face was splashed with sperm, but I was so tired that she could not get up and go wash. I licked my lips. In the mouth, the taste of semen. The knock on the door.
- Come in. - I said softly.
- Hey, Ol! - Which became Lena said. - Wow! Who is it you so otpyalil? Judging by the number of sperm, it is Alex tried?
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- Yes, brother zahodili.- I stood up, took a napkin and began to wipe themselves. - Says brother wanted to try two members in one hole. In the hostel but you said, and in the ass Yulka two no one takes. Julia at work, so I decided to go.
- So how is it?
- Yes painful. I had long been fucked in two trunks.
- Damn ... That would have to try!
- Yes, what's the problem? Who we pipiski of the guys thin?
- Well I do not know ... maybe Vaska. Yes, even in our locksmith ...
- You're all sleeping in the dorm? With all the service personnel?
She made innocent eyes.
- Yes, all.
- Well, invite them.
- And would you go? Prompt what's what?
- Do not worry. It is not difficult. - I smiled.
We left the room. I am going to take a shower. Pomylas, substitution, wore fresh linen, and came into the room.
The door knocked again.
- Yes Yes!
- Hello, I'm - Lisa.
The girl entered the room. Of medium height, brown hair loose. Dressed in a black miniskirt, pink shoes and the same pink blouse.
- I Olya. - I introduced myself. - Come, sit down.
- Thank you.
She sat down, took out a couple of sheets of paper bags.
- I imagine an intimate studio. We're shooting a porno. Do not want you, or a friend, pouchavstvovat?
I am somewhat surprised.
- Yes, you can try ...
- Excellent! Fill in seventeen hours waiting for you here at this location.
- Okay.
- And then there are women who soglasyatsya to shoot?
- Rather go to the room. Lena girl name.
- She sent me here and. - Lisa ulybnulas.- Okay, bye!
I went into the building at that address. At the entrance sat a guy in uniform.
- Where are you going?
- In the studio.
- The porn shoot something? - He squinted slyly.
- Yeah.
- On the second floor. The first door on the left.
- Thank you.
- Come after us in komorku. - He nodded toward the door. - Fun. And the guys are bored by sweet holes ...
- We will see. - I turned and walked to the stairs. The guy I liked. Inflated, cheerful. You could give him.
I got up, knocked on the door.
- Sign in! - I heard a man's voice.
- Hello! It's about shooting.
- ABOUT! Excellent. Come, have a seat. I Misha.
- I Olya. That profile. - I handed a sheet.
He read. He chuckled.
- Good. It means so. Shooting day - it takes ten fifteen minutes. With intermittent.
Shooting is the scenario. Not just naked sex. Now we remove the tale. The Wizard of Oz read?
- Yes.
- Excellent! The main role of course is busy, but we can offer first cameo mother Dorothy. The scene in which the will to act - it's sex with "husband" or possibly even with "neighbor". Clear?
- Of course.
- So. - He thought for a moment. - Let's take a look at you.
We went into another room. In it but a bed and a chair, there was nothing.
- Come on. Undress.
I took off my jacket, blouse and skirt.
- Let us now take a chair, stand on his knees and turn to me sing.
I got up. He came up from behind, pushed strip strings and introduced a finger into the hole.
- Good. Developed. The questionnaire is written taking two?
I nodded.
- Excellent. Take off your pants and lie on the bed.
I did everything he said. Michael left the room and returned with a guy. The guy was in his shorts.
- Meet, Ol. This is Alexander. He will be yours "husband" on the set.
- Hello, Olchik!
- Hey.
- Get to Know! - He took from his friend's panties. I took in her mouth gently caressed language. Reins along the trunk. Sasha rolled his eyes.
- So. Good! Ol, on the set has its own rules. It begins with the words "We started" and ends with the word "Stop". Between these words you should strictly do what the writer says. Clear?
I nodded.
- Now try it. I have a camera in his hands. You wait with her husband's work. Lying and caress his hole, okay?
I nodded again.
- Go!
I spread her legs, licked her finger and began to drive in its hole.
- Ol, Poston.
- Aaaaaaa .... Ohhh ... - I threw back her head.
- Good. Stop. Now, my husband included. You kiss him, he licks your hole and then start to fuck. Go!
Sasha came. I stood up, walked over to him, put her arms around his neck and we kissed. He firmly grabbed my ass. I felt that his member is ready to break pants. He threw me on the bed. Then rudely pulled and dug his tongue into my slit. I groaned. He licked my hole, insert the language there. Then I turned on my stomach, and pulled his friend entered me abruptly. I screamed. His cock went like a jackhammer.
- Ol, do not be a log! Sit down!
I began to squirm. He took out a member. I put cancer and began to peck me again. I spit booty and with even greater force will drive a resilient barrel.
- Stop!
Noooo. I was so pleased. Sasha immediately took out a member and sat on the bed.
- So. Good. Very good. All Ol. Get dressed. The day after tomorrow we will go to the shooting place. Let there two days. Take only underwear, and the rest will receive on the spot.
Sasha and left with a protruding member. I watched him.
- Nothing. - Misha grinned. - Its' his job. Now probably to Svetka I ran to our secretary.
I got out of bed, he turned to Misha booty shorts and long searched on the floor. He laughed.
- I can not fucking actresses, Ol. More precisely it is possible, but not during working hours. - He slapped me on the ass.
I dressed up.
- All right. So here the day after tomorrow?
- Yes, come, let's go.
- Till.
- Till.
I went to the reception. On the couch unsatisfied Sanja tore probably secretary Light. She was bending down, leaning on the handle of the sofa. Do not even undressed, panties and pantyhose were lowered at the level of the knees. The matter was coming to a climax. Sanya moaned louder and louder. I walked past, just nodding goodbye to head. They did not notice me. Going down to the checkpoint, I saw the guy who offered to have sex. My hole ached with desire.
- Well, as a sample? Have taken? - He smiled.
- Yes, kind of like. - I smiled.
- Will you come for a couple of sticks of tea?
- A lot of you out there? - I decided to go wrong.
- Three.
- Well I do not know...
- Never saw three members together?
- No.
He laughed.
- And porn shoot? Come joking! come on.
I came in. The boys sat and masturbate to pictures on the monitor. We have not been paying attention.
- E! Eagles! Good drive! I drove you to the calf.
They turned around and just did light up with joy. One removed his friend and offered tea.
Second continued to masturbate. Already at me.
- No, guys. Thank you. I'm in hurry. Let's quickly unload their containers, and I'll go.
They rustled. I sat on the table, took off her panties and spread her legs.
- Let's take one at a time.
The first jumped one who masturbate all the time. Very entered into me, he grabbed my ass and started to stick. And I finished almost immediately. The jet of sperm flowed out of my holes.
- Weakling! - Said the one that I liked at the entrance. He pulled out his big dick and approached me. I climbed down from the table and bent over in front of him.
- Ltd ... high! - Its piston sign me. Cum his friend was an excellent lubricant.
The third guy came in front and gave me in the mouth. I started to suck. Two members worked well.
For ten minutes I was planted on two members. The first finished one that fucked me in the ass. With the power pulled me to her and plants a member of almost all the way, he shot a jet of sperm ... in my sweaty and already rather dry hole. The sperm starts to run out of priests. So a lot of it was. Anyone who has sucked was also nearing completion. I looked up at him, pulled out a member of his mouth and waved to him, they say in the ass come on, freed. He nodded. Now in its third
piston sign on my hole. A member of a sucking sound and all resche resche thrust into my flesh. Then I realized that the same finish. My little tense at the same time with my fucks monster jet of sperm. One spray again filled my hole, I second them soiled carpet. The legs did not hold. I sat down on a chair.
- Take a look! Our finished Maiden! Well, we Eagles! - The guys were already dressed and smiling.
Sperm flowed out of me. I wiped her panties and threw them in a bag. She lowered her skirt and said:
- Yeah, you guys rock!
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Wicked parody of a bad story

I decided on a little pougarat mediocre stories, and that's what came out of it.
Hello! My name is Anna, but sometimes, inadvertently, I call myself Masha. But in this story, all names have been changed, so that I believe that my name is Julia. As I said, here to change all the names, location and duration, as well as the sex and species affiliation characters. Actually, I'm not a girl, and kobel¸k ... I mean, bulldog two years.
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Last month, I ate a wireless mouse. She was quite tasteless, but it has opened me a lot of opportunities: now I can also use the computer here and decided to tell his most true story. The veracity of this story you will not find anything. All others can only dream about sex and do not represent how it happens in reality.
I - a girl Julia, and I have long wanted. I often masturbate in the evening before going to sleep, sleep at night and even in the morning before waking. Sometimes I CURRENT incredibly strong desire, then, that no one noticed, I turn into a watering machine and refreshes the surrounding streets.
I fifteenth the size of the breast. This is my pride. Since she grew to be larger than every year. Now, every time I go out of the door, you can not help be afraid nipples on door jambs driveway, and I was wildly excited.
Neither man saw me and just can not stand on his feet. They immediately fall flat on his back for a long time can not get up, such a strong impression my amazing looks.
Once it so happened that one guy brought me to him and asked me one day that I was waiting for all my life:
- Do you really want that?
- Yes, - I replied.
- I can not hear, - he said.
- Yes - I said.
- And what can you really do not want to .. and I, it turns out, nothing ... I will try - he said.
- Want! - I said.
- Well, okay, - he said, and began to take off my jacket with me.
When he undressed me and undressed himself, I saw his penis. He was huge: from the floor to the ceiling ... I'm even scared, when presented, that such a whopper will go into my narrow vagina ... He did not fit there. But this guy (by the way, as he was called, something I can not remember) told me to not soared, and all will be by.
He abruptly walked into me and immediately pulled up to the uterus. I bent over and began to moan, and he immediately began to rapidly peck me like a piston as the steam hammer, a machine gun "Maksim".
He fucked me, fucked and fucked, and I - moaning, groaning and moaning. Finally, he began to finish and, finally, came, and fell off to the side. By that time I also had time to start and finish.
When it was all over, he slapped me on the ass and told me that I was a cool chick.
That's a fairy tale ending.
Impressions and suggestions write - not stisnyaytes.
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Musical history, or Love at first fucking

Yes, do not spoil my musical idol of his attention our southern province. So I was surprised when one day, here on business in a nearby town, I saw a poster with a smile kindest smile he. Naturally, I immediately rushed to the cashier for a ticket Kurhaus. Tickets were only the first and last series had to fork out a small fortune for the fourth row. The ticket I bought one as a girl I did not, and my friends musical tastes are not shared.
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And then came the long-awaited day. The concert began at eight in the evening and ends about ten, I have time for the last bus home. With the thrill of a true connoisseur of music I'm fifteen minutes overcame almost two kilometers from the bus station to the concert stage. At a quarter to eight I was sitting in his place, and looking forward to the start. Finally it started. First on stage was bassist, keyboardist him, drummer, and that he appeared. When the leader of the group took the stand with a white electric guitar and began to play the introduction of the first song on the space next to me sat breathless woman. My neighbor was of medium height, thick, but not too full, with curly light golden hair almost to her waist, big eyes sea lagoon colors, snub nose and a slightly noticeable freckles on the velvety cheeks, dressed in the bright red summer suit consisting of Top and skirt just above the knees. Beautiful tanned legs were encased in shale, right ankle adorned with a thin gold chain, nails on the fingers of hands and feet dyed white pearlescent paint. In appearance she was not more than twenty-five. My roommate sucked caramel, judging by the smell, Barbariska. The girl I really liked, I looked no longer on the scene, and the stranger, not knowing how to talk to her.
However, when it came to the first slow song, she herself spoke up:
- Beautiful song. I love.
- Me too.
- This is my favorite singer of Russian. I wait to come.
- Yes, our people waited this concert. And where your friends are sitting, or you alone?
- I have little friends, all married. Today, everyone is busy. And anyway, I like to be alone.
- Young people, you have come here to listen to music or chat? Quiet as possible? - Uncle intervened dense physique, sitting alone with his wife next to the girl.
We have decided to postpone the more intimate acquaintance until the end of the concert and silent, enjoying the music. When the concert ended, I offered to accompany the girl to the house, and on the way learned that her name is Diana, she was thirty-two years (I was surprised when I heard about it), a teacher of piano at the music school, three years ago, divorced alcoholic and not having time to have children, and since then could not find anyone decent. Communicating with Diana, I completely forgot about the time. Our way passed nightclub "Moby Dick"Where is it to me a few times ever happen. Visitors were few, we sat down at a free table close to the dance floor and placed an order. A bottle of brandy for two has done its job - I became more relaxed with Diana, and she with me. Finally, someone thought up Igor ordered slow song for his beloved Natasha after her day jam. I invited Diana to dance, at first we were dancing "in pioneer" - Holding hands and gently touching the bodies. Even now, I could feel the heat in the summer suit her quivering body, and when in the middle of the song Diana hung on my neck and hugged me in her soft belly, struck me like lightning. I involuntarily kissed Diana's lips, first as a child, then an adult, but she pushed my tongue out of his mouth.
At about half past one night visitors began to disperse, becoming bored with the club.
- Hot. Come swim in the sea, - suggested Diana - like the night sea and go swimming at night when I can not sleep.
- Come on.
We came to the beach resort park, which at this late hour there was no one, except for a couple in love, who came here to retire. It was stuffy, track and ripple ran track from nearly full moon, glowing through the lace of cirrus clouds, far to the west hung above the horizon haze gray and now and then flashed the distant lightning.
- Turn away - Diana asked, pulling out of her purse some package. I obeyed. When I turned back, she was standing in front of me is not in a suit, and in a turquoise bathing suit. Droplets of sweat glistened on sooblaznitelnom tanned body girl navel decorated with small gold earring, left breast - a birthmark in the shape of a heart and the right buttock - a tattoo depicting an orchid.
- And now you turn away, - I said. Diana turned away, I pulled off his T-shirt, white stretch jeans and underwear and pulled the stuck just melting case. We climbed into the water, which was quiet, both in the pool and warm as fresh milk. We fooled around like children, squirting each other with water, swam a race. I took Diana into his arms and kissed her on the lips, this time she did not resist, and let my tongue in your mouth tender. A passionate kiss with the taste of salt water lasted fifteen minutes.
After I spent a night bathing Diana home. She lives in the old town, near the waterfront, so we decided not to call a taxi and walk the city at night. Walking took about twenty minutes. When we came to the house, where he lives Diana, drawn from the sea a pleasant freshness, the haze in the west approached, the sky is already looming outlines of the thundercloud, from time to time be cut by lightning, and could hear the distant rumble of thunder.
- I understand that you have no place to sleep, - said Diana sympathetic tone, - Come on! Just quietly, and that my wake Muscovites.
Diana showed me a summer shower and toilet and towel provided. I washed off the sweat and sea salt, then went into the shower Diana. I went into a temporary barracks, where my newly made friend lived in the summer when vacationers rented house. Outhouse consisted of a kitchen and one room in which there were a double bed, a folding armchair Soviet production, a table, a wardrobe and a couple of chairs. In the closet was a small TV, a synthesizer lying on the table "Yamaha" and closed the laptop, on the wall hung a black acoustic guitar. I picked up a guitar and began to play softly.
- And you its something you compose? - I asked Diane, pointing to the synthesizer, when she returned.
- Yes. I'm trying to write their own music. And you, I see you play, too? Your topic?
- My.
- Beautiful.
- It would be interesting to hear your music.
In response to Diane including laptops, I dug into folders and out of built-in speakers swam pretty mesmerizing melody.
- Class! "Enigma" resting.
- All right, already beginning of the fourth, it is time to sleep. Sleep here - she pointed out to me on the expansion of the chair. I went dressed in the offered me a bed, Diane turned off the light and lay down on the bed.
Armchair bed on which I lay, it was not in perfect condition - it sags central leg, and my soft spot falls through deeper and deeper towards the floor. This circumstance did not allow me to sleep. His vorochanem I woke up already dozed Diana.
- Can not sleep?
- Yes, the chair something.
- I forgot, it is broken. Okay, lie to me, just do not bother!
I stripped to his underpants and lay down next to Diana and began to fall asleep. He woke me close thunder, like a cannon shot. Through the open window burst into a cold wind.
- I'm cold, give me a hug! - Diana mumbled through half-sleep.
I turned to the girl, pressed against her in a pose "spoon" and he puts his arm around her waist from behind. My friend felt the female ass, began to show signs of life and the bulge of cowards. The blood pressure of a heavy hit in the head, sleep vanished completely. Apparently, Diana felt it, she turned to face me and started kissing me herself, but not like on the beach, and firmly, passionately. She did not resist when I took off her underwear, kissing her neck, elastic ... Fourth breast size with large bright pink nipples sticking up, and translucent skin cherz veins, velvety, slightly bulging tummy, and teased his hands neatly, shaved pilotochku. Woman lying on back with legs spread apart and moaning softly.
- Well as you can mess around? Fuck come on! - She said in a weary voice.
Diana with one hand drew me to her, and the other put my working tool in their sweet little girl. At this point, the window came the sound of rain. Tight Dianin mink tightly squeezed my farm, sharp and strong delight lumbago lightning all over my body. She felt the same as me: she writhed beneath me, growled and grunted, kissing me passionately, like a madman, clung to my chest and rubbed on the nipples me, hugged me so that I marveled where so much power in women's hands . Rain outside intensified, and has moved to the heavy rain, large drops drumming on the roof, eaves and windowsills. Our moans mingled with the sound of rain in the sweet symphony. I moved sweeping movements at a moderate pace, Diane moaned louder and louder, she had bitten me all lips and scratched the whole blood in the back. I felt the approach of the inevitable, swollen to the limit member pricked by thousands of needles, ready at one wrong move explode flow viviparous moisture. On the street at this time pouring as from a barrel, on the roof makeshift large hailstones rattled. Diana felt that I was going to finish.
- Suffer a little, Zainka, I barely left - she moaned a sobbing voice.
Stand, while not slowing down, it was unbearable. Excitation reached such force that began to hurt the eggs stiff and his eyes darkened. Scrapie will in a fist, I silently endured the sweet torture. Finally Diana moaned louder and louder ...
- Stop me-ah-ah-ah-ah !!! Love-and-and-we-th-s !!!
This was the last straw for me. My overexcited end of the shot, generously pouring Dianin sperm inside. This powerful orgasm I had with any woman. Our bodies ends were electrified tangle of human flesh, merged in the two kissing at the same time.
Meanwhile rain gradually subsided, and then completely stopped. We went into the courtyard and sat down on the sofa in the alcove and lit cigarettes. The air smelled fresh rain, the puddles in the yard were, cloud went east, on a light-blue dawn sky made their way through the curdled clouds dim stars. Hours on the phone showed twenty minutes past four, but not sleepy.
- If you want, you can consider me as his girlfriend. Come on any given night, I almost always free - Diana whispered. She Razula their beautiful legs and stroked her my thigh. Dianin rude leather soles lightly scratched me just above the knee. It has brought me. I took a delicious swarthy foot about thirty-eighth the size of the ankle, decorated chain, and began to look at her. Such sexy legs I did not see none of his previous girlfriends. Small dense manicured fingers with long nails, coarse, grayish-pink skin is on the balls and heels and delicate, almost white - on the vault. "Venus mound" at the base of the thumb strongly issued, recalling the form eggs or half a walnut with a barely perceptible transverse groove in the middle and was separated from the deep hollow arch two deep grooves. I took the ball in his mouth and began to kiss him, gently at first, then violently. Diane looked at me with a surprised look, smiled mysteriously and gave me a second leg. I did it by turns right, then left foot, then both at once, sucking fingers and licking the soles, and the girl humming as kitty. I am more and more plants was already hot enough to continue.
- Want more? - I suggested his precocious passion.
- You have to ask? Come on!
We went back to the makeshift. Diana for some reason, including laptops and connect to the columns.
- What will it be? - I asked.
- I like to have sex with the music.
- You know, me too.
- Then choose: Eastern drums, "Enigma"Brazilian Carnival, Flamenco saxophone, Irish folk ...
- ABOUT! That's it. Good rhythm sets.
Diana launched Winamp and opened folder "Ireland". After a few seconds of the speakers poured the sounds of Irish country, a nice young woman's voice was singing about love in English. We lay in bed and kissed. Following was some mud dance to the slow song. I was lying on his back, Diana sat on top and took a twenty centimeters of my love to the very bottom. A screeching violin, bagpipes cried, muffled rumbling sound of a drum rhythm Diana asked. She moved to the beat of the music, you first sitting, and then lay down on me and began to rub on my tummy, while carefully massaged his dick girl. I have more and more rolls below the navel. Under the last dance chord Diana roughly finished, and again I pumped her with his sperm. By following the melody, I was on top, tied to Diana her waist pareo. Then we went to valetikom, I went back to Diana and we fucking kissed at each other heels. Then in different versions "sandwich" pose, then I'm on top, then it is not taking the boy from the girl and not stopping a deep French kiss. After the twelfth orgasm Diana and eighth mine, around the beginning of the ninth in the morning, we did fall asleep - embracing, not disunite the flesh and without opening a kiss, and slept most of the day, like the dead, and in the evening, after a visit to the beach and a romantic dinner with wine and fried here in the backyard barbecue, again, it was a night of love. For three days we did not get out of bed (the benefit that both had a vacation), and in the evening on the fourth day I was driving home after things: Diana told me that now I live in it, and the objections are not accepted.
So thanks to this concert, I met the girl of his dreams. We are Diana for three years together, are legally married two years, we have a growing beauty-daughter, a copy of her mother. We have a joint musical project, already have a debut album. We still love each other as hell and fuck like rabbits.
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From the diary (continued)

3 marta.Shef called me into his office. I offered early to go to my house. Lessons for today I was no more.
He drove in silence. House waited for his wife, his favorite microscopic shirt.
Music played softly. Chef silence, swim slowly, savored wine, beckoned me.
All the same silence, with one gesture, the chief ordered me to undress. Looking around the lordly me naked chef took me by the neck and tilted his head to the floor. I knelt down.
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Chef made me bring him slippers in his mouth and to put on it, and then ordered me to walk as a punishment in the apartment only on the knees or on the lap. He pinched my nipples zaschepkami laundry and made way to go.
His wife watched us, sitting on the couch. Come to me, at his request, put them on my neck collar with a leash. In the words of the person I understood - mokrenkaya.
He sat in a chair naked. She led me to a chair on the leash and pulling him, pressed my head to his feet.
-Lick, baby, - he said gently.
I'm standing on all fours, licking his feet, sucking toes, vigorously moving his tongue.
Stay caresses, the chief turned me sideways and became a lordly drive foot on my crotch, stomach, chest, face.
He oshupyval my buttocks, perineum, inserts a finger into the anus.
Sitting on me, boss ordered to carry it across the room.
Tired of walking around the room, the boss sat in the chair, put my feet back, and began to savor his wife filed some coffee.
She brought a tray out of the refrigerator with ice cubes and the chief began slowly, savoring, poking me in the anus of ice cubes. It was unbearably cold in the ass. His wife sat on the sofa and quietly, rubbing her between the legs.
Pulling me by the leash, chief forced licking penis and testicles, sucking them and to satisfy his desire. His cock was myagenko and warm. I sucked his head, rolled his tongue around it. It became harder, hotter. The chief took me by the hair and began to methodically string on the penis. I worked with might and main tongue and lips. Hot protein giggled in my mouth. I quickly swallowed it. You could not miss a single drop.
Putting my feet on his back, the boss looked Vidic.
The film ended, and the chief, tied my hands behind my back, forced to crawl to him and kiss his feet. Put me in front of him on his knees, he was forced to masturbate. Kicking me with his foot, he demanded:
-Faster Faster!
I have finished. It was ordered to collect all the droplets and swallow.
Sitting in a chair, he ordered his wife to do a striptease in front of him. When she was naked, he forced her to dance with him.
Then he ordered me to lie down at the door as a doormat doormat.
The chief took his wife's panties and put it on a bottle of champagne. And then he presses down on her shoulders, so that the bottle came out of the vagina. This forced her to look him in the eye. He forced her to drink from the bottle. Each time before you attach to the neck, she was poking her in the vagina, then licks the neck, and finally, to drink. She was ashamed to look him in the eyes, she blushed.
Put me on all fours, the chief put the bridle on my head and pulling it fucked me in the ass. Large hot cock spurts came in my ass. It hurt, ashamed to be cancer. His wife came up to us and watched me, her husband, my boss down.
Plenty of coffee drunk, boss put me into the bathroom and urinated on my face. Warm urine running down me. He watered my head, back, backside. I am ordering expose a person's mouth.
Inserting my anus artificial phallus chef forced to serve with him at the table. I filed a dinner razlik for a glass of red wine.
He put a plate of soup on the floor and allowed me to have it on all fours, and without using their hands.
Eating at the table ordered the chef's wife crawl under the table at his feet and suck his cock.
After dinner, chef urinated into the toilet, then down into the urine, and my face flushed.
When the chef got dressed, he put his wife dildo into the vagina and went for a walk with her, prohibiting to remove a member.
It was dark. Chef left. We went to bed.
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On Petnagone

In general, the balance of this ... I met once with a girl .. ochchchchen sexy lady ... much that was interesting we have it ... but somehow it did not happen in life ... well, 8 years I about it have not heard anything ... she was married for a long time ... the children ... and now I got a letter ... such content ....
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"My husband asked if I had a threesome. I realize now that so pervert requires me to tell everything from the smallest detail !!!!!
Then I had mixed feelings, and I do not have anyone that's not discussed, so the picture is not clear head. And he shouts "how this can be forgotten"!!!!
It is a dream at night every time asks to tell who was where and what you do with me at all and especially ........ knock in ICQ, I have it on the phone and tell you whether this request napryazh¸t. Thank you in advance"
In general, I wrote ....
Hello! Sorry I took so long to answer .. I do not want to simply unsubscribe, and time to gather his thoughts and to present all the details as usual is not enough =)
Given the importance of some of what is happening to you and your loved one .... I want to be honest ... I have, and before and after that had group sex ... and a very not bad ... but for some reason this is the case I remember a long time ... I often remember him ... and constantly turned on of course))) I decided to arrange everything in the form of a story this is my literary debut, so do not judge strictly ... can be a bit rough, but ... I was in such expression and it reminded ...
Oh well .. In general, it was like ...
It was a typical summer evening .. We hung out with Ilyushkoy in the park, and that some were drinking ... it was good ... and at this time I was called Natalia, and said she was at the post office and going to the military camp ... I said I'll be there in 5 ... minutes. took with him Ilyushka, telling him that now we will have a great gangbang and rushed to her ... met, I took a taxi and off we went ... I think she was sober ... in the car sitting in the back seat, I had already started her paw ... I climbed hand in the pants, they were wet ... Nataha was clearly not against, moved apart legs ...
Then he quickly climbed into the apartment ... I immediately from the doorway, barely razuvshis, dragged her into the bed began to kiss ... ... stroke ... she was in a short skirt, blouse and panties ... I did not even shoot anything ... threw her back on the bed .. lifted skirt , moved the panties ... a little lick clit .. Natasha has all flowed ... obviously wanted to fuck ...
Then he moved up and sat down on her chest, took hold of the hair, put the penis and began to fuck in the mouth ... like watching moving her plump like Angelina Jolie's lips in my trunk ... Nataha perfectly sucks .. and loves this business ... and I like to watch for sucking the girl ....
I was a little drunk ... that all this time I did not know Ilyushka .. somehow did not pay attention ... but after a while I felt that Natasha's movements became some rhythmic .. .. looked back and saw directly behind him Ilya fucked her ... with one hand holding his head on his cock, I began to stroke her other breast to compress ... .. podrachivat clit .. and when my fingers dropped into a wet vagina .. it was empty ... I was surprised to realize that he, with his legs fucks Natiny her ass !!!
I fucked Natalia ass and before that ... and being very active and often ... we can say that her ass was already natrenirovannosti my cock ... but still the penetration process was for her painful ... she writhed when I insert cock in her elastic ass, and in spite of everything it was obvious that she was in pain ...
But not at this time!!!! He threw Natasha in the ass without any preparation and grease !!! And this slut does not even make a sound ... not filed mind ... I continued to suck my dick as if nothing, not happened ...
While that has not worked for a small plunger in her ass !!!
I was a little shocked. I was wildly excited. She was not paying attention to that persistently continued to grind the end of my tongue and lips.
I also really wanted in her sweet ass .. I took off her T-shirt revealing his chest, the better to crush them. We turned and put her cancer. Ilya went to the front and Nat immediately began to furiously masturbate and suck his dick that just fucked her in the ass ... I fell in behind, she lifted her skirt to her waist, took still quite wet panties. parted the buttocks ... a little spat and rassterev drooling hand on her ass, put his head to the opening of the anus and pushed .. my huge cock literally flew into the wet, hot, elastic ass. I drove it for the most eggs but Natasha was so absorbed in Ilya a blow job, he did not even flinched. I could not believe my eyes ... and even several times checked stroking the hand of her wet pussy, that fuck is wrong hole that would ... periodically inserting something into the vagina in the anus, I slowly potrahival bitch stroking hands smooth back ... squeezing breasts ... or snatching for her red hair, pulling her deeper pushes his mouth Ilyukhin, a member of ...
Everyone was very excited, the room was a strong smell of sex ... I was very wound up, this situation ... my girl right in front of me does blowjob stranger man ... who has just had her in the ass, as the last whore ... I just went crazy with excitement with the light admixture jealousy ... ochchchen strong sense ...
We fucked Natalia in two large Member States from both sides ... and she obviously enjoyed it ... tirelessly took into his mouth and worked her ass ... like a real slut struggled to appease the men to ...
I'm from the excitement has already ceased to change Natasha holes ... and feeling the approach of orgasm began to fight furiously in the ass ... just grabbed firmly by the waist, lifted off the bed and just sit down on your ass fuck on the eggs ... planting as far as possible .. I literally jerked her ochkom ... the force of impact I was even a little painful ...
Nataliya like mad continued to suck dick Ilyukhin and moaning with pleasure with his mouth, drooling ... through us is still more plants .. Ilya has literally fucked in the mouth ... my girl planting deep throat ...
I strongly periodically slapped a hand over her buttocks ... they were red from the blows ... I beat this dirty bitch and she kept us vydrachivat of sperm with her mouth and ass ...
At some point I could not stand ... and cry, began to finish her ass ... Ambush most deeply ... I poured hot semen flows into her rectum ...
Then he leaned back from exhaustion and lay side by side, stroking her breasts ...
Ilya seeing this thing, and I have succeeded and continued to tear asunder Natasha in point ... Probably after my "baby" he had been there a little roomy ... he started to get nervous ... wound up not childish ... pounced on her like an animal ... he tortured her ... badly beaten on the buttocks .. scratching her ass ... there were traces of blood ... thrust her hair ... in every way and doubles over her Zaguinay ... Nataha longer just moaned ... she cried in a loud voice ... but it was a pleasure cry ... she liked to be our whore ... and she went to sit down with a point on his dick ... podrachivala his fingers from the bottom ... to the neighbors called the police from the screams, I put his penis in her mouth, she immediately began to suck it ... it's a little choked sound ...
This went on for a long time .. I remember vaguely ... I crawled from the bottom and tried to stick to the nats pussy until Elijah fucks her in the ass .... After several changes of position, Ile finally realized that alcohol did not allow him to finish ... and finally whipped red Natasha's ass went into the bathroom ... and then left into the darkness ... Nataha spent her lover, closed the door behind him and dived back into bed ... ot¸bannaya in all holes exhausted but happy ... for lustful luster in the eyes, I realized that it could be a very long time to work whore Yeshe ...
Something like that...
I do not know how you perceive it ... but I hope that you will find the consensus and your sex life will be interesting ochchchchen +. =))) Good luck to you guys ...
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Once in the village (continued)

Though late, but I continue my story.
As you remember, my favorite and beautiful aunt helped me unload my dick, it does not scruple to take my young sperm on his chest. Sent me out of the bath in the house, it has been washed, and came rosy, smelling the freshness in a short bathrobe, which is tightly hugged her chest and does not hide enticing cleavage. Smooth legs invitingly looked out from under his robe. Seeing this miracle, I felt like my penis began to stir again in his underpants, but I patiently waited for my aunt says.
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- Vadik, I see that you've grown up, you have a beautiful cock, a lot of sperm. It is wrong to hold back a long time and stupid disposed of on land, in the sink or toilet. Let's agree, as soon as you are excited, you come to me and say, aunt help me finish. But one condition, all your cum, I will collect in a jar for cosmetic purposes - will make masks. Progress?
I'm a little stunned by such a proposal, but said:
- Of course Aunt ...
- Well, let's see: Say ...
- Aunt help me finish ...
My aunt got up and went to the closet. Taking a glass jar with a lid, she took me by the hand and led him into the bedroom. In the bedroom, my aunt sat on the bed and I stood in front of her with a bristling shorts.
- Take them Vadik, not torture him.
With trembling hands, I pulled the panties and again appeared before my aunt from a member of the rearing and saggy testicles.
- Okay, now again, I will not hand you constantly caress. Sometimes I'll just watch you do it yourself. I can expose her breasts and pussy, to help you later. Here, for example, as it is now. Caress member, and when you want to come, warn.
I grabbed his penis and squeezed it in his hand began to move the body up and down, slightly moving his hips. Meanwhile, Aunt opened the robe, exposing breasts and pussy, which was shaved to my satisfaction. Aunt explained:
- That's because you did obspuskal entire breast, cum on pussy flowed and began to dry hairs. You like?
I just gasped, "Yes" and continued his work, feeling like a wave rises up from the testicles to the head.
- Aunt, I'll finish ...
My aunt took the jar and held it to the head of my penis. Bending and squeezing the cock, I groaned and began to throw out the semen in a jar, which became noticeably filled. Aunt greedy eyes looked at how I'm coming, saying: "Well done, more, more ..."
Letting the sperm, my cock began to fade, and Aunt screwing the jar, took it in the refrigerator. After that, a handkerchief gently wiped my cock, saying that I would always spoofing bedtime.
- Observe, hygiene, be neat and all will be well. These three weeks until the grandmother you'll remember forever.
After that, everything went like clockwork. Every day, several times I came to the aunt said I wanted to finish. We went into the house and his or her delicate hands drove me up to the eruption, or I'm looking at her breasts and hips poured into a jar.
Aunt way showed how she uses the sperm. Every night before going to bed she smears cum on your face and waiting for when it begins to tighten the skin. Then she washes her "Dove" soap. From this her facial skin so clean and young. And not only the face. Sperm in a jar and have accumulated enough at the end of the week in the next bath day, warm up my aunt, I smeared it completely down until the head of the sperm jars. Then gently washed.
The award aunt allowed me a prank. Being naked in the bath, she began to pristupochek before bunks. I came back and my cock was between her thighs. Gritting his thighs she invited me to move as if I have sex. It was unforgettable, it seemed to me that I fucked her. She fingered a finger tip of my head appears between the legs. Is such a long time restrain himself? Naturally I had finished, the Gulf sperm of her feet.
We have next week were related, and other mischief. And in the middle of the second week came my cousin. The same age. On this the next time.
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Hal ... (the case of life)

Overage Sergey Telichko got in our first-year cadet class of the fishing fleet.
- Interesting. What this ignoramus we lost? - Surprised our faculty heads, not knowing that Telichko held a "hairy hand". This term is meant in our patronage.
Telichko was the foreman of the second article stock that immediately used company-bosses, appointed this Bityug doyen of our class. Unlike others, striving to score a place in the classroom at the table on the "Kamchatka", Sergei sat at the first table, which allowed him to freely closely razlyadyvat ladies charm of our young female teachers. Not bypassed his opinion are those who hunger and chest of our young Englishwoman, first set foot on the path of the teacher. She just could not stand his boorish sight and immediately exploded:
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- Telichko! Do not stare his gypsy thorn in my chest! It is not yours! It is better to look in the book ... - It is not our - quietly, but clearly said impudent and then stared at her delicious shapely legs.
Englishwoman blushing under her views frankly Undressing sexual cadet and in response has tightened up its mini-skirt so that it illuminates the edge of its captivating white panties. Face Telichko immediately fills with blood, the lower lip hung down, she began to drip saliva, and poor student quietly puts his hand in his pocket, to precipitate, a rearing its indomitable "horse". Englishwoman triumphantly smiled and lowered her skirt into place. Her eyes facing the defeated Telichko clearly said: "What! Ate ?! ". We are happy to contemplate this sex duel between the two duelists and engaged in the lessons of English, mainly for its own affairs.
However, we knew that the girls have always inyaza comprehension on the part of men flirting. It is their we often took away our evenings dancing somewhere in a secluded corner and kissed them to stupor. Some of them even with the lost panties, but these are details ... Soon Telichko English class began to act as a manicurist. He sat down next to the teacher, gently took one of her charming handles, handle it carefully miniature marigolds napilnichkom who took from her purse, and then uniformly applied pleasantly scented varnish. After finishing one handle, he took up another. In gratitude for a job well done Englishwoman generously allowed him to kiss his palm. Now it did not cause him to answer unlearned lesson, and inviting after training the teachers for additional classes. Our faculty bosses even set an example to other such hard work of the teacher to teach a foreign language. This is where our "Casanova" made it to her seductive breasts, when they were alone.
- My gut that she has matured and wants to get fucked like a cat - licking his lips leering womanizer our overgrown, hanging noodles on our ears. Many of us at that time did not smell a woman in bed and listened Telichko, his mouth open.
- Poured - in disbelief shrugs others who already had some experience on the part of sex.
- Oh, you do not believe me ?! Then assign the two witnesses. I'll bet you a bottle of cognac and a kilo of chocolates that this Saturday I planted it on the most navel - sold our dork.
Paris took place. The witnesses chose my friend and me Zhora. I was awarded this honor as a company sergeant-major, and Zhora considered class conscience. We are considered righteous by the female part of the cases, we trust, to us hoping to win his brandy and eat chocolate.
- Well, Serge! Drinking party to prepare in advance. Our FIFA and to the knees you will not allow, is not that up to her navel - bantered Telichko classmates.
- One condition. It will fight on their seiner, - he replied.
- Though the moon! But if you do not bring her panties as a trophy, accompanied by these faithful squires, have you broken the Don Quixote - laughed in response to our brave lads.
Former Seregin seiner standing in the Petersburg sea port. Telichko, early boatswain worked on it, agreed with kepom, and the following Saturday, late in the evening, our trio went to the port. Famously mistimed challenge by taxi seen at the entrance of our Englishwoman and two young girls, a lively Twitter in English.
- And who is this - I stared at Telichko.
- Shalashovka - quipped Jora.
- Shut up! Intellectual. The one that taller - is your commander, and baby - Zhorik. We were so fun to herd - said Telichko. He instantly ran to the duty for seiners and soon emerged with a heavy bag.
- Welcome received. Devonki and boys! Let's go on a ship - he first set foot on the ladder, dragging the rest.
We settled in the four-seater cabin. The ship, but one on watch, there was no one, and prevent us to do the experiment there was no one. Telichko instantly flew to the galley and brought a solid pan with hot pasta "nautically" pulled from his bag a hefty bottle of alcohol, and laid on the table pickles and bread with coarsely chopped bacon.
- Ladies and gentlemen! Please to the table - Sergei smiled affably.
We sat down and got to treat. Our girls were shining. Apparently, they were first on board and this extravagant adventure they obviously liked it.
From drinking alcohol suddenly our ladies immediately okoseli. The men smoked, and the ladies ran to the latrine, which was located in the same corridor. We talked about politics and women lay in bed and drew the curtains. Our girls have got to the bottom bunk and his Englishwoman Telichko hoisted on - top that, like a car regiment, supported by two chains. We already began to droop his eyes, but Serge was relentless.
- For the love! - He raised another glass. It was a call to action. We clinked together, drank and began to undress. Run to the latrine, he immediately climbed to his virgins. They began to pull off their panties. - Nahal - those fought poorly and something lopocha
in English, moved apart legs. We Zhora snorted, like a chimney, get down to business. My partner was very gentle and passionate. She's all I obtselovala, bitten and scratched the back of his neck with his sharp nails painted. When I pumped it, lying on top, she wanted to test me back, which was not yet in my practice, so I had to please the damsel is not without its aid. Drain all that we had, we hung up. Jora something too fell silent and continued persistent struggle on the top shelf.
- Kisya. Spread your legs - begged the gentleman.
- Shut up! Once you vdul me in the staff room, I stopped monthly, - hissed our English.
- Rejoice. Baby will ...
- And what I tell my horned idiot ?! He's been a year since I did not trample ...
- You will say that this is the Immaculate Conception wind blew, - chuckled Telichko, for which earned a smack on his backside more than average.
Zhora looked out from behind his curtains.
- Well? Justices? - He yawned lazily, turning to me.
- As you ...
- And what Serge pulls? It's time to witness his victory over "tichey Comrat".
On the top shelf, and it began the fight stopped dimensional rocking. Then the squeak of the springs began to grow, and then moved in a continuous moan.
- ABOUT! May Darling - Englishwoman moaned, tossing earrings.
We Zhora got out of their beds, where our girls slept like a log and opened the shutter Seregina shelves. In the light of a street lamp (in the cabin lights were turned off) it is clear to be seen as lowing something unintelligible Sergei, works hard his thick and long, pump, pumping his little English girl. That has become a whine. We are making sure that no schlock, once again climbed to their girls, and inflamed by what he saw, he immediately began to push their legs. To my surprise, my woke up and she planted herself in my "boy". Our bed creaked again, and Seregina already heaving. The English have squealed so ... that Serge had to clamp her mouth, afraid that the watch will come running.
- Jora. Do not you find that the situation has become overtly spicy? - I laughed, draining his girl his next condensation.
- Do not bother them to work! - Strictly said that and, having lowered legs on the floor, began to pull on their pants. He apparently was going to go to the latrine.
- Oh! Wow! Ah! - I screamed Englishwoman, so that scared our girls. Those anxiously looking for their blinds. And then suddenly something unexpected happened. Fastening the top shelf, which was over the bed Zory, they gave way, broke off, and sweet couple flew to the floor. Well, that Jora managed to catch our teacher, and then disappeared would we be without it, and did not learn English. Serega less fortunate. He crashed on our table, like a hurricane, sweeping away everything in its path.
- Devil's Box - matyuknulsya Sergei, succumbed to a broken foot on the table.
- And you - no bull ottesanny - screamed Englishwoman, not heard and understood the reproach, thinking that Serge called her a "fucking cow".
The yard already ashen sky. We tidied the cabin, swim with the girls in the shower and one in group sex, detach them. We Zhora swapped partners, for they received from grateful girls kissing in the mentioned places us. They put them in the corners cancer walk, put in your "trunk" and for Seryoga command "Go!" Collectively ripped girls under their continuous laughter. Serge did not give her to anyone, tucked it into a corner, he turned to his own horn soul, too, put the cancer and began to fuck, in the pouring rain, saying:
- On you …! On you…!
It seemed that it was not fancy man tears up her sweet and strict father punishes his belt careless son for another leprosy.
... On Monday, an Englishwoman, as always, went to class and sat calmly in his place.
The guys already knew that Telichko won the bet. He felt like a real hero. And now he stood up, walked over to her and took her familiarly by the arm.
- You currently allow it, insolent! - She screamed, and a resounding slap rocked the air.
Sergei stood there and could not believe his eyes. His face was like the face Englishwoman raging tigress. - What's the matter, Comrat Ticha - barely uttered it.
- Then some people think that I can be taken by the horns. Nonsense! No quarter will be given, if you do not learn English! I clearly lay out?
- It is clear - almost whispered Sergei dumbfounded.
- I can not hear!
- Clear - she barked risen class.
- That's it! Look at me, naughty children - she relented and began the lesson.
We are obsessed with English. And this thing came to fruition. For many of us, this is very useful in life. Personally, I had then sometimes communicate with foreigners, and the knowledge of English has helped me in many ways. But our Serege Telichko out of luck. He was never able to master this inscrutable to the mind of its subject, and at the end of the first course was expelled from the school, in spite of the "hairy hand". And those girls - Englishwomen we Zhora more than once met. They were smart, funny girls, without complexes on the part of sex. They often came to see us at the dance, go with us to the movies, to museums in St. Petersburg's theaters.
They are schooled manners could envy these ladies. The girls then jumped very well marry the sons of diplomats and traveled with them to foreign countries.
Once on the street, me, a fifth-year cadet, called a strange bearded man. - Serge? You?! - I barely knew our Telichko.
- I, brother, I am. I see you have five "jackdaws" on the sleeve. System ends?
- Yes. And you-how?
- I am floating on his boatswain seiner. And my favorite you?
- Yes. All fights with freshmen. It makes them cram my English. And why you did not agree with it?
- So she thought that I had "Devil's cow" had called. And not just ...
- Yes. Love is evil .., - I hugged each other and kissed on the cheek, away from him ...
Edward Zaitsev
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Irina Education. Continued.

Apparently, those tears were a kind of crisis. When I went into her room, she Irina got up without speaking po¬shla in the shower. However, no comments could not have done. When I went to the toilet, Ira was going to write standing up. Naturally, I found it necessary to intervene in the process.
- So it will not work! - I said. - For your information, the girls pee just sitting!
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- But Aunt Jeanne, I ... - tried to argue Irina.
- Your punishment is increased to two months! - I stabbed her in the chest with his fist, causing Ira sat on the toilet seat. - For your "I"! From now on, you have to write just sitting! Repeat!
- From now on, I have to ... - Irina beginning.
- Fourteen months and seven days! - I interrupted her. - At first!
- Now I must write just sitting! - This time there were no errors.
- That's good - I nodded. - Zapr¸shsya in the toilet - the punishment will increase by three months.
After breakfast, - Natasha tried to portray the porridge, but it turned out bad, - we with Irina sez- Dili borers ears. She sighed, the example of an act, further separating it from the man. Looking at her pretty face, even with ear rings in my ears, I felt a surge of enthusiasm. But the guy has go¬tov! Let there be vzbryki and tantrums, but it broke! Now he sees himself as Irina, but not Michael, as a girl, not a boy!
Few zadolbali phone calls. Some guys called on the former Misha phone and asked him to call. Me and Natasha, who first came to the mobile phone, answered that he was not, he left for a few months. What these "few months" could take years, or even longer, she knew, perhaps, only I and podozre¬vala Irina herself.
Though the house was still much to do, including making dinner, I called the girls to relax. The three of us dressed in bikini and settled near the pool. We played cards, swam in the pool, fun, Ira taught to be feminine, and she most liked. Only in the second half of the day, when the clouds, we decided to go back into the house. Immediately and changed.
Damn, this effect I did not foresee. We covered the tan, leaving white patches in place of panties and bras. First whinnied Natka, I joined her, Irishka blushed as snow poppies and turned away, hurriedly pulling on a T-shirt.
- Hey, girlfriend! - I stopped her. - You have not forgotten anything?
Irina had to wear a bra.
- Well, - I nodded. - I'll be in the office to work, as long as you prepare together something.
It was very interesting that says Ira about such dramatic changes in life. So I established in his room, in the kitchen, in the hall of hidden cameras, borrowed in the security service sobst¬vennoy company. In the office I turned on the camera in the kitchen and brought the image on the monitor.
Natasha and Ira were engaged in cooking. Ira peeled potatoes, onions crumbled Natasha. Some time devush- ki silent, then Irina launched another potato in the box.
- Sdurela ?! - Natasha stepped back, which flew past the "shell."
- And you?! And you too?! - Ira gasped, beside herself with rage. - I'm sitting here in babskih rags ...
- You have to say thank you for it only to himself - snapped Natka. Good for you, girl! - So you're shvy¬ryatsya or cooking dinner?
Matyuknuvshis, Irina took the following potatoes and started to clean, but, you see, do not reprimand pol¬nostyu because it continued to mutter:
- I thought you were my sister, and you support this bitch ...
I saw that Natasha smiled, turning away: it seems Irina herself did not notice that spoke of himself as a girl. And Ira continued splashes out all accumulated over the two days, and remembering our recent laughter. Natasha, in the end, tired of her grumbling, and she asked:
- Well, if you do not want it, why are you wearing it? Why did you let my ears pierced ?! - Ira blushed, but said nothing. - I would have run away, but she did not suffer, and you stand! You seem a very nra¬vitsya, sister. So stop whining and do what you're told.
It seems Tashkov right: Irina really enjoyed it all. I turned off the camera and her work, catching up for the missed days. After an hour the girls called to dinner. It was grilled meat and potatoes. This time they did it is edible and delicious. I ate and extolled.
- This is Irina, she led the process, and I was waiting in the wings, - said Natasha. - It looks like she has talent.
She lowered her eyes and blushed cute. I smiled:
- If so, will our chef, and we will help. - Ira already beamed with joy at this, and she did not expect. - So the kitchen, Ira, now is your ancestral lands, - I continued, - and everything is there to sparkle and shine.
This is Irina liked less, but still could not turn down the joy. Natasha quietly showed me the thumb. I praised itself for a good idea.
Irina plunged into cooking: eternally busy in the kitchen, something fried, cooked, baked, looking for new recipes on the Internet, experimenting with new dishes. However, I keep a watchful eye to keep it vy¬hodila from an image of the girl. In the morning I watched the way she dresses, puts make-up, in the afternoon I have several times caused by "Skype", always at different times, and looked at the appearance, making the remark: put on a little makeup, fix stockings or wipe shoes. And then I would drop in and check out in person.
And we discussed with Irina Natasha clothing, cosmetics, hairstyles and other women's stuff, trying to engage in conversation and her, asking her opinion. First Ira dismissed the monosyllabic answers, such as: "Nitsche!", "Not very," or "! Ugh, disgusting", but gradually, under our pressure she began to speak in more detail.
In a week when the bruises gone, it took the first exit Irina out. Not listening to objections, I made her wear a beautiful red-blue dress, pumps, girls sat in the car and drove to the shops. Irishka desperate coward, but I was relentless. We went into the shoe, where I made a bunch of Il re-measure shoes, bought three pairs. Then there was a clothing boutique bottom, where I made Ira trying several beautiful sets and nochnushek again bought a charming negligee. They looked in the boutique with dresses, bought a couple of pieces.
The supermarket was a funny moment when Irishka went out of habit in the men's room. Natasha managed to catch up and forward to the appropriate door, hissing in your ear:
- Lost her mind? Where pr¸sh- that ?!
Ira looked puzzled at her sister, then at the door, then at himself, realized what was happening and blushed. However, she squeaked something like: "Yet see!" - But did not resist, and disappeared into the cabin. And then under our views itself took makeup and straightened makeup in the mirror, earning our approval.
To celebrate the successful debut, we stopped at a cafe-ice cream. And there Irina met two classmates. Boys eating ice cream and talking about the ch¸m-. Irina stopped at the door and jerked back to the car. I barely had time to stop it.
- Where?!
After hearing the confused explanations, I laughed:
- Honey, you are to them a girl, a beautiful but strange. And that has nothing to do with their classmates com. Their thoughts are not there, that he and you - this one person. Come on! - And he pushed the door.
On wobbly legs, Irina entered the cafe and sat at a table near the boys. Those really are not pri¬znali girl in a classmate. One, however, was the staring and whispering something to the friend. Ira tried to get away in a panic, but I kept it:
- Fool, you're just like him!
- What?! - Irina simply stunned by this news. - I?!
- Why not? - I was surprised. - Slender legs, pretty face. Be the guy you'd Therefore I also liked.
Natasha laughed, and shook hands with his sister:
- True true! I've seen older boys and guys looking at you!
Shocked by our words Ira terribly flushed and became even more of a cafe break. In order not to torment the girl ... I paid off, and we went home. And there Irina hid in his room. By the way, pol¬nostyu room repainted in blue and pink color, put new furniture, including a trellis with a large mirror. I turned on the camera and saw Irishka violently crying. Natalia whistle, I hurried into the room, Irina.
- Well, then I burst into tears, my dear? - I sat on the bed and patted the girl on the head.
- I'm so very recently to look at the girls! - She snapped.
- So! - I got up. - First, not myself, but myself! Second ... How many in total?
- P- fifteen months and three weeks - sadly said Ira, stop crying.
- And plus to this vacuum the whole house tomorrow - I added.
- But tomorrow turn, Natasha! - Irina cried, standing.
- And this is the punishment for your reservation! - I replied. - The next time you will speak properly.
- But already…
- That abstract, lost in the distance, - I said - this is a real and weighty. And generally, that the debate ?! You said - you please perform! By the way, I bought you one thing, gone, died.
Irina reluctantly got up and dragged me.
- Why not put on shoes ?! - Natasha hissed.
Angrily glancing at her sister, Ira came back and put on shoes. In the hall where littered with shopping bags, I fished one and told Irene:
- Take off your clothes! Stockings and panties with a belt can leave.
Irina obediently took off everything. I opened the bag and handed it to the girl thing:
- Primer- ka!
- What is it?! - Ira was amazed, not knowing how to wear it.
- Corset - I smiled, helping the girl to wear it. - Thalia you will - begin to rock. Shoot it will be only at night and if you come out from home on business. Yes, that's adding to the corset - I got out of the box high heels. Learn to walk, my dear.
Tightening the tight corset, I ordered all hung out and expanded in places, and then allowed to rest.
Days passed his succession, adding up to a week, and the weeks into months.
Natasha and Ira continued education of all the same spirit. Appearance continued to be bezuko-riznennym: neat hairstyle, dress or suit on the way out, but at home blouse or skirt, stockings, studs, home necessarily corset, good make-up, without a hint of vulgarity. She and most like the way it looks, more than once I noticed Irina revolves around a mirror, admiring herself. I recorded it at a dance school in the classic, and now used to take it three times a week. Or is it made Natasha, when I could not work on. This is even more accustomed to the image of the girl Irina. By the way, Natasha liked it so much that she started going to the school dance. Sometimes met former classmates, but now il react much more calmly, making sure that they do not recognize it, even at close range.
Irishka has got even a couple of female friends of his age and Tamara Lida. Natasha on my tip Irina acquainted with them. At first she was embarrassed and shy of, but then retreated and willingly talked. No one could not have imagined that a former boy. And it goes without Ira continued to delight us with culinary delights.
Birthday Irene in late July, we celebrated in a big way, invited guests, arranged a holiday, even with fireworks. On her birthday she made an amazing cake. And so what I was beautiful in a white dress - the eye does not take. Still, we picked up her dress and beauty have imposed three days. In the midst of fun blue helicopter flew. From there, I got a magician (Actor in a blue gown with gold stars and a long beard) and prepodn¸s girl princess. Probably, it happened somewhere, even as a child, but I had to see the face of Irene, we clothed it in a corner! Her girlfriends were delighted and terribly jealous. And their mother, who came with her daughters, looked eager eyes and all notices to themselves and then to arrange something similar.
By the way, one of the ladies was very interested in how this could do¬bitsya ton¬koy waist Irina.
- This is a special diet or fitness? - She asked.
- This corset - I smiled. - Irina is his home, taking off only on special occasions, like this. And here's the result. But, of course, here it is important not to overdo it.
However, I did not say that an idea borrowed from the "Story of O".
Insanely happy Irina looked at me and Natasha some crazy eyes.
And at Ira appeared admirer, can you imagine? One boy two years older, began each morning Examples Ride your bike and leave wildflowers. So romantic! One time I tried to sing songs in the evening, but the neighbors did not appreciate the impulse of the soul, so enamored barely escaped, leaving the bike and guitar. Ut¬rom I returned the love with them, advising the use of less noisy displays of affection. The boy became then invite Irina, the concert, the movie is just a walk. Ira went several times, and then began uklo¬nyatsya under any pretext. When I asked why, like a good guy, Irisha said that too tedious and annoying.
Education Irina became very close me and Natasha. After all, before, in addition to passion, nothing binds us. And so we deliberated, debated, sometimes cursing and quarreling. I myself start to perceive as head of the family, where the wife Natasha and Irina - the daughter. And it looks like it took Natasha and Ira. However, it is not so, but more on that later.
In September, we celebrated the day Natasha was born. She flatly refused to even hint at a riot, like irishkinomu. We sat the three of us, drank some wine, danced slow dances. And, at the end of kon¬tsov, Natasha and began to kiss in front of Ira. When we went into the bedroom, I noticed with some sadness and anguish she looked after us. What I later spoke with Natco.
- So talk to her, - she said to me - she trusts you more than me.
Seizing the moment, I went into the kitchen, where il is preparing something. After admiring the girl, as always bezuko- riznenno dressed, combed, made up, - still priuchili- to order! - I sat down and enjoyed watching her nimble actions. Ira nervous:
- You want something, Aunt Jeanne?
- Why, my dear, I want to ask, why are you with us almost all the time you spend? - I said. - Neither the boys nor the bridesmaids? Do not go anywhere?
- I do not want Aunt Jeanne - turning away, said Irina.
- I understand that you do not want - I smiled - if wanted, then communicate. I would like to know why you do not want.
Ira froze, turning away only small shoulders twitched. I walked over, hugged her, stroked on the head, shoulders. Suddenly Irisha turned, clasping my hands and attractive face buried just below the boobs, and wailed:
- I can not, can not, can not, I can not! I love you! At first glance, I fell in love!
Frankly, it is the recognition of me stunned. Why I did not expect - such as splash of the senses. With difficulty tearing themselves from the girl, I sat and sat-il on his lap. She refused to look me in the face, or otvo- rachivayas utykayas chest. I had to force myself to turn face. Then Ira grabbed me by the neck and kissed him on the lips passionately, but clumsily.
- I wanted it so long ago! - Ira said, looking up for a moment, and then began to kiss.
- So-so! - Suddenly there was a cheerful voice of Natasha. - What I see! Seduction of minors ?!
Irina even more hands grabbed me, hugged me and whispered:
- Will not give it back!
- Why to someone to give someone? - I asked, turning to her face and kissing Irino lady to be humanized. - Together we will be happier!
Natasha grabbed by the hair and turned his head to himself Ira and too hot kiss on the lips.
- I'm so happy, sister, that you will be with us, - she said between kisses. - I think we will be much more fun the three of us!
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Uncle Yasha makes enema (from the series "Dr. Novikov")

In the old district of N, mostly one-story, between the houses and a small river has a vast wasteland. First tenants adapted it for landfill, but later taken out the garbage. Children who live nearby, have appreciated this fact and began to play often in this wasteland. Since the beginning of the summer school holidays, there came a day of clear voices and other sounds that accompanied the fun. Around the middle of the wasteland in front of a house placed Yakov Petrovich Novikov, whom everyone called simply "Uncle Yasha".
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He was a doctor, and neighbors often turned to him, if needed to get some medicine or give advice. Uncle Yasha Lodge overlooks the wasteland above, which gave him the opportunity to watch the children play. Yakov Petrovich lived alone, rarely met with women, and so he gave a lot of pleasure to watch the girls who spent their free time very close to his window. Sometimes they accidentally bullied skirts and dresses, flaunting slender thighs and buttocks. Named in Russia at the junction of centuries of fashion made in this painting its own adjustments. Many women began to wear mini-skirts, which are often bullied and almost in spite of the short length perfectly covered private parts of their owners; however, if the girl bent down with his back to the windows, then Yakov Petrovich had time to notice the charming buttocks, symbolically covered with tiny panties. Some wore trousers and skirts, which paraded belly far below the navel, and back. When a girl in a dress sits on a bench with his back to the windows, it is often her pants slipped down, revealing tantalizing hollow between the buttocks.
However, the favorite spectacle Yakov Petrovich had the satisfaction of the young of the fair sex small and large physiological needs in the bush, which is overgrown wasteland beyond measure. From time to time one of the girls was separated from the others and was looking around in the bushes, where bares its charms and dumped the contents on the ground of their bladder or bowel. Yakov Petrovich more than anything else wanted to touch their private parts, or start with one of those that are older, sexual intimacy, but he knew that his dream in ordinary circumstances almost unrealizable.
One hot Sunday afternoon he was working in the yard, on the habit of periodically glancing at the crack of the fence on the company of girls, gathered in a vacant lot. He has already formed a kind of instinct, unmistakably tells which company can become a rich source of "spectacles", as he called observation of the girls; This refers specifically to this. Some of the girls were familiar to him. Suddenly, the group separated from the general Light and Anya, who lived nearby, but they went to the bushes, and across the street. Yakov Petrovich returned to the interrupted work, but was soon distracted from her knock. Putting aside the instrument, he opened the gate in the fence and saw on the threshold of Light and Anya. Previously, it happened to come to him to ask for some small change, but now the girl looked greatly embarrassed.
The essence of the case was as follows: from some unknown reasons the intestines light began to run rough, and it is "the second day does not go to the toilet." Light wanted to ask Yakov Petrovich any laxative.
- Well, now I see - he said, and went into the house.
Opening the closet, which contained drugs, he suddenly saw a syringe for enemas, and if electric shock: a case of which he had dreamed, he climbed into his hands, needed only a little poraskinut brains. Yakov Petrovich took the syringe, squeezed a few times, check the integrity. Below lay enamel mug, and various accessories for the production of large enemas, but mugs cracked rubber hose. Syringe was designed for a pint, but was fully operational. Taking the syringe Yakov Petrovich went back to the girls.
- You know what, now I'm out of drugs there is only an enema. If you do not go for two days, no laxative will not help you, but I can make you an enema.
I blushed all over the World.
- I'm afraid! I mother once did an enema, then I was sick ass all day.
- Your mother does not know how to do an enema, it is not a doctor, but I can; if you do not agree, then your mother will have to send you to the hospital. Then I can not help you.
Light and Anya went out of the gate and become something deliberate. Then light returned.
- Okay, make me an enema, I do not want to go to the hospital. You can do it does not hurt?
Heart beat Yakov Petrovich in a crazy pace.
- Certainly can! Come into the house, - he said - and let Anya go down. She also stomach problems?
- Yes, - reluctantly said Anne, - I do not go for a long time.
Closing the gate, Yakov Petrovich went into the house. He spun on his mind only one thing: how not to scare the girls. He picked up an empty pot, filled it with warm water and began to dissolve the salt in it, frantically trying to figure out where best to carry out the procedure. The best place seemed a bathroom, but it was cramped. In the end, Yakov Petrovich decided that descend room adjacent to it.
Bringing solution to the condition he put the syringe in his pocket and took the pot went to the room where the two girls were waiting for him, hesitantly, shifting from foot to foot.
- Sit down now, wait until I prigotovlyu.- he said, trying not to show how excited myself.
Light sat on the sofa, and Anya was left standing there. Yakov Petrovich put the pan on the nightstand, put the syringe together and went to the closet, where he began to look for the rest of the items needed for the upcoming procedure. Eventually, he found an old air mattress, oilcloth, and a jar of Vaseline. Slightly inflating mattress foot pump it back to the girls and opened the door to the bathroom.
- So, girls, I'm going to have to clean here. Make every three enemas. WC near, not have to run. Get ready and come up one by one.
He turned on the light, put the mattress on the floor, covered with oilcloth, and put it next to petroleum jelly. Light slowly got up from the couch and walked over to him.
- Go ahead - he said, making a desperate effort to keep her voice did not betray his sostoyanie.- Lie down on the mattress.
Light lay on the mattress stomach, his head turned to one side. Her long hair tied in a bun at the nape, scattered on the thin back. She did not even try to bare ass.
- Turn to the left followed bok.- indication.
Light lay on its side, gently thrusting his knee; her hair fell onto the mattress.
- Pull the legs to the abdomen.
Light legs bent almost at right angles to the body, but Yakov Petrovich put his hand on her thigh and pulled them to the most stomach, and then habitual movement lifted the dress of your patient, revealing slim tanned thighs and delicate ass.
- Take off your panties ... - he muttered, grabbing stiff fingers thin girl panties and slowly pulling them to the knees.
Light has helped him with his free hand. In his excitement he roared in his ears; corner of his eye he noticed that Anna also came up and watching his manipulations.
Typing on a finger a big chunk of Vaseline, he parted the buttocks smeared light and dark rim of the anus. Smearing Vaseline, he began to deepen little finger into the anus of the girl, turning slightly so as not to hurt her. Light reflexively flinched and squeezed his finger his ass doctor. Feeling considerable resistance, Yakov Petrovich did not move on, and pulled his finger, he took the filled syringe and began to introduce lubricated tip, trying to send it the same way. After entering a few centimeters he gently squeezed the syringe so that the water worked as a lubricant, and then pushed it through.
- Oh! - I cried Light.
- Do not worry - he reassured her - now go.
With these words, Yakov Petrovich began to gradually compress the syringe, feeling the water rushes in a clogged colon feces his young patient. Clutching a pear to the end, he pulled out ... a tip, clenched hands. His heart was beating at breakneck speed, and breathing was ready to break. Light sensing extraction tip of his ass and tried to get up.
- Lie down, lie down yet - stopped her Yakov Petrovich, - for the first enema you have to at least two of these pears.
- I already want to use the toilet!
- Now make a second, then go.
With these words, he again filled syringe from the pan and squeeze out the air and inserting the tip Svetin ass let the second portion of the solution.
- Now Hold a water five minutes to enema acted better.
Light stood up, pulled down her panties and dress, hiding from friends and doctors their charms.
- It would be better if you lie down on zhivot.- said Yakov Petrovich, going to the bathroom.
Once in the bathroom, he began to wash the syringe tip, frantically trying to figure out what can be repaired urgently mug douches. Suddenly he remembered that he recently bought a bay silicone hose for technical needs. According to the diameter of the hose is well suited. Putting washed syringe, Yakov Petrovich went to the closet and quickly found his purchase. Cut a piece of a length of about two meters, he returned to the medicine cabinet and took out a mug. It was metal, with handle and eyelets for hanging on the wall. At its bottom there was a short pipe, which is still preserved remnants of the old cracked rubber hose. Cut them, Yakov Petrovich tried to put a new hose on the pipe, and he succeeded. Enema tips also come. After collecting them and taking the clip, Yakov Petrovich went to the girls. Light sat on the couch, resting his hands on his stomach, Anya stood.
- I can already use the toilet - said Light.
- Yes.
Light stood up and almost ran to the bathroom. Yakov Petrovich went into another room, tied a piece of string to the circle, so that it can be hung on a hanger, took the empty bowl and returned to their patients. He set the bowl next to the mattress, hanging the mug on a clothes hanger, put the clamp on the hose and attached to it a clean tip.
- And this is why - asked Anna.
- It is for this enema. The first clean only in draft, such as putting an adult female. She cleared you, young lady, thoroughly.
Light at this time sitting on the toilet, her panties were pulled down to her ankles, and her dress slightly raised, revealing a piece of thigh and nezagorevshey ass. The air was a nasty smell of stale feces. Yakov Petrovich turned on the fan and poured into a mug remaining solution. The pan was emptied and filled with half-circle. Having decided that this is enough for Sveta, Yakov Petrovich took the pot to the kitchen, filled with water and poured salt in there, so it was dissolved, while he will do an enema World. Back in the room he smeared Vaseline little tip, and sending it to the bowl opened the clip to release the air from the hose. Of the holes at the end walked solution mixed with air bubbles; when the air is over, Yakov Petrovich closed clip. From the bathroom came the noise of flushing water, and a minute later came the Light.
- I already luchshe.- she said.
- Now we make a second enema, and will be even better.
- Maybe we should not? I've pokakala!
- No, this small enema for you. You need to do more. You're not hurt?
- Not at all. My mom do not know how.
- Perfectly. Now take off your panties and lie down again completely. Do not be afraid of anything.
Light without hesitation took off her panties, put them in his pocket, picked up the dress from the waist up and lay down on the mattress, tightly clutching the hips to the abdomen. Yakov Petrovich smeared her anus and easily brought the tip to its full length. Opening the clamp, he looked into the cup; it seemed that the water is too rapidly enters the patient's gut, and he outweighed mug lower. After about a minute the doctor stopped the flow:
- Now let's turn our back.
Taking the girl's knees and buttocks, Yakov Petrovich helped her turn around and pulled her hips from the stomach. Amy dress was still ridden up, revealing a tanned belly with a dark pit navel ineptly podbrity pubis and a piece of the genital slit.
- Cocoa want - asked Yakov Petrovich.
- Net.- said Light.
- I'm a little massage your belly, and you breathe deeply mouth.
Light became noisy breathing, the doctor straightened the hose clamp is slightly opened, and began to drive his hand over her stomach, as if accidentally touching the tip of the genital slit. With his other hand he held the tip, slightly moving it back and forth. Soon followed the expected result: the girl began to rhythmically squeeze the thigh and blush, giving their excited state. Her silk moisturizing and gleamed, tiny buds began to swell, but the latter was not visible through the bra and dress. When the solution in the circle came to an end, Light weakly screamed and froze. Yakov Petrovich closed clip, pulled the tip and gently turned his patient on his right side.
- Now lie down a bit, and go to the toilet; Then take a shower, I allow.
Light did not answer him, continuing to breathe open-mouthed. Between white teeth I could see the tip of the tongue, and her face was red as a tomato. Taking the mug, the doctor went to wash it again. Anya still stood, watching everyone. Before it was to realize that brought World Enema sensual pleasure, but she could not believe that this is possible.
Soon Light stood up and holding his stomach went to the toilet. As soon as she emptied her bowels and undressed and climbed into the shower, Yakov Petrovich went to wash the cup and briefly said, referring to Ana:
- Get ready, now it's your turn.
Anya took off shorts and suddenly stopped: it was unusual to denude unfamiliar person. However, why the unfamiliar? Uncle Yasha been a frequent visitor to their home, once examined the younger sister Anna, when she had a cold, but in order to do an enema! Anya did not fit in my head that Yakov Petrovich will look and feel her below the waist, and then ambushed in her pink hole a long tip!
Hung shorts on a chair, Anne began to spread a towel, which had just made an enema World, trying to stall for time and constantly listening to the noise coming from the bathroom. Her T-shirt with a little ride up and out from under it periodically peeking graceful buttocks covered with white panties.
Finally, the light came from the bathroom. Anya hesitantly asked her:
- Light and what it is ...?
- Full Otpad - said Light, odevayas.- I even finished! Mom never been so able. Be sure to try it!
Hiding under clothes his young body, Light whispered to her friend:
- When will insert the tip is not compressed, but a little tighter, if you want to poop, and not be hurt! Breathe mouth, then be able to hold water.
- I'm afraid!
- Do not be afraid, it does not hurt! Denude and lie up booty. I'll wait here.
A few minutes Anya stood uncertainly, fingering the edge of the T-shirt, then turned back to the door, which disappeared Uncle Yasha, slowly picked up her panties and bending fingers pulled them up to mid-thigh. Exposing so his ass girl lay on a towel.
- You take off your panties at all, - said she Sveta.- and that will interfere!
- I'm shy!
- There's nothing to be ashamed of, you'll like this enema!
With these words, the Light decisively removed the panties girlfriend and hung them next to the shorts.
At this time, Yakov Petrovich emerged from the kitchen with a cup filled.
- That chudnenko - he said - Turn on the left side
Anya turned his hand covering a bush of curly hair between her legs.
- Fold the legs to sebe.- said the doctor, helping a girl to pull the legs to the abdomen.
Light stood aside and watched with interest at her friend. Anya froze in anticipation of the unknown; Suddenly she felt a gentle but nimble fingers Yakov Petrovich pushed her ass and began to lubricate the anus with petroleum jelly. One of the fingers rested in the center of the sphincter, and slowly began to rotate, pressing inward. With fright Anya forgotten light of the Council, and soon doctor finger pressed with a fairly significant effort ....
- Well, well, do not pinch! - He said, stroking the buttocks of his free hand to the patient.
Remembering instructions Sveta, Anja natuzhilas and Uncle Yasha finger slipped into her hot intestine. Rubbing Vaseline inside, he did not stop stroking her back, ass, and even accidentally brushed her lips sex. Having greased intestine and anus doctor introduced the finger a little deeper, and rubbed her vagina through the thin wall of the intestine. Soon, Anna relaxed, feeling that is in experienced hands. Her clitoris is markedly increased in the abdomen began to run through the excitation wave. Finger Yakov Petrovich suddenly jumped out, and in its place came in something hard and long. Anna guessed that this tip. There was a click grip, and she felt a push in the anal area. "It flowed water" - she thought. Inside the belly began to be poured warm wave does not cause any pain. Soon she felt a pressure on the internal organs, which have been increasing steadily. The doctor moved the tip, and the vagina was not slow to respond: the more flowed solution, the more strained his muscles. Anna felt sexual arousal, her breathing became ragged and labia moist. When the orgasm was quite a bit, suddenly he snapped the clip, and the flow stopped.
- You were hurt - said Yakov Petrovich.
- Of course not - said Anya, breathless with excitement.
- Now lie down, and then go to the toilet.
The doctor took out the tip and went to wash the mug.
Anya tried to lie on your stomach, like light, but suddenly felt a strong urge to void: the solution in her stomach began to seek a way out. Imitating the World, she began to breathe a wide open mouth. Cramps are smaller, but have not disappeared. Hardly stand a few minutes, she rushed to the bathroom, and mentally thanks to the Light for take off her panties, plopped down on the toilet. From Anya's ass pulled out a powerful jet that once again responded to the vagina, which began to decline again, and soon Anna cried, experienced unusually strong orgasm. Recovering, she finally emptied bowels, then brought himself up and returned to the room. Anya a little dizzy, a pleasure in the anus itched, and the body felt an extraordinary lightness. Such a state is the first time she had experienced. The room was already waiting for her mug, filled with a solution of the brim, and Yakov Petrovich stood by holding a lubricated tip. Anne immediately lay down, taking the same position. This time it smeared much faster, and the tip slipped into it until the end. Through the wall of the intestine, he pleasantly tickled the vagina and the doctor deliberately stirred it. When clicked the clip and the tip of the jet holes broke, the girl again felt the growing excitement. Uncle Yasha turned her, as before the Light, on his back, and began to massage her stomach and pubic area. This T-shirt his patient ridden almost to the chest, completely exposing the stomach; Anna soon came. After finishing an enema doctor helped her to turn on the right side; this time the spasms in the intestines were weaker, and rested a few minutes, she went to the toilet. Empty, Anya decided to clean up, as it did her friend. Having undressed, she climbed into the shower and took shampoo, washcloth and began to handle his body. The bathroom came Light.
- Come on, rub your back.
- Yes I can myself.
First Light watched as her friend, lather, then took her washcloth, and she began to rub her back, went down, spread her buttocks, richly lathered there and even a little stuck his finger into the anus. Anya did not mind, just quietly gasped, this time with pleasure. Including water, light washed away from the body of the foam girlfriend and gave her a towel.
- Bring please my trusy.- asked Anya.
- Now.
When the light came back, bringing shorts and panties girlfriend, Anya already wiped dry. Dressed, she easily out of the room.
- Well, I feel better - asked Yakov Petrovich.
- Yes! This is better than any of laxative!
- From now on, girls, carefully monitor their intestines and well try to defecate every day. I recommend periodically take a cleansing enema!
- Thank you!
On that day, a girlfriend for a long time discussed their adventure and thrill of an enema. Light was determined to put herself and Anya same enema and "break away from the full program."
For the rest of the day, Yakov Petrovich replayed in memory "treatment" of girls, especially remembering the details: the rustle of their clothing, blond, nezagorevshie ass, dark rings of the anus, the smell of Vaseline, and so, seemingly insignificant at first glance, but it excites him most strongly. He dreamed of a re-encounter with his female patients, but did not know whether it is possible in principle. In the end, Yakov Petrovich decided that something will come up.
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