Monthly estrus

On the bench sits - Yulia, a neighbor, she carries eggs, well, just like a mother hen, egg vysizhyvat But Julia does not want to ... And so it is - from Julia follows ... Carrying the outcome - does not make coming ... and so it can be estrus estrus call ...: - how much of this sound, to the female body merged, Dozhdem between hip prolilos.V garden here just EvaSredi colors suddenly flowed: And the gift of nature through his genyDocheryam given: since flow - Olesya, Dasha, Christina, Olya, Tanya, Masha, Pauline, all Natali.U "critical days".Tech¸t And Julia - it onaOt Eve genes prinyala.U Little Yulia no body -A Swiss watches, Julia is scheduled to wake up at Julia smotritIspachkala krovi.Pervym matter whether blood krovat.Ruka slowly nachinaetMokrye cowards shoot; After that, she - laying gets , takes net shorts - and bathroom id¸t.Tam Julia praying to the gods, and the water in the bath is gaining, in Yulin slender legs on the tile stekaet.Plitku blood, drops first, stained uzhe.Yulya simply peerless in the blood and full bath neglizhe.V Julia climbs, raises the hips - as a wife, Vodicka in the bath color changes - to red as vsegda.Podmyvshis, Julia puts on clean bel¸.Ot discharge protects the gasket ego.Posle she - long gown dress, with sheets and pants - his blood washes.
Summer came - a hot time, And Julia, unfortunately, went dela.Na female grass sparkled in the morning dew, Yulia egg - has long snesla.Yulya husband has not given, at this his vremyaPlot not included in the womb, did not get tired semya.Yaichku Yulin in the body to sit, if such a thing - was the belly bolet.Neproizvolno hips Julia night razvela.Krov outward grace between the legs potekla.E¸ Julia washed with water in the morning with the body, gasket and pinned her skirt to the knee odela.Medlenno the yard she went for a walk, Laying walking became familiar to her meshat.Na bench Julia sat down, pushed his knees, once flowing out of the body - hips do not see dolzhnyA see the droplet, and immediately say - "That's always nice to see how a woman flows"."And that's my fault that I CURRENT again, because the thread does not mend his hole".tak Julia wondered about "women affairs", Between the legs laying absorbed, everything is what Yulia flowed.
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Oksanina enema-3

My goal was to completely subjugate the Oxus. I brought her a few dildos and offered itself to choose where she currently is before the camera, I insert even the goodness of his soul did not limit it to the most important positions is a good view of the screen. I will not trouble you no use to the details, except to say that it is so well remembered the lessons of the past, when we, together with her views captured I was once again convinced that all these a pro on the screens of the usual amateur compared to what can make my yes and your neighbor if they are all (well explained). Well, we finally reach the heart to that for which I worked so hard and suffered so Oksanka. When she caressed his mouth my work-worn member, trying with all his heart, or rather ass, because that is where there was the reason for its effort in the form of a rubber balloon Expander her anus to the max, and periodically is pumping me with the foot pump.
So during this blowjob I explained to her that I do not know how she and me everything that happened today is a very pleasant and I let go of her home now with the condition that all of this will be repeated periodically, after these words, my cock stopped receiving his portion of petting even despite the fact that I never stopped pumped pump and have even began to fear for the safety of her backside. Her eyes suffused with tears, pleading look at me (but what is interesting to release a member of his mouth seemed afraid to remember the lessons) ion plaintively moaned, I already became her pity. Well I said it is not necessarily can be you catch what be the girl at the store stealing (which I like that saying that is often seen as someone from the visitors of the hoard to imagine things, and sometimes it can be recorded on hidden around the store camera, but it is a pity them, and if the boss does not notice that she is silent). So bring it to me and we are with you her razvlech¸msya or I'll have fun with you I still have so much to show you. In general, I will not bother you or who do not need the details and move on to the order of what you're reading. And after 3 days, my sosedushka called on the cell phone, I put on the form of a security guard to take the time from a friend drove up to the store and waited at the appointed place in a couple of minutes from the door seemed as described Oksoy girl she hurried out in alarm but turned to the left for her Oxus. I approached her and asked to go with me took her in an inconspicuous nook and there asked to reveal her purse, got out a pair of lacy panties 2 (all the time Oksanka stood and everything recorded on the camera).
Our thief trembling lips, and she burst into tears, I began to reassure her but rather colorfully painted her surrender to the authorities movie with the store (which we of course did not have but it was not in a position to understand it) and video with dostavaniem vesch docks local TV channel and a similar picture at the entrance to the store asking at this moment oksy or she already called protection that would have sent the car. Ochs said that no thief begged forgiveness I shouted at her angrily and she tried to leave, but Jack (as it turned out it was called), sobbed in earnest began to miss Oksu hands asking to forgive her.
Bringing I agreed to forgive her of her right to the desired condition to tell her that's what I want to have sex with her, she was sobbing again according nodded. I led her into the car saying Oksana that waiting for her there, and then suddenly the bitch said that this is our deal is over, I did not argue with her and just dropped to the floor a few photos where she is smiling blissfully inserts in their twist on the wrong side of the vagina huge dick she rushed to collect them from the floor, kicking her in the ass and wait when it is not holding off stretched out on the floor I immediately moved her toe under her skirt right in the crotch, and then I put her two fingers of his left hand into his nostrils and may run in shorts squeezed with clit force put her on her feet and simply promised to let Eugene and continue with it. I do not know what she said in the shop but to join us in a few minutes. On the way, I told the wife she should be grateful Oaks for the fact that she persuaded me not to break her life (I just did not want to in the few minutes until we get to the place she came to her senses and began to kick, but according to her it was too much she was still in hysterics). I brought them to the removable houses a quiet secluded place where neither we nor our no one hurt, but all I needed was lying in my trunk. I knew that the most problematic point is the beginning of so went in, I immediately lowered the Oxus on her knees (she immediately realized that from her required) Zhenya attracted and taking her breasts stared at her lips, she dutifully took my tongue to myself, and then deploying it I put her cancer on the sofa and raised his dress high on the back of sharply ripped off her panties found underneath something that threw me the creeps. I think the time has come to describe a little bit whom we caught. Eugene 155-157 was low stout woman 27-30 years with a round face and long brown hair tightly knit elastic ass with round buttocks that and asks to take off the job. While I was engaged in our thief rather her buttocks Oksana brought from the machine and pulled out a bag cleverly shackles hobbled our sacrifice, she tried to jerk but a sharp blow to my ass and two fingers in her ass made her calm. Then I changed my fingers on an inflatable enema tip and lightly pumped up his spent our guest in the bathroom, put her cancer on the floor I connected to the enema tip and let you hit the water spray strong fixing it inside. Genia realized that something was not trying to jerk but realized that is connected firmly and scream, or to issue a different sound to it prevented my neighbor is sitting on the floor and legs spread tightly pressed her face to her vagina. At the time I brought the camera and everything is captured.
I will not have again trouble describing how went the next half hour all that I described in my first story is the only thing you should take the time this behavior Oksana she some time became frequent, often breathing appeared gleam in his eyes, I first thought that it is due language Gene Ochs but then asked could I please look at, and then I realized that it is not Jack and the memory of our past games so aroused her. I let her manage the process and making her an enema. And it should be noted that my sosedushka the bitch more that just opened the tap on full power and for any attempt to move poor Jack got on the ass, plus balloon pumping in general was something to admire. Finished with water treatments we went to bed Jack was lying across the bed on her face comfortably perched Ochs pressing with widely splayed legs of the victim to the bed so that in front of me standing in front of the bed revealed in all its glory and clean shaven pussy and a ring floor disclosed anus Genis I could not stand this kind, and with all the dope once entered in it as then it became clear virgin ass. She tried to jerk her tormentor but firmly holding her legs even harder pressed to her face, the large sponge literally hugged face Eugene. After several frictions instead I put a member of her syringe and introduced her as my favorite burning soapy water and then put it on the member became uncontrollably to fuck that ass. My God she twitched backwards trying to get rid of this torment, but it is even more turns me on, I violently screwed into it his cock Loupian with the palm to these so appetizing buttocks. Ochs could not stand it and putting on her gag and legs tied to the bed legs come to see this. Spout torrent of sperm into her, I gave way to the Oaks, which is already dressed up the barbed member alarming proportions and playfully took my place. Of course I have it all began to shoot at the camera but caught in the lens wildly bulging eyes Genis, drooling current from under the gag ... and swollen veins on his temples, I realized that it was time to stop our newfound ¸barya and therefore Oaks inserting an inflatable member back I pumped him until she stopped and fell off from her backside so liked.
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- Drop the image of my flesh and recreate the woman in me ..!
Vadim's lips were drawn to his lips Veronica, but she rejected the kiss and put her interlocutor in the mouth tube and asked:
- Why are you invited me to this restaurant? In order to look at passing women?
- Admire the female body! What could be more beautiful? But you agreed to come in akvarestoran.
- I just agreed to for the reason that more has never been here.
- I'm sorry, Veronica, if I offended you. Understand, I have small experience with women.
"It can be seen ..." - Veronica thought.
- I myself feel like a woman! And body and soul.
Veronica looked sitting in front of her small stature fat man and raised her eyebrows in surprise. Past was held naked waitress with a tray. Vadim spent her eyes.
- Why are you so looked at the women, if you think like a woman?
- Oh, Veronica! I admire a woman's body and I regret that this is not me.
- Rue possible about what has been done. And you do not choose who to be born.
- Yes, I did not choose. I do not even have the strength to be a real man.
- And what they - real men?
- Courageous. I'm feminine ...
The waitress went in the opposite direction, Vadim looked after her. Veronica could not stand it:
- You stop staring at women passing by? And the right to embarrass me. Before you, I'm in no less attractive way. Suppose that in a bathing suit, but still there is something to see.
- I'm sorry, Veronica. I did not want to make you uncomfortable. But the fact of the matter is that these women are going. These are the moments. And you admire I have time.
- And still we continue our conversation. In bed with a woman you feel male or female?
- I am forced to have sex like men do. But I'm looking for the woman who sees a woman in me. I'm devoted to her. And I adore her!
Veronica flopped into the pool and began to examine the room. It was divided into two parts. On the one hand there is a pool, on the other hand in the form of tables placed jellyfish, and was much less depth. So the top tables of ten centimeters higher than the water level. Divide the room into two conditional parts path of stones that the current was under water. On it went to the visitors and the waitress. Visitors themselves will be chosen to serve them the waitress in a bathing suit or without. Along the perimeter of the hall has an indoor room, where they could be alone at a table in the remote from the rest. The walls of the room were of thick white, slightly transparent material, and parted in a place where they were supposed to be in the door.
Visitors to the individual rooms brought food on floating trays that are held on the water and allowed to eat for the comfort of the pool. Veronica budge and felt about her body hits the water jet. She raised herself on her toes, and the jet began to pass between her legs.
- Get a hold of me! .. - Vadim passionately she whispered.
- How??? Right here??? - Vadim was shocked.
- Yeah .. right zde-ect .. -! Veronica said, glowing with passion voice.
- But here people!
- It does not matter ... They do not guess ...
Vadim began to look around.
- Come on! .. - Veronica moaned.
The stream of water it so much excited, that was no longer tolerate the urine. Vadim, burning with shame, to cover red spots slowly slid into the pool and fell in behind an excited woman. She rested her elbows on the ledge and quietly caressed movements priests member Vadim.
- Pretend you're doing me a massage ...
Vadim was shorter, and knead the shoulders of a new friend it was not convenient. However caress a woman's skin made even more horny. Member compacted, and its upper part out of the heats. He did not have to drop the hand to completely release it outside, Veronica herself pulled down his trunks elastic buttocks. At the very same bikini was a cut in the middle of what she was warned by Vadim and slightly bent, so it was easier for her to enter. His movements were slow, he tried to be noticed. Veronica went crazy with pleasure - entered into a partner, and outside caressed a powerful stream of water .. The pair was limited in the manifestation of emotions, since it was impossible to let people know what they are doing!. Behind quietly crept woman fifty years. She noticed that the couple enjoys not of massage, and she liked it.
- But I know what you're doing - the woman whispered. - Although I am not young like you, as an expert in this matter know.
Having finished this sentence, she stabbed a finger into the anus of Vadim. He screamed, and half the room turned toward him. Vadim paused and pretended to do a massage. The stranger continued to massage the anus. After just half a minute, Vadim and Veronica have merged into a single orgasm ... for some time, all three stood silently, motionless, and speculated about what had happened. Veronica stared aimlessly up:
- I thought, in this restaurant only nudists. I was wrong.
Stranger is clearly interested in a couple of people who saw each other for the second time in his life. She swam to Veronica and just leaned on the ledge.
- It's the same thing that come to the pool, - Veronica continued.
- What's that ... I've navidalsya in life. Your sex is not something special for such places. If you are interested in this topic, I can arrange invitations to private parties porazvratnichat lovers.
- You rent this restaurant? - Veronica interested.
- Yes. This happens once a month. At our parties unfetters people and can do whatever their heart desires, to carry out every whim.
- And what do you do?
- Please communicate the tables, drink, relax ... Then people gradually accumulates in the pool, more modest, in most cases it is the newcomers prefer to hide in the rooms. And then, to liberate, join the main mass. Last week, for example, we played in the train. I just walked over to the pair, as it is today to you, and gradually people began to add behind me. As a result, half of the pool was occupied by a solid mate locomotive adhered to each other people.
Veronica was delighted with what he heard:
- Terrific!
- Here, a woman may choose any man a man - any woman. Once we even seduced waitress, which is prohibited under the charter of the restaurant. They can not come into contact with customers. But we have done everything possible to this did not work outside of our circle. Young girls waitress undergo a rigorous selection, to come here to work, and wages are quite high. But ... the forbidden fruit, he's so sweet, you will agree! And we could not resist the temptation, tempt the attractive waitress ...
- Terrific! - Veronica continued to admire.
Her eyes burned, and it was possible to say with certainty that this is the future visitor private parties.
- Some wonder why we're going there, not in any ordinary swimming pool or sauna. But our response is simple. Here a different atmosphere. The atmosphere is filled with childhood dreams of life under water. You were the rest rooms?
- No, I'm here for the first time.
- ABOUT! You must visit them. This room, furnished, which are not damaged by water. Everything is decorated as in normal apartments and rooms. But all this is under water, and combined with a marine design. Believe me, I do not know a man who at least once in their lives have never thought to feel this atmosphere. The atmosphere of life under water. All room! All - solid pool! Where only water without dressing room. It beckons you ... somehow especially.
- Yes, I felt it, and ... I love it!
- I assure you, this is not your last feeling. And not the last thing you see in this institution. The individual rooms at the request of visitors trigger beautiful fish. True, not all feel comfortable among them, but there are fans. A lot of women come back here again and again just in order to get the pool wall, leaning on the ledge, and enjoy the pressure of water flowing into the pool.
Veronica slightly embarrassed by the fact that it seemed to her, no one knows what you can do here, and it turned out that it enjoys a considerable number of women.
- I'll come here too often, - she said shyly.
- And what about me?? - Vadim said. - Would I your woman ??
- And you come together for our party - proposed the stranger. - There will be dismantled, and that someone should be and in what form.
The remaining evening Veronica behaved as though between her and Vadim nothing had happened, and was with him even a little rude. Vadim same as waiting sour cream cat, looked at her eyes begging. She could not understand his attitude to Vadim. One one knew for sure - now her life will be full of adventure and debauchery.
© Flavia Narvasadata 10.04.06
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Autumn Girls

... Autumn cold again in the evenings.
Girls, wrapped in padding polyester, heels hurry about their business.
Do not stop, just a little hold step - taken under the cold wind jacket and turned the cold tentacles of the flesh.
Then, in the summer, I remember the other girls. Solar girls, sultry July bliss. My dear stranger. A leisurely talk, sweet laughter, light dress. Curious wind-mischievous, girlish lastyaschiysya under yubchonki.
I admire your strangers. The magic of the female mystery envelops each of them and I know they need me. Without them the world would be gray and chilly. Like this autumn.
Summer - time of dreams. Fantasia, like a stream in flood overflows intelligence and bottled hot passion through the veins. I know what happens to me this summer and ready for it. So always happens and it's because I - people. Love awakens in the spring and typing force to scatter over the world for its rampant passion. Magnetized attraction of love, my lovely stranger spread pattern of the flesh, and I admire them and I become part of this pattern. And now, behold, the whole world poured mosaic of love.
I love my strangers. Piercing the sun - my ally. I look after my dream, and I admire her chiseled body contour. Sunbeam helpfully slides behind my eyes and I thought penetrate under the fabric of her light dress. I envelop her with his warmth and clings to her bosom her passion. I administer the magic thought, I create a shadowy world and live it in this brief moment. My invisible helpers, having tasted the fruit of my imagination, dispersed in a haze of space. They will meet again, when I give myself again ethereal magic of love. And now - I have one. One.
Girls, wrapped in padding polyester, heels hurry about their business.
I go down the street and followed his gaze stranger.
High heels, tight skirt, synthetics from the cold wind and wool with cotton close to the body, saving my fantasy of autumn.
I remember the summer. It seems that I'm alone again and leave, but it is - an illusion again.
My fantasy lives in a place of eternal summer. Because I - man, I create my own worlds in eternity. I'm a little tired, summer filled me with renewed vigor, but also heavy with his passion. Now I am preparing for the pralaya cold breath of winter. I need time to become a part of my imagination I or dissolved into nothingness. And yet - the autumn.
Ocen. Outside, the rustling leaves, urge on a lazy wind. He knows - he was not in a hurry. Autumn will take its course and give way to real-time oblivion. Nature fades, the world falls asleep, and the life is put to sleep. Only I remain alone with the long nights of frost. Because I - man, I came here and eternal witness of this world. Eternity - this is such a short time!
It falls outside the window, and I remember their loved strangers the hot summer.
My memory keeps them nice features, and I believe my memory, because I - a man and I - created this world. Mir ghostly illusions that became my world.
... again fall outside the window ...
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It happened when I was in the seventh grade in an ordinary secondary school. It turned out that although I lived next to the school, in our yard guys my age were not. So it was that made friends with the boys a year younger - one like me Vovik name, and the other - Zhenya. we do not hold any particular ugliness. So - sometimes smoke, cards to play a trifle. They were engaged in sports before, but just in that year dropped.
Once Vovk, Jr. brought, found his father's pornographic cards. Black and white, with peresnyatye not the first copies of the map were only a small card size like 4 8 centimeters. Frankly, to see anything on them was difficult. But we are excited not so much seen as the mere presence of a naked female body ,, even the paper on which you can watch at will. Unless of course you have the card in his possession. Since the card had to be returned to the place, we decided to re-shoot. I for my birthday, not long before that, gave fotik "Change 8M"And Zhenya was an old FED from the solution in an unknown direction of his father. When Eugene was able to shoot some more, then I do not know how. To show the film could not nobody. There is a need to make a copy cards made us join the fotokruzhok house pioneers. There could be free to show and print film. Theoretical lessons in the House of pioneers, we turn a deaf ear, trying as quickly as possible to get to the second part of the course - practical. It was conducted in the laboratory. Reagents were feeble. One solution showed 20 - 30 films. Therefore, the time displays every next film had to be increased. With sin in half showing two or three films with innocent pictures and printing them one and we decided it was time to start implementation of the plan.
Putting money in a few lunches, we bought two black-and-white film. It was called the film "Svema". I remember - 130 units, 36 frames. Zhenya got hold of the flash. It remains to combine at the same time the three components - free apartment (my) - well, not on the street is to reshoot, Zhenya's camera, flash and Vovkiny card.
The next day, an operation to retake card was assigned. In the morning Vovk, Jr. brought cards to school. As luck would have immediately after school to go to Zhenya failed. Emma G., our teacher for Russian slapped me on the first lesson deuce and told to come after school to her in class, apparently, to the deuce to correct. By the way, it was almost the only one for the entire year of the current unsatisfactory mark. After school, I told the boys that they were waiting for me at the school on the porch, and he made his way to the third floor. I go to class I, and there is a cleaning service. Masha from fifth grade and her classmate, who studied in the class of Emma Bonner cleaned.
The boy really puny. But Masha does nothing large for his age. Ass round, ahead of something already bristling. Masha even know for kindergarten. One summer all the groups merged into one, and I'm with her and another girl once bit in the doctor played. All the details can not remember to six years and a half, and she was still at least two years, ie four years. I only remember that at the time were Maschke panties with polka dots, and I have not filmed and fingered her pussy right through the fabric. So when I entered the class, he asked, where, they say, Emma G.. Masha And with this boy excitedly: it on to the District Board meeting summoned. Masha proud of this, said to me, they say, the key entrusted to the teachers to carry! Twenty minutes later, I finish and I'll take it.
About how! When I now come to Emma? This option I did not expect. I stood rooted to the spot. And Masha turned her back on me and something there bent over to pick up a shovel on the floor wants.
And then something has worked in the brain. Whether Masha stooped too low, or the picture of the cards surfaced at the wrong time. In general, I look at the feet Mashkin, a short skirt, her neat ass, though veiled uniforms and I understand that I would like very much to see it all without clothes. And even better to shoot.
How drunk I went out of the classroom. A head continues to think in the same direction. And the faster I walked the dyeing terrible paint hallways, the head is faster. At the end of the path I was almost swept run.
Thus, the camera is there, tucked in his film. It remains to get rid of unnecessary witnesses and persuade Masha. The kindergarten is not shy! Then it was easier. It should be neat. Persuade somehow ... Maybe not immediately ask to undress, and then ... Then somehow. With such thoughts flew out of the school building. At the school porch, the two dunce running around happy as children. But healthy foreheads. It looks less than fourteen and not give. Zhenya, that's stupid freak, and not think of the camera run, until I had to take the rap Emma.
- Wait, - I say - sheep, Emma's not, but it's all garbage. There is a possibility naked girl on the camera down to shoot. If you do as I say, certainly agrees.
They are already bulging eyes.
- The once - I say - to explain Zhenya, - I say - blow for the camera down and come back until it was gone!
Who "she is" Zhenya did not ask again, and rushed home.
We stayed on the porch Vovik to think of a plan. Like as invented.
15 minutes later, Zhenya ran with FEDom and flash. Wet as hell, red, breathing hard, eyes like saucers. I'm on the go has become cram him so that he does not interfere, as we Vovka Jr. Masha mollify start. And his hands are not les, so that she was not frightened.
I took the camera and flash with a package remained in Eugene.
We almost missed, Masha is already closed the door naughty ...
I say to her, he says, there is serious discussion on behalf of the head of fotokruzhke talk entrusted to me. But not in front of witnesses.
So carefully look at the guy that cleaned her class. And he did not think linger - grabbed the bag and ran toward the locker room.
We order and necessary. I gallantly missed Masha in class. And the door itself look around their attendants. And Vidocq - crumpled some. Zhenya is still red, in the hands of the bag crumples. I closed the door with a key, and Masha are all worth a couple of meters, does not know where to sit. I say:
- Let's sit on the front row.
Masha village, on the edges of these blockheads. Sit, eat Masha views.
I had to start a vigorous voice narration. I wove about it, what Masha beauty and importance of budding photographers to find their model. At the same time, I made it clear that we will take it off, not only for training skills, but also to participate in the photo contest. With Head fotokruzhke all agreed and she, Masha it is also very pleasant. In passing, it was mentioned and gorgeous prizes for the centerfold, and specialists-help hairdressers to create a new entity. Masha listened at first with some mistrust, but gradually a smile on her face has become wider. After the words of the free foreign cosmetics for the centerfold she was willing to pose.
We put it at the board and made the first shot. His arms and legs were pressed against her torso, so I asked is, relax and draw swallow. Finally, he joined Eugene, and began to tell some innocent anecdote. At that time I asked Masha then raise your hand, you look out the window. She obediently did everything ... under the trill Eugene. Then I plucked up courage and asked Masha to climb on the desk. She hesitated for a long time did not - probably already in a rage then entered. She did not even really were covered, although we have already openly filmed and her legs. Then she got off the desk, and then Eugene started talking about what it is like to be a model to try to withdraw without clothes. Masha immediately stopped smiling. I began to talk about the Venus de Milo, the beautiful Greek women are not ashamed of their nakedness. It did not help. Masha was sitting at his desk, eyes buried in a desk. Then Zhenya gave her an ultimatum - either she undresses and allows us to make a couple of shots and we are giving away her undress and pictures throughout. From that moment she was silent, and remained silent to the end.
It looks like she fell into some kind of trance and personal listening. She had not even cried. One strap fell off from his shoulder, I would like to correct, and touched the girl's shoulder. She did not react. I exchanged glances with Zhenya. Slowly, he touched her shoulder to the second. I do not move. Eugene took her a second strap. Nothing. We rushed to take off her clothes. We were smart enough to not break anything, and gently remove. She even raised her hands, when we were shooting shirt. Bra is not yet worn. Small sharp sisyata jumped out from under the removable tank tops. But their appearance, though deserved my inner excitement, never for a moment stopped the stripping process.
Vovk, Jr. sat down and undid sandals machines. Brown tights flew to a nearby desk. When Maschke were some panties, I froze for a moment, but decided to take up their gum. I then began to descend below the gum strip separating tanned and tanned skin. Surprisingly, she is not looking at us, he lifted her ass. On her feet, I pulled the pants quite easily. Oh, these delicate panties with a pleasant smell! Mechanically I sniffed but, fearing ridicule, threw them away.
Then Masha absolutely obeyed meekly. Eugene made a slight movement, and Masha stood. She, on the first request silently walked to the window, and began to make all sorts of poses that we asked her to take. Only her eyes were clouded with some not seeing something. In general, words are not pronounced.
We photographed her at the window - with his hands up, then put it on the desk, intending to photograph the crotch. But when Mary opened her legs, none of us have not been able to hold the camera.
Heel Machinery stood on the desk, and between them and settled down, the desirable and previously attainable - bottom girl's stomach. Masha, looking at something on the ceiling, put the heels farther apart wider, resulting in internal details were visible even better. Pussy was small, but not small, few hairs sticking out at the top of a fairly broad dark section.
Masha silently and somehow doomed took hold of the edge of the labia and spread them apart.
The bumps of the labia majora is already filled with, but small lips were palish and so small that they are almost invisible. Klitorok looked like a pink wand with a snub nose, small reddish lips fanned out, and at the bottom were some very small pimples. two little wet holes between them and the appendage of the clitoris became visible - one above the other. Nothing of the sort we have not seen before, and therefore looked into my eyes, holding my breath. We pushed Masha legs even wider, and she was lying on her back, to reveal to us as Chicken Tabaka.
The camera has long been put aside, and we six hands, panting and partly interfering with each other quickly began to gently touch the little girl everywhere were getting hands - small lips, the nascent breasts, buttocks, thighs.
Masha once complained, complained burknuv loud enough when Vovka Jr. pinched her right behind the pussy, taking his right hand for much of his lip. In fact, we tried to touch her gently. We, and it never occurred to thrust his fingers deeper into Masha, and even more so to us, and it never occurred to stick to anything else. But if at first we just touched, it then we have to stroke Masha, not just pussy and ass, but also the whole body.
But when Mary was lying, we do not have enough space. Eugene pulled the girl by the hand. She got up slowly, feet slightly apart. We have placed her legs even wider and continued inspection.
Eugene stood facing her and sat next to, fixing his gaze Maschke in the groin, Vovk, Jr.. My position was not very competitive, so I found myself behind Masha. But put forth his hands to her armpits, I came across a small sharp little breasts, six centimeters in diameter, which completely fit in my hands. Elastic, like little fox faces, they were elastic as the buds of flowers. Warm and silky they were pleasant to the touch. I was afraid to cling to Maschke, because my pants already bristled, and it seemed to me - I Touch it "these", Masha wake up and everything will be over.
Fear of touching the body does not interfere with the trip of hands shot with grudochek. Smooth like silky spin passed into elastic ass. I held back, buttocks, and then sat down at her legs apart. Someone's fingers covered the girl's review "peach" and I could not help focusing on the buttocks. Then we boys were swapped, and my fingers were launched in pristine petals. At some point, the bottom hole moisten, but then I still poorly understood what it meant. Smearing a drop of wet lubricant on the petals, I looked up. Damn, what a beautiful Masha same. Even with such unseeing eyes and detached gaze.
Time passed, and the pictures were taken a little. As if coming to his senses, we again took turns to shoot everything on tape, trying to take with it feelings and impressions.
We have put Masha on the desk and removed from the bottom. First, of course, the perineum - three, four shots in a row, then a close-up ass. Again pussy, breast separately and the entire torso, over the general plan. In this case, the frame itself is not climbed, but in the intervals between flashes of each of us tried again to touch, caress. However, now we do not interfere with each other and not in such a hurry as before. Some of us have fumbled the first sparse hairs on lobochke, while the other clutched a small, newly appearing breasts, someone bred fingers lower jaws. Then we changed places.
Interrupted only when it was necessary to reload the film.
It was all like a magical dream - naked girl obediently stretching almost hairless labia, sag on my pillows of fingers, feeling the elastic young breasts, almost total silence in which all this happened. And our loud breathing. My heart is loud, pounding with terror and delight. I touched a naked girl! No minnows in kindergarten and school girl that I have not much younger than me. I photographed her naked and could expect to be able to look at pictures of her and remember those happy moments. On repetition of such luck at that moment I could not think. The second film too quickly over. We stayed as a team. Impressions were so many that the next, as it seemed not much. Oddly enough, but we were satisfied by these impressions. I do not know how much time passed. Masha dressed quickly and we zonked out of class.
Neither we nor Masha about this story is not told anyone.
By the way, the pictures did not work ...
(Written based on a true story, all the names and some of the circumstances changed.) ...
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So it all started

It happened two years ago .. I was 16 years old, and his father - 38. My father and I went to engage in cottage - any construction rubbish. Basically, the work had been completed, but remained "finishing touches".. Need to hire a team of builders was not, and the father said that on the spot to agree on the need to work with working in the neighboring cottages teams ..
Already in the first day of the father he found the master, and brought him to watch the amount of work. It was a guy 25 years old, of medium height, but strong and tanned. To me he somehow did not like .. Impudent eyes, constant smile, jokes and some stupid .. But all he and his father agreed, and the next morning the Jura (the name of the builder) began .. it worked well .. Because was hot, then he was dressed only in shorts. And it was obvious that he had a beautiful body .. I somehow knew immediately that something of his father in this guy attracts .. But could not understand what ..
...After three days, I start work in the afternoon went to the river - take a dip .. Said her father, that I would return in the evening. I buy, sunbathe, and decided I was going into the woods. And for this we need to go into the house to change clothes. I decided to shorten the path and go to the house is not on the input side, and in an abandoned neighborhood lot - I sometimes did .. They have been at the site tall bushes, grass, and a passage in them was negligible. And pushing the board in the fence, you can get to the window of our kitchen. When I came up to the fence with the neighbor's hand, then I heard her father Yuri says: "He himself said that he would swim until the evening". I looked into a narrow slit - the father was standing in the kitchen near the Jura, who was sitting on a chair .. "No, - he said the father - he may at any time return".. "Yes, until it comes to a house, it a hundred times, we see and hear .. Come on!" The father still stood for i..stal take off her shirt at first, and then shorts .. He stayed in some batches, but Yura told him sharply "Take everything off!"And he listened to .. And the father is completely naked .. I was surprised that his cock, balls and crotch were shaved .. Only over by a dick was a bit of hair, like a woman .. Jura told his father "Become cancer"And the father leaned on the kitchen table obediently. Meanwhile, Yuri lowered his shorts, and showed his penis - a small, but thick .. Yura took a bottle of sunflower oil, wet fingers and smeared their father's ass. Then he pulled out his shorts and put on a condom on his dick .. Another moment - and his father moaned. I realized that the Jura put the dick in his ass .. Jura began to move, his father took his body movement. The father began to moan moan .. This was a moan of pleasure, I understood it clearly .. The father said Yura "I want to go back"And Yura came out of him. The father lay on his back on the table, and threw his legs over his shoulders Jura. Yura continued to fuck him. A father masturbate his penis. A few minutes later the Jura began to move faster, and then cried out, and as I understood, finished .. I finished and father - sperm from a member of his father spurted on his stomach .. A few minutes later, they rested, and then my father got up from the table. "I'm gonna take a shower"He said Yura. "And I after thee"Yura said.
...I went back to the river .. I am well aware that as soon as I saw how my father gave himself a peasant to fuck .. I was shocked. But to buy, I calmed down and went back to the cottage.
Two days later, Yuri finished his work, and their team moved to a different location. My father and I stayed at the cottage .. And one night, after dinner, I told my father "I saw that you did Jura. And I will be silent, if today is the same with you I do". My father looked at me - do not say anything and just looked .. Then he went out of the kitchen and in general left the house .. It was not a long time. I've already gone to bed when he returned. I heard him walking around the house. And after a while he came to my room and said, "I agree".. On this night, the father first sucked away from me, and then I fucked him .. I especially like to feel like my eggs flop on his ass .. He groaned, enjoying. I moan and, because I was especially a thrill that I fuck her father ..
Since then I have periodically fucking father. Although, I suspect he and the other guys are. But I do not care. After all, I have a friend and a girlfriend ..
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The monster inside

The hour has struck. Today or never. It is time to execute your plan. Today, after work, he will proceed to its implementation. Lately, it seemed, he could only think about his mother and his insatiable sexual hunger. Christmas was approaching and the weather was cold and damp. Shivering with piercing wind, he thought, as a mother to expel the demon mastered it. In recent years, her depression is increasingly intensified. Almost all the time when she was not working at the bank, she was asleep. He did almost all the housework, as she lay in bed curled up indifferent to everything. My mother became more and more depressed - he could see it in her sunken eyes, sunken face. It seemed that - that bothered her, what does she did not dare tell anyone. Her dream was forced means of salvation, to escape from it.
Her depression is demanded of him more and more effort to maintain their families.
Giving her more time, he could not find the time and strength to quench your own sexual hunger. He did not go out on dates with girls, prostitutes he had no money. He was a healthy boy of eighteen at the peak of their sexual needs, neutoleennoy of - of a helpless condition of his mother. Once, in one of the single long nights it crept into his head the idea that he first rejected as totally wild and shameful. But the more he thought about it, the more it seemed to him sooblaznitelnoy yet fully mastered it. He thought that was the root of his problems, the cause of the present state of his mother Ella. If his mother was happy none of this would have happened. How happy she was before, until my father died in a car accident. Brent was five years old when prizoshlo this tragedy, then she married again, but luck has left her - two years ago, she divorced her stepfather. Ella was forty years old, she worked as a cashier in the Interstate Bank. Now the work seemed to rob of her last strength. The evil demon gnawing his mother, drank more and more of its vitality, and now she was on the limit.
Brent tried everything to pull it out of this state, but nothing worked. Recently, he found a letter from her bank: the mother was given thirty days to improve their performance, otherwise it was waiting for dismissal.
This only exacerbated her condition. We had to take it - something really strong to how to shake it and to deduce from this damn depressed. That was the last straw, and he finally decided. Thinking so, Brent went to his small apartment dvuhkonatnuyu. Throwing off his cloak, he shook him and hung to dry. Then he took out a bottle with a strong sedative and emptied several white pills on the palm. Then he went into the kitchen and got a bottle of wine purchased in advance.
Get enough sleep pills on the table, he carefully istolok them into fine white powder. Then pulled the cork out of the bottle and carefully poured into wine poroshek how to shake the bottle to a drug should be dissolved in the wine. Finally, after examining he put it into place, and began to prepare dinner. Pulling out of the freezer pizza, he put it in the microwave, warming it up until it is lightly browned. Finally, everything was ready.
Looking at his watch he saw that now 5. 30 pm, and the mother should arrive in half an hour. He engaged in kindling the fire. Recently, they almost never incited him, as wood was very expensive. But today, he ruined it by allocating funds from their little break-in period. Firewood should be enough for three - four hours was enough to fulfill his plan.
Soon a small fire lit fun in a small fireplace. Now everything was ready lacked only the main character. Brent went to the window and parted the curtain peered into the darkness expecting to see the familiar silhouette.
Surrealism, grotesque situation was the fact that he is now with her mother seemed to reverse roles. He was like a caring parent awaiting his child: if she if she is late, will be in the mood when he gets back, have happened if she had trouble at work.
Finally, her little figure appeared from - around the corner.
Mother wrapped by the rain and wind slowly dragged along the street like a miserable beaten dog. She looked defeated and humiliated and pity tears slowly flowed from the eyes of the Brenta.
He loved her so much. He was ready to do that - anything, as long as she became happy again. Anything. His heart ached with pity for her.
Finally, he wiped away the tears and turned away from the window. Putting on a fake smile, he walked up to the front door to meet his mother. The key grated in the lock and the door slowly opened.
- Oh, Brent, baby, I'm so happy to see you - Ella smiled when she saw him in the hallway.
- I love you too, Mama, - he smiled back at her, coming up behind her and helping her take off my coat.
- What a day! - Complained to the mother. - Something happened? - C anxiously said Brent. - No, I'm talking about the weather, my dear. I'm so nice to feel your care, my son! - Ella gently and tenderly embraced him.
- Thank you that you met me, - she whispered - Sometimes it seems to me that you're the only thing that still keeps me from madness.
- AH, my mother - he blushed - You know how I love you.
- Yes, I know - she said, smiling, - I love you too
- My dear, you're an angel, - mother cooed when she saw the kitchen covered uzhiin.
- After all, you do not have to cook dinner for me - it is my duty.
- Mama, - he grumbled - You know that I make you dinner every night, because you're so tired at work.
- Lord, but you also have and their affairs, their own life! - Ella exclaimed, walking over to the sink and opening the water. - I do not want your life to become like mine.
- Do not worry about me, Mom.
Looking like she washes her hands, Brent wanted to approach her, and tenderly embracing, to tell her that everything will be horoscho that he had found a cure for her depression. - Mom, I'm something - that I wanted to have prepared for you tonight. Namely, fine dining and a warm fireplace.
- ABOUT! - She smiled again, wiping his hands.
- What's for dinner?
- Pizza and good wine. And then you can sit in front of the fireplace, and I'll give you a massage.
- Thank you.
- If only .. - mother paused
- Unless what? - Brent smiled.
- If only I could find someone who would be so carefully looked after me - Ella said softly - I would have married him nerazdumyvaya.
- What for? - I asked Brent - You've got me!
- Yes, but ... - she paused again.
- But what?
- Nothing, never mind .. - mother of sheepishly looked away. - So what did you want to tell Mom?
- Nothing, dear, but maybe soon you will meet a girl who will be your wife. You budeschem wonderful husband. -
- True?
...- Yes, and I can only envy her.
- You're sure to meet such a person, mom, I'm sure.
- I am sure - Ella smiled bitterly - Choroszcz. I'll wait.
- Dinner will be served as soon as you say - Give me a few minutes, I will give myself up - mother sighed and turned away, looking out the window at the drizzly rain.
Short skirt snug fitting business stroinye hip Ella, opened the eyes of her son's graceful legs, covered with a black transparent nylon stockings. She was wearing black shoes with high heels and on seemed taller and slimmer.
These feet are created to delight the male gaze Brent thought to herself, admiring them.
Finally my mother turned from the window and began to unbutton his jacket.
- I'm going to freshen up a little before dinner, - Ella said. She untied her strapped unit golden - brown hair.
- O, sure! - Brent said, seeing coming out of the kitchen mother, sensual look. His gaze slid over the soft swell of her breasts, serving under a white satin cloth mother's blouse. He saw how exciting they raced when his mother raised her hands to her hair. Then his gaze slid down to the full rounded hips mother. She was gently rocking it from side to side. - My God, how beautiful she is! - To lust thought Brent.
Then he returned to his gnawing doubts.
- May be I be crazy? - Excitedly he asked himself. Perhaps udvoletvoriv his mad desire I finally destroy it ..
But he could lose his mother and without it - because she was melting right before his eyes. He had that - something to do. He had to break this spiral smertelnuyu that shrank more and more about his mother. He had to carry out his plan.
Once again, he wondered: - Was there another way? - Another way to solve this problem? She spoke of her loneliness. But its definition of loneliness might be different from it. For him, that meant no sex. But for a woman loneliness - it may just lack of communication, the inability to be kept close to those who share its joys and troubles, maintained and cared for her. But he did it all for her, and yet mennee he felt lonely. Maybe she needed the proximity of another kind than the one that was between them, but she never gave him reason to think so. Mother always observed a certain distance in their relationship. She never went with him in the linen and frivolous when changing her clothes, always shut the door, her maternal affection never crossed the boundaries of what is permitted. If she had any thoughts about a forbidden son, Ella hid them deep enough in itself. Brent knew that his mother loves him and is ready for it much, but rely on the fact that it had voluntarily come to him in a sexual relationship, Brent could not. Therefore ostovatsya interpretation one way - to learn her secret, she did not at any time without vsilu stop him. And then, putting it in front of a fait accompli, try to continue. He knew how much he risks, but there was no alternative. In any case, it should be to withdraw it from the teperyashnih state.
- I came back - he heard his mother's voice, who returned him to reality. Ella went to the table. Now she was already without his jacket and shoes, her lovely flaxen hair cascaded over her shoulders like a golden waterfall ...
- I like the flowing hair - my mother smiled.
- I, too, - he made her a compliment - sit down, I'll serve you.
- You are so cute - my mother said, sitting down at the table and poured himself a glass of wine with a drug - What would I do without you?
- Maybe you will never know about it. - Brent thought with a sigh, knowing that the withdrawal would be too obvious.
- Promises, promises - she sighed ... and quickly drank wine Svoge oblivion.
Brent felt the claws of fear tickled his stomach as he saw that she refills her glass. What if she feels a sleeping pill?
- Good wine, - mother cooed. At Brent relieved. He quickly enable set before her a plate of pizza ..
Looking at the steaming plate in front of her, Ella smiled.
He was happy to see that her mother was happy. Brent quickly put his own plate and sat down.
- You do not want to eat? - He asked, noting that her mother does not touch the food.
- Sorry dear, - Ella said softly, - I'm not hungry.
- Well - he refilled her glass of wine.
- Now go into the living room and enjoy the fireplace fire, while I tidy.
- Well, my dear, - sighed my mother, slowly stood up and swayed out of the kitchen.
He quickly cleared the table and grabbing a bottle of wine residues, joined the mother in the living room.
- Oh, my baby, you come - she smiled sleepily as he sat beside her on the couch.
- Mom, how are you?
- A bit sleepy.
- Well, why do not you relax, and I massage your feet.
He gently lifted her legs on his lap, then began to gently rub and
massage them, a she looked longingly at the fire the fire, listening to the crackling firewood.
He was excited chuvsvuya his fingers slowly glide over her delicate silk stocking. Brent increasingly difficult to hide his impatience. He decided to bring a few isolated.
- Mom, do you want another drink?
- Yes Dear.
Uncork the bottle, he emptied it in my mother's glass.
- Pei
Slowly stroking her mother's legs, Brent felt her muscles began to relax.
- Do not spill! - He warned her as he saw that the mother began to nod ..
- Do not be afraid.
- All finishes, Mam, - he urged her, seeing that she was asleep.
- Yes, yes, fine! - Ella mumbled sleepily. Her naughty hands and swayed a glass of wine though most fell into her mouth, and poured out of the ran down her chin on a white satin blouse.
- Ohhh !, you - Ella laughed drunkenly.
- Give me a glass, Mom, - said Brent, taking the empty glass from his mother. - Thank you, - she whispered.
  - All right, just relax and enjoy, mom.
- Good.
Brent gently massaged her feet for a few minutes.
- I'm so lonely .. - murmured mother and her chin buried in his chest.
- Mama, Brent asked her - you hear me?
Ella was silent.
- Mama can you hear me? - He repeated louder and gently shook her shoulder.
... She did not answer.
Slowly, he put his hand on her leg, stroking her ankle. Silence ... Its narrow chiseled calves ... There was no movement. His fingers slid easily over her knee, but she did not move. Slightly tickled her ... to no avail. Mother passed out completely! Brent slowly lowered her legs and stood up from the couch Picking up the empty glass, he went to the window. Thick, dense fog enveloped the whole street impermeable cotton shroud.
It seemed the whole world was immersed in it.
Looking at it, he wondered whether it was not an omen. Now all his fate was covered in the same fog of - the fact that he was going to do.
That, from which he was unable to renounce when he crossed the forbidden face.
Having chosen his fate, he would never be able to change it. Their relationship with their mother will never be the same.
Sexy lihordka flared up in it all the stronger. It is increasingly losing control of himself, the fire already raging lust in his loins.
Brent looked at his mother helplessly sprawled on the couch.
In his eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
In the dream, her angelic face relaxed, printing suffering it had disappeared - she rest in peace.
His feet seemed rooted to the floor from stress. He felt that he did not have the strength to make a fateful step mother. Finally, he found the strength and moved toward the bed. He walked slowly, with difficulty moving the legs, as if they were cast in cement. Near the very couches Brent paused to allow his conscience to provide final argument.
But the verdict has already been passed, and he slowly bent over, hugging the body of the mother. When he squeezed it in his hands, it struck him as light as a feather. She did not move as he carried her to his bedroom.
Ostorzhno he laid his precious burden on the pastel, and again looking at the mother realized that to resist his inner demon - the tempter will not be able. The monster between his legs demanded compensation.
Every day, more and more nabdyudaya deepening depression of his mother, he expended too much energy, protecting it from the outside world. The more depressed she was, the more he felt more and more strong and confident. And now, he is her guardian zaschtinik and can not keep his mother from his own lust ... A powerful tornado of sexual desire imperiously delayed him and he could no longer stop, slipping down to his Fall to the forbidden love between mother and son - incest .
He had to pay off the raging fire without looking between his feet no matter what, even if it leads to his mother to madness.
Tears rolled down his cheeks as he slowly began to unbutton her blouse.
Stiff fingers, he fumbled and struggled with each button. One by one, they jumped out of the holes ... finally, her blouse was completely unbuttoned. He stopped and wiped his tears.
Then, holding his breath, he opened her white satin. Narrow lace bra covered her lovely soft breasts, reducing them white tender flesh together. Flower drawing it reached almost to the mother's nipple areola, leaving the top of her breasts bare. Gliding look at her bra, he saw that he was closing the front between her breasts.
He grabbed a thin ribbon, like a small child decoupling bow on a Christmas present, and with bated breath slowly tugged at her.
Leaf split into two halves, and he threw it to the mother's breast. Oh, her breasts were beautiful! He could not estimate their real size, as my mother lay on her back, but it did not matter at the moment.
He sat and looked at them, vptityvaya their beauty. They were not large and slightly drooping of her age, but they were still beautiful in his eyes. Her graceful areolas were pink, shocking pink nipples compared to most women her age. At least in all the pictures he had seen adult women with dark circles areola surrounding their nipples. Mama also nipples were small, round pearls pink flesh. With trembling fingers, he gently touched one pea. She was soft and supple - from the touch he vzdrogul - like electrical discharge went through his finger.
He gently ran his hands over her breasts cupped surface, enjoying a soft elasticity. Caressing the breasts of his mother, he felt a wave of lust rolled over his body, pain echoing in his overexcited member.
He became lihordochno undress, dropping his clothes, especially long he fumbled with the belt buckle. It seemed she never will undo. Finally, fingers, weakened excitement, he frantically pulled the zipper of his pants down ctyanul pants, freeing my languishing member. He jumped forward in all his glory.
The swollen, hard, he stuck out seven inches of granite, trembling with impatience ... Finally completely naked, he bent over my mother's body. His hand slid under her, lifting her mother out of bed. Hastily he threw
blouse and bra off her shoulders. When he lowered her onto the bed, he saw the sexual swayed her soft breast, nipple swinging small hard balls.
Monster bottom grew increasingly impatient, because he spent a long time pulling off the mother of her short tight skirt.
Finally, he managed it. With excitement, he went down her dress down her beautiful legs. Down the soft, creamy thighs, beautiful rounded knees down the bulging calves, past tapers her pretty ankles, and finally in her small, delicate feet.
When he threw it on the floor, he was finally able to see the golden triangle of hair at the bottom of her stomach - below the line of silky stockings.
Another explosion shook the lust of his penis and testicles - he looked at the forbidden valley of her femininity.
Now just one last barrier standing between him and the object of his desires. He gently teased her elastic stockings and began to descend gently sticky silk down her stomach. Soft and rounded on her age and lack of exercise my mother's belly trembled and swayed. When he pulled her panties down her thighs, the way to her soft curly hair, covering the mother's pubic area, was opened.
Trembling gripped his lust Brent tenacious nylon pulling off her stockings down and down until he threw them on the floor. Mother was stripped completely. Naked, defenseless and vulnerable, she was lying in front of his lustful gaze.
Her naked beauty was so dazzling that he caught his breath. Brent gently and lovingly stroked silky thigh gentle mother. Her skin was so warm and fluffy, his cock jumped up as if from a blow. When he slowly ran down her beautiful leg, cladostrastnaya shiver of anticipation shook his whole body. Then he slowly began to push her legs.
Inch by inch, he opened them wider and wider. He stared down at the spectacle opens before him.
First, cleft soft, pink flesh in the middle of thickets of her soft, golden hair was just long seam of pink flesh.
As her legs ... slowly revealed longitudinal folds her sexual organ opened like a deep crimson wound ran between her legs. Like a beautiful rose, opens its petals to the sun, her femininity slowly unfolded thin delicate folds of its internal labia hidden within the thick, plump outer lips
Brent could only stare at the gorge graceful thin tender flesh gleaming in the soft light of the room.
His mouth was dry his heart was beating so violently that it would break into his chest. Never until now he had not experienced such a strong sexual desire. Beautiful mouth of maternal vaginal framed wonderful vetsom delicate pink flesh was fully disclosed to him. Mad fully zagipnatiztrovanny discovered before him the spectacle, Brent bent lower and lower over the mother's body is not taking his eyes from her womb. Slowly, he knelt between her
soft inner thighs. Now his face was only inches from the center of her femininity. Taking a deep breath through his nose, he sank into a heavy musky scent of her sex.
A shudder ran through the perverse pleasures of his body when he was coming closer and bdizhe to the gates of her blazing hot shrines. Now he could feel the hot, humid radiation emanating from it his mouth open.
Carefully, he lightly ran the very tip of his tongue on the soft flesh of her sticky pink bud. Then his tongue slid up to mgyakoy fleshy cave hid her clit. He felt almost invisible
trembling of her thighs when the tip of his tongue found a tiny hard knot of her clitoris. Like an electrical discharge passed through the woman's body. He jerked his head away from her prmezhnosti. Looking at her face, he found no glimpses of her awakening. Mom - still asleep.
Reassured, he slowly bent down and pressed his mouth to her vagina, drowned in a heavy scent of her sex.
Burning with desire, he loaded all his face down into the hot abyss womb. He rubbed his face on the hot soft petals of her flesh he lapped her moist sweetness. For greater convenience, he grabbed the hands of her buttocks slightly raising it and much stronger than revealing her lovely rose. He held his mother as a great ceremonial bowl and stuck to her crotch drank and drank from her magical love juice. Lap after lap he spun his mouth leaning on the mother's generous source, and it seemed no force able to tear it away from him.
Finally, to take a breath, he raised his face
over a hot humid her femininity. All of his face from the nose to the chin was covered with warm salty moisture strong-smelling aroma of her sex. Brent looked at his dick hard, thick, purple from the overflowing of his blood, he demanded a meeting with the cherished friend. The passion throbbing in it, he was willing to desecrate the temple of their own creation. Finally, he wrapped his hand around the barrel of his gun charged. He felt that to happen the most important turn of his fate. Frantic, he slowly raised his stronghold in his grave awaiting his innocence. Finally exhausted by swollen head of his cock gently touched the sore female flesh and lazily slid up - down the soft petals.
All thoughts of the mother healing from depression, now seemed so far away and small, and only one aim now mattered to him - his own liberation.
The head of his penis soon was covered with thick sticky juices - he was ready to complete the incestuous ritual. And his beautiful bride, was also ready to accept his monstrous marriage.
Slowly and gently, he began to immerse golvka its members in glowing ring of sticky and hot maternal vagina.
Inch by inch, he plunged into the gentle cave, the engagement tight solid shaft of his courage. He again looked at the mother's face and nevidel slightest glimmer of consciousness - she slept like a log.
Having collected the last remnants of his will he held back the last effort all the mounting tension in his scrotum. His testicles froze, becoming heavy like iron core.
Boiler his boiling seed was ready to explode, unable to withstand the pressure. He had never felt such passion.
As if his body slid down in her tight, sucking hole.
Perverted desires, he felt as if his penis to increase the size of the huge King Kong member, and his mother's vagina was Infinite Abyss hot, boiling the flesh. Deeper and deeper into the forbidden depths of her pussy and plunged into the maelstrom of corruption of its members.
Srazhatsya for having to stop your ejaculation longer was impossible. It was like trying to contain a fountain rampant, boiling lava.
Then his heavy, full of soft balls touched Valley among her buttocks raised. His stomach dropped to her - soft and gentle. It is fully immersed into the most sacred of Cvyatyn.
He was completely inside the burning of his birth Garden. He was inside his mother.
It - started, boiled out of his testicles, like the eruption of lava razedayuschey flesh.
It - broke through his cock like a burst thin fabric inside, and poured out.
- GGGGAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWDDDDDDDD -! He shouted gushing like a giant geyser erupting incandescent seed konvulsiruyuschego of its members in a closely - compressing the walls of her vagina.
Suddenly he felt a ripple of waves passing through the mother's body. So regardless of her brain nervous system respond to sexual arousal. Glancing at her face he did not see the slightest glimmer of consciousness, then his penis snatching a second jet bubbling seed. When maternal vaginal wall were washed in a hot stream of his seed, her vagina and began to squeeze bow plunged into her term, if milked it.
Past, present and future flowed from his twitching, erupting member. Life was over. It was one giant stream blowing member, poured the deadly seed in the garden of the flesh, which once nurtured him.
There would be no sense in his later life, if he could impregnate her mother in this single, elegant explosion of unbridled passion. Recreates was his only desire in his mother womb. He has been devastated in a magical hiding place of its origin, filling it fertile loins their seed. Then, when his gun, exhausted and weakened, given the latest salvo in its bosom, he felt the response stream flooding in from the depths of the womb, covering his sagging eggs hot sticky juices.
Then the room darkened, and he felt like his carries, completely sucks the burning abyss womb ..
Suddenly, he was plunged into darkness. For a moment, he lost all sense. Then he found himself floating in a great pool of her sex.
Writhing his long reptilian tail, he swam and explored the dark depths in search of the native signal. Suddenly, he saw hundreds, thousands, millions of their own kind, just as he was looking for her. But he had to be the one who poronzit it. Those who immerse their prickly ... the courage deep in the fruitful core of its essence and soedintsya with her to create a new life.
Then he felt it. In the beginning only a faint whiff of her submission. Angrily lashing his tail, he was looking for in the sea musky trace of her appeal to him. Like the song of the sirens, it attracted him to her. Closer and closer. Then he saw her ...
Finally, Brent .. woke in a sweat, he was still lying on the soft feather bed mother's body. He realized that they were no longer one. His cock, sezhivshiysya fallen and jumped out of her bosom and now dangled helplessly between its soft, smooth thighs. Groaning, he rolled away from her mother. She no signs of life. And if not even uplifting and lowering her breast, he would have thought that she was dead.
Brent touched her and gently shook her shoulder, watching as her small, soft breasts tremble like drops of pink jelly. My mother did not move.
Rolling over, he sat down. Glancing at the clock, I saw that it was 4:00 in the morning. Rising, he made his way to the bathroom. Going to the toilet, he picked up his sagging penis and began urinating directing spray directly into a round hole. In the silence of his apartment silent sound of flowing urine almost deafened him.
After graduating, he went back to his bedroom, ostanavivshis look out the window. The fog was even denser than previously. Not surprisingly, it was so quiet in the room, nothing disturbed the silence of this early morning.
Looking into the living room, he saw that the fire was extinguished. The fire left only a few glowing coals. Then he saw their clothes scattered on the couch and the floor. He quickly gathered the clothes and the mother took to her room.
Returning to the bedroom, he saw that his mother was still lying on his back with legs wide apart, as if waiting for the return of her lover. His eyes immediately slid over her wide bosom razverstnomu. It was like a big stinging wound opened between her legs. He felt schekochaschaya spark of excitement ran through his penis. He climbed onto the bed, he sat down between her legs wide open. He felt his courage slowly hardened as he looked down at the weeping gash tender pink flesh, cut through the flesh of her crotch.
The first attempt on maternal sanctity, only increased his attraction to her.
He was entirely captured by the memory of what kind of immense, powerful and strong pleasure he had just experienced.
Numb at the thought of once again repeat it a second time, he again felt his cock filled with fresh hot blood. He again wanted to possess her.
Quickly slipping between the soft whiteness of her long legs, he grabbed the head of his penis and sent it through the open mouth of the mother's vagina. Trembling with pleasure gushing stream, he eagerly promoted his strong manhood down his hot humidity.
Finally, he completely immersed himself, up to the limit. He lay motionless, sunk deep in the bowels of the family boiling maternal source.
Awareness sobsvenno power over her helpless body made him mad with passion. Mother was again completely defenseless against their attacks.
Pulling, he started to move his cock slowly. Bending your elbows, he hovered over her, rocking her hips back and forth, snoshu her long, deep strokes. Brent drove his fiery hammer all the way to the handle, with each powerful thrust in her tender and moist depths.
There - here, up - down, it plowed its fertile garden his plow. feeling all the growing tension in the back of his swaying eggs when they paddled gently soft warm mother's buttocks.
The bed rocked and creaked under the pressure of his body. It was rough, it was wild and it was already above his comprehension. He copulated with his mother for the second time, and at the same time in the depths of his soul already born guilt.
But this is not going to stop his inflamed passions, and he again and again poguzhal his penis into the flaming depths.
His excitement grew all he had chuvsvoval eggs in their nascent tickling orgasm. Panting and slowly he fucked his mother more and more attacking her powerless and helpless body. He climbed higher and higher to the top of his triumph and jubilation ...
- FUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK -!, He groaned, his hips swung forward and steered his body erupting deep in the womb.
Once again, her sacred temple was filled with his thick flesh and his cock twitched and belched thick sticky sperm jet in its depth .. From time to time he had shuddered spitting out all the new portion of its deadly cargo. Soon the mother vagina was filling up to the brim of his insane seed. Even then, his cock continued pounding deep in her womb.
Finally, he shook the hammer for the last time and stood helplessly in the depths of the maternal womb.
Soon he pochuvsvoval that the term began sezhivatsya and contract, slipping out of the channel filled her femininity. He filled it with exquisite Bosom second time.
With shame, he slowly pulled his cock out of her and rolled away from her body
- What monster could take possession of his mother Asleep? - He asked himself. Suddenly, with all its cold clarity he realized what a terrible sin, a terrible evil he has committed.
He defiled their own place of birth. He sowed his own
Poisonous seeds in the forbidden garden. He ate
Forbidden fruit was now filled with shame and disgust.
Tears flowed from his eyes, and he cried out in pain and shame. So he quietly fell asleep crying beside her mother.
As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw that his shower rooms was filled with a soft, hazy light. Must be the mist still hangs he thought sleepily. Reaching out his hand, he suddenly touched something - something soft and warm. What the... ?!! Then he remembered.
Oh God!. He really did it. He fucked your mother No, he raped her. It was the same thing as violence. She was powerless to stop it. Now he has to pay for his heinous crime. Slowly, he turned his head toward her.
Her bright blue eyes looked at him with an indescribable horror.
- What did you do? - Mom whispered, her voice trembled, and her beautiful face contorted in agony ...
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The last chord

Well, at last, and the last day in this musty district town. The instruments of surrender were signed, the keys handed over, the tools are packaged and shipped. At night we would leave - the machine prepared for the long journey. Last one's left a bar, without which even successfully finished work brings pleasure - a farewell celebration bodies. In addition, the summer calls and features. After a highly artistic, intelligent and hard work is necessary to relax the brain. We are used to relax an orgy. - We are building and art association. Six men, two women - Olga and Mashulya and four men - Mikheich, Shreds, Sanya and me. We are all talented and work in our exclusive and expensive - high decoration premises. A popular use, so work for the year ahead are painted. The ride is a lot of accounts, that we live as a family. Well, a few years of active employment has developed in our tradition to finish the project feast bodies, attaching to the forbidden sweets a couple of charming young girls. I was looking for suitable premises, I rented it for a couple of days. And he is ready to advance the drink of love. Drink changed taught my grandmother to do. Insist on vodka and honey different herbs and berries. From the infusion of men love the extraordinary strength shown, and women are recruited such sensuality that love joy without a break may be about 5 hours without a break to continue. A Mashunya Olya suitable girls were looking for night clubs or discos so tied friendly relations with them. On the last day, we visited with the men captured in the room, preparing it properly, and our women under some pretext dragged the girls there too. The waste plan worked this time.
Comes cute female company zalchik is located. Mashunya with Olga all love drink is poured, and a toast of some all drunk. Then Mashunya suited to the window and gives us signal. We also drink with the men drink at ryumashki and zalchik collapses. The girls were scared, of course, but the scream did not - we did not crowd them sprinkles. Olya Mashunya with their calm, talk a little bit about us, but without details and details. And then I take the initiative in the hand. I poured another drink for a drink and offer a toast to friendship. We all represent. The girls nothing left to call their names and all drink to the dregs - the drink is very tasty, and they had already tasted. And I'm starting to bear nonsense, pull time, I wait until the herbal blend well in any shibanet head on the brain and the mind, there will be no other than a passionate intercourse. Well, the girls stare at the meantime. I do not know, like Mashunya Olya such lure turns, but the girls really good. Kate and Julia. Brown-haired and brunette. Feet and popochki both - top class. Katya breasts a little bigger and looks appetizing. Well, short skirts and tops only emphasize the beauty of their bodies.
Look - the girls cheeks zarozoveli, the peasants began to trousers front Bouguereau, Mashunya Olya fidget in their chairs, and their breast stroke. It's time. Signaled the beginning. Olya panther slips to Mikheich. They caress each other, exchanging passionate kisses. Mikheich blouse on her hands breaks in half, bra straps pulls down, Olga turns his back to him and begins her fleshy breasts in front of all knead nipples and cheat. And Olya his hands under her skirt and launched himself Iron-on transfer. Everyone else on this action look so start stroking myself. I'm Kate and Julia say that now they have to help out each other - let each choose a partner of the other men and make him a blowjob and then ass girlfriend will be saved from visiting member Mikheich. And Olya already kneeling before Mikheich and mouth is a member of the caresses and squeezes his hands buttocks. Elda in Mikheich in embarking state simply fantastic proportions. In practice, I know that even those who like to fuck in the ass by his guns shudder. That's just not like anal sex Mikheich - close to him in the ass and a member of the roll no pleasure. But the girls do not know this fact, and the threat of it seems real. Katya was bolder.
She went to Sana'a, and he and pleased - pants with shorts and threw the girl pinched her breast. Katya to her knees fell a couple of times a head timidly licked and then sucked all the member so that the nose rested Sana'a pubis, and began to work mouth. And handles help themselves - the testicles Sanya pomnetsya, then grabbed for the priest. And while more smacked his lips so he yells. And I went back to Julia and whisper to her that it is necessary to either me or Shred select and proceed to business, and the reversal Mikheich his trunk Katina ass. Julia just got excited snorts in response. Well, I shall be filed Sana'a. He takes Kathu behind the ears and holding her head, so that a member of the mouth does not slip, sits on the floor. Kate had to be cancer. We got rid of clothes Tolik. It is to Mikheich with Olga moved.
The three of them began to produce oxygen - set Olu cancer Mikheich her vagina on his cock pulled, and her lascivious mouth Shreds engaged. Their trio filled zalchik sounds passionate copulation - ohami, postanyvaniya and intense smacking and squelch. I went down to Kate, became her ass stroking, barely brushing the inner thighs. And Sanya does not let her look for the ears keeps her mouth did not descend from the member. I skirt Katina turned upward, little white panties pulled up to the knees. Ass Katie - awesome. Plump, curvy, dark hairs between the thighs Curly, covering sokrovnoe place. And I'm already naked ass stroking continue. And like Kate - she arched back, knees slightly parted. I poslyunyavil two fingers and began her clitoris and the vaginal opening. And there, and I do not need anything slobber - flowed girl is ready already. Well, I did not put off, brought her to his friend, and began slowly to pull the entire depth of the vagina to the uterus itself. And itself I look like Julia Mashunya handles - hugged in your ear whispers something, and on its tummy strokes. Julia threw her head already. Mashunya kisses her on the neck, arms ass oglazhivaet, wrapped skirt upward. And with a bit of Mikheich Olu already on the table moved. Olga turned back, spread her legs and under her knees caught. Tolia did not deal with her vagina and gently pushed on the most tomatoes his penis in her ass and began to quietly handle. A Mikheich to Mashunya came back, and began his eldoy her ass stroking. And Julia Mashunya his back turned, pulled off topic, then pat her breast - pomnetsya, the panty fingers launch. Julia bent, their breasts exposed elastic forward, eyes closed. I slipped out of Katie, she already moaned with displeasure. I went over to Julia and start it whet tongue papillae, and she pats me on the shoulder to the head yes. I pulled up a chair and stood on it to the little girl not to bend and his penis to her lips pulled. Julia timidly began his polizyvat and suck and Mashunya her ear whispered something. The girl stroking my balls start and mouth began to move more active. Look, Sanya with Katya already pulled all the clothes and fuck her cancer, the girl already writhing with pleasure. Masha pulled off her skirt and panties Julia and Mikheich turned. And that her ass grabbed his big hands, a left nipple sucked, eldoy about belly rubs. Mashunya Mikheich tore myself, it fell to the floor, his clothes torn away from himself, tucked his eldu himself into the vagina, and galloped to the pleasures. I put Julia on a chair, her legs on his shoulders and began to fuck threw up the most eggs planting. And she told me podmahivaet, but bit her lip.
Hours before four in the morning we copulated. Mikheich stretch your vagina all the girls, so we had to develop their ass. Each three members immediately turned it over. Hall smell of sex soaked in the year ahead. What blossomed, plunged our gang in the car and rushed to a new place of work. And Kate with Julia ... I have some money left - on chocolates.
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Group-The-Ear. The story first. Catherine

This event happened in the past year, and that too is now to conceal, changed the world of all its participants. It seemed that the day did not bode nothing unusual about November 27, 2004. In the morning I did not go to school in our city famous in the 85th high school, and went to wander around the city. The reason for this was banal: last night I came home late, and scored the elementary lessons, and grab "pair" I did not want, the more that day was to be a physicist. Oh, I could not stand this item. And all because the entire frostbitten head lecturer, considers that none of the students do not have the right to obtain an estimate of the above three.
On the morning I left the house, and mentally sent all the teachers dick, went to the cinema. At 9 am, I walked a good fantasy thriller, so a couple of hours, I quietly killed. Leaving the theater, I looked at the clock: 11. 32. Well, time to dick, you can deal with garbage with a clear conscience. Having nothing to do, I went to his friend, who is now ill and before he studied, by the way, in the same school with me. Then he was drawn to the college, and now he studied there with grief in half. I called at his door. After about a minute she opened.
- Lech You Th there? - He asked me with surprise.
- Oh, vyabyvayu school. Do nehuy. And you're here all day masturbate at home, eh?
- Fuck in pussy - with a grin said Pasha (the name of my friend).
I went to his apartment, we patted about anything, went out onto the balcony, smoked.
- How are you doing on the fucking front? - I asked with a hint of conspiratorial (Pasha was known for Walker and the girls he fucked already nemerenno; and this in the tenth grade - the horror!).
He wanted to punch me, but then changed his mind:
- Cocks.
- Wait - I was surprised - And Paula?
- All. Separated.
- Che did not give?
- And it is also - sadly said Pasha - And you?
I thought for a moment, because a clear answer to this question, I could not.
- So far, so mediocre. But I hope everything will soon improve.
- Katya?
- Good, rides, - Ekaterina Valeeva was in love with me since the fifth grade, but I did not fundamentally noticed, because before it was a typical gray mouse. However, recently I began to pay attention: the girl to my surprise showed breast development (ie somewhere in the second or third dimension) and cool, in my opinion, ass. And apparently it was nothing. Add to this the fact that it is almost idolized me, and it turns out the ideal female candidate in girlfriend.
I have a couple of times escorted her home, even had her at a party, we kissed, but beyond that it was not going to. Although it would seem, I could easily fuck her several times already, but I'm in no hurry. For me, a sexual relationship existed following rule: never nix and twitch, and trust in the natural course of events, that is, waiting for the moment when it will be clear: you can now safely fuck this girl, because she only wants this. And besides, Kate was a virgin, and I was too inhibited. Hymen, I vomited only once, and impressions from this were not so pleasant.
- And as you already otebal it? - Pasha's voice brought me back to reality.
- Not yet, but: all the time.
- Damn, as always. While she herself to you in the pants will not climb, you're not d¸rneshsya.
- It's not the point.
- And what? - Pasha thought, then said hesitantly, - she - virgin?
I nodded.
- Yeah, fucking lucky you - Pasha said grimly, thinking about something his - Well, are you going to do something Che?
- I told you, damn: all the time. But without gonevo: Opportunities I appear constantly.
- You is not annoying, and come on, be a man.
I snickered:
- Yeah, there is no market.
- Hey, Che something cold here. Let's go to the kitchen, where I have a TV set.
- Lada.
We went away from the balcony. Kitchen Pasha was healthy and in the right corner of the wall was hung TV. We showed some comedy on TNT. Paha said:
- Sit down. Then there sandwiches, Hawa.
With these words he left the kitchen. However, I shouted after him: "Where are you going" But received no response. However, wait for it for a long time I did not have: a minute later he reappeared in the doorway, and not one, but with a bottle "Hennessey". Fucking where he dug her?
- Well, Che, will thump? - With a grin he asked me one.
- No, damn: stupid questions ask a fuck? Where did you get it?
- Bata presented, it has long been. He then somehow get drunk, and Nitsche could not find in the morning. I nix under the bottle and nykanul. Let the better I'll drink it than he did.
- It makes sense - I smiled - glasses-nap¸rstochki there?
- And then?
The bottle we persuaded for an hour, during which time spoke almost every possible topic. It turned out that Pauline, female, never fucked, and was not going to give Pasha, took care of themselves 18 years. Sheep. I said Paje, he threw it right. He smiled tightly. Clearly, she liked him. And dick with that? If a girl fucked on his head, then fuck it necessary? Then the conversation turned to school. I admitted that I pull the program just barely, a little bit more - and I knock out of school. And I'm just that and achieve. No arrangements, such as "you're so smart and capable" actions by teachers at me had no effect, and now everything was going on as usual.
Pasha was also the question of expulsion, but he did not want it. Worst of all he had was the case with biology. The teacher on the subject, the rat, called his parents, snitched to the Director, and now it is likely to be expelled. It all started with the fact that he once was not prepared, he was summoned to answer, the teacher beginning in every possible way to insult his words, the type of "You - a moron, and parents in your same". Pasha could not stand it, and sent it into the pussy, where she, incidentally, is the place. Now he had to hand over her several offsets, laboratory and practical work, and before that a fig, because Pasha, clear horseradish, after the case of the biology scored.
- I do something to you than help? At the very troyban, fuck, damn all biologichku - sheep!
- Yes, I do. Just by the way. I do give a fuck: kicked, kicked so.
And then I remembered something.
- Although, wait, - I smiled - I have the same Katka something in biology class! And she was an excellent student. If I ask, then you will stopudovo. However, it may take from me anything in return. Pasha snickered.
- And you, it is always ready!
- Well. Che went to her?
- And you have the same lessons today?
- She - two pairs. Right now, in any house she sits, bored.
Paha, which has already made it awesome in the head, pulled out a pack "Kent" from his pocket and lit ...
- Fuck, let's go. Right now, this canoe finished smoking.
I laughingly looked at him:
- You do not smoke ebanulsya home, eh?
Further Pasha face expressed the most genuine insight:
- Damn, fuck! - He began feverishly to put out a cigarette in a glass with cognac unfinished - Fucking!
I was also struck by the rzhachku I frantically laughing and could not stop:
- Alan holey! Asshole, fuck!
Returning control of himself, I said:
- Wow! You Th lost spatial orientation?
- Che? - I asked the Pasha; on his face it was that his brain is busy seething activity. Only here in what direction?
- I said, lost orientation? - I shouted with laughter.
- Che talking about? - Pasha said and tried to hit me; I turned away from flying in my fist and prepared to fight back if the buhoy deer gather to carry out disassembly. Realizing that he had absolutely no control over himself, Pasha said:
- Sorry, Che something I did. I smoked Fuck?
For obvious reasons, I do not know the answer to this important question.
- You're going?
- Yeah.
Met my eyes, he said only:
- No dick then you are giving.
I wanted to stand up and ¸bnut him, but Kate suddenly said:
- Did you find what you need?
Do not know if this was said with some special intonation, and perhaps a special kind was Katie: naked with semen on the breast, legs apart, she lay on the bloodstained sheet.
Pasha said:
- Yes.
After that, he began to undress, and I understand that he wants to do. Well, if you do not mind Katka, then: In every woman, girl, girl, slut lives, it just need to wake up. For group sex I treated properly, even tried to somehow participate, it is true then my mates were two girls, and in this situation we have stared girl who a few minutes ago was Tselkov. Once completely naked, Pasha came to us.
I said with a laugh:
- Now, Kate, you know what a group sex.
- Maybe I do, and want - the girl replied, and sat on the bed, cross-legged - Immediately stop a virgin. By all measures, - she paused - By the way, anyone of you had anal sex? What? I thought I had misheard.
Pasha immediately found a:
- I.
- Well, I do. I mean, I fucked, not me - I said with a grin.
Kate looked with interest to us:
- And with me weak?
Damn, it's ass. Rather, it is in fact an ass. But I did not want to give his girl to poebanie anyone else, even to his friend. However, she wanted it, and I obviously have to become a pioneer in her virgin ass. Perspektivka certainly tempting, but I still strained by the fact that Kate we fuck together with Pasha: My cock was again in readiness, Pashin was in this state for several minutes.
- Cach, once so it turns out, we will find ourselves Pasha service.
The girl did not have to persuade, she moved to the edge of the bed, Pasha approached her. Katya took his cock in hand and with a strange greed began to suck him. I like rezanulo, although I understand that sense jealous girl did not have any, because I am, he brought all this up. And then, nothing really extraordinary in it was not happening. Kate continued to swallow a member of the Pasha, then pulled it out of his mouth, he began to lick the tongue, conducted by a dick on his face.
- Boys, are you ready? - Her voice was felt lecherous tone. Here you have an excellent pupil.
Stupid question, stupid situation.
- Cach, yet let dick, still have time. And then inadvertently bite it - I smiled - Stay in this position.
As soon as I enter - take Pashin member in your mouth, it will distract you a little. But before that, girl, do something for me. Kate turned to me and with a smile on his face. I pounce on my dick standing. The way she sucked, it is simply impossible to pass. The impression was that she was a professional minetchitsey. Cum on her chest did not disturbed girl.
A few minutes later, I took a dick out of her mouth, Kate turned to her backside, put the cancer.
- Take hold of the sheet.
- Good.
I spat on his hand, rubbed the saliva on his penis with veins reared. I put my finger in the anus Katin. The girl moaned. Yes, you narrowish hole, madam. Well, Nitsche. Sama wanted to.
I took a finger back and forth on each administration responsible girl rough sigh. Pasha stood in front of her face and jerked off naturally, unable to control himself. Suddenly, I pulled my finger and without giving Kate knew it, thrust his penis into her anus. She cried, she cried out in pain. Pasha preparedness offered her his dick, Kate immediately took it into his mouth. I moved into her anus, the friction was fucking awesome. Damn, I would have thought an hour ago that we will soon Napara Pasha will fuck my girl together, and in such a harsh manner? Feeling that is about to finish, I quickened the pace, grabbed hold of the girl's buttocks and soon poured out into Katie. Conchal long time I even surprised myself: how much sperm in me? When he finished, I pulled out the dick from the anus of the girl and leaned back. Damn, how cool all the same!
Katya also during my fucking her in the ass is already finished, but continued to work Pasha tool. He was quite persistent, but soon could not stand, pulled out a member of the girl's mouth and watered her whole face. Then he looked at me apologetically. I nodded my head, saying, forget it, all right. Exhausted, we lay down in an embrace on the couch. Everyone was wet with sweat, and Katya and from something else. However, she wiped off the face of the Flank sperm, as if trying to show me their loyalty. Or maybe it was just disgusting. I do not know. I speak not like, and what can I say?
However, our Pasha soon members began to show signs of life again, and trahodrom reopened. To begin with Kate took turns our members in the mouth, and then I lay down on his back, stroked his dick and shoved it into the vagina Catino, pulled the girl to himself. The second time, the penetration of the girl did not bring such pain, it is only a leering smile. I started to fuck her rhythmically and Pasha wasted no time threw his friend in the ass Katya. This, though it was also the second time, it took quite painful for Katya, she moaned, began to look for my lips to kiss alleviate pain. So I both kissed and fuck his girlfriend. Pasha in this situation lasted little, and pulled out his dick from anus Katya, finished noisy, dangling on her ass. Kate looked at him reproachfully.
I is not going to stop, and ... I wanted to make something sort of. I took out a member of Katina pussy and put it in his mouth. Where, in fact, and I poured out a few minutes later. Sperm in the mouth did not have to taste the girl, she wanted to spit it, but I said:
- Swallow.
Unquestioningly obeyed, she completed my order. However, little is left of semen on her chin.
I pulled her to him and began to kiss, absolutely not disdaining the fact that on her lips left my seed.
- Katka, you - gold. I love you.
Then, finally vydohnuvshis, we again lay on the bed, and fell asleep. Waking up, I saw the front of the chest and Katya realized. That all happened really it was. The girl slept, was an angelic expression on her face. Pasha did not. I got out of bed and saw that the computer was included Katie. I sat down, moved his arm. Screensaver disappeared in front of me appeared screen "Ward". In large letters, it was written:
"Katya, thanks for the advice on classroom biology.
Lech, still need to discuss what happened. If that - that I can ¸bnut.
I smiled sadly, looked at the girl. Katya woke up and now it is somehow strange looked at me.
- Lesch, I am now for you - a whore?
I was silent, and then said:
- No. Cach, I love you, I realized it only now. And I know that if I had the opportunity to go back, I would have behaved differently. You must be mine alone. You - the only one I love.
She looked at me with tears:
- I - damn, cheap slut. To itself repugnant.
- Kate, do not say so. Love and sex - different things. Sexually, you need variety, otherwise life would be uninteresting.
After that I went to Kate, we kissed, and I again took possession of her. I went home in the evening. The next day I left home for almost a week and was in the den in one of the areas of the city. Kuriles weed, booze, fucking with everyone. I realized that I love Kate, but could not get out of my head what happened. I have found back home. After two weeks of despair and guilt before the girl I cut his wrists in the bathtub. Miraculously, he came to the rescue dad called the ambulance, I was still alive. I was in another world, and I realized that I have no right to withdraw from life, no matter what happens. After that, I changed my attitude to what happened between me, Katya and Pasha. I called and the girl was reunited with her. We are waiting for a new adventure, which I suppose could not.
But that is another story.
July 22, 2005.
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It was an ordinary morning, and as usual, I went for a run. Usually we run the three of us, but that day was an exception: the guys did not have free time. He ran two kilometers, I caught up with her and razed it. He ran about three hundred meters, she stopped and just breath, asked: - Are not you tired - No, - ya.Sprosiv said her name, I almost rasteryalsya.- Ira, how you - Thank very priyatno.Razgovor continued on the bench? the front garden. She told how she was very bad time with her husband, and that she was only because of the child living with him. I told her nothing could help not only said: - Be strong and things will horosho.Progovoriv about half an hour, and we parted, promising each other that they meet tomorrow. All day I thought out about this woman and her life. The next morning, we met on the treadmill. Ira was dressed in a short topic, tight shorts. Topic was so thin, that through no one could see her nipples, hair dissolved and hung up to the appetizing ass. She smelled of perfume and light faint smell of sweat, but it aroused me so much that I almost did not finish. Suddenly she says: - Come on now will not begat.- And what we do? - Asked I. 'Come on, - said Ira, I know a place here. Let's sit and talk, I liked you obschatsya.Privedya in place, Ira sat on the bench legs spread apart. Her crotch was wet it was seen through the shorts, I thought to myself, "that's got involved." She asked: - Do you like me? - And, not waiting for an answer, pulled me to the sebe.Prizhavshis to my erection, il said: - I see that nravlyus.Medlenno pulling sportivki with shorts, she took in her hand standing member. After seeing it began to suck eggs - it was just bliss after spending the entire length of the tongue is completely swallowed member. Then Ira started as a war would examine my tongue. Sitting on the bench, I reached for her pussy, which was all in the juice, as soon as my hand began to pull at the clitoris, Ira quickened their language of movement. More hated, I sat back on the bench and put il himself on a stake, from her mouth came a groan. Sticking to it for a moment she was completely stopped, then a lull Ira began to move her hips. She was so excited that I could feel her nectar dripping down my scrotum. Suddenly she stopped and sat up a little and asked to rearrange the member to the rear prohod.Golovka buried in her small hole and gradually began to sink into it, the member went without problems, as was abundantly lubricated with grease Irina. Slipping his hand between us, she began massaging himself klitorok. I looked at her happy face. Burying her breasts, I sucked her nipples, which were so excited, they were like two small chlenchika.Tem time Ira jumped on me as a rider, will drive a member of the most eggs. Then she leaned back so far that I could see as part of cock in her ass. Ira began to growl and convulsing. He felt a warm trickle between his legs and then I pierced an arrow, the sperm flows filled her anus. We froze, can for five minutes. Slide with me, Ira began to lick my limp dick, licked all spermu.- I enjoyed it so much, - said Irina - come again after that day vstretimsya.I more I have not seen her.
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