Start in a sanatorium. Part 1 Chapter 3

Chapter Three.
The first day in the resort.
Climbing the stairs of the facade, I opened a massive door and got into the building, which in the coming days will have to be my home, and at the same time a kind of dungeon.
Making arrived took no more than 15 minutes - and here I am - in your personal hotel room with a TV, and a beautiful view of the lake .... Soft clean bed still emits scents svezhestirannogo linen, clean floor causes remove sandals and find in her wardrobe favorite home slippers ... The brilliant white sink - hot and cold water, separate toilet cozy bathroom with a shower ...
Doors are closed on the inside lock on the door handle hanging plate - which can be hung in the hallway, "Please do not disturb" ....
I go out into the corridor and explore the surroundings ...
Quiet yet ...- new contingent has not yet all arrived.
I find the way to the dining room - and in the yard, on the nature !!!
How fresh, how easy it is to breathe after the stuffy and close yellow. dor. car !!!
A billboard with the announcement of another blockbuster evening demonstration ... Aha! Here is a little announcement regarding me as a donor ...
"Attention to the new arrivals that have concluded," additional contracts "!
You need to get together in the Corps-5 in the resort at 17:00.
You should have a notarized contract and proof of identity.
So this is how it is ! The administration does not wish to advertise the presence of donors and other experimental volunteers holidaymakers among the common masses .... Again, the tide of sexual fantasies made my heart beat quickened in pace ...
And that's so mysterious "Block 5" ... a quiet one-storey building with bars on the windows curtained - in appearance - an ordinary laboratory for analysis .... is really in a deserted corner of the area and did not attract the attention of the uninitiated ....
The door is open - anyone. Curious penetrate inside, being careful not to create excessive noise .... This is a long corridor with multiple doors on storonam.Dveri are locked in the basement .. I did not dare to go, because it was necessary to look for the light switch.
Do not empty-handed, I went back to my room and dozed for a while in the sweet languor in anticipation of this time ...
Yes, still! Exactly at 16:00 we met with Lenka and then were forced to leave, since each of 17 pm were scheduled meetings, but I bravely kept secret.
Of course, I could not tell the girl that will be busy with a special program.
You never know what can prevent us from developing our loving relationship.
I only sympathized Lena, without giving the slightest appearance, about his meeting ... Together we walked through the area and visited the places of our shelters, standing at a considerable distance ... I showed her my "suite".
She was delighted, apparently anticipating that our meeting can be given always in my room without attracting the attention of strangers ...
Hostel for trainees different levels of equipment, facilities (in the corridor) and footprint. Helen will have to share the room with another girl intern, I Shchuchinsk of ...
Anyway, we parted on the best note in mutual impatience to quickly get free and appear in the sight of each other at every opportunity ...
-"I'll miss you, Sanya" - Lenka wrapped her arms around my neck, causing a rush of tenderness and responsibility for the preservation of attachment occurred ...
By five in the evening the hotel corridors were filled with visiting .Razdavalis cheerful voice, girlish laughter and deliberately basovitye voices of young guys who want to look older than their years .... Taking the necessary documents, I went through the familiar in an exciting place ...
The hallway light was on already and I saw a dozen, if not more, young people are very similar in height and build with me!
Apparently candidatures donor service works on any particular standard, which has been entered and I ....
We silently and appreciatively at each other for a while, until one of the guys I could not think to say the usual words of welcome.
-"Che ... also recorded in the volunteers?" - He asked me to have fun, but not expecting another response.
-"Where are you from ?"
-"Alma Atinets I, and where are you from?" - I retorted back.
-"I'm from Karaganda, and I - from Ust Kamenogorsk, we Petropavlovsk .." - answers from showered with boys ...
Suddenly the door to the right opened and a guy in a white coat with a loud voice invited us to enter into the office ... netoropyas We sat on chairs and prepared to listen to the man behind the central table:
-"Good morning, gentlemen! Let me welcome you on behalf of the research team, successfully dealing with the problems of the younger generation in particular, preserving the gene pool of the population.
As far as you are already aware of the contracts signed voluntarily attracts you to a series of scientific experiments in the field of human reproduction, as well as during the month will take part in our work not only as a healthy donor genetic material, but will at the same time involved in the development and adjustment
the latest medical equipment. Do not think that you design or somehow modernize equipment and supplies.
No, just in the final debugging and calibration of the equipment we need young volunteers to learn the reflexes and reactions are absolutely healthy organism to certain impacts, and then lay them as a reference, to be able to compare these parameters with the same, but ill patients clinics - for effective treatment ...
Now I introduce you in detail with the daily routine of the donor and tell participants about payment experiments.
1. The first - and most important. Please remember these mandatory rules:
- A volunteer donor has no right to intervene in any part of the experiments.
- Experimenters are not obliged to devote to the subject in detail on the progress of programs and upcoming tests.
- Volunteers in the vast majority of experiments, as a rule, limited freedom for the duration of the experiment by fixing the limbs and other body parts.
- For violation of the above items of the contract - the experimenter has the ability to impose penalties that significantly affect the final payment for the test.
Therefore I urge to maintain discipline, to be very polite to each other and maintain goodwill. All of us - are working for the benefit of our medical science and now you can say it is making good progress in the scientific work.
Previous contingent, I must say was very pleased with the time spent here, and some even expressed a desire to allow them to continue to participate in the next season. Here in your midst I see three participants from last season.
This is Alex, Igor and Yuri. I ask you guys to stand up and welcome the newcomers ... Three tall men with dignity "knowledgeable and experienced" picturesquely bowed before
newcomers, sitting wide-eyed.
2. The second - is also important:
Is, in the laboratory you should with gastric emptying, and bladder.
Before entering the lab, each time the donor must take hygienic shower and put on a lab coat that you will be issued a receipt.
We have no time to spend employees' time on your return and ablutions.
Each will be adopted in the laboratory in a strictly specified time for you and, therefore, delay or any delay due to the fault of the test will immediately be attributed to his account.
You will be required very clearly, without question and quickly execute commands experimenters - that's all ....
I repeat: without delay turnout, compulsory hygiene, laboratory form, unquestioning execution of commands, mutual courtesy.
3. Third.
Now you will pass the initial registration. Each of you (of course this does not apply to children already enrolled) questionnaire-questionnaire will be issued. I ask to be very attentive to put it on.
I can assure you, with a further computer analysis of your responses, we immediately recognize the falsity - and then believe me, we will change to you my trust.
As you fill out the questionnaire, you will receive a lab coat that you will need to keep clean and, if necessary, to give the laundry or getting a replacement.
4. Fourth.
After issuing a robe you will be free until tomorrow morning, and the next day, in order of priority, you will pass the preparatory activities and will be tested to determine a daily rate of ejaculate.
In accordance with this standard, and depending on your sperm quality you will be issued a provisional calculation by which you can pre-calculate your fee in the case of an ideal charging, ie without penalties.
In the presence of penalties your income will vary downward.
Thus, the final amount you earned will be known only at the end of their term in the sanatorium.
The first week will take you ejaculate every 12 hours, and after the semen, the frequency will be reviewed.
Remember! In the period of the contract all your sperm belongs only to our laboratory!
Try to take good care of your body's resources,
Do not waste the semen on their own, do not resort to masturbation and casual sex! Remember that your efforts in any way conceal the diversion of material to the side, will be immediately detected and you will be punished with penalty points!
Hopefully questions arise .... "
Director of the program around all meaningful look, and after a pause continued:
- "Today, your task - to pass the questionnaire and get in shape.
In addition to the form, you will be given a piece of the laboratory, "donor card", which will indicate the exact time of appearance and the cabinet room in the building for the next day.
Once again - do not be late!
Since we calculated the time on the service of everyone and not to create a queue, we will take you on an individual schedule.
I have all, Thank you for your attention ...
- I hope all the rest will be safely allowed in the next few days ... "
The head stood up, making it clear that the meeting was over and we should deal with the questionnaires.
Young assistant in a white coat pulled from somewhere a list and a sheaf of papers, put everything on the table and began to read the names in alphabetical order ...
Turn came to me ...
Get a profile and sign for receipt of overalls and put your
Additional Contract together with the ID card right here on the table ... "...
We were 12 people beginners, the remaining work on the questionnaire, and three experienced - proudly left the room without paying attention to the confusion in the ranks of the few still understand what the new recruits ...
The questionnaire was designed really for subsequent computer analysis and how I knew from the Internet contains a lot of distracting issues specifically embedded in their total enormous amount.
Title profiles and each leaf began with stamped in advance my full name and my date of birth.
I guess when filling in the answers, which are of interest to this group of researchers, as many have the same meaning and only changed the word ...
For example :
- Age at first conscious of masturbation, the number of daily ejaculations over the years at different ages, I size of their own genitals, if I had sex were satisfied both same-sex and heterosexual, my attitude towards discipline and subordination, orders, shyness, tendency to exhibitionism, etc. etc...
Huge questions layer applied to a history of child diseases, the definition of hereditary diseases up to recover from the grandparents on the father and mother ...
For some time profile completely distracted me from thinking about my current situation.
In fact, I still do not fully "understood and felt the" status of so-called volunteers, and ahead still had a whole night thinking and fantasies ....
-"It would be good to ask" experienced guys "... But for this it is necessary to complete all the formalities for today and still try to find these guys in the evening the crowd ..."
And so, after some effort and expenditure of time, the questionnaire Odolena me and I do not feel remorse that I'm anywhere slukavil.
- Tell me, what really such a big matter if I am admitted in the questionnaire, which began to masturbate with 15 years and is now without a permanent partner, the number of ejaculations is around 16 times a week? ...
Once I was given something - "donor card" than the leaf resembles the passage of experts in mass medical examinations under the number 730, which I had read that this morning I have to come in the shower at 9:15 am local time, and by 9:30 am in full readiness, in the "form of the well-known" open the doors of the cabinet ¹3 !!!
In general, when I gave anketku, then from a stack of folded robe I was presented with such ... I was on the same did not make sense .... But I was shocked ....
Instead of the expected spacious and of a good garment like a Chinese robe dressing after bathing, in my hands was a piece of calico fabric, without any buttons and buckles, a kind of women's night shirt ...
Even that was unpleasant - on the growth of the robe was so short that barely covered ass and very looked like a little dresses that were fashionable women in the mid 60s.
And in this way to say "sexy outfit" I'll have every morning to appear before the staff! Certainly among them are young girls ..... Brrrr ...
From consciousness represented by pictures of me cool and amused at the same time - in general was the "sausage" ....
He survived and is ...
Time passed quickly - 11pm, hungry, impacted fatigue moving and of course about any meeting with the experienced guys there could be no talk ....
After a quick lunch at the canteen - good portions apparently it was in abundance (not yet arrived) I literally doplelsya to his room and fell into a sweet sleep in a soft bed and clean ....
I had to lie down in tight panties to somehow bring down the incessant erection .. At night I dreamed of Lenka conducting the necessary studies sexy me ...
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Wealthy sadists. Part 1. Katerina

Do not undress her, Michael and Joan put her hands handcuffed and chained to the shackles on their legs, and a collar around his neck. Kate begged to spare her, Michael took off her shoes and socks and put on her knees began to beat her with a stick on the soles of the feet, lightly at first, then harder and harder. Jeanne, meanwhile, stripped naked, forced Kate to lick her vagina, and then anus. Michael soon took the knife and lifted Kate cut her dress and lowered her panties, revealing pale, but juicy buttocks: Beaten legs buckled and Kate began to fall, but Michael has supported her and entered her from behind, Jeanne despite attempts to resist (Suppression two slaps) broke dress and looked at Katya, very small breasts. Jeanne, by the way, had chest 5th size. Jeanne start biting nipples Katie and Michael, meanwhile, he had finished it in the ass, but do not let her go, giving his wife an opportunity to have fun. And Jeanne received it, believe me. Finally she stopped, and Michael put Kate on the floor on his back. She sobbed:
- For what? Why me?
- You see my dear, we are very rich, and we just want new experiences, a woman we've been kidnapped and killed, you shall not kill, if you behave?
- Yes, sir.
- No, no, there is no need for any of Mr. and Mrs., just Misha.
- Jeanne - Jeanne added.
- I think you have sore legs after my punches, be patient please. I will give you rest - Misha stroked her feet and kissed her fingers, Jeanne, meanwhile, Katya kissed on the lips (she also liked the woman), and whispered:
- Do not be afraid, I am now with you srezhu dress.
Jeanne knife (careful not to scratch the skin) cut off with Katie dress. Misha raised his woman in his arms and carried to another room: 10 to 6, one wall was a long sofa and 2 chairs next to them was a table, the other - a huge TV, the whole room was literally dotted with columns. Handcuffs front held back her hand, but left the possibility of movement. Michael gave her up the remote and said:
- You can watch TV and do not be afraid, you only have to listen to us in everything.
Michael ran his hand over her breasts and kissed her on the neck, Katya again tightened.
- Jeanne !!! - Michael called.
Joan came into the room, she was still completely naked.
- I understand our guest is still scared.
- In the office we were told that no husband, no lover, no children currently not you, the salary at the school is not so hot, but here you will be much better - Jeanne said.
- What kind of office? - Katya asked hesitantly.
- "Office" - An organization trades catching women and men for the same jaded rich because we have all the time on duty from 4 people "offices"- Jeanne said.
- Listen, Cach, we'll suffer, stripped, I know you difficult to penetrate us with sympathy and trust. Come this way, what can you want something, we have as far as possible (and perhaps we have a very big) is feasible, - Mikhail offered.
Kate hesitated not say a word.
- I know you are divorced from your husband went to what that woman? - Jeanne asked.
- Yes - Kate admitted.
- Look, you want to get back at her or her husband? - Jeanne asked.
- Can i? - Katya uttered.
- Of course, one phone call, and tomorrow in our pocket, he or she can be both, - said Mikhail.
- True?
- Tell me what you want? - Said Michael.
- Yes ... if you can, - said Katya.
All this time she covered her hands vagina, Michael noticed this:
- Are you shy? - He asked.
- Yes, I do not know how you can sit there: naked in front of other people. - Answered Katya.
- Look at Joan, she, too, at first embarrassed to be naked during sex is not, and just like that, but now it is still, - said Mikhail.
- Yes Jeanne figure - just super, it is easier - said Katya.
- Thank you, Katya, for the compliment, but still you are our: slave, even though you and we like you, so get used to it gradually.
- Yes, madam: that is, Jeanne - quickly corrected Katya.
- Do not be afraid, dear, watch television.
Misha disconnected the chain of the handcuffs and shackles, hands and feet were shackled by Katie, but separately.
- You will want something, you will have a personal slave, she will do everything that you want, you can beat it in general use at their discretion - her name is Anya. - Misha said, and clicked on taking mobile 6:
- Anya, come here.
- Masochist - a workaholic - a rare combination, there are 5 of us.
- Anh, a greeting - entered the room, an attractive brown-haired with an average breasts and pink nipples.
She was stripped to the waist and walked barefoot in stockings and skirt cut in front, she sat down on the table.
- Anh, meet - it's Kate, our slave and your mistress.
- Use Anya, including a toilet, it works very well with them, right? - Mikhail said and licked the nipple Anin, who immediately stiffened.
After a full night of sex, Michael woke up before Joan (in 10. 20), and went to visit Kate, she sat on the couch and watched TV, Anne was lying on the floor and licked her feet, which still ached a bit after yesterday's execution.
- Barely persuaded her that the toilet be like me, even though you rarely Zhannochka to give me this opportunity. - Anya said.
Kate looked relaxed, Michael undid her handcuffs and shackles removed, collar left. In the kitchen, which was in the next room I was already breakfast prepared Anya. Kate kept well, no longer were covered, on the contrary, seeing, standing member Michael offered him a blowjob. Michael gladly accepted. Joan came into the room, catching them for it.
- These people from "offices" can not imagine that I can sleep, - she said - just caught your ex and this whore.
Kate stopped sucking as much joy, but soon remembered and re-took the dick in your mouth ...
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Sex on the toilet

It was early evening, and dusk began to fall only on the snow-covered ground. Sergei sat in my warm cozy apartment and doing homework, occasionally glancing out the window. He was bored and so lonely tonight. But nothing can be done, it has to learn to get a scholarship, or do not have the money on his hobby - playing machines. But without the machines, and there is no need to live.
Suddenly, Sergei felt that it is very urgent need to commit the act of defecation. He rose from his, a familiar for a few hours, the chair, went to the bathroom, took off the lid from the toilet and was about to sit down at him as the door someone called.
Come on in their bath - thought Sergei, already taking off his pants as the call was repeated again.
Who the hell's that brought .. - at this point he had already sat on the toilet.
Bell began to ring incessantly. Standing on the other side of the door and jammed the button was not going to let her go, as long as the door is not opened.
Sergei was beginning to enrage, and he, in that whatever the cost, decided to find out who is there so persistently breaking. He pulled back on his pants, buttoned his pants, opened the door lock and the door swung open, ready to express their utter indignation.
There stood his odnogruppnitsa Inna. It was a beautiful girl of sixteen, has a very attractive figure, breasts and hips, which liked to put on a show. She would tease them all to school, many have tried to make advances to her, but in response received only harsh and rude refusal.
- Oh, Serge, I thought you went to the machines: Look, you have an outline with higher mathematics? I was sick a lot and now I want to re-write the missing chapter.
She first called him Sergei, and he's looking at her charming legs, involuntarily aroused.
- Yes, Inna, there, you pass, please - he held it to his desk - and I'll be right back.
Hate getting harder and harder. Sergey lightning rushed back to the toilet, on the move unbuttoning his pants. Just to reach, if only to catch: Thank god the toilet was left open. He has the highest rate of collapsed on the toilet and relaxed sigh, erupting in a white bowl consuming vile contents of his intestines. All he could. He survived.
- Sergey, - a voice of Inna - Sergei, where are you?
Sergei reached out a hand for toilet paper, but felt only an empty holder. The much-anticipated roll was not there.
Shit! - He thought, clutching teeth - well, why dressing papyrus ended in the worst possible moment? What should I do now? How do I get to the most beautiful girl of the school, the whole enveloped terrible stench of feces? ..
- Now, Ina, already going, - he shouted in response, hurriedly thinking what to do next.
He looked in the trash, but it was empty, looked all around in search of at least a small piece of paper: Nothing! As if someone purposely issued to the restroom all paper products.
- Well, where are you? - Again heard from the rooms.
Sergei was silent, continuing to look for look well, anything paper. And when he heard footsteps approaching, steps Ina. She was sent to him. What will he do now that he could not imagine: He just sat there and said nothing, knowing that he is safe here, that there is no one will see or smell the aroma coming from him. And suddenly, like a bolt from a clear sky, the brain thought struck: he forgot to close the door from the toilet on the hook !!! ..
The steps came nearer and nearer. Here it is already at the door, behind which hid Sergei.
- Sergei, are you there? ..
No answer. But, apparently, he was so nervous that he could not hide his loud breathing quickened.
Inna yanked on the doorknob, and the door to her surprise easily opened. For it turned out to be her favorite classmate, Sergey cool, copes great need, who hastily tried to cover herself, but Inna his sharp eye caught a glimpse of his flesh excited and realized: you have to take matters into their own hands. It has long been sunk at Sergei, but did not know how to approach it. It seems that in addition to its machines not interested in anything, but, as she is now convinced it was not so.
Sergei tried to say something, ask her to leave the toilet, but Ina shut his mouth palm. She sat down, slow but decisive movements Sergei threw his hands to his groin and took his penis in her mouth. It was very hot and hard of unimaginable desire, and Inna knew he wanted it for a long time already. She began flowing movements: back, forward: backward, forward: with time, it speeds them, bringing Sergei sea enjoyment.
Cool I could not believe what is happening. Yes, he's really in the most secret and intimate thoughts wanted it, but could not believe that his dream finally came true, and true here at home, in his own closet. Yes! Happiness overwhelmed him, and he felt that now it spilled out. Yes! Yet!! He began to finish, when Ina accelerate their movement to the extreme: He came, came, and he swallowed, swallowed everything up to the last white drops.
Then she, still not saying a word, he took off his expensive underwear, sat on Sergei and began to move in the vertical direction. Hard elastic nipples beat him in the face, it is even more exciting. He took the Innu by the waist and started helping her move, but without this assistance well cope with the task. A few minutes later, Sergei again finished, although not so rapidly: he decided to kiss her and, overcoming disgust (he is just there finished!) Stretched his lips to it, and they merged in a long sweet kiss, forgetting everything around them.
Ina does not slow down the pace, she wanted to orgasm, and she decided to still make it. Her pussy was very flushed, she exuded viscous liquid that flowed on the thighs and dripped on the linoleum. The smell of the vagina and faeces mixed together, and it's even more exciting to the Innu, forced to increase the speed of its mad jumps. Next randomly motylyalas d¸rgalka the toilet, it has a handle on the toilet, which at one point touched Sergey's ear, causing remember that under it still stinks and is a huge pile of sewage. Removing his hand with a big elastic tits, he pulled the rope, its action is, as expected, accompanied by the usual noise of flowing water, a powerful stream that carries away the contents of the bowl into the gloomy depths of the water drain.
Inna, groaned when he heard the sound, and then finished: finished and exhausted fell to Sergey. On her forehead appeared salty beads of sweat that Sergei began to slowly lick. Apparently, these movements require a rather big energy expenditure.
We sat them for several minutes. Sergey on the toilet, and Ina on Sergei. Once the water tank is refilled around was silence, and no one dared to disturb her first:
Inna all just silently stood up and started Dress shoes. She went to the door and started to leave.
- Inna, and how the abstract? - Sergei caught himself.
- I'll take really like something then - the answer - thank you.
She turned and walked out into the corridor ....
- But not for that, - he said after cool, but no one heard.
He closed the day, snapped the lock and stood undecided. It happened so quickly, he did not even have time to come round as it was over, and he again was left alone with a mountain of outstanding tasks. Little standing, and thought, Sergei decided it is worth re-engage in lessons and podterevshis double-leaf notebook of the total, took up the case. Only the image of Ina does not come out of his head. He wanted everything to happen again, and it will happen again. He was sure of it.
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A trip to the sea

Once my wife and I went to the sea. About how we went, of course I will not write, but about how to ten days to live, perhaps you can.
We stayed in the private sector, nomerochki we were very small, rather simple little rooms 2x2, in which there were two beds and a bedside table. But let's not about the interior, not talking about it. In the next room I lived a guy with a girl. They often retreated to his room for a long time and there fucked, it was clear from the monotonous creaking of the bed and muffled moans, as well as the walls were thin, everything happens as if it was there. My wife and I also did not lose time in vain and therefore engaged in the same. And judging by the fact that we are young, we are going on the wall did not bother, and even in front of the plant. One day after a marathon, our neighbors ridges on the bed and began to say something. At this point, my wife-partisan took one of the glasses standing next to a decanter on the table and going to the wall, he held it and began to comment on the conversation of our neighbors.
- Count up, they talk about us.
- And we are interested in them? I asked with interest.
- Do not believe it, but she wants to offer us to you to join them.
- I.e!?
- Well, in terms of sex.
- And that, as you look at it?
- Yes, in principle fine.
There was a knock at the door, and his wife, putting the glass on the spot, ran to open the door.
- Hi, do not want to walk, get some fresh air?
It beat all the same neighbors through the wall.
The wife turned to me and questioning look at me.
- Yes, of course, did not sit well us the whole evening in the crypt.
Two minutes later, the four of us we walked down the road to the nearest bar. We met their name Yura and Katya. Katya was a girl of medium height with a beautiful legs, which emphasize the beauty of very brief mad white skirt, as well as the skirt was translucent, and I even saw her panties, a pale pink color. Her T-shirt emphasized the firmness of her breasts, and no bra showing protruding nipples. She was clearly still excited by what is happening in their room, since it was just a couple of minutes ago.
We went into the bar, sat down at the table, ordered a beer and began to tell each other about themselves. Time passed quickly, it was seen by the empty bottles. Not much conversation turned to an intimate subject, about whom any position like more who he loves and he loves. Suddenly my wife offered to go to the sea. Nobody did not resist, and all as one, if that, and waited, got up and headed for the exit. The street was late at night, but that did not stop travelers, crowds of people went from bar to bar, having fun laughing and staggered from side to side from drunk. After a couple of minutes we admired the sea surface. Our girls ran laughing through the water, like in the first to the sea, and we with Yura continued our dialogue. So we reached the end of the beach and the sand was replaced by ground cover, began to slip even low bushes along the sea. I turned to look at the girls and saw a lovely picture. My wife is in full kiss with Kate, with a hand full swing Katie examined the ass of my wife, having lifted up her skirt and exposing us to review this elasticity in white panties. My girl also did not miss, as it turned out, answered her affection caressing ass his new girlfriend. We looked at each other and Yura went to the girls.
Jura purposefully walked over to my wife and began to help Kate in the weasel, but I preferred to stay on the sidelines and watch a little bit for a while. Looking at it as a stranger guy hand caressed the ass of my wife, I was excited not a joke, but decided not to rush, and continued to watch. Jura his way with the other hand to the pussy of my wife and already pushing her panties to the side began to pull at the clitoris at a furious pace. My wife, little legs apart, continued kissing Katya. Jura meanwhile dropped to his knees and began to greedily lick pussy familiar to me, which in the meantime has already flowed like a waterfall. I could no longer tolerate, and came to the blessed Trinity, I took in one hand ass wife and another ass Katya. You can not imagine what kicks ass to hold simultaneously two in their hands. When I knelt down and approached Katina pussy, she obediently lifted one leg, thereby giving me full access to his innermost, I started roughly rubbing against her pesechku right through the fabric of her silk panties. I heard a groan Katie, who broke away from the kiss and felt her hand strongly pressed my head to him. I pushed the soft fabric of her panties and my eyes appeared shaven pisechka expiring juice fountain. I followed the example of the Jura and greedily clung to her, penetrating deep into the interior, then caressing her clit. Suddenly Kate squeezed legs and let out a thin squeak and her body began to beat in the throes of orgasm, I felt that my mouth poured a viscous liquid. After that, Kate slipped on the grass, and I turned to see how my wife there. She was on all fours, and Jura pecked her unseat the piston, as well as a member he was not a little, my wife had to shove their own panties in her mouth, so as not to raise the ears all around. I decided to help Yura until Kate rested. Jura lay on his back, and my wife sat on horseback, began to continue to fuck her pussy at the same pace, but his free hand caressing her ass all at the same pace. I began to get a job in this chocolate ring, and because we fucked in the ass on a regular basis, I drove my dick in it without difficulty, and began to gain their pace. My wife was just a scream of pleasure different mats, she screamed that we cables and so we fucked her as the last bitch that took off at the station and she wants her holes were huge and red on a fucked. Looks like it is excited not only me alone, I felt through the thin partition wall of the vagina, as a member of our familiar strains and is about to finish, I was also on the way and that's when he heard a growl Jura began to cum right into my wife, I, too, began to discharge her ass. Together with us and she had finished. Gently coming out of her razebanyh holes, we settled there and admired how these holes follows the fruit of our labor. The wife, while still in ecstasy, smeared it on their own, mixing and stuffing it back in the pussy, then in the broken-down ass me, while gently meowing like a cat. I've never seen her so satisfied.
Meanwhile, Kate began to come to herself and her little hand caressing his own hole in the ass.
- That's what I want, I want a whore in both holes, the boys and fuck me so.
- But we in the ass never tried, you will be hurt, - said Yura.
- Do not worry, I will help her to develop, and I said, putting Kate crustaceans began to lick her ass, with the panties decided not to remove, painfully, they liked me. Wet its hole, as it should, I introduced the first one finger in her little developing, given the freedom and the second. Her ass was supple and very quickly acquired the necessary flexibility and was ready to dive into her term. I got up and slowly began to enter, ass was just super, she was ready for a wild fucking. Going right to the end I began to gradually increase the pace and after a moment, I thrust her acceleration for most tomatoes. Little else rammed her ass, I came out of it and told Kate that she sat down with his back to her boyfriend and gave it a try ... its already broken-down hole. Sitting astride the Jura she scored usual pace, and in the meantime was attached to her shaved pussy with all his might, and drove his cock in her, she screamed and began to moan loudly and even shout. I felt through the wall of her vagina as a member of her boyfriend beating her ass, and he is not dropping the tempo pecked her pussy. This rate promise quick results, and we were soon approaching the end. Jura finished first pouring the entire portion of sperm in Katina ass and fell off onto the grass. I quickly turned on his tummy and Kate swung stabbed her in the ass, dick went in like clockwork. And here again I fuck her ass from which oozes sperm Jura, where everything is so squished that I could not concentrate for a long time, but it came my turn. I rapidly poured every last drop of her broken-down ass, and when I came out of it, he saw that all the ass and panties pushed aside for Katina ass, stained with our sperm, and residues arising from the ass, running down on her cunt sponge.
The continuation of this story, and many others you can read, write to me on soap.
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The history of me. Chapter 2. Cottage

Dacha .. Summer, heat, half-naked children .. I Cottage in the village of Bykovo, Moscow region. Not far from the same airport and the city of Zhukovsky. Places where densely populated, especially in the summer, when the cloud arrives truckers with the children. Well, simply peer through the roof. We became friends one company: I, my sister, earrings, Oleska (which I at one time quite successfully for the 11-12 year-old boy flagged) and Julia. We initially sister hid their unusual games and activities together, but once all by itself turned out that our game was dragged Julia.
Julia was a year younger sister and, respectively, 2 years younger than me. Her parents were alcoholics, and almost did not watch the child. Summer time was terribly hot during the day something around 33 degrees in the shade. Of course we ran in shorts .. I mean I was running in shorts no panties, and sister-in dress sundress. Coward day she took off and hid somewhere, and when I went home - dressed. We played three of us in something like "daughters mothers"I was a dad, sister mother and daughter Julia. Sister bent: Julia and saw that it has no panties.
- Hey, why you no panties? - She asked, and I thought: "How is she able to see through the shorts?" And only then I realized that she was talking about sister. And that even in this day wore very short sundress instead of longer, which in this day went to the laundry .. new though and closed the ass just barely, when sister stood or walked quietly, but when she bent over, sit or run: all It becomes immediately clear.
I began to frantically search for an explanation - in fact the whole conspiracy might fly into the tar-Tarara, and found nothing to be desired (as it turned out, really the best), than to say:
- It's a game.
- What is a game? - Julia immediately became interested.
- Well, we're playing so sister, - I replied. - You see, I, too, without panties - I pulled the shorts to the knee and the front of the face Yulkinym brought my handsome man in the dress "stud and bead".
- Oh, what's this? - Immediately followed by a question.
- You see, this is a fashionable outfit for a special recording in our kingdom, - I showed her how to put on and removed it. - We play as if we are the subjects of this kingdom, in which it is necessary to submit to the will of the king or his son Prince.
- And what they order? - Said Julia. I've seen her all this is interesting, and it does not even laugh and does not show a finger on my dick as it would have done 90% of girls.
- They have many different laws, - I replied. - There's even your TV.
- It's like this? - Julia asked incredulously. I told her about our training gear and a fashion show. - But it's for boys and girls because you just have to wear skirts or go naked and not wearing panties and bras, and carefully shaved pubis. They have nothing to learn.
- But what about the fashion shows ?! - Immediately cried out almost simultaneously with sister Julia. - It's not just for girls!
- And it's true! - I somehow did not realize at once to draw sister "shooting", And she expressed the initiative, but then she also caught fire. - Because we do not have only now with a no fashionable things to wear only stud with a bead, but it is for boys. The fashion for girls, we have not played.
- I can find something at home, there is still no one. But I do not know what you need - it looked a bit upset, as if we can deny it in the introduction to the subjects of the kingdom.
- I also want to play with you, you take me? - Her voice was full of expectations and hope to play.
- King accepts everyone who agrees to comply with all its requirements.
- And what are the requirements? - She asked, puzzled.
- I have already said .. only wear dresses or go fully naked. Boys should always go naked and recordkeeping, sandwiched between the legs so that it does not pop up itself to the outside - by the time I had completely removed the shorts and with those words stuck dick between his legs. - Like this! Still can not wear panties and bras, and it is necessary to smoothly shaved pussy. Check the smoothness of recording the girls have boys, and boys - girls. And as in the language of the most sensitive skin, then you only need to check the language.
Here I do not know where in that moment I got the idea that it is necessary to check the smoothness of the tongue. Prior to this, each other we checked sister smooth fingers.
- Come on, I'll check it - I said - and you will become a full-fledged subjects of our kingdom. But first it is necessary to take off her panties.
- Come to me, I will hide them where my - my sister said. Julia took off her panties and she grabbed Yulkiny coward, fled deep into the garden.
- Lie down on the table and lift up her skirt, - I said to Julia. She lay down on the table in the back, smiling nervously and lifted her skirt, covering her face.
- Yes, I still hairs do not grow - it is obviously a little bit nervous. - Be sure to need to check?
- Of course. Come on, moved apart legs. All should be checked very carefully. King requires precise execution of their decrees - then, of course, I had no idea how to give a woman pleasure cunnilingus and anuslingom, I did not even know that they have there is the vagina, clitoris, large and small labia. And climb tongue inside me, too, did not want to. I just licked her lips, pubis and said: - Raise feet higher, it is necessary to check everything - and licked her tight, a little wrinkled anus hole and a crack between the buttocks. And when I lick myself anus, she jerked a bit, and he shrank even more.
- Everything is fine, it is necessary to check everything. Well, now run home and look for something for a fashion show. Take anything that might come in handy. And take not only for girls but also for boys. And another important rule: do not tell anyone about the Kingdom and our game.
She sat down on the table and said:
- Did I should not now check in your pussy?
- No, sister, I already checked.
- Well, then I will soon! - And I ran out of the garden.
- Only you will not leave! - She shouted she was from somewhere in the trees.
Julia came back 15 minutes later, all out of breath, in her hands was a whole bunch of knick-knacks. She brought a wide belt, five terminals, crocodiles from the curtains, two clips, rubber bands on four rollers and two large paper clips.
- Today, I first show my gear! - I did use their right older.
- Then I next, oh please! - Julia, apparently, could not wait to start the game.
- Well, you'll just wear me, and you learn to do it right.
- Okay, okay, let's begin!
- Then sit down to the table, I will be showing on the table, so you can see better.
Julia flew first to the table and plopped down on the bench.
- Yuille, you're wrong village .. you must first lift the dress ... then sit bare ass on the seat, and then later drop a dress and straighten it. And the legs can not reduce together, they must be separated. Look, look how little sister sits down, she is doing everything right. But do not worry, you too will learn with time.
Then I was 11 or 12 years, "Stories O." I, of course, did not see. The first time I looked at it in 14 years when it was shown on Channel RenTV, and has been in the natural shock .. I never thought that someone could still fantasize as well as I do.
Then we played back in "Prince and slave" I partition my naked slaves as slaves should always go naked. This statement was taken for granted, and I tied his slaves alternately on the table and looked at them differently, fingered and examined. Then the prince wanted to sleep, and my sister became a pillow, blanket and Julia. I still remember how excited experienced nuzzling was a divine fragrance between sexual sponges sister .. From them! ..
In the evening, we have agreed to is not to tell anyone about the game, and almost went home naked, I realized that we were not dressed, just as we came to the hole in the fence of our site.
However, the longer such a good game does not happen, because the neighbor's cottage in the garden where we were playing, the next day arrived gardeners, and a week later Julia moved to a new apartment in Zhukovsky.
After that, we started to walk the four of us: me, my sister, earrings and Oleska. About our game threesome with Julia, we told them not to, because it was still a little scary. All those things that at that time brought Julia stayed with me, and I have them always carried with him.
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On the way to the village

My cousin Shreds introduced me to his friend Roma, I fell in love immediately and bleed. Well, the age I am. It seems to me, I would have regarded with sympathy, but the problem was the fact that I am a Muscovite, and he Kazan - the novel at a distance of thousands of kilometers - a dubious pleasure. Arriving to the cousin often couple times a year did not work, sometimes more Roma came to work in Moscow, and the pretext to transfer books from Shred met me. Every time we walked for a long time, sitting in some sparsely populated cafes and talked about everything. Both wanted another, but the problem of young couples: nowhere.
I summer, Shreds and Roma came to the village with a bit of our common grandmother, but missed the last bus from Kazan, so went to sleep to a common friend Sasha guys - he lived around the corner from the bus station. Watch up to three nights chatting and singing with a guitar, and then zasobiralis sleep. The apartment has one bedroom, sleeps just four: double sofa bed, a couch and a cot. Bony Shred both the light put on the cot, full Sasha lay down on the couch, and we are with Roma on the sofa. Slept all clothing. I could not sleep from thinking that next to me is so exciting I Roma, but decisive action is not sodvigalas because it was close to the extra people. Group will leave for concern. Then I noticed that the Roma, too, does not sleep.
"Was - did not"- I thought, and went to the balcony.
If you go with me, then all we have is today. A couple of minutes later we were standing on the balcony at arm's length from each other. It was cool and very quiet: even no windows in neighboring houses do not burn. Noticing that I tremble (more from excitement), he came up and hugged me, but without any erotic overtones, just as embracing those who want to warm up. Romantic idiocy: some Kapotnya Kazan, dead of night, and two silent jerk in an embrace on the ninth floor.
- May I kiss you? - He whispered, with his lips touched my ear.
I twisted and instead of answering, she kissed him. He squeezed me tight and returned the kiss. We kissed for a long time and enthusiasm. The ears were ringing, my head was spinning, and the legs have kept bad, but I could not tear myself away from it. Cold was not there, it was rather hot. Somewhere in the abdomen still tense, and had struggled to control myself not to settle on the cold tile floor and did not pull a Romka. Suddenly, he pulled away from me. In response to my questioning look he said that if we do not prerv¸msya, he himself does not vouch for. I ran my hand from his neck to the belt of jeans that has bristled and said that the guarantee and is not necessary.
- Let's go to the bathroom, - whispered Romka.
Across the room, we crept quietly as two Indian hunter, except that nearly dropped with tables Shred goggles, but hurry Roma slammed the bathroom door, and for a moment was afraid that we still woke up the guys. However, what's the difference ?!
My rather big breasts stood erect under the shirt (bra I took off night). Roma ran his hands under the shirt and began to fondle her very adept at this time licking my left ear. One of my hand stroking his neck and head, and the other - the chest and abdomen. His hard news without a zhirinki was very pleasant to the touch. He took off my T-shirt and unnecessary has clung to his chest with his lips. For the first time in my life I realized that it was really nice; previous young man clung to the nipple in a straw through which the drink a cocktail, and no joy is, of course, did not deliver: in fact, for this reason a young man and became the former. I began to unbutton his belt, but his hands "dance"And it was very difficult. When it finally happened, and his penis appeared before me in all its glory, Roma pulled back and, pulling off my jeans with shorts, put on the edge of the tub. I never for a moment thought that I can fly: the desire to completely clouded brain, and wanted only to have it quickly went into me. He seems to want the same. God is good! His cock was perfect for the size of my pussy, and with every movement I was flying into some black hole. I thought of only one thing: how would collapse back into the bath, and in any case firmly embraced Romka.
In the hallway, he heard footsteps, but we did not care. No one had time to stop. Moreover, steps have proceeded to the kitchen.
I faced a wave of orgasm. In order not to scream with delight, I bit my lip almost to the blood. Romka stopped. He moved slowly and steadily. Just a few movements, and I came back. Suddenly he came out of me and my belly poured hot sperm.
- And now, in the shower! - He let the warm water, and we climbed into the bath.
I squeezed a little sponge bath gel and began to rub his chest and stomach. Romka rested his back to the wall and smiled blissfully. When I moved to the shoulders, he broke down and pulled me to him. In the second minute kiss his cock rested against my stomach. I knelt down and took the head in his mouth. No experience in this I did not have, but would like to, so it was good. I watched the reaction and quickly realized that he likes especially when the language concerns the bridle. I myself did not feel anything at first, and then I felt like it. Very soon he was breathing heavily, it was poured into my mouth. When his hands thoroughly shampooed and rinsed my body wanted it to never end.
After a shower, we still got dressed and went. Sasha Tolia morning and with great difficulty we shook - you know, we had something to get tired. In the village we have with Romka was so much more interesting, perhaps later on tell.
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Rocking-3 (End)

- Hello Natashechka.
- Hello Irina.
We Mothers were sent to the next exercise and the landing met a neighbor who went to her home with newspapers. She looked rumpled and not fresh, overlaundered bathrobe, slippers worn and sallow complexion talked about unhealthy lifestyles. And how could he be healthy, when her husband Irina - drove Serge often drank too much money is not brought, she worked as a conductor, the son Dimka - Losers only knew his boxing section and recorder with TV.
- All tsvetesh?
- Trying.
- Come on, be modest! Look how thin you are, and in general: Yes Misha? - I already said Irina.
- Well, yes - I muttered under my breath - Ma, go faster and be late.
- And where are you in such a hurry? - Said a neighbor.
- In gym.
- The rocking chair.
- A-ah, then it is clear from these figures are taken!
I slipped past Irina, down the stairs and behind me started down mamashka. The last few months we regularly went to the rocking chair by combining so with pleasure began to really acquire quite sporty look. Mother remove excess fat, on the contrary, I gained muscle and even orgies such as the first arrival of coach Sergei not happen again, but regular sex with several guys or a couple with Lenka - did their work.
It took another couple of weeks and the mother came to me in the evening in the room with a worried expression on his face.
- What happened?
- Yes, today met Irku neighbor.
- And-and ?!
- She knows that we ebemsya in the gym.
- How?
- I do not know, she said.
- Shit! So, someone blabbed.
- Maybe.
- And she-what? Jealous or what? - I tried to make a joke.
- No, she's threatening to tell all to his father.
- That bitch !!
- The truth may still be able to otmazatsya.
- How?!
- She wants money.
- With a dick?
- He says that it has evidence that is sometimes there.
- What?
- Photos and video tape.
- Ohuet! Where did it get them? !!!
- Do not shout. I dont know.
- Or one of our attempts to blackmail us through it or someone to spill the beans and we have covered. Who's the rat? A?! And how much she wants money?
- Ten thousand.
- It's a new car !!!
- Yes, she says, she would otherwise give to their father.
- Let pays.
- Yes! And what will happen then.
- Nothing will be the maximum he divorces you, but I think that you are not such a long time with by a pussy and tits will walk alone.
- And if she is somewhere else then it will show? I was so shaken by this.
- Yes-ah! We need to talk to Yurtsom or Sergey, counsel.
- He said that the time - before the end of the month.
- Well, do not worry, think of something.
The next day I went to the rocking chair one mamashka stayed at home to fuck with her father. It has now become "co-operator" therefore, it seems, Ira and decided to pull our money. Bitch!
All were gathered together and were engaged in a long time, Yurets saw me, waved his hand and shouted:
- What you are late? Lets go faster!!
I changed clothes and went to the room, found yurtsa and told him that I have a conversation. He nodded and smiled, thinking, perhaps, that I had some problems with the payback, since came without Mothers - Natasha, and he gets to my ass. We went to the locker room and there I gave him the whole conversation that we had with her mother. He listened carefully - said Sergei discuss all that we are not worried and calmed down, and let Natasha comes, and that without it boring. I work out as usual, but without mood and went home. My mother asked if I had a conversation and satisfied with my answers had gone to bed.
Further events developed rapidly.
One day, late at night, almost in the morning I heard some screams in the stairwell of running feet and slamming the door. This went on for half an hour, but then everything was quiet, and I fell asleep again.
The next day, as usual, I went to school and after it began to gather in the rocking chair with her mother. When we arrived there, we saw the following picture - the guys were standing in a circle, all naked and poddrachivali its members, and in the center of the circle on his knees and stood naked Vit quietly whines:
- Well no more, guys. Do not! I will not. Excuse me.
Yurets saw us with Mothers came up and said:
- We have solved all your problems, films, photographs and tapes destroyed. And we are going to rat poison.
Then he began to talk, that was last night.
They gathered in a neighboring yard evening tracked Irku neighbor, who was returning from a trip and went to her with a question:
- Where they took photos and film?
She tried things start to scream, but she quickly gave the stomach gagged with a cloth and dragged in a rocking chair. When she realized that just will not get off, it was threatened in which case go to the police and all the lay. It was her fault. To start Yurets with boys tied her Swedish wall and began to whip her cheeks, asking about the pictures and the film, but she was silent. Then it began to undress, and not just so, and ripped clothing or cut with a knife and scissors. In the end, it was left standing naked tied to the wall, and next to it lay a pile of rags that had once been her clothes. View nude women became a little wind boys, although there are very excited by what was not. Pendulous breasts, flabby stomach, have not shaved pussy and tselyulitnye thighs - all shook and writhed, his mouth flew screaming that it all lay and planted as soon as the leaves away. What Yurets said to her:
- Vyti something you marry, but before you reach mentovki unlikely.
Then the boys brought a razor and a basin of soapy water. We poured a basin on her head and began to shave - the head, and then pussy. Ira tried to kick, but cut himself a couple of times and saw water flowing streams mixed with the blood ceased to twitch t. To. One especially was not going to stand on ceremony and carefully did not want to shave. Fifteen minutes later Irk "Fantomas" It was still tied, but with the shaved head against and by a pussy. Screaming she stopped and has looked warily at how the boys had taken off their clothes, and someone has already pulls her naddrachivaya your dick.
Here Yurets commanded:
- Well, now ... do it! and I took out a video camera and a camera bag.
Guys untied Irku, gave her in the stomach to prevent and put cancer. For just sat down to let her suck in a circle, but she did a bad thing, and so we decided that it is necessary to fuck, bottle. Dragged from the locker room a bottle of champagne and began to poke to start in the pussy. While she did not have a bottle of lubricant climbed badly and that she did not whined again stuck her rag in his mouth. When a bottle was the climb in half in pussy, took second and began to poke her in the ass. From this case Ira eyes widened, and it was clear that if it were not a rag in her mouth, then she would have screamed in pain right now like a siren. Kid is only provoke and together they began to lower her face his sperm. Someone slapped in the face with a member, someone they crawl on the bald skull and thick curtains dragged clips and began to hang on the tits. Ira shook her head and stared in the direction of all yurtsa who filmed everything on video. But then he realized that "Fantomas" something to say and gave the command to remove the cloth. Neighbor air and could not do anything at first grabbed his mouth to speak, then whimpered, tears flowed from her eyes and she said,
- It's all your Acne invented. Let me go, please.
- Well, that's about a rat learned - Yurets said - now we have you to thank's fuck in the present and let him go.
- Do not!
- It should be !! Give her the vodka, and will not drink - pour!
We took a bottle "Russian" ten forty and stretched Irke. That, to numb the pain, straight from the bottle and sipped the first time according to the head he nodded.
- Do what you want, just do not hurt longer and release.
- Well, that we ourselves decide what to do with you - Yurets said.
- Let it "otbuterbrodim"? - The fat man suggested.
- Okay, but remember that it is not good to pry into other people's business - let doctors make her daughter a couple of marks.
- No problem, - he said the doctor - I go only for the instrument.
- What mark? - With fright I asked Ira.
- Recognize - Yurets said - as long as "a sandwich" play.
One of the boys lay down on the bench so that his feet rested on the floor, and was a member of vzdyblen be perpendicular. Brought drunken Irku by hand and planted it on this term, it is from drinking altogether was like jelly, immediately had fallen for a guy his flabby tits, but coming up behind Yurets put her in the ass, and of such a dick once ochuhavshis she got up on his hands that was not too painful. Together they began rhythmically beating her holes. Other guys on the front line came up and popped it into his mouth, twenty minutes later the whole face and head she was already obspuskana, semen dripping down his chin, ears and nose. Then came the Doctor with their instruments, Ira could not see him, but he made a sign Yurets that he stepped aside and took out an enema suitcase began to pour in the ass Irke some liquid.
- What is it? - I asked one of the older boys.
- Vodka.
- And for what?
- For anesthesia.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah, of course, although it was not clear.
The air did smell of alcohol and the boys pulled the air noses, but the carousel around Irki not stopped, although in her ass sticking enema, which the Doctor still cranked by hand with a greasy smile on his face. This went on for 10-15 minutes until the alcohol has not started to operate. Ira began to slide on the bench, her boys once tried to hold that it is not crushed bottom who fucked her in her pussy, but then decided that enough and left her lying on the floor, on which she successfully settled, after the next extraction.
- Let the Doctor! - Yurets said.
The doctor took a strange thing, a jar of ink, and asked:
- What are we going to write? And where do we start?
- Start with assholes - write, - said Yurets "Ebus bitching, suck huevato and crooked srus".
Dr. dripped from the jar in the car, bent down to the ass and become small dots to display an inscription. The procedure did not end quickly and all watched the process, rested, and someone having fun with each other on the mats, and sucking poddrachivaya simultaneously. When the doctor finished, Yurets said that anyone can write something marker, where he likes any inscription or picture, and then the doctor is on vytatuiruet Irke.
The boys gave vent to imagination and soon Ira was covered as a seaman bunch of graffiti, which is usually written on the walls in the bathroom. After this Dr. was launched. Men, meanwhile, continued to have a good time with each other under the guidance yurtsa.
In the morning the doctor finished the display tattoos, and Ira became ochuhivatsya. The boys were already around it to complete flogging t. To. After injections remains a lot of small bleeding points, for fix and paint antiseptsii recommend this place to piss. Ira was all stabbed and was lying on the floor, nothing better than to piss her guys do not come up and stood round about, watered it with his urine. Feeling a burning sensation and pain Ira became faster rebound and has already tried to get up, while boys dressed quick and bare until dawn dragged her to the apartment door.
The end of history was as follows. When her husband became Irki Serge morning ready for work, I found the staircase, on the rug naked wife. Some like to get her home and giving pizdyuley just in case he went to flight. When he returned two days later, it gave interrogation, after which Jirka on the street did not come out for a month.
We continued walking and were engaged in a rocking chair "the full program". Acne has become a regular "girl", After his split and drop in a circle. Now he does not even engaged, and came, dressed in lingerie and serve all who do not wish to. The punishment was given to him for half a year, and if he misses or does something wrong, you will have to go to the slavery to the Doctor.
But after a month came and found in the hall of the police and the investigator. It turned out that one of the boys at the disco in the neighboring district fuck daughter of the local party leader, but not one, but a whole shoblu. The one took and dashed off a statement to the police, and now all of us began to shake. The court was fast, Taxed father and daughter did not take, five guys direct participants - planted, the rest were given probation, remembering the old sins. Among those imprisoned was and Vit. The chamber was quickly split and made the girl on the bunk, then it told me the guys who were freed.
Coach Sergey opened a couple of sports stores in the city, Yurets was his assistant.
Irke neighbor had to leave the city where she was - no one knows, probably became bomzhihoy.
His mother became the shuttle, it was wound in Greece, Turkey and the Emirates. Only with time also bringing it less and less stuff and more and more money. When I asked her on the forehead as she earned the money, the answer was simple:
- Before, I just fucked, and now for a fee, oriental men are very generous.
Father unfolded own business ... he had no time for any nonsense, money he will have more and I think that if the mother became absent longer and longer, it is discharged in the company of other women.
I went to college, where for five years he lived in a hostel, and where there was little sexual adventures. But that's another story ...
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Sweet kiwi

Three years have passed since we arrived in New Zealand.
We have no one in my life is not necessary. We could just as well could go to the Siberian tundra and be happy. My wife is lovely, as I do, more than anything else in the family appreciates tranquility. We're living in the present day. We do each other little holidays together and we get the pleasure of their insane acts.
New Zealand - a country of just such as we hermits. The whole country a real metropolis of Auckland, from which we immediately fled as soon as the first opportunity. I found a job through the Internet, and his wife was engaged in furnishing a new home. They settled in a small town and immediately became local "stars" simply because we do not deny yourself any pleasures. Well, except that the drug, which is fundamentally not tried and do not want to touch them. Bike and kayak bring more fun than cocaine and marijuana.
So, what caused the modest Kiwi pay attention to us?
We do not fit into their codes of conduct. For us, this situation was not new. Some couples can spend their whole life in an attitude of missionaries. We refuse to understand Puritanism after 18 years, our style - it is necessary to have time to try everything and have to live for each other. On that note, and got married. Honeymoon traveled around Europe and tagged by our juice is not a hotel, beach, restaurant, train, library and even the central square of a small Czech town, where the eyes of astonished local youth Mila made me a blowjob, and, seeing that I'll finish quickly turned, She lifted her skirt and dutifully held up by infusion of a choice of two ready to take the hole member. Wear summer shorts under the skirt Mila felt the same as the manifestation of Puritanism and sunbathing in a swimsuit. Not surprisingly, it had to pay a second time for the night in a nearby town, where had to hastily retreat.
These and we know the local "kiwi". With some we got acquainted on probation nudist beach (they are in clothing, but we had no), where the most daring tried to stare into the eyes, when I started to look at my wife and my neighbor got up as a member of the team. Others have begun to recognize the restaurant after Mila "accidentally" arranging feet and then we laughed together with pulling off a surprise (men) and resentment (women) Anglo-Saxon people. I almost lost the rights after a long look directly at his wife a local police boss. Well, it was good, local beauty! Blonde girl in 70s style with a magnificent bust and playful eyes. She looked at us defiantly. Even it is not clear that it was more interesting - to see the lust in my eyes or in the eyes of jealousy Mila. But what she did not expect to see - this is lust in men, and in women's eyes. This is not a police baton to indulge. For the local audience was a hint of something new. Or is not new, but at least the forbidden fruit for the town where about 5,000 people live.
On the internet we accidentally met a girl with Fillippin that nurse looking for a job in any English-speaking country. We came up with a crazy idea. It hinted at what will have to work "nurse"and "stoyalkoy"and "lezhalkoy". Did not understand at once, I began to send copies of their diplomas and reviews from some teachers and grandparents. Then we just sent a photo in which Milla sits on me obviously not on his knees, and in the second photo was my cock. We wrote that will have to sit with him or the girl in the photo. Two weeks did not respond. Then we wrote another filipinka and said she saw our address when her friend indignantly showed our girlfriends "pink portrait". Well we still face closed in the photo. I sent filipinka my photo. Pretty, all okruglenkaya such, the type of a teenager, but with a kind of sadness in his eyes. Filipinku name is Rose. The family she had a huge - lots of brothers and sisters. Although we understand the purpose of our invitation, but a human being she wanted to help, so agreed to three thousand per month, free flights and assistance in the preparation of documents to stay in New Zealand.
We did not even think that it will come to us from the airport. We thought that will disappear forever in the crowd of illegal immigrants. Released. It should be frightened in the waiting room as if it was stripped and put in front of all the nude. I speak Mile: "You go". Mila went to her and touched her shoulder timidly.
- You Rose?
- Yes. And who are you?
- I am the wife of Ted (that's me, my name is Fyodor), my name is Mila.
- Where's Ted?
- It is here, too.
Mila has called me. Rose, though pretended that she was not scared, but her pupils widened when I came over and took her hand.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- How was the flight?
- Good. Can I call home from somewhere that flew and that you met me?
- You are welcome.
I gave her mobilku scored and access to international line. From her tarahtenie polyglot-Mila realized that there family as platoon in the army, a dozen brothers and sisters typed. And Rose, it seems, did not tell anyone at work what it was called. Rose looked about 17 years, although according to the documents we knew that she was already 23. Not very tall, with short black hair and typical polineziyskim face as a beauty of a painting by Gauguin. You could see large nipples through the thin fabric light shirts. We Mila at some point along look at these beads and looked at each other.
- Here we go?
We tried to speak English to Rosa not worried because of the incomprehensible speech.
- Rose, do you understand why we have called you?
I saw in the rearview mirror as the Rose nodded.
- Ever so I went somewhere?
Rose shook her head to the side.
- Rose, you do not accidentally girl until now?
Again shake of the head in different directions.
Then we were silent all the way home. Rose only occasionally glancing out the window. All the way I felt her eyes on me. It was as if she was studying me. I tried to understand if we make it hurt? Brave girl. We arrived. I took the suitcase and carried it in front of the women in the house.
They went into the house. Mila dropped her dress, under which had been nothing more and went to Rose and told her calmly, as if she had not stood in the buff:
- Ted will show you your room and the house, and I go into the shower. I am waiting for you both there.
Rose looked up and asked me what she should do.
- We go upstairs to your room there. You can relax, you can sleep, because the road was long.
- I'm not tired.
- Oh well. You can dive into the pool.
- I do not know how to swim and I do not have a bathing suit.
- Swimsuit you do not need here, and I'll teach you to swim.
We went upstairs. Rose, we have identified the best large bedroom, with views of the bay and all the necessary furnishings including huge wooden bed in the rustic style. To work it was to much, so she and the rest we had to provide such a work to be a pleasure.
Rose came first ... just smiled all day.
- This is my room? The whole room?
- Yes. Why are you so surprised?
- I have never had my room. Always she lived with her brothers and sisters. We have a big family. Our whole house is almost the same as this room.
- You probably already behind them miss.
- Yes very.
- You can call home as often as you want, but try to not even hint at why we called you here.
- Of course. This will be a great shame for my family if someone finds out.
I hesitated. Indeed, such a proposal will not tell anyone. This is a personal life. Especially when it is different from other private life.
- Well, in the pool, in the shower, or can rest?
- No. I want to get started.
Rose stared into my eyes as if asking glance where to start. I silently took off his shirt and shorts. Immodest to describe his penis. Well it can be a bit thicker than many, I can sometimes feel they spiral in women and can reach the uterus, but personally, I thought that he is no different from those that Mila and the other girls tried and which I was told.
Rose a few seconds with surprise looked at him. I even thought that it could actually still girl. But then he came over to me, knelt down and began to stroke his hand first, then touched his lips. As she touched! It touched. I do not swallow it like a cow cucumber without gryzanula like a rabbit a carrot, but rather like a bee touched touches a flower. Agile movement tongue licked the shiny droplet (this drop was already two hours from the time when I saw Rose in the airport. Ran gracefully language to testicular obbezhat their movements, similar to the flight of butterflies and returned to the tip member to his full lips, folded so in the dark can be confused with the vagina. Rosa gently pulled a my dick.
At first it seemed to me that this girl no teeth at all. Mila's wife was a specialist in their field, but could, and grab and bite when it is necessary. Rosa was the complete opposite. She was just created in order to bring men pleasure lips. If carried championship blowjobs, then rose without controversy he rose to the podium. She sucked my cock like no other. She lived with my cock in your mouth. A member of the dive so deeply into her mouth, it seemed to me that I'm starting to ride them in her deep throat. Long so could not continue. I felt like I roared in a mountain stream, orgasm ran over the body and spilled the Rose in the mouth so that she only had time to flinch in surprise. For nothing had to swallow, because all the sperm went straight through the throat in the throat.
Rose seemed washed its member with his lips, even lick it a moment before I took her head and raised his face.
- Where did you learn to do this, sorceress?
- I will not say.
- You're just trying to scare me. Tell me now, where you are so learned. I was even worried. Can Milou in this school will send.
- No, it is not necessary in such a school. I lived in one room with my brother. He's a bit behind mentally and with him no girl wanted to meet. And I had to take care of him because my mother worked all day, and her father, we almost did not see it the fisherman. My brother is very naive. He's always the boys from our district took away money and possessions, and the girls were laughing with him.
All his emotions always could be seen on his face. If this fear, this fear of the animal if the joy, the joy of a child. When he was 13 years old, our bed began to appear yellow spots. I was only 17. One night I woke up from that bed rocked. I saw how he pulls the arm member. This went on for several times. I knew what he was doing, but pretending to be asleep. Once I felt sorry for him and I myself put her hand on his d¸rgayuschuyusya handle.
He just did not understand that this is my hand. But when he realized it instantly withdrew his hand from the penis and dramatically sobbed. His cock under my arm started droops. I did not want to upset him and she began stroking cock. But then I did not know exactly how to do it and saw almost the pain on his face. How so? After all, only that he was beaming with happiness, and now he's in pain? I then wrapped his head and began to squeeze it gently. My brother was quiet. Then I thought that he had never had a woman and probably will not, but all his desires are the same as other men, and decided to help him a little bit. She slipped down and kissed his penis. He twitched and froze, waiting for what will happen next. And what came out of it - you are now tried. Did you like it? How do I do it?
- Girl, you do not just do it well, you seem to have read my mind when it's done.
- Guys, something I did not understand. I have never waited.
Mila appeared in the doorway, vigorously wipes her blond, shoulder-length hair falling down.
- Well, Fyodor, not fed guest, and already makes it work?
- Milk, Rose herself for the work undertaken.
- Without me already finished? And I'm in the shower rubs the clitoris, waiting for you. Change.
- Milka, well, do not swear. You know that I was on the two of you enough and still remain.
- When you have calmed down?
Rose was surprised to listen to this strange argument. Over the lip I could see the white speck of dried sperm, but to him she looked even more attractive.
I stepped over the shorts lying on the floor, he picked them up and put them on a chair. Mila cat bypassed fixed Rosa took her waist from behind, began stroking the lower abdomen. Then a hand reached up to his chest, while the other gently dived in shorts Roses.
- Rosa, take off your clothes. We've got your world, only we dress when we go somewhere. Get used to it.
Rose start to pull the t-shirt. She did it so elegantly that I wanted to play music.
- Rose, Mila wait.
Rose stopped. I went to the center, quietly he turned on the music and turned to the girls.
Rose continued his strip, but now it has been an elegant spectacle of the music of Vivaldi. Chest Rose was really gorgeous. Huge nipples on maroon chocolate body. The shape of a small arbuziki with cut heads. Rose really lived up to its name. The lush dark hair falling below her shoulders, beautiful Asian face with lush lips, big forehead and cheekbones. I looked at Rose and imagined her standing on the podium of the contest "Miss Universe", Which brings together such different dazzlingly beautiful daughter the best of their peoples. Rose would occupy among these beauties worthy place.
Mila blinked at me over his shoulder Roses, still continuing to stroke her belly. I went to the Rose hugged her and stood behind her and Mila, crouching slightly, put his long-standing member of the Roses between the legs until he felt like his feet touched Mila. In the face of Rosa was no longer frightened. She prispustila eyelids and gently rolled her eyes. I took the gum and slowly pulled her skirt with shorts down. My hands slid over the velvet dark skin .... eyes appeared slightly fluffy pubis Roses, behind which could be seen chic clit sticking out and is somewhat similar to reveal mussel. Behind it began the same full lips like those more recently embraced my cock. I bent down to give Rose cross through his clothes. She gently lifted his legs machined to trim high shoes. Raising my head, I put his lips to the clitoris Roses. He was incredibly big, something similar to a man's head at the end of the member. I licked it several times, gradually passing the entire length of the language and touching his tongue to it. Rose lazily arranged the legs wider and threw back her head on his shoulder Mile.
- Fyodor, well, try new. From what hole you start?
- Do not break off so vulgar.
- You do not oblamalsya anyway vyebesh her like a dog bitch.
- Milka, well shut up.
It is worth noting that Mile had much of its incomplete 30 years to survive. Born in a small town. With her school photos looked at me smiling girl with big blue eyes. She was an angel in the flesh, she loved the city. But stay there she did not want. After 9th grade went to study in the city in the seamstress. I had to live in a hostel and it leaked the first tears when drunk boys from a neighboring quarter climbed at night in the room and stripped Milken virginity. Boys planted, but this case has got such wide publicity that Milka could not safely pass through the city. That the mother of one of the boys spat on her back and cursed after, the friends of the boys shouted to her "whore" and threw it in a bottle of beer.
Living in the city has become intolerable, and to return to the village no longer wanted. Then she listened to the advice girlfriend who called her work a housewife in Turkey.
Milka went to Istanbul on the boat. On the pier it met the owner of the house, he called himself. I picked up the passport "look" and then he gave the police only after 3 years, when Milka almost killed one of its customers, has selected a gun and hoarded money reached to the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara.
The first time I saw Mila cafe in Odessa, where she thoughtfully drinking coffee and smoking a long cigarette. She has worked in the Turkish company nearby, and I came to Odessa at the conference. I saw, met and stayed with her forever. But back to the room.
Rose was already wet. I am touched to her vagina and felt sticky moisture on the hand. Second hand I took his cock and led him to the standing forward protruding vagina Roses. It has called on me. Before orgasm was long. I only had to enter several times to move the pelvis. Milka so caressed and stroked Rose, now you can safely dive and thicker penis.
"Hey, a new hole"- I had time to think and stuck on the eggs into the oil hole Roses.
In the vagina, I almost immediately felt the women's convulsive movements. Rose I just milked like a seasoned vet milks young bull. I could not resist the flow in the body, and threw in a huge portion of sperm Rose three thrusts of its internal pump. Rose jumped out of the heat I just do not have time and did not much like to be honest. Only the last jet went past the vagina and got to his feet Mile.
- Wow some ebaka-barabaka! Already shot off a salvo? About Me Now forget all?
- Milka, let rest.
- What vacation? I have all bleed.
- As you want?
Mila went to the mirror and turned half-turned, beckoned me with his long finger. I've always liked sex in front of a mirror. As well as in front of other people. We went to different swingers clubs, and even do not understand what we like - to fuck with someone else or do it together in front of the other, occasionally jumping to offer themselves for women and men.
Milka stood on tiptoes and ass sticking out. she was irresistible to this position. Between the legs could be seen the outlines of peach labia. Buttocks slightly parted, and could see the neat clean shaven hole between them. Unlike Rose, at the Milky vagina was hidden away between the legs and enter it best was behind. Milka stood on his toes and looked in the mirror it on my cock, then at my face. I gently turned her skinny ass to the mirror and began to slowly enter the vagina native wife. Milkin ass and my dick seemed even somehow disproportionately. His dry noodle inserted into the vagina - it is only the inexperienced women to agree to this and immediately realized what a mistake they made. But Milk is slightly bent, the pelvis moved back and she hit a member of almost the entire length.
- Ebaka-barabaka, - she said, and I began to pull on the member Mila as if in my hands was a rubber doll.
Milka know this technique. She could droop in my hands and lower down the torso and head. I gripped her ass and fucking cunt until he felt like Mila first jerked backward, then forward, and then she started to build on the penis. Cum I did not have time for it.
- Milka, dososi, everything is on the way already.
- A rosette that would do?
I had forgotten that this is the work of Rosa. Milka beckoned her and pointed to the member. Rosa only had time to grab a member of the lips and moved his head a couple of times, both received the second portion of sperm today. I felt her tongue slipped on my hole and gently zanyrivaya, trying to clean the tip of the tongue itself hole, slightly podsasyvaya member. Hand drove it gently over the penis, as if pushing out the last drop out of the barrel. When Rosa moved, the member was cleaned to a shine, and almost immediately began to decline.
- Thanks, girls. I feel like an Arab sheikh.
- You Arabian Horse - retorted Milla.
Rose tried to quietly chew sperm. Maybe it was disgusting, but she tried not to show it. Only the movement of the cheeks on his handsome face betrayed her. I blinked Mile and we went to the door. Mila stopped.
- Rosa, a rest from the road and eat. Take all that you see on the table and in the refrigerator. Dispose of all on your own, as a hostess. Tell me what to buy in addition to what you're used to. Oh, you is now our housekeeper if someone asks you in the city. And remember, we will not hold. Every day I'll give you a hundred dollars. So until the end of the month. You will want to leave earlier -'ll take you to the airport or wherever you say. If you do not want, then you remember why we called you. Rose listened carefully, but not a word in response did not. Still hard to say when a full mouth of sperm unfamiliar. I quietly tweaked Mila and we went out, closing the door behind him. Now you can speak in Russian.
- Well, as you? A dream come true idiot?
- Come true, Mila, come true. About this can only dream of. She is submissive as a slave, and does everything like a pro.
- Asians seemed born for it. They have always been demand in the brothels. One can see the peasants like their tight holes. Roses have a narrow hole?
- Will check. You warmed her so that the elephant could enter without lubrication. Milcah, and that you're jealous?
- You're a fool, Fyodor. Just fuck her in front of me, and now you ask ... I'm jealous?
- Milk, do not swear.
Mila only smiled in response. I loved her smile. Especially now, when she was naked when you could see every curve of her body, all native dimples and hollow - at the collarbone, in the middle of the chest, on the cheeks, the back of the waist. Rose almost immediately fell asleep, I went to work in my room, and Milcah, cooked in the kitchen his trademark pancakes, previously wearing an apron over his naked body.
I almost fell asleep at the computer. Even late at night I moved from the chair to the bed and fell asleep, hugging Mila. That night I dreamed of winter. I have not seen snow, but clearly know that behind a window winter. I wanted to wrap yourself in something warm, but I was freezing. It was as if I was trying to put on a lot of different clothes, but it was still cold. I tried to wipe himself with his hands, but still m¸rz. Then in a dream, I kindled a fire and began to warm up. It was near the fire and warmed himself. I am basking long time until he felt the heat from the bottom beginning to go all over the body. It flashed through my mind the thought that this is not a dream. When a thought comes, you start to her dream of chase until you check and finally wake up. I woke up, still lying with his eyes closed, but hear the birds outside the window, and heat everything just came from the feet up over the whole body. Only now I began to realize that the feet were warm because they sat Rose being played slowly and looking at my cock. Mila was not there.
- Where is Mila?
- I went to the store. He told me to wake you.
Milka know this technique. When in the morning I want to use the toilet, and is a member of the pillar, a woman can get everything that it wants very quickly, sitting on top.
But I suddenly miss Mila. I lie on my bed, on me some filipinka, and his wife went to the store. The tide of the fucking loneliness suddenly washed over me. But at this point, Rose started this dance language under my head. It is so cleverly done that the whole body has been sent out to finish. And suddenly awkward movement. As a false note in the Violin Competition cut the ear, and some extra touch knocked pace. I raised my head and looked at Rosa. She seemed to understand everything, and began to caress me even more intense. But the wave subsided.
- Rose, wait.
She stopped.
- Let's go right now to the bath, you will help me to do something. You're not squeamish girl?
- No.
- That's good. Little to treat me.
We went into the bath. Awful like the toilet "in a little". But I am at this moment another idea came to mind.
I took a long tip and screw it to the bidet. I tried the water temperature. And he began to Rosa surprised on her knees and elbows, holding up the ass.
- Rose, I carefully inserted the tip into the bottom ten centimeters, and slowly increase the flow of water.
Rose took a neat feminine fingers tip and began to slowly introduce it to me. The other hand, she slowly began to increase water pressure.
- Enough - I said.
I felt as water began to fill my rectum. I already hard like the toilet, but I have to wait a little caved in different directions and then sat down on the toilet.
Rose calmly looked at my strangeness, but said not a word. He stood silently in front of me, a beautiful dark, almost black beauty. I just wondered how she did at that moment could hate. But her face was not a shadow of disgust. She's just obediently stood in front of me, waiting for further instructions.
- Rose, and you want to do such a thing?
- If you want, do it.
- Are you currently doing so ever?
- No never.
I washed the tip in warm water, rinsed first with alcohol, then again in the water and put on a crane.
- Become as I stood.
He rose gracefully sank to his knees and bent forward to be on hand.
- Rose, on the elbow becomes.
I podstelil her soft towel under the elbow and stuck it under the knees.
- So it is more convenient.
Rose bent even lower. I admired her body. When you look at a naked woman in a pose behind the sensible thoughts immediately go by the wayside. Two holes are calling looking at me. Anus Rosa was something like a snowflake. The large folds converge to the center of the snowflake. The anus was as plump as her body. Under the anus could see the vagina. But it is not as close as I saw it at the Milky, but much lower. Labia lazily hanging on the edges of the hole.
I carefully began to enter the tip. Rose slightly arched under him, but almost without effort, I was able to let it to the full depth. I started to strengthen the jet. He did it very slowly. Rose dropped her head on her hands, then lifted again. It seems that she had very little, but I continued to hold the tip in it. Anus slightly twitched, trying to push the foreign body, but Rose was silent. From ass began to flow water. But Rose still just silent. I did a little water pressure, but continued to hold the tip and even sv¸l Roses buttocks together. Half a minute later gradually spread his buttocks and realized that Rose can and barrel fill, and she did not say a word. Between the buttocks was a mixture of dung and water. I gently pulled the tip, which was followed Rose let unrestrained trickle. And suddenly playful idea pushed me to make a huge mistake. I slapped his hand on the butt Rosa. Not very much, but it was enough to make out of it a fountain flew all that she ate the last two days.
In addition, she did not keep the bladder.
Rose looked at me apologetically. View she was stupid. All ass shit. Shit got on me. Behind her was a whole puddle of brown dirt.
- Excuse me.
- Forget. This I did to you. But once you have standing in this position, and then stop.
I walked over to her and help her on his back the remainder of the morning urine. Rose looked on his back, but something in her eyes tells us that she liked piquancy of the situation.
- Let's clean until Milka has not arrived.
I took some old towel and threw it to the Rose. Rosa began to gather on the floor spillage and twist it into the toilet. What struck me is the lack of stench. Rose was just as beautiful inside as outside. Later I Mila said Rose ordered from the store only fruits and vegetables, with some we did not know and had to ride Mile shopping before she's found.
Rose domyvala floor. I got into the shower and called her with him. She went and stood under the jet. Beautiful hair flowed over her shoulders.
After Mila brown body white roses seemed to contrast and very attractive. I soaped sponge and began to rub the back of Rose while she was engaged in her hair. Soapy water flowed back into hollow ass and after it I let the sponge pre-squeezed foam. At some point, I let go of the sponge. Buttocks were so round and elastic, sponge ... that simply could not be seen, it is all squeezed in between these gorgeous buns.
Domyv Rose back, I gave her a washcloth and she washed my first stained stomach. She did it so carefully and gently as wash filthy children. Then she twisted a washcloth around my cock, looking at pribaldevshego me and finished the morning bath scrubbing residues sleep off my back.
Domylas rose and was about to get out of the shower. She leaned out of the shower for a towel. The trough was something feline. Weighty breasts as the pendulum swung back and forth. Hands stretched themselves to take her back. Rosa and stopped with a towel in hand, only half-turned looked at my hands. The member did not have to explain. At first I was slightly crouched to get a member to the vagina, but rose after me, too, I sat down. It substitutes for his anus my cock, gently feeling his buttocks, rocking back. She obviously wanted me to try her ass. I'm not the biggest fan of anal sex. Women tend to have cracked the anus, if I bring themselves to orgasm. But at this moment it is already possible to forget about it. Member of the cast stood and was sent to a hole like a rocket at Baikonur directed into the sky. Lightly Push forward and you get into the heat of the body. Preflight preparation quickly completed countdown and I began to count in an incomprehensible language for the Roses:
- Five, four, three.
Became the first member of the anus touch.
- Two, one.
Snowflake sold and hole on the penis has already entered into contact with ochkom Roses.
- In on-oehali!
And a member of a rocket acceleration razverznuvshiysya went into the tunnel, pushing his way between the folds of the rectum. I looked down again. I was not mistaken, a member of the dive in the ass Roses. Feels like her ass was no different from the vagina, except that the first few frictions lack of lubrication made itself felt. Rose has had to adapt to the body a little bit under the direction of a member. She gently lifted and I felt that any movement of the body changed body shape and feeling in the ass. Rose tried to adjust my body under my cock. One she could not understand. The more convenient it, so can be uncomfortable to me and the more cracks will remain flexible even in her ass. I had to take the initiative in their hands and with both hands I started to bend down to Rose until the member has not been pinched to the point that orgasm could only move it a few times. Rosa, first standing without emotion, suddenly trembling all over, and I saw her dark-brown body light brown "goosebumps". Rose had finished. Only now I noticed that one hand she fingered her clit and stroking the inside-out member in the ass cunt. Rose jerked several times in different directions and drooped on a limb, from which it took off in a thick stream of warm sperm. I pushed a few times a hose in brown mink and poured the last drops. Rose squeezed anus, so that I felt the blood start to move away from the term that was as nice as the reverse process. The last movement is still a woman, whether it is the vagina or anus. We see nature has taught women to push member when it is no longer needed in the body.
Rose turned to face me and leaned against a member, but I did not want to make it again today soiled shit. I turned on the shower and wash away the remnants of our pranks with my body.
Who hit us? This girl is so well versed in matters of sex, I was lost in conjectures where she could learn. And it seemed to me that she liked her role in the home and in our family. I did not bother her about anything ask. What is the difference through the life that we had to go. The main thing that now we enjoy and do not activate each other. Someone earns, but we all earn on each other, is not it.
to be continued ...
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Morning of a new life

Midnight. The guests dispersed. On the bedside table to expire last tears of candles, turns snatching out of the darkness the table with an opened bottle of champagne, the apparent huge bed, the red roses, floating in the storm cloud of dark green leaves.
In the bed next to me, slowly sipping a noble moisture, He sits. Eyes half closed with huge fluffy eyelashes, hair sparkle flare light candles. We both know what will happen today, this night should be my main gift on the day of the end of the first quarter of a century, lived boring and colorless, and quite rightly so. But this night would end and his former bezzabotnotnoy eighteen years of life, all the achievements of which are in two or three dozens of spoiled girls who filled several boxes of Russian vodka. What's ahead? Miscommunication, confusion, contempt of friends and strangers, friends and family. Are we ready to go through this? All my life I asked myself this question, and now I know the answer. But he???
My hand rests on his shoulder, I feel like a palm tense and tight muscles. Andre puts the glass and closes his eyes as if to shut out the night, and the room from me. My fingers are raised on the back, easy to deal with neck and gently slipped on her chin and turning, frozen for a moment in the flaming cheek. Gently, like an autumn leaf glides to the ground, Andre goes down at the scattered cushions. A few minutes later, I can not look away, admiring the delicate features of his face in the flickering candlelight, perfect figure, tightened in a light shirt and jeans. My hand gently touches his silky hair, while the other hand on the chest and froze keenly listens to beats of the heart has long been loved by me. Finally, throwing unruly lock of hair, I gently touch her lips to his forehead and freezes, not believing in the reality of the situation. My lips slowly kissing his face, trying not to miss a single millimeter of this velvety and warm, like a just plucked peach skin. Eyebrows. Whiskey. Cheeks. Chin. Frozen for a moment, how to jump into the water, I immerse myself in the tenderness of his mouth heady, I feel their awe, their heat, their moisture. My tongue gently decompresses white teeth and gets into his mouth, meets with his silken tongue, fondles it, leaves, returns again and again. How long do I have to wait for that kiss. It is sweeter than it seems now not find the strength to break away from this intoxicating bud.
Poor Andre, my little boy, he could not open his eyes, could not believe that all this is happening with him. His hands lay motionless on the bed, and only the nose tremors felt by my hand under his shirt, but shortness of breath, caressing my face, show that he was not asleep. My hand gently unbutton and casts a light cloth, exposing beautiful youthful chest rose and fell. Muscular torso. The fingertips in an instant easily run over his body, feeling for him nipples, belly firmness and narrow strip of soft hair, leading to more closed to me the depth of his body. My lips touch the delicate skin of his shoulder and down below, caressing his chest, dig into the nipple, tongue caresses their hot surface and causing a hoarse sigh from his chest. My hand wraps around his bent leg, guessing at the rough cloth of the ancient perfection of the body. The sound seemed to unzip silence of the night thunder.
- Valera!
Oh my God! What did he say? What to say? How to convince not stop this passion, already swamped me with his head.
- Yes?
Foolish or wise answer he breaks from my lips. It is useless to look for other words. If he can, let him find them. Minute. II. It seems an eternity.
- Nothing.
Thank you, my boy! Rubicon has been crossed, and no turning back. His jeans and smelting fly into the nearest chair.
- Andre! - I extend my hand to him, and my heart was beating is now in the palm, making her shiver.
He silently and without looking in my face, takes my hand and leaning on it sits on my lap, bashfully bending his legs and pulling her knees to her chin. I embrace his beloved, to bury his hair fresh, whole sweet face is gently pressed against my shoulder.
* * *
Light ray of light, playfully broke through the curtain, fun jumping over the walls, filling the room with joy and happiness. I'm afraid to move, not to accidentally break the unity of our embrace. Andre cozy sniffs, her nose buried in my collarbone, and still does not know that the window is already raging May morning. The morning of our new life.
Kharkov 1994
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Olga worked at the school for several years. She was only 27, she taught computer science and has been married for about a year. Olga did not like to talk with the students, but for some reason today she decided to go with Bones. Kostya said that through the courts will be faster. As they passed one door, out came two inflated and high guy and approached them. One name was Maximus, in appearance he was 30 years old, the other about 19. Second Femme Nikita. The boys went to Olga and bones, was asked to smoke. When Olga said she did not smoke, Nikita and Maxim grabbed her, but she began to resist, then Kostya hit her on the head, Olga fainted. She woke up in the bedroom, in an hour, not even tied! Then came three boy and jumped on a young woman and tied her pre-stripped. Olga asked his disciple:
- Kostya, for what? Why are you doing this to me?
He did not answer. Max took off his trousers and underpants, he was great. Olya looked with horror at him and softly whispered:
- Neeeeeet! Pozhaaluysta not naaaadooo! Let me go, I will not tell anyone!
But no one was going to let her at least alive. Maxim began to rape her first. She felt his cock deliberately slowly penetrates her vagina. Her bosom was narrow, but not too much. Even when Max had already entered her, Olga did not stop resisting. When he came out of it, the young woman had finished and just cried and whispered:
- No! No! Neeeeeet! - As if it could still save her.
Abusers began shamelessly groping her wherever they wanted. Then, Nikita opened her mouth and put it in the spacer and thrust his penis. The man fucked her in the mouth, spitted on a member of the ears. After 5 minutes, he began to finish. The flow of warm jet of sperm hit in the throat, the woman slightly choked, but swallowed because rapist did not give spit out the precious seed. Kostya did not fuck her in the day. The next morning, the boys are back and Olga moved to another room. They asked:
- You fucked in the ass?
- No, - said Olga aspirated.
- Well, I'll fix it! - Kostya said.
He approached her, slowly parted the buttocks and sharply, with all his thrust his spear into her delicious ass. Olga cried:
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Booolno, no!
When to fuck her in the ass I wanted to Maxim, she twisted, yanked his cock and ran to the door, but it was closed. Nikita caught up with her, began to beat and said:
- You will answer for this, you bitch!
- No, I did not want to! This will not happen again!
But the girl dragged in a specially equipped room. There they hung it on the hook in the ceiling, his feet tied to a stick, so it does not brought them together. Under her framed metal member (7 cm in diameter!) And began to lower. When she put on a dildo, Olenka thought that he will break it, but it did not happen, and Maxim began to rape her in the ass with the help of the tip with thorns. Olya brutalized by pain. Then they wrapped the cloth hook soaked in alcohol and oil, and planted the anus women on it. Olga screamed, writhed, trying to withdraw from it. When the torture was over, Olga could only curl up, but they did not break it. She had heard that Kostya and Max all night arguing about something. Kostya won the argument, and it was released. She recovered and lived as before.
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