I'll start with the fact that I was married for five years, and everything seems to be normal sex, we generally just ATAS, everything is super duper. I never thought that could be even better !!!! I'll tell you a story: it happened recently. My husband and I went to rest abroad, staying in one of the most prestigious hotels on the beach. we went with the children (we have two children, a girl and a boy). Naturally they needed a babysitter while we go shopping and fun in the nightclubs.
The hotel offered us the services of paid nurses and we will be happy to use it. One evening we wanted to have dinner together and we asked our nanny to stay with the children, she gladly agreed and we with peace of mind went to a restaurant, returning to the room in pretty high spirits and of course by degrees, have decided to drink a bottle of champagne in the hotel. Without any ulterior motives nurse offered to drink it with us. The girl she was a young good-looking, brown-haired woman with a good butt. In appearance she could give 25 years.
While drinking, we learned that she was a former prostitute who enlisted in Russia and sent to Turkey to work in human beings. Coming into disrepair as it said it was released, and a grateful host also gave it to the hotel handyman. One bottle has not done, taking the vodka and then she came up to me and kissed me on the lips. I did not resist, and my husband opened his mouth in shock. Frankly, I've always wanted to try the taste of a woman.
The children were sleeping in the room and in the living room we have arranged an orgy. Without hesitation after our kiss she knelt in front of me spread my legs, pushed a coward, fairly soaked and started to lick my pizdenku. Her husband began to fumble in his pants and stroking his penis, which grew in front of. I asked her to undress and followed her example, and then we had stripped my husband. Having laid it on the table, I got a job at her pussy and began to lick so much so, as if I had been doing it all his life. My Hubby got over her head and just shoved his cock in her mouth. Further more…
Putting her cancer the only man in our triangle, started to tear up her ass, I also carefully monitor this. He then vpendyurival his dick in her ass then my mouth. I dutifully sucked his cock, and then taken to lick her anus, and even plyuvat there, oh how it excites me. Without thinking we on our lovely nanny took position 69 and started to please each other, fingered the clitoris tongues spitting in sweet cunt thrust tabs as deep as possible. My husband got a job in zade and I climbed into my pussy. So now it is darkness, not only to me but to lick and suck the penis of our men.
The living room was comfortable sofa, I with our mistress sat on it for convenient and splayed legs waiting when my husband starts to turn us vylizavat pussy. Bleeding sweet juice nasheh pizdenok and even saliva husband, we both got cancer. He began to fuck us in the ass if I fucked his ass in hand climbed our girlfriend, and vice versa. However, he said that we have now a whore he otebet. I was already almost to the limit, when we began to suck dick. But the nurse offered an unusual posture for a man to get cancer.
As the experience of her rich husband to fix, I went to the honey of his legs and began to suck his dick and she got up from behind and began to lick his anus. my husband just fainted from the pleasure, then we swapped. yes it is gorgeous when did not think that the man's anus can be so sweet. Then my husband lay on the bed, she climbed on him and began to fast movements. I got a job enabling him to kiss my pussy on the face of her husband. Suddenly I hear: - "for ssy in my mouth"
- "You pervert," I replied her husband but then granted his request. At this time our friend has finished. Then I lay down on the bed, her husband entered me so with such force that I cried as much, and the nurse climbed on me and I like submissive maid licking her pussy and my faithful nose in her ass poked his reed in her back hole. In general, I finished after 10 minutes in the current status. it remains the case for her husband. He sat down and we humbly kneeling took turns sucking, as far as possible by pushing this wild trunk in his mouth.
"I want you to have pissed," said the nurse, and the hot stream ran down my face and her getting into the mouth. I began to lick the droplets of urine from his testicles and tongue nanny worked hard with his head. "Yes yes yes," even let my bitch, let these words from our sweet flowed sperm head, she licked it all, kicked a mouthful and began to kiss me, giving me too enjoy this nectar. For five minutes we sat in silence, and then she dressed quickly and left. We are even not say a word. And the next day we again caused her to sit with the children but that's another story.
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From the life of a trainee

As I study at pedagogical university, in the summer, I had the experience in the camps. I really did not want to go there, but I had to. And on July 8, I went to Trepovku. I in 1998 there otydhal, and I was familiar with this area. After 9 years I was in the same camp Gagarin. As soon as I came back, I immediately head loomed vosspominaniya. But today I am leader.
I've already imagined how I would keep an eye on the kids. I was given a second party. These children are 14 years old. With me were counselors Kate - a girl from another teacher's college. We met. She was 20 years old. She immediately liked me. She had long blond volossy. A slim body. We were told our commitment to the planning meeting. I came change. We met. Children were normal.
Together we organized concerts of amateur ... And when you're falling asleep at ten o'clock, we were going to the counselors at the fire in the forest and told scary stories. We had fun. Student Igor, who was a counselor of the 4th Detachment, was a master of horror stories. And in the evening, after putting little morons to sleep, we met four of the forest. I, Kate, Nadia and Igor - Igor workmate. Igor has got a story about a maniac pervert. We listened. Suddenly, the bushes moved. Katya was frightened and clung to me. I felt her warmth. Inside pleasant tremor passed. I wanted uzhassno Katya. But I zderzhal rush. Out of the bushes came a dog. We laughed. Igor continued his story. But Nadia said that she had a stomach ache. Igor took her to the clinic.
But Katya wanted to put out a fire, but Kate said she likes to look at the fire. We have sat by the fire. I picked up a guitar and began to sing a sad song. And then I saw that Kate was crying.
- What happened to you?
- This song reminded me of my childhood.
I became vyterat her tears and kissed her. She responded to my kiss. We lyagla on the bedspread. I started to pull her white T-shirt. I saw her breasts. They were large and stood upright. I kissed them. And the tongue held over her nipples. They swelled. I took off her shorts and thin red panties. I saw her shaved pubis. He was Gorny.
- Do you like? - Asked Kate
- Yes. He's great, - I said and went to his tongue.
She spread her legs to the side, and I lips touched her clitoris. She trembled, and I was even more zarobotat mouth. She began to pant with excitement. Then I took off my shirt. Kate started to kiss my nipples. It was nice. Even more!!! I knelt down. Katia took off my shorts and I saw my standing member, who was staring at her. She gently took it and I start to masturbate him. She was nice, too. I took a member and began to lead him on the cheek Katie. She understood what I want.
- I have never made a blowjob, but I could see in porn.
- Maybe you try?
She touched her tongue to the head. I sighed. She was not a virgin, but I thought that it was so. This excited me even more. Kate opened her mouth, and I put his penis deeper. She began to actively suck. I squeezed her juicy, plump boobs. After the blowjob I went, Kate sat down on the cock and jumped on it. Then we lyagla on its side. I lifted her leg and into her from the side. I quickened my pace. We both groaned heavily, forgetting that camp next to us. I was on the limit, but decided not immediately stop. We got up. Katya came to the pine tree and grabbed her hands, slightly bent and legs apart at shoulder width. I came up from behind and hugged her around the waist and forcefully entered member. A couple of bumps and I splashed her thighs sperm. She slowly dripped from the hips on a slender stalk. It was a gorgeous night!
everything was as usual a couple of days. But there was a one story. It was at a disco. All we danced. But I have noticed that not enough pairs devchenok. I started to look for them. they were not in the housing. I went into an empty club, which usually pokazyvli cinema. It was dark and it seemed empty. I was about to leave when he heard the words. " More Light yet". I quietly went to the door. It was dark. I heard moaning. I abruptly opened the door and turned on the light and saw this picture. Julia was sitting naked on a table, and Light sat on his haunches and licked her. The girls were frightened me.
- What it is? - I began
- Stanislav, how did you find us?
- I obbegat whole camp. And here you whore. What to do with you?
Julia Sveta dragged me into his office. They took off his pants and began to fondle my "gun". She got up and mgnvenno Light zaglatila it. And Julia licked World. I enjoyed the blowjob. They are sexy and obscene. But they will not get a blow job! I put them on their hands and knees and inserted in the queue. That one, then another. They groaned.
- Quiet! We can see - I went to them and said.
They lyagla on the table. I pulled up the leg of Julia and fucked them further. Light tselvala her breasts. I took out a member and began to lower them in the mouth. They both drained it.
- Now go to sleep. Tomorrow I will talk to you on the topic "For sex you are still small".
- Well, Stanislav.
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Family Secrets my friend

It was Saturday morning and I drove up to the house of his friend. Billy has not only got a new car at the end of the school but also credit card Trans American with a decent amount. We had plans for the stereo in his car to pump it to the fullest.
We became friends when I went to his school and studied in middle school. Billy's parents were rich, he always flung money, my friends and I were not so rich, but we had everything we need. I was a little unsure of himself, and modest, and Billy bold and a bit cheeky. These different but we became best friends.
I climbed the stairs a little before eight, and cried, knowing that Billy is now descend. For Billy built his own apartment above the garage of his ancestors. Actually garage - is an understatement, more hangar for four cars. Billy's father, too, was cool, he is interested in cars, and we were confident that he will help us with our car.
- "What do you think? is a pair of huge subwoofer in the trunk?" I asked as we sat in the dining room.
- "I do not know, Chad. It will be difficult to establish their own right and connect, I think even if it is done in some sort of workshop."
- "It will be expensive," I said.
- "I have a feeling that I can persuade my mother to pay for all this," he replied, with a grin that hid more than he was saying.
I'm used to this grin as part of Billy. It had appeared a few months ago, with a light that inner change that from me as a best friend, was not lost. He melts with his girlfriend, and now if you met someone, then irregularly. He also stopped somewhere to go for the weekend as we used to do with him. I suggested that I become too intrusive, but Billy assured me that everything is all right, I'm his best friend.
We are still talking about his new car when his mother came in. At forty she looked amazing, and made the men turn around after him, including me. She was blonde, straight hair to her shoulders. Her body ... God .... her body ... His parents have a mini gym in one of the rooms of the house. and I'm sure Mrs. Stevens spends a large part of the time. She is slim and trim, with beautiful legs, large buttocks very appetizing form, and her very large breasts. I myself call them milking, elastic fleshy in appearance, they looked like pornomodeli. Sometimes I even specifically climbs out of the water because of her boobs when we swam with Billy in his pool and she came to us in a bathing suit and sat down beside him.
- "Billy?" she called, stepping into the dining room. "Oh, hi, Chad! I did not know you were here."
- "Hello, Mrs. Stevens! I just came to help Billy with the machine."
I think that was what I said. I never remember what he said when she was there. She was wearing a white T-shirt barely covering her buttocks, and because the elastic twitched her breasts on a thin cloth as she walked, I realized that she was no bra. She was holding a basket of linen, apparently intending to throw everything in the wash.
- "Billy, do not you know that your father played golf this morning?" she asked.
- "Sorry, Mom, I forgot. Give me a minute and I'll go up." he told her.
Mrs. Stevens did not look irritated or angry. But I suddenly realized that my presence is not desirable when it came out. My suspicions were confirmed, Billy told me that I better come back later, somewhere after 11. He promised to help her mother with a surprise for dad. No problem I thought, and went to his car.
I almost came to his car, when he remembered that he had forgotten Billy car keys on the table. I turned around and went back. I did not want to disturb Billy from such trifles, and to call him, I thought I just go up to his room, take the keys and walk away.
I passed the living room, and I heard the voice of Billy in his bedroom. I was going to tell him to be back for the keys, and I'll see you later, but what I saw and heard when approached the open door of his room made me freeze in place.
Mrs. Stevens was on all fours, completely naked. Billy was also naked. However, he was standing. He stood with his cock in the mouth of his mother.
- "That's right, damn. Suck my dick. I did not finish since the fuck you in the ass two nights ago." said Billy.
He stood sideways to me and I was perfectly visible, as his mother works her mouth on his penis, her head rose and fell evenly, her eyes were closed. Mrs. Stevens Billy kept his head and he asked him to beat the most pleasant. He just fucked your mother in the mouth. I thought that I should get out of here immediately clear, and I turned to leave, when suddenly Mrs. Stevens opened her eyes. She looked up at Billy, then she saw me.
Despite the hand of Billy held her head, she stopped sucking. Billy looked at his mother, to understand what was happening. Seeing that her mother looks behind him, he turned and saw me. He took a step back, taking out a member of the mouth of his mother, a member of the thick thread of saliva ran.
- "I knew that sooner or later you will learn" he said with his grin. passed into a wide smile.
Mrs. Stevens was still on her knees, it was obvious that she was very embarrassed by the fact that I caught them, because she lowered her head.
- "A couple of months ago, I happened to see that it corresponds with the guys on the Internet. After reading her letters, I learned that basically, talking about sex, they play in role-playing games, such as it is their mother. Well, you know how many perverts in interente, and which are fantasy." He smiled.
- "Correspondence was very hot. I also started to anonymously communicate with her. After a couple of weeks, it accumulated enough of compromising. So I decided to blackmail her, that everything his father tell if it will not do what I want. All that I want." He laughed again.
- "She washed-whore. And he has agreed to everything without even blackmail. So in fact, damn?"
- "Yes, sir." Mrs. Stevens raised her head and looked at Billy.
- "Well, how about I take care of my best friend?" Billy asked his mother.
- "If that's what you want me to do." she said.
- "That's it. Crawl to Chad and see how it looks your new toy."
Mrs. Stevens crawled toward me across the room. When she crawled over to me, she got up on her knees, her eyes were on the level of my fly, which has already grown a decent hill. I was a little embarrassed by the situation, but was not going to stop. I was not a virgin, but was far from experienced. Only in my wildest fantasies I jerked off, imagining Mrs. Stevens in a subordinate position.
She caressed me through the jeans, then slowly unbuttoned and took off my jeans. I even thought I felt her hot breath, I was already full, and the head of the penis got out from under the gum cowards. Mrs. Stevens lowered my pants down. And now I was sure that I feel her hot breath.
- "Mmmm ..." she moaned.
- "Is there something wrong?" I asked.
Mrs. Stevens was holding my cock in his hand, and nadrachivat slowly.
- "Lord, Chad. What are you big!" she said.
- "True?"I was not sure. At the other guys I did not see members only in porn films, so I believed that I had a normal size.
- "What is it the length?" she asked.
- "I dont know."
- "Billy, honey, give me some line. I want to know exactly what it is size."
Billy left, and came back with a line that stretched to his mother. I, in turn, thought that Billy smaller than me, but thick. Mrs. Stevens, a couple of times vzdrochnul my cock and put a ruler.
- "Oo-oh ... a little more than 20 centimeters." she said, before you look at me. If I knew he was at you such, I would ask Billy to let me seduce you."
These were the last words she said before ... her lips wrapped around my cock. She slowly sucked my cock, taking out of his mouth carefully licked the trunk and head. With one hand, she hugged me, patted the second egg. Sometimes it would take them into his mouth.
- "She likes to suck, dude." Billy told me. " Take her by the head, so shove on the tonsils, let's see how she can swallow."
I am happy to follow his advice and took Mrs. Stevens and her head. She moaned. Billy who all this time stood, raised his ass mother, and began to get a job behind. According to the movement of the mouth of Mrs. Stevens, I realized that he entered her. Billy moved his body vigorously, fucking his mother.
- "Damn, like two dick feel?" he asked his mother, weighing the slaps on the buttocks.
All she could do so only mumble because I firmly holding her head spitted her hot mouth on his penis. Roth experienced adult women, it is a real bliss. I felt that the sperm boiling in my eggs.
- "Billy, can I cum in her mouth?" I asked.
- "Of course, man. This whore loves when she end up in the mouth."
I felt how hard Billy fucks his mother, his tremors. Every time he bumped hips with a slap on her buttocks, my cock penetrated deeper into her throat. We moved almost simultaneously. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then, I do not know what came over me, maybe I thought my fantasies about Mrs. Stevens. But at that moment, I became a good girl from a not very nice guy .... once matured.
- "Come on, bitch. Suck my dick. Play with my balls and suck all the sperm of them. I am right now, finish it in your fucking throat and on your ebannoe face. Suck, damn!" I said to ecstasy.
Billy began to move more vigorously. We see it aroused my words. He put his hand under his mother's breast and began to twist her nipple. I leaned over and took the second breast. Her boobs were really super. Elastic feel.
Billy switched on the ass of his mother, he squeezed her buttocks slapped on them. The next thing he said to me literally blown off the tower.
- "Suck dick of my friend, fucking whore. Suck good, and maybe I'll let him fuck your goddamned ass." he continued matzo her ass shoved his thumb between her lush buttocks. "Suck like a real huesoska, or I'll never let you see his dick again. I know that you want it, bitch. You want his cum in her mouth and fucking on their huge tits, pussy?"
I could not stand it and began to finish. The orgasm was so strong that even the egg room. It was a thrill. Mrs. Stevens swallowed a couple of jets of sperm, the rest dodrochila currently face.
I still held her chest and squeezed the nipple. Billy started again to move the body.
- "Turn your head," he said to his mother, "I want to see."
She turned and smiled, showing his obkonchany mouth, lips and whole face covered with my cum.
- "Blyaya .. finish." he said, twitching. Mrs. Stevens moaned and began podmahivat son. I realized that she too ends .. along with his son. Ends, and her face covered with my cum and pussy filled with sperm son. And damn did she. I sat on the bed ... A few minutes later I was joined by Billy. Mrs. Stevens was sitting on the floor, breathing heavily.
- "Dude, I did not think that you're so ¸bar." he said to me. " I am sure, and my mother, too, very much. How about to spend the next weekend in the same bedroom? My father is going to leave the city."
I looked at Mrs. Stevens sitting on the floor. She looked at me and nodded slowly. I sat in front of Mrs. Stevens on the edge of the bed, examined her breasts, thighs, a thin strip of pubic hair. For me, it was no longer Mrs. Stevens. It was a piece of meat, to quench my youthful fantasies spermososkoy and whore.
- "It sounds great. And how much your father back today?" I asked, just appeared in my new lascivious grin.
To be continued if there is hope: [email protected]
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Rape whole barracks

One day, returning home with robots, I decided to walk, stroll, refreshed. It does not go so far as it seems. In general, walking in front of a military unit, began to pester me four soldiers. Naturally, I dumped them, but on the street it was already evening, and cook just at the moment is not who was not there, so the soldiers decided to use their only chance, and took me by force. And led to a military unit in the barracks. no one else was not in the barracks.
They tied my hands to the bed, but not as much as you have presented, my feet were on the floor, his hands tied behind his bunk, and I spiral stomach in bed. While the soldiers were looking for a rope, + and do not know why, but I put in the mouth gag that would not have screamed, I guess. I was excited order that I want it all, and so are rough, after the first touch, I was all mokrenkaya. When they saw it, once the first set to work, going to sleep rough compliments, which I class slut. When I have every raped, I do not know 2 times, how many times I had finished, and the forces have almost was not.
They untied me, and laid on the bed, and went away. 20 minutes later, the barracks includes about 10 people. But I would have anyway, because I enjoyed it very much. At first I was put on the floor, as it were planted on the member that I jumped, but after 15 seconds, when the pussy move full member, the second tried to enter in the ass, slowly but surely, soon I already fucked from behind right 2 member. My lustful mouth, too, have left without attention, and brought the two beautiful member that I take turns sucking and wanker. That evening, I swallowed the sperm that Coke drank less.
Well, it's a fantasy. I have many times had group sex, but it's the best of my lustful fantasies that I would be happy somewhere embodied, that would be in the city of my did not recognize, and I really like being rude, sweet violence, very often ask, what would I They tied up and brutally fucked.
Please do not write me on mail your film if you do not like it, do not hammer me a place in my drawer.
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Meeting classmates

Lenka I was very fond of, because when she offered to go to meet her classmates meekly agreed. The meeting was banal, and remember all sorts of tricks and stories, and when someone suggested to go to his house and a drink, we accepted the invitation.
In the apartment we were only four of us - we Lenka, another guy and the girl, who was alone. Quickly erecting the table from what it was in the fridge, we started razveseleniyu cognac and champagne.
It was good fun, Lenka properly loaded, but the guy did not lag behind. I held on, and the girl somehow without being drunk. At some point, the guy really be drunk, he looked at Lenka dull eyes and muttered that she promised to give him in the tenth grade, but never gave.
- You end is short! - Lena laughed, raised his hand, bringing the thumb and index finger, showing the size. The girl giggled and hid a smile arms
- This I have something small? - Outraged man and without thinking twice, stood up, unbuttoning his pants. He swayed, and he, now and then, clutching the edge of the table. Girls heartily cackled.
- Well, come on, come on, show me your morel.
The guy finally coped with his pants, dropped them. Then, after some thought, I pulled the pants and took off with his pants down. He looked at us, kicked, driving ammunition under the table.
- Oh! - Lenka applauded. - Well, I'm sorry, not morel! - She laughed and looked at me, put his hand on my knee. - I'm kidding, do not be afraid.
Man, as he was without his pants and sat down. We continued a drink, ignoring the spicy kind of our companion. Lenka fun, without ceasing, joking, sometimes podkalyvaya besportochnogo boy, but he did not respond, sat silently looking out from under the eyebrows.
At some point, he stood up and, shaking somehow embarked member, admonished, referring to my Helen.
- You promised to give me! I promise! - He came out from behind the desk and went to my wife, She burst into ringing laughter. The guy grabbed her and knocked over his chair to the bed, standing behind. Throwing a chair, he pulled Helen dress. It crashed subjects, revealing our eyes Lenkina wonderful breasts. My heart skipped a beat and dropped his pants pleasant languor. The idea is that I had to immediately fill his face and lead to feelings of drunken wife, who could not stop laughing. But I was like paralyzed and silently watched.
Meanwhile, the man pulled down her panties, Lena began to kick, but fairly quickly on the bed naked Lenka was alone and no clothes, only sandals on his feet. The girl then looked at Lenka laughing, then at me. Her eyes widened. She was obviously in shock and did not understand why this is happening, and why I do not interfere. I was also bewitched incredible feeling. His heart was pounding. I no amount of money would not have stopped the action unfolds. Just was not jealousy. At that moment, I loved Lenka even more, and the only thing I wanted him to vdul her, and she received the maximum pleasure.
- Bear! Your wife undressed! Look, I'm naked! - She giggled. - Do something, otherwise I have now ... to me now ... you know what! - She burst into laughter, bent at the knees feet otbrykivayas them from the guy. Smooth hole it was poured, sponges already turned out. On a light blanket wet spot of grease. With me it has never happened. I had it a long and wet with saliva uglazhivat crack before it was possible to enter the penis.
The guy threw up his arms legs, took off their sandals and sat down on his knees started forward, aiming Lenka member in the crotch. The girl is in the same as me, speechless.
- Bear! - I laughed Lenka naked, banging his heels on his shoulders Man. - I doubt, of course, but he seems to me now I will stick to my pod! Protect me! I'm naked, so helpless. My kisunya not be able to resist the pressure. See it all in tears!
But the end of the spoke holes thirsty, wet sponge and gently wrapped around the head. Pressing his hips, champing lubricant member easily slipped into my wife, who immediately fell silent and leaned toward creeping into her "morel". My God! I tried to realize what is happening - fuck my wife and I watch and do nothing! The girl gasped and stared at me. I quietly finished right in the pants, and the pair gained momentum, moaning and groaning.
Despite the fact that I finished, not the end of the opal and the excitement is lost. I quickly took off his clothes and approached already orgazmiruet wife. She grabbed my hand wet end. She grabbed much as all her attention down there. The girl quickly walked away, and the guy poured. He pours in Lenk. His body wanted one thing - to pour semen into the uterus. He hit her, eggs splashed loudly about Lenka ass. Lenka shaking. Her orgasm was endless. Finally, they relaxed limp. The guy is not looking at me, and went off into the bowels of the apartment, and Lenka lay there with his eyes closed.
After a pause, Lena, as if nothing had happened, got up, swaying, pulled the remains of the dress.
- Let's go home, honey. - She said, smacking me in the nose. - Good meeting turned. Are you happy?
I said nothing.
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On the way to becoming a woman. Natasha at a party.

On the way to becoming a woman. Natasha at a party.
A little time has passed since that magical time when I was not only a spectator, but a participant and f n t a s t h e and with a otal action entitled "An intimate world of women." In a short time, our friendship with Natasha became even closer, but ... nothing more than friendship. And it was even more surprising to me and, I think, for you, remembering our "relationship" in the women's bath.
I did not shoot women's clothing, not the top or bottom. We chose a new girlfriend dresses, bras, cosmetics, went to the women's fashion show and other events, so beloved by women. Once we went together to the reception to the gynecologist. Of course, I was (I want to screw up, "sat") next to the woman waiting queue. Ah, if they knew about t h packed under thin panties as a district of the neighborhood brought with them, talking about the upcoming inspection! ..
Some were shooting at me panties and shoved them into bags and backpacks. When opens the office door, I saw a woman stretching full legs on the gynecological chair and a young doctor, a printed list to open the vagina.
In the bus, close to each other, we looked at women's magazines. But most exciting for both of us (or both?) Was a joint viewing porn. It was Natasha's house. We were lying under a blanket on a wide, comfortable bed and watched a movie recorded on a disc on a DVD.
In film "Favorite" particularly impressive scenes of how each main
heroine invited her to a swingers club, where frank trachoma engaged the whole group, while our heroine could not bring himself to join in a collective and sex. But sexual experience brought her to the point that, after returning home, she lay in bed with a young guy who was her either (Lord, have mercy!) Son,
whether the pupil. Earlier this alumnus or (horror!) Son peeping at her while she was in the bathroom and then changed clothes. Paintings quite ingenious sex mature beautiful woman and a young man excited me. Natasha felt my excitement, leaned toward me and kissed me passionately long sweet kiss. My heart nearly stopped from
her affection. She put a pen under my nightgown and stroked a member of the insurgent: "Really I grow up?"- In the eyes of my girlfriend's burning flames -"It is time for surgery, Sasha". Again he followed a long sweet
hickey. Natasha leaned over me, pulled out a breast and put the nipple in my mouth.
A few minutes passed. On the pretty heroine calm excitement voice told her comely girlfriend sex scenes details from the pupil (or son?). A friend, who was sitting opposite in an unbuttoned coat, repeated: "How? Your son? Tom?"
She ran her fingers between her legs and peresprashivaya details masturbated until until huddled in the throes of orgasm. I tried to go to Natasha, but she pushed my hands: "Then, Sasha ... We will have many more opportunities. You want to go with me to the women's beach?" - My blazing vzgdyad was the answer.
Suddenly Natasha pridvinuvshis to me, whispered in his ear, as if someone could hear: "I'll go with you, you can insert, but promise me that you will not move. I want you, Sasha remembered about me all the time"
I nodded my head. She threw off her shirt and lay down on me, gently inserting my cock into himself and pressed his whole body. There was a long deep kiss. It was an unbearable torture sweet caress. Natasha did not let me move. I could feel the blood boil, surrendering warmth around my penis.
To be continued: ahead of a trip to Dubrovnik, to female beach ...
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Leah woke up quite early. Since then, they, together with a friend Alio on rock will fall on the distant planet, three years have passed. It so happened that their pleasure ship was forced to land in the forest on the banks of marvelous pure as crystal lakes.
The planet probably was far from the usual ways of spaceships follow, because in three years spent here, no sign that anyone here flew, it was not.
Now Leah was 22 years old. That she then persuaded his girlfriend to fly together on the famous resort in the universe, to celebrate the end of school. Who could have known that the usual walk on their own transport will not end as we would like? Although, if you look at it from the other side, there was something definitely positive that they were here.
Leah got out of bed and reached for sweet. Glancing at her friend, she saw that Alio was still asleep, sprawled on her bed in a comfortable compartment of the ship. Careful not to wake her friend, Leah went out to the shore of the lake, which they now lived. It was a great pond in the middle of the mighty emerald green forest. During our stay here the girls have not seen signs of life, suggesting that their resting place was completely uninhabited. Of course, it is unlikely this circumstance might be regrettable, rather, on the contrary, it is only happy girlfriends. After all, who would have been nice to live in a dense forest, full of predators?
Sun (no, it certainly was not earth the sun and the star that lit the planet) had just risen over the treetops. Pale pink rays illuminated the smooth surface of the lake, throwing glare, danced here and there on a nearby tree. The morning was warm as ever. Very rarely the temperature is dropped below 37 degrees .. There was not accustomed to earthlings winter, nor the terrible hurricanes.
Gentle breeze caressed the tops of the trees, vysivshihsya at the edges of the clearing, in the middle of a sand bowl in splashing water.
After standing a moment, Leah went to the water. Going into the lake, it's a little splash around in it, and then lay down on the sand at the water's edge. The rising sun cast its rays on it. Droplets of water remaining in the body after bathing, broke hundreds of multicolored sparks a ray-like scattered diamonds.
- Hi, Leah.
The sound of voices made dozed slightly startled girl, and she opened her eyes.
- Oh, Alio! Good morning! Did you wake up yet?
- Oh, and while you slept, I had time to bathe.
Alio, blond girl of the same age, and that Leah was standing beside her. Her body was wet, it just came out of the lake. In the bush of blond hair between her legs glistening whole scattering water droplets diamond.
She sat down beside Leah and began to slowly rub her hands. Leah closed her eyelids, enjoying the gentle touch of a friend. Slowly going through the delicate skin of the fingers Lin hand, Alio walked several times from her shoulder to the fingertips. Leaving her hands, she began to do the same with Leah's legs. Then she got up and, going to one of the nearby trees, tore off some fruit resembling the peach.
Returning to her friend, Alio broke the one of them, and out of his stomach came out of Leah fragrant oil. Alio slowly began to rub his belly girlfriend. A few minutes later, her fingers climbed above the shoulders and chest Leah also glistened with juice fruit unknown.
Meanwhile Alio began to massage her breasts, she lightly touched her fingertips ripped stalk gently touched her nipples, causing them to stiffen, from what they looked like mature, suffused with cherry juice. Leah's breath became more and more restless.
But fingers Alio suddenly defected to the bottom of Lin stomach. The juice of another fruit covered with hairs resulted in the pussy. Skillfully moving the hand, Alio smeared his girlfriend's lips. Then she sat down between Leah's outstretched legs and began kissing glistening pussy juice, gently touching the tongue clitoris. After a few minutes clearing resounded with sweet moan of Leah, which she could not ever tolerate such a sweet flour. Recovering after orgasm, it does not deny myself the pleasure to do the same with my girlfriend.
....It started out normal day to anyone unknown planet, which is only two of its inmates decided to call African ...
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Sex Without Borders

I want to talk about one my novel with a very interesting and sexual man. His name is Dima, 29 years old, short brown hair with unusually beautiful green eyes. My name is Lina, slender 22-year-old girl with long light - brown hair. We met at a company, a friend of mine was working there, I went to her, she introduced me, and with Dimitri. I will never forget as he examined me as his languid eyes half-closed eyes, pleasant manners, courageous body, strong chin, and even Aries zodiac sign - the most fiery and passionate character. Since then, I began to go more often to her friend on the company, not yet hinted to him that I like him and left his phone number.
Even in his youth, I graduated from art school, so I decided to draw on the memory of his portrait and sent it by mail. Dima called, expressed his gratitude for the portrait and offered to meet. There was a heavy downpour, we went through the city, a solid wall of rain nearly drowned out our conversation. Quiet music, I physically feel his warmth, admire the beautiful hands of aristocratic form, I imagined how his delicate fingers caress and penetrate me. We sat in a cafe, then went to his home.
- Lina, you're cool drew my portrait, I would have thought that such a charming girl, also an artist, - he said.
-You've got the perfect facial features, I was very pleased to do so.
Dima filled champagne glasses:
- Let's drink to a pleasant acquaintance, and that this meeting was not the last.
This meeting really was not the last, the night without sleep bewildering sex. Once again, going to it, I was wearing black underwear and black stockings, high-heeled boots, clear beige blouse and a silk scarf.
Dima opened the door, and I immediately rushed to his embrace, inhaling its unique and such an exciting scent that resembles the smell of ripe plums and summer herbs. We drank, Dima has set slow music, and pulled me to him to slow dance, forehead pressed to my forehead.
- Linochka, station striptease for me ....
- But I do not really know how.
- Do you get - he said, and took out a video camera, sat in a chair.
I started to take off her skirt slowly stroking her legs, then took her scarf, reached between his legs and began to drive them on the perineum. Scarf clung to the hairs on my pubis, I took off her blouse, bra and began to pull at her nipples, stroking his neck and shoulders. Then he sat on top Dima, swaying, as though imitating the sexual act. For me only stockings and garters, start rubbing the crotch of his knee, it is a trace of my water on his pants. Scharf bind his hands behind his back and go down to her knees, slowly unbuttoning his trousers. I take his cock in my mouth, abundantly wetting with saliva, my lips tight ring compresses to the head, tongue, first gently, then slide on the bridle-intensive, hand holding the base member, compress it. Dima cheeks ablaze, he throws back his head, unable to contain moans. Before orgasm, I untie his hands, and he cums on my chest.
Dima takes me in his arms and carries on the bed, removes the remnants of my clothes. Take in the largest bowl strawberry, bites off the tip and begins to drive on my lips, all lower in the stomach, my skin is red trail of juice. Conducts berries on my clitoris, solid bones scratch the skin, the juice is mixed with my juice, strawberry scent awakens even more sensuality. After gaining in the mouth of cold champagne and produces my sexual sponges, I feel a slight tingle from the cold goose bumps. Long tantalizing kiss, Dima holds the tip of tongue on my belly kisses the inside of the thighs, the fingers on my legs, sucking his thumb like a little penis. A little bit tickled, his hands pressed ankle and is widely bred my feet.
- Dima, I can not touch me "there"- I moaned.
Finally, his lips are closed on my clitoris, tongue persistently glides across wet cleft, makes circular movements on the anus, two fingers penetrate the vagina. I shudder and moan in this madness, his fingers then accelerate the pace, then stop. Suddenly he puts a wet finger in my anus, I cry out by unusual sensations. One hand caresses clitoris, the other - stimulating the anus, while I am not finished. Then he enters me, I entwine his hips down, as far as possible to absorb it into himself and begins a mad jump. I close my eyes from the unbearable pleasure, biting her lip, our bodies are covered with perspiration, Dima's hot breath, his unusually quiet moaning inflame. His lips such juicy and tart drunk from champagne, I want to taste it and smell stayed on my skin, as long as possible. After orgasm, while in istomnom state, I feel like his semen dripping down my thighs.
- Sweetheart, you're such a sweetie ass, I want you, - a hoarse voice, he said.
- But I have never tried "there".
- Do not cheat, there was something, I see it in your eyes.
- Once I was alone at home, and, after reading pornography, she took a candle, lit it, to melt the wax and make the edges smoother, caused more Vaseline and put in the ass to the end. The candle is solid, it was very painful, I do not like this sodomy.
- Do the same with me, I want to see - Dima takes out a dildo and a box table stretches me.
- I do not want it thicker, imagine what would be done to you.
- I can imagine, and even want it ...
I take the pillow and throw in the middle of the bed.
- Lie down on his stomach on a pillow - I commanded.
Dima performs my order, I sit down on top of him, his hands stroked his broad back, buttocks, massaging each muscle. I widely Spreading its halves, tongue lick his tender hole, pushing the tip of a finger. Liberally grease the dildo Vaseline and gently insert it in the ass, I not quick start the movement, remove the almost to the end and insert the power again. His hands compress sheet from stress and pain loud moans fill the room. I'm very excited so that if there were another vibrator, I would put it in yourself. His cry brings me to my senses, I think I made too sharp, deep tremors, not controlling themselves. I pull the dildo from his anus and she exhausted fall next. I know how sensitive Dima, I never even scratching his back, afraid to hurt, and then crossed the line. I took his hand, kissing each finger and wrist, he said quietly:
- Dima, sorry, I probably overdo it. I very love you. If you want, do the same with me.
- All right, I myself like this. I will do, but not today.
- What can I do to make amends?
- There is now forces you to punish. I want you to put on the handcuffs, bite and brutally raped in all holes. But you're so soft and fragile, with the snow-white skin, you can only be nurtured as a porcelain doll. Do not let any man do to you what you do not want, you deserve the best, - smiled, he said.
- It was unforgettable, you're the best man in the world, you have opened itself to me, embodies all my fantasies, I adore you.
This ideal relationship ended after a year and a half, but I can never forget him and always will believe that fate will bring us back.
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Signature and put dososi

the working day was close to dinner when in the office, after knocking on the door and a little pause, a young man with some documents and a charming smile on his face. "What pleased this?" - Olga thought, was going to, in fact, to leave. It was necessary to look more birthday gift former classmate, but she has not yet had even thought that she may wish to 35-th anniversary.
- Good afternoon. - She said aloud, does not, however, indicate that the day is good at least to some extent.
The guy a little embarrassed distaste, handed documents.
-Here. Hello. It is necessary to put the seal. It's kind of fast ... - he said, and glanced at his own shoes. But not for long. The woman took the paper, began to browse, sharply turning the pages. She sat half-turned to the young man, leaning back in his chair and crossed his legs. On the legs, he was not slow to translate the look with shoes is already overexposed and carpeting, and realized that they were caused by the thought is not about a new job and need to quickly finish the design on it. Thoughts are like that, to hold his hand on the inside of the thigh under her skirt. Then stretch your fingers to the moistening panties and two fingers to massage lips sex. Later...
Then he heard a click and print time stopped to stare. At the time, and even very much, because the time to see the direction of gaze of Olga - a moment later she had finished his inspection clearly outlined under the pants member move into the firing state for a few seconds. But the guy had enough and this moment - now it very carefully and stared directly into her eyes.
-Something is wrong? . . - She asked calmly.
-Yes, perhaps ... - I handed back and he walked slowly along the cabinet, avoiding her desk and continued to stare at her.
-I have to go, here are your documents. are women pulled a piece of paper to the edge of the table. At the same time it is slightly leaned forward, demonstrating a high chest of lace blouse.
-You forgot to put a signature here. - The guy was already at the edge of the table with her hand, abruptly pulled the documents back. - Bitch. - He added, and enjoyed watching the reaction. - Past the paper I looked, huh? Do you want me then come and you have washed off, the creature?
Olga could not believe what he hears is here in my office! Her face turned pink, her eyes sparkled, that did not escape the notice of standing beside her Man. She slowly reached for the zipper on his trousers.
-Dura chtoli really ?! - He shouted and walked away from the table sharply. Then he pointed to the door and said: - Maybe you close?
Olga jumped up from his chair, knocking his heels walked up to the front door and quickly poverula lock twice. Then he turned and looked expectantly.
-Forward. - He said, leaning against the edge of the table.
A woman came up to him, threw her not too long hair from her forehead sitting in the chair, while she had to unbutton his pants and belt. Trousers easily went down, Olga hesitated cock through tight black pants, then pulled them too. In her hand she turned out to be a full-fledged bolt 9 inches long, barely covered with palm at the base of it. She looked at the guy from the bottom up and scooted closer. Sit in a chair and sucking will be uncomfortable, so she thought how would contrive, with podrachivala throughout. Thinking could not last long.
-You jerk me going? - With these words the man took her by the neck, pulled his head, sending a member of the hand, shoved it into his mouth tried to free the woman. Now, in her mouth she was head and she licked her, sucked in all directions, until his hand on the back of the head is not pushed it forward strongly that a member has entered into the throat. Breathing became impossible, he began to squirm and struggled, trying to push back.
-Bite off more fucking ... - women exists, he released her head and she abruptly moved back. She often dyshaly, restoring breathing. But the guy apparently did not care about all this, he put her in a chair on his back, until the end off his pants, got to his knees on the seat, again stuffed the end into her mouth. Now he shoved his nearly full depth, take out, shoved back, while Olga stroked his balls with one hand while the other, more precisely, only two fingers to the beat of her movements wanker base member is not part of it into his mouth.
When she again lost the ability to breathe because of the penis in the throat, she took lightly with your fingers to gently podtochennaya, gorgeous nails buttocks of a maniac, but he continued. Then she took a strong, just glared at her, but he just growled, made the last few sudden movements and jet of sperm hit her in the throat. Only after that he took a member of her mouth. Olga coughed.
This guy does not finish the thought. He reached for her blouse, ran it under her bra through the first recess, squeezed his chest, then unbuttoned and pulled off the woman's blouse, lifted Olu chair. Then he dropped to his knees, ran his hand under her skirt. There, he is not thinking long summed up his hand to his crotch, the moisture which has long been leaked through the underwear. With both hands, he pulled with Olga panties, stockings while remaining in place.
She sat back in his chair and put his feet on the high armrests.
-Otlizyvat I will not love you, do not count. Fuck it is necessary to me. - With these words the man took her by the hand, and lifted the chair and put the cancer around the table, so that she rested her elbows on the surface and spread her legs. He came up from behind and pulled up her skirt.
After that, he put his fingers on her clit and began to rotate nebystro palm. Olga moaned. He began to pull at the clitoris middle finger from top to bottom, and then very quickly in a circular motion so that the woman is almost finished, and removed his hand from her pussy.
-On lick. - He handed her a wet hand, Olga grabbed her hand and began to lick his fingers in that moment, he plunged the cock in her. Just taking a quick pace, he began to fuck her, every moment everything sharper and sharper. Forgetting about his fingers, the woman is focusing on how to stay on the table and did not scream too much. She came almost from the moment the member entered her already sprawled on a table, documents lying there for a long time lying on the floor. A man bored her from behind, filling all of its internal space and stretching the vagina. However, his pubis slapped her on the ass, and his fingers badly squeezed the buttocks, bringing with it some pain.
-Stronger! - I could not stand it. - Stronger fuck boy!
-What I'll fucking boy! - He lifted it from the table by the hair, and now she was screaming in pain. He took his chest and began to knead and squeeze strongly, holding her hair. Now it is a completely overtaken by orgasm, she ceased to control myself, wildly podmahivaya rapist, at that moment, as he clamped his hand over her mouth to bliss cries were not too loud.
-Yes-ah-ah-ah! - Olya moaned at the end. The young man came out of it and turned to face him.
-On, dososi. - Sliding the dick to her face, said the guy. She took in her mouth and began to do blowjob, fast sucking head, and passing his hand over the barrel, so that he finished half a minute. - And put a signature, a whore.
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Modest, and hope their village school Katyusha Vintovkin returned home a few hours earlier than usual and has a threshold in a state of mild euphoria in anticipation of a long, completely free pastime.
Parents, as usual at this time of the day the house was not close, and Kate immediately prudently threw the door hook on the loop. Somewhere in the summer kitchen radio proclaimed across the street hot working at noon, and in the meantime quite Katyusha snuggles in a cool room curtained dimness of parents on their couch. Abandoned in a hurry heavy portfolio breakup hlabilsya at her from the corner of the sofa who have left textbooks and notebooks, and a cute puhlogubaya favorite teachers and schoolmates, frantically tucking his knees and raised his uniform skirt ... wanker.
If only someone knew about it now, Katya would have died of shame, without hesitation. Seizures child masturbation chased her for more than four years, and absolutely nothing about it Katya could not with them, and to tell the truth, it is not very much and wanted to ... Doing this a little strange, often chaotic and sometimes immensely-stretched and swayed , process it seemed like more and more from time to time. Therefore, room parents, the windows of which were perfectly visible all internal and external approaches to the house, become a kind of outpost for Katusha: as soon as she found herself alone in the house, her and delayed with the feet on the sofa, while the right hand of her as if by itself climbed under the skirt pants ...
Usually accompanied by masturbation fantasy images Katya were quite chaste and erotic over the edge. Just one completely innocent kiss of a virtual character in her pink pussy from the excitement could easily get Kate to finish sometimes more than once in the course of the day. But today, the school day was not quite normal sexually. And not even the usual: Vova Likhodeev pinned nowhere to tear out a tuft of imported ugly, colorful magazine. On the crumpled scrap of red and unsightly colors were displayed razzyavlennaya wet pussy, over which hung an equally appetizing and does not clearly male language ...
Consciousness-class girls who Vova was presented rollicking "porn", Stayed on the verge of patience: spitting and expressions of disgust over the scene depicted is not passed in the form of physical abuse in relation to the "educator" Only for the reason that it is, do not be a fool, I did not stay long with the demonstration of the product. Katyusha Vintovkin, closer to where, Likhodeev Vovk with his masterpiece did not dare because of chronic acute in love, was forced to get acquainted with a bright piece of Lena through Sinitsyn, which took away Vova "porn", Managing to still lubricate it lightly on the ear. Kate looked at so Vovka after meeting "this stuff"That he was for a moment even now a matter for the whole life completely futile to try to beg forgiveness and after school her consent to a legal marriage ... A Katyusha until the house is not left alone in the ugly-realistic image stretched to otlizu pussy. And now, desperately tugging himself for the clitoris in his shorts and unseparated contemplating all standing in front of the eyes of the magazine piece, Katya felt that he wanted something much more than usual ...
Forgotten on the sideboard of more of a holiday home Otkryvachka turned up in his hand and came as something at once very cleverly and confidently. Katyusha dropped down panties again rushed into the hall, checked whether the hook is thrown and hurried back to the couch. Compressed in a chubby fist Bottle opener sharp head is similar to a sickle-and-hammer and cold tingle when Katya drove finger smeared baby cream for a smooth rounded figure flagpole. Actually, the idea to shove yourself something in her pussy, worried not for the first time, but had somehow outweighed all fear; now delivered Vovka Likhodeev "ugliness" so fiercely and passionately biting uyazvl¸nnoe girl's chastity that Katyusha Vintovkin already, with his skirt as high as possible, dangling his feet and pant with interest trying to look itself in the bosom, thrust her into the narrow hole stretchable hymen stout wooden tail Bottle opener.
Hymen resisted only at the entrance, then as suddenly and can be easily missed nyrnuvshuyu inside Otkryvachka Katenkinogo to the cam. Katya felt completely unfamiliar sensation of a foreign body smooth inside and froze in the light of bliss attracted waves of buzz. Kaif, however, rolled over on his own courage than by physical sensations, and Katya with her legs spread wide fingers sneaks hairline on pussy, pulling the sides pubescent sponges and curiously examined seem simple kakim-to improbable pairing of its outgoing interior pink wings and body circular shaft for most hID "hammer and sickle" it Bottle opener ...
"Atas!"Undoubtedly, it was quite mercilessly - to interrupt it just embarking gentle feeling inside is fractional knock at the outer door. Otkryvachka appeared almost instantly on the table under a pile of newspapers last year, soared by cowards pudgy legs and sealed completely played out was a pussy and not skirt school uniforms removed quickly recovered disputes Katyushinymi hands.
- Who's there? - Katya, feeling out of place played out a blush on the cheeks, was ready to get angry for no reason at all to be behind the door; It seemed strange for a moment just what it missed the bell rattle and clank entrance gate to the yard ...
No one answered, but Kate was not going to engage in the excitement of his elucidation of the personality through the partition door. She yanked the hook and pulled the handle. Muzzy from the heat, half-asleep Bermudd sitting on the concrete steps of the porch, sometimes plaintively mewed and poch¸syvanii right rear behind the left front contrived ass knock on the door trim dermantinovuyu ...
- Bermudd - a beast! Animal!
- Meow!
- It is here you knock? I almost upisatsya because of you !!!
- Meow!!
- Come on already! Only once: with lunch guessed wrong! I teach lessons.
- Meow...
Imposing gait black and white Siberian bumpkin followed in the shaded room and collapsed on poldivana. Katyusha with a sigh pulled out from under his brazen the achieved happiness muzzle unbuttoned portfolio: only some few unfortunate minutes shot down completely all the mood and the upcoming couple of hours home alone now represents not in glowing terms - apart from the necessary to the lessons of practicing the mind really nothing else climbed. Kate pushed the newspaper on the table, dropped her bag on the table and pulled doom apron with school dress over her head. Rises educational depression it was decided to correct the shortbread from the vase on the sideboard. Soon Katyusha at home robe sat at a fancy formulas exalted celestial algebra and waking up in anguish? la suhomyatku cookies and a desk.
Life went on the mend after a glass of cold milk from the fridge, which was fairly divided with vzvivshimsya Bermuddom the couch in the proportion of one to three. Katyusha good vypisyalas in the toilet and pulling the pants, suddenly discovered their almost starch hardness in the crotch. Love games with itself have left their mark, and half wet cloth hidebound recalled the need to prematurely change to a fresh pair panties. "Ah, well, then ... ", Soaking inside it in a gentle milk shortbread irresistibly drawn to lie down with your favorite book, "U-oops! Peck!" - Katya deftly slid on the surface of the couch right in front of the muzzle itself produce has to jump up Bermudda, who resentfully in blew fluffy cheeks makes ease turning in an attempt to lick his ear. Needless to say ... that the favorite book in Katya was not interstellar algebra ...
When the adventures of Tom Sawyer reached golozadogo dabbling with Huckleberry Finn on their island of Liberty, Bermudd vp¸rsya an insignificant remained vacant couch area in the legs and naturally behaved as if it were not for him, and Katya just him leaped - he's lying here forever and the place it was not going to concede. Carried away by reading Katya found herself involuntarily urging the abdomen legs and the risk of falling off the couch under the pressure gently pressed into her thigh cat paws. "Phew, it's hot!"She unbuttoned the front the whole robe and threw his upper half ago, restoring parity and ruthlessly vminaya stretched down and fur behind him in the back of the couch. Bermudd woke up, wriggled from under her plump white knees and climbed to the naked Katenkin side.
- Bermusha, do not go without you hot ... - Katya began umarivat sleep, she repeatedly collapsed lightly knock on her cat, who finally toppled down under her bare belly, and fell asleep in some poluvyvernutom able to throw back up all four paws.
Katya suddenly felt an incredible trick of soft woolly fur Bermudda easily tickling her stomach and she closed her eyelids over floated before the eyes of the letters. Liberty Island Pictures from the book began to move in her mind a haze of dreams, and Katya somehow presented itself, and the third is not superfluous among two young idlers get away from all the world. But the delicate veil of beautiful dreams suddenly sharply and clearly crossed the newly erupted before Katya image of a full-blown red rose with pussy aimed at her man's tongue ... Katya woke up from what Bermudd a muffled purr persistently poked somewhere under her belly to its whiskered face.
- Where are you, Bermush? What are you doing? Fu! - Kate tried to pull a little stray and obviously something messed up with your favorite feline flair for the soft scruff of the neck.
But Bermuddu seem something very liked Katyushiny home panties and instead to go back, he pushed even further forward over the body and as a result nosy cat face with a mustache was right between a little parted in surprise Katenkinyh feet.
- Yes?? - Katyusha curiously emerged suddenly looked down, slightly up on his elbows and knees slightly wider spread.
It is obvious and incredibly happy Bermudd intoxicated by licking salted slightly noticeable yellowish stripes right in the crotch Katenkinyh cowards. "Wow!", Abdominal something quietly began to play, have fun, and Katenke thought she sees as inflated through the thin fabric of her panties sex no longer children sponge. "And if so?"Katyusha gently slipped his index finger under the neck urlychaschego cat and pulled to the side panty elastic. The opened slippery slit almost brought the poor pet mad: Bermudd in its rhythmic nalizyvanii purred as if before it swung open lake valerian, and on top of all closed his eyes ...
From the incredible and very quick buzz she closed her eyes and Katusha. Like the lightest pink smoke shroud enveloped her entire head to toe. It is as if it was wrapped in, twirling on the couch all over and barely without lifting tickled-frenzy pussy from snout reveling in happiness Bermudda. Elastic panty nearly torn and heavily crashed into insensibility of her fingers as though Katya slipped a little ass up Bermudd was somewhere at the bottom, and it's all from the tips of my toes to the hair penetrated by a gentle current shook on his head in the gripping her spasms orgazmo- convulsions ... "A-ah!"He exclaimed Katya, ending all at once, and fell from his arched bridge on the sofa and Bermudda. "Meow... ", Bermudd, almost sober, vybarahtalsya from under her bed and left.
- Ah-ah-ah! - Sounded sympathetic echo dies down at her.
Katya hardly looked out of the ocean of his euphoria towards this stranger, but somehow did not raise any concerns about her sound-voice. On the table sat a fairy-tale cartoon character reminiscent of Pinocchio petrushek and cheerful images of child among the newspapers at the same time. His nose, however, was quite normal, but the most psychedelic variety of flowers were scattered around the perimeter of the garments. All the same solid construction clearly indicated the hands of national artisans: live all their amusing toy joints caused mere assotsiatsiativnoe definition - "waist-wood".
- You ... you ... who? . . - Katya hardly missed tried to completely not befitting her age illusory deviation from reality, to fall out, it seems, from what some visitors have tales.
- Opener! - Just imagine colorful phenomenon. - And who are you thinking - dick?
- X ... how ?! - Katusha in the perturbation finally came to her senses: such words when it did not allow himself to utter even Vovk, which total favorite forgiven much more than others.
- Yes dick knows how to ... - responded briskly in readiness to present all that is required fabulously rowdy character. - So called - opener. Here I sit ... What is - like it? You know how many such uncorked?
- What ... like? - Katyusha tried urgently to meet the arguments of reason, but then noticed the dangling ear adorned with dangling type steel clip "sickle-and-hammer"And instantly lit up her hunch. Immediately everything became very clear, magical ... and shame. - How - "uncorked"?
- what - "how"? Well I invented for! What is so tough? Bank some herring-tin, polnoob¸mnoy bottom open or have prostitutstvuyuschey for bottle glass plant in the second ten times already on her maiden imposed prowess with a narrow neck of one-click way to remove st¸klyshko shrieked ... Or uboltat tr¸hlitruhu sloping, crush barrier it more unnecessary, but to get into her salty-sweet juice dripping delicate poalevshie tomatoes ... or condensed milk does himself more stupid painstakingly and carefully dig up the spill before it sticky saliva on her own lips ... Or a jar of caviar squash lodge and make absolutely rejected from the norm in a spray of embarrassment for the whole kitchen table ... Many different ugliness I love! . . You will be something to fuck?
- Do not! - Katya screamed a few unnecessarily, like a chatterbox, funny character and could actually jump off the table and start seksual-domogany.
- And why then I popped into the hole me? Thank you, by the way, and thanks as fairy-sorceress - I because you become a teperishnego. I like it so. From one thanks ... How can dryuknut - he likes?
- So you - Otkryvachka ?! - Katyusha acted slowly to a standstill-braking. - My Otkryvachka? And why are all painted - I was just ... Otkryvachka
- With spoons Khokhloma made with boards cabbage. That color. Fuck you?
It seemed that wherever did not go in their thinking that articulated a comedian, he always went to the same question of his.
- Let us not, I - a girl! - Did not survive his head and angrily explained everything in one fell swoop, pouting at his rudeness, Katya. - And in general, are not you ashamed, opener? We are familiar with you the first day, and you say the words, and all sorts of bad things ?!
- And what can you expect here! - Genuinely surprised khokhloma deviants. - Fuck both want something, all still standing so that it is not up to foreplay. Stick to you?
- What is ...? - Tentatively interested Katyusha, suddenly felt that her panties on under the robe again treacherously wet.
- Yes, that's worth ... - wooden man extremely obscene zakovyryalsya bunt in his turquoise shorts. - This is - my sister-opener! As a thought - without lubricant will enter?
And he proudly staring at Katya from under his stomach ... a replica of her darling Bottle opener, which is half an hour ago, she with caution, but it is very hard to imagine stuffing pussy ... This small wooden dick swayed under the belly grinning at the top buratinsky your mouth openers, and under the barrel were still suspended two colorful to match the owner Kinder surprise - his chocolate eggs.
- No! - The last time strictly warned his Screwtape guest Katyusha.
- No, this is not ... - jumping off the table and unscrewing the cap from the tube of cream, said busily preoccupied-opener. - Then smazhem, smazhem final ... and we can, right?
From his arrogant cheeky Katya sweaty knees. She is still trying to build on Pruszcz it between his legs-Openers kid, but he's more confidently took up her ass, rumpled robe and eventually tore pussy panties.
- Oh! - Katya gazed with horror at how shapely with a flourish at the end of wood slowly intermeddle in her naked hairy sponge.
- Ah-ah-ah ... - full of echoes subside sympathy echoed her squirt-opener, thrusting deeper and deeper, to the very depths of his wooden relative. - Getting there D¸na bottom?
With billowing from the breath-feeding Katya paused, closing his eyes and half-watching began to stir, gradually speeding up, in her stem-piece of wood back and forth. In all tummy warming as if it were something really soft and lively ...
- That virgin and eb¸m ... That's because - virgin and eb¸m ... Here, look ... - started the endless jokes in their own way rocking in her opener, and Katyusha weakly blossomed at all: well, up to a limit, spread her chubby his knees, moved all the ass at the very edge of the sofa, and opened hospitably dressing gown ...
What began to gather additionally focused their counsel before the opener, the sky began to roll in the poor lamb, so Katyusha More and grabbing his hands behind him, right behind his small fry bread-wood who walk into her pussy shaking. Zahoroshelo Katenke all around the egg surprise chocolate directly in the ass gently knock, a piece of wood at the heart of all tastes, but ashamed tastefully-champs stretch pussy. There is no longer made Katyusha, zaegozila pelvis-twitching on three sheets to stir her wooden leg, zastenala drawl, graduated from ...
- That vskuporil! - Pretty stood between her legs a strange-funny all in wonderful colors. - And do not say eb¸shsya on Fridays! His friend the Napa ...
More Efficiently shaking, but vmedlennuyu took out a hole hymen wooden structure.
- Tomorrow will come, too! Here's potr¸sh ... - I warned everything settles breath Katya, pointing yourself at the end. - Poigraemsa? . . Well now ... Close your eyes, open your mouth!
And barely had time to blink Katya - disappeared. Looks Katya - Otkryvachka lying on the table the most common among the piles of old newspapers. However, wet, slippery to the point that had to be rushed to the bath to bear - to wash.
And nothing: some half an hour later the parents are not focused were met in Bermuddom measure requesting immediately currently an additional share of sausage; and self-prilichnitsa Katyusha Vintovkin sat for lessons to the best decorated blush of diligence in the coming school-scientific achievements ...
* * *
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