Sister - the mistress. Part 4

My sister woke up and ran to take a bath. Released back naked just towels wrapped around them. I also went to the bathroom and at the same time go to the toilet, come back also completely naked. Olga already stockings and put on the bed, seductive pose takes. My dick immediately stood up when he saw her. She got up and started spinning in front of me legs to stand. Stockings really very beautiful, fair, fine mesh to some intricate pattern rezinochkami wide with beautiful roses on the very top of the carved teeth.
- True beautiful stockings? she asked.
- Yes, cool! I answer, and the standing member masturbate.
- How are we going? She asks.
- Like yesterday! I answer.

Sister again lay on his back, legs lifted higher up, put me on display their holes. Pussy in her beautiful, small sponge, a hole slightly ajar, in all pink and wet. And just below the ass, too, still ajar she plays her then compress it to relax. I approached his member started her pussy on the drive, parted lips, clit drive a member, and so slightly into her hole to press, nice to her, she closes the eyes and she whispers
- Hey, you can not go there yet !!!
- I just next door! I answer.
- Come lick yesterday.

I lick her, she again finished already cried lies baldeet, relaxed so that at least something to do with it. I'm doing it to touch, then I shove here. It only exposes itself to me for petting. I have again already a member hurts, he turned her on her stomach and her ass planted it already gasped. Fuck sister legs in stockings stroking they relate nice body, a long time can not stand start to finish, darkened eyes, the blood pounding in his temples. Ass in such a sweet little sister, Ola is also nice, giggles, especially ass my dick shrinks, what would I have been more pleasant. Then he slipped his hand between us touches my dick.
- Wow. you that I stuck to the end? She asks.
- Aha! I answer.
- And he still jerks you? He asks.
- Ends More!
- And now you pleased? She asks.
- Uh-huh! I answer.

They lie down, catch your breath,
- How do you know that Kate shove with his brother? I ask.
- Who will tell!
- Pro notebook remember? She asks.
- Yes I remember! I answer.
- So I did the next day at school dopytala! and he begins to tell me everything in detail. I come to school, the first change in Kate began to ask.
- You that this was yesterday? I ask.
- What is this? responding.
- Well, I've seen that you do not such as always!
- Oh! responsible, and she devotes her eyes. Well, I'm on it, and are inhabited. Kate then broke down and answer.
- You did not tell anyone? She asks.
- Of course, you're my best friend! I answer.
- Well, you know what adults, boys and girls are doing? She asks.
- Of course I know!
- Here, too, we did it! responding.
- So he's your brother?
- What's the difference, it is great! responding.
- Yes, my brother and even better he just would not tell anyone! He speaks.
- Remember Svetku from a parallel class? He asks.
- I remember! I answer.
- So after she gave her boyfriend a disco. And then he messed up everything for her floor then ran the school, all of her fuck like.

And she began to tell me in detail how he had persuaded her to fuck. As her pussy licked and she was sucking his cock. On the VCR s porn show. Then her ass fucked, dick he is not very big and it does not hurt and it was just nice. And liked what he touched her clitoris, and she came out of it. When I listened to it all, too excited too much and wanted to try it. Kate said to me that I, too, with his brother to do it. I just did not know how to do, I do not ever done it. Then I asked Kate that would see them, and at the same time to try, if possible. Kate said that the brothers asked. Then when asked her brother first yelled at her that she came loose and then agreed. We have after school came to her, I was a little worried.

Kate dressed, took everything, leaving only her panties and put on a bathrobe, and I was embarrassed to take just all in shorts and tights sitting. Brother went member got, Kate began to suck him. He then offered me, I'm embarrassed to say that the look is. He Kate in her mouth finished, she went into the bathroom. Then came, he laid her on the bed and took off her panties, her legs spread wide, and began to kiss her pussy. Kate began to moan quietly, and then he turned her on her stomach and completely stripped down to goals. Lubricate it with a cream ass and my dick went in her ass stuffed. I saw it as a member in all climbed up and began to fuck her, Kate moan beginning, and then her brother, too, began to moan and finished it in the ass. Tears with her and her ass parted, she had opened a hole there and there follows a white sperm. He went into the bathroom and Katya sat on the bed, her eyes bleary breathing heavily, and says that she was very good, even not the strength to move. I am also the first time I saw how when fuck so hot in pussy hot, too, want to try. Her brother comes to me and puts a member, I too began to suck.

First, as it is not clear was worried, everything is shaking, it is in my mouth did not finish the first time. Katya went to the bathroom to be washed away. Brother asks probovalaya when or whether to do so. I say no, and he said that I would have liked. And my stomach turns and pulls the tights with shorts almost to the end. I also put the ass lay waiting, he anointed falls on me feel inserted directly in the ass. First, not climbed slips cream, then I feel that I like that it breaks the ass as cocoa only turnover. I was initially a little frustrating, I squeezed ass. He stopped and lay, he said that now would be a good thing that I relaxed the ass. Then Kate went, I also said that I would not strained ass. It slipped my hand under the pussy and began to touch for the lips and clitoris. I lie there trying to relax the ass, and I was thrilled when he started to touch me. I feel he is already a member in me all climbed and fucked already. I lay strange feeling at first that it is not very pleasant, and then the priest used to, and he came to me, everything inside was hot and wet, I was so good that I wanted to try again.

I ran to the bathroom and washed her ass back to him, Katya already sucks. I called together we began to suck her brother, then turns it right together. I say, can I try one more time first. Kate agreed, her brother only too happy to again lay down on me stuck me, I feel that it is easy to slip is not a member, it is not the whole semen flowed out of ass. I started to touch me too nice, dizzy and I had finished, the priest clenched and her brother at this time, too, had finished again feel inside all hot and wet, high. So we are to it every day to go started sucking her brother taught me well, and they do not swallow. I really liked him, too. it seems to me, Katka even became jealous when he gave me several times, but she fucked just sucked. She is also very much like a little brother to lie down. She told me to school every day, telling how they did it at night while their parents slept, that once they even almost caught. They carried away and only two finished my mother came home from work, and they are naked, the brother managed to pull tights and she robe over his naked body, her priests of sperm flowing, thighs. she went to the bathroom to wash quickly.

Then another asked me what I, too, can be with his brother to do so, I would just did not know how to start. She said that it is possible to ask for and he just will not give up or seduce. And on this day we, too, for it going, they come, and to him came to visit relatives. And to me this day like very much here and I had to ask me. Sitting on my sister's story is already a member of the fumes is about to finish, quickly come up to her to give her mouth. she too excited, nap a couple of times I hugged her head hands, the entire length of a member of the thrust, it is good that I have it is not so big. Cums in her mouth started, I feel like he shudders inside sperm fountains in the mouth it is poured. Olga closed her eyes in pleasure, tongue around the head leads, stroking my ass, her hands are soft. My legs are shaking from the buzz, waited until all the lowered pull member, Olga opened her mouth, smiling and cum in the mouth is played, tongue sticks out, the semen on her chin flowed. She covered her mouth with his palm and into the bathroom. Comes I have again a member to masturbate.
- Lie down on the back! I say.

Olga lay on the back. stretched out, eyes glittering, looks forward to the pleasure. Legs spread wide, pisechka shining with excitement. I told her tongue begin to lick the lips, the ass, the pussy again. Sister booty turns and I'm not in a hurry, I wait until she is excited better. When she started already from my touching her pussy shudder, she lay down on her legs slung over my shoulders, I put her in the ass fuck, she moans with pleasure. I also catching kicks, touch her clitoris and finger slowly to the edge of pussy to shove. There it all wet, like her look, she swept over the pillow behind his head threw his hands moans of pleasure. I am also pleased, in the head knocking with excitement, horror as her want to slowly pull member to the end and insert again in the ass. Then I do not stand up to her pussy and put it back on wheels and drove. Olya startled, opened his eyes, looks like I hit her.
- Why did you do that? He speaks.
- I love you!!! I answer.

And he has it at full speed fucking pussy, she pulled a little more, and it can be seen, too, it was very nice. She's in there all wet and slippery so gentle and nice. He leaned back and began to moan. I was at the limit of the yanked her dick and cum on her belly. Cum squirting right up to her chin she drifted, too, Olga moans. eyes wide open. It looks like I'm coming. I finished, and immediately her tongue in the pussy, there is still wet squelching only touched her clitoris until she came here and all arched my head caught. I feel lick her taste mixed with my sperm. Lisa is a little sister stopped twitching. Then he sat sit sister again.
- Why did you do that? She asks.
- I love you! I answer.
- And suddenly the nurse know? He speaks.
- I do not know! I answer.

Olka sat all in the semen, pussy sees only it can not see what's in it. She took a mirror above it looks raskoryachishsya lips parted.
- We see bad! He speaks.
- Let me see!

My sister went to spread her legs, her lips I pulled to the side, watching. Inside beauty hole, the edges of the skin bloody. The rest is all right. Admired.
- It's okay! I say.
- True? Asks.
- Of course! I answer.

Sister calmed down and asked.
- What do you think it was pleasant?
- Yes, she's so sweet! I say.
- Me too! responding.
- Can repeat! offer.
- Now only the substitution! responding.

To run to the bathroom, he came such a thoughtful and says.
- I now what a real woman?
- Like this? I ask again, not understanding her question.
- Well, I'm not virgin, then a woman? responding.
- Well, yes, probably! I say
- And now, a woman will put on her beautiful stockings and give me in the ass? I ask.

Olga laughed loudly and began to put on their stockings. Defiantly twisting ass, lay on his stomach, put as much as possible his ass. Handles spread toward the buttocks.
- I beg you, my man, my holes are waiting for you! He tells me.

We laughed out loud, and indulged our pleasure all day has not yet come to our parents. Later, Olga, told Kate everything under its impression Katya also with his brother broke her hymen, she loved it. So we just got on one hole more fun.

Continued: Sister - mistress. Part 3
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Unicum. Part 3

"His wife went to say that the mistress
Mistress, that went to his wife ...
And he in the attic: "And to learn, learn and learn."

Evening talk

As he left, I felt that something was wrong. No, she was gentle and pretty, but it was felt in some controversy. Frankly, I'm an expert on this kind of a little sex. I had one case in practice. I decided it, but then the client itself is aware of and prepared for it.

Therefore, when he comes home, I dialed the number and called. At the end of the line I learned and I was glad. Gradually the conversation went in the right direction, and I set out my doubts and asked for advice.
- (Chuckle). And what you said when you left?
- What will come tomorrow at the same time ...
- (Again laughter)! You're like a gentleman, and stayed. Do you not take. That's what education ...
- What did I do wrong? - I was worried.
- All! You do not put the unit in front of her. You do not show her her place, when you're around ... And I would not be surprised if you tomorrow at the threshold of something will not be allowed!

To say that I was taken aback quite gently. But correct now nothing was impossible.
- Pray God, if you did everything correctly said, and remember, it is recognized in you lord! If you can handle with all the drive to me in a restaurant of her evening. We have a day off tomorrow, and no one will be. And in the basement, I equipped the good "gym" for such games. I'll help you, as once you helped me.
- And how much will it be? - I was worried.
- Half of your fee or do I pick it yourself!
- Half of the fee I agree - sigh - but the second ... How do you see yourself?
- And this is none of your business! But if it works, you're the first to know. Yes, and take my gift to her! - (Laughter in the tube and hang up sounds).

New Appointment

Oddly enough, but she was waiting for me. However, the door opened not at once, but these are trifles. I looked with surprise her outfit. Yes, but ... More is the trick. No, I did not expect that she would meet me naked, but this did not foresee. Full coldness in his eyes and a dark blue business suit, leaving no loopholes for frivolity! Jacket almost to the throat, buttoned. Underneath the cut blouse, but with a collar and tie. Pretty loose trousers and high-heeled shoes.

Taking the initiative in their hands, I am angry voice said:
- Are you psychic? Something I do not remember that I said that we go to a restaurant. But in any case it is after three nights.
- (She was confused, but quickly pulled herself together). Coffee or cognac?
- Cognac and a cup of black coffee sweet - and, not waiting for an invitation, I, Lena pushing aside, went into the kitchen, carrying a long bundle.
- And you hello! - Came the confusion followed.

When she went into the kitchen, I, lounging, sitting in a chair.
- And you do not hurry! - I said icily, - where's my order?
- (She began to fuss, losing his composure). Now. Already filed ...
- Do not you think that you crossed the border? - I said strictly.
- No. There is nothing you ordered ... - a trembling voice she whispered, remembering yesterday.

As she poured the coffee and poured the brandy, I unwrapped the bundle. Looking up from his work, it first with surprise, and then with trembling stared at the stack. Officers stack, custom and given me Mary.
- (I swung it whistling). It will be better than your whip ...
- No...
- Yes! Yes! Yes! - I repeated in a singsong voice - now drink coffee and we talk ... And now let's coffee and sit down! - I ordered.
- But you...
- Sir! - I interrupted her, I am for you, Mister!
- Well, Mister ... you're not going to punish me? - She whispered, turning pale.
- Why not? You do not think that was guilty?
- No ... I mean, yes ... Do not ... - she sobbed literally collapsed on a chair and spilling my coffee.

Now you and I still had left without coffee ... - I stated.

Continued taming

I took out a cigarette, lit it, then slowly, savoring, drinking brandy. She sat in horror looking at me. In the eyes welled up with tears. I am sure that this is not coming from the pain. For any pain, you can get used to and even get pleasure from it. Fear! This is the alpha and omega of submission. That is the reason he tears and terror in her eyes.
- Undress - briefly I ordered.
- What-oh? - She looked at me puzzled - why?
- I repeat it ten times? Undress bitch!
- What do you allow yourself? - She gasped.
- Have you already forgotten everything? Stand up! - A whip fell on the thigh.

With a cry, she jumped up and confused in and buttoned fasteners, she began to undress.
- Faster. You have little time - thirty seconds. For every extra second you get an additive!

The worst is when you hurry - a hurry. Perhaps she had time, but rush her killed. Of course, in thirty seconds she could not undress, but managed to lower a little pants. That there on the buttocks and fell the next blow.
- Oh! Painfully! - On the buttock inflamed red mark.
- Of course, it hurts! Order and punished - I said, waving again.

She leaned forward, trying to pull down trousers without taking off shoes. I hit the top. Whip twisted: on the back, buttocks and pulled up to the thigh.
- It hurts ... - I have howled it.
- And I was not sick? When you met me so? - Again the whistle of the whip and moan.

Lena fell to his knees crying and praying to forgive her. I have no scope steganul her across the back.
- Be patient ... - again, flapping, whistling, but I did not become a hit, - do you understand?
- Yes my Lord. I knew my Lord. I will no longer be my Lord ... - she rattled escape from punishment and wiping his tears spoke.

Not listening to her, I ordered:
- Coffee. Where's my coffee?
- Now Sir! - She jumped up and ran to the plate - I'll make some fresh ...
- No!

She stopped and looked at me, puzzled. I took out the convolution of small lace apron, at best, about the size of a sheet of exercise book, and handed it to her:
- Put it on, and some stockings ... But to be beautiful and aroused the desire - and then slapped her on the bare buttocks, and added, - go ahead! The clock is ticking!

She smiled and went jogging dress up.

coffee Battle

I hissed a second glass of cognac and puffing a cigarette as she went. Well, not gone, and there was. Judging from her mind, she washed her face and caused a fresh makeover.

She looked wonderfully. White lace apron reached only to the pubis. Who cut a thin vertical thread of hair ... Black stockings with almost transparent geometric pattern held a thin belt of the same color. And she was wearing a bra. With shallow cups that supported its large and soft breasts. Nothing, not hiding, but exposing all for show. Large light brown erect nipples looked in different directions. It is as if lit from within saying:
- Look, what I'm beautiful!
- Well! Again - I winced, but I was given is not easy.
- What? - It broke.
- I told you to wear a bra? - I asked accusingly.
- No ... But I thought ...
- ... You think? - My eyebrows shot upward expressing perplexity - thought that?
- So beautiful ... - almost inaudibly she whispered ...
- And what will be punished! - I finished for her, - and you're right. Come back to me, turn around and bend over.
- Yes-ah ... My Lord ... - Lena whispered, face changing.

She walked slowly, turned and leaned with his hands in his chair. Her buttocks quivering, and traces of the stack were burning brightly in the light skin.
- I do not want to, but I have to punish you.
- Yes Sir ... - the fear in his voice sounded.

He reached out and touched the scar. She winced, but said nothing. I gently traced the soft buttocks and put his hand between her legs. Under hlyupnulo fingers. It was hot and humid. It flowed from desire and lust. My fingers penetrated deep into the wet and she arched her back, moaning. Scent of a Woman, moist tactile feel, the atmosphere of resignation and permissiveness. He took me to the limit. My cock stood like a glove. And there was one desire - to plant it in the bosom of the "most do not want to!"
- You're just a lustful bitch!
- Yes my Lord!
- I tear you?
- Yes, sir.
- Or maybe, more and fuck?
- Of course, my Lord! - Voice trembling with desire and ass began to move carefully nasazhivayas on my toes.

I am Lord!

I slapped on a beautiful ass, but she did not even flinch. And only the red spot on the five fingers spoke about what had happened. I threw the butt of a cigarette right in the unfinished glass stood and unbuttoned his pants. Then with one hand he pulled them along with shorts. My phallus, even swaying, stared at her crotch, which just left hand.
- Oh-h ... - Lena sighed with relief, feeling as a member stared at her.
- Well? - I quipped.
- Come on! Want! Oh, please, Lord! - She asked.
- You're lewd, horny bitch - I continued, - tell me what you want!
- Fuck! Give me a whore right here in the kitchen ... Punish for disobedience, but let enjoy your handsome ...

She said it is a low, deep voice, so that shivers of desire ran in the skin, and I went into her womb. No, probably I drove to a member of the right to the end. Has stopped. This is the first moment always great, no matter how many times I was doing it either. The feeling when someone else, but always so near the body adapts to you, where you have to s¸zhivayas, stretching, or vice versa ... The feeling of victory - is finally over these dates, but to delay the action of foreplay ... Then this exciting simple action: forward - ago; faster, even faster or slower ... And an experienced woman, and even helps podmahivaya! Hands gripping the supple buttocks, goading the soft flesh. Scrotum slaps on the thighs, when I with all the dope bump into her. Slightly bend down and now you can caress his chest, swaying to the beat of our movements. And she, keeping one hand on the chair, the second bump caresses the clitoris, gently whispering:
- Yes! Yet! As well cute!

Not letting her enjoy the moment and knocking Nakata passion, I leave her womb. She calms down, kameneya ...
- What ... Why did you stop?
- Are not you too well? Slut! - I whisper it in the ear, grabbed her hair.
- Yes ... no ... I want more ... - already in full voice she shouts, pulling and trying to go back to what passed around it, bringing pleasure.

I slap her on the bare buttocks. Just hand. But how! With sling across his hand, so that at the very palm ached beaten off.
- Yes! Yet! Punish ... - she squeals.

The second slap in no way weaker than the first. She no longer cries. From her eyes rolling tears, he sobbed quietly whimpering.
- I'm a bad, bad ... Punish me!
- Punish after - I whisper softly, again cutting into her womb.

Beat on hips buttocks, scrotum slap, and I am again with all your might enter into it. Next to the end, so that the head gets to the uterus, back half, and again powerfully forward. I feel like there is something inside crushed by my punches.
- Here! - Shouted she and her starts, korezhit orgasm.
- Do not you dare! - With the strength to whitening squeeze her breasts ...
- Oo-oo-oo-oh ... xx ... - she howls when cramps twisting her beautiful body.

I feel like almost rhythmically in time with my movements throbbing vagina, compressing my body moving. For a long time I do not stand. Accelerates. Yes now!
- Come on! I finish in your mouth!
- Yes! - She falls to her knees, she turned to face me first and most powerful jet strikes her face.

One eye plastered, semen flowing on the nose and lips, and she opened her mouth, grabs my "pacifier". The second jet hits the throat and Lena swallows everything. Then the third and fourth. But this is the remains. And not without pressure. But it is still the language of passes across the head and trunk, licking and swallowing the "delicacy". When I froze, she starts to lick my "gift" from the face. Where maybe he gets tongue and the rest collects and sends your finger in his mouth, smacking tasty at the same time. Already pot¸kshaya of mascara tears, mixed with sperm, it paints the face terrifying grimace. She was not ugly, no. She was scared, but beautiful and this beauty is like the devil. I take her by the chin and lift the person up:
- You are mine! My servant ...
- Yes my Lord. I'm all yours. I am at your service Sir!
- Anytime and anywhere!
- Yes my Lord! Anytime and anywhere! - She smiled, sparkling white teeth like snow.

From this mask it becomes a terrible and attractive. I shudder with internal and enthusiastically look at this woman. At the same time terrifying and beautiful.
- And I'll do with it? - Suddenly the question arises in the mind - because I'm just doing the job for which I was hired ...

She enthusiastically and adoring look at me. Hiding caused fear to dispose of:
- Come on. Now wash me. You have a good bath. And then collect and tidy my things. At three we go to a restaurant.

She already knew that answer can only be a question and therefore silent. She got up and took me into the bedroom. There's a soul washed every bit of my skin, to lust after glancing at my machine, but not daring to wash anything except to do with it.
- Well done! - I commended her - you should wash the same, and I lie down, maybe sleep. Go, do, what commanded. If wake hour.

She went and lay down and fell asleep almost instantly. Heavy night meditations and psychological struggle with Lena exhausted me. And in the heat, with what I took it, I made itself felt ...

Continued: Unicum. Part 2
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Shark history

So write about it the newspaper. Newspapers are always right.
K. Kinchev.

New York. July 1992.

It seemed that even the walls of the conference room on the first floor of the publishing house "HarperCollins" buzzed with excitement, tension and anticipation of future sensations. Still would! Today has been declared a presentation, perhaps the most controversial books of the season - "Flyin Loosers": how it was ". Even the name of one of the authors caused a stir: Ding Coll, a former road manager of the group, which had long rested in the Bose, but whose music is still growing youth, whose songs rehash all and sundry - from provincial garage band teens to venerable musicians ... Oh, he knows the truth about how it was - both were born hits like the concerts that were behind the scenes ... And what? And behind the scenes - part of the story. Even part of the legend, if you will.

Finally they appeared: the author himself - smiling in an American way, of medium height, slightly balding, with gray hair at the temples, despite his 46 years, - the director of the publishing house and one of his deputies. The presence of such a large person, as a director, the presentation automatically gave weight to all that was going to tell reporters Coll. And, apparently, he felt it: the noise gradually began to subside.

Perpetrators of celebration took their seats, and the presentation began. Following the introduction, the director said Coll. He apologized for the fact that the book is not a collaborator - he has family problems, and people could not get out to the presentation. Then briefly told about himself - that, in general, you can not do - and why he decided to write this book. Then invited to ask questions.

After that, the room seemed to have opened a Pandora's box:
- Mr. Koll, you are not afraid that after this book, you will no longer talk to the band members?
- Mr. Coll, the truth that is your responsibility to leisure musicians on tour?
- How true that you wrote the book?
- You used the gossip about you and a group in your book?

Call barely had time to respond. But it was hardly a burden to him: good-natured, affable expression never left his face. Later in the cocktail bar, a young and too attentive reporter claimed that pupils Colla were unnaturally enlarged and that the author occasionally licked his lips, as if he is constantly thirsty, even though that was a carafe of water in front of him. But the reporter did not really believe, even though he was sitting in the front row in front of Colla - mainly because neighbors have not been confirmed. Or you have not noticed ...

Finally somewhere in question came from the middle of the room:
- Mr. Coll, tell right now, "Shark history" - is it true or not?

The room instantly it was the silence. It is now the skies asunder, and Moses will descend from Mount Sinai, carrying the sacred tablets - everything is so tensed in anticipation of a response. Even the director of the publishing house and his deputy half turned with interest to the call.

Call Dean paused for a moment. The silence in the room is gradually heated. Suddenly he felt a strange irritation and sudden fatigue. "I surrendered to them as the story ... Do they only twenty years and thought about it? - Flashed through his mind. - They just want to know IT? And just for this here together? And nothing more?... "

Seattle, Washington. July 1969. Morning.

July was hot in Seattle this year, so that by the arrival of guests in the room windows were wide open, and walked around the room ocean breeze. The air smelled of salt and fresh.

Call Dean, road manager (or "roadies", as it is sometimes called) "Flyin Loosers", Thin 23-year-old dark-haired man, the owner of curly hair to his shoulders, which is why it is sometimes confused with the guitarist of the group, an insolent look and style of the London cockney stood in the doorway in admiration:
- Cool place ... Johnny - he turned to someone behind - just look ...
- If you will shift your ass away, - he muttered from behind an invisible interlocutor, - I may, your enthusiasm and divide.

Call slightly aside. The room burst into a tall, thick black hair with long straight hair covering his forehead, broad face, on which stood a large nose and a small strip of mustache, and slightly narrowed dark-blue eyes. No one would believe that this man is only 20 years old - he looked five years older. But it was he, John Baldry, 20 years old, drummer "Flyin Loosers". As written in the newspapers, "the drummer from God."

Baldry looked around, sniffed the air and exhaled. His face broke into a smile. "Well clean the bear" - Dean thought. They worked together for a year, but the road manager still could not get used to the manners of the impactor.
- Cool, - approved the meantime, drummer and going to the window and looked out. - You're here look, Dean - without turning around, he boomed in a minute. - There's where the beauty of something ...

Coll stood next to John.

The bay was a little excitement. Waves beat Puget Sound right into the wall of the hotel, so it seemed like a massive building right now will give all possible mooring and swim out directly on the Pacific expanse. Some spray drifted to the windows of the first floor and, leaning over the sill (room was on the second), you can see how they are broken down on the glass. Right in the morning haze over the city's high-rise buildings at a distance we could see the port facilities in Seattle. On the left, about ten meters, ran to the ocean beaches paved path. And right in front of the guys opened the indescribable panorama - the dark water, striking in its depth just below the windows and only far illuminated glare awakening sun, relentless, stubborn, though until recently hoping to undercut and carry for a hotel waves as they approach from deceptive ripples transformed into a formidable in appearance, but a helpless effect. And - the air, the wind knocks down, heady worse than any portion of "Black Jack". The air like poison, which wanted to die and being raised to live on, and they enriched the knowledge of him ...

But Call has not been studied in Oxford, so all his emotions left unspoken. He just flowery swore in admiration and asked the drummer:
- Where are the others?
- Below are stuck - he said. He spoke with a heavy accent northern port cities of England, swallowing the end of words and firmly separating the syllables, which is why his speech, especially in moments of excitement or of drunk alcohol, seemed a solid porridge. - They are already there in the turnover taken. And this is only the beginning. Damn, that is, if he ... Maybe take care of the boat and a rope, and Dean?

Coll grunted:
- Already shedding? Are you afraid of a couple of questions but a couple of girls, John?
- I was tired, - muttered Baldry. - These fucking tour so long ... Are you a behind the scenes, you do not care. And as we and a half hours on stage as well? You leave all wet, and here you are with your girls ...
- Johnny - almost tenderly said Coll, with his hand on his shoulder and drummer hugged him - and you once refused my girls after the show as well? Remind-ka ...
- Go to hell, - she threw her hand from his shoulder drummer, moved away from the window and went into the shower. Coll grinned and shouted following:
- Breakfast ordered in an hour. In the hour of the afternoon - soundcheck in seven appearances. At noon, the machine will be served. Do not be late!
- First - to sleep. - The bathroom door had swallowed a drummer and his last sentence.

Closer to midnight.

Baldry hardly appeared on the doorstep of the hotel, he or saying a word, quick steps toward the table with the drinks. His view was more than eloquent: his hair, through sweaty bright red shirt, on which stood several large stains of dried ... Approaching the table, John in one fell swoop poured into a tall glass at least a quart of whiskey without diluting, drank. Call closed his eyes and shook his head, then opened his eyes. The musician was on his feet, only hitherto tense eyes gradually began to soften.
- Well you give, John! - I heard a voice behind him New Yorker Michael Stanley, high shatena, peer Colla, keyboardist "Dunkin Donus", with which "Flyin Loosers" He toured America. He stood in the doorway and looked at Baldry studied as if it really was a rare grizzly from the New York Zoo. Having admired, Michael walked into the room and sat down on the sofa. - Why you so prop¸rlo, eh? Well you were in front of us, the opening act. Still can not let go?

Baldry got in front of him:
- Not long ago let go. Heat simply.
- Here did not know what whiskey - the best way to fight it - ironically said Stanley.
- And what else to do? - John growled. - I do not want to sleep.
- I once too - confessed keyboard. - Dean, you are much of invention. What can you offer two fun guys? What have you got there - "Mary Jane", "wheels", Connie Hamzi? Sex - dragz - rock 'n' roll? - He lazily looked around - maybe a room to smash the hell, eh?

Coll sat astride a chair, standing at the window:
- Guys, I've heard here at the hotel, you can catch fish. Right out of the window. How are you?
- Fish? - Baldry abruptly turned to the road manager. - Really?
- Well, so they say, - shrugged Coll. - What a long time to find out?
- Johnny, are you really a fisherman? - Slightly mockingly I asked Michael. In general, he spoke as if the fun of your friends. In this room, like nationality are reversed: Call and Baldry Americans looked on the European continent, and Stanley looked Englishman.
- Fisherman, not a fisherman - suddenly said philosophically drummer - and you tell me now, Mikey, tell him - he turned to the keyboardist, - you in New York "Hilton" hotels you can fish from the window to catch?
- And they really are to the ocean? - He grunted in response.
- I'm not bothering you? - Asked Coll. - John, how are you?

Drummer shrugged:
- I do not know ... You can go fishing and little. All the fun ... I bet my guys then envy starve.

In the lobby Dean Colley confirmed that the administration allows guests to fish from the window of room and this service is included in the total amount of payment for accommodation. Content Coll ordered to the room just in case, three fishing rods, bait, a few bottles of whiskey and some snacks in haste. The administrator tried was referring to the late hour, to refuse the order, but a five-dollar piece of paper did their dirty deed, and he took with Colla honestly do not make noise, promised to deliver the order in a short time.

Back in the room, he found the old Coll ethnic fun "someone who perep¸t" Stanley and Baldry, standing opposite each other, straight from the bottle of whiskey whipped.
- Oh, and who catch fish, it will be? - I could not resist the call.

Michael looked over at Dean bottle:
- And already there are what?
- Who will bring - promised one.
- You do not believe in our strength? - The voice of Little John Baldry inquired in between sips.
- Johnny, you're something of its force does not boast - was not appeased Coll. - Do you long enough? Vaughn, ruhnesh under the bed, that I do with you?
- Well, nurse role you clearly inappropriate - said Michael.
- Listen - do not resist roadie - I'm all for someone trying? What the hell I'm on the midnight run hotel and straining all around just to entertain a couple kretinistyh idiots? Do I have the most need?
- Thee unless someone asked about it? - Calmly said Stanley.

Just knock on the door kept the Dean of the new field. Mentally swearing, he went to open. As promised, the receptionist quickly brought everything ordered in the bottom of the room, for which he received his tip.
- Oh, inventory! - Happy drummer, drained by the time the bottle and going to Collie, picked up the bait and became interested, and obviously competently inspect it. - Nothing, cool idea. There, instead of the float and bell even there ... Well, Mike, go fishing? Fish at all enough, do not you think?
- I'd rather watch - already off the couch said keyboardist.

Baldry shrugged, took the bait, cleverly picked up on the hook, and a little unsteadily, walked over to the window, swung and threw the bait into the ocean. On the part of the painting looked supremely surreal: midnight-lit room, the massive figure of a drunken John on the dark background of the window, focused on the fishing ... Coll felt that it tightens the whole atmosphere. But just watching was not interested, so Dean, taking with him a bottle, nestled next to the keyboard.
- You substitute a bucket to him - Michael nodded toward the window. - Where did he catch a stack is?
- Hey guys - don¸ssya John's voice - as anyone knows, sharks are found here?
- Why you asking? - Dean made a decent drink. - On the beach I am going?

The drummer did not have time to answer: Lower someone shouted:
- Hey, there, in the window!

The unexpectedness Baldry almost let go of the pole and cursed hands.
- Johnny, what happened? Shark responded? - Quipped Stane.
- And you come here, listen. Maybe it will deal, - said John.

Stanley stood up and with the same condescending, mocking expression came to the window. Call gulped more whiskey. And at that moment, and he was heard outside a shout.
- Indeed, he is talking shark - Stanley brightened. - Something new. Hey, Dean, you are our temples there is nothing to shunt until we Fest rock 'n' roll do?

Instead of answering, Call went to the window and leaned over the window sill. Morning excitement had died down, it was quiet. Moonlight clearly paved path on the water, and her Dean saw a boat and a couple silhouettes in it.
- Hey, who's there? What uproarious? - he asked.
- Live here "Flyin Loosers"? - I asked the provocative girl's voice from below.
- And here, too. - In response Colla slipped playfulness.
- Well, then take a gift.

On the window sill end of the rope ladder flopped. Coll, a gut feeling unusual entertainment, quickly secured the ladder. Both musicians were close, and after a few minutes already helped to get into the room slightly breathless laughing barefoot girl window. Embracing the nearest neck - it was Baldry - she turned to the window and kicked off the stairs, waving his hand down.
- Hi, guys! - Fun she smiled, turned to the musicians.

It was a miracle as well: a tall, elegantly folded; long, in the fashion, straight hair is copper-colored, going down to half back and intercepted on his forehead red armband with black diamonds, bony brown face with a slightly elongated slit large piercing pale-green eyes, which settled sunset Seattle, a small snub nose, freckles scattered across the face. When she closed her eyes, others were seen painted dark blue eyelids. She wore flared jeans and light the same motley flared blouse with short sleeves cut off. On the wrists of both hands adorned with wide beaded bracelets.
- Hello, - he smiled broadly Stanley. - Interestingly, all the British are lucky to catch a catch, huh? What's your name, little girl?
- Alice Shark - had the beauty.

Michael turned to the drummer:
- Well, now you see what sharks are found here?
- In my opinion, this goldfish - handed John, looking for Woman. - I - John.
- And I know you - Alice smiled. - You - John Baldry, right? You are super, you know that? I was at the concert. I so enjoyed your "White Whale" ... - Approaching the drummer's ear, she whispered: - I even was wet under it ...

Baldry felt himself blush. Oddly enough, in spite of self-confidence and free customs, prevailing in the musical coterie, John can be confusing, especially praise about him as a musician. "White Whale" - the name was of instrumental composition from the repertoire of his authorship "Flyin Loosers".
At each concert Baldry played it differently, gradually extending his solo. Today, the instrumentals sounded 15 minutes. Only two Baldry played with other musicians - a minute and a minute entry codes. The rest of the 13 minutes, he was the king of the scene. King of the drum set. Finally, the king of Seattle and today the festival. Despite the fact that he only played the opening act. So far - as the opening act.
Alice took her hands in his broad palm drummer and gently held her fingers over them.
- You skin is peeled off, - she whispered. - Does not hurt?
- No, - said John, admiring the girl. - There should be a piece of the song with his hands on the drums knock. Well, she know, when you do it often ...

Alice raised her palm to his lips and kissed ripoffs sites. Then, firmly and gently kissed the drummer in his lips:
- Thank you.
- Oh, and then I moved to the drummers are not, eh? - Stanley's voice sounded poorly concealed envy his usual sneer.
- You will get the same. - Alice with a smile and turned to him and kissed him on the lips. - You guys are all super. Here, all of you trudge. With me still wanted to link the two friends ...
- So why are not linked? - His voice had been silent up to this Call.
- The boat has not climbed - Alice laughed.
- You drink something? - Asked John.
- I drink, - she readily agreed. - You're not cops, the age I will not ask, right?
- We will not. - For Collie returned his prey swagger. - We are the younger, more delicious.

All four laughed. Dean poured a quarter of a glass of whiskey, dilute it with water and brought Alice. She accepted, and thanked with a nod, still smiling, he began to drink, savoring.
- It's all good, - he said after a while Coll - but how do you then we deduce from this?
- Unless you can not think of anything? - Innocently clapped eyes on top of a glass of red beast. - You're a man ... - He finished his whiskey, she smiled ambiguously guys, why Coll felt tightness in jeans, and said: - I would autographs took you, if you can ...
- And why not? - His voice Baldry. - I still do not take girls autographs. Show me where to sign.

Alice, smiling and burning eyes drummer Wild Child, slowly walked up to him and smooth movement lifted up her blouse. Startled, John was taken aback. The girl had no bra, and his eyes appeared a perfect maiden breast - elastic, small, about the size of the 2nd, with the skin, which, even at a glance seemed velvety, with light brown trim buds, already bristling with anticipation of the forthcoming pleasure.
- Here, - suddenly hoarse voice she whispered.

It seemed that John even confused. Coll caught myself thinking that he himself, in spite of the experience had the midnight fun with available girls, would not immediately come to life. He first had to see how an ordinary girl - what Alice was not a pro, Dean realized immediately - offered several unfamiliar guys and did it easily, freely and naturally, as if it was perfectly natural. There would only be happy such a gift ... but personally, Dean is feeling some confusion. The behavior of John and Michael, he saw that they are experiencing something similar. But John quickly regained his composure.
- Here, even the "Parker" is not painted - in the tone of the girl and he whispered, bending his head, put his lips pert nipple. Alice tilted her head. The room, as the breeze rustled a deep breath.

Michael seems to have also come from an obsession, I approached the couple from behind and took off her blouse with a girl. Alice did not resist. The boy kissed her delicate neck, which shone through the skin capillaries, paved paths kisses to the little ear and up to the clavicle and just blew on them. The answer to it was a light sweet moan, encourage further, be bolder. She turned her head slightly and her lips met lips musician.

After playing with the girl's nipple, John unzipped his jeans Alice and began to shoot. The girl, without interrupting the kiss several times took her hips, helping Baldry. When the jeans down to his knees, she gently pulled away from the embrace and a few movements took them all, along with linens.
- And to help you undress? - Alice slyly asked the guys, going to the couch.

Coll has long been looked at all this action burning eyes, caressing her through the jeans rampant organ. "It is not what a bitch, eh! - Lightning swept through his mind - For the bitch, the usual hippie juvenile slut. And behaving like ... like a queen, her mother in all holes ... Well, never mind, we now put you in your place. " He had cursed himself for having succumbed to the charm of their uninvited direct-welcome. "She had to all be climbed - as an excuse to beat her head obsession. - She was in fact that Mick Jagger, Jimmy Hendrix - all the same. If only there was a member. And not a better one. "

While Call of thought Woman watered mud, both musicians were freed from the clothes, and Alice, sitting in front of them on the couch, gently stroking their rearing tools, fingers touching the skin, slowly carried from the head to the base. A couple of times in the palm took both members at a time, along with eggs, as if appreciating, and treat them as if he had never seen anything like it. But its cool touch fire burned cleaner and plants is not worse experienced whore caresses. Coll was sitting on the side and perfectly saw the faces of John and Michael distorted grimace of painful pleasure and anticipation. Oh, how they wanted now for a simple girl to pounce on her and tear off in all positions and from all sides, enjoying her squeals and shrieks! But ... something and restrained. Maybe they still remembered that it is not brought to them, and she came? ..
- Good - finally she whispered. - Such a beautiful ... You sing about the edge - she turned suddenly to Michael - but you have a real gun. - She giggled from his vulgarity and touched the tongue of the head. Michael barely restrained so as not to grab her head and not her mouth to spread the entire length of the penis. It was torture.

Just pulling the skin member, Alice looked around several times around the head tongue tickled the bridle, the second hand continues to stroke the body of John. Then, kissing the head, it is switched to the second term, giving him the same affection and podrachivaya Michael Wand. John broke down and put his hands on her head. Without looking up, she smiled and put her head lips, plunging it into her mouth a little deeper. Musician inhaled the air through his teeth, as if in pain - the pain of pleasure. Clutching head lips, she began very quickly to caress her with the tip of the tongue, in the same time masturbate Michael. Then she took Michael, but this time let him barrel deeper into her mouth, occasionally making head movements like nasazhivayas.

Call openly masturbate. Now he did not know what he wanted more: to fuck baby or see what the outcome of this contest in endurance. And there was something to admire: played enough in turn members of the girl to bring them closer to each other so that they are almost touching, and, pulling the skin, caressing both at once. Her tongue was traveling from the head to the base of one member, came back on the next. So - a few times ... Then - again, one disappeared in her mouth, almost completely immersed in his lewd depth, and the second was overwhelmed by caresses of fingers; minute members changed places. Dean could not stand it, got up from his seat, walked over to him and, applying slight pressure to the back of the girl she began to move her head. Alice choked - apparently by surprise - but quickly adopting new rules of the game, an active start to sit down at the mouth member, not forgetting podrachivat second. Dean himself too vengeance caressed herself, at times leading head girl on the cheek, neck, hair, eyelet ... Long so could not continue: the groans of men were becoming tense, smacking in her mouth maiden - louder and more passionate, through them already moans of pleasure began to break the most beauty. The first could not stand John: it was just a member of Alice in his cheek. He seemed nervous, short breath, then issued a roar abruptly grabbed her head and began to pour into the mouth with a lovely unintelligible cries. Alice surprise has released a member of the mouth, tart full of hot sperm, and Dean saw head convulsively white liquid shoots. Adhesive track adorned a girl's nose, lips, cheeks ... From such a depraved kind of broke down and Michael, whom she wanker: the next moment he was the seed of a shot and fell on his right cheek, Alice, and then - on the temple hair. A few drops fell into his eyes. Pretty closed her eyes with pleasure and began to suck the remains of Michael's sperm.
Now all was for the collie, but he was so perevozbuzhd¸n that as soon as she took his cock in her palm, the seed involuntarily fired directly into the hands of Alice. By Dean took the body to facilitate shiver with pleasure, he closed his eyes, feeling at the same time, blushing. His situation was quite funny - he finished as usual pimply teenager the first time touches the adult naked girl. Opening his eyes, Dean saw the smiling faces of John and Michael. It was a smile of pleasure - is unlikely musicians are now thinking about Dean's embarrassment - but it seemed to him all the way around. And beauty, with her hands licking cum Dean, oddly smiling, looking at him. All this resulted in Collie in fury.
- How delicious ... - murmured meanwhile girl licked all the seed and, still smiling enigmatically, looking at Dean. - You men smell. Present. So superovo ...

Ding silent for a moment, listening to the heavy breathing and delightfully foul near the musicians finally, if something for themselves deciding or inventing, leaned closer to Alice's face and watched as dry up on her face a drop of sperm, said:
- Now you will be even more tasty, baby ... - then straightened up, refueled, turned and left the room. He already knew what would happen next.

Coming out of the room, Coll listened for a moment and looked around. The room had no sound. The hotel itself was also quiet. If anyone had heard Alice climbed through the window, he did not show this, for whatever reasons, special interest, or to them would necessarily come for a visit. Dean inexplicably was relieved - he felt no excitement - and walked quickly down the hall.

Back Call back quickly, holding a small tray. Heart pounding almost under the throat, but now, not only in anticipation of the upcoming fun. More Dean agreed with the administrator, it seemed to him that in the last glance flashed surprise. But at that time road manager decided that certain rewards will be sufficient to answer any uncomfortable questions. Now he doubted it: too right employee looked away ... But the road back was not there.

The room, meanwhile, is already in full unfolding orgy. Musicians fucked the girl in two bow: John lying on the sofa, Alice - on it from above, touching the breasts of his body from time to time to crawl them on it, and Michael, perched on it, had a girl in the ass. The room was filled with heavy breathing of men, mingled with the smell of sweat and sex and spanking members of the girl's ass and pussy. Status Alice could understand only issued by her throaty moans, sometimes breaks down to cry, which was pain and pleasure, and some detachment from what is happening.

Heavy breathing guys hacking was replaced rykopodobnymi sounds, cries of Alice in the beginning of the break, "yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... eschsch¸¸¸ ... ahhh." Starting with a whisper, they gradually gained momentum, so Dean was scared for a minute that they still will wake up and be interested in the rest of the guests. But luck was now, apparently, on their side, how many b Dean nor listened to any action on the part of the corridor he heard.

Meanwhile, the orgy was coming to an end. Michael finished the first: with a sweep stabbed the girl in the end member so that she screamed louder, he drew his apparent regret and strongly d¸rnuv hand several times on the trunk, began to pour on the girl's buttocks and back, closing his eyes with pleasure. She involuntarily straightened. Now it was John. He wanted to finish clearly a girl, and he made this effort - gripped her hands from time to time to apply pressure on the shoulders - but Alice, even in ecstasy, nothing managed to not lose sight of. Bringing musician almost to orgasm, she cleverly turned inside out from his hands, jumped out of it, the snake slipped from the sofa to the floor, leaning against a member, and gently put her head jaws. This affection was enough: John with uterine roar spilled into it. Dean would have sworn that he saw a girl cheeks swollen from the incredible amount of sperm, though Baldry in a week did not have sex, but they almost immediately and fell off. The very same Alice, swallowing the seed several times touched his finger clitoris and finished almost at once with John. But her voice was drowned in the roar of pleasure drummer.

Watching all this, Dean finally convinced myself that Alice - "grupiz" common whore, not only professional, but rather of those who are musicians in their environment called. Of course, girls do not consider themselves whores - they just had fun and interesting - but one of the men were interested in such details?"Well glycol, baby, you are such, then hold on ... "
- Dean, you did, the waiter closed up? - Well, of course, but Stanley could afford such ridicule him. - They that are better paid?

Alice giggled. Her eyes flashed lights-fi imps - passion, lust, orgasm, satisfaction, happiness ... She was incredibly beautiful. It's incredibly annoying Colla, and hated at the same time the plant. Not responding to Michael, he went to the couch and put the tray on the table, lightly kicking the legs Baldry:
- Come on, get up. My, it seems, of all, no one is against?

Against no one was. John stood up and stared curiously at the tray:
- And what have you got there?

On it lay a dual elongated pale pink is flexible piece of meat the size of a width of a half-palm, tapering at one end. Closer to the second end on it could be seen strange bumps, even in appearance seemed prickly. John has aroused the curiosity of the other interested party even Alice got up from the floor and moved closer.
- Baby, you do not want a drink? - Courtesy of Dean turned to her, gently running his hand up her thigh, enjoying the cool young skin. Alice smiled:
- A bit dry in the throat. Maybe it was just water ...
- One minute. - Michael with unprecedented speed for it drove off into the bathroom and came back with a glass of water and gave it to the girl. - Well, not Tom, Dean, what is it?
- It? - Dean for a moment savored ignorance of the musicians, as if choosing the right words. - Well, how do you say ... There's a girl should know better. She's a shark.

Alice gasped and stared blankly at the road manager. In the views of others are unlikely to have been more understanding.
- You do that, sperm hit in the brain? - Blurted Baldry. - You normally can tell that this is and what it is here?
- Are you nervous that something is? - Dean asked amiably. - Alice, baby, lie on your back. Dinny Uncle Now you will do well ...

More is not fully understanding what was going on, she obediently lay down on the sofa. Call nestled near the feet, the musicians gathered near the sofa. Dean leaned over to the girl and touched her breasts tongue, spent one nipple, then the second, a little play with the tongue and lips. Tension gradually began to let go of Alice, she began to relax. Coll ran his fingers on his thigh, she immediately responded to this affection, gently spreading the legs apart. Soft touch sexual sponges caused a low moan, Alice leaned slightly towards the fingers, as if deliberately planted on them, and closed her eyes in anticipation of the coming pleasure.
Woman relaxed and at the same time a little lull, Dean embarked on what was intended. He took the tray strange object and touched it tapered end of the clitoris. She abruptly startled by a sudden cold touch, she opened her eyes and sat up on his elbows, trying to see what to do next to her womb. Call immediately bent down to her face and prihvatyvaya lips from time to time a tiny ear lobe, quietly and softly, but with nowhere holding imperious tone of voice, slowly, dividing into small pieces of ice, he said:
- You want to know what it is, my dear ... - The tip of the clitoris touched again, Alice jerked so that even in the legs cramp ran. - It's just a member, do not worry. Member of the Canadian shark. Little. - The end of the member he spent on the labia girl, forcing her beautiful body to bend again. Alice often breathed. - Member of the smallest. But it cut erect. And it is quite suitable for business. - He did not know whether the truth is now spoken, but it was not important: what with all the girls all means, the guy realized for myself for a long time. Dean parted her lips shark member and held them inside. A shudder once again broken the girl's body.

Dean looked at the girl's face. Huge eyes darkened Alice drowned in them sietlskim sun almost unblinkingly stared at him. What it was in them that reflect the emotions and feelings overwhelmed right now the girl - guy did not care. The main thing was that it was in its power.
- And you ... now ... I'll ... that ... fuck? - Forcing a word, until the end is not yet in disbelief, breathing intermittently, said the beauty.
- Only if you want to - voice of the tempter said Dean. - But if you want ... it is possible to check ... - With these words he held the vagina with your fingers. Alice tried to squeeze the legs, but it was too late: finding out what he wanted, the guy whistled in surprise. She was wet.
- Dean, that's enough. - The voice of Michael was no longer the same irony. - You think you do, what do you do then?

Call for a moment raised his head:
- And you try it, Mikey. Then ...

He did not finish: Alice screamed and began to struggle. Apparently, she finally realized that she was waiting, or recovered, freed from the captivity of the power of intonation. Call quickly clamped her mouth with his hand and whispered:
- Bitch, shut up a minute better. You want your panties in your mouth were? Have you forgotten that you yourself come to us?
- She did not come for this, Dean - his voice, John.
- And what then? - Without raising his head, he said. - Just kiss your skillful palm? Hold her hands better ... Do not be afraid as you are! - I have shouted in exasperation Coll. - You want to stay neat? So there was no need at all to seek adventure on his head!

On top brush Alice lay a heavy hand drummer, but it was evident that she was pressing for a girl's hand rather kind. Call cursed: the mood was gone. However, there was replaced by a stubborn refusal to deviate from the plan. The boy turned back to the girl:
- Well? Screaming will not ... Do not be afraid of you - have a little softer, he added, seeing the frightened eyes of Alice. - It's not so scary. These young men - he nodded to the musicians - members of, I suppose, a little more, and you're perfectly withstand them. It hurts not, do not worry. But there will be something to remember. Relax, most importantly ... Well?

Alice in silence, like a rabbit on a boa looked at Dean, then slowly, as in slow-motion filming, nodded. Rowdy slowly removed his hand from his mouth. She did not look away from his tormentor, but made no sound.
- It will be something to remember ... - Michael chuckled. - I used is not even in his grave recalled.
- You're already there will not before - was quick to answer the call. - The more you - not she. - And, already turning to the girl, he said: - Umnichka ... Now it will be good, calm down.

He again, like the first time, slowly ran his fingers up her thigh. Feet girl remained tightly clenched, but it did not bother the guy: with nowhere grafted deceptive gentleness, he put his hand between the edge and slightly parted them, so as to be able to touch the vagina. His fingers gently, almost weightless ran over the clitoris, barely touching his teasing did not even touch, but rather the movement of air, and then again, but more tangible, caress it. The girl was to release tension, her body slowly goes limp. Sponges slightly moist again.

Dean again touched shark member of the clitoris. Alice flinched, but it was already quite a different reaction. Whether she chose to believe the guy, or resigned in the hope of a speedy end of the entertainment - Dean never understood in such nuances, and it is not needed it. He carefully held the tip of the clitoris by the penis. Virgin's body stiffened and fell down to the fingers of feet. Breathing was interrupted. Scion again walked along the vaginal lips, then parted them, he stroked the entrance to it. Simultaneously Call fingers of the second hand began to stimulate the clitoris. And then there was a soft girlish moan.

"Well, of course - I gloated in Dean soul. - Who can stand before such a touchy ... And so ... ". Confident in response girl, boy wider spread fingers lips sex and confidently entered the tip shark flesh in the vagina. The answer to it was a short sigh, as if Alice took a deep breath before jumping into the water. Call slowly began to move his arm, each time a little deeper introducing member into the vagina. On the fourth or fifth time, when the member has entered into a girl by almost half, the unexpected happened: she made a reciprocal movement hips, as if podmahivaya so exotic guest. Surprised Dean lifted his head to look at her. Her face distorted grimace strange - sort of a mixture of disgust, shame, horror and weird perverted pleasure, which has already seen through the clear expression of the senses first. Palchikov Alice squeezed her hands held Baldry, why he himself made a face, but made no attempt to escape. Michael just stood by and without any external emotions watching the unfolding picture. None of the three did not utter a word, everything happened in the dead silence, broken only by frequent breathing girl.

Dean realized that I won. Now, should bring the matter to an end - finally show the beauty and the two musicians who she was. For this purpose it was necessary to just keep - and nothing else. What it was done. Movement of hands became more confident and hard, Ding a little bit his lip with excitement, looking at how the sea monster penis thriftily dispose of in the vagina of the human female, causing her body apart from the will to respond to such a wild affection. It was in this something very ancient, even mythological, came from the distant childhood times of humanity when, together with the people on the planet inhabited by many different races, when the earth descended gods of Greek mythology and the Scandinavian sagas and take the most bizarre forms and types, to master beautiful earthly women and beget a new race - the demigods-half people ... and it is very symbolic that in the middle of the twentieth century, on the territory of one of the most superstitious of American states, where dense forests are still living Native American spirits and trees talk to each other about the legend girl-owl, a man fuck a woman with the help of penis dead animal. Symbolically, it is strange and at the same time like a profanation, though intended to desecrate once the whole nature of the universe - and the living and the dead.

If Dean studied at Oxford or at least had a fantasy of his bandmates, his eyes are brought to is now completely wild, unbridled passion in his paintings all kinds of sacred copulation women unknown to science and zoomorphic forms. But he did not go to Oxford and only saw mundane rough stuff. He saw the cold smooth piece of dead flesh enters raspal¸nnuyu living flesh, as if it is an integral part, as convulsions covers flexible girl's body at every such movement, causing it to bend in different directions, then trying to get away from uninvited lord, then trying to hold it in Statement; he heard rapid breathing through the girls begin to break moans, unlike those she made during sex with men. These moans were deeper, the outcome did not seem out of his chest, and from the very sanctuary of the human essence. With every movement of a girl like husks under the kitchen knife flew the notorious thin layer of civilization and humanity, the preservation of which is so cared for all thinkers and saviors of the human race, and reveals the true guts of man, thirsting only pleasure - the most diverse, the most unprecedented, which is only able to invent brain.

Collie tired of fucking the girl in the same position, and he decided to play a little: Alice lifted leg, bent their knees and pressed them to his chest, revealing for all to see small tender anus. Ding began again to enter a member into the fold, while two fingers moistened with saliva and slowly entering them in the ass, and began to move them. Changing the depth of penetration and anal stimulation did their job: Alice cried in an unnatural voice, intense and twitched suddenly went limp, eyes closed, exhausted, shaken unusual strength orgasm. Body made big drops of sweat. Dean drew out the phallus: he was covered with girlish secretions.
- Well, you see? - Man showed the penis musicians. - She still finished ... over, bitch! She liked ... And now she had more and lick ...

Michael Dean tried to hold hands, but did not: Call quickly moved to the head of Alice and spent a couple of times with the tip of the flesh smeared on her lips. Sensing an unusual taste, she opened her eyes. Seeing that led her to consciousness, Alice pulled back, pushed his hand More recently, former part of it piece, then covered her mouth, trying to hold back retching, he slid off the couch and quickly ran to the bathroom. After a while before the boys could hear the characteristic sounds.
- Well, you're a freak, Dean Call - through clenched teeth Baldry. - Dirty bastard, bastard son of a bitch and a pervert.

Dean smiled broadly:
- Johnny, what are you doing razosh¸lsya something? It was fun, she liked it ... What a difference, whose member a push? The main thing - that it was all on a high. They won and bottles fuck yourself when go out, and nothing. And then something - just ...

He broke off, his speech interrupted strong kick clear, which came just as the left jaw. Dean was thrown back on the couch, he cried out and clutched at his face, but then he jumped up with a plan to attack the drummer.
- Uh! - Stanley stepped between them. - Enough. Already we did everything ...

Dean and John ispepelyayusche looked at each other. Coll moved his jaw, had a tongue over his teeth, the edge of consciousness saying to myself, that's kind of like one tooth reeling. Now, however, it was not before. Beating Michael, he came close to Baldry and seriously said:
- What are you doing? With crazy mad? You stood up for someone else? For this damn hippies? Because it is built you eyes? You're a fool, John Baldry! You do not understand that they all need one, huh? You do not understand that they are all - all for the sake of someone you my corn on drums rip off - they're all whores? You do not understand that they must tear up wherever you see, what you see and how you want? They just want it in your life and understand, do you understand this - stoned and surrender! They are more simply not capable of - all these kids colors! It is for you, not for you to come, but for yourself! So she got what she wanted! And you still, puppy, legs folded in front of her, pasted on a handsome face! Yes, she spit on you and on your "White Whale" like if you do not fuck her properly!
- Not enough for you? - John said hoarsely. - I did and add ...

At this time we knock at the door. All three flinched and turned to knock. Dean, in the twinkling of an eye pale, one decisive gesture pushed Michael to the bathroom, hoping that it will understand without explanation, then took a deep breath, walked to the door, trying to go to collect his thoughts. He opened the door and sighed with relief. On the threshold stood a sleepy vocalist »Flyin« Loosers «.
- You rasshumelis what else? - I muttered irritably that. - Problems which? Who's yelling?

By Dean relief, he did not notice pours from Rowdy bruise, so Coll quickly blocked a room, in case you still Alice comes out of the bathroom and softly whispered:
- Bobby, you're dreaming. No one shouted. We just watched TV ...
- What? - He stared at in wonder Colla. - TV? And he yelled at you so that you could hear through the wall?
- Well, yes, yes, yes, - hurriedly said Dean, Bobby pushing deeper into the corridor. - John drunk, because he know it all loud Give ...
- Ah - handed the vocalist, she has been turning to their number. Dean had already planned to return to her when he heard a faint shout from behind Administrator:
- Mr. Coll ...

I call again turned around and froze. He immediately broke out in a cold sweat. In the corridor he is approached by three of the administrator and two policemen. Bobby, just intending to go back to her, staring with interest at what is happening.

Dean cursed. His first impulse was to close the room door, but, judging that, he only hurt, I decided to leave as it is. The only thing that he has allowed himself - to look into the room. Michael was not in the room, half-dressed, John stood in the middle, looking at Dean.

The police approached.
- You to me? - Politely I asked the guy.
- Yes, Mr. - said a senior. - You - Dean Coll?
- Yes.
- Police Sergeant Forestes - he introduced himself. - Sergeant Maxwell police.
- Very nice, gentlemen. How can I help?
- Mister, we have received information about violation of public order and the strange woman's scream from your room. Are you alright?
- Women's cries? - Dean shrugged. - Right, Sergeant, I do not understand who is at this time in the hotel could hear the women screaming. I was here for the whole day, will not be absent, and I can assure you that no woman did not come to this hotel. And she reserved for only a few days for the members of the two bands who performed at the festival today. Mr. Thompson - he nodded to the administrator - can confirm my words.
- Yes, I know, - nodded Forestes - but that's just Mr. Thompson and claimed to have heard from your room female screams. Not so long ago, twenty or thirty minutes ago.

Call expressively looked at administrator-tight face and stepped aside to let the police:
- Sergeant, though we are citizens of another state, and now you do not have a warrant, but to show our loyalty to the government of the United States, I am willing to miss you in a room that you could see yourself in the absurdity of these assumptions. Mr. Thompson lost his temper: he would himself go to our room to find all the misunderstandings, and he would have realized that what he thought - it was just a loud TV. And he would have realized that disturb you in this situation simply does not make sense. We would be happy to fulfill all his wishes and comments, if he they arise. - Speaking of all this, call at the last minute thought for raiment, that could still lie in the middle of the room, and internally froze. But it was too late to retreat: could only hope that either John or Michael, if you had not fully dressed, then realized even throw it into the far corner.

The policemen looked at each other, then Forestes speaking with "Thank You", I became in the doorway and looked around the room carefully. Dean looked over his shoulder, but the clothes did not see. Forestesa Look carefully felt Baldry, but making sure that it is - the man, the police calmed down and turned back to Dean:
- Forgive us, mister. Indeed, came confusion. But - he made a pause - after all the TV at full volume at a time ...
- Sergeant - with a gracious smile interrupted him Dean, completely mastered by this time are - I understand everything. Yes, my friend and violated public order and, of course, pay a fine, if you see fit to punish us. But, you see, my friend, today performed a half hour at a concert - it is the drummer of one of the groups, as you probably know - perenervnichal, drank too much and little is aware in their actions. You see - he showed his bruised jaw, - as far as it does not give them a report ...
- Indeed? - Interested in the police, carefully examining the jaw. - Are you all right, Mr. Coll? Maybe call a doctor?
- Doctor? - Dean laughed. - Yes, what's the doctor, Mr. Forestes! From one good blow yet nobody died! ... We just had an argument with a friend, what beautiful actress. He loves Grace Kelly, I - Shirley MacLaine. That's all...
- And again, all because of a woman ... - probryuzzhal Forestes. - Well, then, all right - he drawled, turning to the administrator. He tried to say something, but the policeman continued: - Mr. Thompson, excuse me, of course, but you would, indeed, himself had to verify your assumptions before you call us. This story may be unpleasantly affect your clientele. Mr. Coll, I'm sorry for having disturbed you. Enjoy your vacation and stay in the Queen City. And good luck. - Both saluted and turned to leave. Administrator hurried after them.

Call watched care, his tongue yawn vocalist and was relieved to come back to the room. John also stood still in one place. Dean approached him.
- Hey, you, there, in the bathroom! - He called. - Can you go ...
- So, - he said slowly Baldry - I drank too much. And I do not are aware of the actions. And it appears to me more like Grace Kelly ... Maybe you once more to move, and, Dean Call?

When Michael, supporting Alice emerged from the bathroom, his eyes appeared the following picture: Dean and John were standing opposite each other in the middle of the room and laughed out loud ...

New York. July 1992.

Hall eagerly awaited answer. Everyone saw that the author - smiling in an American way, of medium height, slightly balding, with gray hair at the temples, in spite of his 46 years - as if fallen into some kind of stupor. Minutes passed in minutes, no one interrupted the oppressive silence, but everyone knew that once he had broken. And it broke.
- Mr. Coll, - said the reporter again - well, so what about "Shark history"? It's true?

And Dean once again asked myself, who made sure that the story turned out to be the property of newspapers? He remembered what the noise rose around their group literally on the second day, as soon as one sietlskaya a newspaper printed a few lines about the incident. He remembered how much time they then had to fend off all at once, and as a small message grew eventually to entire pages - with an interview that no one gave, with pictures, which no one did ... Some people even claimed that this history is documented in the form of film. However, when the case suddenly officially expressed interest in the police, of film for some reason was not, although those who assured everyone in its presence, said that they had seen these pictures, and it was filmed like a good porn ...

But Dean is still remembered and koe-chto what is not written in the book: the whole press-service group working on the creation of the image of the musicians during the first US tour, to arouse interest in them among the public, and the like kogo-to young press -Secretary the idea to organize a mystical spectacle, ritual, given the specificity of Seattle, its surroundings and legends surrounding the local forests. This performance was to present some members of the group as a neophyte, spiritualized barbarians bent on the secret magical knowledge of the Celts and Saxons supposedly open to musicians almost by Aleister Crowley. That Crowley died before the birth of some of the members of the group and, in general, had little relation to the true secret knowledge of English paganism, anybody especially did not bother: You bet on a loud scandalous name, not the facts. Especially Collie somehow remember one detail: their singer Bobby had to part with the book "The art of magic in ancient Britain" and as far as possible to quote it in every interview. And, naturally, in this rite was to present an erotic component - as well as without it? What is the secret cult without sex? ... At first, the idea came to mind, but then like someone questioned the possibility of its realization. Then, simply did not have time to think through in detail. And as far as Dean remembered, finally venture was safely buried. Although ... maybe he forgot himself?

A newspapermen waited. And he had something to answer. For some reason, people always enough just to listen to your favorite music, they need to be sure that their pets - the most vicious people in the world, capable of any corruption and any act. They say that in this way manifests its freedom in their lives; they say, so they manage it, because they allegedly are always "beyond good and evil '..." Why are people so it is necessary? - Call again asked himself. - Why not just take their idols cheerful, mischievous and lucky guys, the same as all? Well, maybe just a little better to play the guitar, than others, a little better writing poetry than many others ... What gives this to people? Maybe because they justify their own depraved desires? ... "

Dean leaned close to the microphone, cleared his throat and said in a conspiratorial tone:
- Guys, as you would like it to be true? ..

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Lyubimov family. Part 6

Maria sat in her room on the bed, holding the phone to his chest. She nasmelivalas all day to make a picture of her pussy, before a lot of playing with her, so that she became so wet and juicy. It did not take long, since it represented the morning with Uncle steppe. She felt so good when he sucked her pussy! Inside it was burning, but from thinking about it ...

But now, when she was alone, she could not stop the ever-growing desire and arousal. Her fingers did not leave her juicy, little pussy, but she came three times. Masha thought to make the photos, once Uncle Stepan is not called her or even replied. But what if she was wrong about his feelings? Maybe he took it as a girl at the time? No, he never used did not. He was very good and seemed to be very honest, when invited her to his home. He did not even try to hide it from Aunt Lena.

Suck his dick was very good, but Mary thought of as Uncle Stepan licks pussy of his wife, and he licked her. Hey so lucky to get such a husband! Masha thought they suck each other and fucking, and she diligently wanker her little vagina until her body shook in convulsions and pussy on the floor of her juices gushed. Mary was breathing heavily, had never felt so myself ...

* * *

After telling his story, Stepan was very happy to see that his instincts did not disappoint. When he and his wife were in position 69, he realized that Lena has a new spark. She sucked his cock wildly, but was not going to get him to come, he would have thought. Her pussy needed cock. When she came to her husband's face, then he turned and lodging directly to it, all the way by inserting it into itself.
- Wow, so you have a good mood, - said Stepan with a pleasant sigh, feeling the soft pussy around his cock.
- Let me try a little taste of her pussy with your face! - Practically commanded Lena, running tongue in her husband's mouth.

He replied and began heavily to drive his cock in her pussy from the impact of eggs on the ass was like the sound of a slap. He knew that Lena must be excited by stories about him and Masha, but did not think that as a result it will be so insatiable. Fuck it as it is now, a reminder of their youth, when they were excited even greater than it is now, but if it was at all possible.
- I guess I should be mad at you, - Lena said, almost out of breath, - I never said that you can for someone else to fuck.

Stepan just smiled and continued to fuck her pussy surprisingly narrow, as they say.
- I knew you'd love it, especially with my boyfriend as she is. You want to lick her little pussy, aah?

Lena Roth gave up the slack until his incredible dick ripping her body.
- Yes Yes!
- You have to seduce her, she will come to us.
- Oh my God! - Lena's pussy exploded at the thought and she screamed loudly as the culmination of her body shudders. Their children will definitely heard it.
- Lena, the children were heard, - said Stepan, changing position, to continue on the dog.
- I do not care - Lena said, almost screaming, when a member Stepan plunged in again, causing a pussy juices dripped on the bed - just fuck me!

Stepan grabbed her ass and started at a furious pace to fuck her.
- Baby, you're so damn hot today.

Lena moaned and growled like an animal.
- I masturbated in front of Kirei ...

Stepan did not quite understand what she said, so rapidly developed into a word of it. But when he realized that the pace slowed a bit.
- You did it? Really?

Lena turned her head to see him, and then as husband stuffed her vagina.
- Are you upset?

Stepan thought for a moment, keeping the pace of fucking.
- I think no. But Cyril? From this he okay?
- I also worry about him - one way or another, but they had a normal conversation, while fucking crazy - He is so excited all the time, just like you at his age. Do you remember how much you needed sex to be satisfied?
- Yes, I remember well. - Said Steve, moistening the mouth and the finger touching the anal holes wife - I thought he was satisfied watching porn on the internet, but apparently not.

Lena gasped when her husband entered a finger in her ass. Is he finally going to add to their sex life, and anal sex? She was very excited at the thought.
- Let me guess, in the shower? - Stepan said.
- Yes, it came when my pussy hit the water jet - Lena barely kept the mind in conversation, while her husband was playing with her little rear hole.
- It's probably a bit painful, right? I masturbate in front of him, especially knowing that he is excited by this.
- I allowed him to masturbate with me - she was not sure whether to say steppe, which allowed him to finish himself. Well, while I was not sure.
- Oh, yeah, - Stepan was excited at the thought that his wife and son masturbate at the same time. He was always a little pervert, it is not surprising that the son has been. - What do you think, should I punish you for such a perversion?
- Oh baby - almost cried Lena - punish me!

Stepan just laughed on what they were loud. He wanted to see the faces of the children right now. He pulled his finger out of her priests and member of the pussy. Lena knew immediately that he was going to do.
- Step O God! - She gasped, - please. fuck my ass! I always wanted you to do it ...

Hearing these words, Stepan was worried, he was strongly overexcited. Can he even be inserted into her ass before you finish? Although then they will again and again to do so.

He put a brilliant member of the little wrinkled hole, until Lena bred buttocks apart. Gritting his teeth, he pressed the sphincter and felt that he grabbed his head. My wife gasped, but only with pleasure, even though it was a little painful. Stepan was proud of his beautiful wife so well accepted by the members. He slowly but surely had done his way into the ass, pushing the intestine until it formed a tunnel.
- Damn Len! - He exclaimed, feeling like balls touched her pussy - your ass is so narrow!
- As long as I wanted it ... - Lena breathed, completely giving up their ass husband.

Stepan barely restrained so as not to end until half pulled out a member, wondering how tightly wraps his ass, then slid back. Lena was making such a sexy sound that he knew would explode at any moment. But it was so awesome to look at everything, he did not want it to end!
- Baby, do you think a member of a well in my little narrow ass? - Sexy voice said Lena.
- Oh yeah baby! - Stepan could no longer restrain, at the last moment he pulled the cock and lots of sperm began to splash his wife. Painting Stepan was very perverted and dirty, he saw her broken-down hole priests until finished anywhere. How he loved this perversion! The sight of the round ass of his gorgeous wife covered with sperm, Stepan again want to paste it into a tight hole, but since it was the first time he did not want to overtax her ass. But he knew now that their sex is much more wild and satisfactory.
- I love you Lena, - said Stepan, perhaps more sincere than ever.
- I love you too baby - Lena smiled lovingly to her husband, who is now completely satisfied her.

* * *

It was not long after the removal of the parents, Cyril and Katya again heard. Normally, Kate ignored them, and Cyril masturbate in the room listening to the groans. But now they are together watching television when they heard that the magic began.
- Well, they are again, - said Katya, pretending he did not see how the brother touching herself through shorts.

But as soon as they heard how my mother cried Father "fuck my ass," they both looked at each other, and then without a word ran upstairs to better able to listen to them.
- Do you think they're really doing it in the ass? - Kirill said.

Kate ignored his crude comments and listened attentively. The door to the parents' room was not completely closed, but inside and could not see their parents. However, it is very susceptible to listen to their loud family members, and their obscenity, they said to each other.
- Wow, Mom and Dad really love each other, aa? - Katya said, more to himself than to his brother.

When they heard the sound, much like Dad grunted, and then "FAP" sounds and a large number of breaths, they realized that Dad pulled his fighter and pours sperm mother's back. There was their turn to leave. Cyril motioned for Kate to follow him to his room, which she did.
- Can you believe it? - Said Katya as soon as they stepped inside and closed the door.

Cyril hastened to the computer to shut down porn sites that are left turned on. But Kate has learned to ignore what was on his computer.
- In fact, I learned a lot about my mother recently, - he said.
- For example? - Kate asked, thinking well, especially after the incident in the kitchen.

Cyril sat up in bed, and Kate sat beside him.
- Do you remember when I came in this morning in the bathroom? - he asked.

Kate smiled.
- Yes, you are so much like the toilet. This was because in the morning when you masturbate?
- Yes, like that, - Kirill was not sure how best to tell you - my mother came into my room and woke up, she wore the robe ...
- Oh God, you jerk off afterwards? She always wears it in the morning, you are all the time on this wanker?
- No, not at all. Maybe sometimes. I do not know. But when she entered the room, then he climbed onto the bed and sat on me.

Katie's eyes widened, as if she knew how it happened. Did her brother also interacted sexually with her mother, as she was?
- Plus she never wears panties, you know - went on Cyril - and given my usual morning riser, when she sat on me ... my cock pressed to her girl ..

From shock Katya bailiff hands to his mouth ajar.
- Can not be!

Cyril was not too embarrassed, in fact it is very exciting to tell her sister.
- It felt good the way my penis between her legs.
- And that my mother did? She's mad?

Cyril hesitated to finish his story, but will not be the worse if he tells Kate?
- She let me finish ... ... this way.

Kate laughed in surprise.
- Oh my God! So it was my mother's pussy juice when you come in after a bath, right?

Cyril nodded, aroused by these memories. But his shorts formed a good hill that Kate noticed.
- They were almost the same as if we were fucking, - he said, trying to hide his erection a little turned away.
- Wow, I guess I did not need to blame yourself because, after our fun with her.
- It was very hot! - Kirill said, recalling how down the stairs of his jaw almost dropped when he saw how they kiss.
- She allowed herself to kiss, because one girl at school with me glued. And I always wondered how it is to kiss another girl.

Cyril groaned openly touching himself in front of her.
- Oh damn, I can not control myself!

He pulled off his shorts down and right in front of Katya began greatly to masturbate member. She just stared in amazement as brother masturbated in front of her. For today it is the second time it is seen.
- Cach Sorry, but I need to be exhausted.

Poor Kirya, she thought. It must be difficult in this house to keep their desires under control. She knew it well. While Kate watched Fingering brother, then her pussy start to tingle. His cock was so big, it is very exciting to watch him, or for any other guy with a big dick, drochaschim so close.
- It's okay Kirill, - she said licking her lips - you definitely better facilitated.

It was a little uncomfortable to masturbate in front of her sister, but Kirill could not help it. Play as fuck parents and look at amazing boobs sister, strongly projecting through a narrow T-shirts, it really has brought.
- I watched my mother ... ... masturbating in the shower - gasped Cyril.
- Really? - Katya said, - My God, she's a whore!
- And she allowed to cum on your tits.

Pussy Katie lit presenting it. Her mother was still one little thing. But that Katya zarevnoval that her mother her sexier, and the competitive side of Catherine began to show itself.
- It really allowed this to you?

Cyril kisnul, good work hand over the penis. It was so exciting to do it now to my sister! Kate started to take off a T-shirt, from the shock Kirya already stopped, just kept dick in his hand.
- What are you--
- I do not want to just mom enjoyed it - she pulled a T-shirt over his head and threw it to the side, revealing perfect breasts in front of his brother - I want you, too, ran out of my tits.

Kirill continued stroking himself and kicked away shorts. He was going to really enjoy konchaniya sister.
- God, I thought I could not so much to end today, - he sighed - my dick hurts as much pleasure.

Kate smiled.
- Hab, too much stimulation, aa?

He slowed jerks, spat on his hand and began to rub his saliva over the penis.
- I would quickly finished if we used two were stripped.
- Good! - Katya happily agreed. She took off her shorts off, while Cyril took off his shirt. Now the brother and sister were completely naked. Kate stood in front of him on his knees, exposing boobs sperm.
- ... Can I insert it between your boobs? - Very carefully Kirill asked.

Kate pretended that thought for a moment.
- Okay, if it will help you quickly discharged. But I do not want you to dry rubbed them.

She spat on her boobs, and they are well prepared for fucking. For them to do such a mess it was very exciting, especially for Katie! Kirill eagerly stepped forward until his cock gently touched her slit between her breasts, where they just parted. She could not help but groan when my brother put his penis to her chest, and Kate gladly squeezed him around, giving him as much soft flesh as she could.
- Fuck my tits, little brother, - she said Cyril happily complied.

Up and down, sliding member humid and rough fucking tits sister. While he was sick, now it did not matter, as long as Kirya looking at an amazing body of her sister. Several times she looked up and smiled, but it was mainly focused on a moving member that she is very excited. He began to wheeze speeding up the movement, and Kate could not wait to see the sperm splashes on his chest.
- You can do so at any time you want, okay brother? - Katya said, when he was already very close - my boobs always served you.

Cyril groaned aloud, the proposal sister, he could not resist.
- Baby, I'm coming!
- Oh yes Kirya! Cum on my tits! Yeah!

Cyril took a few shots while he was still a member between the boobs, but then pulled it out and the rest of the contents of eggs shot at his sister. Cum fell everywhere, a bit on the cheek, but most on the neck, through which it flows down and pooled between her amazing boobs. After that, the Kirya fell back on the bed, exhausted from such sexual activity per day.
- God, it was so hot! - Exclaimed Kate, - we do have to do it again.

Cyril wiped his brow, breathing heavily, being very pleased with himself. He closed his eyes and held his breath, then opened them when he felt something in the warm and humid plunged member. This is Kate crawled forward and grabbed his mouth.
- God is good, - he said, seeing a cum covered sister cleans the tip of his penis.
- Mmm, a walk, - she said, but a member of her mouth a little muffled. She twisted on his tongue, licking the remnants of sperm. Kate could not believe that it has become such a slut for her brother, who it is usually annoying. But now she felt for him an incredible attraction.
- Kate, you're a wonderful sister, - Kirill said as she licked the head vigorously.

Kate just groaned, sucking his cock, knowing that he will not soon finish, especially after so many orgasms a day. But she did not care, she liked him to suck. He seemed to be perfectly happy to allow her to do so, so the nurse spread her legs and started playing with her pussy while sucking brother. For it did not take long to finish as a member of Cyril was again very solid.
- - - ---

Stepan showed his wife the message that sent Masha as they heard the sound of children at the end of the corridor. Being naked, he looked out of the room and listened attentively. Lena could not put the phone she already drooling looking at the perfect young pussy Masha. Lena could not wait for when it's a girl in their house.
- Len, I think the kids something to do, - he said.

Reluctantly, she put the phone on the bedside table and went to get her husband out into the corridor. Her ass was dried husband's sperm and anal ring tingled, there are also a couple of minutes ago, abundantly nakonchal Stepan.
- What are they doing? - She asked.

It was then that they heard the good: "Oh, yes Kirya! Cum on my tits! Yeah! "And both shock looked at each other. A loud groan was followed by his son in a few seconds, and then silence.
- You do not think that ... - Lena was very surprised at the thought that their children were having sex, but even more surprised that his son might still be an orgasm, especially after the three that have already been today.
- I do not think, I know, - said Stepan - now our son cums on boobs daughter.

Lena was still in shock, but I noticed that the member Stepan began to grow again. Maybe her husband is also excited as she was, the idea that children are fucked? Lena did not want to admit it, that it is quite excited incest, and the fact that they are a couple of Kirei already crossed the borders of today. He does not seem to mind that she masturbated with Cyril, so why should worry that children play a bit with each other?
- Maybe we spy on them? - I proposed to Stepan.
- What's the point? They also like the fun was over.

Stepan was disappointed, because I wanted to see a naked Kate for the sexual act, but Lena did not say.
- He told her to think about what you two were doing? - he asked.

Lena blushed.
- Maybe. He's not hiding told me how his sister caught for masturbation, so do not be surprised if he was so open with her. Oh God, step, do you think we are bad parents?

Stepan shook his head.
- Because our family so well together? I'd say that we are perfect parents!

Lena laughed.
- You have an interesting logic.

Stepan was again completely, and Lena stroked it, without even realizing it.
- Do you have any sexual desire for Kate? - She asked.

They looked for a moment into each other's eyes.
- Maybe. And you have to Cyrus?

Lena shrugged.
- It is very much like you, especially its large, beautiful, fantastic member.

Stepan took the hint, and knew that they needed to do next. It remained to be drawn into their perversion Masha.

Continued: Lyubimov family. Part 5
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In captivity perverts

At the time of learning all the characters of this story are 18, we are talking about the senior class. No hint of pedophilia. Himself an ardent opponent. (Approx. Author).

During my training, I was madly in love with a girl, but by its nature it could not admit it. Her name was Alina, she was an excellent student round, meek and very pleasant to look at. Nobody noticed it, but in my opinion it was just divine. By nature she was chiselled figure, slender legs neat, well-contoured ass, narrow waist. In our class rarely thought about it, perhaps because of the prejudice against those who are too much to learn. Girls with her, too, did not communicate, perhaps jealous of her slenderness, and often pay attention to the fact that she had small breasts.

One day during recess she walked past me and I did not notice that, in the heat of the conversation pulled by hand. She bumped into me, dropping the books on the floor, and silently began to collect them.
- Look where you're going! - I snapped, before he could think about who is to blame.

She looked up at me, his angelic eyes full of tears. But she said nothing. It was evident that it already got in our class this attitude. I felt very uncomfortable, and I decided that in whatever was to apologize.

All day I went thinking that unfairly hurt her, and that's after school, I waited until she was out of school (she always went out later than others).
- Look, I did not want to hurt you, it was an accident.
- Why me of all such accidents occur? - Alina did not even look in my direction, her sweet voice trembling with emotion. - What do you need? Go to your friends, and I normally go home to sit alone and teach lessons.
- I just wanted to apologize ... And you know ... I like you ... - I barely squeezed out of himself, feeling that all my words began to sound a bit awkward.
- Like me? - She surprised raised one brow. - You liked me, too, if not abused the other me, but today you disappointed me.
- Let me fix it!
- Um, okay, you help me with the lessons at home, then consider reformed.

I could not believe it, she invited me to his home, just like that. Prior to that, no one in her class, even plainly, and not spoken, and now this.

Upon entering the apartment, she immediately pulled me to his room and began to ease me cram about some uninteresting gadgets, standing on the shelves. From the same quiet girl was gone. She talked and talked, but I still could not believe what was happening.
- Do you want to kiss me? - Suddenly, she said, and opened wide his blue eyes stared at me.
- Yes..

She clumsily reached out to me and in a second, we have merged in a passionate kiss.
- Wow! Where did you learn?
- On the Internet, a lot of what we can learn, and a lot of things you can see. - She said with a kind of weird tone. - Now, let's go to the kitchen, popem tea, but somehow quite stupid out of you to come, and I'll even nothing has treated.

We went into the kitchen, she poured me a cup of tea, and taking a few sips, I suddenly felt strongly that I want to sleep. A minute later, I passed out.
- Hey, get up! - Alina patted me on the cheek

I woke up in her bed, covered with a blanket, and then I felt that I have no clothes.
- I confiscated you have your things, and made a couple of funny pictures, while you were sleeping. Now, since you came around, it was time to your sentence.

The situation was hopeless, where my clothes were not clear, and if the clothes appeared, she had incriminating photos.
- Well, what do you want?
- Now you are my slave, you will carry out my orders, without wrangling. - She grinned mischievously, and it is now pretty face look not so innocent as before. - In here put this on, I do not wear these - shake strongly, I thought nothing bought, but that was no use.

She threw me on the bed of pink panties.

Somehow I pulled them, I got up and realized that the look is now extremely ridiculous - the eggs fell out, and a member excitedly delayed gum panties.
- Ahah, that's funny, well, let me undress, too little, and it is absolutely not fair that you're in shorts, and I dressed. So it will be boring. - With these words, Alina pulled a T-shirt and jeans, remained in the same nylon socks, shorts and a little yellow. Bra on it was not, and I noticed that the nipples of her small breasts stick out excitedly.
- How else would make fun of you? On came up, come over here. - She picked up the marker and wrote on my chest, "slut", then commanded to turn his back on her and get on all fours.
- Arch your back and place higher up the ass now and then write.

I obediently arched and I felt that in my tummy, too, there were some inscriptions. She held the mirror and I saw that there is written "free" and held my hand to point each. But the strangest thing that I have there everything was clean-shaven.
- Oh yeah while you were sleeping, I was a little prepared you to penalties. Do not be surprised.

She sat on the bed and held his leg in socks to my face.
- Kiss my feet.

I began to gently kiss the fingers, at the same time decided to just kneel down and not stand with protruding ass, because it was too embarrassing. But then he got another leg on the back and realized that I do not.
- Do you like to be my slave? - With a smile he asked Alina.
- It's humiliating and silly.
- And I like it, and now take off your sock mouth and lick my feet, and they are tired after a day in sneakers.

Smell and taste are not very good, but the legs were very gentle and krasivenkie, so I was excited. After the language in the long finger, I started to suck, gradually moving to other, but do not forget to come back to him. Soon, fingers glistening with my saliva and mouth was salty flavor Alininoy legs. I felt like a member of the grease begins to ooze, and he shakes slightly in shorts. From this, I began to blush.
- Oh, yes you too like it, I can see. - Alina one leg began to thrust deeper into my mouth, trying to push through several fingers, and the other leg reached for sticking out from under the head of the penis and pants, her fingers wrapped around his legs, began to make a circular motion. She played with my tongue, deftly grabbing big finger legs, and at the same time the carrier fingers on the head of my penis. Gently removing the stem from the head, it has forced me to move forward automatically to compensate for missing a pleasant feeling, it looked terribly humiliating. Man in a pose of a whore trying to reach, standing like a stake to a member of the girl's legs.
- Maybe I was quiet in school, but I have an unusual hobby abroad. - The girl leaned over and pulled the box from under the bed. - With the help of the internet so easy to get all that you want, do not even have to go anywhere, all anonymously.

She pulled out of the box lubrication and pink dildos. Then he looked me in the eye. I guess I looked very sorry, standing on all fours, arching ornamented, shaved ass in a thong female. So she took pity.
- Okay, this is too much, you can shove his ass one finger and fuck myself to them, I think this will be enough for you. Here smazh him this.

Somehow smeared finger, I tried to push it into my ass. All this time, she continued to have openly raped my mouth with his leg and one member of the other masturbate. Finger barely passed, and not the entire length, had to exert great efforts for that would push it deeper, but there was no pain. Although pleasant, too, nothing I have not felt, but because of the awareness of what a shameful situation I find myself in front of a girl, I was just shaking with excitement. Alina gave me a slap and told him that she did not see my efforts and dildos that she has not yet been removed.

I began to move, nasazhivayas the finger ass, then on foot mouth, with published terribly shameful sounds when I sucked leg Alina, due to the large amount of accumulated saliva, she squelched. Below my dick poked in her foot, she no longer moved her lower leg, realizing that it brings me great pleasure.
- Not bad you play his finger, perhaps you should be a reward for such efforts. But first, what do you brush your soiled. - She brought it to my mouth a second leg, all in my grease, it was not very nice, but the excitement overrides all other feelings. And with each humiliation it was getting stronger. I obediently began licking fingers neat Alina.
- Well, that's nice, consider the punishment is over. Now, his back to the bed and let down his legs behind his head, I saw this on the Internet. So, well done.

I was in a terribly uncomfortable position, my cock was hanging right over my face, a few inches away from him, covered in grease, he jerked, trying to free herself from under the thin panties Alina.

Alina clung to my lips, holding her hair with one hand, and began to passionately kiss me, and then picked up with one hand and pulled my dick out of her panties.
- And now the reward for obedience. - With these words, she gently took my cock in her mouth, touching only the lips and tongue, inside of her mouth was soft and wet, she began to suck as if she were already experienced in this matter. I felt her tongue rotates and slides over my head, tip of her tongue she drove under the foreskin. From these experiences I like zapped.
- You have to say you're ready to finish, or I will punish you. I got it? Do not say, sorry about that. - It is a moment turned her face to me and grinned wickedly.

Very quickly, I felt that I could no longer endure, it is not just suck, it still drove a hand through his penis and tongue worked brilliantly. I said that I finish now and then she abruptly pulled away from the penis. I looked expectantly at her, I really wanted to come, my dick twitched itself, I wanted to get my cock back into her mouth. She seemed to read my thoughts, she smiled again and said that if I did not tell you when I'm ready to finish what compassion. Slowly approaching the member is held on it with a finger, then licked the head. I was ready to explode, I said every time I want to come, and each time it has reduced the number of caresses. In the eyes of all floated. In the end, when she held her finger once again by a member, a cry that I want to finish began erupting right on your face, under her laughter. I pulled all over, she defiantly took her hands off me, but would not let me touch myself, in the end it turned out that I was without any touch was poured over. The sperm came out in jerks, with each push me just shaking, I was trying to grab the arm member and to finish the job, but Alina is not allowed. She liked to watch me painfully trying to finish without using their hands.

Alina began to gently lick my face with sperm. After earning her full mouth she smiled and swallowed.
- And now I have to do homework, and you will sit under the table. She took off her panties zh¸ltenkie, and I saw that she wet the bottom. - Look out for you my panties wet, well ka open your mouth, you will sit with them in the mouth, and just try to spit them, the punishment will be severe.

Alina forced to thrust the crumpled panties in her mouth, good though they were quite small. Once under the table, I received a command to get back on their hands and knees and stuck out his ass. Now I have become a support for her feet, she put her feet into my buttocks, and in this position I had to stand for about half an hour. The worst thing was that in the mouth start to accumulate a huge amount of saliva, her panties have become impregnated with it, it was not very nice, and very humbling. Then she decided to take a break and told me to spit it out and put on her panties on. They were soaking wet. My cock stood up again betrayed, betraying the fact that from such humiliation I'm excited. Seeing my jaded view Alina still pity.
- You're cute and obedient, I like you. Come back tomorrow to visit me, I liked to play with you.

She gave me back my clothes, and I went home totally discouraged. This from the quiet girl, I could not wait.

Maybe I'll write a sequel.

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Ninth-Blog. Part 3

Day 13:
In the morning I woke up and immediately went into her mother's room. Mom was lying naked on the bed and slept. I sat down on the bed and began to look at her hot body. Huge breasts rose and fell peacefully. Teats not stood up and were hidden inside. Pump up the press was a little sweaty and it adds shine to it. Long beautiful legs were spread apart and bent at the knees. Carefully shaved pussy was very small for her age and size.
- Well, as you my body? -lukavo Smiling mom looking as I gaze at her.
- I even did not see in porn body better!
- Hmm, I see. I thought that already there is no sense to dress up and I can walk naked at home.
- Oh yeah, as you can. -hitro I smiled.
- You're just going to stand by and watch? -usmehnulas Mom and elucidated her pussy fingers-I in right now is very empty ...
I naprygnul at her like an animal and immediately threw to the eggs. She screamed and scratched my back with their long claws. I started to drive his dick like crazy. My mother's cries only egged me to pick up the pace. I hammered it soon felt like my eggs hurt, but I wanted to fuck and to fuck her, nothing could stop my dick tearing her pussy. Mom rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue, whispering incoherently:
- Fuck fuck fuck, yes, yes! Yes! A ... blyayayayaya!
I realized that right now, finish it, but decided not to stick your dick. Soon my sperm shot inside densely mother. She felt it too will end and zadrygalas whole body. I got off her and saw how she cums like crazy, kicking and moaning hysterically. Many sperm flowing from her pussy and formed a puddle on the sheet from my sperm. I put truselya and left the room.

The day of his dick which:
Have not I written in the diary. It's all because of my mother. We fucked for days. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall, in the bathroom, in the bathroom. Cancer, lying, standing, canine, in short all that might poses. I ottymel her in all holes, even stripped of its innocence zhopku. She first felt only the pain, but then began to adore sex in the ass. In the morning she was eating only food that I obkonchalsya. She said that the taste of the most delicious of my sperm. In short was my spermohranilischem, she called herself.
Recently there was a case for which I decided to write in a diary. To us came my mother's sister, Olga. Olga was younger my mother for two years, but they were almost twins. Only Olga was higher (190) and therefore probably in his youth was a model. She took care of themselves and therefore looked even better mom. Now she was the wife of a businessman Uncle Kolya (cool guy by the way, I always tossed dough). She came from the Caribbean, all tanned and happy. They are usually kicked me in my room and began to discuss his female affairs. Then there began to be heard disputes and called me into the hall. Upon entering the room, I was dumbfounded. My mother and aunt were in extreme bikini. My mother was in a black bikini bottom is obscured by a thin strip pussy and ass, and on top of the nipple only small squares of fabric. My aunt was in a red bikini, is thin ribbon zykryvalo only part of the pussy and ass, and going up a little ribbon covered nipples wrapping her around the back. Aunt blushed and said:
- You see! It can not be worn in public! Tim even opened my mouth!
- Well, you're so squeezed? Now go all the way, Tim, tell her!
- Ahem, ahem, Dada, normal bikini, so many girls go. I opened my mouth just because you are very beautiful! -I Blushed before her aunt.
- Oh, thank you Timoshka! I even wanted to put it in a bikini on the beach next time.
- I think you would have to see what shoes to fit him, I said neutrally.
- Hmm, maybe you're right, mused aunt Anna, come to measure your footwear?
- Come on, that really there, even Tim and assess the mother-grinned.
She began to measure shoes and to parade in a bikini in front of me. Aunt walked past me on the black shoes with high heels.
- Well, how do you? 'She said, smiling cheerfully, oblivious to her huge Sisk revolve in all directions.
- Aunt you really top model, I showed the thumb.
- Oh, how nice, she kissed me on the cheek.
- Well, I? -Mom Was blue sandals heels and walked around the room Ville ass like a cat.
- You, too, top, moms! -I Winked at her.
- Come on, tell me who among us sexier? -Mom Hugged aunt and slyly looked at me.
- Sales do not know ...- I started looking at them.
Mom's body was already studied the length and breadth. But the aunt was more intriguing. The same zhopka like my mother, but it is more rounded in shape of a heart. Breast smaller, but it is clear they pulled as it were two neat huge ball. Tummy is not present, but the press is like a mother is not present. More feminine, more rounded. Pussy was shaved, this could be seen through a small bikini.
- Anya! You cho is saying! -zasmuschalas Aunt.
- Come on, this is my only little man in my life, I have an open relationship with him-my mother smiled.
- I do not know ... I'm sorry mom, but my aunt right now in better shape maybe ...- I grinned.
- What ??? Even if that's true? .. -Mom Bent down in front of me and wagged her ass crustaceans.
- Anya! -tetya Dumbfounded looked at my mother.
- Come on, Tim, we normally relate to the themes of sex and nudity-Aunt Mom slapped on the ass.
- Ah! Well, you yourself asked for a fool! -hriplo Aunt laughed and slapped my mother's chest.
They started laughing and slapping fight with each other. Mom turned around and said:
- Tim, you also show new fusion that I bought you.
I ran into the room and put on pants that my mother bought me the day before yesterday. It was the leather thong, with an inscription on a limb "to open on his knees." My cock was already standing, so the string taut and could see everything. Aunt looked at me and started to read the inscription.
- Funny coward, do you? 'Said my mother.
- Hmmm ... Tim, you have a man-aunt said uncertainly.
- Shit, they rub-I rubbed his dick.
- I told you cleanser before putting-unhappy mother said, let me show you how to smear.

Mom pulled from her purse a lubricant for anal sex, then knelt down, took off my pants and started to smear my dick. Aunt ohuel looked at us:
- Anne, do not you think it's a bit too much?
- You're right, can you then it smazhesh, I still a mother, and you aunt.
- Good ... but not a word to anyone about this case-aunt smiled.
She knelt down next to her mother and began to smear my dick. I noticed that began to breathe a little more and fascinated to look at my dick. My dick began already at 100% of their 18 santimmetrov, but he was still even thicker than usual, even though he is so very thick.
- What is a healthy huische-aunt escaped.
- Aunt Anna, can still lubricate the testicles, and finally a fire there, I smiled from the top down.
Aunt began to rub the testicles and completely put her face close to my dick. I like dick accidentally brought closer to hers. I already feel her breath on my dick. My mother decided to help me and gently kicked her ass. My aunt could say "WHAT?" And immediately dropped his mouth on my dick. Because lubrication is my dick once entered her throat to the eggs. She looked at me ahuevshimi eyes and started to push my dick from her throat. Pulling, she coughed hollowly.
- Dura shit! You cho doing? -nakinulas Aunt on my mother-Because of you I suck nephew, and even for the first time took in the throat!
- I'm sorry, I do not think my joke would turn out, smiled apologetically mother-let's do it our common secret?
My mother knelt down and swallowed my dick in the throat, and then just as quickly let go.
- That is, now we both did it, Mom smiled.
Aunt smiled apologetically at me and said:
- Excuse us, the old fools, you're probably shocked?
- Nitsche Nitsche, I even liked it, I winked at her, that's a pity now the erection for a long time to shoot, I poddergal by a dick.
She looked at my dick. He was all tense, with his mother's saliva dripped and fell to the floor. She knelt down and whispered hoarsely:
- I guess for me this answer, immediately he planted his mouth on the dick and started sucking like a vacuum cleaner.
- I also said in the reply-mom knelt behind me and started to suck eggs.
I grabbed her aunt's hair and forced to accelerate. Mom swallowed two eggs and played yaitsami my mouth. Soon I began to finish my aunt in her mouth while holding her hair so she swallowed. When I let her go, then I enjoy the spectacle of a porno. Her mascara flowed with tears, nose and mouth flowed sperm, and she podrachivala her pussy with his eyes closed.
- Au oklinul I affectionately aunt.
- Huh? I'm sorry, aunt blushed.
- Yes Nitsche, I'm to blame, I'll take care of you, I grinned.
I laid her on her back, pulled a strip of cloth, began to suck the clitoris and fingers to fuck her.

She moaned and covered my legs down. I quickened the pace until she screamed and began to pour on my face. Mom sat on the couch and masturbate her pussy looking at us. My dick was ready, I said to my aunt:
- Become a doggy
She quickly looked at me and stood in a pose. I walked over and abruptly entered her. She cried out and began to moan. I fucked her without mercy, it just squealed like a pig. When I felt that will soon be over, I stretched out her arms in length, it was as if in a bow on his knees. Her head was on the floor and I put it on her foot. She licked my heels and screamed.
- Yeah .... supeeer me ebuuuuut ... ebuuuut !!! Uvaaaa my hole torn ... torn!
She screamed harder and zadrygalas pouring liters of fluid on the carpet. Mom jumped up and drank my sperm.
- Mmm, this is my nectar, no it will not give up! 'She said, and missed a little bit of sperm on the floor.
Aunt went somewhere and did not come back all day. she came with bags evening. Mom looked in the bag and gasped. There were whips, Strap, lubricants, ropes for bondage and the camcorder.
- I think instead of the Caribbean, I will rest this summer you went-aunt grinned and kissed me between the legs.


Continued: ninth-Blog. Part 2
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We were good together - my soul sings

Who is it for me? A friend, a lover, my lust, my secret sin, the one about whom I wanted or that I did not want to know? Or maybe he was looking for someone? And yet, as well however it does not matter. I wish to get acquainted with him? Yes, I wanted. I knew then, what the outcome of our meeting? Yes, she knew. But not fully aware of all these feelings, passion. How many in this word emotion. But for me it is not just a word ...

We met him by chance. In the shoe store. This will seem ridiculous. Yeah, me too. A chance meeting, a casual acquaintance. Many smiled. I spoke with him at first sight, as if we've known for a long time. His green eyes, dilated pupils with a little alcohol and fatigue, were lovely. As in other matters, and everything what he asked and said. Immediately I noticed a ring on his finger, but of course he was married, he's ten years older, and maybe more, who knows. There is nothing superfluous tried not to ask. And why these questions, if so clear. All is read directly in his eyes. His eyes were full of lust and desire.

I bought a high-heeled 2 pary- light green and black on a long red heels. He invited me to go with him to the restaurant, I was with a friend, and he is certainly another. I agreed, but first I said that I need to carry their purchases to the hotel. He said he would wait.

Let's go with the girlfriend, laughing. We went to the hotel had a drink of whiskey, and went tint. Suddenly I saw him in the elevator of our hotel. "He who seeks will always find," he said, holding me in his arms already. On the way to the restaurant with a friend of his friend walked in front and behind us, holding hands. He told me that in me feels kakoy- the call, the thirst for flight, so he could not pass by. Walking past the store with underwear, he begged me to come and try it, it said it would buy any that I liked, but I refused. Before entering the restaurant he started talking about how I'm beautiful. To which I replied - "I do not like the word, I need your actions."

He shouted: "The actions you need action" Climbing the stairs of the restaurant, he grabbed me against the wall and kissed me with such passion and tenderness that I felt like my panties wet and my body felt his swollen member. "Come on, he said, and then we shall not reach, and our friends have been waiting for" We sat in the restaurant, drank danced even had time to quarrel, barely acquainted, Girlfriend pretty drunk, we all had to drive her to the hotel room.

There she broke the door. I started to ask him that he helped to make the door and he agreed. After he did, I thanked him a gentle kiss. Her friends clearly did not like about the er finding in our room and she began to cast out them that it, she did not want us to be with him that night. It is in every way to hinder us in a completely drunken state she insulted us, prevented. But it only fueled the stronger our attraction to each other. With me still has not happened, I wanted to learn it all.

Feel it inside ... We were long and caressed each other with kisses. After in turn take a warm shower. I went to shower first and waited for him completely naked. Then he went out. We started kissing each other with furious passion touching tongues and moaning. At this time, a friend was lying in the next bed, with her eyes open, she just quietly watching everything going on. But we are not stopped, it seemed that at the time we did not notice anything around like each other and lived.

I felt his body pressed against mine, I was excited, I wanted him. I slowly walked down to his penis and began to caress his hands first, then gently wrapped around the head of his penis and his lips began to suck. He began to moan. I became harder and harder to squeeze his penis with his lips. Beginning language led around the trunk of his penis. Finally, I grabbed his cock completely as far as possible and began to suck slowly then faster and faster. He was very excited and pulled out his penis came into my already soaking wet pussy.

He was on top, I'm moaning softly. Then I pushed him away and sat down on his cock. I wanted to feel it all our breath quickening with my every move. Then he ottalknul me. He laid me on the bed, so that my head hung down and went into my mouth deep-deep in the throat and began to move back and forth, I caught the pace and began itself to move his head and his lips back and forth. Member held in the throat. It is more exciting to me. He took me in his strong hands grabbed my body and went back to me this time, he was on top again. He told me that I crumpling her breasts and I dutifully did so.

Then he turned me, grabbed me by the hair and began to rapidly fuck me from behind, I started to moan loudly. From the vagina began to pour my wine. He turned me stood up on the bed, I knelt down, made some movements with his lips, and my mouth filled his magic liquid-his sperm. She was very pleasant to the taste, and I drank the whole ... to the last drop. After lighting a cigarette. He asked me: And you think after such sex, I did not call you? You're wrong. Now I'm on you I will not leave. Dressed. I closed the door behind him, because I was on vacation, and his 2 hours to get up to work, although I doubt that he went to.

Looked friend was already asleep. I took a shower. We sat and smoked on our bed, still soaked by the atmosphere of passion. She finished her whiskey and went to bed. I do not know whether will meet again .. But one thing I can say for sure. This is my man. Our meeting was not accidental ...

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Treason whether she lives in a family or in the state. level always has a simple circuit to disgust. It starts with the longing of the burning desire, lust delights, waiting for something new and incredible, and ends with the banal ebley, cramps in the knees, snotty hanging member and a great desire to send everything on the dick.
Olga, quite a beautiful young lady, married to a friend of mine Lech, on a standard basis. Naobschavshis steep and rich boys decided from the average whores poshiba become a family respectable lady. And after a couple of meetings with Lehoy he turned into a lo ha. Without going into the intricacies of the petty-bourgeois intrigues say one thing, Olga flew exactly from Lehi, and after nine months of dating this fact or who could not refute. They had a son. As time went on, I conquered peaks dreams a young age, he received pizdyuley and distributed these in large quantities for a living became the rich, the poor beggar. Simply put for a couple years, my bosom friend dropped out of my sight.
Human life - dumb thing and I pretty sober eyes from it stirs, turns of the spiral of life are beginning to tire as the only repeat a couple of times, even with a slight update. Who toiled in the universities, he understood me. Knowledge Baggage shall only disappointment of predictability and a standard set of situations. Human easy to get and in order not to fall apart I close one in an empty apartment and get drunk to hallucinations. I know what awaits me in a year, two, three. I know that getting its orbit at birth, people will turn on it like a ball on the bottom of the copper basin. The length of the orbit, or whatever you call it, life events, being dependent on the intellectual level of a person. If one individual meander along the ass, then it is simple and clear: woke's fuck, he washed his hands and went to sleep. And if in addition to that meanders there is at least one, gum trail of panties, a man begins to suffer various thoughts. That's the first time I saw Olga, smiled involuntarily.
Beautiful 19 year old lady. Spark the desire in his eyes and voice notes debauchery. I look at the Olu of Lekha, and almost smiled thinking: "you Eblan, Lech. There will be it yours." No, not out of envy I thought so. There are couples that did not fit together, not on external beauty, but by some other invisible lines. In no case do not bragging, but with 18 years, I paid a lot of time studying the better half of humanity, and has not learned to select the type of bad behavior with a particular person. At first glance, it was clear that Olga in a man only member and the pair of eggs, such as canoe as love, warmth and soul of all this garbage. What to do if a person initially bledliv, besides Olga such a person that needs to be taken immediately by the collar, and not for one moment slacken his hand good otherwise it's not going to end. These ladies very slutty (what nonsense - show me even one righteous), rather vulgar, willing not only candy your pussy, but also deeply confident that they can rule over the whole world of its wool. Yes, many succeed if next to her full dolbaeb imagines that his money, his fear of seals in a copper jacket. As a rule, the ladies like Olga not to understand that sweeten pussy and rule - things are not compatible. A lot can be achieved through the body, but even prostitutes and do not always get the buzz and money immediately. In short, I saw at a glance that Olga regular poblyadushka. Knowing what awaits my best friend and did not want him hangers (for the slow-witted - horn) on the head, I tried to explain to him the delicacy of his situation. His command he discouraged his quite experienced in other psychological issues, that is me. Lech was like a deaf blind.
Dorval woodpecker to free pussy and imagines bitches that I envy. Well, to hell with you, everyone goes to the cemetery on his way.
Time passed, and life pushed me to my best friend once. He has changed a lot, became angry and sullen. Their son has been two years in a family dominated by chaos and mess. Lech once blows away dust from Olga, ran in her address such momentum that I unacknowledged master of selected art mat and professional technical battle like puke from audible.
Predictions have come true, but what the hell predictions, I said the more life you know the more you want to get drunk to complete oppizdineniya. The desire to dominate and get turned into a delight for those that Olga, Lech too late to take her by the collar compensated for this rare but powerful blows for wanting to know a couple of married ladies extra-triple members.
I was invited by a friend to a birthday of his wife. And I came there not by the fact that I would like to congratulate someone or a hilarious degree chat with an old friend, I just ran out of money and had drunk beer for the day I clearly lacked that would zadvoilos eyes.
For a long time without seeing Olga, I was pleasantly surprised by her appearance. All the same, Young Mothers, like pregnant ladies have a special sexuality.
All evening Olga was spinning around and cooed pleasant guest. While not the most humble person in life, I have such a turn of events, but rather the attention of several troubled in me, from what I'm sober and I had to drink fresh and new beer that would achieve his good purpose. Tolley from zadolblennosti life, or omitted entirely Lech lost ground but in a couple of hours of beer marathon sprint alternating with vodka, Alex was drunk in zhupilya. In order not to interfere with the child to sleep departed doganyaeschemu and his dad, we Olga moved to the kitchen. We drank beer and chatted for life.
I was pleasantly drunk and knew why she does not drink. Her mesmerizing process of communication with whoremonger like Lech spoke to me. She gets the opportunity to touch the man to whom she gave herself without hesitation on the first day of our acquaintance. I sit and understand all this canoe. I do complement her beautiful legs, they are really beautiful, I do compliment her lips, they are pleasant puhloty, look at them and understand that I want to give her cheek. No I do not desire body, my thoughts want to debauchery and fun. I want to kink. That whore, get into drunken nirvana failed in vain only choked beer, well, so kink kink. By the time Olga already wore a short skirt, so it was easier to show me her lovely legs. She catches the buzz, teasing seasoned dog as they Lehoy thought about me. Call me whoremonger, the same as the sleeve condom. I am a pussy in the area have not seen except in a fight.
Olga spinning in a circle for me, pouring me wine (wine after beer, what vulgarity), then cleared the table different stuff.
Werth its juicy ass, she smiles and I am pleased the whole baydovaya situation. For a moment she drew level with my shoulder, and I was his right hand touched her gorgeous thighs. I looked into her eyes, was the lust and desire in them. My hand went up the inside of the thigh. Olga came to a standstill when the fingers habitual movement entered under her panties. Without further ado, I entered middle finger in an already wet pussy. Olga leaned into my face and her lovely lips touched mine. Female kiss excites stronger wine, but my wife Olga, though but a former friend. I am returning control of thoughts and light a last cigarette. Gloomy thoughts about justice and sinfulness to flying like a pack dashing Tatars. But we're going and go to the street to the nearest kiosk for wine and cigarettes.
We walked slowly through the dark yard. How beautiful April night, cold freshness adds hops mind, and I want to be alone. Olga pressed me gently.
... I stop and put bought a couple of bottles of wine on the ground, gradually unfold Olga back to him. Gently hugging that I whisper in her ear, listening to her breathing. All she's ready. I ask her to take off her panties. To which she whirled to face me and stared into my eyes. Yes, my dear kink, kink so. I put your both hands under her short skirt, and unopposed gently touch the palms of her hips. Just one moment and delicate part of her wardrobe turns into torn panties. They seem to be unwillingly fall at his feet, and in her eyes, fear and lust. She tries to resist, but I'm behind her and my dick jumped out of his pants unbuttoned. She did not want here in the courtyard of birch, a childhood friend of her husband. But sometimes the game takes control of another, I always pretend that I play by the rules, and I love to pull control.
Habitual movement of your left hand I bow under her belly, and the right push in the back. Overshot a few times, as a member of the wolf in pursuit rushes into the wet pussy. If the egg is not rushed, I would follow him to the waist. Several strong aftershocks and Olga holding birch trunk begins to push your body towards me. Frankly, I myself somehow not very engaged ebley on the street, but fucking in combat - hit run, saw Ebi. Wow, nishtyak Olga, I'm trying to get it through the pussy up to the glands, but does not leave a damn. You know the consequences of alcohol wee fucking? Ten minutes later you start to regret that inspired mortal body for sex. It is only when do not fuck all heifers are howling that a good man and does not drink and rushing for a long time, the right boy stuck-finished-and went to drink beer. Of course this is a joke, but drunk fuck in every sense of the word capacious.
Olga is constrained by what would not moan, but I'm getting bored. In order to amuse his dissolute mind, I lifted up her light jacket almost to her not to the ears, thereby exposing the entire body. I'm a little and she knows it, all clothing falls to the ground by his head. Fortunately the end of April already dry. Caught in a skirt which is now increasingly resembled an intricate belt, Olga dissolutely looks amazing in this cool spring. In his eyes, I was struck by lightning and abruptly go out of her pussy. On high, it still did not pass the party I finish so it would be nice to not only the body but also my mind. By a dick like a banana I start tapping on the juicy ass Olga. Prick it falls on one cheek then the other, pushes the sperm shoots in all directions, falling in large drops on your ass back and Olga, and somewhere in the darkness on earth.
We climb the stairs, I know what will happen next. Olenka Nestles me wanting affection, enough for you Leschi asshole involuntarily I thought. Of course, I have a collection Ebony women she no longer provides no interest, but today is the day (or rather night) when I'm on the black Durkee.
Stopping at the window, I undo my belt and my pants cool expensive pitifully fall to the ankles to the floor. I do not know where are the forces, like the werewolf I easily lifted Olga, clutching halves of her ass. First time fuck for your interest, and the second is already a thrill rushing. On the third if the rise all eyes may fail in the ass.
Olenka went into a rage and his pizdischey trying to bite my prick. Being face to face, I can see what my friend's wife's breasts. Come in, shit, I thought. Ah, to hell with it. It is close to orgasm, but I'm no fool. There is no interest to me to please someone else's cow and have dodrachivayu ending his flesh neatly cropped pubis.
The hands want to show five in the morning, when I came out from the kitchen of a communal apartment. It began the final stage is another of my courage. Stopping in front of the door Lehinoy room, I looked at Olga. In her eyes was a kind of longing and desire affection. I hate pity nor to himself or to the people, sorry for stray dogs, and the man himself accomplishes his destiny.
Olga wants to kiss me on the lips, but I gradually departed, and put both hands on her shoulders. Slightly pushing I get to stand on her knees. She faithfully looks into my eyes and stopped my belt to keep my pants.
Member of the leaves to the ground and returning to dive again. No, once there is no corruption, and fun. And I took out a member of her bottomless mouth, begin to undress. Olga tries to protest. Within seconds we were both naked standing in the hallway of a communal apartment.
That's where the buzz, at any moment, what may be a prick vypretsya of his kennel, and what will happen then. And I'm so in dick, I'm full enthusiasm is now trying to get Olga through her throat to the uterus.
What vulgarity, as in crappy story about a drunken husband and lascivious wife. How disgusting, the hell that I touched it.
Pleasant and interesting feeling to hold a girl's head in his hands and thrust it into his mouth. Stunned, it is not a trivial blow, it's just some fucking head. Olga sucks greedily, she sucks the egg and look swallow biting signified. Wow how cool spend slimy prick the eyes and cheeks of a young (and mature) ladies. But nice is vulgar degree completion. Feeling a wave of orgasm rolled I push her hot mouth and begin to masturbate, it is a pity really no one left at this point in the corridor, would be in memory. Naked woman sitting on the floor and in front of her naked drochaschy man, fucking perverts.
I am finishing, poor sperm droplets scatter in different directions falling on the floor and walls. Olga looks at me with misty eyes. Myaknet dick, right fist was white with tension, want to fall to the floor, but Olga seemed hypnotized fallen body takes in her mouth and sucks the sperm leftovers in her womb. Member does not want to communicate with her tongue, seen master mind for quite some miracles, and eggs shrank modestly in his leather bag.
Do not forget to get dressed, I went out into the street. No sober or drunk, not love, not love, I went to his home. Wonders of wonders, but still a bad feeling in my heart is, after all, he was once best friend. Began to torment the conscience, and so somehow it calm down, I decided to go to Olga in the next week, the more she invited.
I light a cigarette, and I already know what I would do on Tuesday next week.
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Adventures with my wife on vacation. Part 4

That's how she got into a situation where no matter himself became the wife of eight blacks, aboriginals, and still was, and I, lawful husband, her ninth man who was out of work in the sex, because going into it pizden, broken-down brother, I did not feel absolutely no friction, and even more fun. She felt my mood, and she once offered to fuck in the ass, but the secret to the brothers did not occur. I'm glad this proposal, and on the same day his wife fuck nice ass, after all it otsnoshali brothers. After waiting a few minutes, until they parted, I vividly bent Light of cancer, his chest on the platform, and drove his small compared with blacks member without difficulty, in her anus, which is very hospitably met me, is not as tight and close as before he met with members of the deceased now, Andrew and John, but thanks to their efforts, it was significantly developed, as if specially for my razmerchik and Sveta surprisingly was got itself in this and become podmahivat me so passionately that I could not properly enjoy her sweet popochkoy, pumped her rectum with his sperm. Sveta got up from the dais and kissed me gently, saying:
- Well, are you happy, dear? This hole is only yours, so enjoy it, you've dreamed about it!
- Thank you, dear, but I was not particularly happy with so many of your husbands and your pussy, they gouge every day, and yet you soon will fly from them, if you have not flown. And what will you do if a black child? House you will not understand and will condemn for it.
- I'll ask Limbaugh - otmazatsya it, and entered the cabin of this giant to which it has become, in my opinion, is not indifferent.

She went to his hut and saw him naked and lying on his back with his eyes closed, came and put her arms around him from morning potency rampant cock and gently licked his head. He woke up, running a hand through her hair, while the other hand caressed her breasts and tugged immediately hardened nipple. Taking advantage of his mood, Sveta said:
- If I have a black child, who would be his father?
- His parents are all brothers, do not worry, your business to please us and to give birth to many children.

He pulled her away, telling her to jump on it, and she happily climbed on him and began to sit down on it a powerful tool, shining from her saliva. Feeling that he rested in her womb, she began to control their movements up and down, so as not to injure the uterus, but this time there was a discussion, and into the tent came the three strangers blacks c colored tattoos on the body inferior to the growth and power of the brothers, but nevertheless athletic, surprise staring at us, especially me, unlike the women of these places, passionately skipping out on a limb Limbaugh. I did not stop, as already felt that will soon fly away to heaven, and these three pyalyaschihsya me stranger brought me even more, and I'm in the throes of rapid orgasm crawling on a large body of Limbo, and he powerfully shot me some sperm jets He hugged me, not leaving me as if nothing had happened, and asked:
- The obligation to your arrival?
- We passed by after the unsuccessful hunt and decided to relax you if you do not mind.
- Of course, dear guests, we are now will place you in the guest hut, rest as necessary.
- A rule treats guests-men in power?
- We have recently appeared wife, we still do not have time to enjoy it, so it is generally not active.
- This is wrong, and we have to complain about the elders of your tribe, if you refuse us in this rule, besides the woman, though very beautiful, not your tribe, or even our color, so that you're so vain shake on it, and the elders, knowing that you have taken to wife a foreigner, and even likely, that it has not passed a rite of passage, will be very angry!
Limbaugh literally seethed with fury, his huge palms pressed together in a weighty fists, and he came out of me, jumped to his feet, beautiful in her clothes naked rage, with still not a member of the rot.
- Are you trying to scare me?
- No, of course, we respect you, but since you do not observe the customs and traditions of the tribe, we will have this report to your elders.

In Limbo on the voltage vzbugrilis veins on his neck, and he's looked like a panther before the jump, but the huge effort he pulled himself together and said, spitting out the words of evil:
- Well, you will be the observance of custom, only one night, no more, and in the morning it should be in my cabin, whole and unharmed!
- Of course, Limbaugh, we are not animals, we just have some fun with all the heart of this unusual beauty of a stranger, and in the morning to send you to bed, how you want. And what is she has no hair on the private parts?
- Yes, it removes them, and it looks better than our women.
- Now we can better consider and only let us touch it, can not believe your eyes, what is possible?
- Go ahead, just a short time!

They are three of them came up to me and began unceremoniously to touch and turn me, and then forced to widely spread her legs and surprise touched and groped bare crotch and shaved labia why I, despite such humiliation flowed, blushing at the same time as cancer of the powerlessness of their insolence and by its accessibility. Their leader, Bwana, exclaimed:
- Limbaugh, yes it is a whore because she Uncut clitoris, and she gets pleasure from the fact that we touched it, and you took her for a wife!
- This is my business, and you do not interfere in mine! You want to get it at night for fun and recreation, and have done so, and that it is uncircumcised, so she's our wife, and we have to decide how it looks!
- Okay, it's just so unusual - see uncircumcised woman, and how she is excited by the men's caresses. We better - she gladly give herself to us and we'll try to extend it, and we will fuck her all night, getting yourself in this fun, and have, as usual, emotionless doll, which reluctantly shoved guests. We are looking forward to the moment when we can hang out with this beauty. - It is juicy and much slapped me on the ass, pushing to Limbaugh.

I fell into the arms of Limbaugh c burning from his legs ass, that gently hugged me and waited silently until the guests go out of his hut. As soon as they left, he patted me on the head, saying:
- I did not want to tell you about our customs when taking male guests, and when taking a wife even more, thinking that you get scared and run away.
- You want to say that tonight I will have to please these three villains ?!
- To my great regret, yes, but in the morning I'll take you out of their clutches.
- But they will be in every way to mock me! Are you still, they will be up to me, I can and get pregnant from them!
- I'm sorry, but I can not do anything in this situation, because I can not go against the customs of the tribe, but you have patience one night, in addition, I strongly warn them not to beat you, but about the rest I do not care, because we have developed your vagina, that they will not be very nice to have you come after us. About to get pregnant from them, you do not even think, because we're already two weeks vvosmerom fuck you, and you certainly pregnant with us, but this is not yet clear, as long as you do not stop menstruating and they will soon cease.
- But I'm your wife, and the wife of thy brethren, like you can calmly accept the fact that I constantly have to be, for sure, all men, who will go and see you!
- Do not worry, we will also visit those who came to us, and we will fuck their wives, then they no longer want to come to visit us, because after our members, their segments are drowning in wombs their wives.
- It turns out that men are happy, and I will suffer!
- While not suffered, the improvement will not be, or rather, it is to us will go and see the guests, but not as much as it is now, and that you will suffer, too said, think of it, to substitute its own holes, I suppose, she will receive great pleasure.
Feeling that he was not persuaded, I asked about the custom of the tribe at the wedding. He was a little embarrassed, and hesitated, choosing his words and said:
- When one of the men of our tribe marries, he must give his wife until the wedding night to publicly intercourse during the day, for this pre-selected 50 tribal women, who will fuck bride one after the other in one day, or rather, a couple of hours they all have time to fuck her and fill her womb with his sperm, but before her first solemn fuck shaman, and then he gives the nod to the rest of the mating. Do not worry, you are given a potion, which you will prostrate and almost nothing will feel. I'm just afraid to tell you about it until you got used to me and my brothers, and now you easily will pass this test after daily sex with eight men, the more will be at this time in a trance.
- And this beast said about circumcision of the clitoris? He will cut me ?!
- Do not worry, I will ask the brothers on an exceptional basis not cut you, and we are likely to listen, because you stranger. And as for tonight, do not worry, it will pass quickly in the company with three bastards.
- Do I have to have to tolerate their abuse and violence in silence?
- We'll have you better relax and imagine at this time me and my brother.

I realized that I could not influence the Limbaugh that he canceled my official rape by three nasty and insolent savages, and began to think, how to facilitate their future pain and suffering. Anticipating that they will not pass side and my ass, I found the antelope fat in a clay platter and generously smeared her anal hole, and then went to her husband and told him about the visit of the three Aboriginal, about the upcoming sexual assault today and about the marriage customs of the tribe. His mood plummeted and he was gloomy tone said here more and more fun. He offered to run away, but I said it was hopeless, we quickly caught and punished, it is better to leave everything as it is. I invited him to fuck me in the ass, as long as these savages, and it is not gouging on it, despite the anger, quickly agreed and crooking my cancer, fuck with such fury, which made my ass began to hurt, and I did not get any pleasure. Finally he came straight into my anus, saying:
- So much grease out of place, and they gift!
- Poor consolation for me, even though you have tried to fame, preparing my ass to the test today.

In general, the time until the evening passed quickly, and Limbaugh accompanied by Garuda and escorted me Svetka in the guest cabin and unceremoniously passed three happy and joyful strangers who looked at me in surprise and thanked for their hospitality. When we were about to leave, one of them asked Limbaugh, who I was, and he said that the former husband of the only one that resulted, and now divides her with them. They zagaldeli and invited me to stay with them as a guarantee that Svetka will beat and torture, what Limbaugh agreed and the brothers left, leaving Svetku with three guests and me. Savage, stands out against the background more colorful tatuha, gave me to understand that I do not interfere with them and twitched, eadvinuv me in the hut a corner, and he pulled Svetka new loincloth and put on her knees in front of him, took off his stinking bandage from under which he jumped rampant black cock, which shone from some oil and put it to her lips. The other two Blacks also took out their members and stood beside him. Their members, though inferior to the members of the brothers were still very impressive, and also sparkled and shone from vt¸rtogo oil in them.

Bwana began to beat her on the lips of his baton until she opened her mouth, and immediately shoved it into her mouth, and winding her hair on his hand, began to fuck her in the mouth. She choked on what he did not fit in her mouth, but he shoved it deeper, ignoring her tears until pushed into it by two thirds. She asks with such horror was looking at me, but I could not help her, and in the case of my intervention, I would have only aggravated the situation, so I sat quietly and watched as the black pipe disappearing in her mouth almost to the end. It was the rigid spectacle when on entering into her mouth with her chin as it becomes an extension of the neck, and the neck is thickened from entering the throat huge cock, and though the spectacle was transcendent, my cock stood up to his full height, which was immediately noticed by these barbarians with a grin and two others began to showboat Svetka grabbed each chest and tien them in different directions. I thought that they tear off them, not imagining the pain cause mistress, and they went, stretching them as much as possible, as much as possible, and holding his left hand in an extended position, the fingers of the other hand began to twist her nipples.

At this time, Bwana came out of her mouth is not over, and with a standing member grabbed the chest, left another savage, and is now shutting up her mouth with his cock. Bwana, who went to the chest, became heavily compress it with their big hands and biting his nipples, making Sveta went limp from the pain and would have fallen if not for two savages, pull her chest, and a third savage, holding her by the hair. The one who pulled her breast, looking at how Bwana compresses the chest, also began to push himself inherited tender breasts, scratching and bleeding nipple teeth. But the one who fucked my wife in the mouth, pulled out her dick and lay on his back with them, something to tell them. Those picked up his wife from his knees and put his protruding member facing him. He pulled her to him, powerfully working the hips and vsazhivaya the way to his club, and the two of them looking at the process, podrachivat its members, while lying under the light subsided and widely spread her legs her round buttocks, opening access to its other the hole and offering take it. Bwana quickly realized and dramatically all the way, breaking the delicate flesh, stabbed it completely open and unprotected anus his bloodshot count why she screamed loudly in Russian:
- Females are black, that you are dead!

For them, it did not produce any effect, on the contrary, they have to act cohesively, whether by catching one pace, and going into it at the same time, powerful ramming both holes exotic for them girls, who at first tried to resist and twitching, but the forces were too unequal. Both male roughly raped Svetku, trying to subordinate his will, and that they were able to soon - she realized that help nowhere to wait, and come to terms with its role, no longer escape from their clutches and silently taking down double swotting, despite the severe pain in the rough fuck ass. Third savage long standing around and forcing open his mouth, began to pull her roughly to his excited member, smelling of urine. Savage, which jumped Sveta, said something to that tore her ass, and then he came out of her ass torn, causing a sigh of relief at Svetka. Svetke but did not have a rest, as she felt the attempt to penetrate her pussy Bwana another member - the one who freed the ass. Despite all the efforts, he was able to enter into it only for the length of the head, in spite of strongly broken-down dyren, but they came out of it two and a third pulled his dick out of her mouth.

Probably, they were doing it more than once, since all that happened then, was done without words. Third sprained fingers pussy maximum light, and two at the same time began to enter into it, though, again with the help of a third, who kept them and sent in a bright red dyren wife. Here they hardly went to the length of the head, stopped abruptly and simultaneously moving his hips, broke into her bosom, tearing from his chest Svetka inhuman cry of pain, and I distinctly heard the crackle of tearing delicate flesh from the womb of the wife. She asks, as it told of shock fainted, sprawled unconscious on the breast of the savage, while the others to use her back: her tanned tender body was flattened on two sides as the bizarre sandwich powerful bodies shiny black bodies of Africans, pecking the limp body with all my strength. Third Negro did not rape Svetku as she lay motionless like a rag doll, not reacting to the abuse of savages, waiting until they will not call him. But they were so passionate about Svetka that did not pay any attention to others, and soon the growling, almost filled with hot wife seed that due to the large amount flowed from her womb to eggs and abdomen black man lying beneath it.

Milked his sperm in the womb of his wife senseless, they are freed from her body and threw it in disgust as a mat bag, came out of the hut. She threw both it and lay - with sticking up appetizing ass. the view was not for the faint of heart - it both holes were gouging worse than ever, though her pussy - now it was a pussy - compared with ass looked awful: from it continuously dripping semen trickle mixed with ichor, and the anus was broken-down little more than usual. The Negro, who has not yet finished, picked up her loincloth and began to rub her crotch, then threw a wet bandage out of the hut and went to her ass. Grinning slyly, he looks me in the eye, easily he pushed his huge fist into her bosom tormented by the most elbow and began to masturbate her zatkm called me, asked to repeat the same thing. At first I did not want to do it, but curiosity got the better of his conscience, and I carefully began to enter his fist, which penetrated into it easily, simply collapsed so far that I was in it up to his elbows, knuckles having rested in the womb. It was so unusual that I straightened his fist and began to feel her fingers inside.

Particularly unusual was the feeling in his fingers her throbbing womb, that I began to tickle and gently massage. Sveta groaned and opened her eyes, but I have not seen since the Negro crawled under her and began to stick on themselves. It does not rock the boat, even though he drove all of his cock in her ass and enjoyed her breasts roughly mnya them with his fingers, pulling the most out of her breast groans of pain. But this was not enough, and it hurt shl¸pnuv on her ass, call me, beckoning fingers. It is widely spread her buttocks, nokazyvaya my finger in her anus. I froze in shock, and he strongly slapped her on the ass, and then squeezed it so his iron fingers that Sveta began to cry out in pain. I nodded in agreement and barely squeezed the head of his penis in a hole close to the two members. Then I began to take it easy, afraid to break the ass of his wife, but the cunning black man came out of it, showing me signs that the input member with him. It was not difficult, as long as her ass did not stop to let our members more heads. Ebony gave me a sign, and we are in one fell swoop, together planted it on the most tomatoes. She has something snapped, probably, it was torn sphincter, but after that we became free to ram his wife in the ass, from which emerged when leaving our bloody members. I felt bad, but I continued to fuck my wife with a black man, despite his wife's groans of pain and her pleas for end to violence. The feel of this fucking were unforgettable - vo-pervyh, unusual tightness in the ass, and vo-vtoryh friction on my dick of another member, and both of these feelings gave me a keen pleasure that I filled with Negro her rectum with his sperm, and then rolled by a sweet ass, deliver such a strong pleasure. Negro pumped bosom Svetka longer than I have for a few seconds, then lifted her above him and casually, but not rudely pushed to the floor, and he came out of the hut.

No sooner had he come out as two men entered his people, and looking at the stained sperm Svetku, took her under the arms and dragged him out of the cabin to the creek, where she was ordered to be washed away. Sveta like a sleepwalker still meet their demands, sat down and washing away and removing themselves from sperm streaks. She was again dragged into the hut, where mercilessly raped and abused, delivering a brutal pain of resistance to an attempt, which, however, stopped after the third call, and it is then, according to her, has lost track of time and reality, patiently clenching his teeth and taking down without words all bullying to avoid beatings. She knew only that she was a couple of times dragged to the river in order to make it to wash, and so all merged together - their scurrying in the face of members and continuous swotting it in all three holes. Her helplessness and silence infuriated those monsters even more, they are from all forces squeezed her ass, squeezed his fingers inside of the thighs, painful clutching his chest and delayed the nipples, and the morning beauty Svetku did not know: it was all black and blue and purple bruises, nipples They were scratched and bleeding and swollen, and broken-down pussy and ass expired ichor mixture of blood and sperm, showing a very sad sight. When the first light, I, despite their dissatisfaction, in his arms pulled her out of their huts, without waiting for the next round of violence on their part, it would hardly stand it. When she appeared before Limbaugh and brothers in this way, it has led them into such a rage that Limbaugh and jumped in a few bounds was at the guest hut. After he flew into the hut, and from there came the cries of the guests, which was dragged and Limbaugh's orders to kneel.

He said, half-dead Light, barely standing on his feet wide apart as she wanted to punish these renegades, but she eventually passed out and fell to the ground. Limbaugh howled with rage, and I asked him to try them that it occurred to me - I took one of the boom brothers, said to his brothers, to let down Bwana to the dais and laid him on his stomach, as was once the Light, but with other goals. The brothers thought that I planned to fuck them as light and zaroptali, but I showed them I was not going to fuck them, and then asked to hold fast to the senior noobs, and the one-hand spread his buttocks. This rascal felt something was wrong, and his puckered anus shrank with fear, and I meanwhile bitingly struck on his buttock boom, his anus relaxed and I took advantage of this, drove the sharp arrowhead with a razor-sharp, wings, his point centimeters ten commercials, why he screamed bloody murder, and I abruptly cranked it for a couple of turns in a clockwise direction, biting into the tender flesh, and strongly pulled over, but it is firmly stuck in his ass, what I wanted. Concluding his plan, I broke off the shaft of an arrow in his back passage, so much so that it was not visible, and did so in order to pull it was harder and more painful - if they wanted to get it was only possible by cutting the anus, which the enemy I do not want, but he deserved it. I am pleased to looked at the blood trickle from his backside. The same thing I did with the rest of the sadists, and then we let them go home.

Continued Adventures with his wife on vacation. Part 3
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He planted his wife

Episode 1: "Family problems"
This story happened to me recently. I am already more than five years of marriage. His wife, no matter how corny it sounds, my beauty! When we first got married, I was just crazy about her and have sex with her. But as time goes on, the routine household and other family problems did not do much to love, passion and good sex. Like many couples, our relations have cooled. No, I'm just as much was tied, and he loved his wife, worried, helped, actively participated in the creation of a home, it was the same with her hand. But lost among us this wild passion, love, became engaged once a week, and even then not always, I became more likely to visit porn resources, seeking to satisfy his lust. My wife also went to himself, hiding behind me, different challenges and daily concerns. So much so that it became more interesting to monitor FAP than shove in the bedroom of his wife. No, I continued to perform his conjugal duty, but it was for me, it does not need for routine home than pleasure. I realized that my wife is beautiful and over the years has become even more feminine and more beautiful. Imagine a brunette 28 years of age, tall, perfectly proportioned to the body. Breast second size, narrow waist and the trump card, long beautiful legs. When I first met her, the first thing that fell on my eyes, it was her luxury legs. Of those legs say "legs from the ears grow" and my favorite. Ass it did not have a large width, but was quite beautiful, supple and pumped up. Together we go to the gym and try to take care of their body. Cute attractive face, with large eyes completes the image of my little wife. The name of my beloved Victoria, it looks very similar to the one actress whose name I will not mention, just fasten her photo.

How it all began? Probably, when I first read a good story on this website, about the betrayal of his wife. I was very excited, and then went under the impression a few days, even Vic noticed a change in me in bed. At first I thought that I like the theme of adultery, and I see myself as a lover instructing her husband horns. To be honest, a couple of times I have reached this goal, with the married ladies. I will not lie, received from this do not forget the fun! For a long time it seemed to me that these rare affair completely satisfy my fantasies. But then I began to notice that I like to watch it, to see how someone else has sex. The apotheosis of my internal penalties, was that when I read another story in which her husband secretly initiates the betrayal of his wife, and then secretly watching this! I was beside myself, more than a few weeks, during which time I had sex with my wife almost every day! First I threw back a long time this thought and forced himself to think clearly, but in the end I realized that I wanted to see my wife I change. But just invite someone from the friends I did not want in the first place I do not want there have been rumors about me and my wife. And secondly, I did not want to, that would be about my healthy desires not know his wife, I wish that it were a matter of chance when Vick will think that I do not know that she herself made this decision. I have long played different plans in mind so and that, until somehow by itself I have not matured one.

Several times a year my wife and I break out of the city for a week on vacation. It can be like the sea and the mountains. The road train is a day regardless of the route, the exact geographical data will not elaborate. We always take the usual coupe, there are four passenger seats. But this time I decided to overpay and take the SV coupe two-seat, in order to close up a romantic trip for two. But the cashier Tickets me broken off, free two local CB was not, there were only two beds side by side freely through the wall. I little thought took them without a second thought, that would then someone to exchange places. But the closer it is approaching the trip, so in my head began to emerge a fairly cunning plan. Usually, before the sea leaving Victoria begins to attend a solarium, so the first few days to feel relaxed under the hot summer sun, and other trips to the beauty salon are twice as likely, the end result was a chic, well-groomed, and expensive-looking woman. Of course, in the way that the sea my wife makes a splash at the surrounding men, and me as well. I think in a way she teases me especially knowing that later in the room, I jumped on it with wild passion! Regarding the fidelity of his wife, I never had any doubts, the nature she was a homebody and not very sociable person. Meet New People, was her weakness, but I was attracted when I married her. Now I had to somehow loosen up and push your favorite track on the curve, and the like to stay at anything. Looking ahead to say that when I carried out my plan, I did not expect any serious results, I thought, a maximum flirt wife and all. But as it turned out, too, is not an iron ...

I did not tell Victoria that the seats we have in different compartments, in fact I realized avoided intercourse with her for almost a month, from which it became highly irritable. But that's not all, I deliberately planned to quarrel with her, so she did not want to exchange places with our fellow travelers. The weakness in my plan was himself a fellow traveler, it could be female or just some Sissy, that will not stick to my wife. On the day of departure, I asked her to wear a brief, on the hips, denim skirt and a translucent white blouse, under the bottom was a white bra with a white thong. I lied to her that we will together coupe and hinted at the fun way. My wife is from this campaign is not thought to Hilo start, as the output it has added a set of white heels summer, from one of its kind I have wanted to fuck her. Loaded like a mule working our luggage, or rather I had one bag, all the rest were healthy suitcases wife, we moved to the station. On the road, we were silent most of the taxi-station-search of our platform, and then the car. Already at the station between us was a couple of omissions and minor disputes about her baggage, not my quickness and so forth. Apogee quarrel has already reached near the car of a train, with ostentatious anger I threw her bags in the car, and left them in the vestibule of the train moved into the interior in search of his place.

While his wife, cursing me, fumbled with the suitcases, I quickly looked round the compartment. In one Dzyadok sat, bored looking out the window, the second one was not. Throwing his bag in the compartment to the grandfather, I waited for the appearance of his wife. Victoria seemed pretty soon, rolling one of his suitcases, after she helped carry suitcases, quite thick unfamiliar man. Show in the doorway, she looked at me, puzzled sitting in a compartment with his grandfather, then to your ticket and after a short pause, so anything and not saying, proceeded to the next door. The man with bags dragged behind him, his eyes were completely focused on the fifth point of my wife. After a while a later replica of his wife and the fat man, I realized that a man by chance found himself just thereby companion! His voice felt genuine delight, still, every day on the train neighbor is so young and seductive lady in a pretty interesting costume. The doors of my compartment and doors remained open my neighbors, I was well heard everything that happens behind the wall. And a couple of times, going out into the hallway, I could easily observe that they have going on there. Particularly interesting in the first hours of the trip, I did not see anything like this, and not heard. Pomenyavne relevant train white heels to simple ballet flats, blouse and skirt decided not to touch, Victoria began to lay out his things. Sergey - that was the name of her companion - was sitting on his bed, talking some nonsense, sometimes asking inappropriate questions. In brief remarks to me it was clear that her mood was very nasty. But tolstyachka does not bother quite rude answers, silence his neighbor, he went on, as if nothing had happened, rattle cheerfully. He's greedy eyes devoured the figure of my wife, especially when she had to bend over, something pulling out of the bags, her skirt lifts up slightly, exposing white stripes on the strings appetizing ass. She always pulls down her skirt, but after a while she lifts up again, that clearly liked her neighbor.
I understood from his stories that he himself a businessman engaged in dairy products, well, just "Merry Milkman". Further his narrative I have not delved much, since I was also a neighbor that had fallen into my ear. After a couple of hours, going to the toilet, briefly glanced in neighboring compartment, took two more steps, I stopped. It seemed to me that Sergei, sitting side by side on the bottom shelf beside his wife, holding his hand on her knee! I wanted to go back and look again, but then, on reflection, decided that they will not get anywhere, on the way back, slowly again I will look, to cause unnecessary suspicion did not want to. Going to the toilet, I ran with his wife, probably, especially me, captures or conveys, to pay tribute, she has made concessions and would like to make peace with me. It is not too late to give back, to make peace with Victoria, to move my grandfather tolstyachka, but I was determined to act on the plan. Surprised I did not wish to put up a stubborn, she called me "stupid donkey" and turned, slowly shaking her hips, she went back to his compartment, allowing more time to fully appreciate my eyes that I lost today. She probably hoped that I throw myself to catch up with her, already standing at the door, my wife turned her head towards me, but seeing that I stood rooted to the spot, sighed and went to his compartment, closing the door behind him. Few come to himself, I went back to his compartment. On his neighbor Gramps will not tell, I can only say that it was quite interesting to talk to, and in the evening, he took out a bottle of brandy, cut it with me. Brandy came in handy in the evening my confidence and desire somewhere vanished, leaving room incomprehensible anxiety, jealousy, and anger at himself. I do not know what is happening behind closed doors, in the neighboring compartment. Maybe he's already in all, my paw Vikulov? After another glass, I left my neighbor and decided to go out into the hallway to take a breath, we drank, though not much, but the brandy was pretty strong.

Episode 2: "The end of the cultural evening"

In the evening the door of the compartment were already closed, I regret looking at the neighbor's door, trying to understand the sounds, what is happening there. There was even an idea to break and inflict a scandal, but imagining how much, it would be foolish to look all, and did not want to make noise, many have slept in the car and I threw this idea. Judging by the sounds, my wife is also quite interesting to spend time with his fat companion, they have something to drink. Language wife already slightly slurred, Sergei's voice, on the other hand was almost sober. And it was clear to 55 kg of weight, and his wife 110 + kg of its weight. Audibility was such yourself, prevented the sound of the train wheels, I deciphered through word of what they were saying. In me seething flurry of emotions, anger, fear, jealousy, I consoled myself, as I could tell myself that they just talk and nothing serious happened, Sergey apparently was far from the feminine ideal, I was sure that the start it stick, Vic I would quickly find it council. The fat jokes, effusive compliments towards my beloved, say toasts on the theme of love at first sight. I have all his chatter seemed very silly, but Victoria campaign liked it, it is silly giggling at his jokes, and she gradually began to tell vulgar jokes. I stood in the hallway for about an hour, listening to the drunken chatter carefully. The wine they drank was over, and they just sat there, still talking. I calmed down a little, decided to return to my compartment, the more so because the order of the legs tired and wanted to sit down. My neighbor was asleep, and I had no choice, as also to lie on his bed not including the light. Behind the wall, my wife something quietly told monotone, banging wheels, outside the window flashed dark silhouettes of trees. All this combined effect on me as a sleep aid, although it may impact my internal stress that I gnawed myself the whole evening inside. That body gave the command to sleep, I did not notice how I fell asleep, it seemed to me that I continue to look out the window, counting the dark silhouettes of trees, sometimes flashing in the window.

From sweet oblivion I came back somehow suddenly and sharply. I immediately realized that I was asleep, but did not know how much time had passed hours on my hand at that time was not, turn on the light and look for them did not want to. The neighbor was still fast asleep snoring softly. I could not understand what I was awakened in the breast, and why I have some bad feeling. Behind the wall in the next compartment, where his wife was sleeping, it was all quiet, apparently asleep. I've already started to calm down when he heard the sound of a distinct, then something knocked again. At first I did not understand where and what kind of sounds, but then froze, with the oversight of the ear to the wall, he heard the sounds of fuss, I would even say some fight! Train to wind down, the wheels rattle became less and I was able to discern the conversation! There was a quiet, but pretty angry voice of his wife:
- "You ohrenel what? To this we did not agree? "
- "Yes, relax, I'm not hurt. "
- "I said no!"
- "Baby, I generously pay you for everything! Please close your eyes and lift the handle upwards. "
- "It's not me ... ohhhhh ... no ... ah ..." - the voice of the couple oddly ended abruptly!
- "Hush ... hush ... baby ... my husband away ... all is well ... quieter" - soothed Podge

A few minutes later he heard his wife's voice again, but it did not already have that hardness:
- "Do not! Sergei! Do not! ... Do not ... let go ... it's not right ... ohh ... "

She spoke in a low voice, probably, for some reason afraid to wake me and others.
- "Dreams come true idiot!" - I thought and tried to quietly climb.
- "Yes ... you do not break off you do not lose anything, not small ..." - whispered Sergei
- "Now the fat man, prisunet her own plump pod!" - Exploded in my head! Doubt that there may be something more than the pod, I at that time was not.

Events continued to evolve! The wife no longer argue, just quietly sobbing and moaning. Somehow she quickly gave up, did the promised cash reward has played a key role? The fat man, apparently stripped of her, was heard some scuffling sounds, and take off their clothes. The train finally stopped completely, and all around was a deathly silence, each slightest sound was now easily distinguishable. He heard the sound of smacking, deep breaths, which seemed in the night silence so loud. And her voice:
- "Come to me gently and slowly, I do not want to wake the neighbors" - a neighbor she had meant me.

A few minutes nothing happened, heard some scuffling and snuffling. Then came a faint groan wife, painfully familiar to me were the sounds. Only now it has done with other little friends to her man.
- "! What are you tight," - remarked Sergey and as if in confirmation of his words the wife whined:
- "God, what are you doing with me? Ahhhh ... Oh my God, it's not all? !!

Behind the wall began to spread the quiet rhythmic heavy sighs interspersed with subtle muted female moans and weak creaking bottom shelf. Who is behind the wall, in the next compartment, Sergei fucks, my favorite, and I sit I can not even move! Some kind of stupor to find me, I could not believe in the reality of the situation, the brain refused to believe his ears! There was resentment, jealousy, anger. I was angry with myself for Vick that she had not dumped and now fucks this fat man. Listening to what is happening, I threw it in the heat and cold, besides my body shook as in a fever. The train resumed its movement began to grow the noise from the noise of the wheels, but also copulation behind the wall, it became increasingly louder! For movements of Sergei became more and more boldly, clearly added slamming the speed of sound! Bhutan seeing through the wall, I visualize the picture this picture. My wife is naked or half-naked on the bottom shelf to the sides battened down, and healthy fat, leaning, thrusts his penis jerky stretching tugonkuyu pussy my wife.
- "Clap - Clap-Hlooop-Hloooop ..." - and in addition to these sounds in unison sounded quite anxious moans of my wife. Sergei gradually began to build momentum and is all the time, he did not enter his penis to the end, until it stops. I just physically felt screamed a silent scream, my wife, she filched a breath as she huddled under the entire body of an overweight man. And like a hiccuping in tact penetrating her shock, she asked hoarsely:
- "No, I can not stop ... please, please, I can not, that's enough ... enough ... enough ... easier ... ohh ...".

But these words sounded like something stupid and false. The best refutation of these words was her own vagina, wet with excitement, squishing sounds could be heard even through the wall for me the sound of wheels. And how fast and easily an enormous fat cock entered into her, all showed the same thing: - it receives from what is happening is not sickly pleasure. By his age I was not quite small sexual experience, but I have never before experienced anything like it. Such feeling, this feeling is difficult to compare with something, a kind of mental drug! One thing to watch or hear someone fucked with different distortions or not, in any case, it is a stranger to you. It is quite another thing - when they have your wife, your loved one, your soul mate. It's one thing to dream about it, another - when it happens in real life, you have a right under the nose, and you hear it all! The storm of feelings and emotions washed over me. Breathing stopped altogether unthinkable excitement, jealousy and a bunch of hell-knows-what, pulse batters in the head, some incredible sweetness and languor spilled all over his body. Hear what I have heard, but longed to see, without having a special plan, as quietly as possible, I started to get into the hall. But in the hallway I was disappointed, door neighbors were tightly closed, leaving no chance to even the slightest crack. Meanwhile, the speed and tone sounds in the coupe changed. Judging by the frequency of claps and muffled moans fat man, he was already on the way. I do not know, Victoria received an orgasm or not, under the blows of man, it is not even moaned and somehow wildly howled and whined. Approximately two minutes he fucked her at such a pace, the wife has ceased to control myself, and pretty loud on all coupes:
- "Do not stop, a little bit more ... more ... deeper ... ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ... ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ... ah-ah-ah-ah s fuck ... Oh, yeah-ah-ah-ah! Yes! More fuck! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ... "

With an exhalation uhnuv, man began to finish a wife.
- "I hope they do it in a condom ?!" - flashed through my head.

Claps stopped Wick stopped screaming, she languidly moaning, apparently enjoying her orgasm Nakata. Imagination drew me tossing pleasure a woman, pinned a huge male carcass.

For a while all was quiet, probably both needed time to recover. Not much came out of his stupor, I quietly returned to my compartment, sensible reasoning that prinikshy to others' doors, an adult man in the middle of the night, it looks rather suspicious. Especially since the audibility from the corridor was worse. Judging by the sounds, Sergei tears with pliable body of my little wife, he poured himself a glass of water, drank it and said emphatically:
- "Good! How many different women have tried, but such a sweet first time "- not a lot of waiting and not waiting for an answer continued.
- "I did not understand with our last conversation, where your husband now?" - I was at that moment all stood huddled stronger ear to the wall.

His wife was on the move, and rising from a shelf a very low voice said:
- "Hush !! The neighbors can hear. "- About my dream pet care -" Do not you care what I do with my husband? This is my ... "- At this moment, very loudly clattering wheels of the train, and I did not hear anything, and when the noise died down a little, fat man spoke again.
- "It's good! Well, my husband loves you? "
- "Yes!"
- "And you love him?" - Disbelieving voice.
- "Yes!" - Confident and firm voice.
- "But fuck and money you love even more!" - Without asking, as it summed up Sergei.

I just felt after his wife boiled the whole word and came to indignation. She began to tell something about the temporary difficulties all couples, so the circumstances, it has never changed, and never thought to change. I stumbled so to speak for the first time in my life. The fat man listened attentively to her without interrupting, and when Vick finished speaking, in the form of mock cast:
- "Well then that's another matter. It changes everything!"

Catching the sarcasm in his tone, his wife wanted to start something again prove, but Sergei interrupted her in mid-sentence, has continued in a conciliatory tone:
- "Okay ... Okay, calm down. I propose to go to the dining car, and there is something to eat and drink. "
- "I'm not going anywhere, I want to sleep" - resentful and petulant voice mumbled wife.
- "Vikus go and have a drink, eat, tell me what you have in your life happen?"
- "I'm not hungry and drink do not want to go himself, to fill his belly"

I know my wife, she's so childish he begins to act up, talk to all "no." It is in this way wanted to get more attention, what would pougovarivat, we apologized. Then she reluctantly agrees, though in fact it was originally only a "FOR"

So what happened this time, five minutes later she was dressed, putting marafet, clapping their beauticians, rustling bags with clothes, fat at that time went out to smoke. Ten minutes later, apparently without waiting for Victoria, Sergei returned to the compartment:
- "Well, you there soon, I ..." - his words were cut off on the floor of the word, and then the satisfied tone continued.
- "Wow! try for me? "
- "Pfff, much of yourself do you think" - but the voice of his wife was something playful.
- "Yes you are perfection! Now at night I could not sleep for a long time thinking about you!
- "Oh, what we impressionable" - but his voice was heard that she was pleased.

Episode 3: "Night depravity"

They got together and went out, shutting the compartment, footsteps began to recede. I was very much intrigued by the words of man, trying as quietly as possible, I pushed the door to the side, the benefit they moved fairly quiet on the rails. Peering cautiously into the corridor, I saw them, they were almost at the end of the car. They moved one after the other, the first was a fat man, who seemed about to be stuck in a narrow corridor, and followed him ... when I looked closer, I filched breath. At first I did not recognize his wife! She put on the shortest and most transparent dress that she was, she had never worn on people! I do not even know that she had taken it with him. I always forbade her to wear this fucking dress, the only exception was our house, when Vick wore it for me. The dress was black, transparent with patterns, the length just barely covered her ass, and if you lean and tilt ... But it was not necessary, through the thin fabric can easily see, black panties letter «V» and temnyylifchik. On legs dressed festive holiday shoes with high thin heel and finished image VIP sluts, thighs covered with bright stockings. How do I know that it is stockings instead of pantyhose? From there, that fucking dress did not conceal any edge of the gum, or even stockings straps that go over her thighs up.

To say I was shocked, confused, it does not say anything. I thought that after so many years of marriage, I got to know his wife. But I was very wrong, if it is bang in the coupe, it was still possible, gritting his teeth to cancel, to the current situation, I rigged, and material rewards posulennoe fat man. That further its initiative of disguise, generally in any gate! I was sitting in the compartment of the nerve even started biting his nails, every five minutes to check with the clock, wondering how much all the time can take a trip to the restaurant car. But I'm not so much worried about when they will return, but more worried about what they will do when they return ?!
I cherished the hope that more than once per night is not physically fat, people with his physique is not very famous for both experienced hardy lovers.

My throat was dry with excitement, and I did not notice how in a short time, drank two liters of mineral water. Ten minutes later, I wanted to use the toilet, I do not know why, but I was afraid to accidentally meet his lawful wife! What should I do and say, seeing her in a dress and with a strange man? No, it is clear that the people marked lover, insert moral pizdyuley Victoria, then the divorce and all the end of the story. But I do not want to lose his wife, yet I love her, and now, when she and others felt it as never very serious, especially because it happened because of me. It is better to wait until morning, to pretend that I have not heard anything that night, and to make peace with his wife. Approximately with such thoughts I carefully moved toward the closet.

Going to the toilet, for some reason I was in no hurry to return to his compartment, I stood and stared thoughtfully out the window, and then ... I do not remember why. But I decided to move to the side of the car the restaurant to see what they were busy, no doubt, that I could to miss, for some reason, was not with them. Opening the door vestibule, I went to the junction between the two cars, all rattled and grit. A small area was shaking and rolling from side to side. Moreover, everywhere the wind blew, the train was going pretty fast. Who went to the domestic trains should be remembered that at the junction of cars, all the doors are small windows in the middle. I took the handle, and was about to open the door to the next car, a picture that I saw in the window, he made me freeze. Victoria, standing on his knees, right on the metal floor, licking the head Sergei member. The fat man with his pants down, leaned back against the wall, on my part, thereby opening a nice view from my window.
- "Well, that's true, and the second true idiot! I wanted to see ?! Well now look! "- Was pounding in my head. I did not want to interfere, because he feared as a result of losing his wife.

I could clearly see what is happening at the same time, without fear of being seen, it was a terrible roar and I was in complete darkness between cars. In the vestibule bulb burned, giving a dim light, but that light was enough. Everything that is happening to me was at arm's length, if not the door, I could easily tap on the shoulder to pull the fat man and his cheek Vick. Member, he was very long, much longer than mine, I even envy stung. He began to make attempts to enter more deeply, Victoria began to cough and choke, not knowing how to swallow a huge cock! After several attempts are not successful, the fat man put his hand on the plump woman's neck without letting it release the member from his mouth, and he has set the tempo movements of her head. She had no choice but to push the painted lips wide and let him inside. Member began to get involved more deeply in the throat. From the outskirts of choking his wife tried to lean back, but there it was, by the time the fist crumpling in her hair on his head, he began to fuck her pretty rough in the mouth.

I could not believe in the reality of the events, a meter away from me at the door, a fat man brutally fucked my wife in the mouth, and I watch and do nothing. From the glamor of the past was gone, I did not recognize her Victoria. All lipstick smeared lips, mascara flowed around the eyes, eye expression was read one lust. After some time she was not choking and swallowing dick pretty confident almost to the base, thick round head members include deep and got out to the throat. No wonder they say that every woman somewhere in the depths of the soul lives a slut is now looking at his wife in this I was sure not a drop. It is evident that she enjoyed, that now in the vestibule, not familiar to the peasant does blowjob. Sergey for a long time using her mouth, and then releasing the woman's head, he stuck out his erect penis, not forgetting last couple of times, slap him on the cheeks. Apparently he said something to her, his wife stood up, I noticed that her knees almost completely erased! Stockings holes in the knees, and indeed the skin around was scratched and red. Perhaps, as she stood on the floor, then I crawl on your knees gland. Not much ado, the fat man turned his back to her, and pushing to the door with handrails as an obedient puppet in his wife inclined position "D" letter. Rolling top of the already short dress on her back, a quick movement pushed the narrow strip of her panties to the side, he began to reduce a woman in his penis. Surprisingly long cock began to enter easily, and in a heated wet pussy wife, besides, it was already the second time. Only when a member of almost completely entered his wife's face contorted in a short painful grimace, and her mouth fell open in a silent scream. But after a few thrusts, biting his lower lip, his wife she started throwing her hips to meet. He could do with it whatever he wants, but he did it all you like.

Around me was a terrible noise, and even hear some sounds were not possible. Sergey began to perform first is not great fiction pelvis, each time increasing the frequency and depth of penetration. A minute later, he rather abruptly and forcefully already hammering his cock into Victoria. Under increasing attacks she almost fell forward, clutching the handrail time on the doors. Then, parting her legs a little wider and stronger gripping the handrail hands, it is like something to adjust to the shock of a strong man who was exactly two larger and heavier than her. To my shame, I masturbated and was preparing to finish the second time. On the part of the picture was terribly exciting, beautiful petite woman in stockings on high heels with spaced apart legs, is a cancer with battened down her dress, and pulls back her thick big guy. Yes, so pulling that my poor little wife, after another such shock, his legs began to lift off the ground, and she was for a moment hung in the air, strung on a member, like a butterfly on a pin. And he did it slowly, and even
some taste, occasionally slapping one hand on Victoria elastic ass, and
then the same businesslike hand groped her breasts through the dress.

Sergei gradually began to accelerate their movement pelvis back and forth, not forgetting women's breasts, for that he pushed a cup of black lace bra and bare tits greedily squeezed my wife. The fat that night snatched a jackpot, he fucked a beautiful woman with a magnificent figure, round ass, elastic thighs, everything that was not just a beautiful woman, but also someone's wife, my wife. He contented and red mug, we can safely say that of all that he caught a good buzz! Again, the male ass back receded, leaving a little faster forward, back again, and then again fast forward. My wife is not on solid legs continued to stand in the position of the letter "G", carefully pushing his hands from the handrail on the door, thereby increasing the depth of penetration of the male organ in itself. Her beautiful breasts, inverted cups of the bra, funny dangling back and forth under the clock jolts Sergei. When the speed of fucking my beloved, has become similar to the speed of a jackhammer!
Victoria, shaken by the blows of a member of her crotch, has barely balanced on his heels, besides the car strongly swayed with the motion of the train! The favorite had to balance, and then, wagging his beautiful ass left and right, sometimes almost soskavaya a member scurrying in it. But the fat man gripped his wife's buttocks and all these wagging her hips, only amused him. The man, though had a problem with overweight, but moved quite quickly and easily, already twenty minutes it processed a woman standing with cancer, not only pausing, but also continuing to build momentum. Rammed it all faster and stronger, enjoying its elegant body, clenching his paws her delicious ass and looking like each of his thrust, buttocks runs microwave! I also stopped at the sight of his wife's ass, admiring as flinch and dent from shock elastic hemisphere. To my shame, I was a pimply teenager masturbate secretly spying for adults.

The fat man was quite experienced traharem, I even sneaking suspicion that my favorite is not the first woman who was led to it, seeing in it something else besides weight loss. He lead up to Victoria the next orgasm, I do not doubt that there were a few, it has several times trembled, his body shrinking, bites his lips to the white knuckles gripping the handrail hands on the door. Then limp, exhausted almost fell on the metal floor. But Sergei like a real predator, tightly clutching my wife for women bulges, not letting it fall. Without pausing for a moment, without giving at least some respite woman, he continued to fuck her with some kind of animal passion.

The head of my Vikulov, helplessly rolling from side aside, rarely, she turned her face toward Sergei, and something was trying to tell him. The noise of the wind and the sound of the wheels did not give me anything to hear, but it was clear that she had requested a break, but in his eyes there was so much lust! It was a shame what happened to me, my wife never received so many orgasms in a row, as if I did not try, but the level of latent sexual giant, I was far away. Tired with potekshey ink tears of happiness, wet back and face wet with sweat, she continued wonder of standing on his feet, surrendering meekly more experienced and insatiable male. Continuing to let a member of another man, the emotion on the face of his wife changed every minute. The facial expression was just tired, suffering, instantly becomes ecstatically happy face later. The fat man was still a living person, not a machine, obviously, that would stretch your orgasm, he began to almost completely remove the member from Victoria, sweeping and fast movements to drive it back. At this point, it seemed to me that his wife was about to fly to the door of the car. Her body was not simply passed around shaking, movements was some chaos, it was like some kind of "Harlem Shake" with ebley. A man with an open mouth breathing heavily, pulling his wife by the hips and began to trot their small fat ass. Then he jerked strongly, quickly pulled out his penis, from the womb of my favorite and began to throw out, to shoot on a female ass and back hearty viscous liquid! At this time, my little wife voluptuous, curved head with the neck as if her muscles cramped, and their round tanned ass, grabbing his hairy hands on the thighs, on the contrary tried to set up on his cock! Her mouth opened wide in a protracted:
- "AAAA ... AAAA ..."

Only now I realized belatedly that it was not so. His penis was not a condom! He fucked my wife without condom! The chest unpleasantly cold, heart pounding wildly in his chest, his head was chaos - from fear to the terrible excitement. It's hard to put into words my condition at that time. Sergei twitched for the last time and immediately went limp, stood for a moment without moving, then breathing heavily, walked a few steps from Victoria, took out a cigarette and lit it with a jacket. As soon as the fat man let go of my wife, she is not even trying to straighten up, standing in all its glory with exposed genitals. Vagina she was gouging in the truest sense of the word, labia were sore and red, the whole crotch was wet with sweat and juices. Then anyhow straightened her panties, do not forget to track lower a little back dress on the buttocks. Not paying any attention to the sperm, which were her buttocks, back and dress.

The man at this time smoked, satisfied feeling eyes conquered body of another man's wife. Shirt and almost all of his clothes wet, he happily rubbed his sweaty balls, a member of his already began to slowly fall off. Victoria, having closed foot of the village, directly on the metal floor, leaning wearily back against the door, near which it five minutes ago rigidly fucked. Only now, in her eyes began to appear some understanding of all that has happened. Tugging nervously dress, she tried not to look to face with a man beginning to torment her belated sense of shame.

Hiding his Kolbasina back in his pants, finished his cigarette and threw it on the floor, Sergei came to the woman sitting on the floor, eyes closed is breathing heavily, coming to himself. At this point, I would like to come and regret my wife, but I am crazy enough to do this, and it seems there was more that she liked very much. The train continued to race on speed, the roar was terrible, I could not hear what he was saying to my wife. But later, slightly stooped man a couple of minutes, my wife picked up from the floor like a feather and put force on your feet. Even when she was not confident rocking on his heels, stick to the fat man, I was able to assess the consequences after the animal coitus. Torn stockings wrinkled and crooked sitting dress vsklochennye hair, all in heavy dark streaked and smeared lipstick person. And traces of male seed in many parts of the body and clothing, even to me through the glass were visible.

I returned to my compartment on padded feet, my whole body was iznemozhen, I felt as if I, too, was part of this fucked, it gripped me so much fatigue. Once in the compartment, I was dead weight fell on his bed and fell into a sweet slumber. All subsequent events I remember once pieces. Through slumber I heard his wife with his neighbor back in the compartment. Again sweet slumber, a couple of times someone came out and went into the compartment, again understandable sounds, then silence. After a dream, I seemed to hear the voice of his wife, who called me to him, though, most of all I dreamed it.

Episode 4: "Painful morning"

I opened my eyes on what I have to bother my neighbor's shoulder Dzyadok. Asleep without realizing what he wants from me, I automatically looked at his watch, noting that at the time only the 6:30 train is arriving at the destination at 12:00 already. Even a little later, I came a little after sleep, I realized that my neighbor leaves an hour later, at the next station, and he needed his bag, which he had some feature stuffed in the luggage compartment on my side. Sleep when near you at all times noisy bags, running back and forth, opening the door very hard and uncomfortable. I got out of bed and looked out the window, then flying around a neighbor in the head last night scrolling. Frankly when recalling pleasant ache in the groin. Behind the wall at this time also started a movement, first slapped a couple of times sliding door, then one could hear that someone was collecting her things. Not it was difficult to guess that this is my wife's companion, gathers his belongings. When I realized that an hour later, the fat will come down to the station, neither I nor his wife, never did not see, I was immediately on the soul as something easy. My neighbor a couple of times trying to keep the conversation going, but my sleepy and irritated face, which was clearly written, unwillingness to communicate, has worked better than any words, and he left me alone, I began to thumb through the book silently. Shortly behind the wall he heard voices, words, I have not heard, but the tone, it was clear that between the wife and her companion is some dispute. Then, in a strange way and quickly everything was quiet. I just languishing on the willingness to lean his ear to the wall, but not close to the topic sat neighbor.
It took another five minutes, at first I thought that I heard echoes of yesterday's noise, but the more I listened, it was convinced that it was not the echoes in my head. Still cherishing a faint hope that it seems to me, I decided to go back to his bedroom bookshelf and casually lean against your ear to the wall. Caricature of a yawn, I lay down on my back to the window, his head leaning against his left ear to the partition, immediately improved audibility, and I began to distinguish between what is happening.
- " Ltd! Ouch! Ltd! Ah! "- My wife moaning softly.
- "Ufff ... yhhh ... ehhh - in unison puffed fat.

Like the night you could hear creaking bed. Judging by the frequency of sighs and the creaking shelves, they started out trying to make noise as low as possible.
- "Hush ... Ohhh ... hear ... not so much quieter ayyy ... - passionately whispered my wife, someone else's man, who is now slowly fuck her behind the wall.

Inside I was going God knows what, wild excitement, anger, jealousy, resentment. His head spun one question: "Yes, how can you?" - But there was no one to ask it. He wanted to fuck my fat little wife for the road, please, any problems he has with it have arisen. One had the feeling that it is now my favorite ready on demand to push their feet before that Sergei. Oohs and aahs of the wall continued, changing the louder the softer tone, sometimes I could distinguish the sound of slaps male eggs, about goddamned pussy my wife. I was wildly excited, no longer able to lie down and listen to, with a red face jumped out of bed and went into the corridor, trying not to make eye contact with his neighbor. Standing in the hallway, I looked out the window and tried to catch his breath, calmed down a bit after a while, I looked around. In the corridor, until there was no one, not many passengers those that will come out soon, we are now sitting in their compartment, and most were still sleeping. At that moment I heard, though muted, but pretty loud women moaning, turning into screaming orgasm. It was so strange to know that this is your wife shouting, but did not even think to somehow break them. I froze, and began to listen carefully, but nothing has been heard, walked right up to the sliding doors, and listened intently. Just could hear better, I was so wound up that I was already do not care who saw me in the corridor or not. Orgasm wife although ended, but clearly could be heard the sound of the ongoing sex. After a while the women groans began to grow again, it is clearly suited to a second orgasm. This was followed by a slight pause input which the fat man ordered:
- "Well let's ka Become a cancer!" - Were heard sounds of fuss, it has become my favorite in the desired position without any objections. But after a couple of minutes, something probably went wrong because she had expected:
- "Sergei is not ... No ... No ...!" - Afraid to voice repeated his wife.

I could not understand what was happening inside the door? And all Victoria continued:
- "Sergei! Do not. Earrings, I ask, "- she had not asked, she pleaded -" Seryozhenka, well, do not, Serezhaaa ... AAAA otpustiiii ... iiiii "

As if not hearing the cries of women, who now were quite loud, no doubt, that all the neighbors hear, it was no more. The fat man continued dully repeat the same thing:
- "Now, Vikulya ... now ... all is well ... well ... a little more patience ... right now ..."
- "Shit-I-yad! Oh, damn! OH, BLYAYAYAD !!! LET PAIN !!! Ahh ... mmmmm ... "- already screaming obscenities good my wife.

At this point I was very frightened for his wife, she never did matter on my mind. Without realizing what I was doing, more than at the level of reflexes started to open the door. I even did not have first to understand and be surprised when the door easily drove away in the direction of a couple of centimeters, revealing to me a little review in the compartment. Sami doors Sergei forgot or did not consider it necessary, to close, but the latch set. I wanted to continue on to break the aid of his beloved, but seen by the picture led me into a complete stupor.

The coupe was twilight, the windows were tightly curtained curtains, but not a great light came through them. At first I saw the general outlines of copulating bodies, it took me a while, what would my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Then I saw Sergei dragged along clothes on the floor, blue panties wife, who were by no means cheap, I recently decided to make her a gift. He did not even bother to remove them, but simply plucked and thrown aside. Itself the owner of the laundry was on the bed and was completely naked! She was on her knees, exposing her ass and pulled her back fat. On my part, it was up to me half-sideways, persons close to the side door, viewing angle turned out pretty not bad. I distinctly saw Sergei accurate movements to move her hips, getting in Vic. Her breasts swayed to the beat of his movements, his eyes were closed, her mouth was covered with a male hand, but even through that shaggy paws, heard muffled screams and hysterical pain.

I did not understand why my wife's moans were so strange and even enjoyable! They were very different from the night! At first glance, everything was too samo¸ as yesterday, perhaps even more delicate was now! Standing on his feet, Sergei processed ass wife, quite conveniently located on the bedroom bed. With his left hand he held Vick for head of hair, causing it to bend his back backwards. Second hand he ran through it under his arm, as if her arm around the trunk and closed for a female mouth. He did a pretty, gentle and careful movements, but even with such a neat entry into the women members, she arched her back, twitching, trying to escape from the grip of the men. At night, when it clatter it, with it, in a rather quick and harsh manner, she still podmahivala him forward, and now Vika was more like a huddled in fear the girl, in which all the first time. She whines plaintively from each push, occasionally breaking into a scream. Sounds were muted though male hand, but still came out pretty loud! Looking at the face of his beloved, I began to suspect what was going on. His face was a grimace of pain, tears rolled down his cheeks, was despair in the eyes! Belatedly, I noticed the pillow planted under her belly, and these sounds. It even seemed that she was trying to scream my name and call me for help. Recent doubts threw a tube with some cream, lying on the bed next. The fat man had my wife in the ass!

I just ohrenel by such impudence! How is it that I as her lawful husband begged, mollify and often received a refusal. And then the first counter freely enjoys all her body. How he managed to deceive her or persuading? Knowing his wife, she would not for anything she did not agree, although he probably did not ask permission. The mood was spoiled completely. It was hard to believe, but it was so. My wife for the last ten hours as the last whore in all holes fucked someone else's man. Sergey, slowly, even as it is already commonplace fucked Vic, gradually increasing the speed and depth of penetration. I co-humility stood by and looked at his wife naked, squirming in a close embrace unfamiliar and completely naked man. A couple of times from its coupe out people who do not know they have been heard or not moaning my favorite, but they looked at me with curiosity. I also did not care, I was looking, not looking up, just catching the edge of the eye in the hallway any movement.

With throat Vicki heard steep and bubbling sounds! It was not clear, she finally started to enjoy sex, or she had a painful shock? After making sure that his partner until he yells at the whole car, he removed his hand, letting a woman fall limp torso forward. Grasping with both hands, for her snub to the top of the ass, he quickly began to fuck my wife in the ass, helping himself with both hands to push to meet her hips.

Gradually, in addition to the plaintive whining, with her mouth, we began to hear the notes of lust and passion growing. Moreover, she found strength to get up and stretch at his elbows. With his mouth wide open, apparently lacked the air, it is not blinking eyes stared at one point, his hands sweeping the sheets. Sergey increased pace and pressure, he tore up, my wife has with all possible force will drive his cock over the entire depth. It was good to hear slapping eggs on her buttocks. From his punches she fed slightly forward, his chest furiously thrashing back and forth, his mouth was wide open, he was pulled out of the languid moan with a slight whine. But look remained some obscure and even lifeless, she continued to not blinking eyes to look at one point, I had never seen Victoria in this state! I seriously began to fear not only the physical but also the psychological health of my wife! Her chest was the last time a beautifully swung and stopped, frozen naked body in the compartment. I did not even realize that it has almost everything. Everything happened quickly, quietly and without emotion. There was a silence, was heard puffing fat man. He pressed against the buttocks of my wife and finely twitching. Vick also stopped, with arched back, uttering barely audible "oh" and "ah." He graduated into her ass! Time for me at this moment stood still. Finally, he finished and stepped back from the Vicky, holding his penis in his hand. He fucked her in the ass, too, without a condom!

Looking ahead, I will say that it was he really got excited. His term is not quite pleasant, and even contrary to the spectacle! Therefore, people with delicate psyche sluduyuschy better to skip a paragraph, as further described situation is not only exciting, but on the contrary will cause revulsion in most people.

Almost all of his cock was smeared brown liquid feces, mixed with sperm! At the head of the penis, all this stuff was the most, but the most vile happened later, when the fat man started nervously wipes to clean it. Dry wipes are not cleaned as much stick to the body of dirty skin and then they had a hard time to pull out. But when he pulled the skin, exposing the head of the penis, I almost threw up right in the corridor of what he saw! From under the peel member began to show a fairly large lumps of shit! Add to this terrible smell from their compartment, then I think he will think ten times the next time, before you engage in anal sex without permission and proper training of the place. What was going on in my wife's hard to say, she was lying on a cot without any movement. And watch as a frank and nasty picture had no desire, I hurried back to his bed, the more so that the intermediate station was already close.

The neighbor was still sitting in his place, but he saw me, he happily told that I "HERE IS MISSED! There behind the wall have SEX! Until then people were demoniacs and lost all holy! "And at the very krasnyuschee face, eyes are burning! I did not have and now desire to communicate with him, I just briefly growled, that too in the hallway heard something. Clicked his tongue, a neighbor threw his burden and goodbye left me, going to his station. What was going on behind the wall of his wife, I listened, and did not want. The train started again gradually pick up speed, knocking the wheels, thereby lulling me. Even falling asleep, I looked at the clock, having estimated that an hour or two can safely sleep.

Episode 5: "Hard Talk"

Having woken up by a knock at the door of the conductor, I quickly gathered my things and moved with his wife to visit. The mood was surprisingly upbeat, if not then somehow exciting. After knocking several times in the compartment, me who did not open, I knocked again, and then another, no sound! I was in a panic pulled the door, fearing not see his wife, but she was on the spot! Appearance of course she was mauled, dressed in a tracksuit, without makeup on his face, with red eyes and black circles around the eyes, she sat by the window, a detached person looking at the flashing scenery outside the window. Morning anal marathon apparently badly knocked it out of the rut. Pretending that I had not noticed anything strange in her appearance, making the more indifferent tone as possible, I began to speak, they say, let's get going, enough already sulking. I have something else talked and talked, and she sat silent in thought looking out the window. When I finally stopped, she paused a dry voice said to me:
- "I know you all saw, I saw you peeping at the door!
- "I'm not ... not that !?" - still hoping to move out on a fool.
- "He made me the power, I tried to scream! And you stood there and watched as your wife raped !? What are you after this guy? - The challenge of looking straight into my eyes.

Then between us was quite a difficult conversation. I'm not a little mad when my manhood began to throw mud. No, I would not argue that I'm sick pervert who likes to watch as fuck his wife. But to say that I could not protect her? From whom? From man to whom she had recently made exhausts and copulate with him like an animal? Unable to stand it attacks in his address, I went to the offensive response, saying that I had seen and heard before completely different. Where everything happened by mutual consent and even for a cash reward! What Vic, it surprised Klepov already wondering eyes, do not know what to say! Could this, and to stop, but I could not hold back, splashing all collected for the whole night. I told him as he saw what she was doing chores fucking in the vestibule with the fat man!
- "And after all this, do you dare to reproach me and make the victim !?" - an angry voice, I asked her.
- "I do not know what you're talking about?" - Is now his wife, he pretended to be a fool.
- "What you do not know, I have seen and heard! Especially you do not interfere, was wondering how much you can fall low! - Continuing his tirade, I just drove all the rage on her.

Although to be honest, it was not fair on my part, completely around blaming her. But at that moment I was angry at the whole world. His wife sat terrified in the corner, and shyly hiding his eyes, remained silent. And I no it does not let up ...
- "Whore, how much you earned per night? How long have you become a prostitute? "- I have nothing. After these words, my wife burst into tears and covered his face with his hands, began to sob hysterically, all repeating - "I did not mean ... I did not want ... I do not want" - only then I began to recover.

Looking at his weeping wife, trembled with sobs on fragile female shoulders, her body curled into a prickly ball, in this way, as it were fenced off from all that is evil in the world. My anger instantly vanished, giving way to pity and tenderness to this unprecedented loved ones for me, man. Sitting beside her, I began to calm as he could, saying that it is for me the most precious thing in this life, and I just love her madly. Reassured and somehow reconciled, we have decided to touch no longer happened that night, putting the conversation to a more appropriate and secure environment. Arriving at your destination and leaving the ill-fated train, we are relieved, freed from the looks of neighbors, who read the contempt and reproach. Already by eating in a taxi, I mentally was glad that the worst is now behind us. I rejoiced that Vick has not thrown me alone when I noticed that her spying, moreover I even managed to make himself a victim, the victim of an unfaithful wife. Tempted to tell her the truth, that all events have happened in my submission, that much has been specially rigged me. But I decided not to risk it, not knowing how to react to it is my favorite. End of story.


I apologize in advance to the authors of other stories, from whom I borrowed a couple of despicable verbal turns, they are pretty good to help me make the story more complete and alive. Separately, I note this author «sibor», the majority of his creations I liked. As you can imagine, this is only the beginning of my new form of marriage, the night quietly but radically changed our sexual fantasies and preferences. The date of the next publication I find it difficult to name, there was a lot of new concerns related to the changes in my life, and at work. Often physically do not have time to write a story, albeit very much want to share with someone, their new experiences and emotions. But with confidence assure the continuation of the story takes place even now, at this very moment, as you finish these lines.

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