Love knows no age ...

- A train "Moscow-Simferopol" go in five minutes! Passengers please take their seats in the cars!" - Radio croaked.

I do not like planes, and if there is an alternative, prefer the train. To redeem all the seats in the compartment, and the food alone. It is worth it is not cheap, but for me money is not a problem. I'm a writer, and very well-paid. My name no one knows, because I "Ghostwriter". At the beginning of perestroika, I worked as an editor at the publishing house. On the market if flooded stream books that cunning fellows and young women baked as cakes. Thus, they are used "Ghostwriter"Who were paid a pittance. The hungry nineties, I was glad to any earnings. But then the situation changed. I wrote well, and those whom I have worked, it is understood. So when I was asked to increase the fee, the writers did not mind. I now have an apartment in the center of Moscow, and recently has looked after the house in Koktebel. He agreed with the owner about the price, and now driving the checkout process (remind readers that it was in 2010, when the Crimea was still a part of Ukraine).

Since the departure from Moscow, I broke away from the computer, and when there was the first stop, came out to get some air. At the station clock Tula Station was 3 am. According to the schedule, the train was supposed to be here just 4 minutes, but stood for fifteen minutes. The people on the platform did not miss my conductor near the car. I looked around, put his arm around her waist, hugged her and stroked her ass steep, covered with original skirt. Maria, 30 years old Cute Blond intermittently sighed and rolled her eyes ...

At the beginning of the trip, I suggested to the conductor 500 rubles and asked to remove my compartment. Masha tear coupe to shine. At the same time, she twisted the huge ass that I broke down and stroked her ass. Maria playfully slapped me on the arm, outstanding classical tirade in spirit - "I am not like this!". I put on the table a hundred bucks. Maria grunted, tucked in a pocket weave uniform shirt, walked to the door and turned the lock. She took off her skirt and panties, bent down and put her hands on the table. When a great white priests, I instantly rebelled "a spear". I put prezik and "relieve tension"...

To our carriage approached an elderly woman in a scarf and an old threadbare coat. In her left hand she was holding a heavy bag for the right to keep a pretty girl of nine years. The woman tried to persuade the conductor to put them in the car.
- I can not put you without a ticket! - The conductor said. - Besides, I have a compartment car. Go to the general, ask there.
- I've always wondered, no one let ... - The woman sobbed. - Please, take us! My handbag was stolen, there were tickets, and money too. I am the granddaughter of my sister in Simferopol go, she fell seriously ill, and no one to take care of! Here, I have a ring ... Take just let the car!

Conductor contemptuously shoved her hand. At this time, the girl who held the hand of her grandmother, raised her head and looked at me pleadingly. Her blue eyes struck me to the heart (I swear it's not a metaphor!).
- Masha, and let's put them in my compartment! - I said, not knowing that these words open their way into the abyss.
- Yes, you do not know them, Arkady Semenovich! - Surprised the conductor. - And if they were thieves ?!
- We are not thieves! - Shouted the girl. - My grandmother was a teacher!
- You see, Masha - a teacher! - I smiled. Conductor shook her head disapprovingly.
- I do not know ... Arkady Semenovich, you at least have her passport check. Or a passport was stolen, too? - Sarcastically he asked a woman conductor.
- No passport is! - Woman hurried and reached inside his jacket. But the train snorted here zalyazgal and twitched. I quickly hoisted aboard the girl threw a heavy bag and helped her up to her grandmother. Easily he moved up on the railing and jumped into the car. After I got the conductor, raised step and closed the door.

Compartment cars branded trains "Livadia" It was almost empty. It is not surprising - in the yard in November, in the Crimea for a long time the season ended. My compartment was in the middle of the car. I put the bag in a drawer under the shelf, and delicately left the compartment, allowing my guests to change clothes and make the bed linens, which they gave the conductor. While my guests preened, I went to Masha and asked her to bring us some tea.

When I returned to the compartment, it did not recognize my new companion. On the platform, the woman looked old woman. She changed into a tracksuit, her hair, touched up her lips. Now she could be given forty-five, forty-seven. Years, poverty, fatigue and feelings she added wrinkles and bags under the eyes, but it was still evident that once she was a beauty. Her granddaughter threw cheapest puhovichok and knitted hat, and remained in the shabby little jeans and red sviterochke. White curls and blue eyes made her look like a little angel.

The woman handed me a passport and a pension book:
- Here's a look ... I am really a former teacher.

I smiled.
- No, I believe you. Let's introduce ourselves. My name is Arkady Semenovich!
- Tamara ... - confused, calling a woman.
- What's the name of this angel?

The girl snorted: - I'm not an angel! My name is Ira Rumyantsev!
- And I'll call you angel! Agreed?

The girl smiled and nodded.
- Well, here we are met.

Conductor made cups of tea and biscuits. Converts scanned the passengers, grunted and left. The girl immediately grabbed a cookie and have become greedy. I took a bottle of brandy and two silver cups.
- Come on, Tamara, let's drink to our acquaintance!
- Let's ... - embarrassed woman said. She drank cognac, her cheeks flushed, she became even more attractive. The girl ate the cookies, drank the tea and yawned.
- Do you want to sleep? - I asked. Ira nodded.
- Then I'll go, and you take off your clothes and crawl on the top shelf. And my grandmother and I still sit and chat.

I opened the door and went out, loosely covering her with him, so that left a small gap, and watched what was happening in the compartment, looking into the dark corridor window, which acts as a mirror. Irishka quickly dropped sweater, dzhinsiki, and stayed in the pink panties, which was painted bunny. Girl climbed on the top shelf and wrapped in a blanket.

I returned to the compartment, lifted restrictive grid, which did not allow to fall from the top shelf, she adjusted the blanket Ira and wished her a good night. Switch the light on the night-light, twilight reigned in the compartment. I sat in front of Tamara and poured a glass of brandy. We drank and ate cookies. And he went leisurely conversation between two elderly people who have lived difficult lives. Tamara said her daughter gave birth to a dissolute Irishku seventeen known from whom. He planted granddaughter grandmother and disappeared in an unknown direction. Tamara's husband was not, and she was brought up by one granddaughter ... and we have not noticed how drunk the whole bottle.
- Tom went to smoke! - I said, and stood up. We have long since moved on with Tamara "you".
- Oh, and I do not smoke ...

I laughed.
- So do I. Just I see that you fidget, and I have a full box. Both of us it is time to ... one place.
- And it is true! - Tamara stood up and took a step toward the door. But Brandy has turned her head. She staggered and not to fall, grabbed me. I hugged her. Tamara shivered, closed her eyes and offered me her lips for a kiss. But I turned her to the door and led out into the corridor. He was taken to the toilet and stood at the window, waiting for their turn.

In the dark window reflected gentleman "Senior middle age", With a noble gray "salt and pepper". Sedin I was not the oldest, but on the contrary, gave a charm. I am 55, but the body in the order, not the belly sticks out, and all below "OK"! I fucked conductor, took power, but to repeat it, I would not want to. Masha Cute, but overgrown Zhirkov and crooked legs. And Tamara, though older, but the figure just super ...

Tamara came out of the closet, smiled, and holding on to the wall, took place in the compartment. I did all the things washed and returned to the coupe. Tamara was lying under a sheet, her eyes closed. Her track suit was neatly stowed in the mesh above the shelf. "The lady undressed and prosyut!", Flashed in my head hackneyed maxim. Well, then, let's start ...

I turned off the bedside lamp, darkness reigned in the compartment. He sat down on the shelf, took a sheet of Tamara, ran his hand over the body, nipples played - they immediately tightened and vytarchivali columns. He lowered his hands on his hips, his fingers crawled under the panty elastic. Tamara lifted her hips, I took off her panties, bent down and sniffed her cherished place - this is the old way to test the purity of women. It smelled the smell of wet wipes for hands. The Russian train toilets, hot water from birth was not found, so Tamara use wipes to clean the private parts. I undressed, the woman leaned over and whispered:
- Tom, on the shelf does not get too tight. Come in a national ...

Tamara obediently stood up, took a towel and laid it on the floor, the legs do not feel cold. He leaned over and put her hands on the wall of the compartment. My spear has long been in a fighting stance. I ripped the condom package, put it on and stuck a spear into the nest. Tamara barely audible moan. I began to fuck her, holding her hips. But at the same time, I was forced to lean back and numb. I straightened up and took hold of the restrictive lattice top shelf on which Ira slept. Immediately it became more convenient, I quickened the pace. Tamara flowed in torrents, apparently, it was not long ago men. My spear was lost in the sea and began to decrease in volume.

Ira turned in his sleep. She got off the blanket, revealing the ass. I could not resist and stroked her panties in the place where it was drawn bunny. From this, it is the innocent movement, plucked up my spear, hardened and leaped into Tamara's cave so that the woman screamed.

Continuing to fuck Tamara, I took with a trembling hand on the delicate satin panties Irochkinyh. "What are you doing, old fogy!", I screamed mentally. But the hand did not obey me. Trembling fingers crawled under the panty elastic, smooth ass stroked and touched the slits. I pierced a powerful electric shock! I finished so violently as if I was not fifty-five and thirty!

Tamara helplessly lay on the shelf, and hid the sheets. My legs were trembling, as if I ran march with full kit. I still keep the right hand on the bars of the preamble of the lattice and the left remained under the panties on her ass Irishki. Remove hand from there it was beyond my strength!

The train began to slow down. Clanked buffer, the train stopped. It immediately became audible, like the noise of rain outside the window. Through loosely covered with curtains, dim light of lanterns station entered the compartment. I looked at Tamara and saw that she was asleep.

Ira began to move and I pulled his hand away. The girl sat on a shelf, and whispered:
- Uncle Arkady, your grandmother like?
- Like this? - I'm confused.
- Well, you're liked by her, it means that you like it?
- How did you ... How did you ... - I stammered, not knowing what to say.
- I have not slept, and heard everything. I'm not small, I understand everything. In our village there is Uncle Fyodor, he used to go to her grandmother. They thought I was asleep, and I saw everything.
- You still early for such things to watch! And in general, go to sleep! - I babbled.
- I do not want, I slept. Can I see your laptop?
- A laptop? Okay .. I'll cartoons included. I have, and Shrek and "History of toys".
- No, I do not like cartoons. I love movies like to watch.
- About love?! And what do you know about love?

No, you just imagine this "oil painting"! It should be bare gray-haired man, and talks about love with a nine-year girl who had just climbed into her panties!
- Irishka, you turn away, I get dressed and then come down to me, and we'll talk.

The girl turned to the wall. I quickly pulled off the condom and threw it under the shelf. He pulled pants and "adidasnye" pants, put on a T-shirt. Dipped grille shelves, took the girl in his arms and lowered its bottom shelf. For a moment, her body pressed against me, and my pants started to flare up the fire!
- Just let us whisper to her grandmother did not wake up. And yet, we'll do her house.

I took the sheet, tucked it under the mattress on the top shelf, and the second side of the sheet slipped under the mattress Tamara.
- Now my grandmother is a separate room! - I chuckled. -And We'll talk. Well, tell me what you know about love.
- I understand! I myself often vlyublivayus!
- It is necessary to say - "I fall in love"!

Irishka snorted.
- You straight as my grandmother! She gave me all the time, too, corrects!
- And who do you fall in love? The boys at school?
- They need me! I vlyublivayus artists fall in love ...! - Ira recovered. -Even I fell in love with Uncle Fyodor, who went to his grandmother. We were even kissing! But then the grandmother drove him.
- Like kissing on the cheek?
- No, really, on the lips!
- Yes, you probably do not know how to kiss! - I podnachil girl.
- I can not? - Irishka indignant. She quickly moved over to me on his knees, clasped his neck handles and snapped her lips to my lips. I hugged Irishku and responded to the kiss, mentally shuddering at what I do. The fire that was smoldering in my crotch, bright spyhnul. My spear rebelled and buried her in the ass girls. Ira gasped. I got off my knees, gently touched "a spear" through the fabric, and said:
- And you can see? I showed Uncle Fyodor.

I did not know what to say. Ira took my silence for consent. pulled gum "Adidas", Climbed into my pants and took out a stunned member. The touch of her pen, "pole" I shuddered and vibrated. Ira laughed softly.

What happened in the compartment, so go beyond the face of the reality that I mutilos consciousness. Finally, I came to myself. Carefully unclenched her fist and hid "pole" pants. He pulled the girl to her and kissed her ear.
- Ira, you can not do ... - I whispered.
- Why? - The girl asked. - Uncle Fyodor gave me touch it.

If at that moment Uncle Fyodor got me in his hands, he would not have lived moments! "Debauchery child wino damn!", Resented me, hugged the girl and stroking her on the head. "And he what you are doing, ugly old man? !!", Shouted the subconscious. I felt ashamed and tried to push Ira, but it is even more closer to me ...

The train jerked and began to pick up speed slowly. For Tamara sheet snoring.
- Arkady's uncle, and you love me? - Irishka pulled away and looked at me. I silently kissed her on the lips plump sugary. I did not know what to say. Of course, I loved this angelic creature, loved to distraction. But how to explain to her that such love is impossible, inconceivable, is forbidden !!!
- Arkady's uncle, and let us be loved as you are with my grandmother! - Ira quickly pulled her panties and lay on her back and spread her legs.
- What are you, Uncle Fyodor did that? !!
- No. Several times he came to see me after she and her grandmother liked. I stroked and kissed her, but one day my grandmother woke up and chased him. And I want to be liked by the adults!
- No, honey, as an adult, you still can not! But if you want, I'm just going to stroke and kiss.
- Really want to!

I gently parted her legs, leaned forward, and began to lick the red bud. The girl shuddered. He pulled up his knees, clasped their hands parted and began rhythmically move her hips. It was obvious that she does not for the first time. Gradually, the movement girls are synchronized with the movements of my tongue. Breathing Ira accelerated, finally, she shuddered and obesilenno sprawled on the shelf, his eyes closed. I pulled "adidas" with shorts, he grabbed the ringing voltage from the cock and frantically earned fist. A few seconds later I had finished. He took a towel, wiped his cock and got dressed.

Dawns. The train sped across the plain, tapping at the junction of the eternal road song. With each passing minute, he approached to Simferopol, where our roads Irochka had to break up forever.

The girl fell asleep. I covered her with a blanket, climbed onto the top bunk and lay down. The pillow smelled Irishkinymi hairs. I squeezed her (pillow!) In the arms and in that moment decided.

I will never part with Irishka. I spit on all the conventions and taboos! After all, why can Muslims to marry the girls, but I can not ?!


... Tamara left with the driver Sergei bazaar. Before that, I gave her a 500 hryvnia for the purchase (the events described took place in 2012, when the dollar was worth 7 UAH), and, unbeknownst to Tamara, the driver showed three fingers. This meant that he had to bring Tamara back no earlier than three hours. Sergei nodded and left.

I went back into the house. He irishka immediately rushed to me and hung around his neck, sprinkling hot kisses. I lightly slapped her on the ass.
- Do not hurry, Swifty! Undress - and "Bulka!"

He irishka joyfully screamed and ran into the Jacuzzi, which she called "Bulka"...

Since then, I hoisted November night in my compartment a woman with a girl, it took six months. I have not parted with Irishkoyi her grandmother. Now, we all lived in my new house in Koktebel. But this was preceded by tragic events ...

When our train arrived in Simferopol, we all went by taxi to his sister Tamar. But it turned out that she died last night. I had to take over the funeral, then probate. Apartment sister Tamara was launched, though, but it was in the heart of the city, on the avenue of Kirov. Sister did not leave a will, and started around the apartment dirty romp. Despite the fact that in addition to Tamara, other heirs were not, the paperwork was delayed in every way. I have spent on bribes to fifteen hundred dollars, but it stood.

We lived for two weeks in the apartment's sister Tamara. One day, in the evening, Tamara Ira bathing in the bathroom, and I was watching the news. Then they knock on the door. I opened the door. On the threshold stood two boys. Their physiognomies was in large print the entire Criminal Code is written. With mats and waving their fists in the face, the guys explained to me that no later than 9:00 tomorrow morning we have to leave the apartment, and never about her not to remember. And if we do not, then the filthy old man fall from the balcony, the old pi .. yes will move to the sister of the cemetery, and the little bitch will sell the Roma. Clear?! Clear...

When the bandits left, I went into the kitchen, took out the brandy, poured half a glass and drank. Then he took out a cell phone, dialed the Moscow area code and phone number.
- General Terekhov! - Replied tube.
- Wow! You have General? Congratulations!
- Will congratulate in person at the banquet on the occasion of the presentation of Gennady Petrovich Terekhova to the rank of general and the entry into the position of Deputy Commander ... - there is newfound General stopped, apparently thought that says not for special communications, and on the mobile phone, and briefly said: -Koroche you know what the troops!
- Your Excellency, please accept my most sincere congratulations. But at a banquet to be can not. I am currently in Simferopol. And I have a problem.
- Who?! - The voice acquired a threatening tone.

For that I respect Genk, so it is for his ability to quickly assess the situation. He did not ask what the problem is, and immediately asked "Who?"To understand the balance of power and immediately begin to act.

Genk Terekhov was my friend since high school. I followed him like a stone wall. Gena was threatened not only the school, but the whole of our region. I am none of starsheklasnikov and local bullies did not hurt. During perestroika, to my employer, the famous writer, "have driven" 'brother and began to extort money "roof". Genk had already been deputy commander of the Airborne Regiment. I turned to him. Genk sent his thugs, bandits they scored "arrow" and made "night digging tools" - Chopped cabbage in all bandyukov. Police have not found the perpetrators ...

I briefly explained the situation Genk, listened to the answer, and turned off the cell phone. Then I told Tamara about bandits and instructed how and what she and Ira have to do tomorrow.

In the morning, around eight, knocked on the door. On the threshold stood three broad-shouldered guys for tracksuits rolled alloy muscles. Gena has not said who will send, but it was easy to guess. In Sevastopol, the Black Sea fleet is, in which the composition has a Marine Brigade and commanded by her bosom friend Gena Terekhova. So these guys are strong, most likely marine commandos.
- How much they have to come? - I asked one of the guys.
- AT 9.
- We meet them in the street and taken away for questioning. You want to be present?

I wanted. I really do not like my face shaking his fists. We went out into the yard and sat minibus "ford" with tinted windows. There were three more of the same strong guys.

At precisely nine, I drove a jeep into the yard "Cherokee" and I stopped at our entrance. From it emerged two yesterday "bulls" and pretty guy in an expensive cream-colored suit. And then it began to spin a movie, even a Jackie Chan did not dream! After a moment, immobilized bandits dragged into a minibus. One of "specialists" I sat behind the wheel of the jeep and drove bandit after "Ford".

Half an hour later, our convoy pulled into the hangar on the outskirts of the city. The prisoners were dragged out of the van, handcuffed to each other and placed against the wall.
- Who is older? - I asked.

One of the faces of yesterday swore, and promised me a lot of trouble. I looked at who was standing next to a Marine. He took a few quick movements of hands and face into a bloody gangster steak.
- I repeat the question. Who is older?
- I ... - babbled pretty scared guy. He was in an expensive cream suit, shirt with lace embroidery, and shoes with gold buckles. clear "cockerel"...
- The name of?
- Igor ...
- Perfectly. Igor, I ask only once. For a wrong answer - the punishment. Who sent you?

The boy hesitated. Marine rocked on his toes. Igor said quickly:
- Nikandrov. Sergey Nikandrov.
- Who is he?
- You do not know Sergei Stepanovich ?! - Igor surprised. Man's voice was thin and nasty sweet. - It's the son of the mayor!
- Why the son of the mayor of some old apartment ?! - Now I was surprised.
- Sergei Stepanovich controls the secondary housing fund in the city! - Igor said proudly.
- Here's how ... Well, then, Sergei Stepanovich get our apartment. But not for free, as he had planned, and for its market value, that is, for 120 thousand dollars. Plus another ten thousand in damages, plus a personal apology.

I turned to the second bandit, who anxiously listened to my words.
- Now you will go to Sergei Stepanovich, and you pass it to Nick's been here 15. 00. If he does not bring money, or with the cops come, we will examine his heart boyfriend for parts. 120 thousand, plus 10, plus an apology. Remember Me?

Bandit nodded.
- Come on, go.

Bandit bullet flew out of the hangar. I looked at "cockerel".
- And while we wait for Sergei Stepanovich, you tell me now on tape of all the illegal business of your boss!

"cockerel" shook, his lips were white.
- What are you, I can not ... Sergei kill me !!!

I looked around the hangar. It was empty, only some bags lying near the far wall, and stand the rough "box"Apparently left after the repair. I whispered a few words to the Marines. The boys brought the goats, knocked on them and tied fagot. Faggot screamed and struggled. I called bandyugan, whose face looked like a ripe plum. It released him from the handcuffs and taken to the goats.
- What is your name? - I asked the bandit.
- Vasek ...
- Come on, Vasek, start! - I smiled.
- What? - do not understand "bull", Stretching his stiff hands. I went to the fag and pulled off his pants. Below them were pink thong. On the right half ass "cockerel" It was a colored tattoo in the shape of a stylized butterfly. I plucked strings and slapped "cockerel" ass.
- Yes here, Igor did not want to talk about your illegal business owner. Otzhar him to become obedient.

Bandit shied.
- No, I can not, you what! I also then Nick will tear to pieces!
- And if you do not, then you tear us now! - I said.

Bandit hesitated, blinking in confusion. "Marines moved up menacingly toward him. The boy flinched and stepped to the goats. She gasped, and began pulling off sweat pants. Later, panties, picked up a member vzdrochnul a couple of times, never taking his eyes from the bare-ass fagot. Finally, "tool" He gained the right amount of work and took the stand. Bandit spat on his hand, smeared thick "sausage"And I began to insert it in the ass fagot. Igorek wept ...

Jarhead, grinning, looked "live" porn. Gradually, the thug recovered from stress and broke in earnest. He tightly gripped "cockerel" hips and thrust it in the ass until it stops, so that the goats roamed. Igorek screamed and writhed, more than whet the bandit who "on concepts" I could not feel for "End of the Line" nothing but contempt. But that was the heart of his master's boyfriend, and crooks had to endure on a Igorka.

Finally, I stopped Vaska, and asked "cockerel":
- Well, that will say, or run all of these guys?

He quickly nodded. I got an iPhone, including recording and put the phone on the floor, face fagot, still lying on the box:
- Speak ...

While Igor hastily laid out everything he knew about the affairs of the mayor's son, I took Marines aside.
- Guys, maybe it's time to leave? As much as Nick with riot police did not show up! And you have here only six.

Senior chuckled and went to the bags that lay against the wall. the rest went after him. They opened the bag and pulled out a short machines with unusual shapes. Each horn was attached with tape of the second horn.

"Serious guys!", I thought admiringly.

The Marines held a short meeting. Two out of the hangar, one of the boys lay down on the roof, and the other hid in the bushes by the roadside. The rest took up positions inside the hangar.

At 2 o'clock 48 minutes, he heard the sound of a powerful engine. The car stopped, slammed the door. The hangar door gently knocked.
- It's me, Vasek! With me, Sergei Stepanovich!
- Come on!

Door opened. On the threshold stood a tall handsome man, in his forties, with a leather "diplomat". He quickly scanned the hangar, I saw guys with guns, assessed the situation, and finally looked at Igor. "cockerel" already removed from the box, he was fully dressed. Igor was jerked to Nikandrov, but one of the "specialists" I put "End of the Line" hand on his shoulder. He shivered and froze.
- Come, Sergei Stepanovich. Did you bring the money?

"Nika" He was held at the middle of the hangar, and handed it to me "case". I opened it, counted the money. 130 thousand. At the bottom "briefcase" It lays a notarized power of attorney to the apartment, which, as I understood it, was to sign Tamara.
- All right. It remains only to listen to your excuses.

Excerpt from Nikandrova was excellent. He looked at me and said with a smile:
- I apologize for any inconvenience. Incident exhausted?

He was smiling, but the lightning darting eyes. Of course, it bears revenge. Oh well...
- The power of attorney you will find in the morning on the table you are interested in the apartment. There will be an interview with the disk lying your friend Igor. The original, of course, will remain with me. Do not let me detain you.

Nikandrov threw me a withering look and walked out of the hangar. "cockerel" I trudged dejectedly after his friend. Freed bandit also followed him.

I took out "briefcase" a stack of hundred-dollar bills and handed "spetsam". Senior shook his head:
- Do not. We're just following orders.
- I know the guys. You are a very good job. This is a premium.

"Specialist" I took a pack and put it in his pocket.
- Now, take me to the Yalta road. There, near the cafe, I was waiting for a taxi.

Apparently, Nikandrov realized that he was dealing with serious people, and did not risk letting us under surveillance. Near the cafe, I said goodbye to the guys and sat in a taxi, in which there were Tamara and Irishka. On the way to Koktebel, I changed three times in the machine ...

Now, we all lived in my new home. My bedroom was on the second floor, there was room, and bedroom Irishki. Tamara lived on the first floor. Cleaning and laundry done coming servants, but the kitchen Tamara trusting no one, preparing herself. I made Tamara three times a week, gym and beauty salon. In just a few months, he pulled Tamara figure, rejuvenated and looked at forty. Once a week, at night, I came to her, just to indicate our relationship. The rest of the night I spent with Irishka, as Tamara, of course, no idea. She went to sleep early and slept soundly. And if I woke up, I would not have to climb to the second floor without special needs.

... "Bulka" in a huge Jacuzzi seething vengeance. As always, Irishka flounder in the Jacuzzi naked. I undressed and climbed into the tub. Mischievous immediately grabbed my pen shriveled appendage, and asked in surprise:
- What is that cloth? And where is my favorite carrot? !!
- Not grown yet ... - I said sadly, keeping the game. - Fertilizer is not enough, here and grows poorly.

Irishka pushed me on one of the seats that were in the walls of the Jacuzzi. I sat down and spread his legs. The girl began to play testicles, turning them with his right hand. Left she poddrachivala "cloth", Rolling the skin on the head. When the head is laid bare, Irishka licking her and pulled the skin back. After five to six of these movements, "cloth" I began to harden, and finally turned into "carrot". All this time I stroked Irishkiny papillae, which have long been standing columns.

Irishka began processing "carrot" small circular movements of the tongue, still play with my balls. "Carrot" I began to tremble, it was growing wave. Irishka felt it, and sucked the head of the penis in your mouth. I squeezed her shoulders, leaned his hips forward ... "Carrot" He exploded out of it was the impetus to leave the sperm, which literally sucks the baby and immediately swallowed. It sucks up all the droplets Irishka climbed on my lap and dug her lips to my lips. We stood in a long kiss ...

A few minutes later the same thing happened, only now Irishka sat, legs apart, and I licked her treasured place. We were alone in the house, and the girl did not restrain the sweet moans. Finally, it is roughly finished, trembling all over. Then we had a long flounder in the Jacuzzi until I heard the squeak my iPhone (this is a disciplined driver sent sms that is returned). Irishka rushed into the shower. I turned off the Jacuzzi, rinsed and went to his office, to build upon another novel.

To be continued.

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Lika has long sat at home almost all the holidays but it bothers besides his young body wants and is strong enough. She woke up again about an hour of the day the parents went to Spain for a month leaving her all alone. After training on the simulator it pomylas and standing in front of a large mirror carefully considered myself a finger she held her lips she touched them barely feeling like they are starting to catch fire she dropped hugging her towel when he saw in the mirror slender girl, she bent bulging chest which strongly allocated swollen nipples, she raised her hands behind her head and strained his press immediately stood out muscles she took her breasts and rubbed her nipples with your fingers, touched the stomach feeling of body firmness she slid lower. Palm fell between my toes felt hot flesh and continued her Kindle. Face looked back at yourself, look in the mirror inside her was spreading wave is clouding her head and subjugate its whole reason why she lost her head. She took a massage oil from the thin neck shed the gentle movements she rubbed his increasingly agitated by this. After a while she shone it was wound up to the limit, but did not want to make it all the same just to enjoy her hand she wanted to remember her this evening.
The street was already dark when she came very sexy idea, she wanted that her body has seen not only a mirror. She looked out into the street nebylo neither wind nor rain and fallen snow sparkled under the rays of lights, on a thermometer was -7.Vsya this situation wound up her anymore and she wanted to make this quick.
Rummaged in the closet she found a long coat it was a little below the knee, taking sexy boots with high heels she tried on them, wearing a coat is buttoned so it looked like a fully dressed woman, but it was necessary to unbutton a few buttons like lifts the bare breasts, but once naked was not her style, she took out a tight-fitting T-shirt but she covered her waist and Lika cut half and put on again realized that too far-shirt ele-ele covered nipples are clearly allocated to tkani.Nizhnyaya of the T-shirts was broad enough to make it a mini-skirt, she did postupila.Odevshis in all this she saw herself, thin fabric t-shirt was stretched elastic chest and sporty ass opening look slender beautiful legs and even a little more, and so opened the coat it will still be in full before someone's eyes.
Face did not want to show himself a man, she wanted her body to the woman commended because they only excited her. She came out of her house feeling overwhelmed to meet were different people but there were not a lot of walking in a straight line in front of the alley, she saw a pretty woman coming towards Lika began to unbutton her coat up when women had few meters last button came from Lika loop approached her: "And do not tell me how much time?"'I asked Lika more revealing coat, a woman glanced at his watch and at this time the coat fell sneg.Zhenschina a few seconds looking at the Face and then said: "Are you sick or what? At minus ten outside "'said this she quickly left
Face of an orgasm and did not even have time to something otvetit.Nadev coat she hurried home, but she wanted more. She saw it as the entrance is a tall, slender woman, it was a neighbor to the 15 th floor she opened countenance that she hurried after her, they went to the entrance of it smelled of perfume. Stepping into the entrance Lika unbuttoned coat, they went into the elevator and pushed the woman your floor and then stood in front of her, Lika looked at her face more revealing coats. She was so sexy that Lika wanted to do with her wild sex.
Face coat revealed so that it is clearly evident that under it. She saw it, and her eyes carefully evaluated the girl he was going from the bottom up in Leakey quickened breath she saw that the woman and her gaze drills Lika increasingly disclose coat when the elevator stopped before the eyes of the women was the whole body, and they made eye contact. The woman said: "You turn me"
"I want you"'I said Lika and threw his coat. The woman went to her and eagerly dug into her lips Face hugged her and threw her slender body foot kiss grew hotter Lika felt a woman's hand lifts up her shirt and her lips down below their language she held her neck continued to kiss her she completely surrendered this occupation and tried to swallow the girl whole entire Lika gave her she took off her shirt and felt his lips woman petrified nipples gently teeth she bit them, why Lika almost oschyutit orgasm, but she also wanted to enjoy the woman as she eyu.Lika started to undress her under turned Seater skinny black bra breasts, which immediately was on the floor Face kissed her, the woman's breasts was crowned swollen nipples jutting their enthusiasm caressed her tongue down to his stomach, after a while the woman was naked more than Face. Between her feet nebylo no hair girl clung to her her tongue was inside a woman quickly twisting it, a woman much curl her nipples panting enjoying girl Face quickened his pace slipping on her hips hands woman moaned muscles on his legs convulsively shook groans intensified woman does not able to resist them, but Lika just picked it up, Faces leg was between a woman and legs wrapped around her waist and kissed her passionately Lika felt that the woman had finished in her arms. Orgasm woman opened her eyes, her face was written blazhenstvo.Vdrug in the open doorway of the elevator elevator operator appeared in front of her was a surprise, she stood with his mouth open and looked at them without saying a word Face smiled and pressed the button of your floor, after closing doors heard swearing, but it did not matter, they were sent to the Face ...
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Real stories. On the dangers of smoking

This story took place one winter evening, when I was with my friend, we went to visit our mutual friend. The program attended liter bottle of brandy, and how to be driven, soulful conversation. We arrived quite late, was the beginning of the eleventh, and comfortably ensconced in the kitchen, we have begun. Igor's wife, owner of the house, a beautiful covered table and a leisurely conversation, we started the evening meal. Deliberately miss the description of the evening, until the moment when Olga, Igor's wife, saying goodbye to us went into the bedroom.

The clock is already arrow confidently approaching midnight when the brandy is ended. But diverge nobody was in a hurry, and as often happens in this situation turned out to be necessary, "messenger" to the store for more. My friend volunteered to solve this question, and while he was dressing, Igor decided to take a walk with him and smoke at the same time.

There was the sound of a key, closing the front door and I was left alone. Knowing the distance to a convenience store, I realized that I would have to wait about 15 minutes. I walked to the bathroom, and came out of it a little bit delayed from the bedroom door. Now I do not remember how I got the idea to go to her, but that night, I quietly opened the door and stepped into the room. The room was a little lit up a small aquarium, standing near the big bed on which a light blanket sleeping Olenka. She had not heard as I entered the room, and slept peacefully on his back, turning his head on the pillow. I do not really know why I'm here and what I want, because if she wakes up, the scandal is inevitable. But on the other hand, has risked the fact that I'm already here, I do not want to go without a trophy. Olga was very sweet. Slim twenty-four-year-old blonde with a toned figure. But I could not touch it, and it is very distressed impotence. Then came illumination. I took out his mobile phone and turn on the flash, put his hand under the blanket. The first photo did not work. But now I was convinced that she was sleeping quite soundly. She lay on her back left leg stretched and bent and move towards the right. Angle was gorgeous, but hidden with a blanket. I realized that without a photo of her panties will not go again lifted the blankets and try again. On the screen appeared a photo. My heart began to beat faster, after I looked. Instead of panties, I saw the hem of her nightgown, clean-shaven pubis and her lips. I realized today that luck is on my side, and soon the phone turned out to be two dozen top-notch photo of her pussy.

It's time to stop, but I could not put it down. Photographer inspiration came. I wanted to take a photo of a member, on the background of her face. I drew his erection, and leaning his knees on the bed, put a bare head to hers. Photos turned out excellent. I began to lose caution and a little podrachivaya member, held her lips. The idea that we can finish on her sleepy face greatly excited me. Maybe drunk alcohol may be physiological features, but Olenka was sleeping very soundly. There was no reaction, even when I put his hand under his shirt and touched her supple breasts. I had another 5-7 minutes, and it was necessary to have to end. And I decided to take a chance. Wet saliva sore thumb, I spent some time on the lips, opening her mouth. For my finger touches her tongue at the same time pushing the wider mouth. Leaning over her, I squeezed between a member of the slender rows of her teeth, sharp enough, I must say. What bliss it was when the head was completely in her mouth Olin. With his left hand, I leaned on the bed and massaged the right term when he felt she ran her tongue over the head several times. Suddenly she put her head firmly, and I began to move in small movements deeper and deeper. I no longer understand what is happening, but it made me a blowjob itself, without opening his eyes. Slipping his hand under the blanket, I started massaging her pussy, which by this time was already very wet. And then came the moment of bliss when I was a few jerky movements filled her mouth with sperm.

And then she opened her eyes. It was only then that I realized what had happened. All sorts of emotions flew into her eyes, and a dumb question: What makes my dick in her mouth? - Was her primary. I freed her mouth from the penis and swallowing sperm she asked: -
"Where is Igor?"

- Be back soon! - I said calmly.

- And how are you, what are you ..., that I'm a fool! - It was all she could say. Her head just breaks thoughts and emotions. "I think this is Igor," - she said plaintively.

"- And I liked it!" - I said to her.

- "I, too," - said Olga very quiet, looking at it on my dick.

Bending down, I kissed her on the lips, very good feeling the taste of his own sperm.

Closing the door behind her, I took her place in the kitchen. With great pleasure looking through the resulting photographs, until not yet returned my comrades. Glasses were filled again, and looked at Igor I felt a prick of conscience, for his wife fuck in mouth, lying in the next room.

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Drink neighbor

I remember the day when it started. I have long liked Bella, a woman from the apartment next door.
It looks good for his forty-five years, with its narrow shoulders, big hips and round ass. We often chat, meeting in the morning. We are good neighbors. One Saturday in July I came upon it during lunch. She said that today is a good day and she was going for a walk, and will be happy if I join her, because I know very well the surrounding countryside.
I could not miss such a chance, and we soon began to study the local footpaths.
It was a hot day, so it is natural that after the four miles traveled, we went to the pub.
I was surprised to see that she drank a lot of wine. After four pints of the wine I have twice been to the toilet, but it was not even once. Then I asked her to also go to the bathroom, but she said later, because she wants to be patient a little longer.
Without thinking I replied,"What an interesting idea."
She smiled at me, but said nothing.
After we drank their drinks and were both a bit tipsy, it was time to go home. I asked her if she wants to go home in a taxi, she said - no, preferring to walk.
I went to the toilet before leaving, but even then it did not bother, so that was not a surprise to me when, after fifteen minutes in the way she declared that she"absolutely can not tolerate more and should help."To her happiness it was in front of a group of trees that provided some shelter. I said that I would wait for it to be easier.
"What gentleman?"she asked,"let the woman go into a dark place!"Then I offered to accompany her and be on guard, she smiled and took my hand. With excitement, I went into the trees with it. She stopped in front of an oak tree, and tried to remove her pants. I stood there and wondered if I dare look at her.
"I can not undo this unfortunate button,"she said,"and I'm bursting. Could you help?"I did not need to repeat the request and quickly knelt down to help her before. To my surprise, it was easy to undo, and I wanted to get up right away, but she stepped forward, holding me trapped between it and the tree.
"You could undress further,"she muttered.
I put his hands inside her pants and underpants and pulled down with a jerk. I gasped when I saw her beautiful pale flesh that was in front of me. I have never seen a shaved slit and now had her at a distance of six inches from my nose.
To my surprise her legs slightly parted and she stepped forward again.
"You pat, if you stay there,"she said.
"Promise, promise,"I replied.
The next moment, a tiny trickle of urine struck my cheek.
"I think you broke through,"I said.
"Well, if you want it,"she said, and let the second jet, which came into my mouth.
"Open wide", She murmured, and I obeyed. Scalding hot stream of urine hits my throat, interrupting breathing.
I swallowed everything, opening his mouth to breath. Again, I was filled with hot urine. She held his hand between her legs, and gasped."I can not stand it any longer. Do you want it or not?"I was going to say"Yes please!"When suddenly near, a dog barked when he saw us.
"Bobby!"- It was a woman's voice reaches us.
"Get down!"Bella hissed. We sat down for fear of being seen. I did not dare move. Then I heard Bella sighing with relief as her beautiful urine sprayed on the ground. It seemed to last forever, and the poor dog, stood wagging his tail.
Then she ran to her mistress.
"Oh, what a relief"Bella sighed, standing up and pulling on his pants. I felt excited and deceived, but then I remembered that Bella drank five pints, and we still have to go through at least four miles. After two miles, I just started to wonder whether my luck again when Bella said,"You will not believe, but I am torn again.
Is there somewhere in a secluded place?"Trying to hide his admiration, I said."In half a mile away brambles. You'll be able to squat behind them."I noticed the gleam in her eyes, but all she said was,"Let's go faster then."As blackberries approached, I wondered if I dare to hope for a repeat of adventure. She did not say anything, so I'll ask if she needed protection."depending"She replied vaguely."what?""Are you thirsty."My heart was pounding, and I assured her that yes.
"No distracting this time. I can not stop if I start."I readily agreed and she took me by the hand, led him to the bushes.
"Get down there,"she commanded.
I lay in my impatience. This time there was no playing with buttons. Det tapped shoes, pants dropped for a second, and she squats over me with her shaved slit hovering over my mouth.
"Vysun language"she whispered.
With pleasure I moved his tongue in her slit and she moved slightly forward."Now open your mouth."I obeyed, feeling a little excited.
"Shire!"She points.
I opened my mouth as wide as he could. Then, without warning, she sat down on my head, blocking my breath. I did not like this situation, because I wanted to watch her mochepuskaniem.
"Are you sure you're ready for this?"She asked."I warn you, because there is no dog to save you this time!"Now that she could urinate as she wanted to, she seemed in no hurry. There was no way to answer it with a slit, to close my open mouth, so that I was lying and waited. Then she whispered,"Right, I'll give you first a small trickle, to make sure I'm in the right position. But I warn you, I can not stop."I felt her muscles relax, and the urine stream beats in my throat.
"Good?"she asked, and then allows the second stream to escape my mouth and fill to the brim.
I was choking and had to swallow, without air. Then another more powerful stream that is not interrupted.
Mercifully she tears off her slit from my mouth, and I was able to breathe a little air and then I continue to swallow her urine. Then I close my mouth, urine sent by it sprayed everywhere. I opened my eyes and see the flow of urine, zhleschuschey like a tap. It strikes my eyes, and I have to close them."Oh, well,"I hear her cry, but nevertheless continues to pour urine in my face. Fluid accumulates on the ground, because I chuvstvovuyu how wet my shirt and pants.
Finally, it eased the flow and soon ceased.
When I was trying to otdyshatsyasya, closing a small jet sprouted in my throat. Then she stood up.
"great,"I said."Look what a mess ... I am!"
"You yourself wanted"she said indignantly.
"I know,"I replied meekly.
We packed up and went home. Fortunately she did not want to pee again!
I saw her the other day and she asked if I wanted a special drink. As if hypnotized, I said yes, and she invited me to dinner. She said she had a surprise for me.
I perfectly understand what she meant.
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Naughty Goddess. Part 3

Despite the blatant lack of sleep that night, I woke up as the alarm clock early in the seventh. Got up from the bed, the body feel weak, drowsy, but the first thought was to look into the bedroom. The door was closed. I slowly pulled the handle, opened it, involuntarily delighted Dasha slept in a bed, covered with a light blanket. Quickly gathered, I decided to run early in the bush and pick up his belongings. Even in the morning on the beach I had a lot of people, someone walked in the room and the tent, after the party, who is not a morning swim, and someone just sleeping in the sand. I deliberately ran quickly if pursued me. Running up the familiar bush I unerringly found their place yesterday halt, and began to rummage through it eyes. No shorts there was no phone. Inside, everything went cold. Dasha find them? Then why I come quietly into the room and went to bed? Surely this would be followed for the interview! And what if you do not Dasha? Probably just someone who passed on and came to them at night.
This thought calmed me a little, I was not worried about the disappearance of short and expensive phone, but that Dasha can know that I jerked off on how it fucked. I caught myself thinking that this whole situation makes himself guilty. A normal man would probably have sent it, but ... I love Dasha, and she had a smart girl, these are not thrown. Maybe it was her just once and never again.

- Wake up, my love, - I whispered in her ear, brushed a strand of dark hair from her face, and put it on the nightstand beside the bed smelling delicious breakfast. Oatmeal with fruit, as she liked to have always, only this time the fruit was tropical. Of course, I ordered it, did not prepare myself, but, nevertheless, knew that she liked. In the appendage to the porridge was even a cup of coffee.

Dasha sleepily rubbed his eyes, looked at me, puzzled at first, then with discontent.

- Did I forgive you? - She said, and crossed her arms beneath covered with a veil, magnificent breasts. Guiltily lowered her eyes, I took her hand, raised it to his lips.

- I'm sorry, sweetheart, I'm such a fool. We came here for a vacation, and I tediousness, you are my favorite, a beautiful woman, and what happened yesterday - only my fault. I leave you alone for a long time, and you're bored, I'm sorry, I will not behave this way - say all these words with love and tenderness, I looked into her eyes, and found myself thinking that everything said in all sincerity, in the same breath . Dasha's face gradually changed, a smile on her lips she said, smacked his lips, looked away, looked at the mess, then back at me and laughed.

- Well, darling, I'll forgive you, but there is one condition - Dasha looked me straight in the eye. I do not even care, for the remission was ready for anything.

- Yes, Dasha, I'll do anything, say anything. - Those guys from whom you took me Denis and Alex, they are very cool, I liked them to dance and socialize. In general, they invited me tonight at a private party. You have to let me go, let go? - She looked at me seriously, and I had no choice but to nod creaking heart.

- Of course, Dasha, I said, that more will zanudstovat, potantsuesh, have fun, and then I see the TV - replying, I have resigned, I came up with something to do for the evening. Dasha began to shine even brighter, hugged me and kissed. My cock instantly stiffened, I threw her on the bed, pulled the blanket, began to kiss and tries to settle it in the missionary position. She stopped me.

- Wait, wait, I do not want that. Maybe ... maybe just polizhesh me? - Dasha ran her hand over my cheek and strongly pressed on his shoulder, requiring falls below. His head flashed the thought that after such a fuck, who yesterday was Dasha, she probably still hurts, because she does not want. Saying nothing, I went down to her shaved pussy, and began to gently lick and suck on her labia, the clitoris play, dive language in wet womb. Dashi moans became louder, the vagina flowed all the stronger. Her pussy was a little swollen, and I was incredibly excited thought, what if Dasha not washed it, and so here, said lick her complete stranger sperm? This hot and soft. Member periodically distracted me from the case, requiring at least some affection, because I got up on all fours and one hand began to masturbate him. Dasha finished first, after a couple of seconds and I pulled his hand. She laughed and took me by the head, leaned closer and kissed his forehead.

- I love you, - she said. In my heart still sang, quivered, was sincerity in these words, despite the sincerity no matter what. - And I love you, - answers I smiled.

- Bon appetit darling, eat breakfast, brush up. Today we have a small cultural program, go to Feodosiya on a tour, well then, can soak up the sun - to offer, I saw interest in Dasha's eyes, she agreed with my suggestions and I left the room elated by the fact that we are together again.

The cultural program was frankly boring, we Dasha, both agreed that it was possible to simply go to the beach and without a trip to the city. But she has a lot of new photos taken by me in different places. Dressed in a pink sundress Dasha, it attracted the attention of men, a couple of our company suddenly settled down next to her, when I did another photo, we both had a good laugh after, and then the men talked all the way home. Dasha shone on how many compliments they showered her, and I was pleased that it was my girlfriend. We got back just in time for three hours and quickly got dressed in the sea. Everything was calm and quiet, at Kazantip was crowded and noisy as usual, we sunbathed and swam, and then to seven in the evening began to go home, because Dasha said I was her time to prepare for the evening. Inside I still ached, and I forgot, because today she goes to this strange party. Dasha went to the shower when she got it smelled sweet floral cocktail of different shades delightful fragrance, which I wanted to just follow her wherever she went. Dasha went to the bedroom, and was about to close the door, but I quickly interjected.

- Decided to see? - Dasha and asked with a shrug left the door open, went to the closet and began to choose underwear. - View and help with fees - I said jokingly, and sat down on the sofa.

- Dash, and you have those denim shorts, well, the ones about which I was speaking, "half-ass can see" - I asked, catching her confused and concerned look.

- I have, why? - Asked Dasha.

- Dress them, they look great on your ass, and under these panties do not have to choose - I said he surprised himself. I started a wild idea that now I can help his girlfriend to dress poseksualnee presenting yourself in the place of men who would see her.

- What I have a caring, - Dasha mischievously laughed and patted me on the head. - Well, I wear them, but I wanted to wear a dress, but if so, can some T-shirt? - She held his palm on his pile of T-shirts. I got up and began to watch every tempting. They were all beautiful, but it was not of the depraved, and then I remembered one Dasha top that she wore before sex at my request.

- Dash, and that if you wear a white top that, well that is a bit short? As it looks so sexy your breasts, it seems about to slip out - I looked at her, Dasha licked her lips, wondering.

- You know, but I like this idea - she rummaged on a shelf found the very top, and put it on. To twist. Dasha looked just gorgeous, small shorts did not hide tanned, round, fleshy priests and top left taut tummy naked, except that it almost covered her breasts from below, from what really thought she jump from any movement.

- Honey, if I was raped, it's your fault! - Dasha said, when I looked at myself in the mirror, but I saw that she was happy and excited as I am.

- Do not raped, you're going with friends, I have seen them, they are strong guys, you will not give offense, - Surely, I said, and he thought, "I do not give, but if you have to hurt themselves." Dasha apparently thought too, because only grinned and asked to leave the room, so I would not disturb her painted. Which I did, and sat down on the sofa and began to flip channels. Dasha came out a few minutes later when the parade. That same lecherous outfit, sandals on his feet, on his head sunglasses, had no idea why they it at night, but it looked nice. Grabbing a small handbag she threw in her own phone in my eyes.

- Well, all my love, I'm gone. I'll call back later, come and take me, - said Dasha and has already moved to the door, then I remembered that the phone is lost.

- Dash, because it is, you do not hurry, and if it is scary, then let you guys spend. Well, I just might have to sleep and it will get up to go ... confusion ... - I lied, invented excuse, and hoped that it would work.

- Maybe if I just have zanochuyu in the room? Well, if you too lazy to get up, but I'll still wake come, drunk - Dasha giggled and then looked at me seriously.

- Of course, darling, you go and how to get there, - I nodded, but in fact, like a bud untied her hands. Do what you want, Dasha! Ebis, plump, cheating on me, do not come in the room, I was just too lazy to do something for you! I hated myself for what happened, and when the door slammed deep in thought. I fell asleep just before dawn. I woke up only closer to the dinner, head a bit dizzy, the room smelled like Dasha, her spirits. I happily jumped to his feet and went into the bedroom, Dasha was not here, it was not on the balcony and in the shower, but when I looked closer, I saw on TV a note taped. "Honey, do not want to wake you. I went with friends on the sea. I will be in the evening, "There was nothing, Dasha went, but at least it was all right. I so wanted to know how it was evening, there was pestered see her, whether she had sex, although in his heart he knew that was all. But the brain required details, and facts not fantasies. I got up and went into the shower, and then decided to go down and a drink or two at the bar.

- Mishan! Great! - I have a friend called a man's voice, and then slammed hard on the shoulder arm Kohli, my old friend. - Again, we met again and thumps - He looked at the bartender. - Dear, repeat the two of us - and looked at me again. - Well, how to relax, how your Dasha?

I smiled at Cole, and calmly replied, - Everything is fine, well rested. Dasha, I do not know, yesterday released her to some private party, and now she is on the beach with friends - concluding, I took a sip from his glass of beer and looked at each other.

- Well, you are what? For many who fucked? Coley's eyes sparkled brilliantly strange, he took from his pocket a smartphone, held it in his hand.

- I, too, was at a party last night, and Dasha your saw. Friend, I do not know if you know what she's engaged, but in general here. - Kohl included video, did sound a bit quieter. I picked up the phone, looked intently at the screen. At first it was little to clear the spotlight, dancing people, I finally caught in the frame your Dasha, she danced in an embrace with a guy, her breasts bouncing in a small top, I would like to say, Kolya, it's okay to dance do not have as I saw them kissing a man. He lifted her top, began to crush his chest. Behind the scenes could be heard the voice of Koli that whinnying and spoke. "Look Mishan than your woman toils!" I was both humiliating and insulting, but at the same time my cock began to harden. I have not looked beyond the opening, the video ended. I looked at Kolya.

- It is that all?

- Uh no, - he briskly took the phone, in a strange grin, opened another video. I saw the face of Dasha front of the camera, then a member of his friend, which she handed wanker. They were in the closet, that's for sure, but the stall door is not closed.

- You are what you shoot? - Dasha said to the camera. - Of course rented a fool, let's not get distracted, suck dick - Kohl Dasha slapped on the cheek, she blushed and clasped his lips a member, began to slide on it jaws, smacking his lips, moaning and looking straight at the camera, posing. I looked at his friend, who is also still grinning. Perhaps I should vmazat him for what he did, but it did not, I would, like to see what would happen next. Dasha began to swallow a member of the root, spitting, wiping saliva, kissing him. Then she continued licking the testicles, I saw her eyes flaming fucking fire, and I realized that I was now exactly. Dasha long he sucked, and he showered her bawdy, and then just finished on the face and walked out of the booth.

- Kol, you know that after that, you're not my friend? - I asked in a serious voice, looking straight into his eyes, and returned the phone.

- I understand, - he said, picked up his glass of beer, took a couple of sips.

- But, I'm sure that after you change your mind. It is strange that you do not assaulted with fists, though, what surprised you train a normal guy, always I thought his head - he smiled at me.

- Talk to her, and went to fuck a whore, will find normal - he advised me, and I just got up and went to the room. Inside, all rolled up into a ball, all the feelings of emotions, so I waited until the evening Dasha lying in our bedroom. Dasha returned to six hours, she walked into the room a fun talking on the phone, I rolled over on the couch and looked at her. Dasha wore sandals and pink bathing shorts, but his chest was bare, or rather veiled Pare, which is a little something to hide. Seeing me, Dasha quickly stopped talking and smiled, walked up to me, smacking kiss on the cheek.

- Baby, what are you doing ?, a sour - Dasha said, stroking my hair.

- How long have you walk with bare boobs become? - Angrily asked I, in my anger on fire with a bang, I looked into her eyes, glaring, felt The that it the look a little scary.

- Why is bare? In Pare me ... Damn, there go all the way! - He said Dasha first embarrassed and then indignant. I said nothing, grunted, then asked.

- So how's the party? Dasha smiled, again shone and became a lively telling how cool and fun was there, what good music, her dancing, then how tired and went home in the morning and finding me asleep, just wrote a note and she went to sleep and sunbathe on the sea. I listened to her, nodded, and my heart scraped cats, I opened my mouth, did not have the courage to say it.

- Dasha ... And ... What - I began to stammer, closed his eyes, closed his eyes, anger flared again inside me,
- I know what you're doing at this party, Dasha! I saw you suck dick, in your normal is? You're cheating on me, and then come on as if nothing had happened and telling how cool you spent time ?! - My fingers curled into fists, I looked straight into her eyes. Dasha blushed, bit her lower lip, then sighed and said with a frown.

- Stay here - then Dasha went into our bedroom, and returned roughly threw me face my shorts, and a sofa phone. Inside me all went cold, rage gave way to fear, fear of children, if right now I will report my mother's a bad thing.

- How dare you blame me? You sat there and jerked off in the bushes, watched me fuck those guys, silence, why did you not intervene, why not say anything, huh? And now you tell me to present you throw? You fucking pervert! You think I did not recognize you ?, that night - flared Dasha, dumped everything at a glance. I'm embarrassed now, and he blushed.

- Why ... why did not you tell me anything? Dasha smiled,

- What for? You also happy with everything, fuck your girl - you masturbate. Me if you want to know, too, this situation suits. Of course, I love you, and you are dear to me but you know you're in bed complete zero without sticks, and I need a man with a big dick, passionate nature, a great body, and you're just a good guy who knows how to love and care for. While Dasha said about the painful throat, strangling someone, like a chest compress, I looked at her lips, to how they moved pronouncing these words seem to even hear how my heart beats.

- So ... you want to leave, Dasha?

Dasha without a second thought:

- No, I do not want, do not you hear me? I am satisfied with the way we live now. Admit it, because you look like has brought me fuck ?, - Dasha sat down on the couch next, crossed her legs and looked me straight in the eye - is responsible. I nodded hesitantly, lowered his gaze,

- Yes ... maybe ... I've never felt such Dasha. And I do not want to leave you! - Rushing to her, I tried to kiss Dasha, what met the soft rejection, she put her hand to me in the chest.

- Now we are doing so, I call my friend, he comes in and fucks me while you lie under our bed. If you hold out until the end, then we will be together, but I'll fuck with other men, and if you understand that it is not able to stand, and it's too hard for you, just vypolzesh quiet and get out of here. Clear?

- Clear, Dasha, - I nodded. Dasha took a cell phone and clicked on the screen, dialed the number,

- Ale, Sanya? Come to my room, the guy went to the city tomorrow. Yes, come on, I'll wait, - she slyly looked at me and stood up and headed for the shower.

Continued: Naughty Goddess. Part 2
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I let a lot

I am 18. I am brunette with breasts in 2 sizes. Once we had a fight with my boyfriend right on my birthday. I was very upset and went to the bar - drink. Meet with a guy, his name was Dennis, a cute ... I'm drunk. I woke up in someone else's apartment from the fact that I inserted into the vagina from a bottle of beer. I flinched, but it was not there. There were 5 I naked and helpless lying on the floor of Dennis was not among them ... One of the guys saw that I woke up and said to the others!:
- Now we go, rolled, tear off, and you lie still, and it will be worse.
Another guy got a strange suitcase with a bunch of different sex - toys. I'm prepared for the worst. And for good reason.

Initially, I inserted a butt plug for some reason, in the vagina, then one of the guys even tried to insert his penis into me, but it did not work - it was too narrowly. Then, holding my hands and feet, they shoved me in a huge dildo and included it ... I twitched. .. One guy cram it to me very deeply, I cried, but ... it's more of them provoke. I picked up 5 pairs of hands and carried to the bathroom ... ... Took a shower head faucet and began to push it to me there. It did not pass, because it was very narrow. Then someone brought grease and ... bit ... In I poured half a tube of lubricant and began to shove the bat. I cried, it hurt. Finally, some of the bits included in me. They gave me another drink. Then, worse. Denis came and brought 7 other guys. I was lying on the floor with the bat between his legs. They saw it, and one of them said:
- Kindergarten. Do you want to fuck her fuck, and it's garbage.

With that, he pulled out a bat with his friends and they took me to another room, which turned out to mini - gym. I first laid on the mat - 12 all fucked me. Legs do not go and did not want to live. Someone took the weight of 2 kg in ... I went alone. Hands raised and tied to wall bars. Kettlebell large part stuck in me. My breasts and nipples stretched in different directions. I flinched, but it was immobilized by ropes and hands. I fucked weights of 5 different guys. Then he pulled out a weight and feel better. I was almost immobilized and tired. The guys quickly realized this and came up with a new kind of torture - on nipples and vagina hitched special clips. It was not painful and do not care. Then how in the hell. As I thrust cucumbers, eggplants, a bunch of dildos, again bit, then brought a bottle ... Then I do not remember. She came from what was tightly tied. Legs can not be reduced because they are too tied in different directions. From the vagina sticks drill with a silicone nozzle as a member. I cry not. But the guys want spectacles. Chest bred in different directions, turn on this drill ... Ending can no longer - no strength. After that, hell I have 3 in the vagina immediately. Then he hung on the wall bars and a paw. Everywhere. Calling two others. I was carried away into the main room, fucked in turn 14, and I was again unconscious. She came from the fact that I was lying on the ground, his hands tied to the bumper of the car ... At me a bottle of beer is inserted fully. .. Please take pity. But it inflames them. Chest of clothespins pulled up. Terrible pain. Without releasing the nipples, fuck me two bottle nipples two pulls. Some Jerks, part is preparing a new hell. Then put between two trees, nipples stretched like arms. Nipples also tied to the branches of the clothespins with chains. They fit all in turn and fucked me in the ass, but so that the chain pulled the nipples and all that could be seen present. Performance whore ((I cry. Please do not need to release it. Torture nipple continued another 20 minutes, then removed the pegs, inserted bit me again, I do not remember ..

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Morning sex

One of the most memorable adventures in life. My name is Lily, I am 28, I am a happy wife and mother. However, when I was 25, I was terribly hungry for sex. I loved the idea that I will have sex with a new person, or an old acquaintance, or husband, or girlfriend. Sex I put as the highest form of happiness and entertainment. I lived alone in a bunk, a well-furnished apartment has a bedroom on the second floor with a huge wooden bed. The ceiling was a mirror, I know I know ... Tell me what it's like in a cheap porno movie, but you know I liked. I loved to watch them and a partner during sex. When his back stiffen on my body, buttocks shrink and move more often ... I once met a man in the sex dating site, he promised to call on his way to work. I opened the door to him in a bra and a thong, he did not waste time and ask for the right room. As we walked, he undressed and I appreciated his already standing member. The long, 30 cm in diameter, narrow head is wider and slightly elongated, his penis was like a snake, I imagined how he squirms in me, and threw it on the bed.

Slung one leg over it and started to sit down, head held easily, himself a member of the same, and that's through the 20 cm around, I realized that on the road there, but he put his hands on my hips and began to press more strongly to her, I was uncomfortable but I continued to obey him, I gradually got used to its length and began to move, slowly at first, then faster, three minutes later I jumped on it like mad, he did not have time for me, but I did not care, I took his hand, index and middle fingers stuffed into his mouth and began to suck on the other hand, he squeezed his chest, squeezed her nipples, then wrung one nipple and a sharp slap, the other nipple and rolled back slap. I pulled his fingers out of his mouth and brought them to the clitoris, he quickly realized, and began to pull it, it's not very good at it, because I then detached from it then a smacking sound dropped to his crotch, but he did not despair, and carefully It stimulates the clitoris as he could. I got off him and stood up on his knees cancer. He immediately fell in behind and began to fuck me. His testicles knocked together on my ass a couple of minutes, I felt that he was trying to shove your index finger in my mouth, I will gladly sucked it, he tore me like the last time. I ended up just 10, but he still could not pull. Then I got out from under him, then turned to face the penis and began to suck, licked his head, down to the language of the testicles, and then unexpectedly even for himself swallowed it completely missed the term in the throat, tongue and suck eggs, felt the warmth in my throat .. . he came, he was pleased, I'm happy, because in the morning I fucked as it should.

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In Paradise? Part 10

... I woke up on the floor of the chamber, under the dim light of a fluorescent lamp. I was lying completely naked on the cold floor of zinc. Instead, the front wall has a lattice with thick metal bars, flaps which were locked in the complex mortise lock chamber.
Through the bars you could see a long narrow corridor, and dimly lit with gray walls and floor. The ceiling was painted in swamp-green color. Quite an oppressive atmosphere, which intensified someone's heavy steps in the corridor. Each step is accompanied by the clatter of metal on metal. Before grille guard appeared - a burly bald man with a holster on his belt and somehow shod in black ankle boots, lined with iron.

- You have the right to remain silent and to a lawyer ... Everything you say may be used against you ...

- Did you mean the "right to a lawyer?"

- Yes, exactly - the guard muttered.

- And unless you do not have to say during the arrest?

The guard stared at me.

- So, you throw these things, not in the tea world. While talking, you'd still other girls managed to dishonor ... fucking pervert, a bastard, where you just take our heads!

- I do not specifically, there she unbuttoned the clasp ...

- You can tell these tales to the judge.

The guard rolled me, handcuffed and led by the darkened corridor. We walked for a long time, until they were at the high wooden doors. Out of nowhere, there was a dark-haired girl of medium height with a hairstyle bob, dressed in a white blouse on a single button and a short blue shorts.

- Hello, I'm your lawyer! My name Kaysi, do not worry, everything is under control.

I looked at her with a prayer and hope.

- I accidentally, I swear! And what will happen now, huh?

- As a punishment, most likely you will be deprived of sex for some time. It is even possible for a maximum period - a week!

Seeing paroxysms of terror, which is clearly reflected in my face, Kaysi smiled encouragingly.

- Do not worry, this is not likely to come. But three days - that's for sure.

I desperately looked for my comely young defender.

- However, if you can prove INCIDENTAL nature of the infringement - period can be further reduced!
Everything will be fine, I promise you!

She smiled a dazzling white-toothed smile that I already felt better in my soul.

Then the guard brought me into the hall. Kaysi trotted alongside, carrying a heavy folder with documents. In the hall on the seats I saw the girls - my daughter and wife were concerned, but did not show it, but only waved his hands. For other seats were still five people.

I sat on a chair behind the wide rectangular table and connected with fastening handcuffs from the side. Now, I almost could not move. Kaysi took place in a nearby chair and spread out the documents. Her businesslike encourages me.

- All rise, the court is in session!

The judge entered the room - tiny blonde in a short judicial robe, beneath which bulged heavy round breasts.

- All rise, the court is in session! - I snapped the guard again.

Since I was handcuffed to a chair, stood just my lawyer, the prosecutor and the audience - a tall, thin man behind the left from the judges table.

- Read the accusation - a gentle voice, she sang the judge.

The guy started mumbling monotone:

- Yesterday, the day six hundred thirty four hundred and ninety-ninth cycle, two hundred and twenty-eighth of a turn of the fourth era happened next ...

He turned the page and continued:

- Citizen Sen, 4 days old, has committed a criminal offense against the younger citizen of Ronda, 16 days old. The act provided for in Article 4 of the General Statute of the world, and was to deliberate and publicly become exposed both breasts youngest citizen of Ronda, and entailed her anger and shame.

- Objection your honor! - Kaysi stood up from his seat. - Chest of this girl is very good! She has nothing to be ashamed of!

- The protest is accepted. Enter the first witness for the defense!

The room came a young black man of medium height. He had a very noticeable curly hair and I remembered that at the time of yesterday's events he loved in her mouth aziatochku pretty far away from the showers and of course, saw it all.

- Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

The judge wanted to say it strongly, but its pretty appearance and character did not allow her to do so.

- I swear!

- Start.

- I, the youngest citizen Luke, 10 days old, yesterday was close to the event venue. I want to say that the suspect wanted only hugged the victim, he did not commit any deliberate action with Velcro, and once started a hand behind her, swimsuit immediately fell down. And you know what else? Chest at this girl thing! So it may very well be that it is the very rigged!

- Testimony of a witness taken into account. Mr. Prosecutor, do you have questions for this witness?

The thin man shook his head resignedly.

- Did you have a witness?

- No, Your Honor, the prosecution does not have its witnesses.

- Well...

Judge manicured fingers on his desk shifted material down over the verdict. Finally she got up from his seat and ringing girlish voice read out the verdict:

- Court sentenced! Citizen Sena, 4 days old, was sentenced to two strikes in the face right in the boardroom and to one day weaning sex, including masturbation! The first part of the sentence to enforce immediately the second - starting tomorrow! Prior to the execution of the second part of the sentence to the prior sentence includes also separation from sex and masturbation! The verdict is final and not subject to appeal!

The room exhaled.

- Control over the execution of the punishment will be carried out junior inspector Joe. Proceed to the execution of the first part!

As it turned out the guard, who led me to the conference room, and was thereby Joe.

- Serve this world! - Hoarsely shouted Joe came up to me.

I desperately began to twitch trying to escape. But there was a strong chain. Joe stopped primerivayas. He raised his hand to strike, I tried to dodge, but it was a dummy Joe. He knew his stuff and crushing by force shot hit to the jaw. Eyes clouded red mist, a sharp pain shot through his head at that moment the second and exact a heavy blow sent me into a deep knockout.

In myself, I came into our bed in the room, where woke up on the first day and where my wife and daughter indulged in such a pleasant debauch the last three days.

The first thing I saw shocked me - in the corner of the room sat on the chair, Joe, and his legs at the knees was my favorite daughter Stacey. She moved to squelch his head, and in her small child her mouth perfectly felt huge dick Joe. I was not able to look at this picture and turned his head to the right. On the edge of the bed I sat my wife Debbie and guiltily looked at me. I am in despair leaned on the pillow and groaned with indignation, staring at the ceiling. It was the most terrible emotions for the last four days!

Continued: In Paradise? Part 9
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Oh, this belief ... Part 1

I was traveling by car in Serpukhov to my former mistress Vera. We quarrel three months ago. At first I thought it was forever accusing her and partly themselves and met several times with an old friend, but Faith did not come out of my head and on her birthday, I went from Moscow to her. It was an occasion, if not reconciled, then to see her and to ask for forgiveness. I bought as a present gold earrings and flowers. It was summer, the road is not too loose on Saturday, I went to two in the afternoon and wanted to come to her at six. Not too early and not too late.

With faith we met over a year ago on the Internet, in dating. Without corresponded, we met, went to the cafe, then walked around Moscow. Of course, I invited her to him, but she refused, citing the case. That made me a little upset, but nothing terrible has happened. We began to correspond again, meet again, went to the fountain in Tsaritsyno, and from there to me. I remember it now. She walked around the apartment, went to the balcony, stood there for two minutes. I went back into the room. Then I hugged her and started kissing. She shied away, to ask for the bathroom. Let go of her and began to disassemble the sofa. To rinse for 10 minutes, I lay down and waited for her. She did not send me into the bath, I lay down and clung to me. The new woman is always interesting and unexpected. We kissed, groped each other, I spread her legs and began to lick pussy. Hairy and soft.

I make an effort to change the tempo and the direction finger fucked in the mouth and drew the clitoris. At one point, she stretched, wider spread her legs, began with his hands stroking pussy, moaned and came. I do not know, you can me now poebat it or not. She asked to insert it. I lay down on it and it went. Finished it, it can be said quickly. Many experienced emotions and excitement. We lay side by side and rested. It was very nice.

I will describe it. Forty-nine years old, four years older than me, of medium height, plump, blonde. Chest big third-fourth the size. Not beautiful, but quite nice. By the nature of a little wayward, sometimes very stubborn and touchy (I realized later). But it was interesting to me, it attracted me.

In bed, she began to talk about a previous lover, a tall, handsome, but he turned out to be thin, although the long member. Still, he took Viagra and somehow asked her to coach the vagina so that it was more free. I could not imagine how he looks, I had a large and thick, and it seemed that pussy very narrow. Why for a thin wide?

We got up in turn went to the shower. I made an omelet with sausage, salad, put the kettle on. She was dressed in a short nightgown and white panties. Had dinner at ease, drank tea with cookies. I stood again. They began to kiss, and went to bed. Again poeblis already softer, longer and better. She came again under me. Wow. They lie down for a bit and fell asleep not undermining.

If we describe our sexual life, it is probably not very interesting. We began to meet 2-3 times a month, at the weekend. She came to me and I to her. We went to the cinema, theater, bowling, just walked around and of course, fucked a few times over the two days. Although it after our first night and then wrote that she was a little hurt by my penis size, I say that I behaved more delicate and restrained during the act. I agreed, then tried and true, and syak; and said that if she was not comfortable with me and the pain is unbearable, it is necessary to end the relationship. She replied that adapts to my wants, and to me it was good, and it needs not only sex, and need to meet more often and get used to each other. That's kind of agreed.

A character she became manifest even one. She was with a sudden stubborn to prove what did not have a clue. For example, in my kitchen was a painting, flowers in a frame. She started a conversation that is printmaking. I began to explain, I bought this painting at the exit from the Metro ENEA, of the artist. No, she was enraged, can not be, you're kidding me. I angrily took a picture from the wall and on the back side showed the author's signature. She calmed down a bit. And in me for a long time seething irritation. Or once in the store she wanted to buy a home ice cream. I said that I had in the freezer is exactly that, and we'll eat in the evening. And it is on the road can melt. She did not believe it, I began to say that I am greedy and ice cream at home can not be. How could she know? I have all boiled again. I tried to restrain myself. House first thing opened the refrigerator and took out the ice cream. And such incidents have occurred more than once. After them, it was necessary to somehow adjust to fucking. Fortunately I have an appetite for it is not lost, and overcame her idiotic antics.

But once we did quarrel thoroughly. After one of our meetings, she appeared severe pain in the vagina, she accused me around, stopped talking. I sought the advice of a doctor friend. He said that I am guilty only in part. If she did not have inflammation of the inside of my penis size could not hurt her. Apparently, the inflammation was before me, because she said she was hurt the first time, and over time it has developed. But my penetration contributed to this development. That something like this. Though certainly judge it is necessary during inspection and examination.

And so I went to her. Although the guarantee that she was at home, of course absent. And I could not call. On the way, I bought a rose, parked close to the house, went up to the third floor and rang the bell. The door is opened. She looked surprised and slightly frowning at me.
- Happy birthday, Faith, - I said. - Congratulations.
- Thank you, - she said.

As I understand it, let me she did not want.
- You can enter? - I asked.
- Come in, since no kidding - she missed me inside. I gave her flowers and wanted to kiss. She was given. From the room in the corridor came a man. He Said:
- Good afternoon. Why do not you let the guest? Come now something on the table realized.

I walked into the room, Faith slipped into the kitchen. The man did not shake hands, realizing that we are rivals. Invited to sit down on the sofa. Named Oleg, I said that my name is Maxim. Faith brought two big plates of salad, then the pot meatballs. Three glasses and they did not open a bottle of cognac. They Oleg moved the small table to the couch. We were with him on the couch, she sat on the chair opposite. Oleg opened the bottle and poured the brandy into the glasses. I said that I was driving and I will not drink. Oleg said:
- Come on. Vaughn lie down on the sofa and zanochuesh. However, Ver?

After a moment's thought she said:
- Stay. Why go this far.

I agreed, raised his glass and proposed a toast to the birthday girl. I gave her earrings. She was surprised, delighted, immediately wore them came up to me and kissed me on the lips. Oleg as if even encouraged it, I said great we get.

He was of medium height. Fit without the stomach. In the view of 50 years, not more. Hair black, his face friendly and rustic. I thought he was some small boss, in a shop or on a construction site. He behaved correctly, gently. Another would not let me in the house - I thought - or accept the dismantling after a slight acquaintance, to find fault with anything. And he did not seem to my presence.

We relaxed a bit, drinking, eating, they began to talk about general topics, to remember some history. Around ten pm Vera said it was time to go to bed, I gathered from the table, carried to the kitchen to wash the dishes. We talked about Oleg machine. She and the room began to restore order. I went to the bathroom to wash. When I returned, she spread a bed on the couch and on the bed. Oleg watched TV. She took a towel from the wall and said that he would go to wash. In the bathroom, the water rustled. Oleg turned to me and started talking.
- You're a normal guy. Well that arrived. Vera and I know a couple of months. Once I was driving, she raised her hand. He stopped, drove from shop to home. We talked, and that. He gave her his phone number, in case where the drive. He stopped at the entrance and another five minutes talking. Two weeks later she phoned, it was necessary to drain the tank in the store to buy. Come on, bought, brought. She poured me a cup of tea. He dressed in a robe, walking back and forth. So I threw it on the bed. I do not scream, did not mind. Panties pulled off her, he quickly undressed and fucked twice in a row. She liked it. Then they began to meet regularly, do not live together, so happy. You, too, hoped to have sex? I think she would not mind. You just need to say it mildly. She will. Go to bed, I'll tell her. Very unlikely to be solved, but also want to you can be seen. She told me about you. He says that you have more than I do, and stronger. All wade. Today we already have sex with her twice, in the morning and afternoon. So you first
will. And I look, and also probably rise. Both will. It is necessary to make a pleasant peasant woman.
- You say that as if everything has been decided. And she is now filled up to sleep and all, bummer.
- Hardly. Probably much of you thinks pussy washes for you.
- We will see.

We drank a glass, seized chocolates. From the bathroom came out Faith. The robe on kombinashku.
- Well then, sleep? - She asked. - Or see the TV?

I noticed that she did not raise her eyes at us.
- Let's go to bed, - said Oleg.

The lights went out. They lay it on the edge of it to the wall. I turned back the blanket and lay down too. it was quite light in the room is not too late yet. They whispered. And five minutes later he began to climb over it. He told me:
- Go, I lie down on the couch.

She moved to the wall. I lay down beside him. The heart beat faster. He found her lips and began to kiss. He embraced, hugged her and felt his chest, ass, hips. She answered his kisses and the plant itself. Her hands wandered vengeance on me. I pulled off her nightgown, took off his pants. He kissed her neck, breasts, stomach, fingers in the pussy started. Lapa, parted the labia. We were both ready for fucking, but I controlled himself and went down to lick pussy. It is a long, he sighed heavily and spread her legs. I felt the familiar taste and smell pussy. Lisa long and with feeling. She rolled over, pushed me, his fingers began to stroke the crotch, bend and finished intermittent breathing. I just waited, lay down on it and began to fuck. Dick enter into it gently, juicy. She podmahivala. The bed creaked. And the creaking inflame even more.

I kissed her, fingered tits, hugged and gently squeezed her dick pussy. Fuck long, two minutes. I finished all the rules inside her, and poured semen long. He lay down beside her, zonked from orgasm. Oleg included sconces, came up to us and began to kiss her and feel. She asked for the bathroom, it did not give. He took off his pants and lay down on it. Seeing is very close was unusual. They are a little tossing and he put it. I thought that if he did not have a thick dick, he would slide right now, without encountering any resistance. How does it end? But he has fitted, she crossed her legs on his shoulders, and began to fuck. For a long time, quickness. She relaxed, moved under him with his eyes closed. His mouth was slightly open. Tits hung upside down. I stirred dick. I looked at them, knowing that still want to fuck her. Five minutes passed. He lay down on her whole body, she grabbed his feet. Slide the faster and deeper. So he moved to the very fast pace and in a moment came, fiercely dodolbiv it. They have for some time not opened. Many spent forces. She moved towards me, and he lay down on the edge. She said:
- With me it never was. Cool! I warmed me right now and still want to rinse. You will?
- Yes, of course - we both answered.

She got up and went into the bath raskoryachku. My dick was already in a good condition, Oleg lay motionless. Not so small and I have a thicker and a little longer, but commensurate with it.
- Are you the first time since? - he asked.
- Yes, I not tried before, - I replied.
- And I was, - he said. - Once a young man called each to the village to build a house. At three weeks. He's older, curvy wife Vera. I went back and forth in a short dress. Boob almost out. I have always stood. They slept side by side, on mattresses. They fucked middle of the night, thinking that I was asleep. On the third day they decided to drink vodka. Relax, they become playful, he began to kiss her, to feel right at me. Come fuck without waiting for the night. I'm still drunk, sit, do not know where to move to masturbate. It is fifteen minutes later comes and offers me to fuck her. She does not mind. And I'm that fool, I give up? I went to her and let her stared. Fuck fill. And he fucked her in my presence. The mood has improved, and the work went faster. We have doubled its ohazhivat every day. It was great. Then he met "for three" a few more times.

Vera came out of the bathroom. Do not hesitate, I got up from the bed and straightened hair. I went into the shower. Washed dick gel to better gliding. When I returned, she lay on her stomach, he stroked her back and ass. I lay down, we cuddle her, she got cancer and I fuck her so. In order to once again not to go to the bath, I finished on her back. Immediately I replaced Oleg, fuck her first top, then to the side, then the same cancer. She sprawled on the bed and said that, probably, enough for today, and we slept three. Faith, of course, An intermediate.

In the morning I woke up after them. They were in the kitchen. I lie down for ten minutes, basking in the wide bed. He got up and went to the toilet and wash. After morning procedures found them in the room. She was setting the table. She was wearing a white shirt and black panties. I knew that I love her this outfit, and as always dick rose. It was nice to see her plump ass. We sat down to breakfast. Oleg remembered last night and lavished compliments Faith. She was not embarrassed, smiled and told me how Oleg began to persuade her to sleep with me, that she thought about it and agreed. He said that, as a need to meet again so, try different positions and play, for example, a doctor or a red cap. Of course, we did not mind. Before leaving, I asked her again to go to bed, she agreed, we had undressed, lay down, and before I ebley little lick her pussy. Oleg was sitting on the couch, staring at the TV and us. I fucked her on, not fast, deep and long. Then she threw my legs over his shoulders, began to pump harder, and finished from the soul in her pussy. Lie down for a bit, I got dressed, I kissed her, shook hands and left Oleg, promising to call.

On the way home thinking about what had happened. I was a little unclear why it has agreed to such a relationship with us. In the past, with me, she was shy, not so relaxed in bed came out of the bathroom wearing a robe. Sometimes it would not let me once again poebat it, citing various reasons. As Oleg in a short time was able to change it? He was simpler me, that's for sure, talked with her a little bit jokingly, not commanded it, but felt that it not only listens, but obeys. Quickly he found her approach.

I often argued with her, argued their case until they were hoarse, resented her. Probably too harshly behaved. He did not like her, and she did, too, is hardly loved, but of course, much liked and dick at her all the time standing. And Oleg, as I understand it, did not show her crazy love. I am able to then share it with me? He decided to experiment. And it is likely to have been set up for sex. More and furnishings, its celebration, my gift to myself, I also was impressed, the desire of the two men were forced to surrender it. And in my opinion, she has not regretted.

Continued: Oh, this belief ... Part 2
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The first adventure. Under walled nightclub

Hello, dear readers of the resource.

I would like to share with you my thoughts and feelings. Ask advice from more experienced and educated people in this matter.

I am a person who always understands and analyzes the actions and deeds. But now I'm faced with incomprehensible for himself actions.

I am a manager in good company, engaged in the sales and marketing activities. I am engaged in sports for many years. I keep yourself always in very decent shape. For the life of the winner. Many times it is argued.

I got married a year ago. My girl engineer. Very nice and modest. The economic and gentle. Tall, slender, good figure.

I love sex in all its manifestations. Maria (my wife) is also kept in sex, but "number two" works well. Gratefully accept a member and whines so cute.

I say then, that you would have realized that the image of what is happening with us now, is at odds with the usual rules and looks at us.

It turns me on cheating my favorite. What is it to understand I can not. Began, fantasy, dreams. She certainly does not want to even dream about it. For her, it is nonsense. She was to me a man, and she remained faithful to him, even though he is very badly treated her. "Stuff" on it, left the house, but it does not matter.

In general, all is well and calmly.

But my idea does not give me rest. I want to put it. And I'm afraid at the same time. I do not know how we will then treat each other. Where to look for a partner. I thought - thought, but as always, came about by accident.

One was that rare case when we went out to a nightclub. Summer heat that is necessary. I do not accept alcohol and not to drink with us. Maybe that's why my dear swam just one cocktail. Movement in dance began flowing, the steps are not hard. She was cheerful all the evening. We laughed, she smiled at the boys and girls, and spun in a dance. I watched her. I liked it so. She knew about my fantasies, maybe egging me become open to look at the guy who was always close to her. He appeared to be about 20 years, no more. The thin and tall. He was watching my girls legs, short dress on it a little something to hide. It was about three o'clock in the morning, to be honest, many already headed home, we were the most resistant. I wanted to offer has to go.

But my thoughts are interrupted by a slow track. Well the last dance and home, I thought. And I was surprised, walked over to her, this guy offered to dance, and more, she agreed. Well I thought. Dance, but that - that zaburchalo inside the abdomen. It's jealousy, but who are in the subject will understand how she gets. They embraced that - he told her, she was smiling, relaxed even more. It's not watching his hands to himself. And he did so simple turned out. He puts his arm around her waist down close to him. Surely she could feel it. People were not so many, she did not lose sight of. I began to look around, that would not be anywhere else familiar faces, all - still so thank me no good. While I was looking for the person there, the guy became quite brazenly kissing her neck. Hands down completely on the ass. She became become soft in his hands. I knew it she likes petting. She looked at me, but do not see in my actions of protest must give up, t. To. Closed my eyes and threw back her head, putting more space for kisses.

He kissed her, squeezed her ass, and slowly carried away into the darkness it closer to the exit. It is to follow it, opened her eyes, it was as though in terror. She found me with his eyes. I have already stood up and was ready to break at any moment, but I felt no danger. Wild excitement and adrenaline I have surrounded me. I wanted this to happen.

Meanwhile, he pulled away from her took her hand and rushed down, she gave in, with his free hand tried to fix her hair and dress. I walked behind them, I waited for what would happen. And they are already on the street. The guy obviously did not have any options, and drew the maiden for the club, I was afraid not to lose sight of them. The excitement and stimulation, the heart skips a beat. I peered around the corner. They stood along the long wall, kissing her around his neck and kissed his hands were down, in the dark not see was where it was, but obviously under her dress. He was obviously in a hurry, his movements were so ragged and sharp he lowered his pants, pulled out his penis. Hands pressed on her shoulders. Masha sat up, his legs were clearly alcohol cotton. He took his hand member, and began to drive them to her lips. Apparently she resisted. He was nervous. "Well ... well ... come on !!" he whispered nervously. He pressed her back against the wall, she squatted, but from such pressure "flopped" on the ass, right on the asphalt. Now, in this position, his cock was in front of her forehead, he swore, he was clearly not very comfortable, and he was quickly hooked his legs. I understand that this girl must be taken, I took one arm member, the other grabbed her catching and has persistently pressed dick to her lips, "Come on, whore, suck" - he swore again. And she realized that she is not going anywhere, opened her mouth. He even jumped with delight, more apparently, he did not need anything, not letting go of her neck, he rammed it into his mouth, the way quite a flourish. Which suggests that a member of the guy was a good size.

He shook his head - side to side, obviously in a hurry.

Maria began to choke, shuffled his feet on the pavement, he did not give her a break, and thrust into her throat. She always sucked me gently and sensually. And here about any tenderness it was carried out. It has been clearly audible sucking sounds. He increased the tempo. He threw back his head and froze. Holding it with both hands behind his head, he finished in her mouth. Probably had a lot of sperm, not to indulge in was a guy girls. All the action took no more than three minutes. She put her hands on him and pushed. He took out a member of his mouth. Let go of her. Masha fell on its side and a deep coughed, spat semen, mix with saliva from the mouth. The boy for a long time without thinking, refueled, was convinced that the girl is alive, and departed quickly. Gentleman bitch. If I could get up, well, generally ugly. In the meantime, all my coughing. It was obviously bad. Seeing that he was gone, I quickly walked over to her. Raised from the ground planted, he looked at her. Mascara smeared. Scarlet cloth. Eyes bleary, in full view of the apparent hangover. She saw me, it is clear that she was afraid. But I smiled, and she gasped with relief. Saying she could not see her mouth tired. I picked it up, took arms, carried her to the car, put it in the back seat carefully. She was already asleep. He returned back to the club, it was virtually empty. He took her purse from the table. For myself, I thought it was an interesting evening.

He sat in the car, looked at the back seat. Mary was asleep naturally. The legs were slightly apart. It was wildly exciting. Hand held at the inside of the thighs. It was hot there. What is called "legs flowed". Panties were soaked through. Almost dripping with them. It turns out she liked to suck a stranger man in the doorway. It excites greatly.

I started the car and drove to an empty road. Now I think I liked it, I see it too. But what about the foundations of society. Does this undermine my position. Now what to do?

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