Dark side. Part 1


He ghon remember how he got here. Flight over and biokapsula ship with a loud slap plopped down on the grassy ground. Most of the space body Ghon eaten in space, taking away from the flying object required for the movement of the protein. The ship was once grown around it: a huge machine of living with the living antigravity engine and the brain (which acted as Ghon) inside. Engine Ghon used the least, when he gave the ship enough to accelerate to get into the atmosphere of this blue-green planet. The remainder of the ship by that time the flesh, obeying the orders of Ghona, opened and turned into wings, which allowed him to plan on the ground, scattering the local fauna.

By the standards of this planet I was not great: just reached a small mammal the size of which is called the cat. However, the potential hidden in it more than compensated for a slight increase, the lack of weapons and armor.

Ghon was a scout - being able to adapt to the conditions of the world. He was able to control living organisms - it was enough to get in touch with their nervous system. And yet Ghon could change itself, although for this he needed protein for building cells and set the necessary genes as drawings. Finally, Ghon was masculine, so - could produce offspring. However, while it was still too early to think.

At that time, he presented himself as a something like a large slug, which could move slowly crawling along the ground and absorb the fixed protein. However, the rest of the ship's flesh was our wonderful supply of food for the first time. And then he had to think of something.

And now it's been two months since Ghon hiding in an abandoned garden and explore the world in which he was. Most developed living beings here call themselves men. They had some no civilization: they knew how to build primitive houses made of concrete and metal, produced some ancient electronics, united in the state with a primitive electoral systems, divided into castes in the level of wealth and birth, of course, fought among themselves. A piece of land on which he was now a small family owned Aboriginal consisting of adult females in his forties, a young female and male twenty years for another couple of years younger. The older female was for the home, her children she obeyed.

Of course, in this fenced plot of land people did not live alone. There also lived a couple dozen individuals of different representatives of mammals, which people called cats, dogs, cows, sheep, pigs. There were also birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles. Some of them are subordinate to men, and a part of living his life, not communicating with people.

Ghon already managed to understand that on this planet the higher beings have two sexes: male and female. And the instinct of reproduction for them is one of the key. No less important, at least, than the instinct of self-preservation. So, if he wanted to continue his studies to the fullest extent of the local fauna instinct of reproduction would allow it to increase its capacity.

Once Ghon was even witnessed how people reproduce. Younger female late at night led to a lot of the male party. They stole, apparently hiding from older females, climbed into the barn. Through the crack in the wall Ghon saw everything that happened there.


Marie was twenty. Yes, almost twenty-one! And my mother still watching her, guarded as the apple of an eye. Fortunately, two years ago she enrolled in college in another state, and finally received at least some independence. There she lost her virginity, and illusions about the fact that independence would give her more time. Yes, there she could get out of the house at any time, but so much responsibility on her one, too, have never dumped. Just not taken off in the first year, she appreciated all the charm of living with his mother, and his second vacation was going to have joy and yearning in his chest.

By the way, very good chest third dimension. And Polly Marie was a very even nothing. Bright, straw-colored hair, blue eyes, a nice little face, dimpled schchkah ... And two months without any member inside. Who do you want with the mind will drive such holidays!

However, now they are coming to an end, and Marie did not want to go back to college without having to show off to their friends amorous adventures. And with them was sparse: one around the farm, between farms - miles and miles. And nice guys too little. Not surprisingly, the neighbor guy Steve drew her attention to their awkward courtship. She hardly even wondered, as she almost dragged him to the stables until my mother (Marie knew for sure) watching another stupid show.

Steve may not differ wit and cleverness, but knew exactly what he wanted. As soon as they went into the stable, he pressed her against the wall and put his hand under her skirt. His fingers began to pull at her clitoris, and then penetrated between the already wet lower lips. She sighed loudly and began to hastily unbutton his pants. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss, she threw it on her hip with one leg, so it was easier, and he violently stripped off her shirt. Finally, he threw it on the sheaf of hay in the corner, fell on top of her and entered.

The girl screamed and covered his mouth with his hand. He began to move quickly and eagerly. Marie muffled moaning with pleasure, clinging with one hand in his mouth, and the other - in his back. He kneaded her breasts, moved it to its members and, finally, abruptly pulled him profusely and finished her stomach. Noisy breathing, he fell beside her on a sheaf. She also left a strange feeling of incompleteness.

The guy that robbed her virginity in college was much rastoropnee. Sex was longer, and have more fun. Steve it certainly upset, but on the other hand, it will not be a blue-stocking among the bridesmaids. It will be something to brag about, at least.

Marie tore a sheet of some grass and wiped her stomach and dressed quickly. The grass then it will throw in the compost heap, so as not to arouse suspicion from her mother. And Steve is necessary to expel. More to it, he's not needed.


The current form Ghona it did not allow him to collect DNA and even getting enough protein for growth. He could not catch up with any living creature except for such sluggish as it snails such as insects. Therefore, he collected pollen flowers as genomateriala and ate scraps, snails and other protein nonsense that he could find. The only thing he was able to earnest - master smells.

Ghon two months learned to produce a huge amount of odors: to scare away dogs and cats, to attract snails and bees (they brought him to the pollen, but to catch the bee he has not yet received), to disguise from predators. Smells were his weapons and protection, as others it did not. Only at the end of a two-month stay on the planet he was able to catch half dead spider venom study it and work on the basis of its stunning toxin. But to apply it, Ghon had to touch the victim, and the victim has not stood still, waiting for punishment.

Today, he realized that he was going to a chance to use those weapons to your advantage. Children of the adult female sitting down with big bags at some bus and left. Apparently, for a long time, judging by the way they said goodbye to his mother. This meant that from the sentient beings it remains on the farm alone. So do not use this chance was not.

Ghon began urgent work. All the accumulated stock of protein and DNA, he gave a change of its shape. From his hole under the twisted barn he crawled under the old oak tree growing near, so that an adult female it said. In one night, he changed his body. Rather obscure lump of gray goo, he has now turned into a thick, thick as three fingers stalk thickening in the form of a bud on the end. Its roots firmly dug into the ground, the leaves around occupied some space. Bud published a sweet smell, which, of course, attracted the flies, wasps, bees and other insects. When the sun shone local farm Ghon was already completely transformed and waited for his victim.


Holidays are over, and Liz held children to college. Unfortunately, to go with them, it could not - after all, someone had to look after the farm. Marie (Liz called her so in the French manner, though the husband insisted on the name "Mary"), she studied for three years, and his son, Mike, only this year did. She was genuinely happy for them, but the prospect of being left alone it is not pleasing. But what do children need to learn. No wonder she worked hard as a curse to give them at least some education!

However, now she was going, sad, down the path to his house and thought how can she now do not go mad from loneliness. Of course, there are neighbors around, and friends sometimes come to visit, but it's still not the same. Anyway, I want to be around people, even if the son and his daughter.

Attention Liz caught something red under a huge old oak tree with sprawling branches over the clearing more when Liz with the now ex-husband came here for the first time. She came closer and saw a strange plant: nearly a foot in height, the stem an inch thick, and with a small bright red bud on the end. However, the bud is not yet revealed. Large fleshy leaves covered the ground around the good one and a half feet. Something very strange for these places.

Elizabeth came to the flower, and sat down. He made a strange smell: sweet, enveloping, inviting. Woman lost in thought again about her loneliness. But if she had not chased Jack - it could not be one. Yes, her ex-husband was not the ideal man. But, because he loved her! He always gave her flowers! They always smell! He was able to pick up gifts. Yes, he finished in a minute, but when he did it Cooney - it was divine! His language is offered up to the very height of her pleasure ... It is still flowing at the mere recollection of it. And his hands? They were good in everything, from work to home to touching her breasts. And when his fingers were in her, she howled with pleasure ...

Liz closed her eyes, and her hand slipped to where there was not a man for several years. She was here alone, nobody was ashamed, so she sat down on her knees in front of this strange flower and began to fondle himself furiously. At first a whisper, then louder she said, and then shouted some bessvyazitsu and finally covered her hot wave of orgasm.

This pleasure of masturbation she never received. Although, in recent years quite often dumped as voltage. But now there was something special. As if Jack was back and touched her tongue to her clit ... Ah, that would be great! But, unfortunately, she does not even know where it is now exiled for being too soft character's ex-husband.

- So here you are, scarlet flower - Elizabeth muttered to himself, not even realizing how much she's right, accusing the flower in his beautiful final. - But you smell very tasty. Let's go, I'll take you home. Although the smell of'll have fun, just the people around there.

Elizabeth got up and left, and then returned with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. She dug a strange plant, put a bunch of land on the car, and then, at home, in my bedroom, put him in a huge tub and poured water. And then, peaceful, went to bed to wake up in the morning vigorous, fresh and full of energy.

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Depraved kranovschitsa. Part 2

Hello, it's me again :) I remind you that I am working at a factory crane machinist and my name is Milan.
I went for the second year as I work at the factory. Paul and Nick have long retired, and so I missed them, because we were having sex, even in small intervals.
But what to do ... Zhischn does not end there.
And so I was working, life was empty, because now no wild sex, I could not live. Pasha ... My favorite Pasha ... Like I am now without you ..
I could not forget it. My pussy and ass really missed him .. After all, he was also rough and gentle at the same time ...
But one day my life changed .. I gave stazhora. Her name was Eden. The girl was 18, pretty face rounded shapes. Hair red. She liked me right away, but tell her I did not dare. I explained to her how to use a crane, explained the essence of the work.
I plant it for the inspectors and we started working. At Raya turned out not so good and I came from behind, he took her hand and began to help her.
- Paradise? - What ?, she asked in an agitated voice. - How do you feel about lezbiyskomu sex? I asked the forehead. Raya ... blushed: - I? Ooi .. OK. Why are you asking? :- I really liked you. Without a shadow of hesitation I told her. : - May go somewhere else tonight? : - I do not know. - Come on .. Agree you will not regret. : - Oh well. The remaining time we worked about giggling with each ddrugom, continually changing.
Well the time has come to the end of the shift, and we went into the shower. I went first, followed by Paradise gone. - You have a beautiful figure I told her. : - Thank you. Blushing Raya said: - You're too beautiful. - Let me rub your back you? I asked her. - Well come on. I soaped washcloth and began to slowly rub her back and shoulders to knead. Eden stood in silence. Then I went down to her ass and began to rub it. Beyond that, I casually touched her holes. - Oh, what are you? Girl exclaimed: - But you said yourself that it is not against sex with me. - But not here .. - come on us who do not see, the more we are alone here. With these words, I sat her on the bench and spread her legs prelesnye. Beginning her first kiss on the forehead, then her perfect nose and gradually moved to his lips. Our kiss gained such momentum that both of us was a shortage of air.

I looked up from something like her luscious lips and began to kiss her luscious melons, oh how beautiful they are ... Two young breasts at my disposal, juicy little nipples .. Mmm ... What are they delicious, I licked them and sucked and pussy my beautiful Raya has long been all her juices flowed ... - Milaaa ... Aah .. Do me a nice lie down it. I can no longer tolerate. - Stick it baby, just a little bit. I continued my caresses. Go down to her perfectly smooth tummy, she showered him with kisses, and now I got to her pussy first licked her lips sex, for the hole, and went to her klitorochku which has languished from my anguish. I began to lick it and slowly suck it. Paradise moaned. I started to increase the tempo. Five minutes later, Raya just beginning to scream and squirm, she watered me with his juice .. God what it was delicious. I licked it all to the last drop .. My poor little girl lying exhausted .. I rinsed it, for so it came to life. - Mila, Lord, where did you learn all this? - It's a long story then as a talk, the way you do not wish to continue? I you have not met. - Oh Milanochka I want to satisfy you right here? - No, let's go to me. : - Good.
We got dressed and went out to the parking lot where my car was. We went up to her and sat down. - Ray, you know what? : - what? - I want you otlizal me here and now. Girl obediently dropped to my burrow and began to lick her. I meanwhile lifted her skirt and put her finger in her ass. Um how is it when you priyatnoo otlizyvayut and fuck you in the ass. - You want to be my slave bitch? - Ms Ooooh yeah. - Then lick faster and I'll let you finish faster .. Raya began to lick my clit, and I just derbanit her ass. Yes, yes eschee ... Oh, we ended up at the same time ..
I forced her to undress completely and jerk me all the way as we drove. When podehali to my house, I once again made it otlizat.

We went up to my apartment and I immediately threw the baby on the bed. She took out a fur handcuffs, that my baby was not hurt. Dressed starpon, spread her legs and slowly began to drive on her pussy - fuck me mistress. Proshuuu. Howled Paradise. - Hold on a dirty slut, you will soon get his own. I have about 10 minutes to crawl on her wet pussy, then shoved her starpon n mouth whatever she licked. For the tables with vschyala grease smeared them his dick, and with all his strength to pierce her goddamned ass. - AAAAA. Yeah lady, fuck my ass. Ahh how well .. - Shut up whore, and then punish. I just tore apart her ass fuck another 10 minutes she had finished, and I sat on her face by a pussy and began his crawl. Paradise eagerly in pilas in my clit and began wildly and quickly to suck and lick - I'll have to finish my mistress. Mmm what do you tasty ahhh. I stabbed her two vibrators, one in the pussy waterfall which flowed in her ass raskrosnevshuyusya. Lord, how I like to fuck her mmm. How long such torment my Raya could not endure, and finished without looking up from my clit. I undid her with one hand and gave a vibrator, and she began to fuck me with it. And I started to move her two vibrators and licking klitoor. We both ended their night. While not passed out exhausted. And when he awoke, Raya is not bad otlizal me for so we changed her roles and she otebala all my holes. We live now we are in place and every night we have a wild fucking. Even at work do not let her opportunity otlizat each other.

Continued: Depraved kranovschitsa. Part 1
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Thousand and One Nights. Part 2

C that night rest left the princess, and the nature of further deteriorated. Finding how to meet infinitely itching and gnawing her desire, she became even more irritable and violent. To somehow appease her, the maid took her to the hammam. For a while she was able to really relax. It is slightly limp from the heat and dense eucalyptus steam. And the idea maids seemed to start to work out until one of them started to wash the princess. She gently shampooed her natural sponge, helping himself to wash off the foam with the other hand. Princess body reacted instantly to the touch. Her nipples tightened as if in the hammam was minus forty, and not a plus, and the throbbing between her legs.

Afraid to show the maid, she feels, afraid to move, so as not to lose those dizzying sensations, Princess froze under the hands of his servant, but ordered her to wash postaratelnee and not to rush. The maid, pleased that Mrs like, tripled their efforts. She wiped a sponge her neck and shoulders. Calling it more foam, she carefully lathered princess excited his chest, postponed a sponge and began to pour it with hot water, running on the delicate skin of the princess with the other hand to remove the foam. Princess almost shaking. All that she could think of - is that the maid did not stop. Between the legs she was itching and painful excitement. When finished with the chest, the maid took belly princess, gently holding the sponge from the abdomen to the thighs, and then again okatyvaya princess tight jets of water and once again, passing through every inch of her skin with his hands, his fingers accidentally touching the most cherished and sensitive areas princess. Every time this happened and light fingers, hot and slippery foam ran on the clitoris and lips of the princess, the inside of her thighs, the princess seemed that the tension is about to reach the coveted peak.

To her great regret, the maid finished with his hips and went down to her knees, calves and feet. Even washing your toes has brought even more the already overexcited princess. She felt the hands of the maid again swelled her clit and as it flows from the slippery moisture. When the maid finished with legs princess she stood. It was the final part of the washing. The maid was thoroughly wash her private parts. She soaped sponge and stood behind the princess began to drive this sponge on her clit and lips, and then she was a princess sponge between the buttocks, pressing carefully. At Princess buckled his knees and dizzy, but she told the maid not to stop and continue the movement until she was ordered to stop. Surprised by the order, maid obeyed. At Princess pounding heart, and she was on the verge of orgasm. But, unfortunately, our little princess had no idea how it is to be reached, and pressed sponge is not strong enough. Excited she stood in the hammam, leaning with one hand on the front of the column, because the strength to stand, she had no more, substituting himself hidden caresses servant disguised as washing. It seems that having seen what achieves the hostess, but for fear of angering its excessive arrogance, the maid added a free hand to the hostess washing. Coming for the first time between the legs of the Princess hand, and emboldened by the tacit consent of the maid realized how true it was a guess. The clitoris, for which she walked her fingers swelled to epic proportions, and between the legs of the princess it was slippery, though it has long been shampooed sponge.

Nod she made the other girls to leave the hammam. By turning the princess to face him, she stood in front of her, looked timidly in that clouded her eyes and said only, "Let me ..." and did not finish, took in his mouth clitoris mistress. The princess could not restrain neither shivering nor groans. She put her hand on her head and pushed the maid, so she tried harder. But the maid knew what she was doing. Having seized his mistress mouth, she drove with a force in a circular motion on her clit, and her hands rose and fell behind on the hips mistress, causing her to shiver even more as they passed almost between her buttocks. Her mouth tirelessly caressing excited princess's bosom. Lips tightly clenched on the clitoris, the language that was coming down to penetrate deeper, swollen bump on the back, causing him to shrink from the strain. Princess was ashamed of even more pleasant. She really did not realize that doing, but knew that something forbidden, something that has long gone beyond the limits of conventional washing. She was ashamed to do it with the maid, someone dirty, poor, rootless, with a woman in the end. But my God, how it was fine.

Meanwhile, the maid squeezed her buttocks, causing a princess in a new wave of excitement. Then suddenly her finger slipped into her bosom, went inside as much as allowed virgin partition, and then began carefully to knock a hole in her ass. It seemed to the princess disgusting, extremely embarrassing, but as we move fingers, more and more exciting. She could not believe that can be even better than it was before. When he reached the end, the finger began to slowly move back and forth in her ass tenfold increase the feeling in her clitoris and vagina. Maid has earned the language faster, but uncomfortable posture separated from Mrs. orgasm. Realizing this, the maid nodded her head on a bench, forcing her to lean on his elbows. Thus, putting the mistress cancer, the maid continued to caress her mouth on her clit and pussy lips and middle finger her anus. In this position, it added a new sense: now the maid's nose just touching buttocks princess and it's just crazy. The maid was tired endlessly licking and instead began to love the princess with two hands simultaneously. Pressure has increased several times, and the princess could not stand it. She came from his fingers servants, his slaves, it is infinitely had finished all his being. Orgasm lasted a long time and was very deep, he was born in her vagina, and then passed on the clitoris millimeter by millimeter, then finished each nerve cell in her anus. And the princess has settled on a damp stone bench. They spent a lot of time hammam and she felt dizzy. The maid somewhere vanished, but instead it came with a large new dry towel. Wrapping it in a princess, she just took her to bed. And for the first time in a long time the princess slept soundly.

P.s. In continuation you will learn whether Aladdin realizes his fantasies with the princess.

Continued: A Thousand and One Nights. New. Part 1
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You are mine

She was on her knees, patiently waiting for when I'll get a member. Unbuttoned at which only have buttons, she raised her hand to open the chest more kind to them, inviting the eye to take part, as a member giving rise faster to get stronger. But it was not necessary to persuade, he was waiting for. I waited, ready for any test. Pretest my cock from top to bottom, as if assessing the upcoming work front, she gently fingered it, checking for firmness of spirit. Expose to the end of the head, and noticed her dryly decided to add its moisture. Pulling half tongue like a small spoon is completely filled, it kind of knocked it down tongue and saliva, first, not immediately, but gaining with determination, stretching like a drop of honey, I reached my head, burning his warmth and connecting us to the finest thread. Member of the stiffened and vibrate impatiently. I already cramped cheekbone as it wanted to explode from this species. Right now, all splash and destroying this beauty as a vandal, knowing that he could not create anything beautiful. Seeing my condition, she clung to him, whispering conspiratorially.

- Wait a minute darling, be patient. Do not tremble so, I close-and tryas cheek member, if a cat begging supplements purred.

- I'll take care of you.

To calm down, I closed my eyes, ran his hands into her hair, immersing them in water. Soft, silky, they like the water streams, caressing my skin. But her tongue would not let me rest, at first hesitantly, soaking the scrotum, and then as if fearing that napachkal immediately wiped dry. Lips seeing that language can not cope, came to his aid. Gently, but demanded absorbing each egg at a time, as a neat housekeeper, warm tongue rubbing them to shine. Then let go slowly, lips collecting any remaining moisture. Unable to not see I opened my eyes. These scarlet toiler, do not give me rest, with a drop of forgotten on the upper lip hid me in his tireless curiosity tab. He seemed to have explored every fold of my tormented skin, but no, it was another missed their lot and step-by-step how to the top, up to the head. I could not take my eyes off these sweet, red lips, seemed offended that language got more. They are attracted, they called me to come to their aid. I would glare at them, drag them to a completely torn, bite and how to make a slip of the child, punish the vile tongue that so torments me. Unable to control the excitement I instinctively clenched his fists unconsciously twirling hair on them.

- Not right now, be patient just a little while in a daze, I heard a whisper.

To catch my breath, I pushed her face lifted to him. Those eyes, but in them the passion, the desire, but the color. I have never seen the color. They are blue. Only one thought went through my head.

- God, I drown in them. Do not look.

- Come to me ... Come on. - She called invitingly opening the mouth and tongue, as a carpet, it shows the way. And seeing my hesitation, she put her head on the tongue, at the same time soothing and inviting to him. And I went to her. Lips curled up at the meeting, as if fearing that allowed an outsider, the holy of holies, and succumbed, feeling around me, ran inside. What I feel is beyond words. It was as if I was back home. I was at home. Heat gently and so dear, so wanted to stay here. But this nasty tongue did not let me rest, teasing and prodding me to take action. And I acted. As Wanton guest, I rushed inside to survey the distant coffers. Dissatisfied one place, I moved to another. I rudely shoved, requiring a great deal of attention. His unbridled force would subdue, tame the tongue. And he is as a footman pleasing and patiently taking down my abuse, affectionately directed not hiding anything and invited to stay for longer, irritating me with his humility. At the same time, I wanted to scream. Shouted in a loud voice.

- Mother, do not stop.

And I poured out. Inside. Outside. Everywhere. A member of a hose, escaped from the hands, splashed in all directions, throwing up all residue. I'm exhausted. Closed his eyes in pleasure, is now exhausted, I opened my eyes, afraid to see the consequences. My God, she hates me, what I did to her face, but no, looking affectionately, smiled. She gently, like a child placing his father showing the result of his work, stuck out her tongue with traces of my crime, as if calling to acknowledge paternity and seeing consent, absorbed it and swallowed everything in my eyes.

- All mine-she said and licked his lips, a tired added with the hope of looking into my eyes.

- And you are mine.

Is yours. Although I did not realize it yet, I do not feel, but I was sure that no one will give those blue eyes. And looking at them, I said only one.

- I can not swim.

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Alarm clock

At exactly 6 -00 She opened his door. This happened every day, but every time it was a new way. Every day she walks through the door, right on the doorstep stripped naked, carelessly throwing clothes on the floor of the hallway, and then got out of the bag a little tunic - and here is every day different: short silk night shirt, ragged T-shirt with the emblem of "Real Madrid", beach leek, corset or even prompted her vast imagination - the main thing that there was nothing more under it. Then she went into the bedroom to Him. He slept. No, I have not slept. He was waiting for her. But he would not show for all the treasures of the world, that he does not sleep. Today he lay on his back and covered his head with his left hand. Mirren and serene sleep. But she worked his alarm clock. For this she paid. And because she was making him coffee. And she knew their job perfectly - whatever it was, she woke him up to the point where he is able to perform feats.

On the left hand, covering the head, relaxed dismissed forefinger. She leans over him, and one language lifts the little finger up and grabs his lips. Pop pulls finger fully into the mouth. He does not move. Pleasant, slightly pungent smell coming from her, despite the ease spasm squeezes in his lungs and heart was pounding. But it is inside. Outside, he allegedly worried, is turned slightly to the side of her, accidentally releasing from under the blanket right hand. The hand is palm up.

She now wears a silk handkerchief, the two proximal ends connected on one shoulder. Thalia over the headscarf hugging leather belt braided pigtails. Finger mouth is not released. On the contrary, it began to actively immerse it into a soft deep breath. Inverted hand was called for, and she responded to it. Carefully, so as not to shake the mattress, she fell to her knees, putting the bent leg on either side of the hand. Then, quietly sat down on the string, lower the disclosed lower lips directly on the palm. The palm was dry and warm from sleep and it made her already quite excited, and trembling all actively sucking finger. Hips began to move. Lower lips found the thumb of his right hand and swallowed it, just as there were with the upper left-hand index finger. Minute, and her eyes opened.
- Good morning - she said. Without aspiration, even voice. Hips do a few movements and stopped. Not getting out of hand, she removed his blanket, folded it and put it together. Another hip movement. She simply could not keep them - the finger was still inside. Briefs on the night he had long been dressed, and it was hard to restrain myself seeing his young, strong body with an elastic member of a large - but it was outside the rules.

Having a moment that he'd cooled off, she got up, went to the door, went halfway and stopped, leaving him to look at yourself from behind. Then a little bent. A little bit - so that the buttocks slightly parted, and bared flesh excited. We had to wait for long. He got out of bed, walked over to her and a strong arm round the whole wide crotch immediately. His fingers plunged into the vagina by itself, fingering clit and protruding drying moisture. She stood, melted, but was waiting for - he is not yet fully awake and not yet ready for the day. Then she went to the bathroom.

When he entered, she has already opened warm water, took his toothbrush and put it on her pasta. Obeying, he began to brush your teeth. She looked at him open, smiling eyes, but did not say a word. Then he took a member of both hands - one at the middle, the other from the bottom of the testicles and more. Movement toothbrush immediately froze, and then became more rhythmic, his hips began to move. But masturbation was not in her plans - she bent down to his stomach and kissed just below the navel, and then pressed his forehead to the bladder. At the same time there was a sour grimace on his face, and she smiled slightly for the first time. Then she took a brush with his hands, and gave a glass to rinse. All this time she has not cleaned his hands with his testicles.

Just silence, already with two hands she spread it to the toilet and raised toilet seat. Now more than ever, he looked like a little boy, my mother who took off near the bush pants and kept saying - pis-pis pis ... Obeying, he was trying to send a stake standing member of the toilet, but it turned out badly. I had to bend over, legs apart, and then focus, did not work.

Taking all that happens, she took a small bowl and began to wash his ass. Again, how little. He nearly cried - it was impossible to write - he stood like a statue, and leaning to the members of the toilet. And then something unexpected happened. She put all of her mouth to his anus, licking and kissing him. Startled, he relaxed and began to write. Powerful jet, as if afraid not have time, escaping from him, but it had no effect on its operations. She continued to do what is beginning.
- Do not you disgusted? It did not answer. She closed the lid on the toilet, the water released, and sat before him right on the cover. Lips have covered slightly limp cock and greedily began to suck him. Then just as suddenly he stopped.
- You need to take a shower and shave - lightly slapped his buttocks and opened the water. She soaped him and herself, then took a hit by the foam in their pubic hair, struck him on the face and began to shave. After all thoroughly washed.
- You're almost ready, but very tense. - She took your toothbrush and brush your teeth carefully deliberate, showing all views that will make it that long. Without stopping, he turned his back and bent. Pear-shaped ass, again, as the door opened hidden. Member, ready to break all in its path flown in it - but it was not necessary to tear anything - soft warm vagina accepted it and moved, groaned. She came several times, shouting furiously, biting brush, shaking and moving every muscle.

Wanting to tease her, he took without finishing member. She looked scared him, looking in his eyes, then realized his subordination, began in front of him on his knees and kissed the back prognuv His legs just above the knee.
- You want, what would I have done with you?
- Yes - quietly and humbly.
- You now she has to choose where. - He was quite awake. It was authorities and is ready for any exploits. She stood before him in silence, and only slightly licking his knee parched tongue. He took his fingers Her index finger and pointed to her vagina, then the priest, then his mouth.
- Choose - he ordered.

Timidly she reached her stiff fingers, he let go, first to the lower lips, even caught them, shuddered, and then suddenly patting his hip pointed nor ass. For him, it was a blast. He scooped her up in his arms, carried into the room, threw in his chair. Slightly confused, experience he had. Cream was close and less than a minute His cock was already deep inside. For a long time, forgetting about what happened before that, its largest member did hurt her, bringing her unconscious pleasure.

She felt twisted sperm. Member limp. He was embarrassed by the incident, she threw her over his knee and spanked raised. He did not know why he did it, but spanked until her ass does not become pink. She took it for granted. For the pleasure you have to pay and flip flops were the most reasonable price. Without looking up, she went to the bathroom. Pomylas scored and water in a bowl. He was reclining on the couch. When she had washed, he is to her for not thinking. He planned his day and his exploits. Alarm off. Tomorrow everything will be different. And now she, naked, cook him a coffee. Kneeling, submit it. Then, bending at the waist for every thing back to Him, will bring their clothes and leave. And he would forget about it until the very moment when tomorrow it will turn the key in his door and he starts to tremble slightly.

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A parallel world. Part 1

You may laugh, but the last ten years, right after leaving the army with me strange things happen. Approximately every six months, I'm falling into a parallel world. I am in it for about a month, where I meet the same failed, perform certain tasks. Then I go back and it turns out that the lack here, lasted for about ten - fifteen minutes. Although the experience and skills acquired and improved there, remain with me. I am a former soldier, not a scientist, so that the scientific explanation to all event can not, the most interesting is that usually after such events comes at the expense of a tidy sum of money. What I am quite satisfied.

So this time, I woke up on a flat, sun-warmed stone. I was wearing a camouflage Solid and high-quality combat boots, ankle boots. Nearby stood a backpack khaki with a supply of food and a set of clothes, plus fines creating a small convenience in the wild. There lay a map with the route marked. Around one hundred and fifty kilometers to the point of arrival has been designated the north-west. According to the experience of previous "failures" I knew I was waiting for a well-equipped and safe fortified base with different kinds of weapons and equipment, but it still had to be reached, and the path has never been easy.

The position of the sun determined that even the first half of the day and if I'll hurry, and fate will be favorable, then have time to leg it a decent part of the way. Knowing that the villain always disposes otherwise, be sure to throw up something nasty, so no illusions, I did not. Dinner is not wanted, so sipping some water, has moved in the right direction.

After about an hour the way, a little away from my route, came the chirping of female and male voice, which was responsible interlocutor. I decided to see what was going on and went to the sounds, trying to move as quietly as possible. Some time later, I opened a small and cozy glade, bathed in sunlight, and her family of three. The father - a man of about 40 years, one hundred and eighty centimeters tall with a slight belly, strong hands clearly indicated that their master was once active in sports. Beside him a woman fussed about his age, did not say much to the beauty, but it is an attractive and well-groomed, with a quite slim figure without the fat folds. A little to the side, in the shade of a tree similar to oak, located a girl of eighteen or twenty, her gaze longer worth the delay. Och-h-ry much ladnenko was girly, growth in the pope, plump ass, laced in the classic jeans and asked to pat her chest, it is a decent size, T-shirt pulled up dreaming to break free. Face was a match for the rest, in general, looking at her a desire to lose fifteen rejuvenate and get them in the best military schools graduate students object sighs neighboring Pedagogical Institute. But, alas, the years took their toll, in its 42 I was a strong and wiry but wrinkles around the eyes and graying hair, not everyone likes young girls. I do not want to destroy the family idyll with his presence, it was necessary to be nominated to the database and get a job, oh, these quests me. I'm going to just quietly withdraw and follow your course, but there it was, fate has made its own adjustments.

On the opposite side of the field, there was a crack of breaking bushes and the hubbub of men's voices. The language spoken by the aliens, was familiar in my military past, and did not promise anything good. I slumped immediately, frantically trying to figure out what to do. Of weapons I only had a small knife, otherwise I do not give, as in all previous "failures" have not seen any large predator.

On clearing tumbled six people dressed in tacky camo. They pounced without talking to the man and began to beat him down. The girl instead of hiding in the woods rushed to the aid of his father. One of the attackers swung around and hit her with his fist in the stomach, poor thing fell on its side, convulsively opening her mouth, trying to breathe. An older woman came out of his stupor, rushed to her daughter, trying to help her.

I am powerless to grit his teeth to help right now I have had no chance. Quickly and quietly closer to him, I could not, clearing was hurting great. I could only think of how to do it right, pumping situation.

Actions in the meadow unfolded under its own power. Scoundrels stopped beating a man, throw a rope over a thick branch, hung him, so that he almost did not get the ground balancing on the tips of fingers, occasionally hanging on linked hands. Having neutralized the man, they pay the full dirty lust views of weeping women. Accidents felt the nasty attention and hugged tightly, shuddering in mourning.

While attackers enjoyed power over the poor thing, I was able to study them in detail. In front of me were battered wild life militants possibly remnants of the defeated major gangs, or so-called "jackals" robbing a business of anyone who had the misfortune to get caught in their way. We must pay tribute to the discipline of the gang was the iron, the man commanded all around my age, well-built and heavy gray eyes sparkled under bushy eyebrows. Armament was motley, who snatched it, four were with the standard AK-74, one sported with a sniper rifle in the hands of the most important wearing the automatic "Val", equipped with a telescopic sight. These armed only with special purpose units, as it was at the bandit, could only guess.

The bandits came to settle here permanently and seriously started to equip the camp. On the edge of the clearing with long knives, they cut down a couple of young trees. Carefully trimmed made eight massive stakes and stones, drove them into the ground.

Two summed hands weeping woman, the third brandished a knife, I closed my eyes, anticipating the sound of creeping out of the incision innards. After a moment eyes opened completely naked woman clothing remnants lay in a heap at her feet. The unfortunate knocked to the ground, and crucified, tied to stakes. Tanned woman's body were white traces of the swimsuit and swimming trunks. Loboc was clean-shaven, big nipples hardened and stuck up, the main satisfaction clicked his tongue.

The same fate awaited daughter. When it was performed by the leader, he blatantly grabbed her by the hair and pressed his lips to her gentle yet childishly innocent mouth. Standing around the bandits, approvingly zagaldeli.

Enjoying the power Tesha his sadistic self-esteem of women stabbed. Requests for release provoked attacks Homeric laughter. Bound man groaned in frustration looking at the humiliation of people close to him.

Events that took place in the clearing, I liked less and less. From the crazy things I have kept reflex reliably hammered instructors Lad Camp. It should be without emotion, without haste to solve the problem, then I throw myself valiantly with mushroom picker knife against at least six trunks not solve the problem. Well, of course, but I die a hero and honestly looking into the eyes of the Apostle Peter stated that did everything I could, but this situation did not suit me at all. I'm looking for a solution, and watched the scene.

Encouraging each other and releasing the dirty obscenities against women, wound up the scum of each other. Yet they were the germs of the human, but they are heavily choked them yourself.

Three of the youngest adult woman untied and dragged to the leader. Poor desperately resisted, trying to escape, but some voiced slap and a knife at the throat break the will to resist. She humbly kneeling, with his hands tied behind their backs, naked chest heaving with every breath. I was clearly visible shiny lust leader eyes. So he reached out and began to paw captive leaving red marks on the white skin veiled once swimsuit. He caught himself pointed to the two youngest members of the gang, and ordered in their own language, are sadly often went looking on the sides depicting time.

Here godfather stood up and unbuttoned his pants pulled standing member of the stake, the two approached grabbed the woman by the hair and literally put his mouth on the purple head, unhappy gasped and cried but rapists did not care. Husband twitched trying to protest but was immediately silenced bra wife a couple of times and was hit in the crotch, have made the poor man tears from his eyes.

The beast inside me, and rushed howling, demanding to release. In a clearing ringleader of a gang rape continued miserable mouth, circling around the three more, they podrachivat standing members greedily looking at what is happening. Here he gave the go-ahead, and are free from the guard bandits started tearing off his clothes, keeping with the views of approximately scurrying on the penis head commander.

Remove the time I did not have a chance. Without even knowing they are staring into the middle of the clearing, and held each other in sight. Even with the most rapid attack, and the second would have had time to react, I try to stay in first.

Here is the leader in a fit of excitement seized the prisoner's hair and drove a member of the most deeply, so she put her nose in the black mop of pubic hair, she jerked in surprise trying to be free, but the torturer did not allow her to move. Enough to have a good laugh, he removed his hand from the back of the head and threw up on the poor rapist shoes, the dirty cursed and slapped his hand over his face. Immediately jumped three naked beast-men, and picked up a living toy dragged aside. With laughter, reminiscent klkot vultures, began to drive through the body of sharp knives. Carried away, they are harder to press and then from under the sharp blade, a thin red trickle flowed. A woman moaning softly, the man struggling in convulsions can not help companion.

Left alone, the leader approached the girl and unceremoniously shoved two fingers into the vagina, the girl screamed in pain. He raised his fingers, they were covered in blood, the poor girl was a virgin. Guttural laughter drowned out, crying. That lowered his pants, the tyrant fell on beauty and became firmly push its rather big cock, girl screaming, but once the plant is a torturer even stronger. Wretch hollowed narrow slit increasing speed, hairy ass rising and falling faster and faster. The girl pressed down by the weight of the male slightly squeaked, desperately sobbing.

Meanwhile, one of the Holy Trinity is not to lay down a blanket postelennuyu head of the family for a picnic. Two other woman lifted and planted on sticking to the top of the penis. This unit, I have not seen even in porn, about thirty centimeters long and almost seven in diameter. Unhappy twitched, it was seen as a painful and unpleasant to her. Alas, it was interested in their opinion less likely lying below grabbed her hips and began to move member will drive the entire depth. It seemed to me that the poor girl on her stomach bump appears, when he enters into it. This suffering is not over, the second parted buttocks and spat on the chocolate eye. Zvonko shlpnuv for quite resilient, despite the age of the ass, put his head to the anus and dirty hands holding her waist, came close to the hole with one stroke, like pulling the stocking. Wild cry caused hellish pain echoed through the forest, it seemed even the birds stopped singing in the district. The third is not waiting for an invitation, he decided to use his mouth open. Entering the front, raised his head and plunged a member of the most eggs, pain distorted face was hidden in the bush of black pubic area. A little tricky, rapists adjusted to the general rhythm, they are in unison began to fuck almost lifeless slave.

Ringleader enough to have a good laugh pussy girls untied legs and wrapped them, so that the buttocks raised, knees and shoulders touched. Dialing saliva on his hand, he wet his head and drove it into the virgin ass, screaming sufferer drowned my growling, I could not observe what is happening, but no entries occurred. A broad movement he fucked virgin hole is not paying attention to the blood from a torn ass.

Apparently a long abstinence made itself felt criminal trio repeatedly reversed, put the woman on her knees and take turns cum on face, cum flooding. I do not have to wait long and the main, on the other side of the clearing where he tortured girl rang the animal roar and the leader of the pelvis convulsively twitching filling maiden ass sperm flow.

Do not forget to tie the victim, the bandits sat around the fire, choosing foods cooked the family for a picnic and ugly champing devour delicacies are not available to them. Ataman waved his hand and covering his trousers which preferred members drawn closer to the table clock, they were allowed to eat.

Sated, the bandits got a couple of cigarettes and started up in a circle, the sweet smell of marijuana crept across the clearing. Their speech became viscous as molasses, splashing in the eyes of a crazy glass avid anashistov.

Subsequent events made me shudder in retching. Two militants untied man. The other two dragged the thick log and laid on him a woman. That burden lay insensible on the balance beam, barely aware of what is happening around.

One of the gunmen pointed his fingers and pushed in his father's back and ordered:

- Hey minute slishsh Nuka pAkazhi come to us as a fucking minute bilyad!

- I do not I do not have a member rises - said the unfortunate.

- Nothing right now is your Whore juvenile cheer daddy, - laughed the elder.

- Come here little davalka take in mouth Daddy, you dream about it? - He continued, turning to the girl.

- I never wanted this, I hesitate, please let us go, we did not you torturing us! - I begged the girl swallowing tears.

- Shut up slut! - Shouted the gunman.

Kicks in the ribs broke last will to resist. Pale pink lips pulled a hanging limp dick. Nature took its body and began to increase. The girl worked very diligently, saliva dripping down the trunk that has reached its maximum size, through closed eyes flowed with tears in the face of his father who was killed happening.

- In-oh-oh-oh-by! Good whore, and now insert daddy's dick in her pussy whore mom. - The leader was part of the role of director, enjoying power over the helpless victims

The youngest has decided to imitate the leader, a man slapped on the buttocks and shouted in his face:

- Let's move your fag ass, fuck your whore!

For arbitrariness he immediately paid, the leader firmly held power, fist in the face of a young knocked down:

- Are you suchenok forgotten who is in charge, but I can tell there !!!

The man began to make frictions, the woman let out a groan, but it was still not the end of the torture. Cigarette deprive criminals of the human remains of the youngest wanting to make up for public humiliation, he dropped his pants and nasty laughter drove a member in the poor man back. Unhappy I twitched, but sprinkled with a hail of blows from different sides of the head, forced to put up with the fate of the second young went in front and added a cock in her mouth woman then pulled out and put in a man. A moment later, he shouted:

- You scratched my dick bitch! - And he gave the sufferer scathing attack on the person. Choking with laughter he fucked alternately male and female in the mouth.

Wishing to support the commander's status as the leader ordered:

- The three of you take this very young whore and do with it what you want !!

Overjoyed rebels took up girl in his arms and dragged him to the other side of the clearing. They are intending to do with it the same as a mother before. Turbid eyes spoke of that consciousness left the troubled young skin beauty.

The leader went to the bush taking their weapons with them, I decided to exploit the situation and began to act immediately.

The story is entirely fictional all matches are random. There is a sequel, if you liked the beginning, write gladly continue. I can see and adjust the plot to suit your needs and wishes.

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Maria. Part 5

From Luda and Vani has not been news for two weeks, she did not come in the room, though would not kill her, I'm worried. I warned that we should not do that. Well, what's done is done now with this live. I asked her colleagues.

"Yes, she walks happy. Laughing, joking. Probably, my husband and I finally adjusted, "- answered me.

Well, well, adjusted. - I thought. Normally, such a long time going through. Although, I - do not think too much, but I began to understand the essence. He sure does not. So worried for sure. Well, nothing, to receive medical treatment and time will tell.

We Masha good time. Settled life. And enjoy each other. I felt like she loves me. And it betrayed so much effort and energy. What I was really happy.

I wish that she was proud of me and that she was with me never regretted. I tried during sex. I realized one truth. And it is, I think, is undeniable.

MEN FORGET DURING SEX currently. ONLY YOUR PARTNER. Once it exists for you. EVERYTHING FOR HER. And you will be a better lover. And no one you have never eclipsed!

Life went on as usual. We have not asked the purpose of looking for someone - something for regular meetings. This is what we want and do not have time. Time will tell. A couple of days ago there was such a case. He does not pull on the story. But if I started to share with the reader all my experience, it will tell you how it was.

During Interactive rain damaged cable, alas, I myself was not able to solve the problem that had expert assistance is required.

After filing the call came specialist, how to tell a specialist, a young lad of nineteen well this still young and green, well, it is clear that talented.

Immediately set to work took some - some instruments started watching cable, it was in order. So the problem with the computer itself. He is direct, he pounced on him. It is evident that an enthusiast and loves his job.

- "Well, we will not interfere with the guy" - I said to Masha, and went into the kitchen.

We sat at the table. What - it busy, could make him tea. - Masha said.

- You want to take care of the guy? - I said, reaching for her with a kiss

- Well, yes, absolutely, no one to care, it can be seen - said Maria, and licked her lips.

We have merged in a kiss.

- Well, that tea?

- Wow papilla and I, well, go.

She winked at me. She got up from her chair. Corrected shorts and T-shirt. She took a cup of tea and went. I went after her. I stopped for the meter to the doorway into the room where the boy was sitting - the programmer. He listened.

- Young man, you are not tired? I brought you some tea - Masha said, walking toward him, his bare feet on the carpet.

- No, it's my job. My name is Roman.

- Maria

She leaned her elbows on the table, it already came to his thigh a couple of times. She set the cup in front of him. Then he went around him, touching his hand back. Began his back to the window, he turned to her chair. Now it happened that I became in the doorway saw her, and he sat in the chair and I could not see. Which I did.

- Just the thing. I forgot the cream. I've been with cream drink tea, I understand the stupidity, but I like it. - So plaintively said Masha.

- Or can not walk? She went and knelt down sharply.

She grabbed him by the hem of his shorts. He twitched. She stood up, took him by the ear, "Shut up, boy, learns her husband go away without a head, it would not sound" - she said angrily.

Roman paused.

She let go of his ear. Not taking his shorts, he pulled out his penis. And immediately I began to suck.

I was surprised by her onslaught, the boy, however, did not make a sound.

I saw how he grabbed a chair and a little rzal feet.

There was not a rustle. I saw the edge of her head, she was helping hands. He sits down heavily his head. Sucking at a rapid pace. He threw back his head.

She broke away from the penis. Take nadrachivat: "Shut up son, good for you?" He nodded frantically.

- Now put your hands on my head, will soon be over?

He nodded again.

- When you're down to me prizhmsh, I have to wave your that would throat finished, okay? And whatever squeak.

She set to work again.

His head went over the penis really fast. Roma held it behind his head, leaned his head back. Certainly it was very good. My girl is very well trained.

Then he straightened his legs sharply. They lingered in the air, and a little rattled. He grabbed Masha's head and pressed it to his groin twitched perceptibly. They froze to the floor minute. He slowly lowered his feet.

Masha stood up, took a cup of tea and took a sip. "I love tea with cream." I went and sat down at the table. She came in a minute.

- Well?

- Well, well, little, Fingering probably permanently. Girls no. Hair ate. Now heartburn is.

I laughed as we continued our meal.

Just 10 minutes to show our Romchik.

- T-everything is ready, n-pprosto had little connection to work in the program.

Thank you, Roman, I got up, walked over to him, he already turned white. "How much do I owe you?"

- No - No, it goes to the payment of a monthly fee subscription.

- We turn to you, if something - a smile, handed me my voice back Maria.

- Yes, at any time - Roman said, thank you - he headed for the exit.

I went in, he jumped out the door without saying goodbye for him.

I closed the door. He sat down at the computer.

- Connect to the Internet. Connections showed an increase on the 20% rate.

"Honey, what are you doing guys? He gives us added speed. "- I cried.

She walked over, turned the chair to him and knelt down. Who is my favorite, I'll show you ...

Continued Maria. Part 4
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Mature sluts on a platter. Part 2

I thought that I would be to fuck Olga all night, but her husband called and said that he would come tomorrow. She dressed quickly and left, finally, whispering that we're not done yet. I stayed in the hotel and all night I could not sleep thinking about what had just fucked Aunt Olya in the ass. In the morning I told my mother that he was from a friend and she said nothing.

I sat at the table while my mother cooked me scrambled eggs close. She was in her silk robe, which she was to mid-thigh. Toilet was spacious, but even so, my mother's ass and was strongly otopyrivalas seen their rounded silhouette. Big breasts a little peeping. Toilet was a bit cramped for my mother to the pope and chest. Aunt Olya was incredibly sexy, but compared to my mother she seemed simpleton. Splayed very long golden hair came to her eternal heavily circled gray eyes. Oval face with a small nose and a mole right next to the left eye. Rounded breasts and ass were great, fitness gave her belly grow, but the father did not notice this beauty. Her eternal silence and calm look more frightened of his father's belt. I always listen to it and be accountable to it, and not the father. Now I thought I would never be able to conquer this goddess at the hotel for the first time thought that the mother may be weak and lustful. Mom unaware of my mind was at the stove, while I was staring at her juicy ass. She bent down and throwing the shells I saw her little red panties, thongs almost. This piece was enough to have me get up. I sat in a prominent place at the table and, therefore, turned so that she did not notice my riser. She put me scrambled eggs and sat down opposite. Looking at me with fathomless eyes, she looked away and said:
- Well, as a friend? Do you even protected?
- What???
- I'm not a fool of you still feminine perfume smells, and expensive. I'm not one of those mothers who are jealous sons, but do not want you to be infected with some carrion.
- Mom! I just had another, perhaps his sister something on my left.
- Well as you know.

My mother began to drink coffee and something to think about. Then I noticed that her big nipples protrude through clothes. She's from something excited, but sat as usual. I ahuel, but pretended not to notice. She probably did not notice, and she continued to drink coffee. My dick began to iron and strongly bulged.
- And now my dishes for themselves, right now, I'll cook.
- Mom! Well, at least let sit, tea popyu!
- Tea room popesh, let me.

Fucking. I stood up and with standing by a dick prodefeliroval front of my mother's face. Ohrenel She looked at my dick and said nothing. I began to wash the dishes, trying not to look at her mother's side. She kind of looked at me, but her face I could not see.
- Well, how do you wash? Fat erase, not just handle the urine. Let's show! -razdalos From the mother.
She came over and pushed me away from the sink. Standing in front of me, she began to wash the dishes.
- That's right, see.
I got closer to her, almost at point blank range and watched how she washes the dishes. She moved closer to me and put her thigh to my dick.
- Like this? -I Pressed up behind her and put his hands on either side of her. Taking the plate in hand, I began to rub her, making involuntary frictions to moms ass. She shivered as if cold.
- Mom froze you cho?
- Air is probably too much down the temperature a bit chilly.
- Let me your mayhem as you did as a child.

I hugged my mother from behind and pressed against her. She was taller, so I stood on tiptoe to reach by a dick up the ass. My hands around her under the breast, and I felt their severity. I buried my face in her hair and breathed in their scent. It smelled of fresh apples, and even something similar. Having lost control of himself, I kissed my mother's neck. Her body was cramped and she laughed:
- Tickles fool.
I liked her reaction and I began to cover her neck with kisses. She laughed and kicked his neck trying to push me. She leans his body forward, I pulled her over. My hands went up and now were not at the waist, and on her large breasts. I felt her hard nipples and intentionally presses on them while pulling it toward you. Finally I heard her moan instead of laughter. It was a fleeting sound, but I heard. It is as though paralyzed, and I easily pulled her body to his. She was breathing heavily and her eyes clouded veil. Her legs buckled and she dropped all the weight on my hands.
- Mom you feel bad? -Mom Did not answer.
I picked her up and carried her to the bed in the bedroom. She lay with her eyes closed and breathing loudly.
- Mom, Cho with you? What do I do ???
- Nothing ... it's OK ... let me just lie down here.
- But are you breathing, may you heart that? Let me check.

I put a hand on her left breast and froze.
- Fools, check on the wrist ... Although it is possible and so.
I felt her hard nipples, but her gown prevented full sensations.
- It seems fine ... Mom thy robe was soaked with sweat, let me take it off and bring other clothes.
- I ... no bra ...
- Well, nothing, immediately an emergency.

I helped to remove her coat and presented itself in front of me the body of my mother. Panties covered pussy but large chest was in full view. Light Brown ghosting and embarking on a large crimson nipples melons. I was lost in contemplation, but then stumbled on the piercing gaze of mother and went to the closet with her clothes. There were shelves of her underwear, with homemade clothing, holiday dresses, in general, all laid out on shelves. Then I noticed a shelf with special dresses. They were all to bed games. In the fishnet, set black widow, dresses, short mini mini sex shops. I got a black mini dress by pulling it became transparent.
- Mom, you do not even have these dresses?
- Nuuu ... I wear it when other people do not have homes, really comfortable ... -I had never seen my mother blush. Of course she could not say that this dress fucked with her father.
- Well, put on your home just as you and me.
- No no no, give me some more.
- Mom, you stesnyaeshsya her dress?
- Of course not!
- Well then put on Cho you, I've already got it.
- Oh well
She put it on her breasts and buttocks have become very clearly visible through her dress.
- All, I went to cook, I'm better.
- Well, let me help you, and if that happens again, there is little.

Together we went to the kitchen, I went back and enjoyed the view of her ass. It is as if no notice of his discoveries and was silent. In the kitchen, I sat down on the chair, and she started to clean vegetables. As she walked back and forth, I blatantly stared at her body. Her breasts and buttocks swayed, bringing me a heavenly pleasure. My dick got up again, but I have not turned insolently that she saw him. She threw him a quick glance and pretended not to notice.
- Bone, Go, and only hinders here, without turning my mother I said.
I was upset because my mother in this type of dress was ahuenen and went into the hall to watch the telly. After a while my mother put soup and came into the room to watch telly with me. She was not embarrassed like his mind and sat quietly next to me. It occurred to me that it lacks a complete fucking shoes for my ahuevaniya.
- Mom, I have a favor to ask ... -It was not!
- What?
- You ... ahem ... very beautiful in this dress-mother stared at me, you can even wear shoes?
- What? Why are you suddenly so ask? -one Blushed.
- Just really want to see you in that dress to the shoes, I stroked her hand.
- Nuu ... well ... -one squeezed my hand and went to her room.

A few minutes later she came out in his slippers. These were the blue high heels shoes with high platform in the front. On the heels and platforms were thorns that gave them sexuality. She also wore black stockings, pink end of which was visible due to the short dresses.
- WOW! I -vydohnul.
Reddened mom awkwardly twirled in front of me and asked, uneven breathing:
- Satisfied, pervert?
- Ahuet!
- Hey!
- That is class!
- Thank you, Mom smiled and sat down.

I always looked askance at her, she, too, kept looking at me furtively. Our eyes met and something they did, it made me shiver with excitement. Her nipples stood, she was breathing unevenly, furtively looked at me-all as written on the forums, she is excited, but I could not believe it. As a minefield, it was necessary to look for other signs of her interest in me. We sat side by side on the couch, I lay down my legs and rested her ass:
- Mom sit down at my feet, so it is more convenient.
She sat in silence and I felt her soft ass on my ankles.
- Yes, above, and that it hurt.
Again she silently sat on my lap.
- Here, too uncomfortable, get even higher.

She saw my mound between his legs and knew that sit above, it means to sit on my groin and make an open step towards sex. After hesitating a moment, she sat right on my dick. I felt something like her buns obvalakivayut my dick from all sides. From the feeling of her ass I made a few thrusts his hips, my dick wanted to break into the close abode. Mom did not flew as expected, she also made a couple of movements ass around my dick, as if introducing her pussy with it. After that, we just 10 minutes watching television, but I felt that this is just a respite before the final stage.
- I also lie down, my mother said and went straight at me, without getting her ass with my penis. I put an arm around her waist so that it will not drop from the narrow couch. Then I spread her legs and bent their knees, she did the same. In front of us stood very close to the mirror and I saw that all my mother between her legs very well. Mom also posmotrivala in the mirror, but pretended not to notice my views. I decided to use the mirror as a safe means of communicating our real thoughts. I'm on the side where my mother could not see myself, but I saw in the mirror was showing my finger part folded into a tube between the palms. She looked at the mirror, stopped and shook her head unsure. I began to gently rub on her ass in the mirror and showed my fingers folded into a tube drochat forefinger. She nodded uncertainly nowhere. With trembling hands, I drew closer to my mother's head, pulled the penis and put her hand on him. She hesitantly took him and began to stroke, then harder and harder to masturbate him. Then she sat down on my stomach and I masturbate dick with the other hand crumpling testicles. I cupped her breasts and massaged them rounded movements. Her nipples were hard, like steel antenki on huge cushions. I began to twist her nipples, she yelped in surprise and groaned deeply. One can see her nipples were a weak point. I wrung them, pulled, twisted, and she moaned louder and louder. Then she lifted her dress jerky movement, took off her panties and pressed her pussy to my penis. Pussy shaved and was accurate. Pressed, she began to slide pussy down the barrel, the top-down. Probably paste was for her too, and she decided to do a light petting. I was angry. I jerked her nipples, she jumped up and sat down, already planted in my cooked member. She screamed something unintelligible mumbled and tried to stand. I grabbed her hand and pulled over. Again she planted completely and tried to get up again. I gave her up, but do not hold hands. When she got up on her knees on the couch, I pushed her, and she stood on the dog.
- Did not you teach me to do everything to the end? -I Drove her and her as if paralyzed, she just put her hand on the pillow and looked down.
- I just forgotten for a moment ...
- Yes? And I think you also wanted it!
- No! Just ...
- Just jerk that his son and all accidentally rubbed by a pussy ??? -? I'm saying this to thrust her, she strongly flowed and the room sounded squish. Mom muffled moaning, but tried to mumble something. -Enough Pretend! Look at you while you fuck!

I squeezed my mother's hair in his fist and pulled her head. Her head came up and she saw herself in the mirror. Her tongue was protruding, and hung on the side of the lips, eyes were half, and her cheeks blushed. She looked like a drug addict after taking the dose. Behind me was visible, ebuschy her dog. Seeing herself, her eyes widened and she gasped in shame. She tried to lower his head, but I did not let her, holding her hair. She tried to look away, but the mirror was too close, and she could see her own son fuck. Perhaps the sight she began to violently finish, yelp, rolling his eyes and pouring my feet its over. She fell face down on the pillow and breathed loudly. Her hair disheveled on the pillow and I could not see her face. I have not finished yet, and so the mother turned and began to fuck her in the missionary position. She did not move and was lying with his eyes closed. After a few minutes, she began to moan and even opened her eyes. Her eye was lost, but then they were again clouded in mist and she threw her long legs on my shoulders. Her eyes looked right through me, but when I started to cum inside of her, she looked meaningfully at me, hugged her and sucked in his lips. Nakonchal I wearily lay down on her while she stroked my back.
- That was your childhood, my mother said, and her face tear rolled ...

Continued: The mature sluts on a platter
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Implementation of fantasies. Part 1

I'm a married, 34-year-old boy. in cases of work this spring, I moved to Moscow, and for some time a rented apartment near the subway. It so happened that I was a few years ago, a man sucked. It was an accident and not on my desire. Almost by force. Several months after the incident, I tried to not even think about what happened, I was very disgusting to remember their awareness of the fact that in my mouth is the male member and the humiliating sense of bitter sperm in their language. But once while having sex with his wife, and later masturbating, I found myself with pleasure reminisced about how the man held me by the ears and pulled on his cock, that I at one point became the very enthusiastically suck a delicious, good-sized ripe apricot head of his penis.

How, knowing where it will lead, nadrachival palm of his body and then swallowed trpky, viscous jelly of his eggs. In the mouth a long time was the first bitter taste of semen, and now remembering what had happened, I felt a wild erection and knew that when given the chance, I will again willing to get up on his knees and open your mouth, if man wants it. Often, in their fantasies, I imagined that I was raped in the mouth not only men but also women. Then it was all over in three months, this man called me on the phone, inviting him to come and repeat the procedure. I came..

For a while a few times a month we met with him and he completely rastrahal his cock my mouth. Sperm I swallowed almost every time, because the meeting took place in the ground or in the entrance, or in the car. When the blow occurs in the home, he or I, he preferred sperm splashes on the face, and eventually I did was terribly like it, so it was more easy to put in order after the drenched face. Several times, in public transport, I caught surprise - a question feminine look. At first I did not even understand what it means, but then I realized with shame that appear on my face and head smelt of male malofy. But then, the meeting began to happen less and less, and eventually he sent me a text message, that he has a new nipple and time for me it does not.

At first, I even sighed with relief, naively believing that turned the page in his life. But it was a profound mistake. I could not help thinking that really want to stand in front of a man on his knees and offered him her mouth. But in his hometown could plunge to such desires in terrible trouble, so it could only dream and fantasize.

When I arrived in Moscow, and rented an apartment, since the last meeting took place more than two years, and on the first Friday evening I look advertised on the Internet about what a nice guy, 34 182 77 Bi versatile with a delicate mouth, close to the subway, invite to visit the active male, female or couple. Photos himself and requested members to send @. first half an hour, I went over and turned the nose, on the sent letters, but quickly found out that the lion's share of Internet users who want to simply curious, and had to stop the choice on the Tajiks, who at the time was not so far away and I could quickly come. With a stone Tajik brought hashish smell of stale member and sweaty feet. The choice was for everyone and I am burning with shame and desire, several times protracted heavy smoke, down in the kitchen on her knees, undid his pants and in a few minutes, greedy, lustful head movements, tongue and hands already sucked from his circumcised penis warm sticky sperm, which surprisingly turned out to be delicious, and I have it with evident pleasure swallowed.

Immediately after his orgasm Tajik embarrassed, he gathered his belongings and quickly undoing. The legacy from him I was a sweetish taste in the mouth, the scent of his legs, and a piece of hashish. As soon as the door closed behind him, this bouquet I was soaked through.

Forgetting the fact that some time ago I obkonchalsya, helping himself hand, is sucked circumcised penis, inspired by the sweet smoke, I duplicated your ad and is the second time that evening suggested wishing not hesitate to take my oral skills. An hour later I was in the hallway, on his knees licking a member of a forty-year man, and he, in turn, took me by the ears, trying to pull my head on your machine. nothing worked properly, because my mouth came to an end in the middle of his pieces. After the hall, we moved to a room where he put me on his back across the bed, about twenty minutes, slowly crawl in my throat his cock. I caught myself thinking that even though the carcass is not good, and b is flowed. He finished the little man just grunted and pulled out a member of the throat. Swallow had virtually no

At night came the young Georgian guy. Having laid the boy on his back, I slowly, with relish nasasyvayut his dick, and played his palm with eggs. Five minutes later, horseman on his feet and hands in three quick movements gave myself an orgasm bay with five volleys face so that I immediately ran to make a keepsake selfi. Hastily having washed, I decided to take a break and put my fun until the morning.

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The lecture

Istoiya it happened 15 years ago. Then I was in my third year at Polytechnic University and lived in a hostel. Our hostel was order. In all there were only two common shower on the first floor - male and female. One day, after bathing in the shower, I noticed that I forgot to bring your clean clothes. There was nothing - I wore a robe over his naked body and went to her room. Once there I was on the fourth floor. On the way I met a lot of familiar and unfamiliar guys. Hostel - the place is always crowded. And the thought that I'm going to like this, almost naked, and nobody will guess, I experienced some aching excitement.
Already in the room, I thought: " What if tomorrow I do not wear panties classes? Feelings need to be even more". And the thought and expectations of tomorrow I have become hot inside.
The next morning, I wore a jacket and wide skirt, the length of a little nedohodyaschuyu knees. .... No panties and tights.

The first pair we had a lecture in a large sloping room, where a number of successive bit higher than the previous. I sat alone on the top row. On this bench there was nobody else. Just on the other side, across the aisle, sat Lesch. My classmate, married, and after the army. In my circle of interests, he never entered. Although he was pretty cute. ... But it is always so - as something worthwhile, it is already occupied. In the first year, we sighed with sex and forgotten.
Beginning of the lecture. I got an outline and has already become something to write. After 10 minutes after the start in the audience quietly entered a latecomer. It was Vova from a parallel group. Quite a big fan of women, according to all that is said about him. So he went straight toward me and sits down next! Exactly today! From the excitement I got a little shake hands, even though I tried to stay calm and listen to a lecture. Five minutes later Vova noticed my bare knees. To miss such an opportunity, he, of course, could not. Near sparkles knees The girl, the last empty row, etc.
Slowly, as if by chance, he put his hand on my knee and gently squeezed it. After waiting a couple of seconds. I am writing further. Then he began to slowly make their way up while trying to hand to push my legs. And then he got to my pussy. His fingers touched my hair .... And then it dawned on him that the pant is not present! Vova looked at me with rapt amazement. But in the next moment, his fingers began to stroke and knead my pussy. He parted her hair, found a crack and began to drive the entire length of the finger up and down. I was terribly ashamed, but nice at the same time. Escape from him I could not, without the noise, he had strong hands. So I just left, not showing the form, write the next lecture.
Finger Vovchik stopped on the clitoris and began to massage his skill and twirl. Excitation reached my limit. A little more and I will not care where I am! But, to my rescue, prozvinel Up to a short pause. Vova removed his hand from under her skirt, but remained sitting there. I'm in such a state could not somewhere to go. Vova sure too! I squinted eyes on his trousers - the hill there surged an impressive!
Call for the second hour. And then on the other side with a smirk to us sits Lesch: " I could see everything, what are you doing! I'm not a stone".
Well, I think ... vlipla entire second hour I caressed has two male hands. Squeezed my pussy, caressing the clitoris and vagina thrust fingers in my vagina. At first, one by one, then tried together. One finger, then more. The feeling was that I was torn into two parts !!! I do not remember how I dosidela until the end of the lecture. After the call the guys stood up and, as if nothing had happened, came out of the audience.
In the next couple of little late, I decided to sit in the front row, and no one was able to me to sit down. We had to move to the other end of the academic building on another floor. This way something looked like a maze - it was necessary to go down the stairs, go through the corridors, stairs again. After another turn, I saw an empty corridor and Vovchik Lesco. Seeing me, they headed towards me.
- Can you in two words? We know that only 5 minutes left before the bell, but it's urgent! - Leszek said - go here.
Near the door was opened in an empty class. I thought that 5 minutes is nothing terrible will happen, and to explain really needed. I do not want to proishedshem became available to the general public.
We entered the class. And then I heard behind me the door closed on the lock. Anticipating my reaction, Vova said that they would like to continue what started so well. If I am obedient, nothing terrible will happen. And if not - they tell everyone about what happened, and will add more by yourself. In this I had no doubt. This experience he already had. Thanks to him, one devchenke had to transfer to another institution. I did not want this. I stood in indecision. As if reading my mind, Lech said that then they will leave me alone. The position I have been hopeless. I believe it or not, the result was the same - now I had to obey them.
Vova came up to me, took me by the waist and put on the table: " Come on, show us your girl. After we had already almost familiar! " I lifted her skirt and began to be seen, my curly black triangle. - No, we did not see anything! - Vova pushed me a little farther, spread his legs and put his heels on the table. My chink opened and everything became clear at a glance. My dark-pink lips, the entrance to the cave and invitingly protruding clitoris. I felt the tremor and weakness in the legs. The boys could not take their eyes off my greedy pussy. And under the gaze of two males my lips swelled and I felt that flowed.
" The picture obtained is incomplete. Let's liberate your chest", - Alex pulled off my blouse and bra.
My breasts, with forward excited light brown nipples, jumped out. Lech clasped their hands and began to knead.
- Give me half! - I came from the other side Vova.
Now each of them with one hand paw my chest, and the other pussy. Vova bent, captured his lips nipple and began to suck. His example was followed and Alex. In my pussy, too, it was a battle. Vova fumbled, pinched, delayed and rubbed my clit; and Alex slipped first one finger, then three in my pussy and moved by them as by a dick. And the thought that I have now eating the roof. The rate grew louder and then I had finished, trembling all over !!!!!!!
Without waiting for when I come to, I was removed from the table, pulled down her skirt and dropped to his knees. I rastegnula zipper on his trousers, pulled the panty elastic and straight into my face popped up to the limit of two excited dick. With bared heads, they trembled with anticipation. They wanted me! I sat down on his haunches, spread her legs wide to be clearly visible excited my pussy. I began to take turns licking the head, then straining the language, making it soft again. Hands, I stroked and gently squeezing the eggs. What they were different! One was huge and soft, and the other clenched into elastic ball the size of a tennis ball. Now I took the members fully into his mouth and sucked. When I was engaged with one, the other fought in my mouth in anticipation. They put me on his stomach across the table. Before my face turned dick Vova. I took it into his mouth, but at this point Vova pushed sharply and drove dick almost in the throat. Head to move in this position, I could not, and he began to fuck me in the mouth ....
At this time, Alex from behind by a dick rubbed along my cunt and ass. Then I lifted my hips and jerk drove me the most eggs. I screamed. I lay there and could not move, and I was fucked from both sides, two strong and resilient dick! Through time, Alex began to move faster and quickly finished with a groan. I felt the hot cum poured inside me. Vova pulled his dick out of his mouth and hurried to take the vacant place.
- Kaif, to fuck on directly after to have finished! - And he drove me to his stick. Dick in Vochika was thicker pleasant pressed on all sides and easily slid into Leshkin sperm. I pochuvstovovala that Vova soon reach its peak. He bent down, gripped in the hands of my chest, I almost drove dick into the uterus and began to shoot his sperm. I just felt his thrusts. My pussy is already overcrowded and hot liquid running down my thighs.
I sat on the table. My head was spinning. I looked at my boys - at the bottom of the eye more eager! They took off at the bottom of all with himself, he sat down on a chair and asked me to lick the remnants of sperm. I sat at theirs legs and licking dick and balls then one, then another. I suck sperm leftovers. Then I suck dick just like that. I do not have long to wait, and they grew stronger again.
Alex moved to a teaching chair, leaned back slightly and beckoned me to her. Strung on his dick and slightly bent me down. This is my second hole became available. Vova immediately took advantage. Collect some sperm smeared it my ass and its end. Then, slowly began to enter the anal. I cried out in pain! This was for me the first time! I tried to pull away, but Vova held me tight. And he said that if I agreed to obey, there must be obedient in all; at the end of this no one has died. But still, he stopped and waited for a minute. Fortunately, time has decreased by pain. I struggled to relax, not to cause more pain.
Vova began to fuck me in the ass, in the pussy Lech below. Through the thin partition, they felt each other and this is even more plants. We finished at the same time they are almost completely filling me with sperm. How many times have I had finished - I do not remember. It seems to me that I was one continuous orgasm. Vova pulled out his dick and began to admire the sperm trickle flows from the ass.
When I thought that all was over, they had another idea.
- Now we'll fuck your tits!

As soon as the dick Vova little stronger, I squeezed it between her breasts, took them along the barrel. For dick very firm. Now I just squeezed her breasts tightly, and Vova fucked himself further. I tilted my head slightly forward, stuck out her tongue, and when dick jumped out in front of my face, licking the head. Alex was standing nearby, I watched with interest for us and jerked off.
Vova began to cum on my chest and face. Immediately after that, Alex stuck in my mouth. I began to suck, and soon he came in my mouth. Sperm was not so much. But this is understandable - it is today is nowhere more times. I swallowed it. Decreased dick in my mouth, it becomes soft again and degradability. I licked the sperm and testes.
Approached by a dick Vova and began to smear sperm on his chest, drove them around the nipples. For my whole chest I was in the sperm, with excited nipples hanging white droplets. Vova put dick in her mouth and told him to clean up properly. I sucked the remaining sperm droplet licked dick and all the wrinkles on the eggs.
Now they were really neat. But I!!! I was covered in semen! The whole chest, around the mouth and face, and of the ass and pussy still flowed sperm!
The pair came to an end. We did not know whether or not a class is now in the audience. Therefore, it was necessary to leave. Children dressed. I tried to dry off with paper towels and handkerchiefs. All, of course, could not be removed, but at least it was possible to get dressed and get out.
The guys helped me get dressed. At the same time without losing the possibility of once again polapat me, pinch ... Bell was not yet. We came out of the academic building. I could hardly walk. The guys took a taxi and able to take me to the hostel.
In parting, said I clever that behaved well and I can not worry - nobody will know about it. .... And they do not mind to come and see me the other day for tea ... I just nodded in response, a little wondering what was going on. I wanted only one thing - in the shower and then to bed.
How was the rest of the day I do not remember. I only remember my dream. All night I dreamed of male members, who poked at me and rubbed my hole neterplivo looking ...... constantly in all holes I felt someone's dick, and sometimes not one .... To me end up in all holes and who is not me - I end up in the body and in the face .... I'm all sticky from the semen .... There were so many, so different and all equally insatiable ..!
I woke up excited ... panties were all wet .... rubbed pussy was burning, he tore his ass and mouth still felt the taste of semen ...
Starts a new day ...
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