I remember

I remember...
And it was said that it was time to put an end ...
And how to put it, if there is not one study, where we would not be together with you, which would not have interference from your ass, your knees, and from my same ...
Only now noticed that the table in the laboratory entirely concave, maybe that's why it was so good being rolled back and forth like a swing and a table quietly squeaked in rhythm ... back and forth ... creak-skrippp .. .
And in the library ... long shelves along the walls, in prohode- chair. You're sitting on it, leaning back, short skirt Zadran, legs raised up you feet rested on the shelf under the levoy- classics under pravoy- technical literature and by mid- secret pleasure, smooth beaver over the entrance, which attracts me to him . Your smell is intoxicating, moisture delicious taste and my reed begins a long journey through the nooks, trying to get all hidden in the folds. Fingers Teasing and stroking fur, diving in warm and humid darkness, bent in search of tubercle and gently massage the inside. One of the naughty, as it were by chance, dives into the neighbor's nest, you revoke a slight movement of the hips, and now two dyrochki- girlfriend skipped wave motions rush toward delight ... rocking chair in time with the movements, his feet pounding on the floor, giving a signal vsya- everything and do not interfere, wait, do not bother us, we were so good. I clung to you, his face buried in your hair and the smell of perfume fool, from your neck velvety. My boyfriend slides in a groove, ramming everything in its path, forward to the goal and purpose of travel is close, it is getting closer with each hollow sigh, every groan of your ...
...In the ... fucking ... harshly breaks from your lips ...
And it was said that it was time to put an end ...
I will always remember you, of your tenderness to your caresses, on your lips and your verses.
I remember about you!
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The story is not mine, but I learned about it from a direct participant in the events. At that time, never about the swing and did not think. Lech himself short, dense enough (before swinging), and perhaps even a nice measure. Also involved in the plot of his wife, natural redhead, freckled, and as a result a very smiling girl-woman of 24 years. I admit at once, he did not see its merits, so just write slim, breast size is probably between 1 st and 2 nd, but its thinness stand out beautifully hemispheres buttocks. In sum, with regular features looks charming, and I myself have more than once caught myself thinking that he looked at her, my one-eyed Joe lifts his head, but his wife's friends - a taboo. They call this charming girl Nadya, Nadya, or, as he called it then Lech.

So somehow drunk Lech told me one interesting story, in which, as it turned out, I myself was directly involved, and now decided to tell you, too.

our company from time to time (childhood friends) now with their wives, colleagues, sometimes friends of friends remember that it would be nice to get together to talk. How is it we call - to drink beer, even if the beer at the table and will not be. At the time we met in the billiard room. The company has a large and motley. However, all the evening and all the people list makes no sense, except for one character. It was a colleague of one of the friends in common, we know that we go into the billiard room. An avid billiards player Kohl, or it all seemed Kohl. Against the background of Lehi frankly excelled. A tall, almost two meters tall, athletic, he was that night in the shirt, emphasizing his muscular and tattooed shoulders. Jeans close-fitting, emphasizing the elastic ass. In general, a kind of macho, though without bristles week, and clean-shaven. The company he joined easily, was a cheerful, noisy, but not strain your arrogance and obsession. Due to the large companies, we all broke into small groups for a variety of billiard tables, from time to time, gathering together at a table with food and drink.

The evening passed cheerfully, degree increased, and the number of participants, as it usually happens gradually decreased. Almost all of the family who have affairs, who have children. I was that night without his wife, so leaving almost the last, when it remained the most persistent and free. Kolya was one of Lech with Nadya childless, well, a couple of people. I already nazvanivala wife, they say it's time to know and honor. So when I bowed with all the rest is already placed at the same table. Nadya habitually smeared. She played in the pool for the first time, but the enthusiasm to learn she was for three. At least so it seemed to me then. She pestered her husband with questions like what strikes obtained as spinning and so on. Lehi obviously tipsy already tired, he wanted more than to sit down with us, potryndet. He knew how to play, but Kolyan was definitely better. And it is with evident pleasure Kolyanu offered to teach his wife, when he talked about the next trick.

We're back at the table, Kolya Nadya stayed for a pool. I sat facing them, Lech in half a turn, but enthusiasm is something we talked (drunk he always untied language), that seems to me not even looked at his wife. The rest were back to playing. Kolyan set to work immediately and seriously. Navis, thanks to its growth over Nadia, he kept with her cue, showed how to beat, which relax the muscles, and where to apply a force, the correct rack. It looked very sexy, and, although nothing special, he did not allow himself, but managed to rub anywhere. Nadia sometimes sidelong glances at our table, I promptly looked away, pretending enthusiastic listener, all Lech also said something finally relax from the constant control on the part of the wife. I must say, in their family Lech was a typical henpecked. Always active and constantly shubutnaya Nadia had time to notice, straighten, straighten Lech. Always know how much it is worth to drink, when to stop, on which the women can not stare, how to dress. It seems it did not bother, and he was genuinely happy, what his caring wife.

A caring wife at this time ohazhival local macho. She was dressed in a rather frivolous sundress with no shoulders, and, as I understand it, when her bare shoulders and arms slid bare biceps Kohl to the pope pressed semi erection, and it's something she cooed ear, I enjoyed not only by games.

Another couple was going home. We all stood together to hold them, when we were distracted by Nadine joyful cry. It is the first time managed to score two balls in a row. However, they played in the pool, and the pockets are great, and you can score by accident, but for her it was an achievement. She skipped ran to her husband, clung to him, kissed him and said that their table ends up being, as it has only just started to turn. In general, she begged in Lehi even book a table for an hour, and Nick said that the pool she had learned, he went on to learn to play in Russian, they say it is much more difficult, so interesting. We all went to see, and Nick went to the bar to order another table. Nadia departing kissed me (I also have been at the start) on the cheek and flew off again.

Fifteen minutes (as is the case with inebriated companies), probably, we are still seen off the street, loaded with Alina earrings in a taxi. Then with Lehoy more for a long time stood in the street, I remember even joked that there Koljan Nadya teach poor, while there is no husband. More Lech said today they say let his brain povynosit, he rests today. And we parted.

Since then, much time has passed when we Lekha once again drunk, and he was drawn to the revelation. It turns out, he returned to the hall for a long time wandering between the tables. Smoke is there in the evenings - even hang an ax. To examine, where is it missus lost, then I go to the toilet (even went to women). I went outside and coming back, face to face meeting with Nadia and Kolyanom. It turned out they were playing in the VIP booth. The same pool table, but stands in a private room, but not in the common room. As said Kolya, all the other tables were booked were only VIPe. Sloop with Lehi half the amount for the table and left. That's just in spite of the drunk, Lehi felt that it is very shabby looks of his wife, and somehow blame it looks. And most importantly, he just remembered that her lips were brightly dyed, and when they met - lipstick on them was not there. Not otherwise Koljan bastard ate lipstick when kissed, and his wife raped and Lech more for it and pay extra to it. Oh very pleased he was.

When they came home, doubting Lech decided to undress his wife and see if he fucked her, but Nadyushka-slut (as he called her while drunk sharing their suspicions), said she really wants to write, closed in the bathroom, and as she said, "at the same time" and pomylas and even washed her panties. Not finding a place Lech still did not leave attempts to learn the truth, as he put it, "would love featured plowed a hole wife of protracted." Long and stubbornly stuck to her, she was as long and hard excuses supposedly tired of beer a headache, and he was offended and went to sleep on her couch, she came to him, apparently sensing that beat in the impregnability. I come and play with his cock and climbed under the blanket, do blowjob. But he had one thought in my head, get into her hole. Lech struggled restrained, but when Nadia said that if he wants to, she can swallow him, and could not resist obkonchalsya.

Then they both went to bed, Lech did not leave thinking to get to her pussy again began to kiss her, caress from afar to inquire about what happened tonight.

Alas, there is no certainty he had not received. It turns out, she called him to announce they will be in a booth, but he had earlier in the evening put her phone in her purse, so as not to interfere. And then he proved it by showing his phone with its unanswered call in silent mode. And she wiped her mouth with a napkin when spit gum, and washed it because it was very smoky, stinking smell of the whole body - like wash it off. And the panties she often blurs when cleaned immediately, and this was also true.

And then giggling glad as she was pleased that he was jealous of her. I start to inquire what he thought, if he imagined how it fucks Kohl or other men. And what would he do if he went into the booth, and there really has it Nick? And then the very Lech from the interrogator, was interrogated. A long time she is not appeased, the giggling, the teasing, shaming him that he does not trust his beloved girl, but never once did not give a direct answer, what was between them. Simply said, it is still in his head has already been answered. If she says it was, it could be true, or maybe a fantasy. And if you say that there was nothing that Lech can still not believe it. And when she had still saddled, the member has failed Lehin like clockwork, and Nadyushka immediately commented that it Lehiny fantasy so brought her, she just lights up the inside ...

Lech has never forgotten this incident, and still seems to be thinking about it, just drunk decided to dump it on me. And we have a couple more times Kolya saw, at the joint partying. And once he was talking about his sexual exploits, he mentioned that more of it has brought, when he threw one ryzhuhu sex in front of her husband, and then fucked her on the pool table, and her husband was in the next room. But, I did not tell Lehi.

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-Today We have a special program - you said cryptically, as soon as I came to you. And once your pen imperative touched my pants below the belt ... My cock immediately jumped up, knowing what you want it to touch it.
-Hmm, too overexcited. Perhaps it would be too easy. It is necessary to complicate the task - you said with such a tone that I did not even dare to ask what it means. Today was a day of two desires, and I prepared besprikoslovno fulfill them.
-Take off your pants and masturbate his penis - with these words you are sat in a chair, his legs crossed. I tried to say something, but your opinion is literally incinerated me, and I obeyed. So I stood in the middle of the room with his pants down, slipping his right hand on a rearing member, and you looked at me, biting her lip. I felt that you want to snap at him, but somehow restrained myself ... What are you up to? But gradually the idea began to leave my head, and the excitement is becoming stronger. You sit, treat me, studying his eyes, eyeing, as if to a simple vibrator in a sex shop and I'm a completely ridiculous and masturbate his penis ...
-Stop yourself in hand, not to spoil the carpet! - You seem never felt any emotion, so smooth was your short orders ...
Finally, I was free from large amounts of warm sticky sperm, and a member of my wilted and became much smaller in size. You got up, felt his hand and saying, "That's better" ordered to clean up and get dressed.
-We're going to visit ...
In the car, I sat next to you, and you firmly tied my eyes ... Well, now I do not know where I have driven ...
We'll be stopped out and you brought me to the door of some apartments on the ground floor. As soon as the door opened, I heard there are many women's voices. Judging by the laughter, the fun was in full swing, and many drinks were consumed ...
-Where did you go? We were quite tired of waiting. Yes, the guy with a lead. It is said it was - we Devishnik.
-Consider it my gift - you said, laughing.
-Well, one of you who deserve
Well, now I have an empty hand, knows who'll get ... No, thank you. Today do not want to ... But I thought you abruptly brought my hands behind my back and snapped handcuffs.
-Wow, he resists, we are now was quickly subdued.
With these words, several hands grabbed me and dragged him into the corridor to a room. Quite unceremoniously flopped on my bed, and apparently stood around.
-Well ?, someone - someone clearly burning with desire popolzovavshis me
-To whom. Now I have a stopwatch, kzhdoy give exactly 30 seconds. Which in his mouth for him to finish, and she will get it on all night - you proizesla is clearly pleased with his invention of ...
-Who starts?
-Starts ... Those who manage to get his pants ...
As soon as you said it as razdplsya squeal, and many hands rushed to my pants. They will tear me now. Well, what exactly my clothes unless I ...
The belt was undone, the button has already flown away somewhere, lightning, seems ripped from the meat ... Someone pulled her pants down. And someone realized that the pants do not have to be integers, and the girls began to try to break them ... My cock from all this struggle has soared, and stood like a candle in the cake prazdichnom ... Finally, I was released from the clothing. As far as I could tell, just from a few girls were pieces of cloth.
-Hmm - you said laughing - will still cast lots.
-It was too hot, it is necessary to remove the excess, - said a girl golosochkom ringing, and heard the rustle of releasable blouses, skirts and pull off other unnecessary things already wardrobe ... the room was the aroma of lust.

After a short toss determined the first girl, who immediately pounced on my cock mouth and began to furiously suck it ... I'm already scared of surprises - is now suddenly bite. 30 seconds passed quickly, it was replaced by another. She had sat down on me in a position of 69, and I smelled the scent of her holes, which was right in my face. I pulled my tongue, trying to lick her moist lips, but she was so keen on my cock, her pussy committed the constant movement to me, from me ... and those seconds have elapsed. I was already on edge, but to play along with you and to extend that bliss, began to try to think about something else - the dollar, the computers, the international situation ... Though a member of the stake is still standing, managed to bring down the excitement, and the girls followed one another .. . Ah, there it was already. I even began to learn some on her mouth ... Finally, I could not stand, and jet of sperm in her mouth flew another member.
-Hooray !!! - she cried, almost choking is in the mouth with sperm ...
I was lying on his back, his hands a little numb in handcuffs ... What to expect next ... What they have come up with to do with me?
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The story of her love. Part 1

Part 1.

He gently kissed her neck. It was so peaceful and quiet. Nothing bothered them.

Outside, it was getting dark. In light of the small table lamp her garment fell softly to the floor, as if the first snowflake fell on the ground is still warm.

It was the most erotic moment of her life. She already had a relationship, she caressed his chest and her stomach already known the touch of man's hands ... But this. She had not.

He was so young. That's twenty-two. The young goddess. Slim body with a slender soul. Taste the fruits of her body want many of her friends (she did not even suspect). She herself did not think much about it. Immersed in his studies, in the rest of the work. Drawing and music - her passion for life.

And precisely because of this passion, she met him. High and brown-eyed. Like anything any perceptible. But she lost her head as soon as she saw him. He came to study at the drawing club, where she often met. As it turned out, it was a creative idea, for which he needed at least basic drawing skills. But it was not so important.

Now they lay in bed. His hands gently stroked her body. Breasts swollen. And all got wet, so it seemed to remain on the bed wet spot between her legs.

Modest in fact no longer felt alone. She wanted. All my being wanted, that he entered into it. But, like torturing, he did not get down to business. Tortured kissing and stroking. That hand came down on his stomach and touched cherished gates. She even bent and made a loud sigh. He continued. Hand stroking and penetrating. First, quite a bit, but then deeper and behold, it seemed that the whole arm went inside. She clutched the sheets in his hands, his eyes were closed, and there was chaos in the head.

He again clung to her breasts. Passionately sucked each nipple. And let her breasts barely before the second size, it is well suited. After a moment, she felt something strong and resilient sneaking into her pussy.

"It is accomplished!" - Flashed through my head.

He was energetic. Holding her hand, slowly shoved inside until it ran into an obstacle. Yes, it is still intact. It excited him with more power and speed of typing it entered the entire length.

Easy groan was heard in the room.

- Well, now you're all grown - he whispered.

- Go on ... pro ... - for more it was not enough.

He quickened his pace and uniform kneaded her jerky movements updated lagoon.

To be continued.

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Payment for the train taxi

Needless to say, but each of us uses a taxi, because it is convenient and practical. Often I use. My name is Anna, I'm a tall brunette, slim, with long hair. One evening I sat up with a friend, she had a birthday, we were drinking, talking about life. I was in a smart short black dress, the yard was summer. But closer to midnight, we had to go home. Walk was scary, and public transportation is no longer walk. So we had to take a taxi. Tipsy, we called the car and waited. When the bell rang from the taxi driver, we said goodbye to her friends, and I left.
In the yard of the house waiting for me the car, I got into it, and we went. Suddenly, I decided to consider the driver, because the smell of his perfume was familiar to me, and as it turned out the driver, too. It was Max, my old friend, with whom we have previously communicated very well, but when he was offered to meet me, I turned him down because I had another. Maxim handsome, tall, strong, all with him, but he did not particularly like, so when I turned him down.

And he said to me: "Well, hello, Anne, that we met," it sounded fun and not too good, but I said, a smile and we struck up a conversation. He told how he was, I told about myself, because we have not seen for several years. The scent of his perfume was very familiar to me, because we were almost the best of friends at one time, and since I was already drunk, the smell of his little turn my head. When we drove up to my house, it turned out that I had forgotten her purse at home with a friend, and the money I had with him was not. I told him that maybe he will call tomorrow, take the money, and normal chat about everything. But he refused, and said he wanted to get paid now. I said that all the money was in her purse, and even nothing at home because there is a purse. He said he did not believe me and demanded payment of all costs. I jokingly said that his kiss in payment of his debt. He agreed, and when I was going to kiss him satisfied, he began to unbutton his pants and take off his pants. I was frightened and asked him what it was he was doing, and he said that I would kiss him, not only on the lips, I'll kiss his penis while it may seem that I am fairly paid for their own travel. I said I will not do it, then he grabbed my head with force, and bowed to her was a huge penis. It was really great, and I even thought how I had not noticed he had such an impressive dignity. But there was nothing he scared me, and I had to caress his big cock.
First I licked it all over the trunk, then held the tongue on the head, in a circle, he began to moan, but continued to hold my head with force. After I licked it all, I took his mouth. He was so big that I really had nothing to breathe. And she began to swallow it with a rhythmic motion. He said that I did not stop, I began to move faster, in the hope that it would end quickly and let me go home, but he continued to moan, and I gasp with his big cock.

I made him a blowjob for a long time, but then he pushed me and told me that I was filming her panties, and that if I do not do myself, he will do it for me. As a result, I had to take off her panties, right there in the car, and then he did the most amazing thing he got out of the car. I did not understand why he does it, but as it turned out, he wanted to get around the car on my part. On the street it was dark, and we have never seen, or even heard of. He opened the door with my hand, and said that I turned to him booty. I only agree. When he put me with cancer, he abruptly stopped without warning me. Because he was so big, and my pussy is so small, I was at first even a little hurt. But he did not hear anything, and began the rhythmic movements. He went in and out, sharply, quickly, that involuntarily I began to have fun. His cock was a good, strong, solid, great, that I began to moan sweetly. He moved quickly, catching up the pace, and I thought that now it would end, but instead I had finished, because he did everything perfectly. I could not contain his pleasure and moaned loudly, he also began to move more quickly, and when I had finished, he did not stop. He just came out of me, and abruptly entered me in the ass. I did not expect it, but since I was relaxed, the new wave of pleasure began to roll through my body. He moved slowly at first, being in my ass, but then became faster and faster. And after a while he came straight into me, into my ass. I'm all hurt, but I was pleased, because the enjoyment of all that it was difficult to compare with anything else.

He came and went in the car with his hand. I was sitting on the seat, exhausted, but I really wanted to continue. As a result, I told him that when he came to me in the ass, it took even more payment than it should have, and now he has to give me change. And his surprised look, and turned to face him and spread her legs, showing him her sweet pussy that wanted now to caress the tongue. He understood without words, leaned over to me and began to caress my clitoris his tongue. At first he just stroked the clitoris, because it began to pull it, and even suck. It was incredible, because his every move has brought me a lot of fun. He licked my whole pussy, and even got to the hole and climbed to his tongue, but then returned to the clitoris, and brought me to a powerful orgasm. I screamed in his car, because he had never received oral sex from such a high enjoyment. He worked as a language as great as its member. And I thought that nothing turned him down a couple of years ago and deprived itself of excellent sex. He asked if I was satisfied with the surrender, I said that it is very happy. On this we parted. We have not even kissed, he just opened the door to my car and said so far. I'm on cotton legs went home, because until now could not move away from the powerful orgasm that I had to pay for my fare in a taxi last night.
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Turkish therapy

Turkey was the last resort in his long journey. Sasha is already half a year break from work and divorce. So he talked to all your friends. In fact he came over sex. This was the advice of his doctors. Change the situation, find the available girls win or inaccessible. Try something new and extreme. Try to change the partner. Different women, different situations, conditions. Something had to initiate his libido. As a patient believed he tried to get rid of. He was treated for two years. Medicines, tablets, dropper, psychiatrists and psychologists. That just was not. But in the end we started to get rid of him. The last advice was scarce and not effective. But Alexander was grasping at straws. And now, half a year he traveled.

The journey began at once after the divorce. In fact, his wife was the best woman in the world. She was even kind word or did not give Alexander. They have not had sex for two years. My husband had problems with potency. I do not get up, and that's it. His wife endured as I could. Number of vibrators had gone for ten. It is fair to play with them only in the presence of her husband. He did his working out his conjugal duty fingers and tongue. And this he has achieved no small success. Excellent success. Only thanks to his efforts in cunnilingus and his wife stayed with him for so long. But in the end it was all over. Oksana asked for a divorce. Sasha, waiting for it, did not resist. They all told the legend that came up together. Just broke up. Oksana was an honest woman, and no one knew about the problems of his husband.

But a change of mates, trying to diversify its relations nor to no avail. Sasha tried a couple of casual relationships, a bunch of prostitutes. But, alas, nothing happened. His instrument simply did not get up. Then he quit his job and went on resorts. Thanks to his ex-wife, who understood the suffering of her husband. It does not require a penny of alimony and division of property. She had the money. So Sasha visited Thailand, Cuba, Bali and more at many resorts, guaranteeing him sex. But there was no salvation. He remained impotent.

In Turkey, Alexander came to have no hope. It would be desirable to think, to deal with the circumstances and come up with a plan for what to do next. Faith and hope are gone leaving the latter. He resigned from his position. Impotent so impotent, what to do now.

The next day, Sasha, descended from the rooms. At the entrance, where there was a desk, he suddenly saw Ira. She was the wife of his former boss. Next to her was her son. They drove. Number of baggage exceeds the limit. Nine huge bags around which already were busy working away. Ira was left and not necessary to the manager at the company, where he worked Sasha. Her husband arranged there. Just created a fictitious place. All this is understood, but remained silent. She almost did not create problems. Is that for the department of programmers. She stubbornly refused to understand the difference between the system administrator and programmer. And it has always been a programmer to set up her computer. And senior programmers. The number is entered and Sasha. There were five of them, they even Stone, who will go to Ira. Such stupidity in computers they are rarely seen. And calling it meant three hours of torment.

Though she had black, curly hair, Sasha always himself called it a blonde. Ira was, as they say now, or bimbo milf. Perfect body. Tighten buttocks, a single zhirinki, slender as a birch. Breast second size, pressed topom with protruding nipples, no bra outstanding. Athlete in his youth, hundreds of hours in the fitness center. And not one plastic surgery. Once at corporate programmers even tried to find out from the chief as he spends money on the appearance of his wife. The figure to find out it was not possible, but were able to enjoy the chef spoiled mood. He obviously started to count his spending on his wife in mind.

Sasha tried to slip past the registry. Even the room key did not take. Though Ira was a fool, but she was a sociable idiot. The man shuddered at the thought of how much information will pour upon him the woman. And given the desire to be alone, Ira was the worst option.

- Uncle Sasha, hello - Sergei noticed creeping Alexander, he did not let slip the son of Ira.

- Oh, Sasha, hello. You have learned? I il, the former wife of your boss. Hee hee. That there, I'm the manager of this ... well, as our company is called? Well, you came to me to show how the program works, that you have written. And this is my son, Sergei. And my husband did not come. He works the shaft. You understand? He is ... The report ... does not ... How do you call it? Release ... seems to be so. And I took a vacation. Let me think a son of the sea take my ...

From the flow of information Sasha even I cringed.

- Ira, I'm sorry. I hurry to the beach. Till.

Sasha ran. His plan is to be alone just disintegrated into pieces. The fact that the IRA will seek his company that he knew would have a chat with horror. And it will turn into a nightmare of his seclusion. But once on the beach Sasha tried to turn the situation in their favor. Beautiful girl. Amazing woman. Just a dream for sex. This Maid with perfect ass, chest and waist. With its sporty, elastic hips and tummy. She is now near. In the same hotel. And she was the wife of his former boss. Alexander closed his eyes and imagined how it pyalit. How did she come to his room and says that she forgot to charge your phone. He pulls her inside. Rip Off towel wrapped around his waist and climbs fingers under the heat. Then only a groan: "But what about my husband? He's your boss? Oh, stop, stop, "Then in my thoughts was impulsive sex with the wife of the chief. But in fact Sasha lay on the beach like a statue. And it was not trunks and excitation characteristic. His imagination did not help him physically aroused.

- Oh, you're here to tan? We have a number of things leave? We just arrived. Now with his son plunge into the sea. Sergei ran into the water! Sasha look after things.

Ira came out of nowhere, while Alexander tried excited dreaming about it. Her flow of words hit him with a wave. Before he could say anything and Il and his son ran into the sea. It was snowy white swimsuit. Trained elastic buttocks slipped out from under the cloth, glittering in the sun. A strip of fabric on the back to say that the breast is hidden from prying eyes. But this band was so thin, that just said "fuck my breasts." Even her son braked and let the mother come. His eyes, to see her off towards the wave, was the most innocent. On the beach with a dozen men literally drooling allowed.

At this point, Sasha tried to imagine what he would do with this woman in the sea. But alas failure again. Then he got up and went to the hotel, throwing things Ira and her son. He did not promise to protect them. Ira itself here and has talked to himself invented. On the way Sasha phoned his tour agent. We had to change the hotel immediately. With this woman he does not shine to think about their plans. He needed a quiet mood. And why he chose Turkey? Serenity here and does not smell. We had to think about where to go. Quiet hotel near the shore of the lake, can be in the mountains.

But his thoughts ran. Her body, which was next to the only son. Her openness and talkativeness. Sasha knew that the IRA had not allowed herself too much and was faithful to her husband, his bare. But here, even with his impotence, he dreamed of such a body. And his inability to kill him.

In the evening he called the tour agency representative. Other hotel where he could move, Sasha was not. All planes were scored. Girl tour agent almost cried into the phone, telling him that did not find anything. Apologizing and outlining the situation with the hotels, it is literally offered itself as a compensation for the inconvenience. Sasha remembered the girl, who came on the first day of his arrival. She told me about all kinds of tours, walks on a yacht. Its proprietary form. Tight-fitting skirt, white blouse and jacket. This cute attractive face, long straight red hair gathered in a ponytail up to the priests. And this girl who has this first year at the agency just offers itself as an apology. And he had not even moved. This caused a rage. He yelled cute, beautiful and sexy girl and hung up. All his thoughts about what he resigned to fate collapsed. It was killing him.
Given that neither leave the country, or even to change the hotel he was not allowed. Sasha moved to a state of siege. A couple of bucks and he called to the registry when Ira came back from the beach. Sasha went to the room, like a wild animal, looking around. Number Ira, as luck was on his floor. Convinced that Ira is not, he ran to the beach. Quickly realizing the client's position, the Turks told him about the marvelous wild beach, where the rest mostly local. But to get there it was necessary more than an hour. Therefore, Alexander rarely used this opportunity. To pay for the admission to the beaches of the other hotels did not allow greed. A hotel on the beach sunbathing, and his reflections on life was more like a convulsive. Sasha was afraid that the IRA is now back and they would have to cross. As a result, his nightmare was raised during the dinner. Sasha tried to enter the restaurant, at the last moment. He is usually seen with his son Er. They have already eaten. If he caught their eyes, then he nodded in response and passed. That's enough. But on this day. Ira sat down next to him.

- Did you have to avoid? Just say. Am I not beautiful? Although and here it is. I am the wife of your boss. Listen if you are afraid of me? So I'll allow everything. All that is in Turkey to remain in Turkey. Hee hee.

Such frankness Sasha did not expect. And just stared into the valley between her breasts, hidden swimsuit. Ira talked and talked. Sasha And all this time trying to imagine how his risen member walks between these tubercles.

- Well enough to stare!

- What?

- I'm telling you to look my breasts are not reduced.

- I beg you, it's your dream. Well on, you look at my shorts or something there. - Sasha joked.

- Look, I think you do not know what you are paid on the registry, what would they say to you when I'm on the beach, and when not? Today I paid a couple of dollars more and they told me everything. And a couple of bucks and a tour agency told me that you tried to move out. What does it mean?

- Ira, it's ... I'm, you know ...

- I'm bored, Sash. Then some asshole. Just to sleep with me. Bailiff and landed. Let's come to five in the evening on the beach. I'll be there with my son. You want to talk, just pretend that I'm your woman.

- That I ...

- Just to the asshole behind. You have no idea, every five minutes someone suitable. So let's meet, let's drink juice, wine or vodka. Monotonous boring tackles. How do they get it! If only those who helped the poor woman.

Sasha looked at Ira. Her nipples looked straight at him. As such, it is not surprising that even married molested Ira.

- Good. But I ...

- Okay, okay - Sasha Ira interrupted. - The five on the beach.

The appointed time Sasha took his place on the beach, next to the things Ira and son. They have already splashed into the sea. Ira went to it all in the same white swimsuit. Drops of water ran down her body. The woman began in front of him and started swinging the hair with such plasticity and grace that Sasha almost cried with anguish and resentment. After all this beauty will pass it.

- Sasha! You came! Thank you.

Ira Sasha leaned over and tried to kiss him on the cheek.

But reflections and dreams Man was much stronger than him. The woman next door, it is necessary to fuck as ordered throbbing veins. He immediately hugged Il and held her close. Ira lost her balance and fell to his lips to the lips of Alexander. They kiss passionately paused for a moment. Woman involved in the game and her supple tongue desires fulfilled man. But in the end he did not get up again.

He often tried to start the engine so with different girls. And he already had a plan how to do the girl rejected him and did not understand that he is not worth it. Sasha included cad. So she dumped him myself. One hand movement pushed melting. And quickly put his fingers in the crotch. Ira was lying on the guy. Its melting moved sideways. The perineum and anus hole appeared before all the beach. A second three fingers man completely disappeared from view. A thumb pressed to the anus. And that nothing is concealed.

- That you're gone! - Ira jumped.

The woman turned around and froze as if she saw something terrible. Then he quickly corrected swimsuit and walked to the beach. Sasha was glad he did not get up, and she did not even notice. For him it was important. Now she will think that he is one of those assholes who think only of how to sleep with her. This reaction was also needed. Suppose now that tells all. Although some reputation.

When Alexander ceased from his own dreams, he looked around. And I saw the son of Irene. He stood at the edge of the sea. Waves its gusts only reached his heels. Judging by where the standing Sergei, he could see the crotch of my mother. Sergei literally jaw-dropping. Yes, he saw it all. And all perfectly considered.

- Well, what you stand? Catch up with my mother. Maybe she needs your support.

Picture glowing buttocks at the end of the beach Ira and Sergei, who was trying to catch up with her Sasha was taken off balance. He realized that in his swimming trunks riser. His penis is literally tearing the fabric. It was shocking. It took more than two years. And here alive tool. Sasha gritting his teeth realized that not even learned how to immediately call prostitutes. He started to look around in search of girls who could prisunut his hero. Five girls he saw no boys. Sexy swimwear. Two girls lying on his back. Small breasts and a thin strip of fabric on the crotch. Three more girls were lying on his chest. With unbuttoned swimsuits. They were like sleeping statue. At the same time their buttocks between which a ghostly faded fabric of the swimsuit attracted accessibility.

Sasha began to figure to whom options are to roll. Too long courtship did not suit him. Contribute money. Suggest a thousand dollars, maybe two. It is hoped that this should be enough for any of them. From these reflections his cock immediately fell. Angry gnashing of teeth heard it all on the beach. A couple of seconds, all the campers were watching him. It was his first riser in two years. And he immediately disappeared without a trace. Sasha packed his bags and went to the room. All evening he anticipating in mind all that has happened. I am waiting for the moment when an erection. But something has eluded past. He returned to his despair.

The knock on the door. When Sasha was opened in a room broke Ira.

- You're an idiot! Do you realize what you've done?

Ira stood in a transparent white robe. Red panties and bra or they could not escape. They shone, stood out and shone. Even under a transparent cloth robe, lace underwear ka¸mka crazy.

- My son! My own son! You understand?

- What happened?

- What? What happened!? And then you do not understand! - Ira did not shout, she screamed and thrashed in his room. - You! You! Happened you!

Sasha grabbed her by the waist. He flopped on the bed and sat on his lap Il. Strong grip, he did not give her up.

- Tell me what happened okay?

- What? You!? You specifically!

- What? What I specifically?

- On the beach! On the beach showed me! He showed me his son! - Ira tried to jump, but Sasha did not give. - Is he! Is he! Do you have any idea what happened? Now what do I do?

Ira cried, sitting on his lap Sasha.

- He, he was all day then stared at me. My son! On me. He just between the legs, and I looked. His eyes, he burned through me! The burned through panties! You, it's your fault. What the fuck? I just wanted to be a friend. You are guilty!

And then Sasha has developed image. Togo had happened on the beach and what is happening right now. His term on the evidence of his thoughts began to rise. In anticipation of even his saliva flowed.

- Tell me what happened.

- Ya ... I ran away with the beach. She returned to the room.
And I did not know what to do. You! You are guilty! I flowed. I wanted sex. I'm here for a week, and around one asshole, even sex with them would not be desirable. I thought you get, and you as Hamley on the beach ... I ran to the beach. I thought alone. Start to satisfy himself. And then the door. Serge was walking behind me. I managed to get out of bed. He did not understand. But he stared right back. To where you are on the beach moved melting! He saw and now only looks that way!
Sasha heard through word-il. She always talked too much. All that he cared, that he riser. A member of his brazenly already rested in the ass Ira. He silently opened the robe, pulled her bra down and began to knead the chest.

- And then what?

- Later? You're an asshole. Sergei invited me to take a shower together. He said so. Do you realize what you've done?

Sasha's hand was already in the crotch Ira. Three fingers dipped inside.

- You say his eyes burned through your crotch. But in fact you just flowed from his eyes. You wanted this young member. Yes?

- No! Are you a pervert?!

- You came to me because you want a member. Are you afraid that another hour and you yourself nasadishsya mouth on the penis of his son.

- No! - Ira jumped. But Sasha skillful movement turned her and put her on her knees.

- If you like, imagine that it is a member of a son.

- No!

- As you want. - Sasha Ira I grabbed by the neck and planted on his dick. Woman lips dutifully grabbed the barrel and began to work the tongue.

- Oh, class! - Sasha briefly went into nirvana. Sponges and tongue Ira knew their job and it gave Sasha unforgettable feeling. Here it is! Here it is, happiness. The present. His cock stood stake. - Well? Want you inserted?

Ira just silently turned and became a cancer. Slightly wag her ass she said:

- Put me!

- And when are you so flowed? I look at you there the flood.

- Paste! Cram his dick in me! Now! I said!

These words only amused Sasha.

- What for? I understand you do not fuck with anyone. Room son, even impossible to masturbate. And you want to. Look son excites you. You want ...

- Oh please!

Sasha did not continue to torture the girl. In addition, the thoughts that are now most likely the son of this woman fingering, representing the body of his mother. Sasha realized that only by these thoughts he was a stake. He slowly walked back. He stroked the buttock. Summed head to scarlet lips and a push Ira planted on the eggs.

- Blyayayad! Yes! - Ira hands buckled and she fell on the pillow having caved in back. From this skin even more stretched in the ass.

Sasha did not have women with a gorgeous body. In addition, years without sex made themselves felt. The fast frictions he is dead inside.

- What? And it's all? You ... you kazel! What was it?

But Sasha did not give women time to recover. Clinging lips and fingers to the crotch, he was to meet her. In this he was a master. Years of practice with his wife without a riser. He had the five minutes that could make a girl to beat in orgasm.

- Wow. I was a boy in his youth. I was his first girlfriend. He then finished quickly. You've got it the first time - Ira laughed merrily. - From an hour you do not because this wife left?

This barb hit the very essence of that angered Sasha.

- You would already go. Can have time to catch his son, drochyashego on your underwear.

- That you're gone! - Ira turned and walked from the room. At the door, she called out to him in the end. - Champion sprinters!

Sasha evening drunk as a lord. Ira Words like splinters wounded him. He had a kind of progress, such a joy. Years do not feel sweet languor hard dick. And so it happened. And as a result, he is now a sprinter and a young boy who is the first time. Sitting in an embrace with a bottle of vodka, he sobbed like a child.

The next morning, Alexander learned that Ira and Sergei drove off to some tour of castles and ancient ruins. For a three days. That was good news. Now Sasha was ready for any dirty tricks or meanness. He had no idea what would happen if he now met Ira. But for three days, his feelings have calmed down, and their return, he even stopped drinking.

On the third day, Sasha met Ira with his son in the lobby. They had just returned. Ira as if nothing had happened joyfully embraced Alexander.

- I am so glad! How happy! You do not know what we saw. This was spectacular. So many new experiences. So many photos! I'll be sure to show them. We had a wonderful tour guide. Just umnichka. So much to tell.

- Very interesting - Sasha barely drew a smile of welcome.

Ira Sasha hugged again as an old friend and whispered in your ear.

- After half an hour I will come.

Pending Sasha tried to tune. He remembered all the moments that were to them the first time. But a member of the treacherous lying. Ira went to the room in short denim shorts and a white tank top. Bra on it was not and nipples stuck out from under the mounds of tissue. The form of these nipples licked Sasha made, representing their taste in his mouth. Ira sat down in a chair and threw her leg over the other.

- We need to talk. You're an idiot! You're a fool! Do you understand?

- Ya ... Nuuuu - This turn Sasha did not expect and confused.

- Three days! Three days of the son was next to me. He did not leave me a single step. In our group there were two girls of his age. It is to them did not even look. And they both stared at him. I thought they were ready to jump out of cowards, but he looked at them. And he kept staring at me. In the bus sitting next to spend the night in the same room. I was not one second! All the time with the lustful male. - Ira breath. - Well, what the hell are you then slid my trunks on the beach. I am now even afraid to imagine what my son thinks.

At this point, Sasha realized happily that excited. He just took off shorts and stood next to Ira.

- Again Quick? Okay, let's just so. I'll quickly appease, and then you can arrange me, what do you do then with your fingers and tongue. - Ira smiled. - I just for the sake of your fingers and come.

The woman is slightly bent down and began to suck. Just drove down the barrel sponges without the tongue. Even the handles did not help. And when Sasha wanted to put his hands on her head, she pushed them. But as time passed, and Sasha still did not finish. And Ira had seriously included in the game. Palchikov she began to massage the testicles. Tongue caressing the head and carry it along the barrel. Slightly biting head. She even once swallowed a member as a whole, which caused excitement among the men.

- That is well. Are you perezhral tablets? - Ira stood up, took off her top and shorts, under which there were no panties. - Let's go to bed, I'm on top. She promised the same to please.

Before you sit down to a member of the IRA with serious and severe face he said.

- Finished in the first second, I'll kill you right here. I'm serious. The last time it was at least offensively.

Sasha silently grabbed the woman by the hips and put on his penis. Ira bit her lip and stood still getting used to new sensations. Accustomed woman pushes her hips. Fifteen minutes of racing on a limb, putting in every movement, and Ira collapsed on the partner's chest. Slightly whimpering from the orgasm she began to bite a man's chest.

- How can I have long without a man. - Then her eyes became serious. - Sasha, you are definitely not on the pill?

- No, I ate or anything. Do not be distracted.

Sasha has itself begun a woman stick on his penis. She sat on top. He held her by the hips and hands raised and lowered a woman's body on itself. He did not know the riser fatigue. And Ira at the same time is exhausted. And I was ready to finish the second time.

- Sashulya, I'm back ... - the woman's eyes rolled back - Mmm ... Good.

- Sasha, I have enough, I'll go.

- Stand! Dreaming!

Sasha Ira threw on the bed. She threw her legs over his shoulders and began working a jackhammer. His hands clamped her mouth. It was too loud, she began to scream. So they continued another half hour. While Ira had finished the third time. Her cries and moans during orgasm had a pillow to muffle. Ira herself grabbed a pillow and pressed it to his face. When she let go, she refused to continue.
- Goat, I erased it all. My lips are burning. Sprinter crappy, tablets he did not ate. Though that would be tested received. - At this point, Ira saw the face partner. - OK OK. I do not guzzled. I believe, hee-hee. Just come without crotch. Fuck me in the tits.

For Sasha it was like a fairy tale in reality. He was a member, as a soldier. He has just granted the three gorgeous woman. And now she asks to fuck her between her breasts. As he dreamed of the first day when I saw her at the hotel. This new game was delayed them for another half an hour. Breast Ira were already inside A red. She diligently tried to catch his lips head of the penis and hands with the force squeezed her chest. But in the end, and then Ira gave up.

- I can not anymore.

Sasha Ira put on his knees and began to fuck already firmly in his mouth. He himself has wanted to come. Man in horror began to understand what will happen to him if he always will be the riser, and he could not finish. He roared like a beast already spitted Irin's mouth on his dick for the most eggs. Rigidly fixing her hair hands, he controlled her head. Alexander fucked and fucked. In the frenzy to frenzy. In fear that it will not stop. Ira at some point tried to stop it, to pull away. But strong hands did not give her freedom. Lipstick has been wiped off, the tears washed away the ink. Ira, well-groomed woman spends the lion's share of her husband's earnings on fitness, yoga, spas, cosmetics. Now her face looked like the last whore selling. And she continued to resist poorly to sit down on the penis. But it looks like Ira lacked experience. She was breathing nose, swallowing and energetic member lowed only when the eggs Alexander rested on her face.

Ecstasy came unexpectedly. Eggs are simply exhausted, when a member has once again plunged into the mouth of Ira. Sasha quickly pulled out a member, and almost all the sperm hit in the face of a woman. So much sperm Sasha had never seen. And Ira also.

- My husband and I once watched porn. When so much sperm. It seems called bukak. - Ira tore the sheet off the bed and carefully washed off the layer of semen.

- Bukkake - Sasha corrected her, even though he was not sure.

- She do not care. You're more of these pills do not guzzle.

Ira got dressed and went on before leaving.

- I to you will not come. I understand, the wife of former boss. Fucked this on the hard, punished for what he did. But really you have me in the crotch all erased. There aches, chest pain. And the throat with his lips hurt. I did not subscribe to this.

Alexander did not care at all that says Ira. He was good. A full sex for a period of time. And it is all the same finish. He thought that he must come to terms with impotence vanished. Here it is sex. He can. Everything can be returned. Sasha sprawled on the bed and smiling.

- The next time you come, I'll fuck you in the ass. - Sasha did not know what it said. Ira just said that is no longer enough. He wanted to say thanks. He even thought to fall to his knees, embraced by the legs and tell everything. But he said, for some reason, Anal.

- That you're gone! - Ira flushed, I jumped up and went to the exit door. At the door she stopped and said. - This is only a hole for her husband. So that do not dream!

When Ira came out of the room Sasha fell asleep and slept until morning.

Over lunch with Ira son addicted to Sasha.

- Son, we forgot about the fruit can escapes?

- Of course, Mom.

Once Sergey departed, Ira leaned over and whispered to Sasha.

- In the ass I do not give and do not dream. And as for the rest, let you in an hour.

- Okay, I agree.

- And further. You must rectify this situation with his son.

- In terms of? What?

- Bullied !? - Ira literally hissed. - With son! You should talk to him. Like a man. You are a man? I'm his mother! I do not know ... Tell him I noticed his eyes on me. To put pressure on his sense of duty, honor, dignity. What have you guys appreciated. Finally, on his filial feelings. Frighten eventually. Say, if you notice, father and even more notice. This full kapets for him and maybe for me a divorce. You started it, you and the finish.

- Okay, I'll try.

In the evening in the hotel bar Sasha waited il leave her son alone. So it was planned. And when it happened, he immediately sat down to Sergey. They were silent. And the first conversation started Sergey.

- You sleep with my mom.

Sasha even paused in surprise.

- Everything is fine. I do not care ... but there is a suggestion.

- What? - Already wary said Sasha.

- I also want to.

- Mmm. Nuuu ...

- Mom to date, right?

- Yayayaya ... How would ...

- And you too. That moment on the beach. I am grateful to you. Would you know how long I wanted to at least see the ...

- It was an accident! - Unrecognizable squeaky voice broke back.

- I blew off the roof. Then I could not stop thinking only of her body. It is obvious. She noticed. It is impossible not to notice.

- You have an analytical mind, like his father.

- Do not change the subject. Mom said, you talk to me and I have to listen to your words. It was after she returned from your number. I know it. But wait! Not a word. I have a secret from my mother drank today. Allow the finish, while courage is not passed.

Sergei looked around and pulled out a bottle of juice from the bag. He made a couple of sips.

- Juice with vodka, good way. - He smiled. - Well. I want my mom. And I think you can arrange it. So what kind of mood she returns after sex with you. She was flirting with me. It shows a much greater than normal. It seems to me that if I'm following you thrown over her, she gave me as a crazy whore.

Sergei made a couple of sips.

- But I can not. I'm scared. All that I can masturbate. And I need more! And I'm willing to pay! I've got 500 bucks. I have already called your friends. I can get more in 2000 dollars. That's all I'll give you.

Just a couple of sips.

- I do not know why, but it seems to me that you, too, are interested in the topic. If you want I'll do it on your eyes. If you want, I'll do it with you. Yes! Together one woman. My Mom! That anything! As you wish! Just give it to me!

At the end of rants Sergey panting and he was obviously excited. He got up and started to leave.

- Wait. Today, no hints or looks at her mother. Let rest and decide what our conversation went well. I need to think.

- Yes! - Sergey beamed. - That is good. I'll tell them everything.

After the departure of Sergei Sasha went to the bar. Ohrenevanie the situation cover it.

The next day Ira shone.

- I do not know what you told him, but it worked! It is again my dear boy. My son.

- Yeah, Il. We need to talk.

- What? Something is wrong? - Joy immediately replaced by anxiety.

- Well, we talked ...

- And? So what? Do not Tom?

- He's sooo upset. I am even afraid, as if he did not do something ... reckless.

- Shit, what? How? What are you? Immediately tell me everything!

- He just takes it as a son. And he does not see anything. He was so worried that you see in this vulgarity. Well, what do you think he wants something. He did not even pay attention to it. Your son is naive and innocent seen in you only mother. And now I do not know what to do?

- Innocent? - Il was pensive. - Well I do not know. These views, his attempts to go to the shower, when I'm there.

- Probably in your imagination.

- Hmm. And what do you do?

- I think we need to show that a kiss on the cheek, forehead, light touch to his lips. Or let's say just hug her son. Or tickle, pat hair. This is normal.

- What? - Ira became red with anger. - Of course it's okay! It's mom's love for his son.
Stop! You think I'm a bad mother? Do you think that in these actions, I suspect bad ?!
Ira thought.

- No, it's ... Well, it is. There's more. While it may be. Maybe it is. Perhaps it seemed to me.

Sasha crowed. He did not even think that this nonsense can ride. Throughout the evening and this morning he was thinking what to say. And so nothing came up. Now he acted impromptu.

- So what should I do?

- Show him that it is okay. Most kiss, certainly not in public. He's a young guy. Itself you know, he wants to be independent. Cuddle, jokingly slap him on the ass. And if he will pop you Laugh with him over this joke. To twist in a swimsuit in front of him, before leaving the room. Ask for his opinion. Go down the stairs in an embrace. Well, not the shoulders, like a crazy chicken hen near. And let him hold your waist. Show everyone how you have grown-up son, and you are proud of them.

Ira nods.

- And the main thing. - Sasha leaned over to Ira and zagovorschiski whispered. - What is this, if you forget to close the door to the bathroom. After all, except the son of anyone in the room. Well, he will go. Laugh at the situation, say that busy. Ask a towel and apply the next time be careful.

- Yeah, I guess I did not react properly. I did so offended by his behavior. What is he now feels?

- But Er, there's a problem.


- You know it's all too slow. He is now in such a state that is before it will reach that everything is in order. Sergei can do something is not right. They are at this age so impressionable.

- Yes Yes! Impressionable. He had a first love. And this bitch dumped him and started hanging out with his friend. He was so worried!

- Here you see! You're a mother you know everything.

- Oh yeah!

- I think we should do something today!

- What? - Ira glared at his interlocutor.

- I have an idea.

- Yes Yes. What?

- When you go to the beach. Tell him you smear cream. And it is not particularly shy. Undo bra when he spread his back. Lightly raced panties that he could spread as much of your body as possible. Be sure to ask spread legs.

- Hmm, and that's exactly normal for a son and a mother?

- Yes, if you are asked to do a stranger it would have been suspicious. But think about it. You asked me to do it, when we were on the beach. You do not want to say that your son more than me.

- Well, we seem to sleep together. And it would be part of the game ...

- But not for him. He does not see in this game. He thinks that you treat him worse than me. - Sasha sighed and decided that if it is not sent, then you need to push to the end. - I'm afraid to tell you this.

- What else?

- Your son thinks you hate him. What do you hate even hug him.

Ira terrified eyes bulged.

- I! I! I hate? Own son? That way he could? It's horrible! Yes Yes. Here it is necessary to do something. I will do.

When Ira left, Sasha grabbed the cell phone and began to dial Sergei Room. This impromptu grew up in some kind of plan. What will happen next, Sasha did not know. But now the main thing was that Sergei would not spoil anything.

After dinner, they went to the beach Sergei overtook them and went ahead. As soon as Ira was convinced that her son could not hear she spoke.

- You were right. He just stopped to look at me. At all. I asked to give me a handbag. And he looked out the window and just handed in my direction with her hand bag. And no longer speak normally. Something mutters under his breath. I can not make out half. And when I ask him to repeat it further turns away from me! Yesterday, after the conversation, everything seems to be adjusted. But now I see that he is going through, it is something to think yourself out there and winds itself.

- Here you see!

- What to do?

- Everything is as planned. This will help. Now catch up with him and put his hand on his hip and his. Put your head on my shoulder. Walk way to the beach. Tell him he grew up. What do you see in him a real man. Something like that.

When Ira sped ahead to carry out his counsel Alexander quietly began to scratch his head himself. He struggled to understand. Why not kicked Ira ears to his son, why do not slapped him a slap and sent to hell. In the extreme case there is a good old belt. Why is this happening. He simply had no answer.

On the beach Sasha waited just a nightmare for its programming logic. Ira started to behave like a whore. There was a languid voice. All her movements were graceful and sexy. Just spread out a towel, she attracted the attention of all the men in the neighborhood. Sitting down on a towel and her ass like substituting face to the sun arched her back so that even through tight swimsuit material became apparent her nipples. Then she turned around, stood on all fours. Not forgetting to stick out her ass. And the first went to the face and chest. At this point, her ass is not just sticking out, and with a stretched cloth literally asked to fuck her. And only then ass fell down. Next Il widely spread legs. He raised his head slightly lowered her glasses down and languid voice said.

- Son, I smear cream, please.

Sasha jaw just dropped. Sergei froze, afraid to move. None of them did not expect such a representation. And that's what Ira perceives as "normal"?

- Well, what are you, I can burn. - And apparently to prove it il start to wag her ass.

Around them, there was a ringing silence. Within a radius of three meters were all looking at Ira. Everyone in the neighborhood were afraid to even breathe, so as not to startle. The first woke up, Sasha. He jumped to Sergey and pushed him in the direction of her mother. When he fell to his knees beside her, Sasha put cream in his hand. Sergei woke up. When he squeezed the cream, his hands were shaking. He had great difficulty to settle down. Touching the palm rest to the mother back, Sergei biting his lip. He sat pelvis turned away from it. Hillock in batches gave him from head to toe.

- In gentler son.

- Yes mom.

Sasha became suspicious look around. He suddenly felt that now pop up people with hidden cameras. And tell him that it was a hoax. And he goof, if, at least for a moment believe it. What now it will be shown in any gear and disgrace to the whole world. But nothing of the sort happened. Here Ira one motion unbuttoned the top. Here Sergei stroked her hips, fingers lightly touching the base of her breasts. Here it comes down to the waist. He no longer smears cream, and just stroked it. Ira prispustila swimsuit bottom. The light will furrow between the buttocks.

- Smear out there that would not strip.

- Yes mom.

And the son petting caressing the base of his ass mom. His finger dives into the hollow and breaks through into the interior. Ira bends and begins to hum.

- It's enough. I smear legs.

"Enough ?! Judging by the length of a finger, he took you to the anus and massaging it for about ten seconds. ? Enough "- I almost cried Sasha.

Due to widely spaced legs of the son she was able to stroke and caress the inside of the thigh. Until swimsuit fabric that hid so little. Eternity, but Sergey and did not move from the hips down. He kept stroking and stroking them. At some point along the fabric she had a son and brought his fingers to his nose himself.

"Kapets, that she began to flow?" - Sasha was terrified. If only he fingers her crotch is not stuck. How he did not think Ira stupid. But it would be a failure. Sasha grabbed the nearest shell and threw it into the head of Sergei. After a silent pantomime Sergei gave up and sent a hands down. Knees, ankles, legs, feet. The son studied mothers body with such tenderness that just watching it, could get his penis and masturbate. And Sasha was required enormous effort that would help it.

- Come on now before.

And Ira capsized. Her unbound top jumped down. Mom quickly covered his chest with his hands. But for a moment his chest was bare. Sasha and Sergei saw it too. The son began to smooth the top of the chest. Carefully avoiding bumps breasts, covered with palms. And he stroked her belly. His fingers persistently torn down to swimming trunks. And Ira cornfields like nothing had happened pulls down the cloth. More millimeter and show her crotch. It is completely stripped pubis. Giving iron son is an intimate place. "If only Sergei did not try to fuck my mother right there on the beach. If only he had kept before they return to the room "- Alexander, literally praying, watching this pair. Hands son slid down. He ran over the fabric right there where there was a hole. And he began to stroke the base of the legs. Again, the inside of the thigh. Then below. Kolenochki and right up to the stop.
- Thank you, son - murmured Ira.

Even a blind man would have noticed that Ira wet between the legs. When the farce was over, Ira lay on her stomach and forcefully squeezed his legs. Then voluptuously moaned. "That she there all swollen," - thought Sasha. It was a triumph. In what will be engaged in mother and son, when get to the room it did not have a drop of doubt. "We ought to demand a premium for what I threw in one day Ira" - Sasha grinning.

But the situation has spoiled Sergei.

- I bathe - he cried - and darted into the sea.

Hiding the waist, he began making strange movements.

"That he Jerks!" - Sasha guessed and ran into the sea.

- Idiot. Not here.

- I can not stand.

- You're a fool. Now Ira will turn and all will understand. Hold on before you return to your room.

- I can not.

- Pancake. Sail away from here. At least on the neck. And it is better to buoys doplyvi. But that not a single soul has not realized that you have to get up here!

- Yeah, okay uncles Sash.

When they returned. Ira repeated the maneuver with a hug and held her son's waist. Sergey, in turn, in a brazen put his hand on my mother's ass. "This is a victory" - rejoice Sasha watching them. How he wanted to go for Ira and her son in their room. And to see how Sergei pounce on my mother. How will they kiss. As his hands to repeat his way through the mother's body. As they meet resistance palms on his chest. O son will crush the breast of his mother. Will fumble fingers her nipples. Then he sank down and his fingers penetrate into the inner sanctum. Irina lips will tremble under the caresses of her son. And all that now Sasha wanted to know, whether it is or il they first otsos¸t just fall into bed. And there son finally ambushed his mom.

Sasha burst into his room. Erection caused him actual physical pain. Thoughts about what is happening in the room Ira drove him crazy. And he began to masturbate furiously, and before his eyes swam scene, what should happen next to him. All his experiments in sex. All the video he watched, becoming impotent. All these terabytes of video paled in comparison with what he saw on the beach. All this was in reality, and he saw it. Sasha is now not the slightest doubt. It is worth it to remember this, as he will rise. This was an absolute victory over impotence.

In the evening I came to Sasha Ira.

- Well, how? It's been okay? Well, that is, at first I was worried that doing something wrong. But the rest of the day my son and I were joking, having fun. We talked on various topics. He told me a lot of his life story to tell. As they have fun. I'm so glad.

- So you were talking and joking? And nothing more?

- I.e? - Ira blinked in surprise. - All the same, something wrong? Maybe I should not have left him alone? I'll go then.

But Ira could not. Sasha quickly grabbed her and threw it on the bed.

- Well, I do not.

Shirt fly down and her shorts and panties. And before the man is naked, smart woman.

- I have a surprise for you. - Sasha pulled out a tube of tables.

The woman immediately cringed.

- No anal. Well, bliin. We have already discussed. I do not get any pleasure from it.

- Honey, I tried so hard to reconcile you with his son. Worried, nervous.

- And all for the sake of ass? Rest a little what? You do notice that you have a holiday romance with the most beautiful woman on this beach?

- Noticed. - Sasha smiled and persistently held out a tube of liquid forward.

- It's not enough. I am not ready.

- Everything is. - Sasha, again reached into the nightstand and pulled out a package. - Klizmochki, special condoms, a small vibrator.

Ira even laughed.

- Vibrator once. I'm sure your magic fingers will cope better. - Ira grabbed the bag and headed for the bathroom. But then she stopped. - Tablets are not ate? An hour or two, I will not give you. After the ass you do not get my other holes. Do you know where my husband nab scar brow?

- A fight in a bar - Sasha instinctively remembered stories boss.

- Yeah, of course. On the day of the birth, he got my ass. And in the end he tried to shove his cock in my mouth. - Ira laughed ominously and disappeared into the bathroom.

Then began the torture. The girl is clearly not in a hurry. And tormented partner forty minutes. When she came out immediately reveal all its cards.

- Do not fall more? Pancake.

- You will not get it.

- Okay. I'm ready.

Ira went to the room. Collected four pillows. Three of them are put on each other. And stomach fell on them. The latter put a pillow next to his head. She reached for her panties.

- Consider'll yell so that the people will gather from the neighboring hotels. Now I shove her panties in her mouth. Then, if that will plug the pillow itself. But everything has a limit. Will start to operate a jackhammer, the case is not fully doved¸sh. And the scars you have added here.

But Sasha it is almost not listening. He was placed behind the girl. Great view ass cushions. Anus straight up. With her legs spread wide. Buttocks parted, giving great look at everything. Ring has already been developed by women's fingers. It twitched slightly. As it seemed to the beat Sasha heartbeat. It was exciting and beautiful. His cock ached with tension. But Sasha was in no hurry. Initially, the index finger. Just a little bit around the ring. Then brazen and tactless with his palm in the crotch. There has been a lot of fluids. Lots of. Ira moaned with panties in her mouth. This sound Sasha so impressed that he stopped listening. In his life, yet never had a woman with panties in her mouth. And his life has never had anal sex. Ira, he did not say. But now as a teenager began to tremble before the first sex. His eyes widened in surprise as a young man. Before the loss of virginity. Is this happening. I was this girl here and now allows him to do so. It is now would be his first time.

In a sense it led only interrogative moo Ira. Apparently he is dreaming, and lost track of time.

- Now, now, my dear. You must understand that such a great ass, I have not seen. Let me enjoy the moment.

- Mmm! - Approvingly responded girl.

Sasha began to slowly introduce your index finger. Slightly bending it, twisting and turning around its axis. Zamir at each reduction ringlet.

- What you have here timid.

- Mmm!

- You feel? All my finger in you. Now there will be two fingers. - Sasha repeated the whole procedure again.

- Do you want three fingers? Or do you want just a member? - Man purred.

Ira pulled her panties. The Sasha brought a lot of pleasure. This wet with saliva tissue lump. Sasha immediately realized that it is required to take away the girl as a trophy, and will keep it the rest of my life.

- All the same, your fingers is a miracle. I think it is already possible. - Ira said, and immediately put her panties back in the mouth.

Head there and then put her in the ass. He froze, waiting until the anus cease convulsively compressed. And as soon as the time to provide ducked inside. Polly swallowed head. Ira squeezed ass. Slight pain occurred at the bridle. But the pain was so sweet. This promising. The woman breathed heavily and began to relax again. Sasha lightly press down, just a little bit. And a member of a millimeter moved inside. It was insanely long for men. He had to constantly restrain his desire to move the pelvis and completely immersed in this treasure. Finally, a member plunged. Easy testicles touching the skin of the girl delivered a separate pleasure.
- And now back, my dear. - Sasha reached for the hair and gently stroked them.

This went on for ten minutes. While not all the same demons defeated Sasha. He wanted to accelerate. Member began his movement faster.

- Mmm?

- Come on, honey. I did not finish ever. Be patient.

But a member did not listen nor affectionate, purring host girl does not moo. He accelerated, living their lives. At some point, Sasha realized that already drives his dick in the ass Ira with full force. And his hands are holding a woman struggling. For a moment, he stopped. His cock was inside. Sasha leaned to his ear.

- To be honest this is my first anal. Sweetheart patience. Just let me realize my dream!

- Mmm !!!

Ira tried to escape again, but Sasha grabbed her hand and led them behind her back. Woman bent down and continued. Even ignoring the attempts ringlet shrink. Fucking this perfect ass hard.

Orgasm was fantastic. Four times Sasha experienced such in my life. Spilling all the sperm inside, he finally let go of Ira and sat down.

Just at that moment he noticed that Ira behaves strangely. Buried in the pillow, with panties in her mouth, it did not change the posture. Her legs twitched erratically. As with convulsions. Sasha even felt cold with fear. He snatched the pillow from her face and pulled her panties.

- I'll call an ambulance!

Ira grabbed his arm.

- CCCC ... Uh ... Uh.

- Do not worry. I will fix everything.

- Wait. - Ira told through force. - It's ecstasy.

- ABOUT! But if you need an ambulance just tell me.

Ira could only shake his head slightly, a sign of failure. Even for a moment her legs twitched. And the woman, leaning his forehead against the bed could only that hum.

When it passed, Ira finally rolled over on his back. Her pant Sasha scared more than screams during anal sex.

- What happened to you?

- Shut up. I feel good.

Just twenty minutes later she oklemalas.

- That it was an orgasm. Hard fuck me there. Who would have thought that this would happen.

- You do not become a cripple? - Cautiously I asked Sasha.

- Mmm ... It would be necessary. - Naked Ira slightly arched and stretched on the bed. - But I forgive you for such an orgasm. You know. This is the first time in my life.

- In my too!

As a result, Ira came to herself and gathered out. But output has stopped. Embarrassed as a young girl turned to Sasha. And he clung to his chest.

- Promise me that a couple of days will not touch my ass. There's a little sore. But then, if I freaked. Just take me by force. Just fuck me there. As the latest roadside or any port whore.

- I promise!

- Thank you. - And Ira gently pressed her lips against his cheek men.

The next morning, Sergei dropped into the room to Alexander.

- I did not work! I was so scared, legs gave way, my knees were shaking. - Excitedly I began to tell.

- Then I'm not an assistant.

- Today's try? I remember a feeling of her skin on his hands ... - Sergei's eyes sparkled.

- And the point?

On the boy's face was a sorry sight. He instantly turned pale. The voice began to tremble.

- We did not get?

- Do not we, you. - Sasha said it with such pride, that even he was confused.

Sergei sat down on a chair and looked plaintively at Alexander. "Even a little bit and it cries"

- OK OK. Let's try something more today. Now listen carefully plan.

After lunch, Sasha invited Ira with his son on a wild beach. He walked a little away from the mother and her son, watching as they go arm in arm. Ira without stopping, something told her son. Now Alexander was ready to retreat. Dumb plan to lure Il on a wild beach and there to breed her to have sex with her son under his supervision. And if on the beach someone will? And Ira behaves when will understand what's what? Only little voice sang of hope, that there is nothing worse than already will not.

There was no one on the beach. Sergei and Sasha looked at each other with relief. So far so good. Il spread a blanket and like last time purred, inviting his son to grease her body. A moment later, Sergey already massaged her shoulders. Gently and slowly sinking below the arms. The woman again helped the guy and she unbuttoned her swimsuit top. Giving spread the bare back. After back Sergei specifically moved to the soles of the feet, thighs that would have been the end. And when his hands got to my mother's thighs joined Sasha. Sitting at the head, he began gently stroking the girl's hair. Unopposed, he moved to the lugs and neck. In a moment, Ira tensed, but Sasha immediately began to whisper to her soothing voice and Ira again relaxed. Having that time to relax and get used to it caresses the neck and palms on the thighs son, Sasha asked Ira stand up.

- Everything will be fine. - Sasha winked.

Ira started to get up. He lifts the buttocks with one hand and op¸rlas. The second she pressed it to a bare chest. At this point, four strong men stopped her hands. Behind in the ass grabbed the son, in front of Alexander. After that, the women rested sponge member. Ira was stunned and did not understand anything. Probably just because of that Sasha was able to shove a member half in her mouth. He did not wait for the surprise pass and began to fuck her mouth in Ira. Watching Sergei. That clearly was in prostration, like my mother. With wide eyes, he watched as the mother's head is placed on the penis. This clearly was not the plan. Sergei had to immediately take my mother's perineum. Now or never. If Ira wakes up and sends them the second chance will not. Sasha took one hand from his head and began to attract the attention of Sergei. Consciousness son emerged from the prostration, a moment of awareness, a nod. And begin to implement the plan. Expose and sliding sideways Mom's swimsuit son with his hands to send members to the womb. Then lay your hands on her hips and one female push Sergey realized his long-held dream. Fully immersed in the mother he stopped with a beatific smile on his face. From another prostration brought him back, waving the hand of Alexander. It was necessary to continue. Sergei began to fuck my mother.

A minute later, Sasha realized that no longer stand. And slow down. He took out a member and sat down, which would face the Ira. The answer to it was the evil eye woman shuddered under the impact of his son.

- Idiots! - She hissed, biting his lower lip.

Sasha smiled back at her. He took her hand, which she still clutched to her chest and dropped down. Chest fell and immediately began to sway to the beat of her fucking behind her son. Ira again glared at Alexander. He reiterated that they are idiots. And then suddenly he parted legs and stuck her ass up. He bent back and lifted her head up. Invitingly, her mouth slightly open. Sasha immediately took advantage of this and put the head of the penis to the lower lip. Now he did not have to fuck her in the mouth. At the next push of the rear Ira herself succumbed forward and planted on his dick. Bliss men knew no bounds. Now they do not fuck Il. She began to rock. Trying to spread on the members and the son Sasha. Sergei mother even slapped on the ass. In response to receiving a bellowing and a strangled groan. He did it a couple of times. Only when the ass red spot appeared on his palms, he stopped.

Finished first son, my mother had finished on the back. A minute later, Sasha followed. He did not give Ira a dream with his cock and cumshot in her mouth. Sperm flowed out of the corners of her mouth. When Sasha let go of her head Ira exhausted fell on his stomach.

Ira, panting lay five minutes. After that got put on the upper part of the swimsuit and adjusting lower toward the sea. When she left, Sasha spoke quickly.

- Listen carefully. I'll order a taxi and we quickly go to the hotel. I think it is important not to give your mother to recover. Therefore we can not give her a chance to be alone with his thoughts. It is necessary to bring it to the room. Then I'll leave you two together. As soon as you get up you have to repeat it. You have to do it myself. You have to show that it was not sunstroke, obsession, madness or error. And most importantly myself. Without me. You must show that it is not my fault or something else. You have to show their initiative. And as soon as possible.

In response, Sergei waved his head. But his eyes were in a fog. Alexander had to repeat the words several times.

At three o'clock in the morning to Alexander knocked on the number. Before him appeared Ira. Slightly under the guise of a bathrobe. Without a hint of makeup. And the shock of unkempt hair. Wandering eyes barely stopped at Sasha.

- Today I spend the night with you.

- What?

Ira already passed by the owner of the hotel stop.

- He's wear out of me! - Ira's eyes rolled upward, his lips moved, remembering something. - Five! No, stop. Six times. In our room, he fucked me six times.

Then Ira went into the room and collapsed on the bed. Sasha did not even stick to it. Just lie down beside him and fell asleep.

In the morning he woke up again knock on the door. It was Sergei.

- Mom here?

- Uh-huh.

Sergei immediately tried to slip inside. But the owner of his numbers down.

- Hey, what udumal?

- What do you mean what? Sex!

- Weather. Let her sleep. Relax.

- But! You said to take the initiative.

- Ira told you yesterday it six times.

- Yeah.

- Enough. He proved already. Hmm. Well, that is, we go to the cafe talk.

- Really? Six times after the beach?

- Uh-huh. I did my best.

- In principle, fine. But I think enough. That is, you see wear out her half to death. It's good. And now, all still need to give her time to catch up on sleep. Relax. - Here Sasha made a wise face and began to philosophize. Naturally full impromptu. - On the one hand we have to show that you're still her son. On the other, that you adore her as a woman and a mistress. From the third to show that it is not where to go, and you will have sex with her, when you need it, not your mother.

- Wow! And this is how?

- Something like that. You see yourself what turns flourish. Come to think.

When Ira woke up, it was surrounded by roses. Many, many roses. On the bed, a bedside table, a floor.

- Mom, be careful. Not a prick! - Immediately the son came to his mother. - You like roses?

- Love.

- Mom, I brought you your stuff. Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, comb. Well, you know, that you had not walked down the hallway to our number in this form. You know, Mom, I'll do everything that no one would ever know about us.

- Mmm ... My boy is growing. Thank you.

- And I brought your evening dress. You do it so wanted to wear. But the case was not. I reserved a table at a restaurant. And I invite you to our first date! You agree?

- Wow! Already evening? I slept through the whole day. - Ira got out of bed, ignoring that it alone unbuttoned robe over his naked body. - How much time do I have?

But there was no answer. Sergei stopped, enchanted mom charms, opened from under the robe. Ira then hastily closed.

- Oh, that is fine. Is reduced so the girl in the restaurant. As I have promised. And then enjoy.

- Yes Yes! - Sergei nodded. - Mom, you're beautiful! Just the mere hint, and I should.

- So there will be a restaurant - already disappointed spoke Il.

- Will be! Yes. I'll bite your lips, banging his head against the table, but I suffer.

- You really grew up, my boy. - Smiled Il. - So how much time do I have to date in a restaurant?

- An hour and a half. And do not worry. You do not have to blush for me. Nor any jeans and T-shirts. I put on the costume that you brought to me.

- Go already, dress up. Mountain mine. - Ira already laughing. And finally launched the son of a pillow.

After Sergei left, Sasha went to the room. And he began to collect roses.

- I've listed them in your room.

- Thank you.

- A?

- Do not be a asshole. I will not repeat. Thank you. During our sex. For his fingers. During the anal. For something that has helped my son fuck me. For something that helps me to be his whore. Even yesterday, I thought that's it. I will become a hole for his own son. But these roses, a restaurant, a date. Thank you.

- Will you owe me?

- Pancake! All one! I then open the soul.

Sasha did not let her finish. Hog into his arms and held until capricious girl did not calm down and not utkn¸tsya in his shoulder.

- You need to get ready for a date.

- Uh-huh.

- You know what will happen next?

- Hee. Sex. My son turned out to be more bogatyr¸m.

- Almost guessed. He will lead you to me. And the two of us take you. I'm going to show him how to deal with your ass.
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Erotic etude 7

She always loved quality stuff, whether it's clothes, furniture, cars, food or tobacco. She knew that the work of hundreds of artists in their field will always be different from the muddy stream of consumer goods. And now, sitting in an excellent, beautiful chair, she enjoyed drinking good liquor and smoking expensive cigarettes delicious. One by one. One by one. She was always nervous before the arrival of her baby boy. It seemed every time that a miracle will not happen again, that shrill false note zacherknet all that had accumulated in her memory a handful of secret treasures. How much do you need to kill the small and defenseless Pichugov - happiness. Just one wrong word or a glance to allow life to get a little ugly, carefully nurtured lie. But he always did and said is correct. This clever boy-actor lived intuitively able to pull out the failed any stage. He has always been able to recognize her mood and play along in unmistakably found Washington ... There was a time when she was not afraid of these meetings. It started so simply and predictably, that she had not had a headache over what should be said and done. The boy was a friend of her son, and the first time she saw him, funny and awkward when they were rehearsing a song in the studio, rumbling speakers. This studio is not skimping, erected for his pimply, ugly, non-native son. The money she spent on him, helped her to forget what she is a bad mother. They sat, surrounded by beer, loudly discussing some nonsense. The dynamics screamed voiceless moron, but they were Kaifu listen to his cries, and she did not mind. The son looked at the boy with reverence. He always chose the friends to whom admired, and if one of them gave up the slack, he always attacked the idol of yesterday with all the arrogance of a spoiled child of a rich, capable lazy phrase to put in place the poor upstart. New idol did not look too confident, and it is amused. Will not last long, she thought, looking around at his gaudy outfit and hands, not knowing where to put himself. for then He looked at her, in passing, as the furniture - and she shuddered as if struck whip. For calf languishing wire flashed a sharp, momentary flash. She photographically lit from the inside. and immediately light-polluted photo she saw herself - an aging bitch, pathetic, useless, marketed and sold three times, the beauty of the cover in the beer tavern, stained and wet roach mugs. ...Doorbell. It is he. Always so - under his fingers as if the call is quieter than the rest. Call - and scratching like a cat, with her long claws guitar. She ran into the hallway and was able to slow down only at the door. Ice Castle cooled her hand, she pressed her forehead against him, and only then opened the door to get it ... it was for her usual woman's game. At first, she wormed her son the phone, then faked his coming to visit in the absence of her son, then he gave to drink tea, talk, hints, glances. He was not pulled away, but did not help her in her siege activities, watching them with outright boredom. This went on for several days, and every day it is more and more entangled, feeling that familiar with the game it does not pass. Perhaps, however, he simply stuffed his worth. Anyway, then, when the price sounded, she realized that the income from one of the small firms have to start in a new direction. And, alas, it is perfect, that is, absolutely could not be traded. This mysterious boy was not whore pants, a professional gigolo. He lived in a world of fantasy, and she found it a strange place in the form of an ugly drakonshi, drooping over with gold. Coppers here did not pay off. ... He's a heck of tasteless, this genius of pretense. And now, without looking at the expensive liquor, he uncorks disgusting beer and lights that his Gitanes. He sits in a chair, without taking off his coat, with the collar turned up, looking at her with an irritated look tramp, who poured the soup in the canteen for the homeless. Funny, native to disgust style. But over the past six months, this boy has become rich, even by adult standards. Why did he spits on everything for her is a symbol Astoyan Life? .. He did not even bought a car, although it, like, should dream of every boy. He squeezed her as the girl at the disco. It is preceded by the dread of chiefs in larger offices where even a fly buzzing a semitone lower. She likes it, likes it rough head, it is not childish strong hands. She likes when he knocks her on the carpet, and there, in a puddle of beer overturned, she accepts his bitter kisses, smelling the french tobacco. World of beautiful things it is crushed, crushed, destroyed. This boy manages to do something that has never failed to itself - to break the veils, spit on falsehood, crumple and throw away packaging life, taking its contents for what it is - not rejoicing, and without wincing. They wallow among the debris sinking, wandering the floor beneath their feet, like the deck, their embrace of love are desperate. Lifebuoys his eyes are close-close to her wallowing loneliness. And it stops - a moment has come. Sixteen year old girl who lives in the books and movies of power, it falls motionless in a long second. Audible smile Faust sounds strange tango in the world there is no more dirt and lies. He takes her body and stopped to take possession of them. First, he sets it as a tool (oh, these musicians!), Referring in turn all the strings and the sound sensitively correcting those false. His tongue, which in addition to skills and mobility has also a valuable property - patience - penetrates into the inner sanctum and settled there, furnished and putting things in order. As a conductor collects musicians, threatening that gape and smile that were quick to reveal notes, it leads to a whole range of sound fused her senses, forcing her to respond after a quiet setting and powerful consonant chord. ... And - the music starts. Her body balloon rises above itself and flies out the window. Squinting into the sunlight, she was flying over the buildings, monuments and winks frightens careless pigeons. People at cafe tables start kissing, wipers, open-mouthed, staring blindly up, eyeglasses lone window meets her sunbeams. She flies away, out of town, to the place where still lie the stones around the fire, extinguished a long time ago, before the eyes of a young girl who decided to spit on their own childhood. She wants to stop this girl: - Do not! No! Do not you dare .. but the music grows, the wind turns into a storm, and raising it to the height of the blind, throws down, past the town, past the fire, near the boulevards - the carpet in an expensive and strongly useless apartment ... He falls off to the side , lights. In his eyes incomprehensible dotlevayut dangerous sparks. She wants to caress him, but he habitually escapes. Never, not once in all six months, he would not let her fondle himself. and I never found his hunger and did not give her to satisfy it, no matter how she tried. Then he takes the money and leaves. If she puts him more than necessary under the agreement, he throws too much on the table. However, sometimes he leaves at home, smiling apologetically. And then she realizes what he is small - its fabulous boy.
© Mr. Kiss, one hundred fragments of feelings, 1998-1999
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Three colors of life

1. Pink

- Let's go fuck!

- Hush! Well, you're a disgrace to me ...

- Poshliiii - happily pulled Liu, clutching Shmygin sleeve.

- Where will we go?

- Anywhere! In your hut went!

- Let's go. You only this ... not matyukatsya.

- And who taught me? You taught!

- Well, not on the people the same shit ...

Shmyga walked for Liu, jump as titmouse.

She was happy. Three weeks ago, she was a woman, and since then, bathed in what is called "love": in the intoxicating young shamelessness, when all that is shameful and impossible suddenly became possible. She said, darting a "favorite", "pusenka" and spreading from this sweet puddle; she repeated after him - "fuck me" and "I'm your bitch," - these words flogged her severe tingling, and she tried to tell them as often as possible.

- Vylizhesh me a pussy?

- You, this, more quietly, - muttered Shmyga, opening the door.

- Lick me ... pizdenochku ... sweet ... she loves your yazychochek ... - Liu whispered in his ear, dying from what he says these words.

She was thrilled when the hips there was not a shred of clothing, naked and stydoba COLD Shmygin views; she loved to shake her breasts, pink, young, and slap them darting over the face - this nipple filled with juice tickled, and it seemed that they were about to burst. Little fountains sticky condensed milk or liquor ...

- Iiiiyy - she howled and bent cat, blushing with delight for him.

Besstydnichat was unbearably sweet and embarrassing, and when Shmyga penetrated inside - Liu shouted, rolling his eyes.

"I fuck", she thought - "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ..."

This spell filled her weary horror. Horror otladyvalsya in the body, and sometimes (not always, but sometimes) Liu suddenly exploded like dynamite, and then it was blowing a fountain to-ceiling scratching fingernails sniffing.

She did not know from which explodes - with pleasure, of their fantasies or mantra "fuck me" and did not want to know.

- You're fucking. I was just ohuezno, - she whispered after another fountain, and Shmyga wrinkled his unshaven cheeks.

He was older than her twelve years. Once, in a past life, when he had just holed Liu, she was a polite girl with braids and bespomadnymi pale lips. Oduro on what it did, Liu cut mane, dyeing the rest of pink, pierced eyebrows, eyelids become thick black tights and wear the pink stripes. She crammed so excited that she could not remain the same: it was necessary to perekorezhivshey all of myself to become a completely new Liu - fucking sexy and adult, both Shmyga.

He swore, but did not leave her, and Liu again and saw all that he loves her forest life.

- Do you love me very much, do you? - She purred, his head thrown back.

- Yeah, - mumbled Shmyga.

Thousands of sweet brooks flowed from his tongue into the oil Liu bud, and she moaned, flashing a smile at the ceiling.

Outside the window rattled and even rattle the glass, but she did not pay attention: in her body flared tickling, cloying, like a dream at dawn, and Liu with all his strength swung open toward young to A perfect in it, as a handful of snow ...

Grohotnulo somewhere nearby. Shmyga got up and looked out the window.

- Uuuueee - capricious howled Liu, who quickly ducked back.

A minute or two or three could be heard diligent champ. Then Liu suddenly jumped.

- It is impossible, - she said apologetically. - Pisya want.

- Hello. I could not tell? I'm here, this, I try ...

- Sorry. I am right now, instantly ...

- Do you remember where the toilet?

- Yeeehooouu! - Liu shouted, taking off, as she was, naked in the yard.

Shmyga lived in the private sector, and the amenities were behind the house, in the weeds.

He ran a few steps, she darted back - "no, can not be barefoot in the shit ... It is necessary to put shoes on ..." - pulled the right shoes on his bare feet and rushed to the outhouse, cold with shameful nakedness in the hips, although it no one watching .

Closed the door, Liu sat down on the stinking pit and closed her eyes, imagining how right back and substitute Shmygin tongue and drown in orgasm as in wine, and will scream and jerk feet and grunt, and drool, because when you finish - you can everything, even what can not be, not ever ...

She did not hear the whistle, picking up outside the door - or, maybe, it merged with its dreams, crackling like fireworks.

She did not have time to see how the shell by drawing the air, flew into Shmygin hut and blew her fiery tornado.

All that was close, crumpled and otshyrnulos away - and the car, and the board, and the fence, and green box toilet with Liu emitted colorless into nothing.

2. Steel

- ... Especially for you - a report from the war for lagerople ... sorry, from the POW camp. Just literally five minutes ago, received information that a female sniper known as the Steel Serpent, very dangerous ... uh ... very dangerous enemy, on whose conscience - dozens of lives of our brave soldiers, uh ... she taken alive and is now here in plegere voennolag for ... oh, I'm sorry! And then you see her, this woman, a young woman, uh, girl throwing a peaceful life, study, family, in order to kill, kill, kill ... kill their brothers ... Tell me, uh, what was your motivation?

Journalist stabbed microphone girl in handcuffs.

In that short hair was steel-gray. They can be mistaken for gray hair, if not a young face with chubby cheeks.

- Can you hear me? What was your motivation? Why are you shooting at live people? Why you...

- I can not hear, - she said. - There was an explosion. A hearing aid is selected.

The journalist, stumbling for a moment, leaned over to her ear:

- What was your motivation? WHY YOU...

- My fiance was killed in his own home. Two years ago. He was killed by a shell. Your projectile. You killed him. And I...

- You hear? You hear? It looks like she really believes that we killed her fiance. Girl! We do not fire the neighborhoods! In all the years of the Great War Beaver with our Donkey shells never came ... that is ...

The journalist shouted in her ear, then into the microphone, then again in the ear. She no longer said anything.

- ... Like millions of her compatriots ... but it was her choice, and we are ... So, apparently, came the convoy, now captive, uh, obscured, and ...

She looked at one of the guards. One - on it.

Their eyes frozen pulsing lights. They seemed to emit radiation.

Soon, everyone in the room had fallen silent ...

- Hey, Che is? Work, work, - a second guard pushed first, and went up to the prisoner. - Come on, come on. I went to ... Take your camera! Removed the camera, I said, damn! - Naselle it to the operator, pushing the girl's door.

- Why are you alive? - She cried another.

- I ... I'm in the house, this, the basement has been ... - muttered one. - And I just dived there ... vodka ...

- Do you know each other? - I grinned the second. - Gone, gone. Hex else - he pushed the captive through the open door.

She looked back at all the first. (As you can see, she did not hear anything.)

He stood like a statue.

3. Gold

- Stand up - he brought her machine.

The girl did not move.

- Vstaaaaat !!! I'll shoot, blyayaya !!! - Cried shrilly military, gun poking into the void.

She lifted her head. She looked at him. Slowly he stood up, hunched over like an old woman.

- To the exit. On vyhaaaaad !!! - He shouted again, because she did not move, and pushed it back into the barrel.

So they went: and then it stopped, and he pushed her in the back. On the third or fourth step, it froze, and everything is repeated again.

After passing the corridor, they went outside.

Air lime trees to the skin mist floating in the night, as the ink jelly. Pulling balaclava, military pushed the girl to the gate.
- So terrifying, yes? - She grimaced.

- Shut up ... Glory to Beaver! - He called military protection, raising his hand.

- Forever Glory - responded sleepily out of the booth. - Where?

- On questioning. For Bath.

Gate creaked. The military has included a flashlight, cut through the night golden needle and pushed the girl forward, into the fog.

For a time they walked in silence. Then, when the last building left behind, and they went out into the field, bottomless as vakkuum, she looked around.

- Poshlaaaa - military hissed, pushing it again.

- Without a trial? - Mouthed she asked.

They walked a long, long time, until the lights behind not in gold blurred blots. Military flashlight weakened to a minimum, and that barely covered the drenched asphalt.

- Wait, - he said suddenly, looking back.

The girl did not hear was held a couple of steps forward. Then he looked around.

- Here?..

- What is "here", "here" ?! - Again psihanul military. - Zadolbali! Here! ..

He took off his shot gun and put it on the ground. Next he built a lantern. Then he stepped back.

Girl a second or two staring at him. Then he rushed to the machine, caught him, and sent to a military ...

He stood with his arms crossed.

- I do this ... I will scratch out. Do you want to - bring down their. And if you want - come with me. It's more fun together.

She stood looking out into the darkness. Then he said:

- I can not hear...

- Take it. Do not even think to shoot - the military went over to her, holding out some thing.

The girl raised her muzzle, but immediately dropped.

Trembling with tension, she gave him come up and stick it in the ear hearing aids.

- Now hear me ... I say, let me?. I'm here to make legs, and you want me ...? Let `s together. Do you hear me?

- I hear you. You ... you want to run to our?

- Fuck me your yours! I just want to run. From this fucking war, it is clear to you?

- ... If I run away, I will continue my work. While the enemy is walking on my land ... Why are you with them?

- I told you ... Eeeh, yes you do spit only won in the eye hit me, still itches ... I told you so ... As explained by my hut shied oslisty ...

- And you believe that?

- ... Do not interrupt! When, at my hut shied, and you're dead ... Well, I thought you were dead, I did not know then ... Before I to you not so ... so gormonchiki and all that ... but after - me as proshiblo. For your sake, I broke then Bobropol, joined the volunteer battalion ... It's all for you, for your memory ... I wanted to take revenge for you, you know? And then - you're alive. You...

Shmyga paused.

Silent and Liu.

Lantern light at night golden beam, and it floated sparks moisture ...

- You are a gray or color? - Asked Shmyga.

- Gray.

Liu fell silent again. Then he continued:

- How have started to grow - it turned out that gray. Pink I cut her fucking ...

They were silent again.

Then Liu took off machine, carefully, like a child, put it on the pavement and came close to sniffing.

- And now they're golden you, - he told her.

- Gold? Why?

- Flashlight ... And the hair you droplets ... light ...

Carefully, as if afraid of getting burned, he ran a hand through her hair.

Liu stood motionless.

Then she began to sob quietly.

Shmyga stroked her hair, and she cried louder, sloping toward him.

Soon they kissed, sucked tightly into each other mouths, like leeches. Fog shrouded their golden shawl, gleaming in the lantern beam.

Then Shmyga panting became wet pants pull off with Liu and myself. She clumsily helped him ...

- Ahh! Painfully...

- What is it?

On her thigh darkened whether a scar, or a bruise the size of a saucer.

- The tattoo was ... Great ass. Scraped with pumice ... I screamed, and they scrubbed ...

- You were raped?

- I do not want it ...

I shmyga long kiss her thighs and stomach. Then, with the nth times penetrated into it, and they straightened up again, swaying in the mist, as if dancing a ballad.

- I did not know that you can fuck like this ... not fucking ...

She was not crying. Shmyga nozzles and licked her face with golden droplets - whether rain, or tears ...

They have not been found, although declared wanted.

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My sweet

It was delicious. I just came to my beloved. He was my first, and I am his. He brought me home, I pomylas, lay down to rest, and it is a miracle to me. Lay a couple of minutes, and I wanted to kiss him. Clung to his hot lips, enveloping them with her, our tongues entwined, felt the excitement.

I began to stroke his chest hand, slowly moving toward the stomach, tedious wait and wonder of its members proud and rebellious in my hand. I began to stroke him, and he became more and more. I go down to him and kissed her head. Oh, the taste! She took it in her mouth, began to suck, moving his hand up and down. I heard his heavy breathing and moaning. At the same time he began to fondle himself fingers!

But my miracle abruptly turned his back on me and began to masturbate me with his fingers musician. I was writhing, moaning, screaming, scratching his shoulders and ends ... When my no strength left, he took off his shorts and went ... He went slowly, as if afraid of hurting me, and began to move his penis rubbing against the walls of my vagina They brought me to another orgasm!

We changed positions, he slapped me on the pope, growling, moaning made me cum again and again! And I felt a powerful impulse in yourself, my beast stopped and lay down on me. His cum began to run down my HCWs, he again put me on his back and began to lick my bosom.

His language describing the incredible figure in my treasure. I was trembling, begged him to love me even more. We slept ... Satisfied, happy, satisfied and in love. In the morning my boy woke me gently biting the nipples, but that's another story.

I love him.

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Sweet crisp day and night in the Grand officer

Village Street, lit a starry sky in May. Subtle silhouettes of houses. The reality of the touch. Soft, warm, intoxicating. Tight hugs, kisses. On the bench. She is beautiful. It is difficult to see now, but there are fresh in the memory image.

A few hours ago, she and her friends came to the house where I was staying. We had dinner before going to the disco. She sat across from him. Blonde. Beautiful facial features. Big mouth. The long neck, smooth shoulder line, slender arms. The medium sized breasts. Then there was a table with the village and alcohol goodies to choose from. Fruit liqueur, wine in a sealed bottle, brandy, liquor, moonshine. When asked the girls what they prefer, he answered for all of Natasha. It was clear that the company is a leader. It used to be ahead. Firstly, the appeal, and secondly, to a serious extent of the Greater administrative resource officer. My sister worked in the village council.

But the closer I tried to discern bias in the behavior of the real queen of the evening, the more obvious performed its softness and openness. She did not pretend, and immediately offered to drink brew. Ch¸kalis, drinking. I tried to fill her mind with their toasts.

While gathered to go to the village festival, darkened. They walked in pairs. I was holding Natasha's hand and left hand felt the cuts package pen, drawn with bottles of liquor. Basically, the plastic with moonshine. Occasionally he stopped to drink from the bottle of vodka burning. Natasha refused to join, but obediently waited glotnu, wrinkled, twisted the cap and throw plastic bottles back in the package.

I do not remember how started kissing. Even before the dance floor at the local administration. And there ignited the youth. Groups, circles, and underfoot, like us, was a package with booze. I was covered. Began a wild dance. We referred to Natasha. Lace. Then I danced alone again, peering into the faces of the locals.

Found eyes shop. When I got out on the light bulb on the porch bench, feeling the eyes of young people drunk, beer gloss lacquered red eye. I bought a couple of bottles of the same, so as not to focus on the home purchase - condoms.

On the street, back to the trees, sitting on the curb each. Without a word, it was clear that he is now in the past into a tailspin helicopter. It did not take long for me to join the drunken vertigo on the verge of collapse. Foul occurred when driving home in the car. It was possible to resist and stop the car in time to poblevat. The rest of the road went down in shame eyes.

But what was a pleasant surprise when left alone with Natasha. Bench in front of the house gate. On the street no one lantern. Hugging and kissing. I suck and lick her big mouth. She kisses before the chill, it seems that this is now the mouth breaks, as well it captures his lips.

Hand feel for her leg. I push your fingers into her shoe. deeper, until it comes off with heels. Massage the foot, clench her fist and relaxing back, leg glides in transparent, thin socks. Finally I take off the shoe with fingers and put her foot into his palm. All this time she continued to suck my mouth.

The language I want to get into it more deeply. Sample some of its individuality, taste try her body. And so it becomes a natural idea to shove her foot in her mouth. Feel as she steps on my tongue. She is silent and does not resist. Lips barely touch the coated nylon socks body. The language to spend on the heels of the thumb. inhale the scent of her legs. At first, as though by accident. And then I retract eagerly smell Natasha, resting his nose in her fingers. The faint trace of sweat. Slim and so personal. it was difficult to make out in the darkness her reaction, but when put your foot in his mouth, it does not interfere.

And I continued to suck on her toes and balls of the feet, as far as it was able to insert. I do not know what she was thinking at that moment, but I licked the salty touch her evening activities. The language moved apart each finger, to overcome the resistance of a colorless socks. Drowned her fingers in the saliva is not perfectly cleaned up her right leg. Then I put the shoe on the wet leg and switched on her neck. I collected her scent, licking blatant bra part of the chest, neck, ears, sink, pulling the tip of the tongue bitter taste inside. She ached, and I reveled in the taste of her body. She was good. It was all in my will.

And I continued to caress her. He said that she stood up, turned her back to him and pulled off his jeans with panties. She has placed in the side of the legs, so far as the clothes and bent so that the vagina has become more accessible. I would like to look at her face when instead of the expected member of the vagina, she felt a touch on her anal hole. And it was not the head of the penis and tongue.

Although it is unlikely such a confused affection. She stood silently and received confirmation of its appeal. And I like to give her a sense of triumph. So I'm not in a hurry. Gently he drove inside the buttocks, felt down around the holes. This was my first blonde, which climbed up the language in the ass. And I still could not tell if her someone to fuck? Feels like it was narrow, not stretched hole. But judging by the way she stretched her hands buttocks, freeing up space for my fucking language, she was not the first time licked ass.

This is against the backdrop of rustic serenity of the night, a deep, when there was no barking dogs on the chain, but not yet crowed katuhi. So dark that the two meters away from us could not see anything. It was very erotic haze. she put on the beauty of the first village, which is in the sticks at kissing ass 10 meters from its gates. And then there does blowjob guy who knows 4:00. and certainly swallows. we were not able to continue sex. we were terribly drunk. He accompanied her to the house.

I woke up in a terrible moonshine hangover. I went to a neighbor Gale sober. Proposed eat pickled cucumber. So far, I followed her to the cellar, and she took out a jar from the shelf, had to make a joke about the response treats his cucumber. She laughed and agreed ambiguously "receive medical treatment" together with me. a third glass she had already sucked. And my pulse hit in the head, so that he could not finish. I do not know how much more is going on, if it had not come to one of the neighbors. Galya fuck not particularly like. But Natasha did not meet until the evening, and then left.

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