Business trip

part I
It started two years ago. I was looking for a new job and on the recruiting agency was sent for an interview at a large company, which is engaged in trade in food across the country. At the interview, everything went smoothly, along with my professional qualities important in determining my candidacy had the opportunity to frequent long trips. For the salary that I was offered, I was ready to go for months, the benefit of the family is not burdened. The last phase of the interview conducted CEO of this company. It was a pretty, slender woman 40-45 years old, dressed in a strict business suit. In a casual conversation she was the same several times asked about the opportunity to go on trips and getting my unconditional consent congratulated me entering on duty. I was elated !!!! Still, in the 23 and soybean already such salaries, soc. package, medical insurance, a foreign car in the private polzovanie..Ya worked for a month, got acquainted with the works and announced its readiness director, her name was Julia V.. And finally, at the next meeting of Yulia V. she told me that I was going on a trip to Novosibirsk in our regional predstavitelstvo.Otezd was appointed for tomorrow. Yulia V. told me that I would be called in front of the airport to her home and took the package to her friend, who was the director of filiala.Na next day at the appointed time, I came to see Yulia Vasilyevna home before the plane left for 4 hours. She met me in a robe, obviously after a shower. I was embarrassed, pretended that nothing much is happening, she invited me to come in and suddenly grabbed me by the power of the tie pulled down, I was forced to kneel. When my head was on her stomach level, it opened the robe and I saw her smooth pussy epelirovannuyu with strongly drawn labia, they probably hung a couple of centimeters, those two shriveled leathery marmeladinki. The figure of her, I must admit, it was good. Slender, devoid of vegetation, smooth legs, trim sport, not age a strong ass, a little sagging breasts third the size of a still protruding nipples. She ordered: - "Lick!"I was taken aback, but she pressed my head to soy pussy and began furiously to drive it over my face trying to be that my nose got it right in the hole. I pressed his lips together, she began to breathe heavily and out of her pussy flowed odorous zhidkost.- licked I said !!!!! through clenched teeth she said, and slapped poschechinu.Mne had to obey me. I licked and licked, trying to work his lips and tongue, as best he could. It seemed it lasted an eternity. Finally Yulia V. moaned and released menya.- If once again I have to repeat to you, I'll throw you off work. I got it ?! Animal !!!!, and threw me a rag that I utersya.- Understood, said I. 'Shut up, I already know that you understand your no longer open your mouth until I tell you will not tell it to do. Clear? !!!! I nodded in otvet.Ona smiled, she liked my submission. She told me that this month I'm going to live with her, and in any trip, I'm not going that my responsibilities include maintaining a constant purity between her legs. As soon as it comes out of the toilet, I had to run to her and lick golden droplets with her pussy. As soon as she came home from work, I met her at the door, he took off her panties and began to lick her crotch, then she went to the toilet, wrote there and I was again forced to lick her while she was standing and top-down haughtily looked my unizhenie.Cherez couple of days later she brought home what is the man. He was somewhere around 65 years. He was gray and thick. I immediately christened it "hog". Yulia V. fucked him in his bedroom, and I had to sit at the ready at the closed door and wait for her team. So after prolonged groans, screams, sighs Ohoven and she called me, I immediately flew into the room. Yulia V. lay on her back legs spread wide, flowed from her pussy fragrant whitish slime, she saw my hesitation, raised his elbow and on the index finger imperiously pointed to your lower abdomen. He had nowhere to go and I fell to the mouth odorous source. I licked and licked and jizz all continued to flow. I first had to taste sperm, at first it was not pleasant, but I soon got used to the taste, and he even began to like it. I had to push through language as possible glubzhe.Kraem my eye, I noticed that the ugly fat old man looking with interest at what is happening. Yulia V. However, noticed it and told me to lick and his crotch, lick it, and not suck. Hog contentedly lay back and I bent over him had time to be reduced considerably in size, in a frame of white hair, a member with the tip of which hung a drop of muddy. The trunk of the penis lying on his stomach, and impressive balls hanging almost to the anus. Several times I ran his tongue along the member carefully rotational movement around the tongue head profusely wetting it with saliva, kissing lips bridle and leading to the egg went in the opposite direction. Each egg is thoroughly licked upwards. I carefully lifted their hands, that would enter the language in the most secluded corners of his mashonki.Zatem I went back to the member. Hog moaned and asked Julia Vasilievna that she told me to suck him, she finally allowed. I carefully took in the mouth of his flaccid penis, it was a new experience for me and I felt a pleasant chill in the abdomen. Hog moaning put his hand on my head and began to ask me the rhythm. Sluggish member slides easily in my mouth, he slipped free, and I sucked it back constantly caressing language of head and stroking his dick yaytsa.Postepenno again began to swell and finally took the position ready for action. I sucked the head, podrachivaya member. I am extremely excited hardness of the penis, I felt his hand, and the mobility of a thin soft skin that easily go back and forth in a fist paltsev.Yuliya V. lay on her stomach hog back and told me to liberally lubricated with her saliva her anus. I naslyunyavil language of her brown hole and helped hog enter into it, she began to squirm and ride on it, and I continued to lick her pussy and suck eggs hog sometimes tongue falling into his anus. His cock slipped constantly and I had to send it back to his lips. Then they changed the position, she got on all fours, I also was ordered to lie under her head and settle between the legs. Hog fucked her from behind in the ass, and I again licked hot slit trying not to lose sight of the clitoris. Hog make sudden movements and his great sinewy member often slipped out of the anus developed and slapped me in the face. The old man did it on purpose, that I would have had time to lick his head, and I'm willing to take it into his mouth. His big saggy balls knocked me on the head and I had to gently hold and stroke them with his hand, that gave hog pleasure. Maybe it lasted an hour, he finally pulled out a member and sent me to the outburst litso.Stekayuschaya face sperm caused laughter Yulia Vasilyevna. While they were resting supine and exchanged impressions, I licked her mistress and master. From the anus Julia Vasilievna flowed abundantly mucus and I licked it. Then I pointed to the pussy and I licked pussy, fingers gently delayed sponge tickle the clitoris. As marmeladinki ... sucking pendulous lips and tongue penetrated deep inside. This went on all night. By morning, Yulia V. shoved the old man mysteriously while saying - That's the way to be signed by the favorable kontrakty.Prodolzhenie ... [email protected] (please send your feedback to the e-mail.)
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My neighbor Andrew recently bought a dog. Since the entire floor I was reputed to be the most experienced dog breeder, he asked me many questions, which appeared to him after the acquisition of the animal.
One day he invited me to walk the dog with him, and I agreed. It was about 12 at night.
As we passed a dark alley, he told me:
- Go there.
I immediately knew where he was going, and so willingly followed him, anticipating the forbidden activities.
We went into the alley deep. Then he stopped and put his hand under my skirt and began to massage my buttocks. My hand went to his crotch, unzipped it and felt quite big and already standing member.
I took off her panties, he pulled the pants to his knees and swung put me in his long and very large diameter member. I moaned, and he introduced a member of the deeper and deeper, for the convenience of having set me on the edge of the box. Andrew abruptly moved her hips forward and with every movement the pain in me put up with delight. Finally, he introduced a member as deeply as I wanted - I could tell by the way he groaned - and began to drive his penis back and forth. At first he succeeded hard, but then on the walls of the vagina made grease, and became a member of go in and out like clockwork. I moaned even louder, and he unbuttoned my blouse and bra, began to suck and nibble on my nipples hardened with excitement. Andrew stuck his finger in my vagina and gentle touches began to caress my clitoris. I grabbed his head in his hands, pulling him to her, and, gasping with delight, screaming and moaning.
Feeling that comes, Andrew grabbed my buttocks and I went in up to the scrotum. We came together, huddled, crying in ecstasy, and I scratched his back blood.
- Wait, - he said to me, seeing that I am going to dress. Ponadezhnee sat me down, he again took my buttocks with his hands and tongue entered my vagina. Andrew licking my clit, then I began to bite him, and finally began to push through tongue deeper and deeper until I finished again. Then he apparently aroused again, he told me:
- Get on all fours.
I obeyed, and he settled down from above, again began to enter into the vagina. The feeling this time was sharper, and we moaned together. He quickly became a member of the drive back and forth to the downright expiring lubricated vagina - so members include even deeper. He squeezed my nipples fingers. We came together again and dressed and out of the alley.
- Come to me, - said Andrei. - I have a surprise for you.
When we entered the apartment of Andrei, I saw five men who smoked on a sofa in the living room.
- Guys! I brought you someone, - said Andrei.
- Oh, Andrei, well you give, - one of the men whistled. He came up to me and held his hand over the wet vagina. - Yes, it is already flowing! Come on, let's not waste time. We've got fun is night. Arrange trahodrom.
All went into the bedroom, where he undressed.
- Well, start, Andrei, - someone said. - Let's see how good pussy.
- Now you will be on top, - said Andrei and I lay down on the bed. His penis was horizontally. At first I just wanted to start a sexual act, but then suddenly changed her mind. I took his cock in his hands and began to knead. Andrew began to fidget in bed and moan.
- In the mouth it, in the mouth, - he breathed.
I started biting the head member, and by continuing to bite, it pushes deeper and deeper into his mouth. Andrew clutched my head down and moaned.
Then I got up, climbed on Andrew, opened her legs, took a cock and giving to himself, he sat down on it. He went only halfway, but Andrew still groaned. I started slowly, then faster and faster, holding on to the back of the bed, move on it.
- Come on, faster, faster - he moaned. - Come on, pussy ...!
He grabbed my buttocks with his hands and began to help me move. I began to feel the approaching orgasm, but then Andrew said to me:
- Sit on it more, more ... sit down ... come on ...
Insert dick deeply it hurt. Andrew, noticing my hesitation, grabbed my buttocks, squeezed out to the pain and began to enter into me more and more, not hearing my screams.
- Deeper !!! Deeper !!! - He shouted at each movement. Then he twitching, and a member of me hit the hot jet of sperm.
Andrew took out my cock and got out of bed.
- Dude, do not stand, pull the champagne. Lech, you're next.
Lech came up to me.
- A pussy is not finished, - he said. - Disorder, Andrei. - He lay down on the bed; his cock was slightly less than that of Andrew. -
Sit down, my beauty. Do not worry, I will not hurt you.
I put myself in his penis, and he, too, went into me only half.
- Sit down, sit down, do not worry - I said Lech. He became somehow in a special way excitingly massaged my lower abdomen. I once again began to fall gently, and, to my surprise, a member began to enter slowly deeper and deeper. When he walked into my very foundation, and I began to move.
- Do more range of motion - advised me to Lech. - Do not worry, he will not back.
He pressed some point in my anus and the penis actually stayed firmly in the vagina. Carried away, I even started "to fly" On him. He groaned and rolled his eyes, and then I finished, crying out, and after he had finished.
- Class, - said Lech and stood up. - I'll see you more, - he whispered. - I have my phone in my pocket your skirt.
They brought a bottle of champagne and poured a drink by the glass.
- For our fairy - said Lech and kissed me on the current lubricated vagina. Liquid dripping from it at my feet, and was already at the bottom of a pool. - Kolyan, come on, do not be afraid - it encouraged the next.
When I saw a member of Kolya, then it became ridiculous. He was short and barely standing. But then I regretted that thought so.
Kolyan spread my legs and pressed his lips to the vagina, and began to drink out grease. It took about a minute, and I'm almost finished, but then he straightened.
- Aha, broken off? - he said. - Who are you and work too.
He sat on my chest and stuck his penis in my mouth.
- Come on, damn ... suck it, suck it, bitch ...... Come on, work ... more, more ... oh ... oh ... shit, the buzz about what ... ... come , come on, prosun his larynx to ... Come on, bitch, swallow as it .... and ... and ....
From anger to the fact that he did not let me finish, I became a member of the bite. At first, he liked it, but then he pulled out a member of my mouth.
- Well, hold on, damn, - said Kolyan.
He pulled my legs apart and thrust in my penis. Kolyan became very quickly and abruptly began to move them forward, and soon my breathing quickened, and I began to moan ....
- Oh ... oh ... oh ... - I moaned. - Deeper, deeper ... More ...
He pressed my hands to the bed and began to enter into me to overflowing, moving with a really fantastic speed. vaginal lubrication flowed onto the sheet.
- ABOUT!!! ABOUT!!! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh !!! Come on, deeper, more !!! - I cried.
He entered furiously at me with a deep groan, and I twitched, finished.
- Well, shit, - he said, taking out a member. - What the dick you finished before? Now there is a penalty - I'll fuck you in the ass.
With that, he turned me on my stomach and spreading my buttocks, introduced a member of my anus. But he had no time to even move a couple of times, because immediately finished inside me.
- Garbage, - he said. - Sergei, it sucks.
- Let's see - Seryoga said. Member, he was even more than Andrew. - Turn over a minute on the back, baby. Let us make you stretch, and then my boy, I see bolshevat for you. Dude, give the bottle and Vaseline.
He rubbed a bottle of champagne a large layer of petroleum jelly.
- Spread your feet a minute, baby. Do not worry, everything will be fine. Spread wide, so wide, so Daddy could see your pussy.
I spread her legs, and he began to slowly introduce the bottle to me. Three minutes later she came almost completely, and then he took it.
- Excellent. Now fuck. - He sat on my lap, and his penis touched my stomach. - You only push the fingers pussy to her uncle was more convenient to enter into you.
I spread the fingers vagina, and he introduced me to his giant.
- Sag in the abdomen, - he told me. I followed his advice. I watched dumbfounded as this whopper included in me and wondered where is it for there is so much space. Soon my cock was in full - it was difficult to breathe. Seryoga became somehow is funny move. His cock inside me looked like a plastic toy that can bend in all directions. Seryoga made a circular motion pelvis, then moved forward, and then - back and forth, and repeating this cycle indefinitely. I experienced three very strong orgasm, one after the other without pause, and after he had finished. When Seryoga already climbed down to me from my vaginal lubrication hit fountain. I looked at it with surprise - this never had happened.
- Take the baton, Vova - Seryoga said.
Vova took the bottle, which gave him Sergei, and then smeared it with Vaseline.
- Come on, pussy, today you will be fine, - he said.
I spread her legs, and Vova put the bottle in me.
- Now that's what we'll do, - he said. Without taking the bottle out of my vagina, he took his dick hand (he was a medium-sized), liberally smeared it with Vaseline and began to enter into my anus. Once on the scrotum in me, he started to move a member, while moving back and forth in a bottle. He nibbled the skin on my back. We came together, and then he finished again.
- Well, all the housing department, you're the last person it has never fucked.
Housing department for a long time I massaged the muscle between the vagina and anus, and then suddenly said:
- Handcuffs are?
They brought handcuffs and strapped me to the headboard.
- Come this way. Now I fuck you, and then you do me a blowjob. There is?
I agreed. He sent his rather large penis into the vagina to me, lifted me by the buttocks and with a flourish put on yourself. I groaned.
- Everybody scream! I want to make you scream! - he said.
With every movement, I cried louder and louder, and soon he began to cry, too.
- ABOUT!!!! ABOUT!!!! - Gasping with delight, I shouted. - Come on, more, more !!! Fuck me !!! Ah ... ah ... Come on !!!! Deeper and deeper !!! Ah ... ah ... Come on! I want you! Inserts !!! Ah ... ah ... ahhh ..... More, More !!! More deeply !!! DEEPER !!!! Ah ... ah .... Aaaaaaa ......... GO !!! GLUUUUUBZHEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT! ABOUT! ABOUT!!!!!!!! AAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I yelled at the apartment and came, twitched so that not to brake a little bed.
- So. And now - the promised blow.
He stuck his penis in my mouth, and I was his delight to suck. He turned so that his feet could now throw me on the shoulders and in the ecstasy began to bite my nipples. From my vagina flowed grease, and Sergei, not to lose time with his cock at the ready ran up to me and parted the labia of the vagina, entered into me with a groan. Then he groaned again because the back ran up to him Vova and put him in the ass his dick. Andrew immediately zhekinoy perched behind his back and brought his boy into his ass, Lech fell in behind Vova, Kolya with the words:
- Oo-oo-oo, damn, could not fuck you in the pussy, so fuck in the ass! - With a muffled groan burst into my ass.
In the end, I finished again and again without a break, and I poured the hot jet of sperm.
Houses, taking shower and drinking coffee, I thought it was the most I liked how fucked Lech. Well, I have a phone ... the rest will follow.
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Playing in the wedding

When the uniformity of the flow of life becomes unbearably painful, we plunge into the world of hidden desires. These dreams are painted our poor life experiences. But few people are hesitant to make a reality of at least a fraction of their secret desires. And if you try to implement at least one such dream, the fantasy can become one of the brightest memories.
I took a chance, and that's what came out of it.
To begin to tell a little history. My name is Igor me. I - pretty slim bisexual guy 22 years old. I could not boast of a rich sexual experience with a man because of the fact that I have had only one partner. It happened a few years ago. Once I was at a birthday party for his friend the institute. It was an ordinary birthday - boys, girls, lots of drinking, lots of music, dancing. Among the guests was the elder brother Andrew birthday - twenty-seven high bit swarthy young man. By the way I want to say that I was already had fame faculty Lovelace, but sometimes come to mind thought to be with the girl and make men's affection.
In the evening, or even a night when it was time to break up, it became clear that we needed with Andrew to return home in the same direction. We went out of the door and walked past the night side of the square in the great outdoors, where you can catch a taxi. Alcohol drunk in large quantities, has done his job, and we are buying in a nearby tent for a couple of cans of beer, sat on a bench that, as it happens, talk and his views on some topics. Gradually, we moved on to the discussion of same-sex sexual relations. He said he does not see anything wrong with that beauty is not male or female - she is still beautiful, and I said that it would be interesting to feel what women feel, to get into their skin. I did not even notice that his hand was on my leg. Then again the first time I made him a blowjob. I was surprised that it did not cause me disgust, but rather gave a great excitement. I sat on a bench and sucked his dick, and he caressed my hand.
Then we have occasionally, not more than once every two or three weeks to meet in his apartment. And so it went the last few years.
Over time I began to notice that I was very exciting kind of bride. In my imagination began to paint a picture that I give myself a bride dressed Andrew. That is, a picture of our wedding night with him.
Once I told him about my fantasies. He liked the idea and he said that it should be done.
I went to a nearby town. In one of the salons of marriage I bought a suitable dress gloves to the elbow and veil. I bought a pair of white stockings, cosmetics, delicate white lace panties. Most had trouble with shoes, because they had to be measured (42 size all the same) for all to see, I do not remember what I naplel saleswoman. Panties I decided to adapt their physiology ... I made an incision on the member site, so that you can get it and sweep off the eggs and cut thread. Now you can wear shorts, but the pull member in the incision.
With the languishing of impatience Andrew decided to hold our wedding night next Saturday.
On Saturday morning I went to the country to dress up and wait for Andrew. I paid a makeup put on stockings, dress, veil, shoes. He looked at himself in the mirror. Before me stood a very appetizing and tempting bride.
When dusk, came Andrew. In a black suit, white shirt and tie. When he came in, he stopped, enthusiastically and sensually began to examine me.
- I - Inna, today I - your Inna - I told him.
He kissed me on the neck.
We got into the car to go to his house. We still had time to get to him in the night to observe secrecy from the ubiquitous neighbors. He offered me a drink of champagne in nature. We arrived at a small clearing, and it quickly spread a blanket on the grass and covered buffet. We drank champagne, and he poured me again. Suddenly, he could not resist, he came up to me passionately kissed her lips and both hands pressed my head to his groin. I unbuttoned his pants, lifted the veil, made his lips and tightly covering his penis mouth and began to suck, tongue caress his head. He moved his hips wildly almost pulling his dignity from his mouth, then planting for most pubis. He finished quickly, powerfully and abundantly, and then long admired the way my lips drip trickles its juice.
Then we went to Andrew home. The room table was set. He brought out of the fridge a few bottles of champagne. We drank, and he kept stroking my hand stockinged legs, back and buttocks.
Then we danced. He held me by the waist and kissed her on the mouth constantly. He knelt down, lifted her skirt and began to kiss between her legs. Saw cut on panties, I got my standing member of the stake and began to suck him, caressing my wet finger bud anus. As it turned out, he quietly greasing it with a special cream. Then, abruptly he stood up, turned me around, picked up the dress, took her panties to the side and began to enter into me. I was standing with his back to him, his hands on the table, legs spread slightly and invitingly exposed ass. He entered me and began to thrust deeper and all the frantic, holding with one hand my ass and the other caressing my cock. I felt an unknown before the excitement and fierce bliss every time it moves. Andrew grabbed my hips and, as he could become a stick to his guns. All crotch captured vibrating moist heat - he finished. Cum in me. Its coveted coveted nevestushku Innochka.
We sat on the couch and drinking champagne. He was in a white shirt, and I'm still completely bride. They share experiences. Passionately kissing and playing with each other's members.
We began to dance again. He lifted my skirt and carefully removed her panties. Suddenly, he took me in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. He put me on the side himself - on his back and began to lubricate his penis. I sat on top of him and felt like he was nervous and quickly introduces him to me. Andrew held my hips, setting the pace of movement, and I clung to him all over and felt my crotch, my balls and my body rubbing against his belly. We are speeding up the pace and I began to finish. All my body struck the current viscous voluptuous waves began to run away from my crotch to the head. Andrew felt my vibration and violently threw my juice deep into my anus. We came together.
After resting Andrew took off my dress and I stayed in stockings and veil thrown back. He put me on his back, threw my legs over his shoulders, put his hands on her ass and passionately kissing my lips, neck and nipples, gave me his juice again. I did not have time to finish, and he kept sucking my cock, caressing fingers crotch.
Then we fell asleep.
In the morning I awoke to the fact that in my open mouth trying to slip cock and ass drill lubricated finger cream. I eagerly opened his mouth, and immediately took a member of more than half. After a few minutes I was lying on his side and my ass eagerly and relentlessly fucked Andrew, caressing my cock.
A few months passed. I inherited from my grandfather apartment. Now I have the full right and the opportunity to meet. And sometimes, not often times the phone rings in the two or three weeks ...
- Hello, my Innochka. I ... missed.
- Come in a couple of hours, Andrew, be sure prizzhay.
And I'm going to apply makeup, dress and lingerie lace dress, like a ball with a fluffy skirt above the knee ...
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Olga and dad on the toilet

Familiar heat rumblings for Oli body, from the chest, and further to the tips of the fingers to the young, gladkovybritomu vagina and down, knocking the floor under nog.Podobnoe feeling she felt every day - usually in the school when at recess or after school it satisfies their teachers and odnoklassnikov.Ey not need good grades, she could get their brains and do not necessarily pizdoy.No she liked to be the universal whore, dirty bitch, a female that had everything: the director, the teacher and the teacher, and even snotty starsheklasnikov treteklashki. her charming well-developed form for fourteen years allowed her to hook up any man, and even some women, both inside and outside shkoly.Ey like to fuck in obschesvennyh mestah.Ne quite openly, but so what would have been a delightful, incredibly budorozhuschee, exciting and the exciting feeling that it can catch with the male member is immersed in one of her holes.
She especially loved to stay after school to the sixth lesson and climb under the desk to the teacher of biology, but for that to suck and wank his cock until he led the class, sometimes causing it to stop three or four times. But that presented itself to her eyes caused a totally new, strange and at the same time a hundred times more budorazhuschee feeling.
While my mother was sleeping peacefully in bed, her father was sitting on the toilet and rolling his eyes jerked to the magazine multicolored dotted with colorful pictures of women covered by the male seed as well as the vagina and anus taking large members belonging to different nationalities and races.
By the way, about my father's chlena.Olga immediately fell in love with him. Not very long, but thick as a broom, with a huge head making it such a huge mushroom. A few seconds Olya was confused, not knowing what to do, while the excitement continued to embrace her in waves, storms soon turn into a tsunami and a puddle under her feet (with tursikov already dripping). The solution came by itself, along with hands tightening panties and two fingers of his left hand pornikayuschimi as deep as possible in her pinkish vagina, and the right hand caressing klitor.S minute Olenka enjoyed themselves, lost in the fog of passion while my father stepped up the rhythm of his hands sliding over the penis with the still donwloaded glazami.Potom making two weak step she sank to her knees and spit on the head of her father a member of captured him with his gentle girlish mouth, licked the head and abruptly, choking, propihnul it on, pulling his miserable mouth, deep in his throat, generously raspedelyaya saliva along the trunk of my father rod until it eventually has not started to drip onto the floor. Father snapped open his eyes and from his throat came a promiscuous wheeze. Olga only a second otveleklas from his new toys that would say:"Calm down and tell the mother what you're doing at night"And continue poddrachivaya with squelch push my father's term in itself, sometimes taking it out of his mouth to lick the scrotum.
She was not going to stop until her father did not finish, and definitely on her face. What happened fast enough, given the excitement does not understand anything of the father is already helping her daughter push a huy.Kogda his long-awaited moment, he was grabbed by the hair, Olga, what would make her swallow dick as deep as possible, but she ducked, and a white jet hit her in the eye and then in the mouth and on the neck, where it dripped onto her breast and stomach.
Strictly speaking, Olechka not going to stop there. She loved that man would have ended it at least three times. And her dad was no exception. Rising from his knees, she ran her finger over her eyes, gathering with their father's sperm and then licked it, with a smile polotoyadno ottsu.Ona quickly took off his night shirt silk, and making a circular motion on its spherical naked breasts start to push their feet, providing on display Papic undisguised juicy labia young, beautiful girls, terribly loves sex. Slowly, she put her legs on either side of the toilet and placed directly above the vagina member ottsa.Sam member she took in both hands and jerky movements start to masturbate him, exciting his father again, while his hands roamed over her delicate, fresh body , caressing her buttocks and back, runs through the golden hair, and paid special attention to the white balls juicy, bursting with heat chest.
Olya, putting a member of his father in the proper start position to tease him, leading head on his lips sex and after half a minute, reducible mad caresses daddy, not understanding anything, enter it on millimeter dick in her cunt, deeper and deeper each time when father runs a hand over her back and down to her ass. In the end he could not stand his father, and grabbed her daughter's pussy buttocks pulled over and taking matters into their own hands began steadily, but sharply push dick in dochkino vagina. Olga could not afford to howl, so it is just a very loud hissing from her throat with each thrust Dad struggled hrip.Ee vagina kind of a lot of members, both large and small, but my father's was probably the thickest in its zhizni.Papa at this time reached the language before the chest Olga and soon oblivious daughter biting her nipples, while continuing to increase the tempo. After a few minutes of hard fucked Dad's monster Olga rushed in to capture her orgasm, it seemed that she was mad, furiously propihivaya hot like a hot rod in his father's dick aching from the pain and pleasure hole, and whispering:"Yes, I'm your whore Fuck! Fuck me like a bitch! Insert in my own dirty, huge dick, you smelly pizdoeb! Fuck his daughter to daa !!".
Ochuhalsya of orgasm, and he realized that his father was now also finish, Olga jumped sharply with his father, turned his back on him and immediately put a member in anus.Vozmozhno it was not the best decision of her life. Both father and daughter from a distance a muffled groan. Olga - pain and pleasure, to feel such a thick cock in my ass was new even for such kinds of whores to see it. Father - ending by firing ochrednoy jet of sperm in her daughter.
Olenka felt convulsive reduction in her ass a member, and hot cum filling her ass. The feeling was not new in principle, but never before was not so much a lot of sperm, and she never looked so hot. This has increased its bar almost to the level of orgasm, and she forgot all about the pain, and hearing a father's heavy breathing but squelching and gurgling of his sperm that he is now kneaded his gribopodobnym members expressed desire to end, not just nasazhivayas on his father's penis, and almost tearing his skin vpihivaya his ass.
they had finished almost simultaneously.
Olga's father got off the member, licked it, and kissed his father's half-potervyashego consciousness on the cheek, and taking my things went to bed. Along the way she wiped her father's sperm from his body and panties night blouse and put it next to my mother's handbag ...
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The case in the village

Our Artillery Company went into the forest to dig trenches. Each identified area, and we started to work. I Vitya decided prinebrech this dull affair, and go to the village next door. Before the village, we walked ten minutes, there just walking the wedding and we decided to join the celebration. As it is in the evening all the drunk and the bride razvezlo so that it fell under the table and was podomnoyu. Seizing the moment, I decided to check out this girl for strength. Slowly come down to her under the table, I turned her on her back and decided to check if she is fast asleep. For this, I pinched her nipple, but there was no response.
Then my hand grew bolder and began to slow down in her tender tummy to the perineum. And what is most striking - this doll absolutely no panties! White dress, and under it - nothing! Actually there was something on that is not ambiguous pointed neatly trimmed pubis. After a few minutes I was deep into her pussy, even able to find the hymen. I was particularly struck by her clitoris, it was very big and looked like a cock, I began to twirl his fingers in rather it bothered me, and taking out his fledgling fighter of his pants began to tear up the bride. It was hard to push his horse in her narrow slit, then I decided to lubricate her pussy. For this, I crawled out from under the table and picked up a jar of lard.
Properly missed, sex lips and the vagina of the bride, I tried again. Everything went just fine, the guests did not even notice a strange swaying table. I took the bitch angry and did not even notice as she began to recover. We see it confused me with her fiance, because humming something under her breath, she began to move me to a meeting. I quickly finished, but my excitement is lost, putting her cancer and her anus greased lard I introduced her dick in the ass, and helped himself with one hand to move, holding the table leg, and the other was trying to reach her breasts. Sensing the approach of orgasm, I decided to finish it in her mouth. Very thrusting member of asses led him straight into the open mouth of my crumbs, and she nearly choked on my sperm. I was completely satisfied and wiped the penis of her dress, hastily returned and continued digging those damn trenches.
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Stoked bad, and in the room where the Christmas tree was installed, was cold. Dopervogo presentation was only a few minutes, and we were sitting in the Snow Maiden allocated us a room, someone's working office, wrapped it - in its natural bright coat, I - in a sheepskin coat. There was nothing about anything, because we have worked with her for the first time, so silent. Judging by the fact that from time to time, she began to once again view the script, it seems a little nervous, and this her little pretty face became even paler. She lectured me in the good offices of the Bureau the previous day, when I found out that Valya, my long-term partner in the New Year's children's balls, zagrippovala and will not work with me. Hovuyu called Anya.
In the summer she graduated from high school and is now sitting at home, not being able to find a permanent job. In high school, she studied mentoring work with children, so do not hesitate to respond to an ad in the newspaper about a set Snow Maidens Office at the time of Christmas and New Year holidays.
- It is time you, Anya, - I said to her, tapping his finger on the dial.
- God, you do not want to take a fur coat! - She exclaimed, throwing his shoulders sparkling fur. - Br-r, holodina. For his work in such conditions you have to pay twice - for the harm. In her white dress, low and thin, with a lovely curled ringlets of golden hair, she seemed a little girl, and only raised slides her breasts were told that this is not true. I looked after her and could not help admiring her, okay, easy figure with slender legs of a ballerina and a small relief popochkoy, tightened in spotless white stockings and well monitored by modern dress fairytale heroine. I was so drawn to break up and pat white halves receding partner. Before my release was still quite a lot of time, and I decided to use it efficiently. It is, as always, was lying on her left breast, a small flat flask with selective Armenian cognac.
I unscrewed the cap and, blissfully closing his eyes, took a few sips of odorous liquid. After returning the vessel in place, I felt like my body is bottled exciting heat. Now the cold was not afraid of me. In the Snow Maiden, Anya was very directness: she danced, jumped with children, drove a round dance, and her blue eyes sparkled with genuine joy and gladness. I, as befits a real Santa Claus, led his party gradually and it is important, at times feeling restless behaves something that was hidden under my floors cotton apparel and more intimate part of my wardrobe. At first I could not understand what makes my libido behave this way, and then finally it dawned on me: in Anya excited inconsistency of her behavior, even histrionic, and emanating from her sexuality. This to me a few years of my work for the first time Santa Claus happened. In short, by the end of the first performance I was so fascinated and excited by it that he made a firm decision to get her location, then we sat back in our "restroom"And I have seen how gradually it freezes again.
- What about brandy, Anya? - I asked, taking from his pocket a treasured flask.
- After all - a holiday. To my surprise and much to the delight, she immediately agreed and even, as it seemed to me, was delighted. I poured her a glass and she drank fifty grams, not even wincing. Biting chocolate. Drunk it once, and then asked for a cigarette. The girl-woman with a cigarette between two thin pale fingers, hip elegant elongated, curled over another.
Slightly cloudy alcohol blue eyes, the mysterious smile on her painted lips beautiful - a great challenge my sensual nature to desire was difficult. I moved toward her with a chair and at that moment, when it released a stream of tobacco dymi, clung to her red petals of her lips. They had thoughtlessly depraved taste, a mixture of cognac with tobacco, but it is not only repulsive, but even more stimulated my desire for her. She responded to my kiss passionately and not cold, and poor movement of the lips. Not resisting it allowed me to hug her slender body with tangible hills chest and pushed between her lips tongue. We froze, as if getting used to each other, and I heard, as it puts on the edge of the table a cigarette, and then felt the touch of her hands to her back.
Anya stirred in my embrace and, pushing out of his mouth, my tongue gave me in my mouth. My hands slid down to her waist and lifted the girl from her chair. Now we were merged bodies, our hands, wandering on the back, sank lower and lower until it reached the boundaries beyond which the intimate parts of our bodies, I'm still undecided wondered if I disturb her, but Anna's hand already fingered my uptight member, made their way to him through the slit between the sexes of my "caftan". Ass at the Snow Maiden was tverdenkaya like a nut, and as befits a granddaughter of Santa Claus, as cold as piece of ice. I cupped her big hands warm their shells and become sensitive to knead with your fingers. In turn, Anya, is not satisfied with the defective contact of his fingers with my penis through, cotton panties, she dived into them, and they began to do the same thing as I, with its halves - compress it. My hands began to move only on the areas of the buttocks in the direction Anechkinogo Chuck, and she was moaning in my neck:
- Shoot them, shoot more, and do not have time ... to me twice in such cases it is not necessary to repeat: shorts with tights in a moment turned out to be almost at the knees of their mistress, and my fingers - on wet folds of her little sponges.
- I will not undress, - warned Anya and led torso to the side, letting me know what turns his back to me, - This will be more convenient and more sensitive ... to me.
Member barely entered her narrow vagina, which in this position has not been so easy to push. Anya stood with bowed head on the glossy surface of the polished table, and as the shaft of my penis went into it more deeply, her cute round ass with a birthmark on the right buttocks rose higher and higher. The second half of the member sinking into the vagina once as hiding under water diver, and he was just so hot, wet and happy that I was breathless.
Ha my every impetus Maiden answered me staccato moans "a. and ... and ..." and sliding his blond head on the polishing table. At the moment when I began to let in it his white hot grease, it is imprinted in my groin popochkoy his toy, and her short moans merged into a long continuous "aaaaaa", During the second presentation Anya was even greater impact and more inflamed me, as looking at her feet, I still could not believe that he had been among them his still require a member of the entertainment. Reaching into his pocket, I quietly put him in such a way that it can be was touched with his hand in his pocket, and when one of the children read a poem, said loudly: - For the boy a prize in my right pocket, Take, Snow Maiden. Anya reached into his pocket, and his fingers stumbled on a tight tube of my penis, for a moment with the force squeezed it. From the fact that it happened in front of dozens of pairs of eyes, I almost finished in the same second, but still managed to keep the approaches to the last valve sperm. During the intermission we drank again and fifty grams of the flask, which I replenished from the bottle, which stood in my "diplomat"When, after the first round of our love Anya went to the gym. In this time I have not undressed, ... as it sucked for me, sitting on a chair, and I stood in front of her, writhing in sensual agony that made me clench in anticipation of the approaching orgasm, the muscles of the buttocks and rising on tiptoes. In her small her mouth it was also crowded and hot, as in her pussy, but in him she could not accept, and half the length of my swollen member, so focused all his art on the head. I could only wonder where and when it is so well trained it, and, finding no answer to this question, I decided that, most likely, in the pioneer camp. On the other hypotheses, I think just do not have time, because the tip of the tongue rhythmically Anya "zabrenchal" Stretched on the bridle of my prick, and short portions I began to pour out of himself sperm in her throat, Anya did not shed a single breath of my life-giving droplets of juice and wiped his lips with openwork batiste handkerchief, he said:
-Haley still, get a cocktail, huh? The third presentation was the last in that day, and when it was over, we left Anya at the request of the audience. Gradually, it was empty, and she came to the door, turned off the light. Wisps of fun running around garlands of light bulbs, and Anya eagerly rake up their flashing light so liked her a toy of my heats.
He coped with this task is the business free from pantyhose, and I saw the leaping flames illuminated her bare tummy with their multi-colored reflections, I picked it up as a feather, and she tenaciously gripped my waist with their feet. At this time my cock went under the darkening bush of pubic hair without any problems, and it is supported by the buttocks I began to swing it like a large animated pendulum. For the first time in my life I f ... I under the tree for the first time my partner was the Snow Maiden. We slowly walked through the well-lit park with centuries-old oaks and tall pyramidal spruce branches and legs were decorated with magnificent snow-capped. It seemed that my release from fleshly concerns body hovered in the air, along with millions of snowflakes gently fall from the infinite purity of the sky. Ha taxi was silent still Anya raised her pure innocent eyes and softly dropped on me:
- Tomorrow we also have three views. Instantly all rose up in me, I reached out to her face with his lips, but she turned to the side of the road, and I could only notice how her lips touched a faint smile. A minute later, coming up the taxi drove away my Snow White in a snowy night.
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Not all beautiful - the truth

This story proizola with me for a long time. I do not remember exactly when, somewhere in the class 9 or 10 ... now I'm almost an old man, and it seems to me that it was as if in a dream ... not even once be believed ... I think that my grandchildren are unlikely udostoyatsya such "honor"What at one time I was awarded. So, I was 15-16 years old, I studied well, causing his classmates genuine delight. I was smart, it was known to all. I was asked to write an essay or make a quiz in algebra. Sometimes I drew different drawings on request ... from their classmates. Of course, I did not do it selflessly, and took a purely nominal fee. My parents were not rich, but because I did not eat in the dining room. However, after the profitable sale of control and / or compositions, I could afford to go along with all of the dining room. Gradually I began to pour into the company, the so-called "the most advanced representatives" our class. This company contained the most beautiful of all devchenok not only our class, but also the school. The girls began to get used to me, joking me. Every kid at that time was a girl ... I was not ... I was a virgin, and I really wanted to try yourself in love affairs. Our girls, I tell you, were very attractive ... wore short skirts, so that was very well see their slender and young legs.
When one of them sat down at the desk, throws a leg over the other, then all of our class kid really wanted to touch the tempting thighs ... and sometimes wanted to push them wider and paste between your Maltz. Everyone wanted this ... trust me. I also liked her hands are manicured fingers ... I knew it was muzykankoy, and all the musicians-pianists hands gentle and well-groomed. What she still beautiful. But she was alone, and we are many. Because the rest of the boys began to "care" for other devchenki less tempting, but no less beautiful. They just do not have the habit of wearing such a short skirt. Yes, they were with short, but still decent. However, all the legs have been very welcome. Xenia (the name of Miss-short skirt), probably knew about our desires and laughed quietly at us, representing our cola, which rose by 45 degrees, it was worth it to throw a leg over the other, or bend, were immediately visible it is very pretty and nice little chest .
Around it circled many kids, but they were something like slaves. Wore her cigarette (yes, yes, she was smoking), I tried to sit down with her for one party. I did not have this habit, and quietly admiring her, her thighs, ass and breasts. Chances are, as they say, no ... But come to the aid of my mind. Xenia had to write an essay on Pushkin, Eugene Onegin, it seems ... as you know, I showed my Galante and she agreed to write this work for free. She was delighted and thanked. At home, I pored over this essay tried to make it very good. I Wrote. I put all in a bag and began to prepare for bed. He represented her in his arms, her hot lips. At the and I went to sleep. With joy I went the next day to school. Never have I so did not go. I thought that someday she would understand, and my attempts to thank not only in words. I was hoping ... it was not in school. I was not comfortable to ask where it is, and therefore had to peek in a classy magazine her address. She lived not far from the school. So after school, pretty otmuchilsya and selling control in physics (ie, money) I went to Ksenia home. He presented she will be glad that I'm for her, not only wrote this fucking work, but also personally delivered to her. I finally came to the right house.
"Horoshinky house and pretty The girl lives in it" - I thought. He began to climb to the third floor. Somewhere on the second floor, I heard a conversation, talking incoherently, but loud. I began to climb up awkwardly. The conversation stopped and started some strange sounds, if someone bludgeons in discord on the piano ... I podnialsya..vse quieter and quieter ... work in the misted my hand, and I thought it would be awkward to give him in this form. I was on the third floor. №№ apartment door was open and there were heard the sounds ugly. It was the Ksyushina apartment. I was stunned and alternates in the door ... even forgot to knock ... ... Entrance is quite rich but tasteless ... well furnished, and thoughts! go on, treading softly on the floor, the floorboards creak ... do not look down the hall ... ... and I see the edge of the piano, and the sounds of the piano ... raznye..zvuki and zvuki..stony ... pleasure ... Looking further unwittingly ... I see some kid standing with his back to me, his ass moves rhythmically and hands wander over the body ... Susie ... she moans, I feel her pleasure and that he was excited, too, is true. I notice that his ass is moving rhythmically, and range of motion increased breath ... hot ... Xenia moans so that she could shout stadion..Ey well ... Suddenly he begins to crawl to her stomach, she was sitting at her piano moans closed chest glaza..ey excited to the limit ... brown nipples twitching in time with the movements of the boy ... she does not see me ... boy begins to please her between his legs ... a lot of hoteli..razdvigaya her thighs wider appetinye he runs the language as excavator ... Xenia moans, for it is a real pleasure ...
I quietly turned and walked back into the prihozhuyu..ostavil essay on the floor ... do not know how dobrel home.
The next day at school the whole class got a deuce for failure homework ... including me ... it happened to me the first time ... I wrote an essay for Susie, and forgot myself ... The boys were surprised and Ksenia received "excellent" - For the excellent opening theme. Handing the work teacher, she looked at me ... her eyes were laughing ...
Finished fourth, I went to another school.
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She crossed her arms, hugged his neck and pulled him to the couch.
Her eyes flashed sparks crafty-Ella is clearly enjoying the situation.
During the time that they were familiar with, they were able to examine the passions and weaknesses of each other. Even the most passionate moments they were looking for an opportunity to give pleasure to the partner.
-We are attentive, as spouses with stazhem- often joked Ella - The only difference is that the couple with the experience does not cause such a desire ....
He preferred not to joke on this theme-so dear to him, this was the petite woman, with which in ordinary life he was hardly destined to cross ...
...So he took her, knocking back on the couch, spreading her legs in patent leather boots and frantically spitted her hips on his cock.
Even this shamelessness and greed of her excited. Gliding high heels on the parquet, he carefully podmahivala to the beat of his hasty movements, from his vigorous thrusts it forward and resting resisted intense breast-cool leather couch, his body sagged.
-Do not stop ... please, more ... more ...
Usually silent, this time, Ella did not hide emotions. Her moans and sobs only fueled it. Tearing wet-blesyaschy covered it with grease member, he abruptly opened it and sat on the couch, immersing dick in her mouth.
With the sound of smacking, Ella pulled it into his mouth and he felt the quick strokes of her tongue. But the excitement does not subside - petrified member almost did not give to the Greeks kindness.
Then again he put her on his knees, throwing over the arm of the sofa, so that her round ass ridden and torn opened, oozing chink between two red, swollen lips and a little touching-bezaschitnoe hole anus.
There he directed his enormously busy, hard cock. Overcoming the resistance of a small muscular ring, he rushed inside, feeling a rapist and a conqueror.
The fierce joy broke into the conquistadors condemned to plundering of the Inca city faded before his ecstasy. He enjoyed wielding member in the ass Ellina, chustvuya as she writhes in pleasure and pain.
The answer to it was the plaintive cry, quickly converted to stifled stony.Elliny claws tore the skin of the sofa cat claws is not worse ....
It ended when he threw in this soft supple depth of a powerful jet of hot sperm and sat exhausted on the sofa, next to a victim of exhaustion ...
-The vicious boy ...- Ella groan rolled over onto his back, then slipped on kover.-you I was nearly broke.
He lifted his head, she smiled.
-You have me there first ... Do not laugh, I'm serious. Husband tried twice, but I did not succumb - it is very painful at first, but then ... Then a very personal .. With him I would not have been able to -Sometimes it is rude .. Well, you know ... And! this case, I was very afraid that I can not stop it ... Do you have a cigarette?
He smoked in silence, knowing that time is inexorably counting the seconds. Night was falling, Ella's time to get ready.
-Wow, even stockings tsely.Ni a tightening ... You were very gallant, my dear ...
When she was gone, he had found on the kitchen table two squadron paper. Two hundred dollarov.Ih leaving left Ella. He knew why - after returning home from a two-day trip he will have something to report back to his wife. And perhaps, remain a little more money, which would purchase the products in the refrigerator - this coming on their "the safe" apartment, Ella loved to eat.
She loved food, he loved sex and get pleasure from life and probably in the soul loved him- and as one of the components of this life, from which she received so much joy ...
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Wind in the open window

With twenty-five meter height "Ferris Wheels" Park viewed particularly well. And not only the park. The entire old city was in full view. Dmitriev carefully examined entrusted to him the economy ... no joke, over thirty acres of the old pine forest. In the spring and especially in autumn when all littered with dry leaves or poplar fluff, just watch - lovers to throw a match, and then watch as the fire runs fast on the track, enough. That's three times today already had to send guys with shovels and rakes to put out unwanted fires. The day was just beginning, and promised to be dry and hot.
Casually tossed a look at the next turned his attention to the house manager. In one of the windows wide open, he saw the girl's figure. Slim silhouette in a lightweight robe. Girl standing on the window sill, raised his hands and, apparently, something straightening almost at ceiling height. Maybe she filmed the curtains, or, conversely, was prepared to hang them. A light breeze was blowing floors robe and fine Dmitriev saw shapely young legs, but at some point, when the wind blew a little harder, opened rounded hips, which were white small, almost from the ribbon sewn panties. She did not particularly paying attention to its openness, and he did not draw the eye, but on the contrary, is conveniently located in the cabin, turning it so that the window with captivating stranger was in sight as long as possible.
From the depths of the room to the girl he approached the guy. its sporty naked torso was visible, strong shoulders and red, a fiery curls on a big head. He probably said something, she can be responsible - the sounds did not reach to the park, drowned cars, trams, the usual urban noise.
Dmitriev saw a man's hands cupped around her ankles, then slowly climbed up to the waist, boy pressed his face against a white strip of panties, the girl has not struggled, on the contrary, dropped his hands on his red head and stood motionless on the windowsill.
The wheel has completed its turnover, and the cabinet fell lower and lower, after a moment the trees closed the window, and took a cigarette Dmitriev. He had to jump off the ride and go to the office, where already waiting for the case, but he stayed, determined to rise again. Nodding attraktsionschiku, director of business-glanced standing next to the carousel, noting that time would have to repaint boats, make them brighter, and deteriorate the chain. But these thoughts were familiar and everyday, he did not dwell on them, impatiently waiting for the wheel again raise him, and the girl will appear in the open window.
This time he is not wandering around in the pines, was not looking for smoke and fire, focusing in the same direction. It seemed that the wheel never revolved so slow as it is now. Trees all did not want to go down, obscuring the house and the open window on the top floor.
Finally, Dmitriev found himself at the correct height. However, the window sill was empty. Most likely, she went downstairs to the room in the arms of his red-haired friend. It's disappointing. He even felt a slight pang of jealousy, remembering how the red-haired pressed to her face girlish body. Although, as it was before they could be wrong?
Eugene Savelyevich this winter turned forty. Age sort of like not critical, to retirement yet oh-oh-oh how much, but did you go in the morning began to come to the head sad thoughts. In addition, the reason for them was enough. Somehow everything in life has not taken place, did not happen. He did not become a tough businessman, an entrepreneur or a business, not to save money and in family matters is not that God knows ... However, for ten years Dmitriev runs a small park in the center of town working, but is it a career? No, he thought again, you have to change something. Maybe drop everything and start over? Find here such a young and slender, standing at the open window in an unbuttoned robe, and he would look at her and admired.
Lyrical thoughts were interrupted by the sudden and wild, almost animal cry. Eugene Savelievich did not even realize at first what had happened, and then, finding the eyes of a familiar window, horrified.
The girl, whom he had just admired, hung in the air, clutching the hands of the sill. She tried to get up, get into the open window, struggling to her feet, but her strength is clearly not enough.
- And where is her boyfriend? Ryzhyi-where? - Dmitriev cried as if someone could hear it here on earth.
Indeed, the red to be seen. He was not put out the window, bowed his strong palms of her hands, trying not to drag her into the room.
- Yes, what is it ?! - Shouted Dmitriev, already beside himself, twitching in the booth, and not having the slightest idea what to do. We ought to call, to call someone ... rescue workers, firefighters, police, "whip"... But how can call if the next machine in the office, on his desk, three hundred meters from the carousel, and a mobile phone, and never did.
The house began to open windows, balconies, neighbors leaned out of the head, more and more women in the wound on curlers hair wet so children with bulging eyes in horror and curiosity.
Another attempt to get up. She apparently collected all the forces in the gust, she puts her feet in some subtle eye projections on the wall and hung again. Then, apparently, rested a moment, she slowly, millimeter by millimeter, is not known for what there clinging fingers, began to rise.
It lasted forever, forever. Every millimeter, reclaimed her against the wall, it seemed to take about an hour. Although some there! All lasted for a second, because a maximum of five minutes the wheel again Dmitrieva lowered to the ground. This time he did not say inspector, not even nod. He probably never thought that it would be necessary to go out, run to the phone ...
...When due to the treetops again became visible the open window, he again cried out in amazement - near the sill, his hands folded on his chest, straightened to his full growth of the mighty, playing muscles, was red. He did not say anything, because his lips did not move and did not open his mouth. Dmitriev clearly and distinctly seen - haughty eyes, clenched his lips in a smile, lie on breast strong hands. It does not disappear, all the time was here, close by, but at the same time made no attempt to help.
Eugene looked down and sighed with relief ... she has a greater part of the body lying on the windowsill. Apparently, the worst was behind us.
He did not examine to the end, he took a cigarette, turned toward the cabin, lit a cigarette.
"Wow, is this. And how is that? What have they been? Coincidence? But why, then, the guy did not do anything? Country thy works, O Lord ..."
He took the whole day and, unable to free themselves from what they saw. And in the evening, I went to the house of a friend.
He did not know what it is doing what he needs in that house that says, if you see a Woman or red. But he approached, stopped, raised his head and trying to look through the eyes of the right window. This turned out to make a very simple - and so the window is left open. Now it was drawn by a curtain - a light, almost an air a piece of white cloth. Dmitriev figured that the box near the center of the house, apparently, entrance should be somewhere in the middle.
He walked around the house from the yard. That's right, the house consisted of three entrances and a central access to the yard an attached large vestibule, ... whether the pantry, or garage for bicycles or mopeds.
He entered. entrance staircase was clean, wet after the recent cleaning steps. He rose from floor to floor, not knowing what to do, when to stop in front of the door.
I climbed to the top of the stairs. Well, here's the door. Most likely this. Painted dark brown paint, with ordinary, standard English castle and a black metal handle.
Dmitriev stopped. "So, what is next? What?" - He asked himself, but never found an answer. After standing for a moment, I pressed the call button. However, I did not hear anything. Pressed again, then again - silence. He knocked. First softly, then louder, louder. No one opened, not shuffling steps, he was not heard anyone's voice. "Well? Knock? Or is it better to leave?". But he did not answer the questions posed to himself. With clanking chains opened next door, and she stuck out her old face.
- And what do you want there? - The old woman asked. - There's no one lives. Has long been.
- How not to live? - Amazed Dmitriev. - I just now saw the girl. She almost fell.
- The girl? - Repeated the old woman. - Today? No. No one was there. And the key for me. The apartment is sold ...
- But there's a window open, even a curtain ... - Eugene did not calm down.
- Open? - I mumbled the old woman suspiciously. - Wait.
She closed the door, steps retreated, then, after a few blink, the door opened again, and the old woman came to the platform, clutching a rope strung on black yellow key.
- So what do you want then?
He did not know what to say. In fact, it is not clear exactly what he wants ... But the old woman is not very much and waiting for an answer. Apparently, it intrigued to Eugene on the open window and she was in a hurry to make sure that there, behind the door, all right ...
The castle is not very easy to give in, the old woman for a long time groaned, he pulled the handle, clinging to her his thin shoulders, took out the key and insert it again, and Eugene all stood there and could not imagine what is happening to him.
As if by some strange whim of the time he returned to some of the long-lived their moments. It is moments such short that do not have time or feel, or understand where that was all. And as it was. And then what happened. But it was. I do not dream, nor imagined in dreams or fantasies, but existed in reality, only a very distant, forgotten. That's just an old woman standing by the closed door, whispering prayers whether it, or a curse can not cope with constipation, and he watched it, not helping and not hindering.
Finally, the door gave way. From the darkened hallway smelled dusty stale air in the twilight rooms differed some chairs, a bulky cabinet with dark glasses, ladder.
The apartment was empty, quiet and calm. The windows in the room and the kitchen fixed tightly drawn heavy curtains, floor and furniture even layer of grayish dust ...
- Closed all, thank you, Lord ... And there was no one here. You scare me - the old woman muttered, turning to leave.
- You say, Eugene began - that the apartment is sold, and ... - and he did not finish his thought. There, in a corner, on a chair, pull over to a massive closet, lightweight women's panties were white. Exactly what he saw on his stranger. Another redhead pressed to face them, and then they stood out on her body when she was crawling up the wall.
- Buy you? Now I give the phone and call them.
- Them? - Dmitriev asked puzzled.
- Well, the owners. I do not decide. Well. so long as you look. And I'm going for the phone.
The old woman went out, leaving some of his time. And it was in this apartment, empty, unfamiliar, and understand that this is not so, not here, and not the curtains, dust and could not be, but these panties ...
Dmitriev quickly crossed the room in three steps once in the chair, mechanically crumpled thin white cloth and put it in his pocket, then, is not hurrying on the Rights of the potential buyer, went to the window, the curtain unbent.
The street is still in full sun was shining. And the park was green, and his wheel, that's it, just opposite. He even thought that there, in the cabin there is someone, and this someone looking at him right now. Eugene shook his head, driving vision. It's just a seat, high backrest which resembles a dark man.
He had calmed down and fully braced himself when the old woman brought a piece of paper with five numbers scribbled on it.
- Here, call themselves. Only in the evening, during the day they do not happen. And now, excuse me, once my grandson to come home from school, to feed.
- Yes, - said Eugene - thanks, I'm leaving. - And quickly left the room, and almost ran down the stairs, do not even ask how it copes with the old naughty castle.
He no longer looked at the window. Even I walked around the house and yard not the street, looking only at his feet.
In the bus, his face pressed against the glass, he looked at the houses, shops, passers-by can not concentrate on anything look.
So what is it happened to him? Everyone has seen so clearly, so clearly, and the window and the curtain, and the guy ... However, it is very strange for a long time, it hung on the wall, and rose slowly, as in the film, with sustained effect in any movie-thriller . But the neighbors opened the window and leaned out, and looked, and something completely inaudible he shouted. And now, in the evening, an open window, which was closed. Even the curtains were actually other, dense and heavy, but not white, almost weightless. But what about those panties? Dmitriev reached into his pocket and turned cold. "O Lord! What am I doing? What for? Why I'm taking it home? What I do get that? As I explained, when Katyusha see?".
They lived with his wife for nearly twenty years. Not to say that the marriage was perfect. He often thought about how to be alone, to come to an empty apartment, no one is waiting for the evening, and that he, too, no one expected. And if you would be very sad, get a dog. But all these thoughts were empty, pointless. They were not followed by real actions. All remained unchanged and constant. Even light novelettes (and there was something in all that time, two or three, and all the so-so, almost nezapomnivshiesya, gray and boring) did not change anything, and could not change.
Today, however, these panties in his pocket, even it is not clear whose, and it is unclear why they made excited immeasurably more than all the real and unreal communication.
Eugene had already decided that throws a rag in the garbage disposal, when it will be up the stairs, but do it not - Katyusha met him at the bus stop, with a heavy bag in his hand, and was very happy, has become something to talk, vague and does it uninteresting and he took her bag and went peacefully side by side. He stopped at a tobacco kiosk to buy cigarettes and linger, even for a moment, but his wife grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the house.
- I bought your Sovereign. Here! - She took the blue tutu and deftly slipped into the pocket of his coat. Just there. - What is it? Scarf?
In her hand were panties. ... The wife considered them very carefully, and then gently rolled into a tiny little ball and dropped in the same pocket. Not a word was said.
...Eugene Savelievich morning woke up early. In the empty apartment was quiet. He still lay with his eyes closed, then stood still. Head clutched a heavy cast iron hoop. And where there was supposed to be the heart, something pressed and pressed.
"Well, what you've achieved their silence? His boundless stupidity?" And the answer? Needless to say.
The floor beneath her bare feet was suddenly cold. Just ice. Somewhere touches slippers ... And maybe he did not wear them yesterday ... He do not remember ... And the door is far ... And, perhaps, all that would be great, without these batches, without hanging over a bottomless fine figure. And Katyusha prepared yesterday to his salad, he would have flew out for a beer, and they would sit in the evening by an open window, and the two smoked almost anything and did not speak, and it would be so easy ... And in the morning, as usual, she would have thrown from under the blanket out and not waking up, have waved to him in response to his "I'm leaving!".
He went to the bathroom, opened the door, for some reason, not turning on the light. And he arose. Directly in front of him in the mirror, her face was. That is how he saw it there, in the window, with a smile, with a huge, in polscheki blush, slightly snub nose, and even white with a barely noticeable cleavage tooth could be seen because of the slightly parted lips. And it was the same person. He did not even think that way to remember him. So many years have passed. Almost thirty. And they know, they were not at all. So, sometimes seen, but no, he could see her sometimes, running along the beach, or sunbathe on the huge red towel or bathing in the dark and somehow very terrible sea.
And her name was funny - Esther. He did not think that such names are. Or even if there are, it is only in the books. And now here she was, a long, flexible, and a tiny swimsuit, and it it is so closely ...
The telephone rang. And all is lost, scattered small colored fragments. He staggered, went to the table, picked up the phone.
- Eugene, I was wrong, huh?
- No, Kate, all was well. And so it was. You understood everything correctly.
- You all came up with, say, come up with? But why? For what?
- Invented? What? I've been waiting for this all my life waiting.
- What are you waiting for? What?
- I do not know. I know nothing.
- I come now, Eugene. You wait for me, please. Do not go.
He said nothing and hung up.
Esther ... She leans her head back and her hair so funny quivering on his forehead, rings ... Black hair, hair resin under an unusually bright sun. He did not know until then that generally there are such black hair.
He returned to the bathroom, and all are not including light, took off and climbed into the melting lukewarm, as always, the water. The water was greenish color of the bath itself. He specifically picked this color to the sea resembled each bathing. Kate was still laughing ... "Well, and to the south do not have to go!".
In general, they liked to splash in the warm water together, intertwining bodies, spraying each other with folded hands, soaping and washing soap for ten times, forgetting the kisses, arousing and bringing themselves to ecstasy caresses.
Perhaps it is with this bathroom were associated with the most vivid sensations. He now recalled, he felt a rush of blood, his hands fell to the feet, and he began to touch the hair, where did Katya, before you go below and, glaring into his face with a kiss, to collect palm and cock and scrotum with small and became suddenly hard eggs, and then the second hand to clasp his ass, stroking his finger, and even a little deeper into it a little bit, just a little, but it made him tremble all over, and he barely restrained so as not to fall on a small body of his wife with all the passion. But it would be premature, because her lips began to travel down his body, sinking lower and lower, and he rolled over on his stomach, slightly arching to Katya could duck under it and her legs appeared at his face and he forgot about everything find themselves at the mercy of its odor, tenderness of her skin, her jerks and sighs, he plunged his lips and tongue into the depths of her body and he felt her little tongue circled around tensed member and a hand all continued to travel on the behind and delve into it, millimeter by millimeter, burning fire. It seemed that this could go on forever, or rather no, not so. Just time stops. Forever. But Kate did not like that all came to an end at this point. No smell of his sperm or her tastes she did not like and he was forced to extend the meal as long as possible, trying to bring her to ecstasy and remain not exhausted. And when tolerate no longer had any power, at this very moment, always precisely and accurately capturing him, she rose to her feet, turned her back to him and he had seen it all, open, hot, still damp from his kisses, and also stood up, pressed her body was part of it, entered abruptly and deeply to the root, and now nothing could stop him, he moved in, he pressed his hands to her, he felt under the hands of their own movement there in its depth and from this I light up even more ... and when all was over, they sank to the bottom of the tub and shower included, scattering spray over the entire room.
O Lord! It is only now suddenly clearly understood - all that he forced Kate to do what it taught and what insisted it was only a repetition of old seemed forever forgotten the day ...
He then ran out of the house early in the morning, it was still not too hot, the breeze was blowing, so barely perceptible. He was wearing shorts, they are almost green and burnt and torn shirt on his chest. He ran to the sea, intending only to plunge, to observe jellyfish, maybe catch one, or does not catch, as well, just to see. And then to lie down on a large, hot boulder, dry off and go to breakfast. This morning journey was a common, everyday for him. Only this time he was the one enjoying the sea and the sun completely and unreservedly.
Looking back and making sure that no one sees, he took off his clothes and lobbing legs, ran into the water, trying as quickly as possible to get where deep, where only the head remains above water. He was not a nudist and did not wanted to be seen naked. And bathed in this form in the morning only to boast of his house then desperate courage - as, by the sea, in the south, and without trunks ... Although, I must admit, he liked it ...
He dived this morning for a long time and somehow had forgotten about myself and about the clothes, and the breakfast. It was just great. And the sun and the sea and the breeze ... And when was about to leave, suddenly found on the shore, his boulder, two. And there, close, clothing. "Damn it"- Zhenya was thinking, when the situation is more complicated - they are, these two men have done something well, that he does not see the need to. He froze, eyes wide, and could not even move. Then, a little come to himself, Eugene decided to swim closer. What is there to do? he could not get away - no clothes, hide somewhere and wait out, perhaps it would be better, but it was not the strength. Zhenya dived and swam silently under the water towards the shore. He crept close, almost crawling along the bottom, when decided to raise its head - to look and take a breath. And I choked seen. They caressed each other's lips and hands, stretched out on a boulder, and its black ... (which he soon learned it was her black hair) scattered on his powerful tanned ass. This Eugene yet seen. Actually, it is so little that he had seen more on the muddy, almost indistinguishable pictures, but here - in the light of the day ...
Probably too noisy Zhenya sighed, she suddenly looked up and he saw her eyes. Black, deep, wet, filled with some special brilliance in them there was no confusion, no wonder. She stared at the frozen boy as if his appearance was taken for granted, and in all that was going on in the sea, there was nothing strange about it.
- Well, - said Esther - that stand? Come here. Go-Go. Do not be afraid, stupid ... - And he laughed, softly, very softly.
Zhenya did not know what to do. No go, no, he could not stand. And Esther lowered her head, and now he saw that she was doing with a huge member lying on her guy, clutching his head to the curly hair between her legs.
Probably we would have run away, but Eugene went ahead. Water has long been barely got out his knees, but he forgot about his nakedness. Like a magnet attracted him her hair, and lips, and hands ... He came.
- And you lean - broke away from the guy some particularly low voice said Esther. - Do not be afraid.
Her head lay between Man and to bend her legs, he would have to lie on it. However, this is what she sought, beckoning to her and licking her wet lips red tongue.
He knelt down, spread her legs Esther guy and Eugene was caught between them. He did not understand how she attracted him to her as what she was doing with her mouth, tongue, hands, and then it turned out that he was lying on a guy, she caresses no longer his, and his friend that his own cock enters the something elastic and resilient it is moving to meet him, and there is no way to break away from him. Eugene and was kneeling on sharp gravel and moved in rhythm specified by the guy, knocking knees in blood. But he did not notice this, yet succumbed to an unknown force ... And suddenly it was all over. The end was a bright and strong. It seemed that he poured a fountain of all the accumulated power. That he did not achieve the brightness never before, when everyone was doing only their own hands.
But it turned out that it was not yet final. As soon as he realized what he had just done precisely not what dreamed at night under the covers, but just the opposite, that instead of the girl with him was a guy Zhenya faced a new surprise. The guy with all the more excited and red from the strain member pulled away from Esther, and turned to him.
- Well? - He asked hoarsely.
- What? - Zhenya whispered almost inaudibly.
- Now I.
- What? - Reiterated Eugene.
- The same thing - the guy laughed and clasped his neck, bent to the ground.
- I do not want - tried to argue Eugene, but he was not listened to. Strong hands clasped across the abdomen and pulled to a hot body. Then he bent down to the ground and he felt something wet and hard pressed against his backside. He tried to escape and failed. Then it hurt, but he made no attempt to escape. The guy went into it as deeply as this would smooth movements and began to shake in time with the rhythm of their own. And Esther stood and watched, and this her eyes suddenly became especially painful and embarrassing. Eugene closed his eyes and waited patiently for the final. Then he took the clothes, pulled on shorts and went to the shore.
Everything that happened to him was so awful that Zhenya locked himself in his tiny little room and did not even go to lunch. Parents is not puzzled - child outbid, overheated in the sun ... They went on some sort of regular excursion quiet and satisfied with their vacation.
...When it got dark, and in the south it gets dark unusually quickly and everything immediately becomes impenetrable black, Eugene out of the room through the window, silently, hunched, almost sprawled on the ground, made his way through the tiny garden outside and all also without a break, go quietly and smoothly , moved away from the home.
He knew where Esther lived a long time, five days. For her dog the same day, the first time I saw it and was struck by the unusual brightness and some inner fire comes from her body. She was lying on shaggy red towel in a bright blue swimsuit like a rubber band around her hips, chest, thin line sprawling on his stomach. And she looked at him. Perhaps this view and stopped, and scared. Eugene then turned and ran to the beach.
But it is not gone completely. He sat, hiding behind a bush with large, white, fragrant flowers terribly, until the evening, and waited until she goes home and went after her, came to the house and now he knew where she lived. Moreover, he knew when she goes to bed, he knew that the window never closes for the night, in a word, everything was quite ready for what he's up to ...
When the whole village in the morning talking about the great fire, which burned alive by spa, man and woman, no one, of course, it never occurred to ask who could contribute to the fire. It goes without saying that young people lay down in bed with cigarettes, and here is the result. And Zhenya ran in the morning on a beach all day and stayed there ...
Actually, it is then almost never remembered this story. That's just the sea did not go for many years until recently as three years ago, Kate almost forcibly dragged him to the village of Dagomys near Sochi, pay off tickets with accommodation in the private sector.
And Esther's face did not bother him until today.

To be continued
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Nymphomaniac and nimfomen

- Tomorrow after work come in to visit me. I will feed you and fuck - she said. After that thought, and he added: - Twice.
- We like going to the dentist - a smile, he said. - I will soon proteins in the mouth zavedutsya.
- Yeah. Flying squirrels.
- When I held you today, I found that the panties pulled inside out. Well at least not for all undressed. You, by the way, fed me and fuck twice?
Lena giggled and put the phone to the other ear.
- And I'm definitely not bored yet? - She asked sarcastically.
- Tomorrow will explain in person. You know what the apathy? They say - it's attitude to sex in the first five minutes after sex. Breshut?
- Breshut. Well, so far, the rats. Will I dryhanki.
- So far, the hare. I'll go too. Mail check tomorrow - to hell with it. You're on the belly or the pope lying?
- On the belly.
- So, the whole in the ass:
He clicked on the gray button on which was displayed a white "on / off". Stretched out on polkuhni, he yawned, and padded to the bed. For a moment, I wanted to turn on the computer - suddenly something important e-mail it? No, bounce, all tomorrow. Wait.
Photo: a lot of them, swim, float by. Somewhere click magnet is pressed film flash reflections. Yellow, magenta, blue, click, yellow, magenta, blue, click, click, yellow and purple-blue: On all shots - the same thing. Porn. Homemade orgy bdsm, women are some of the skin, dirty men, naked body parts. Group sex, fetishism, zoophilia. All photos porn:
Pillow creased and pressed against the headboard. Damir shook his head and pulled off his soaked shirt. Damn, the dream! That's what it means to work hard for a pittance operator in photoshop.
He smiled in the darkness of his nightmares. removed thumbs "scum" from the corners of his eyes and flopped back on the sheet:
Three days later, Damir and Lenka have collected a minimum of belongings, we boarded the tram and drove in the direction of the train station. He still persuaded her to go to the next convention of science fiction writers in Yekaterinburg.
- Well, thought to himself, what will I do there? - Excuses it. - You're there on his literary nonsense again begin to fray and get drunk as a lord. Drunk it?
- Well, get drunk, of course. But I will live with you. Together, we will be in a room together.
- And there is the thin walls, I suppose?
- I give a damn! Who does not like it - go to pasture.
When got out of the tram, Lenka soiled jeans and a long foul language himself.
- Why are you swearing like a trooper? - Quietly I asked her, Damir.
- Yes, because now you will have a girl in dirty jeans!
- So what?
- She ceased to please you, and you'll dump her.
- Is cleanliness clothes had something to do with frigidity?
- And then frigidity?
- With that, I of you fuck off, only if you want to stop me.
- In the fool.
They went into the station building. He's the best we have in Russia is considered a station. Vbuhali half of the city budget for the construction. Beauty. But kvarplatu rose, rose and travel in public transport - so that people are not relaxed.
- Twenty minutes later, the train - Lenka said, glancing at the scoreboard. - Smoke?
- Uh-huh. Send only the platform immediately.
But elevators are really presentable. And besides, spacious, clean. A lot of them. Nobody will notice if one will fall seven minutes:
Even when they stood on the platform and greedily swallowed nicotine, Damir still felt the heat of her body. There was also a slight tremor in his legs.
- Maniac - briefly said Lenka, noisily releasing a trickle of smoke.
- You grabbed me first - sated he mumbled.
- Could you resist and to standards.
- What more. Calories to spend any nonsense.
- And if he had not spent calories.
- Ha! It's on the useful work.
- Of course - she smiled - you have the master of sports of international class in sex.
- Oh, come on leave me alone, - he snorted. - I am a German one hundred years ago, a drop polyamuril. Itself something out:
- Hyundai hoch! - Lena stared mockingly.
- Fuck you! Half a planet itself dragged into a boudoir. What hard in training? ..
- The train turns out.
The sun heated the asphalt apron to lipkovatogo state. Damir bought a bottle of mineral water and a couple of beers.
The car stopped with a creak. In the coupe the money they did not have, had dragged in the stifling reserved seat. Nearby were wizened grandpa and middle-aged woman, apparently vendor.
- Here one upper, one lower you - just rattled it. - And I can not sleep upstairs - has fallen as a child and I can not anymore. A grandfather of a climb out and snoring there currently.
Grandfather snorted in embarrassment and smiled. Composition twitched and rolled.
Damir and Lenka spread things, changed clothes and lay dormant until nightfall. All the same routine working days exhausting human bones:
When we woke up, immediately went into the lobby to smoke. Train strongly rocked from side to side, and he now and then had to support each other. For the dirty window flashed rare blue fireflies semaphore - passed some stop.
- I love to ride on trains, - Damir said, exhaling smoke. - Especially at night. I can not sleep. All sleep, but I can not.
- Why is this? - The wagon jolted and Lenka grabbed his sleeve.
- I do not know if something inside turned on. I Love.
- I love you.
- What?
- I love you.
Iron wheels rumble on the arrow. He pulled Lenka to her, so that he felt her sharp nipples breasts, took her hips. Composition sharply led cornering.
- I wonder what people will say, if we do take, climbed up on the top shelf of our, let us undress and fuck? - Damir whispered in his ear Helen.
- Verify? - She playfully ran her hand along the bottom of his stomach.
- Oh well.
- No, I'm serious. Beginner?
- Yes, I'll you right now right here rape, slag!
- I will fight only for form's sake:
- And what can really go on the shelf?
- Come on.
He had unzipped her jeans and was stroking the hot crotch. The car jerked back.
... They frantically looked at each other and opened the door to go to his place. Here Lenka suddenly pushed Damir slightly and said:
- You know, you, too, can bring people joy. Just do not forget about it.
- Do not understand. You are what is it?
- I do not know why, but I remember the day when we're almost broke. Sorry. I fool you, huh?
- Come on, fool. - He took the door handle.
- And yet, - he said Lenka quickly - we do not get married. Never.
It was a statement. No question, not a request - that assertion.
- Why do not you get married?
- Poshlenkogo.
- Let's go to:
Making his way among sleeping people, they pulled out a bottle of mineral water, gulped, climbed up on the top shelf and began to undress each other. Elbows, knees, and head all the time about something knocked together, train all recruited and gained speed.
When Damir, furiously breathing, began to sink in Helen, a woman squealed below:
- Oh, all the saints! Look, it's done! Ibutsya at all honest people! Ibutsya!
On a nearby location I woke up from sleep and grandfather rolled his eyes from the spectacle. Then he snorted, smiled and began to sit back, to miss nothing interesting.
- Ibutsya! - Shouted the woman.
- Ah yes, young people, - the old man shook his head.
- Call Explorer! The police!
- Truly ibutsya!
At the bottom came the sound of breaking glass, the smell of beer.
- Oh, about beer theirs even cut myself! ..
Damir and Lenka did not hear anything. He thought about it, and it's about the vulgarity of marriage and the use of sex. The train picked up speed, and their young bodies ruthlessly deprived of calories:
The projectionist booth there was a crack, the screen went dark. In the hall stood a three-story mat.
- Well, what a bitch kinokrut could not, perhaps, wait for five minutes!
- Bastard! Now I'll make this reptile finish started:
- Light though the cut!
- Kinoshka Cool, huh? Women I have six months fucked.
- Let's face it nabem!
In the hall something thundered. The door opened, and all squinted against the light. In the doorway stood Prapor Korchagin.
- Set aside a riot! Everyone on the lips offered, rookie! In the barracks, your mother!
- Kinokrutu out outfit vparit bummer for cultural events! - Shouted someone from the darkness. - Goat.
It's hard to say who it was that mixed up, and how this film got to the club mechanized infantry units under Chernorechie instead of the "Seventeen Moments of Spring". It happens.
Kinokrut way, deserted in the evening:
2002 Samara
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