On the stage

It seemed that damn line would never end, as if the whole of Russia came together in one place, only to arrive at some stage! Although even that Arina was here for the fifth hour, saying that he was not for her "some theater"For her it was a dream, not an obsession even! Learn here seemed to her heavenly occupation, the building of the institution itself, in Paradise called Arinin consciousness, with a capital letter. And now this girl was so close to the realization of his dream, but even more distant from it.
Time went on and on, people came and went around someone always something wonks, sang, read poems and showed scenes, and everything trying to show off to each other. After a while turn and Arina. And I think at this point the reader need to know what is it like to the girl, who had at first glance, such good intentions and a desire to transform their dreams into profit.
From the earliest years Arish got along fine with the boys, they were her best friends and advocates in all its rowdy nachinaniyah.Gody walked Arina has grown and changed in his eyes. By the nature of the magnificent external data added ability to get along with the opposite sex and knowledge of male psychology. And just in those few seconds a tall, slender brunette with a small square, atypical for spring chocolate complexion and sea eyes are framed by long, as the antennae of butterflies, eyelashes, opened the door of the room, which was held a creative competition.
Twice tsoknuv heels, Arina was in the middle of a spacious room, with large windows. In the room there were only two people: a man, thirty-two, wearing an expensive suit, the color blue rat, with slicked-back hair and seemed withered, wrinkled woman, so small and thin that it seemed to open his mouth for it would be very difficult. She clearly has long been tired of sitting here, she nervously fiddled with the corner of his old vest and constantly rubbing her temples, indicating that a severe headache and a greater desire to shift out of this damned place.
Throwing a doomed look on his partner, a man named Gennady Mikhailovich, sighed and said:
- You'd better go home, Anna Dmitrievna. You are very tired.
- Yes, perhaps you are right, - said, not believing his luck, Anna Dmitrievna and began in a hurry to go home. When the room door closed behind her, Gennady Mikhailovich focused his gaze on the Applicant.
- Well, what do you surprise me today?
- I'll read you a poem by Alexander Blok.
- Oh ... begin!
Trying to join the role of the hero, the incredible Arina writhes and mines and is constantly grimaced. And as if she did not try, before entering the theater she was still a long way, especially in front of a man, it seems, had no interest in her performance, he was too tired to listen to the same thing.
At this time, Gennady Mikhailovich lowered his gaze and looked at some indeterminate point, as if looking for something, his eyes wandered around the room when one of the gusts of histrionic despair Arina moved forward. Men like a pretty picture on the other hand, in this day Arish looked especially sexy: indecently short denim skirt barely covered round delicious ass, wearing striped top were top and slender legs snug translucent stockings. All this kind of gave the girl child pochi forbidden sexuality, she could not draw, she just beckoned, it is confusing, making it impossible to think about anything else. For fifteen minutes the man rudely staring at her body, he did not even try to hide the desire, clearly expressed on the face, and especially in his eyes. All the facial muscles have been stretched, in this state, it was very difficult to keep yourself in the place, and that thought frightened, terrified and unbearably attracted common sense.
Gennady Mikhailovich did not want to listen to it a worthless speech, he wanted to pounce on this latest still very innocent girl, rip off her useless topic (why he is still almost nothing covers), one wrench lay on a table, unceremoniously lifted her skirt and sharply enter into it, and the sun inflamed desire young beautiful body, and then tear without stopping, without reducing the pace and not thinking about anything.
5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15...
- Stop, move closer.
The girl stepped forward quite confidently.
- You certainly know that the actress - it is a very creative profession, tell us what you know, what are you interested.
At this point, the person has changed dramatically Arina, naive and childish gone missing, replaced by a daring, brash, playful smile.
- I'm doing great blowjob and virtuoso lying, do you think I have a chance?
- I think you have great potential, my girl.
In less than a second, Gennady Mikhailovich, forgetting everything in the world, powerfully fragile girl grabbed her waist, hugged her and eagerly bit into his neck. Arina quite frightened this behavior, in her heart she had long dreamed of hard violence, and now she has the opportunity to combine business with pleasure, and she was not going to miss it. From the passion of men movements, she quickly excited. Kiss, kiss ... and more Arish already felt a pleasant warmth between the legs. The legs buckled and would not listen, but they did not have to obey because Gennady Mikhailovich immediately knocked her on the table, laying on his stomach and pulled off her bra. His attention will provide an excellent elastic ass in black lace panties. He stroked the hollow ass and crotch, pushed her panties to the side and fell at her girlfriend with beautiful pink plump lips.
This test was higher Arinin forces, she could not stand, and the man all accelerated and accelerated pace ... Ah..Ah..Ah..i she arched and moaned. Gennady Mikhailovich did not give her time to recover and immediately entered into it.
One orgasm is superimposed on the other, and Arish beginning to squirm like a snake and almost pulled out of his hands. But it is certainly not possible.
- Feelings more sense! How are you going to act, you play the unfortunate woman who lost her son, not zazhravshuyusya socialite.
- Well, Gene, it was impossible to think of anything else! I did not fit this role!
- And really, why do you play a role you play brilliantly, and the rest is not so important.
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I'm not like others. Part 1.

Until the age of sixteen I grew quite ordinary guy and I like most of the guys interested in a girl, to her sixteen years I had managed to get permanent four girls and with whom I have had a sexual relationship. Even in his most daring dreams I never dreamed of erotic scenes of homosexual nature, not to mention the fact that in real life look at a guy or whether as an object of his sexual desire, not to mention what - something more. But as I said - so I was sixteen. My sex life and my sexual preferences changed one party.
I almost from the first class had a friend with whom we grew up together and shared the joys and sorrows, in my opinion we had never even had quarreled, as they say do not spill water, and there were no secrets between us. In school, we were sitting with him at the same desk, after-school, too, spent time together, just wandering through the streets of our city, how they say hang in the apartment of Vova - was the name of my friend, the fact that parents have Vova worked on one company and home to come home from work after midnight, but still they are very often left in a variety of missions, so that other apartment was in our possession, unless you count sister Vova Light, who was younger than us for a year, but it did not interfere with us often to arrange all sorts of parties and drinking parties in Vova's apartment when his parents were absent.
It all began with the birth of Vova, not in the morning of that day, not even when we were sitting at the table and drank congratulated for birthday boy did not say anything about the fact that all would turn out, in short everything was as usual, as usual. The company at the table was the usual, not one new man, a couple of guys and a girl on each guy Vova and sister, were all familiar with each other for years, so that there is no constraint at the table was not even the first minute meal. Vova's parents were in the next trip, and we did not hurry celebrated his birthday. Everything was decent, we did not run naked through the rooms, not fucked girls on the corners, just sat, drank, talked and danced. I do not know how it happened, but I did not calculate your alcohol rate and drank a lot more, because that is simply switched off. I remember how I was taken into a room Vova, laid on the bed, and then I fell asleep, knowing that the house will not have to worry about my absence as I often stayed the night with Vova.
I do not know how long I slept. ((((((Who needs a virtual girlfriend, write z # e # L # L # of # p # m # # with a # and # l # p # y # -without reshotok letters and English)))
I woke up from that dream felt like someone kissing my lips. I opened my eyes I saw that next to me and it is Vovk he kisses me. It is difficult to describe in words what I felt at that moment, most likely it was a shock, I was like paralyzed, not only my best friend kissed me because I have noticed that we were completely naked, I divide the sleeping and I did not I felt. Vovk seeing what I woke up and did not resist at its interpreted it, he leaned back in my face and then kissed my lips and kiss it every second became more gentle and passionate at the same time. His lips were silky and hot so hot that just burned my lips and fascinated, I have never felt not the one my girlfriend. I am well aware that you need to stop what is happening, but something stopped me to do it, maybe the fact that I like to feel affection Vova and not only because I began to initiate an event. Vovk smelel and smelel, I felt like one of his hands glide stroking my thighs climbing up to the belly, he looked me in the eye without interrupting the kisses and saw read my reaction to his caresses. - Vlad, my dear, I really want you ... - hotly whispered Vova broke away for a moment from my lips and pressed to my side so I felt not only his body but also his already throbbing cock sticking out. What I liked to hide what happened, I liked the feel of the naked body of a handsome guy, I was excited by his affection, touching his erection. My hand Vovka hugged his neck, I've brought his face close to his face and he kissed his lips.
Vova with a groan of pleasure became violently kissing me, and I replied to his kiss. His caresses became more insistent, and outspoken, they aroused me so that my penis has become literally a stone from the engulfed me huge excitement. I have nothing thought because I was a real animal desire to reach, which is from my body shiver. We groan of pleasure kissed and caressed each other forgetting that we can hear the light, which is in the next room.
- Vlad, suck me ... - croaked Vovk
I bent over the other picked up his throbbing cock and began slowly podrachivat him, keeping him glance, admiring them and admire what has been, a member of Vovka was not less than 20 cm, with a burgundy head held high. I myself wanted to try what it tastes leaned even lower tip of the tongue, I licked his head and felt the salty taste, smeleya began licking tongue head first, and then the trunk. Vovk moaned with pleasure, his eyes closed. I took the head of his penis with his lips and did not quickly immerse it deeper into his mouth, pressing his tongue to the sky - remembering how did blow my girl. The feeling of the male member in her mouth was a unique and intoxicating, after some time I was sucking enthusiastically member Vova obtain moral satisfaction from the fact that he enjoyed physical. My movements gradually increased Vovk from under the bottom of the pelvis moved introducing me to his penis to the throat, I just reveled in the male member, enjoying it, caressing tongue deep in my mouth. - Yes ... yes ... dear ... -sheptal from Vova pleasure.
I do not know how long I sucked a member of another, when he felt his cock shuddered in my mouth and began to shoot a jet of sperm I swallowed this divine-tasting liquid, drank it, but from what I did not practice it choked and she released a member of the captivity of his mouth. Sperm were many she beat me in the face, dripping face on her stomach Vova, when it flows dried up, I took a deciduous member of the other in his mouth and sucked from it all to the last drop, and then licked the sperm from the abdomen. - Lada, be my girl, - said Vova. - I beg you.
I stood over the body with kisses Vova and thankfully, with the consent kissed him, I wanted to hear something like that from him, I liked it in such a short time to give men pleasure. He hugged me tightly hugging her, his lips kissed my lips covered with his sperm. His hands stroked my back at first, but then went down to the buttocks and began to stroke gently knead them and push your fingertip to circle at the entrance of my priests. His caresses were gentle and incomparable ... I felt like beneath the entrance muscles begin to relax, my penis is literally whining with excitement, asking to be allowed to be discharged.
- Ladochka, and be my girl, - I heard the voice of Amy in front of his ear.
I was so fascinated with Vovka that did not notice that there was light in the room, besides, she was like us naked. Intuitively, I tried to jerk, which would cover up, but Vova with their arms held me. Without waiting for my answer she began kissing my buttocks while Vova kissed my lips, I gave in to their will, especially what I had to resist if I was well on their caresses. Light widely spread my buttocks and began to lick my anus, richly covering it with saliva, I moaned with pleasure, losing his head completely.
It took some time when the brother and sister put me on my knees.
- Ladochka, you're so excited, - said Sveta, holding a pen in my member - now I'll help you, - with these words she stood in front of me on all fours and began to suck my languishing member, stroking his fingertips my anus, without any warning broke her finger into my ass and began to move the entire length, I was a little painful, but it was sweet, not with the incomparable pain. She moved a finger, mimicking the movement member. I am with a loud cry of pleasure came inside her mouth greedy Amy. Sweet, I've never finished, I was literally exhausted, my body became a cotton on the severity of fun, I could not even move me to that had no strength.
- Lada, did you like? - Light whispered leaning toward my ear - Yes ... - only that I was able to say, I really liked the fact that I was treated and acted like a woman.
- You have a very tight ass, it is necessary to develop you have been nicer - Light slid off the bed and left the room.
But I did not go alone because next was my friend Vova now become my lover. He drew me to him again hot kisses kissed my lips, I eagerly responded to his kisses her while his hands were not inactive, it caressed caressing my body and felt the excitement rolls over me threatening to engulf his head. Vova leaned back, pulling me with him so that I was lying on it, I clearly felt his broad solid chest, abdomen, and also began to raise member. How I felt good in his arms, his hands slid down my back, buttocks, thighs made me tremble.
- Lada, I want to get you in the ass, he admitted. Of course, for me his confession after the incident was not a surprise, but my heart beat even happier at his words.
- I want to be your first real boyfriend. Do you want it?
- Yes, I am very happy with you, I want to be your ... - I said, what Vovk kissed me so that I even caught his breath.
We were again joined World, bringing with it some - the tube.
- This is the usual cream - it catching my questioning look said, - you have a little patience, will not hurt much, but it is unpleasant, it always happens for the first time. - A professional tone she said, and began to cover the cream your fingers, and then I felt like a cool cream covered me anal. Light fingertips stroked my anus, covering it with an even layer of cream, causing it to relax from fondling and Vova again stared with a kiss me on the lips. Light, without warning, introduced me into both his index fingers, well that even though not all of their length, but also the fact that she ran into my anal enough for me to groan and twitch all over, trying to free himself, but Vova held me in his arms . Feel at home in the pope, though immovable finger light was not very nice.
- Do not strain yourself, try to relax - prompted the World - and it will be much better.
- It is easy to tell you - I tried to snap hoarsely.
- Lada trust me and do as I say, I've already been through all this.
- You just do not do anything yet ... - I asked the Light. I began to try to relax the muscles of anal sex, but it's bad I did it.
- Of course, Ladochka. You must first priviknut to these sensations, - she reassured me, it was clear how she likes to call me Lada. As she had promised, Light did not move his fingers inside me, they still remained immobile, but her other fingers began stroking the ring of muscle that surrounds the entrance to my ass.
It took some time before my anal accustomed to being inside the fingers and I felt the muscles relaxed, loosened their grip. Light, too, I felt it and began to gently push the fingers apart, exposing my hole and release so that it is not too annoying.
- Well Ladochka now we'll work out a little ass, so you were not hurt when Vova enter into it - it calmed me.
The feeling that I experienced from fingers girls were unusual, it is not particularly painful and I did not see how they gradually began to like me. It took some more time and I felt like I entered in her third finger, and then a fourth, and they continue to stretch my anal opening it. I was still lying on Vovka and we continued to kiss, I felt his groin that his penis as tense as mine and it gave poignancy to my excitement.
- Voves it is ready - made its verdict Light.
They put me on all fours, Vova put a condom on the penis and knelt behind me, and the light fell on his back at me was the hand stroking my dick.
- Lada try not to strain - gave the last farewell to Lada. - Vova And you do not hurry, remember that Lada we have still a virgin.
Light spread hands my buttocks and the next moment I felt like my ass touched a member of Vova, one hand guiding his cock and the other hand holding my thigh Vovk became pressing on my ass literally vzhimaya it to me, I tried not to strain not to interfere with his penetrating me in the ass. Probably because Amy fingers worked on my anus, muscles Vovkinomu long resisted persistent pressure. When the head of the penis entered my mouth, my lips broke moan. Light as though waiting for this, I felt like she took in my mouth and became a member of his slowly, expertly suck. Member Vova did not stop there, he literally millimeters continued to sink into me, and at the same time I felt the pain and the pleasure, I clearly felt like a man's penis fills me up inside. Vova did not stop until his cock was not included in the full-length, until he pressed his groin into my buttocks, trying to get as deep as possible. A few seconds penis was not motivated by giving me the opportunity to get used to it, and then he was just as slowly as the sinking withdraw from me. And located podomnoy took my penis in his mouth the whole time in this World and this flattening the discomfort that happens when deprivation of anal virginity. A member came out of me in most head and rushed back into the interior to go all the way. Vova bent, covering me with his body started ... kissing my shoulders, neck, ears, moving his dick burned inside me.
- Lada you have such a sweetie ass, that I did not long enough - his breath burned my ear. He also acted cautiously, fucking me anal afraid to hurt me, but he gradually stepped up the rhythm of his movements, losing his head with pleasure. Not immediately, I noticed that the member moving inside me gives me pleasure without any discomfort that disappeared somewhere. God, how could I be good if everyone has their own idea about happiness, my happiness consisted in the fact that if I was given to my friend that I was his friend for the girl, the girl coveted. I began to move his body in sync with the movements Vova, his cock already move freely in my ass, my mouth more and more frustrated moans of pleasure. In order not to deprive the pleasure the Light, I leaned closer between her spread legs and began to caress her pussy mouth. Pussy girl was not just wet, but literally raw on which completed its excitement, its juice is almost emerged from inside, first I kissed and sucked her pussy lips, forcing Light hum of pleasure, then my tongue burst into the pussy and began to fondle her inside moving around. The first orgasm hit me and a torrent filled the mouth girl, the second with a loud cry finished the Light, and the last was Vova that the last movements moved so sharply and quickly as vdalblivaya me your dick, I felt like I had inside it exploded sperm as it fills prezik. Tired we went to bed to rest and regain strength to continue our sex marathon.
- Lada, will tomorrow make you into a real girl - announced Light tone brooked no argument. Our sex marathon lasted all night until the morning, it was a night of bliss, the first of the sweetest nights! In the morning we looked tired, but extremely happy.
To be continued.
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We loved. part 11

Part 11.
I took the morning for parents. On a couple. Without any pedagogy and psychology. They like the medical history filled: complain on that, how long, where to start ... Of course, I first put her horn, but they are quickly shot down with my pride, and within ten minutes I was choking with tears and snot, they dumped everything.
- That kid - Dad muttered, then looked at me. - Listen carefully. He's toils are not less than you, and maybe more. Do not argue, I know whereof I speak. After the holiday, come running to put up as pretty!
- Why after the holiday? - I asked.
- Because we are leaving today and will return only the second number! - Pope recalled.
Well, well, so go go. Things have been collected in advance. We had breakfast, more specifically, the parents had breakfast, and I shall be wrung out with barely a glass of juice. Then we boarded the car and after a couple of hours standing in traffic jams got on the right road. At the site it was still before noon.
I looked around the building. The resort as a sanatorium. More from the Soviet era, and maybe even earlier. Nothing, in short, special. But what it was around the forest! And how much snow! Near trees were festooned with garlands of lights, and all along the driveway lined snow and ice figures - all sorts of Santa, reindeer, gnomes, some animals. And then I saw the car in the parking lot and I was embarrassed for our shabby Audi. Mom, it seems, too. But the pope did not suffer from any complexes. He was the first out of the car and began to pull things out of the trunk.
Then we were approached by a major road uncle in Alaska and hatless. He greeted the pope's hand and called by name. Behind him two men came running into form. One snatched Dad bags, and the second car keys. Before we opened the door. My mother and I got stunned. The car immediately began to park, but things have taken. Dad talked to uncle. My mother and I came. Uncle looked at us and just threw up his hands.
- Alexander, you and daughters!
Mom blushed all at once, and my dad we ceremoniously presented, winking at me. Uncle began to apologize to my mother for her mistake, but somehow, she blushed and even more embarrassed. Then uncle almost bowing handed us the key to a beautiful charm, and we went to settle. A guy ran to the other approaching cars.
The room we had - yes! I was literally stunned. The huge, two separated by an arch rooms. One was a hefty double bed. No, seriously, there could put five people, but would still place left. In the second room has a living room with fireplace, dressed up Christmas tree, a TV and a large sofa. The fire was a fire.
- Which Ka-lovely! - Mom gasped and reached for the fire chilled hands.
The knock on the door. It dragged our stuff. Papa is there something hesitated, and then called us and asked where we will have dinner here or in the restaurant. Mom shy and said that, they say, why bother people. Dad sighed and told the guy to haul lunch here. Then his cell phone rang. My mother and I swooned. Bell - this emergency call to the patient. Farewell to the holidays! But call me! Whether it turns out, about the menu. Those guys own service!
I started to thaw and come to life. I ask parents to wander around the house.
- Come on - allow dad. - But not for long. 20 minutes later will have lunch.
I went out of the room, feeling the back of his head that my parents came from kissing. Yes, is not the case, I somehow got to do with them ... I went to a large hall on our first floor. Here, everything was great decorated, and there were all sorts of board games. Billiard and card tables, chess any more strangers and some pieces. I ride palm billiard ball, bone, tyazh¸lenky, smooth-pregladky ...
- Interested billiards, girl?
I shuddered. The voice came from somewhere above. Wow, I had not noticed. Here, there was something like a spectator grandstand. It was clearly a set, and stylish decorated. On the top row sat a guy, vaguely familiar to me. I nod greeted dully remembering. The boy smiled, and then I recognized him. He won the latter as it is there, a factory of stars or something, but on the other channel.
- You Victor, huh? - I asked.
He nodded cheerfully confided to me:
- You - the first young person. I was beginning to suspect that the new year will have to meet with the elders.
I remembered that he had one of the older relatives, too, something known - an actor, I think. Then I caught on and presented.
- ABOUT! - he said. - Gaymuratova? And your dad is a doctor after all, huh?
And Viktor pulled me to show the house. We have been in the ballroom, which was stunningly decorated, in the restaurant, in all sorts of smoking, hairdressing room, library and gym. The last I saw of the ski. Not any there pathetic rolling logs, and corporate, brand new, lacquer pobl¸skivavshie aristocrats.
- Oh - I said plaintively.
- You want a ride? - Immediately caught fire, Victor.
- Can i? - I asked cautiously.
- Come find out! - He smiled.
So we went. In a special glass room he showed up guy in a tracksuit, which we recorded in the computer, took us skiing and hung them on a special test tubes, on which was printed "left for" and our names are written by hand. Then we have with Victor almost simultaneously worked mobiles. We looked at each other and laughed. In short, we were called to dinner.
We went up to our floor and went in different corridors, agreed to meet in the afternoon and go ride a little in the forest.
Our room was already served a table with a bunch of food and a bottle of wine. While parents tasted it, I was told about the new acquaintance.
- A! - Dad said. - A patient! The scar after the removal of the appendix in the field of ...
Mom with all his strength kicked him under the table. Dad hesitated, and finished:
- In the groin area. What der¸shsya?
Mom laughed.
- This boy sings - heard. And you're talking about scars, and even after an appendicitis!
- Let sings! - Dismissed the pope. - Polka, the wine you want?
I said that we're going to ski. Dad did was rack and mother unctuous voice said that of course, of course, that they are also tomorrow, and today still the new year ... Who she wanted zadurit, is unclear. I smiled indulgently and casually asked how much time they need.
- Whole life! - Pope declared and added. - Will return - call and the works!
When at the end of dinner, I relished fruit cocktail - a mixture of art incised colored exotic, called Natasha. We congratulate, chatted, and then Natasha said that yesterday I strongly sought, Sergei was already green, understood with Eugene. I inquired about the details.
- Well, Che, - Natasha said. - Grey something he said, and Eugene answered that such a girl like you should not go home alone! Gray shook already, well, they're still talked.
Natasha was clearly boring the conversation, and I calmed down. There were no massacre.
- Look, - said Natasha. - But when the very first time you insert member, you goose! there?
I gasped and looked at the parents. Parents giggled.
- Fool you, Natasha, - sadly, I said, and shut down the phone, once again, mentally cursing his inside-speaker.
It was embarrassing. I quickly dressed and ran away.
Meanwhile Victor was waiting for me in the lobby. We went for the skiing, we came out and showed us the path knurled. We went deep into the forest. How could there have been good! Victor began to ask me about me, and I began to ask questions about the competition and about what Victor is now engaged. Frost was small. We did a couple of laps and ride a roller coaster. I managed not to fall never unlike Victor, and I was filled with pride impossible for his dexterity. Then we rushed outdid one another to the sanatorium. At first I was glad ... that win with him, and then noticed that he gives in, angry and began throwing snowballs at him. As a result, she got loose lumpy face. Unlike me, Viktor your snowballs not rammed in tight bombs, and would pick up a handful of wet and threw me. As a result, I have literally washed the snow. We drove up to the steps of the white from head to toe. In person I ran thawed droplets. Cheeks severely burned. And it was really good.
The day had already begun to turn blue, but the guests were still arriving. In the driveway stood a few cars. Near the manager I saw a guy in a familiar jacket. Inside, I sank. When we got closer, I saw that it was really Sergey, only very unfamiliar with fashionable and very elegant hairstyle and indescribably haughty expression on his face. When I realized that he was watching me, I nodded at him from a distance. He turned slowly. And I suddenly saw the familiar "Chevrolet", from which immediately climbed the cat - in elegant little boots in fine fluffy tights and tunic made of soft suede like butter. Head on her this time was jet black curls. The manager gave her the key and she held his earrings.
- Agradetsko, Esperanza, - he said, well, or something like that.
She ruffled his hair and went up the stairs to the porch, and he stayed. I suddenly decided that he was waiting for me. But nothing of the sort! He talked to the manager, with openly eyeing us with Victor. Victor, accustomed to the fact that it all learn waved. Seryozhka descended to nod. And in that moment I realized that my missing the New Year. This man is harassing me with his presence all night.
I called his parents and muttered that I was going. When I got to the room, waiting for me a large cup of coffee and pastries ponaroshechnye sized profitrolki.
- Oh, how beautiful you are now! - Mother clasped hands. - Be sure to go all the skiing tomorrow!
I glanced in the direction of a large mirror on the wall. What is beautiful? Pale, with red spots on the cheeks and pale lips ...
- What happened? - Dad asked insightful.
Naturally, I burst into tears and said, rather, prohlyupala. Papa suddenly laughed.
- About how! - he said. - Pauline Stupid! I thought he doterpit to our return! I imagine he dodge to get here! My daughter!
Dad became proud to disgust. Dodge this ... of course! He on all occasions has his cat. And even he lied to me, parted with her ...
- Polka! - Angry dad. - Now, come on! Better go get some sleep. Do you now get after a walk ... I'll kill that boy!
I thought I could not sleep, but really fell asleep under his own sobs. And I woke up before the start of the evening. The parents were already dressed and pomaded. I am a first time in God knows how many times I saw them together at the parade. They have a very beautiful couple: tall lean dad and little mother, all such proportionate and rounded. I always wanted to be like her. Unfortunately, I am in the father's family - longer than I would like, and no trace of her mother's delicious proportionality.
My mother sent me to wash and take a shower. When I returned, she took me by herself. I was just squinting, and her mother did a massage, apply a tonic, cream, cosmetics, hair involved. For some reason I felt the utter devastation and wanted nothing to do. Then I was stuck in a dress and shoes, hitched to the neck thin thread uneven freshwater pearls and brought to the mirror. I did not like myself. The result was some greensickness in greenish dress embroidered with birch twigs by strongly flared hem skirt. Hairstyle - a la skromnyashka. Shoes generally resembled sandals. But parents admired me, and I squeezed through the power of a smile. Anyway, the evening was gone. I in any luxury, sultry cat does not surpass.
Mom gave me a pale pink lipstick, and while I painted lips, Dad went to the Christmas tree and brought out sv¸rtochek.
- Here - my father said. - Maybe you'll like it. Happy New Year, my daughter.
I launched sv¸rtochek. In it was a tiny blue box with "Climate" inscription. I have read that this is a very famous perfume. The smell really proved delightful. And not just very pleasant. To me it had suddenly, inexplicably back the joy of life, a sense of celebration and magic of New Year's Eve. I immediately remembered the movie "Perfume" and cautiously turned the box in the fingers.
Dad put his nose in my hair.
- Oh, - he said. - How do I love it all!
Mom laughed.
- What are you! - Embarrassed the pope. - When I met you on that moronic disco strongly stinking young musk then mixed with deodorant, one you smelled so clean "Shanelkoy" ... I lost my head once and for all.
- You are not told - and so surprised mother looked at him that I wanted to own ulezt corsage.
- I want to, and the guy who, in the end, will have to give Pauline, too, when folded to the left where it is necessary, just smelling the familiar scent - Dad said dreamily.
- Somewhere where I folded? - I repeated so bad mom.
- I hypothetically! - Immediately cried Dad.
- See me! - Menacing mother said! . - Lovelace!
Then we went into the hall where the reception has already begun. There were a lot of people. All were impossibly beautiful and funny. I looked at all these people who are used to seeing only on TV and wondered what they are simple and nice. For some reason I also all smiled and said hello to dad: Men - hand, and women kissing on the cheek.
Then came the small, and as they say, a house concert. They jumped right out of the room on a low stage, sang, joked, talked - shine! When I tell the girls die of envy. All were on their feet, but the walls were placed heaped chairs for those who are tired. Everything is constantly moving, and at one point pushed me to this chair. I suddenly stumbled and would have blurted out, but I picked up and I landed on someone's lap. I turned my head, and I smiled to meet Victor. I became uneasy, because I was sitting not just in her lap. Victor leaned toward my ear and dohnuv smell of champagne and asked:
- You know anecdote? Comes a girl on the bus and goes through the cabin to validate the ticket. Then the bus slows down dramatically, and she falls right on his knees to the priest, who quietly sits in the armchair. She looks at him and says, "Wow" The priest replied: "Not th, and the key to the Cathedral!"
I smiled inwardly, but pretended not to understand, thank Victor and jumped off his lap. And when the cat! Directly in front of him. She was tanned and dressed as Carmen - in a flaming red dress, red shoes, the Spanish comb in her hair pitch. Esperanza, I remembered, and a feast for me again extinguished. Then the room began to make champagne. I glanced at the clock and rushed to search for the parents, for fear of frightening at the same time to run into a Earrings. Victor had come with me.
I found them a minute before the fight chimes. Mama leaned towards me, and my dad shoved in his hand a glass of champagne. Then they started to beat the chimes, and the chorus began to consider: Dr. al-two, but ... I saw next to Victor nodded and called out to us. Parents do not look at him. They admired each other. I sipped champagne. Wow! It turned out to be so good! It's not like a soda. It was a little tart and filled to the brim with the scent of flowers and fruit, so thick, if you swallow the sun concentrate. I did not notice that drank the whole glass. At this time, all screamed: Hooray! I entered a new year. Everything started hugging and kissing.
I also grabbed Victor, strongly embraced and kissed on the lips. And drown in their saliva. I literally shuddered in disgust. I restrained myself to ... not to rush in a moment, and then all uluchala moment to wipe his lips. He did not seem to notice anything, fun congratulated my parents. Dad with his inimitable usmeshechkoy inquired about his health and began to ask more then deftly deploying back to me. I hurriedly ran away. I immediately found a scarlet stain - cat. I thought that Sergey somewhere near it, but made a mistake. I lost looking around for as long as there was not invited to the restaurant. Together with the crowd joined in and began looking for our table.
I saw him in the restaurant. He was so smart and very beautiful. My favorite. I talked with her cat and some guy. And lazily surveyed, the people seated at the tables. And then he looked at me. "Happy New Year," - I said mouthed. It is well smiled and then glanced at his company. Again I wanted to die. I found our table. It turns out that we were Victor and his cousin. I recognized it instantly. In the old movies, he always played the brave pilots or white officers. He kissed my hand and behaved more politely and very ceremonious. I do not remember what I ate and ate there anyway. Here is a glass of champagne, yes, I drank. Its flavor resembles something very familiar and pleasant. And then all this gluttony finally ended and all went to dance. So do I. I'm still hoping like a fool.
And then there was the nightmare. I began to invite all sorts of different people, young and not very cheerful and gloomy, with familiar faces and cute've never seen. In the end, all these swaying, spinning and flickering people I was wrong, and I took refuge first in the ladies' room, and then slipped away to us to the second floor.
From the hall cleared the game. There were now tea tables, covered with hot samovar, stylish and desperately shiny. The baskets were lined with all sorts of sweets and packets of tea leaves. While there was no one there, I poured myself a cup of tea, do not know whether you can do it, and looked for where to sit.
- Come on, Pauline, - suddenly I heard.
That it was again, the cat, Esperanza. She was sitting at a distant table, and one also had tea. I walked. She nodded to a chair next to him. I sat down and looked into the cup.
- What, - she said. - Poor you?
- Noticeably? - I bristled.
- And how! - She smiled.
She scoffed and more. In me it raised a wave of protest.
- Well, that's why it is you? - I asked. - What for?
She grinned and said something. But I have not heard it, I bore.
- You are so beautiful. You only have to look, and they're all yours, those down there. And he was a boy ...
Cat raised an eyebrow.
- Well, for you, - I stammered.
Cat closed her eyes.
- Once upon a time, - she said - I have neglected this boy here, because I'm very tired of poverty. And I paid for it now. Do not reproach me, Pauline. I gave it to you. Do you hear? - She looked at me focus its mermaid green eyes. - Back in the day!
I got lost. Then why ... And why ... She read all my unspoken question.
- He crawled this morning. He was lying in the legs. He promised all that I desire. In exchange for an invitation here. He was just crushed. I took pity. Excuse me.
With these words, the cat got up and went down with every step more and more straightening your back and lifting the chin. I squeezed in the hands of the ill-fated cup and seething with rage.
Well, why then? Where is he?! I very much wanted to go downstairs to find him and shake out of his soul. But I remembered that once there I will miss sweaty hands, knead and circling. And lurking in his chair, stupid suffering and not knowing what to do. In this position, and I found Victor.
- Pauline! - He exclaimed. - I lost you! Come on!
I thought: drool! And he shook his head. Then he flopped down beside him and, of course, to make kissing. Heck! I bristled all elbows and knees. And Victor laughed and waved his hands as if to say: "I will not! I will not! "
- I feel sorry for you, - he said. - Such a fun night, and you're sitting there alone.
I did not answer. I myself was a pity to death.
- Let's go down, - he called. - There is already half the people dispersed in all directions. It's good there.
I sighed and got up. Victor took me by the hand. And this time he chose to appear from some ambush, like a jack-the-box. I froze like a pillar.
- So go! - He said sarcastically. - Why do not you go?
I stared at him in a rage, because now knew that all this time he was hiding somewhere nearby, watching me and rubbed their legs gadskie.
- What? - Continued Seryozhka. - The girl wanted music and colors?
He made a length-innuyu pause between "want" and all other words. Vile comedian!
- Hey, you! - Said Victor.
- Get out! - I interrupted him again Seryozhka vyzverilsya me. - How fast are you comforted, eh ?! Dios, it undeservedly insulted! Unjustly!
I finally burst.
- And what I deserve ?! - I exploded.
- Polina, - he tried to put his hand on my shoulder.
- Get out! - This time we shouted together.
- And of course not? - Continued sarcastically earrings. - This is your generosity for the sake of something - it is again screwed Spanish mot that I did not understand, - then these are your dancing! Acrobat estupida! This mielofonschik! What was I supposed to think ?! What is there to do? !
- Yes, there is nothing to think of you! - I yelled back. - You have one single gyrus! Both in the spine!
Victor laughed.
- Get out! - Gritted his earrings.
Very quiet and not on good terms. Victor obediently backed toward the stairs, watching us with eyes.
- But you feel sick all the time your brain! Probably too much! Thinking does not work! What are you flooded home with this Yevgeny ?! You little of it got it ?!
- And with whom I was supposed to go ?! - I was furious. - Who the evening sitting with Chvanov face and looked at me like I was an empty space ?!
- Yes, you did your jumps prishibla, estupida !!!
- Yes, you yourself is the word !!!
- You puta!
- Something about ?! - I roared. - You again?!
- Who?! - He snapped. - I'm running, looking for tickets, degrading hell, as the last! I come and see you with another gentleman, a merry, rosy ... Puta!
- Stop! - I yelled. - Call on the Spanish!
- Now kill all !!! - He shouted in response.
I choked in mid-sentence and stared at him. He is now some kind of black rage. And indeed, I seem to have looked no better. We faced each other as implacable enemies and drilled at each other. Silence has already started to put pressure on the ears. And then on top of an inhuman voice sounded instructive tone.
- Taram-pam-pam! - he said.
We shuddered once, and then just looked up at the same time. Directly above us hung a cage. And it was the parrot, bolshenny, white, with a strong crest on top. He crossed the shaggy paws pod¸rgal head and introduced himself:
- Kesha! Boy! Silver parrot!
We catkins on seeing each other again, and began to slowly inflate. I could not stand the first. We laughed for ten minutes, grow silent, looked at each other and started again. Then Seryozhka pulled me to him, and we're just so long stood, hugging each other, enthusiastically taking intimacy. He was a native to this point, such a favorite with all of your moles and wrinkles near the lip. I gently reached out and ran a finger over his lips. He frowned and said:
- That tickles ...
- Yes you kiss her already! - We heard and turned their heads.
For tea tables were full of people. They were drinking tea and looking at us. Seryozhka grabbed my arm and dragged me away.
- Kuerida, - he said. - Do you forgive me?
- And you? - I responded.
He suddenly pritisnul me against the wall and stared at her lips .... I happily rushed forward and began to melt in his arms, in his hands such solid nesuetlivy. Then I heard, he inserts the key into the keyhole. In the room, he took me, without interrupting the kiss, slammed the door with his foot and throwing the key to something glass. Probably, for ages we were kissing right there at the front door. Sergey pritiskival me to him, holding one hand on the shoulder and the other around the waist. I finally was really good. Then somewhere in the cell phone rang. Seryozhka swore and picked me up. He laid me on the bed and casually snatched flashing green-screen phone blather.
- W-well? - He asked angrily, some time just listening, then somehow hissed and said. - Go to the FIG!
He sat on the bed, turned off the phone completely, and threw it on the table. A few seconds sat staring straight ahead, clenching and unclenching his fists, and then fell again and reached close to me with his hands.
- Who was that? - I asked quietly. - Cat?
- Papa your - Sergei muttered. - I asked where you were.
For some time he passionately kissed me, face, bare shoulders, neck, and then asked irritably:
- Where is the dress unbuttons? - And she added. - I have it now tear the hell out!
I reached out to the hooks behind and yanked Seryozhka turned me on my stomach and really pulled hard, scraping hooks. I gasped, and he was pulling off my dress and hissed at the same time something in the sense that a million tricks that only a sufficient and that lifted her skirt. At the same time I heard flying in all directions, even some clothes, Biff on the surface, knocking some gizmos that roll with a crash and fall. Somewhere something is broken. I tried to help him, but he did not allow, grabbed my hands, spread them apart and clings to his lips, then again took up the matter. Finally, I felt his hand roughly pulled down the last piece of cloth, still had on me, and then I felt his body all.
This time there was no his favorite foreplay. He threw with force my feet and burst into me. I felt like it was shaking. I myself was trembling with impatience. It was an obsession is literally some kind. We were saturated with each other with a violent force, if he had not seen a hundred years. At some point, I strained my body, and we roll over the bed, I was on top. He tried to take my initiative, but I am not allowed, clutching claws into his ear and explaining at the same time, there is nothing to twitch when the woman you want, with obviously long and hard.
I, too, was a bit too fast. I also managed to n th delay climax. He grabbed my head, knocked over, shut his mouth with his lips, and I felt that same convulsive wave, which meant that his seed flow fills me right now in this moment. He fell silent for a short while, and then resumed his kissing my neck and arms.
- How do you unfamiliar smell today - he muttered. - How do you want.
And again he began to touch me in different places, oglazhivaet and compress the chest, waist and buttocks. I felt that it would relax me friend again ready for battle, and with a force brought his feet, his captivating. Sergei got to his hands and looked into my face with her black diamonds, detached smiled and gave the order:
- For me, kuerida!
This time it was for a long time as we both liked. We kissed, updated positions were reversed. When tired, just lay side by side, without disconnecting, panting and kissing your favorite piece of skin was within reach. Pot om again taken for the cause, pounding each other in the unthinkable! e jungle experiences. His orgasms happened a few more times. But he almost groaned:
- I am empty, Princess. You took me all day. Prior to the last molecule.
What more! You know me! I'll show you how to yell at me! I remembered Natashkiny revelation, and I crawled down his body, gathering his lips salty veil of fatigue from his skin. And this thing was in my face. Previously, once everything was once consider it in detail. His cock was still a little tense, but so calm and happy or something. I glanced Seryozhka face. He had closed his eyes, he relaxed and smiled.
I kissed him on the knee and took his lips on the inside of the thigh. And then crept up to this thing, relax completely, so sluggish and harmless. Very long movement I spent on her tongue. Earrings have in the whole expanse opened his eyes, his mouth twisted in a grimace incomprehensible. I think he wanted to get out with some sort of order, but did not work with him. He met my eyes and squinted fiercely, and the corners of his mouth had dropped sorrowfully. I am satisfied with the reaction and began to research this piece tongue and lips - all its folds, shovchik and hidden towns. I was fascinated. When he grabbed my arm and yanked laid on his back, his darling was again in the firing position.
- You also said, Princess, - muttered earrings. - What do I have squeezed to the last drop!
That something does not look like it was, I swear! He pounced on me like a madman, not allowing it to move hand or foot. But he sharilsya all over my body, stroking and potsarapyvaya slightly. The upshot was that my wildest cramp cramped. Inside - the same as capturing it and grinding. I broke down and screamed something like a jubilant cry of the Amazons, rushing to their wild stallions on a level field, when the wind whips in his face, carving tears filling his chest and celestial prana. Actually, I do not know how there shouting these same warriors, but I - just so. I triumphed and was somewhere in the space between the worlds on the waves of stellar wind.
- You are the light, kuerida - suddenly said Seryozhka.
I looked at myself. It was no longer in the dark room. Winter dawn caught up with us, and the windows of snow made it clear. In a strange diffused light my skin is really shining metallic sheen, gently but noticeably.
- Lord, - muttered earrings. - How did it happen that you became mine, kuerida? You're really mine?
I nodded and suddenly frightened.
- And if the cat will come now?
- What cat? - He did not understand.
- Esperanza! - I hissed.
- And - he feebly waved his chiseled brush. - Her room elsewhere ...
He shoved his hand somewhere under the bed and dragged out a bottle of champagne.
- Offer support forces - Sergei muttered. - Polka, type mia, there on the table have glasses ...
I looked and said:
- One more glass and a bunch.
- Give it here ... A glass of course ...
I brought, and we drank it himself th champagne, so take me at night, sipping a sip and passing each other a glass. Then he began to kiss me again.
- I had already been decided that all - reluctantly admitted Sergei. - In particular, when I saw you with that Caruso ...
- You're beautiful, - I said. - Hermosa.
- ABOUT? - He asked. - This is not exactly the word I uttered.
- In the history of art, - I confessed. - There was talk of Philip the Fair. I remembered.
Seryozhka possessive grasping gesture grabbed me and pritisnul to him.
- My woman! - He declared with exactly the intonation and the same expression on his face, with which recently my father said, "My daughter!", With pride and full awareness of the rights of the owner.
I have remembered.
- Seryozhka night you sent to my father figure ...
Sergei muttered something in the sense that, and does not regret.
- Dad such a thing can not be tolerated and does not forgive, - I said.
- I, too, - Sergei muttered. - If you still allow himself such statements in my address, I'll take you to him right now.
It had to say about the way that I understood: he decided to change it and do not intend to.
Fatigue softly humming throughout the body, but not sleepy at all. We never sat, hugging, talking and built all sorts of plans.
Then it was my ... my mother brought me another dress.
- Oh, and you have done the same yesterday noise, guys, - she said.
We stared at her. Mom smiled.
- So you yell at each other, that part of the house came running. And then I watched, as you point blank nobody saw laughing and hugging. Sasha was furious. I could barely hold it. And even before that everyone noticed how one hiding, and another with a lost view of looking for him.
- And now? - I asked. - How dad now?
- They will have to talk - my mother said gently. - Let's go to.
They really ... talked. The first thing dad slapped him a brutal slap in the face, and hissed:
- Do not you dare to expose to ridicule my daughter!
Seryozhka became furious and very discreet at the same time.
- Right, yes? - he said. - I have something you can not hit. Just because of your age. But keep in mind, Pauline is now my woman and I answer for it.
- So try to be kind, that she did not look stupid! - Pripechatal father. - And now he is gone! And bring myself up! We are all go to dinner. And you're with us!
Then we actually went down to the restaurant two couples, and we were greeted with applause, almost a standing ovation, everyone who was there. Seryozhka turned slightly under the gaze of these people and through our heads with my mother said:
- The bruise is.
And my father said:
- I did my best.
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My name is Bob, I'm learning and I have a little trouble with math. To solve this problem, I agreed with his teacher Natalia Andreyevna work out after school. I'll tell you a little about ka Natalia Andreyevna-she was slim zhenshinoy 32y.o. with small breasts.
Classes began we had sat at one desk. During the explanation of the material I quietly undid his pants and pulled himself a member of the so Natalya Andreevna I never saw him again and began to podrachivat. Finished lesson she quickly got up from the desk and saw my pod I quickly tried to hide. She said that if I fulfill her request she will not tell nobody about my act. I agreed because it no other way out, I had not. Then she told me in a low voice said, kiss me, and my chest.
I walked over to her and began to kiss her lips, my hand touched her breast which was the first size. Pulling livchik I started kissing and sucking her tits with soski.Raspravivshis I dropped her skirt and saw red panties hidden under kolgotami.S tights I dealt quickly and knelt in front of my face was her panties. Letting them down I saw her badly shaved pussy, then I stuck her finger and began to rotate Natalia Andreevna moaned and turned her back to me. I spread her buttocks and began to lick her anus smooth transition to the hole. When finished, I stood up and thrust his cock into her crotch and began to poke constantly picking up the pace.
Natalya Andreevna moaning and sometimes even screaming but not paying for it, I popped her his stick. After a few minutes she took the hand of a member of the vagina and sent it to the anus. Thrusting him I hardly unnecessarily I'm sure that her husband was not in the ass pecked. After a few movements I felt that will soon be over and taking out a member of the priests, I sent it to Natasha's face. She grabbed him and began to suck, in 10 seconds, I began to splash cum on her face and mouth. After I wore shorts waited for Natalia Andreevna dressed and we went home with us because it is the way. When he reached the entrance again we kissed and parted. After this incident, I fuck her every additional.
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My funny boy

Chapter 1.
Emo princess.
I brushed away the wet bangs from his face. The bus was terribly hot. All music in the player for a long time already spun in the second round, the water in a plastic bottle over, I was dying of heat and thirst, and go to my home town was about 40 minutes .Edinstvennoe that happy is a foretaste of happy moms and dads eyes when they learn that their beloved daughter to go to college. I was so happy and proud, but I am most pleased that in a month will leave the city where she was born, and maybe more will not go back there ... Forget, forget, forget everything!
So ... well, and now more ... My name is Julia, this year I graduated from high school a gold medal.Vneshnost-ordinary, small-height 154 cm, black as pitch hair down to roughly ass hot pink bang on half face, dark brown eyes, a punctured lip, ear-tunnels with a plug on the neck - a lot of all sorts of crosses, chains and the like Fennec on-hand, dressed in a black T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The lean, athletic, can say even skinny ... In short, so-so ... As you understand, I'm emo-girls. Do not rush to act against their noses, it is something to laugh all around, not emo. Just pathetic posturing publicly roar and razors on zapyastem.Nea ... Emo-is a manifestation not only of sadness and silliness, but also a rabid temperament childish spontaneity, sincerity, joy and happiness. Clothes do not matter. Well, yes, I admit, I like all of these shards, sneakers, black and pink clothes ... But to be a true emo is not enough.
So, something I rasfilosofstvovalas ... In short, I am a funny, funny and at the same time quite serious emochki. =) A little boastful, love math, singing and playing the piano and re Gita, listen to everything that is heavier, fine paint rollers and love !, skate, I have many friends, girlfriends and girls-only two. But I have to be friends with the guys in their lyublyu.Ya ryadah-"his" guy, probably it's because I grew up with childhood bully ... well versed in the computer to, and therefore entered the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and informatiki.Budu programmer! Now go home to please mom and dad ... The idea is that I am a happy man ... Just ... Heart broken. I love the guy who spit on me completely. Nevertheless, I am with him for 5 years. This is my best friend Radik. Beautiful, smart and talented ... in short, I have no chance. It has long been understood. But ... for some reason, the heart does not want to forget this dark-eyed wonder. Oh, okay Th sad about something! The main thing is that now I am absolutely happy ...
She came home pleased mom and papu.9 pm, lying on the couch and talk by ICQ with one another their good-Denisom.Nado say was the first handsome man in our school. Tall, blond, blue eyes ... In short, the dream of all girls. I absolutely did not like it, I despised him for flat jokes and consciousness of its own dostoinstva.Zanuda, koroche.Tochnee, so I thought until last month. Then he and some guys added to me in Asya, and we started talking. For a month's great friends! Although go out together for a walk and could not, he was not in the city, I ... Yes, none of us, in principle about it and did not regret. They communicate only because absolutely understood each other and came together did not even think of mnogom.Ya we ever vstretimsya.Odnako fate decided differently.
-"Are you already at home?"- He writes to me.
-"Yeah, just recently priehala.A you?"I -nabirayu fingers.
-"Also today I come ... I think that's what today to do tonight ... Friends have not arrived yet .."
My brain is pierced thought:"Really want to meet? !!"
I decided to check out:
-"I do not know, personally, I will not want to ... right now lie in front of a TV set and sleeping".
-"It's a pity..."-posledoval answer.
-"Just a thought ... maybe take a walk together today?"s embarrassed smile at the end of sentences.
I thoughtfully propped a hand on the cheek. I wanted terribly to sleep, but to miss the meeting also did not want to. In the end, it was interesting to see how we will communicate live. And I wrote: -"Come on!"
Chapter 2. A meeting.
11 p.m. I sit on a bench, waiting for Dennis. He sends me all sorts of funny ICQ frazochki type "Wearing left shoe, right ... " I sit, I look at my watch and smile. What he is, marafet, or what? !! The very same I was absolutely made up, however, as always. I like My skin cosmetics, but in principle, it does not need. Yes, and I was dressed in a T-shirt, a black hoodie, blue jeans and sneakers - as usual. Mike was too open, so I zipped right up to the chin ... natural modesty that helped.
Well, finally he did. High silhouette, disheveled blonde hair like a halo over his head, laughing blue eyes ... awesome expensive jeans, sneakers and a light shirt. He came up and said:
- Hey.
- Hi - I smiled back, and, not knowing what to do with himself, held out her hand. He grinned, a little twist of his beautiful lips, and shook his hand. I felt embarrassed for some reason. Dennis looked at me with interest.
- Come on, go through - I suggested.
- Ou go - he smiled.
We went on the road. I almost emancipated, showered jokes ... even began to laugh ... Suddenly he said:
- Let's sit down. Tired of something.
- Well, - I shrugged. - Let's go to UNV - and pointed to two hemp, standing at some distance from each other.
Dennis looked at them:
- Mmm. . Go to another place.
I was surprised, but said nothing. Finally found a comfortable bench. Seli. Chatting. Suddenly, somewhere in the yard the dog howled. Denis picturesque screamed and rushed towards me, arms wound around my neck, legs- my lap:
- Mama!
I laughed:
- Such a big boy and a little girl? Do not be ashamed ?!
- Sorry, I got carried away - Denis laughed and took his hands - Just thought you can rely on in case of danger to you.
- possible, but not in the literal sense - I snorted.
The dog howled again. Denis painted again and again that scared almost climbed on me.
- Look, young man! - "angry" I.
- Sorry! - Denis laughed again and got off my knees, but his arms wrapped around my waist. I felt like a fool. For some reason, she blushed and stopped. Dennis looked at me, at my face. A lock of my hair, tucked behind her ear, down my cheek. Denis carefully removed her from her cheek and put it behind the ear. I blushed even more and looked away. Denis pressed me his warm cheek and whispered:
- May I kiss you?
- No - I broke out more than ever.
- Here here. . . - He touched a finger to her cheek.
- No. .
Dennis bent down and touched his lips to my hot cheeks. Then he whispered:
- Yul. . . turn around to me.
- No!
- Julia. . . Well, I do not eat you. . . Can. . Only in a friendly? m?
- Friends do not kiss t ak - I hissed.
- Friends anything can de! bark - Dr. Denis ssmeyalsya. I could not help smiling. He saw my smile and quickly turned my face to him and pressed his lips to my lips ... I gasped, trying to unlock, but the guy hard, but gently pulled me to him and gently touched his mouth to my mouth. Inside I broke something, and I started to respond to the kiss. He kissed me so gently ... Like really kissing her sister, dear to him human ...
I melted into his arms. Suddenly he jumped up and broke the kiss, breathing heavily:
- Sorry!
- Well, - I shrugged.
He forced a smile and sat back. Embraced, he hugged her and stroked her hair. Something whispered to me in the top of her head, kissed her. . . Then he leaned forward again and followed by kisses. . .
At some point his hand unzipped my sweatshirt and pressed her to his chest. I immediately jumped up:
- Hey!
- Just ... just ... Yul ... damn ... - he could not find words.
- What?
- I ... I do not know how to tell you this ... damn!
- What's wrong with you?!
- ...Nothing, - he suddenly frowned, - Come on, I'll take you.
- I do not need to, I will go myself, - I smiled, held out his palm in farewell as he pulled me to him and kissed her again.
I pulled away from his lips and laughed:
- I hope I'm so other will not lose ?!
- No, sweetheart ...
- Oh, Denis, the sun in the sky, I do that on the ground While -! I waved and ran home.
Chapter 3. Travelers.
In short, we started dating. Not that meet ... just sit under the moon and kiss. Without the mutual obligations of the fact. I told him many things about his life, he told me about her ... We were each other it is not clear by whom. I knew that soon will leave and not come back. and he will not need me. Therefore, to keep themselves in the framework and not allow myself to fall in love. And he knew it.
One day, after 4 minutes of our meeting, he wrote to me:
- "Yul. . . who are we to each other?"
- "Friends"
- "You know yourself that it is not so"
- "Yeah. . "
- "I'm confused ... um m I understand that we are not a couple ... I do not know if I love you ... but when I'm with you, as if no one around, and there's just you and me. "
"Romantic fucking, "- I thought, and typed:
- "But is so important, what are we? Anyway soon leave, and Nitsche you and I will not work"
- "Then why all this? Why have you come to me on a date ?!"- Psihanul it.
- "I do not know. Well, if you want, I will not come"
- "No!"
- "what is not?"- I was surprised.
- "I want. . . want to see you. "
- "Good"
- "By the way. . I do not know. . Do you agree, though. . . "
- "What?"
- "Come to me now"
- "In cha Hut?"
- "Yeah. Only. . do not think anything bad"
- "Well, I do not think. In how many come?"
In the evening I went to Denis. It was pretty fun. Actually, I expected there to see someone else, but we had only been together. We laughed, drank tea and watched movies, played by networks- I dragged my laptop.
Suddenly turned off the light.
- As always. . - Dennis muttered, and followed a candle.
- We can plug blown?! - n oezhilas me. One in a dark room was scary.
- Nope. Today, any day of the week?
- Friday.
- Well, Friday is our housing office fucking electricity knocks. With surprising regularity. - Denis came in, lighting up the room dim light of candles. Put a candle on the table, he sat on the couch next to me and hugged me. kissed her on the cheek, her nose began to sprinkle my lips with kisses. . .
- uh. . . can I go - I tried to dodge.
- No, Julia ... - he continued to kiss me. Long kissed my lips, sucking the bottom and pushed his tongue into my mouth, he began to stroke my tongue. . . All gently to the limit, unobtrusive, but at the same time - can not get away.
He pulled off my sweatshirt and threw me on the couch. I stayed in a t-shirt, just shook his shoulders-cool. However, Denis hugged me and lay on top of me, continuing to caress my lips with his. I suddenly felt in his hip something solid. Clean instinctively guessed that since the sexual experience does not have. Scared, she arose:
- Denis!
- that - he blinked his eyes in fright.
- Hmmm ... you ... well, ...
He laughed:
- stupid ... This all-you.
- like me?!
- Well, my response to you. . . What you are interested in me, not only as a friend. . .
- understandably. That's why I told you. - I abruptly stood up, grabbed the bag with the laptop. . . Denis came up to me and hugged me:
- Yulechka ... do not go ... I love you ...
- I see - I muttered, but the laptop is still all-laid back and sat on the sofa.
- You probably think I'm kidding ... really I love you, - Denis sat down, put his arms around me, kissed her cheek. I stroked my bare shoulders, kissed her lips, uncomprehending eyes. . . patted on the back, hands slid under the shirt, he drowned kiss my indignation, again knocked on the couch, hands undid my bra, pulled my T-shirt.
He kissed me on the chin, neck, lower and lower ... lower ... I felt a strange heat inside, aching pain in the lower abdomen. And Denis all kissed and kissed me. His warm lips found my soft nipple, licked his hot tongue, then he covered my whole chest small mouth and began to gently suck it ... I was hot, nice and scary at the same time ... Dennis looked up from my chest looked at my naked before belt body and whispered:
- How beautiful you ..
He kissed every cell of the breast, stomach, navel, neck ... He got up, took off his T-shirt and jeans, remained in his underwear, lay nearby, hugged me, continued to kiss. I trembled touching my chest to his bare stomach, what was in shorts and a frighteningly stood stake, has become even hotter and harder.
Denis groaned:
- Sweetheart ... I can not stand ...
He tore off my jeans, pants too departed after the jeans, I trembled with fear and desire, shy, closed hands. Denis took my hands and kissed her stomach, then into the pubis, then the power of compressed spread my knees and pressed his wet mouth to where everything was hot and craved affection. That which does not touch a single person. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, when Denis kissed my clitoris, put your own mountain yak tongue in my vagina ... He smiled and whispered:"my sweet girl, you really be my only ... ", Removed the panties. I closed her eyes in shame, he hugged me and whispered:"Honey, what are you, do not be shy, he's all yours. . do not be afraid of me, kid. . . "He spread his legs to me, licked his finger and gently introduced it to me in the vagina. I shuddered, a wave of sweet desire shook my body, making me bend and groan. Denis kissed me on the lips and continued to slowly move your finger in me. I'm just sick of desire, writhing, squealed, and he closed his kisses my moans, maddening. So he pulled out his finger and instead slipped something hot and hard. I was frightened, jerked, Dennis firmly pressed me to the bed and whispered:
- Do not be afraid. . . it will hurt, but quite a bit.
With these words, he strongly entered into me, his big already a member broke the barrier, pain shot through the body, I began to cry silently. Denis continued kissing me, began to move in me carefully. The pain gradually disappeared, replaced by a savage pleasure from which wanted to scream, but I was embarrassed and swallowed her screams. Suddenly I felt a ripple, Dennis closed his eyes, sighed, and spilled into something hot. . . "Mom! - I- thought that's only pregnancy I was missing!"
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The case in the bath

It happened after the new year, and I familiar pair (Oleg and Tania) went to another city where they plan a big company with the same interests. Once on the train, we met a girl (Olga), which had previously knocked out of the team, but was able to return sooner. We went to smoke. Olga complained that losing weight in her chest diminished and proposed on the spot check, with his jacket my hands cupped her breasts and lightly mash leaned over and sucked on her nipples. Hearing that someone comes, we returned to the car. People were not enough and in our neighbor and in the reserved seat 5 except us was empty. Rastegnuv his pants and pulled out a member, I sat on the shelf Olga fell on my knees and covered us Oleg sheet.
I must say that Olga is doing great blowjob she licks penis and then suddenly swallow it completely. After some time I came straight into her mouth, but she did not stop until all of my sperm had accumulated in her mouth. Rising she called Oleg and began to kiss him to transfer sperm.
When we arrived. We were immediately taken to the bath, is a bath at it said how easy it was a huge house with a yard enclosed by a high fence. Inside there was a big room with a plush sofa pair of armchairs pair kitchen and shower room. They began arriving guests. Total came to 18 people. But I have to say in debauchery did not participate all. Upon reception of strong and it was decided to first steaming sponge oneself down with snow, so throwing off towels (all were in towels !!!) crowd ran into the street. Rubbing the snow gradually shifted from the back to a more intimate area, but the cold made itself felt, and we went back into the house.
I was assigned to the fry and I went outside. After about 15 minutes for me came Tanya, hinting that I'm bored, I pulled out a member, Tanya without lishnik words squatted and began to suck me, not satisfied with a blowjob she lifted the towel and turned his back to me, I took a member of the hand and began to guide him in the pussy but Tanya rearranged it to the entrance of her ass. I began to introduce a member of Tanya slowly but suddenly drew back and planted on my dick until the end. We stood there and fuck when I came tannin husband (Anton) and said that we are bastards can fuck and elsewhere and here is lit barbecue, pulled out a member of the ass we gathered to go to the house that would finish the job, but Anton gently held me and leaned sucked my a member for a few seconds, leaving him and promised to come back, we went into the shower.
Standing under the water jets, I again began peck Tanya in rastrahannuyu is a little hole. When he had finished. I'm going outside. smoke break, I suggested that Anton will fry barbecue and I at this time he can fuck me. It turned out just fine standing over the roasting meat and twirling skewers I felt in my ass included a pair of fingers coated with grease, fuck me with your fingers Anton put me dick in the ass and started moving slowly. Feeling that he will soon be over, I moved forward and egochlen fell from me. I turned and began to masturbate his penis in front of his face and was rewarded when the jet of sperm hit me on the cheek and mouth. I sucked from it all to the last drop, but kept everything in his mouth lifted I opened his mouth and showed him all began to swallow slowly.
Our company was one couple Andrew and Jeanne none of the guys never fucked Joan, Andrew and Joan always had sex together in front of everyone but no one to himself were not allowed, but suddenly called Andrew and urgently summoned to work. Jeanne was left alone. First to Jeanne began to pester the owner of Pasha and here Jeanne vovsyuuzhe sucks at it, they were joined by Andrew sitting between her tion he began treating her tongue, thinking that because I stay out of work, we turned Joan on its side resting on the edge of the couch ass out, front still wielded language Andrew is still a member of Pasha was held captive by Joan, but I got a role causing grease to the finger and ring her anus, I gradually started to put pressure on it until my finger did not fail in the scalding plot.Snachala one then two, and finally I jerked off three fingers of Joan ass when I'm sick, I squeeze a little grease on the penis and put it in the ass, I swung and introduced him.
Watching as the penis enters the ass I was excited even more. We were approached Tanya and stood in front of me back on the sofa gave me access to her pussy and ass, Suddenly from behind me came Oleg and began to steal up to my ass, and then I fucked in the ass Jeanne and I fucked in the ass Oleg, while I lick Tanya and Zhanna sucks dick and her pussy dominated by Andrew. First she could not stand Jeanne start to finish with the muscles of her anus tightened so much that I finished and lying on Jeanne I felt that Oleg is also nearing completion and now I feel like a sperm flows poured into me. It was great! Of course this is not all over, but it was too long to tell. Who wants to know more details, please write!
e-mail: [email protected]
ICQ: 498007408
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Business - troublesome. That here and there, then this, then that.
Especially if you are the owner of the company and its CEO at the same time.
And now we decided to open a branch in the city of Deer. So I'm going there to pick a senior manager to lead this branch.
I decided that we can confine ourselves to the branch of the three positions: a senior manager, manager and office manager.
They took office two rooms. Brought furniture and everything you need for the job.
It remains only to recruit staff, according to staffing.
We decided to take a local. Advertised in the newspapers, and the secretary on the phone collected CVs of candidates applying for the position of senior manager. A manager and office manager selects his team let a senior manager.
And here I am in the city of Deer and me 10chelovek resume.
Quick view an experienced eye, leans 7 nominations and three leave.
First: Belohvostova Galina, 21god, higher education and the desire to work.
Second: Maltseva Marina, 26y.o., higher education, has experience and desire to work.
Third: Treshchev Evgeniya, 30 years, higher education, work experience and desire to work.
- Call me here these three - ordering his deputy for Human Resources and throw in front of him on the table summary of the selected contestants me.
-Now 9 am. A meeting to assign 15hours - and I add leaving on business.
Travel around the city in the meetings and concerns to 15hours I was in the office.
Three contenders sat and waited for meeting with me. Passing through the hallway, I saw them sitting on a chair.
Galina, realizing that I am the director, as if by chance, spread her legs wider, and I saw her black thong. Leggy beauty blond knew what she was doing. My cock reacted moment. The whole week was not part of it into a woman.
So. Start Calling contenders.
I'm sitting in the main office and the office waiting Treshchev Eugene.
I will not describe here a survey of all the candidates, but Treshchev very arrogant and talks to me as if seeing me. Big mistake on her part.
Second comes Marina Maltseva. Keeps modestly, but it knows. After the survey is still a very good impression of her.
And the third - Belohvostova Galina. Young, knows little. But here comes my defense in her "little friend."
He just did rushing out of his trousers. And this gala as if by chance, that his mini-skirt lift, then push the legs.
The winner is my hell. I want this young. The life of me. And the main horseradish brain suggests: "Well, what that young. Teach. And they do not teach such. But we have sex. Head agrees to the head.
A Gala tries everything in his speech hints inserts. Like, if you will take, I will try hard and work and so. In general, I personally do not regret. Again bitch throws her skirt and legs Spreads.
We're alone with her. I selection of candidates for vacancies do one. Because the owner.
-Well, - says more my dick than I - I think you have all the chances to take the place of the general manager, and eventually director of the branch.
I would be cut off and thrown standing club. And he's a bastard continues:
-I've not local. Which restaurant you recommend to me that I could have dinner with you.
Galina realizing that I fucked up and I crush on her voice meets the winner:
-"Harbor" Restaurant. People your level dinner there.
-Okay - I continued my hell - in 18 hours and will continue to meet there opros- while he gives a sign of my head, which depicts a lascivious smile to Galina was ready, that it certainly gets fucked after dinner.
-Required. I am all at your service. And I hope that I sustain the final exam and we work well together - a smile of agreement on many illumines it.
When we parted, she again looked at me, a captured horseradish, and licks her lips in a way that I understand it this way: "I take it in the mouth is excellent, you will not regret"
After her departure, I call the deputy and ask to make me a coffee, and he sat down on the sofa, I threw his head and soothe hell, so he waited until after the I will take her restaurant in the hotel room, and there is hell let it understands itself.
In 17-30 zama call and say,
-You do not know where is the restaurant with the name of the sea - I'm starting to dig in pamyati- well, that has something to do with the shore.
-"Pier" - help the deputy.
-Yes, it seems "Pier". Find out where it is and take me there.
Five minutes later, the deputy comes to me and says that the restaurant "Marina" is located in 5 minutes by foot and that he was willing to take me.
-No - I say - Let's walk, I go there, and you find a flower shop and buy a bouquet of roses.
I walked out of the building where our office and on the road said deputy went to the restaurant.
Exactly five minutes later I was at the entrance to the restaurant, and the deputy handed me flowers.
There were still fifteen minutes before meeting with Galina and I decided to drink a glass of mineral water at the bar.
Going to a bar, I went to the bar and bought a glass of mineral water, I sat down at a free table.
Stretching fun, I drank water in small sips and treated visitors to the bar.
At one table sat a young couple in love, and with the eyes were leisurely conversation. At another table, a company of men to drink a bottle of vodka
And for the third table sat a young woman in miniskirt with beautiful legs and looked out the window. Here she turned and glanced at me. Oh my god, it's Marina Maltseva, an applicant for the position.
Seeing me, she nodded slightly and smiled.
I took my glass and went to her table.
-Good evening, Marina - I said, and sat down at her table.
-Good evening, Robert Zaharovich.- she said.
- What do you got here?
-I live near here and is now waiting for a friend.
Her cell phone rang and he took it and listened to voice of the caller, she who - once said:
-How can not you? I've been waiting for half an hour.
Okay. You can not because you can not - I caught phrases conversation.
-And you have a date here - she asked, looking at a bouquet of roses in my hands.
-No, this is for you - obeying strange feeling, I said, and handed her the flowers
-Why are you so? Give flowers to your beloved, you are waiting for.
-I do not have a favorite here. I ask you to take a bouquet.
After enduring momentary pause, she took the bouquet.
-Do I understand correctly from your telephone conversation, that your girlfriend will not come today.
-Yes, you heard absolutely right.
-This means that you are free today?
-Then I ask you to join me for a couple of dinners at the restaurant.
-No, I can not, I ......
-Do not - I interrupted her - I ask you, and I've got in this town no one, and I want to eat, and one dinner was not used.
-If the only way, then I agree.
We have moved from the bar to the restaurant.
I will not enumerate and describe what we ordered, and other trifles. But when we drank with her a bottle of champagne and ate well, the music started and the singer with some smoky voice began to sing about love.
-Allow me to invite you to dance - I invited Marina and she agreed.
We went out on the dance floor of the restaurant, where there are three couples dancing, and I took Marina's waist.
Slow dancing, I talked to her about any nonsense, telling anektody. And his hands were doing their job. They groped her perfect waist, and gently descending to the pope, felt its elasticity.
Sometimes I pressed her closer to him, to feel her breasts her magnificent breasts. And because I was taller than her, I saw on top of that she was without her tits livchika and ended fairly large nipples. And when I presented the pacifier in his mouth, then "my fool" and rose again to be cleared my head.
"Quiet, quiet," I said to myself, trying to persuade him to calm. "I want" - he resisted and was filled with power. ... "I beg you, give me half an hour," I -umolyal it. "I fuck, so fuck you. Hold it stronger, so that I could get close to her delicate recording. Should I say hello to her, "My head fell into the power of this intractable demon and I pressed his standing" fool "to her body.
She pulled away and leaned even closer to me.
"Fool," wedged between us, acquired the properties of steel and I kissed Marina's neck. From what she closed her eyes, she lifted her head to me and slightly parted lips.
I kissed her gently on the lips Marina and finding in them reciprocity, again kissed her passionately already tight.
Two minutes, we never left each other's lips, ignoring others. But then the music ended, and everyone began to diverge in their places.
We, being no exception, too, returned to his table.
Sitting at the table, we drank one more glass only open the second bottle of champagne. And putting his glass, I took the hand of Marina in his hands and kissed each finger individually.
-You know, I have not experienced the feeling of love - I told her.
-You probably think it is. Freedom, champagne and a lonely woman.
-No, no, Marina. Let's go to my hotel?
-Let's home to me - suddenly offered it - people in the hotel, and I'm one today.
-I agree - I said, and paying took her by the hand, and we walked out of the restaurant on the street.
Having fifty meters from the restaurant, in a quiet unlit place, I again embraced Marina and kissed her lips passionately.
She reciprocated and five minutes later we were kissing like Fourteen youths.
Finished kissing, we joined hands and went to her home. On the way I told her poems. Fortunately I know their views.
Apartment Marina is in the high-rise building on the fourth floor.
One-bedroom apartments of unmarried women. They are so similar to each other, that does not make sense to describe.
Marina cooked a lovely coffee, poured into me, and she took a towel, hid in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later she came out of the bathroom in a light dressing gown, smelling clean woman's body and gave me dry and clean towel, said:
-Go take a shower. Bathrobe hanging there.
I quickly grabbed a towel and rushed to the bathroom.
Undressed and turned on the shower I soaped sponge his body, washed himself and carefully his "bum". That did not lay down and asked me to let him enter to something.
Vymyvshis, Proterevshi perfectly clean towel and wearing a robe over his naked body, I got out of the bath with a bathrobe protruding member Marina.
She had opened the pullout sofa, opened a bottle of champagne and poured it in the glass on the coffee table. Picking up the glasses, we bumped them, and I said:
-For a sweet and beautiful girl. The one that I love.
We drank wine glasses to the bottom. And Marina sat in a chair.
I walked over to her chair, knelt down and took her foot in his hands, began to stroke it gently and cover the gentle kisses. Lips I moved with kisses from the fingers up. And when went to the very top, I picked up the other leg and gave her a kiss, and from the bottom up. Marina was sitting, leaning back in his chair and closed his eyes. And when I rose from the second leg up, I completely opened her robe and saw her naked body. It was the body of the goddess of love. Everything is perfect.
I again began to kiss her feet. Gently obtselovyvaya each foot, then I went up to just below her bosom, then fell to his knees.
Marina began to stroke me with his hands on his head, shoulders and chest.
It was like pulling the approach to the heart, once again kissing his feet down to the knee and began to climb. And when I was close in the womb, I spread her legs wider and began to kiss the place around the womb, her lips lightly touching his hair, framing her pleasant-smelling pussy.
Obtselovav all the places adjacent to Picea, I clung to the most gentle lips Picea.
Then, gently parted fingers pis¸nku, I became tongue licking the fragrant flower garden of pleasures. I licked the open pussy on the entire surface, and felt like her clitoris began to fill with blood.
-Oh, Robert, ah-ah-ah-ah - she said - my dear ah-ah-ah-ah, and her body began to tremble.
-Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh - orgasm entered her and was ready to break out.
I licked her pussy, swallowing, started to allocate fluid. And when she put her arms around my head and tried to blow up an orgasm, I stood up, and, raising it higher up the ass, planted on his dick.
-Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - a cry broke her and she firmly wrapped around my neck, began to frantically bounce on my dick.
I helped her, holding her ass and throwing up, and she cried non-stop orgasm.
And two minutes later it made her cry, I cry a duet her orgasm flooded her powerful stream of semen.
I sit down and tossed it on the dick so hard, as if he wanted to break it into two parts. From what she screamed even louder. Orgasm does not let go of her for a second. And she did not want to part with it.
More about five minutes we could not stay in this position. Orgasms out of us, one after another. And our diluted secretions become liquid spill on my feet, creating a pleasant feeling of satisfaction.
And when she took a deep breath and paused, I'm not taking out her dick brought it to the decomposition of the couch and, without disconnecting it, put it, and the top has started lying to drive with blows of her pubis her "boyfriend."
A member of my lost strength and was a member of her furiously.
-Oh, my dear Robert, how well - she whispered in my ear, hugging tightly, tossing his feet and moving to the beat forward.
-Marina, a favorite - I say, pecked her in the pussy and throwing her legs over his shoulders.
In this position, I have continued swotting. And after two minutes Marina breathed heavily, and we both exploded a fountain of happiness. And I once again filled her jet sperm.
But my fall "fool" would not persist.
I turned back to the marina itself, put the cancer and went into her from behind, again began to stick it on the dick. I was part of it, as if helping Marina, moved towards me, and when I was ready to once again finish in her, she suddenly pulled out a member and began to sit down on his ass.
Like in the hymen I hardly entered her ass, making her scream and even after two minutes hardly incoming and outgoing member, I exploded orgasm, and poured a portion of the liquid, and this rubbed her ass.
Further work on the fucked her ass was facilitated. So I'm not taking out a member of her priests, pulling her to him, got up from the couch to the floor and holding her feet began to fuck her standing.
Legs Marina hung in the air and only the hands, she rested against the couch, and I'm holding it went in her ass by a dick then spitted her, then taking off. Two minutes later, fucked in this position, we cried together and relaxed.
He pulled out of her ass dick. I put her on the sofa and began to gently kiss on the lips. She was very tired, poorly answered me.
-I'm in the bathroom, and while you rest - I said, and got the nod in agreement, having dedicated me a towel left in the bath.
Vymyvshis shower and Proterevshi towel, I got out of the bath naked, and walked over to the couch.
Marina was lying on his back and stared at the ceiling.
-How old were you? - I asked her, knowing that I ask a stupid question.
-And then you have not seen kak.- she replied and got up and went to the bathroom.
I poured myself and had champagne in glasses and began quietly othl¸byvaya, relax, sitting in a chair.
They could hear the water flowing through the body of Marina. Vymyvshis, she came and sat on my lap. We took the glasses, and I said:
-For our love with you. Let it will have a long continuation.
-How to obtain and will - she said, and we drank to the bottom of the glasses.
I stood up, took her in his arms and kissing her tenderly, put it on the sofa. I lay down next to her, hugging her. And I thought we were going to sleep, as the Marina hand began stroking my breasts, and lips to kiss my lips, and then she covered the gentle kisses my neck, shoulders, and tongue began to caress my nipples. Nice waves ... went through my body. And Marina, not looking up from my lips, nipples, pulled the hand to my cock and began to caress him with her delicate female hand. I lay there, without interfering with its action.
When the cock began to get stronger, Marina of nipples began to descend toward him, gently kissing my stomach, navel lick coquettishly, she started kissing my cock. Feeling gratitude to kiss a young woman, my penis has become stronger.
Marina opened her mouth and stuck to my cock.
If possible, more thrusting and pulling, it has strengthened its rhythmic movements of my cock. Working his mouth, his hands caressed her eggs. And when a member already confidently and firmly stood, Marina sat up and with his cock in pussy sat on top of me and began to move up and down so that the member went to her.
Lift and dropping it at the same time to make small circular motions.
And after about three minutes, lying on his back, I could not resist and took her by the waist, he began to help tossing and dropping. More about three minutes, we moved with it in this position until you gasp and cry at the same time is not finished.
When finished, she lay down beside me, and I swore to her for about an hour in eternal love, kissing her lips and body.
I woke up in the morning on the couch. Marina was not.
On the table was a note: "My dear Robert, breakfast in the fridge, the champagne there. I will be soon. Kisses, your Marina "
Brush your teeth, taking a bath, I cooked a brilliant coffee and quietly sipping his, listening to music, sitting in a dressing gown on a chair.
Came Marina, buy fruits and other foods.
We had breakfast with her and I dressed and went to his branch office, promising to Marina that I will dine with her.
Upon entering the building I was waiting for my Deputy for Personnel.
-Robert Z., so we will take Belohvostova Galina and she is waiting for you.
At the entrance to our office was Galina.
-Robert Z. Hello, you probably were yesterday busy or have forgotten, and I was waiting for you at the "Gavan" restaurant.
-As the "Gavan". Is not the "Pier"? - I asked.
-No, "Harbour".
-Okay, wait, I'm deputy negotiations.
The deputy walked me to the main office.
-We will take Maltsev Marina to the position of General Manager - I said.
-Do not get Robert Z..
-Marina Maltseva today took his documents and said he did not want to work for us.
-How does not want to? - I grabbed the cell and took the deputy from her phone, dialed it.
-Marina! What happened? Why did you resign the general manager? I do not understand anything. Answer me.
-I want sincerity of our love. For any service relationship does not interfere with them. If I accept your offer, then our love will not be sincere. You said you love me. And I say that I love you. I wait for you for lunch. I'll make a wonderful soup.
She switched off the phone.
Here's a story my dear readers. Thanks for reading until the end.
If you have something to say to me, write. [email protected]
C respect, your Zuzu.
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It happened a long time with me like that, I met a girl, her name was Oksana, small stature, a little plump, she was from Smolensk, She had beautiful dimples, and clear blue eyes, a little full of naivety, we have been rewritten on ICQ, and we decided that the time for me to come, I came to her, somewhere in 5 months, she worked as an administrator in the slot machines, I got it to work by opening the door to the club, I saw her, she was gorgeous , though plump, her breasts, size 4, it was impossible not to notice, they were just gorgeous to her when she saw me she threw herself on my neck and started kissing me, I could not resist grabbed her and led her into the back room.
There stood the old slot machines and a large table, I brought it back, and threw on the table, he looked around the cameras were not, I pounced on her like an animal, tearing off clothes, I wanted porobovat taste her sweet nipples are full of desire, and that I reached them, she whispered, Dima, take me .. I started passionately kissing her and took her nipple in his fingers, I began to bite him so tenderly, licking and sucking, she trembled, I continued to wield his lips, teasing the juice licking and blowing on it and biting so gently, the second, I finger rubbed preparing it to her mouth, a hand is my second, gently fell to the treasure to her pussy, I could feel her panties already wet it slightly parted lips, I put two fingers pussy. She twitched, I have continued to enter in her mouth, licking her nipple and biting it, my fingers touched her depth, so hot inside of each stroke, she squeezed the wall, my fingers were lying in wait, unable to stand, I got a hero spent on her tummy, she slipped out from under me, and put her lips to his, thrusting in his mouth, so skillfully, she put her head squeezing his lips pressing on the bridle, I cried, she whispered tishe..u us security, clenching his lips head, and dramatically captured my cock so deep that I rolled my eyes, her tongue traced inside my trunk while swallowing it as deeply as anyone ...
I could no longer tolerate, and her pussy is already flowing strongly, filling this komorku our odor juice, and pulled out his number from her lip, and abruptly parted her pussy, vvoshel into it, putting in cancer pose, she grabbed hold of the table, and I began to deeply enter, hand clutching her chest, she screamed, so loudly that it brings me into ecstasy, I pecked her, more and more seeing like a princess, her razdvigaetsya admitting it to himself, lips moist, grasping it, and clenching, I entered deep that my balls hit her with each stroke, and that's a heavy blow to her, she jerked, I felt a wave, and she caught an orgasm, I did not stop entered deeper and deeper, I felt like a completely fill it, his stake, a little slowed down, the jet so hot poured into it, she screamed, orgasm and helplessly fell on the table, putting my ass, but I do not want to deprive her innocence, leave it for later, slightly moving away from sex, we got dressed, I wore it myself, I love to wear girls start with their cute kolgotochek, it's so cool when you touch the legs, these pieces of tender material, clothing so gently when! and putting on their cap, for her breasts, touching her lips slightly buttoning it, on it, that it is completely dressed, we went in the evening to say goodbye
Evening came, she told me kicked off sms where he lives, buying dzhetelmensky set, I met her coming, I saw a very good design, apartments, it was a 2 - bedroom apartment, very interestingly furnished with one sofa, and a large TV, standing still table laid on him a bottle of wine and peaches, I smiled, gave her flowers, went, she was wearing a very sexy, white blouse, skinny, her mini skirt, slightly covering her ass, I immediately wound up, she clung to my lips in a strong kisses slid his hand into his pants, eagerly clasping, my hero, who was ready, she hand clutching head, swiping your finger on it, I lips licked her ear, force pressing it against the wall, slightly raised his leg, fingers began to penetrate to the pussy, umm she was without panties then waited for me, pussy was already hot and flowed down my Palchikov parted lips, I entered her, she purred in my ear a little prispuskaya my jeans releasing boyfriend out, I lifted her on their hands and sharply down, she grabbed me feet, waist, and I abruptly entered her, slipping so freely, even in thought, as in the morning, her slit was narrow, she recently fucked then as I went on smoothly, I have a member 22 sMS, and anyway, I had to enter a narrow, if she had not slept with whom.
I went into it go like clockwork, and then a sharp ring at the door, she whispered: Dima, it is necessary to know who it is, I let go of her, she odernuv skirt went to the door, there was whispering while I was in the kitchen, smoking a little comforting , myself, because she told me that she is free, she loves me, waiting, but who entered into it today, recently in my head spun, suddenly in the hallway, I heard loud cries of men, he cried "Ksyusha, open you are not alone, I know" quietly opened the door and she told him that something is explained, I will fly to karidor and saw a guy of years old it was about 22, chubby but healthy growth of 1.90 I 1.85 it is, big cheeks he observed a great ass I only had time to notice it
"Who are you?" - Asked I
" I'm a guy, Xu, we are two years together" - Surprise said he, as if he did not believe it.
I looked at Ksjushu asking: " Th for x, you said that alone, and that you love me?"
Dima, sorry, I broke up with him a week, such as, but not far behind, from me" - She said she just heard.
" Dima, I love you, but ..." - Silent, she
" what he????" - Shouted by zdosti I " today you fucked him ?, up ?, I do not lie, I realized this on your gap !!!"
The man then said: "Yes, we live together and we did not miss" and he ran at me. I hit him hard, he fell, a puppy throws at me, I thought to myself. Oksana, roared, ran up to him, saying, "Dima, go away, I love it ..."
I left ... The next day I was zol..bezumno, I loved her very much, but there was no sense to fight, taking a bath, I heard the doorbell (I lived in a hotel) came to the door, I heard her voice ..
" Dima, reveal to me .."
I opened...
To be continued
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New cheating

My wife was long and tedious to ask permission to go to her New Year's party with colleagues. I knew that she had to have her stud work, but still, I had given her consent. And then came that day and in the morning she began to prepare for the evening. It is to this case has bought the dress open and the strangest thing she bought a thong and stockings. When she left me, he invited me to his friends to drink vodka. And here we are seven people sitting drinking vodka. Yes, I said seventh boon companion was a girl. I did not understand with whom she came. And now, when we were all in the fun, I turned on the music and the girl began to dance. She was perfect, she moved as if she was excited.
She caressed her breasts, buttocks, and thus as not even undressed. And here we have not sustained, and came to her alone. I went with the ass and began to fondle her breasts, and the second helped her undress through. And when she left, I spent naked in her pizdenke fingers and I realized that she was ready to do anything for it so that she would have stuck a member of it. Grabbing her by the hair, I abruptly bent and sticking out her already standing unit stuffed into her mouth. She immediately began smacking suck, lick my dick. it excited me and I grabbed with both hands in her hair began to peck her mouth. At this point, the guys working on her ass. They fucked her in the ass on the line.
So they were very drunk that they can not end up like I did. And the charter peck her mouth, I pushed her onto the sofa and ordered her to sit on the ass a member of one of us. Member, he was a huge 25 cm long and 9 cm wide and she has not been able to stick it. And when she finally planted himself on the penis I went up to her front and drove her pizden his penis. Caught between us she quickly reached orgasm almost immediately start to finish. But we continued to hammer away at her holes. She screamed, begged him not to stop. We initiated it and we both have ended in her both holes.
We were immediately replaced by others. We are twice finishing in her and she's dripping cum from both holes went into the shower. She washed a long time and when she came in the door rang his wife. I opened the door and saw the door drunk wife and five men. All of them were not less 1m90sm growth. She saw his wife dressed quickly and left. Friends got a couple of liters of bubbles and even put glasses for the hostess and her guests.
The wife of the move took off his outer clothing, and went into the hall. When it is passable mime me I hit was applied a strong smell of semen and sweat. I was not mistaken, her legs sperm flowed the river and around the face and chest were whole sperm puddles, and when she turned to me sideways, I almost ate ah, her hair matted with sperm all.
She walked around the room and said to her, we waited, she went into the shower. After 10 minutes she came straight from the tin and neat and completely naked.
As she washed her guests told us how it all fucked in the restaurant who were not too lazy to stick his dick out of his pants.
His wife left the room, and from there came out in white stockings and a white robe, and holding in his hand a package with vibrators. Bathrobe was not on it and fastened it in a way looked sexy. The package is dropped onto the couch, and she got up at Sered hall and began to slowly move her ass and caress his nipples. Squatting she asked for a double vibrator with suction cup and temporarily it does not interfere. By putting a vibrator on the floor she began to stick themselves to it. She is able to quickly as we often practiced games with a vibrator.
Caved in and resting his hands on the floor, she began slowly but methodically move the ass. With every second it was accelerated and now she has to force herself to sit down on the vibrator. At this point, she asked the two to come to her and I, and her guest approached her and she poked members eagerly grabbed them and began to sharp movements stick your mouth on our members in turn. Her guest quickly and richly finished it in his mouth and in his place stood the other. I soon something like finished in her mouth and I was replaced the next, and so until all does not end in her mouth she hews of the vibrator.
Strangely enough not one drop of semen is not lost it all swallowed. Sitting at the table and drinking a glass of wine she lay down on the sofa legs apart and said that she now will satisfy all who should. So I, with friends recently got his share of sex we do not really even want to fuck her. But at the same time her guests stood up and approached her. They twirled it like a doll. It consisted of three members at the same time. She screamed with pleasure and shaking her orgasms are advancing flow.
I did not know that my wife for so long will be able to fuck. After three hours of its members did not get out, but at least one was in it. Umballa fully disengage their huge members with the power of digging my wife.
My friends and I were excited seeing all this and when my wife climbed down the last ambal we were already members of our stake. We did not exchange her pussy and fuck her in the ass and just mouth. We just got the thickest vibrator and shoved in the pussy she included it. Putting her cancer, we fucked her for a long time, so everyone was quite drunk and who could not finish. But this had to be my wife.
She screamed from the buzz and asked to fuck her harder, slapping her ass and knead her breasts. We fucked her two or three hours. But when I put out the last of her backside is a member could not utter a word but the same. She just fell and fell asleep.
All the guests drank the remains of vodka got dressed and left. I covered his wife with a blanket and tucked her head under the pillow and pulled the vibrator still working and he went to write this story, so that you know what they are capable of drunken wife, if they do not fuck they want.
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In all holes. Nyagan-arrival.

Dedicated VL
When I boarded the plane, flying into this hole, I imagined it over and over again will fuck me in between workshops. I imagined myself still more hole than this very Nyagan, and this is getting warmer ... the soul.
More than anything, I wanted a real submission, sitting in a chair airplane, I imagined, as he takes me immediately on arrival, with no trips to restaurants, clubs and the like, as a member of the beats on the lips, not allowing to take it in your mouth and I'm all like a bitch CURRENT ...
Is it going to be? Or again - candles, champagne, museum?
He was waiting for me near the exit from the airport. Smirk, nod his head - like, get in the car. Not a word about my short skirt, biting mink coat.
We went up to his room, he shut the door.
- Fuck, what are you standing there? You do not know how to enjoy a host?
I smile, thinking he was joking.
- I do not understand!
One movement of the hand he throws me on the face of the chair lifts up her skirt, tore off her panties and pantyhose that do not fall and get stuck somewhere in the middle on his feet.
- I do not want to fuck you now, - he said, looking me in the face - went away.
Another second and I was pushed out of the room into the hall, with a deflated shorts and tights. I feel all their pettiness and horror of what someone now can pass along the corridor. I knock on the door, through the 5 minutes, it opens, and I crept into the room on his knees.
He sits in a chair, talking on the phone. I crawled to his feet, and be afraid of them, trying to unbutton his jeans pants, take out a member. He reluctantly gives me to do it, and yet he continues to talk, his adored me great dick in full my disposal.
I caress his head, run my tongue over the bridle, moved to the hands of eggs - the only thing I'm dreaming that he, as before, put his hand on my head, and began to stroke her - for more, I never expected.
But his eyes slide over me, the conversation takes him much longer. Finally, he says goodbye, and at the same time, I get a strong slap in the face, on which I fall on its side.
It includes all five fingers in my hair curly, and skewer my head on his cock. Also, by the hair, he turns my head in different directions - I can only bow lips tightly and take his cock as deep as possible. All his cock I had in the throat - it is relaxed and takes it along its entire length.
- That's right, bitch, you have to suck like that, - he says softly, moving my head back and forth.
Already I got off all hair, cramps tears flow from his eyes, mingling with mascara and lipstick.
- Fuck, yeah you look at yourself, - he says. Strip naked and go to the bathroom.
I reach for his cock, I want him to cum in my mouth, but another slap knocks me off my feet, and a strong slap on the ass gives a clear direction to the bathroom.
I stand under the hot water, and feel that wild fear starts to drive up to the throat.
I understand that it has played a little bit, and it looks like everything is much more serious than what I wanted, masturbate in his bed. I decide to get out of here until late.
He goes into the bathroom naked, looking at me in a businesslike way to touch the beautiful elastic chest with two fingers in the pussy climbs, wiping them on my hips well.
And then, without saying a word, he takes my head, sharply bend forward, putting me on my knees, puts cock in her mouth and lets out a powerful stream of urine. Startled, I swallow a large part, the rest spills immediately mixed with tears, which are beginning to choke. He shakes off the last drop of my face, has a member on the lips.
- Lick, bitch, and wash. In order to be 5 minutes in a room in the normal form. He rinsed out and shower.
I crawl on the shower wall, realizing that this is only the beginning.
I came out of the shower, he sits in a chair, stands up walks around me, pushing the fingers pussy and then pushes a slap to the chair. I get cancer, sticking out your ass and wait. I am waiting for what becomes me nicer and nicer every our journey. I love it when he fucks me in the ass when the first finger lubricates my point, and then enters slowly, then with a run scored his dick in my point and ends badly to slapping me in this moment. But this time, it seems everything will be different.
He comes up to me and starts to associate me with a rope tightly locking arms and legs to the hands and feet of the chair. And then it takes given the belt and begins to flog me, remembering all my modest transgressions. It's much harder than I imagined, and if in the beginning, I try silently endure, then after a couple of minutes, I start to moan, then cry, then almost whining.
And at the very moment when it seems to me that the more I will not be able to endure, I feel his finger in his ochke in the nose hits the smell of poppers, consciousness begins tusknut, all feelings are getting stronger and brighter. It is not he in a few minutes, and I fuck him with her ass furiously nasazhivayas on his penis. Point off, ass off, and my only dream of at the moment to get so forever. My body shakes from convulsions, I'm coming, and he continues to fry me in the ass, saying, as he is now well.
At this moment there is a knock at the door.
- God, now someone will see in what I state. But there is no way to shut down. Comes with a man and a threshold says:
- Listen, give documents a group tomorrow ... Just at that moment he notices me and wildly confused. I only manage to turn away his face. He also received the documents, hastily exits.
I get more time in the mouth, suck dick inspiration, which is now finished so sweet, I feel most happy and think it would be possible to have time to go to the museum in the remaining three days.
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