Oksanina enema-3

My goal was to completely subjugate the Oxus. I brought her a few dildos and offered itself to choose where she currently is before the camera, I insert even the goodness of his soul did not limit it to the most important positions is a good view of the screen. I will not trouble you no use to the details, except to say that it is so well remembered the lessons of the past, when we, together with her views captured I was once again convinced that all these a pro on the screens of the usual amateur compared to what can make my yes and your neighbor if they are all (well explained). Well, we finally reach the heart to that for which I worked so hard and suffered so Oksanka. When she caressed his mouth my work-worn member, trying with all his heart, or rather ass, because that is where there was the reason for its effort in the form of a rubber balloon Expander her anus to the max, and periodically is pumping me with the foot pump.
So during this blowjob I explained to her that I do not know how she and me everything that happened today is a very pleasant and I let go of her home now with the condition that all of this will be repeated periodically, after these words, my cock stopped receiving his portion of petting even despite the fact that I never stopped pumped pump and have even began to fear for the safety of her backside. Her eyes suffused with tears, pleading look at me (but what is interesting to release a member of his mouth seemed afraid to remember the lessons) ion plaintively moaned, I already became her pity. Well I said it is not necessarily can be you catch what be the girl at the store stealing (which I like that saying that is often seen as someone from the visitors of the hoard to imagine things, and sometimes it can be recorded on hidden around the store camera, but it is a pity them, and if the boss does not notice that she is silent). So bring it to me and we are with you her razvlechmsya or I'll have fun with you I still have so much to show you. In general, I will not bother you or who do not need the details and move on to the order of what you're reading. And after 3 days, my sosedushka called on the cell phone, I put on the form of a security guard to take the time from a friend drove up to the store and waited at the appointed place in a couple of minutes from the door seemed as described Oksoy girl she hurried out in alarm but turned to the left for her Oxus. I approached her and asked to go with me took her in an inconspicuous nook and there asked to reveal her purse, got out a pair of lacy panties 2 (all the time Oksanka stood and everything recorded on the camera).
Our thief trembling lips, and she burst into tears, I began to reassure her but rather colorfully painted her surrender to the authorities movie with the store (which we of course did not have but it was not in a position to understand it) and video with dostavaniem vesch docks local TV channel and a similar picture at the entrance to the store asking at this moment oksy or she already called protection that would have sent the car. Ochs said that no thief begged forgiveness I shouted at her angrily and she tried to leave, but Jack (as it turned out it was called), sobbed in earnest began to miss Oksu hands asking to forgive her.
Bringing I agreed to forgive her of her right to the desired condition to tell her that's what I want to have sex with her, she was sobbing again according nodded. I led her into the car saying Oksana that waiting for her there, and then suddenly the bitch said that this is our deal is over, I did not argue with her and just dropped to the floor a few photos where she is smiling blissfully inserts in their twist on the wrong side of the vagina huge dick she rushed to collect them from the floor, kicking her in the ass and wait when it is not holding off stretched out on the floor I immediately moved her toe under her skirt right in the crotch, and then I put her two fingers of his left hand into his nostrils and may run in shorts squeezed with clit force put her on her feet and simply promised to let Eugene and continue with it. I do not know what she said in the shop but to join us in a few minutes. On the way, I told the wife she should be grateful Oaks for the fact that she persuaded me not to break her life (I just did not want to in the few minutes until we get to the place she came to her senses and began to kick, but according to her it was too much she was still in hysterics). I brought them to the removable houses a quiet secluded place where neither we nor our no one hurt, but all I needed was lying in my trunk. I knew that the most problematic point is the beginning of so went in, I immediately lowered the Oxus on her knees (she immediately realized that from her required) Zhenya attracted and taking her breasts stared at her lips, she dutifully took my tongue to myself, and then deploying it I put her cancer on the sofa and raised his dress high on the back of sharply ripped off her panties found underneath something that threw me the creeps. I think the time has come to describe a little bit whom we caught. Eugene 155-157 was low stout woman 27-30 years with a round face and long brown hair tightly knit elastic ass with round buttocks that and asks to take off the job. While I was engaged in our thief rather her buttocks Oksana brought from the machine and pulled out a bag cleverly shackles hobbled our sacrifice, she tried to jerk but a sharp blow to my ass and two fingers in her ass made her calm. Then I changed my fingers on an inflatable enema tip and lightly pumped up his spent our guest in the bathroom, put her cancer on the floor I connected to the enema tip and let you hit the water spray strong fixing it inside. Genia realized that something was not trying to jerk but realized that is connected firmly and scream, or to issue a different sound to it prevented my neighbor is sitting on the floor and legs spread tightly pressed her face to her vagina. At the time I brought the camera and everything is captured.
I will not have again trouble describing how went the next half hour all that I described in my first story is the only thing you should take the time this behavior Oksana she some time became frequent, often breathing appeared gleam in his eyes, I first thought that it is due language Gene Ochs but then asked could I please look at, and then I realized that it is not Jack and the memory of our past games so aroused her. I let her manage the process and making her an enema. And it should be noted that my sosedushka the bitch more that just opened the tap on full power and for any attempt to move poor Jack got on the ass, plus balloon pumping in general was something to admire. Finished with water treatments we went to bed Jack was lying across the bed on her face comfortably perched Ochs pressing with widely splayed legs of the victim to the bed so that in front of me standing in front of the bed revealed in all its glory and clean shaven pussy and a ring floor disclosed anus Genis I could not stand this kind, and with all the dope once entered in it as then it became clear virgin ass. She tried to jerk her tormentor but firmly holding her legs even harder pressed to her face, the large sponge literally hugged face Eugene. After several frictions instead I put a member of her syringe and introduced her as my favorite burning soapy water and then put it on the member became uncontrollably to fuck that ass. My God she twitched backwards trying to get rid of this torment, but it is even more turns me on, I violently screwed into it his cock Loupian with the palm to these so appetizing buttocks. Ochs could not stand it and putting on her gag and legs tied to the bed legs come to see this. Spout torrent of sperm into her, I gave way to the Oaks, which is already dressed up the barbed member alarming proportions and playfully took my place. Of course I have it all began to shoot at the camera but caught in the lens wildly bulging eyes Genis, drooling current from under the gag ... and swollen veins on his temples, I realized that it was time to stop our newfound barya and therefore Oaks inserting an inflatable member back I pumped him until she stopped and fell off from her backside so liked.
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