Sukhumi history

I was 16 years old when my parents took me to rest with him in Sukhumi. Even then I was interested in all sorts of sexual problems, I have jerked on black. And then one afternoon dropped on the edge of the toilet to masturbate for fast, went into a stall and locked the door, pulled out a member and began to familiar business. At this time the toilet someone came and I looked in the hole that was available at the door.
That door is just opposite urinal, and I saw a boy of 12 years have not yet got your outdoor segment and seems to be ready to celebrate small need, but the segment is already standing and the guy in front of me began to play it here. This activity provoke me, and I continued to watch while stroking his cock.
In addition to the two of us in the toilet and there was no one man safely indulged in masturbation. I remember thinking then, what are you fooled around in the booth is not hidden? But then I realized that he was waiting for someone who would have seen his standing member. By the time I was not engaged in sex more blue and could not imagine that such a sucker might be interested in same-sex love.
The toilet went Abkhaz 40 years and went to a neighboring urinal. The boy masturbation stopped, but did not hide his huek, flesh of his foreskin, roll up into a tube, proudly looking up. The man was stunned by such impudence, but took his eldu and began to piss. Elda was a decent size, the man finished the matter, shook her head and slowly dickhead. The boy, as if hypnotized staring at a member of a guy who has already started to straighten, is not up to its 20 centimeters.
The man continued to move slowly hands down, and up, until the end of opening, the fully closing his prick. The guy also continued poddrachivat his penis. Finally free hand man took the boy for dick and began to help him, the guy fascinated looking at a hefty eldu finally timidly touched her.
- Are you going to visit me, said the man with the Abkhazian accent?
- Come on, just let it out man.
They have filled the standing cock in his pants and went out of the closet. I was born the idea to follow them, and I, too, soon came out. They managed to move 30 steps and I walked after him. 100 meters through a couple turned into the yard of a private house, and I was passing by, saw that no one in the courtyard, and they went into a barn. Lucky me or not, I thought, and slipped through the gate.
The shed was so-so, all crooked and I was hoping to find a place to watch a sweet couple. Soon luck smiled at me, and in thickets of a bush, I found a decent-sized hole in the wall of the barn. Pulling a member, I looked into the hole and continued to masturbate, looking at developing action there.
A man kissing a guy in his lips, clasped his buttocks with one hand, the other hand was already a guy in his pants. The man stopped to kiss and slowly began to undress the boy. Pants with shorts fell to the floor and the guy stepped over them. The man did not stop and took off that jersey. The boy was standing completely naked in front of a man with a protruding peg. The man leaned forward and took a peg in his mouth, sucked it a little, tried to expose the head of the penis is hard, but managed to do. The man sucked the boy a little prick, but before the end of the case is not an argument, it is clear he had other plans. Finally, he stepped away from the boy somewhere in the corner and came back with some clothes in his hands.
- You want me to stay for a little slut, he asked? Dress in all, today you will be my little whore, you like it?
- Yes, and only able to mutter a kid.
- Let me help my little slut put on these stockings.
With these words, the man put the boy on the bed, standing in the corner and began to pull on that nylon stockings. Then he pulled on his girlish narrow translucent panties. The man with the paw all the time and the boy saying:
- What a beautiful I have today blyadeshka.
Then he pulled the boy waist with elastic bands and fastened them to the stockings. The last thing he put on a kid, was a short flared sundress. If I had not seen with my own eyes at the guy dick, I would think that in front of me is a girl. His hair was curly and elongated muzzle and looked like a girly.
The man kissed the boy again for a long time on the lips, while his hands paw thin body, crawled under her skirt and panties. Finally, both hands firmly settled under the cowards on the ass boy and then moved apart halves of priests, just her paw.
- Yes, again I murmured faintly kid.
Then a man walked around the boy's back, forcing him to stretch his hands to the couch, lifted his sarafanchik and pushing aside a narrow strip of panties, wrinkled cover up the hole with both hands pushed the halves priests.
- And you did not play the virgin, gave to someone here, he said, kneeling.
The boy in a weak voice, and some groan said:
- I really love it, and in my city I have a lover who fucks me every day. And now we have a rest here and I have a week with no one ebalsya and really want it.
- Well, come here every day, I will replace your lover at the time of your vacation.
The man began to lick the boy hole and he softly moaned with pleasure. The man began to slowly expand the language fairly developed a hole, wetting it with saliva. Then he stood up and took off his pants. Member of sticking his stake, dickhead was bare. Red weapon approached the hole and began to slowly sink in. The guy moaned louder and it was clear that it is not in pain and pleasure.
Finally, a member of the men entered the ass completely, he grabbed the boy's hips and began to fuck. For a long time it was not enough and soon his breathing intermittent and convulsive movements sweeping I realized that he starts to cum in the ass boy.
When elda left hole, dripping cum from her. Seeing this picture, I've got a smashing orgasm and does not stay on his feet, fell into the bushes, let us make a lot of noise. I do wish there was a retreat from that barn, but the man quickly put on his pants and stood beside me, looking at me menacingly.
- I pry means and jerked off, indicating the semen stains on the wall of the barn.
I blushed as cancer and muttered something like that I will not, however, the man smiled and said:
- And why it will not? Look what my slut, and it will be enough for both of us, do you mind?
I involuntarily began to rise once a member, ottopyrivaya training, even though I had just finished.
- I see that he agrees, the man said, come with me.
Going into the barn, he introduced me to his little girl, and asked her name.
- My lover calls me Tanya, unabashedly replied.
- Do you want this guy you again vyebet?
- Of course I want to, I said that it is very much, but I still want to suck your dick, just wash it.
The man heard these words began to be excited again. He quickly washed his dick ... already standing at the sink, hanging in the corner and went to the guy at the front. He bent down and began to expertly suck this huge cock. About me all seemed to have forgotten. A man hands Man sit down on his dick head and rolled his eyes with pleasure.
I walked over to the guy leaned back, pulled sarafanchik and spread the halves priests. From mangled holes on panties dripping man sperm. Lubricate nothing was no longer necessary, and when I put his pants off his dick to the hole, the guy with impatience jerked back and my cock flew it for the most eggs.
Since we are with a man already finished on time, then we pyalili long, and he just moaned, showing how he likes it when his pyalyat two bow. I kept pawing his thighs, nice feeling under the hands of its lingerie. I shoved his hand under the panties and stroked his standing huek sometimes podrachivaya it.
Suddenly it seemed to me that his broken-ass like narrowed. The guy moaned loudly and my hand in his shorts rushed portion of his sperm. The fact that he comes, and stimulated my guy and we both shot in the boy's two trunks. When we came out of it and I let go of his hips, he literally collapsed on the bed. Dress was bullied out of ass sperm flowed. Sperm and flowed down his cheeks Man.
After that we every day, while I was resting, the three of us met and repeated our games are becoming more sophisticated. The man somehow persuaded me, and I, too, sometimes gave him potaranit my ass, having greased it with vaseline before that, and this time I sucked at the boy.
That's the story of Sukhumi.

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Moscow, January 27, 2003.
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