So be it

Even before the wedding, my future wife said she was bisexual, but I did not attach due importance. Who knows what was in a person's past. But that has not stopped.
I had to return home late often, and surprise the house of her various friends, at first I did not betray this value, but soon noticed that my wife after each visit, some of her friends were like excited. Several times I came to the lady, and my wife and friend were in robes and towels on their heads, saying that washed. I became assailed by doubts, and I decided to check. First I made a list of the most frequently washable our friends. They were two. And then I suggested to my wife to arrange, but whether small and sabontuychik call, someone may be, but at least Ira and Lena. She gladly accepted. On the appointed day, we all gathered good drink, and I pretended that I drink, and her friends and his wife poured considerably. But in the end they were so drunk they were already nekokuschii. Lena herself is gone, and Ira had to put to sleep on our marital bed. My wife is also pretty drunk, and some - like stand on her feet. I asked her to undress and lay us Il, not in the clothes she is sleeping with us, and he said that he'll do the dishes. I have not yet had time to leave the room as my wife began to unpack her friend, and roofing not handle that I'm still in the room, and felts quite a drunk, she lifted her skirt, pulled off Irki panties and gave her a strong and long kiss in the clitoris then she smoothed the hair on the genital lips and began to lick her like a cat. I went into the corridor and went to wash the dishes, I was shaking, Toli Toli indignation excitement. When I washed the dishes thought different and decided that now come back and fuck her and Irku, come what may. Everything having washed, I went back to the bedroom. The girlfriend was lying under a blanket, asleep. And my little wife has changed into a robe and folded items. I figured that, too drunk.
I undressed and lay down on the edge. My wife smiled her sly smile, drunk, and having sat down on the edge of his hand slipped into my pants. I was standing. It pleased her. She immediately threw a blanket prispustila my pants and began to do a blowjob, then turned his back to me in the position 69 asked that I also became her there licking. I looked at her crotch and was very surprised. Not when I have not seen that my wife would have been such a strong excitement, her swollen labia, vagina revealed, and everything was covered with wet secretions, it flowed. Obviously Irku caress, she was excited, but a friend, and lay like a log, but then, realizing that they are not alone, my wife did her section and had put her to sleep. And I am now trying to use my tongue to satisfy his lust. I ran his fingers inside her labia, my wife moaned loudly, and moss fingers were abundant traces of its moisture. -Prodolzhay- She said, and began to rub his pisey on my face smearing it all their juices, loud moaning and arching. I did not like. I pushed her and citing that I can not have sex with her now for Skolkov next is a stranger, even a family friend, and besides, I drank too much, so simply do not wish to. His wife objected, citing the fact that Ira drunk on so much that it is now than not wake up, and began again to try to rub on my face. Now I was all in her secretions, and even my eyes began to droop drenched her juice. But I was not begging. Spihnuv with his wife, I wished her good night and turned on its side was covered with a blanket and closed his eyes. Wife grumbled angrily, got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Left alone with Ira, I wanted to look at her body. Lifting the blanket, I looked under it. She was completely naked. I could not resist and ran a hand through her Goody. She did not move, I touched the hair on her pubic hair, they were hard and stuck together, it is obvious from recent licks my wife. Then, putting his hand between her legs began to grope the finger hole. Her sink was slightly damp, and my fingers easily entered her womb. Having twisted a little there, I took them, smelled, tasted on the tongue and then having covered Irku, lay on its side pretending to be asleep. Soon came his wife and began to pack sleeping against the wall. Several times she called me, trying to figure out whether or not I sleep, but I kept silent and only the nozzles pretending to have a deep sleep. It should be noted that the bedroom we have a little, it could only fit three large double bed, a large tall cabinet with mirrored doors and a desk. Wardrobe was so that the mirror could see everything that happens on the bed, and my wife and I love to have sex often looking at himself in the mirror. I did not sleep, sleep did not go.
Suddenly, after a long time his wife called to me again, I was silent. In a reflection of the mirror, I saw her hand reached for my shoulder, and she lightly patted me. I was silent. It is strongly pushed me, I did not utter no sound. It took another, for a while, and in the mirror cabinet began erotic. My wife took off the blanket and slipped under the covers Ira, pressed it to her all over and began to kiss her lips, nose eyes ears, neck, apparently with her hands under the blanket caressed her breasts and cunt. It is not strange, but the IRA began to wake up. Although it was still pretty drunk.
- I want you. He whispered to her wife.
- And husband?
- He fully sedated and not prosnetsya.- And for emphasis again pushed me in the shoulder.
Seeing that I was sleeping, they began to kiss, it should be noted that my wife was short shoots very miniatyurnenkaya and more like a girl especially without makeup, Ira was also on against a very large, high, very large shapes and volumes. They even sometimes make fun of each other, the wife called Il mom, and she her daughter. Ira gently took off the blanket and asked that the legs apart, my wife would start first, but she refused saying that while she was sedated already licking her and caressed and that now her turn. Ira was othodnyak, but it all - still rolled over and lay on my wife all over pressing it into the bed. I was not breathing. And as if spellbound looking in the mirror. Kissing the body of my wife, she pinched her nipples and rubbing her breasts on her tummy pubis. Then it fell below smoothed her hair between his legs and began to lick and suck, smacking loudly. My wife was clutching his chest and moaned. Then Ira threw her legs on his shoulders lifting his wife's waist, sat on her knees spread wide legs apart, and his wife was in a position birches but that Ira easily penetrated his tongue deep into her slits and caressed her Goody, and his wife could both hands caressing her cunt. They both groaned, then Ira asked that his wife began to caress her and introduced her to all the palm. Ira trembled, orgasm washed over her, and behind her, and my wife had finished. They howled moaning that I, too, almost did not finish. They then lay down again. At this time my wife was lying on top of a girlfriend. They kissed and whispered nezhilis. It's like me and did not, have agreed on the next meeting. Then we all went to sleep.
It is not strange, I woke up with the latest. Ira had already left, and his wife was busy in the kitchen. She was in a good mood, it was impossible to say about me. Yesterday night I was knocked out of the rut. Wife long prestavala me with inquiries, that to me is, and then I told her that all could see what they were doing. At first she was scared but then, to collect his thoughts, struck at me with accusations. What is it my fault that started it yesterday and did not want to meet, but at night it is a drunk and confused me with Ira. I did not object to it, thinking that it's better to let things go, because it is, after all, not with the men, she changes me, and consider it necessary to have sex more than me, then it should just turn a blind eye. The next day, called Ira ... and for a long time apologizing, otmazyvayas that is in her first and that she was just drunk, no matter what I did not think that such. I said that who does not happen. And my wife and I talked, comforted her, and said that he did not believe lesbianism betrayal. That is simply self-indulgence, well, in extreme cases the opportunity to let off steam. And then my wife became very many friends. And there was also a favorable side. The apartment was cleaner, his wife was always in a good mood upbeat, and at me she had the strength.
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