On the way to the village

My cousin Shreds introduced me to his friend Roma, I fell in love immediately and bleed. Well, the age I am. It seems to me, I would have regarded with sympathy, but the problem was the fact that I am a Muscovite, and he Kazan - the novel at a distance of thousands of kilometers - a dubious pleasure. Arriving to the cousin often couple times a year did not work, sometimes more Roma came to work in Moscow, and the pretext to transfer books from Shred met me. Every time we walked for a long time, sitting in some sparsely populated cafes and talked about everything. Both wanted another, but the problem of young couples: nowhere.
I summer, Shreds and Roma came to the village with a bit of our common grandmother, but missed the last bus from Kazan, so went to sleep to a common friend Sasha guys - he lived around the corner from the bus station. Watch up to three nights chatting and singing with a guitar, and then zasobiralis sleep. The apartment has one bedroom, sleeps just four: double sofa bed, a couch and a cot. Bony Shred both the light put on the cot, full Sasha lay down on the couch, and we are with Roma on the sofa. Slept all clothing. I could not sleep from thinking that next to me is so exciting I Roma, but decisive action is not sodvigalas because it was close to the extra people. Group will leave for concern. Then I noticed that the Roma, too, does not sleep.
"Was - did not"- I thought, and went to the balcony.
If you go with me, then all we have is today. A couple of minutes later we were standing on the balcony at arm's length from each other. It was cool and very quiet: even no windows in neighboring houses do not burn. Noticing that I tremble (more from excitement), he came up and hugged me, but without any erotic overtones, just as embracing those who want to warm up. Romantic idiocy: some Kapotnya Kazan, dead of night, and two silent jerk in an embrace on the ninth floor.
- May I kiss you? - He whispered, with his lips touched my ear.
I twisted and instead of answering, she kissed him. He squeezed me tight and returned the kiss. We kissed for a long time and enthusiasm. The ears were ringing, my head was spinning, and the legs have kept bad, but I could not tear myself away from it. Cold was not there, it was rather hot. Somewhere in the abdomen still tense, and had struggled to control myself not to settle on the cold tile floor and did not pull a Romka. Suddenly, he pulled away from me. In response to my questioning look he said that if we do not prervmsya, he himself does not vouch for. I ran my hand from his neck to the belt of jeans that has bristled and said that the guarantee and is not necessary.
- Let's go to the bathroom, - whispered Romka.
Across the room, we crept quietly as two Indian hunter, except that nearly dropped with tables Shred goggles, but hurry Roma slammed the bathroom door, and for a moment was afraid that we still woke up the guys. However, what's the difference ?!
My rather big breasts stood erect under the shirt (bra I took off night). Roma ran his hands under the shirt and began to fondle her very adept at this time licking my left ear. One of my hand stroking his neck and head, and the other - the chest and abdomen. His hard news without a zhirinki was very pleasant to the touch. He took off my T-shirt and unnecessary has clung to his chest with his lips. For the first time in my life I realized that it was really nice; previous young man clung to the nipple in a straw through which the drink a cocktail, and no joy is, of course, did not deliver: in fact, for this reason a young man and became the former. I began to unbutton his belt, but his hands "dance"And it was very difficult. When it finally happened, and his penis appeared before me in all its glory, Roma pulled back and, pulling off my jeans with shorts, put on the edge of the tub. I never for a moment thought that I can fly: the desire to completely clouded brain, and wanted only to have it quickly went into me. He seems to want the same. God is good! His cock was perfect for the size of my pussy, and with every movement I was flying into some black hole. I thought of only one thing: how would collapse back into the bath, and in any case firmly embraced Romka.
In the hallway, he heard footsteps, but we did not care. No one had time to stop. Moreover, steps have proceeded to the kitchen.
I faced a wave of orgasm. In order not to scream with delight, I bit my lip almost to the blood. Romka stopped. He moved slowly and steadily. Just a few movements, and I came back. Suddenly he came out of me and my belly poured hot sperm.
- And now, in the shower! - He let the warm water, and we climbed into the bath.
I squeezed a little sponge bath gel and began to rub his chest and stomach. Romka rested his back to the wall and smiled blissfully. When I moved to the shoulders, he broke down and pulled me to him. In the second minute kiss his cock rested against my stomach. I knelt down and took the head in his mouth. No experience in this I did not have, but would like to, so it was good. I watched the reaction and quickly realized that he likes especially when the language concerns the bridle. I myself did not feel anything at first, and then I felt like it. Very soon he was breathing heavily, it was poured into my mouth. When his hands thoroughly shampooed and rinsed my body wanted it to never end.
After a shower, we still got dressed and went. Sasha Tolia morning and with great difficulty we shook - you know, we had something to get tired. In the village we have with Romka was so much more interesting, perhaps later on tell.
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