Rocking-3 (End)

- Hello Natashechka.
- Hello Irina.
We Mothers were sent to the next exercise and the landing met a neighbor who went to her home with newspapers. She looked rumpled and not fresh, overlaundered bathrobe, slippers worn and sallow complexion talked about unhealthy lifestyles. And how could he be healthy, when her husband Irina - drove Serge often drank too much money is not brought, she worked as a conductor, the son Dimka - Losers only knew his boxing section and recorder with TV.
- All tsvetesh?
- Trying.
- Come on, be modest! Look how thin you are, and in general: Yes Misha? - I already said Irina.
- Well, yes - I muttered under my breath - Ma, go faster and be late.
- And where are you in such a hurry? - Said a neighbor.
- In gym.
- The rocking chair.
- A-ah, then it is clear from these figures are taken!
I slipped past Irina, down the stairs and behind me started down mamashka. The last few months we regularly went to the rocking chair by combining so with pleasure began to really acquire quite sporty look. Mother remove excess fat, on the contrary, I gained muscle and even orgies such as the first arrival of coach Sergei not happen again, but regular sex with several guys or a couple with Lenka - did their work.
It took another couple of weeks and the mother came to me in the evening in the room with a worried expression on his face.
- What happened?
- Yes, today met Irku neighbor.
- And-and ?!
- She knows that we ebemsya in the gym.
- How?
- I do not know, she said.
- Shit! So, someone blabbed.
- Maybe.
- And she-what? Jealous or what? - I tried to make a joke.
- No, she's threatening to tell all to his father.
- That bitch !!
- The truth may still be able to otmazatsya.
- How?!
- She wants money.
- With a dick?
- He says that it has evidence that is sometimes there.
- What?
- Photos and video tape.
- Ohuet! Where did it get them? !!!
- Do not shout. I dont know.
- Or one of our attempts to blackmail us through it or someone to spill the beans and we have covered. Who's the rat? A?! And how much she wants money?
- Ten thousand.
- It's a new car !!!
- Yes, she says, she would otherwise give to their father.
- Let pays.
- Yes! And what will happen then.
- Nothing will be the maximum he divorces you, but I think that you are not such a long time with by a pussy and tits will walk alone.
- And if she is somewhere else then it will show? I was so shaken by this.
- Yes-ah! We need to talk to Yurtsom or Sergey, counsel.
- He said that the time - before the end of the month.
- Well, do not worry, think of something.
The next day I went to the rocking chair one mamashka stayed at home to fuck with her father. It has now become "co-operator" therefore, it seems, Ira and decided to pull our money. Bitch!
All were gathered together and were engaged in a long time, Yurets saw me, waved his hand and shouted:
- What you are late? Lets go faster!!
I changed clothes and went to the room, found yurtsa and told him that I have a conversation. He nodded and smiled, thinking, perhaps, that I had some problems with the payback, since came without Mothers - Natasha, and he gets to my ass. We went to the locker room and there I gave him the whole conversation that we had with her mother. He listened carefully - said Sergei discuss all that we are not worried and calmed down, and let Natasha comes, and that without it boring. I work out as usual, but without mood and went home. My mother asked if I had a conversation and satisfied with my answers had gone to bed.
Further events developed rapidly.
One day, late at night, almost in the morning I heard some screams in the stairwell of running feet and slamming the door. This went on for half an hour, but then everything was quiet, and I fell asleep again.
The next day, as usual, I went to school and after it began to gather in the rocking chair with her mother. When we arrived there, we saw the following picture - the guys were standing in a circle, all naked and poddrachivali its members, and in the center of the circle on his knees and stood naked Vit quietly whines:
- Well no more, guys. Do not! I will not. Excuse me.
Yurets saw us with Mothers came up and said:
- We have solved all your problems, films, photographs and tapes destroyed. And we are going to rat poison.
Then he began to talk, that was last night.
They gathered in a neighboring yard evening tracked Irku neighbor, who was returning from a trip and went to her with a question:
- Where they took photos and film?
She tried things start to scream, but she quickly gave the stomach gagged with a cloth and dragged in a rocking chair. When she realized that just will not get off, it was threatened in which case go to the police and all the lay. It was her fault. To start Yurets with boys tied her Swedish wall and began to whip her cheeks, asking about the pictures and the film, but she was silent. Then it began to undress, and not just so, and ripped clothing or cut with a knife and scissors. In the end, it was left standing naked tied to the wall, and next to it lay a pile of rags that had once been her clothes. View nude women became a little wind boys, although there are very excited by what was not. Pendulous breasts, flabby stomach, have not shaved pussy and tselyulitnye thighs - all shook and writhed, his mouth flew screaming that it all lay and planted as soon as the leaves away. What Yurets said to her:
- Vyti something you marry, but before you reach mentovki unlikely.
Then the boys brought a razor and a basin of soapy water. We poured a basin on her head and began to shave - the head, and then pussy. Ira tried to kick, but cut himself a couple of times and saw water flowing streams mixed with the blood ceased to twitch t. To. One especially was not going to stand on ceremony and carefully did not want to shave. Fifteen minutes later Irk "Fantomas" It was still tied, but with the shaved head against and by a pussy. Screaming she stopped and has looked warily at how the boys had taken off their clothes, and someone has already pulls her naddrachivaya your dick.
Here Yurets commanded:
- Well, now ... do it! and I took out a video camera and a camera bag.
Guys untied Irku, gave her in the stomach to prevent and put cancer. For just sat down to let her suck in a circle, but she did a bad thing, and so we decided that it is necessary to fuck, bottle. Dragged from the locker room a bottle of champagne and began to poke to start in the pussy. While she did not have a bottle of lubricant climbed badly and that she did not whined again stuck her rag in his mouth. When a bottle was the climb in half in pussy, took second and began to poke her in the ass. From this case Ira eyes widened, and it was clear that if it were not a rag in her mouth, then she would have screamed in pain right now like a siren. Kid is only provoke and together they began to lower her face his sperm. Someone slapped in the face with a member, someone they crawl on the bald skull and thick curtains dragged clips and began to hang on the tits. Ira shook her head and stared in the direction of all yurtsa who filmed everything on video. But then he realized that "Fantomas" something to say and gave the command to remove the cloth. Neighbor air and could not do anything at first grabbed his mouth to speak, then whimpered, tears flowed from her eyes and she said,
- It's all your Acne invented. Let me go, please.
- Well, that's about a rat learned - Yurets said - now we have you to thank's fuck in the present and let him go.
- Do not!
- It should be !! Give her the vodka, and will not drink - pour!
We took a bottle "Russian" ten forty and stretched Irke. That, to numb the pain, straight from the bottle and sipped the first time according to the head he nodded.
- Do what you want, just do not hurt longer and release.
- Well, that we ourselves decide what to do with you - Yurets said.
- Let it "otbuterbrodim"? - The fat man suggested.
- Okay, but remember that it is not good to pry into other people's business - let doctors make her daughter a couple of marks.
- No problem, - he said the doctor - I go only for the instrument.
- What mark? - With fright I asked Ira.
- Recognize - Yurets said - as long as "a sandwich" play.
One of the boys lay down on the bench so that his feet rested on the floor, and was a member of vzdyblen be perpendicular. Brought drunken Irku by hand and planted it on this term, it is from drinking altogether was like jelly, immediately had fallen for a guy his flabby tits, but coming up behind Yurets put her in the ass, and of such a dick once ochuhavshis she got up on his hands that was not too painful. Together they began rhythmically beating her holes. Other guys on the front line came up and popped it into his mouth, twenty minutes later the whole face and head she was already obspuskana, semen dripping down his chin, ears and nose. Then came the Doctor with their instruments, Ira could not see him, but he made a sign Yurets that he stepped aside and took out an enema suitcase began to pour in the ass Irke some liquid.
- What is it? - I asked one of the older boys.
- Vodka.
- And for what?
- For anesthesia.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah, of course, although it was not clear.
The air did smell of alcohol and the boys pulled the air noses, but the carousel around Irki not stopped, although in her ass sticking enema, which the Doctor still cranked by hand with a greasy smile on his face. This went on for 10-15 minutes until the alcohol has not started to operate. Ira began to slide on the bench, her boys once tried to hold that it is not crushed bottom who fucked her in her pussy, but then decided that enough and left her lying on the floor, on which she successfully settled, after the next extraction.
- Let the Doctor! - Yurets said.
The doctor took a strange thing, a jar of ink, and asked:
- What are we going to write? And where do we start?
- Start with assholes - write, - said Yurets "Ebus bitching, suck huevato and crooked srus".
Dr. dripped from the jar in the car, bent down to the ass and become small dots to display an inscription. The procedure did not end quickly and all watched the process, rested, and someone having fun with each other on the mats, and sucking poddrachivaya simultaneously. When the doctor finished, Yurets said that anyone can write something marker, where he likes any inscription or picture, and then the doctor is on vytatuiruet Irke.
The boys gave vent to imagination and soon Ira was covered as a seaman bunch of graffiti, which is usually written on the walls in the bathroom. After this Dr. was launched. Men, meanwhile, continued to have a good time with each other under the guidance yurtsa.
In the morning the doctor finished the display tattoos, and Ira became ochuhivatsya. The boys were already around it to complete flogging t. To. After injections remains a lot of small bleeding points, for fix and paint antiseptsii recommend this place to piss. Ira was all stabbed and was lying on the floor, nothing better than to piss her guys do not come up and stood round about, watered it with his urine. Feeling a burning sensation and pain Ira became faster rebound and has already tried to get up, while boys dressed quick and bare until dawn dragged her to the apartment door.
The end of history was as follows. When her husband became Irki Serge morning ready for work, I found the staircase, on the rug naked wife. Some like to get her home and giving pizdyuley just in case he went to flight. When he returned two days later, it gave interrogation, after which Jirka on the street did not come out for a month.
We continued walking and were engaged in a rocking chair "the full program". Acne has become a regular "girl", After his split and drop in a circle. Now he does not even engaged, and came, dressed in lingerie and serve all who do not wish to. The punishment was given to him for half a year, and if he misses or does something wrong, you will have to go to the slavery to the Doctor.
But after a month came and found in the hall of the police and the investigator. It turned out that one of the boys at the disco in the neighboring district fuck daughter of the local party leader, but not one, but a whole shoblu. The one took and dashed off a statement to the police, and now all of us began to shake. The court was fast, Taxed father and daughter did not take, five guys direct participants - planted, the rest were given probation, remembering the old sins. Among those imprisoned was and Vit. The chamber was quickly split and made the girl on the bunk, then it told me the guys who were freed.
Coach Sergey opened a couple of sports stores in the city, Yurets was his assistant.
Irke neighbor had to leave the city where she was - no one knows, probably became bomzhihoy.
His mother became the shuttle, it was wound in Greece, Turkey and the Emirates. Only with time also bringing it less and less stuff and more and more money. When I asked her on the forehead as she earned the money, the answer was simple:
- Before, I just fucked, and now for a fee, oriental men are very generous.
Father unfolded own business ... he had no time for any nonsense, money he will have more and I think that if the mother became absent longer and longer, it is discharged in the company of other women.
I went to college, where for five years he lived in a hostel, and where there was little sexual adventures. But that's another story ...
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