Feat scout

Fifth Corps - an elite unit of the US Army. In fact, he is stationed in Germany, but, since Poland joined NATO, their field exercises are held in Polish range, one of the largest in Europe. During the military exercises "Winning kick-3" at a military training ground in Drawsko for five thousand healthy young men were away from home and a woman's affection. Moreover, count on nature, ie landfill. And if you add that Polish Pannochki, unlike the German, more compliant as regards the price ... Well, that here to be surprised that three brave programmer Jim, Bill and Harry arrived bright idea to invite to dinner two modest army of Polish prostitutes. Red-haired and dark hair Ognezhka Marysia, were young, cheerful did not mind this time spending. And really, why hang around noisy taverns and cheap hotels, when and under tarpaulins so nice, cozy and almost intimate.
- It is well settled! - The girls looked at the decoration of the tent. -So, Here we will arrange a tete-a-tete at five.
- Girls, here we've got, look! - Guys put on the table, army rations, Polish sausages and wine.
- It is a pity that Natalia was able to come! - Ognezhka sighed. - Two of us, and three of them.
- Well, nothing we like something and the two on the right! - Marysia drank wine and looked tenderly at her neighbor to neighbor. - Not the first time!
The language barrier did not interfere with communion, and when alcohol has turned heads, all became clear and without further ado.
- And the music you have? - I Asked Ognezhka feeling that men have reached the necessary standard.
The soldiers turned on the radio, and the girls began to undress, and the pylon instead of the brilliant use each other's bodies.
- Oh, what tits! - Lustful men could not resist and climbed to unfasten clasps on bras dancers. - Now we'll try them! These Polish girls are so delicious ...
Beauty Ognezhka spinning in a whirl of arms and felt her bra and panties flew to hell. In the hollow between her breasts Billy was the first.
- Well, who had time, he ate and - buttons unbuttoned red shirt army on Billy - with you and then I'll start!
Out of the corner of her eye she saw and Maryski pulled everything that was possible. Now only black hair covered high breasts. Sheared Ognezhka always envied friends long hair, but prefers a short cut.
The boys enjoyed the spectacle of dancing naked women and lusty sigh. Here there was a hitch. Marysia still decide who of the soldiers to give preference, for which he was immediately punished.
- Here ... (more obscene language is omitted and can not be translated)! - Harry Marys slap close up and she lost her balance, fell to the floor.
- Why so? - The girl began to cry.
- Hey, Harry! - Shouted Jim, as a senior officer. - Go-ka lights turn on, and the guys are not visible! And do not hit the girl!
After a moment, the tent illuminated light.
- This is not to stare at the Playboy! I'll Ognezhku first! - Billy unbuttoned his pants and opened a condom package. -
Faknu back and you enjoy a Maryskoy! Change later!
Ognezhka, realizing that is required of it, got on all fours. Bill did not wait.
- Oh, wait ... - she began to rock the boat. - Not there!
- Late ... - again obscenely he spoke of Billy, and she felt higher than necessary elastic and painfully huge trunk.
- The soldier, well, the wrong goal! - Ached girl standing in raskoryachku.
Leaving Marysku alone, the soldiers, laughing, discussing the tactics of the Bill. Taking advantage of the moment, Marysia threw a drink in some kind of pill.
- Who will be hurt a little. - The guy started pushing, seeking the coveted entrance.
- No-o! Let me go! Her-o ... - she began to twitch nervously, but could not break free.
- In a pancake, it fits! - Billy chuckled. -Uzkaya Hole! Do not even try!
- AGC ... - roared Ognezhka when he tried with all his strength not to enter the weak gun sizes.
- Billy. You - a weakling! - Began to tease the guys, stop arguing who would be the first Marys. - Even a woman can not fuck!
- So, I can not ?! Yes?! - Angry Billy and drove with all the dope in the trunk Ognezhku.
- Oh! - Moaned a prostitute. - Such a feeling she had not experienced ever in my life. Its like a skewer pierced.
A minute later, she was lying on her stomach, and the soldier was clutching his chest Oksana palms. She shuddered, getting used to the new sensation.
"For non-standard demand a gain!" - She thought.
Turning his head to the side, Ognezhka saw Marysia too busy affair.
- You will know how it can do the soldiers the most powerful army in the world! - Happy friends, reaching finally to the female body. -
Marysia was kneeling. Harry stood in the face of a prostitute and unbuttoned pants.
- Will you? - Sarcastically he asked.
- Come on! - She was willing to do anything. "Home work ahead!" - She thought.
She parted her lips and let swollen head into her mouth.
- Good! - Harry smiled, she went to work. - Yes, it is cool minetchitsa!
Jim did not waste time in vain, and was attached to the rear Marys. Triple sandwich stir and did not want to break up.
Condoms were anesthetic. What allowed the soldiers to turn the girls, changing them in various combinations, put into such unimaginable poses that drunken prostitutes no longer understands where the ceiling and wall where. The orgy lasted.
- Wait a minute! - After some time suddenly he shouted Billy. - Black should be more in the ass to pull out!
Marysku shuddered from the proposal.
- No! You what! - She pleaded. - Just do not go there! No!
But it was too late. Marysku once again put on all fours. She felt like some kind of finger began to stroke the anus.
She stiffened.
- Relax! - Someone slammed his hand on the buttocks.
- You see how she blushed. - Fun Billy. - Polly in her cool ... So I want to fuck ...
Ass Marysia burning fire. Followed by more spanking, and then someone leaned over and poslyunil narrow hole. Then again beats and ...
Maryska felt incredible pain in the anus.
- Well we do! - Gay men, drinking wine feat.
Girlfriends ... we sat in a corner sucking beer from cans and waited.
Gloomy morning
- It's time! - I whispered Ognezhka girlfriend as soon as the soldiers slept. - So, we stayed with them. Here they had a flashlight!
Tired and naklofelinenye soldiers snored peacefully. Girls dressed professionally and went to rummage in the hosts things.
- Strong guys! - Maryska sighed, searching pants Billy. - I had to tinker. And money is not too much!
- And your bosses do not send for it! - Ognezhka shoved the laptop into the bag.
- And the money we have in the report do not write!
Nobody noticed, as the territory of the polygon left the two girls. But in the morning, as usual, the boys woke up. Belles was gone in a place with them sailed the money, digital camera, and a laptop with the latest secret software.
- What do we do? - Harry first discovered the theft.
Naturally, this can not hide, I had to confess everything to his superiors.
Not only that, only the cost of the stolen software was about 100 thousand dollars, the computer has stored sensitive information of the US Army. - What if it's not banal theft, and finely planned operation? - Intervened in the Secret Service investigation.
In general, the army bosses thunder in righteous anger on the subordinates, and at the same time fear for their epaulets.
Lose this, and even on the threshold of the US-Iraq conflict. The military kidnapped the strongest powers of the world the important secret information. And by whom? Three Polish prostitutes. Shame on gray Uncle Sam!
Polish special services and the police desperately trying to distance itself from its prostitutes, but find no girls or loss could not. But now the poor programmers for many years will be treated the girls only those pictures that can be found in US custody soundly.
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