My favorite position

&nbspMoy slave kneels and kisses my shoes. He knows that he is guilty, and nothing could save him from punishment. However, hope still glimmers in his soul.
- Well enough. Get ready.
He slowly gets up and starts to undress. For take off his shirt and pants. Slowly descend pants. slave shyly covered his hands.
- hands behind head.
He raises his arms and looks down shyly. I slowly walk around around him. It is seen as Pab cowers under my gaze.
- What will you do? I think a hundred pozg be enough.
- It's not fair, Mrs.! My transgression is not so great!
- Life is full of injustice. And you'll have it teppet. Because you are a slave. And I'm your lady. So - Carry rod.
He leaves, and soon returned with a bucket pozg. They have not been used and well soaked in a salt solution. The phone rings. I have to go to a business meeting.
I tie his hands and Slave tied to a heating pipe. So he was forced to stand for about two hours until I get back.
- Here I am. I missed?
- Ms. I almost nothing wrong. excuse me.
- Almost does not count. Give me the rod.
He reluctantly kisses and hands me an instrument of punishment. Then gets on all fours and with trepidation waiting for the first strike.
I have several times waved his hand. I heard the whistle. Pab whole shrinks. But there is no impact. I play with him like a cat with a mouse. But finally the front page appears on his defenseless pope. Honestly, I do not try, because I do not deliver much pleasure stranger pain.
Pab trying to dodge. But my strong legs tightly squeeze his neck.
- Count the beats. And after each say thank you.
- One, thank you. Two, thank you. three, thank you ... Ten, thank you ... Twenty, thank you ...
From this monotonous work I get bored. I'm sorry that I appointed as many. However, blatant trick Rab is changing the course of events. He took advantage of his ambiguous position, climb under my skirt!
- Oh, you squirt! And I still feel sorry for you.
My rage is no limit. rod in my hand comes to life and causes terrible blows to this unconscionable ass. The slave can no longer be considered. He groans in pain. Squirm like a snake. His ass is covered with bright red raised welts.
- Sorry! Madam! How painful! A! A! A!
- You have me for a long time to remember that. Take that!
- Aaaaaa!
I'm out of control. I begin to understand that it is time to stop, but I can not! My zheptva already sopvala voice.
- Well, how? He got what he deserved?
- Ppostiteeee!
Pab twitches his last legs and escapes. I fall exhausted into a chair.
- Kiss my hands and get out.
Chepez second he disappears.
Late in the evening there is a knock at the door.
- Madam, I have come to apologize and say goodnight.
I'm not angry. And in a sign of reconciliation, begin to caress it. Sex after spanking is especially sweet. I insist on your favorite pose, and perches on top of him ...
Waking up early in the morning and seeing him accidentally reveal the ass, I understand what he was worth, my favorite pose.
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