We loved. part 11

Part 11.
I took the morning for parents. On a couple. Without any pedagogy and psychology. They like the medical history filled: complain on that, how long, where to start ... Of course, I first put her horn, but they are quickly shot down with my pride, and within ten minutes I was choking with tears and snot, they dumped everything.
- That kid - Dad muttered, then looked at me. - Listen carefully. He's toils are not less than you, and maybe more. Do not argue, I know whereof I speak. After the holiday, come running to put up as pretty!
- Why after the holiday? - I asked.
- Because we are leaving today and will return only the second number! - Pope recalled.
Well, well, so go go. Things have been collected in advance. We had breakfast, more specifically, the parents had breakfast, and I shall be wrung out with barely a glass of juice. Then we boarded the car and after a couple of hours standing in traffic jams got on the right road. At the site it was still before noon.
I looked around the building. The resort as a sanatorium. More from the Soviet era, and maybe even earlier. Nothing, in short, special. But what it was around the forest! And how much snow! Near trees were festooned with garlands of lights, and all along the driveway lined snow and ice figures - all sorts of Santa, reindeer, gnomes, some animals. And then I saw the car in the parking lot and I was embarrassed for our shabby Audi. Mom, it seems, too. But the pope did not suffer from any complexes. He was the first out of the car and began to pull things out of the trunk.
Then we were approached by a major road uncle in Alaska and hatless. He greeted the pope's hand and called by name. Behind him two men came running into form. One snatched Dad bags, and the second car keys. Before we opened the door. My mother and I got stunned. The car immediately began to park, but things have taken. Dad talked to uncle. My mother and I came. Uncle looked at us and just threw up his hands.
- Alexander, you and daughters!
Mom blushed all at once, and my dad we ceremoniously presented, winking at me. Uncle began to apologize to my mother for her mistake, but somehow, she blushed and even more embarrassed. Then uncle almost bowing handed us the key to a beautiful charm, and we went to settle. A guy ran to the other approaching cars.
The room we had - yes! I was literally stunned. The huge, two separated by an arch rooms. One was a hefty double bed. No, seriously, there could put five people, but would still place left. In the second room has a living room with fireplace, dressed up Christmas tree, a TV and a large sofa. The fire was a fire.
- Which Ka-lovely! - Mom gasped and reached for the fire chilled hands.
The knock on the door. It dragged our stuff. Papa is there something hesitated, and then called us and asked where we will have dinner here or in the restaurant. Mom shy and said that, they say, why bother people. Dad sighed and told the guy to haul lunch here. Then his cell phone rang. My mother and I swooned. Bell - this emergency call to the patient. Farewell to the holidays! But call me! Whether it turns out, about the menu. Those guys own service!
I started to thaw and come to life. I ask parents to wander around the house.
- Come on - allow dad. - But not for long. 20 minutes later will have lunch.
I went out of the room, feeling the back of his head that my parents came from kissing. Yes, is not the case, I somehow got to do with them ... I went to a large hall on our first floor. Here, everything was great decorated, and there were all sorts of board games. Billiard and card tables, chess any more strangers and some pieces. I ride palm billiard ball, bone, tyazhlenky, smooth-pregladky ...
- Interested billiards, girl?
I shuddered. The voice came from somewhere above. Wow, I had not noticed. Here, there was something like a spectator grandstand. It was clearly a set, and stylish decorated. On the top row sat a guy, vaguely familiar to me. I nod greeted dully remembering. The boy smiled, and then I recognized him. He won the latter as it is there, a factory of stars or something, but on the other channel.
- You Victor, huh? - I asked.
He nodded cheerfully confided to me:
- You - the first young person. I was beginning to suspect that the new year will have to meet with the elders.
I remembered that he had one of the older relatives, too, something known - an actor, I think. Then I caught on and presented.
- ABOUT! - he said. - Gaymuratova? And your dad is a doctor after all, huh?
And Viktor pulled me to show the house. We have been in the ballroom, which was stunningly decorated, in the restaurant, in all sorts of smoking, hairdressing room, library and gym. The last I saw of the ski. Not any there pathetic rolling logs, and corporate, brand new, lacquer poblskivavshie aristocrats.
- Oh - I said plaintively.
- You want a ride? - Immediately caught fire, Victor.
- Can i? - I asked cautiously.
- Come find out! - He smiled.
So we went. In a special glass room he showed up guy in a tracksuit, which we recorded in the computer, took us skiing and hung them on a special test tubes, on which was printed "left for" and our names are written by hand. Then we have with Victor almost simultaneously worked mobiles. We looked at each other and laughed. In short, we were called to dinner.
We went up to our floor and went in different corridors, agreed to meet in the afternoon and go ride a little in the forest.
Our room was already served a table with a bunch of food and a bottle of wine. While parents tasted it, I was told about the new acquaintance.
- A! - Dad said. - A patient! The scar after the removal of the appendix in the field of ...
Mom with all his strength kicked him under the table. Dad hesitated, and finished:
- In the groin area. What dershsya?
Mom laughed.
- This boy sings - heard. And you're talking about scars, and even after an appendicitis!
- Let sings! - Dismissed the pope. - Polka, the wine you want?
I said that we're going to ski. Dad did was rack and mother unctuous voice said that of course, of course, that they are also tomorrow, and today still the new year ... Who she wanted zadurit, is unclear. I smiled indulgently and casually asked how much time they need.
- Whole life! - Pope declared and added. - Will return - call and the works!
When at the end of dinner, I relished fruit cocktail - a mixture of art incised colored exotic, called Natasha. We congratulate, chatted, and then Natasha said that yesterday I strongly sought, Sergei was already green, understood with Eugene. I inquired about the details.
- Well, Che, - Natasha said. - Grey something he said, and Eugene answered that such a girl like you should not go home alone! Gray shook already, well, they're still talked.
Natasha was clearly boring the conversation, and I calmed down. There were no massacre.
- Look, - said Natasha. - But when the very first time you insert member, you goose! there?
I gasped and looked at the parents. Parents giggled.
- Fool you, Natasha, - sadly, I said, and shut down the phone, once again, mentally cursing his inside-speaker.
It was embarrassing. I quickly dressed and ran away.
Meanwhile Victor was waiting for me in the lobby. We went for the skiing, we came out and showed us the path knurled. We went deep into the forest. How could there have been good! Victor began to ask me about me, and I began to ask questions about the competition and about what Victor is now engaged. Frost was small. We did a couple of laps and ride a roller coaster. I managed not to fall never unlike Victor, and I was filled with pride impossible for his dexterity. Then we rushed outdid one another to the sanatorium. At first I was glad ... that win with him, and then noticed that he gives in, angry and began throwing snowballs at him. As a result, she got loose lumpy face. Unlike me, Viktor your snowballs not rammed in tight bombs, and would pick up a handful of wet and threw me. As a result, I have literally washed the snow. We drove up to the steps of the white from head to toe. In person I ran thawed droplets. Cheeks severely burned. And it was really good.
The day had already begun to turn blue, but the guests were still arriving. In the driveway stood a few cars. Near the manager I saw a guy in a familiar jacket. Inside, I sank. When we got closer, I saw that it was really Sergey, only very unfamiliar with fashionable and very elegant hairstyle and indescribably haughty expression on his face. When I realized that he was watching me, I nodded at him from a distance. He turned slowly. And I suddenly saw the familiar "Chevrolet", from which immediately climbed the cat - in elegant little boots in fine fluffy tights and tunic made of soft suede like butter. Head on her this time was jet black curls. The manager gave her the key and she held his earrings.
- Agradetsko, Esperanza, - he said, well, or something like that.
She ruffled his hair and went up the stairs to the porch, and he stayed. I suddenly decided that he was waiting for me. But nothing of the sort! He talked to the manager, with openly eyeing us with Victor. Victor, accustomed to the fact that it all learn waved. Seryozhka descended to nod. And in that moment I realized that my missing the New Year. This man is harassing me with his presence all night.
I called his parents and muttered that I was going. When I got to the room, waiting for me a large cup of coffee and pastries ponaroshechnye sized profitrolki.
- Oh, how beautiful you are now! - Mother clasped hands. - Be sure to go all the skiing tomorrow!
I glanced in the direction of a large mirror on the wall. What is beautiful? Pale, with red spots on the cheeks and pale lips ...
- What happened? - Dad asked insightful.
Naturally, I burst into tears and said, rather, prohlyupala. Papa suddenly laughed.
- About how! - he said. - Pauline Stupid! I thought he doterpit to our return! I imagine he dodge to get here! My daughter!
Dad became proud to disgust. Dodge this ... of course! He on all occasions has his cat. And even he lied to me, parted with her ...
- Polka! - Angry dad. - Now, come on! Better go get some sleep. Do you now get after a walk ... I'll kill that boy!
I thought I could not sleep, but really fell asleep under his own sobs. And I woke up before the start of the evening. The parents were already dressed and pomaded. I am a first time in God knows how many times I saw them together at the parade. They have a very beautiful couple: tall lean dad and little mother, all such proportionate and rounded. I always wanted to be like her. Unfortunately, I am in the father's family - longer than I would like, and no trace of her mother's delicious proportionality.
My mother sent me to wash and take a shower. When I returned, she took me by herself. I was just squinting, and her mother did a massage, apply a tonic, cream, cosmetics, hair involved. For some reason I felt the utter devastation and wanted nothing to do. Then I was stuck in a dress and shoes, hitched to the neck thin thread uneven freshwater pearls and brought to the mirror. I did not like myself. The result was some greensickness in greenish dress embroidered with birch twigs by strongly flared hem skirt. Hairstyle - a la skromnyashka. Shoes generally resembled sandals. But parents admired me, and I squeezed through the power of a smile. Anyway, the evening was gone. I in any luxury, sultry cat does not surpass.
Mom gave me a pale pink lipstick, and while I painted lips, Dad went to the Christmas tree and brought out svrtochek.
- Here - my father said. - Maybe you'll like it. Happy New Year, my daughter.
I launched svrtochek. In it was a tiny blue box with "Climate" inscription. I have read that this is a very famous perfume. The smell really proved delightful. And not just very pleasant. To me it had suddenly, inexplicably back the joy of life, a sense of celebration and magic of New Year's Eve. I immediately remembered the movie "Perfume" and cautiously turned the box in the fingers.
Dad put his nose in my hair.
- Oh, - he said. - How do I love it all!
Mom laughed.
- What are you! - Embarrassed the pope. - When I met you on that moronic disco strongly stinking young musk then mixed with deodorant, one you smelled so clean "Shanelkoy" ... I lost my head once and for all.
- You are not told - and so surprised mother looked at him that I wanted to own ulezt corsage.
- I want to, and the guy who, in the end, will have to give Pauline, too, when folded to the left where it is necessary, just smelling the familiar scent - Dad said dreamily.
- Somewhere where I folded? - I repeated so bad mom.
- I hypothetically! - Immediately cried Dad.
- See me! - Menacing mother said! . - Lovelace!
Then we went into the hall where the reception has already begun. There were a lot of people. All were impossibly beautiful and funny. I looked at all these people who are used to seeing only on TV and wondered what they are simple and nice. For some reason I also all smiled and said hello to dad: Men - hand, and women kissing on the cheek.
Then came the small, and as they say, a house concert. They jumped right out of the room on a low stage, sang, joked, talked - shine! When I tell the girls die of envy. All were on their feet, but the walls were placed heaped chairs for those who are tired. Everything is constantly moving, and at one point pushed me to this chair. I suddenly stumbled and would have blurted out, but I picked up and I landed on someone's lap. I turned my head, and I smiled to meet Victor. I became uneasy, because I was sitting not just in her lap. Victor leaned toward my ear and dohnuv smell of champagne and asked:
- You know anecdote? Comes a girl on the bus and goes through the cabin to validate the ticket. Then the bus slows down dramatically, and she falls right on his knees to the priest, who quietly sits in the armchair. She looks at him and says, "Wow" The priest replied: "Not th, and the key to the Cathedral!"
I smiled inwardly, but pretended not to understand, thank Victor and jumped off his lap. And when the cat! Directly in front of him. She was tanned and dressed as Carmen - in a flaming red dress, red shoes, the Spanish comb in her hair pitch. Esperanza, I remembered, and a feast for me again extinguished. Then the room began to make champagne. I glanced at the clock and rushed to search for the parents, for fear of frightening at the same time to run into a Earrings. Victor had come with me.
I found them a minute before the fight chimes. Mama leaned towards me, and my dad shoved in his hand a glass of champagne. Then they started to beat the chimes, and the chorus began to consider: Dr. al-two, but ... I saw next to Victor nodded and called out to us. Parents do not look at him. They admired each other. I sipped champagne. Wow! It turned out to be so good! It's not like a soda. It was a little tart and filled to the brim with the scent of flowers and fruit, so thick, if you swallow the sun concentrate. I did not notice that drank the whole glass. At this time, all screamed: Hooray! I entered a new year. Everything started hugging and kissing.
I also grabbed Victor, strongly embraced and kissed on the lips. And drown in their saliva. I literally shuddered in disgust. I restrained myself to ... not to rush in a moment, and then all uluchala moment to wipe his lips. He did not seem to notice anything, fun congratulated my parents. Dad with his inimitable usmeshechkoy inquired about his health and began to ask more then deftly deploying back to me. I hurriedly ran away. I immediately found a scarlet stain - cat. I thought that Sergey somewhere near it, but made a mistake. I lost looking around for as long as there was not invited to the restaurant. Together with the crowd joined in and began looking for our table.
I saw him in the restaurant. He was so smart and very beautiful. My favorite. I talked with her cat and some guy. And lazily surveyed, the people seated at the tables. And then he looked at me. "Happy New Year," - I said mouthed. It is well smiled and then glanced at his company. Again I wanted to die. I found our table. It turns out that we were Victor and his cousin. I recognized it instantly. In the old movies, he always played the brave pilots or white officers. He kissed my hand and behaved more politely and very ceremonious. I do not remember what I ate and ate there anyway. Here is a glass of champagne, yes, I drank. Its flavor resembles something very familiar and pleasant. And then all this gluttony finally ended and all went to dance. So do I. I'm still hoping like a fool.
And then there was the nightmare. I began to invite all sorts of different people, young and not very cheerful and gloomy, with familiar faces and cute've never seen. In the end, all these swaying, spinning and flickering people I was wrong, and I took refuge first in the ladies' room, and then slipped away to us to the second floor.
From the hall cleared the game. There were now tea tables, covered with hot samovar, stylish and desperately shiny. The baskets were lined with all sorts of sweets and packets of tea leaves. While there was no one there, I poured myself a cup of tea, do not know whether you can do it, and looked for where to sit.
- Come on, Pauline, - suddenly I heard.
That it was again, the cat, Esperanza. She was sitting at a distant table, and one also had tea. I walked. She nodded to a chair next to him. I sat down and looked into the cup.
- What, - she said. - Poor you?
- Noticeably? - I bristled.
- And how! - She smiled.
She scoffed and more. In me it raised a wave of protest.
- Well, that's why it is you? - I asked. - What for?
She grinned and said something. But I have not heard it, I bore.
- You are so beautiful. You only have to look, and they're all yours, those down there. And he was a boy ...
Cat raised an eyebrow.
- Well, for you, - I stammered.
Cat closed her eyes.
- Once upon a time, - she said - I have neglected this boy here, because I'm very tired of poverty. And I paid for it now. Do not reproach me, Pauline. I gave it to you. Do you hear? - She looked at me focus its mermaid green eyes. - Back in the day!
I got lost. Then why ... And why ... She read all my unspoken question.
- He crawled this morning. He was lying in the legs. He promised all that I desire. In exchange for an invitation here. He was just crushed. I took pity. Excuse me.
With these words, the cat got up and went down with every step more and more straightening your back and lifting the chin. I squeezed in the hands of the ill-fated cup and seething with rage.
Well, why then? Where is he?! I very much wanted to go downstairs to find him and shake out of his soul. But I remembered that once there I will miss sweaty hands, knead and circling. And lurking in his chair, stupid suffering and not knowing what to do. In this position, and I found Victor.
- Pauline! - He exclaimed. - I lost you! Come on!
I thought: drool! And he shook his head. Then he flopped down beside him and, of course, to make kissing. Heck! I bristled all elbows and knees. And Victor laughed and waved his hands as if to say: "I will not! I will not! "
- I feel sorry for you, - he said. - Such a fun night, and you're sitting there alone.
I did not answer. I myself was a pity to death.
- Let's go down, - he called. - There is already half the people dispersed in all directions. It's good there.
I sighed and got up. Victor took me by the hand. And this time he chose to appear from some ambush, like a jack-the-box. I froze like a pillar.
- So go! - He said sarcastically. - Why do not you go?
I stared at him in a rage, because now knew that all this time he was hiding somewhere nearby, watching me and rubbed their legs gadskie.
- What? - Continued Seryozhka. - The girl wanted music and colors?
He made a length-innuyu pause between "want" and all other words. Vile comedian!
- Hey, you! - Said Victor.
- Get out! - I interrupted him again Seryozhka vyzverilsya me. - How fast are you comforted, eh ?! Dios, it undeservedly insulted! Unjustly!
I finally burst.
- And what I deserve ?! - I exploded.
- Polina, - he tried to put his hand on my shoulder.
- Get out! - This time we shouted together.
- And of course not? - Continued sarcastically earrings. - This is your generosity for the sake of something - it is again screwed Spanish mot that I did not understand, - then these are your dancing! Acrobat estupida! This mielofonschik! What was I supposed to think ?! What is there to do? !
- Yes, there is nothing to think of you! - I yelled back. - You have one single gyrus! Both in the spine!
Victor laughed.
- Get out! - Gritted his earrings.
Very quiet and not on good terms. Victor obediently backed toward the stairs, watching us with eyes.
- But you feel sick all the time your brain! Probably too much! Thinking does not work! What are you flooded home with this Yevgeny ?! You little of it got it ?!
- And with whom I was supposed to go ?! - I was furious. - Who the evening sitting with Chvanov face and looked at me like I was an empty space ?!
- Yes, you did your jumps prishibla, estupida !!!
- Yes, you yourself is the word !!!
- You puta!
- Something about ?! - I roared. - You again?!
- Who?! - He snapped. - I'm running, looking for tickets, degrading hell, as the last! I come and see you with another gentleman, a merry, rosy ... Puta!
- Stop! - I yelled. - Call on the Spanish!
- Now kill all !!! - He shouted in response.
I choked in mid-sentence and stared at him. He is now some kind of black rage. And indeed, I seem to have looked no better. We faced each other as implacable enemies and drilled at each other. Silence has already started to put pressure on the ears. And then on top of an inhuman voice sounded instructive tone.
- Taram-pam-pam! - he said.
We shuddered once, and then just looked up at the same time. Directly above us hung a cage. And it was the parrot, bolshenny, white, with a strong crest on top. He crossed the shaggy paws podrgal head and introduced himself:
- Kesha! Boy! Silver parrot!
We catkins on seeing each other again, and began to slowly inflate. I could not stand the first. We laughed for ten minutes, grow silent, looked at each other and started again. Then Seryozhka pulled me to him, and we're just so long stood, hugging each other, enthusiastically taking intimacy. He was a native to this point, such a favorite with all of your moles and wrinkles near the lip. I gently reached out and ran a finger over his lips. He frowned and said:
- That tickles ...
- Yes you kiss her already! - We heard and turned their heads.
For tea tables were full of people. They were drinking tea and looking at us. Seryozhka grabbed my arm and dragged me away.
- Kuerida, - he said. - Do you forgive me?
- And you? - I responded.
He suddenly pritisnul me against the wall and stared at her lips .... I happily rushed forward and began to melt in his arms, in his hands such solid nesuetlivy. Then I heard, he inserts the key into the keyhole. In the room, he took me, without interrupting the kiss, slammed the door with his foot and throwing the key to something glass. Probably, for ages we were kissing right there at the front door. Sergey pritiskival me to him, holding one hand on the shoulder and the other around the waist. I finally was really good. Then somewhere in the cell phone rang. Seryozhka swore and picked me up. He laid me on the bed and casually snatched flashing green-screen phone blather.
- W-well? - He asked angrily, some time just listening, then somehow hissed and said. - Go to the FIG!
He sat on the bed, turned off the phone completely, and threw it on the table. A few seconds sat staring straight ahead, clenching and unclenching his fists, and then fell again and reached close to me with his hands.
- Who was that? - I asked quietly. - Cat?
- Papa your - Sergei muttered. - I asked where you were.
For some time he passionately kissed me, face, bare shoulders, neck, and then asked irritably:
- Where is the dress unbuttons? - And she added. - I have it now tear the hell out!
I reached out to the hooks behind and yanked Seryozhka turned me on my stomach and really pulled hard, scraping hooks. I gasped, and he was pulling off my dress and hissed at the same time something in the sense that a million tricks that only a sufficient and that lifted her skirt. At the same time I heard flying in all directions, even some clothes, Biff on the surface, knocking some gizmos that roll with a crash and fall. Somewhere something is broken. I tried to help him, but he did not allow, grabbed my hands, spread them apart and clings to his lips, then again took up the matter. Finally, I felt his hand roughly pulled down the last piece of cloth, still had on me, and then I felt his body all.
This time there was no his favorite foreplay. He threw with force my feet and burst into me. I felt like it was shaking. I myself was trembling with impatience. It was an obsession is literally some kind. We were saturated with each other with a violent force, if he had not seen a hundred years. At some point, I strained my body, and we roll over the bed, I was on top. He tried to take my initiative, but I am not allowed, clutching claws into his ear and explaining at the same time, there is nothing to twitch when the woman you want, with obviously long and hard.
I, too, was a bit too fast. I also managed to n th delay climax. He grabbed my head, knocked over, shut his mouth with his lips, and I felt that same convulsive wave, which meant that his seed flow fills me right now in this moment. He fell silent for a short while, and then resumed his kissing my neck and arms.
- How do you unfamiliar smell today - he muttered. - How do you want.
And again he began to touch me in different places, oglazhivaet and compress the chest, waist and buttocks. I felt that it would relax me friend again ready for battle, and with a force brought his feet, his captivating. Sergei got to his hands and looked into my face with her black diamonds, detached smiled and gave the order:
- For me, kuerida!
This time it was for a long time as we both liked. We kissed, updated positions were reversed. When tired, just lay side by side, without disconnecting, panting and kissing your favorite piece of skin was within reach. Pot om again taken for the cause, pounding each other in the unthinkable! e jungle experiences. His orgasms happened a few more times. But he almost groaned:
- I am empty, Princess. You took me all day. Prior to the last molecule.
What more! You know me! I'll show you how to yell at me! I remembered Natashkiny revelation, and I crawled down his body, gathering his lips salty veil of fatigue from his skin. And this thing was in my face. Previously, once everything was once consider it in detail. His cock was still a little tense, but so calm and happy or something. I glanced Seryozhka face. He had closed his eyes, he relaxed and smiled.
I kissed him on the knee and took his lips on the inside of the thigh. And then crept up to this thing, relax completely, so sluggish and harmless. Very long movement I spent on her tongue. Earrings have in the whole expanse opened his eyes, his mouth twisted in a grimace incomprehensible. I think he wanted to get out with some sort of order, but did not work with him. He met my eyes and squinted fiercely, and the corners of his mouth had dropped sorrowfully. I am satisfied with the reaction and began to research this piece tongue and lips - all its folds, shovchik and hidden towns. I was fascinated. When he grabbed my arm and yanked laid on his back, his darling was again in the firing position.
- You also said, Princess, - muttered earrings. - What do I have squeezed to the last drop!
That something does not look like it was, I swear! He pounced on me like a madman, not allowing it to move hand or foot. But he sharilsya all over my body, stroking and potsarapyvaya slightly. The upshot was that my wildest cramp cramped. Inside - the same as capturing it and grinding. I broke down and screamed something like a jubilant cry of the Amazons, rushing to their wild stallions on a level field, when the wind whips in his face, carving tears filling his chest and celestial prana. Actually, I do not know how there shouting these same warriors, but I - just so. I triumphed and was somewhere in the space between the worlds on the waves of stellar wind.
- You are the light, kuerida - suddenly said Seryozhka.
I looked at myself. It was no longer in the dark room. Winter dawn caught up with us, and the windows of snow made it clear. In a strange diffused light my skin is really shining metallic sheen, gently but noticeably.
- Lord, - muttered earrings. - How did it happen that you became mine, kuerida? You're really mine?
I nodded and suddenly frightened.
- And if the cat will come now?
- What cat? - He did not understand.
- Esperanza! - I hissed.
- And - he feebly waved his chiseled brush. - Her room elsewhere ...
He shoved his hand somewhere under the bed and dragged out a bottle of champagne.
- Offer support forces - Sergei muttered. - Polka, type mia, there on the table have glasses ...
I looked and said:
- One more glass and a bunch.
- Give it here ... A glass of course ...
I brought, and we drank it himself th champagne, so take me at night, sipping a sip and passing each other a glass. Then he began to kiss me again.
- I had already been decided that all - reluctantly admitted Sergei. - In particular, when I saw you with that Caruso ...
- You're beautiful, - I said. - Hermosa.
- ABOUT? - He asked. - This is not exactly the word I uttered.
- In the history of art, - I confessed. - There was talk of Philip the Fair. I remembered.
Seryozhka possessive grasping gesture grabbed me and pritisnul to him.
- My woman! - He declared with exactly the intonation and the same expression on his face, with which recently my father said, "My daughter!", With pride and full awareness of the rights of the owner.
I have remembered.
- Seryozhka night you sent to my father figure ...
Sergei muttered something in the sense that, and does not regret.
- Dad such a thing can not be tolerated and does not forgive, - I said.
- I, too, - Sergei muttered. - If you still allow himself such statements in my address, I'll take you to him right now.
It had to say about the way that I understood: he decided to change it and do not intend to.
Fatigue softly humming throughout the body, but not sleepy at all. We never sat, hugging, talking and built all sorts of plans.
Then it was my ... my mother brought me another dress.
- Oh, and you have done the same yesterday noise, guys, - she said.
We stared at her. Mom smiled.
- So you yell at each other, that part of the house came running. And then I watched, as you point blank nobody saw laughing and hugging. Sasha was furious. I could barely hold it. And even before that everyone noticed how one hiding, and another with a lost view of looking for him.
- And now? - I asked. - How dad now?
- They will have to talk - my mother said gently. - Let's go to.
They really ... talked. The first thing dad slapped him a brutal slap in the face, and hissed:
- Do not you dare to expose to ridicule my daughter!
Seryozhka became furious and very discreet at the same time.
- Right, yes? - he said. - I have something you can not hit. Just because of your age. But keep in mind, Pauline is now my woman and I answer for it.
- So try to be kind, that she did not look stupid! - Pripechatal father. - And now he is gone! And bring myself up! We are all go to dinner. And you're with us!
Then we actually went down to the restaurant two couples, and we were greeted with applause, almost a standing ovation, everyone who was there. Seryozhka turned slightly under the gaze of these people and through our heads with my mother said:
- The bruise is.
And my father said:
- I did my best.
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