My adventure

I went once to work in a very early hour, at 6:30. I went to the lodge to take the key from the cabinet, and there ... on the couch asleep boy of sixteen, whom I told the boss (and I did not attach importance) that took the guard of one boy to his pocket money to earn. We have something to protect and nothing! So. Look, is handsome, wearing shorts, open (hot), and he "tent" ahead ... Do not rendered soul of a poet. I slowly pulled off his shorts. A pant a bye-bye! Oh, well, good, good! In short, I took in the mouth. A few minutes later, he arched his back (he sleeps!) How to shove me deeply, and then as strelnt! Yes, so much !!! Vkuuuuuuuusnyyyyy !!! Neatly I covered it, and I think we ought to take a closer look. Especially come when not spit.On changed on the third day. I come as early, but not much, and even on Sunday (in the first place, no one would suspect, because I often work and sometimes on weekends, and secondly, no one really can not hurt). Getting in. Similarly, not sleeping, watching some stupid kino.- Hi Yurok! How's it going? Not szharilsya here And I must say, the heat in the morning was somewhere under 28. He was in shorts and futbolke.- Hi, - said - and what are you doing up so early on I was all? "you" called something like that happened, and I was quite happy with it. I silently walked over, bent down, the Ponte to consider what it is he's watching on TV, but do not answer. The very quietly behind the earlobe with his lips I grabbed ... Wow, not even flinched! - What is it looking? - Sprashivayu.Molchit. I gently stroked her back. And he suddenly began to breathe so often and deeply. Wow! Yes he has got! However, as I have. Why then waste time ?! I walked around him, stood in front of him and squatted down, stroking his knees and looking straight into the eyes. He looks at me. A blush on the cheeks already vozbuzhdeniya.- Privstan-ka.On jumped up as fast as if just waiting for that, I will ask about it. I slowly pulled the shorts down. They caught on pretty mad ass. So he helped, he teased them from behind and pulled, but still not just pulled off, and more, and the legs pulled out of leg. That's nifiga yourself! And standing by him even more his thing! I just had to take the head with his lips as he arched his back, he screamed and shot out! Again, not missing a drop. I had to pick him up, because his knees buckled, and carry on the bed. There I kissed him on the lips. He replied. One can see that can not. I slowly began to learn it. Op-pa! His arms wrapped around my neck. Ah yes Yurok, these are on! About five minutes later kisses feel his hand on my crotch rummage in search of not lightning (not!), And a belt! I found, I told him not to hurt and not help. Unbuttoning and crooked grins. Achieved, unbuttoned. I have no panties under jeans (I'm not crazy in this heat wearing shorts and more!). He pushes me, he kneels down and tries clumsily to do me a blowjob. Of course, let the entrance teeth. I suggested to him, just like that. He quickly learned. From the realization that my cock in the mouth of such a handsome man, (just a dream!) I almost immediately had finished, taking care that it does not choke on such an abundance of sperm and pulled out a member and fired another portion of his face. He groaned as much as if he had finished. Then we kissed again. And then, later, lounging half-naked on the couch, in his arms, he gave me a declaration of love that I had the first and only (yeah, right now, the only one so you have more of a single bag is). That he no longer needed, and he wants me to him in the ass ... Wow, gallop! But for me, surprisingly different. In general, I, apparently quite handsome, even a little stout, why and enrolled in bodybuilding, I have a beard, age again ... But, here you are ... you guys around beautiful - I just can not stand walk. And it's my love priznatsya.Konechno, I did not force the issue. We agreed to meet in two days on the third evening, about 22 to fine anyone not bylo.Na second day went and bought lyuprikant (ass-gel "For two"), Prepared in general. I came as agreed. And he was there. And already naked. No, of its kind simply can not resist! I almost did not finish immediately. Just gone, he let me undress. From his pocket fell gel.- Aha, - said - now we will try Here's a pig! Lubricate me (I could barely restrain himself, that under his fingers not to splash it all over the face), then her ass and lay down on the bed on his back with his feet up. I wonder where is this "pervoraznik" this picked up ?! Not only as seen enough porn, and now decided to test all of this in practice. Slowly, so I go into it ...- Oh, - screams - it hurts! Why is it so painful? I then dropped the case and started to just kiss and fondle, stroke of everything. He first member of opal, and then began to climb. In short, I drove him to such a state that he "drip" and moaned from any touch. That's when I began to slowly enter. Gradually came the whole. And he just lip biting and my hips gladit.- hurt? - Sprashivayu.- No, - he says - all very cool and I began to move, he wheezed and began to cum!. If at that time he was shot as from a fire hose, but now the sperm just flowed. But he still tossed and rattled with pleasure. Seeing such a sight, I also began to shoot at him all that had accumulated in two days. Nifiga himself took a total of eight minutes of my entry to the lodge! That's the speed I'm so afraid to make havoc of his young ass, but everything was just great. We were with him and rested 25 minutes - 30. chatted about any nonsense. And he suddenly says: - Well, - he says - now I'm not a virgin - and lybitsya.- No - I say - you're still only half a man. Now you have to do the same thing as I. And who -? Are you there someone else you see He propped himself up on one elbow, looking at me seriously, serzno.- And you will not hurt? - Do not be afraid - I say - I poterplyu.Vot, he already stood up. And I followed. At this point I decided to completely surrender to him. Let him do what he wants. uchitsya.Oh itself, how it is pleasant - to feel a young and solid stick in itself! It hurt, but I did not let on. And then after his pant and change a few key feel, twitched, I moaned. I was on the edge, but not finished. And he discharged me. I do not know how many there were, but he jerked a long time. Then he said, panting: - Right now, I rest and more time ... You can Yurok Ah yes, here is the energy - of course, have a rest?! Of course you can! You just superklassny lover, my dear little man! Smiling climbed kissing. Just wonderful man! Then there was one more time, during which I could not hold back and shot out, although the sperm was quite small. Orgasm was even one! And so just as much Yurchik yelled from udovolstviya.- What are you doing? - I ask, and he says - I'm such has never felt ... already about 24:00, we were lying, resting in some half-asleep!. He became something to tell, do not understand that. Suddenly I was like shock shibanulo! He said: - I uezzhayu.- What ?! How? It turns out, it's my boss took the job so that he can earn not just pocket money, namely on travel expenses! He moved with his parents somewhere near Volgograd. A week later, he leaves. Forever. Like this. Jura himself says, look, tears in his eyes ... I myself have also tears welled. What a bad luck !!! Only meet in order that you, too, like you, like you some kind of piggish meanness waiting !!! - Oh, - said Yura, - I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying with you! - And here it is - say - a pure folly. Think by yourself. You need to study further. To do this they need money. I can not provide you. And parents, you think about them! In addition, you know that I am yet married. Divorce may be delayed for six months. Where are you going to all this time? Well this village! You yourself will not last long. And there, in a new place, you will meet your true love. I have some old ....- No! Besides you I do not need anyone! And hung around my neck. I feel like crying .... In general, I did everything to be got rid gently. But it turned out the opposite. Not without reason in Arabic "enamored" and "fool" sound the same: "Majnun", it seems so. A train of thought in this is not to predict. In general, he (and I to a lesser extent) in terror waiting for the departure ... I fell in love it. According to the ears ... But as well that we do not see each other. I do not want to worry about then this gap later. When our soul prikipyat each other. Yes, sir, well, that he had left. He has a whole life ahead. Moreover, he learned what love is. He sat on the bus and wept. 16-year-old boy wept bitterly! Cry and spit on that, looking at him ... Honey ... I'm my own pay.
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