Wealthy sadists. Part 1. Katerina

Do not undress her, Michael and Joan put her hands handcuffed and chained to the shackles on their legs, and a collar around his neck. Kate begged to spare her, Michael took off her shoes and socks and put on her knees began to beat her with a stick on the soles of the feet, lightly at first, then harder and harder. Jeanne, meanwhile, stripped naked, forced Kate to lick her vagina, and then anus. Michael soon took the knife and lifted Kate cut her dress and lowered her panties, revealing pale, but juicy buttocks: Beaten legs buckled and Kate began to fall, but Michael has supported her and entered her from behind, Jeanne despite attempts to resist (Suppression two slaps) broke dress and looked at Katya, very small breasts. Jeanne, by the way, had chest 5th size. Jeanne start biting nipples Katie and Michael, meanwhile, he had finished it in the ass, but do not let her go, giving his wife an opportunity to have fun. And Jeanne received it, believe me. Finally she stopped, and Michael put Kate on the floor on his back. She sobbed:
- For what? Why me?
- You see my dear, we are very rich, and we just want new experiences, a woman we've been kidnapped and killed, you shall not kill, if you behave?
- Yes, sir.
- No, no, there is no need for any of Mr. and Mrs., just Misha.
- Jeanne - Jeanne added.
- I think you have sore legs after my punches, be patient please. I will give you rest - Misha stroked her feet and kissed her fingers, Jeanne, meanwhile, Katya kissed on the lips (she also liked the woman), and whispered:
- Do not be afraid, I am now with you srezhu dress.
Jeanne knife (careful not to scratch the skin) cut off with Katie dress. Misha raised his woman in his arms and carried to another room: 10 to 6, one wall was a long sofa and 2 chairs next to them was a table, the other - a huge TV, the whole room was literally dotted with columns. Handcuffs front held back her hand, but left the possibility of movement. Michael gave her up the remote and said:
- You can watch TV and do not be afraid, you only have to listen to us in everything.
Michael ran his hand over her breasts and kissed her on the neck, Katya again tightened.
- Jeanne !!! - Michael called.
Joan came into the room, she was still completely naked.
- I understand our guest is still scared.
- In the office we were told that no husband, no lover, no children currently not you, the salary at the school is not so hot, but here you will be much better - Jeanne said.
- What kind of office? - Katya asked hesitantly.
- "Office" - An organization trades catching women and men for the same jaded rich because we have all the time on duty from 4 people "offices"- Jeanne said.
- Listen, Cach, we'll suffer, stripped, I know you difficult to penetrate us with sympathy and trust. Come this way, what can you want something, we have as far as possible (and perhaps we have a very big) is feasible, - Mikhail offered.
Kate hesitated not say a word.
- I know you are divorced from your husband went to what that woman? - Jeanne asked.
- Yes - Kate admitted.
- Look, you want to get back at her or her husband? - Jeanne asked.
- Can i? - Katya uttered.
- Of course, one phone call, and tomorrow in our pocket, he or she can be both, - said Mikhail.
- True?
- Tell me what you want? - Said Michael.
- Yes ... if you can, - said Katya.
All this time she covered her hands vagina, Michael noticed this:
- Are you shy? - He asked.
- Yes, I do not know how you can sit there: naked in front of other people. - Answered Katya.
- Look at Joan, she, too, at first embarrassed to be naked during sex is not, and just like that, but now it is still, - said Mikhail.
- Yes Jeanne figure - just super, it is easier - said Katya.
- Thank you, Katya, for the compliment, but still you are our: slave, even though you and we like you, so get used to it gradually.
- Yes, madam: that is, Jeanne - quickly corrected Katya.
- Do not be afraid, dear, watch television.
Misha disconnected the chain of the handcuffs and shackles, hands and feet were shackled by Katie, but separately.
- You will want something, you will have a personal slave, she will do everything that you want, you can beat it in general use at their discretion - her name is Anya. - Misha said, and clicked on taking mobile 6:
- Anya, come here.
- Masochist - a workaholic - a rare combination, there are 5 of us.
- Anh, a greeting - entered the room, an attractive brown-haired with an average breasts and pink nipples.
She was stripped to the waist and walked barefoot in stockings and skirt cut in front, she sat down on the table.
- Anh, meet - it's Kate, our slave and your mistress.
- Use Anya, including a toilet, it works very well with them, right? - Mikhail said and licked the nipple Anin, who immediately stiffened.
After a full night of sex, Michael woke up before Joan (in 10. 20), and went to visit Kate, she sat on the couch and watched TV, Anne was lying on the floor and licked her feet, which still ached a bit after yesterday's execution.
- Barely persuaded her that the toilet be like me, even though you rarely Zhannochka to give me this opportunity. - Anya said.
Kate looked relaxed, Michael undid her handcuffs and shackles removed, collar left. In the kitchen, which was in the next room I was already breakfast prepared Anya. Kate kept well, no longer were covered, on the contrary, seeing, standing member Michael offered him a blowjob. Michael gladly accepted. Joan came into the room, catching them for it.
- These people from "offices" can not imagine that I can sleep, - she said - just caught your ex and this whore.
Kate stopped sucking as much joy, but soon remembered and re-took the dick in your mouth ...
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