So it all started

It happened two years ago .. I was 16 years old, and his father - 38. My father and I went to engage in cottage - any construction rubbish. Basically, the work had been completed, but remained "finishing touches".. Need to hire a team of builders was not, and the father said that on the spot to agree on the need to work with working in the neighboring cottages teams ..
Already in the first day of the father he found the master, and brought him to watch the amount of work. It was a guy 25 years old, of medium height, but strong and tanned. To me he somehow did not like .. Impudent eyes, constant smile, jokes and some stupid .. But all he and his father agreed, and the next morning the Jura (the name of the builder) began .. it worked well .. Because was hot, then he was dressed only in shorts. And it was obvious that he had a beautiful body .. I somehow knew immediately that something of his father in this guy attracts .. But could not understand what ..
...After three days, I start work in the afternoon went to the river - take a dip .. Said her father, that I would return in the evening. I buy, sunbathe, and decided I was going into the woods. And for this we need to go into the house to change clothes. I decided to shorten the path and go to the house is not on the input side, and in an abandoned neighborhood lot - I sometimes did .. They have been at the site tall bushes, grass, and a passage in them was negligible. And pushing the board in the fence, you can get to the window of our kitchen. When I came up to the fence with the neighbor's hand, then I heard her father Yuri says: "He himself said that he would swim until the evening". I looked into a narrow slit - the father was standing in the kitchen near the Jura, who was sitting on a chair .. "No, - he said the father - he may at any time return".. "Yes, until it comes to a house, it a hundred times, we see and hear .. Come on!" The father still stood for i..stal take off her shirt at first, and then shorts .. He stayed in some batches, but Yura told him sharply "Take everything off!"And he listened to .. And the father is completely naked .. I was surprised that his cock, balls and crotch were shaved .. Only over by a dick was a bit of hair, like a woman .. Jura told his father "Become cancer"And the father leaned on the kitchen table obediently. Meanwhile, Yuri lowered his shorts, and showed his penis - a small, but thick .. Yura took a bottle of sunflower oil, wet fingers and smeared their father's ass. Then he pulled out his shorts and put on a condom on his dick .. Another moment - and his father moaned. I realized that the Jura put the dick in his ass .. Jura began to move, his father took his body movement. The father began to moan moan .. This was a moan of pleasure, I understood it clearly .. The father said Yura "I want to go back"And Yura came out of him. The father lay on his back on the table, and threw his legs over his shoulders Jura. Yura continued to fuck him. A father masturbate his penis. A few minutes later the Jura began to move faster, and then cried out, and as I understood, finished .. I finished and father - sperm from a member of his father spurted on his stomach .. A few minutes later, they rested, and then my father got up from the table. "I'm gonna take a shower"He said Yura. "And I after thee"Yura said.
...I went back to the river .. I am well aware that as soon as I saw how my father gave himself a peasant to fuck .. I was shocked. But to buy, I calmed down and went back to the cottage.
Two days later, Yuri finished his work, and their team moved to a different location. My father and I stayed at the cottage .. And one night, after dinner, I told my father "I saw that you did Jura. And I will be silent, if today is the same with you I do". My father looked at me - do not say anything and just looked .. Then he went out of the kitchen and in general left the house .. It was not a long time. I've already gone to bed when he returned. I heard him walking around the house. And after a while he came to my room and said, "I agree".. On this night, the father first sucked away from me, and then I fucked him .. I especially like to feel like my eggs flop on his ass .. He groaned, enjoying. I moan and, because I was especially a thrill that I fuck her father ..
Since then I have periodically fucking father. Although, I suspect he and the other guys are. But I do not care. After all, I have a friend and a girlfriend ..
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