- Drop the image of my flesh and recreate the woman in me ..!
Vadim's lips were drawn to his lips Veronica, but she rejected the kiss and put her interlocutor in the mouth tube and asked:
- Why are you invited me to this restaurant? In order to look at passing women?
- Admire the female body! What could be more beautiful? But you agreed to come in akvarestoran.
- I just agreed to for the reason that more has never been here.
- I'm sorry, Veronica, if I offended you. Understand, I have small experience with women.
"It can be seen ..." - Veronica thought.
- I myself feel like a woman! And body and soul.
Veronica looked sitting in front of her small stature fat man and raised her eyebrows in surprise. Past was held naked waitress with a tray. Vadim spent her eyes.
- Why are you so looked at the women, if you think like a woman?
- Oh, Veronica! I admire a woman's body and I regret that this is not me.
- Rue possible about what has been done. And you do not choose who to be born.
- Yes, I did not choose. I do not even have the strength to be a real man.
- And what they - real men?
- Courageous. I'm feminine ...
The waitress went in the opposite direction, Vadim looked after her. Veronica could not stand it:
- You stop staring at women passing by? And the right to embarrass me. Before you, I'm in no less attractive way. Suppose that in a bathing suit, but still there is something to see.
- I'm sorry, Veronica. I did not want to make you uncomfortable. But the fact of the matter is that these women are going. These are the moments. And you admire I have time.
- And still we continue our conversation. In bed with a woman you feel male or female?
- I am forced to have sex like men do. But I'm looking for the woman who sees a woman in me. I'm devoted to her. And I adore her!
Veronica flopped into the pool and began to examine the room. It was divided into two parts. On the one hand there is a pool, on the other hand in the form of tables placed jellyfish, and was much less depth. So the top tables of ten centimeters higher than the water level. Divide the room into two conditional parts path of stones that the current was under water. On it went to the visitors and the waitress. Visitors themselves will be chosen to serve them the waitress in a bathing suit or without. Along the perimeter of the hall has an indoor room, where they could be alone at a table in the remote from the rest. The walls of the room were of thick white, slightly transparent material, and parted in a place where they were supposed to be in the door.
Visitors to the individual rooms brought food on floating trays that are held on the water and allowed to eat for the comfort of the pool. Veronica budge and felt about her body hits the water jet. She raised herself on her toes, and the jet began to pass between her legs.
- Get a hold of me! .. - Vadim passionately she whispered.
- How??? Right here??? - Vadim was shocked.
- Yeah .. right zde-ect .. -! Veronica said, glowing with passion voice.
- But here people!
- It does not matter ... They do not guess ...
Vadim began to look around.
- Come on! .. - Veronica moaned.
The stream of water it so much excited, that was no longer tolerate the urine. Vadim, burning with shame, to cover red spots slowly slid into the pool and fell in behind an excited woman. She rested her elbows on the ledge and quietly caressed movements priests member Vadim.
- Pretend you're doing me a massage ...
Vadim was shorter, and knead the shoulders of a new friend it was not convenient. However caress a woman's skin made even more horny. Member compacted, and its upper part out of the heats. He did not have to drop the hand to completely release it outside, Veronica herself pulled down his trunks elastic buttocks. At the very same bikini was a cut in the middle of what she was warned by Vadim and slightly bent, so it was easier for her to enter. His movements were slow, he tried to be noticed. Veronica went crazy with pleasure - entered into a partner, and outside caressed a powerful stream of water .. The pair was limited in the manifestation of emotions, since it was impossible to let people know what they are doing!. Behind quietly crept woman fifty years. She noticed that the couple enjoys not of massage, and she liked it.
- But I know what you're doing - the woman whispered. - Although I am not young like you, as an expert in this matter know.
Having finished this sentence, she stabbed a finger into the anus of Vadim. He screamed, and half the room turned toward him. Vadim paused and pretended to do a massage. The stranger continued to massage the anus. After just half a minute, Vadim and Veronica have merged into a single orgasm ... for some time, all three stood silently, motionless, and speculated about what had happened. Veronica stared aimlessly up:
- I thought, in this restaurant only nudists. I was wrong.
Stranger is clearly interested in a couple of people who saw each other for the second time in his life. She swam to Veronica and just leaned on the ledge.
- It's the same thing that come to the pool, - Veronica continued.
- What's that ... I've navidalsya in life. Your sex is not something special for such places. If you are interested in this topic, I can arrange invitations to private parties porazvratnichat lovers.
- You rent this restaurant? - Veronica interested.
- Yes. This happens once a month. At our parties unfetters people and can do whatever their heart desires, to carry out every whim.
- And what do you do?
- Please communicate the tables, drink, relax ... Then people gradually accumulates in the pool, more modest, in most cases it is the newcomers prefer to hide in the rooms. And then, to liberate, join the main mass. Last week, for example, we played in the train. I just walked over to the pair, as it is today to you, and gradually people began to add behind me. As a result, half of the pool was occupied by a solid mate locomotive adhered to each other people.
Veronica was delighted with what he heard:
- Terrific!
- Here, a woman may choose any man a man - any woman. Once we even seduced waitress, which is prohibited under the charter of the restaurant. They can not come into contact with customers. But we have done everything possible to this did not work outside of our circle. Young girls waitress undergo a rigorous selection, to come here to work, and wages are quite high. But ... the forbidden fruit, he's so sweet, you will agree! And we could not resist the temptation, tempt the attractive waitress ...
- Terrific! - Veronica continued to admire.
Her eyes burned, and it was possible to say with certainty that this is the future visitor private parties.
- Some wonder why we're going there, not in any ordinary swimming pool or sauna. But our response is simple. Here a different atmosphere. The atmosphere is filled with childhood dreams of life under water. You were the rest rooms?
- No, I'm here for the first time.
- ABOUT! You must visit them. This room, furnished, which are not damaged by water. Everything is decorated as in normal apartments and rooms. But all this is under water, and combined with a marine design. Believe me, I do not know a man who at least once in their lives have never thought to feel this atmosphere. The atmosphere of life under water. All room! All - solid pool! Where only water without dressing room. It beckons you ... somehow especially.
- Yes, I felt it, and ... I love it!
- I assure you, this is not your last feeling. And not the last thing you see in this institution. The individual rooms at the request of visitors trigger beautiful fish. True, not all feel comfortable among them, but there are fans. A lot of women come back here again and again just in order to get the pool wall, leaning on the ledge, and enjoy the pressure of water flowing into the pool.
Veronica slightly embarrassed by the fact that it seemed to her, no one knows what you can do here, and it turned out that it enjoys a considerable number of women.
- I'll come here too often, - she said shyly.
- And what about me?? - Vadim said. - Would I your woman ??
- And you come together for our party - proposed the stranger. - There will be dismantled, and that someone should be and in what form.
The remaining evening Veronica behaved as though between her and Vadim nothing had happened, and was with him even a little rude. Vadim same as waiting sour cream cat, looked at her eyes begging. She could not understand his attitude to Vadim. One one knew for sure - now her life will be full of adventure and debauchery.
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