Too strong sense

We go early in the morning on a deserted street. Time is about four hours. We go slowly, slowly. Chatting about trifles and drink absinthe throat. More cool morning, but the sky is clear, then the day will be hot ...
Suddenly he says:
- let's sit down somewhere,
- Come on, let's right here. On the grass.
- dew.
- Take my jacket.
We sit together on the jacket. Shut up, both look up at the sky. It's too blue today. Too beautiful. He takes a sip of absinthe and puts the bottle on the ground ...
- Have you ever slept with a woman?
- no.
- why?
- Well I do not like it.
- and from where you know what you do not like, if you have not tried?
- I do not know.
- and the like? Be honest ...
- I do not know.
He takes a deep breath, and I'm doing a big gulp of green scalding liquid.
- what did you do last night? - I asked him in a few minutes - I called you, you did not pick up ...
- probably slept.
- with whom?
- I slept and fucked ...
I feel that he is nervous.
- I do not believe you. It is better to tell.
- okay. To me yesterday came Katie. She called and said that the need to meet. What it is bad, that it alone ... I do not like it. She start ... I did not like ..
- Why are you then called to her home? Could Meet in the cafe.
- I did not call. She came by herself. You're jealous of me?
- I love you, and you know that I hate. It's you on this started a conversation about women?
- sorry. I do not know how to tell you. But he decided that it was better to tell myself than then she will tell you it's not the way it was ...
He gets up with jackets and squats in front of me. I embrace his hips. I looked at him. I love him, and he looks off into the distance.
My head is spinning a phrase "I am terribly drunk, I am terribly in love"...
- Well, let's go to me?
He hands me his hand ...

Coming home, he goes into the shower, and I'm in the kitchen had finished the bottle of absinthe ... it comes out of the bath. In one towel and walks into the room.
Blood rushes to your head
"I need to get up ... get up ..."
I get up, grabbing at the table, a plate of flies on the floor and shatters. The ringing is given in the head. Grabs the ears. Absinthe in my ears ... absinthe in my head, in my mouth, in my stomach. Everywhere.
Obbivaya wall, touch my way into the tub ... I embrace the sink. Two fingers in his mouth ...

The noise of the water. I type bath. Rinse. "I am terribly drunk, I am terribly in love"...
It becomes a little bit better. I walk into the room, sometimes touching the wall and bumping into furniture.
He already is. He looks at me with his blue eyes. The blanket thrown over half. One pierced nipple ...
- come to me.
Pulls hands. I whisper my name.
Kissing. His lips were soft, his hair smell like baby shampoo. I want it. I want him to love me.
Suddenly, he pulls away and says:
- hit me. Hit for the fact that I slept with a woman.
- No, I do not have that right. I do not have the right to beat you ... I have no right to dictate to you your life.
- And I want. That you had a right to.
- I do not want .. I do not .. well, that is, I will not beat you.
He smiled. And for some reason I try not to look him in the eye. I'm nervous ...
- Relax, and then we did not get ...
I close my eyes.
His hands slide down my back. Move to the stomach. Fall below.
His hand slipped between my legs. I instinctively move it a little knees ...

- Relax.
I was lying completely naked. On it sits me. With one hand he caressed me, the other - themselves.
For some reason I feel ashamed. Too shy to show him how I feel good. Ashamed of their feelings.
A bit cold. But how well. Zazhmurivayu eyes feel his lips on my belly. All lower ... lower ... body beat. I groaned, unable to restrain himself any more. I finished his face ...
He dried himself on the blanket. Smiled ...
- Let's sleep. Already ten in the morning.
He goes to the wall and once again repeats softly: - Spa-ah-amb ...
I go to the kitchen to smoke. On his desk mobile phone. Received Calls: Katie he did not call ... maybe at home? Dialed Calls: Katie ... He called her. Many times. She told him never ... Why is he lying?
I go back to ...
- Tell me, why did you .... okay. Nothing. Sleep.
"I am terribly in love"....
I lay down beside him.
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