Nymphomaniac and nimfomen

- Tomorrow after work come in to visit me. I will feed you and fuck - she said. After that thought, and he added: - Twice.
- We like going to the dentist - a smile, he said. - I will soon proteins in the mouth zavedutsya.
- Yeah. Flying squirrels.
- When I held you today, I found that the panties pulled inside out. Well at least not for all undressed. You, by the way, fed me and fuck twice?
Lena giggled and put the phone to the other ear.
- And I'm definitely not bored yet? - She asked sarcastically.
- Tomorrow will explain in person. You know what the apathy? They say - it's attitude to sex in the first five minutes after sex. Breshut?
- Breshut. Well, so far, the rats. Will I dryhanki.
- So far, the hare. I'll go too. Mail check tomorrow - to hell with it. You're on the belly or the pope lying?
- On the belly.
- So, the whole in the ass:
He clicked on the gray button on which was displayed a white "on / off". Stretched out on polkuhni, he yawned, and padded to the bed. For a moment, I wanted to turn on the computer - suddenly something important e-mail it? No, bounce, all tomorrow. Wait.
Photo: a lot of them, swim, float by. Somewhere click magnet is pressed film flash reflections. Yellow, magenta, blue, click, yellow, magenta, blue, click, click, yellow and purple-blue: On all shots - the same thing. Porn. Homemade orgy bdsm, women are some of the skin, dirty men, naked body parts. Group sex, fetishism, zoophilia. All photos porn:
Pillow creased and pressed against the headboard. Damir shook his head and pulled off his soaked shirt. Damn, the dream! That's what it means to work hard for a pittance operator in photoshop.
He smiled in the darkness of his nightmares. removed thumbs "scum" from the corners of his eyes and flopped back on the sheet:
Three days later, Damir and Lenka have collected a minimum of belongings, we boarded the tram and drove in the direction of the train station. He still persuaded her to go to the next convention of science fiction writers in Yekaterinburg.
- Well, thought to himself, what will I do there? - Excuses it. - You're there on his literary nonsense again begin to fray and get drunk as a lord. Drunk it?
- Well, get drunk, of course. But I will live with you. Together, we will be in a room together.
- And there is the thin walls, I suppose?
- I give a damn! Who does not like it - go to pasture.
When got out of the tram, Lenka soiled jeans and a long foul language himself.
- Why are you swearing like a trooper? - Quietly I asked her, Damir.
- Yes, because now you will have a girl in dirty jeans!
- So what?
- She ceased to please you, and you'll dump her.
- Is cleanliness clothes had something to do with frigidity?
- And then frigidity?
- With that, I of you fuck off, only if you want to stop me.
- In the fool.
They went into the station building. He's the best we have in Russia is considered a station. Vbuhali half of the city budget for the construction. Beauty. But kvarplatu rose, rose and travel in public transport - so that people are not relaxed.
- Twenty minutes later, the train - Lenka said, glancing at the scoreboard. - Smoke?
- Uh-huh. Send only the platform immediately.
But elevators are really presentable. And besides, spacious, clean. A lot of them. Nobody will notice if one will fall seven minutes:
Even when they stood on the platform and greedily swallowed nicotine, Damir still felt the heat of her body. There was also a slight tremor in his legs.
- Maniac - briefly said Lenka, noisily releasing a trickle of smoke.
- You grabbed me first - sated he mumbled.
- Could you resist and to standards.
- What more. Calories to spend any nonsense.
- And if he had not spent calories.
- Ha! It's on the useful work.
- Of course - she smiled - you have the master of sports of international class in sex.
- Oh, come on leave me alone, - he snorted. - I am a German one hundred years ago, a drop polyamuril. Itself something out:
- Hyundai hoch! - Lena stared mockingly.
- Fuck you! Half a planet itself dragged into a boudoir. What hard in training? ..
- The train turns out.
The sun heated the asphalt apron to lipkovatogo state. Damir bought a bottle of mineral water and a couple of beers.
The car stopped with a creak. In the coupe the money they did not have, had dragged in the stifling reserved seat. Nearby were wizened grandpa and middle-aged woman, apparently vendor.
- Here one upper, one lower you - just rattled it. - And I can not sleep upstairs - has fallen as a child and I can not anymore. A grandfather of a climb out and snoring there currently.
Grandfather snorted in embarrassment and smiled. Composition twitched and rolled.
Damir and Lenka spread things, changed clothes and lay dormant until nightfall. All the same routine working days exhausting human bones:
When we woke up, immediately went into the lobby to smoke. Train strongly rocked from side to side, and he now and then had to support each other. For the dirty window flashed rare blue fireflies semaphore - passed some stop.
- I love to ride on trains, - Damir said, exhaling smoke. - Especially at night. I can not sleep. All sleep, but I can not.
- Why is this? - The wagon jolted and Lenka grabbed his sleeve.
- I do not know if something inside turned on. I Love.
- I love you.
- What?
- I love you.
Iron wheels rumble on the arrow. He pulled Lenka to her, so that he felt her sharp nipples breasts, took her hips. Composition sharply led cornering.
- I wonder what people will say, if we do take, climbed up on the top shelf of our, let us undress and fuck? - Damir whispered in his ear Helen.
- Verify? - She playfully ran her hand along the bottom of his stomach.
- Oh well.
- No, I'm serious. Beginner?
- Yes, I'll you right now right here rape, slag!
- I will fight only for form's sake:
- And what can really go on the shelf?
- Come on.
He had unzipped her jeans and was stroking the hot crotch. The car jerked back.
... They frantically looked at each other and opened the door to go to his place. Here Lenka suddenly pushed Damir slightly and said:
- You know, you, too, can bring people joy. Just do not forget about it.
- Do not understand. You are what is it?
- I do not know why, but I remember the day when we're almost broke. Sorry. I fool you, huh?
- Come on, fool. - He took the door handle.
- And yet, - he said Lenka quickly - we do not get married. Never.
It was a statement. No question, not a request - that assertion.
- Why do not you get married?
- Poshlenkogo.
- Let's go to:
Making his way among sleeping people, they pulled out a bottle of mineral water, gulped, climbed up on the top shelf and began to undress each other. Elbows, knees, and head all the time about something knocked together, train all recruited and gained speed.
When Damir, furiously breathing, began to sink in Helen, a woman squealed below:
- Oh, all the saints! Look, it's done! Ibutsya at all honest people! Ibutsya!
On a nearby location I woke up from sleep and grandfather rolled his eyes from the spectacle. Then he snorted, smiled and began to sit back, to miss nothing interesting.
- Ibutsya! - Shouted the woman.
- Ah yes, young people, - the old man shook his head.
- Call Explorer! The police!
- Truly ibutsya!
At the bottom came the sound of breaking glass, the smell of beer.
- Oh, about beer theirs even cut myself! ..
Damir and Lenka did not hear anything. He thought about it, and it's about the vulgarity of marriage and the use of sex. The train picked up speed, and their young bodies ruthlessly deprived of calories:
The projectionist booth there was a crack, the screen went dark. In the hall stood a three-story mat.
- Well, what a bitch kinokrut could not, perhaps, wait for five minutes!
- Bastard! Now I'll make this reptile finish started:
- Light though the cut!
- Kinoshka Cool, huh? Women I have six months fucked.
- Let's face it nabem!
In the hall something thundered. The door opened, and all squinted against the light. In the doorway stood Prapor Korchagin.
- Set aside a riot! Everyone on the lips offered, rookie! In the barracks, your mother!
- Kinokrutu out outfit vparit bummer for cultural events! - Shouted someone from the darkness. - Goat.
It's hard to say who it was that mixed up, and how this film got to the club mechanized infantry units under Chernorechie instead of the "Seventeen Moments of Spring". It happens.
Kinokrut way, deserted in the evening:
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