Meeting classmates

Lenka I was very fond of, because when she offered to go to meet her classmates meekly agreed. The meeting was banal, and remember all sorts of tricks and stories, and when someone suggested to go to his house and a drink, we accepted the invitation.
In the apartment we were only four of us - we Lenka, another guy and the girl, who was alone. Quickly erecting the table from what it was in the fridge, we started razveseleniyu cognac and champagne.
It was good fun, Lenka properly loaded, but the guy did not lag behind. I held on, and the girl somehow without being drunk. At some point, the guy really be drunk, he looked at Lenka dull eyes and muttered that she promised to give him in the tenth grade, but never gave.
- You end is short! - Lena laughed, raised his hand, bringing the thumb and index finger, showing the size. The girl giggled and hid a smile arms
- This I have something small? - Outraged man and without thinking twice, stood up, unbuttoning his pants. He swayed, and he, now and then, clutching the edge of the table. Girls heartily cackled.
- Well, come on, come on, show me your morel.
The guy finally coped with his pants, dropped them. Then, after some thought, I pulled the pants and took off with his pants down. He looked at us, kicked, driving ammunition under the table.
- Oh! - Lenka applauded. - Well, I'm sorry, not morel! - She laughed and looked at me, put his hand on my knee. - I'm kidding, do not be afraid.
Man, as he was without his pants and sat down. We continued a drink, ignoring the spicy kind of our companion. Lenka fun, without ceasing, joking, sometimes podkalyvaya besportochnogo boy, but he did not respond, sat silently looking out from under the eyebrows.
At some point, he stood up and, shaking somehow embarked member, admonished, referring to my Helen.
- You promised to give me! I promise! - He came out from behind the desk and went to my wife, She burst into ringing laughter. The guy grabbed her and knocked over his chair to the bed, standing behind. Throwing a chair, he pulled Helen dress. It crashed subjects, revealing our eyes Lenkina wonderful breasts. My heart skipped a beat and dropped his pants pleasant languor. The idea is that I had to immediately fill his face and lead to feelings of drunken wife, who could not stop laughing. But I was like paralyzed and silently watched.
Meanwhile, the man pulled down her panties, Lena began to kick, but fairly quickly on the bed naked Lenka was alone and no clothes, only sandals on his feet. The girl then looked at Lenka laughing, then at me. Her eyes widened. She was obviously in shock and did not understand why this is happening, and why I do not interfere. I was also bewitched incredible feeling. His heart was pounding. I no amount of money would not have stopped the action unfolds. Just was not jealousy. At that moment, I loved Lenka even more, and the only thing I wanted him to vdul her, and she received the maximum pleasure.
- Bear! Your wife undressed! Look, I'm naked! - She giggled. - Do something, otherwise I have now ... to me now ... you know what! - She burst into laughter, bent at the knees feet otbrykivayas them from the guy. Smooth hole it was poured, sponges already turned out. On a light blanket wet spot of grease. With me it has never happened. I had it a long and wet with saliva uglazhivat crack before it was possible to enter the penis.
The guy threw up his arms legs, took off their sandals and sat down on his knees started forward, aiming Lenka member in the crotch. The girl is in the same as me, speechless.
- Bear! - I laughed Lenka naked, banging his heels on his shoulders Man. - I doubt, of course, but he seems to me now I will stick to my pod! Protect me! I'm naked, so helpless. My kisunya not be able to resist the pressure. See it all in tears!
But the end of the spoke holes thirsty, wet sponge and gently wrapped around the head. Pressing his hips, champing lubricant member easily slipped into my wife, who immediately fell silent and leaned toward creeping into her "morel". My God! I tried to realize what is happening - fuck my wife and I watch and do nothing! The girl gasped and stared at me. I quietly finished right in the pants, and the pair gained momentum, moaning and groaning.
Despite the fact that I finished, not the end of the opal and the excitement is lost. I quickly took off his clothes and approached already orgazmiruet wife. She grabbed my hand wet end. She grabbed much as all her attention down there. The girl quickly walked away, and the guy poured. He pours in Lenk. His body wanted one thing - to pour semen into the uterus. He hit her, eggs splashed loudly about Lenka ass. Lenka shaking. Her orgasm was endless. Finally, they relaxed limp. The guy is not looking at me, and went off into the bowels of the apartment, and Lenka lay there with his eyes closed.
After a pause, Lena, as if nothing had happened, got up, swaying, pulled the remains of the dress.
- Let's go home, honey. - She said, smacking me in the nose. - Good meeting turned. Are you happy?
I said nothing.
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