So what happened?! What raspibikalis ?! A?! Just think, I missed the switching of traffic lights! And who does not miss at 6 am on weekends, when all normal people are still asleep, leaving after a week of work. Thought! I am dreaming!
- Jerk - and only have time to hear of the passing girls in a convertible. I give her his dazzling smile. Of course moron, and she could still say something in a man's shirt with very short hair, against which my slightly protruding ears look very funny. Can catch up and ask telefonchik? Oh, the temptation is very great, but I have other plans. I'm taking Nyurka t. E otvozhu her home owner. Begin to dissolve memories like crazy motorcyclist, came under machine vperediiduschuyu flown through it and got stuck in front of my windshield. I still can not get rid of it with nothing incomparable feeling of fear with a stirred disorientatsiey. The only thing I know is that somebody called
- Speak! Talk to him until the ambulance arrives! And I tried! Have you ever tried to talk to someone - someone who has been smeared on your machine? Everything was like a nightmare and I wanted only one thing. Wake up!
What little I was able to find out what the rider, rather mototsiklistku name is Oksana, that she lives all alone no parents, no relatives, no family, and that she was very worried and asked me to feed her cat. I certainly agree with everything and kept asking and asking questions until the ambulance arrived.
Only later, when I began to visit the hospital Ksanku, t. To. Still took over the duties of temporary survivor of her cat, I was able to learn more about it! In that fateful year, she and his wife had an accident, and after this incident saved only Oksanka. She had lost all sense of self-preservation. And his unbridled love for the female sex to switch to the technique. Racing car, racing bikes, mountain bikes. She moved to Europe, took a small house in a small village high in the mountains, where even the bus did not come up, and began her solitary life. And after it is filed, and on his feet, it regretted only one thing. She was sorry for his motorcycle.
She saw it somewhere - in the Alpine village on the shop window. As she says, immediately I fell in love and immediately decided that he would be hers. But as the ATM gave no more than 1,000 per day, and for its old motorcycle gave not so much money. She took the best room in the only hotel in which even was not, no TV, no shower, and stayed there for over a week ie. A. Check the store owner did not take.
We had a lot in common ...
We both loved women, loved both technique and great speed, just loved the mountains, and physical activity were at all like a drug for us! I came to Ksanki, we sat down on mountain bikes took a tent, some food, and disappeared in the mountains for the weekend. I even once tried to listen to him, I fell in love with her, because sleeping in a tent, even in different sleeping bags, but still under the same roof. But no, we were just friends, and the more I realized it, the more I started to like it. Who would want to have a crazy wife as Ksanka (myself in this case, I humbly say nothing) always think of what her rescuers pull out of the gorge and some hospitals it then look for. No, no thank you I have nerves of iron. When I called a month ago and said that Ksanka again went to the hospital, I fell down and went to work with a firm intention to scold her, but seeing her sleeping peacefully under all these wires and drips changed her mind. Well, what can you do about it when she herself does not take care. My thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Ksankin
- Swear you will !!? -
- Ha, here's another! My wife will swear! I brought you fruit and Nyurka to itself take away, you do not really think about the cat.
- Well Nyurok catch up girl - I say, reconstructed on the highway. Nyurok so affectionately called her only I, but all the time Oksanka snorted and said,
- You're still her lace you call!
Cat got Ksanki with the house. The house was abandoned, the owners did not live in it for a long time and when Ksanka avoided novopriobretnnye their possession, peered into the basement then popped out something incomprehensible terribly frightened and beat under the sofa. Cat Oksana tamed, gave it a name, and most importantly it has washed up a nice smoky blue. No one knows how Niurka was in the basement and how long she sat there in the dark, clearly only one thing she can not stand enclosed spaces. So what about a special cage for transportation of cats could be forgotten soon. And what hurt the already shattered Nyurkinu psyche. I think she loved me! Ksanka same felt it terribly jealous, calling her a traitor and threatened to close again in the basement. From these words Nyurka jumped in my lap and tried zalest under my shirt and began to purr loudly. Oksanka seeing such snorted loudly and proudly left the room, leaving us alone. And now Nyurka sitting on the driver's seat back peacefully rested her head on my right arm of, thereby making it difficult to shift gears, watch the road. She liked it very much. She always tried to choose a place where the road would be visible, and only once, when she was sick, and I was taking her to the doctor she agreed to lie in the passenger seat.
- Well? Nyur? Zayed the store will buy anything? You know from Ksanki forever empty fridge. And the bread does not start. Niurka seeing the familiar supermarket window, start to rush on the back seat, definitely glad emergency meeting with the mistress, and maybe fresh fish, I always buy it when we eat together purchased. And here we are happy with the bags full of products are facing Oksankinoy door Niurka impatiently rubs against my legs and wants to have, at last, get your rybshku, and I can not find the keys to the front door. All we entered. The cat immediately began to absorb the fish, and I took unpacking and drift remaining things. Ksanku wake was a pity. And off she had 11 snaps. So I can safely host in the kitchen. Looking at the well-fed Nyurka, which is quite collapsed on the windowsill, I realized that I was hungry too. It is necessary to push apart the products on the refrigerator and make coffee. Maybe the smell of fresh brewed coffee zasonya pull out of the bedroom. Fridge! He is full! Well, no, not so full, as shown in the cartoons, that as soon as it opens Toon everything falls out, but he's full of Oksankinogo refrigerator. Without ceasing to be surprised from nowhere who took food and trying to find a place to novokuplennyh I unpacked the bags.
Nothing can be better than freshly brewed coffee with fresh bun from the bakery buttered immodest layer of strawberry jam. Life is Beautiful!
Well, that's got Ksanka. Niurka heard the creak of the door and down the stairs first steps jerked meet hostess, and then changed her mind and jumped on my lap funny embroiling himself in the neck, stopped and watched. What descended to us was not at all like Ksanku. Although sneakers and shirt on the girl belonged to Oksana, but it was clearly high. And when that lovely creature, reaching sweet, saw us with Nyurka sitting in the kitchen and eat breakfast in peace is a dream passed her instantly.
- Hello! Breakfast will be? - I asked, but get up and could not. Meshal Nyurka that when my attempt to get clung to me ... even tighter, but she took a step back and start looking at the kitchen in search of self-defense kolyusche- cutting items.
- Where are you from such a shy - ask me standing up.
- Ich verstehe kein Wort! - She says, retreating another step back.
Pancake More in Russian and not a boom boom. And where it Ksanka otkapal? And why he did not warn her not to, do not I? Well, that's only if it fell in my eyes ........
But I expect to have long Ksanka did not want to wake up.
Pretty creation called Tina. Actually her full name was Christine, Tina but she liked more. They met with Ksankoy hospital.
Well, where is the miracle could still meet it at work, in the mountains, in the hospital. I guess my expression after these thoughts became very happy and Tina fright buttoned the top button of the shirt Ksaninoy. MnDaaaaaa .... it will have to grow up, see. 20 that she was in her time. After breakfast, she calmed down a bit and even Nyurka allowed to stroke, but then again jumped on my lap thus limiting my movement.
- What you did with Ksankoy? She's awake and asleep - I'm smiling so mysteriously asked. Tina looks at me with a lost gaze slowly starting to change the complexion with pale-pink-shy on embarrassed.
- I wake her now - Tina said, jumping up from his chair and quickly up the stairs.
What happened next did not surprise me, nor Nyurka. What about Tina not know, I think, with this greeting she has not been able to attend. Oksanka is what woke her with battle cries of the Indians, who go on the warpath flying over the step, down to us. Then she jumped from around the fly at me, but the battle cry has not stopped. To help the reader with my 1m. 75 and Ksankinymi 1m. 79 we were pretty intimidating pyramid that almost reach to the ceiling. I roughly know what awaits me, so I got up in the middle of the kitchen and pushed the chair away. Niurka also jumped on the table and tried in every way to attract the attention of the hostess with a loud meow. But Tina, who, it turns out, wore glasses, they removed mechanically, and began to wipe the glass in the hope that what is happening is simply the fruit of an optical illusion caused by the dirty glasses.
- Elephant Get off me! - I say, crouching and Ksanku putting on the floor. And what do you do all night engaged? Lunch Time! And why did not warn Woman? She almost did not call the police! -
Tina, who could not vosprinyateto spectacle, standing, sitting silently on the stairs with grated clean glasses and tried to understand what we're talking tons. We have not moved on to an enemy language.
- Than?! The -?! Oksana says, turning his back and proudly showing off the blood scarred back.
- MnDaaaaa - I look first at the back, and then the sparkling, glittering on the stairs Tineny heel. I think at this point she blushed even they.
While I nursed Ksanku breakfast or lunch rather say, she's stroking Nyurka peacefully drowsy on her knees and joked about the fact that her refrigerator had never seen so much food.
- Well, what we have plans? Zasonya?
- What do you mean what ???? INTO THE MOUNTAINS!!! I've already prepared everything yesterday. This site will show you pumped. We left immediately after Ksanka ate. Tina did not go down well with us, too, did not go. I think it was against what would Oksanka again left for the mountains, but do Ksanku can be stopped. If it is, it has conceived, all point and no more talk.
We have just stated on Sunday evening. Tired, dirty, hungry, smelling of fire, but happy. Tina Nyurka sat in the room and watched TV. Hearing us, she stood up and made sure that all the limbs we have in place, said that the food we find in the fridge and went upstairs in silence.
- MnDaaaaa ... storm fades into the heavy rain today, you can not escape - I say Ksanke throwing out of the fridge the products that are consumed without cooking. And he took a bottle of beer, we began to laugh and remember the adventures of the last two days (as Ksanki flat tire as we night fell tent as Ksanka flashlight chased through the woods for a mosquito that has managed to bite her when she went to the toilet, and after it flew a swarm of mosquitoes as such, probably relatives of the poor man, who declared war on it. Yes, many of which still remembered)
- Okay, I went to sleep, get up early tomorrow. You'd better not drink anymore! Together on the sofa bed uncomfortable - I say, seeing as Ksanka opens another bottle of beer.
- Yeah - Oksanka nods and continues to drink.
I was awakened abruptly jerked grinding wheels of the car seats. Well, who else in the village so it does not goes Ksanka. So, it still kicked out of the bedroom. Then why she had not awakened, that stubborn, where she was the night, looking, suffered (I thought, quickly getting into jeans and a shirt) Niurka seeing my excitement and anticipating the trip revolved around the front door.
- No, Madame, you stay home and you will see what to Tina, too, will not run away. -
My head spun only one. Where it was possible to go in the morning ??? Where? Where! Of course, she is now in the stuffy night bar, which brings together bikers dressed in leather pants and jackets. Again, drinking and chatting with the bartender about what a new engine that would be so approached her motorcycle. I was there with her a couple times, and I did not like. Too many sweaty men, who all the time smoking and cussing. Oh, what I umnichka's Ksankina machine. Park nearby, I dial into the lungs the last breath of fresh air and open the door of the bar. But how, then, the fog can find someone. I walked around the bar twice already, but to no avail. Maybe I was wrong, and it was not Ksankina machine. It was necessary to look into the salon because No. I still do not say anything. Well, here is where is it? My thoughts were interrupted by a bartender who recognized me started waving affably, offering to go to the bar.
- Hi-
- Hi-Ksanku you have not seen? -
- No, today is not seen. But it is a girl.
- Where? - I asked in surprise.
He nods in the direction and disappears. I keep an eye out for the nod, but only see a huge back had long been watching over her hair biker. Squeeze through the crowd trying to get closer and see how that Whacker just literally leaning on the tiny Christine, she is trying to say something.
Lodge on the arm of his hand, another box on top of the first, and that there are forces repelling bull from Tina towards the bar stool on which he falls completely bewildered. On my side there was a moment of surprise, and that this had already eaten the carcass stand on her feet from intolerable amount of alcohol taken. At the same moment I literally pick up Tina, transplant it on a nearby chair. I sit between herself and bugam girl. Masha waiter and start ordering. At this time the bull comes to life and tries to say something. I hope only one thing, the bartender, which is a huge mountain of muscle not allow the fight.
- This is my girlfriend! - I say quietly, trying to throw paws ... biker, which simply put off the arm of my towards the floor. Bruiser looks at Tina, she begins to actively shake his head, then looks at the bartender. He shrugs, puts his face a huge mug of beer saying, nodding in my direction
- On his charge!-
Of course for him, ie, for my. I tried to say it for her. The problems would then be exactly were. And in poluosveschnnom bar I could easily pass for a pretty nice guy. Bruiser first looked at me, then at the bartender muscles gently looked at the beer. He took the cup and disappeared into the bowels of the bar swearing loudly. The bartender, seeing that the storm has calmed down, took up his own business. Tina, recognizing me, a little bit relaxed, but gave her complexion. Such nezdorovo- pale color, in contrast with the green and frightened eyes, I saw for the first time. Swear immediately perehotelos. All questions, accusations, and sermons simply drowned in me.
- Well, it seems that for tonight you're my girl! - I say smiling.
I do not know that Tina confused anymore. What I said or what I started to swear, but the complexion of my acquaintance has bought a slightly pink hue.
And nothing, saying simply lowered his eyes and remained silent.
- Okay. I do not like it here. I'm going home. You stay - I get up slowly, allowing the girl to weigh all the pros and cons. The catalyst served as a regular biker, who tripped over the leg bar stool just fell at Tina trying to keep his balance and not be on the floor. Christina fright jumped up from his chair and somehow not the situation of tightly pressed against me. Do not say a word, we left the bar. I never would have believed that the air can be so clean. House Tina has included a coffee maker, showing that she was sleeping for a long time will not go. And I have a dream finally passed after the fresh air.
- You Ksankoy that one chamber of lying? - I ask, trying to somehow start a conversation.
- No, I work in the receiving department. Her to us by ambulance brought after the accident and I had to draw it and to prepare for the surgery. But the hardest thing I had to cut off her pants and somehow manage to free the fractured legs from rough motorcycle boots. Most of the time I was struck by the behavior of the victim. It is not something that does not scream. She's just out in the open, however, a little frown of pain, bother me. He threw complements and invited to dinner and what would necessarily dancing. This day was very much affected, but its a long time I could not forget. And she does not give herself to me. And as soon as it was allowed to go, she often came to visit me during my watch. She still managed to persuade me to have dinner with Tina ney.- suddenly stopped, and her eyes filled with tears.
- She does not like me! And the first drop of liquid falls on the table.
If I am now something is not done, the heavy rains crumble on me.
- Make a wish! - Suddenly I say, trying to distract Tina.
- What -? She asks blankly.
- Well, you have a wish? Guessing! -
- I make come true? -
She did not mention a starting nod silently.
You have fallen eyelash - I say, laughing, holding Plotok.
It is the same smiling and wiping away tears asks
- What do you met with Oksana? -...........
With Tina and we stayed until morning. Then she went on duty. A Ksanka, awakened by an alarm clock zavednnym advance, together with Nyurka, accompany me on the street.
- So, like all! I went! Xan and ends you otshelnichat. Tina is very good and the more love you! Okay, do not indulge in here without me! - I say stroking Nyurka and parallel smacking Ksanku.
Cat darts Oksaninyh hand and ahead of me, jumps into the car. I catch her in the cabin and give the approaching mistress. It is again released and jumps in the driver's door glass lowered.
- You see, we naively thought that women choose. And in fact it is they choose us! - I say, moving from the spot.
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