Autumn Girls

... Autumn cold again in the evenings.
Girls, wrapped in padding polyester, heels hurry about their business.
Do not stop, just a little hold step - taken under the cold wind jacket and turned the cold tentacles of the flesh.
Then, in the summer, I remember the other girls. Solar girls, sultry July bliss. My dear stranger. A leisurely talk, sweet laughter, light dress. Curious wind-mischievous, girlish lastyaschiysya under yubchonki.
I admire your strangers. The magic of the female mystery envelops each of them and I know they need me. Without them the world would be gray and chilly. Like this autumn.
Summer - time of dreams. Fantasia, like a stream in flood overflows intelligence and bottled hot passion through the veins. I know what happens to me this summer and ready for it. So always happens and it's because I - people. Love awakens in the spring and typing force to scatter over the world for its rampant passion. Magnetized attraction of love, my lovely stranger spread pattern of the flesh, and I admire them and I become part of this pattern. And now, behold, the whole world poured mosaic of love.
I love my strangers. Piercing the sun - my ally. I look after my dream, and I admire her chiseled body contour. Sunbeam helpfully slides behind my eyes and I thought penetrate under the fabric of her light dress. I envelop her with his warmth and clings to her bosom her passion. I administer the magic thought, I create a shadowy world and live it in this brief moment. My invisible helpers, having tasted the fruit of my imagination, dispersed in a haze of space. They will meet again, when I give myself again ethereal magic of love. And now - I have one. One.
Girls, wrapped in padding polyester, heels hurry about their business.
I go down the street and followed his gaze stranger.
High heels, tight skirt, synthetics from the cold wind and wool with cotton close to the body, saving my fantasy of autumn.
I remember the summer. It seems that I'm alone again and leave, but it is - an illusion again.
My fantasy lives in a place of eternal summer. Because I - man, I create my own worlds in eternity. I'm a little tired, summer filled me with renewed vigor, but also heavy with his passion. Now I am preparing for the pralaya cold breath of winter. I need time to become a part of my imagination I or dissolved into nothingness. And yet - the autumn.
Ocen. Outside, the rustling leaves, urge on a lazy wind. He knows - he was not in a hurry. Autumn will take its course and give way to real-time oblivion. Nature fades, the world falls asleep, and the life is put to sleep. Only I remain alone with the long nights of frost. Because I - man, I came here and eternal witness of this world. Eternity - this is such a short time!
It falls outside the window, and I remember their loved strangers the hot summer.
My memory keeps them nice features, and I believe my memory, because I - a man and I - created this world. Mir ghostly illusions that became my world.
... again fall outside the window ...
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