The monster inside

The hour has struck. Today or never. It is time to execute your plan. Today, after work, he will proceed to its implementation. Lately, it seemed, he could only think about his mother and his insatiable sexual hunger. Christmas was approaching and the weather was cold and damp. Shivering with piercing wind, he thought, as a mother to expel the demon mastered it. In recent years, her depression is increasingly intensified. Almost all the time when she was not working at the bank, she was asleep. He did almost all the housework, as she lay in bed curled up indifferent to everything. My mother became more and more depressed - he could see it in her sunken eyes, sunken face. It seemed that - that bothered her, what does she did not dare tell anyone. Her dream was forced means of salvation, to escape from it.
Her depression is demanded of him more and more effort to maintain their families.
Giving her more time, he could not find the time and strength to quench your own sexual hunger. He did not go out on dates with girls, prostitutes he had no money. He was a healthy boy of eighteen at the peak of their sexual needs, neutoleennoy of - of a helpless condition of his mother. Once, in one of the single long nights it crept into his head the idea that he first rejected as totally wild and shameful. But the more he thought about it, the more it seemed to him sooblaznitelnoy yet fully mastered it. He thought that was the root of his problems, the cause of the present state of his mother Ella. If his mother was happy none of this would have happened. How happy she was before, until my father died in a car accident. Brent was five years old when prizoshlo this tragedy, then she married again, but luck has left her - two years ago, she divorced her stepfather. Ella was forty years old, she worked as a cashier in the Interstate Bank. Now the work seemed to rob of her last strength. The evil demon gnawing his mother, drank more and more of its vitality, and now she was on the limit.
Brent tried everything to pull it out of this state, but nothing worked. Recently, he found a letter from her bank: the mother was given thirty days to improve their performance, otherwise it was waiting for dismissal.
This only exacerbated her condition. We had to take it - something really strong to how to shake it and to deduce from this damn depressed. That was the last straw, and he finally decided. Thinking so, Brent went to his small apartment dvuhkonatnuyu. Throwing off his cloak, he shook him and hung to dry. Then he took out a bottle with a strong sedative and emptied several white pills on the palm. Then he went into the kitchen and got a bottle of wine purchased in advance.
Get enough sleep pills on the table, he carefully istolok them into fine white powder. Then pulled the cork out of the bottle and carefully poured into wine poroshek how to shake the bottle to a drug should be dissolved in the wine. Finally, after examining he put it into place, and began to prepare dinner. Pulling out of the freezer pizza, he put it in the microwave, warming it up until it is lightly browned. Finally, everything was ready.
Looking at his watch he saw that now 5. 30 pm, and the mother should arrive in half an hour. He engaged in kindling the fire. Recently, they almost never incited him, as wood was very expensive. But today, he ruined it by allocating funds from their little break-in period. Firewood should be enough for three - four hours was enough to fulfill his plan.
Soon a small fire lit fun in a small fireplace. Now everything was ready lacked only the main character. Brent went to the window and parted the curtain peered into the darkness expecting to see the familiar silhouette.
Surrealism, grotesque situation was the fact that he is now with her mother seemed to reverse roles. He was like a caring parent awaiting his child: if she if she is late, will be in the mood when he gets back, have happened if she had trouble at work.
Finally, her little figure appeared from - around the corner.
Mother wrapped by the rain and wind slowly dragged along the street like a miserable beaten dog. She looked defeated and humiliated and pity tears slowly flowed from the eyes of the Brenta.
He loved her so much. He was ready to do that - anything, as long as she became happy again. Anything. His heart ached with pity for her.
Finally, he wiped away the tears and turned away from the window. Putting on a fake smile, he walked up to the front door to meet his mother. The key grated in the lock and the door slowly opened.
- Oh, Brent, baby, I'm so happy to see you - Ella smiled when she saw him in the hallway.
- I love you too, Mama, - he smiled back at her, coming up behind her and helping her take off my coat.
- What a day! - Complained to the mother. - Something happened? - C anxiously said Brent. - No, I'm talking about the weather, my dear. I'm so nice to feel your care, my son! - Ella gently and tenderly embraced him.
- Thank you that you met me, - she whispered - Sometimes it seems to me that you're the only thing that still keeps me from madness.
- AH, my mother - he blushed - You know how I love you.
- Yes, I know - she said, smiling, - I love you too
- My dear, you're an angel, - mother cooed when she saw the kitchen covered uzhiin.
- After all, you do not have to cook dinner for me - it is my duty.
- Mama, - he grumbled - You know that I make you dinner every night, because you're so tired at work.
- Lord, but you also have and their affairs, their own life! - Ella exclaimed, walking over to the sink and opening the water. - I do not want your life to become like mine.
- Do not worry about me, Mom.
Looking like she washes her hands, Brent wanted to approach her, and tenderly embracing, to tell her that everything will be horoscho that he had found a cure for her depression. - Mom, I'm something - that I wanted to have prepared for you tonight. Namely, fine dining and a warm fireplace.
- ABOUT! - She smiled again, wiping his hands.
- What's for dinner?
- Pizza and good wine. And then you can sit in front of the fireplace, and I'll give you a massage.
- Thank you.
- If only .. - mother paused
- Unless what? - Brent smiled.
- If only I could find someone who would be so carefully looked after me - Ella said softly - I would have married him nerazdumyvaya.
- What for? - I asked Brent - You've got me!
- Yes, but ... - she paused again.
- But what?
- Nothing, never mind .. - mother of sheepishly looked away. - So what did you want to tell Mom?
- Nothing, dear, but maybe soon you will meet a girl who will be your wife. You budeschem wonderful husband. -
- True?
...- Yes, and I can only envy her.
- You're sure to meet such a person, mom, I'm sure.
- I am sure - Ella smiled bitterly - Choroszcz. I'll wait.
- Dinner will be served as soon as you say - Give me a few minutes, I will give myself up - mother sighed and turned away, looking out the window at the drizzly rain.
Short skirt snug fitting business stroinye hip Ella, opened the eyes of her son's graceful legs, covered with a black transparent nylon stockings. She was wearing black shoes with high heels and on seemed taller and slimmer.
These feet are created to delight the male gaze Brent thought to herself, admiring them.
Finally my mother turned from the window and began to unbutton his jacket.
- I'm going to freshen up a little before dinner, - Ella said. She untied her strapped unit golden - brown hair.
- O, sure! - Brent said, seeing coming out of the kitchen mother, sensual look. His gaze slid over the soft swell of her breasts, serving under a white satin cloth mother's blouse. He saw how exciting they raced when his mother raised her hands to her hair. Then his gaze slid down to the full rounded hips mother. She was gently rocking it from side to side. - My God, how beautiful she is! - To lust thought Brent.
Then he returned to his gnawing doubts.
- May be I be crazy? - Excitedly he asked himself. Perhaps udvoletvoriv his mad desire I finally destroy it ..
But he could lose his mother and without it - because she was melting right before his eyes. He had that - something to do. He had to break this spiral smertelnuyu that shrank more and more about his mother. He had to carry out his plan.
Once again, he wondered: - Was there another way? - Another way to solve this problem? She spoke of her loneliness. But its definition of loneliness might be different from it. For him, that meant no sex. But for a woman loneliness - it may just lack of communication, the inability to be kept close to those who share its joys and troubles, maintained and cared for her. But he did it all for her, and yet mennee he felt lonely. Maybe she needed the proximity of another kind than the one that was between them, but she never gave him reason to think so. Mother always observed a certain distance in their relationship. She never went with him in the linen and frivolous when changing her clothes, always shut the door, her maternal affection never crossed the boundaries of what is permitted. If she had any thoughts about a forbidden son, Ella hid them deep enough in itself. Brent knew that his mother loves him and is ready for it much, but rely on the fact that it had voluntarily come to him in a sexual relationship, Brent could not. Therefore ostovatsya interpretation one way - to learn her secret, she did not at any time without vsilu stop him. And then, putting it in front of a fait accompli, try to continue. He knew how much he risks, but there was no alternative. In any case, it should be to withdraw it from the teperyashnih state.
- I came back - he heard his mother's voice, who returned him to reality. Ella went to the table. Now she was already without his jacket and shoes, her lovely flaxen hair cascaded over her shoulders like a golden waterfall ...
- I like the flowing hair - my mother smiled.
- I, too, - he made her a compliment - sit down, I'll serve you.
- You are so cute - my mother said, sitting down at the table and poured himself a glass of wine with a drug - What would I do without you?
- Maybe you will never know about it. - Brent thought with a sigh, knowing that the withdrawal would be too obvious.
- Promises, promises - she sighed ... and quickly drank wine Svoge oblivion.
Brent felt the claws of fear tickled his stomach as he saw that she refills her glass. What if she feels a sleeping pill?
- Good wine, - mother cooed. At Brent relieved. He quickly enable set before her a plate of pizza ..
Looking at the steaming plate in front of her, Ella smiled.
He was happy to see that her mother was happy. Brent quickly put his own plate and sat down.
- You do not want to eat? - He asked, noting that her mother does not touch the food.
- Sorry dear, - Ella said softly, - I'm not hungry.
- Well - he refilled her glass of wine.
- Now go into the living room and enjoy the fireplace fire, while I tidy.
- Well, my dear, - sighed my mother, slowly stood up and swayed out of the kitchen.
He quickly cleared the table and grabbing a bottle of wine residues, joined the mother in the living room.
- Oh, my baby, you come - she smiled sleepily as he sat beside her on the couch.
- Mom, how are you?
- A bit sleepy.
- Well, why do not you relax, and I massage your feet.
He gently lifted her legs on his lap, then began to gently rub and
massage them, a she looked longingly at the fire the fire, listening to the crackling firewood.
He was excited chuvsvuya his fingers slowly glide over her delicate silk stocking. Brent increasingly difficult to hide his impatience. He decided to bring a few isolated.
- Mom, do you want another drink?
- Yes Dear.
Uncork the bottle, he emptied it in my mother's glass.
- Pei
Slowly stroking her mother's legs, Brent felt her muscles began to relax.
- Do not spill! - He warned her as he saw that the mother began to nod ..
- Do not be afraid.
- All finishes, Mam, - he urged her, seeing that she was asleep.
- Yes, yes, fine! - Ella mumbled sleepily. Her naughty hands and swayed a glass of wine though most fell into her mouth, and poured out of the ran down her chin on a white satin blouse.
- Ohhh !, you - Ella laughed drunkenly.
- Give me a glass, Mom, - said Brent, taking the empty glass from his mother. - Thank you, - she whispered.
  - All right, just relax and enjoy, mom.
- Good.
Brent gently massaged her feet for a few minutes.
- I'm so lonely .. - murmured mother and her chin buried in his chest.
- Mama, Brent asked her - you hear me?
Ella was silent.
- Mama can you hear me? - He repeated louder and gently shook her shoulder.
... She did not answer.
Slowly, he put his hand on her leg, stroking her ankle. Silence ... Its narrow chiseled calves ... There was no movement. His fingers slid easily over her knee, but she did not move. Slightly tickled her ... to no avail. Mother passed out completely! Brent slowly lowered her legs and stood up from the couch Picking up the empty glass, he went to the window. Thick, dense fog enveloped the whole street impermeable cotton shroud.
It seemed the whole world was immersed in it.
Looking at it, he wondered whether it was not an omen. Now all his fate was covered in the same fog of - the fact that he was going to do.
That, from which he was unable to renounce when he crossed the forbidden face.
Having chosen his fate, he would never be able to change it. Their relationship with their mother will never be the same.
Sexy lihordka flared up in it all the stronger. It is increasingly losing control of himself, the fire already raging lust in his loins.
Brent looked at his mother helplessly sprawled on the couch.
In his eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
In the dream, her angelic face relaxed, printing suffering it had disappeared - she rest in peace.
His feet seemed rooted to the floor from stress. He felt that he did not have the strength to make a fateful step mother. Finally, he found the strength and moved toward the bed. He walked slowly, with difficulty moving the legs, as if they were cast in cement. Near the very couches Brent paused to allow his conscience to provide final argument.
But the verdict has already been passed, and he slowly bent over, hugging the body of the mother. When he squeezed it in his hands, it struck him as light as a feather. She did not move as he carried her to his bedroom.
Ostorzhno he laid his precious burden on the pastel, and again looking at the mother realized that to resist his inner demon - the tempter will not be able. The monster between his legs demanded compensation.
Every day, more and more nabdyudaya deepening depression of his mother, he expended too much energy, protecting it from the outside world. The more depressed she was, the more he felt more and more strong and confident. And now, he is her guardian zaschtinik and can not keep his mother from his own lust ... A powerful tornado of sexual desire imperiously delayed him and he could no longer stop, slipping down to his Fall to the forbidden love between mother and son - incest .
He had to pay off the raging fire without looking between his feet no matter what, even if it leads to his mother to madness.
Tears rolled down his cheeks as he slowly began to unbutton her blouse.
Stiff fingers, he fumbled and struggled with each button. One by one, they jumped out of the holes ... finally, her blouse was completely unbuttoned. He stopped and wiped his tears.
Then, holding his breath, he opened her white satin. Narrow lace bra covered her lovely soft breasts, reducing them white tender flesh together. Flower drawing it reached almost to the mother's nipple areola, leaving the top of her breasts bare. Gliding look at her bra, he saw that he was closing the front between her breasts.
He grabbed a thin ribbon, like a small child decoupling bow on a Christmas present, and with bated breath slowly tugged at her.
Leaf split into two halves, and he threw it to the mother's breast. Oh, her breasts were beautiful! He could not estimate their real size, as my mother lay on her back, but it did not matter at the moment.
He sat and looked at them, vptityvaya their beauty. They were not large and slightly drooping of her age, but they were still beautiful in his eyes. Her graceful areolas were pink, shocking pink nipples compared to most women her age. At least in all the pictures he had seen adult women with dark circles areola surrounding their nipples. Mama also nipples were small, round pearls pink flesh. With trembling fingers, he gently touched one pea. She was soft and supple - from the touch he vzdrogul - like electrical discharge went through his finger.
He gently ran his hands over her breasts cupped surface, enjoying a soft elasticity. Caressing the breasts of his mother, he felt a wave of lust rolled over his body, pain echoing in his overexcited member.
He became lihordochno undress, dropping his clothes, especially long he fumbled with the belt buckle. It seemed she never will undo. Finally, fingers, weakened excitement, he frantically pulled the zipper of his pants down ctyanul pants, freeing my languishing member. He jumped forward in all his glory.
The swollen, hard, he stuck out seven inches of granite, trembling with impatience ... Finally completely naked, he bent over my mother's body. His hand slid under her, lifting her mother out of bed. Hastily he threw
blouse and bra off her shoulders. When he lowered her onto the bed, he saw the sexual swayed her soft breast, nipple swinging small hard balls.
Monster bottom grew increasingly impatient, because he spent a long time pulling off the mother of her short tight skirt.
Finally, he managed it. With excitement, he went down her dress down her beautiful legs. Down the soft, creamy thighs, beautiful rounded knees down the bulging calves, past tapers her pretty ankles, and finally in her small, delicate feet.
When he threw it on the floor, he was finally able to see the golden triangle of hair at the bottom of her stomach - below the line of silky stockings.
Another explosion shook the lust of his penis and testicles - he looked at the forbidden valley of her femininity.
Now just one last barrier standing between him and the object of his desires. He gently teased her elastic stockings and began to descend gently sticky silk down her stomach. Soft and rounded on her age and lack of exercise my mother's belly trembled and swayed. When he pulled her panties down her thighs, the way to her soft curly hair, covering the mother's pubic area, was opened.
Trembling gripped his lust Brent tenacious nylon pulling off her stockings down and down until he threw them on the floor. Mother was stripped completely. Naked, defenseless and vulnerable, she was lying in front of his lustful gaze.
Her naked beauty was so dazzling that he caught his breath. Brent gently and lovingly stroked silky thigh gentle mother. Her skin was so warm and fluffy, his cock jumped up as if from a blow. When he slowly ran down her beautiful leg, cladostrastnaya shiver of anticipation shook his whole body. Then he slowly began to push her legs.
Inch by inch, he opened them wider and wider. He stared down at the spectacle opens before him.
First, cleft soft, pink flesh in the middle of thickets of her soft, golden hair was just long seam of pink flesh.
As her legs ... slowly revealed longitudinal folds her sexual organ opened like a deep crimson wound ran between her legs. Like a beautiful rose, opens its petals to the sun, her femininity slowly unfolded thin delicate folds of its internal labia hidden within the thick, plump outer lips
Brent could only stare at the gorge graceful thin tender flesh gleaming in the soft light of the room.
His mouth was dry his heart was beating so violently that it would break into his chest. Never until now he had not experienced such a strong sexual desire. Beautiful mouth of maternal vaginal framed wonderful vetsom delicate pink flesh was fully disclosed to him. Mad fully zagipnatiztrovanny discovered before him the spectacle, Brent bent lower and lower over the mother's body is not taking his eyes from her womb. Slowly, he knelt between her
soft inner thighs. Now his face was only inches from the center of her femininity. Taking a deep breath through his nose, he sank into a heavy musky scent of her sex.
A shudder ran through the perverse pleasures of his body when he was coming closer and bdizhe to the gates of her blazing hot shrines. Now he could feel the hot, humid radiation emanating from it his mouth open.
Carefully, he lightly ran the very tip of his tongue on the soft flesh of her sticky pink bud. Then his tongue slid up to mgyakoy fleshy cave hid her clit. He felt almost invisible
trembling of her thighs when the tip of his tongue found a tiny hard knot of her clitoris. Like an electrical discharge passed through the woman's body. He jerked his head away from her prmezhnosti. Looking at her face, he found no glimpses of her awakening. Mom - still asleep.
Reassured, he slowly bent down and pressed his mouth to her vagina, drowned in a heavy scent of her sex.
Burning with desire, he loaded all his face down into the hot abyss womb. He rubbed his face on the hot soft petals of her flesh he lapped her moist sweetness. For greater convenience, he grabbed the hands of her buttocks slightly raising it and much stronger than revealing her lovely rose. He held his mother as a great ceremonial bowl and stuck to her crotch drank and drank from her magical love juice. Lap after lap he spun his mouth leaning on the mother's generous source, and it seemed no force able to tear it away from him.
Finally, to take a breath, he raised his face
over a hot humid her femininity. All of his face from the nose to the chin was covered with warm salty moisture strong-smelling aroma of her sex. Brent looked at his dick hard, thick, purple from the overflowing of his blood, he demanded a meeting with the cherished friend. The passion throbbing in it, he was willing to desecrate the temple of their own creation. Finally, he wrapped his hand around the barrel of his gun charged. He felt that to happen the most important turn of his fate. Frantic, he slowly raised his stronghold in his grave awaiting his innocence. Finally exhausted by swollen head of his cock gently touched the sore female flesh and lazily slid up - down the soft petals.
All thoughts of the mother healing from depression, now seemed so far away and small, and only one aim now mattered to him - his own liberation.
The head of his penis soon was covered with thick sticky juices - he was ready to complete the incestuous ritual. And his beautiful bride, was also ready to accept his monstrous marriage.
Slowly and gently, he began to immerse golvka its members in glowing ring of sticky and hot maternal vagina.
Inch by inch, he plunged into the gentle cave, the engagement tight solid shaft of his courage. He again looked at the mother's face and nevidel slightest glimmer of consciousness - she slept like a log.
Having collected the last remnants of his will he held back the last effort all the mounting tension in his scrotum. His testicles froze, becoming heavy like iron core.
Boiler his boiling seed was ready to explode, unable to withstand the pressure. He had never felt such passion.
As if his body slid down in her tight, sucking hole.
Perverted desires, he felt as if his penis to increase the size of the huge King Kong member, and his mother's vagina was Infinite Abyss hot, boiling the flesh. Deeper and deeper into the forbidden depths of her pussy and plunged into the maelstrom of corruption of its members.
Srazhatsya for having to stop your ejaculation longer was impossible. It was like trying to contain a fountain rampant, boiling lava.
Then his heavy, full of soft balls touched Valley among her buttocks raised. His stomach dropped to her - soft and gentle. It is fully immersed into the most sacred of Cvyatyn.
He was completely inside the burning of his birth Garden. He was inside his mother.
It - started, boiled out of his testicles, like the eruption of lava razedayuschey flesh.
It - broke through his cock like a burst thin fabric inside, and poured out.
- GGGGAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWDDDDDDDD -! He shouted gushing like a giant geyser erupting incandescent seed konvulsiruyuschego of its members in a closely - compressing the walls of her vagina.
Suddenly he felt a ripple of waves passing through the mother's body. So regardless of her brain nervous system respond to sexual arousal. Glancing at her face he did not see the slightest glimmer of consciousness, then his penis snatching a second jet bubbling seed. When maternal vaginal wall were washed in a hot stream of his seed, her vagina and began to squeeze bow plunged into her term, if milked it.
Past, present and future flowed from his twitching, erupting member. Life was over. It was one giant stream blowing member, poured the deadly seed in the garden of the flesh, which once nurtured him.
There would be no sense in his later life, if he could impregnate her mother in this single, elegant explosion of unbridled passion. Recreates was his only desire in his mother womb. He has been devastated in a magical hiding place of its origin, filling it fertile loins their seed. Then, when his gun, exhausted and weakened, given the latest salvo in its bosom, he felt the response stream flooding in from the depths of the womb, covering his sagging eggs hot sticky juices.
Then the room darkened, and he felt like his carries, completely sucks the burning abyss womb ..
Suddenly, he was plunged into darkness. For a moment, he lost all sense. Then he found himself floating in a great pool of her sex.
Writhing his long reptilian tail, he swam and explored the dark depths in search of the native signal. Suddenly, he saw hundreds, thousands, millions of their own kind, just as he was looking for her. But he had to be the one who poronzit it. Those who immerse their prickly ... the courage deep in the fruitful core of its essence and soedintsya with her to create a new life.
Then he felt it. In the beginning only a faint whiff of her submission. Angrily lashing his tail, he was looking for in the sea musky trace of her appeal to him. Like the song of the sirens, it attracted him to her. Closer and closer. Then he saw her ...
Finally, Brent .. woke in a sweat, he was still lying on the soft feather bed mother's body. He realized that they were no longer one. His cock, sezhivshiysya fallen and jumped out of her bosom and now dangled helplessly between its soft, smooth thighs. Groaning, he rolled away from her mother. She no signs of life. And if not even uplifting and lowering her breast, he would have thought that she was dead.
Brent touched her and gently shook her shoulder, watching as her small, soft breasts tremble like drops of pink jelly. My mother did not move.
Rolling over, he sat down. Glancing at the clock, I saw that it was 4:00 in the morning. Rising, he made his way to the bathroom. Going to the toilet, he picked up his sagging penis and began urinating directing spray directly into a round hole. In the silence of his apartment silent sound of flowing urine almost deafened him.
After graduating, he went back to his bedroom, ostanavivshis look out the window. The fog was even denser than previously. Not surprisingly, it was so quiet in the room, nothing disturbed the silence of this early morning.
Looking into the living room, he saw that the fire was extinguished. The fire left only a few glowing coals. Then he saw their clothes scattered on the couch and the floor. He quickly gathered the clothes and the mother took to her room.
Returning to the bedroom, he saw that his mother was still lying on his back with legs wide apart, as if waiting for the return of her lover. His eyes immediately slid over her wide bosom razverstnomu. It was like a big stinging wound opened between her legs. He felt schekochaschaya spark of excitement ran through his penis. He climbed onto the bed, he sat down between her legs wide open. He felt his courage slowly hardened as he looked down at the weeping gash tender pink flesh, cut through the flesh of her crotch.
The first attempt on maternal sanctity, only increased his attraction to her.
He was entirely captured by the memory of what kind of immense, powerful and strong pleasure he had just experienced.
Numb at the thought of once again repeat it a second time, he again felt his cock filled with fresh hot blood. He again wanted to possess her.
Quickly slipping between the soft whiteness of her long legs, he grabbed the head of his penis and sent it through the open mouth of the mother's vagina. Trembling with pleasure gushing stream, he eagerly promoted his strong manhood down his hot humidity.
Finally, he completely immersed himself, up to the limit. He lay motionless, sunk deep in the bowels of the family boiling maternal source.
Awareness sobsvenno power over her helpless body made him mad with passion. Mother was again completely defenseless against their attacks.
Pulling, he started to move his cock slowly. Bending your elbows, he hovered over her, rocking her hips back and forth, snoshu her long, deep strokes. Brent drove his fiery hammer all the way to the handle, with each powerful thrust in her tender and moist depths.
There - here, up - down, it plowed its fertile garden his plow. feeling all the growing tension in the back of his swaying eggs when they paddled gently soft warm mother's buttocks.
The bed rocked and creaked under the pressure of his body. It was rough, it was wild and it was already above his comprehension. He copulated with his mother for the second time, and at the same time in the depths of his soul already born guilt.
But this is not going to stop his inflamed passions, and he again and again poguzhal his penis into the flaming depths.
His excitement grew all he had chuvsvoval eggs in their nascent tickling orgasm. Panting and slowly he fucked his mother more and more attacking her powerless and helpless body. He climbed higher and higher to the top of his triumph and jubilation ...
- FUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK -!, He groaned, his hips swung forward and steered his body erupting deep in the womb.
Once again, her sacred temple was filled with his thick flesh and his cock twitched and belched thick sticky sperm jet in its depth .. From time to time he had shuddered spitting out all the new portion of its deadly cargo. Soon the mother vagina was filling up to the brim of his insane seed. Even then, his cock continued pounding deep in her womb.
Finally, he shook the hammer for the last time and stood helplessly in the depths of the maternal womb.
Soon he pochuvsvoval that the term began sezhivatsya and contract, slipping out of the channel filled her femininity. He filled it with exquisite Bosom second time.
With shame, he slowly pulled his cock out of her and rolled away from her body
- What monster could take possession of his mother Asleep? - He asked himself. Suddenly, with all its cold clarity he realized what a terrible sin, a terrible evil he has committed.
He defiled their own place of birth. He sowed his own
Poisonous seeds in the forbidden garden. He ate
Forbidden fruit was now filled with shame and disgust.
Tears flowed from his eyes, and he cried out in pain and shame. So he quietly fell asleep crying beside her mother.
As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw that his shower rooms was filled with a soft, hazy light. Must be the mist still hangs he thought sleepily. Reaching out his hand, he suddenly touched something - something soft and warm. What the... ?!! Then he remembered.
Oh God!. He really did it. He fucked your mother No, he raped her. It was the same thing as violence. She was powerless to stop it. Now he has to pay for his heinous crime. Slowly, he turned his head toward her.
Her bright blue eyes looked at him with an indescribable horror.
- What did you do? - Mom whispered, her voice trembled, and her beautiful face contorted in agony ...
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