The case of the sheriff

Sheriff Max Besenzher driving on the highway on his patrol jeep, when suddenly in the rearview mirror seemed red car. As we approach the Max realized: "Ferrari"But above the permissible speed".
Machinery equal, Sheriff included siren, the car began to slow down and stop after a few meters. Max turned off the siren and out of the car. Approaching the red "Ferrari"He expected to see the drunken son of a pope the rich, but in the open car window seemed blond curls of hair just below her shoulders. Behind the wheel sat a beautiful lady, twenty-eight-thirty. Big, blue, heavily made-up eyes, poisonous red lips, big breasts. Max was pleasantly surprised to see it. But the arrogant tone of sober beauty sheriff.
"What problems officer?" - With an impudent grin she asked.
Max could not tolerate these brazen antics of the rich bitch, and rough, commanding voice, ordered to get right. She held out her delicate hands in astonishment brush with long manicured red expensive nail polish and several gold rings on his fingers. Max took the right and began to study them carefully.
- Miss Linda Benning, - he said aloud.
- Yes, but still, what happened? - All also surprised, but seriously, Linda asked.
- Get out! - Max ordered.
Door "Ferrari" It opened, and on the pavement with a resounding clatter of shoes stepped on a thin "stud" 11-12 centimeters in height. Short skirt, tight strongly that left her covered, let her look around the beautiful long legs in brown stockings. Max looked Linda angry look, but do not give the form that fascinated her sexuality. "Fashion model or expensive prostitute"- He thought about that bitch.
- You have exceeded the permissible speed on this track, - saying this he noticed something white scattered on the leather seat of the car. Max looked into the passenger compartment, a closer look ... It looks like heroin.
Linda, watching Max, exclaimed: "Oh shit!"
- Yes, ladies, you're in trouble.
- Officer, I do not know what it is! - I tried to dissuade Linda.
- Turn around and put your hands on the car! - I ordered Max.
- But the officer .. - Linda hesitated.
Then Max force turned her face to the bumper cars at the same time, bending the woman and his arms spread out on the hood.
- Now open your legs! - I ordered Max.
- What? I have a right to a phone call, if I am not mistaken - Linda cried humiliated.
Max realized that asking for anything at this useless drug addict, stuck his knee between her legs and spread them as widely, from under a short skirt seemed rezinochki dark brown stockings with belt buckles. Sheriff began to read Linda's rights and at the same time to search it. Since the calf, he took his hands down to the hips.
- Bastard, what are you doing! - Indignantly cried Linda.
But Max continued "search". He put his hands under her skirt and squeezed the buttocks, and, feeling thin trunks, ran his hands under them, reaching hairy pubis. Linda, unable to stand, turn around and tried to get out of an awkward situation, but strong hands man returned to her place. Max continued. From the waist, he moved to his chest.
Embracing hands chest hills Linda, Max felt the nipples. Then his fingers found themselves between the hills, in a favorite "pocket" ladies, but there was nothing there.
- Lady, where do you hide powder? - Max asked, reaching for the handcuffs from the case to the police belt.
He started her right hand behind his back, but did it so hard and fast that Linda cried out in pain.
- What are you doing? It hurts!
Max, ignoring the outburst, snapped on her elegant wrist bracelet, squeezing his limit. The same thing he did with his left hand. Bracelets handcuffs dug into the flesh of his wrists Linda. She winced from severe pain.
- Immediately remove from me this, it hurts! - Linda cried.
Max, ignoring her cries, took out a thin leather strap, made a loop around the elbow Linda, then the same around the other, and pulled them together. Linda did not understand what was happening to her hands and feeling terrible pain behind his back, he said:
- What is this for?
- So it should - strictly said Max grabbed the lady at the chain handcuffs and pulling her hands up, as if vylamyvaya them took Linda into a police car. Woman grimacing in pain and humiliation, was bent over, trying not to trip on its high "high heels". They came to the jeep. Max opened the front door.
- Sit down! - He commanded.
Linda barely sat down in a chair.
- And what about my car? - She asked.
- Do not worry, in it you do not need a period of five years, - Max said with a grin and opened the glove compartment, took out the handcuffs with a length of nickel-plated chain.
Linda realized with horror that these irons are designed for her feet.
- And this is also required by the rules - she barely had time to ask how the ankle through nylons felt the cold steel shackles.
Max snapped bracelet lock, and tightly cupped graceful ankle Linda, made two clicks lock bracelet, squeezing it. Linda from the pain in the ankle biting her lip, but Max continued. He picked up a second bracelet, lying about shoes Linda, opened the lock and attached to the ankle below the ankle. Half of the bracelet lay flush. Sheriff snapped the bracelet in the same way as before. Linda felt like she had started to swell shackled arms and shoulders hurt because of elbow strapped. It seemed that the shackles bracelets on her beautiful legs - a pair of knives, cutting her ankles. From this pain and humiliation from her eyes filled with tears Linda. Max noticed it, but did not react. Helpless Linda huddled in a chair, chain shackles rang and through her tears she cried:
- But you, bastard setter, take off immediately with me all this!
Max, as if not hearing anything, slammed the car door and walked toward "Ferrari" Linda. Now it's time to explore the interior of the car. Max opened the glove compartment, but there was not anything interesting: trinkets, hairpin, glasses ... On the floor of the car, he saw a stylish purse, pulled out her cell phone. Also lay six hundred dollars in cash in her, cosmetics, cigarettes, checkbook. Max took her purse, locked "Ferrari" and he went to his jeep. Linda sat in the car, bound his hands and feet, wincing and thinking about what we need to offer the money that cop.
When the sheriff opened the door and got into the car, Linda smiled angrily and defiantly crossed her legs, one knee raised higher than the other as far as it is allowed shackles.
- Well, how much do you want to you to let me go, I forgot about these sadistic stuff, worn on me, and not sued you and your management.
- See you in court ... a lady, and for attempting to bribe get another sentence, - Max said, picked up the radio and started calling station. On the radio said, a pleasant female voice.
- Yes, I listen to the sheriff.
- Rita came to the 121st kilometer West Highway tow truck. Mistress, the arrested lady, I'm taking to the police station.
- I understand you, - said the voice from the radio.
Max started the car and they drove off. They drove for about an hour before there was a plaque with the name of a small town in one of the American states. All this time Linda was thinking about how they will come to the police station, and she called a lawyer friend, and after she was released, arrange such a scandal! And this cop will pay for all of her humiliation. On the streets there were many passers-by. They immediately noticed a police jeep and tried to make out the passenger sheriff. Linda noticed this and tried to straighten up and made an indifferent look, forget about the pain caused by her handcuffs and shackles on her, and his hands and feet.
Finally there was a building, on which was written "POLICE"They drove into the yard, and Linda sighed as the car stopped. The policeman got out. Linda sat and had hoped that now the cop would remove from it the shackles, will take to the police station, and she will deal with all of this, but to her surprise the sheriff went into the building. Linda, looking after him, cried out:
- Where are you, remove from me all this!
Suddenly she noticed that the door of the plot emerged in the form of a girl. She went to the sheriff, and they are about something talking. Sheriff something she explained and showed up on his jeep, where the exhausted woman sat. Finally she went to the car, and the sheriff went into the building. As the girl to the car examined Linda lady cop. It was a beautiful brunette of about twenty-five, of medium height. She was dressed in black police costume with a mini-skirt. On his feet were black shoes in the middle "stud". Black leather belt police with all these policemen "tricks" - Handcuffs, a gun, walkie - strongly pulling off her waist beautiful figure. She opened the car door and looked at the prisoner.
- We leave, lady! - Commanding voice she said.
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