Leah woke up quite early. Since then, they, together with a friend Alio on rock will fall on the distant planet, three years have passed. It so happened that their pleasure ship was forced to land in the forest on the banks of marvelous pure as crystal lakes.
The planet probably was far from the usual ways of spaceships follow, because in three years spent here, no sign that anyone here flew, it was not.
Now Leah was 22 years old. That she then persuaded his girlfriend to fly together on the famous resort in the universe, to celebrate the end of school. Who could have known that the usual walk on their own transport will not end as we would like? Although, if you look at it from the other side, there was something definitely positive that they were here.
Leah got out of bed and reached for sweet. Glancing at her friend, she saw that Alio was still asleep, sprawled on her bed in a comfortable compartment of the ship. Careful not to wake her friend, Leah went out to the shore of the lake, which they now lived. It was a great pond in the middle of the mighty emerald green forest. During our stay here the girls have not seen signs of life, suggesting that their resting place was completely uninhabited. Of course, it is unlikely this circumstance might be regrettable, rather, on the contrary, it is only happy girlfriends. After all, who would have been nice to live in a dense forest, full of predators?
Sun (no, it certainly was not earth the sun and the star that lit the planet) had just risen over the treetops. Pale pink rays illuminated the smooth surface of the lake, throwing glare, danced here and there on a nearby tree. The morning was warm as ever. Very rarely the temperature is dropped below 37 degrees .. There was not accustomed to earthlings winter, nor the terrible hurricanes.
Gentle breeze caressed the tops of the trees, vysivshihsya at the edges of the clearing, in the middle of a sand bowl in splashing water.
After standing a moment, Leah went to the water. Going into the lake, it's a little splash around in it, and then lay down on the sand at the water's edge. The rising sun cast its rays on it. Droplets of water remaining in the body after bathing, broke hundreds of multicolored sparks a ray-like scattered diamonds.
- Hi, Leah.
The sound of voices made dozed slightly startled girl, and she opened her eyes.
- Oh, Alio! Good morning! Did you wake up yet?
- Oh, and while you slept, I had time to bathe.
Alio, blond girl of the same age, and that Leah was standing beside her. Her body was wet, it just came out of the lake. In the bush of blond hair between her legs glistening whole scattering water droplets diamond.
She sat down beside Leah and began to slowly rub her hands. Leah closed her eyelids, enjoying the gentle touch of a friend. Slowly going through the delicate skin of the fingers Lin hand, Alio walked several times from her shoulder to the fingertips. Leaving her hands, she began to do the same with Leah's legs. Then she got up and, going to one of the nearby trees, tore off some fruit resembling the peach.
Returning to her friend, Alio broke the one of them, and out of his stomach came out of Leah fragrant oil. Alio slowly began to rub his belly girlfriend. A few minutes later, her fingers climbed above the shoulders and chest Leah also glistened with juice fruit unknown.
Meanwhile Alio began to massage her breasts, she lightly touched her fingertips ripped stalk gently touched her nipples, causing them to stiffen, from what they looked like mature, suffused with cherry juice. Leah's breath became more and more restless.
But fingers Alio suddenly defected to the bottom of Lin stomach. The juice of another fruit covered with hairs resulted in the pussy. Skillfully moving the hand, Alio smeared his girlfriend's lips. Then she sat down between Leah's outstretched legs and began kissing glistening pussy juice, gently touching the tongue clitoris. After a few minutes clearing resounded with sweet moan of Leah, which she could not ever tolerate such a sweet flour. Recovering after orgasm, it does not deny myself the pleasure to do the same with my girlfriend.
....It started out normal day to anyone unknown planet, which is only two of its inmates decided to call African ...
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