Sweet kiwi

Three years have passed since we arrived in New Zealand.
We have no one in my life is not necessary. We could just as well could go to the Siberian tundra and be happy. My wife is lovely, as I do, more than anything else in the family appreciates tranquility. We're living in the present day. We do each other little holidays together and we get the pleasure of their insane acts.
New Zealand - a country of just such as we hermits. The whole country a real metropolis of Auckland, from which we immediately fled as soon as the first opportunity. I found a job through the Internet, and his wife was engaged in furnishing a new home. They settled in a small town and immediately became local "stars" simply because we do not deny yourself any pleasures. Well, except that the drug, which is fundamentally not tried and do not want to touch them. Bike and kayak bring more fun than cocaine and marijuana.
So, what caused the modest Kiwi pay attention to us?
We do not fit into their codes of conduct. For us, this situation was not new. Some couples can spend their whole life in an attitude of missionaries. We refuse to understand Puritanism after 18 years, our style - it is necessary to have time to try everything and have to live for each other. On that note, and got married. Honeymoon traveled around Europe and tagged by our juice is not a hotel, beach, restaurant, train, library and even the central square of a small Czech town, where the eyes of astonished local youth Mila made me a blowjob, and, seeing that I'll finish quickly turned, She lifted her skirt and dutifully held up by infusion of a choice of two ready to take the hole member. Wear summer shorts under the skirt Mila felt the same as the manifestation of Puritanism and sunbathing in a swimsuit. Not surprisingly, it had to pay a second time for the night in a nearby town, where had to hastily retreat.
These and we know the local "kiwi". With some we got acquainted on probation nudist beach (they are in clothing, but we had no), where the most daring tried to stare into the eyes, when I started to look at my wife and my neighbor got up as a member of the team. Others have begun to recognize the restaurant after Mila "accidentally" arranging feet and then we laughed together with pulling off a surprise (men) and resentment (women) Anglo-Saxon people. I almost lost the rights after a long look directly at his wife a local police boss. Well, it was good, local beauty! Blonde girl in 70s style with a magnificent bust and playful eyes. She looked at us defiantly. Even it is not clear that it was more interesting - to see the lust in my eyes or in the eyes of jealousy Mila. But what she did not expect to see - this is lust in men, and in women's eyes. This is not a police baton to indulge. For the local audience was a hint of something new. Or is not new, but at least the forbidden fruit for the town where about 5,000 people live.
On the internet we accidentally met a girl with Fillippin that nurse looking for a job in any English-speaking country. We came up with a crazy idea. It hinted at what will have to work "nurse"and "stoyalkoy"and "lezhalkoy". Did not understand at once, I began to send copies of their diplomas and reviews from some teachers and grandparents. Then we just sent a photo in which Milla sits on me obviously not on his knees, and in the second photo was my cock. We wrote that will have to sit with him or the girl in the photo. Two weeks did not respond. Then we wrote another filipinka and said she saw our address when her friend indignantly showed our girlfriends "pink portrait". Well we still face closed in the photo. I sent filipinka my photo. Pretty, all okruglenkaya such, the type of a teenager, but with a kind of sadness in his eyes. Filipinku name is Rose. The family she had a huge - lots of brothers and sisters. Although we understand the purpose of our invitation, but a human being she wanted to help, so agreed to three thousand per month, free flights and assistance in the preparation of documents to stay in New Zealand.
We did not even think that it will come to us from the airport. We thought that will disappear forever in the crowd of illegal immigrants. Released. It should be frightened in the waiting room as if it was stripped and put in front of all the nude. I speak Mile: "You go". Mila went to her and touched her shoulder timidly.
- You Rose?
- Yes. And who are you?
- I am the wife of Ted (that's me, my name is Fyodor), my name is Mila.
- Where's Ted?
- It is here, too.
Mila has called me. Rose, though pretended that she was not scared, but her pupils widened when I came over and took her hand.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- How was the flight?
- Good. Can I call home from somewhere that flew and that you met me?
- You are welcome.
I gave her mobilku scored and access to international line. From her tarahtenie polyglot-Mila realized that there family as platoon in the army, a dozen brothers and sisters typed. And Rose, it seems, did not tell anyone at work what it was called. Rose looked about 17 years, although according to the documents we knew that she was already 23. Not very tall, with short black hair and typical polineziyskim face as a beauty of a painting by Gauguin. You could see large nipples through the thin fabric light shirts. We Mila at some point along look at these beads and looked at each other.
- Here we go?
We tried to speak English to Rosa not worried because of the incomprehensible speech.
- Rose, do you understand why we have called you?
I saw in the rearview mirror as the Rose nodded.
- Ever so I went somewhere?
Rose shook her head to the side.
- Rose, you do not accidentally girl until now?
Again shake of the head in different directions.
Then we were silent all the way home. Rose only occasionally glancing out the window. All the way I felt her eyes on me. It was as if she was studying me. I tried to understand if we make it hurt? Brave girl. We arrived. I took the suitcase and carried it in front of the women in the house.
They went into the house. Mila dropped her dress, under which had been nothing more and went to Rose and told her calmly, as if she had not stood in the buff:
- Ted will show you your room and the house, and I go into the shower. I am waiting for you both there.
Rose looked up and asked me what she should do.
- We go upstairs to your room there. You can relax, you can sleep, because the road was long.
- I'm not tired.
- Oh well. You can dive into the pool.
- I do not know how to swim and I do not have a bathing suit.
- Swimsuit you do not need here, and I'll teach you to swim.
We went upstairs. Rose, we have identified the best large bedroom, with views of the bay and all the necessary furnishings including huge wooden bed in the rustic style. To work it was to much, so she and the rest we had to provide such a work to be a pleasure.
Rose came first ... just smiled all day.
- This is my room? The whole room?
- Yes. Why are you so surprised?
- I have never had my room. Always she lived with her brothers and sisters. We have a big family. Our whole house is almost the same as this room.
- You probably already behind them miss.
- Yes very.
- You can call home as often as you want, but try to not even hint at why we called you here.
- Of course. This will be a great shame for my family if someone finds out.
I hesitated. Indeed, such a proposal will not tell anyone. This is a personal life. Especially when it is different from other private life.
- Well, in the pool, in the shower, or can rest?
- No. I want to get started.
Rose stared into my eyes as if asking glance where to start. I silently took off his shirt and shorts. Immodest to describe his penis. Well it can be a bit thicker than many, I can sometimes feel they spiral in women and can reach the uterus, but personally, I thought that he is no different from those that Mila and the other girls tried and which I was told.
Rose a few seconds with surprise looked at him. I even thought that it could actually still girl. But then he came over to me, knelt down and began to stroke his hand first, then touched his lips. As she touched! It touched. I do not swallow it like a cow cucumber without gryzanula like a rabbit a carrot, but rather like a bee touched touches a flower. Agile movement tongue licked the shiny droplet (this drop was already two hours from the time when I saw Rose in the airport. Ran gracefully language to testicular obbezhat their movements, similar to the flight of butterflies and returned to the tip member to his full lips, folded so in the dark can be confused with the vagina. Rosa gently pulled a my dick.
At first it seemed to me that this girl no teeth at all. Mila's wife was a specialist in their field, but could, and grab and bite when it is necessary. Rosa was the complete opposite. She was just created in order to bring men pleasure lips. If carried championship blowjobs, then rose without controversy he rose to the podium. She sucked my cock like no other. She lived with my cock in your mouth. A member of the dive so deeply into her mouth, it seemed to me that I'm starting to ride them in her deep throat. Long so could not continue. I felt like I roared in a mountain stream, orgasm ran over the body and spilled the Rose in the mouth so that she only had time to flinch in surprise. For nothing had to swallow, because all the sperm went straight through the throat in the throat.
Rose seemed washed its member with his lips, even lick it a moment before I took her head and raised his face.
- Where did you learn to do this, sorceress?
- I will not say.
- You're just trying to scare me. Tell me now, where you are so learned. I was even worried. Can Milou in this school will send.
- No, it is not necessary in such a school. I lived in one room with my brother. He's a bit behind mentally and with him no girl wanted to meet. And I had to take care of him because my mother worked all day, and her father, we almost did not see it the fisherman. My brother is very naive. He's always the boys from our district took away money and possessions, and the girls were laughing with him.
All his emotions always could be seen on his face. If this fear, this fear of the animal if the joy, the joy of a child. When he was 13 years old, our bed began to appear yellow spots. I was only 17. One night I woke up from that bed rocked. I saw how he pulls the arm member. This went on for several times. I knew what he was doing, but pretending to be asleep. Once I felt sorry for him and I myself put her hand on his drgayuschuyusya handle.
He just did not understand that this is my hand. But when he realized it instantly withdrew his hand from the penis and dramatically sobbed. His cock under my arm started droops. I did not want to upset him and she began stroking cock. But then I did not know exactly how to do it and saw almost the pain on his face. How so? After all, only that he was beaming with happiness, and now he's in pain? I then wrapped his head and began to squeeze it gently. My brother was quiet. Then I thought that he had never had a woman and probably will not, but all his desires are the same as other men, and decided to help him a little bit. She slipped down and kissed his penis. He twitched and froze, waiting for what will happen next. And what came out of it - you are now tried. Did you like it? How do I do it?
- Girl, you do not just do it well, you seem to have read my mind when it's done.
- Guys, something I did not understand. I have never waited.
Mila appeared in the doorway, vigorously wipes her blond, shoulder-length hair falling down.
- Well, Fyodor, not fed guest, and already makes it work?
- Milk, Rose herself for the work undertaken.
- Without me already finished? And I'm in the shower rubs the clitoris, waiting for you. Change.
- Milka, well, do not swear. You know that I was on the two of you enough and still remain.
- When you have calmed down?
Rose was surprised to listen to this strange argument. Over the lip I could see the white speck of dried sperm, but to him she looked even more attractive.
I stepped over the shorts lying on the floor, he picked them up and put them on a chair. Mila cat bypassed fixed Rosa took her waist from behind, began stroking the lower abdomen. Then a hand reached up to his chest, while the other gently dived in shorts Roses.
- Rosa, take off your clothes. We've got your world, only we dress when we go somewhere. Get used to it.
Rose start to pull the t-shirt. She did it so elegantly that I wanted to play music.
- Rose, Mila wait.
Rose stopped. I went to the center, quietly he turned on the music and turned to the girls.
Rose continued his strip, but now it has been an elegant spectacle of the music of Vivaldi. Chest Rose was really gorgeous. Huge nipples on maroon chocolate body. The shape of a small arbuziki with cut heads. Rose really lived up to its name. The lush dark hair falling below her shoulders, beautiful Asian face with lush lips, big forehead and cheekbones. I looked at Rose and imagined her standing on the podium of the contest "Miss Universe", Which brings together such different dazzlingly beautiful daughter the best of their peoples. Rose would occupy among these beauties worthy place.
Mila blinked at me over his shoulder Roses, still continuing to stroke her belly. I went to the Rose hugged her and stood behind her and Mila, crouching slightly, put his long-standing member of the Roses between the legs until he felt like his feet touched Mila. In the face of Rosa was no longer frightened. She prispustila eyelids and gently rolled her eyes. I took the gum and slowly pulled her skirt with shorts down. My hands slid over the velvet dark skin .... eyes appeared slightly fluffy pubis Roses, behind which could be seen chic clit sticking out and is somewhat similar to reveal mussel. Behind it began the same full lips like those more recently embraced my cock. I bent down to give Rose cross through his clothes. She gently lifted his legs machined to trim high shoes. Raising my head, I put his lips to the clitoris Roses. He was incredibly big, something similar to a man's head at the end of the member. I licked it several times, gradually passing the entire length of the language and touching his tongue to it. Rose lazily arranged the legs wider and threw back her head on his shoulder Mile.
- Fyodor, well, try new. From what hole you start?
- Do not break off so vulgar.
- You do not oblamalsya anyway vyebesh her like a dog bitch.
- Milka, well shut up.
It is worth noting that Mile had much of its incomplete 30 years to survive. Born in a small town. With her school photos looked at me smiling girl with big blue eyes. She was an angel in the flesh, she loved the city. But stay there she did not want. After 9th grade went to study in the city in the seamstress. I had to live in a hostel and it leaked the first tears when drunk boys from a neighboring quarter climbed at night in the room and stripped Milken virginity. Boys planted, but this case has got such wide publicity that Milka could not safely pass through the city. That the mother of one of the boys spat on her back and cursed after, the friends of the boys shouted to her "whore" and threw it in a bottle of beer.
Living in the city has become intolerable, and to return to the village no longer wanted. Then she listened to the advice girlfriend who called her work a housewife in Turkey.
Milka went to Istanbul on the boat. On the pier it met the owner of the house, he called himself. I picked up the passport "look" and then he gave the police only after 3 years, when Milka almost killed one of its customers, has selected a gun and hoarded money reached to the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara.
The first time I saw Mila cafe in Odessa, where she thoughtfully drinking coffee and smoking a long cigarette. She has worked in the Turkish company nearby, and I came to Odessa at the conference. I saw, met and stayed with her forever. But back to the room.
Rose was already wet. I am touched to her vagina and felt sticky moisture on the hand. Second hand I took his cock and led him to the standing forward protruding vagina Roses. It has called on me. Before orgasm was long. I only had to enter several times to move the pelvis. Milka so caressed and stroked Rose, now you can safely dive and thicker penis.
"Hey, a new hole"- I had time to think and stuck on the eggs into the oil hole Roses.
In the vagina, I almost immediately felt the women's convulsive movements. Rose I just milked like a seasoned vet milks young bull. I could not resist the flow in the body, and threw in a huge portion of sperm Rose three thrusts of its internal pump. Rose jumped out of the heat I just do not have time and did not much like to be honest. Only the last jet went past the vagina and got to his feet Mile.
- Wow some ebaka-barabaka! Already shot off a salvo? About Me Now forget all?
- Milka, let rest.
- What vacation? I have all bleed.
- As you want?
Mila went to the mirror and turned half-turned, beckoned me with his long finger. I've always liked sex in front of a mirror. As well as in front of other people. We went to different swingers clubs, and even do not understand what we like - to fuck with someone else or do it together in front of the other, occasionally jumping to offer themselves for women and men.
Milka stood on tiptoes and ass sticking out. she was irresistible to this position. Between the legs could be seen the outlines of peach labia. Buttocks slightly parted, and could see the neat clean shaven hole between them. Unlike Rose, at the Milky vagina was hidden away between the legs and enter it best was behind. Milka stood on his toes and looked in the mirror it on my cock, then at my face. I gently turned her skinny ass to the mirror and began to slowly enter the vagina native wife. Milkin ass and my dick seemed even somehow disproportionately. His dry noodle inserted into the vagina - it is only the inexperienced women to agree to this and immediately realized what a mistake they made. But Milk is slightly bent, the pelvis moved back and she hit a member of almost the entire length.
- Ebaka-barabaka, - she said, and I began to pull on the member Mila as if in my hands was a rubber doll.
Milka know this technique. She could droop in my hands and lower down the torso and head. I gripped her ass and fucking cunt until he felt like Mila first jerked backward, then forward, and then she started to build on the penis. Cum I did not have time for it.
- Milka, dososi, everything is on the way already.
- A rosette that would do?
I had forgotten that this is the work of Rosa. Milka beckoned her and pointed to the member. Rosa only had time to grab a member of the lips and moved his head a couple of times, both received the second portion of sperm today. I felt her tongue slipped on my hole and gently zanyrivaya, trying to clean the tip of the tongue itself hole, slightly podsasyvaya member. Hand drove it gently over the penis, as if pushing out the last drop out of the barrel. When Rosa moved, the member was cleaned to a shine, and almost immediately began to decline.
- Thanks, girls. I feel like an Arab sheikh.
- You Arabian Horse - retorted Milla.
Rose tried to quietly chew sperm. Maybe it was disgusting, but she tried not to show it. Only the movement of the cheeks on his handsome face betrayed her. I blinked Mile and we went to the door. Mila stopped.
- Rosa, a rest from the road and eat. Take all that you see on the table and in the refrigerator. Dispose of all on your own, as a hostess. Tell me what to buy in addition to what you're used to. Oh, you is now our housekeeper if someone asks you in the city. And remember, we will not hold. Every day I'll give you a hundred dollars. So until the end of the month. You will want to leave earlier -'ll take you to the airport or wherever you say. If you do not want, then you remember why we called you. Rose listened carefully, but not a word in response did not. Still hard to say when a full mouth of sperm unfamiliar. I quietly tweaked Mila and we went out, closing the door behind him. Now you can speak in Russian.
- Well, as you? A dream come true idiot?
- Come true, Mila, come true. About this can only dream of. She is submissive as a slave, and does everything like a pro.
- Asians seemed born for it. They have always been demand in the brothels. One can see the peasants like their tight holes. Roses have a narrow hole?
- Will check. You warmed her so that the elephant could enter without lubrication. Milcah, and that you're jealous?
- You're a fool, Fyodor. Just fuck her in front of me, and now you ask ... I'm jealous?
- Milk, do not swear.
Mila only smiled in response. I loved her smile. Especially now, when she was naked when you could see every curve of her body, all native dimples and hollow - at the collarbone, in the middle of the chest, on the cheeks, the back of the waist. Rose almost immediately fell asleep, I went to work in my room, and Milcah, cooked in the kitchen his trademark pancakes, previously wearing an apron over his naked body.
I almost fell asleep at the computer. Even late at night I moved from the chair to the bed and fell asleep, hugging Mila. That night I dreamed of winter. I have not seen snow, but clearly know that behind a window winter. I wanted to wrap yourself in something warm, but I was freezing. It was as if I was trying to put on a lot of different clothes, but it was still cold. I tried to wipe himself with his hands, but still mrz. Then in a dream, I kindled a fire and began to warm up. It was near the fire and warmed himself. I am basking long time until he felt the heat from the bottom beginning to go all over the body. It flashed through my mind the thought that this is not a dream. When a thought comes, you start to her dream of chase until you check and finally wake up. I woke up, still lying with his eyes closed, but hear the birds outside the window, and heat everything just came from the feet up over the whole body. Only now I began to realize that the feet were warm because they sat Rose being played slowly and looking at my cock. Mila was not there.
- Where is Mila?
- I went to the store. He told me to wake you.
Milka know this technique. When in the morning I want to use the toilet, and is a member of the pillar, a woman can get everything that it wants very quickly, sitting on top.
But I suddenly miss Mila. I lie on my bed, on me some filipinka, and his wife went to the store. The tide of the fucking loneliness suddenly washed over me. But at this point, Rose started this dance language under my head. It is so cleverly done that the whole body has been sent out to finish. And suddenly awkward movement. As a false note in the Violin Competition cut the ear, and some extra touch knocked pace. I raised my head and looked at Rosa. She seemed to understand everything, and began to caress me even more intense. But the wave subsided.
- Rose, wait.
She stopped.
- Let's go right now to the bath, you will help me to do something. You're not squeamish girl?
- No.
- That's good. Little to treat me.
We went into the bath. Awful like the toilet "in a little". But I am at this moment another idea came to mind.
I took a long tip and screw it to the bidet. I tried the water temperature. And he began to Rosa surprised on her knees and elbows, holding up the ass.
- Rose, I carefully inserted the tip into the bottom ten centimeters, and slowly increase the flow of water.
Rose took a neat feminine fingers tip and began to slowly introduce it to me. The other hand, she slowly began to increase water pressure.
- Enough - I said.
I felt as water began to fill my rectum. I already hard like the toilet, but I have to wait a little caved in different directions and then sat down on the toilet.
Rose calmly looked at my strangeness, but said not a word. He stood silently in front of me, a beautiful dark, almost black beauty. I just wondered how she did at that moment could hate. But her face was not a shadow of disgust. She's just obediently stood in front of me, waiting for further instructions.
- Rose, and you want to do such a thing?
- If you want, do it.
- Are you currently doing so ever?
- No never.
I washed the tip in warm water, rinsed first with alcohol, then again in the water and put on a crane.
- Become as I stood.
He rose gracefully sank to his knees and bent forward to be on hand.
- Rose, on the elbow becomes.
I podstelil her soft towel under the elbow and stuck it under the knees.
- So it is more convenient.
Rose bent even lower. I admired her body. When you look at a naked woman in a pose behind the sensible thoughts immediately go by the wayside. Two holes are calling looking at me. Anus Rosa was something like a snowflake. The large folds converge to the center of the snowflake. The anus was as plump as her body. Under the anus could see the vagina. But it is not as close as I saw it at the Milky, but much lower. Labia lazily hanging on the edges of the hole.
I carefully began to enter the tip. Rose slightly arched under him, but almost without effort, I was able to let it to the full depth. I started to strengthen the jet. He did it very slowly. Rose dropped her head on her hands, then lifted again. It seems that she had very little, but I continued to hold the tip in it. Anus slightly twitched, trying to push the foreign body, but Rose was silent. From ass began to flow water. But Rose still just silent. I did a little water pressure, but continued to hold the tip and even svl Roses buttocks together. Half a minute later gradually spread his buttocks and realized that Rose can and barrel fill, and she did not say a word. Between the buttocks was a mixture of dung and water. I gently pulled the tip, which was followed Rose let unrestrained trickle. And suddenly playful idea pushed me to make a huge mistake. I slapped his hand on the butt Rosa. Not very much, but it was enough to make out of it a fountain flew all that she ate the last two days.
In addition, she did not keep the bladder.
Rose looked at me apologetically. View she was stupid. All ass shit. Shit got on me. Behind her was a whole puddle of brown dirt.
- Excuse me.
- Forget. This I did to you. But once you have standing in this position, and then stop.
I walked over to her and help her on his back the remainder of the morning urine. Rose looked on his back, but something in her eyes tells us that she liked piquancy of the situation.
- Let's clean until Milka has not arrived.
I took some old towel and threw it to the Rose. Rosa began to gather on the floor spillage and twist it into the toilet. What struck me is the lack of stench. Rose was just as beautiful inside as outside. Later I Mila said Rose ordered from the store only fruits and vegetables, with some we did not know and had to ride Mile shopping before she's found.
Rose domyvala floor. I got into the shower and called her with him. She went and stood under the jet. Beautiful hair flowed over her shoulders.
After Mila brown body white roses seemed to contrast and very attractive. I soaped sponge and began to rub the back of Rose while she was engaged in her hair. Soapy water flowed back into hollow ass and after it I let the sponge pre-squeezed foam. At some point, I let go of the sponge. Buttocks were so round and elastic, sponge ... that simply could not be seen, it is all squeezed in between these gorgeous buns.
Domyv Rose back, I gave her a washcloth and she washed my first stained stomach. She did it so carefully and gently as wash filthy children. Then she twisted a washcloth around my cock, looking at pribaldevshego me and finished the morning bath scrubbing residues sleep off my back.
Domylas rose and was about to get out of the shower. She leaned out of the shower for a towel. The trough was something feline. Weighty breasts as the pendulum swung back and forth. Hands stretched themselves to take her back. Rosa and stopped with a towel in hand, only half-turned looked at my hands. The member did not have to explain. At first I was slightly crouched to get a member to the vagina, but rose after me, too, I sat down. It substitutes for his anus my cock, gently feeling his buttocks, rocking back. She obviously wanted me to try her ass. I'm not the biggest fan of anal sex. Women tend to have cracked the anus, if I bring themselves to orgasm. But at this moment it is already possible to forget about it. Member of the cast stood and was sent to a hole like a rocket at Baikonur directed into the sky. Lightly Push forward and you get into the heat of the body. Preflight preparation quickly completed countdown and I began to count in an incomprehensible language for the Roses:
- Five, four, three.
Became the first member of the anus touch.
- Two, one.
Snowflake sold and hole on the penis has already entered into contact with ochkom Roses.
- In on-oehali!
And a member of a rocket acceleration razverznuvshiysya went into the tunnel, pushing his way between the folds of the rectum. I looked down again. I was not mistaken, a member of the dive in the ass Roses. Feels like her ass was no different from the vagina, except that the first few frictions lack of lubrication made itself felt. Rose has had to adapt to the body a little bit under the direction of a member. She gently lifted and I felt that any movement of the body changed body shape and feeling in the ass. Rose tried to adjust my body under my cock. One she could not understand. The more convenient it, so can be uncomfortable to me and the more cracks will remain flexible even in her ass. I had to take the initiative in their hands and with both hands I started to bend down to Rose until the member has not been pinched to the point that orgasm could only move it a few times. Rosa, first standing without emotion, suddenly trembling all over, and I saw her dark-brown body light brown "goosebumps". Rose had finished. Only now I noticed that one hand she fingered her clit and stroking the inside-out member in the ass cunt. Rose jerked several times in different directions and drooped on a limb, from which it took off in a thick stream of warm sperm. I pushed a few times a hose in brown mink and poured the last drops. Rose squeezed anus, so that I felt the blood start to move away from the term that was as nice as the reverse process. The last movement is still a woman, whether it is the vagina or anus. We see nature has taught women to push member when it is no longer needed in the body.
Rose turned to face me and leaned against a member, but I did not want to make it again today soiled shit. I turned on the shower and wash away the remnants of our pranks with my body.
Who hit us? This girl is so well versed in matters of sex, I was lost in conjectures where she could learn. And it seemed to me that she liked her role in the home and in our family. I did not bother her about anything ask. What is the difference through the life that we had to go. The main thing that now we enjoy and do not activate each other. Someone earns, but we all earn on each other, is not it.
to be continued ...
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