Stoked bad, and in the room where the Christmas tree was installed, was cold. Dopervogo presentation was only a few minutes, and we were sitting in the Snow Maiden allocated us a room, someone's working office, wrapped it - in its natural bright coat, I - in a sheepskin coat. There was nothing about anything, because we have worked with her for the first time, so silent. Judging by the fact that from time to time, she began to once again view the script, it seems a little nervous, and this her little pretty face became even paler. She lectured me in the good offices of the Bureau the previous day, when I found out that Valya, my long-term partner in the New Year's children's balls, zagrippovala and will not work with me. Hovuyu called Anya.
In the summer she graduated from high school and is now sitting at home, not being able to find a permanent job. In high school, she studied mentoring work with children, so do not hesitate to respond to an ad in the newspaper about a set Snow Maidens Office at the time of Christmas and New Year holidays.
- It is time you, Anya, - I said to her, tapping his finger on the dial.
- God, you do not want to take a fur coat! - She exclaimed, throwing his shoulders sparkling fur. - Br-r, holodina. For his work in such conditions you have to pay twice - for the harm. In her white dress, low and thin, with a lovely curled ringlets of golden hair, she seemed a little girl, and only raised slides her breasts were told that this is not true. I looked after her and could not help admiring her, okay, easy figure with slender legs of a ballerina and a small relief popochkoy, tightened in spotless white stockings and well monitored by modern dress fairytale heroine. I was so drawn to break up and pat white halves receding partner. Before my release was still quite a lot of time, and I decided to use it efficiently. It is, as always, was lying on her left breast, a small flat flask with selective Armenian cognac.
I unscrewed the cap and, blissfully closing his eyes, took a few sips of odorous liquid. After returning the vessel in place, I felt like my body is bottled exciting heat. Now the cold was not afraid of me. In the Snow Maiden, Anya was very directness: she danced, jumped with children, drove a round dance, and her blue eyes sparkled with genuine joy and gladness. I, as befits a real Santa Claus, led his party gradually and it is important, at times feeling restless behaves something that was hidden under my floors cotton apparel and more intimate part of my wardrobe. At first I could not understand what makes my libido behave this way, and then finally it dawned on me: in Anya excited inconsistency of her behavior, even histrionic, and emanating from her sexuality. This to me a few years of my work for the first time Santa Claus happened. In short, by the end of the first performance I was so fascinated and excited by it that he made a firm decision to get her location, then we sat back in our "restroom"And I have seen how gradually it freezes again.
- What about brandy, Anya? - I asked, taking from his pocket a treasured flask.
- After all - a holiday. To my surprise and much to the delight, she immediately agreed and even, as it seemed to me, was delighted. I poured her a glass and she drank fifty grams, not even wincing. Biting chocolate. Drunk it once, and then asked for a cigarette. The girl-woman with a cigarette between two thin pale fingers, hip elegant elongated, curled over another.
Slightly cloudy alcohol blue eyes, the mysterious smile on her painted lips beautiful - a great challenge my sensual nature to desire was difficult. I moved toward her with a chair and at that moment, when it released a stream of tobacco dymi, clung to her red petals of her lips. They had thoughtlessly depraved taste, a mixture of cognac with tobacco, but it is not only repulsive, but even more stimulated my desire for her. She responded to my kiss passionately and not cold, and poor movement of the lips. Not resisting it allowed me to hug her slender body with tangible hills chest and pushed between her lips tongue. We froze, as if getting used to each other, and I heard, as it puts on the edge of the table a cigarette, and then felt the touch of her hands to her back.
Anya stirred in my embrace and, pushing out of his mouth, my tongue gave me in my mouth. My hands slid down to her waist and lifted the girl from her chair. Now we were merged bodies, our hands, wandering on the back, sank lower and lower until it reached the boundaries beyond which the intimate parts of our bodies, I'm still undecided wondered if I disturb her, but Anna's hand already fingered my uptight member, made their way to him through the slit between the sexes of my "caftan". Ass at the Snow Maiden was tverdenkaya like a nut, and as befits a granddaughter of Santa Claus, as cold as piece of ice. I cupped her big hands warm their shells and become sensitive to knead with your fingers. In turn, Anya, is not satisfied with the defective contact of his fingers with my penis through, cotton panties, she dived into them, and they began to do the same thing as I, with its halves - compress it. My hands began to move only on the areas of the buttocks in the direction Anechkinogo Chuck, and she was moaning in my neck:
- Shoot them, shoot more, and do not have time ... to me twice in such cases it is not necessary to repeat: shorts with tights in a moment turned out to be almost at the knees of their mistress, and my fingers - on wet folds of her little sponges.
- I will not undress, - warned Anya and led torso to the side, letting me know what turns his back to me, - This will be more convenient and more sensitive ... to me.
Member barely entered her narrow vagina, which in this position has not been so easy to push. Anya stood with bowed head on the glossy surface of the polished table, and as the shaft of my penis went into it more deeply, her cute round ass with a birthmark on the right buttocks rose higher and higher. The second half of the member sinking into the vagina once as hiding under water diver, and he was just so hot, wet and happy that I was breathless.
Ha my every impetus Maiden answered me staccato moans "a. and ... and ..." and sliding his blond head on the polishing table. At the moment when I began to let in it his white hot grease, it is imprinted in my groin popochkoy his toy, and her short moans merged into a long continuous "aaaaaa", During the second presentation Anya was even greater impact and more inflamed me, as looking at her feet, I still could not believe that he had been among them his still require a member of the entertainment. Reaching into his pocket, I quietly put him in such a way that it can be was touched with his hand in his pocket, and when one of the children read a poem, said loudly: - For the boy a prize in my right pocket, Take, Snow Maiden. Anya reached into his pocket, and his fingers stumbled on a tight tube of my penis, for a moment with the force squeezed it. From the fact that it happened in front of dozens of pairs of eyes, I almost finished in the same second, but still managed to keep the approaches to the last valve sperm. During the intermission we drank again and fifty grams of the flask, which I replenished from the bottle, which stood in my "diplomat"When, after the first round of our love Anya went to the gym. In this time I have not undressed, ... as it sucked for me, sitting on a chair, and I stood in front of her, writhing in sensual agony that made me clench in anticipation of the approaching orgasm, the muscles of the buttocks and rising on tiptoes. In her small her mouth it was also crowded and hot, as in her pussy, but in him she could not accept, and half the length of my swollen member, so focused all his art on the head. I could only wonder where and when it is so well trained it, and, finding no answer to this question, I decided that, most likely, in the pioneer camp. On the other hypotheses, I think just do not have time, because the tip of the tongue rhythmically Anya "zabrenchal" Stretched on the bridle of my prick, and short portions I began to pour out of himself sperm in her throat, Anya did not shed a single breath of my life-giving droplets of juice and wiped his lips with openwork batiste handkerchief, he said:
-Haley still, get a cocktail, huh? The third presentation was the last in that day, and when it was over, we left Anya at the request of the audience. Gradually, it was empty, and she came to the door, turned off the light. Wisps of fun running around garlands of light bulbs, and Anya eagerly rake up their flashing light so liked her a toy of my heats.
He coped with this task is the business free from pantyhose, and I saw the leaping flames illuminated her bare tummy with their multi-colored reflections, I picked it up as a feather, and she tenaciously gripped my waist with their feet. At this time my cock went under the darkening bush of pubic hair without any problems, and it is supported by the buttocks I began to swing it like a large animated pendulum. For the first time in my life I f ... I under the tree for the first time my partner was the Snow Maiden. We slowly walked through the well-lit park with centuries-old oaks and tall pyramidal spruce branches and legs were decorated with magnificent snow-capped. It seemed that my release from fleshly concerns body hovered in the air, along with millions of snowflakes gently fall from the infinite purity of the sky. Ha taxi was silent still Anya raised her pure innocent eyes and softly dropped on me:
- Tomorrow we also have three views. Instantly all rose up in me, I reached out to her face with his lips, but she turned to the side of the road, and I could only notice how her lips touched a faint smile. A minute later, coming up the taxi drove away my Snow White in a snowy night.
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