Only for you

We were alone. Just you and me ... You slowly lie down on the bed, spread out his hands behind his head. I see in the dim light shine your eyes. I myself you undress, gently, gently, gradually freeing you from unnecessary wear. How are you impatient. Trying to undress me, but I do not dayus. First, you, my good. At first I unbutton buttons on your shirt. Running a hand over his chest, below, on the tummy, even lower. Then the belt of his trousers. My hand gently moves along the zipper unbuttoning her, slowly slowly. You want faster? No, it's my night. And I'm going to do with you whatever I want. Your head is slightly curled, you look at me, you wait. Slowly slipping his arms, I caress your whole body, from the feet spend behind the knees, you almost do not feel on the inside of the thighs, very gently, my hands, but I hear your labored breathing, it's very exciting. My caress all palpable. I caress your nipples, causing them to harden, like me. Then move your hands down.
Lower and lower. And stumbles upon a barrier vvide panties. I specifically did not remove them. I wanted to prolong the pleasure, stripping you. My hand goes down even lower, feeling velvety soft tissue, but not only that. Under the cloth, I feel something very interesting, and not at all soft. I'm starting to stroke you lightly through the fabric. You want more and you try to pull off the last barrier separating us. But no, I catch your hand. It is too early. I stand up and start to undress. Slowly and erotic. I unbutton buttons on my blouse, one by one, but do not remove it completely. After all, under it there is nothing more than clothes. Then trousers. I get up, and they slide with my feet, opening your eyes a little sexy panties. Slightly I turn, so you can take a closer look to me. The back of the shorts a thin lace rim, as you like. I pull together from their shoulders blouse and she falls to the floor. Want to help me take off her panties?
I want so much to do that you have. Your hands fall on my hips from their stroke. So glad. You have such soft hands. You exciting gum panties and tightens them down. Now I'm completely naked. You swipe your finger on the inside of the thigh. Your fingers touch my shaved pussy. Only pubic left a little close-cropped hairs. You feel soft sweaty skin. I'm all mokrenkaya. You see what you did to me? I want to see your fingers began to caress me, I'm trying to push closer to you, but you're smiling pushes his hand. You, too, decided to tease me? Again begin to stroke the inside of the thighs. Well, do not torture me well!
Your fingers are carried on a damp sponge, revealing them. According to the clitoris. Ahhh! How amazing! Then her finger into me and I groaned bends toward you. I want you. But you decided to check how much I endure such a sweet torture. But I want more. I lean to you, whole. My tongue slips to you in the mouth and found yours. You're so cool kisser. Then the neck. Do you like it when I kiss you on the neck? I. I go down below and the entire chest, biting nipples.
My hands were meanwhile pulling off your panties. Here you naked. I like to look at you. On your erection. I can see how he wants to me. My tongue slides over your tummy down and down, his hands stroke the inner thighs. You already anticipating as I touch his warm, wet mouth, lick all captured my lips. As the tongue is gentle touches to play with the head, stroking the bridle. Do you want it? How much do you want me? But no, not now. Now I want you. Total. I want to feel him inside her, to feel the way he pushes the folds of my pussy and penetrate inside. I don rezinochku you. Thin-thin, almost invisible. I sit down on top. The head of your member rubbing against my lips. I'm very excited. I can not restrain myself anymore. I'm going down down and feel like you penetrate me. For the first time. You moan, quietly, almost inaudibly, but I hear and it turns me on even more. I'm starting to move. Pleasure is so overwhelmed me that I'm starting to moan.
It seems that I can finish just a few movements. You take me by the hips and start helping me, setting the pace, which you like most. You're already on the brink. I hear your wheezing. Have you yourself not in control. But you're a little stop, and groan, almost a cry breaks from your lips. I feel it throbbing inside me and I can no longer hold itself. Orgasm covers me billions of bright flashes.
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