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In the bathroom, he could hardly put it down to the bottom and turned on the water. Vic convulsively roused and offered his neck under a stream of water can be seen as the gills open and suck in the water. Her breast moved, - she breathed. I can not hold back any longer ripped trousers and rolled her my hard dick was exhausted, and I led him to the sexual pinkish vagina. Stone was the answer, I loaded it on the entire length of the bliss I have not experienced, to not come at once, I restrained myself. all shook Vick. The shrill cry of pleasure was my reply, I also finished and almost lost consciousness - it was so magical mermaid sheath.

Then it was back until I was exhausted, I left Vick sleep in the water - it could not be long in the air, -zhabry dried up.
In the morning she took off her stockings and scales as the casually put in a closet.
- Now it's a part of me, with a smile she stroked the bundle.

The call was shriller and longer than usual. I opened the door and saw a frightened face Vicki. All drenched and very excited. It was higher, when I looked at his feet, he saw her standing on your toes and sandals? The feet were stretched out, fingers rested upright on the floor, heels sticking out from behind a spur. She nervously twitched. I picked her up and sat in a chair
- What happened?
-I fell on the rain only. He acted strangely at me, -first I ran on tiptoe, but the feet are stretched so that the entrance door I was standing on your toes.
- But why?
- Apparently, I was not long in the water, and the rain was awakened in me a mermaid. Legs a little tingle. I take off my shoes.
I rushed to remove shoes - what a lovely zrelische- feet stretched fingers look like the tip and twitch.
I brought a towel and gently wiped her feet. She tried to straighten the foot in a normal position, but could not - sock stretched again. She put her feet on his fingers and smiled ...

- It will not work. Get pointe shoes from the closet. I was already excited, taking with pink satin ribbons ballet shoes, and when I saw her shoes legs in ballet shoes, stunned.

Leg joined the shoes like a glove. She stood on the toes in pointe it was her easy smile she fingered legs holding balance. I kissed her gently.
- Quiet favorite, let me undress. I do not remember, I did not have to prosit- I undressed her instantly and more sweet intercourse, except that only a mermaid.
Well, how are you Vic? Woman in fact be too bad?
- Of course the favorite. Come on, let's drink coffee.
She swung her legs out of bed, tied ribbons on pointe (stunned!) And stood on the toes and sexy shifting, went into the kitchen.

They drank coffee.
-My favorite, I think I should spend the night in the water
-I can not help myself, I am drawn to the water, I want a tail, I can not stand. Legs have as strangers, I could hardly keep them not together, pulling them grow together, - I want to feel the water scales. You like - she playfully lifted her leg and shook it. - I missed the fins on my feet, it's so soft ... and the air begins to seem harsh to me.
- Be patient and be held.
The answer was a smile and a groan. She began to breathe a little more often. I grabbed her and dropping to the floor, went into her wet cunt. Sex was fine, but not before I finish, I felt her knees squeezed my hips.
- Sasha, my legs hurt. Let them go, they need to connect, and then I can wear a tail.
- Can not stand
- No, this is not possible, I'm burnin. I can not stay long without a tail, mermaid I, um ... I need some water, tail,
In fact she almost trembled. I looked at the neck - strip her reddened, but did not open.
- Sasha I'm getting hard to breathe, soon I will not be able to breathe the air, you know ... The air is heavy, like sand, I feel like gills are seeking water, but can not open them.
-Maybe just lie down in the water?
- No, I have to put the scales and fins, then I can breathe through gills. Without the tail, they would not open - I just suffocate. Rather bring the scales, but for now let my feet, I should join them.
- Good. I got up and Vick immediately closed my legs. They began to shake and flushed, I stroked them, but Vic jerked, -Don't already burns, Take pointes. I untied the ribbon and pulled hard shoes with legs so tightly they were compressed.
I went into the bath and pulled out of the closet as a fine network of fish scales with formless fin at the end, when I entered the kitchen, Vicky lay, her legs trembling, she gasped and held out his hands to the scales.
- Ltd ... more!
She grabbed the scales, and they put her in the legs in stockings. Scales seemed stuck to his thighs. Legs well be seen under the greenish scales, she slipped them on foot and gently slid fin. It was evident, as the stuck his foot in the middle of the fin. Vic moaned, arched, and the fin at the end as if filled with strength and straightened.
Also, I straightened up, and my cock.

A little cry she threw back her head, - the slot in the neck open and bright pink gills began to move in time with her shallow breathing. The tail hit the bed. - Sasha, more in water. I'm choking, gill burn with fire, I can not be on the air.
Knowing how it is now necessary water, I carried her to the bathroom

Water has already been poured, and as soon as I brought it, it was all clogged and slid input. A little breath, she looked and whispered, seeing my excitement, - wait a bit, I have not finished.
She smiled like -So even slyly, and rolled over, her hips went zabugrilas skin along the spine, bumps began to grow and thinning, becoming fin. He got up and changed the color to blue and pink. She calmed down and turned and said. - Oh, I would at sea, maybe these things - she looked at the webbed fingers - great work in water
The skin between the fingers and toes began to move united pink webbed

- No we are now swim here.
and our next act was already in the water with a mermaid.
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