Sexual slavery

It all began so long ago that I still think that it was a big part of my life. How strange, I'm only 25 and I had time to see and experience so much that not every woman will be able to see in a lifetime.
My sexual experience began with 14 years, in this age, the woman began to emerge, and it is a new or better write another husband during this time my mother in me. There were many, but the only one he could leave in my memory as an indelible mark.
Unpleasant appearance, Armenian forty years. It's hard to say what he was able to charm my mother, but she went after him under hypnosis, she literally went crazy when he disappeared somewhere, and forgave him everything. She gave herself to him and I was not even thinking about what do. No, it was not love, it was something inexplicably terrible.
My first sexual intercourse, he was not weary classmate under the cover of night and under the body of the old, hard Caucasians. On that day, we went with a friend from the last two lessons in school, went as expected irresponsible schoolgirls in movies. On arrival home, it turned out that our offense already know. One stupid call from the school and the whole life awry.
The verdict was handed down immediately. "Whipped, that's the best way of punishment that was no longer povadno"- Caucasian said. Mom is not contradicted, it is entirely entrusted him with my upbringing. He took me into his office, removed the mother into the kitchen, turned on the loud music center, took a leather belt. He led me to a table and immediately threatened that if I resist, would beat so, because of its a man's fist, I really had a chance to try again, so I decided not to resist, it is better not exactly. He bent me, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties. It was terribly ashamed to stand before him in this position, I cringed in anticipation of punishment. Gevorg moved, it was clear that he sees me, I tried to straighten up, but immediately received a strong blow with a belt. I cried out in pain and wept at the insult. Gevorg hissed lie. After he stopped, he could be heard as he unbuttoned his jeans. I at that time did not even know the seriousness of the situation. He walked right up, for some reason, pressed me, I shivered, tried to get up, but he twisted my arm. I screamed, he replied painfully hit me on the buttocks. He has long tormented me to enter, after finally enraged by failures entered. He raped for a long time, and silently ignoring my tears and groans. When it was over ordered to get dressed and naturally silent about what happened. Then in their childish naivety, I did not tell anyone anything, thereby causing a continuation of the whole saga. So punish me regularly for three years. Eventually, I got used to and even came to talk business, even paroyu she wanted such penalties.
As soon as I turned 18, I found a new adventure, or rather adventure found me. I went to the United Arab Emirates, with a group such as I, absolutely no girls who do not need. As always in such cases, we were going to find a better life and to work in a bar. Yes, the bar was small, mossy, with dirty tablecloths and a pleasant kind of a bartender at the bar, with clumsily mixing cocktails and persistent smell of alcohol in the entire institution. The work appeared in the first day, we were given a wash, do not explain a couple of complex rules of this institution, who do not understand the first time, I explained physically, then came all. And in the middle of the evening, half-naked released into the room. No, we did not have to dance a striptease, he has danced before us, all that is required just to entice and entertain the Arabs with his body, to fulfill their requests, and of course to meet the full program in a specially designated place. Who's on top and tried to resist, so this is just a big factory of the loons. They were taken by force, they tied they perverted over the poor women's bodies as they had seen him before, and I, in turn, seemed it was my last day, everything ached and burned. But tomorrow was the day, half day, we slept, and then back to work. And these were taken from the life force to live on, but they were, and I lived.
This went on for about two months. And after sexual slavery has acquired new colors, I bought, some thick Bedouin, still tormented by the question how much I am worth. They brought me to some great house there are not been a harem, or maybe was just held me separately. I confess here was better, I was examined by a doctor, two weeks almost did not touch, only occasionally taken out for the show host. Stripping, he asked to turn it on one side, then the other, then bend down, but to raise their hands. After that, it was in the bar, it was not difficult and not so not nice. I've been thinking what I'm here, the answer is learned through the week. The owner met friends for some card game I was for the winners. Fucked right at the card table, fucked at all, whom did not hesitate. I put on all fours on a low coffee table, everyone who won, came and rudely doing his job. So I stood there for about an hour, hands and knees stiff, but was not allowed to sit down. After they started raping two by two, one was doing it in his mouth and the other in already izezzhennoy to the limit position. A new razvlekalovka who quickly tore me from all sides, I groaned, and have even cried. Those who watched from the side, just laughed and urged on the other, they even made bets, someone wins, someone loses. I was released only after three hours, all disheveled and torn to pieces, but I will not hide its satisfaction with the full program. And since almost a year kept me under lock and key. All care, to keep themselves in readiness for new orgies. They were different, tastefully and without perverse and not very good, but it was their nemerenoe number, and if you start to remember all, you have to spend on this story incredibly time consuming. And whether it's worth the time.
After quite an incredible way I was able to run away, I returned to Minsk, no money, no happiness, all torn and killed. Since then it's been a long time, but I think that it was only yesterday.
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