My parents got divorced, and have sent me two months to summer camp in the Crimea! It was not even the camp, but rather guesthouse !!! In the sense that the special regime and cultural events were few, and, in principle, most of the day, we were given himself! It probably was the cause of the events that happened to me! In the group, we had eleven boys! By the age of fifteen - sixteen years. Only me, but Oleg was fourteen. This probably explains why the rest of us looked at a little bit down. On the first day, Oleg snitched educators that all ducked out of the sea to swim at night! What was slightly bit lads! And immediately complained to his hurt! Those who kicked him - punished :. Alongside the kitchen: Then revenge slightly changed form :. In the morning, Oleg woke up in toothpaste, put his feet in slippers, but there was still the same toothpaste: .. as well as in the pockets of his favorite shorts. Grey with Zheka - the oldest guys in the squad warned him that if nazhaluetsya - they unto him, I quote "The paste is tucked in the ass!". The threat he did not take, and the gray of Zheka deprived excursions.
In the evening, when we returned from the trip, which by the way was very interesting, and began to develop the basic events: After hanging up, I fell asleep, and woke up from the noise of the struggle: .. Grey, Jeka and another two guys leaning on Oleg tried it tie somewhere styrennye rope! Three minutes later, the desperate resistance, the victory was won!
- Well, you're our stukachok, it's time to bring out the sentence! Do you remember what I promised you ??? - With these words Gray took a tube of toothpaste.
Oleg could not answer the question, due to the fact that his mouth was plugged angle blankets! The boys pulled off his pants, put the cancer, flexing through the bed. Oleg desperately resisted, but he was kept three. I've seen it all ... wih side with Genka recorded Oleg ass and gray tip of a tube inserted into it, then pressed: .. Oleg bent so that was nearly thrown off the three boys who are older and physically stronger than him .. . Perhaps it there very burned! Hold it for three minutes, and after listening to his moans, the guys he was released. Oleg bullet, not even pulling her panties, jumped into the toilet. WC we had two: Day and night. During the day we went to the bathroom which was in a separate building. There were two dozen showers, with separate entrances, where the same number of booths, dressing rooms and two: in general, all as humans. And on the night of open toilets for one person in the case. Shower was there by the way, too!
In the morning the boys pulled a vial of alcohol infirmary, and quietly drank it. It immediately became known tutors: .. And under the distribution fell again OLEG. And again, after a rebound! He was caught, tied to the bed, and began to decide what to do with him :. Gray said that in a movie seen as the area comes from the informers! But to fuck Oleg something nobody wanted. Then Acne he offered to fuck his handle of a mop! Mop was right there! Oleg heard the whole conversation, and tried to hum something, but his mouth was stuck by his shirt. His carefully untied and tied in another way, flexing through the bed. Hands tied to the far legs, and feet to the neighbor. It was very interesting to :. I watched it all again from the side, and points Oleg did not see, but presented a picture, and a member of the I started to get up! The boys brought a broom and began to shove in the ass Oleg. He moaned desperately, but could not do anything. Mop did not climb: Igor .. then spat on the point, Oleg, and mop slipped, just twenty centimeters.
- not to tear it there is nothing!
- so I carefully :.
Jeka moved his mop back and forth. Oleg mumbled, shaking his head, tears rolling down his eyes: .. and I did not know what to do with mine, which became a member of the stone :. And without waiting for the end of the presentation, I turned away and went to sleep. In the morning I had the riser tile. I wandered to the bathroom to masturbate. Satisfied, I washed, and I felt relieved. In the evening, Oleg tried to get away, but he was caught. And flogging repeated as Grey said: the future, to nepovadno another time it was! This time I looked through everything until the end. When wih pulled out of your ass Oleg mop, mop the end was covered in shit.
- And let's make him lick it! - Proposed Genk.
Oleg pulled the gag out of his mouth, he wanted to scream, but his mouth was a mop. He had to clean it. Again, as soon as he untied, he darted into the bathroom.
And in the morning, when I went to the toilet, I heard some kind of commotion in the shower. He looked back, and was stunned. On lap was Oleg, gathered around him the whole of our squad, his face was all in tears, and what is white, and Genk, grabbing his buttocks rhythmically moved her hips, sweeping ebya his ass.
- Join - waved me wih.
Genk groaned and finished. Oleg trembled in silent sobs. When Gena pulled out a member, he was covered in liquid shit, and priests from the open Oleg flowed shit mixed with sperm. Genk came up front to it and Oleg began to lick his penis. My, what he saw from the pictures, immediately I took a fighting form, but I did not dare to approach.
- Brezguesh what? - Asked the Zheka.
I nodded. Jeka threw Oleg, finished brushing member Genki, a roll of toilet paper. - Wipe your ass! Oleg sobbed, wiped between the buttocks. When it became clear, I saw that point Oleg does not close completely. Probably everyone here has already made it on time, and maybe even more! I could not resist! He came up, and inserted. Hotya outside it and wiped the inside was wet and slippery. I quickly-quickly moved his pelvis. So fast, that Oleg already groaned. They all laughed!
- Oh yes you beast! Even from this whore moans knocked out! We thought she had forgotten how to moan!
- Now she will not have Oleg and Olga! - Said Gray, when I had finished
- Come on, let the lead themselves in order! In the evening more fun stuff!
I did not make Oleg cleaned my dick, I washed my dick in the shower, and went to wash. All day Oleg walked with difficulty, almost otklyachivaya ass. No one else but us had not noticed, but we had fun! And in the evening, when we fucked, someone that did something wrong, and he went out of the blood of the priests. We were afraid, but Gray said that it is impossible to fuck him so much! Since it fucked no more than two in the morning and two in the evening. schedule has been set :. And somewhere on the fifth day :: ..
In the morning it was my turn: we Genka brought Oleg to the shower, he himself pulled the shorts, and stood up, leaning on the sink: ..
Here in the shower I went from Grey Zheka.
- we quickly do right now, guys, then you are. - Said Gray
- now it's our turn - I was indignant.
- What you said????
- My turn now!
- So what?
- And I will to fuck him?
- so you do not want so we fucked?
- No!
- And you do not want to stand next to them?
Gray kicked me in the stomach. I fell, and tried to get up, but received a strong kick in the ass :. Offensive kick.
- Jeka and let it fuck!
- Go ahead
I heard, and was afraid. I was hit in the stomach again, and while I was trying to ... catch your breath, dragged and shoved his head into the toilet bowl (well at least clean) Someone pulled off my shorts with shorts, and lifted my ass. Whose hand is pushed buttocks: ..
- Scream - Otobaya eggs! - Zheka voice promised.
Someone spat on my point, and I felt like a millimeter someone's dick pushing my anus. From eyes rolled tears, I bit his lip in pain, shame and resentment. Then Gray jerked her hips and cock was completely in me. I groaned. It was very painful, unusual to feel the anus filled, and it was very embarrassing. Gray began to move in me. Every movement of his was given pain, throat and knocked out a groan. I do not know took ten minutes or an hour, it seemed to me that for a long time: .. he finally finished. In the books they write, he felt like a liquid fills his anus. I did not feel anything, just Grey first stopped, and then twitching, waited a bit, and went out of me. That's when I felt that the thighs that is flowing. When inserted Jeka, it was easier, but still unpleasant. And the most insulting that a member of my rose. And it is noticed!
- And he likes! you it will Genk?
- of course!
And after Zheka I fucked and Genk. I was facing the toilet with a broken-down asshole, and wept. When they left, Oleg moved away from the wall, came up to me and looked at my ass. He looked perhaps just as it :.
- Well, you did not postasnyalsya do here and I love you, too, - said Oleg.
I already had all the same. He quickly finished and left the room. I stood for a long time, feeling follows the sperm, mixed with shit.
Feeling pain and pulsation of the pope, and thinking: "And what will happen now?"
Then I washed, and came out ::
I wonder if the guys will talk about what to do with me ??? Or everything will remain secret ????
When I caught the first scrutiny, I realized that everyone knows everything. I was staring, as whore, who goes naked :: In the evening: the evening .. me after a short struggle, put next to Oleg, gagged by my own shorts and a couple of hours with me entertained all comers. Then forced to lick my shit from their members: At first I did not want to, he clenched his teeth and shook his head. But when he got several strong kicks in the ass, and when someone squeezed my balls - I had to open my mouth. When tired, we untied :. Oleg ran to wash immediately, but I lay for some time, coming to himself. I heard the guys discussing the incident, went to bed. I felt like the priests of the flowing :. Anus was not closed. Unusually it was to feel that he was wet and stretched. After lying somewhere in half an hour, just freed Oleg shower, I went to the bathroom. On the toilet released from itself everything, and then a substitution: .Chlen standing upright! I frantically began to masturbate, and finished second in 15!
A few days later, my ass was used, and was no longer so painful. All is good, but the guys quickly fed up with such entertainment, and Sergei: a great connoisseur of porn films, but still has boundless imagination, decided to diversify entertainment.
In the evening, we were already familiar fucked :. This is perceived as a kind of unpleasant duty :. Oleg was about to be washed away to escape, but he was stopped by Sergey
- Olya where are you !? We'll still neotpuskayuschego !!!! Wash you want ??? But even if you will wash Katya! (Katya they began to call me!)
Oleg told to take his usual posture, and told me to lick his ass!
Opened a hole from which slowly flowed already liquid sperm. almost no shit. We already knew that if pokakat evening before we will have to fuck, it will not be so pleasant: .but still smell was present. I further spread his buttocks, he squeezed his eyes shut and licked: right in the hole. He clenched his anus, and shuddered, perhaps with pleasure. Then I began to actively lick!
- You see! Liked!
- Well, as the taste of his chocolate eyes?
- Lick and me!
- Katya let you real shlndra!
And so on in the same spirit. They enjoyed it so much, as I licked ass Oleg that someone hornier, threw me :. Then I was dragged from Oleg and gave someone's dick in her mouth. Oleg too fucked from two sides. In general, they are all excited for the new. And on this day we went to bed in the morning. Sleep did not succeed. The ass was raw and it was painful to sit. His mouth seemed to be still moving someone's cock. Well even in the morning, when we washed, we have no one fucked:
But before dinner I went to the toilet. As soon as I entered, I was someone grabbed and pushed into one of the booths. They were Gena and Igor. I was made to kneel and Gena pulled out his penis. I stuck it to my lips, and said suck. I had nowhere to go. Ten minutes later he was twitching, and finished. When sperm flowed over my lips, he said, swallowing. As I was not disgusting, but I swallowed it. Genk wiped his dick on my face. And they left. I thought Igor also cause suck, but they're just gone. I looked at his face in the mirror! Well exactly obkonchalsya whore! For lunch I did not want! sperm Sip pre-dinner clean interrupts appetite.
Day adventure was not :. Probably because I carefully hid from the guys from my squad. He became friends with TEENS, and spent all afternoon with them.
When, after dinner, Oleg stood up, and on the bench, and his shorts were back spot. I asked what it was. It turns out he was caught and otimeli our three in the bushes. I realized that I can wait for such a fate tomorrow. And he was right. Before I could after breakfast to the beach, I was grabbed and dragged into the bushes. There was forced to suck, while their members are squaring off, and then putting on his knees, fucked in the ass. In the dry it was very painful! I cried when the first term entered into me. But generally I tried not to groan, in order not to attract the attention of other guys and girls who now and then passed along the path.
When the last had finished, I was cancer, and fell on his stomach without power. And suddenly I felt like what it watered. I turned my head and saw that Shreds urinating on me. Then they were all pissing me from head to foot, and left. I wore swimming trunks, ran and ran to the sea to wash off this stuff. After dinner, I'm not going into the room, I ran to the TEENS. We went for a walk with Marinko. And back to the wards, long after lights out. When I entered, two were Oleg. I was immediately knocked to the floor, stripped and bound. Gray said that the violation of the regime itself will punish me! He rummaged in my things, find my toothbrush, came up behind me, licked his finger and stuck it. moving the little, he pulled out and shoved again for two. When it came to the three, he began rastopyrivat them in my ass. It was painful. When he decided that my ass sufficiently disclosed, he managed to brush a little paste, brush and put me in the ass. I shouted that there is urine through the panties, which was plugged into my mouth. From glyaz gushed tears. It burned as if there was poured and lit benznin: .. Plus More Sergey began to move the brush, turning it !!!!
I tossed and screamed as sliced. Then he calmed down feeling dulled. Only in the ass it was hot. Five minutes later, Sergei decided that enough is seen for the first time. I was untied and I raced to the bathroom. Several people rushed me to see what I'll do! I have not received anything better in your head than to grab a shower, ... lift his head, and fasten the hose to my priest. In my gurgling water flowed. Burn ceased. I pulled the hose, and the noise released from the water itself. It feels better. I repeated the procedure. The burning sensation disappeared. But the priest began to itch. I sat on the toilet, and fell silent, moving away from the incident.
In a sense led me gray voice:
- A great way to wash ass! Now we introduce a rule! In the evening, so that both, when you hear a retreat, stood near the bed cancer Oli, with the already washed asses! Clear!? For nepolslushanie going to clean this thing's ass! - Gray waved Yorshik for cleaning bottles :. Probably dragged him in the dining room!
In the evening on a date with Marinko I did not go. Immediately after dinner, I went to prepare for execution. We went together with Oleg in the shower. First he put me in the ass hose and turned on the water. At first, in the ass I went air, then poured warm water. When I decided that enough, I jumped off the hose, and rushed to the toilet. The procedure was repeated three times until I did not come out of the clear water. Then I made a here improvised enema Oleg. We wiped dry, and when sounded a retreat, we knelt, oprshis on the bed with his hands. The boys broke into a noisy crowd.
- About Class !!!
- We are waiting for !!!
- What are disciplined!
With a clean ass was even less discomfort. After fucked Oleg forced to lick my ass. It was very nice. Touch the tab to zdyaschey, razdrakonennoy ebley ass very exciting! Noticing my stone riser, I was forced to fuck Oleg (in other matters, I do not really resist) and sent us to wash.
The next day, Joker Gray invented a new trick. I was caught, dragged to the toilet, lowered his pants, pumped in water ass, pulled his pants again, and pushed out of the closet. I squeezed the buttocks. Around a lot of people wandering around. My stomach gurgled water. She was looking for a way out. Out she was the only one, but I did everything in order not to release it. I felt that the trickle water dripping on the buttocks, but the bulk, I was able to keep :. Slow:. Oo-oh-oh-very slowly I dobrl the bushes at the corner of the bathroom. There I quickly pulled off his pants, and when I leaned out a powerful jet hit me. Grey with Zheka, ran into the bushes behind me, laughing wildly. I wiped my ass panties, put them in his pocket, and went into the chamber of the net.
This joke they repeated a couple of times a day.
Then we come up with a new one. Genk planed some semblance eldy wood. In duplicate. To our horror of their length and thickness exceed all known to me the size of the members. a new rule was introduced. In the evening, we waited until we vyebut, with inserted in the ass these pieces. Then Gray entertained by inserting them into us before breakfast. And we went to lunch with dildos in the ass. Unpleasant, I tell you. But when we were forced to play soccer, run and jump with wooden dildos in us: that was all. I thought I would die. Ass itched, dildos interfered constantly doing something to hurt, then forcing tremble with pleasure when pressed prostate. When we finished playing, I locked myself in the bathroom and an hour otlzhivalsya there! In general, life became unbearable. We Oleg turned to sex toys a dozen kids, perverts.
It took two weeks. Sometimes I was able to avoid zhnevnyh entertainment gray, sometimes not. We have already looked askance. Frequent spot behind shorts, jogging periodical from the toilet to the bushes, dried spots on the face, all this did not help my authority:
Once Gray of Zheka found me on a date with Marinko. They said saying that an urgent matter, asked Marinka wait 15 minutes, dragged me into the bushes and ripped at once. I Came to Marinka chereh half an hour and with broken-down asshole. Have you ever walked out on a date when you sperm flows out of your ass? To put it mildly: uncomfortable feeling. And then there was a failure! Catastrophe! Armageddon! Grey with Zheka caught me in the bathroom just as I was very eager to get on small need. I pumped in the ass a couple of liters of water, and pushed out into the street. To my luck was evening, I ran Rushed to the toilet, clutching his hands buttocks. But it is not ran. Along the path was Wick: Girl Gray. Bitch rare! Bitch even that! And just when she saw me, I tripped. Fell. And unable to hold water in itself, I relaxed. At the same time the pants were wet from both sides. Wick laughed, laughed and Grey with Zheka, and I was sitting in a puddle, and blushed.
- So you it ???
- Aha!
- Well, you, you give Grey! And often you with it so serious?
- This does not he do it! Get to Know: Our slut, Katya!
- Wow? And she knows how?
- She knows everything what you want!
- Even so? We also have one zadrochka :.
- And we have two! Whores Olya and Katya!
- And that just about anything else do?
- of course! Come the evening to us, we prodemonstiruem! And you, Katya pomoysya go! And in the evening so that was out of place!
All three of them laughed, and left :.
In the evening, we made each other Oleg enema, dildos inserted myself and got cancer. When the all-clear sounded, I come to our party. Together with the boys went Wick. The children scattered all over the room, and Vika, dumbfounded staring at us.
- That they are waiting to be used the - said Gray.
- Not well, we also have a let down .... but that is !!! - Frantically uttered Vic ... I was embarrassed. Because it was an adult devchyonka looks at me standing here and so .....
- Enough of your vacation, it's time to work - It Jeka came to us ... - First, lift me! He came up to me, took me by the hair and brought his dick hanging on my lips. I was terribly ashamed, but I took it into his mouth. As soon as I caressed his tongue and lips, it swelled and grew.
- Excellent! Eugene turned me abruptly pulled out of ass dildos and drove! I screamed! Vick watched it .... And when Eugene had finished, and contented patted me on the ass by a dick, she was openly rubbing his crotch with his hand. Gray is tlzhe noticed it and carried away to the shower .... They were there a long time, and we're already fucked, four times, waited until freed bathroom ....
- And you probably do not wait! So you can clean each other's ass - told us Genk.
It was bad, usually in the course of this, the guys were excited, and quite Mogi make us more on time .... But we had no choice, besides nice when you lick razbannuyu ass ... I pulled out of the priests Oleg dildos that Igor shoved back, and began to lick. Oleg moaned and clutched as he could, ring anus .... It is this picture and noticed Vick, when they came out of the shower in gray ..... having watched with interest the action to the end, it is a little more to observe how we fuck right in the mouth and ass, and they came out with gray.
In the morning again it was painful to sit .... And in the afternoon, when I was caught in the toilet, and forced to suck, wih told me that at night, we will change to Masha.
Good or bad, I do not know, but was horrified! After Vick from the same detachment as Marinka !!!! After hanging up, waiting for disaster, with inserted dildos, we slowly walked to devchnochey Chamber! Oleg wondered it better or worse than ... if we had stayed in her, and I was not up to it! Marinka see my shame! So with his head down, and I went to the House ....
- AAAA zadrochki come! - I heard the voice of Vicki. Of course all TEENS already knew about the upcoming holiday! I looked for Marinka, and saw everyone else .... TEENS were in the House, and looked staring at us. Masha-Marinka ..... oh !!! That's it we exchanged ..... And it is there now ..... the whole party !!! Oh no!!!! On the other hand, she did not see my shame ..... but she, too, will guess ...... I can not do anything .....
- Well undress them TEENS !!!! they rushed upon us, and in a moment deprived of clothing .... zaohala, giggled, seeing the dildos in the ass ..... look at our already standing upright members ...... Among them were several more stable girls who and dick is not seen .......
- Today they will fulfill all our wishes !!! - He said the Vic ... Someone came up to me from behind, and Me-e-Slow pulled out dildos .... Devchenki squealed and giggled .. I gasped when he drove into place.
- I want, that he licked me! - Said the Vic!
I pushed on the bed, I fell on my back. Vic styanulp shorts and sat on my face. For a brief moment I saw the most sacred.
- Lick! She buried her face in my face his crotch. I felt a strange smell .... closed his eyes and licked. The taste was unusual .....
- Diligently! I had to. Five minutes later, I felt divzhenie in the ass: someone from devchenok started fucking my dildos, I lifted the back, for better access ..... AND .... spun Varied TEENS, I just lay there, licking pussy for by a pussy, feeling tremors in the ass! An hour later, they became very boljuchih .... It is nothing when there is always a lubricant in the form of semen next tormentor ..... But when almost dry running, wooden eldoy. I heard moans Oleg obviously it just spread out on the floor. His moans, I did not notice .... Language terribly tired, and it seems all swollen up, his whole face was in their lubrication and my saliva ..... Finally last devchyonka got off me and dildos ass was removed .... . All huddled near my ass hole ..... there was probably such that it was possible to push through anything ....
- And there is clean!
- They have an enema!
- TEENS Oh, and let's go poke anything.
- Quiet!
- Oh, Olka!
I felt the touch of the finger .... Whose got inside. Finger after artificial eldy almost not felt .... that two fingers .... three ..... and here's palm, cupped stretches already stretched anus .... how sick !!!! I groaned RRRRAZ .... !!!! and palm slipped. Anus grabbed the wrist!
- Cool!
- TEENS oh, and I'm excited again !! Where his dildos? Give it to me!
- Let lick, and he was in the ass! I poked into his mouth wooden eldoy, and I quickly licked her ass ..... moved someone's jaw, forcing me to bend. I lost touch with reality. I could not understand why I have to bend: whether from the pain, or pleasure .....
Finally, again a sharp pain - handle left my ass. I ithout forces stretched out on the bed. I heard Oleg forced to lick the hand with him something else to do - I have not heard ... I came to myself ..... ass itched ... Then I felt the touch of bringing relief to someone ..... He licked me there .... I raised my head .... This .... oleg Tikhonov-Nagy, fun tore his wooden eldoy ass.
- Oh, he's so cool! - Vic saw my happy face! - Well ka and lick my ass !!! Her ass hanging over my face. From vozbzhdnnoy pussy dripping thin Stuikyte grease, and just below the anus was an asterisk, stretched between the buttocks. I began to lick. She did an enema, and smelled a little ass, and the taste was bitter. Vick almost cried when I got inside the tongue. Then, in front of my face I was her pussy again .... I started to lick, but she moved away. Vick took me by the ears, and brought it to his lips pussy.
- Now I'm going to piss, try to swallow all .... Although the way it is bed-zadrochki Masha, so if spilled - it does not matter!
Bitter caustic liquid flowed into my mouth! I tried to swallow everything, and as long as I could. It was disgusting, but nowhere to go .... But here TEENS interested in my term, which from the beginning was like a stone, and delivered me a lot of inconvenience .... Investigating it, someone touched, and I pressed his lips together in protyazhnos moan !! The urine ran down his face on the bed ... I closed my eyes!
- Oh, and let them vyebut each other!
I put the cancer, and Oleg came back. He knew how painful dry running, so wet my anus with saliva and gently inserted. He finished quickly - in five minutes. Devchenki at this time rubbed himself palms.
- Now you're it!
Oleg put everything back on the same bed and pulled up, his legs wide apart. He caught them at the knees, and my face was his ass.
Stretched almost two times higher than usual. I saw there his intestines. Nothing nasty, just like red tube ..... I bent down, and let saliva straight inside. It will be easier. Then I put in, and moved his pelvis. Oleg groaned. Although the lubricant irritated after midnight Ass declared his dissatisfaction.
- TEENS Oh, and it has semen flowing from the backside! How cool !!! Let's get them and then lick it from each other.
I also quickly finished! He twitched, and went out. Without power, I fell on my knees, almost upereyvshis person in the ass, which I just finished. Anus had long since been closed, and all that I have to get flooded now flowed back.
- Come eat! lick it !!!
I began to lick! By the taste of semen is no stranger to me. I have been still, I have virtually nothing and felt nothing was thinking. It seems to be licked clean, I fell to the floor. The rest of their entertainment, I do not remember. In itself I came in the morning, in his bed, with dildos inserted in the ass. It seems I never spent the whole night with him inside. The ward was only Oleg. He just lay on his bed on his stomach, and priests from sticking elda. Wash did not want to go. even I did not want to move. I did not even take out eldu of assholes. I lay for half an hour, until it entered Gray.
- ABOUT! Belle woke up! Nehuvo arrival you TEENS !!!! And we're also perfectly come off!
I vzgyanul indifferent to it!
- Do not be scared! To fuck I will not! I nabsya today! ABOUT! and you are used to these toys! Let us introduce a new rule! From now on you will remove them just to take a shit, but substitute dopa a living member! So decide!
Ahead was a month and a half ... More
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