Devchonochka - languid eyes

We all love to look behind the screen of human relations, and now I want you to lift the curtain of one of the ordinary days of the Moscow Man.
It was another day of one of my friend's birthday and on the birthday he invited a lot of boys and a few girls. One of them I just hit, and the fact that the girl something that met in the crowd, then you will not notice, in principle, but if you look at it you realize that you're the guy got - it was so sexy. No wonder that all the guys on it put his eyes.
Well, as in all the usual birthday toast to toast and the boys and girls gradually began nazhiratsya. Someone faster, some slower, but this process as everyone knows, is irreversible.
I was one of the first who surrendered, and not because the body no longer withstood - just me this evening very much wanted to get drunk, sometimes it happens to everyone, yet we humans, after all.
Wishing all a good night, I went to find a place more cozy and quieter. Found. It was his parents' bedroom. Not a bad way spalnechka - seksodrom simple.
Half an hour later my sleep disturbed crowd, everyone suddenly wanted to visit at the same time as I do you do it, damn it. When the crowd dispersed, I felt that someone was beside me and not with one hand, and with both of them. Wow! Look to the left - a pancake, Shura, it's you! Vzgyad right - a girl. Wow! What kind of girl - hell knows. And as luck would dream vanished in a moment. It was necessary to urgently learn what kind of girl.
I slowly and gently touched her shoulder. You!
Yes, it was the same girl. The same that I really liked. Now her look after some wine and vodka are not just stripped - both wanted nothing more in the world. Damn - I said to myself - and Shura got here somehow at the wrong time.
The three of us lay staring at the ceiling and talked for a drunken bazaar about this and that. Okay - I think - Shura see. I slowly stretched out his right hand to her, put her on his stomach (and she was in a shirt and a bra) and began to gently stroke. She was talking and continued to talk without interruption - well, yes? I began to stroke her belly is already in a large circle and have deliberately touching her bra. At this point, it interrupts the chatter and publicly declared - Oh, something I'm hot. It is necessary to remove her bra.
I'm cool. And then - the better. So, dig deeper with clasp and pulling the bodice of a T-shirt she lay not just back, and have already fallen into my arms.
I'm not wasting time and trying to one did not notice she started stroking her breasts. Yeah, guys, breasts in her touch was just extraordinary, do not want to otorveshsya. However, continuing to talk, I noticed a movement with her hand, and at the same time felt her hand slowly but surely moving towards my cock. She started with my chest and slowly dropped lower and lower, and I already froze pleasure. He felt the elastic of my underpants, she began to drive his finger along its length back and forth.
Well, when! - I wanted to shout. But she continued to Twitter, trying my patience. Well, my patience gum too. I do not know how I missed this time, but she was clutching his pen slowly my cock, took her up - down. Well, where did you used to be - it's such a thrill. Indescribably simple. But this Shura as luck would have all the spoils.
Then it does the unexpected - like a fairy tale. Guys, - said Shura, - you've got quite tortured. I look here for you and the most desirable. I certainly understand that you want to have sex, but what I am. Where can I go, eh? Well, - he says - there are guys in the kitchen singing the song, here of condoms with a mustache, and after 20 minutes I'll be back.
No, - with indignation we say - come in 40 minutes.
Look, cunning, - he says - but what I will keep them in the kitchen, the door is not locked. 25 minutes, - he says he goes - and the point.
Cotton door, and silence.
We looked at each other pleased with each other. You have time to take out - she asked me. No - I say give better of condoms, and I can not answer for themselves. Come on, I do not mind - she said, breaking upakovochku.
Here it was sex! You ever rode on a roller coaster when the session takes only about 20 minutes I - no, not to ride tonight. Well their ass these roller coaster, then its lack.
Finding the touch of her already wet hole, I slowly began to penetrate into the interior. After a couple of cautious movements, I looked at her face. Her head was a little throw back the sweet and mouth slightly open. From sigh escaped her lips, - A-ah! I certainly wound up for a long time, but her sigh - it's something! Sweeter than the sound for the male ear was and never will be, the girls - believe me. Y-yes. Well, and what happened after it was already above my mind.
And that's how it seems to me exactly twenty-five minutes and knocked out the door, shouting, - did not wait !!! - Shura breaks, but I give a damn about all already. The train left.
A Shura found naimileyshuyu picture. I lay on my back in a half-asleep, his hands behind his head, and on my shoulder, hugged me lay it out. Only a mysterious smile on her face could tell what had just happened in this our with her little world.
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